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Commentary Podcast: Biden in Europe, Critical Race Theory, and Where Is Fauci?

2021-06-15 | 🔗
What did Biden say about the GOP and Vladimir Putin on foreign shores? Attacked one and praised the other? We talk about that on today's podcast, as well as shameful public pronouncements by columnist Michael Gerson and former Biden COVID guy Andy Slavitt. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, Billy Podcast, today's Tuesday Doom fifteen, twenty twenty one. I am jump upwards. The editor of Commentary magazine with me, as always executive, editor, a grim all high hydra Senora. Christine rose and high Christine John episode the editor Norm Rossman. So Joe Biden has been in Europe in England. The meeting, but everybody in we talk made some jokes yesterday about how he said the queen was like his mother, but he had a pressing.
Since yesterday afternoon, Noah Abe, you guys watch what are your thoughts about the president's performance on his maiden trip abroad? probably two headlines that I away from that press conference, the first being that I don't remember the reporter who asked it, but he was asked about forthcoming bilateral summit with russian President Vladimir Putin and web her or not is still subscribes to. The notion of Vladimir Putin was a killer on the present founded with a very labour diplomatic response that led him to be silent, for in agonizingly long period of time it took the better part of a formal, a full minute where he was a sort of gathering his thoughts and produced a word salad that I couldn't even recall. If you asked me to, but the bottom line was he was engaged in there
diplomatic effort to avoid saying what either what you thought or confirming his previous impressions of Lattimer Putin subsequently he was asked by some enterprising reporter using this, noxious trick that they do what they wanted. Just talk about domestic politics abroad, allies are concerned about domestic events in the United States, notably January, six assault on the capital and joy and he was asking Joe Biden use this to the point where he was led to by the rapporteur to just all over the Republican Party, which is in it to say the very least, to be the most charitably. Possibly can gauss impolitic. It would be like The group of the party in the United States has no political power in the federal level and to dump all over them, this venue in setting abroad is as such. This sword. It back on that with that. I believe that, if the
Is that what you're abroad you're urine, especially in binds cases buzzy there too, not project weakness to correct for the d. You know that of chaos, the appearance of chaos and the reality of cast over the past few years to go? there and talk down, the Republican Party actually says terrible things about the state of America to the rest of the world. It is, I believe there is a very weak points, for him to protect us from it. We ve been ugly and undiplomatic, Even if he hadn't been disk obnoxious, late, false candidate of our restoring norms, incivility indecency in and dumb the convention's like the notion that politics ends at the water s edge and that's a sort of thing that the guy was elected on right. I can't even imagine Boris Johnson, for example, coming to Washington and just jumping all over labour right as precise
We zero influence politically in the UK. I would just be a about beyond being a non sequitur. It would just be an ugly display- ok because, as the media informed Us Jill lighten were jacket that said, love on the back of it. So it's fine, it's all good and you just overreacting, you're, no that sarcasm, fertilizers, we're not gonna sit at a joint one thing troubled at what no said about binds comments on I agree with the overwhelmingly word salad and I don't make too much of this, but one of the things he said about Putin was it he's smart? He is tough and he is as they used to say, worthy adversary. It's weird thing: you're there to serve, you know talk about policy and would have not had to assess the man Vladimir Putin, in which I would all
You know the kind of glowing terms. In a way I mean what what does this put want to be, but a smart, tough adversary? How Putin does this its mysterious this now? He is now the fourth president in a row. It is or flatter Putin at the beginning of its term right Bush and he looked into Putin's heart and he saw good there. I, Cameroon Obama, seven, you know well bomb and tried to do the reset and soon the button than all of that, and then, of course, there was a trump with his very peculiarly positive take on on Putin and now, there's there's Biden out what what it is that I think the intelligence agencies must tell these president's about how they should talk about Putin in a way that will get prudent to be cooperative seems to be very consistent now over two decades.
It's really worked brilliantly. Hasn't it's like having a flattering. Putin really gets prudent to do what you want Putin to do, they can be charitable, legally charitable and assume that this basic diplomatic protocol to say nothing of the simple niceties but German was also asked, which is a very real question, what the hell this is supposed to accomplish. What is agenda. What do we want I want to end such ass are prepared to me. I want to quote concessions. Are you prepared to make? I wonder but Joe Biden briefly, you did a very trumpeting. Where is I'm going to show my cards? I'm not gonna. Tell you. You think I want over operation this meeting, which is again a smokescreen. Donald Trump didn't have any agenda items that he wanted to achieve I'm, not your Joe Biden does either you don't have to flatter Putin when you're going into me he was putting Europe to do anything. You can say we're having a meeting. Where We have to talk about important things and- and you know, I help we're gonna- have a frank and civil exchange as Bob what you don't have to like go into
flattery? That's why I say the consistency of the positive. Blather about Putin at the beginning of presidencies. To me suggests a you know: it's like Bartholemy, when the old black or something you know the soothsayers, the magicians, who fell Surely in the realm of the permanent foreign policy, are concept they telling our leaders that that really works in out a kind of like flatter Putin or say nice things about these guys. It really at softens them and in fact I think, it's very plausible that it does the opposite and that therefore you have this kind of petrol defence of this notion, and there is absolutely no reason for, whereas, as opposed to the word salad stuff, I will defend Biden on the words out stuff that gets back.
To cut a criticism from the dawn of the media age of the of the modern. You know, tat television mediate that twice eyes an hour would give press conferences of which he would talk about the work and he would sound stupid and then and then the liberals would say do I Dwight Eisenhower the man who like ran world war, two was stupid and an engine of not like outlay Stevenson. Who was an idiot senator from Illinois? Well. Well, let us give the blather right that that I was stupid and eyes and then Stevenson was the servant intellectual. You know he was no more n. You know in intellectual Then I'm up than I'm a decathlete, but you know he knew at a sound good, an attorney out as Eisenhower, Express Secretary wrote in a famous book, called the hidden presidency than Eisenhower, did this purposefully like it that he he would go out and he would speak double talk about things that he didn't want to talk about.
To answer. Questions were answering them, and this is where a conscious choice- and I think you know why, you're a bribe. When you're talking about complicated things, it don't have you should you should, as a president speaking speak words out like that's. That's perfectly fine as a tactic. It's when you Clara, when you get clear and you start big pipe Putin is a worthy adversary. Ok, so you're saying pollutants that adversary. What's so worthy about. What's the last thing the Putin did like two or three weeks ago. He took in an opposition leader and tortured him and forced him to make a hostage video. A twenty seven year old guy. Then it seems clear that you knows that his that his wrists were slash whether he had been hung by his wrists upside down or something like that. That's who does. I ask that the news not worthy in any way been unproven, went on NBC News was interviewed on NBC News and when asked if he went around killing people, which we know he does to his political opponents, including on the soil of sovereign
issues like the. U K poisons its enemies. He laughed you'll afternoons asked about judgment. He teaches after this idea agreed this idea that we should be flattered. Seems very old school cold war era, approached you see in the mass was reprogram about of foreign policy, graduate school, but not not effective, and anyone who watches performance on television, just the average person can see that, but The one thing if he was speaking in vague terms for diplomatic purposes, on a subject on which he hadn't ruminated about his muddying, a subject on which he was extraordinarily clear, couldn't be clearer, he's talking these backtracking, not being diplomatic, not being strictly jack in any appreciable way, because you see I know I think Putin has admitted to some things, that is, that can be beggar and also can be more wrong. I don't. Or colony that so now I don't. I don't intend to take a strategy at work here at all. Oh I opened it. The president's do
so all the time, particularly in foreign policy, where they make very resolute, moralistic pronounce moral pronouncements about and then they actually have to go on and, like you now be president, and it turns out that sometimes the stuff that they sandwich and paint rail is something it's been a long time since the campaign trail rhetoric on foreign policy matters at much, but it turns out you gotta, be a little. You gonna play a more real policy game, unlike down play, you now downplay Europe your moralism in favour of that a more practical approach. I I myself dont fault Biden for that, particularly that seems very well within the parameters of a normal president normal presidency, I'm I'm more struck by want to get back to the GEO p stuff. I think it's it's it's interesting because
This is where Trump I'm sorry or go back to this, but that this is where Trump has changed our politics forever. We thought that Obama, who would sometimes criticised the domestic rivals abroad than Obama, had served like changed all the rules, because he did this in a very glancing way. Sometimes tribe, of course, up ended. Everything and nobody is gonna, do the kinds of things are trumped up dead and so by moving the Overton opening the Overton Window moving there. What whatever Biden can now pay the same games, but look like he's kind of more reasonable added, and that's.
that when, when you want to know what it was that lead people like me and others to say, the trump was unfit for the presidency. It wasn't just his own personal d, but whatever it was, that of presidencies have consequences and the way that our politics will function has consequences and that he has changed the dynamic he chain the way in which Politicians and people in the United States treat each other talk about each other handily each other. He took stuff that was nascent and maybe he just accelerated, because it would have happened anyway, but now there's Biden, who feels free to do something. You know from a foreign, country that if he had been present in eight years ago, he wouldn't have done it just wouldn't have happen like nor but the demands have been made of him to do it and and the constant refrain
Gonna be well the jail PE deserves it. That's the jail p that doesn't accept the results of elections that doesn't desert has changed everything. It supports terrorism, the terrorism and all that all that, maybe you no kind of like the excuse, but by those who have to live within the parameters of his choice. Here, like he made a choice to attack the GEO p from abroad and ok. So I understand that is the general generic democratic idea that the Republicans are recalcitrant. You can't make any deals with them and say should say what every want to about them, but You know, Biden just weirdly opens and then closing doors all the time it was. Some opens the door to negotiations on infrastructure, and then he goes on the attack or he you know, or he
mad at Joe mentions OASIS Joe Mansion, who votes with one hundred percent of the time, is a republican like these. This, his inconstancy following on trumps inconstancy, is making in concert see a permanent, then enduring feature of the presidency, and that is a huge problem. We also have unstable, you know, having having stable presidents, whose policies and an whose relation to other people, decisions are unstable, unpredictable and irrational. Me that you just you dont know where we're we're gonna be at any moment of the day. This is, it makes the ship of State Natalie ship state like unbalanced. It means a week. We don't know where we're gonna be next week. We don't know how policy is gonna work next week or the week after, but he said anything
something a little more extreme than I think were acknowledging year, because you didn't, you say you know, o foe populism, the republican parties fractured. He called into question when asked whether he thought he might. he running again against Trump and twenty twenty four to call into question whether the joke, you will even exist in twenty twenty four, and, if you think about this from the perspective of domestic politics in a day, control of all, but this approving this report set aside- control government right now. The Democrats are the party in power and choose just or or hint that you think you're Gore rival into two parts. System won't even be around, did a few years again totally different nonsense, but imaginative Trump had said that about the devil, party and imagine what the reaction would have better reaction would have been. This is a threat he's gonna, crush the opposition is yet there were. There would have been a very different reaction both to the tone and the substance of what binding
doing. I think he has gotten away by being bungling and bumbling and mistaking Syria for Libya and shouts. It's ok, because his own, pathetic he's got no way with very confused thinking and very, as you say, John confused messaging. Eventually thou hast, that's gonna have consequences for him and for his party- or at least it should you know, I'm just a ticket. totally weird exam pull out of nowhere. This is not Biden. This served Democrats in general. So aren't you retailer green, the Cuban on Congresswoman. You know loud mouth, idiot, embarrassment, colossal embarrassment. Of course you know, said this said these horrible things are the whole caso yesterday
He took a tour, the Holocaust Museum and she came out at the end and said I've made an error. I made an error. There is nothing comparable to the Holocaust. I shouldn't be comparing things the Holocaust, but then did not being ass. A follow up did not retract her idea. That Democrats were acting like nazis, Ok, so Steve calling Carson from Tennessee was an Amazon? Be science as well as I do wish guide goes on, says: what's good, it's always good for people to apologize, but how dare she? You know she, but she left this other part standing Steve. When, in twenty eleven compared the Republican Party to the Nazis and said that they were girls like in their messaging? Ten years later, he feels totally free to speak as a serpent. You know what wagging his finger. Somebody else. This is what I mean by the Overton Window stuff, so
Eve Cohen, says: Republicans are like nazis and twenty eleven, because they won't be because they don't like Obama, care, and in twenty twenty one Marjorie Taylor Green says, Democrats are like nazis for whatever reason and that's beyond the pale. How dare anybody do this? This is. This is how the how our politics to grade overtime, like. I don't even know what to make of this clause, Steve corners himself of a very weird political figure and does weird stuff, but the fact that key he actually himself had to kind of backtrack on his what he had said. I didn't really call them nazis. I just said they were like gobbles, which is of interest to you in a distinction to try to make you can read about this in the end in jewish insider than the very fine daily daily NEWS letter at it
It is, though, it literally is the case that you can say anything and at an earlier your past, history. Whatever you said before, all of that will be discounted by people as long as there are on your side and and and an Biden is now approving. This is of no no of Noah indicates like I'm the guy was gonna turn the temperature. Now I'm turning temperature down on restoring normal see, that's the kind of person I am and then he makes a direct partisan attack on and on and on the on foreign shores like, yeah. Ok good! So you aren't so your tromp you're, not you're you're, just you're, just trump to wonder under those conditions, while the other hypocritical thing that violence as such, none policy claiming to term turn the temperature down while
dumping on the other party abroad. What about all the proclamation Zat America's back baby, America's back we're back. This is America's back going about going abroad. Praise burden and knocking you're on your own domestic Another party taken in total and I'm sorry John I understand. The word salad serve, thinking that you say but taken in total with his talking bad about his domestic political antagonism and praising Putin. The the overall projection of weakness, I think, is quite right. I sit here and in no way does its visit scream America is back. Look I can
can't? I can't deny that I don't know whom America's back to right by the way? That's that's part the issue here is he's gone around saying America's back, and you know what We read this stuff about how now Europe likes likes America again, this again dear concert refrain you know like Europe hated. Erica when rigour was present, Europe hated America when Bush was resident. European and american Tromp was president but loves America. As long as there is a democratic president, Sir, makes you wonder if this is actually true, given the fact that Europe, Europe itself, Europe is unclear, as is as inclined to nominate and and or whether to put into power, people from the right of centre parties as far more than left to centre parties. I mean why what what who is Boris Johnson, who is Boris Johnson but the Briggs, but the breadth of Prime Minister who
Angela Merkel, who are these people like they're, not you know, they're, not left of centre parties and everyone. You know this is just classic Argo. Bargain crap from the media talking to You know it's like. If you talk to people in the Upper West side, there really happy that Biden this president, that doesn't mean everybody in America's happy the Bible is present. What were they mean, the affluent educated transatlantic think tankers with whom they in interact are not the people who are working in the fields of Bordeaux Guph, voting for Mcgraw well you're. When european leaders get along well with american republican President's administrations, which happens all the time, then the whole framework has shifted. Then the european leaders become part evil cabal, that right blared, Lariviere Blair and got Schreiber exactly or be no worse rocket. No notch Iraq has Bush aid of horse
I know I'm just you know. This is a kind of work where it now plank of what That is a game. I want to talk about one other. What about some game before I serve up move on Carson former Bush George W Bush speechwriter a columnist us for be noted, tat, ten or twelve years now for the washing post hasn't a really egregious column today in which he in which he says, that work is them is really bad. It's really really bad woke. Ism is bad, but you know what's worse, republican authoritarianism if you have to pick between left left this being woke and Republicans like trying to assault or tomorrow There's no choice, Republicans or worse, whose saying you have to make a choice. This is idle
understand this notion? The simple fact is that you can reject both like we reject both and he should be able to reject both, and the fact is that he is one of these people who has become so consumed by his own fake virtue in opposing theoretically opposing p. who are nominally from his own party and his own deep emotion, old pain and upset at the republican parties, radicalism and all of that that he now defending the democratic parties cowardice in confronting its own thought Terry, near totalitarian wing, with its own grotesque and monstrous logic about the about the root cause evil of the United States. That is bad. That is bad, bad, bad,
Michael person is bad, and I am saying this right here now: bad MIKE your bad. That was a shameful piece of work. If positioning masquerading as principal right, it's positioning oneself in a very polarized political and cultural environment, calling it principle and I greet you- should be able to say it's both. My question is: why won't he say it's just that he said is there some there's some reward for signal. to the other side on matters of race that he feels he must do in the position. He hoped That's actually! That's it! That's a broader challenge! I think. If you are concerned, little actual. There is there's still a kind of compulsory requirement that if you work in a mainstream environment, perhaps it's that we can something like this in twenty sixteen after Donald Trump when the nomination- and it was a binary choice which amounted to emotional blackmail.
essentially that you have to subordinate you're cool pangs of conscience to the broader political objective and just shut up, because otherwise your licensing, the wrong sorts of people you're, giving credence to the sorts and values and then migrated over to the left during tunnel trumps president's but it's the same. Manipulative impulse, look just reject the notion that we are being. We are being compelled to choose a bit even people who say that the election was stolen and people who say that the United States is it out. It was or in an evil original sin from which it has never recovered. To call that a false choice is the understatement of you know who all world history. Those are the loudest voices in the room right now. That's the problem, So how do you mute those voices or allow new that that the morgue The created argument in when those of the two people shouting at each other, because that
What he is supposed to do. That is what Michael Grierson, as at as a as a high principle The problem is to us was to tease out the strands of confusion. I mean this is not a problem. Four Jonathan Roush. This is not a problem for a lot of peoples, not a problem for commentary magazine. It shouldn't be a problem for him. and an end, and it is, it is the case. I think that you are right that that he is here Paying some form of obeisance consciously or unconsciously, to a mindset that says, if you don't say, acts you are effectively saying why and all of intellectual life. In fact,. poses a poor imposes on people hold ideas you know who believe If that our ideas are more important than you know, then than than partisanship, or something like that
the ability to say that you you you can't, say the two things are bad on both sides and not, you know somehow be responsible for advancing the interests of of another side, and anybody want to defend I'm a little with this. Is there? A defence of the idea and playing devils Advocate here is the defence of the idea that woke ISM is a theoretical construct and the attack on democracy, represented by Republicans, refusing to accept the election, is a practical problem, That is their defence. For this view, what one one is an idea that ideas, vague and evanescent. It doesn't really have practical consequence
then the other actually affects like how we're gonna go forward with elections and how we're gonna change the way. things, were not at all with no job. Because there are so many practical consequences to workers from you know hobbling of police. which means more crime everywhere to the institution of critical raise theory which wish you know grew up our and and and training two demonization of certain aspects of scholarship. Lot. So much of it is made official and institutional and carries with it very real consequences I will positive theory one. I dont subscribe to well we're doing whatever outdoing robbing mammals advocates IRAN so.
cuz as a practical matter is injurious to the social fabric, as evidenced in part by most recently, the by demonstrations, effort to subvert legal protection clause in the fourteenth amendment by distributing funds relief funds covered relief. based on race, which was subject to an injunction and the courts, but that's a sort of thing that becomes a becomes a three to which Americans subscribed then we're headed towards a dark age. However, the Republican Party is new ethos and I'm writing a little bit it doesnt today on the right and it's not a dominant eat those, but it is one that has a lot of very prominent subscribers and spanish. You hear it every day on on the airwaves on the right and in read about it, is that this antipathy towards procedural liberalism, the adjective modifying liberalism, their serves no purpose other than to suggest that the now is sort of grubby. supervisory, an ephemeral, an unequal to the cause
and that liberalism itself is unequal to this cause and therefore we should Marshall all the forces of disposal institutions we control. solutions. We don't control to wield cudgel two bludgeon or enemies back into submission. That is a very popular view on a small subset of the right, but a very vocal subset right that is a species of an authoritarian tendency that I think we should all be hostile towards suspicious of and work against, it is also the comic ogre hope. As he's gonna say not that we have a book club, but if we did, I would recommend Oliver listeners Red reread if they haven't, if they Brennan once before in colleges always did mine Milosevic's look in the nineteen fifteen from the inside of They called enslavement through consciousness, how totalitarianism works for intellectuals and why work the accommodations they felt they had to make in their rationale, for doing so, the book was interesting. Is that the time even the really rapid communists were treated in a suspect
they thought it was a tough enough on coffee and stood on the authority and mindset. But what it does is it get to this question. Asking, which is how You have a complicated discussion of a lot of these ideas without being called and you know, an enemy on one side or the other or without giving covered ideas that you actually don't believe, but fields should be added to the public sphere, for example, just, I feel like they're there. We ve had these debates as it intellectuals but having these debates for centuries. But we need to kind of look back and see how The result men in might get some insight. For today I mean any recommendation that people read the captive by just Milos. That's a mile o s z, if you haven't, got a goat, gotta Amazon get to put it on your kindle. Where, however, you read it's it's it's short and it's and it's at work of genius, it's one of the great works of the zero dollars and twenty cents.
The agenda, and I am glad I'm glad you recommended at the other thing about the procedure. Liberalism attack that I find comic is that it is- it postulate somehow that the people who are who are advocating it have the means to defeat these enemies and pushed them back and take the euro and take take the high ground. where the hell are. These means coming from. You know I mean if, if the means are the seed of notion that you should pass laws saying for beating the teaching of the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project, I got. I got news for those people, First of all, those are unconstitutional. Second of all, you advocate, those kind of laws they're going to come back to you with laws twice as bad and twice as bad and about the things that you wanted. You believe in, and they are going to quash you like a bug.
and that's a letter. Yes, that's also procedural, and this is something that, in writing, for the blind today Essentially, depositing there. I don't really understand how you anathematizing idea and no, I get deserves to be stigmatizing anathematised more than critical race theory, which is it a constellation of a series of the things that we ve been talking about the right for years intersection. Reality Hillary Clinton right to be believed and social justice activism? All of it is subsumed into this rubric, which makes it seem like a came from nowhere, but it didn't we ve been talking about this, for and the reason why is becoming so anathematise now and then is manifesting and statutes is because of this procedural liberalism, because it was talked about the public squaring exposed and because electorates support officials, elected officials who write stance which have force of law, that is the liberal covenant to which your subscribing and benefiting from even as you denigrate it. I know of no other means by which we can anathematizing idea effectively and
wherever beyond You didn't see the people who subscribe to it that it is counterproductive to adapt it to your own objectives too, to the pursuit of an and securing a political office will mostly mostly, I think that there are two ways that that happens, one of which is that the idea is paused in part and then the consequences are are so horrific that it is either cut. Decisively unconsciously rejected, or why more more to the point snuck away from leather it away from as though it was never tried, or as though you never said that it was something you supported an you see ass. You see this the way people are respect the gas lighting on an uncritical race theory where supporters of it say things like. I don't know why anybody says critical race theory, people more people on the writer
so my group racer, don't understand it. I mean it's an idea that was explained by Professor Derek Bell of Harvard yeah. I know he did. I read his garbage. I've read his nonsense. I am fully aware. I knew him before you did probably, and the fact that he's a professor at Harvard doesn't mean Jack. You know like this is how you are defending it. It's like this is endorsed. professor from Harvard yet ever went to Harvard MAX there's a professor from Harvard who claims that aliens are running a running the United States by the way, a tenured professor at Harvard whose name I can't remember right now. At least and that's where we're sort of adopted in the dark of night they weren't they subject. Any sort of vote was not like taxpayer funded institution started, forcing their weight employees to internalize the racial discrimination and an confess to it. Or are you know, tat the bag administration of Road trying to
distribute funds and racially discriminatory ways? All this stuff happened behind closed doors, they're afraid of public scrutiny right because the public want accepted, so. Why would you limit public scrutiny to this idea, doesn't generate a lot of support when it's, when it's actually subject to a genuine debate on the subject. What these with it with their advocates fear is a genuine debate. Why would you adopt those now? I know I agree, and I don't. I don't approve of any these laws that are trying to outlaw the teaching of specific things, but I will say from the view of apparent with kids in public schools there is. There is a certain feeling of frustration and anger that that there is no way to stop this stuff from being taught to your kids. And I what do you do? You can complain? I complained. I have friends who complained and you know when my kids programme worksheets, that's where they're supposed to talk about there privilege? And by that I mean you can complain, it doesn't change this the system does not change your system right, buddy, don't change was his writings parents, parents appeal to lead
players or the school boards are what knotted too to have these drugs reactions because they feel like this has been going on for so long and they ve tried to change the system. But those school board me is that are overflowing have been affected. Those local races that hinge on the sort of thing have turns decisively against this sort of thing and if you, and if you try to adoptions, what a statute you're only going to force these institutions like yours, Christine in a deep, deep dark blue area to hold this idea is some sort of a deterrent in our ongoing cultural angry, an extremely important part, that's true, but I've been so we're we're talking about here is that is the case by case school bicycle school district by school district. This is going to be subjected to the real world testing of of of how much parents are willing to take the what happened here of what has happened I am sympathetic to the I'm obviously ideologically sympathetic to the the force behind it, but
that this stuff was removed from their and taken into state legislatures, which simply use debt, as as as though, as the latest you know a pulp polarization, eleven political weapon and its its kind more important than that, and I know that a weird thing to say, because nothing is more important than politics and politicize time and you you know, but a, but it is caught a more important than that, and it is desperately necessary that these fights take place at the school board level, because if, if, if, if they happen with,
voted on by politicians in state houses who actually have an who haven't, read Derek Bell and have no idea what they're talking about and simply know that you know they heard something who heard something and there you know someone came to them in the end. They can't defend it. They don't know why they are against it, wherefore it accepted liberals like it, and that is a terrible, terrible way to win arguments, it's the worst possible to win an argument and it makes you want to wash your mouth out sometimes and if you actually feel like you got a bad taste in your mouth, I'm going to recommend quit mouth I'm recommending cool about what fell on the blank you guys brush floss, then why does he didn't say rents? You may not be getting a complete clean mouthwash key party, your whole mouse health, because it gets between tee to kill bad breath germs and help strengthen enamel. Thankfully, the oral care experts at quip created a super simple way to make mouthwash a part of Europe.
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eighty cure you, IP dotcom, Slash commentary and the number five quip, the good habits company. Ok, so can I point out that it and we have around ten thought. We were under the ten thousand case number and for the second straight day when his Anthony fetching declared pandemic over Your cabin and sing in jeopardy theme song now because everybody should write down a day number on like on a pad we can reveal it have at that's like prices right rules. If you go over, if you go over, you were. Why was well now right, but I'm gonna go with never. I think they have decided that never is
cancer, that they will never. Having said that that we need to defeat it that any effort to say that we've defeated it itself will be seen as by a certain type of person is being wildly irresponsible because then you're just going to let the variance, spread and you're. Not make sure the kids get vaccinated, adapt blah blah blah blah, and so it'll never happen and I was always a new variant to talk about Now- the Delta variant but not now I mean this is the second time we brought up his name, and I do a quick Google search to see where he is because he's been talks. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, anybody's willing to talk to him. Where is he gonna cabinet that thing from him in it like a week? He's we want the mean around anymore. It's senators, only fans account, I'm sure, does either
whoa sorry, ok, I join those errors. I liked it so just to help me out here. will bite and say the wheel Biden say the pandemic is over. How can you can see rising, gearing up one now I mean they do seem to be getting up for this July. Fourth, like liberation and loathing russian politicians, I mean in places like New York, there's there been a lot of social media like look at us New York's back baby in pictures of them concerts and by not having it that's been happening again. You have. You came model where freedom summer was abruptly cancelled, arrived from of cream piddling amount of cases given the empty vaccination rights in the country, but maybe that's maybe the pressure is just too much to bear. They have a month left to backtrack.
What did you see how the g7 leaders greeted one another elbow asks now, they're all and all their families and all their husbands and wives are vaccinated. but a tea party later with the queen, none of them at most. Certainly, ok, it's called sexual modeling. What is it that their model right, what we know, but we're now getting again, we are getting to a point where we have to ask ourselves what is the obligation, The the general social obligation towards the vaccinated, my free the mine who are involved in this effort. You no doctors and things like that are worried about variants. The idea is PETE, none of people are getting vaccinated, very
can break through. Maybe even these won't break through, but something will break through. Something will will test the efficacy of the Pfizer Madeira vaccines in in a way that is worrisome. Andy, and we're just in others, this populations out there they need to get vaccinated, and I'm saying at some point they are not gonna get vaccinated. At some point you have to say it's out: there were on track for seventy percent of adults over eighteen to be vaccinated is worth worry, like sixty five percent, with one shot. If people just do you know get the first shot over the next three or four weeks by July, in whatever by July fourth of July, fifteenth or something will probably be around seventy percent at least partially vaccinated and by August first seventy percent it actually over eighteen, there is very little risk of review under the Youtube eighteen and will
we done, and then the fights gonna be. How and there's a very weird piece in the Wall Street Journal was morning about how its it some its constitutionally unacceptable for colleges to mandate that students be vaccinated, but by the fall Really they re in all kinds of wealthy emergency used issue right like it, if its approved by the FDA than they can mandate as they mandate many other vaccinations. Precautions it still at your emergency use. I dont think it, legally or illegally. Think they're rightly commanded if it cylinder emergency use authorization. While I meet their private institutions legally schmidl, their private institutions, they can say PETE. You know their liability issue that right, I don't know they they can take a programme. You know they can rescind they can rescind missions for somebody for a tick tock? They made seventy two years ago
so I don't see why they can't rescinded ambition. On that day, people don't have a legal right to be a private college. The thing that is getting to me is that the anti covert factors have been perpetually looking for a fight. but they're not getting. No one is demanding that they do this thing that they're saying people demanding that they do? No one is changing the face. of the culture and society to be a. You know, I sort of like a two tier vaccine system. It's not happening and they go on and on and on their own, but there it's like, you have a joke, and how do you know if someone's weaken or something but they'll tell you they are there like. Girl, like are like visions. I know the matting part is that is
item. They don't want anything right, so they don't want the vaccine and they don't want masks, and I dont want nothing and its fine and in fact I think that the queen of the arguments over small children and all that having to wear masks in some bizarre, it is itself how an argument worth having. But it's worth having this argument with an adult. I'm sorry, so, where are your master? Don't wear your mask. I dont care right. I don't care if you get cold it, I don't care. If you die. It's that simple oh uh, don't I don't know you if you're related to me, I would be unhappy if you died from covered, if I'm not related to you, and this miracle has happened. That can keep you from getting covered and you get an? U dont. Do it then fight? Don't do it? Don't ask me to care and also don't ask me: simultaneously. I'm in this
I wish there were two tiered system. How about that? I wish there was you know, like I spent out, I spent days desperately trying to get an appointment for myself to get back to their got vaccinated early. I got I was done and then You know I've still like riding the subways in New York having to wear a mask because of you so You know sentimental descent familiar with them image of the left where's, who scream about some massive system of oppression doesn't exist. Risk is that this is the right populist version they if they have now figured out there now. I gotta attack somebody glance guy just because its rate with just two leading to the right populism thing, because you want describing the tendency almost exclusive to the right you're, not talking there s plenty people in the left to dislike taxing icebergs.
for their double masking triple masking. Never leaving the house again that's what you're describing as a right wing philosophy, but it's not a conservative philosophy. It's the decline of the idea that personal responsibility is a virtue in evaluation to which uses you should subscribe. It is this populist idea on the right now society is responsible, for your lot in life that society needs to change to accommodate Europe. Your personal conditions, your belief, your values, and it is one of these are one of the things that we should be lamenting about the decline of conservatism, hazard as a principle and a philosophy. Can we speak about the the repulsive and repugnant Andy slab at school? somehow mysteriously was relieved of his emergency position. As head of the covered response under Biden, we were informed that he basically
was only their temporarily and had to leave and for some reason or other, and God only knows what the hell that's a back as people don't leave administrations when they just started, and I'm glad he's gone because he's disgusting and he went on. He was disgusting for a year on on on twitter before before button became president, and he was on CBS this morning yesterday and and announced at that time. The pandemic, wouldn't it wouldn't have been as bad as it was. If Americans quote had sacrificed a little bit more because you know avoiding social interaction requires a certain and of sacrifice and change in many respects, being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another to get through this and to save more lives is going to be essential in the future that something I think we could all have done better on. You know what go blow ass. All I mean
country. We suffered a thirty four percent drop in its GDP, because people sacrificed you know, people sacrificed plenty an end and the notion that that that up, you know that the that the attitude that he is expressing, which I think is a is a common one among people like him in the sort of I don't know what you call it cancer is not really a pebble I'll. Tell you what it is stated that the left wing media ecosystem that broke into television programming, to say that some people weren't behaving responsibly during social distancing and asking periods and, of course, We hear about those people because they were the exception to the rule, they were a novelty. That's they were numerous. But what I have read my robe roaming to take out. A vast majority of people are behaving responsibly, exits at the people who are fighting about against racial injustice in large crowds all Ruhmer. They were also behaving responsibly, even though they weren't following the same guidelines that existed a week earlier
Well, no, I mean just wanted to say one thing, which is that our overlords declaring that Americans didn't, sacrifice enough should be thrown into a pit of a volcano and burn up. Because who the hell is Andy Slab it to say something like that about this country. evaluating over the last year, but especially because How many of our overlords were caught, not sacrificing while, while telling the rest of us sacrifice working out we're going. There has now at their nails, alarms and fancy restaurants in vacations and wherever else, while wild wild tying the rest of us sacrifice. That is such an important point in terms of that, the school day, mister of elite, liberal scolding of these, so called average Americans behaviour during this pandemic when their own leaders themselves so doubt about the messaging of public health, Officials by ignoring it repeatedly that that
is actually something worth discussing and thinking about before the next pandemic or the next demand that that either public health professionals or elected officials are gonna have to tell us how to behave more than that. Strong, libertarian instinct, that Americans have is a healthy thing in general it very often to populist extreme sometimes, but it doesn't do it without reason, and I do think that the media is ecosystem working in conjunction with very poor public health messaging during this pandemic lead or people who would otherwise are like stay off my long into I'm. Having do anything you say is I don't trust it all. Look at that look at me ass. It was getting her hair done, but I have to triple mask and not leave my house. My kids can go to school, and this is By the way the lab leak. Hypothesis investigation is so centrally important to the future. Here's why and these lab a lot of these people are saying things like look. This is just the first.
many such occasions. We are going to be called upon in in in our pandemic future. Due to perform these sacrifices that we performed this time, It is only true, as I said last week, I think here, if what happened, was a naturally occurring phenomenon in which this thing passed from animals to humans and was not a gigantic lab accident, because if this is something that the result of changes in our ecosystem. Then yeah we better prepare to be in this kind of weird place, where we fold up and and disappear, then come back and fold up and disappear, which is actually the plot of the three body problem. The most impressive science fiction, novel less twenty years by Lucian
where literally a culture faces. An unstable atmosphere and the people draw dehydrate themselves become go totally somnolent and then, when the when the atmosphere we stabilizes they basically pop back to life, and this is that this is was written fifteen years before you know, before covered but if it'll, if it's a week, if it was a human accident there, no r, r, r, r r ecosystem hasn't changed. Something specific happened that can be prevented. That can be prevented in the future. Another shuttle isn't gonna blow up when you know that the o rings were responsible for the shuttle blowing up, because you can fix the o rings and if you have a you know. If you have labs or doing stuff like this either you stop them from doing them or you
sure that their at the level for and not they don't have different levels where the stuff can happen. At that changes. Everything but Andy laboured and faulty, and these people back as they are over what they want us to feel like what happened here was a dry run for something that is going to happen you know in the future- and they may just be totally wrong and so kind of a little jazzed by the idea they themselves like the re hydrated people of the three bought problem can pop up again to pass us around and tell us what to do and and and close down and close down economies. And with that. Let me just talk to you guys about stamps DOT Tk because our you still going at the Post office, you can again because governs over, but if you are you're still painful price, reposted stop doing that, because thanks to stamp stuff,
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Soothing. Tell me I you got nothing for me. Ok, I don't know. No, no you're right Europe, more responsible person than I am yeah, but that's not having fun everybody wants to hear the energize, John John. That's the way that's what they like they like a they want more Abe. That's a window They want more aid and they loved Christine and me they could. Then they could. They could do without that's. Why? I think, anyway, It's a pleasure to talk to you guys, as ever we'll talk again tomorrow for April sooner jump on words keep the cattle farming,
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