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Are We Being Sold a Bill of Goods?

2020-07-07 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the fact (as detailed in a chart made by David Bahnsen for his indispensable website Covid and Markets) that deaths and ICU admissions in this supposed dangerous new wave of Covid cases simply don't track with the crisis numbers of a few months ago—something undiscussed in the press. Also, why spend on college when there's no college? Give a listen. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on here, iTunes, or Stitcher.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily POD, yesterday's Tuesday July, seventeen, twenty twenty I'm John, but towards the editor of Commentary Magazine and this week. Your honor of independence day. We are offering a special deal on our support Christians. You know you should subscribe. You know even listening and it's time to subscribe, because we provide you with this daily podcast. We provide you with a monthly magazine. We provide you with daily com, turned on our website. I've commentary magazine dot com, so go there and you can subscribe for the first month for one shy
me dollar one dollar, that's it. For that, you have to pay the normal freight but you're gettin, essentially a month free, pretty close to free one dollar Commentary magazine dot com this week only subscribe now. We, as always executive, editor a brain waldheim, pageant senior, Christine rose high Christine add off this week is no arrangement. So he is not with us to discuss these stunning new chart for are indispensable friend, David Bonds and at the bonds and group with the website, covert and markets dot com and what does David's chart reveal I'll put this up on the a site along with, are linked to this, sir, to this podcast. Basically, what we have is a complete crater ring of the death
it and the and the hospitalization rate from covered. If you compare the current moment, to the high water mark with the horror in New York. What you see is the continue. Wing downward spiral of the death rate from covered and no accompanying hospital Zation surge. Despite the case surge. We ve been talking about this as some tat. We ve been seeing in the data David bonds and aggregated data at his indispensable website- and I don't know, to say, except that we are it's not that were being sold the bill of goods. It is that People are misreading and misunderstanding and miss reporting the data which do not. I suggest that the country is moving into some unparalleled moments of health nightmare.
That will make the spring look like a hoot, Mammy Abe sometimes were being sold a bill of goods generally or not. But yesterday, for example, I'm PR had a tweet stating that Debts are on the rise covered debts from their eyes. The country- that's flatly not true and some call them out on it, but the baby the the slip or ever was reveals the intention here? Well, Could I say that this is this? Is it an amount? especially when you look at the chart and you see the trajectory downward on death. This is such good news. This is actually something that we should be publicly celebrating, if only because this is exactly what we were hoping to see when we, started our lockdown, and it made me think We know that that the crazy Java, the hut, like weird mountain, prop that that almost been using in his press conferences, I mean even that doesnt quite
catch her, how dramatic it is when John Censuses, this data last, I it stunning and its good news in it- something that's were celebrating, because it it was a community nationwide effort by lots and lots of people to really cheap their behaviour radically. In a short space of time and I've seen this have some positive effect and we have seen the number of deaths drop. This is good news, and it's interesting, as for a moment that no wants to celebrate that right was as I'm looking at the charred here's what I want to reveal from the chart, as follows. So I mean I'm, not I'm the testing rate, the current census on testing has us at a bow. Fifty thousand new, cases. I guess a day from reading this correctly, ok, es as severe cases as a seven day average about fifty thousand
as a seven day average down to four hundred and eighty and the. I see you admission census for people who are ill, I see you solely for cove id is it about fifty six hundred now the low water mark a little while ago. It was about fifty two hundred, so that is going up, but when it was, at its high water mark in New York, it was it about fifteen thousand, okay so and they and the rate of in the number of cases in New York when there were fifteen thanks people in the icy you. The was a vastly lower than it is now so so.
A percentage of people in I see you was a much much much higher. The percentage now is literally a tenth of the recorded. You know daily detected cases, so this chart, which is from the colored project, which is trying to aggregate all the national Data suggests that it is good, news that we ve learned a lot about how not to get people admitted enticing ewes and though the main thing, as we keep saying, is that Europe, them on their backs and ventilate them. You put them on their stomachs so that whatever so, whatever respiratory distress, they have isn't exacerbated. That way would seem to be a relatively small change, appears to have had revolutionary positive concept. Answers for the for the disease. Now a mention the tweet from NPR saying that the cases when apply list
then, to all things considered last night they did ten minutes on the horrors of Phoenix and Phoenix it's horrible and how the horrors the untold horrors of the of the surge, in Phoenix without ever mentioning hospitalization numbers or death numbers were hearing Florida the horrors and Florida? How terrible it is in Florida, the daily death rate in Florida. Seventeen! So is this ability it's maybe yes, maybe no, the mayor of Phoenix Karen Gallego was interviewed on NPR last night, and here is what she said. She said the governor opened the state up too soon now winded governor open up the state on Memorial day when was that six weeks ago,
according to everything we know about the ideology of the disease. That should mean that if this surge in cases was going to lead to a wild, increasing hospitalizations and deaths, that would have been evident at least two weeks ago, so she's a democrat governor do see as a republican acuity and then she said: where do we just don't have enough testing and then she said it's really fair people were standing in in lines in a hundred degree. Heat says: like do that's pretty bad staying alive, thinking, maybe you have covered, but what she meant. Was they were in their cars, lending standing lines and what were they doing standing in lines for hours? They were burning gas that they had bought, which is not fair, and they were getting cramps in their legs from sitting in their cars for so long and so This is a sign of how I dont know what
the sign of the injustice of of America today, not only are we, you know a nation of supremacists, but were giving people cramps in their cars because the testing as in fast enough this is you know You wanted the two most important new sources in America. I next that's the New York Times. You have to say that NPR is probably the most important new source Erika the only national radio network, what what on earth is going on here, Well, I mean it's it. Well, we had. We ve talked a little bit about the the tendency to catastrophes when it comes to the pandemic, even as the news gets better and listen example of another. There has been a constant drumbeat of criticism. Some of it did, I think, justifiable. About how slow as a country we were to get to a kind of testing regime that other countries were able to do more swiftly than war.
With more we test the more we know about the deadlines. The virus and how its presence or testing is good, but now even as testing is, is this: system set test more people as quickly as possible. Now that's not good enough, and I do think like that that impulse to sort of focus on Small minor discomforts that people might experience as they go to get a free test that the state is sponsoring is example of the weird moment wherein, as the narrative shifts away from its steadily It's awful! Where you know we all have to lock down. We have tick extreme measures into this transition period where anything everything up for grabs everything every discussion about reopening about schools reopening and what not is going to be debated in both public? health terms and political terms, we're not going to see a straight public health argument like we did at the very beginning of this, and I think that's where really important parts out, as just did Well John, the political implications of some of these statements of our leaders
It's like Arizona and the actual public health data that were see what you know import The problem here is that the moment of panic, isn't it we'll, never is never going away, or at least not anytime soon, because the response to everything worked. Talking about now is just wait. Just wait! Two weeks later, we were three weeks whatever were behind Bobby art show New York, which was at the axe point before the Vista hospital surgeon and and so on it that you know that it will always be a sort of just wait argument and then the problem is b is because what we No one of the few things we know for five months into this crisis is that when it comes covered. The really are no experts, I mean so
so the lack of really of a true understanding of the mechanisms here allows everyone to play with the situation to their advantage. I think that's a fence Hasta point and I've never heard it articulated as plainly as that that, in the case of this Iris there are no experts, it does not seem to be behaving like other corona viruses, like other viruses, the most dramatic and Leslie blasted reason is that it does not seem to hit children which is from One can tell a first in the history of all pandemics, which of course will tend to hit people with who has a compromise immune system, babies right if you're looking for me, compromise people. You can't go much further than babies and they are not apparently at risk from corona virus, so
Yes, we have basically people who have studied other pandemics, who knows think about how to set things up in terms of the you know how to deal its healthcare systems when their put under pressure, how to deal with the public in our sent messages out on public health outbreaks. Of course, one of the other is that where blurting about this is how bad they are at this, we wouldn't ordinarily know that in fact, because they're not put under this kind of pressure, but of course it has, since you have you, no twenty experts and thirty different opinions. The notion that there is science behind this rather than a certainty, grey of say, historical or programme, but we programmatic expertise, but that does not currently turn out translate into much wisdom. When it comes to this matter, not of course,
we have the single most important case of that you know the two big heroes of this pandemic being Andrew Cuomo and Doktor Fouche E M Andrew come of course sent the patient's back to the nurse come to die and in fact others and doktor found she promulgated. This theory that couple shouldn't be masking themselves back in March, not because he thought people shouldn't be met. Fuel cells have because he wanted to make sure that the masks are reserved for medical personnel in case the healthcare system was overwhelmed, which by the way it wasn't not even in New York, we never got to a bare one. Hospital was in desperate condition, but they all warrant and arguably that decision to tell people that it was ok now to mask
because you were lying to them. You were telling a good lie. A big lie. Good lie in order to help other people turned out to have been like a lot of public. Why that officials tell when they don't trust the public to do the right thing to do. We'll mistake which interesting That is all you ever hear. The only complete you ever hear about masking and public officials is about Trump, the truck Does it where a mask and what kind of message is that send nothing about the way. Six months. How reply was that that we weren't that we were caught? and against masks, and even by you know, by all the other public health experts, and even I Amber that at the time when there was the turn toward official masking as recommendation how gingerly that was done. There was during one of the task force briefings and they asked Doktor Burke's about Well, we're not sure, because masks may provide a false sense of
security and you'll you'll touch your face more with masks. I mean that The idea that now suddenly everyone remembers that we were always supposed to have always been in masks and and the present he's the one who has always been against masks. Is this total recreation? Windows Andrew Corner, where a mask the others that too I mean what, when window, all these other public officials, where Mass wended gave a new somewhere mask this this this thing about trumpet masking you now and is, is so insanely partisan. What's this was due walk around with a mask you six feet away from people to the mayor of Atlantis has tested positive for carbon in there's plenty of images of her walking without a mask amid protesters in the recent bipeds matter, protests in atlanta- and I have seen very little discussion of what that, what message she sending with that view and she's actually gotten the factories result unlikely, spread it too. Those who were at those protests, so Michael power
your times yesterday, a former by sports writer who has seen so been put on ice here. Dabs kind of vat beat in the last couple weeks. He did a story yesterday about this public health crystal struggling with the fact that they were telling everybody you noticed, inside forever, and then also saying that it was ok to go out and protest for black lives matter. And people actually saying some things like I. I really struggle with this cuz yeah and then I said no one should go outside and then then I and then it was okay with me that people were going out for black lives matter, and I I really struggle with what I what my opinion. And the general tenor of the public health discussion, was that you know a black lives matter is a public the issue you see so white supremacy black lives matter the cops these are all public health as yours, just like coal, that while we were, I believe, under the
oppression, the covered was a once in a century logistical human disaster of of of unlimited scope and unlimited peril that required the shutting down of the? U S: economy, the closure of schools in a sort of like the euro. The The isolation of the elderly, the creation of new debts of despair, and all of that in order to prevent a you know, people from dying It's not the same as a public health is suppose it public health problem, because Fifteen on our black men were shot by cops in em in twenty nineteen. So that's also are the story here, is that we, our learning that it's very hard under these circumstances, trust. When we are told we need to trust the science, listen to the experts, do it. The experts say the experts fail us the way the x
seven failing us over the last three or four months in an in in ways that I don't think we should be all that firstly critical because, like I said no one's really an expert in this disease and so everybody's flailing around trying to figure out what to do but the same time they don't the credit either you can't you're, not you're, not getting a quiroga credit for making well and ancient mistakes or or or political hypocrisy of this sort. Maybe you shouldn't do not lose your job, your reputation, everything over it, but you also shouldn't somehow be held up as an example of somebody who's advice We should continue to fall out I'll, give it that I do think, there's a death, a distinction to be made that that peace. First of all, I would say by how long it took a major news, paper or news outlet to publish that peace, because it's something we ve all been talking about for a month now, as soon as the poet, I started there was this concern.
Well well, well, those warnings be issued. Will they be treated the same way that people who are trying to have religious gatherings are treated in an opposite the infamous now? But I do think, though, that the pivot to arguing not that instead of saying you know, it might seem. Hypocritical were struggling with the appearance of hypocrisy, as they all said of this feels wrong. I think, was what one of the public health officials put it, because it is raw. I think that is one thing that you can say like them: kind of having their public. You know moment of of conscience there, but the hitherto arguing that it's fine, because racism is a public health issue is the thing that concerns because, that's again, the turned to kind of abstract structural arguments that and allow for any sort of pushed back on some of these points. So you, if you say that racism
something that's killing black people and you happy it's that abstract in their argument, then you are not allowed to push back again so near these protests, because that's considered you're, you're being racists and saying so, and that concerns me because, especially when it comes to public health, when it comes to the medical profession, those arguments are having a dangerous impact on the way we actually treat real life human beings who are sick and the way that we understand patients based on you know certain group characteristics that might need be handled in a different way than others, and I knew you see this infecting medical school curriculum. You see this kind of way of thinking that really does concern me and I feel like there was very little pushed back on that argument. In fact, that seems to be the accepted narrative now among the mainstream media cycle, races with a public health problem too. That is not so that should go and questioned the way that had been taught. This is what crazy about this. There is the vat side of of the issue makes this claim that I'm just interested in science
a virus is a scientific matter. Has Andrew Como said, I think yes, how anyone has put managed to politicize. This is beyond me. How can you how you could be political about a virus? I don't know, but that, but the that side is political about and we're just following the science sure this science that says, it's ok to go protestors, the hundreds of thousands, the science it ignores the death rates in the hospitalization rates sure You know that this, besides all of their just following the science that, besides at that you know, attacked I do See cork went to the point that needs start. Studies ended because they couldn't get volunteers to take the stuff. Cause of the way the media slammed in its efficacy. Is not the question you, but that's that's another story, but this claim and this this this is
dates to before the pandemic. Too, I mean it, as you know, global warming and and all sorts of other issues, there's this theirs is thing among liberals rosy. We just follow the site, your politicizing right. Well, you know its interests It secular, liberal, Tartu, Free right, a great place. Her too, which is about a incredibly corrupt, cleric who, in the garb of being the holy Is the noblest of men steals money from his mentor and sleeps, with his mentors, wife and daughter, and does whatever it as he wants to do. While you know, while singing in our while singing hymns and being ghetto incredibly seemingly noble in when, whenever anybody sites this as an example you now, we would generally go to a televangelist or something like that. But there is no better example of this kind of Tartu free. Then the public health experts who said anyone who goes out
side until there's a virus, is murdering other people and then said, it's ok to go out in a demonstration with two million people, because the aid this is just too important and is protected because of the social Justice Nature, of the exact exception that he is making for his own preferred worldview or we now work or political taste we're the other defence I've seen crop up more frequently is well, it was fine when the protesters rather protesting, because that the real contrast between the anti lockdown protesters and the black lives matter. That's right, and so the argument there is. Will the black lives matters protesters I saw again this is that knows February. And again they were all wear, masks, they're, all wear masks and, of course, as first of all that Please leave falls. I can. I can give my own attic total data on that. Just having done in a hot spot for world approaches were, and even if they did, that, doesn't that that that's not the point of the public health, the broader public health,
I said with, which is that even with masks? Is this stained exposure at close quarters to each other. That's the problem, even if it is outside cipher. I found that really dressing that contracts that that this sort of retroactive attempt to put this machine of moral high ground over protestors, who were clearly just doing what they wanted to do in the end and understandably wanted to get outside inducing after several months of block them at and also you know all this discussion. The protesters in this. This goes for everything not just the mask issue, its talk as if the right, It's never happened. There were no riders, there were no looters, there were nor there were just apply That's all anyone ever saw. You know looking back, there's no record of of these clearly unmasked. You know people in in huge groups huge numbers breaking into stores, setting fire as you know, you have them again Omitting, you know assault and battery. You know, on top of each
there are. None of that ever happened either would just talking about the protesters, and then they these are conscientious. People who care about things I mean you know if we, if we, if we want to go into the way the last couple of months have been characterized in terms of all of these events. At were they were the shoe on the other foot, ideologically or practically or in partisan terms. We would never. Here, the end of any of it, mostly chop Chaz, and what happened there hum with the two kids get killed. I mean again imagine Ruby really now serve some version of this, where you had an autonomous nation set up inside the United States by a survivalist. You know that happen under the Clinton administration, how many people were killed in that way? No, I mean I don't blame. The Clinton is again. This is I'd that that's not my point here. My point is that we
We have seen excuses and and to a complete downgrading of the importance of vital important stories just like we are seeing them now in this unbelief, EVIL surge of violence in cities. So we now have been mentioned here. Three New York Chicago Atlanta, we can now add Philadelphia, which apparently now has a murder rate twice three times what New York says I am now seeing on twitter people because the my my my paper than your post front pay. Today says the Plaza do something which has an echo of a famous.
New York Post cover from nineteen, ninety or ninety one. When David Dinkins was mayor and the murder rate you know hit, I don't know who fifteen sixteen one thousand seven hundred and four the number of murders hit. That number and it said Dave, do something, and people going oh come on. Ridiculous. Ever three hundred and nineteen murders in twenty nineteen there were two thousand two hundred one thousand nine hundred and ninety one New York is nothing like this well. New York was enough like this and twenty nineteen, the last two. We suggest that, if, if trends do not are if the voice I once does not stabilize and order is not restored and people do not start experiencing healthy fear of getting into trouble if they walk round with guns and shooting people that the murder rate could we were Having been at three hundred and nineteen and twenty nineteen, we are already on track to double or triple that.
And when you use when numbers like that, reverse that's not anomalous. That's because of changes, are making that happen. We're only happy talking it because, what's the other important factors? here, the Tom Winter of NBC correlated everybody who getting killed and shot is black or, a minority or ninety percent black summer hispanic. Everyone who was getting killed is poor in a bad neighborhood, where cops have decided, apparently that they can really function openly were comfortably. You know it's not happening in our neighborhoods, damn it may yet, but it's not so nice comfort, comfortable elite, in Manhattan, who don't care that people are getting shot the Bronx in Brooklyn face equally because of course,
this is all you know, you're. If you talk about it, and you have talked about why tapping f, to talk about the shutdown of the plainclothes division, you have to talk about the fact that they themselves they are contributing to an atmosphere in which the police do not feel comfortable being police, but this is also, I think, extremely indicative of a kind of fellows difficult challenge that the black lives matter. Movement has always face it, always swatted away and it in its even come up on cable news. I think done. Lemon was grilling someone the other night and who raised the black on black violence, something you're not even allowed to say, without getting cancelled in certain circles and was told that is normal pipelines. Matters about that's like asking someone who's trying to cure cancer. What they're doing HIV, but that's, not what it's about right, If the argument is that this country not seriously, given the dignity and respect to black lives that they deserve and, and includes this.
Fifty and- and you know, having a prosperous, healthy life, then it should. Be part of the message, but I think it's what speaks to the long term goal of black lives matter, actually isn't even about the police or law enforcement? It's about structural, social change in the direction of, as they very clearly state on their list of goals. You know a more marxist style of revolutionary change, so if that until two Actually, the those croaked those crime statistics and the fact that there are concentrated in minority neighborhoods really doesn't matter, because that brings the revolution right and if their because right now is Andy funding the police. I think that's that's where it's gonna stay, front for the average person kind of watching, what's happening in seeing that data and and raising concerns about it having those concerned swatted away with. Well, that's not really the issue isn't a good rest, it's not a persuasive message. If you re long away, let's talk about that analogy right, so it's like,
saying how are you curing cancer what're you doing about HIV? That is not the appropriate analogy They probably allergy, is what, if the cure for cancer is worse than the disease, what if you come up with a chemotherapy? recall that kills everybody who is taking the chemotherapy protocol. So, even if you accept the cancer analogy which I don't, what we're talking about is a palace policies that are being put into place to address the cancer that are killing people satellites will know that that is done is exactly right, because you know there's this argument. That you hear of among defenders of black lives matter that to talk about black on black crime is a way that people you to distract from the real issue. That's because they don't want to talk about police brutality and end the they can shift. The subject to black on black crime, it demonize is black,
bull and ended, and why people have to be accountable. That's fine, whatever! It's, not a good argument, but you know it. It is what it is, but that what it, whatever water that That argument holds that that that goes away entirely when the very thing that you are advocating for results in heard of black on black crime. You you, sergeant crime issue, and will I mean the whole point here is this: Huey D, write queuing d: you attack cops LA cops retire, you this band of unit whose purpose is to go after people who are running guns and have illegal guns and then We have a lot of shootings and killings like it's. It's not a complicated formula. You have to be. As you know, George Orwell said. Some ideas are so some ideas are so stupid. Only in intellectual could believe them. You have to twist yourself into an
ought not to say New York City, disband plainclothes unit, and suddenly there are dedicated to guns and suddenly there are a raft there is like a wave of shootings. No, no! It's not about that really didn't you lose. You also look look if, if, if this moment this, particular moment is gonna persuade more american scythe to start that question. What they understood as their values about razor or to really kind of thing through whether or not they are behaving in a kind of color one way or whatever. However, this moment brings you're gonna need your actually undermining any progress, if your argument is that we have to state, relentlessly focus on the police and we can't care about all these children being shot and killed because as it at the average american television viewers looked on screens over the weekend and saw what was it five children across this country's shot and killed in the wake
all this protest and then to hear some I done lemon pontificating on cnn- about how? No that's not really the point really cause. I look dead children. I think that probably should be at least part of the discussion we are having in that isn't to say: that's not to distract ins in talking about that. The people were most vulnerable to violence and crime in their communities is not away to distract from discussing racism. It should be part of the issue for every American, regardless of color, because it affects all of us. So I'm getting on the search box here. But so, let's move on to the issue that you alluded. To which is the serve the the Parkside this these beings are marxist theories about you know, race the societal structuring, because something very interesting happened at Princeton University, that Christine you write about new blog post today, you want to see
Tell everybody about this letter shore, so the aggregate faculty prince in university dad took the opportunity on July fourth to send a letter to the President of the university outlining all of the changes they think the universe it needs to make in order to become quote antiracist, which, as we discuss on a pike ass many times, is quite different from being anti disk, mandatory or colorblind anti racism is its own new ideology. That requires active change. Just non discrimination to some of the things that They have raised error. The typical you no kind of diverse initiatives that have long been going on, for instance, campus, but the ones that really struck me as being potentially dangerous long term involve efforts, The structurally limit academic freedom, so one of the one of the proposals. Did not propose that one of the demands because they are less. This demand, is to create a faculty committee
of anti racist faculty? Who will vet research by other fats? its members for anti foot for racist. You know red flags or whenever what this means is basically if you're doing scholarly research on a subject you'd that research has to pass muster with an anti racist committee who can but way. There's no definition of what anti racism is really offered here. They can. They can stop you from having that research published if you work at Princeton. So that's a true violates called Colbert Committee on of public safety, because then we really really your bed work other, and the other issue is say. For example, your e Europe A scholar of color minority scholar who, once research. Oh, I don't know, say black on black violets than one
be judge, not antiracist, because it is seen, as you know, bringing did it's just not seen it. Ideologically compatible, so they actually have built in their language about how, even if you are a minority scholar, you're not gonna, be counted as a minority. Unless you sign onto these antiracist feature that would look the glories of the world, the Thomas souls, those people are not considered minorities under Prince since new propose. This regime, so those too and then there is a great deal more. I encourage anyone who cares about academic freedom to go. Read that that there, the document it's quite long, but it's kind of hubris- establishing those too he's the worry, because what they're trying to do is established structural bureaucratic way
of enforcing these limitations of cancel culture that a lot of us have been concerned about for a while in a way that will do. Is no council culture a moonlight exactly chemicals that that this peace codes of earlier areas? This is now going to be and coded for scholars in a way that will have long term detrimental consequences, bracket, Emmett, freedom, you that's that's the thing: that's it I have just remembering what I included in the greater traveling editorial the point about all data and facts Oh you are that arms that are accurate should be permissible in any discussion, because we often think of this, as a war on opinion, but it's not just opinion that you, what you are actually you there they are I'll guarding what facts? What real search and data are permissible. And that is a leap now. It's interesting because this
comes at a time when a harvard- and I believe we have followed by Yale in Princeton, though I might have some told me- that they didn't see that new stars harboured announced yesterday that the bulk of the vast majority of its schooling for the twenty two thousand, may two thousand twenty one academic year will be online and most students will not be encouraged to come back to Camp S or if they come, they have to come on shifts, but there's no socializing and there's a you can't go to class some all this remarkably enough by weight? wish and remaining exactly the same as it was in the air in the previous year, because so its edge, This is happening because, of course, sapping at a time when academic freedom is now increasingly under attack. And these, institutions are doing up a horrendous job of doing anything, to defend the notion of free speech and free expression,
for the time when they are there, now simply going to muscle through on the notion that they are such gatekeepers for further It's that they can charge whatever they want to and people will simply come, will pay it no matter what the matter but the circumstances are of the change and schooling made necessary, Bore, believed to be made necessary by the by the crown of iris in this reminds me of the wizard spy. Each at the end of the wizard of OZ. Remember when he basin He says you know, I'm not. Who wizard I'm just a guy by NATO in the box. It's like a what about all these things that you promised you know the scarecrows bread, even those who carried out the cowardly lion, courage and at then the wizard, gives the famous speech right of just looked it up bright races,
Everybody can have a brain, that's a very mediocre commodity. Every pusillanimous creature, the cross on the earth or slings through slimy, sees as a brain back where I come from. We have universities, seats of great learning where men go to become great thinkers and when they come out, they think deep thoughts and with no or blames than you have, but they have one thing you haven't got a diploma, therefore, by the virtue of this order the vested in me by the university combat autumn, employer bassoon am, I hereby confer upon you the on a greater degree of tea, hd, doktor of Think Ology rights, basically what Harvard is saying is you're not gonna. Go to school you're, going to sit on zoom you're, going to do this you're going to do that, but you're going to have just as much brain as anybody who ever got a degree from Harvard, because all you need is the piece of paper
It's an illegal drug automobile, they have turned. They have revealed themselves to be an elite diploma mill, and how do you come back? I'm not sure that was, I mean, become backroom because they are a brass transgressed. Exactly so so what's interesting is that there are these, courses right that are available online, the great courses plus and there were they called they're called Mewks. Multiple the online came. Remember there, what Luke seems, I think, as the term m o c, where you can sit and watch its lecturers lecture at thousands of people they're watching them and you can read the books that their assigning were not or whatever and learn Everything that you would learn in a classroom for free, but it not an accredited in
the two ships and there's no socializing and there's no, you know were meeting your fellow elitists with whom you will run the world for the next trip. Your sixty years. I just I don't understand I assume that this is an anomalous moment, and so they are dealing with circumstances. They have to deal with like an elderly faculty and all of that, but it does also strikes me that again it is being revealed here. Is that these institutions and will see what happens with schools across Amerika, are not run for the benefit of the students who pay the ticket. They are run for the administrators and the faculty and to keep them safe in the buildings. Are there to how's the faculty, not the students, the buildings that this building craze in these new campuses and all that are built to satisfy the awesome andean hungers of the presidents of these universities in their fun razors and not the student body which can learn
in a small room with nothing except somebody talking to them. Who is insightful and interesting and has wisdom or knowledge to impart about great books, great ideas, great fact, scrape methods of Collating data and information that you need a sophisticated education to get an that's not what's on offer and It is being revealed, is p. Also the of the education system in which those for whom the education system, the reason we spend the money on the education system is actually The reason that the education system
exist any longer well, and this is not just the case in higher education. There was a very revealing tweet, the Joe Biden, his campaign issued pretty recently where he said when I am president, I'm gonna have a teacher, focused Department of Education, and someone pointed out, should we be focused on the students? Are we ever gonna have an education system that actually focuses on the students, but it was revealing because I think that that is certainly the mindset it easily institutions and again, that's it because that's the brand right you it and the competitive nature of these places. In the end, the extremes to which, though, go to encourage them, competition is all part of it and the full price free, It's it's just like the people who will pay an extraordinary amount of money for the same handbag, its maiden China, that I have a certain labels locked it it's their buying the status and at Harvard and the other ivy believe in particular its on it. Often interesting to hear graduates of those institutions talk about how much they value what they learned their when, in fact
her career arc and particular few if you live inside the Bell way, is all about the connections with the other elites that they met there and really not so much about what they want. They learned as the these. Of Social fear that that world brought them into. But that's what they're being denied triathlon interesting aspect here is I'd. I believe that to be the case. Of course, it's even more radically the case enough at other in other countries slamming you know what is that story in France if there is that one high school in Paris that every single political leader in french history, when two? That's the story, the United States? I mean until relatively recently Archy. So so you know yeah Obama Winter, the winter Colombia Harvard and Bush went to Yale and click went to George Town and Yale, and first Bush.
De L, but Reagan went to Dixon College and Dad Nixon went to Whittier and Ford went to the University of Michigan a hand Johnson went, I guess, the University of Texas and trauma didn't go to college. I mean you know lot. That's that's great story. Somebody said, although you know that's now increasingly less true, that the story of America, is that the graduates of Harvard go to work for the graduates of the University of Oklahoma, that the people who run companies and start businesses in my are aren't actually the ones who is like are the mandarins of America they are. They are the veto So the senior management? But they are not the creators, they are not the they're, not the visionaries, and they are not the people who like no leadership skills and do all that again, maybe less for them than it used to be, but that is the american story. So if you're gay oh a Harvard Princeton and
these schooling is going to deny these undergraduates the ability to have this network in play for the rest of their lives where the people the day you know drank with than socialize with them were in a play with, are worn ugly club. Whether something are safe, a beer and politics. This one's Goldman Sachs, this one's in Hollywood, this one's here this one's there, and then you have this network that affords you a ticket to any one another twenty opportunities that other people or are barbed are denied. But what's the education worth, if you don't get that that's the people, undergraduates aren't going to Harvard for the education. Are you kidding me? Everybody knows Harvard Undergraduate education stinks. Everybody said that for fifty years, you to your taught by a two yea, the famous professors. Don't you bother. Reading your papers, I mean you know so no one's going do you have no one's gonna Harvard for that, but you're still in with you, you're stone the club you get to go to the Harvard Club
Yo Yo, YO socialize there you still have the credential. I mean you know it's it's! It look as we said before, it's a kind of peerage and it's the and there's no there's no other on on offer. Until there is little Verona, though, does not take it fair enough, so I guess what that we will bring today's it's. That was not so morose today. We are absolutely correct. Meritocracy, that's monomer assumption, never wrote! That's kind of funny shuts got its scope. Swimming in politics, so for the absent no Rossman and for the present a great wall, the increasing rose and I'm John ports keep the camel burning
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