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2021-06-16 | 🔗
Today's podcast features a response from all of us to a great letter from a listener who believes I am far too harsh about the question of who gets vaccinated. See whom you agree with! And, again, when will they say the pandemic is over when the pandemic... is... over... NOW. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday June. Sixteen twenty twenty one, I'm John Pub Words the editor of Commentary magazine. We are closing our July August issue today, will be out available on the entire webs today and tomorrow, our first pieces up by bread Stevens on the paradoxes of Benjamin Netanyahu. We talked about, of course, on Monday,
about the the passing from power of Benjamin Netanyahu and maybe temporarily, and what his legacy is. This is one of the best issues that we have ever produced too. We have an amazing piece by piece: yeah Leibovitz on what's called the White July, we have a piece by the great soccer commentator and men and Blazers hosts Roger Bennet on growing up as a jewish boy. In Liverpool, in the nineteen ass seventies at nineteen eightys, we have an amazing peace.
Seth Mandel, on the cravenness of the Anti Defamation League in facing down the anti semitic comments of democratic lawmakers book reviews by Jamie Kirchick on Ben Rhodes. A Ben Rhodes has a book is a big best seller and Jamie takes the part with the dexterity of a great surgeon, Eli Lake, on on on Phila baby that We could see a agent rod rate us on a new book on the rosenbergs that continues to proffered myths about communism. In America able stood out. We had so much good stuff. Nelson retold, Terry teach out, I'm Nelson Riddle the greatest arranged her of the twentieth century, Christine on Union
Christine on unions and bottom, and Bob pundits YO on critical race theory and its em, and why it will be hard to extirpated from from curricula and so much good, stuff, Owen, Jim MEG's, on the lab legal policy somehow and how it was suppressed and how it you know how it came pouring back, rob long on the eighteenth T merger. It's just a very proud of the issue and it's so much to read their gotTa Commentary magazine got com moral and a lot of it'll be up, or at least the up by Friday. Few free reads: we ask you to subscribe. This is the issue must subscribe for as well as to help defray the costs of the
podcast and euro couple weeks ago I made a call to listeners to ask them what you thought of are going five days weaken, as, as I told you, we have this a very heartening response from hundreds of hundreds of you. They still keep coming in, and there was a particularly interesting, really interesting when they came in yesterday. Much later from a listener named Joshua marketings is less em cause. I'm cleared this with him, but Josh took exception
to some of the things I said yesterday, which I want to get too, but I wanted just re read this. I listened daily, even catch up, wanna get behind. I have no commentary podcast in the queue because I've heard every single one of them. For years. I subscribe to the imprint monthly mailbox on my magazine eleven times a year, and I've got my equip and my express WP. Yet I enjoy the some slightly sometimes greatly different perspectives. Cometary provides compared to the bulk of my conservative media diet. We obviously dont know each other, but of course, after daily for every year and twice a week for want him. For that. I feel like I know you guys, but in this non relationship I feel like there is an imbalance. Will, of course, there's an imbalance. I listen daily. You ve never heard from me before that being said. If we really did know each other in person, there would be an imbalances
ways in which I love you but you're slapping me in the face- or at least John is, I often disagree with the perspective. You guys sure, but I love to listen and respect all four of you I keep coming back, gives you make your case? Well, your interesting, and it comes replace of loving America at one keep America the right path, I accept our differences and I even listen with an open mind to revise my thoughts when persuaded, but every once in a while he'll there is this abrasive blow. That is against it. If we really did know each other in person, the acceptance and respect would not be mutually shared our views diverge. I'm talking about with John tells me. I should drop dead I'm sorry too harsh horrific drop dead by way is a is up. You a short had four I'm angry. I dont actually mean that you should drop that. I just want to make that clear. I understand that sometimes that that may not really convey I'm using a kind of slang ease
rehab, numberless or says things like he doesn't care VON vaccinate. People die which I'm cool certain, but anyway? I also think that embracing a two tier system of vaccinate verses on back to the people is not at all a conservative perspective. I entered and you have very strong feelings on this topic. We can we discussed as if we are friends that enemies who disagree even friends or differ sharply on certain issues. I mused the daily disagreements, I'm using during the people who disagree with you are idiots, but today meaning Esther It rose to a higher level where it briefly thought shall I continued to return for this kind of abuse. It doesn't get since level very frequently. So it's not that I bring say goodbye and not so thin skinned that I will turn out simply because of these rare instances. However,
like I said, because I've grunts eleven respect, you guys it almost feel like an insult from a friend. I know you think it's ridiculous were people do not want to get the vaccine for various reasons that it's not my intention to write to make the case or explain the rationale that people have for having concerns only they say that non crazy, mainstream, normal people have different reasons for not wanting to get the vaccine or various concerns about packing. People based on their vaccine status, and these people are not idiots and they are harming no one, perhaps rather attacking, and wishing harm to people. You could steal man their arguments and then address them fairly. I'm sitting by the snow to sure my own feelings on this to provide a little feedback, perhaps others feel. Similarly, perhaps not
while it is the insults at prompted my letter, I wanna take times summary writing to you to say greatly appreciate you all and think your providing great service. Please keep up the New York Centralism and is very interesting to hear was going on in America's largest city. Please he going over cabbages by using words, not part of common parlance. I appreciate the old timer culture references in interesting little anecdotes. Even the drinking game tourists like repetitive phrases, are fond of make when filling their the inside of a joke all the best Joshua. This is one of the nicest letters I think I've ever seen them. I want to make it clear that this kind of a level of of respect and high engagement is
is just astonishingly, appreciated and Josh. Thank you very much, and I thought I'd gone too far yesterday and I want to explain it, but I want to get too what it is about, the the the anger that I feel toward the non vaccinated or that maybe we can explore this question of of why, Why it's angry because maybe there's a rational, because
course. Vaccination exists in theory to help the vaccinated right. Haven't you get facts you get vaccinated too, to prevent yourself from getting something and an that's. That's your choice to drag your sovereign, getting something and why it should matter that other people do or do not get vaccinated is an interesting question. I would say that the very existence of vaccination as a cultural norm is one of them is one of the few thing What's complicated it ll images positive it it. It causes a breach, unnecessary breach in an understanding of society from let's say, libertarian perspective.
Why it is that vaccination is eight is a collective communal. Social responsibility does does present a challenge to a certain type of highly individualistic thinking. It does not present a challenge to conservative thinking, because conservative thinking isn't conserve thinking, libertarian thinking are not co terminus. Necessarily, libertarians can be conservative, though some of them aren't. Conservatives can be libertarian, although many of us aren't, because we are communitarianism- and that is particularly true of the relatively small number of say, jewish conservatives who come at conservatism from a more community Marian perspective because Judaism's like me,
terrorism, religion, as opposed to serve. You know what's a radical protestantism, which of course is itself a kind of personal relate that what matters is your personal relationship to God. That is not true Judaism, which is a which is a religion of family and tribe, in which most acts of prayer and and and and the emperor pursuit of religious aims have to be done. As part of a group of this is not something yours was to do individually, you could do it within the context of a group individually. There are moments in up in the press service when you pray individually to God, but you cannot have a prayer service without nine other people to convene it, and so it's aware perspective and vaccination provides a challenge to hard libertarianism which allow.
the people, I think, confuse with conservatism Christine. Can you help me out serve lay this outer expand on this point I can but any interest of conserving kings. I will be discussing populated unless I get to say hi John, which I have not yet been able to say. I hope you like it or not. It's ok. So that's Christine frozen. Did I not introduce you, right out, of course, second of editor, Abraham, all hive agent, since it entered in a rough on high now, I can't This is like one of those you'll these where they only have the credit sequence like twenty minutes into the movie. Or like when they had Monti Python. Every known them would run the titles at the end of this, the opening titles, at the end of the show I apologize Ok, so I might one of my responses that produce to the letter the Josh wrote to us, which I agree with very thoughtful and welcome feedback. Is it there are actually are people who are trying to pursue the details of vaccination, not at these sort of abstract level
it is my duty to society, but it is much more gradual or level of is this for me and my family, and I have heard many I've had many conversations with with friends who say things like well I'll, get it as soon as its authorized by the FDA. Right now, it's emergency you. So I don't trust it for myself, my kids, so there actually there in the sense that he saying there's, there's some rational thought about this. I believe that I've seen it. I know people who is making that argument, but I you think that has been one of the really terrible terribly disastrous messaging failures on board and on the part of public health advocates, and we spend a lot of time talking about them in criticising them usefully. I think that community message was the one thing that I felt was missing. We had fear based messaging. We had a little bit of an attempted nudging, but none of that really came to community based appeal that, I think a lot of Americans, regardless of whether they consider themselves look libertarian conservative or liberal, find
useful to hear it, gives them a motivation for doing something that they otherwise might not be. All that enthusiastic about. I'm the Susie Astic vaccination person I'll go get all the shots. My kids get all their shots. I I don't have a problem with it, but I do respect and understand. A lot of people are more hesitant and I think that the lack of that sort of communal appeal from our pub of professionals as well on top of that is a longer contradictory messaging is one of the reasons We haven't seen that the effect of this case, I differ from you guys a little bit on this question in that I am not. I dont get particularly angry about people who don't wanna, be get access to tell the truth they can do they want. I think the wrong and I and I think our responsibility to them as a larger society. Greatly diminished if they fail to take that step. What I
you get angry about? Is the anti vaccine? Activism? That's what drives me crazy because it is, first off. It is a conspiracy theory and we have enough of those it is motivated animated by conspiracy theory that that that the whole point the vaccine is to get us to you know is taken rail us in some way, pick pick your picture enemy. You know. And also because it's annoying its this is its sick of active altogether, you know, I don't want to hear from you There is no one is forcing you to do it your more annoying than people saying get vaccinate. There are some throw clearing stipulations that I suppose we should make more often than we do, which are certain people can't take this vaccine turn people heavily taxed allergies. Certain people are just simply to have complicate
health issues that don't allow them to do that. Other people has ever written about for the blood alone. Time ago, actually, which is now becoming just apparent to public health researchers now, apparently, which is that it a perfectly rational risk calculation to not have any urgency around taking this vaccine. Based on your relatives, community density, your relish, interaction with people. If you live in a very rural place, you dont interact with people. Very often your risk assessment should be lower than people who live in cities and that's perfectly rational, unreasonable and should be accepted. What we encounter in theirs overlap. Unfortunately, in these demographics are people who have internalized unless perhaps liberal bubble stock. As we are concerned, the same media half internalize very conspiratorial thinking around this vaccine, not just the nonsense around ships tracking you but me
some sort of bio, luminescence serum that they use. When you get an mri that will show- and I have encountered best from people- realize actual human beings who have to adjust asking questions. You now but who genuinely believe that there is some sort of a an effort to impose on you it tracking system. which a vaccine passport system, the underlying fear of vaccine passport system and while it is conspiratorial, It is not antithetical to a conservative political outlook to believe that maximum autonomy means health autonomy and that the enemies of maximum autonomy on the left will do anything and everything in their power to break that down up to and including sort people into categories like vaccinated and unboxing, aided and the pursuit of maximum individual autonomy is one
The lorries of arm are our political cabinet that we shouldn't be disparaging, but we should be celebrating ok. Well, I were in a more philosophical sense when I said that the need for a for vaccination to be a social aid, a collector social responsibility, is a challenge to libertarianism comes entirely with the concept of heard immunity and the great health advances of the twentieth century that people many people now dont, know about many people, who are unaware of because they took place many many decades ago, and we don't talk about them enough, because we don't talk about anything enough except the real housewives and you know Chrissy taken or what,
is the eradication of diseases that killed millions and millions of people for thousands of hundreds, if not thousands, of years, smallpox polio. I think those are the two biggest ones, but there or others. Smallpox has been eradicated, smallpox killed millions and millions of people and they were killed, not just because people who chose to get vaccinated got vaccinated but because it became a collective social responsibility to be vaccinated, and then, if you create the conditions under which there are hosts for these diseases. They are parasitical creatures and they die off without something to attach to and granted corona virus is a slightly different matter
but when you say in nineteen, fifty five or one thousand nine hundred and fifty six that everybody in America needs to take to eat a sugar cube with the polio vaccine on it, so that nobody henceforth loses use of their eggs from polio. You are saying something that then has multi. generational virtue. It isn't just that. You don't get polio it's. The polio goes away and your children don't get polio and your grandchildren go get polio and polio is a thing of the past and we are looking here at a virus that has now killed close to four million people on this planet and that left unchecked can you know, can alter.
self it mutates do this into that. Do the other thing and you don't kill another twenty thirty milk who note some? We don't. We have no idea how it dies out, whether the how what happens to it. What we do know is that this miraculous thing happened that make that makes its eradication possible and your decision not to join in the effort to eradicate it is not an individual decision. So it's it's. It's a conundrum that it's not an individual decision. I grant you that and it flies in the face of what we believe about the autonomy that no one is talking about. And it is one of those exceptions that makes a rule rule. He alive you but one, you made a very important point here that I think we ve overlooked and that's that one of the ways that you that that kind of me no way of thinking and thinking about you know, what's best for the group verses what's best, for me, individually is a shared three the shared pass. I was born in nineteen seventy three, the year after they stopped giving smallpox vaccination. So
all my older relatives had that big scar, you know from the smallpox vaccine left a pretty big scar on some people's arms. I didn't Again it- and I remember when I was studying history as a child, being told the story miraculous story of vaccination about polio about smallpox, which which actually fell sort of recent, because my parents would talk about getting there. x it. You know that there are stories people told and they share a message of all of those doors was the one that we ve been trying to emphasise with the current vaccine, which is what it huge miracle it is and what an extraordinary achievement, but I do think there is a tendency predicted in America to look forward and ahead when it comes to progress and once we may You know an amazing smartphone or a particular vaccine that we just keep going for were always looking ahead. That's a huge virtue, but when it comes to actually appealing to communal standards into trying to get people to understand that there is a shared history that we need to continue in and, as you said, John, to respect that this was that may
A decision in the pure now has extremely positive repercussions for future generations. It's hard to do, and I think it's especially hard in a very polarized. Media environment, where history itself has become a culture. War bludgeon for both sides was also part of this failure. To tell the positive stories of the twentieth century. You know, the twentyth century is of course the most incur redeem century in history too, horrific world wars, the Holocaust, the care Campbell, in genocide I mean you could just you know go on and on and on what the horrors of the twentieth century. and then you have the miracles of the twentieth century right. Air flights, dead, spaceflight vaccinate in over the the eradication of these diseases advances- and you know what life expectancy advances in. Advances in material well being
on and on and on and on and on- and it is the nature of the american educational experiment of the last forty or fifty years to do on the horrors and too soft pedal, thus successes. You know nineteen fifty six when or fifty five whenever was the Jonas Salk came up with the with the vaccine for polio. Jonas Salk instantly became one of the most famous people on the planet earth and a figure the only comparable figure I can think of is he was a combination of Gretta Thun and found she, but for the entire planet- and you know, and an end, famously sock gave the polio vaccine to his own children first, to make it clear air that he believed that this vaccine was so safe that he could administer to his own children. He was not Gretchen. Whittemore
partying. While while she locked everybody else, don't you not gave a new some even get the french wandering, while everybody else was locked down. He was not you no law, like put the mayor of Chicago going to wherever the the hell she went to. While the city was locked down. He gave the vaccine to his children for and that's where a guy like Josh are a reader here has a point to make about the impact it up. If there is a collective communal response, villainy here the behaviour of the elites in the United States toward that collective criminal responsibility. particularly the liberal elites has been appalling in the extreme and they are promoting Christine talks with this or that they promote the conspiracy fury against them, not only with this action but found she saying
things like I'm Jack and up the numbers that we heard immunity, because I want him I wanted. You know I wanna tweak people into doing what I think that they should be doing. That is the opposite of giving the vaccine to your children first, that I'm a guy sitting in an office, I'm a bureaucrat with paragraph. says, and a mask and surrender stethoscope and I'm gonna sit here and figure out how to make your life as difficult as possible. To satisfy my, imagined standing of what it will take to end this vaccine which with only sixty three, sense of Americans having received one shot over the age of eighteen The evidence indications we have right now are the we may achieved, heard immunity already, in which case this conversation is largely academic, put, but none the less
you know we have the New York Times. It is a very liberal has a very liberal estimation of the number of new cases we now We have three days in a row with cases at eleven thousand, under and, as I keep saying found, she himself said that, when the when we get ten thousand or less. The pandemic is over, but also the first time at adjust notices that we ve had five days in a row with their debts well five hundred which is and considerably below five hundred three days where the data were below two hundred, and now I mean there's something gruesome about doing a body count like that ours, but did, but that's it just the truth: immunity, soon it will be fought for more gruesome to have three thousand. That's a direct. Much more rapidly. while the Jonathan there's another way in which they live It's our least led institutions have
They not only answer given rise or contributed to the conspiracy theorizing but When we talk about a lot, is we have seen institutions breakdown and be discredited? and this rod incompetence of export class of the expert glass trip across the board, particularly in areas in the area of public health and the science is, and the mixing of politics with the Sciences and health policy and there's been many massive mistakes, but forget the hypocrisy, but just to be just the degrading coffins. That, I think, is given a lot of people reason to say why my trusting this these these people, exactly you know I believe we are in an age where anyone can serve Marshall out of date and say. This is why you should this is why you shouldn't and that its
of his also sort of confusing, because there's didn't you use lose your orientation. You know what you you know you and of not knowing where the whether through demonstrable truth is. I think you also have a perfect storm of the last twenty years that that came together on the right I'll? Give you just a few a few examples right The libertarian started getting concerned about public surveillance, pretty much sir, with the coming of the internet, but Crop Cross Atlantic stuff ceased The tvs in in in London are basically there's almost nowhere in London, where you can go where you are not being filmed and start hearing about this, as
the new big brother really in the early two. Thousands most of us know about this from crime shows. Right I mean this is now not just the fantastic detail on crime shows right words like that they can find out. They can move the plot forward by saying there cctv footage of something or other, so you can see someone's head from behind than that. Like advances the plot about, but that was That was one thing and then you have a whole bunch of other kinds of general surveillance issues, including cookies computers. You know steam is one of those people who put it who put tape over the over. Her right over your over that builds up our elderly, Amre and stuff like that. Ok, so so, there's that at then add to this in the health concern. A huge fight people now made may have forgotten from the early part of the twenty teens over the hpv.
Vaccine. So if you remember this, the HP vaccine is a protection against cervical cancer and it was determined that people that period should be administered to twelve year old. Why? Because cervical cancer is often the result of intercourse and- the idea was or there's some. Can I don't understand exactly how an analogy shots. It's too shot. You have to get one dozen, then you get another, no slate. Ok, so I dont understand, I don't remember: I read about it, send the connection to being sexually active and cervical cancer, but nonetheless, the idea was to administer this before girls become sexually active and you protect they protect them against cancer, which one large and boys and boys or because boy it's one of the reason. It's important to tax named before most kids become sexually active. Isn't it doesnt have symptoms, but it for in women if they get each PV through through sexual activity,
there are no symptoms, but it can start again from later cancers threat cancers like like thirty years later right now get so so a mandate was put in place in certain states that people should be that Kids should get mandatory, HPV vaccines and- and what was interesting about this was taxes is actually. There was a man. There was going to be a mandate. This became a huge political fight in Texas. Why? Because people who oppose premarital, sex and arm up were ass, her activist against sexual activity in adolescence said that this was an implicit, not only exceptions of the fact that teenagers have sex, but
in fact some form of implicit promotion of premarital, an adolescent sex and that the government was pudding. Its finger on the scale on the idea that this is something that will happen, therefore, something that should happen. Therefore, it was contributing to a moral decline. So obviously this is something that bunch of evangelical Christians felt and then it was taken up by certain activists on the right, Michel, Malcolm and others, who said that this was a kind of fascist effort to impose a radical new sexual ideology on America's teenagers. Now here's what's interesting to me about that, which is. I am more sympathetic to this idea that I might be sounding you know like. I think that the idea,
that that you hand out condoms. Two teenagers as a public policy matter, is horrendous and horrific and does suggest a kind of promotion of sexual activity that it is not the governments business to be involved in an and various other things but this was this was something else and it also flew in the face of everything we know about humanity from time immemorial, which is to say, teenagers do have sex, I'm sorry like, but in a half the people born on the planet earth more than half the people born on the planet earth. Until the year nineteen hundred were born two teenagers- it's not the fact that we delay or that we wish to delay marriage to people until they have attained their policy call majorities, and all of that is a is.
natural feature of our afar contemporary democracy in our contemporary life. The idea that this isn't gonna happen flies in the face of everything that we, you know that we know about human nature and human kind, even though unsympathetic today, the government should promote it. But if you add the surveillance state fears to the two, this idea that government is promoting and that the liberal Health public health culture was promoting morally depraved personal conduct through the use of mandatory vaccination. You start seeing the background to the perfect storm that this moment, when suddenly it was said, everybody in this country needs to get back to me right now, and in fact, if, if, if, if the emergency authorization
could have been approved for everybody from ages zero to two hundred. In the first place it would have been, let's start with children. First right, we got to start with a very old and children first and all this, and that we haven't had that fight. Yet cuz, it's not been approved for anybody under twelve. then. There's a whole background to this, and we have to take account of the fact that this is the end of a twenty year. Conversation and not the beginning, I think all that's true, and if it will be like in very fair air about out the various strands of lip legitimate, concern about the vaccine in this, reasons why these concerns might arise. At the same time, I have to say given where we're rat. Historically, I think that, even without the HPV issue without,
the the hypocrisy of the elites. Without the incompetence of institutions, we would still be facing some sort of significant anti virus anti covered that movement, because it is also a piece, of the larger anti vaccine movement, which has been gaining speed for a few decades now and corn. then, if you're, a real anti Vassar. You think I'm sorry, I was afraid you Youtube. You think that that that that caused polio or something you think Lui pasture I was afraid you don't believe in the in the germ theory of disease. But we ve been talking primarily about the rights. Weird, hang ups and predilections here,
but there is sort of an unspoken truth that the left is unwilling to acknowledge and that something that frustrates you to know, I'm John, which is the notion that a lot of people believe that they don't have to get this vaccine because they can free ride off everyone. Two does and the truth of the matter is their right. They can that we don't need everyone to get back sneered at heard. Immunity is a threshold that no one really knows when it arise, but it doesn't doesn't arrive at present much lower than that in certain portion of this population can Ford to not get vaccinated and and live off. The responsibility the rest of us left will not acknowledge that, because too acknowledge that is to accept the fact that there is a certain portion of this population does not accept its community area responsible and there is a certain fortunes population- it doesn't except their community carrying responsibilities, not something that they will have to be ready. We accept because it's also part of the fabric of the
American DNA, the american experiment that individualism that sometimes isn't. But is nevertheless responsible for a lot more good than it is bad variance. That's it that's the word. The word is very it's right at everything you say is true and then what they'll say is very This is all true and you can achieve credibility against the specific corona virus that is vaccinated against, and there is data so far to suggest that that the these vaccines, Madeira Pfizer in particular, are extraordinarily effective, not against the first first, but against the the two variants trains that have arisen sense, but we don't know that it will be effective against the eight variant strain and therefore unless everybody gets vaccinated and doesn't get the first two. They won't get. The eighth added that whatever I mean that that is that, as the scare were right, is variants, variants, variants, variants, variants, reinsurance variants.
I just think it is a world in which, if you are not somebody who is afraid of whereby we we haven't even talked about the real reason that people are vaccine hesitant- which of course is autism and the and the the heart- the the horrors of Andrew Wakefield, the british disgraced british scientists doctor who in who made up the study that said that vaccines cause autism, a person who you know. I think history may well record as one of the great monsters of of of the modern era, one article in the lancet that gave rise to the two vaccine hesitancy as an ongoing concern when it was a freakish small, we're world
of holistic. You know types, so people thought it was bad. There was fluoride in the water in the nineteen fifties. This then became a very mainstream idea. A lotta people believe it people whose have kids, who are autistic, can't get over the idea. We, at present the United States in Trump, who was very sympathetic to the idea without ever been explicitly saying that he was an anti back. Sir. You know. All of that is that entirely the doing of one guy has he emerged himself from a world that looked at in a big sign in this way. But that's it! That's it. That's a huge thing. Allow this by the way, goes to issues of rest signs, how to measure risk having calculate risk, and you know that something we, to do every day when we're thinking about our money and our investments, and all that and that's why you want to go to dividend, cafe: dot com and subscribe to David Bonds, newsletter Daily Newsletter Dividend CAFE.
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is trying to assess the risks of inflation, the rest of government action, the risks of the FED being activist or are not activist enough, the risks of them, the rest of deflation and what? What more the interplay of market some government and what that will do when you are trying to assess what to do with your money to hedge, your losses on the downside end to advance your interests on the upside. That's dividend cafe: dot com from David Bunsen and the bonds and group Subscribe today. So they had so we just sat right that tat at the New York Times has ten thousand cases today, Son sovereignty, Sunday Monday, they were, they were at five or six thousand- that their numbers are very are generally speaking. They they count more
liberally than other counters. Like I look at their Johns Hopkins Cover tracker every night, a big fan of world amateur, Look at things, no matter how you slice it. We are now around ten thousand cases a day with the slow death toll, NEO yesterday, Cuomo announced with great fanfare. This is a momentous day because he was lifting all restrictions on social stop saying and masking, and all that that were in his power, leaving in place the need to mask on public transportation subways coarser.
Says and by the way in schools. Because of course you know, children are killers, the killers there there they could kill you if they breathe on you without a mask. But to be fair to him, he said that he had to hew to larger CDC Guidelines federal guidelines that he could not comfortably lift himself, though, of course, if this were the trumpet menstruation, I'm sure he would have been happy to lift them. So the pandemic is over, and I dont think- and the question that we were talking about before the show started- was wise and by saying it's over yet
We waiting, I mean that we said the Sesar, like, whereas faulty fancies gone to ground as no appointed out. Actually, yes, he's back. Oh, he is all he has emerged from his hiding hold this morning. We saw contained in appearance and see me as this morning where he said the following: quoth We have always said that we would keep an open mind and contribute to look. So I think that's a bit of a distortion to say we deliberately suppressed that which you were to which he is referring to the lab leak theory. The Washington Examiners, Becket Adams, smartly surfaced made twenty twenty quote from Doktor Fauci and when she said the following quote, if you look at the pollution of the virus and bats. What's out there. Now, these scientific evidence very, very strongly, leaning toward that this could be in a couldn't and could not have been artificially are deliberately manipulated so while he did not close the window on and he was very disparaging this theory-
and the notion that the captain entirely open mind too, it is Oracle revisionism, really probably a sign of things to come, a bad sign of things to come, that this institution, the public health in Europe, They will be loath to admit their mistakes. Their assumptions that are predicated on day on on faulty data erroneous believes that nevertheless, sir rose from a place of authority in scholarship which contributes to exactly what we're talking about here are real. reticence to acknowledge legitimate, honest mistakes on that is going to only contribute to people's mistrust, of this overweening bureaucracy under this is a brilliant point and it gets to something interesting in a larger
text, which is that, right after nine Slash eleven, it took no very very little time after nine slash eleven fact. It took until two thousand and two really in some ways for people to say: Bush should have no I put should have known and he didn't now. Why didn't he now? Why didn't they know was coming. Where were that right, and then someone surface the memo, the daily of presidential daily briefing that sad Al Qaeda determined to attack inside the EU, S, which was which came out on August six, two thousand and one thirty five days before nine, eleven or thirty six says remain eleven and left him instantly. Sarah liberals instantly said you see they note was coming and they didn't do anything like something that says Al Qaeda determined to attack inside the EU. S provided actionable intelligence then there was the whole thing about how flight ninety three was deliberately shut was shot down right. There's that there's a whole other argument right fight, nicer, was deliberately shot down,
China gave the order will never now because they felt they had to do it, because the plane was headed toward the capitals good been to capital and we shot it down. And then as time, goes on the utter chaos of that morning become ever more clear. We remember the castle tat morning, but I mean it, but the fact that they didn't even know where nineties. No one knew what anything was going on. Half the communications in our in the northeast were had been disrupted or destroy and nobody knew anything and they were. The Bush was in a classroom. Sarasota was hustled to it. You know an unknown location and all this in this idea that they could have staged urine an operation to take down a civilian aircraft lighter by scrambling Jetson, shooting it down. You know with twenty minutes
This was delusional but sort of understandable at the time one of the great public, one of the great political science works of the twentieth century by by whilst at her, was about a pearl harbor, and they theory that we could should have known that the Japanese were intact Pearl harbor in this report. Was where the original conspiracy theories of the twentyth century was that we did know we let it happen in order to get us into a war and an end and the his book, which I think is called part pearl, harbor command indecision, my camera, the title of it goes into very, very granular detail on how we had no idea, because, post facto, it seems very clear that everything the Japanese were doing was leading inexorably two Pearl harbor. But you only know that by the fact that Pearl Harbor happened, you cannot create these details. It into
a narrative that says that, on five December, fifty should have known the Japanese were coming Nothing changes afterward, and this then becomes a calculation about everything that goes on for about about surprise attacks, but that the notion that you have the knowledge beforehand that After is not clear. The lab leak hypothesis is the opposite of all of that, because, while this was going on Tom Cotton said, we need to look into the possibility that something happened that lab and that something may have leaked inadvertently. He said it in February of twenty twenty In other words, the defence that can be made of our public health officials. As this was an honest mistake- they made honest mistakes. They were they all
meant well, all of which, I think is true. They met well, they didn't want. You know all this, but but we did know that the lab leaky policies was a viable hypothesis because it was forwarded by viable people speaking via Lee about it, contemporaneously, even before any but he died in the United States from the corona virus, and yet they are going to get a pass or there's gonna be a decade in which it is likely that this world of people, whose structure the idea that not only wasn't true but that it was wrong and evil. suggest that it was true because it was going to create discrimination against asian people in the United States and
because somehow didn't blame the american government or Trump enough. I don't even know why. So you know it's a weird thing: they're going to take advantage of the imperfect. ouch theories promulgated by Albert River, whilst at her and they're gonna take they're gonna. Take it forward when they dont have any justification for doing so whatsoever, whether something else that's happening to in terms of real time, narrative creation that we see going on- and I sent this you guys today, the APC list, worry about that the binding ministrations plans for July Fourth, and it in it, shows a lot of the ways in which our kind of elite structure, our understanding of what's going on with regard to the pandemic in its at this present providing wants to imbue independence day with new meaning this year, courage. In nationwide celebrations to mark the countries affected, return to normalcy. The White House is expressing growing certainty. That July fourth will serve as a breakthrough moment.
nations recovery, even though the U S is expected to fall short of its goal of halving seventy percent of adults vaccinated by the holiday. The plan, vibrational enlarged that binds present. say, designed to demonstrate the nations victory over the viruses. Cases drop and deaths dropped levels not seen since the first days of the outbreak and it goes on an omen details about what will happen in about celebrating the resumption of pre pandemic life. But I think this is this is goes some of the way towards answered I sure asking today, which is when is this over bullets over when the administrations plan July for celebration of prepare endemic life return occurs, and you can see we talked about this with, Aren't you the negative messaging about the pandemic when the number showed otherwise before a lot of the spending bills were path, abide wanted to see past the relief packages and what so there is,
this effort to kind of not allow good news to come out to soon, because we needed as political capital with about industry should feel the need that is, political capital to celebrate its own supposed victory and its own proposal policies and people should treat that with the cynicism and disdain. I hope our listeners can hear dripping from my voice, because that is ridiculous your approach, a public health issue and its in it, it breeds cynicism, really does John, you have said that this sort of the subconscious unspoken gratitude that be bestowed on the binding administration from exceeding its goals, its goals remember according to wrong claim where a small band they gatherings in your backyard. On July. Fourth, a goal that we reached. I think in April this- has been ongoing for quite some time and I've been out his job approval
Buildings are what they are there still pretty stable and high, and he's got these way above water to the tune of an average of six seven points, but they have a really budged. There's no evidence that the third. This is having any effect on how people perceived by the administration- but I cannot Imagine that Christine's wrong! I cannot imagine that the US administration under shooting not just objective reality but causing itself in really easy to me thresholds. Lowering a bar such that you could trip over. It isn't The cumulative effect I'm saving my cynicism and annoyance for when this happens July. Fourth, and the media joint in in the celebration and congratulations on how the administration understood the scope of the virus in it and the pandemic.
And set itself this goal and achieved it back. Then I will let it went off love. I am, I think, it's an interesting fact. that they want to use July. Fourth, to celebrate the end of the pandemic, because of course July Fourth is already a celebration of something else that they are clearly increasingly uncomfortable celebrating, which is the independence of the United States and the E. U know the glory of the american experiment where, of course, systemically racist country, a born in an evil. Seventeen. Seventy six is a trigger word now for a life without your entered night and therefore you know it being independence day could be pandemic day. That's great, that's that's! That gives them that gives Biden right to talk
that's something other than the glories of America on July. Fourth, which of course, is not allowed to talk about without saying- and I were full of sand and were really terrible and work. We got a fix all these all these problems that just occurred to me as at no as you were speaking that this is like gives them an out, because God knows how yours was to write up an independent state, a proclamation as president. I had states when you're when ill Hano MAR you know is a is a great patriot and an u celebrate her clarifications. of her Anti Semitism. The way that up that people have been doing all right. Look a soldier in the post office still think painful price. Roasted stop thanks to stamps that communism do any more male and ship anytime right from your computer. Send letters should package's pay less a lot less with this kind of rates? From? U S, PS, you PS and more.
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all right look, I just want to say this again whether they, if they're gonna, say that the pandemic over on July. Fourth, when it's over on June fifteenth, what does that tell you about them at it says some ways that they are suddenly unimaginative- that they have no improves the tory capacity. I'm not saying that Dryden gets up and says the pandemic is over. That is not what I am saying. I'm saying that he has a meeting in the White House when he gets back from his idiot summit. and he sits down- and he says want to see DC to lift the guidance rules, should lift the guidance rules let's get going Every day that passes where we have breaks on economy, or we have shackles, are the ankles of year. What, however, few people are still fall, another, whatever how everyone is I said we gotta get rhythm, right now, because time is a wasting and Vienna, where, in the notion that you, Sir,
time these things to political events and political realities, that's not the way supposed to work. No one's gonna surrender, there's no japanese empire, that's going to formally surrender, there's no Appomattox, there's no end of the hostile these from the virus you dont, haven't behold dont, have a date certain to end anything, it's just done and and there was a guy part. There was a guideposts guideposts was under ten thousand cases. We will be there by next Monday. We We have had a week
of a round that number under by next Monday, which would be the twenty first of June, any day after the twenty first of June, where we're still theoretically living under the sort of the guidance of the sea. They say about how we are supposed to behave and what we are supposed to be doing. Particularly children will be an act of governmental infant In my view, anybody want to make the case this is the problem would not having one of these like in a balanced panels where we all disagree. Come on somebody? Always what won't look? The thing is, yes, the administration is theoretically unimaginative, add theirs. Reason to be cynical about the weather, doings, There are, on the other hand, people out there sort of you know. social media science figures and and an actual.
People are in the media. Writing articles four for you now August publications, still saying things like where. We're still held for another spike. We still have a problem coming this. The delta variant is bad and and vaccines are less effective against it- and it is still we would still be rash to do too to open up, and they at least some of them mean it still, and that is that to me in a way is more destructive than what the administrations of two, because that works on people after after a year plus of this, their people feed on that and serve enrich their fear
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five quip the good habits company. So I guess tomorrow we will talk about whatever it is. That came out of this summit with the with Vladimir Putin, but I think it's worth saying in general that this first, a trip of of buttons abroad featured on the one hand, you could say that it was a success because it did feature. Anything like him, touching the orb in Saudi Arabia that we still have no idea what on earth was going on, but the that orb. What that orb was what happened when they touched it and- and- and you know at an a Y know- once made a harm movie about that. You know aliens possessing everybody by How can Europe, whatever either raised from your memory, the actual worst diplomatic display of the term presidency, which was
not one but two summits with Kim Jong NAM, but that was great day. They had a lovely said each other letters? There was beautiful, like urinal as I share it was like we're not. We were like they were like the urgency, yet there were like aboard melodies and I will leave it to you to wonder which one ended up as apple art for those No, the oblong always story anyway, is beautiful, but of course- and of course there was no Remember Obama tried to get who is it that Obama one one of the he wanted the Olympics for Chicago. He may look at a trip to Europe to get the Olympics for Chicago. What the hell was. That house am I remember correctly, he actually rising with Denmark. You went to Denmark together to get it to get Europeans to agree to get them to
the Olympics and really tells you how much the Nobel Peace Prize is worth a binding, didn't do either that ended up. So maybe you want to counter the huge success but we'll talk about tomorrow. So thanks, Listening for April statement now and thanks to Josh for his really wonderful letter April They have no job on words, keep the camel burning
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