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Commentary Podcast: Is Trump Turning It Around?

2017-09-20 | 🔗
With Noah Rothman sadly out of commission for the day, Abe Greenwald and I discuss the president's speech at the UN (good!), the attacks on it (mostly bad!), why his polls have seen an uptick (less Trump!), who's crazier about health care (liberals!) and the evils of honey (yes, honey). Give a listen.
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welcome, The commentary magazine podcast, I'm John POD words, the editor of commentary, the seventy two world monthly of intellectual property, political analysis and cultural criticism from a conservative perspective join us. A commentary magazine that com, where we give you You free weeds and then Ask you to subscribe one thousand nine hundred and ninety five guess who, on all digital subscription in twenty nine, ninety five get to an all access subscription, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your box eleven times a year, we just got our hands
October issue. Didn't we a green wild senior editor, we did in its quite an issue. We saw Amari, be on the you marry terrible American turned ward ill liberalism. We have Jason Hill in with his open letter to easy, both those articles taking off flying around the internet. Funding viral video Enviro we're gone viral the right now, I believe the we have had happened lion heads off the Jason held a piece about coats and I think, sort of a Marius peace is going to be a major discussion point. You will know To that I have not introduced nor Rossman. Are associate, whether sadly Miller had Asia
or poverty corn sob Gordon related injuries, extra funding it it's actually a true. He he has scalded who he burned his foot with, while making popcorn this week. And their needs to keep his weight off of it. So he is home, and we are here being produced by our era. Are great The office associate later Armani, who has, as is true all of us, will take off early today for the commencement of the celebration of the jewish new year. Rosh Hashanah, which begins tonight so to all of our listeners, have a happiness. Joyce New Year, shall not allow car and we will have to. I'll drawn without without no. I am very proud of the issue that we're we're talking about which you can read
come true magazine dot com. I think it is a better experience. Reading it your hands, in the issues that you can get a sense of the full flavour of the rich and some first page to last long with sobs peace and Jason Hills, peace we have Tevye, Troy we'll talk a little bit later about this about whether or not the failure of republican efforts to revert to repeal and replace Obama. There are leading inexorably over the next decade to a single pair healthcare system. We have a great access by Joseph Epstein, who I believe, first contributed to commentary in nineteen sixty two or sixty three. So he's been a contributor from more than half a century called confessions of a short attention span. Man, we have a wonderful essay by Terry teach out remembering Jack Penny, the great radio comedian
Andy Ferguson on Elizabeth, drew the creator of the official Washington narrative Christine rose, on the woes of the wealthy, not wishing to admit that they are wealthy marsala, they check author of our jewish, Monetary Terry Column on the brief shining moment the summer, when Jews, actually allowed to prey on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and that continuity, our media columnist, Awe- and I am having a senior moment- on mats column, but it was fantastic new. She read you should You should read at that age. Who is, I think, at twelve years eleven years younger than I am, is also having a senior moment.
Very sad, very sad to see the age afflicting you, even though your hair line is still very much less for that's the important thing you just made my day, but no, it was about this, but the media's reaction to Trump What was the particular ok anyway, where this is this, is this is embarrassing on our part. This is how you know that were authentic, because we're sitting here not having done. Are you not I'm talking about how wonderfully issue, as am I don't actually have the issue sitting in front of me and to be to be to be fair explain the sub terrible delinquency, inefficiency on my part. We are in the middle of editing the November issue, so you should have some sympathy for having to people always think that You know everything that you did and are in the middle of doing, and in fact what we did was
Ok, so, basically mats peace. We had about how DE the budget deal the the over, overwrought over reading of the budget deal has was above a late some, comedy, I'm not sure. I entirely agree with the with the proposition but it's a very, very interesting ass. They also a greater say by Tom Jefferson on George Elliot and Relays, the campus justice stuff, that's right to pieces! That's right! We have Casey Johnson of Brooklyn College on the way in which the courts are now intervening to make sure that people who are unjustly accused of by these STAR chamber Tribune tribunals on college campuses. How they are losing over and over and over again in the courts and coffee on the specific case upon them, guesser at Columbia, university. So
it's a very rich issue, and I hope you will come take a look at it and that you will subscribe join me stampede of people who are hooligan signing up on our website to join us over the past eight nine months, your hearing a lot of talk about the woes of conservative journalism in the Trump era. We have no woes, I think we are. We are in an uncommonly rich period for for us, independently minded, for example, in the independent my deserving allowed. People would think that we are only critical of Trumbo. We have a peace on our way side from yesterday, by the very same sorrow Amari praising trumps, spy, the United Nations yesterday and we should maybe began begin by talking a little bit about this. We have some one respect. The speech was not surprising as a dovetailed with some of the ways in which Trump speaks about american
spoken about american foreign policy as president that that to have taken a sharply different attack, then he took on the campaign trail yeah. He tried to shoot a bridge ethics successfully to bridge the gap between America first, his ideas, conception of America first, The idea of working with allies saving flailing imperilled democracies so also in terms of his big case for sovereignty? That was, I think, very much in keeping with with what one would expect from trump but he did tied into a larger, more classical GEO p or through. Conservative foreign policy on Thursday evening, sir of yet neoconservative understanding of of balanced interests and ideals. Ok, so
so it's so we should unpack the Seattle, but so what the danger of the America First phrase in the american First campaign was that it was a stand in for isolationism. As the phrase America first, was the. Was the rail in cry of classical american isolation, support the second World WAR and not knocked unrelated Lee was a full Sophie, an approach that was adopted also by people who have a let's say, more kindly disposition toward fascism in the nineteen thirties, and you know Hitler and Franco and Mussolini Vain, and
so they serve ably resuscitation of this slogan, together with Lee weird rise of these classically isolationist, Anti semitic and indeed serve right wing, anti democratic voices and social media and twenty fifteen an early twenty. Sixteen, gave us all a lot a pause and made us all very frightened about what all this means. Of course, said, even like NATO, and he wants to get out of the wanted to cancel NAFTA. He wanted to get out of the transmitter. Partnership and And that our interventions over the last fifteen years world stupid an idiotic and terrible and horrible, so they became president
and a lot of this rhetoric began to fall by the wayside. I mean. Obviously, he announced the intention to pull out of the Paris climate Accords and he announced his intention. Norina basically cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership, but the Trans Pacific, ownership. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders at all, also said they were not going to go forward with and trust very much moderated his stance on NATO, and certainly not did he moderated both here? But people and his administration were very vocally still in opposition to the idea that NATO is bad, General matters, national security adviser, Mc Master, all those people went two reassured made out it Trump didn't mean that lets say so: the? U N speech where people who,
complaining about it. Anti trumpets were complaining about. It are saying that, because it was because he had, the two net. This idea that America will always be look to its own transfers to end You know and it respects the sovereignty of other nations and sovereignty, as is our primary bleeding thing, and we don't intervene and we don't wanna tell everybody else what to do in and impose governmental structures on people at this with some how bad the struck me- and I analysed- The struck me as an insane objection to this speech, because every president, as far as I know, says. We're not imperialist. We don't imposed on our way of life on earth. People we believe it's the best than we think would be better for you, everybody s where I could impose it on you and we to our own interests here in the United States. But as it happens, we believe that our interests dovetail with cause of freedom and justice inhumanity, and all that and trumpeted no different than
has done or that Bush had done or had Clinton had done or than anybody has done. President, including Obama who started out. Believing this doctrine I would say openly believing the idea that you know America should not to go around imposing its government on other people like that's what he Emily He said that he said in democracy is itself an insane gloss on things because in the end, you can't impose democracy, even Germany in Japan, you can impose a democracy. You go in and you right a constitution you leave, and somebody become a dictator in five minutes it happened, and why should sapling? Or we know how tat how just happen in Venezuela? You can't by definition you can't hose democracy. If people
given the right to choose their form of government? They can elect people who will limit and restrict democracy yet. Well, it's it's a ridiculous complaint. We owe bomber set on foreign soil. When you first became president did if you worry that we are going to dictate to the rest of the world, we are not while I'm here to listen to them And fraudulent elections in IRAN, Obama's Obama said The disease burden. Job has been re elected as president. That's that sort of their business. That's that's how they conduct their their government. That it. I mean it's another absolutely I mean it would be insane. I think, for a present to Tuesday for the United Nations and say we are going. To look around the world and get and getting indeed in the internal workings of of governments that that we think are are unjust and don't comply with our idea of of Jessica
if and when we will be making changes as we see fit right that mean hats. The amendment no one has ever sat at a meeting of the closest anybody ever got to this in an even jellicoe frame would have been George W. Was not an easy one speech, but in his second inaugural address, in which he said it is the goal all of the United States to liberate the world from tyranny. But that was a goal. Is a hundred year gul? It's not a goal with the goal of his presidency, but it was a kind of breathtaking we And obviously, a kind of herbal over reach- since you know, literally a couple months later in Egypt, he didn't follow through Bush. Didn't find its own on proposition, some really Obama's may have started out with this kind of classic nineteen, seven, these political science department thing about how America's interventions do more harm than good and resisted.
You know doing things that he doing things that he didn't want to do, and then he finds himself going into Libya on the one hand, and then find in the end, advocating for the brow, removal or the resignation of the Mubarak government in Egypt, which it took a long time to get to be not not I'm not in either of these cases saying that the libyan intervention we now was long term wise or that the removal of Mubarak wasn't a highly problematic thing, but that deal logic of the presidency of the United States. As you can't stand back, while massive things are going on and pretend that you can to take me in that one out and Europe, but also makes the could this this particular criticism of from speech. Less incredible is, is when you look at it in the context of what else he said yesterday, which was he said that.
I did states has been the greatest force for good in history. He said that he people talked about the the deep yearning for freedom in everyone's harden and and and ensuring liberty for those who so I have it imperilled. He talked about restoring democracy in Venezuela. I mean these. Deserve. What venezuelan passage, I think, is worth looking at closely because that that was the most in sting and unexpected thing to me in the speech obviously did not to talk about Venezuela. There was no than as well is not a major you either here in the United States, or even particularly at the U N, even though it even though I would say that is a major moral and profound issue in the twenty first century that a country allows itself, as I said before, to kind of be over. Taken by anti democratic leftist anti democratic elements and restructure its government too.
Basically install a dictatorship, which is a very rare thing to be happening: so it's a good thing that it was highlighted is a good thing that the world is put on notice, that we don't like that or somewhere that it was just striking that it was Trump who did it you said last year: Trump would go to the U N in this first address as president and and say that the United States wishes that the good wishes for the people of Venezuela to have their freedom and democracy restored candidate trumpet have said why, is this our business? This is an hour. Business we gotta gonna. We to make Amerika great again. We gotta do I shouldn't we talk about that. I should be talking about bring jobs, vector, youngsters, Ohio right right, but but you know Trump The demonstration is actually been in smaller ways signalling in interest in in Venezuela for a while, they ve they ve, been more vocal than the Administration was frankly on on the issue for awhile right. So I think
and is also budget one where the trump made. This larger global. Against socialism. That's right, which is which is which, if it is nothing if not aid universal endorsement for Ford's free markets. Free mines You know free peoples, I mean this is this is apt. Lately saying look, I think, American ideals are best for his speech said he said: Venice in Venezuela. We are seeing socialism properly applied. According to socialism own terms and what does that mean? That means that people are you know lining up for food and in others, once rich country is now conducting itself, as though it were. Destitute food shortages. You know all sorts of things you can't even to imagine happening in a place that has meaning ass of oil reserves, and yet there.
There is so it was in that sense, it was surprising it was a surprising speech coming from him and then, of course, because because it is Trump featured this, do you now vulgar slap it Kim Jong on me now, calling him rocket man, saying we will you now this goes on and were threatened with. North Korea will be destroyed, which then had everybody reaching for their smelling salts. But what does it mean? What This a policy of nuclear D, I mean it means if you threaten us or if you, if you know, if we we will, we use nuclear weapons against your country, which will destroy it so the distinction that a difference to say that when you need to do is use, you know metaphors and be interact, and all of that Susan Glasser politico to my absolute astonishment said something like you believe the President of the United States threatened the leader
of North Korea spoke slightingly of of the leader of North Korea. You can't There is no way to speak about the leader of North Korea. You can either would slightingly or you can do it more realistically, but he is the worst we now he is maybe the worst person on earth right now certainly responsible for the for the largest scale on goings, from sheen of of evil that exists, and he also were what's remember he he he killed his uncle in an airport with it, with with a chemical weapon of one single target WMD attack the Emma. He hasn't WMD attack on an individual in a public space three months ago and his uncle, who by the way was in exile and you know just wanted to stay the hell away from him. So doesn't make him the worse person in the world you can buy now.
With a regime of deliberate starvation and you know- and of course they also beat Ottawa warm beer to death and American for the crime of having two. A poster down off a wall in a hotel room- I mean these are just he's a monster, and so he didn't call him a monster. He called him rocket man and said he would destroy his country. So I add me, maybe you know, maybe you would have been better if the language of the more elevated or not, but it's a distinction without a difference So I think that's interesting, though, is this notion that Trump asserting the right of american defendants interests and to speak of you. No sovereignty was therefore endangering our alliances and again is accusing him of crimes that every president commits here's the great ironing. What was the criticism of Bush. That he is.
Going along cowboy, but also, but also that his is his interest in interventionism, was what rupturing our alliances because he was on a mission to get involved everywhere. The other other countries were turning away from us and didn't want to be a part of it right and then what was the accusation seriously about Obama? Not I'm not talking here about the end inside the United States, but among this foreign policy establishment of the world. The Davos people and people like that the middle of his second term, they were very much opposed and heart sick at his behaviour in his conduct on the ground? and then he was insufficiently interventionist, only was insufficient, we committed to doing things to make sure that you know ISIS with suppressed or or that in Russia and take out at Vienna literally didn't take a bite out of another country and without response, or anything like that. So weird
If we do we're down, we doubt if you You intervene, you intervene too much. If you intervene too little, you intervene too little. If you talk tough and you know, and then and violently or whatever you just gotta just got a text, but the was make. Was me? Oh, my goodness me. I it. Even on my phone, no can be makers minds by ringers off the computer outs. The computer excuse me leaders land tells us it's the computer, so we're so raw here you're so amateurish. It's really. This is a great a great big design and you never know what arrows its live lives raising around that's right, what you people Don't know is that our opening song look for the best expect the worst formal Brooks boxes, the twelve chairs I literally put. Usually we have it on our computer. I played it through my Iphone.
Our speaker and, as I said, to aid. This is like this is so low tat before I realise that I was holding in my hand and Iphone which, in a hunter, in nineteen. Forty seven would have cost the equivalent of a hundred million dollars, and I haven't- and in my in my pocket, if the technology was even thinkable, they would have it would have no how many priced out. I read this earlier this week that if you priced out every element of the Iphone yeah in nineteen, forty seven, it would have cost roughly a hundred million dollars in nineteen. Forty seven. It did that's not in nineteen forty, seven currency be using me right. Inflation calculator on your Iphone to figure out how much a dollar was worth them verses. Now but so that, so that's why we had to beat there. But I just think, like you know, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two one thousand nine hundred and eighty three United States refused to sign the law of the sea treaty again talking about Trump and sovereignty, so sovereignty, the notion,
that we don't believe the United States. Suddenly, now it's it's some its support the notion of sovereignty itself, though it did isn't. It is a kind of sophisticated dog whistle for certain ideas. I don't agree with We have always been advocates of sovereignty. We have all you know the United States would not sign the law of the Sea treaty on the grounds of the law of the Sea treaty was and inappropriate seizure of our sovereignty. One of the great conservative cases against going into the I mean serious. Philosophical is against some of these climate change treaties and climate change accord? Them is that are violations of american sovereignty. That these are that the decisions that are going to be made by internet, tribunals, and things like that rejects a note. In that we are self governing people here and there and that our people are burned by our law. There not governed by some vague idea in
National LAW and it is true that than theirs can be a fetish isolation of sovereignty, and that has control did to the kinds of illiberal movements around the world that so Rob has written about before you know in Europe, certainly behind things like breaks it and tribunal rejecting. Ruggles by bureaucrats, but the strongest case against European Union. That help lead breaks. It is this idea that european popular since in the population in England in and in great Britain, was surrendering part of its sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels over whom they have by definition: no sway the, but they don't work for them. They don't they're, not responsive.
Electrical signals from the people and an apology nation that something was being surrendered that could not be gotten back, including control, England. Go into the european currency, but that was again was a philosophical objection to the existence of the euro. Is the idea that people that countries were were surrendering the control of their own understanding, of what their own Mollet monetary policy should be in the best interests of their own people too. A the Trans National group that would not have that was why not be responsive to political changes, particularly since the doctrine that they were living under, was this kind of technocratic? GMO, Clara Clarity regime that knew better than other people regime of expertise could tell tell you how much you could poor
How? What was a legitimate amount of of us? You know vodka. Pour into your gin and tied up to vodka and gin and tonic. That shows you how much I drank, but you know, I get a poor into your martini into your vodka martini again, showing how much I drink so? In that sense, I think trumps speech was entirely within the realm of the totally. After bull, american friend and any this is circumstance in which the guy not say anything that will not ignited a you know: people falling to their fainting chairs and looking for things to say they oppose when, in fact, to a lot for a lot of people, he was saying things than nine months. They agreed with the classic
out of his mouth and they don't Ruth anymore right right. I mean it's hard to imagine what he could have said. That would have pleased certain dogmatic, anti trumpet at this point there is no there's nothing. You could have said. I mean he said: okay, North Korea's, the greatest danger in the world, and this body has taken steps against Korea that are helpful and every country in this area, country in this body, needs to do more. Every country in this body, if you dont wish this regime to be empowered. You need to do take steps that you have to take to isolated, dont trade with a don't do you know, don't don't normalize at whatever? That is All to the international community to behave responsibly, the face of a global threat else, like don't, don't put
and the position of having to make a decision about whether or not we have to destroy North Korea because North Korea's about the fire, the icy we now has an icy beyond the launch pad. Let's do something to make sure that it either does not have that icy, be any more or is so isolated that it cannot possibly bear to risk doing something, it's actually not unlike those times that Netanyahu has gotten before you in and said said: what are you all and what do you all intend to do about IRAN? This is this is happening and and- and this is the job of this body to to do something about ran them. Trump then went into this weird. This is the way part of the speech or weird only its people work following policy to granular level, but Trump. At the? U N, maybe a case against the IRAN deal said it was a bad deal said. It was a disastrous deal said that if you know it was an- and yet he has yet as yet Russia
to pull out of it, though signally you said you'll hear from me about this again believe me or something like that. But I don't know how much longer I can go on. I guess there's another six months in which is six months from now. He has two again affirm that we're not affirm or whatever the that the neuron is abiding by. Terms of the IRAN deal maybe they are slowly and laboriously figuring out how what what happens posts, day zero when they announced the United States believes IRAN is no longer in compliance with the deal. The deal is no longer. You know operative yeah. I can't get a red honey and, on his IRAN, deal plasma is completely opaque on it and that by the way that goes for a good deal of the other issues that he talked about. Yesterday, too, I mean it is just a speech at the end of the day, Manette that that's what these that's, what these weeks,
for some people get debates, they stand up there in the end they speechified, but I dont know what his in his plans are regarding Venice. Well, I don't know you know what he's to do, but a number of things that he touched out of. We don't we don't know what comes danced with North Korea, either vigour, I think we can honestly. After you know a half months of this were hammer long. This presidency has been in place say that it would be foolish to assume that there were any plans. However, there is this story they that aggregates the poles of last six weeks. That says that makes it clear. The trumpets has had an upturn in the polls about three points is now hovering around forty, whereas he was hovering around thirty five for most of the summer since June, and and it is pretty clear that Thee
event restoration of Anthony. Guarantee followed by the defences of folk who, including the defenestration of chance by Sir and rights, previous and then follow you now and then, following that thee the elevation of of of general care to the White House. Chief of staff has had a measurable positive impact on the good working or the White House there. If she were leaks out of it, you don't hear anything about whose yelling and who, in Trump walking round the White House in his robe and slippers yelling at the tv- and you don't you know, kelly- has now controlled the paper flow end and the blah blah blah and then, of course, the astor of a bunch of people from the National Security Council who were clearly leaking hourly against their own boss as recalling what neck, and so the guy It was now working for Devon newness on the hill, and I mean there there is, there's been a tightening of a protocol on control. That means that Trump Tweet,
where's. He seems to be less frustrated and the who the horrible storms piling on one after the other mean that their The kind of focus to american life that is pulled off of him and he handled those at better than one feared, but he went and He was not the dominant dominating figure in the news for the first four, I would seven days, if you take Irma and Harvey together, There were seven days in the last month in which tromp was not the leading figures in the news that, I would say, is the first time that that will have been true for nearly two years It is good for him. The focus on him is. It was good for him because it's like that wine, from the not very good super
movie watchman when the guy, when this guy is thrown into prison and all the they're. All these guys were looking to men some cosy little linear says you don't understand, you're, not trapped him here with you, I'm not trapped in here with you, your trapped him here with me right, so we're all true in here in a small room with Trump and weak. Get me air, and so some people like it and most more more people hated them like it and the fact that horrible thing, happened that actually pull. Focus away from him was good for him yeah. Clearly you're, sorry to see just what kind of toxic element forty minutes duration, ambassadors for again Abandon was Amira because he's he's is clearly have risen above that that real he had been doesnt. Have you know the novel bright
it's big city, which was a piano sensation. Thirty years ago, the mariner, who else camera briefings ever really, nay, but the narrator has this guy named Tad ALA Gash, who was always coming up to Tillman? Sank: let's go, let's go the clubs. Let's do some blow, let's you ran. It was lying back track. Tad applications like various sitting there in its leg, tweet government run. You see what they said about. You see what they said. We see what NBC said about you'd see legitimate cause to set about you like. Silently, reneging him flaring him up. Getting is now and so clearly Kelly's whole project has been too low, for the temperature in the oval office and 2M. It's horrible thing to say about your president that, like you know what the guy is a it was like a roman candle until you just have to Cairo to block the match.
Up in a safe. But you know that's that's right and I still think we shouldn't get ahead of the league of ourselves. He earned and think that this means eddies heard some larger corner. We need still it's still a moment to moment incident to incident presidency and indeed he could blow up and and and do crazy things any mobile units, are its hearted spined a trajectory in this, but there's been a he's drawing together enough good things that now, as I say, some of it is some of it is just that the focus and away from some of it is that he behaved. He did not behave recklessly sponsible him were in relation to the in relation to the natural disasters. So I have a question sounds a little low. It's a low bar to clear, but if that's the bar that he had to below is receiving s I've ever patients are a time this into the U n stuff. So there's idea that men under
very well that the trumpets aid is a laughing stock, the restaurants laughing Arabic, they think he's a clown he's he's. You know what he's he's tanking our credibility and ran respect for a country in the world, so when he gets in when he goes to the? U N and mixed with the kind of pronouncements he made media day about sovereignty and about freedom and about socialism and stopping bad regimes in and whatever else what is? The effect is a different around the world as it felt- in the same way that other american President's pronunciations are are felt or or is it all just laughed at does he. You still have the power of the the leader of the free world Is that still a potent thing, even with him? Oh yeah, I agree absolutely I mean, if you look at it this way, who.
There. Is this constant another way that he is like a classic republican politician, even though he is anything, but is there This constant, See saw between these wildly divergent positions, one of which is that the president is a foolish idiot. Everybody in the world thinks he's a clown, and the other is that he is a terrifying lunatic who is going to? blow the earth up- and this was Reagan, and this one Bush units and its now trump can't be both a really and I mean you- you can have different bodies of opinion and have different opinions of him. So I would say the intellectual classes very much less largely of the view that he's a clown, but it is a clam with nuclear weapons. It's dangerous, whereas I would say if you are an actual leader who has to figure out how to navigate and negation What is going on in the world with him he's probably
far more unsettling figure and daddy being unsettling and unpredictable, and all of that There is a power in that and he in his own strongly inarticulate way during the campaign said I want, unpredictable. You know, I think that good thing like a big deal, making or negotiating and recently that that is a good thing. Well may or may not be a good thing, and you know it. Obviously it's better to be a constant to know if you have the north star, by which everyone can guy but I dont think that being somebody of whom people are afraid, beans that view orb of Sesar, these somebody that people don't take seriously quite the opposite. If you're somebody scares you're taking them very seriously, I don't think that's the best. Machiavelian said it's better, be feared the loved
and I think it's very clear that Obama was better liked than Bush and the last four years of Obama's presidency were a world Why disaster right and he Eddie and he's some new did conduct himself with with should have unimpeachable dignan, for the most part united. As yet as a statesman, you now end and the world did not taken seriously, especially the people we needed to take them seriously. The classic thing, of course, was the redline drawing. So we do a red line that for them now and in there were measurable consequences of him, not drawing the red line on track every year from the time you refuse to, answer serious use of chemical weapons onto them. You know onto the creation of ISIS Thee of another refugee crisis in Europe. The Russians are landing, rushing outlines the China China moving on the islands in the in the
I'll try to see I mean on and on and on provocation after provocation, after provocation that he gave we better get out of jail free card and they used it. So so trumpets not no one is in that You should try that doesn't mean that they're, not gonna they're, not going to come to the conclusion that he's a paper tiger and act accordingly. Right such an interesting thing, because, obviously I would. I would very much wish that trumpet contact himself far differently from the way he does, but I think we can say too much- is made of this idea that, because does. He is crass because he is ridiculous. At times the rest of the world would bulls, will cease taking America seriously as yet, and then we also have to. We also have to make it very plain, or one should make it plain that the opinion of we now
the global elite? How what? However, you want to phrase that you know the people who go to Davos, or you know, but bankers at some meeting in Dubai and all that is a good that they that they sink with the present United States, probably not by who the hell are they there just rich people, or they are the representatives of largely undemocratic representatives of largely meaningless and pointless countries that dont have any that don't do Eddie, maybe don't Many bad in the world, but don't do any particular good end does. Does the good opinion the United States manner. I think inestimably it matters, but that's not on the agenda that Trump doesn't about that he doesn't he's interested Emmy, he may want love. There's this constant debate over whether or not you know he attacks in Europe.
So they want in our times the love them, which would seem to me to be a kind of weird Saito. Masochistic thing that I don't really understand since generally. If you want to be love, you you're nice to them, you try to carry their favor. But he doesn't care about that, and so that was what the election was about, and Hilary said ten ten thousand times the world isn't gonna like having him as president and she didn't win. So that's the reality that we live in and we can do you know it's like you, can walk up and down the steep screaming at the top of your lungs that it shouldn't be like this? In that doesn't mean anything, it's like saying be now Obama should should go for school choice while Barack Obama's not gonna go for school choice that was litigated in the election in it it was a joy. Located in the election and the end This will be a regime for the teachers, unions and that's that's just the way it's gonna be now that's how politics politics, where
so the other big surprise of of the last week. What is deep re emergence of the possibility that was Senate. Republicans will. Pass a bill to something about health care that the house's signalling it will support, and this is the ones call the grain Cassidy Bill and largely it is a way of trying to cut through the political morass in Washington by taking all of the federal mushroom pretty much all federal money on health care and block granting it to the states. To the states and saying you you do what you want. You, single pair in your state pass single pair. You want a universal mandate in your stay that way, Romney pass in Massachusetts. You do that. You would do this. You do that. You do the other thing there
at national level. Have this as a serve national incubation experiment in what works and what doesn't and you know, they'll, and that there will be a good thing, a lot of problems with this We don't know if it's real, we don't know if it'll actually happen. All of this way came to life again, because out of nowhere, John Mccain said that he would support it because it's being proposed by his friend, Lindsey, Graham and then he said, may be wooden supports, not clear, or he would support but he wants the Senate to go back to its original. What's called reg or order procedure where their hearings in committee and that its report in committee- and that goes the floor. There's a debate in which clearly is gonna happen. But it's Well, I'm in a one level, it's very appealing, because you know the the idea that that states her individually.
Laboratories for foreign policy experiments, I think is, is an intriguing one We have some sort of a bribe. You know it saves. You know, states states, get this and sows oval. Asylum will sign on right. Well, so the interesting that's going on here is, of course, that the entire debate- Jonah Goober, run a terrific call about this yesterday that the entire debate is about- oh, my God, the Republicans in their so terrible and other ideas are awful and disastrous And meanwhile, seventeen democratic centres came out last week and said they would support. A single pair system whereas twenty years ago for people said they would support a single pair system that the Democratic Clearly, the vanguard of the Democratic Party has moved firmly into the camp of nationalized, socialized health care on the fish or canadian model, and and it's very hard to see
How that doesnt proceed apace over the next couple of years, that and what is the more radical position than Obamacare Terrorism, an unworkable disastrous system that is in a bankrupting everybody and needs to be repealed and replaced or but we need to do is socialize healthcare in the United States right round the argument, the ornament I'm always. I think it healthy the more radical positions, the latter, but the argument that that says it's not the more radical position. Is it what we're just catching up with with our serve peer countries? This is it can't be that article, because the quorum called rest of the industrialized world is already on this page and where and we're just getting their right. But the just as the complaint against american drug companies, which I think is a complicated and fair complaint is that
they sell drugs to the rest of the world on the basis that the United States, United States system will pay market rates for their drugs, but that another country's these medications people don't have enough money to pay for these migration, so they will scale the price down accordingly. So sad live at the american consumers, subsidizing the rest of the world's drugs, and this is not fair and they should cut the prices for the United States so that we're subset the other. Part of this and the positive aspect for places like Britain in Canada. So is effectively there. Their systems remain in this situation because we pay, we pay retail and they pay wholesale. Tire world health system depends on the United States. Even under these hard What conditions having the healthcare system that we have? We invent legal devices. We invent almost all of the life changing earth chain,
medications we invent the procedure, we test them out? We learn how to do these surgical procedures and improve them out by our day by day widow, everything like that and that's because our system is unwieldy, expensive, that it pays people a lot of money and that and that it has our people say, while our health outcomes are worse, will first law as we as we published seventy years ago, in a great article by the health, economist and Doktor Scott ATLAS You know some of our health somebody health status in the world that say that we have worse outcomes and other countries are based fraudulent, this is where we include traffic accidents or as people die in traffic accidents, for example, whereas Europe does not, by Canadian in in mortality rate figures right when they say when they die on the spot and traffic, as in others, there is literally no role for for health care right and then that right
If you take that out of the equation worm, we jump right up to the top right, and so so Basically, we we exist to subsidize the rest of the world's health care, so health care systems that social as health care would function, it is even more disastrously live. In fact, a lot of them do because of this rationing systems that they have in place. Were we not to have a free or healthcare system? So if we got a single pair, everybody else's and single pair result over two generations will be a decline. In this in next honourable march of health care, improve health care outcomes illness prevention. We know medical innovation, surgical, innovation, device, innovation, all that stuff. Karen and mortality mean we. We we have better figure.
Then leave in these countries. We just do me any one can look them up. I mean you know that there are few sort of small exam balls, where we fair, worsened for specific type of cancer than than one country but overwhelmingly, outcomes are much better. Are our care is just better? It's it's more expansive, that's true, but No, it's way more expensive and our system is insanely, complicated and everybody who knows everything? Yes, but you still have a better shouted living which is kind of the point of healthcare and ride. My estimation right now, I do think that evidence territory says in his peace how Republicans might bring about single pair health care that the failure to address and to do reforms that will address the system which, which Grandcourt city would to some to some extent, but the failure to do this creed It's the moral hazard that could lead to us.
No pair system, because, if the, if the system, if the American save the ten percent of people who are in Obamacare drag, the entire system down as two thousand and twenty one or two thousand and twenty two and and you know we have to percent of people uncovered or sunlight. Whatever happens, the only the moral hazard is so great that the that the conservative position will be many Medicare for all or medicate fraud on the grounds that you know we can This cannot go on. Tens of millions of people are gonna, go uncovered and have no choice, but to do this Has the system is collapsing in on itself and that there are people who thought anything could spiritual early, but solely as a matter of practical politics that that Obamacare would be so unworkable that this was the ultimate aim of it, that that it that it would make a
system? So ungainly because it made this promise that it could cover People M, spend less would cover more people with less cost that this was a obvious kind of like magic trick that could never fun with it. Never work. And- and we would end up in a situation where the system was robert- was a room. Were wishing and the only way to fix it was to clear it out and just cover everybody once I dont believe That's the case, because I really don't think that Obama and no other to give many yeah yeah? Now I think they thought what they thought was: the classic technocratic view, we'll cover everybody and then brilliant People will sit down in a room and they will figure out how much doctor should be paid for this. How much people should pay for that? Who should get? What surgery, how that's gonna work and that there will be these boards tribunals and panels of sports in that they would solve everything, overtime, amateurs there
Is there a rational prescriptions, and here the problem, is that we are free people and we don't function. That way I mean it sounds like a our buildings say that its irrational, but you know people will do what they have to do. Necessarily to protect themselves and their families and the people that they love and the people were closest to element. If you tell them that they are obliged to do ex wire z. For you know, we call it like softly egalitarian reasons, they might say. Ok, that's really nice and they will still go ahead and screw up. You're well plants, and they will go to their representatives and say you can't possibly mean that MIKE you. You know that I'm not allowed to buy a surgery if I can afford it right and then what happened: so then there's a two tier system where rich people have really good healthcare and everybody else is lousy. Healthcare and every doctor in the country who can afford to work for the really
people who are given the permission to opt out of the system. There all in one category of everybody else, is waiting. Eighteen months for a you know for a kidney transplant and do wonders for, our coming apart by forgetting populous, that's gonna, be a great great innovation right, So Do you want to say a couple of things? One that we have a roast coming up. Are you there are seven rate annual roast Jonah. Burgers the victim, the roast these include red bear. Steve Hayes. Which Lowery and Rob long its November. Seventh in New York, please goat. W W W dot commentary magazine, dot, com, slash tickets for information on how you can buy a ticket
to the roast were table were be a sponsor or be a co chairmen? It's not achieved ticket, but it is our annual benefit. And- and I really hope you will love. You'll take a look in if you wanna come join us. It's a really joyous and happy in the terrific evening and if you would, if you have a chance, go to Itunes and leave us you ve, got threaten twice extra views there. Incredibly, nice, the more reviews we get, the more we are exposed to the pod cast listening audience at Itunes. If you like us, maybe you want other people too. Join with you in the in the celebration of the crushing morosely that this podcast has. Sadly, today's podcast has no crushing morosely, because we are about to cast oh Brad upon the waters, we're about to dip all our apples in the honey we're about to welcome in
the new year and and and have fun until we have to spend twenty five hours fasting and beating r r r r chests atoning for are for our sins. But that's that's next week, that's the end of next week. Now it's all it's all happy times, although I hear honey. You do. I hate her I've. You you're the first person in the history of civilization to utter that send know ways on. I create honey, it's too Sweden has got the sticky at an hour. I was plain to my kids, that you know until basically until Columbus came to America Honey, that was it. There was no such thing as honey and fruit. There was no such thing as sweetness that did not right from plenty and fruit and
sugar was owed entirely a species of the new world, and there was there was no such thing for us every day. Every time aid honey I saved, but like my need this in my life wise, why don't I need more honey? I don't know why? Don't you, you know, why does now rose? That's why it's all I have to say it Gross but then I don't I don't like wine either. So I have my own different taste, buds yodel, sir. The totals drakes Drakes king and with your new elements, at least, but I like. A black and white cookie. I now but gonna say layer is Horrified at this, I don't like the black and white cookie, it's not a cook it's kind of a piece of stale cake with some thick gooey crap on the top of it like an end Jews, I like totally bonkers over the black and white cookie, and it's a very distressing among many crises in American Judaism is the black and white cookie, just morality,
I brought the Morocco you brought them. Rossiya says I have brought the morality, so I buried You brought the morass. When you made the case against honey, I think you're brought them are a good. Well, you know it's very important, always the bureau to her as as Alan King, says in the in the unheralded movie, bye, bye, braver meant as a rabbi funerals, like you, think, everything's going along and bang it get a kidney stone and that's it wish culture in America, you think everything's, good, bang, you get a kidney stone, so I hope you don't get a kidney stone. I hope you have a wonderful new year if you are celebrating, if you're not any like honey dip, some apples and honey and think of us, if you, if you cast your bread upon the waters in order to find out the way being go ahead. You could do that your jewish amount, jewish Thea sort of unofficial ceremony called Tosh, leaf and
and really have a swede new year and we'll be back next week. Keep the candle burning.
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