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2021-10-11 | 🔗
Liberals are beginning to panic about the decline of Joe Biden's popularity and what it might mean, and we're there to help explain it to them! Also, what's going on with the supply chain, and is Trump playing a role in Biden's troubles? Give a listen.
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Some guy so the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday October. Eleventh, twenty twenty one Happy Columbus day, I'm John Portsea you're a fragmentary magazine with me as always: executive, editor, eight green Waldheim agents, Senora Christine rose high, Christine John an associate editor nor Rossman behind our Hydra guys Democrats are beginning to panic and liberals are breathings panic about Joe Biden standing our friends at the bulwark,
there are long well end Jonathan. We last have a podcast out the details, and then there are a bunch of our beds. Pieces this morning detailing there was Also Sarah's Focus Group in Pennsylvania with binding voters and voters in general, all of whom, basically are having Biden, low marks for everything and are and have decided that they're not blame republicans, were problems that they think are happening on, binds watching the and then are vital responsibility. Then What strikes me is interesting about this. Is the general sense that, by its troubles are deepening because of covered, ah, whereas, Do you think over the last two months that the sole issue, In Washington was the passage of these two in out these two bills and term. Voters are looking
that is to say their seals Classic Washington fighting going on why are we out of covert yet It raises a very interesting point, which is that. They knew running for president, that this the issue was covered? They start the presidency and understood the solution was covered. they decided in April or whatever that they were going to declare victory over covered and then, decided they wanted to move on to other topics that they enjoy more or that they thought were more forward. Leaning our future looking or whatever. how could you make a mistake like that? Anybody? just if you think, through it, you're like. what an unforced error like you took your eye off the ball. Just
Why aren't you having daily briefings are even know what I'm just saying like? Even if you don't know what to do about the death of it doesn't really matter, you make it clear to people that What you're interested in isn't what they're interested in and that what Interested in is I'm getting resolved at what you're interested in isn't really something that seems to have an effect on their daily lives? What is it in your view, just talking about it just seeming focused on it. Having this is your chief priority regardless of what you aim to do there, because there is probably two minds on this issue, one is that you should be applying as heavy a hand as possible to mitigate the effects of this disease and get us a back formal- which I don't even believe is the ideal on that on the part of his cohort, or be that you should be prioritizing the result
of the status quo ante normal life and accepting the existence of this virus as just a new normal those you know, those two things are in direct conflict in and Joe Biden has clearly favouring one appeal. moreover, the other but you're going to alienate some people, no matter what you choose, I don't I don't know if it's just talking about it on a daily basis would somehow alleviate these concerns, but he does. And have seen is administration, at least with the messaging which we have talked about. Many times does seem to want it both ways right. They did the let's rip arm ass off of your vaccinated, no mass. They did this whole roll out, which angered some of their own public health officials who, who are hyper, cautious, unwanted everyone to be mass forever. So there is a lot of internal dissension, and then they told him when they had amassed couple
and without a lot of good communication, but the problem is I've. I think that he has avoided talking about covert until he uses it as an excuse. So when the bad job numbers came out last week, he blamed the delta variant is well. We can really protect its probably the delta variant effect, so it's a useful tool for him as an excuse making device. But Americans are still looking at this and going what the next six months to a year? Look like for us and one or two you got great. I think that came up against their own false expectations here, the button camp. With this idea that there was something that a that a different president could do to change the trajectory of the other everything, and then it was like okay? What's that thing? What what? What? What what time mean yeah yeah. You can you don't make the vaccine is available as possible, which was already happening, so he continued to do that and then there was kind know nowhere to go with it accepted
appear everywhere, with a mask scold everyone and and dead. The iccat kind of ran into a dead end Well, I think you know I mean they imposed mask mandates on the entire country, basic the OSHA which constitutionality of which has yet to be dedicated by courts and I'm very suspicious of it. But I mean that's him egg mitigation measure that surely more people will appreciate and not based on a we ve seen, but a lot of people don't appreciate it and don't abide by it and are experiencing economic hardships as a result of it yet. But if you listen again, if you listen to the focus group the than I you know that I mentioned at the top of the podcast they're, not they're, not the people who were at about vaccine mandates. This is a much more general much hazy. Air thing, which is Biden said I would get a virus under control. Toby Eleventh, the virus is not under control.
He said this a year ago, it's now year, yeah, maybe ruefully life Experience in history and the challenge of dealing with it have proved that that power ass was naive, doesn't mean he's not gonna pay for it. he's the one who made the promise. I didn't make the promise you didn't make the promise in fact, had a different one. standing of this, which is you say Ok, where we have this thing, it's going on we're making. places every day. Every you make a choice: if you're going to privilege attempting to mitigate the virus over returning to normal. That's a choice That's a deliberate policy, medical health in old cycle, Logical national mood, decision and Biden is paying for.
the choice he made, which is that he kind of didn't, really make the choice or essentially went with the M Tropic and therefore ultimately degrading. I The that what we need to do is defeat the virus before we really move on and it turns out. I think that was a mistake by stone the response of the very people that voted for him. We're not talking about people, vote, four trump, who gonna like him and aren't gonna like anything that he does organ give him or are gonna have to grudgingly say they like what he does. If what he does is success, the issue here involves the people who do like him or dead like him or did vote for him. Who saying he has not done what he said he was going to do and instead he spent three months talking about. You know info What about the social infrastructure bill?
that weren't even talking about Afghanistan, everything about it that way after Stan becomes a consuming national issue for two months. He made at that time had taken your eye off the ball like it's like No, what we probably need to deal with Afghanistan, but baby, we don't deal within until we ve got covered under control because I said my presidency, was about getting covered under control. but the second order effects of the virus or when I think the people in the focus group were talking about the truth about the economy. There talking about all the supply chain issues you're talking about the things in their daily lives, they see as kind of fall out from the overall effects of the lock down the shutdown the slowdown of our economy over the last almost two years now from covert. So I think when, when buying TED, I'm gonna shut out. You know, I'm not gonna shit on the country and to shut down the virus. They heard. That is a much broader message and law
to their daily lives, no longer being imposed upon by this virus that we that that, thankfully, is, as you know, on the decline after this most recent wave Biden seems to be talking about at once. He got power as I'm doing these specific policies at my public health professionals. Tell me I should do he's not seeing the bigger picture that the average American is seeing and he's trying to kind of cordon off these various things, which is why the virus becomes a useful excuse, making device form when it comes to the economy. But that's How american see it this is all connected least in our daily experience. You have these mitigation measures are a means to an end, the end being the result. Of normal life. The status quo ante, the assumption that the pandemic is is over and that this corona virus has become just another corona virus that we can live with, that. Don't talk about that anymore, I don't hear anybody talking on an improvement on within the administration and among its it, sir. You know apologists in the press and supporters would have
They don't talk about the end of this pandemic anymore. They talk about the mitigation measures and, presumably, if Europe, if you think Joe Biden, isn't focused on what you want him to focus on and the pandemic is your chief issue? Wouldn't you one the focus on the end of the pandemic, as a pole, I read your attitude to get year, which we cannot lose where the actual and game is. But I want to combine that with with Christine sad and you can see the continuing political, I wouldn't call it a catastrophe. but serve the political dead end that he's walked himself down, which is that If he says yea. Other job numbers are bad because of covert that the the obvious, corollary, question is what you doing about it. you said that you were the feed the virus you're, saying I'm sorry like our job numbers are bad because I haven't defeated the virus, yet I should have defeated the virus, but I, didn't defeat the virus similarly
when the medical health professionals, that worse, was to trust to her walking us out of this basically say that the thing that we're recommending we can. Not guarantee are going to have a positive consequence very near future. We can't know that we can, no, whether your kids can trigger tree. We can't know what your thanksgiving is. Gonna be like we get know what your Christmas is. Gonna, be like all that reinforce This is the idea that Washington has failed and Ireland is Washington, like it's almost as though, because the political class remains as save it as it is on Trump it does not. Understand that every day they focus on these fight calamities and covered this sudden death in our schools and fight at school boards, and all of that and everything that is so unnerving to everybody.
it all serves as an indictment of Biden. I mean if people are having fights schoolboy birds and merit. Garland is saying you know we, to have a task force to investigate whether or not but he standing up Arab at a school board meeting as a hate crime. The fact that some instead, but a school board meeting to talk about masking eighteen months into this epidemic- speaks to buy has claimed that if he became president, this is not where we would be on this date. If he won. I think it would be worse for him if it weren't for the fact that- and this is a sad fact for everyone- people have gotten terribly used to this to the to the to the pandemic generally I think the everyone's expectations have been so significantly lowered about getting out of this in
turning to some version of normal and end up, you know Do you like the way I used to be again that I think. There is almost no one expects to two two had to it and for there to be truly effective policy at this point, What I mean you know, that's the point which is the. Maybe there can't be truly effective policy. The problem is the damage. rats when they run for governments, say I'm going, to do all of these things, and then I'm going to do them and everything is going to get better. And if things don't get better, they were the ones who promised to do these things to make you better and if you don't get better, it's like you went to the doctor it took blood and he gave you a shot, and he made you take a stress test.
and after all of this is done and you're exhausted and you're in pain, and you and you had all this- you know in Europe like staying in how all this, and then he says, I'm sorry, I just you know what it's mysterious. I don't really have a diagnosis, her you. I mean that is so who do you? Is it like? Oh gee, I'm sorry doctor, I barely thanks. So much for trafficking, but that's not the attitude but you would have under those circumstances. Well Republicans at least say you know we want be in charge, so we can get obstacles out. your way right. That is The general difference between the two parties is the republican say. We're here to clear ops, because I e whether put there by regulation are busy by whatever it as an and Democrats are. We are going to build ramps and roads and off an- and we know in them and bypasses to make your life easier
to make things move more smoothly and if that doesn't happen,. What's there their answer can't be well trumpets, scamming, they are giving a rally in Iowa blame him, but that the two he's Trot Biden is kind of trapped in the in the Red River. The rhetorical device he embraced successfully as up as a presidential candidate, which was trumps argument about the virus, was it's a virus there's only so we can do we did the vaccine. But beyond that, it's a virus. I can't do much more mines. Argument was as as does the ape noted, I'm gonna fix it all and because a virus can be controlled by technocratic expertise so when it proved it- and we have long scoffed at that idea and in fact spent a great deal of our daily podcasting lockdown talking about how the technocratic expertise? Failed, the american people over and over again, some of it hasn't, but some has so now Biden in order to kind of get ahead of this Covin argument that clearly
enraging. Even his own voters has to be able to say some version of what trumped himself was saying throughout the election, which is it's a virus is only so much we can do but here's our plan, and he can't do that. He I mean it certainly his public health, professional and the technocratic elite. That controls CDC another, I'm not gonna. Let him do that easily, but he needs me that's kind of what the american people are waiting for him to acknowledges that the kind of reality of the situation. I made it, but also that the thing about that acknowledgement also means so we have to move forward and end should deal with life. You know and incorporate this into into the rest of our lives our days. You know it be we're not going to be magically delivered from this in one fell swoop or at one moment it's it's going to be an element in our lives. Let me give you just two things:
ample of how certain types of public messaging or the way for the President can presidency can be use, could work. So there is this question about home testing Europe the aims of all these home tests. Basically, Some kind of litmus literally a litmus test- you liquor thing it tells you were there but you still owe me don't stay home there, says test him. England in all over the EU. We don't have them some happened. The FDA doesn't want to approve them there's worries about false positives or you know, or bore inefficient negatives. Whatever, whatever system here interfered with this terrible people have been talking about it for more than a year, desperately Michael Mina, Harvard in particular your Joe Biden in your president. There is a problem with the bureaucratic system, those releasing these hometown,
the home tests are one mitigation strategy out of covered, which is to say no, you don't work, said school, where you have to do is everyday liquor. She, the paper, and if you have, if it comes a positive, you stay home, Everybody else links the piece of paper go to school. Nobody has to wear a mask because nobody has covered like right. Here's ass, judging the messaging is sources. Tell the New York Times that Biden is furious at the FDA, inaction on home testing sources say that Ron claim the wife, ass chief of staff, is calling the leaders of the FDA, the sea, the sea and the National Institutes or health on the carpet in a meeting to thirty today, to say why the hell? Don't we have these home tests by Monday sources say that Joe Biden who loves to set deadlines is setting a deadline of October thirty. First
for there to be a billion home tests available to Americans. Ok, that is no policy, is being met. aid nothing is happening that contravening the system. Nothing like that, but when you're willing to say sources say that The White House is worried that that border patrols are using whips that don't exist, though those at same methodology could be used in stories to say, Biden is taking steps behind the scenes to me. American life better and to come up with mitigation strategies that will help people and they don't do it they don't do it because there actually not focused on this. At all funny that you mention immigration, because I'm drawing down that today, we talked about this canopy act number the other day that found by and get it at its lowest marks from voters on immigration, the border crisis respectively and is low.
fully half of Democrats on both of those issues and You can see why, because this administration has been complying with the law in so far as they have to comply with the law, which means temporary housing, which means very slow processing, which means separate families at the border, all this stuff, that Democrats hate and then when they apply the full force of the law, Joe Biden, the taxes on executive agencies for doing so on. All cancelling order wall contracts in doing his best to be the dove that he promised to be giving literally everybody who isn't just a blind partisan on the left, a reason to hate the administration. If you have, even though a semblance of objectivity with you and can actually have a policy preference if we want to pursue whether you're about immigration restrictions on the left wing, do exist or an immigration dove. You have ever reason to Happy administration, because they have no coherent policy
when they do have a coherent policy, they blame themselves for the execution of the cohesion policy, saying it's it's awful and expect people to say well that makes sense like you're a victim somehow and this now always the present United States used the chief executor of these policies and we'll get blamed for the right. Well, so I think part of where I started, and we have pulled away from is the fact that the peace, who are getting worried or may not us. Its people who are worried I'd never gonna fail and hand the country back to Trump or to the Republicans Charles blow away columnist, whom I do not quote often, because I consider him intellectually deficient and ideologically contemptible nonetheless says in the New York Times today, or we came out yesterday, even if they succeed in passing both infrastructure framework and the social spending bell. Those investments may come too late to discharge growing status,
action an unpopular president was slipping. Approval numbers is an injured leader with little political capital to burn Biden is better than Trump, but that's not enough. People didn't just vote, were Biden too, anguish villain. They also wanted a champion that champion has yet to emerge. This is a Europe a scream from the void like this is this? Is and the whole point here, his that he's not gonna, get anything or get credit anything until american life returned to normal, what credit is he going to get its? Not that you won't say he's at fault that he may the covered, or even necessarily made covert worse buddies, but I mean the a slight american life has to return to normal for Biden, to get credit for being
remotely successful as president, but this this, so the competence issue which we saw in the pulling last week. The lot of people have really grave concerns about his competence. the ESA as an administrator just as minister of his own administration, but I think the other things to be looking ahead. To is: am it's bad enough to fetch? You saying you can't. You know? Yes, it's ok to took retreat, but the supply chain issue is that are coming through the pipeline worry hearing. Warnings from the post office is saying male. Your Christmas package's now hope. Like its October, there are already trying to put up these. These warning flares de MER can people that this is not going to be a regular holiday season, not only because of covert, but because of all the again, the second order effects of covering all the lockdown, we have a serious issue with our on me and end access to labour and people. Are there all these cargo ships just circling in their ports, because there's no one to unload them their truck drivers who are totally burnt out because there aren't enough of them on the roads right now, this
Exit Americans daily lives, and the administration has not spoken to those concerns in months. As far as I know about it, not just Americans daily lives like there's a political crisis in Britain right now with eerie parallels to our current situation. They have a trucking shortage. There are, Oh and gas shortages, all over the? U K as there is no one to drive the trucks through. The gas stations why would they have the same political socio economic disruptions that we're having they have an entirely different relation to call the Dave entirely different policies in relation to cover. except for one very significant difference, which is that- and this is something that there was even a bipartisan support for there was unusual amount. There was an unusual amount of government direct governments of venture and interference in the
personally, economic lives of Americans and Britons and whatever because of the Un incredibly unusual circumstances of the lock downs that involved levels of support from government of a kind that we have never been being before and if we're sitting here with eleven million job openings, which is what were told there, is and the employment rate has dropped because so many people are no longer looking for work, even though there are all these job openings. Something pretty significant may have happened that isn't just the money itself, because the money that people were getting from the federal guy ran out last month enough, two hundred dollars a week. Specific threaten Rosalie coming from the feds ran out last month. It is that
Something significant may have happened in the question of the relation of people between in our work pride support, being themselves supporting their families. We, this is dimly, understood and is obvious, he has many factors and is an incredibly complicated question, but something that nobody predicted is happening right now, witches that people are willing to pay thirty dollars an hour or even More to do very, very, very unskilled labour and people aren't biting in these port places. In Savannah, in other places, it is very interesting and it is not answerable, yet why it's happening? But again it happen and what are we talking about in Washington. Whether or not you know they
It's a rush climate change stuff into the room, conciliation package, because if they dont do it by November twenty twenty two, the Republicans will come in and then there won't be sufficient spending on crime a change in twenty thirty. While eleven million jobs are, are our unfilled. There is something wrong: hang on here in the simple political calculus of a police go organisation like the Democratic Party or them, or the White House, like fix the fix, the flat tire. Before you install the electric motor. You have to fix the flat tire I mean you know it's that some or even if it's like, like I dont, have any means to fix the flat tire. Then it's like
experiment use die. You know, use dirt use there. I keep exe preventing, because until you fix the flat tire, the cars and owing to move, and then there are a couple flats, at least as our age Abe continue, but some of them are a genuinely outside of this, whereas control like when it comes to the shortage of the port, sits in its very complicated and is not just about the lack of stevedores Longshore man near there. There is also parts that are coming in from Asia that are delayed, so you can't fix the chassis say you can't let a container on it I mean that's assorted that lets supply chain emerging from EAST Asia, which has everything to do with covered, and that's not something that the President Lula Cancun. I am not suggesting that the president can control with. I am suggesting. He said vote me in as president and I'm gonna fix. That's hen who lives in fixed
and he's getting blamed and that there is no sense in saying this is unfair because he could have made a different promise I'll walk toward, nor you know anyway, God do. I think I think the issue that speaks most directly to the crisis at the border. Where were you know, Biden before being elected along with other the Democrats had sort of pretended that there is this magical solution that that you know is that it can just be obtained if we, if we get out of the right person and office, and it sparked and the fact that the crisis not only wasn't resolved, but we got dramatically worse since Biden has been in office that
simultaneous to the administrations to failure to get its great ambitions? It's it's! It's great social programmes, ambitions past, I think, highlighted the kind of really made them and him look quite clownish because he wasn't addressing. This is simple, but this this real real life concerned that he had said he would address, while going after this pie in the sky stuff and failing to do that. You know we're talking about the supply chain why chain is something that nobody discussed before covered here unless you were very very rigorous you now micro economists talking but what was going on at a specific factory or plant somewhere now become one of them. You know one of the prevail issues of our time and person who knows about it personally
illuminate you about it. Every day is David Bonds and our friend who produces that Daily news letter. The DC today that common that weekly newsletter dividend CAFE that come produced under the auspices of the bonds and group his three billion dollar financial management and services You will learn more about the daily disruptions in the economic activity of the United States due to supply chain problems. If you read the DC today, dot com, and on a weekly basis. You will have some you'll get some greater understanding of how all of this has a global national impact and a global impact by all means please go to dividend CAFE that common subscribed to both of his newsletters letters. and illuminating enlightened and by the way, entertain yourself, because it's good writing and often very funny that David Bonds, bonds group the antidote to the intellectual spaghetti of the financial
Benjamin and services industry, so too pick a little bit more about this question of the supply chain. I what politically? What strikes me as interesting is that we have people on the left who engine that they can dip into areas of the economy and Fatah I'm with them and make things better right. I mean that's where the general idea regulation, aside from preserving people, safety in the safety of products and safety of workers, and all of that that that that technocratic intrusion into the good working order of private capital, and all of that will have a net positive effect because it will make Things function more rationally more fairly,
you no more smoothly and all of that and here, You have sitting here something that is potential a sort of existential challenge to the good working. order of the world economy that things are being exposed, weak This is failures, flaws or problems are being exposed, that. I would say I think it's pretty fair to say no one who is so self confident about glories and wonders of the regulatory state, or these are ready. Tori Frameworks has the foggiest idea what to do about this. I mean if you are, if you believe and technocratic solutions, the supply chain is the ultimate tat. The Craddock issue right. It's the interplay of good services, trade Labour manufacturing carting
and support. It You know seventeen things put together in which there have been while deficiencies achieved over the last thirty to forty years, owing to computerization them and all of that and yet maybe we ve gone too far like baby. The fact is, the just in time manufacturing turns out, there's a reason for all their redundancy that was replaced by this witches. Witches disruptions and then we don't have any. We know we'd go there's no, there's no given the supply chain, if, if there are real disruptions in the supply chain, whatever I'm just struck by the fact that we're staying here, talking about minting, true in dollar coins. In doing this and what's gonna happen, maybe we should spend one point eight trillion, and we should spend two point two trillion in this matter and basically we are looking at things really.
World things are happening right in front of us and the people who just love to fuck around our standing. There mute panicked, paralyzed and impotent. Well, I'll be nice if they were standing there, Mew, paralyzed and impotent there still talking as though they have some authority over the situation can can grasp it much less control. It wishes you contributing, I think, probably to a crisis of confidence. In their capacity to word, navigate their environments, because it's quite plain that the technocratic said really doesn't have any idea how to address this issue. everyone knows it is beyond their control, but won't say as much because to say as much as to admit the obvious that they dont have, as as there are not as capable as their hubris allowed them to admit. I mean it isn't one, right, that's the whole point is it's it's an interlocking almost I'm not in its obviously not in but I mean it is a multi
various set of problems Christine. I was gonna take when they do. I did just to add to what I said when they do actually make an attempt to talk about it as the by demonstration here or there over the last few months has tried to talk about inflation. They absolutely botch it because they they, they basically gives us a denial of what we see in front of us and there there is a very interesting piece. New York Times, upshot newsletter.
Today or yesterday about shadow inflation. So it's not just actually the numbers that you can see where the price of gas in the price of chicken of the price of milk rise. It's a fact that the quality of the experience of the goods you're buying starts to decrease. As you know, restaurants, who were trying to cut costs because labour costs have gone up or the supply of their food is increased start to give you half of what are used to having de restrooms are not quite as clean as their own people and the quality of everyday experience is part of this to its wise called shadow and patients, not quantifiable, but the but its qualitatively experienced by people daily, and that over time adds to this sense of like. Why do it? Why does life sucks so much all his utmost, wise everything, expensive and it's terrible.
yeah, we're we're talking about something! I think it's we're talking about national depression of anatomy, purely economic, but I mean psychologically or if we come up people not willing to go back to work for money which itself is dead nationally. Debilitating reality were too bout, the view that the serve worsening of all consumer experience- and this is the very hard to cycle out of that kind of it. You know deeply ingrained problem, it's it's! It's this is not just not a surface level problem. This is this is something that's now deep. in us. Sarah long well, who's focus group were talking about used the very loaded term Malays to describe
I was trying to avoid it yet, but I don't get that is it Where would you know now, obviously loaded? Obviously, because it was it? Was it that the odd thing about the Jimmy Carter, Malays speeches at the Word Malays doesn't appear anywhere in the speech and yet I welcome in particular, are becoming more. I have, I have very, very vivid memories. I was in college, shows in my second year of college. I ran a magazine at the University of Chicago with my friend Hub Limburg and in a we base. we did an entire issue based on the malaria on the well s speech and everybody was Only the molest speech are still not clear ethical. The term molest came from Chris. two four lash whose whose whose book was really the sort of the emotional source, the bucket to title right now I can remember I will look it up and mention it in a minute, but I,
what how this is like the seventys. The seventies had real inflation right, I mean by by the but by the late avenues we're talking about inflation, numbers of the sort we had never seen in the United States, a lot of that was about or about the specific, disruptions in the oil supply right because of first the EL embargo in this in seventy three and then the uranium revolution and seventy nine, both of which affected the life blood of the american economy and had this terrible effect. But but one of the one of the issues relating to this, the kind of inflation the shadow inflation talking about is public grubbing. This, let me see if I can explain what I mean by that when in in seventies, Sir he's all over. The country began suffering terrible economic reversals. You know tat
two seats went down, they also had. We know why they were doing at what they also have to deal with buying oil and supplies. x times. You know what it cost the year before. All of that New York, famously almost went broke would have gone broke. Had there not been this very complicated intervention, Cities where I'm fire, you know, Cleveland the lake cotton fire. There is all this these kind of, but that but the the thing that is memorable about that time, not just in America that interested in New York. which you can see in movies of the day but like all over the place, was a kind of general degradation of public spaces, because The capacities and sort were running out of money to employ the people who did that stuff in part, because they are also a hiring three to employ. People who did lots of other stuff
giving rise to this great Nathan Glaser crack there you know cities in the nineteen sixty stop doing things that they knew very well how to do like pick up the garbage and started doing things that nobody knew how to do like trying to cure poverty. So it's a zero sum game. If you're gonna spend more on trying to cure poverty, you're gonna end up spending less on cleaning up the garbage and- and I see not just the you know, portions of my, you know italian food that I order in getting sick Secondly, smaller, which I did this weekend, but a general kind of grubbing that then ties into aims idea that we are in some kind of an emotional. You know trot slough of Despond that it's not worth cleaning up- you know it's not like that. It's like broken windows before broken windows, which is why someone
restore rocks or window in an empty Billy wife and bother cleaning up? Who cares? I got other things. I gotta Bob bother myself with and then, if you dont clean up that window, then in three weeks a hundred windows or shattered and broke in theirs glass all over the sidewalks and the problem is a hundred times worse, because you didn't intervene the beginning, and that is the other form of this shadow inflation that not, if it's not nipped in the bud. Has a contagious aspect to it, but that sort of it we ve got talking about the technocratic outlook, the technocratic outlook to resent that impulse that you just described, knew about the people. Don't really respond
Into the kind of top down solutions that, without these macro economic, universal solutions, we are talking about a very block to block issue like that amend the technocratic outlook, ultimately comes to resent the people that they're trying to serve, because they don't appreciate your your macro economic philosophy and how little regard you have for the day to day affairs. Did you know that kind of sentimental outlook on your you know your day to day life that they don't believe should really have of of? In effect the psychological effect, certainly not a macro economic effect in that it and effect on crime? Broadly, because you know it's so far- removed from the violent crime which, by the way, everybody's trying to turn to talk about in terms that are insane you re. A brief digression here is that another than line on the part of the left, who is desperate to give Joe Biden some sort of ballast, is that crimes actually down. You know, you know you can't why don't you appreciate the fact that crime
his down just as little little thing like murderers by strangers, is up the kind of stuff that is absolutely positively chilling that that terrifies. You to the point you don't actually want to go out is up but yeah. What about you know: property crime? That's on a big deal. So why don't you appreciate that you jerks as a sort of outlook that eventually overtakes the technocratic way inclined of people who were to leave entrusted to manage our affairs there's also one
One other difference, I think, from the malaise it was crisper lash, culture of narcissism and Daniel Bells, cultural contradictions of capitalism. You actually brought them to Camp David and chatted with them, and this was supposed to have influence a speech, but the difference now, I think from then is that we have and ascendant progressive wing of the Democratic Party that actually sees this. Not seize the fact that people don't want to go back to work, not as a bad thing for the country, but is a good sign for humanity. They believe in a universal basic income. They believe many people should have, you know, should be able to choose not to do dot jobs that they think are getting degrading to them or their don't give them dignity, and this is actually in terms of the and long term that they would like to see, which is a much much more socialist style form of economy and government. That's that whose safety net is so vast that many people in it will never have to lift a finger if they don't want to in the lobby, painters and poets. I assume that is actually a good sign, so there there's,
We are ten June that I think didn't exist in a quite the same level as it did in the seventies. There's an intellectual class that embraces this idea. This year, we ve seen essays in books written about how great it is. The people don't wanna work anymore, and that there's there's something percolating there they think is unique to own era that is worth exploring in terms of how its feeding into this idea that work is bad. We shouldn't have to do it You know it's enough to make you just wanna, retreat to your head and listen to some great music, and if you wanna. Do that? Let me talk to you about Ray Con. Our next sponsor so, what's going on in the world, so much trouble. So much changed so much spill case began always control the vibes out there, but you can control the virus in your head with a pair of brake on wireless ear buds in your ear.
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there there is some secret to be gleaned from the behaviour inside the White House over the week prior. That is going to unlock a truth about the direction and direct pressure and saw a White House involvement in the insurrection that will. I do now changed. Course of history. and the other is a kind of eagerness on the part of the mainstream media too. Annoyed trump, the head of the Republican already now, and the person who will control the Republican Party in the future and the reason I think these too are are interesting and contradictory is I don't see any evidence or indication on the basis of the way Trump is behaving right now and what he says what he said and I went all of that. That he has any real interest in being the leader of the Republican Party in the present or even in the near future. In the way we imagine, leaders of parties are leader,
meaning. He was some to advance certain policies he wants them to advocate for certain aims are to attack things in certain ways or to do whatever, like that. His folk, is very narrow it is I really one you it saying that I'm gonna die ask anybody who doesn't say I'm going to do what I can to make sure that this commission doesn't its hands on information about what I was saying before that and you just stand there and keep cheering me there too. Is to be no real, larger purpose to his country. doing political life, except here own desire to relegate the twenty twenty election, which is not gonna, go well for him in any practical sense. by which I mean not Thing is gonna happen there. going to prove to anybody He won
to worry, decided magically that he one and it was stolen, so that continuing Game here You know, I understand the appalling says that Republicans say that Hazel. Do you know what a lot of people say? The election was stolen, all that, but in general, if he the leader of the Republican Party. The republican Party has no future. sure, as as an aid as a coalition of ideas or countervailing forces to liberalism or whatever, because is totally divorced himself from any any interest in any of that. As far as I can tell em I, why has the practical, fact of freezing the rates right I mean no, but nobody's gonna jump out in front now. Nobody wants to peek too early in its still very early. Obviously, in the twenty twenty four cycle, though, it is the twenty twenty four cycle, but by making that this
central issue. You know an upper down referendum on whether or not Donald Trump was robbed of his cosmic do and to the extent that we hear anybody addressing the citizen, the affirmative, it is yes, he was robbed. And yes, we do agree with this nonsensical idea that the the- election was stolen from him. Somehow without elaborating on that much further I mean it does essentially keep the Republican, from maturing post trump keep it from embrace. the set of ideas that are just not being gonna whatever the left likes. We doubt it has enough. Essentially kept the Republican Party and a set of interest in a state of stasis from January sex except his mom state of states is right, I mean there's a lot of there's a lot of actual firm hand going on when it comes to Republicans and elect So we have Glenn Young and trying to sort of
You know maneuver through the maze of what you say, that that alienated from people, while trying to make sure that independence and suburbs and Virginia will vote free ones, Fishing numbers that you can win the election, that's a jump ball. We have stuff going complicated stuff going on in Washington. We have we had eighteen republican centres about for the infrastructure billowy at eleven republican senators vote for the vote. for the budget ceiling, compromise thing Europe. It's not like life, isn't moving on and that by isn't being challenged in different ways, both by sort of facts on the ground and by politicians. It's that Trump himself is is sigh load, the law urge silo. That is casting a large shadow.
but he only wants your liberated from Inter Party politics, though, on the Wednesday liberated from primary, take a look at how the Ohio primary for you a senator, shaping up, and you can see that the central issue seems to be the extent to which the candidate will be clown themselves and act in ways that are very indecorous in order to appeal to the most enlivened part of the republican base, which has very tramping, and then once you get past that. Maybe you can change your spots, but that's that's the state of the race right now. It is the extent to which you declare and display fealty to the myths surrounding Donald Trump selection was you. I mean I mean to Johns point about the future of of the party, a party of ideas, its feeding, into trumps idea of of of party leadership, which, as you know it
you say, is just a question getting support for himself. He has made it it's it's a video It will be some party of one idea, which is, I don't believe or trust in anything. Don't don't die don't take any institution, or any representative of the establishment at face value, the everyone's full of it every system is broke in nothing made, everyone is trying to screw you. It is that it is this one. An idea which is I don't. I don't trust you and I don't trust believe what happened you by the way? This is feeding into the depression that we're talking about if you dont, if you don't have faith in it thing going on around you and in any of the institutions and in the proud, if you'd, never
you're getting a square deal. Why go to work? You know why? What what? What is it all for counterfeit I mean look, the oddity is the right. Now, the passion among people like this from what I can tell a lot of fellow travellers. Is this vaccine mandate, the evils of vaccine mandates thing and its term? on vaccine mandates are terrible? And you see this kind of trumpets in intelligence, going bananas on the subject on twitter and stuff like that in, and then these fight stuff, going on and in you know, and by the end of October, eighty percent of Americans over the age of twelve will will will likely have gotten one of two shots, which means that Twenty percent of the population will have then basically refuse to get to get there,
right and then so that twenty percent of the of the adult population or the population over twelve will have refused to get vaccinate. Of which one now consumer- probably gas, that that that those numbers. Disproportionately republican in number so- and publicans make up twenty nine percent, or some like that of the electorate- maybe Thirty may be twenty seven, I'm out even remember so forty percent of the Balkans or something like that will be part of this. How dare you with vaccine mandates thing, but it's only forty percent its on eighty percent, it's not ninety percent. Most people are doing the rational thing here and are behaving in a rational manner and aren't Alan West, who is who got cold? and is saying I'm so proud that I didn't take the vaccine, so I can take
I'm a colonial anti bodies, because I'm taking monoclonal anti bodies which are curing me of the covered, the vaccine wooden of stopping from getting covered and pharmaceutical companies are profiting off. Cove id like. it costs three thousand dollars to get a monoclonal anti body treatment and the call to rethink, make autos seventy five dollars or something some just saying there is this world the people who think this way? But if the republic, party orients itself entirely in that direction, it will be like lemmings going off the cliff it doesn't it. This is not How even the mainstream of the party feels about the vaccines and stuff like that is the distorting effect of trumps worked from is and whether or not we are sitting here thinking that enough
is ever going to change in relation to him, and if you ask me right now, if I had to bet one thousand dollars, I would bet he will be. the nominee in twenty twenty four. So I'm not I'm not getting Goin off that, but, but he is, speaking things to a minority of people who are less and less relevant in the debate, what's going on in the United States. If you would have said the same thing- about the progressive left after Joe Biden when the nomination? No, I wouldn't really. I would have. I wouldn't have inevitably determines that they were not the animated force at the base of the party and then pivoted directly towards making them an animated force at the base of the Republican Party. But a democratic party yeah, but I don't. I don't predatory, looked a symbol, back to the matter is that there are ninety three members of the progressive caucus in the house and
moderate yelled at them in that famous meaning that we got leaks out of after the election, about how stress The funding, the police and stuff like that, killed them and made them lose a bunch seats. And the problem there is that they were the care they were still in the majority and nay you know, and in some ways and the funny about these things is: if Democrats out of fifty seat majority the progressives would be far less powerful right. It helps to have Ninety three people in out of two hundred and twenty as almost ninety three people out of two hundred and sixty those now These three count a lot more in the smaller pool. If your Nancy Pelosi, ex your life a lot harder and, if you're buying, it makes a life a lot harder, but it doesn't make bread genome privilege I of houses, job harder makes it a lot easier. I guess anyway. I don't know I look Polaroid
it was a very hard subject to deal with, I'm just struck by the fact that Trump made this speech. on Saturday and I don't see that he did anything. You know It sounds like a motto: maniacal focused, obsessive you know on a very specific thing That is a weird thing to obsess over forever, because its dependence thing happening. That cannot happen, which is somehow the election being overturned. I mean you know. It just doesn't make sense in some fundamental way. This is why it makes sense that we would all our but it it makes if your goal is to keep that core group of loyalist extremely angry and focused on the thing you want them focused on just how you were robbed. I mean that makes sense. It's it's. It's fan service. What do you get from? It? Revenge
what I cannot get a winning the election and twenty sixteen revenge against anybody, Anybody who doubted him- everybody laughed at him, but right now I was in a serious political force right now, I don't see what he gets out. That's all I'm saying I don't see what is getting out of this. Well, you rob engine power, I mean if he feels relevant, he feels powerful. He still pressing off the left, pardon the expression D. You know he still still getting the reaction from the people he dislikes and I agree with no, I think, he's out for you even sees upper avenge. His angry. I just think it's an interesting moment where you can see, as we see tube, to tighten up on a ribbon even is in real trouble arab at a very early stage of his presidency, right, and its relatively conventions are like tramping in trouble and twenty seventeen Trump had the most unconventional presidency in american history
Things were going on that had never happened before and everybody was aren't going. What the hell is going on here and all that Biden is like a conventional week. President. Do you know with it? You know parties got control of this now but it's not that strong and he's you know, we'll see, legs are wobbly and all that that's a very conventional present and see with conventional political problems, and he is on the ropes and Trump is doing absolutely nothing. If you on surrounding twenty four or help our help. The Republicans like deliver the coup de grace Spite and he's really not doing much to help that along maybe they're lucky that that's the case, because it can happen without em and therefore he will eventually seem much less relevant, but but you know fine then finds in a lot of trouble here and he's gonna. Be president for another three years. three months or something like
I dont even understand you know if he does Paul himself out of this nosedive. I don't really understand what the presidency is. Gonna look like like most presents didn't go with this. You ve got this far off the rails. This early, you know I mean, the staff, even Trump got them trumped up the tax screwed everything else up in twenty seventeen. Anyway, we have hit them. We hit the hour mark, so we will. We will let you go apologies for buying, though my extreme loquaciousness, and will talk to you tomorrow for a Christina know, I'm jump out words, keep the candle burning.
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