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Are Politicians Lying More?

2021-09-29 | 🔗
The revelations yesterday that emerged from Congressional testimony featuring two top officials involved in the Afghanistan debacle reveal Joe Biden to be as mendacious as Donald Trump when it comes to matters of policy. Is this something new for the presidency or is this just more evidence that all politicians lie? And does that kind of lying have a corrosive effect on America's social fabric? Give a listen.
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Some guy, welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday September twenty nice twenty twenty one. I jump out words the editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always exactly that is a green waldheim, Hydra Senora Christine rose them high, Christine Hygiene and
those he had editor nor Robin High Noah? I just yesterday the chairman of the joint use of staff in the defence secretary testified before Congress and under oath revealed that Joe Biden lied to the american people when he said that nobody told him that it was a bad idea to pull all the troops out of Afghanistan, patently both men and others said: leave twenty five hundred men in Afghanistan, Biden forces in Afghanistan. Biden said no he had told George Staff Annapolis that there had been no no countervailing opinion inside his administration. I don't know what the consequences of such
such a lie are. We are now at the position where it is morally better for the president to be considered senile because he forgot that they said they were against it, for you know at least tug lively, impaired. That's up! That's an interesting! That's an interesting twist in the garment, of american history. Let us assume that he is not. A colleague, lively impaired. What are we make of the lie, while we can actually That's true, we can actually know it's a lot. He I genuinely not know what people told him which has not comforting it's not exculpatory. It's just the truth. It's possible but it's also an indictment of his leadership when other more revealing.
Things. I thought that came out of this testimony today was from general, more Milly, who acknowledged some reporting back in early this year than in November of twenty twenty he ever see. they signed order from Donald Trump demanding the full withdrawal of. U S, troops before an operation they January fifteenth and that squares with what we know. Donald Trump was engaged in doing at the time in August of twenty twenty, there were about eighty five hundred american soldiers in Afghanistan, roughly the same number that he had inherited and twenty seventeen and then they raced towards this draw out five thousand by election day, and that was twenty five hundred by an operation day, and then they intervene. They convinced him to back off this speedy withdrawal.
You bet I twenty five hundred leave it there. He said quote after further discussion. Seawater was rescinded. Unquote that destroys Biden administration, talking point in which Joe Biden was compelled by previous agreements of this administration to down on a timetable that they renegotiated buttered the kind of a light that fact so they had to happen. There was no waiting ravine couldn't be stopped, but it was done under the previous administration and the Pentagon had every opportunity and gave Joe Biden every opportunity it up reportedly, to back off this political has another piece which confirms a Wash Wall Street Journal item from earlier this year, saying that when they were evacuating, Barbara airbases Pentagon paused a little bit stopped and let your by devaluing
it's the situation which was rapidly deteriorating at which point Joe Biden didn't know re evaluating. So the sir that's me is the more significant talking point that this was all equitable, contrary to the president's contentions, I'm as far as the saying goes as far as administration lies go regarding this withdrawal, I'm not sure that This is even though the worst one I think it was worse when Americans couldn't get to cobble airport and we're getting beaten. Harassed on under way there? And you had people from the administration saying we. We don't see that happening
that nature this there has been so much. I mean aside from it just having haven't having been executed in such a disastrous way. There's been constant fog thrown up around everything. That's happened every step of the way this is and burden being contradicted by his generals on this is just one more. bull an end to that point. I think when you, if you look at how the White House constructor responded to a lot of people complaining them. What does this mean in these generals, which has find under oath to Congress? Doesn't aren't they don't soon there telling the truth, which means Abiden lied to the american people earlier. The commons director turns to we. the words and nit picking. So you, you didn't, really understand what he meant. He said the advice was split and you don't even Peter Baker at the New York Times that had enough he's like here's the transcript, he doesn't say that body does over and over again is repeatedly press on this issue. He says one told me that we should keep a true presence there, there's no way around it when you read the transcript and you look at the club, so the idea that there
gonna be. It is a kind of gas living of the american public and pushed This would happen. Okay, so in the Does it matter, I'm here What here's why banners it matters that the present bald faced lies because its I then Ebay face lies its bad bad for our children, see it happen, sped for the country that important people prevaricate and one truth doesn't matter the policies. The policy Milly and Austin under oath were compelled essentially to expose this untruth: why should we care proof of the pudding is in the EU? it is for the american people to decide how bad what happened in Afghanistan was as it
as an electoral matter as a practical matter is a matter for which they should blame or Credit Biden and the Democratic Party that he he runs. Have we now move to a point at which we now just expect politicians to lie and as a result of the fact that we expect them to lie, they are permitted to lie. It's part of the tools in there in their a toolbox. Ok, here's the thing that, with this particular case, unlike I think, with a lot of the covert prevarication on end As with the previous administration in the current one, this had a direct and brutal body count. We lost thirteen of our own soldiers and we drove struck a fail, innocent family and killed children, and that is the part where I think, just single all politicians lie. They all covered. Their com. Structures are gonna cover for them. This is just the way things go. Well, I hope not
I hope that there's a little bit more horror about the fact that this lie actually did lead to a policy choice, a policy decision that went disastrously wrong. And ended in the killing of our Marines and of innocent people, and I would concur Christine your verb tenses incorrect. It's not past tense. Exactly ongoing active problem. This is day thirty, as we record presently of Americans being stranded in Afghanistan. Now, if that doesn't matter, to the american public wherein way deeper trouble than we would be, as just Americans are just kind of ambivalent, about politicians, fudging, the truth, I'm that's it. That's a crisis of confidence in the american ethos. That said as the far deeper wrought. I just think we are now in the third administration in a row in which you have President's who say things that they either noted
untrue or are so full of the notion of controlling the reality distortion field that they themselves believe the untruths that they speak. We have Obama saying, if you want your, if you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor chosen as the lie of the year by political fact, as I recall, about about the about Obama CARE, we have trump out in a lying What is it forty thousand times during his press? Some some into its proposal There are a number of lies, told, during his campaign presidency and then pay essential, reelection bed. and we have by now say now. Nobody told me nobody had had a contrary or countervailing opinion, and this is part of the degeneration of the public space of the amount. states, I dont know how else, which is what we should keep at. It means that so the
They are the organism. Yes, we should care. Not you know that and I just dont want to be the scout and sound. Like a naive, we know, of course this is this weird thing work. the goal of all. Politicians lie in everybody lies and that it- and it's like you know actually until relatively recently lies like this. We're not presidents and the people work for them twisted themselves into pretzels to make their spin at the very least conform with observable reality. To the extent that- then Bill Clinton said I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky, he was clearly doing so because he was trying
to make the realities of what happened between them, which is apparently no actual sex or the sexual act as we commonly define it, took place between them and he was manipulating language to the Step that he could have said something that was not a why that is how and of course did them whole thing with it depends on what the meaning of is is the intent was to deceive. The intent was a bit. why let's say, but even then he didn't want it, say, no, he didn't want to bring that was up. That was like a line that even Bill Clinton was unwilling. Break it also made it up. I have to say in weird way: it also is partially what made political line comic,
exact, because they would have that they would have to contort themselves. You know but where are the software that there are precisely at all of the examples you bring up, though, suggest profound political consequences for these politicians who are untruthful Bill Clinton's political career obviously wasn't going to survive after his second turn, but he did not help his running his runaways, who ran to replace him in fact, is run and ran away from him and lost the election in TWAIN,
thirteen the lie of the year that you can keep your doktor was succeeded. I think eight, nine months later by crushing republican victory at the polls. Donald Trump did not win reelection because he was of such a consistently mendacious figure. There are consequences as a result of this sort of thing, not just for mismanagement but being untruthful and therefore that there is a shift in Ireland. I do have a lot of sympathy for it for our friends on the left and the right who pointed out that data to scale and scope of trumps lies actually have that they want the sheer quantity of them opened up this opportunity for future presence, but now or in the we ve, always been at war with EAST Asia moment right, where it's just literally heels. The people will say things that with the facts right next month. the border patrol story, and now this door. I mean it's just so brazen well so Trump. The change the trump initiated was. The no was the big integration. Ever when the foe
grab, showed it wasn't, and then he he commanded his forces to speak and observable untruth and not get off it and then create a kind of alternative, factual time line. That then, we saw in its fulfilment. It's it's its inglorious great fulfilment in the aftermath of the twenty twenty election when tens of millions of people believe things about the election that were not true that were proved beyond true and by this point, it no longer mattered whether they were proved untrue or not, and two can play that game. The the lie that is being told about the border police the horse and the reins in the whip, and all of that it now longer matters, whether
that lie is true or not because it get all it did was give a certain number of people are talking point anything to believe in a thing, they don't have to acknowledge the truth or falsehood of anymore. It also does not just so it has it. Tat can have terrible practical political consequences, as you say, Noah, and yet, and yet you're doing a certain number of people in your coalition service by giving them out of narrative, not too makes my disturbing and others, but, like that's political sohmer, that's an argument for political Selma right you're like Think of the people that thing that will just keep them com and out of your hair right, that's the helmet. Yet by then- and there is a disturbingly large audience for that. But every indication we have suggests there is a much bigger audience that resents it profoundly. But.
We're talking about things that happen within a relatively narrow band of american public opinion. How many people in the country actually know about the courses and the board of at least some that you know, probably not that many it is. It is a highly politically motivated group of people, and I think Damage has already been done in the sense that people now believe that all politicians lie, and they don't think that they actually don't think that, like their politicians, tell the truth and the other politicians lie the large massive people. I don't actually think that's the case despite incredible efforts by partisan both sides, they not a weed out why they lie we'll. Maybe we lie little. They lie a lot. I dont think that that all, but that's the so that's it. I mean politicians do and have always accused there. The other party
of la right so but to the more than lies, become shameless. The more everyone becomes hostage to hypocrisy, and that has a should have generally depressing effect on our politics, but the shamelessness was the point, rightly If we go back to trumpet Sean Spice, r and d and the inauguration and the size of the crowds thing precisely the shamelessness that was the new thing, Spice was willing to go but front of people and say something that was visibly nakedly and on unimpeachable e, untrue and then not be shaken off at by the disbelieving questions posed to him over and over and over.
Were again about how on earth he could have said what he just said, and it was that moment at which you knew that you were dealing with a new kind of politics now you're right, no other trump pay. For that with his presidency, I mean at least at the very least. You can't say that he lost He was a liar, but he certainly didn't gain from being a liar. He did not. It did not help him being a liar. Everybody who voted for him and would have voted for him was not somehow convinced that they should vote for him a vote or continue to vote for him because of the lies he told they would have voted for many way, but it it helps Trump Joe Biden liar I mean he ask if this keeps up
Another example of people will have forgotten. You know the shocking effective of trumps lies the first time round right and an end, and just and justifiably so, in other words your choice is a liar over here and a liar over here that of the valuable air neutral right lot. The problem of lying is neutralised and I don't think we really knew this about Biden until lately and we didn't know it in the sense that there is there and then there is of course the thing. That's not a lie, but had exactly, but has this
double or a kind of really you're really gonna argue that, which is that the three and a half trillion dollar bill doesn't cost anything. Can I just interjected say we actually did know this about Biden, but it the scope of his life was tended to be self promotional, lies about himself his story and his own accomplishments. He didn't lay claim to things that he had not done or or did not say as a senator in quite the same way, it was very vain his lies. I always had a sort of vanity to them that the american public overlooked as they do with many politicians. This is different. I think this is taking it a little step for the well, I mean so he told tall tails about him himself in his life and his an end stuff. You know his grandma never said to him in his dad. Never said to him. You know the minute that he said somebody said to me Joe. We knew that what was
her fault. Whatever was going to follow, that was a cock and bull story, but yeah me, that's not good. Like twenty years ago that stuff was considered really bad people. You know people lost Senate races. House raises: and this is because it will be- and I draw from the rather dental race because of those kinds of lies well, but that is, it wasn't a lie in that case yeah. He he literally appropriated somebody else's. Life right, a fabulous life, history of fabulous em right in terms of plague soccer football. For a thousand years, or whatever it was that Neil Kinnock had said that he borrowed in nineteen eighty eight, but again like there. There was a pettiness too that stuff this is now like for all the marbles did. Was there a debate in the administration about what would happen if we pulled out of Afghanistan in this way,
and Biden said no, but also yeah yeah, but also you know it. It is a very important line because his case for a fourth explaining the disaster of our withdrawal is that there's no way I could have been done without without this mess right, that's the defence and if and if the truth is you have the joint cheap, your general coming and say: no, there is a better way. We can do this, No, that's not true. That is a big lie. I mean, but these were all observable in all like this is right in front of us, so it is as brazen I mean we should go back in the wreck
on the New York Times in August, reported that on January, twenty two marginally recommended not twenty five hundred, but three thousand a forty five hundred to abstain. Afghanistan and on February Third, Marine General, Joe Dumford in public, said that Britain should abandon the May First deadline, which he subsequently debt. So all this is in the record, which is why he was pressed so adamantly. I can't just go back to where we were comparing Trumpet Biden. I just have a wanted I had a theory that yesterday's proceedings, mainly fate of soap Milly, was asked why he didn't resign. Given I didn't, I didn't take his yet by Tom Cotton Right binding his advice and lilies had look, that's not. Are you? Don't that's not the way use you serve your country, just because your advice and take you know that this, the soldiers and
affected by this, they don't have the choice to resign because they don't like the positive I'll be insubordination yet time so I got worse, though yeah, ok, because he said. my dad arising annual management may get resign even have a choice. We would seem right, yeah enable Jima Rep. Ok, give us this emotional manipulation very consistently and when his testifying before congress- and it is so clawing and very annoying, but here's my theory had Trump presided over the exact same, withdraw plan in the exact same way over the heads of his military, there would have been resignations. He would not look what more Milly said is offensively preposterous, because,
Of course, in the middle of a war where people have been drafted to fight the war and you're, actually in the middle of a battle you you're not allowed to resign, he is a career. He is a career general in policy, making position and the country, and is the leadership, has done something that he believes to be injurious to the country's interests. He'd look. He can resign or not resign. It's actually none of my business
I don't care. I actually don't care like were whether its whether his memorial frame allows summer doesn't allow him to make such a decision, but the idea that you yet you you fulfil your duties and you and you, the president, is the person who makes the policy. If you disagree with the policy and thickets injurious to the country, your kind of obliged to resign, because then your complicit with something that's gonna get the people under your command built right, deciding that that general matters was being insubordinate when you levices posted it had been protest in twenty nineteen, like I highly doubt, rights to drop, but I only care to the extent that I think this shows again. The bad news is kind of presents a stealth danger just the way when he first got into office. I said that he's his his chicken preside over an administration that is more left than a burning administration would be because everyone would be answered.
alert. If there was a self describe socialists in the White House, you know, but with Biden there's does have the same level of alarm, so he could serve get away with Bernie like policies very similarly binding advances, and you know overseas this trump like draw plan, and no one really says boo until it's all falling to pieces because its binding these not crazy, and so when you have a crazy person making crazy palace. People are more apt to say, wait a second, I'm not doing this, and I can be a part of this when you have the guy. Are you saying I'm all about the norms? Now? Let's do this crazy thing? People can talk themselves into it. I think that's a very good point. You know what else is a very good point. The points that are made by David Bond summit friends at the bonds and group this week of all weeks. You really want to be reading those two news: letters the DC today that calm and dividend cafe dot com because
there are in the middle of some significant stock market. Gyrations started a couple weeks ago. You know stock market color of went down below two percent close two percent yesterday, the DOW and things are happening all over the place. Questions about how the FED is reacting to potential economic, slow down due to the delta variant showing up and in Numbers China the collapse of this chinese real estate conglomerate various other things we are. We have measures in the budget reconciliation bill that could entirely changed the face of american investing in banking if they go, if they, if they become law, saying to read these things, keep up on them, so you know what is going on and what you might want to do with
money. Go to dividend cafe. Dot com subscribed David bonds to news letters. Dividend CAFE comes out weekly. The DC today comes out daily. Around six p m David runs a three billion dollar by coastal financial management and services firm and at this is some of the best writing an analysis. You'll see on all of these matters. So that's what you get from our friends at the bottom of the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services and manage a business aid. We got a pretty great letter yesterday from a listener, and I thought maybe you could read it. We could that we could talk about. So we got this very interesting letter from a listener and subscriber, maybe even and reads dear commentary. Thank you, fear, insightful episode on the alarming spike in them.
once in the United States since the start of the corona virus pandemic. As always, the discussion between Johnny Pristine, no is an intellectual, can and conservative lifeline in a liberal world gone bothers. Unfortunately, despite isn't the only concerning twenty twenty statistic for which there have been portentous headlines. For example, despite an estimated thirteen point, two percent decline in miles travelled by vehicle in a year where there were fewer drivers on the road. The national highway Traffic Safety Administration found that there was a seven point: two percent increase in motor vehicle fatality since twenty nineteen the highest break in over decade. Contributing to these horrific statistics were impair, driving, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, but it's not just the fatalities. General disrespect towards other people is in Haifa. The Wall Street Journal run an interesting piece today on restaurants, finally challenging the adage that the customer is always right, following a long spate of rude and derisive behaviour towards their employees, the rising abuse
for people not only in the food industry, but also airline staff, transportation workers and public facing authority figures. I e police is well documented together, I wonder whether the rise and violence you disgusting, yesterday's episode, is just one head in the hydra: are there more criminals on the streets thanks to progressive policy, is absolutely, but is there also general dereliction of our humanity and goodwill since the beginning of the pandemic? I wonder what, happens after a year of one being conditioned by our public officials to view all other people as a threat to a year of masking, where we literally lose the ability to see each other fully, especially so, given that the most informative behavioral cues come from our facial expressions and three and Ascendant Neil, isn't that seeks to burn down the system because everything is races, such sexist, slash, terrible. What is less then, but a world in which crime doesn't really matter threats to other people, dont really matter and any
behavior is seen as excusable. Am I just freaking out? I would Do you your thoughts and whether you think we are witnessing a moral unravelling akin to the social unravelling? The you have also diligently discussed and written about Christine I think he's right. I've been the the continuum he's he's proposing here. I'm all seen an insipid of stories right. The airline rage in particular has made the news multiple times. I sent you all a piece just today about how nurses and health care workers in in Branson Missouri now are being issued, panic buttons because they have people who become so enraged when they are being treated at this medical center that that that threaten physically threatened the people who are treating them. I think there's there's a continue here, with the way that we have people who become medium, digital vigilantes
with their cell phones serve seeking out offenders against whatever the you know, paused your is, we see those those pop up now weakly and their often never is egregious as their made out to be in people lose their jobs and livelihoods over them. So I think there's something there there's something thereabout the hair trigger response. The emotional hair trigger anger, response that people have in daily public life, and I think the most important point he makes is that that is often directed at people who are representative of an institution, whether that's law enforcement, whether that's medical professionals, whether that's local, worse or state government. So there that- and we see this as well, I should add, with threats against people who work in the voting consistent right. We saw that during the last elections that there is definitely a there there. I think it's very disturbing. I don't want the answer to it is, but I think he's on something that is also a big. Doesn't exactly get this breathing it in decades. Rustled everyone's walking round no kind of primed for political battle
I'm in ordinary people, you know or sort of waiting to two to try to find out that the person next enamored will cross an end is the disagrees with their policies. Dismissed hammer blow up at them or wherever there's a lot of that. That's that's! That's true! Shooting, through the whole experience as well. I think, last summer, at the nature of the serve lockdown culture, I noticed that it seems to me that something had been let loosed in people that people, particularly as we were all behind, masks and everything people felt bizarrely free to become very directly confrontational. Talking about my experience on the streets of Manhattan on the upper
side in stores, and things like that. People would say things to each other that I'm not sure anyone they would I have said before about, you know, put mask up over your, it doesn't even matter what it was. It was that there was a kind of spoiling for a fight that Civilized people are conditioned against for the course of their entire lives, and there was something about the combination of this lack of trust or the distrust. It had been sown by the idea that anybody could make you sick, combined with the high level of social mistrust that was encouraged by
The George Floyd Riots and various other things, and people were just. It was like an id people's heads were let loose, and I think, just as we constant talk about how the the virus has this weird regional variant effect like we were hit hardest earliest and we dealt with a lot of this kind of social rage early in the sorts of things on talking about and in its spread elsewhere, and it and and this thing, and I have to say, on the one hand I serve understand, people get on a plane and some in their drunk and some I attended, says you gotta pull your mask up and there are already drunk and who is this person and their uncomfortable?
setting a middle seed and it's hot nothing's happening and they had to go through all this stuff at the airport and in of nobody likes and officious person. being officious and telling them what to do. But this is where the attacks on the institutions thing comes in. None of those people is response support for the policies that they are being obliged by custom. by their job and by law to oversee and people have lost the thread in the notion that this flight attendant or this host at of italian restaurant, the upper side or something isn't responsible for the laws. Changing and abusing them does no good
and, in fact, probably has exactly the opposite intended consequence, which is to harden the idea that people are irresponsible and need to be controlled and contained in this way, but that its Miss directed anger right because perfectly during the pandemic, the people who were making those rules- and many of whom were themselves not following them. There was no recourse to direct your energy and anger and and and questions at that there was no responsible response from law makers who simply used emergency powers to exercise control over environments. It never would have been voted on democratically by citizens and that just kept going. It still going look and we all have to wear monsieur d c and if we walk in a building it continues, and I think that also people, people's anger is not justifiable- would mean a beating up a hostess at a restaurant because she tells you gotta, show your vaccination car, because that's the city law, that's ridiculous, but but it takes its an expression of a broader sense that
No accountability on the part of people who do make the rules. It's like a people urges was it's like when you're in on the phone with customer service from earth like a utility companies- and you know you're taking it out on the wrong person, but you know I would define the most peaceful defy the most peaceful monk not lose. Is cool ev ry certain. You no point right and to be fair, that's part of the job of customer service, and me we have customer service. Here you have to kind of absorb the blows and frustrations of people who are your customers because something's gone wrong and they don't know how to make it right and and where they're looking for some kind out at night. They don't have it that's kind of not really what's what goes on. In these cases, people having rages in emergency rooms, granted it is nothing more frustrating than waiting an emergency room, but you know that is not normal behaviour like that. It's not that
that's the whole point is: are we moving into a new normal Noah unit? Does something you might get just that this isn't, as, it did. This didn't happen overnight. In twenty, twenty people have been progressively more deputized into policing their neighbors for the better part of a decade. I'm thinking back into of around twenty thirteen twenty fourteen there was for example, in California, and efforts to enlist the citizen. Re quote: drought, shaming, so anybody Miss using water or mineral water crisis. You are obliged to publicize as their sorted behaviour and shame them into compliance palm Beach, had something similar, a crime prevention effort asking you taken, check on your neighbors, knock on the door, make sure they're, ok, mentally or physically, and if they have guns, maybe you should report back to the police. That's the idea behind red flag laws on just about everybody uses social media has remember.
the time when, if you were a young mother posting a picture of you breastfeeding that was report, it was reported to social media sites and wiped off the internet and we're talking about. This is before the calling of the american mind. This is before you know. All this. These conditions can mean a became something much more menacing. It was all sort of you know just good good social Jeanne when, when it was as it is, is guiding the public into a more communitarianism spirit which manifests an outright bolshevism, will have ways so you're. But then no your your case, kind of that, the that this decade, social fabric, there's some justification-
to the anger that people are experiencing, even if their expression of it is out of bounds at a control wrong, headed that that it is a real world response to a set of of conditions that you know, people should have been much more prudent. I guess Christine awesome in went should have been much more prudent about imposing on everybody. Not only if you think public Miranda was justified following our as if we should expire powers of, is that it was a was a kid. A panel apocryphal kid in in the early, a Soviet Union who reported his who, according to the legend, reported his parents for anti collectivist activity and was then
lynched by his parents were killed by the state and he was now and then and then he was and that no he was lynched. Now you got the public more is off was lynched by the neighbours. according to the abbey came up, became a martyr to collectivism because he had done the right thing. According to soviet propaganda had told on his parents, his parents had been punished and then he was murdered for his fealty to the state, thus giving stolen the permission to go and liquidate tens of millions of people for their refusal to go along with you know his his policies, yet without what we were. All I'm saying is that that the letter that that that a bread points out that our social fabric,
it is the king and the signs are all over the place as as, as he says, car traffic down car accidents up. You know fifteen percent fewer cars on the road, twenty percent, more accidents, that's a weird stat. It does suggest that people are behaving in reckless and lawless fashion, away that that that is kind of you know best. Are beyond the bounds of of normal human activity and ices. I think his point about masks is very important to our when people say. What's the big deal, you swear mask the big deal, sad if everyone's wearing a mask, we live on a different planet. Suddenly, this is what you want. Isn't that right and an end so worthwhile we ve been now conducting this. You know you're gonna have more open. For the EU and have long experiment in a question I could never have you can We have had an experiment like this before, which is
socialization be unlearned on a map scale and that's that's a very dangerous proposition by giving I'll give you an example. So someone with a small child person with small child, the child is crying or pitching a fit in a supermarket or in the store or something like that. People react so they're, two kinds of reactions: some people look at it, roll their eyes or you know, make a kind of disgusted face, and if you are that parent, you feel ashamed, you feel bad and it in rages. You because you're, like
but for the grace of God. Go you if you ve ever had kids in you, you you seek to judge me and my kids and then there are other people and the other people look and they smile and a kindly fashion and make eye contact with you as if to say. I'm so sorry, I know what this is like. We ve all been there to hang in there without the met with them sk on all you got as the eyes and that's a war shock test. The eyes cannot despite literature, telling
so until has kindly eyes so and so has harsh eyes. The eyes are what you you bring you bring to the eye expression. What you want, if you are feeling exceptionally haggard, because your kid is pitching a fitness store. You are going to see hostility in those eyes and it is going to fill you with rage and then you might start yelling back at at some one and then something that was never intended happens, which is a confrontation. Other people get involved in implicated. And it's a terrible, that's just one tiny example among millions of interactions every day that everybody has where they cannot read the expressions it. As though we are all you know where we all find ourselves in the position that you read. You know Temple Grand and or people who have written about about being
on the autism spectrum, who say they have an inability to read facial expressions and queues and that they are constantly mistaking things for other things, and that this is the particular disability that that artistic people or people on the autism spectrum have to deal with, and its All of us ended up in that place and misunderstand people all the time. Simply because that's what life is like and it's a very, very sad thing Ok, let me talk to you about Bambi, because what run A business hr issues can kill. Your wrongful termination suits minimum wage requirements, labour regulations Bambi. they'll be a and b was created, specifically for small business, to give you a deadline It hr manager, crafty to our policy and maintain your complaints offer just ninety nine dollars a month as opposed to an end
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is already passed. The Senate and the three and one slash two trillion dollar reconciliation bill that is now in jeopardy. In the in the Senate and the House Biden canceled his trip today to Chicago, I don't know what he was doing there and he is now apparently having spent three hours trying to browbeat the two senators who are holding the line against the three actually dollar bill, Joe Mansion and, of course, the cinema. They could scarce. actually maybe look that up. I bet remembering after it. Yes, we should add not according to Jamaica dimensions, that they just talked about in their vision. you have for the future. We are some reality like yesterday, replied his brow, leading anyone. That's ok,
They sat around talking about their visions for the future for three hours and nothing changed. Mansion system are not going to vote for the spill flocking to happen, and so we are in the position of the question of whether or not progressive in the house are going to kill the hard infrastructure bill. That has massive support in order to punish the people. Who don't want these three and a half trillion dollar bill, and I can't see the logic in that. No, it out not accepting, as all politics tells you that half a loaf is better than none, but that's where we are at it. Remember that
You talked about this for anything Knowest point about the, not this all being about. The number figure remains true and I think events continue to prove that as well. They already are at half a loaf job they in their minds. There had half a loaf, they ve already compromised above, by which I mean that what they want six trillion by one is an aid, namely that three and a half trillion dollar is as low as you could possibly go through an actually knows no spending. On top of the how much New spending did we have from it doesnt matter, because it is you're, almost ass, its I'll pay for it the question here is: Cannon,
to Pelosi, pull some kind of a rabbit out of her hat and get both voted on, get the progressives either to accept that the soft bill has to be tabled for a while, or can she somehow pull off some miracle? are the moderates in the house to vote for the three and a half million dollar bill which, by the way, interestingly enough, they can vote for it or not vote for it. It's going down in the Senate. Maybe it puts all more pressure on mansion and cinema if the House passes the bill and then it sitting there and they it literally as comes down to them, to kill it, but I don't remember that that really was much of a spur against John Mccain killing the Obama CARE repeal when he finally killed the Obamacare repeal so
This seems crazy to me, but then I'm I'm now, I'm not one of these people like, but I mean politics- is the art of the possible a trillion dollars. A new spending is, you know, once would have seemed like unimaginably large amount of new spending just ten years ago, Obamacare was the large single bill in american history and the stimulus with largest single intermittent. The stimulus in two thousand was the largest single bullet magnet. Sorry was like nine hundred and twenty billion dollars. It's ten years later, we're talkin about a trillion like it's nothing. You know this is again moving the window,
by moving the Overton Window or some out, but you know changing, although all the rules and creating a new normal, unless it doesn't pass that it's not. I mean right with the objection, was to them to the amount so yeah Christine our friends at the tick refund, have an important message for everybody. They do, and I wanted to once again talking about take for online academy and its fall courses for seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth graders listeners of this, I guess I know that you should love America, that Israel is a heroic nation and the jewish history is exceptional. But how do we share those ideas and values with the young people in our lives? That's where tick for online Academy can help as a new take on hebrew school that invites your children, grandchildren or students to explore these propositions in depth and at a high level
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to carry me and use promo code commentary a check out to say fifty dollars. Applications are juice of timber thirtieth, so inspire the middle and high schoolers in your life to jewish excellence with tickler Online Academy. Thank you just to continue the discussion MIKE Alan's axles. Air newsletter this morning It's its headline is biting on back because we says President Biden has kept. The public distance from hill fights will help to find his legacy based on confidence. The Democrats will ultimately be with him despite bucking and bellyaching he's not going to beg, said an official with first hand. Knowledge of the president's mine said his view. Is your Democrats and you're with the president or you're? Not the hard nosed driven by several factors are pretty people who have discussed a negotiation to find one Eastwood Generational Politic,
for whom party loyalty is automatic to his confidence. Weaker policy will deliver three hills. He believes hill ultimately get a big when he's not gonna bag. Ok, you know, I can't think he's got a bag, but I could be wrong. I'm not gonna bag, but he's gotta go to people and say this is the hinge moment. Ultimately, I need a big what you need me to have a big win, and if I don't have a big when I'm going down so on my knees, I'm begging you now. He may have said this to mention Cinema, some fashion or other at their lack of do it. So then he's got to do with the progressives he's. I guess he's leaving Nancy Pelosi to do it with the progressed, here's, the here's, the trouble. Here's the challenge with making that argument to the progressives. They don't think they need him to have a big one.
their argument. All long has been. This is what happens when you don't vote in the radical right things. Don't get where we have the agendas and getting stalled Ottawa, have you gotta be all. I want to punish the party for doing this to us again, but that might be their internal monologue right outwardly. What they're saying is we're the people keeping Joe Biden on track where the people policing Joe Biden, making sure he isn't perverted by the yeah. You know influences around him that are more Capitula Torreon Craven as with at least they they say outright, whether they believe her happiness will mean. We know from the progressive mantra, at least from some of its leading spokespeople in in the house. People like ABC Lee Bill on Omar Corey Bush there they are
very, very outspoken, about compromise being bad compromises, what their actively constantly trying to avoid, even though, as you say that this is actually how the system was designed to work, they don't think that's legitimate. Not often it would be really good for Joe Vines presidency. If this three trillion three point, five trillion dollar bill fails. the great for job, heightened Heath, People who would secure, as is his presidency more if that fails, especially hard infrastructure, passes Gazette subjectively popular then than this monstrosity sewing he's got. You know they could be helping significant there's an oddity here that is introduced by binding. age. Oh, I think we genuinely dont know whether he can run again. We just we just don't Oh I mean no one has ever. No one ever ran for peace
then the age that he ran for president and he will be eighty one or some like that in twenty twenty four approaching eighty two. I know that the truck rashly and Diana Feinstein apparently are presuming there, running for said it again and she's humanitarian more right. So Don't know that he can run again in which case this is it, and so you think that it would help US presidency, but he may look at and say what I have is four years to be transformative. I said I was gonna, be in as a bridge. I said I was coming. To return, America, normalcy and then the country could proceed onwards in a normal fashion. After my purse since he was over. But then I been here
let this possibility, with these fifty cents seats of doing something transformative, I can go out on a bit, I can go. I can get this done and then Democratic Lou in in November of twenty twenty two- and I will say I did my part we brought. New deal too. We spent uncovered. We did the hard infrastructure bill, I'm not running again you know psych zone to all of you. You know in the history books, giving an ice cream com, I'm right off into the sunset, or he can't run again the bill, for else, Democrats are in disarray, progressives hate him. They lose twenty two anyway and he goes down as sort of like I don't even know what, as a kind of a completely negligible political figure in a man
history, whose entire reason for being was simply to get the other guy out of office. So you can see the temptation Mammy, no ionizing, why he would want. He would want the bid, the big bill. It is perhaps a failure of imagination on my part, but I do not believe Joe Biden thinks he cannot run in twenty twenty four, and I do not believe that his party will be amenable to allowing him to step off the stage. People who have that kind of power don't relinquish it freely very often, and if he were to just walk away, leaving Kamel Harris, presumably to be his heir apparent. It would create chaos within the party that would reduce their electoral viability and that something
every political consultants and is aware of that and a sense of american political post war history. It just doesn't seem to me like anybody's thinking. This is this, is all we got from this presidency? Look people watch the crown right. People watch the first season of the crown. The first is the crunch owed Winston Churchill at eighty two, eighty three and that final, and that final Prime ministerial efforts around the time of Elizabeth, you know, rise to two to the to the moderate out to the to the head of the monarchy, That is, the easiest. Gimme on earth is to say, he's done, he's done for care. Remember anything querulous is this whole year. You know I mean I don't know whether he thinks he doesn't think he can run again
that is a fantastically hard pole is awake is entering three. If you can three sentences together in a problem upon a horse. Otherwise, it's an open its an open sea without an incumbent yeah, it will be a struggle for no ads decide on the history and saying we don't know that he can do it. We literally dont know. I mean there are people he is people, work for him who have told him not to answer questions because they dared frightening and all those people's jobs depend on being. I look said: look why do you think truck rashly is running again because his staff wants him to run again because then they have to get new jobs and he's any is an old man and thinks he can do it and whatever like this happened, was strong. German to yeah, of course they want him doesn't mean you can do it It doesn't mean that you know there isn't a doktor or somebody is gonna quietly leak. That is, that he's getting
uncomplimentary or something like that. I'm just saying that you can see why the swing for the fences is particularly attractive for somebody who's. Second, possible. Second term is more of a question than any presidents has ever been, or certainly in our lifetime than a presidencies has ever Then let me, let me just finish up here by talking to about neutral fall. When it comes to setting hair, you no longer have to choose between natural remedies and those that work is a holistic solution for men that promotes both healthier hair and.
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So we are, we we gotta go Christine. I think you wanted to commemorate something. Tonight is the famous congressional softball game between Democrats and Republicans and four years ago, in the run up to the game. Something terrible happened. Yes, ain't, a very dedicated, feller, Bernie Sanders went and shot up a bunch of Republicans, and it is extraordinary the known killed Steve's glues was very seriously injured, had along recovery from that, and it's one of those events in in one of those political attacks. It was very partisan in its motivation that has been completely memory hold by a lot of the mainstream media and by a lot of others- and I just I bring it up to say that that this we were talking earlier about anger in how people's displaced anger can can represent. This was, example of someone being angry enough at Republicans to pick up a gun and try to kill them and so on.
Is, unfortunately, an impulse that we see it happens on both sides of the Isle. Obviously, but I think it's important to remember that that's possible because I think we lose track of these discussions, When we assume that all the violence is, you know from rightwing white supremacist Only from you know, Anti thought this is unfortunate. gee, I'm a real danger, and I am very glad that everyone survived that. But when we talk about bi partisanship, that was pretty clear. Pull up something that actually is an institution Congress does well. This game is action. What fun people go and I think they're having a national park this year is a great thing, but Do not forget that that's actually something that still under attack by people on both sides of the ILO. So It's not very happy about its crushingly morose. Rushing merle, crushing porosity ends the podcast yet again, we'll be back tomorrow for Christina. No, I'm John put words, keep came about.
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