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Commentary Podcast: Deal or No Deal

2018-04-25 | 🔗
Will Donald Trump pull us out of the Iran deal two days before a big celebration of the Israel embassy move to Jerusalem—and at a time when the big news will still be the North Korea negotiations? We wonder, and wonder what the plan would be if he would. Then we talk about how you never really want to know the name of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs because if you do, it means nothing good. Give a listen.
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He'd reviews, because not only is Jonah Gul, Bergs Remnant, podcast outdistancing, Essen Reviews, but he has. Book suicide of the West out in its a best seller, and we need to take him down some a couple of eggs cause he's his head is this, going to swell it's, it's not good so go to Itunes, if you believe the genetic olbers hedge of not swell excessively, please God, I too so we ve many reviews of the commentary. Amazing pack has they help. I did not violate apples, tat of Service ATLAS, so don't do anything bad but do whatever you have to do, that, isn't bad to make sure that Jonas kept from having a swell had with us, is always a green while their senior editor hello, Abe High John, and Sarber worry or senior writer high syrup go mornings. Nor Rossman is still on vacation.
As I didn't even say, the commentaries, the seventy some odd, dear old monthly of love. What do I say political probity- work criticism and deep analysis. Whatever from a conservative respective Joyce, contrary magazine cacambo, give you feel reeds and ask a scrap negative five digital swishing, twenty five all access of issue, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox eleven times ear. So. The mayo Micron came to the United States this week Right Thea, French. Prime Minister, who like Trump, was not in politics really until the year before he ran for President them, one some body when, like eighty percent election, he did but only half, because that net choices,
my cronan and lament macros. That's right, so so there there. He is he's here for years old, techie guy, with a sixty five year old wife and their staff impose seventy one years old and doesn't know how to use email and has a forty six year old wife. Somebody said the day when you saw them. For them together. The wives seem to be mismatched that and yet trump. Well, I'm better with him than with any other head of state that rising apparently, but in it's weird, that another have these? Are masculine games always another? He does the handshake thing and Mccrone famously It says you know he refuses to let the hand go in the right. You mentioned avian appreciably dandruff, he brushed Danbridge Trump damned or from Macrones Jacket, Mccrone winked at tromp. And there's some somewhere and alpha they're, just circling each other, trying to figure out who is the alpha or something
like that, I don't know Macrones an odd guy. Trump is obviously an guy survey. In their oddity. They have found each other as these non politician, politicians who are trying to break moulds in some fashion. Rather, although the mould here that's lopping broken, is that Mccrone apparently came With a mission and the mission is to preserve the J C p away, the the IRAN or what what is known as the IRAN deal, which Trump has to decide whether to sign the every six months, the present has obliged, under the terms on which the dew was made, with Congress, to affirm that the that they Iranians are shoeing to the terms of the deal. In point of fact, the Iranians have never here too, the terms
the elder violated every day. They make it impossible for proper inspections in this. Is that a lot of international organizations claim, because they're so terrified opening of Trump legal cause to leave the deal that they could they claim falsely that IRAN is Seo, has has been doing what is necessary to keep to the deal in point of fact, Trump could pull out of it at any time clear claiming that it properly the that IRAN has not lived up to the terms, but, as it happens, on Mate well. There is one of these deadlines as as as exists in law and the last time he. I'm the deal he Seti wooden Simon sign again, so he is on record as saying he won't do it. So I got two things. One may twelfth is my twelve may fourteenth, as it happens
Is the date on which the United States and a big ceremony in Jerusalem will declare that the embassy has moved from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem? A new embassy will not have been built. They will announce that the. Camera with the ambassadors there's some there's some thing that will be called the embassy and there's a two hundred and fifty percent delegation going from Washington, headed by Jared Cushion or who will make a big speech there. And it seems to me that they want to take a victory, lap, the Trump administrations proud of this move and thinks that they have done a good thing. They like it, they like what it's doing in terms of the way the Middle EAST is real. We oriented itself between Israel's arabian Egypt and
if he sign, if he fails to sign the IRAN deal on May twelve, that will be the big story in the world for months, and it will step on the is step on This is really embassy moment and self, purely as a matter of, as we say, optics and political lap taking. I wonder whether the administration will decide- Trouble decides, assign the deal because he doesn't want to ruin, ruin this moment You're, right and others had give two things: that's one really others a bigger one which exists we will get to maybe, so that later, but so this is the more minor oddly, but but but also maybe the thing, that's what might be most pressing on trumps mindset. It was once to win the getaway good headline headlines. Talk allowed all that made? It has a sort of them if they eat they do those things in conjunction with the president, decent
defied and then pull the. U S out of the deal fully and the Jerusalem Embassy move movie, It has a sort of them. You know the baptism scene in the godfather effect in it, like all, I said, allow my enemies today and then, if need be, no, rather than an assassination of custom, silly money that the goods, commander I know you're the guy. You are really that now an hour an hour now we're getting high level territory under I've, just think it a bit, but but that's a joke. He comment in seriousness, and I think this leads to your second point, we discussed it overall, it seems like we are doing a whole bunch of things in it in half hazard way. Without
Doubt a systematic plan in place dictated that answer the question: what happens when you pull out of the of the IRAN deal when five other major powers are invested in it and signed it? And it's been? It has been given the force of international law by the by you Security Council resolution. What do you do strategically, what he D militarily? What are you economically- and I just I agree with you- whether you re a point that I haven't made yet yes, beside by setting it up for you, but also on this point too, I mean did this nothing new in the indian Trump world about you know Ray Day WHIP ash inducing back to back big stories that that's her of each other up in the press. As I think he almost thrives on that kind of like ground
make it clear that everyone sitting around the table agrees that the Burundian is worthless, that it should be scrapped? It's just a matter of timing and how we go about do right was worthier worthless. Orb were worse than worthless. Em. And for a portrait of the Trump administrations and the Obama administration. Gyrations on IRAN deal men to appease spy on research in which was in the April commentary that serve explains where, where the IRAN deal It is two years are now, I think, almost three years after signing and what the Iranians have gotten and where, where what what strategic and tactical damage has been done to United States by the implementation of the deal. So speaking from the perspective of people who believe the deal was a catastrophic as it was being struck
that is far from it D nuclear rising IRAN, it lays out a glide path for IRAN to become a nuclear power illegally legal and with them and with no right of any international body or or or other country, to claim that its possession that irredentism regime possessing nuclear weapons is a poses, a a unique and present danger to the security and safety of the war That is that, as that is the horror of the deal as it stands and that you now basically, Obama claimed claimed that it didn't do what it. Clearly Which is really two thousand and twenty six, which is now in the eight years away and RON just simply decides to build a bomb and then deploy bonds. And then it's it's done, and it will have done that, while getting the full use of the
Between fifty and two hundred and fifty billion dollars in running that were that its own monies and another monies that were denied it because of the nuclear programme as well, as the dropping of all these sanctions that have now made it acceptable for western companies to do business with with IRAN. And you know it should be said that the regime puts you know, God knows what percentage of those new fund towards terrorism. This sum the issue of domestic air, that domestic sorry, that ballistic missiles is. I think, the most glaring failure of the deal, because the above administration agreed with IRAN not to include the question missiles directly in in the depth of the four corners of the deal when instead relegated again to that New Un Security Council resolution, which effect rates or give legal gives legal effect to to the agreement.
J C p away and it managed to concede to IRAN and its backer Russia to have the prohibition against ballistic missile testing written as well, The international community cause upon IRAN not to test ballistic missiles. Then shall not, and obviously the cause upon a softer and IRAN and Russia have seized on that to say that it's a sort of optional recommendation, but not so not not to be excessively didactic, but just you know as to put a picture in the minds of people who don't think about this as much as we do so, there are two elements to a nuclear weapon right. There. The warhead, which has fissile material uranium when heavy rain him fissile material that is in a war had the warhead is not doesn't is? Is it.
You know was a stationary object, it doesn't move so it has to be delivered in some fashion and there are various ways to deliver it, but the but the classic wait, deliver it with bang, for the buck is as at the top of a ballistic missile. So if you can somehow ban, I don't have one. Easy tooth has. But if you could ban IRAN from producing a ballistic missile, then its claim, as it claims for fifteen years, that it was only developing nuclear material in order to have a nuclear power programme. That would that would be a credible claim. Let's say, because I didn't wanted delivered nuclear material, fissile material. Through the air aimed at another country, so they're always two parts of any nuclear negotiation about them.
Mutation worthy blood, destruction of nuclear weapons. One is what are you gonna do about the production of the fissile material and what are you gonna do about the delivery system, so the deal dealt with the physical. Ants and facilities in which we know that this material was being made rather and them. There are two aspects of this material, so it was their grades of fissile material. So if you, if you. You know, sprinkle fairy dust over it and you make it so that its like twenty percent. I mean these number. If, if you can, if you can degrade its effectiveness to three percent, then it's basically effectively not functioning, but if you can up the level of debt and of what
would call it clarity, something to twenty percent, then its usable and from there going from twenty percent up is as almost no challenge whatsoever to so right, so that was that was the part of the deal that is in the deal, one of one or two, the facilities so ass. To be closed, all the materials was to be downgraded to three percent, but they could keep it. But it will be the downs, radon, oxidizing, innocent right, yeah and so an and then, but we decided to table delivery so so. Let's say they, you do it, they don't do any create any for sovereignty or anything like that. They don't have a declaration of the deal for the duration of the deal and they they dont have these centrifuges, which produce the fissile material, which
by the way. One of the reasons that the deal might be effective for them is that day is that these centrifuges get better and better and better more accurate and work and quicker and more useful, and so few wait like five or ten years. Everything that you had to do. It took a lot. More time might take six or six or eight hours is opposed six or eight minutes, and you can do all that. De on the open, resentfully right, so so close the closest facilities downgrade the uranium that they have, and that's all wonderful, but if they can build, old and test M deploy below signals between now and the end of the deal so that they have they have perfected delivery system. Then, the deal is over and nay you know, and they they go to a bomb in six months Suddenly they are a major nuclear power on earth six months after the deal after after veto at legally and where
Those missiles aimed- and we know whether their aimed at Israel, some of them I being that Saudi Arabia, but their mode Israel and then then you have. An unprecedented danger not just to Israel's existence but also does Israel feel the need to do a pre emptive strike. We eat out that up the the possibilities for a kind of destructive war. The Likes of which we ve never seen are very high. That's why we oppose the deal here why people like us oppose the ok at an age when is it John Kerry into the Obama administration generally very deliberately uncouple the delivery system. Discussion from the war had discussions and initiative retroactively determine that when we talk about IRAN's nuclear we're only talking about the topic fissile material, the blue. Was the missiles as a separate issue when I that's that they did they they they and that's the funding
until deception and in the selling of it? You know is that that they spoke as if this was always understood to be the case as if as if this is not a real concern, because a round was good, but I didn't want to deal otherwise they will. They wanted a deal on unrest, IRAN's terms it better to talk about. This is why this is such a fiendishly difficult thing, because you can understand Imogen, insarov, conventional terms of stay craft. What business too? We have saying that another country can develop, I mean it's a missile, its did it's it's a weapon of war granted, but you know we build them the country's build them. Other countries have them there too, The version of albinos shoulder fired, Stinger now, just bigger more destructive. Maybe, but you know you really get it reach into another country and trying to go to a negotiation that says they can build something that you already have. Ten thousand other me, that's ridiculous! It's not fair, and that some
what's a reef, the foreign minister was negotiate with carry said like what. Our missiles there should be no can aren t you, we understand that nuclear weaponry is has as a special status, but certainly not bullet, be not ballistic. Missiles like a bug missile can be, anything is, could be conventional gonna have other stuff on it, so treating them like a nor whole country in a normal negotiation was always, I think, the great the other deception witches. You can't trust them. You can't trust that their purposes are good and you can- and you know, you're you're here- Your betting, the future of humanity, on the good work all of us. Of a regime that, there are no such good will, and yet this is another problem with them
it was it was constructed. It is, is the verification process there. There are parts of the deal that call that that require around to self verify. Yes on, and this is the gene that were held in vain and and the facility parching, which is mostly We were, they do their weapon, Nation testing is off limits to it. They have and I remember I remember this it clearly Matt Leader the Associated Press? Reporter did, come she reporting and dug up the fact that, in fact, is the deal conceives of parchment as a self self verified inspection and the the Obama administration and, through its kind of media surrogates, went to war. Or trying to discredit badly and it turned out. I mean that, ultimately, all those people have to concede that, yes, it's a kind of self inspection mechanisms. That was another one that also so terrorists by the way where D sanctioned as part of the deal as a whole.
Of names that were in the annexes are the people who live in a murder. People in Paris murdered people in Lebanon at taken american hostages in Lebanon's on software. Did they all got these sanctions but mean it was so pray the trumps instinct, even if he had articulated well when he says we this gave away a lot for foreign, you know, nothing is instinct is right. He gets it, but acting to bring it back did that the question of the day? It really is a matter of well. How do you go about dismantling the deal, and is this. The right moment- and I think do you know and appreciate? We talked about this a lot. I think John persuaded me that as much as it's a bad deal it's so much going on in the world, and the Trump administration as foreign policy is in some ways as so understaffed and so messy bet you quest, whether this is the right moment or whether this can't be deferred digression. Ok, my found the rope
so here's here's the way. So this would be the biggest move Will that american foreign policy pretty much Since the run, you'll itself and in some ways a bigger deal than the IRAN deal. Oddly enough, because of the reversal, you just don't really have reversals of this sort happen as a matter of international, you now policy. Generally speaking, I can't it's hard to think of another one, really where you sort of pull out of something that you have been the champion of, even though we were democratic country, we change our leaders and leaders can change policies. So how would you do this in a conventional circumstance? Here's what you would do, so you would set up you you'd! Have we massive meetings for months on how and what the United States policy will be, that the minutes to the year after that, we pull out of the deal.
What are we gonna do? What are we gonna ask for how we gonna enter? What who were with who homer. We negotiate to create it. In our standards or binding standards for whatever. Or how do we try to re impose sanctions if we need to create a regime system in which we would seek to re, impose sanctions at the? U N, should IRAN's reaction be so unfavourable that they restart the programme or whatever? Ok, then you would create. This document are series of steps that you that you would enumerate announce and before you even do that you would have
every assistant, secretary of State, of whom there are ten or eleven regionally. There are five, I think, get on the phone and call every foreign minister of every country on earth to say we are pulling out the deal here is where you go talk to our ambassador. He will lay out for you what the United States we do in response to it. Nicky HALO make a speech at the. U when they call Security Council she will introduce a resolution on what, with the United States, things have happened, which are probably not pass, but you would have a flurry of activity organize, laid out and coherent too The United States is not just doing this flippant Lee; it has an approach. Having decided to make take this momentous step, not just taking the stuff. And then going on vacation. Ok and it is pretty cool fear that knows any of it any this has not happened. First of all, there are no assistant secretaries. Second of all, there
a lot of ambassadors or who are not in place. Third of all, the National Security Council staff is in flux, forth of all policy making at the State Department has ground to a halt and fifth, while the president is not interested in policy- and you know, doesn't want to approve any such system so That's scary, even to somebody who thinks the deal is bad and should be blown up. That is scary and. Part number two is what are we but we ve been talking about for the last three or four weeks. Talking about the north korean summit, negotiations with North Korea, which are about north about locally, rising the korean Peninsula or coming to some terms under which we live oh bribe, the north korean regime sufficiently to get them to drop their nuclear programme? If that is possible,
do, we really need our help Parker. You are, do really need to be having the nuclear crisis. On to four Ants one, the Far EAST and when the Middle EAST? At the same time, I'm in the same month pretty much the same moment, I would say hell, no, you don't, and if there were any good, on which to say, for tactical reasons, only sign, though sign the compliance letter. So there, you push the six months into the future, because we are not ready to pull out of the iranian yeah thing. It's very compelling case and I think the danger now comes out of a wicked we could live with with kicking the can down the road as it were on this. But the danger comes and and Omri articulate some of this in his peace for us in the idea that
Instead of scrapping the deal trumpet seeds to some cosmetic changes to it proposed by the Europeans proposed by mccrone Then what we have is a bunch of the set of fixes on the deal that don't actually get to the core problem, so we ve articulate on the deal, but then put a stamp of approval on the deal is as as now being fixed. We had a bad deal now we have a good deal now Republicans around. And on board with the deal and its and then the issues put to rest and then and then then brings worshippers as on recent peace, just as no deal would have been better than a bad deal. No fix would be better than a bad fit right. What we have and we have an understanding, I think, from the reporting on Macrones visit of what it is that he has the trunk to say, can be done to preserve the deal and strengthen its rights. Are there some kind
system by which the powers that agreed to the IRAN deal besides, IRAN would pushed We extend its mutation on IRAN's deployment, be passed. Twenty twenty five or twenty twenty six. Now why IRAN would agree why IRAN would have any cause to agree to such a thing. One does not know, and then that it will also feature some thing about curving Thus they curbing ballistic missiles again. Why around what runs interests would be in a into such a thing unilaterally You'll airily barrier were great. Such a thing out zones without getting anything else, is not clear and that There'll be something about around nine, not interfering with its neighbors me and EAST Peoria, and you know SIRI and is real, and then crones ideas. I understand it from the reporting is he saying, keep the J C p
way but improve it, but keep it as a component of a broader and Tehran strategy. That includes, like we said, illicit missiles regional aggression and the devil They see. That's the idea at No M M M lengthening, though improving island, which rightly licensing math, I, which your one is forbidden from from. You have got going: nuclear okay, so. However, the fact that debt. So this is a point I think, which is that it is pretty seductive if you're, not in a position where you know precisely what you're going to say I've to sign this because we're gonna make it better and now we're going to enter into a process where we in the five Other countries are going to Glenn we're going to go to the UN and we're going to change and all that's right, and then it never really happens, and it's just a total face, saving piece of nonsense.
And what about a new curve on the ballistic missiles mean? Do they mean just like Obama did putting some haphazard Sanctions on a handful of companies that are alleged to be involved in the production of the iranian ballistic missiles, or does it mean Does it mean strikes? Is I mean you know? It's all very, it's all very vague, doesn't mean anything because there will there will be no deal. Let me in the end IRAN has to be a signatory. Iran has to be amended, You could say you better do this. Are we have imposed sanctions on you right? So these are brought doesn't have to sign it, but on the other hand, Macro may want to do this, but it is far from clear that Germany would sign onto any further extension of the scope of these terms. Why should I so I'm very so I my
preference at this moment remarkably, would be that he signed the sign the waiver, whatever that the waiver, but though, the declaration that therein compliance and then and then click the can down the road six months and work towards a penknife imposed. Deal policy is very clear that he wants to exit the deal every day. I'm the campaign trail for a year and a half he said is the worst deal ever and I'm gonna get us out of the steel and as a man that he is not a kite he's an inconstant person, but you know, since he prayed send it in terms of a deal gone bad that he's going to blow up because it's a he know what one thing he knows is deals. I think his vanity is very much involved in this aside from common sense, because it is a terrible deal. So that is the mccrone visit and it Sir
I eat at one thing I will say, is everyone says? Oh, it's so terrible that you can't normalize it. We can't normalize admits terrible the trimino they never Trumper's. In the liberals who hate him say it's not normal, as I think that it is a good thing for the country that we had a perfectly defensible state visit from an ally that didn't get weird maybe people tried to make it weird mccrone didn't want it to be weird. He wanted to be a triumphant visit, and that is a good thing. You know, because this that, by breaks with Breach kind of tradition are stupid and you know it be reassuring that, at the very least we can serve, have a normal. Ally, friendly visit with a state dinner, and then he goes talk. The Congress and thereby unknown, did a lot of friendship and made they plant a tree together and blah blah blah. You know, that's that,
you know, unless you want to live in a permanent condition of you now dislocation, I think, that's probably ok, even if you hate Trump but apparently not cause. Apparently you hate trompe of to hate everything, but no matter what I think. Then you have to hate his nominee for Aurora Veterans, fair secretary doktor on Jackson, who was now come under withering assault From some whistle blowers or people hate him gone to Congress to say, He brings to mind she he prescribe prescription medication like it was candy to people on foreign troops. During the Obama administration and he's mean, and he baby what runs a hostile work. Environment people were always walking on eggshells, random, ok, so for three and I will say, based on law.
Experience of these sorts of things that I am deeply sceptical of these attacks on Ronnie Jackson, a is the White House Doktor, he doesn't have a bureaucracy behind them. There are like three people in his office who is walking on eggshells around be Obama, administration, people loved him and trump people love him. So that's by partisan and so May There are some people inside or people there work with somewhere else, something that who hate him who have joined up this campaign. Against them. People gin up characterisation, assassination campaigns all the time, and I don't think there's any reason to simply assume that these accusations are factual. We know no none of these people who have talked to John testers enter from Montana, who has been retailing. The story have come forward, no one's doing it publicly and you know that's just character assassination and trump himself.
Said. You know I don't know. Why wants to go through with this, which is kind of insane since he's the one who gave the job and thinks it's important so if they trumpeted, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it right that wouldn't do it myself. Because you that these people are getting attacked by pay he's getting attacked by politicians. What is needed for you now. That's a great attitude for somebody who thinks that you know who's was to take the view that the management he's picked who is the best persons run, the veterans to run surrendered to be the Secretary for veterans affairs, and he needs him. Ok, so now, apparently he stay for the moment they say he's staying everyone assume yesterday that he would quit my Jackson. But the third point is he shouldn't be veterans of their secretaries, ridiculous as the world's largest healthcare system under some raw Things, public private, nine million people sort of can get veterans benefits work. It veterans, hospitals to hidebound sister,
there's a lot of corruption, there's a lot of incompetence and all that trump bizarrely said in his press conference that even if you pick the person run the law, we're just healthcare system in America, they wouldn't have any idea how to run the veterans affairs system, because it's too big. So if that's the case, then that's crazy because of course, the person who was run a large health. System is precisely the kind of person who should run an even larger healthcare system, as opposed to somebody who is a doctor who will go out and say the Trump passed his cognitive test with flying colours, which appears to The main credential that rightly Jackson has for having become veterans, affair secretary and you also had dumb another excellent point.
Before we before the shell. Thank you. I know you as it revalued mentioning. What are my points before I know, but about about better, regardless of who is going to run it about the nature of it being such a political football. Such a target these days for grandstanding, about the treatment of veterans that it makes it makes a sort of day to day. Job of an almost impossible were ok. What, but, by which I mean there are hundreds of veal hospitals and allow them or badly run, and every one of them exists with a congressmen was it in this district and sometimes they are not closed down because they have congressman other district who insist on it. In the open, and so you know there
these terrible stories about way times this inability appointments and all that that we all know about, and some of them are really blood curdling about the horror horrors of the Indian O, insufficient care and all that. But the simple fact of the matter is that you can. It is. The easiest gimme in the world to be a congressmen standing in front of the Vienna Hospital you're district, saying this place, thanks and I'm gonna, do you better come It up- and you know, if you're going, I love veterans and Here'S- how here's, how much I love veterans, I'm gonna, this hospital is a disgrace and all that and then the person who runs the Ba has to deal with this one hospital in one place, where there's one horror story as opposed to this gigantic effort to reform and fix the system, a lot of which has to do with at least partial or total privatization, by which I mean that it would be cheaper and more efficient to allow somebody who has to drive a hundred miles to go to veterans Hospital to give him a bath.
You're. So we can go to a local doctor if we're. If you know, if we're gonna provided with free healthcare, let him have healthcare that doesn't gather, doesn't impose this ridiculous burden on him and then, but people don't like that because it is they hate. The word privatisation, because there is this lunatic loathing. The notion that may be, governments aren't really the best system, but the. As managers of things like healthcare systems. I don't know why that is controversial. I don't know why liberals who did the hate privatisation other forms don't stand. That actually government is the worst possible, administrator of in the United dates anyway and maybe elsewhere, but I will get into national healthcare systems. What is a terrible, place to run these things because you have to create national standards of efficiency. New gay you take away the possibility of individual directors of these. Institutions being able to fire and deal with it
competencies, whether you know their own, system in their own way and all that so so that That's the horror of the job, somebody else say something, so it's not just a monologue. Some of you are sitting here. I now hold on its. My God here today it's a roman senator. The roman senator got S pics are in his collar, so modest, published by Romano he's, gotta gotta garland, rather than an he's, but here is one failure. Did these sorts of image because it's a roman senator rights, I would be like around the first century. A d he's got glasses syrup He's got y know, I'm not gonna go into that. Man has got glasses and no senator in Rome would have glass self surplus. Having having
ten us with today. His total three nice got curly together, got the roman bands and varied Togo. I think both of those things can be true that whether he has a toga ambitions bands. Of it? That Ronnie Jackson may not be the right person to run, as you said, the largest largest, as far as is possible in the world and it The attacks on him, r, r, underhanded and and false, but again you know it. I think present is brought in some by the sun himself. I mean in some ways because it is such a ridiculous choice. Because it, you know as impossible of a job as it is to run the veterans Affairs administration. You made this point on the pre show that it's the easiest thing in the world for any any congressman lights, our media hit to say the visa isn't taking care of her our veterans when it it may, in fact,.
Yes, systemic issue and not not something in particular, given the current, Whoever runs of able those issues with they'll come up because it's it's too large and two unaccountable so forth. So I need someone really really credible to even attempt to run it credibly and to pick pick doktor Jackson I mean it just says so- is typical of this administration and. You know as unfair as the attacks are somewhat self brought onto we'll totally look here's what here's, what the story. With this job, it became a cabinet job is George H, W Bush and nineteen. Eighty eight said he, I believe, said he was going to make this a cabinet job as part of his ongoing assault on MIKE Mike Dukakis and his being in the tank and being bad military matters, and all this so the very the vizier secretary, which was not a cabinet as it was, with the opposite of a cabinet
since I'm out was elevated to cabinet status. So the answer, and basically the VA that was run by a guy named Tony Prince Hippy, so tony principal was the deputy and then in nineteen. Ninety two tony prince. If you became the acting secretary of Veterans Affairs, nobody was getting voted through a nineteen. Ninety two in the Bush administration, because I don't know if you know this, but I know it's horrible. Merrick Darling, didn't get and all this, but you know other at other times in the last year of administrations. Other democratic said, Senator Senate leaders also prevented people from getting appointed. Getting confirmation, hearings and stuff like that. Ok- and that was tony principally so tyrants happy was a guy, ran the veterans affairs. Then then, I think. Then Clinton had so whoever had, and then, when it two thousand one world around the veterans affairs, secretary was Tony prince
be, who served as veterans First Secretary from two thousand one to two thousand. Why you dont know Tony Principia is because you shouldn't know Tony Principia You should have no idea who the Secretary Veterans Affairs is. This is opposed. Be a managerial job running a healthcare system. This is not a political job. It's a political job only in that it becomes a only because you know we suddenly ourselves into wars and a lot of people suddenly had to use the veterans, when it got overwhelmed and actually Principia did a pretty good job, managing the overwhelming ness, and then the Obama administration had more trouble when it it took over because for whatever recent ok, so you know what this tells me and who should be Secretary Veterans Affairs, Totty Principia, who is seventy three years already works or Pfizer, and he knows how to run this. He suffers he's
would be the like. You should just be there until he dies because he knows how to do it and we should not know who he is. He doesn't want the spotlight he's like a visa administrator like, that's what he does for living as his location. That's basically has basically been doing it for you know for decades, and he himself as a gradual, the Naval Academy and that is how this should be done. You don't want the president doctors, nobody should know this. Guy is right, that's what I'm saying you know I do think that if, if there's no credibility to the attacks on Jackson, that he will remain trumps guy, because I trumpets not gonna stand for the complete, unjustified tor you doing of what he says, he's gonna stand by him in one of the things. What are these It should be said is that he should never been appointed and he wasn't vet
meaning that there wasn't a system under which trumps that I like em. Let's pick him right, ok, so I wasn't that it was a vetting has two faces, so you bad, because you want make sure that some it doesnt have legal moral or whatever problems shouldn't actually serve in the job. For you know Really serious reasons right so Claim here is that that is what Jack the stories with Jackson he's a drunk whose prescribing Gambia like It's like their jelly beans and beating up staffers right kind of hard to believe. Then you have vetting, which is solely political that is present and the White House menstruation should not appoint people who work in it. Problem getting through or who are gonna like make a bad poor boy, become scandal, written or have bad hearing.
Before Congress or whatever, because when you need that for struggle, and you need to protect the president from basement. Ok. What what are you doing you a president who is immune to embarrassment? He says he wants and what you have said on the present. We really need to be very cautious with this problem is very, very controversial. They would choke in a lot of trouble. You know we fired him because of all a try. You that's really any as I want right Jackson, I'm going to go tweet that I want Ronnie there like ok, whatever you and you are the president. We just said so basically that's the problem which, as you know, he wasn't vetted- I mean I'd I am sceptical of these stories, but if they were true that there would be no way that the people would build up that he worked in the White House, but a paying attention to how he's prescribing Ambien now. Today, everyone the busy they get their own troubles of the prison
has gone on many overseas trips, whether one long overseas trip, and maybe they like the ambient it I've got to sleep by the place. I don't think so. This is the comedy here which, as you know, it's like goods gratulation. So your frying, this does this: this guy's reputation, that's great to see he's trumps. Like what is needed for well, you know, because Z began the President asked them to do. You know what the hell I can fields like Charles Foster, Kane. I think it would be fun to run the veterans administration. Well, let me tell you it's not funny restoration in my so we come to the end of another ludicrous set of circumstance. Thus we talk some serious, definitely tiresome comic stuff service. Trying to finalize this of the sum senatorial sketch when stabbed whenever they by killing
Cicero here. That would be good. Where did Cicero get kick? He got to know? He killed himself kill himself right. These was humiliating the Senate, many went off and he killed himself. Ok, read up on Cicero, Free or any of its really Cicero, it's not Cicero, didn't have glasses, among other things. Anyway, so until next week, when no Rossman, we'll be back with us and with thanks to Stephanie Roberts, are redoubtable substance. Radio producer I am John cohorts for a Green Walden, Sarve Ameriky. The candle burning.
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