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A Target-Rich Environment

2020-08-24 | 🔗
The GOP gets the opportunity to make their case to the nation on the first night of the Republican National Convention. The Democratic Party’s failure to address rising rates of violent crime and episodes of civil unrest around the country represents a prime opportunity to strike the contrast they want.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday August, twenty fourth, twenty twenty, I'm John by boards, the other commentary magazine a Green Walled is off this week with us as always know: Rossman our associates editor high Noah, John Senora, Christine rose them high, Christine Hygiene and joining us today. Commentary, contributor, Wilfred, Riley, author of the books taboo and hate crime, hoax and author of several important articles in commentary, including America, run riot.
Are July August issue. Hi well, how are you good right? So the Publican convention begins tonight. Apparently, it's just the Trump show four nights of Trump speaking at ten clock and the polling after the democratic. Mentioned last week suggests a while Joe Biden didn't get much of a bump. Its may be that there is no bum for him to give cause he's already over fifty he's up eight to nine points, blah blah blah. However, no a rotten in our on our blog on Friday made the point that the Democrats ran away from the crime issue, didn't mention it didn't talk about it, except in the context of
thus structural racism and- and so what we have is the Republicans at the peer Pew Paul that came out on Friday says that fifty nine percent of Americans view violent crime is a major issue just below the virus. So does this mean well right This is one of Europe's main subjects over the last couple of years, and particularly since the beginning of the of the riots after George Floyd. Does this mean that there is a political opportunity for Trump this week? If the convention highlights the crime problem yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the GEO P convention was just several days of non stop wall, the Wall Riot coverage. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple speakers
My videos, I mean we already know that that couple from my Saint Louis Missouri that war, that I got a little national notoriety for standing in their front yard, but the guns and martinis is gonna, have a speaking ruffle, let the GEO peak invention so yeah. I think that the Democrats to some extent missed an opportunity when they didn't discuss. Even from the perspective of you know. This is what oppressed or forced to do, or something like that. The fact that there have been massive national rights for a month and a half, I mean eighty days import, one thirty two people have died, that's not something you can just you know are met, and obviously the Republicans are going to respond to that. The idea that There is a growing fear of crime, and the country is in jest illogical, rightwing backlash or racism or something I got me. We ve seen in New York Times led up ads with headlines like yes, we mean abolish them,
wait, I mean if you're talking about your city of N Y, see your mind of Chicago. I mean we ve seen more shooting so far this year, then all of us last so in general, there are arguments, as we all know, on both sides of this debate. But when you pull back police, you do see an increase in crime. A you often do see a decrease in police brutality, but you see a substantial increase in crime and we now to be swinging that way in that debate and that's causing an increase in crime is causing a fair and proper. So the Republicans nearly a moral, strategic standpoint. I mean yes, they should exploit that if I, Reggie Opie Apparatus- and I said this on Twitter. I have discussed this online. I mean what what do is bringing small businessmen, quite frankly from Chicago Minneapolis, Portland Seattle, I would bring in survivors of what was what was the fake o small nation called Chaz.
Charles and Trot trials and chop out have chop survivors speak talking about what happened to their businesses, showing pictures the graffiti covered storefront, the famous science fiction, Bookstore Hugo's that was burned to the ground, but that the left, the controlled city? charging them for water and lights. I would about bringing that owner to talk. I mean, doesn't The Republicans are going to do quite a lot of that now. So in your piece, you serve lay out the strategic opportunity just like I will well just programmer pretty interesting convention. I dont sounds more like they're gonna have any human being with the last named Trump, except for Marian Marianne Trump, who are not too that popular, I think with them with a Donald than his his people, but that that would be an interesting, populist approach. The convention will be a little bit of output per, probably not that much
Are you came out the the strategic possibilities here? Well, I mean I've eyes. I guess I have a little bit less faith in the Republican Party to be as competent as professor rightly thinks they might be there good enough to Missus Dale Miss an opportunity when they have the opportunity to miss One, just as Democrats that the argument on the part of Democrats that this is all trumps fault well and compelling, is one that the curiously declined to make over the course of last week that the president contributes tall. This dissatisfaction and frustration with the status quo and then manifesting and lashing out. They didn't even make that case. It's the wishes its prominent online, but it's not one of the democratic elected officials decided to make to the extent that they talked about anybody in the streets it. These gauzy terms, about how we have conscious, addled, moms and idealistic young adults, all rolling fur for racial justice, ignoring the crime
and Republicans willing should exploit that opportunity, but at the same time it it does I'll will be risks associated with that, because this is the incumbent president who has presided over this. These kinds of episodes of violence and lawlessness. It the municipalities, responsible for it, but it is nevertheless a tricky message and we take a little bit of adroitness to thread that needle and make that case and a competent manner and its one that people are desperate to hear you pull after polish showed that there is at least a significant amount of concern about this. Maybe your per top priority, but it's in your top five priorities, violence and lawlessness and american streets, so the Republicans and Donald Trump should be making as as well said, that kind of case in in favour of competent governance that safeguards your very first principles in your first right seem right to safety.
Life and liberty. But what we are expecting, as the professor said, are means people who were prominent on line who were controversial for a minute and generated a lot of heat in on twitter I'm on cable news and that's what we're gonna see this week, we're going to see what the president like switches, cable news and social media fights and very little, I think strategic. Planning. So I would be shocked if we saw the kind there's more and sorrow tone that would require that will be required of Republicans to make the case that your democratic officials and local level have failed you and we are safeguarding your yours. If the in no one else will what they want or fights, and that's not those are fighting words, so I think we're gonna see more fine words, then than a competent case for for the kind of safe long, whatever style, republican governance. That Republican say they favour, but I think that an important point, because I too share Noah's pessimism about
the Republicans ability to make a consistent message, but if they could it's a message that actually has brought retrain, you can also use it to attack the issue of covered, because if look at what the Democratic Party did with its convention last it's it's make it a referendum on character and there there are constant theme and they did fairly well, was to say Joe Biden. His men could character. Donald Trump is not, but if you look at what people are really concerned about you can set. You can just simply point to these so called science and so called facts that the Democrats roars invoking and show that you're, the top three states in this nation that had the highest death rates and the highest case rays of code word: New York, new in California, they are run by democratic governors and their legislators are controlled entirely by Democrats. You could say the same thing. Crime, every city were seen major banks and crime. Pro by Democrats or there is a way for the Republican Party to be the kind of party of law and order and the party effects in science- and you know it by taking
as to a local level. That also is a message that I once thought Republicans embraces a principle. This idea federalism and things being done at the local level. I agree with no a trump is not the person to make it but we have another month or so before this election, and if you look at what is happening in places, continuing cabinet places like Portland, even with Friends, not there were fewer feds withdrawn there still night after night after night. There's a lot of writing. And the message of these writers is becoming much more like what is described in his in his recent peace. For for the magazine, which is rebel, general tone, revolutionary rhetoric, their setting a gear, teens and and chopping off. The heads of Teddy bears to represent the mayor of Edith. It we can kind of last minute also an imagery that I think is gonna only ramp up in the coming weeks.
Maybe we shouldn't laugh- and you know its interest out entirely answer- is interesting. How easily one slips into a kind of cynicism or describe it? Sort of like world weary sophistication about? What's going on, it occurred to me on Sunday that that Darrow, the the moral and spiritual dereliction of the mainstream media in its coverage of Portland in Seattle, which is among the most astonishing fact of our time we have. As as as well said, we have eight eighty eighty one straight days of riot
in two major american cities that have whose police departments and political structures ever have essentially seated the right to property, destruction and physical violence to a mob, and it's not a front page story. It's not on the news every day. I think I sat on Friday that part of this is a chain sea change in the way media function so that if in the old days,
the New York Times and the wash you imposed and the LOS Angeles Times and the networks would have sent reporters to these cities. They would have set themselves up in hotels, they would have spent twenty five thousand dollars in expense, account money to be there and then they would have been filing story after story or reporting story after story to justify their presence and creating a bureaucratic need to fill the small. The time and now nobody has reporters going anywhere cause of covert and because of their their money, and so it is its left. It Andy no and people like that, and there is no bigger story aside from covered in the United States than this urban and unrest, which.
It's just beyond belief that it's not the most important story in the country. Well, what are you? What are you make it here? I think there are two things that I take out of that last. Apportion the conversation for of all I agree with Christine that there is an extremely strong men, not necessarily even republican, been sort of can serve. It ever centrist case for competent govern they could be made around a lot of this. I dont know if trumps, the guy that's going to make it, but it certainly there to be made. I mean you look at covert nineteen. I mean that basic point that almost all of the leading states bluntly in terms of debts happen to be heavily populated, blue states that we, a fact I mean I am currently working on consulting project around the stats recovered nineteen for a client and it's actually I mean it's eight of the top ten states as recall the dancer deaths per million happened to be blue.
I and there's some other facts there that I think are kind of fit. With that case I mean there's not a great deal of evidence as far as I can tell for Coalblack bounds If you look at the average number of when see it, this is death. Sir deaths per million at sea yeah the average number of covert nineteen debts for a state that deadlock down is three thousand six hundred twenty three, the Number for a state that never lockdown is five hundred sixty two. There might be some no generic there. You also talking about smaller states, but I mean you don't see an extraordinarily strong case for this massive arguably gum, men over reach their shattered the economy. I mean that's a case. Someone could make so the basic claim of we need competent leaders that are going star eighty days and riding in the streets that are going to stop some of this nonsense that shuddering your business
It would be very, very easy for someone to stand up and say that- and I think another point that's in credibly, obvious is the extraordinary buyers and mainstream american media. I mean whether or not covert makes this a little more difficult. I mean you can still use local strainers people are very very aware just looking at the comments on Twitter, Instagram or something like that- that the media is not covering Portland and its remarkable to compare this with what would have happened if, for example, the lock down pro asteroids had sat one building or two buildings on fire ever had killed one person, so whether or not this is exploited or this is used in any EU, tile way, then there's a lot of potential tender? They are, I mean thee
at the the reality of covert nineteen and the reality of the rioting, combined with the direction of the coverage of those things were. Andrew Como is currently writing a hero book about his response to the disease. I mean his stay was responsible, something like a fourth of All fatalities, that is an opportunity for a leader who could point out some sort of obvious facts about what actually went out. Well. That happened now remains to be seen. You know it's interesting cause just above do just to continue the theme on Friday, New York City mayor, build the plaza said that there was no plan at the moment to reopen restaurants. Four or dining. Ok, the covered wave in New York has over no one's dying of covered New York anymore, and very few people are getting covered in New York. The whole purpose of lockdown, as as expressed it
plain in March, was took. Was to save the medical system from being overwhelmed by the case load? That was why the city and the state you now basically went into a medically induced coma and according to what we keep hearing as as aid as a group, while the said time and time again their following the science or source. We following the science about what's happening. What's so the science says reopen the science does not say stay lockdown. If what you're saying as you have to stay lockdown, there's no plan to reopen what you're saying is: you're, never gonna reopen until there's a vaccine that, but you're implicitly say that's insane explicitly fire right, but I mean that is that is insane and it's insane in two ways: it's insane because it essentially it essentially suggests that we need to engineer a depression.
In order to engineer a medical miracle right. But it's also it's also insane because the public all of the law, all the official walk downing, was about not trusting the public to make the right decisions. So if you re open It's not safe, individual people or even on mass as a collective, without knowing it's a collective will make the determination whether or not they feel it's safe or unsafe, to go back into a restaurant and if they don't feel it's safe and the restaurant reopens in a restaurant socially distancing of doing this and doing that it doesn't work. It won't work, but it won't be that an entire industry,
that employees in New York, city alone, three hundred thousand people is essentially destroyed, based on a theory about how the disease spreads. That we don't even know is correct, including let it spreads on services, which apparently is really true, so we are now. We have now shifted into a world in which the largest city in the country- and I am less Angeles to summon some of these places- are now are now in a permanent, semi medical coma. And then the question you have to ask yourself is why why doesn't build was you'll feel the pressure to reopen because it isn't necessarily reopening like, I don't think it would work really you can you can,
So all restaurants can reopened and start serving endorse and, and the number of people will go in is gonna, be relatively small. Ok, well, it's very your eccentric respective outside Westchester, counting and New Jersey. You can win and eat endorse most of this country. Is not in that state of panic, the other chemical, alright Dorothys, that's not true see them. I couldn T Connecticut. I see people in these restaurants, I've gotten up Satan, your Cassie Deplore restaurants, it's not impossible, actually get enough people to fill up this very truncated, small amount of space dream and allowed to thought. Neither when I don't know internationally, I don't know- maybe I like my own money like them. I hope my own anecdotal experience. It's now three places that I've been to indoors. I went to a cheesecake factor. I went to a cafe yesterday: Import Jervis me York happens is that their empty, I mean, but but the point is their empty. While they are permitted
to be opening doors like that adds. The boy had thirty nine zero animals in right now or in the heat of summer. Everything is open outside and people can take advantage of that by October late October. That's not gonna be the case. Schools are gonna, be clear Restaurants are going to be closed. Retail might even shudder again because my perception for a long time was that this there is an element of political utility here and presenting democratic Party of Safety versus Republicans as the parties of the lackadaisical recklessness in the face this virus, but then you had your buying other day, an interview with David near saying, resident thing, which I think will follow him through the rest of this campaign, which is, if the science work to guide it, whatever the heck that you locked down the whole country. He lacks that authority. He lacks they evidence that would justify that policy, but that, as is his instinct, and the instinct is indicative of where the Democratic Party is right. Now, their identity is bound up in the notion of locked downs being the policy of first
and that doesn't go away of travellers. Is that that first tests for some time we deal with this virus, and I don't think Democrats will be able to reverse themselves just because from has lost. This has become part of their their ethos. Now. Well, in that said that the how much they increase that that sort of safety ism type language that no one is talking about between now and November. Fourth, I think is, is gonna, show us just how politicize they decided to make this, because they're pulling, must be telling them that that's gonna work perfectly with those suburban women who are very concerned about both crime. The virus, I will say to two points. I do think that's interesting for binding to be going on and on about the signs when it's been revealed that he felt himself to even have himself tested for covert at which is kind of odd. Another point to the crimes of we're talking about earlier in the week mentioned. Is that it's not the main
dream media's role here is is is mutating in it in another way that today's New York Times has a front page story about progressive prosecutors in places like Seattle in Portland and a great shout they have because you're they ran on this idea that they prosecutors any low level crimes it. We ve got this prosecutor in oblivion, Portland, Who, who is basically not? He is announced publicly that he's not gonna prosecutes. You know rioting. Then, and some other or violent protesters he had to pay a little bit from that when it was pointed out that some of these people are actually actively physically assaulting others in setting buildings on ferries and well will look into those cases, but we're going to do it with the whole contacts in and it's what has been happening in the last last weekend is that you now have far right protesters you're the proud boys have shown up and their clashing with the other protesters. So the question will be: is that a principle of progressive prosecution, hands off is echoed applied,
right wing protesters as well or is there going to be selective prosecution because already one of the Prague Boys letters has filed, saying look, you know he can't say that, might my clients should go free, they did exactly what he claimed. It wasn't gonna prosecuted, think there beyond the issue of law enforcement and local May oral or incompetence. We have this. This progressive prosecutor issue, which we had a big story it in a few issues ago in commentary that I think is gonna- have far reaching long term consequences, even apart from the election, in terms of whether that something that the american public is gonna embraces a model for law enforcement. So this is a target. Rich environment is welcome as having started which environment for her for Trump who who needs one in them. Question is: can he can he do it effectively or or or does his serve ADHD? Make that more and more difficult? Obviously,
He is very good at hammering away on on, seems that enraged the left and and delight his his camp followers. But this, as I think, as everybody's may clear, require there's a certain suppleness of approach and a kind of seriousness of purpose just to say I mean what's going on here, is destructive of the public order, and it's all being done in the name of a theory about America that we also don't necessarily we even have to that. We don't see us subscribed to that said. We have another police shooting in Canosa Wisconsin. Yesterday of twenty seven year, old man was shot seven times by cops and add, and in response there was a black lives, man
Protests where the black lives matter. People were like refusing to allow police cars to drive through and sheriffs cars to drive through and and obviously this is gonna be used. As some kind of a counterpoint to the republican convention, I'm sure that that the there's an we all this, a pro cop talk, and yet here we are with another a police shooting in some way does it does. This a binary that frustrates partisans, but I dont think its particularly difficult to navigate the amount of people who are concerned about and conscious of rising violence is staggering. It states in the Sixtys and Seventys, depending on the whole you but the same. A number of people express in freezing dissatisfaction and distrust for local law enforcement. That's not to say they want them to disappear, that they want enforcement units to be dissolved, that they want resources divested of these departments, but they do not reform and that's it
everything that it doesn't take a whole lot of supplements, as you say too, to navigate you can ask me, can make those same two cases and they don't have the conflict, but they have to. I guess out. They have two conflicting and partisan environment. Is you have to strike maximum contract but your opponents, but a serious political culture would be to internalize these two issues and synthesize them did. Did you watch the video of the era of the shooting cause? It's it's pretty it like all of these situations, it's a very complex sing and others is very early on. We don't know all the details. There were some domestic dispute for which the cuts were called to that location people are saying that the guy you and you're getting shot was actually trying to break up the dispute, but we don't know if that's true or not in any case, that the very few snippets of that we have released with video footage show a man who is really who is refusing to respond to what law enforcement cell do they have their guns drawn their? We can't hear what they're saying, but it obvious they're telling him to stop here.
Is that he walks around through the passage to the driver side door of his vehicle and reaches, Inside of it so I mean you see that and that you have to put into the dissemination been shot seven tonnes. Probably not. You should have been taste, but he was clearly resisting what the law enforcement selling him to do. He was escalating situation because they dont know if he as a weapon in his car. They don't he's gonna, get this car and drove off. So so again we have a very complicated fluid situation that I think you're right. Now it's going to be you didn't in blatantly partisan ways. But we note the fact that now they're burning down things in Canosa. As a result of simply the din news coming across the wire that that a black man was shot by law enforcement, I think that the data tinder like there's, really, you know all made from pause and wait to hear the facts about any situations or form you're having little many exponents, one one thing
I would say there in terms of Noah's point. I think that its correct that this will be perceived in this fashion, it is an environment, but I don't necessarily think there are two trends here in terms of the data I e rising crime and rising police violence, I mean if this individual canosa dies. That would be something like the tenth fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. This eared nationally, so there really is no and around this, whereas we are actually seeing a substantial, as I said in Greece, in street violence or law as this in New York, Chicago Portland, Seattle, what we seem to be seeing with these videos of unfortunate police shootings as a pipeline where, for example, the attorney Benjamin Crump, other people in kind of the NEO civil rights community are forwarded these almost as soon as they happen and then get them out to civil rights to social media and that forwards than the national media, so version
as soon as George Void Array, Shard Brooks or any of these incidents occurs. We see kind of national flash around that we had one of these in Chicago, my hometown, that lead to widespread looting on the bag mile actually be raising of the bridges into the city. Batman begin style, but there actually, if anything, police violence, is on the decline. This year. We don't see a surge in police violence against black man of that better working
white men hispanic men. Anything like this. What we are seeing is the reaction of law enforcement in real time to the modern social media environment is fascinating, but isn't necessarily a huge national problem unless we make it one. Well, you know, and as we have a workshop test here, that the election will help resolve, which is this, of course, is the this. This shooting to day yesterday is in the Tipp state mean that this issue was concerned. This is one of the three states that the Trump one by ghetto twenty twenty five, thirty thousand votes and its of open question so as this awaken the urban vote in Milwaukee. That was a little light in twenty sixteen for Hilary and convince african Americans who didn't come out to vote and twenty sixteen to come out the way they came in
two thousand eight about four Obama and and and put by nor the top or does the state wide coverage of this, which will certainly would be the case in in in Wisconsin? Does the state why coverage of a of an incident like this and the rioting. That is sure to follow. Will that trigger the Trump voter and one of the interesting stories this week by in the in the New York Times? I think I may come, but I may be wrong, or is about the theory of the case that what Trump is doing we keep. We who kept saying during the from presidency wisely reaching out beyond his basic needs to reach out beyond his base. This is not how you he didn't when enough votes in TWAIN, sixteen, he he won
serving a miracle drawing to an inside straight, and he now needs to get more voters. The George W Bush got twenty two percent more voters in two thousand for them in two thousand and get himself re elected, and the idea is that if you actually tabulate the number of working class white people without a college degree in the United States, people who don't vote but could there obviously- and particularly in these three states, so many of them- that if you can just pushed a bunch of them to the polls, that could be the margin between victory
defeat, and so maybe trump by by leaning in on these issues over and over and over again and by speaking to them, is doing what Obama did in twenty twelve, which is that he is going to find voters that people dont know where their. He did this in TWAIN. Sixteen also but but Obama. Twenty twelve one re election in part because they managed technically through a technically brill, give campaign to pull people out who not only had to go to four but hadn't voted in two thousand and eight in weird places in Florida and other counties and get them to vote and and
the role that the Republicans didn't know where their and therefore have really taken account of in their own pre election planning on where they needed to stress, get out the vote stuff. I dont know if this is true, I mean it makes logical sense that if you have a lot of non voters among the people that you're trying to appeal to, if you can get the non voters devote you'll, do better of getting non. Voters to vote has tended not to be what political campaigns focus on, because a tart, because non voters don't wanna vote yet just briefly and fallen, because I think this is somewhat complicated. Political case, but that, where this, this right,
distrust of police, not the perception that there is increased violence, but the perception that there's a disparity of enforcement, which is measured and pulls by galloping Monmouth over the course of the summer. It would be foolish to ignore them, but nevertheless, Republicans who were inclined to make this point are not doing so for the benefit of energizing, the work by working class vote or even the minority vote, which has been a little bit more suspicious of this pushed him, for example, do police where this resonates is in white, affluent, educated communities in the suburbs. Those are the people who are saying that those are the people who are saying that racism in these countries a gigantic problem now and we need dramatic reformation in order to, dressed as that. The problem of human nature and those are the people who are addled by this moment The people who use represent the republican base and they fled Donald Trump and twenty eighteen and they haven't
back and they're moving in the wrong direction? Everybody else's move in a little bit towards the center, but that all republican base white, comfortable people in the suburbs is where you need to shore up those numbers and the violence message really achieves that very effectively that we can get around to these grand of reforms friend in a theoretical basis of municipal police departments. Tomorrow, what we have to deal with now is the immediate, imminent threat to your personal safety, a killer let me as a good message, let me let me just pull back and talk to you guys about today. Sponsor quip one of our oldest, if not are our oldest sponsor, but quips got a new product for us to tell you about were excited known, Iris was to get get them in them
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g t kill you ip dot com, slash commentary quit better or health made simple and rewarding, and we thank whip for sponsoring the commentary magazine pot cast okay, so Joe Biden, moderate rides moderate. That's why the reasons you want is moderate could speak. It he's out, you know is another. One of these crazy of another point. The democrat parts gone crazy. And one of the signs that he's a moderate Zack going crazy is he's out a lunatic on Israel right that that's all we heard so last week. If there were democratic convention, there was a panel in the afternoon of Muslims and on this panel was Linda source or one of the co founders of the women's March and a virulent disgusting anti semite of of terrible vintage and when appointed when this was pointed out, quite grief, gleefully bye, bye, conservatives and scientists and others zionist trump supporters. The by catch
aim shot back said. We have nothing to do with this. She has nothing to do with our campaign. This was organised by the or eyes ears, and that does not reflect our views so according to Middle EAST. I, over the weekend, the Biden campaign held an off the record conference, call with concerned american muslim activists and apologized for having stressed Linda sorcerer and apologize at a very high level by somebody who has a short, tell connection to commentary that is Biden, foreign policy adviser, Tony Blair, then who was his national security adviser during the vice presidency and tony blankets, Father Don Blinkin was on the Commentary Magazine Board in the Eightys and Ninetys, when it was still when it was still owned at run by the
our Conjurors Committee, Don Lincoln, was ambassador to Hungary or something like that and tony blinkin summit, I've known for a very long time. It seems like a reasonable person- you very liberal, but I so so here we are buying campaign. Apologizes Simone Sanders, the press secretary of war of former Bernie Sanders Press agritourism, who is now coalitions director, something for Biden described the stuff that was said about Linda source or by the bye as an egregious mistake. So apparently you it is now the Biden campaign is now sir, get up to defenders of one of America's best known and most virulent anti semite. It's worse than that, because there actually trying to keep both sides happy when you really have to take a principle
action on this matter, so all of that leading up to the those months enters up his true, but then the campaign did She was statement through a spokesperson. After all this kerfuffle this weekend, saying you don't we ask You have this conversation with Middle EAST advisers cause some of them were concerned, but we distance ourselves from source or like they actually still are trying to maintain distance while placating the people who invited source or onto the original call. So it's I don't This is a sustainable position for the campaign, but what I want it struck me being is that the bar that spend set for what to do when p, or who are, who affiliate themselves with your movement, who are extreme or toxic and how we tell the candidate himself or herself should be judged by that. The trunk era. Given us a very strict standard for that right. Anyone who all himself conservative and identifies with trumpet their changes felt by Tromp is at the centre
and a whole bite into your. I personally, don't think that's a great idea, because there are lots of crazy people who get themselves involved in political movements. We who candidates themselves dont, really share their values, but not seeing that binding held it up Instead, we see the media actually encouraging this ability of him to kind of how this new ones take. Where heating you keep the SAR sore types happy or pretending. He has nothing to do with them, this is one of the great things about intersection reality. So she she's essentially Linda Sars- has created the intellectual infrastructure that prevents her from being defended strayed from any minor like she is probably one of the easiest people to dissociate from, because she's been organization have dissociated from your time. I mean she's, but she was ejected from the women's March because of the anti Semitism, but are very, very high profile, anti semitic scandal. So if there's any, but you have a permission structure to abandon its her, but because an intersection ideology
unites. Otherwise, disparate and disorganized campaigns of resistance into one overarching campaigns, discrimination. Your ideas are secondary to you, Vanity, and so it has rendered the sister soldier moment obsolete you can't abandon. You can't sacrificed the person. As you know, are sacrificing things when she she knew that when she allied herself with black lives matter and she's, been Down in Louisville with this noon, nonprofit that she started constantly on the Brianna Taylor case, you know and and organizing protests in front of the district attorney's house, she cut, Leslie allies, yourselves with bucklers matter as a kind of protective measure, because she said you know, just like the palestinian people, black Americans are facing the pseudo horrible situations. If she, I think she'd that strategically and that's put the Biden campaign. As you say, no in an impossible intersection. All war sorcerers said this pretty openly actually aiming at one. She said. Without my he drove on I'm just another white woman,
as it is, I mean there was actually a pretty substantial backlash to this throughout kind of a hierarchy of the left up, for whatever reason, I'm on the mailing list for care, the council for American Islamic Real, I think they added weight limits, but they sent out a formal statement of solidarity with our Linda source or that's a pretty long and aiming to read. But there is a substantial backlash to this to what was kinda to be this insult to our sore, and I agree with no means of this- is gonna, be a complex issue for a lot of the modern left, because the organ zation or modern left is, to a large extent, a coalition of the fringes. The ideas that you're going to take on sort of white male capitalism with everyone that doesn't fit in at the top of that leadership structure, so there's not inherently much that holds together. Trans women. An tread feminists, for example, or union labourers and illegal immigrants are, for example, are feminist,
muslim Americans other than the idea of we are the opposition. So conflict like this are inevitable and their often going to be smoothed over basically just by the idea of as long as you are a member of this opposition, we're not gonna disown you. I won't say, though, the rights not perfect on this. Either? And I am curious to see what the standard is eventually worked out is being dammit. You saw it Donald Trump attacked for allegedly racing Laura Bloomer over the past week or so so that both sides have to deal with the question of under these very broad tents, because we only have two parties and it's a pretty baron up a fight this election season. What do you do in someone who's
complete freaking nutcase embraces your battle standard. Do you get rid of them? If you don't, does that taint you, so I don't know we'll see I'm more interested, I think in in the question of what it means that the Biden campaign found this necessary. I mean that that to me he just accepted the nomination for president. He is up eight percent in the polls he's at fifty percent in the polls know everybody who is going to vote for him at? It appears are like most people are going to vote for him or voting for him cuz. They hate Trump and they're, not going to like trump if they like, Linda Sarsour, and that they felt the need to reach out and mollify. Demographically timey, teeny weeny, teeny, tiny population of Euro American Muzzle
the left wing air really modifying, although woke white, that might not vote for a white guy without a woman of color I'd, say: okay, so there you go. That's I think I think, can't with you, which is not to say that the fact that the bombing campaign is incapable of speaking dismissive worry about members, the coalition, the people on their campaign. The way they talk about the podcast people, the pod, save America, people is with nothing but unveiled contempt and they just disappear completely push them out of whatever the binding coalition at seen. Other credit criticise us all. You want we dont care, but let us our swords it has. The keys to the Swat she's she was in Congress on the day that Brown rush it refused to leave and Linda Ellen Omar, were and argue rated and sworn into office, and she
maintains a significant amount of influence over that section of the left. So I don't know how small it is because, even if it doesnt command alot of voters a commands, a significant amount of authority in the press and in venues that Democrats are responsive to. I am, I am still agog at the fact that you can't just have somebody say we didn't have anything to do with her being on this panel, and she has nothing to do with our campaign. In that. You have to apologize work because they didn't have anything to do with there being on the panel and she isn't involved in their campaign. So what did they say that they had to apologize? Even there is also another group that we're not discussing here, of which our sore was an official surrogate. Unless the bereaved owners rage, she was an official Bernie surrogate. She went out campaigning for him Like a yo. See was it do you know an official Bernie, spokesperson and Elsie is, as on a couple of occasions in the last few weeks, been very
and about the fact that nothing in the democratic convention spoke to her and her people. She's keeping quiet for now, like The whole thing is like, as, as will the suggested it's about defeating Trump, and you can unite a lot of we're groups beyond behind that that message, including many former public happens, but I do think that it will cause trouble down the line. In the end, those Bernie voters I mean I'm- can be really interested to see the exit polls for people who are. A core Bernie supporters in this next election, whether they turn out for one of his little problem, for binding, but maybe they'll go for third party. Maybe they just won't show up attack. He needs that coalition. He does need those people in certain states, year by year The burning brows are angry. This is one of the most consistent findings in political science, right now. I mean for a long time. It looked like this octogenarian communist was actually going to be the democratic mandate.
And you had this series of maneuvering than South Carolina with Big Jim Kleiber, an inside that essentially shifted him out and what you got. How is to at least allegedly centrist lawyers. Wine are famous former prosecutor running in the face of the ticket they are They are not happy and I mean there were a number of votes that specifically removed everything that the brows wanted from the Democratic Party formatting. There was no vote on Medicare for all, or at least that was not embraced as part of the platform. Now going forward. So on one of the questions I have, as a political scientist. Just empirically is whether the Bernie Bro vote has always been overrated. I mean at one point I actually became and arrested for an academic paper in what the actual voter turnout was specific.
Quickly for urban, lower income left wing Caucasians during a particular year, and as I recall, it was three percent, so I mean we ve heard a great deal of talk about how this group of people is gonna passionately, turn out and bowed and swing things in the direction of the left side of the Democratic party. But I mean voting machines, don't register angry Gwent, send some skater kids eyes like it remains to be seen whether those guys are actually going to come out and or a anybody, but certainly be. I mean Abiden Harris ticket. I mean to former prosecutors of Heaven correct. Will you know everything of courses in the Democratic Party, the bird, a Bro squad, you now political activists, types that were there. Were central to his surge and twenty. Sixteen
then paid off with all of this, with these victories in house races, both in twenty eighteen and apparently this year, as the Bernie vote in twenty twenty was about half what it was in twenty. Sixteen I mean Bernie was the not of out basically was the the also ran, but he did much better against Hilary than he did against Biden, and so, oddly, you have a surge in the power of the Bernie Movement that that did not help Bernie as Biden in what, once more than eleven people were voting in a caucus once Bernie. You know faced by one on one and then at that point pretty much. You know Biden just rolled over him, so we have these two different messages about,
the Bernie Voter, which is that maybe they don't exist in big numbers? They they just happened to be uncommonly politically distributed in these places in minute you know, and in Minneapolis and in queens and in others. Where are you get this surge of votes for these house members who are going to be a dominating force in the Democratic Party over the next decade? What is not clear as whether The nominee of the Democratic Party is going to be a dominating voice in the Democratic Party in the next decade, when he can't even distance himself from Linda Source or without appalling
I think we should note that over the weekend, Biden confirmed that he expects to be a two term president, which is this. You know that a lot of signalling leading up to his nomination was that all I'm just pass I'm holding onto the torch and then go to pass it. So that was really interesting to me that he signalling that at an Harris of course, and typically craven political fashion when asked about our criticism of Joe Biden has a terrible racist during the primary was like, I think, that's a distraction now, chip which is just the worst non answer. I've heard in a long time, from the easiest critics- and you can make- is that somebody who had grabs hold the levers of power will continue to hold onto those lover the power of, because everybody behind them all the gun to his head. If he dares let go of it at there's that those the weird Erin Sorkin fantasy, that took over Washington, the Joe Biden Movies, is one sort of weird caretaker who groom this.
New generation of targets and then gracefully exit after his first term in office, which is doesn't happen right. I mean real hurl, it doesn't happen, but if it had been a politically advantageous, message for him. He might have continued to paddle. It is interesting that he stopped because what he now needs to do is show that he has the vigor or, as John F Kennedy was called the big, a right to be the president against Trump who, whatever problems and do you know mental acuity issues that he raises a certainly doesn't seem like somebody that you have to say. I don't know fee like has enough energy to do this job I mean you could say they hasn't it rob well or that whether but energy doesn't seem to be his problem, and so Biden has
to say I'm going to be a two term. Presidents, like I'm, not just getting into this and then falling asleep and letting so you know, I'm not going to be like Churchill in nineteen fifty three and then fall asleep in meetings and have to be defenestrated. I'm I'm I'm in it for the I'm in it. For the long run, he isn't I mean there's no way on earth that someone is gonna, be running for president of the age of eighty way. You know at the age of eighty one, I'm sorry it's. Why not look as long as Twitter exists Donald Trump as a reason to get up every morning right and there's not a similar motivation for Biden right, he seems not even other not that did their age ban differences, not that great racist, a few years but they're dead. The vigour argument I mean, even if you disagree as I do, that you're a big troposphere by pure malice and anger at some of medicine and certainly narcissism outside leadership. Characteristics in my view, but it doesn't. It is quite a contrast. You to buy in
Personally, I maintain that have conditions allow it in twenty twenty four. If he's inaugurated in TWAIN, twenty one that barring some sort of a catastrophic health event that renders them completely incorrect capable and of being in in front of screen, Democrats will prompt him up like Elsie and he will be the standard bearer, because that That's how it works are too many people with too much power whose jobs depend on it being the President roulette had locked run for present. Ok, I want to conclude with this Christine. My were. I was a taxi. Would soon have this last night when news came that colleagues Conway is leaving the administration and her husband, George Conway, is suspending his activities as an anti trump activist with the Lincoln Project. Obviously, in response to the a cry for help of their fifteen year old, daughter, Claudia who now
it had said, she wanted to be emancipated because she hates her mother and hates tromp and hates everything em. And what what struck me? I struck a friend of mine who, emailed me about this was to say, I imagine that the situation here had been reversed and that a democratic, a woman had been a chief of staff to the President, United States. And campaign manager, the present United States and her husband, who had been Dammit decided he hated the presently United States and spent three and a half years attacking the present as states organizing to get him defeated and doing all of that to the point where the family split. The daughter is, you know screaming over social media and she basically, then has to say I have to quit to take care of my family, which is what, which is what colleagues have said.
And then George said: ok, I'm out of the Lincoln Project. How on earth would the media treat the husband of the democratic woman who was one of the most powerful people in America? attacking in this crazy way, and I know George and Kelly and Both- and he is actually a quite lovely person and she's- quite an acid person. In my speech, So I'm not saying this out of any out of any personal connection to them. You know whether they were where this follows, but it is absolutely astonishing. The degree to which
the allowances or the permission, structures that are made for women on on the liberal, left and the world of social enforcement of feminist principles, resides on the liberal left and is completely suspended. Whenever anything happens on the right I mean it should be an outrage in some odd way that Callin is forced out of her job clouds. On now rates. Look Anne Marie Slaughter, famously who was at the State Department, quit her position and to state parliament, because she had she had a teenage kid who was in emotional extremest, whom she never saw and whose living back in Princeton and then she were huge piece about it and how awful this was for her and how unfair it was. Something
but this is a very I just liked me the go ahead of us. Actually, the contrast it's worth noting because she wrote a huge piece which he then turned into a book. I believe- and she was just blanketed with pride is from from mainstream liberal media for this new, difficult, terrible choice and end. The argument made on her behalf was that she never should have had to make it work I've seen and the reaction to first of all, good for Georgian Kelly for doing what's right for their kids in their family. I think they deserve nothing but are respected, praise and plenty of privacy while they, while they work all this out and good for both of them end I've. Seen though it is a kind of absolutely appalling I am fullest social media responds where people are like basically incur sing the daughter thing if your mother is bile enough to work for Trump, you should have nothing to do with her cut her out of your life and then there's a kind of cold like response, because it is Trump for whom Kelly work. So I think that actually
is a bigger problem on the feminist. Less than anyone wants to talk about needs, it's kind of gone underground, while trumpets President, but it will re emerge as more conservative women take positions of power in this country because that double standard can't hold its it's in appalling double standard. Never one whose followed the feminist movement for the last twenty years has commented on it critically, if they're on the right, but it's it's in this case it was a perfect distillation of that year. I think that there are obviously are double standards on both sides, almost by definition, but this one matters speaking as a stats guy, because the media's so entirely controlled by one side was a pew two thousand or pretty well known, study that found that only seven percent of people working in national media at any level were conservatives are libertarians, and that obviously has an effect. I mean last year on ninety four percent, I think of all coverage. Tromp was negative. So when you get something like this, obviously the real
action to what happened to colleagues Conway is going to be he dramatically dramatically different from the treatment of anything one across the island, I mean just very quickly in one sentence. We saw another example of that earlier today discussing the riots I mean: there's a remit difference and how eighty one days of rioting that killed thirty two people is treated as verses, a bunch of clowns, walking in the state capitals carrying guns so obviously, when one side controls the information that most ordinary people see, that information is going to respond in the direction of what the one side believes and adopt an unfortunate I wouldn't closed just by saying, as Christine, that I mean all the best to these people- I don't know, but I do A more and freer information will get out there over the next couple years, Aeronauts Wilfred Ciera. Thank you so much for joining us
everybody, go to Amazon by wills, books, taboo and hate crime house, both remarkable piece of work. And for the absence of a reward and Christine Rosen, an orphan I'm John ports keep the camel burning.
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