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Commentary Podcast: Bannonism Goes Bust

2018-01-04 | 🔗
In the second COMMENTARY Magazine podcast of the week, the hosts discuss Steve Bannon by the avatar of his movement: Donald Trump. Clearly, the damaging quotes Bannon provided to the journalist Michael Wolff are worth taking seriously, even if the rest of the book is dubious. Finally, the hosts dive into the evolution of the Trump administration from populism to conventional Republicanism, and how that impacts the immediate future. Due to technical difficulties, the audio of this podcast is slightly muffled. Please be forgiving when listening. Thank you.
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Welcomes the counter. An exit progress today is Thursday January team and John have worsened. Contrary magazine, these seven monthly level, probably intellectual analysis and powerful ruler perspective commentary exit out. We will give you a few free, weeds and asked his stride. Ninety ninety five for individuals, destruction when, in an environment all access subscription from your mailbox eleven with me, as always senior editor, a ring all hell away. I John Associate
Rossman high. Now I don T see you Furthermore, I saw all the more urgent So there's a book outside it's not out yet it's next week, they're putting the excerpt and the two articles about it. In the last twenty four hours, wolf the slippery interested. Slippery untrustworthy unprincipled journalist of many
you're standing were grateful, called that burn rate about the dark Campbell woman. Would she attempted to killing and then fail to do so? What biofuel right now has the spoke out about his you're hanging, ready from White House Access President that he got because he wrote very kindly about the trunk and handed trumps movement in Hollywood reporter in the months before the election trump like the pieces ban. Unlike the pieces, they gave MAX S and he sat parallel mostly on couch. On the first floor, the West Wing Watch people go by an interview a moment, seeing things and fair say that them. This is the remains that is blowing up the second year of the other of the Trump White has said today that you ve got a bomb because you have one,
destroy at that it made its already doing bad immense damage in some ways and Noah several take I'm sorry out of what it means a trusted untrustworthy is it and how the responses to it, but obviously we have to start with our good friend and multi billion genius in his own mind, still been no less. Go along with strengthens the valley floor. Yes, I mean the steep banning news was huge. Yesterday I was gonna buried under the avalanche of all these revelations in this book, but down God, you is so long ago was twenty four hours ago, I almost forgot everything that happened so see Van and is revealed in the exercise of this book. You have said you things about Donald Trump family. Now what A man has done on the outside as help airports, Donald Trump,
to be as trophy as Trump can be added. Hoping he has managed to do everything they could to frustrate Donald Trump. He has under me Republican Come in, so he neither providing legislation. He went on in front for re, more lost them ascendancy specially, he has tried to read Donald Trump of the menace of the family, with whom he had wrapped himself. So he has spent quite a lot of time. For example, CBS News in September, where he said you know I couldn't can say whether or not our commissioner was the guy responsible for James Commies firing, which is the worst possible thing you could ever possibly do biggest political mistake in history has said and then follow that up now. In an interview with these this author, Michael off, saying that this strong tower meeting in which Jared Kirshner Pearlman afford and young from Junior a meeting with the Kremlin cut out and television vessel net skier was,
virtually treason, its use. The word treason. It's really feel unpatriotic really slow bedrock of twinning, since the journal Sixteen really stupid, to say the least, that we should have been organised in Manchester New Hampshire, with a bunch of deniable proxies taking. Those meetings is that that was what he said. It is helpful. Suggestion also reportedly said that the vodka from the beloved of architecture is dirt stupid paraphrasing there. So these things, obviously wrangled the president and he apparently Dick aided a official statement in which he just unloaded on Stephen and in the most scathing unsparing terms, calling him crazy. Only out for himself also, by the way, undermining the holy limit. As for the trunk movement in the very early stages. By saying we need somebody, we need people who, dedicated to buildings. Countries are not simply wanted to quote burn things down, Bernie
was the mantra of the trouble It is the mantra of diamonds movement. He wants a burn everything now we have to deal with. Three were always here for another we're losing a victory level. Right now, format thus far in August. We do ass the day that he was fired, saying that he was an any burden is idiot. Two things now then got himself fired, weaken honest way. Seventeen. By giving an interview to calling up left when journalists Robert Hundreds American Prospect in saying that he there was, will launch a trade war. China does Little John help to say to Donald Trump. I gotta get this guy out here and he was out and now He has destroyed his life and he did. I ever tell you destroy his life. If I may make a wolf, he said
as Donald Trump Junior uses of August Stupid, Donald Trump Junior is treasonous and unpatriotic, and of charity right in front of me. Radio, yet again as there was a mistranslation, because we don't when there was a mistranslation by banning, thereby Walter by whom we don't know. Fredo makes sense. Frodo doesn't gets frozen here so he gives interview, he invites love to dinner. Then we'll send El Roger easily Roger Railroads dinner else's. What what the hell's going on trumpet Russia balances
like you know, he's a sword so eager for Putin's paying attention to won't. Do it till he keeps like going after him. Stuff like that, so let's just lay this out. Okay, Steve Bannon is an idiot and what his now he he he destroy himself twice walks around saying he's going to run for president in twenty twenty. He backed the candidate against Paul Ryan, Paul Nehlen, and what Wisconsin lost by six thousand nine hundred and twenty two the same filthy, ranging scumbag, anti semite of the most lonesome quality and helps lose the sad seat in Alabama to tango. Donald Trump will not survive. This presidency will not make it to the ground. He will that's right. This presidency, because of the live literally about his. So here's the.
What's gonna happen now to see ban is that of a giant anvil is when we dropped on his head. Repeal the Mercer family, which was backing all of his sight projects aside from bright bird, has cut him off. So that's over with access to the mercy of buildings over with bright bird is going to have to fire. It turns out. I really understand this. I thought that serve own bright bar. He doesn't and the idea that trumps great enemy can run the fancy king be website from prison for long without harming its own. Natural position is simply it's an untenable
that is about to lose his access to capital and the website that made him. They gave him any standing whatsoever to quit, using their did it to himself has on throat anybody who thinks that he knows what the hell are you doing, goes down in a corner with a dense cap, the ass a quarter from banning, because you fell for his crap. You fell for his, not sensing fell for his ball and you should understand that your understanding of how these things were is fly double quick up, real, quick observation. So yes, when we ban and left the White House than the blind she's gonna be an effective ambassador for Maggie populist from business on the outside and who is anything, but he's on the radio, yesterday's declaring his fealty to download from being very apologetic, essentially saying that we're going to support the agenda. We know the agenda is the present and essentially doesn't and then
The only reason why bring this up as because Donald Trump Junior brought it up, and it was relevant that the announcement that the riper are played this whole thing straight when done from denounced The abandoned and Donald Trump Junior jumped into the comments section of bright bar ends, lifting through some, beg racism and anti Semitism, some less bag, managed to discover that the bright bird commentaries had turned against, see, ban and so get. He is he's not appealing now to Donald Trump he's appealing matters on audience to make your point that he's probably not long for the bright bark world. These gases He doesn't Seinfeld three Black Seinfeld money twenty years ago, is now recycled, money left and from what here was even that much money. So that's the point. He is now
a wealthy man, he is not an important man. He is not influential man. Isn't I use an accidental cultural figure, political figure. If, if Andrew Breitbart had not tragically died on a street and Brentwood in twenty eleven, we would not have no idea who's. Steve Bannon was that is simply the case and and seen somebody self immolate like this is really really really satisfying a person whose influence out of
Politics has been nothing but bad. Now. I think one hears the interesting Cassandra like aspect of this, which stronger form of the weekly Santer brought up, which is so he's getting it because he says the down from junior was treasonous limpid reality well was the little baby. That's that's actually the point that form it may any doubt on Junior, took a meeting with a russian agent for the purpose of getting dirt on american political figure to help his daddy get elected president, that's filthy adults from junior sticks and whatever banning does and his father to defend him only likes that he snakes
it's disgusting, their behaviour was disgusting. Even who wasn't criminally that it wasn't illegal. We don't even like outlets, I wasn't gonna we shouldn't, then sales is fantastic, is Donald. Trump Junior is now you know has now been has won the day there has lost, they should both lose, but then this yet of course than it is in some sense correct method. Why did he do What why did he now come out against the administration in this? What yeah he's not coming out again with this personal attack? We don't know when this happens. We know that when he had this conversation, you don't know what the circumstances for while we, though, is he As some weird edible asked. You know, fake stupid, familial, edible hostility or of animals that are right, he wants to be trumps son.
So what does he do? He goes after Jared suddenly goes after about in the dark. He was after doll, Junior the sun saying that their bad their terrible for hand. There is the day after that, probably no less a person. There's something psychologically deranged about this. Obviously, like Trump he's attend conversely, seem to make trump choose him over his own children thats. Really stupid, personal unsatisfactory, firstly, from a personal rearrest perspective, obviously, to put yourself between Donald Trump, his beloved children is bad for your job, but is not impossible. That Stephen and possibly things that Donald Trump Juniors kids and his son in law or in common. Also destroy the administration avenues of incompetent foods. Regulation sounds like that's like that's like you're gonna go guilty and so saying the guy. You know the guy who built the Desoto like that
they're both right, the sudden noise and they both and actually disrobing. Would you like to go? The essence of our government made new coke wagons balances. Job like fine, so you know maybe Look to your own self! I'm just saying. The interesting thing is that there is, Then this idea that ban and has his finger on the pulse of something more knows what he's doing where's. He knows the opposite of what he's doing. He is got into some semi psychotic Granby osity. Here where he said things like. I was told by both at the dinner. She was the one who's gonna go, Nixon's China, Ryan who's was try, balance gonna run for president that it runs a stupid website. Like what I would say. If I said you I will run for president. I hope you and all the still love me. I wouldn't expect many more people. Then, let's get some views, half the people in his car.
In section mean to take thorazine its insane. He is nobody enough. Wolfram self described Bannon as trumps brain evocative of Karl row. Which sounds a little too much for me, was interim format for less than a year. Now the wolf disregards of like them, or if you get the access to the drum like us that he used to write about this man to strengthen its life. So he was a flying. A wolf who is, as I said at the beginning, is an unprincipled slide bucket then, will you needed to get himself in good with trumpet banner and then use that access to do what he has never get off the vanity specific, huge foundational revelation here that we came up with it with the first, the first excerpt from book. This whole idea that debt, that not only did the Trump and the rest the campaign not expect to win the day when the one day,
some sense of horror over it in end in tears and all Maloney. Yet as they usually on here, I mean This sounds reasonable, What are we laws? We lived through that some people are talking about this book, like it's all false, but it's all evocative of headlines and story is that we read in the New York Times and the Washington Post in the financial Times the Wall Street Journal. All of this was they reported in its only supported now by the sort of color an anecdote. Emotion and that another personal stuff that that Wolf brings to it, but the need of it. It's all rings very familiar to me. It s a really good planning. This book is essentially just a delicious compendium of journalistic color. Adding two Will we already sort of this through a news? For example, we all live through that bizarre inauguration, both of the speech itself. That says it's dark,
Jerry National Army have Incarnate stuff and then the the bizarre press conference at which the late chance by Sir let the police, but you know, he came out these virtues as ever seen, and you were right there and became a national kind of caricature I don't I let him we lived through all the chaos of his administration. The thing that I took away from the first that serve them against the second went to an end in Hollywood. Is the fact that military loss to these people. Yes, it is astonishing to me because it really is, as as ban in himself described them in one of the exercise. In your my french eyes. I think it's a gang with a broken it up, and I actually don't now broken Dick. Is: how long is it needs more?
iranian Jews to these people? Ok, so you lose these people, because you have no reason. You offer America, no reason for you to be resolute and he did better God awful learned or inspired. He had a message rises message. Was that way off track I didn't make a great again and software largely because of people like every, though also regularly publicans. Therefore, very, what's a particularly trust me right. Hilary said I should be present because of a woman and because of that rounded
grandmother and because I will help people in forty years ago. I worked in a word. I helped you next, where, where now she sat right, so how did the? How did they win? Well? The thing that I think first, using sensibly, should have some pause about Wolf's reporting on the way he characterize it says is that I think they were startled to win. I think they were. They were mayst that anyone. I do not believe that, possibly apart from MILAN, your trunk that they were horrified and heart said to have one that is worth gloss on this. The any evidence to suggest that I have got their revolution had taken place, that they didn't know, what's gonna happen, and they didn't know what on earth to make of it before. Wolf extra specifically served, describes Troms eyes response face is going through is sir stages of horror as this as this sets in you know, by the
How do you know I was. I was a face like what is this round drink? That then tell me this way round the way people think he he met this with this, leave their holy, didn't show it nothing. I didn't know they were gonna win. The exerting Europe magazine begins with colleagues way, hauling everybody she due to tell them that this was rights, premises for at least they're on valuable news. We all was. I was on cable news, we will launch TED, say it rest and give us a sport. We need to win Wisconsin right, which they want so anyway, Wolf's reporting has every detail, has to be taken with a brain cells mostly impressionistic, discredit, detail these actions, ten do what I could do it who held house He was in Rome by way
You know that's rather that that's fair whether or not they were people like rights, previously eleven people who follow and eyes and presents no clue what on earth is gonna, be doing all that I find credible shots baser bad though there is a detail in this piece of actions by Sir John Spacer goes. It does the press conference where he says this large spread over and they have often he says you can you believe this blank right believe this. So that's contemptible. I'm sorry like it's one thing to serve the president, who has bad instincts and wanting to do better another to be a person who goes out from the american people and knowingly lies, knowingly wiser. You know, there's always use impress relations, thee,
While I have warriors everyone deserves the best defence and so the same thing with press. You give the best defence, because there's a whole wholly in the legal sense that's how you are not supposed to pay. You can be is barred for knowingly lying in the boardroom it in the course of doing the best defence. It is despicable if in fact, people like Spacer previous and people like that, go out and sell things. They knew to be untrue, rather twisted themselves into not trying to say something that was factually accurate, while deliberately misleading what spin doctors of always vessels over such and such a petty things with you the kind of insane narcissism does the engine of his presidency last everywhere through a looking glass of music. No other
who's gonna win, he's not conventional, carrying F conventional political views and he wisely breathing. It work for and you become here. Here's what you that's the new, that's the thing is, he makes you become like him, that's what I've been exposed, and here I would say I think we would all argue that its great than a charm of Masters National Security Visor because he's abroad of table and he wants to serve the country. That's what he does well he's up his active. Do you officer that, certainly in the United States- and he is doing what it can to help the country John Kelly, similarly wires? Chief sat your majesty like that you go in there to serve him and you and that the price for doing business is the complete loss of your own personal integrity. Then you no one is that's what's being exposed by the spoke, then good, then that is the thing that George Stephanie
this is our very impressive memoir altered human. What he wrote that himself about his experience with the White House. Was this constant temptation to surrender your own? You no person, integrity or say things that we get. You have trouble and get your guy trouble, at least for those two hours, and then he is. The son of a servant is worthwhile. Priests like he was couldn't do that we could do that to himself. And it was tormented by it and also tempted by the power and all that, and so I think what we see is for the minute, these regular Republicans with nothing to do with Trump and didn't know what the hell to do into his orbit. All they did. As this treasure help please so the regular republican thing to have done in that situation, just an alarm thinking or why we're being actions vice of its decision, egregious example, has just said. You know what our supporters turned outlining counted
a number of seven thousand to ignore all that has been nicer thing to do and it would have been over. That's it. So the two ever read the book. But from the accepts that we ve seen from the Hollywood reporter peace from the guardian New York magazine peace, the to take away, I think that I see from this book are, and that will have longevity- are one the allegations issued by he abandoned involving the Mueller problem, which has to do with Jerry Kirshner and his involvement with she's sources and russian funds funneled through joint, your back and Anne and thought then Download Junior well and on the sidelines russian State owned Bank National Bank, which has been linked. The pre sixteen world to funding money through third parties to the Trump organization. This is really well detailed and wash in the walls region.
You can look up these story involving the national Economic and the Trump Organization funding money into a Trump property trotter. This is all public now to adjust to the accident the partner to attract poverty, but not the troubles of the programme to the term problems associated with the Trump Organization in the cell. That's where the seabed and believes the mule investigations. Can we not worse collusion, but towards the idea that there was some money laundering involving russian parties in the pre sixteen world. That's the first time the second thing which is implied throughout this book not directly stated at least the the extra that we ve seen is I download from is is experiencing early onset senility, dementia is setting in and that will have policy political implications, moving forward right, so two things one.
Thence interpretation of what, where wheelers, knowing is, though, better worse than anybody else's. As far as I can he wasn't there? Wasn't there user in August. Twenty sixteen whatever all that stuff it talks about. He was not present. Force of these, like you were be setting a park, has taught me about what they were all the pieces of data suggest and frankly, it echoes what trumpet said months back, which was that he was. He was immediately when he would consider shutting the shameful gang River Mueller. If, if this went near his family finances which, which I think is the right. Ok, so someone number to the Alzheimer's think. So I think not, timers now rose and fell. Is that so
or maybe Alzheimer's on another, Alzheimer's is a dead letter. So the is the theme of the second piece of driving the book he wrote yesterday for the Hollywood before it reaches home base. That is in Hollywood for today, including this detail that he didn't recognize old friends of his amontillado over last weekend over the years weekend, resourceful peacefully landing, this peace? There is something happened. If we really want to talk about this right by your you ain't, you yourself were watching various films of things of him at the night. Yes, I wanna see whether lighting sought his stretched heritage generates again. What we have here is
the the impressionistic stories without sourcing where Wolf says, and then the staffing and in others, the wreckage the endless repetitions preparing himself then visit, but there's no, specific detail where somebody says on the record Harry was. I was at a meeting with him in his signal when something I said what happened with the second exert the wolf seeing the main chance understands what was about to become an enormous sensation right in the session? for the order decided to elevate the approach of the book, which is just a lot of bad things. One drop a fine, and that is the book is going to be exhibit a twenty fifth amendment case against drunk appraisal that baby, a member that allows
plus trembling and even heard president those administration. Seeing that something is it asked the president to essentially tender private vote to have him temporarily limited from office and that the vice president Excellent Pairs presidency for three weeks and which, when the president, can effectively right, formerly a letter to the Congress, saving which will now resume his, at which point. If that letter is not to be accepted, then the Senate has to go through the impeachment process. Effectively, it's not a teacher, but it would be.
Seven centres have to agree that the present cannot be allowed to resume his duties and that he will be permanently from office so effectively. It starts with the current palace coup and then becomes administers, remove all checks and balances. Removal of present an item did Steve Ban in Hollywood. Reporter palm also is quoted. Sea bass goaded by Wolf, saying that had one when he thought there are three outcomes possible for even stranger. Thirty three for such ass, his impeached thirty three percent chance he is makes it to the end, just over because of the rural incompetence on the other side and thirty three percent, a removal from office under the twenty fifth men, so the travel member Google, as it is incredibly plausible a man like that? I'm send a wolf is I think what we see is able to save the presence of the president to say when he goes on tv,
inside Monday to go to sell the book he was going to say my book makes the case. The trump needs to be removed from office, because his closest aides believe that he is not competent to be president. Now Do not take Michael was word for anything under the same reading for twenty five years. I respect is talents and visibility, easy as a person of low character and low principle, and I would not trust his interpretation of rice throw it doesn't mean it's not true, it could be. True could not be true, mostly, I think in a largest sense, when people look at Robin they say it's CASS. It's awfully should be president of the international crises, blah blah.
That nobody who voted form in November twenty sustained could have been under any illusions about who he was what his character was like how'd? He spoke the way he dealt with issues, anything like that they buy the country, one three hundred for electoral votes, as the person who he is today I'll see tell me that he's different now right in any particular. What is this, you said is a sorry sensor, compendium of journalistic like nuggets right. What did it would have surprised you and you know what was it November Stace was election day, can remember episode of November seventh, two thousand and sixteen is this book a ride from the future, and he would have been horrified to think this is how the White House ran, and you would have hoped otherwise, but it's not like it would have come as any surprise
There was a good browser. The places campaign, structures for two months and months will be resident. If anything, I would say that in one sense- and we discussed several times on this package- in one sense, Trump has defied some of the campaign era. Expectations in the sense that he is not is largely not run, save for the travel ban and its role is not run. Policy wise as it has abandoned, is, if you will, President his ran, mostly as a conventional republican, but I think, as far as the details of the dysfunction the man himself having in our grasp on both language and how to convey ideas is jumble of nonsense. That was all all obviously behind in the primary. I am not willing to get tangled from credit for his successors. Unfortunately, I don't believe they artist successes. I think he has outsourced they responsible.
It is of the presidency, to Congress and to the members of his administration, the triumvirate to whom we are so often refer. The generals, Kelly matters and master they come the foreign affairs and in every other sphere, the president constraints, as it demonstrates, this capacity for paranoia incomes, firstly mongering and extreme notices. Assure colleagues it is certainly the national Security document itself is a very conventional document. Down from speech was a campaign speech. It had nothing to do sure sure I don't know, but that that that foreign policy would not be in place and those legislative success would not be in place, but for the fact that this, the american people, in their democratic wisdom, chose to like this, there are still Quite a few members of the old guard who need to He removed, in my view, just sessions that they deal J explicitly and whether or not for the fact that his removal would facilitate the dismantling of the Mueller probe. I would be all for it.
I don't see that law by women, I said that I think that's that's important so far too about what should happen. Notion Light Heizer Ross. We'll get it I forgot pillar will get to that, because we now have to talk about trapper, yes, trapper, so, Your phone, your wallet, you know whether blotting another flooding into their height Some are trying to make you like a lost his keys, the other wings madman, crazy purse. There sit game was finally over my friends because the ritual of mere he's couch, Jaeger, kitchen pockets and better fridge hamper than you created a peer of our jar. Well, we're looking for something the purpose of Rio. Experiences and for most of us, though, it's just archives to get at the house wearing.
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percent of any order. G h, e t, R, a sea hey, are dot com, forwards, less commentary for twenty percent on Tracker. Come such voluntary tracker response in the country, I guess so, knowing your like begging, your wish list of who should leave. Let's talk about sovereignty laugh again, people were dying. It would just left ok. First, I sincerely visor bomb twenty four days right. First, chief sapphire rights, grievance Debbie, stacking whilst leaves into lots Sean's by suppressing sharing on anti scandal. Eleven Day applications Rapture VON. Obviously, the White House strategist, whether she suggested Bannon gone,
There are people whose names are his body she's gone people whose names at first by US political director, Bonn Persuade has communicated less? how to communicate their first communications director, followed at the next communication strategy. As a german occasions reactors and the election the director and the political director, so to what I saw today. Thirty, eight percent, or something like that of the White House staff, has God of the first year, this unprecedented factoid and then leave or scarcity indictments rights that we have. The first campaign chairman got dated format for scurried Visor indicted Flynn, the Manfred so Deputy regards that it too low level poverty levels just amount. They hang on hang on
foreign policy team data, then persuade the other? We are cases sessions refusing himself during jam using himself in Russia, probe the Tom price there human services, as secretary gone for this use of planes forced labour sex Domini gone. Who else? I can't remember like and then, of course, we are waiting. We're waiting were waiting for thee should drop at foggy bottom, with the out of out of favor friendly out of a secretary Every step of the way administration has gotten more reasonable, more traditional, more competent so there is work to be done, but the you're quite a few of these in them it was not even the original. Sir. Like the
again season they're gone that demonstration is better for it, I think I've heard arguments. I think you can't argue is not better for a very few people, with the exception intellectually, honest and somebody. I could do everything just about everything and colder who has spent third, the first year of this administration, sabotage her own financial success. By attacking this administration for not doing what she wants to do. You use an interesting question so so given, if, if you ve readable that excerpts, everyone is sort of ass rains and no one really understands what to do certain things drop, doesnt, doesn't notice, doing Jared and back and come off terrible and it has these these crazy ideas, and yet as you say, at every step of the way, the getting worse the minister, she's got more conventional is it is better for what
Is then this, Mr? What's the hidden and what's the mysterious force that sort of is shaped, thing that novelists right, you're right. I write well now it's where every right right is it. It was ruined your bank right. Nobody, every player is, is every players and competent. How How is early on Donald Trump, fellow The spell of the deep dark establish Republicans in Congress no leadership, Paul Ryan and natural com or hungry shaded themselves. With this president early on and guided him legislatively- and I believe, have put em on this path, which eventually resulted in the adults in the room coming, is becoming more accessible than on from Poland. Committing handling all down from its affairs and criminal gangs are from the great trusted. No, we forget about I'm Rosa Commerce, from the nordic soldiers Lamy. So here's what I mean December right
he announces on sixty minutes that health care about here has to be removed, repealed and immediately replace, at the same time that this declaration sixty minutes, that's do Success on healthcare because, as we now know, from what happened with the tax bill had he done with the original plan was, which was a day, would repeal Obama care what they truly here grace period in which they could figure out how to replace it? Then they would have done that through the way they got through the removal of
the individual landing tromp gives an overview. Nobody knows anybody yet so trumps as I don't want to do it that way now to repeal or replace at the same time, thus making it impossible for healthcare to be anything in retrospect to be anything but a disaster, because plans were in place, structure wasn't in place. There were too many different ideas into any opposing ideas. They could have once when the entire trajectory administration with it would have been different. Heaven help on this right. So what happened? Was he removed himself after this debacle from the legislative process. As far as I can tell legislation Council from the hill, decisive, basically building we ve never seen you, we don't know what they are eating. You went to the front of the American Healthcare ACT and called it mean cruel heartless.
As I say something and it's all part of that same process. The alot of your place meant making it impossible to do to swear the quick victory, but the alarming hair was the repeal of of which would have got them three hundred ninety billion dollars in which to apply to healthcare enter the tax tat, which we also would have made the text had. With than a position tat, I would never have to involve the repeal of the state level tax reduction, which is the most controversial aspect of it. I think what he did was after that, and he had bad advice and all the Essen. Basically Kelly said you just let me let let Congress due account
where's. Does you do what you do we'll? Let Congress do what it does once that happen and the little bits of things, and he can do by fear like announcing that he was recognising Jerusalem, as Israel's capital suffered, that he would deal with great fanfare, but that he was not going to work to set the legislative agenda. This tells you the most important thing by the Ann Coulter story, which is what is it that he hasn't done? What is the thing that is not going to happen? I do not believe that the building of the wall right, if you would told if you would said Donald Trump, the Presidency Hall Ryan had funding we're the wall in the plan to repeal Obamacare in the first go not replace the repeal there is only a border adjustment tax, and the more just and tax, which also would have fulfilled his nationalist you, no war with
Stop would have raised billion dollars, in which twenty billion granted La Palma, who opposes the wall then like the waters, unbelievable wall hang in there funding mechanism for Trump and Trump spiked it. This goes back to the first Wolf excerpt when they contain they didn't expect when they didn't get in Berlin necessarily one went booby trap doesn't work, he needs when he says he wants to rack up with isn't what a convention, Politics means he means he wants to. When the new cycle you doesnt right, he means enduring policies to be passed will be associated with his here. That is not what he hears first times ever been and there's a danger associated with that, because it's not just the legislative domestic policy
say it's also farm policies, outsourced and will take just, for example, the ongoing crisis in North Korea. As an example, Donald Trump has in public contradicted the statements of his Secretary of state Mr Watson, who has said we don't want to have any engagement with North Korea, but we bill, and even that you guys keep quiet. He comes Get him on that said that there will be no engagement on North Korea and yet nothing Judgment with North Korea is ongoing, has been ongoing through secret back channels. Donald Trump engaged They Kim Jong, inherit nears message and when he issued sort of a bellicose but sort of conciliatory message coming down from had this really angry tweet about I'm talking about the size of his butt. What have you and me we're getting very nervous because he was cavalierly talking about a nuclear exchange, meanwhile see the salary and North Korea had engaged for the first time in two years. On a bilateral business, open up and la line of communication and its previously dead, Both the administration and the Green administration have agreed that they will offer a very
minor concessions in North Korea in the form of ceasing military It was during the Olympics, winter Olympics it you're going to be held in South Korea. Therefore facilitating new talks. Donald Trump is not the first voice in its foreign policy. The president of the United States, is not the first voice when it comes to. The affairs of american state that is not a good place to be But none of this is that the danger is very dangerous place today, when the president, innumerable voice of a better, that's, probably a safe place to be given will guerrilla. Given this president but in the event that Donald Trump says something that should be taken seriously and isn't it? history and a foreign adversary, for example, wants to testament thracian things. Donald Trump is is deplorable and eternal he isn't and they overstep and miscalculate extremely dangerous, so this goes. Is I think, it's time for us to take another victory, victory lap number to wonder
one last month, and I find myself an average member I said I'm lash don't like to remember ever get its nonsense doesn't mean anything was a. There has been this war going on among Lemoore, trumpian intellectuals and thinkers and writers and columnists and pundits saying it is time for those who speak critically of Donald Trump own the rights to acknowledge that he is a transformational figure. A good president is doing good things and then it's time for us to shut up and stop talking, and you know and then get with the program. Okay, who looks more sensible now over the publication of the Michael Wolf stuff, then or us who, who seems to have a better grasp of,
the realities of the situation, people who want to make the argument that Trump, somehow either turned a corner or that you know he did or that his governance has just appears. Governance proves that the fears that works best were unjustified gazed at the style and you may not like it, but the proof of the pudding in the evening that wasn't what he says watch what he does well this also when he dies. This is Who is. This is also what it means and follow up with those point. When I present United States, when foreign leaders decided they will be taken seriously
it shouldn't taken seriously because, if they taken seriously than ever that they also go into bunkers worried that there's in Vienna, where war, when when we want them to take a serious- and we want the leaders of IRAN to take us seriously in the notion that the United States to provide moral, emotional- and you know it illogical backing for the for the protests against The tyrannical regime in Tehran is worse much worse than that. You can see it can conceive of a condition and we ve seen reports of this map. Moscow and Beijing are prepared to test the president and when he has previously been tested, and you can see condition in which that test comes self trying to see in the event that tourism territory claimed by Vietnam, for example, that China, seasonal, militarily or in the and that the Dumbass region reignited,
russian guidelines in this area, with the guys, I will go with you in so far as I think that is someone who was never tramper whatever. That means Gimme that in mind, I now the policy outcomes anything it's incumbent on far from being conservatives to acknowledge the deed character, flaws and ended into the horrors of the Swedes and so forth. We shall really damaging in degrading to the Republican. He asked the president are our sense of what it needs our public office and so forth. On the other hand, but to also acknowledge that there have been policy improvements that on many fronts, were better off under Obama ended the world as we lemon could sometimes use a little american bluster, a little american unpredictability, absolutely absolutely
that this is more or less remember if it's all bluster, if it's all Lester that, it's worse than nobler than had been decided, he's done Jerusalem? He has talked a lot tougher on IRAN yeah you. Let me see what else he's done has been pretty good or his bond aside. He found the sun once. I think I think we haven't very, very positive effect in Seoul. We have no more chemicals asked what I want I want. I think another victory lab because I first lab is now. This is something of a kind of rush. It actually is. Ferocity show, but I do want to say that I think that the ability to hold two opposing thoughts in your head at once at the mark of son of a serious person, and I think that we have made very. Serious efforts to credit the travel administration with the things that it does. Everything have improved America and been
while keeping our eyes on the extreme problems, and that the interesting thing is that I don't see any difficulty with that, and it is the it is the town and spirit of aid, the anti anti trappers and then be the proper to say. You are not permitted. You are not permitted to express negative feelings about trappings, that you're giving into dagger you are giving it to the said the lad media that crazy and a crazy, never Trumpery zoo. You now, basically arab, become liberals. You know of all Electra without saying this is what I find so unbelievably galling. Let it literally infuriating is the extent to which we ve been able to engage in some introspection about this president and admit by the way that we were a little bit wrong because he's pursue policies we like and always liked and is then that kind introspection is
there. The other side of this approach from side is absolutely allergic to it and has and is supportive of Donald Trump, whether or not he pursues the policies that they certainly no matter, what the most extreme never travers, who have a similar and yet I feel a man apologies. Everybody wants an apology like that's it doesnt matter in the end, you know what matters is, what the president does, what matters, what he does and what happens right so doesnt, good things, his approach and his body met and personification of the presidency is a bad thing and it is not. It is not a contradiction to be able to say that the two are together can coexist.
Because it's not a contradiction, because they do because, when your services have about hold no brief for the tweets, but he's doing really good thanks right, which is what the stern anti anti tramper say. Well, what's it mean you hold no brief for the tweets in such as you hold? No brief for them is that they are degrading american public discourse and they are lowering the presidency to an unacceptable level theirs. We're short of dynamic, whereby Trump has tried to instil in us even employed this idea that there is the presidency and as one who does what goes on in its policies and then running alongside it, but not sort of touching it are the tweets. The tweets, and the comments that they will not necessarily line up with the policies and there's there's almost
after a year of being trained on this. There is almost the extent to which we can. We can say that that that's how this works as an unhealthy- it's not it's not. It's not by using a new war. I say this is not normal and sorry. It is normal that this new reality that live in and you can bear the boom about a reality, but you are. You are permitted to convey I'll, I wrote imposed on this, which you should read the than that The line on the broad trump right is that any members are on. The right are just embarrassed by the president's behaviour in his tone, and he creates him. It's them embarrassed and they all want to be associated with his behaviour, even though it is true as well, but here too thank you. You should be embarrassed by uncas he's embarrassing, but be that its utter projection, because it's not us who were nor in half of this presidency, in order to meet in her position
They are the ones who are embarrassed because they refuse to acknowledge the in the parts of it that our embarrassing. They embarrassments take the other. I would conclude with one interesting observation that the casing Mabel Allison warning Joe this morning, which is that the net effect of the book of Woolfolk, maybe too ugly, push Republicans far from here. The book should make everyone horrified that trumpet everywhere debit that effective the results of the book may be to push Republicans on a hill. It was slightly closer relationship with tromp words like they made. They will have moved and proved right. Mutual conall was proved right when he said Steve. Baron is a noxious toxic presence in our politics and he'd know, drop and say this is the case. That is
at present, will not be present with Miss Mercer body to organise, in some fashion, a ramp bunch of republican outsiders to primary, Senators and congressmen thus hastening puzzled and crack up, while Republicans are heading in the worst possible political atmosphere of a mid term, they face since two thousand six right. So the oddity is that still baron, again Machiavelian genius has in fact destroyed his own larger political programme of work. Establishment republic with insurgent Republicans, because will not have the backing. You will not have the money and Trump will have no stomach for creating this new body of people, which was only something that was thrown to him as a person
Only by ban, and all I ever wanted was to get the people who were nasty to him personally right, like Jeff flakes of Jeff Lakes, not running for said, Bob Workers, run for for Senate, and everybody else is probably pretty fine with him as it happens, because they didn't insulting. Personally, the whole notion that you could create a new trompe in political movement of insurgents. Don't like these that, which meant that was all a layer that was all ban, and I lay ring on him bandages now by anyone want to respond to this. Now that's absolutely right. I actually, I had a piece it yesterday in the New York Daily NEWS. I'm going to promote on my today is a day rolling yesterday. Some like that. Yes, noting the fact that diamonds, never look back papers are daily, online last night, so get so desire peace oriented who, by the way you should read Oliver stuff. You have your listening: Adobe Lazy, rear stuff, I suitable,
just the same way, Santa banners hasten the hijacking of this presidency by establishment Republicans inadvertently they. Has been ongoing for some time. But yes, that is neutralised himself in these candidates, who, once afforded him only with the exception of a couple are running from him because trunk as the is the present the United States is obviously the people people are invested in their political movement is invested in him. Nobody's invested in a blog proprietor, oh he's, he's going to neutralize what was essentially that saw the icy citizen surging element. Surgeon element has been with this party for almost a decade now gratitude, do you. Mind became an irishman. Whose railway irishman after all, but a perpetual revolutionary, Bree Republicans who were brought new relatives, were brought into the house in twenty tat were now approaching a year in office. They do not, they do not constant
a new kind of establishment. They do now the cat. That's grew out of the Bush era and again there was a perpetual revolutionary creed that needed to be constantly so the soil with the blood of the old and then once they get into the like all revolutions. Once the objective of stability and continuity, the revolutionaries become a problem, they gotta get rid of him and that's. Probably marks the end of that period of the river of other committees. And here's the interesting temptation for them in the coming months. So if trunk does in fact decided to pursue an infrastructure bill which were told the temptation that there was such a bill
infrastructure bill is new standing. Enormous amounts of new spending up to a trillion dollars. Trump has no compunction about that, he's not dead, but what it at its, what about people shot gun down twenty eleven? Are they gonna vote for a trillion dollars? New spending infrastructure is. Will this actually happen? The only way to really happen is if they are allowed to vote now. The only way they can be allowed to vote now, as Democrats forgets, is already a bipartisan piece of legislation. Twenty eighteen, I think this is a luxury- gives a delusion. I do not think there will be any such bill, because Democrats will not allow himself to do anything to advance trumps political position and Republicans there are national parliaments. We cannot vote for a trillion dollars, understanding based on everything
You have said and everything they believe two letters of the tramp would not have any ideological compunction about getting the Democrats to arrive infrastructure built with him, and I just want them unless only wants to do. As you know, he wants to, you have to work the trucks humor. Can he stop talking smack of sugar for five minutes longer to negotiate on this, when they actually have to do something to do with the dreamers, the darker battle, whatever all I'm saying is. As we know, twenty eight in the dysfunction remains a dysfunctional
partially fact affect the web, so logically presently divided and then added its island dysfunction that you no doubt from just can't work is well say. I watch willing dollars to build infrastructure because he is at the head of a party that remains all things being equal, not a big spending party, if, if it can help him, so basically welcomes twenty eighteen. Whenever saving the gas, Nor do I think everything started bigger than the beholder Russia collusion, narrative and ends story. Annex and excitement and hysteria will be overtaken by twenty five amendments.
Storyline email Papa publicly. While that is very interesting, I don't think you can have both short and I think we are but I think it's dark telling and in such a way that the fact that the first is theirs running up steam. Remember, you still need the one person to come out and say there needs to be a real leap that there was a meeting with. We have months. It, I remember the wasn't. The tellers embarrassment masters,
then he allowed the adage aquatic and were very quadrillion, arriving to make sure that there was a continuity of power and came again. They were all got they had attacked, they would all reasonable resign rather, which is another form of you know. So subtle. Whenever organise the twenty fifth amendment. Think wasn't, you know, wasn't a member media matters for America, or were you not one of these relative twitters rights to eleven tweet storm, about how this game theory shows that everything that has, as we close you had said earlier, that the proper without Bannon is a distinct possibility and, as we are closing this third Drudge Herbert Ally and others are tweeting that this is ongoing as we speak, the asters is ongoing always trust commentary magazine, podcast content,
I will take another victory last, but I mean something for next week: rather than a may actually going to China. The slow but allow Europe is founded. You loved China, all by yourself alone, rank lesser itself for the agreement no Rossman, Azora Memorial jump up words. Keep the camel burning,
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