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Believe Your Own Eyes

2021-04-22 | 🔗
The COMMENTARY gang expresses its shock and disbelief at the ability of liberals and the Biden White House to disregard the unmistakable evidence in the police shooting in Columbus, Ohio in favor of their preferred narrative about how cops are systemically racist—and how they might be giving birth to an "Enough Already" Party. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Thursday April twenty second, twenty twenty one June but hordes the editor of Commentary magazine with me as always: executive editor, a green waldheim, huh jump, associate editor nor often high Noah hijacked and senior writer Cassim rose high, Christine Hedge on my friend of mine text, me this morning to say, made
it's time for there to be an enough already party. We all need to join the enough already party enough already because they're keeping these moments, where you think that some kind of fever is gonna break or the kind of them hysterical pitch at which we seem to live in public with news stories in the like is gonna, is gonna break as We realise we can't live at this level and that there was some hope, maybe that trumps departure from the scene, even if its temporary might have The fact that certainly has in relation to the presidency, which were not focusing on what this incredible intense, almost model maniacal focus, but the enough already party would convene right now to deal with the after effects of the dirt.
Kelvin Verdict and the decision to highlight this. What is from all evidence that we can glean a justified moment of police intervention middle of a convinced of the of the commission of a potentially deadly Certainly injurious crime with a sixteen year old girl in Columbus, Ohio Swinging, a. Very large bladed knife added the girl who was pinion basically to a car when the police officer question fired after you know, calling for her to get down, get them get down fires- gun and and and save the life of the girl against the car and tragically took the life of Messina Bryant. Who was the the
oh a wielding the knife, and we don't know what the circumstances of the story are and all that eyebrow this up as a as an enough already matter, because the cop was hanging and it can be Didn't hanged in power, what fora? Even before? We knew anything about the case, and we of course had they had the spectacle of Braun James, somehow getting a copy of a picture of the police officer, and running it and saying demand accountability as if almost to set off a mob to hunt this guy down in your now. Unless your next, you know one of the richest and most famous African Americans calling calling a mob down on it on a working office,
law enforcement who had just saved a black girls life. It should be pointed out loud. So that's why that's all we need to get too. I mean, and, as we talked about yesterday, this whole feeling that we had that people seem like Jason, Johnson MSNBC. Another seemed almost disappointed that the verdict of the shoving case at did not perpetuate their sense of the eye. The existential injustice of being a black person than the United States that, just as having been served meant that we were gonna, be able to apologise and move on and not pay enough attention to the out to the consuming tragedy that it is to take a breath in the United States when you have and you get when you have other than white skin and then,
just plug the same, just plug it in there's another killing and in in Columbus Ohio. It's very disheartening right. I mean it's maddening, but it's also disheartening I think it's it's rather clarifying in a way that the activist class doesn't seem to know what their flirting with We have me less than twenty four hours in which there was, Many new cycle of progressive and liberal activists, saying casting conservatives who said there's, there's probably gonna, be civil unrest, no matter what this verdict to determine and I was skeptical of that, but deferential to it, because that is that does seem to be the prevailing sentiment. But it was going to see in our measure reaction to a very dispassionate and by all accounts, appropriate dispensation of justice and the court
that lasted less than twenty four hours, That's what we're seeing on the streets right now from this you know roving and a very agitated on the verge of something violent mobs that they wanted they didn't want to write. This is what they want. They were all gearing up there turned out. There are ready to go and they didn't get the trigger that they wanted. So this will have to do and to any by an arrogant. As you wrote down in a fantastic peace for the new post, you have the subordinate your common sense, your own perception Europe, local understanding. What happened here in a video is available to everybody that's hard to ignore in order to maintain them corruption that some unjustness was perpetrated. Here. Lonely activists who are making you do that are flirting with a cognitive dissonance that I don't think they really fully recognise the effects of that they're asking people to subordinate what they know to be the truth.
To lie. That is socially preferable right now and that's unsustainable one looked yoga So I think that I find it all John you say: disheartening Noah says clarifying. I find it a chilling v, and particularly the aspect of it. That is the this is widespread agreed upon lie that there's this embrace of effect can we ve all we can see? The video is very clear that this cup not only was, in the right, but did a remarkable job of of reacting very quickly and accurately to to do to potentially saved the other girls like, So it is it is this agreed upon fiction that is, given the imprimatur of government of media.
And everyone goes loaded, and it is that kind of reality. When you have your you're being forced to live in this fiction, cheat you see that that's what radicalized his people on the right. Because of that, because that seems unbeatable by any means other than something extreme well and it also its forcing well intentioned people, which is, I would I like to think, is most of this. Three who want to understand the challenges of law enforcement, who also have some sympathy for the experience of others who aren't like them. It forces there. Into a situation where they have to listen to someone like Valerie Jarrett. You know Obama's more senior adviser, say things like it was just a knife fight First of all, it was not a night fight. A knife fight implies that both people had knives and are fighting with them. This was a potential does stabbing attempt and the idea that we're going to define homicide down in order to suit a social justice narrative is
all its appalling, and so I'm I'm actually. I agree with a thing it's chilling. I think it is children, I will say shout out to some of the media did looked on lemon, who I'm no fan of on CNN last night, actually made up reasonable explanation of the events talked about how you're there were in a split. Second, you have to make these decisions, so not an as I believe ABC News also did a pretty good report NBC. However, completely disregarding the fact that this woman had. I think it was like a butcher knife kitchen knife in her hand and swinging it at this girl like they. They dave it's what they owe Mitt as much as it is the narrative that they tell in their own meeting the very important fact in the same way, they did with Jake a plague who is also armed for part of his encounter with police. The fact that these are not just people walking down the street going about their day, who are being hunted by law enforcement. These are people who are in situations where they are, in some cases actively threatening the lives of other people. Look you know. All of this is true, that's true to talk.
You know that Miss behaviour of of NBC and all of that, but the startling thing that happened wasn't that it was Miss reporter that people worked a talking crap on on on social me, it was the spokesman of the President of the United States, Japan, Saki reading a statement from the podium yesterday in which she said became a bright. She was a child were thinking of her friends and family. In the communities that are hurting grieving her loss, we know that its violence, disproportionately impacts, blackened latino people and communities and the black women and girls like black men and boys, experience higher rates police violence. She had that, whoever the wrote this statement at the Bud White House had decided that they were going to put their finger on the scale of the notion that what happened here was an injustice
rather than the saving of the life of another black teenager and that matters an enormous amount. I mean Nina media, bad media reporting comes and goes in people. It gets corrected whatever It's terrible, I don't wanna, make make it, but I mean, This is how far these things have gone, that the President of the United States, who had no trouble fearing to hoodlum at an earlier point in his life, is Sending out his. You know his spokesman to to act as though we are now to presume that law enforcement disproportionately targets blackened latino people as a matter of course, and that it is acceptable for the President, the United States, to say such a thing. He is he that achieve one force, but also the United States, because we have thirty three hundred and nine counties in the United States, each of which has its own method of local police.
But he is one of the chief law enforcement officials in the United States, and he is now. Buying into the idea that law enforcement itself is inherently disk the tory and dangerous to Tipp to black and latino people, and if thou where we are- yeah I mean this- is radicalizing. This is gonna radicalized people in a way that they don't like, because because this
What we had here in what I say my pieces go. You can go watch the video there. It is nine seconds the policemen gets out of the car. He says some one. What's going on as he sang what's goin on one girl falls at his feet because she is running backwards as Mccain O Brien is pursuing her, at which point he became bright, turns and heads toward the girl who is slammed up against the car.
The cops has get down, get down, get can get down. That's like three seconds later after the girl has fallen at his feet after says, get down its twelve seconds. It's actually it's two more seconds and then Mckenna bride starts to swing. The knife she's pulling back her arm to stab, and he shoots and and in all elapsed time he gets his foot out of the car nine seconds later. He has had to discharge his weapon to save someone's life and I'm getting a males all day and night from people saying you should have used the taste or why didn't he sugar in the foot? Why didn't he interposed
this body between them. I mean literally saying to people: did you watch the video? Yes, I watch the video like. I believe that they did, but I mean he was eight feet away. How is he gonna jump eight feet in a second to keep the knife from stabbing the girl. Like look it look at the end, before you look believe your own eyes. So, just as the video in the in the George Lloyd case was the thing that could not be escaped by Derek chauvinist Defence, it could not.
Escaped that's why the prosecutor said believe your own eyes. So the jury. You know what you saw. You saw guy with his knee on someone's back for nine minutes, who was saying he couldn't breathe and they could not overcome that in terms of reasonable doubt, and we just watch this, I watched it literally twenty five times. It's nine seconds, count off nine seconds right, one Mississippi to Mississippi three Mississippi before Missis be five, MRS, it be six Mississippi. Seven Mississippi, eight Mississippi nine Mississippi gets out of the car girl falls at his feet. Other girl slammed against the car Mccain a bright turning swinging her arm. He shoots. How can any one? Second guess that the the taser argument is particularly false because
the point about the tailors. Verse firearms is do not suppose you when someone's life is in a meeting danger, that is, when you're supposed to use a firearm force the teachers are for non lethal interventions in regulations where someone needs to be subdued, but is not actively threatening the life of another person in such a way that you have no time to do that I mean I will it is me you know they were. They were marching still in Columbus. Black lives matter is rallying around this they're doing the hashtag say her name all this stuff. I hope. A lot of Americans looking at this case in particular, will see what a lot of us who watch our local chapters of black lives matter, try to turn homicidal maniacs into victims of police violence. They'll see the the Craven hypocrites of a movement that elevate someone who was trying to kill another black girl as as sums
A martyr there there, really it is appalling peoples- had stopped giving their money to this organisation. It's it's, not it's a longer, a movement that we should do. The average American should look out and say this? Is doing good, and the reason I emphasize the media is that I agree. I think it's much worse, that Gene Saki in Divine Administration or taking this type, but I think a lot of Americans get their info patient in a kind of filtered through around social media. What they see on that that evenings news and the framing of this story is gonna, stick with a lot of people who might otherwise be reasonable enough to look at the evidence themselves, and that concerns me anytime. You had the word, you know, even in Europe I'm omitted. The word date they emitted. The word unarmed, in a tweet by Ben Crump, who is describing the situation incorrectly the times edited that out when an include To quote it was alarmed right, so there's a lot of you know, that's not the kind of thing that did that the media should be done,
they are shaping a narrative and now there I feel I agree with you. John they're gonna feel in that that narrative is the official version because it literally became the official version and genocide. Is that those words yesterday? We even there's a lot of talk over the last couple of months and understandably about things like qualified immunity for police is fair police are granted that the notion of qualified immunity where they are granted a certain level of discretion for their actions, that other people don't get and union contracts that, depending on the city, including like New York that allow police officers. Seventy two hours, for they are forced to testify or say what it is they that happened in a controversial event, or something like that.
If you want to know why those rules were first promulgated are put into place and their bad their bad, like almost all preferential union deals, are often bad in that they end up being in place to defend the worst enough. The best to sort of save people who deserve to be, you know, removed from their jobs to save their jobs. That kind of thing these things are put in place because there was. This is not the first time that the liberal establishment has gone after law enforcement, an arm and and the people that we engaged to protect us with lethal it's not just cops but the? U S? Military! In the nineteen sixteen and nineteen seventeen there was a deliberate and conscious turn among men. Liberal elites away from police.
And the military, and this idea that they represented a kind of fascist mindset in the United States they were pursuing hippies, ended up just peace, loving people and and and investigate in peace, loving organizations and they were corrupt and the latter law and an them at this all was of a piece with the same moment as that the nine hundred and eleven policing came in, which basically said to cops, don't go out on the street, don't engage with the public, they don't like us. They don't trust us we're just going to sit in the car and wait until we hear, there's a crime committed, and then we will go and deal with the aftermath of the crime. One of the key Decisions that led to the crime spike is that there was no prevention being executed by police officers in
United States largely for almost three decades, because there has was this opinion turn against the cops and it's happening again. It started happening and in real time really with maybe maybe Brown in Ferguson, maybe a little earlier than Michael Brown? But you are during all this thing like will? Why would a police officer ever I really would be a cop now or why They got other car. Why would they ever do anything? And one of the ways in which a lot of this was and round was a kind of implicit understanding. Why, city managers and people who were negotiating you in contracts and even state legislatures? that unless police, unless the police were given to
understand that the people who the politicians who govern them had their back and weren't going to turn on them, because AL sharpen himself criminal, who you know, encouraged a riot that killed that data that the killed seven people in in ninety nine, before you know, it was start attacking, and then you would have David Dickens or whoever or whatever liberal politicians at the time was, was gonna come down on them and that the easiest at least polluting, costly thing for such a politician to do was to throw the cop in India yet in some circumstances the wolves. There was literally such a case in New York in ninety ninety one, a drug dealer named Kicker
see, I was shocked by police officer in stairwell in Washington Heights and before all the facts were known before was known that he had pointed a gun at the police officer, Michael O Keefe, and all of that David Dickens had agreed that the city was going to pay for the funeral of Cato Garcia, someone who had threatened the life of a police officer. Was himself a career criminal. So there is real world evidence of what happens when that is the political mood in the country and the political mood led by liberal politicians, and if we get it, if we're going back, there were getting all kinds of evidence that we're going back there I mean This is this is no joke. We are seeing rises in crime in almost every
major metropolitan area in double digits, granted again it's from a very small base. So the absolute number of crimes is not high because the crime level has been so low, but these things Like you know, snowballs rolling down the hill, I mean they they date. They gather force, may gather strength unless they are resisted and the president's eight hundred and twenty seven the bright, clear message that they will not be, which is very bizarre because it's such a a one hundred and eighty turn from the Joe Biden of the campaign trail and Joe Biden of the campaign. Rounding. This up for the blotted out the Joe Biden that the campaign trail, at least as advisers, were very proud of their capacity to resist pressure from liberal twitter too soon to adopt positions that were out
outside the mainstream of american political thought even outside the mainstream of democratic political thought. They credited that with winning the primary and to a great extent, winning the election, and they have all been abandoned that Energy entirely, and it's gotten them into trouble already them one day. Example that springs to mind is this Just jumping on the bandwagon of the notion that the voting Billing Georgia represented Jim Crow to point out, putting pressure on the all start game to abandon Georgia and then, when everybody to the bridge, They got a chance to look at the law. I got a chance to review the process. By which I shall be made, this decision, it looked horrible and it was a debacle and people began to on this White House and been critical of the White House for probably the first time since its presidency faced real criticism from interests that have a greater base of support than the activist class that populate online,
Ok, I signal a backlash coming a mile away, if your does, if you're talking about rising crime rates and accompanied with this backlash police that defies all logic and reason and your own eyes that you can you can see it coming my way because already happened according to Democrats. This is what they dealt with in twenty twenty ok, but this is not that's why I think you do weirdly enough. You do Biden and his people and injustice in saying that they're they're, like cats, those of extremely online people. This is no longer the province or opinion of just extremely online people. This has become conventional wisdom and the Democrats, the party, not among liberals, America. Sis ethically racist cops, are bad and and- and something needs to be done- all of it. That is a little bit and they are, but I will put it this way. They are acting according to conscience and conviction.
Then the issue at that's important, because that's where the rubber meets the road in terms of the political changes that are going to greet their taking on these the set of ideas, because when you believe it it's very hard to get away from it will give it. They believe in an ideological abstraction that I think this most recent case in Columbus. Ohio is a perfect example of when the abstraction meets reality right and they really that cognitive dissonance, which I think is the term that we one of you said earlier. The show is real and it's real. For the kind of voters that, to your point, Noah, moderate Democrats in in areas that you know in states her ears that are more purple than blue, expressed deep concern about. So I actually think that they will. If you keep saying things like structurally racist or you know, white supremacy over and over and over and over and over again to a population. That then says, ok, show me the examples of this and you are
sample of it is a really as it is a terrible, copper and our French. Unless has a good sort of thing about how about chauvinism, He learned how the union protected him throughout you. He was not a good cop to begin with in it. That was what was it white supremacy? Not necessarily it was. It was bad police work. He was a bad cop. He got what he should have got That's just it. On the other hand, you have liberal darlings, like AOL the same will this isn't just as either because it systemic problems or people cannot get a grip on what they mean by that abstraction, even as they keep repeating it. And frankly, I think it's too narrow a view to suggest that the pine minute nations per hey, progressive twitter strategy being abandoned is only is relevant in so far as we're talking about critical race theory. It's not just that it is you see statehood which can't even imagine the Biden campaign endorsing, but the White House Short has it, the refugee stuff, where they per capita refugees,
now in an according to the time line that the Washington Post out for very good reasons for Her administrative purposes that were abandoned because progressive Twitter pushed on the real heart institute, information of the entire economy, which the binding campaign wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, because they weren't trying to transform anything. They were restoring right. All this stuff is and is not limited to the button campaign which they have embraced in part because of the way campaign was in a complete lie that Joe Biden was always this person, who is always a very liberal guy, very progressive guy who has just sort of parading around as this restorative moderate. In, in defiance of everything we already knew about him, but also because they are in Thrall to their base. That signal, because what happens when you get to the White House now they can't see beyond your base. Ok, so there is a very interesting piece, the Crystal Ball, which is a very sad that the centre for politics
The University of Virginia's online resource, looking at Biden, approval numbers and at this point compared to other presidencies. And what striking is? Despite the fact, we look at him and we hear him we sail with people like this is really popular and all that here popular. I mean he has pot compared to Trump Trump at. This point was around forty percent and he's around fifty two or fifty three, that is a stork low for presidents. The only president who has who hit that lower number was bill. Clinton in ninety three and remember Clinton only got forty three percent of the vote. He got up to fifty three, which means that he rose significantly above his actual vote total and it got people to Sir, I well, you know he's done what he can do whatever after a hundred days binds at fifty three, which is like a point and half above where he scored on on election day.
And I bring this up only to say that if his mother, what Biden is doing is following pretty precisely the model of Clinton in nineteen. Ninety two, which is to say Clinton, gets elected as a new Democrat, the guy, who ran home to execute the mentally in of the mentally in company, Ricky, where erector so that he could be known as a tough on crime guy. The guy who was, you knows, speak in southern acts and talk to my uncle Toby was the head of the new Democrats. All of that, and then he comes into office and the first thing that happens is somebody and so the military insults Colin Powell talks about you know sort of like a changing the rules on on gazing them
military and then embraces a giants. Tax increase because he came into power and that the centre of gravity in his party was not where he ran and Biden may be. An exact in other Biden ran in place and there is no place like that in american politics. Now that he is in the White House and he is occupying the place- that his party in some odd way is insisting upon, and he is heading for the rocks and the shoals that we had that that that took Bill Clinton down in ninety. Ninety four with the you know at that point, the most lopsided mid term election in american history, because he does not have the country behind them and where he has not can have the country behind them is the notion that a cop who saves a girl from a knife is is
as you know, is bad and end and that- and that is good and that once more that the girl was swinging, the knife is a child she's a sixteen year old child or as Corey Bush, the first term congressmen from Missouri put it a baby she's a sixteen year old baby said Corey Bush a baby, a baby with a butcher knife, a baby with a butcher knife doesn't get to kill another baby who doesn't have a butcher knife, not my country, they don't, and I don't care what color anybody is. We can get to that. In terms of systemic racism as well, but I wanted to hold on hold on. No, I got it. I got up. Ok, because look are you still going at the post office are still paying full price for postage? Ok! Stop because thanks to stamp stock,
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the law, as we all understand that as it applies to all of us equally evenly and without prejudice. What Democrats articulating in this case that we all want people to follow the line necessarily not evenly not equally but equitably, which means that certain people get to commit certain crimes with impure That is our morally persuasive argument. That is a particularly detrimental argument and we don't have a whole lot of polio, roundness shockingly, but in New York City first, well, there's a may. Will re sets going to take place in this November and at the top of the list of priorities just below covert and reopening business? Is crime, crime and public safety rising crime rates among Democrats, democratic primary for mayor this is their top priority, and Democrats aren't speaking to Democrats right now to say nothing of independence and Republicans,
They are lost in this hall of mirrors they created for themselves, most of which is is social media related social media based and they're, not speaking to the general public, and you can't just turn and turn a switch and get around the campaign time and start talking to the gym republic and pretend that you cannot just catch away all of twenty twenty one, twenty twenty one. And there's there's also a way in which they are talking about what they claimed. He doing using terms like equity, which which, as with many times Mention is a bug. Bear mine is not the same thing as equality of opportunity or equality of access and that countries the again that the average person looks it's over that talk, so yeah You got that towns. That sounds nice right. Look! What's let's be better. Let's do that.
And then they see in practice they sit in practice and educational contacts which looks deeply unfair. They see it as who, as you know, John sent us all a story on our on our group. Texture about you know a vaccine provider in Washington State who is not allowing white people to get the vaccine vaccinations at their facility as a matter of so called equity people. Look at those recently. Well, that's all right wages is that equity is in fact it is because equity involves not just right, big bring the p who on the bottom up, it means you have to chop down. The ones were on top and bring them all down to the same level. It is very much the Harrison boardroom we talked about that, but that I think is going another problem for them when they go to voters at at home in their home districts and have to talk about the policy. I d, as that are there that that are fuelling these. These measures, there, not persuasive that just like Deef on the police, was not persuasive to people who live in edge neighborhoods, where crimes
raising the the argument that I'm seeing a lot now on the left in the wake of the most recent cop shooting within this. This goes to nose point about the difference between wanting the law enforced justly and fairly and wanting something else. The argument I'm seeing Now- and this is, I guess, kind of us slightly new nuance in India, larger left our in here and it's coming primarily from Coal Hannah Jones. The godmother of the sixteen nineteen project is that what what's happening with cops and black
Americans is what the law is does it was designed to make happen. This is how it supposed happened. The law itself is supposed to be unjust in this country right. She said that she said in another like astonishing, how people just go out and and and talk garbage HU, a historical garbage. She said that them Policing in the United States started literally a slave patrols, policing in the United States started following the creation of the police Department in London, which was created by Robert Peel, and they weren't, which is wide policemen are called Bobby's and they weren't outcome, thing out for runaway slaves in London. Yeah when they Rico is entirely on policed
for two hundred years. So me this so that this for closure is the the prospect of the just and equitable enforcement of law right. If, if your idea is that the law itself is, is wrong right? Ok, so let's talk about believe your own eyes here, because that ultimately, as I said, the prosecutor in in the chosen case said believe your own eyes to the jury, and I think that was probably the thing that either saying it or the fact of it is why he was convicted, and I, in my onset believe her own eyes watch the video its nine seconds between the time that the cops steps out of the car the time he has two he he has discharges gun to save the life of the girl who was slammed up against the car. The whole point about this system.
Racism conversation is that it is a way of saying do not believe your own eyes. Oh, you think you see a reality, but it's not your living in a fillip K. Dick novel Brok, Obama was never really the president. Come cobblers, isn't really the vice president. You live in Chicago, your mayor, isn't black you live in. You know you live in these places, you're the power structures aren't african american or hispanic. That's all in allusion, because systemic racism is controlling, unconsciously everybody who everything that happens and therefore what you see what Your own eyes is false. What you feel with your own experience is false. If you're walking down the street- and you see, somebody who is menacing are frightening and you get frightened and you cross the street, and that person happens. Someone of a different race from you, you are Pro Europe. You are participating systemic racism. We
other than believing the evidence of your own eyes, which is you're not confronting them. You're, not saying oh you're, a fog, and I need to get away from you. You are being prudent. And wandering off by yourself to protect yourself and telling people that what they see in what they experience and what they, what is going on with them is, is not real, This is the red: pilling are blue, peeling or whatever it is everybody. Does it liberals, do it, conservatives do it when the facts don't line up with their priors or their ideological, illogical beliefs. They want to say in, this case, don't believe your own eyes, studies going on magical conspiratorial, evil, stop that you cannot perceive is going on and therefore the election was stolen. Therefore, systemic racism is dominating every decision that everybody makes
the United States relating to black people, but the difference here, I think in its important- is that the I totally great, like the the queue and on election, was stolen folks who are guilty of this as well, but that the left controls a lot of the cultural institutions that serve as the gateway for that information, the nickel Hannah Jones examples are going, I'm glad I brought it up rewrite History is something that that is also on their agenda, because then there are no facts right. If you eliminate the fact that someone was armed said this cop shot. This baby and people hear that over and over again at any time, there's any sort of interaction with law enforcement. That's the story, that's that's turned out. It's like the bet. It's like that, the bad tweet that send corrected the first bad tweet with all the misinformation is the one everyone. Its nobody reads, the correction and there is no sense in which, on a systemic scale, the activists left is trying to do that with history, and we look at what they're trying to do with how they teach american history in this country and its wide conservatives are really reacting strongly to that.
Day it it's the way they talk about the justice system. I do think there's an effort to to the debts. New wave of pressure that brought to bear on these cultural institutions and hence cancel culture as well, that is that's different from even you know in the nineties, exists in nineteen somebody's, where you had people who were anti coppin. Crime was still rising, look in the in the interview that idea. The conversation I had with my father nor imports were the seventy fifth anniversary issue of commentary. He said that, as commentary began to sort of frame the the ideas that came to be known along with that is framed in the public interest as NEO conservatism. One of the things that people responded to when they wrote in or when they, when they liked articles that were published on on various things was, they would say
I'm so glad that I read this because I thought I was going crazy. I thought I was taking crazy pills, something things are going on that do not port with my understanding of reality that I can see the hot before me, and I thank you. Two for saying. No, you know. North Vietnam is not a wonderful worker state. No, you know their ten thousand different exit can say when people burn a coffin as they did in them in sixty eight during school strike, with a jewish star on it. Members of above are of a radical teachers, collect That is Anti Semitism, don't tell me, but it's up their burning of often with a joy started, or something like that and NEO conservatism, or some version of you know, of the kind of revolt against liberalism in the sixties,
in sex. Seventys was built precisely on this sense that that reality was getting away from people and that and that what was the party they were mostly apart of and the experiences they were, having were being belittled. The evidence of their own eyes was being gains and the idea that, for example, that it was no longer safe in their neighborhoods, was thing, you were not supposed to say or you were not being fair to suffering, minorities and poor people and that sort of thing- and I have no idea this- is why we, and with the enough already party, I mean that is kind of what I'm talking about here, which is, if the as the United States and his party continue to try to describe things that are going on in terms that are not true. Just as there was a revolt from twenty seventeen to twenty twenty one
I'll drum said, I, the biggest crowds in the history of the inauguration, and we all saw that he didn't the cognitive dissonance stuff is real. It helps fuel. It helped feel that movement against him that wasn't just purely ideological. It was what is he talking about? What what are they doing? How can they say this, and we now have three or four cases of this with binding. We have this with that, the child being you know, and I unequally treated by law enforcement. While we can see that the facts or otherwise the border that is not a crisis or seasonal. When we know that there are more people crossing the border or arriving at the border. That has been the case in fifteen years. I mean- and there are a couple of other cases like this and they are creating the conditions for the backlash against them, that it will have nothing to do with his ox news or whatever it is,
people going you're making me crazy. You are. This is not right what you are saying, how you are describing what I am seeing with my own eyes. I think, maybe you can even add to that list. The administrations on where we're at with the pandemic and vaccinations right and that is, that is another one, we're we're being, All that inoculation is not inoculation. I still importantly, none it well, they ve got any because of your if you're supposed to get the shot to live no differently from from the way you lived before this is this. Is this is another reality distortion that is driving a rising rotten practice? Vaccines, don't behave like every other, rising were familiar with when there actually better than those vaccines,
and importantly, you have only ever reasonably that none of this will be visible and pulling that all of this will be Sub Rosa and if it materializes will materialise from like a bolt from the blue, because people are being honest with pollsters how much being honest themselves how bad it is being reflected in Poland. That's why I mentioned that the peace and crystal ball by car Conduct Biden is at a low, present after four after after a hundred days. Not at a high he's at a relatively low trump was much worse, but Trump is of course, of X. Factor Biden is a restoration candidate, conventional politician for vice the United States, forty. So my dear senator all of that right, yes, oh, so what I'm saying is we may already be seeing results in them.
Failing that, maybe he should have expected to be its sixty and nodded fifty three and he's not at sixty and and and things like the border Christ, For example, we know in every pole he is way your water on that maybe I mean it's a mid term. The president's now on the ballot he's he's a likeable person and people like him pray his favorite, villainy ratings are heard and shall ratings. What were at one time, civically. Thinking about our issue sets an issue polling which is already notoriously unreliable, but just take the vaccination issues, for example, as we and saying for a while. If you're, actually following them on the ground. The evidence on the ground pulling says is now it doesnt align with reality, as we ve been seeing declining interest in getting a vaccine at these vaccination sites, even as sport import vaccine hesitancy is
in decline, is no longer other fashionable, is less fashionable these to be sceptical of vaccines, but individual personal behaviour, don't seem to reflect that so you're gonna have people. I brung claim who hang on polling and say that everything you're doing is wonderful and popular Republicans love it. Everybody loves it undergoing go into the midterms without impression and I'd, be willing to bet that they're gonna be disabused. That notion but see that's an interesting thinkers. That's what is the purpose of that? If you, if you're wrong, claim and you're the White has chief of staff you want propagandistic leaders say we're popular too sharp here, but you know, unlike have made, argument and all of that, but of course the purpose appalling for Syria, a political actors is too precise you exposed to figure what you're abilities are so that you can address them. If he wants
to believe the meal. Your list that the mealy arrest case, that everything is fine, then he's gonna end, and this is, of course, a grave democratic weakness. There's a triumphal ism in the democratic parties? What you know somebody Michael call prone Goya like they think everybody thinks like them, and everything is gonna, go great, binds gonna win by ten everything's gonna be fantastic and they don't push hard against their own conventional wisdom to see whether or not the public is with them and their ways of doing that insufficient. The greatest social science analysis and if they dont do it there, The portly blinding themselves to a reality that is gonna come hit them in the face even before the mid term elections and ninety. Ninety four: when that, when the narrow polling.
Which is how you really measure this. That is. Are you gotta vote for the Democratic republic? It was fifteen Sixteen seventeen points in the republican direction dating back into the spring of nineteen. Ninety four Democrats didn't believe it. They just couldn't believe couldn't be the law coming, you know who doesn't like what we're doing. Everybody wants healthcare. Whatever was they did not they could not emotionally handle the idea that they were crosswise of the electorate, and it is an interesting psychological fact if they want to believe that what they're doing is popular rather than testing the theory that what they're doing is popular, so they can see where they need to address things, and so far I think It has been politically savvy of them to say where advancing these bills in this incredibly divided
or I said- and you know what they're more popular than they than they look like to shore up the Democrats, who might waiver or the democratic congressmen or senators who might waiver about. Some of this by throwing whatever day that they can to get them to to do what they need them to do in boating terms, but that's not going to save them from an electorate that does not think that that the world that they are either the king or that they are poor. Trang bears any relation to the world that the voters want to live in or that they were that they do live in speaking of living in, let's talk
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we are now because Biden is now threatening the cancellation of the fourth of July. I don't know how he thinks he has the power to cancel the fourth of July. It's like Alan written in Robin Hood, king of thieves. Saint cancel Christmas yo he's like. I think it was the sheriff of done, so he announces because Robin Hood is robbing from the porn rum from the rich and giving to the poor. Actually, it's the Monty Python Sketch, where the guidance of robbing from the from the poor and a note giving to the rich that he's going to cancel the fourth of July, if people don't get you notice, if, if we don't get a pass this or something everybody who wants to have parties on the fourth of July Third houses get, acts everybody who is not getting vaccinated either doesn't believe in vaccination will have the party wet regardless
or doesn't want to have a party, which is why they're not getting vaccinated, because they are this clearly larger than we thought populous that enjoying the social isolation and the lack of social anxiety that there exists. Currency all that This is how is trying to get people to get vastly holdings I thought I'd make us that, yes, let's hold independence day hostage, that's that's great objects to the up. Let's blame the people who are doing you have done their civic duty and thereby and and and and lived through their self interest by punishing them too. But it's just such a pitiable expression of impotence. That you would say something that, like that that has ever. Possibly act again just a day. I mean how else I think of another way that you could communicate so effectively that you haven't no idea what you're doing right now or how to get past it,
They are aware that you simply cannot countenance the measures that Nobody would have a better effect like providing people with incentives to get vaccinated. Rather, unleashing everybody else, because their neighbors won't it just thinking, I have no idea how to do this and get another pitfall for this administration cause. What's ballasted his job approval numbers right now, the call it responded covert. In an inn in areas where that has been true. Were literally so here in DC. They are little sending people door to door with vaccine took to try to get shots in arms, and it's just not always working people. Saying. No thanks. I don't need that. I mean that it still How is how is the culture handling this by haranguing and mocking prompt voters? People like Stephen Cold, air last night saying? Let what's just imagine that covers a car Caravan and the vaccine is a wall, and this is how
gonna get arrested. They have no idea how to handle the fact that it isn't from voters. It isn't rural people that you really have to reach here in part because their unreachable to you a specific but the members of your constituency is you're you're coalition, african american voters, minority voters, people who were these, as you said, John, these really kind of cool, I hit socially awkward people in the professional class. You don't really want this to end. You know reach them not even try. Well, they don't they this again cutting, imports with this idea that I have that people that that what what what liberals c in the night states is not the United States. They see a sub section, the United States and they extrapolated to everything else and day
are inclined towards a strategy of hectoring, Anne and punishment. And again, I don't think this is a democratic or liberal weaknesses, something that Republicans suffer from two and it's all part of the geographical, big sort and the fact that people know less and less know, people who disagree with them, but a. But but I agree that it exists on the on the right as well, but to recent studies that the first one I forget, who did it looked at what people? What Americans, oh or think they know about covered and and its impact in it and the deaths, and it shows that liberals are far more out of touch with the facts on the ground. Then those the right and then there is a second study done by these get the research centre in February on cop shootings and unarmed civilians, particularly african Mary
and once again, this study showed that by far the those who the Americans were most out of touch with the facts on the ground, where the most wildly exaggerated sense, what was going on as compared to reality were levels right I mean these numbers are really startling and they end they do have this peculiar analog to some of these trumped numbers that you see, you knows or like forty five percent, think that the right it has had a point on January sex. I mean if twenty percent of Democrats liberals believe that covert requires hospitalization, when in fact, you know I mean now, lay of five hundred and twenty five thousand people died of covert or five hundred. Seventy five thousand people die, some fact with a implicated, are they weren't all in hospitals when they die number one? In number to you now we ve had no eight mill.
In cases or something I don't know what the number is of a theoretical of cases of comfort, all of which have been experienced by people in their homes. They go on their own. They, corn team, the rare they with their families, Rita, pass soup under the war in whatever like. How can you not know this? You can actually not know those guys. You actually don't know anybody who got it. Maybe, like I mean that's one way of looking at it, police shooting stuff is, is, is even more startling, like people think that I don't know what is it like that? the ten percent of all police things involved, police and then shooting or something like that. I mean these It's it's it's it it's astonishing, and it's one of those things where you now, as
so yes, he said you know when you, when you don't believe in anything, you'll believe when you, when you don't believe anything. I believe everything when you don't have a route understanding of things up any factoid. That seems to reinforce your ignorance is them. You know something you could just spout off ha sorry to end on this depressing note. But what can I do? It's just the nature of the beast here at the Commentary magazine podcast, where we do have that merch. If merch dot com attorney magazine dot, com mugs are back, the mugs are in. We got them in the office yesterday, lots of mugs for you, twenty bucks for a commentary, keep the candle burning, mug, beautiful black ape drinks, coffee.
Every morning. You'll love it and this t shirts, until bags and various other things, give a look, marched off commentary magazine, dot, com, and for a Christina Bela John Podhoretz, keep the candle burning
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