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Bad Prosecutors, Bad Laws, Bad Anti-Patriots

2021-11-24 | 🔗
Today's pre-Thanksgiving episode offers our own crushingly morose tribute to the United States as we battle the phenomenon of prosecutors letting people loose to commit horrible crimes and elite opinion-wielders trashing the United States when this country provided them with bounties untold. Happy Turkey Day and give a listen.
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Some guy Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday November twenty. Fourth, twenty twenty one, I'm John Podhoretz, the the editor commentary magazine with me as always: executive, editor agreement, Greenwalt Hygiene, Senora, Christine knows high Christine Hygiene an associate editor nor Rossman high Noah. I jump Christine? You were noticing a strange reticence too oh, yes, the media's attention absurd Tivoli on the walk, a car suspects, the man,
and who I all evidence, indicates deliberately draw through a crowd trying to hit people with his car has killed. I think a now include grandmothers em an an eight year old kid. It's either six or eight people dozens injured and somehow this is not as big a story as I'll written house or, as any you now amended. This is you know anyway, go ahead I was just now. I was noticing two things: one is it that the story is nowhere near getting nowhere near as much plays it would, if the race of a suspect in the races of the victims were reverse. That's just the fact, because we have seen this in the previous examples of this, and that is the euphemisms being employed
bye, bye, mainstream media outlets, a we keep hearing about a car crash Christmas Parade crash Christmas, prayed car crash or ass you ve hits all these children and grandma's and operate. This was a suspect to was caught whose social media feed was full of hate hate for white people, hate for Jews. Lots of black lives matter supporting you know, but but with very violently tinge edge. It's all out. There was all available up. People could see it right away. Reporters could see it right away and well. I do think its ever a good idea to wildly speculate on someone's motives when they simply been arrested and and charge rather than tried that that is what the media does when the suspects races is not black and we saw that was Kyle Rittenhouse Tube to very detrimental effect. But I do think that again that we talk a lot about how certain narratives are very difficult for media outlets to grapple with, because they go against what they think they know about how this
she works, and this is a horrible tragedy and it deserves the attention and scrutiny of a media that otherwise has spent the last few notes year and a half talking about racial reckonings right. This man was driven by some form of hate, at least if we judge him by his own words in his own social media postings. As at least worthy of reporting, on at least out of respect for the people who he attacked could have reporting on, but its reckless meat, speculation is irresponsible right. right away like an abortion, a vast, yes and assume motives, and it's an assessment that they make only after careful investigation before they even really something like that to the public in it. In an seen media environment they would differ The law enforcement before engaging in that sort of thing in their doing that Europe only because they can't make an irresponsible leap to a preferred narrative that so social disorder,
unrest, but they're not reporting what law enforcement has sat law enforcement said very clearly. He was driving trying to hit more people. Oh, oh, they are a board so somewhere, but they are. I want to point out that the first story that came out about about about Darrell Brooks and his behavior on social media, came out through Essie CUP and then was firm by others. She did. sources but CBS oersted to homeland security officials, saying heat they. It appeared that He was fleeing the scene of another crime, and that therefore, had you know, come somehow come upon the parade and in his room less driving trying to get away from the police had The mast into all these people that was made up. by some federal home land security official who was trying to establish a non racial non hate crime non
Oh alarmist, narrative, why? What possible motive? Could you have for making that up? Essie cup and the people who had this? Can for them should name the source that gave them the floor. US information, so that can know that this was the game being played. I dont know them. vacant for what this I did none of us. Do my of course agree with being responsible, not speculating wildly, but no one should be that certain of the narratives that come out so quickly after things like this happen- and these are narratives that is John just pointed out- are- are often constructed by both law enforcement and media, and we ve seen it before, and its politically motivated. This was been gauzy which was well you know was immediately determine not
terrorism, but was you know, was it was a result of people re about a filmmaker. This was the twenty sixteen pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando right. Once again, this was not This was determined and and broadcast is not being, is was terrorism, but the product of Us western homophobia, I'm so, I think I'm gonna. Do you know if you remember, Sir, Bernardino terrorist shooting was. We were told the result of an argument ETA at an office Christmas Party, that was the Obama ministrations and Emma was for some reason you know downplaying any evidence of terrorism because they were to claim that they had defeated terrorism or something like that yet so I dont look of course, I'm not I don't know, I don't know the money, it's weird story, weird horrible, tragic story. I dont know what debate, but you can
and feel a narrative being constructed in the absence of of of knowing what what the motives are and then that's what the problem and because the narrative already in place that has been emphasised over and over again by the president himself is that you know it's. It's white supremacy. You know right wing extremism. This. This is the greatest domestic terrorist threat that the country faces right now is is radicalized white guys there certainly evidence for that. We we sought and Charlottesville right, but it's been treated in a way by the news media as something that's worthy of their investigation and thoughtful analysis? Not so when, when the other acts of domestic terrorism are committed by people. Long white and that's not doing. the job of the meat, the media's job is to tell the is to inform the public, even if the information that doesn't suit their own kind of liberal world view on this stuff. Look I mean, No is right that in a
in a better world in a world where Social maybe I didn't exist and where these narratives couldn't form instantly the that they now form instantly ready, since is the way to go and reticent, would be the way to go in all of these cases where, particularly there are racial sensitive. But he's in a country in which we, the these issues, are a tender keg. But If you have a circumstance in which a white police officer you know, does something to a black suspect. The idea that report recklessly? I will flame racial tensions in the United States and create terrible problems. That is, some kind of a whitewash and an effort not to hold a proper people accountable for evils. That reform the sense of our society. In this case implicitly, I've worked newsrooms you no, I haven't
symposium in a long time, but I've worked in various newsrooms and I can tell you that the it doesn't even need to be said that a story about a black man, driving a car into a crowd of white people at a Christmas parade killing in our six eighty year old grandmothers Emma Child, you want be very careful about because you don't want to inflame racial tensions and create racist backlash against black people. That impulse is commendable now how it has absolutely no role in reverse, in which the notion that you want to inflame racial tensions and convince african Americans that they are being targeted for murder and destruction. The notion
you want to be reticent about that, because you want to protect people from mob rage, particularly when that mob rage will often have the worst consequences near to the black. You know the minority communities, because that's where these riots break out there, but the neighborhoods that are often bring down first. Whatever that is, we don't have any more. We have no reticence about that. There is no media reticence about that. That is the go to story. You know There is the other part of the story, though, that is of interest to people outside of Wisconsin, because it's a nation, wide problem and one that a lot of people have been pointing to with the rise in violent crime. This country over the last two years is the bail issue, and we did have pretty pretty quick confirmation of the fact that this guy was A thousand dollars bail for crimes for which he should never have been released on the street for such a low amount, and so that kind of reporting has also been
from you did I mean I'm. A conservative press has been covering this because this is an issue that that conservatives have raised a lot of concerns about, particularly in cities like New York, where for these low bail, the Bell reform efforts have been, as have led, to a lot of violent folks being released on the street in recommending committing new crimes. So that's a serious issue to again: it's very muted. It so muted that when members of the squad, like Alexander Cousin, tests are the same day that this guy out on bail commits these horrific. It is alleged to have commit these horrific crimes, she's calling for further bail reform. She sang we really. We got it. We gotta do more of more of this ok. So this is important because this is you know one of commentaries absurd. Two focuses of study is the is the rise of the so called progressive prosecutor. So earlier this year were last year, I remember now Andy Mccarthy wrote this remarkable piece was called a progressive prosecutor project. Christine
followed up with with another piece this year on the same subject and Andy has a peace today in National Review called the progressive prosecutor project strikes again in which he points out that the port so prosecutors always have the courage of their convictions as long as they're just gas bagging about their lofty asp. Listen where society, which to say right up until their abstractions about equity, systemic racism, the needs reform or broken system crash into the reality of violent recidivist crime. At that point, its some underlings fault, some nameless bureaucratic didn't get the subtle, also thoughtful nuances of the bosses position, so Milwaukee district attorney John Chisholm, ok, whose office it was that recommend One thousand dollars, Bela Darrell books got off on and then was around to use. His car is a vehicular, apparently apparently in our allegedly uses car as a as a as a vehicle. Homicide wept,
So he issued a memo saying he was gonna look into how this in a properly low cash bale of a thousand dollars was settled right, an end Oh really, you know what? Where could the subordinate process Peter in his office are possibly thought that, when free here's Chisholm down the mantle self, styled progressive prosecutor right he's proudly said so himself into thousand seven when he was elected, yea, Chisholm told them alone. De Journal Sentinel that it was inevitable. guarantee that some criminal who invited being detained, doo, Doo, Chisholm enforcement philosophy It would use it opportunity to go out and commit murder quote. Is there going. we in individual, I divert- or I put into a treatment programme who's going to go kill somebody. You bet guaranteed its gas. Guaranteed to happen. It does not
validate the overall approach so this is the you know. This is the crux of the matter here. The matter policy, not you know what black people doing white veal or why people are doing the black people, but due to eight specific choice in policy Darrell Brooks had the means mode of an opportunity to drive his car into the walk, a shop parade he was out on he had there was a warrant for him in the vat for child sexual abuse, he had in his car over the mother of his the teenage mother. It is it is almost forty years old he shot at his nephew, who sought a protective order against him. Clearly he is a demented Lee, violent person and
there he was out on the streets doing whatever it is that he wanted to do. These are practical public policy matters there's that are going on that are important to debate and connect to what's going on California, in Beverly Hills in Mill Valley in San Francisco, with these bizarre flash mom, and then they may not be flash bonds? I may be organised mobs robberies of high end stores right the leaving on the issue in Beverly Hills Stores in San Francisco stores at this small and middle Valley of what will which store was of the Nord Stream and Mill Valley nor chums a moment create right While creek I'm sorry, so you know what why is this happening, because criminals no They are now that the state that they live in and across the country,
that the municipalities and places that they live in our working desperately hard to make sure that they don't have to serve in be in jail after they are accused of committing violent and and property violent crimes and property theft, which is itself a violent crime as looted, is actually a violent crime. This is an issue. That's why I should be on the front page: it's not just that it should be on the front page, because it's a horrible human interest story that these people were killed, like a shot. It is a direct result of government policy choices by elected officials who need to be held to account for the results of the policies that they put into place, not only by euro skeptical media but by the public, needs to know what they're doing so that, when this comes up for a vote
They know what has happened in their name and can I just add day I sent the sun our text the chain. Yesterday, the argument, which was made during a lot of the looting and destruction that happened after black lives matter summer, was that of the Parents are wired need just who cares someone's gonna pay best by just reported earnings losses. Related to organised theft and by organised that they mean that kind of stuff that we're seeing in and in California right now, because there now actually insured against all of these acts of theft. They have certain forms of insurance, but even these large company are not insured. Against that of organised crime. That's that's targeting the shops and, as a result I mean first about they leave those neighborhoods. We see that happened. It's happening here in DC to if, if you can, to a shop without constant
being rob you're going to close up cause, there's no point to it, and then the community complains that businesses aren't in their community and complains that of a police presence there when there is crime. So it's it's kind of a catch, twenty two for a lot of these businesses and they just they leave they leave and they take job I was with them, are also. You know this. A political mass looting which is, but what it seems to be would not have happened without the without the rights of twenty twenty, which involve looting right because looting serve now during that period came under the umbrella of sort of Anders Annabelle, but unfortunate things that you know people do when when, when AIR alienated by the did the terrible system. So it's like they came for the social justice and stayed for the looting, though
Right so that was alluding, but not all of it, though. In twenty or twenty there was plenty of organised efforts by people is still cars and smash them into store France and got whenever they could got out of their. This isn't looting at all looting. Disorganizing spontaneous responds to chaos. This is neither disorganized north, Danny S, its organised crime. It's not a response to chaos. This is the new status quo, considered status quo ushered in by political officials. None of this is has anything to do with looting. It's more akin. To does John said in a previous past. I thank God Chicago in the twenties. It sits organized crime in response to it, a new status quo ushered in by law and jurisprudence? Prudential president, then I am the knowledge, the open knowledge that the consequences are been suspended, going to rise, and that's the real question is what is what is Risk reward calculus when you're gonna
met a crime. Is the potential four reward worth, the risk of arrest incarceration right. What's happened over the last three or four years. Is that this this? This calculus has gone entirely screwy, because people, live a criminal life. Now that a thought but he's in many places that they live, do not want to him I was consequences on them on the grounds that there is some kind of inequity, in consequence, as Jen role. Social justice Matter, and so in their individual cases. It's like yeah. It's worth it for me to see. If I can yell clear, five thousand dollars the fantasy that people like see indulgent when they want to justify acts of criminal behaviour that some like Disney found, where these people are only stealing too
support their family by getting a handful of coins to go by bread and apples, nonsense when you think about the scale of this sort of thing it staggering your about eighty individuals work who are lifting a whole inventories out of a storefront. They have defence, those goods. You have to have some Those had offload that sort of thing which report, which is a home network, a vast network of people who can individually source these items in ways that they can't be waste back many gotta clean that money. I mean this is a very organised operation that requires a time of people to be involved with knowledgeable of this criminal conspiracy. Let even when you don't have a very organise operation, you have what I think John was suggesting, which is policy and in our assessment mechanism that did is that its hands off with regard to prosecuting real crime. So in DC we ve had it. In my ward, we ve had a hundred and eighty eight percent increase since last year. Armed robbery and a lot of those are committed by juveniles,
alongside an adult and the who takes the head if they get arrested the juvenile, because they'll be back on the street very quickly, because our we're very very easy. Bring about juvenile crime, the district the same with carjack egg, but I will say this: there's also this weird inability to confront reality so in them in Washington DC. For a long time, the Washington Post refuses to write the race of criminal suspects, people arrested for crimes, Why? Because people were complaining that it was too often listing a black person as this aspect? Well, it's a majority black city. I mean that it makes sense right, except that the post and his editors were so sensitive to the idea that they would be seen as racist if they report the facts in a major me, blacks, that they stop do it in its become a kind of running joke for locals. Who try to find out about crime? You never read the posts on crime. You go to other sources, because the post is not going to inform you about what's going on, I mean, I think the two two points harmonise here, so Christine's talk
but the insurance problem, which is people, are ensured the physical property, Of the store right is ensured the way physical, proper, is ensured. You know window breaks, doors broken into that sort of thing. often those facilities aren't owned, The business there renters in a mall or something like that is the mall owners who collect the insurance. This that is inside the store. Is the responsibility obligation of the store owner so they're not get anything, then I'm gettin. In short, they are not, you know? There's no such thing as insurance against. After I mean you can taxes on your time, as a business matter. You can deduct theft from profits, but that's better for
that's better for an individual in the sense that if your house's burglarized and you get a tax reduction for an you'd eating don't get stuff. You know you get a tacit action for that, just a very strange thing: Where you then say well, it's ok! It's really not that no! No real damage are no real harm has been done, except in some a way may be to the insurance system or something like that, and then no one point about about organised crime is important because. organised crime organizes as a result of distortions in the jail real economic relationships in a society right that sport wit, where they, where they see the opportunity, is in some
economic area that is somehow been left fallow or be no deemed too morally repulsive to four in a proper businesses to engage in something like that. If you have organ ized crime now or in an organised fashion, openly publicly looting from stores that happens, it is a result of knowest very returned the incentive structure created by public policy and that's it I, what is really important to you now and it's a little unfortunate that that that there is the product of them I have a new sums failed recall in California, which was which was in, which is all silliness. I think it is very important, that chess Abou Dean. The progressive prosecutor in San Francisco is now facing a recall effort, because that is the insane
the structure to tell progressive prosecutors that the public isn't going to stand their behaviour, even in America's most progressive city, but as an sang. The scale of this thing suggest that just even replacing this horrific d with somebody actually wants to do, the job won't get it done, because it's one thing to get a grab. Magnum have a trash bag full of cosmetics that you took out of a sea, the US another to lift an entire storefront, because you gotta do something with, though stolen goods is extremely high profile, hot merchandise. You have to have a gigantic network that will offload that stuff. For you in transit. the cash. Well, I I you know that I think that's it. That's an interesting logistical point that you're making the question here is whether we have had some bread down social breakdown in the idea that crime, particularly now that that that crime as either victimless or righteous or is an expert
of injustice and unfairness- and I I you know- I hate to constantly invoke the Sixtys and Seventys, but this they view- this is a policy that is entirely associated with one political party and one set of eighty, logical attitudes that is illegal, how's, your guys, I'm on the left, em, it's the Democratic Party, these candidates, Roman Democratic Party line they women democratic party lines. If the crime problem the debate in the United States, the Democrats are going to again be the party of crime and they are going to fry for another two generations. The way they did before. This is another thing that sir, frustrating I ve not from generation to generation. A macro analysis of what's happened, elect orally over the course of the last year will lead you to suggest that roughly the democratic parties brand isn't
Rubble and a lot of these feelings about the Democratic Party are a result of how you feel about the president, leather he's doing the job or a bad job, and that's sort of thing that renders this all kind of academic. But I dont think that that's in early, explains this phenomenon because Joe Biden is ostensibly top on crime. And he hasn't really abandoned, that it walked back a little bit in the primary is to compare with his party's new lacks sensibilities when it comes to crime, but it s, presidency hasn't made that a big the onus consistently repeated and acted in ways that suggest he doesn't support that define the police movement and doesn't support the kind of decriminalization movement that has overtaken a lot of these cities. But that's colouring boaters opinions about the Democratic Party to in ways that I don't think the political analysis that looks at things from thirty thousand foot perspective, as in all events emanating from one. Can really can explain. I think that's that's exactly right and it doesnt matter by the way whether
Joe Biden is tough on crime or not tougher and crime, or something like that he's happily meeting with where she the to leap who is a rat? I call you now no bail in how no punishment part defend the police person defend. The police is, a democratic policy. Proposed he Britain eyes and enable that figure turbines, not animal. I figure does not matter whether using imposing figure or not. He is the head of the poverty. You know If he's the one that leads the party per se he's being led in many ways by Morocco, glass battlements of its the college, but but but you know it's a distinction without a difference in some sense, because if he, if you know a lot of People are saying, Jonathan Shape is say, people are saying he needs a sister soldier moment. He needs to go. And say all of this, is terrible right- I eat out. So let him let him try. I mean it's not
goes beyond like saying, somebody who says that all white people should be killed is bad, like a pretty that was a pretty. Easy Paul for Bill Clinton against an unsuccessful, rapper out. Nowhere, who said something that you know like Well, it wasn't that easy really wasn't banal wasn't going after six assaulting was going after Jesse Jackson, who now that they are dealt with he's right. I did not have to go after Jesse Jackson, that's. Why was easy? He was going after sister soldier ass. He was to chicken through after Jesse Jackson. So that's why? I'm sorry It was pretty easy. What I'm saying is he can't captured? There is no sister soldier here sister soldier is a sea. The sister soldier is receded to lead. The sister soldier is chess Abou or Harry Craster in Philadelphia or out. an Bradley Incoming Manhattan DNA or all of these people who think that their job as prosecutors is to let criminals or
The issue in the nineteen seventy is was judges who let criminals off. That was a huge political. issue in cities. Let him loose Bruce. There was a judge in New York, who was Let him loose Bruce like that. That is, that is the kind of thing that happened. Insarov populist, early talk, radio stuff was you get some guy. then some liberal judge, let some loose on the basis of you know ridiculous constitution, interpretation and then that guy goes out and kill somebody else. But now you have an entire architecture, and I hear architecture you know like a loose network of local DA's end and am congressional politicians who are all advocating for this policy. And if the public. Experiences this directly impersonally you now we said yesterday that you know thing about inflation, has that it affects a hundred per cent of people well
in the nineteen, seventeen and nineteen eighties crime affected every one in an image in an interesting wegg is, of course not. Everybody was gonna, be subject to crime. It was much worse and cities, and all of that, but the feeling that You were unsafe the feeling that the things, were bad and unsafe. The number of locks you had to put on your door. The fact that if you do of into an urban place. You needed this bar to go across your you. steering wheel so that no one could steal you could break into your car and steal it the number of radios that were broken. You cars were broken up when stolen all of that Everybody in America felt relatively the unsafe, that a hundred per cent of people and if you wanted to feel safe, you need to buy a house in a place where there was a giant gay. and no one was allowed in without being called him from the desk. Turning now turning
residential neighborhoods into essentially apartment buildings with you know, dormant in security guards. If that happens, the boy and the democratic brand that is already suffering because of inflation and because by does nobody's doing because of Afghanistan and all of that a brand, I dont even know what happened to that bran, because once people associate, you was being feeling unsafe. That is years of rep of of repetitive conduct. It's gonna be needed to change that too.
it's important, because that that this is the Democratic Party brand actually too are already, and I think it to know his point about how Biden is actually not the he does seem feckless, unlike he's he's being led by his party. There was there. Was this outrage through this insane interview that Jonathan Swan from actually who stood with proceeded to leave recently, where you know he was asking her about. You know criminal justice reform, and he said you know your backing, this built it to end federal prison to eliminate all federal prisons, and you know what about the downside to leaps like? Oh, yes, everyone thinks we're just gonna release everyone Swat says, but the act that Europe
sing actually does say that it says you what her abilities, everyone to she's, clearly not even well informed about the legislation. She's going around saying we need for fridge racial justice reasons have been. They are arguing for an extremely radical things as up as a motive. Posturing, as a way of you know, bid furthering their their chosen narrative. But when you start to look at the details of these, things have been abolishing all federal prisons, and most prisoners are not in federal presence. There in state state run facilities, but still what will you do with these people? But what happens? What? What kind of threat. Do they posted society? If you release them, they don't have answer that well, and we see right now what happened and walk ashore, and it is this- is it the thing that makes you stiffen and and and get all wound up, and that's why I want to talk to you about acting on wind, the weekly
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multi billion dollar financial services and manage firm. That is the antidote to the intellectual spaghetti of that industry, and we thank both the Acting Institute and David Bonds and in the pond, some group for sponsoring the commentary. Podcast. So. Where are we? Where do we go from here? My friends, I don't wanna go. I wanted to speak one thing out, I sent this to you guys from politicos playbook this morning, as as the as the Washington media desperately looks to write about what's going on in now. probably inside the Biden White House, with a with it, with an eye towards providing some, Good news are some hardening news or whatever it is for a place it is, has experienced. Almost oh good news for months right. They have. This! astounding little item about
how Susan Rice, former Obama, national security adviser and now binds domestic the head of the buttons domestic. Security, what a recalled domestic policy council? How, when you go to work for her, you have to provide a writing sample. because she's a wheel stickler for a good memo. She print out the briefing. Memos information was decision moment. She prince them out and sticks them in a hefty find to review aids have to put extra for Monday's because they know rice will spend her weaken readings the binder and will have follow up questions the domestic policy council is essentially an internal think tank
how the hell are you going to figure out who should work for your stupid policy council if you dont required to provide a reading writing sample? First, Have I gone insane am I am. I Can crazy pills here, a stickler for proper grew learn pronunciation rice, wrote in her memoirs, tough love. I have a particular pet peeve about proper common usage. Susan takes seriously new at this It takes seriously. If she tells you your memo is really good. That's a big deal. Erin pelted, who workers there for many years, told West Wing Playbook. I mean are we now grating Lee Biden White
and such a ludicrous curve that we are to celebrate the fact that the domestic Policy council rights memos that the head of the domestic Policy council reads help at the domestic policy itself? Who cares about the memos? Of course they write memos, I'm glad she loves commas. Maybe she shouldn't be overs, overseeing disastrous, put domestic public policy the agenda where we can. We can scarcely we can't greatly button energy secretary on her knowledge of how many barrels of oil the country uses a day. That was a good one. Yes, Somebody asked Jennifer Gram home. You know what the release in this Disease soup Roturagio Reserve, how
You know how many days of oil that would in no doubt that would represent, and she said I don't have that figure here for you. Yes, she didn't even know the basic number at the number of barrels of oil that they contain more. She did, she didn't want to say it and she dismissed lonesome Of course she did, we don't know, I'm not sure she knew much or all I don't know. I guess being very generous. I think she knew when she didn't want to say it, because it amounts to two point: five days where the oil yeah yeah, I mean here's the thing she didn't want to say it so so you're saying she took the head for the team while she knew she wasn't gonna take a here. all because she's not repairing. Now, don't you jump ahead, you don't think that's taking ahead. Now I dont it'll make the comedy shows that other it'll make late night. Another it'll make a news here. I think it'll did showed up and town halls twitter feed and that's where it's gonna
beginning middle and ended that thing, because nobody is two people are too invested in the success of the project. Jennifer grandma Greg, regardless of EL, as eleven p M show on Fox, has a larger audience than coal Bear Kimmel and Foulon. As I know, everyone else lad Sharm her. No, unless it was much, has got felt that we have very by forget a cultural identities here that the extent to which Democrats will explain counter this, it will be accidental. Well, I mean it's The Democrats don't have to encounter it. Let's put it that way. It's just another little cutesy thing to put in your you know so much ado in the debate and twenty twenty four. You know this is the dead. The death of spin spin used to
I'm not out right, lying or pretending to be ignorant but massaging the facts. Nobody even bothers to massage effects anymore. They just make stuff up or pretend to be ignorant so that they don't have to describe why their policies are nonsensical. publicity stunts. While that that's why, when Jane Sacking, was asked directly, would the press now say he was wrong to call Kyle written House a white supremacist. Her response was to just totally ignore that question and say: well: Trump called people submit a trumpet, but the problem it try to try to revert back to the anti trumps. Seven, it's not nobody's buying it. I mean it's it's. It was slow As I said, I'm still outrage that you use this kidney campaign. Add I mean who's, not buying or buying, and I mean that that is her job right. She is the sacrificial lamb she goes. She got to ask this question to which there is no good answer right as if she says yes, he sorry he said it. Then Biden gets people angry, whom he needs desperate
and if he doesn't say at them she looks either bad or or for those same people. She looks like she's a good soldier. giving up for the team she's Zara. How could be sanders are lying for binding and that something you know she's then their version of the press secretary, who will say or do anything to support the note to support the principle and where people on the team that that's just great many way. Of course a call Britain. The house is a white supremacist, because all white people are white supremacist. According to the doctrine of white supremacy, and, of course, nobody who says these things believes that of themselves. I wanted just quote one line ah from New York Times, theatre, critic, Jesse Green and a review
of two time: Pulitzer Prize Winner, Lynn, knowledge as new play. Clyde's, ok quote. This is in today's paper, the systems that control our lives- institutional, racism, predatory capitalism, the prison, industrial, complex, seamless, powerful and implacable as gods, Let's talk about these systems and how they control Jesse Greens life. The ground Yale worked in Theatre rota celebrated novel then went to celebrate a book about being a gay man who ended up as a parent became a theatre critic. Now is the chief theatre critic of the New York Times, which is the single most powerful position in all of american Theater and therefore a the dominant voice.
In an entire cultural industry- and you know. The system of controls is life, institutional, racism, predatory capitalism, the prison, industrial, complex, apparently their prey great for him. Whoop. What a terrible world he lives in that has showered him with such unbelievable bounty and, I think, at this today, as we are on the piano- and we are on the cusp of Thanksgiving, who are these people they talk about a country he's he's, he is a do a gay man. In the United States, so hunt years ago. He he would have faced incredible institutional hardship, in whatever country is the his car in a would have been his country of birth.
escaping to the United States, which also wasn't in our institutional friendly to do. You know, would tend to do as you couldn't get. You know, get to the college of your choice. You couldn't work at white, you law firms, you now you couldn't work Wall Street none the less you know and made his way right. A gay man, you know, could have been arrested. Simply for being standing too or to another man on a dance floor until nineteen. Seventy here. He is he's sixty years old, sixty two years old. Every thing about this country has been a blessing to him and he sits there and rights, a review in which he says America is garbage. What does this tell us? Does he really believe this genetic? He probably believes it in some theoretical. You know
abstract fashion, as he takes his Ober from here is Upper EAST side apartment to the theatre, where people bow and scrape as he is. He ascends to his seat in OECD one or one on the Isle, but this it that this decided rapidly. but there is a weird shit that's occurred and I think it's accelerated in recent years are released, has become more visible to two more p but the elite in our country, the abstractions they cling to use to cling waste. We all have abstractions about this country. About our society right, they used to be, I think, more positive than negative. It was you know, a general feeling of patriotism, pride in one's country, a sense that it's this is a decent place where, if you work hard, you can try to get ahead
not a perfect place, but a place that allowed for a lot a range of of human flourishing. That really didn't exist anywhere else on earth, and there was gratitude for that in a strong military, so we felt safe and- within our own borders, lots of abstractions right and you couldn't. You can mark them, as I think, a lot of people who live on the coasts and mock the pride and patriotism that people who don't if there have, but the obstruction of the elite now are all fairly negative there that the very there there about systemic racism, thereby white, premise, either about all the things that they feel have gone wrong in the society from the very beginning. So we're rewriting history to make sure that that's that that tail starts in one thousand six hundred and nineteen, if not before,
and so we end up with the thanksgiving. Where were we hear a lot of people talking about Calot, sutler colonialism and and genocide? And it makes me sad for them because, as abstractions can't help, but in infect your view of of gratitude in general and how you approach your life and its Very cynical thing, and it may it does make me sad for them, but I do. I have noticed our elite embracing obstructions that are largely negative, particularly about our country and that's always, there's always been a portion of the elite. That's done that, but it seems to be more widespread. I don't know I I have no, I don't feel sad for him. I would like a bolder to fallen his head. I mean. he has been showered with riches. By virtue of this accident of his birth in the United States of America, and he jets on the United States of America from his August perch
As the leading figure in the oldest culture industry on the planet, earth the theatre, which has been a mainstay of of of western civilization since Athens. And this is how he talks about the country- and this is one way in which your I think, you're alive, it's always treated America and am in in the United States, as though with somehow little disease. That used to be that people said that America was thin and culturally, malignant because a babby tree. In the middle and bourgeois simplification and all- If we were only French, if we only had the cultural life of France and where they care about poetry- or you know, look one thing
terrible to live under soviet totalitarianism. But you know they will. They did a look who took down some writers and thinker all of that. Unlike in America, we just we celebrate businessmen, and all of that there's always been this this that this line right and so I don't. I don't have any sympathy for them, but maybe we're gonna say over, he would just say I'll, just because I'm lucky, I'm I'm one of the lucky ones. That doesn't mean that the larger picture here is not one of great tragedy and abuse, and- and you know that you know, he beats inside it's it's. It's a sign of his generosity of spirit that he doesn't simply operate in response to his own good fortune, bud can. We can see that in the suffering of others baby the idea evidence of such an unjust system. You can
hold two thoughts in your head. At the same time, right Now that is actually what it is it me to be a m say a young and adult like there are problems in the United States there. systemic, there can even be systemic problems in the United States story, the United States has been that those problems have laboriously and with at great cost, then often at you know a great rest to a great many people have been addressed by the system itself to repair it over time, over and over and over again, and we are here in twenty twenty one. Still in the Vienna freest country on Earth it still needs healing and whatever you know that repair because every
thing does we are all sinners and no society that we're gonna live in, isn't gonna, be in a deeply flawed caused? Were human beings getting together in society but that I may have reason to be, as I'm an object lesson in of Jesse Green of somebody who comes from a tiny minority of people. You need Golly, beleaguered in the history of humankind and efforts. Seventy five years ago, to Why my people out from the face of the earth- and here I am sitting at the summit of Em- urban life and I'm just not gonna get no crap. over the country that has that has that has one. Let me in this way, even if even if I believe that there is a profound injustice is going on at that my example is the example that things can be better and we to follow my example? Predator, predatory capitalism is
reason that Lynn nodded just play is on Broadway cats, Doc Gonna make money, it's being subsidized. By some theatre company. I don't even always wiping the men Anthea Club as well, and where does the man eater I've got the money, age, LE nodded anything like that you're. Just our answering our questions. These are commercial incentives right, I mean there's a political philosophy here at root shore and a sort of cosmetic way but this is also what the audience Watts. What the people he's talking to and if you were to say, while I'm I'm super fortunate- and I am very grateful to this country- forgive me that opportunity at sea- that, for you, no one has a year that buddy that allowing his knees. I wanna hear how beleaguered he is and how insufferable this country as an that's. Why he's at the pinnacle of M of the american experience? I would say that
I have to say anything at all. You know there's something most sate of anything at all. Our sister manager conspicuously silent. You have failed to give voice to the preferred catechism. I mean these. These are nostrums that are the the price of admission into this into this will eat secular society. So somebody has to mention the women's March tweet, to whom one of you sent that around, but the EU After always, say something John, even if you put out a number of a dollar figure of fourteen dollars and ninety two cents without ignore alleging Sattler colonialism and genocide. That was the women's March tweet. They apologise because they amounts their individual donor average was fourteen dollars and ninety two cents, and then they realised with horror that they could not use the number for one for nine too in a row with out saying what a horrible monstrous event the Columbus's rival in Vienna in the amount I read as yet it has, it wasn't
her sight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest and genocide for indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving so glad. You have brought this up a number of times, but this just feed so perfectly into it, John, with warders new book. makes the case that woke ISM is their religion is a superstitious religion, here. We have evidence the women's March realize they set a bad number This is, they said they set an unlucky number, it's if it, so if it's so Cicero yeah, it's it's it's what we call Gomorrah in in in Hebrew, it's the mystical numbers reflecting you know, divine truth that is to be uncovered through. true, the numbers that are that are being used. I want it, but I do want to say one thing not to be both sides as a mesh here.
But, as we had into thanks giving you have there is, there is a rising philosophy on the right at the thought of his called national conservatism or something like that which has a very unique and weird quality to it, which is that, what it is claimed that we need a nationalist philosophy, what they call nationalism, though, and I really think it is nationalism, but we need a new national agenda then. The United States is effectively trump, but nonetheless you know we need to win. We we're we're, surrendering to liberalism and and we're not fighting it in the right way and there's all this all everyone else on the right is kind of surrendering apologizing and we need to you know we need to take back, every institution and dominate them and crush them and rebuild them and destroy them. And You know I mean it's not like there isn't a lot of emotion, angry emotion, that I share about the corruption of these institutions and everything, but.
My sense reading. A lot of this over the last two years is that this tilt into the same kind of America loathing as a law, out of the law as a lot of the Jesse Green left is this. America is corrupt. America is bad America dating back To the enlightenment, thinkers that informed the writing the declaration of independence and the end? The logistical genius of the U S, constitution, that those thinkers were Folded, John Locke, who is the single, most influential political theorist M thinker to influence I think you know, influenced all the other thinkers who themselves them in directly influenced Thomas the drafting of the declaration and and and that James Madison and others who drafted the constitution is bad. That the enlightenment was bad, that this that that we took a terrible course away from
believing that everything that was going on was the should be the result of some kind of. the vine understood I mean I don't want to summarize. The work is out. I will vulgar, adds a, but basically they shit on America too, and they can drop dead. They just Heaven. It it's their image of welcome, but they have a different original sin instead of racism in slavery, it's the enshrining of personal liberty and with a view as well,
most autonomy right as it does it all very nice way put to you it's a political philosophy that is also a response to to market forces are very distorted marketplace of ideas that suggests radicalism is all the public really wants and that there is no market place for something as trite and cliched as the idea that America is both good and great. But that's just not true. It's just a marketplace that they have invested and over invested, in my view, and I believe, a very self selected, vocal marketplace to people who consume political philosophy form of entertainment. That is confused them about what the public actually wants oak. I think that is very true, but I also. I also think that, with that, there is an end to this interesting commonality in the notion that a man America, as essay biting put it here from woke ism in that context was conceived. An original sent we now was was conceived in sin
need some kind of a purifying baptism to correct itself or by you know, I'm not being a Christian. I make totally mangled every conceivable notion of of how that concept of original sin work. So I really apologize. That's bad of me- and I you know please please forgive me here, but on the other it's ok demanded in the sense that in Ruth neither side, not the waters or the napkins actually want to correct anything, we're there. They are now, what their industry, while they do, they wanted they wanted. They want to destroy the power and authority the other side. So in the case of bulk give them what they want to do essentially is air down whatever remains of the institutional structures in the United States, that support the notion of equality of opportunity meritocracy,
and the idea that the purpose of our of the society that we live in is to create as even playing field old and as fair, a starting line as there can possibly be given this. Given the you know that is inherently sinful nature humankind which can, It would be entirely corrected for that. They wanted to see I am the napkins want to destroy them. And in the end, what they both do as they discuss as you read their passion as you as you read. What actually is motivating the negative passion. That is the key. Key to understanding the force and authority that they have developed over over time It is a hatred of America as it is now. They don't like America, as it is now the napkins dont like American, the effective live realism and egalitarian philosophy and sexual free
and do you know gender fluidity and all of that, and that is America's Sin America's evil for promoting it. You know what's great Hungary. Hungary is great. Let's all. Hungary, Willie Pollux went in and get out we'll, let Orban take over all of the institutions. It'll be just fantastic. Let's go to Hungary, I'll only. They also that's what we need it's like. Suddenly, the way everybody was was, you know travelling to annoy till Zita Tubby Mary Mccarthy Susan Santa Mary was travelling to annoy the lick the feet of hokey men there, all going Hungary and sitting in you know, sitting there in Budapest, you know enjoying a delicious bill of a goulash and eat out with with them. In a way, Gary intellectuals, Zag Isn t. While this is the great Country on earth, I am grateful to live here and now going to talk to you about the exchequer, for which I am also.
Before, because it can warm you operate, can call you down. It can give to a massage. It's got elements massaging temperature regulation, it'll support your back with its purpose, the dynamic variable one bar. It has high performance at its core Oh gee engineering it as extreme comfort. Those are all the reasons I love. My ex chair take my advice. Try exchequer for yourself risk free for thirty days, once you realize much better. Your chair shall be you'll, never go back, go to extra commentary dotcom now, that's a letter x. The word chair, commentary, dotcom or call one aid for four four exchequer four hundred dollars off your order exchequer as a very they guarantee of complete comfort, and you can finance your purchase, resolute thirty dollars a month Ex chair commentary, dot com. However, having said all that I do want to say, you know we live in a our country is in somewhat desperate straits. Now we have this fact that the sewers
a great has doubled in five years. We have deaths of despair. We have you know we have this sum you know you ve all events, point that we talked about last week about how we have a kind of epidemic of withdraw. All social withdraw lethargy as opposed to flourishing, and all of that- and these are all matters that need to be dealt with. Just as inflation is bad, it needs to be dealt with just as all in a terrible things need to be dealt with. Thing is that we have the means, the motive, the opportunity and the political right and the legal standing in which to take on the things that have made things bad and tried to correct for them, which is what both
of these philosophical traditions say we do not have. We have no agency to correct things according to the napkins, because we are functioning from a corrupted base in which what we think is good, as you say, which is in out, which is a society, can design around the liberty of the individual is a is a wrong headed, as opposed to the virtue, as opposed to promoting the voice through the individual is a wrong headed fly three and then woke is on, which is the philosophy that says what I can't even get out. Summarize it adequately ever these, Any more than the individual, it doesn't matter what the individual does from the Woke perspective, because you are born into ace into a color of skin a gender, a system that will ever. Allow you the to exercise your individual well for your own flourishing. It will always
press you there's no way out of it. You're trot your colleague in a diversity machine and that machine is just gonna run without whether or not you try to fight it or not like it's just that the passivity that's implied there is great that is very interesting as its another thing they have in common- is that they are essentially both about the duration of a lot of individual liberty, at least is a virtue right, because it's all about group identity to the to the work why therefore grow by me and the napkins are for. I didn't want you what what? What what precisely you would call a cause. It's the I! It's not ordered liberty, it is, it is a society designs. Interposed virtue is imposed for right and, of course, that's where we ultimately get to the point that is impossible to handle, which is who imposes the virtue.
Because I'm a Jew, I'm not living in some Catholic Integral List Paradise if I can help it, because I'm a Jew and people like that tried to forcibly convert and then you now towards torture me if I didn't comply so I'm. I'm gonna do whatever it can to prevent those people from Take Moreover, I don't care if Their society would be better I've, my own children, to think about, and what's more once again, as is often the case, political revolutions, like Obama, saying you know, I'm not gonna wait for Congress to do things, I'm just gonna. Do them themselves are Harry Red, saying, let's bus, the filibuster for you now, for
for judges I want and which will Saint don't do that cause we're gonna use the same power when we can against you write that in the end, these sorts of cases, you want a pitch that you, you know you want virtue imposed. Upon you in the end, you're not gonna, be the one who imposes the rules. They are the people that you hate are the ones We're going to impose rules on you and the same insect can be said of the welcome reverse witches you want group identity to run the society. Fine, let us watch as group identity. then destroys the very groups that it was. Indeed it is supposedly intended to help bring to the fore of the United States and enshrine the current aristocratic systems Coloradus equally for all time until the Chinese beat us into submission and make us a vassal state.
a market- I don't want to end on this- I beat it on bread for us, but not really for Thanksgiving right. I have USA, India while I'm gone before I love America, I'm glad to be here, I'm I'm! You know, I give blessings hanky thanks every day for this circumstances that led my might my grandparents to make the trip across my three of my four grandparents to make them to make the dangerous crypt trip crossed the seas to it to a land that was not their own and the World language was spoken, that they did not speak, entered Drug ol enter suffer and an end to you know, make a better life for their children and then their children may a better life for me and my hopefully making a better life for mine. I don't know any other country on earth in which that was a possibility or ever was a possibility. I think that's true for all four of us and
You know, if that's not something to be grateful for, even in the midst of all the above, all the things that we complain about. I ain't. No, I I don't know I don't know what is so. What's that very happy thanksgiving to you. We will be back on Monday for aid, Christina. No one jump on hordes keep the game.
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