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Commentary Podcast June, 15 2016

2016-06-15 | 🔗
On this week’s COMMENTARY Podcast, John Podhoretz, Abe Greenwald, and Noah Rothman review the impact of the worst terrorist event to occur on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001. Donald Trump’s long-awaited implosion seems to have begun, and his image is not being buoyed as a result of the fear that follows a terrorist event.
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welcome to the commentary magazine. Podcast today is June, fifteenth Wednesday midday, terrible, weak Forty nine at least forty nine dead in or Orlando, as the result of an islamist attack on a gay bar that is now being treated by many people is, though, or something vastly more complicated than the sentence that I just spoke terrible weak for Donald Trump. Poles are turning very harshly against him. We have
at least two poles show him now down. Ten points to Hillary Clinton. As a poll in which fully sixty three percent of women. All women say they will never vote for him. How on earth a person can recover from a Pulitzer fifties. Sixty three percent of all women will never vote for him and that fifty seven percent of the electorate also says it will never vote for him. That would suggest that he will get about forty to forty three percent of food in November. Maybe those numbers can change, maybe they can't but them, but some of the horror that some of us have been predicting and the nightmare of this election may be coming
pass and may becoming to pass. Moreover, in spite of the idea that a terrible terrorist attack would somehow benefit Donald Trump, which I've always thought was a questionable presumption, but we can discuss it a little more as as the as the half hour progress, but I'd like to start by asking a b were saying something very interesting about the president's response to. Today's days, criticism sounded from me, others about his Sunday afternoon, remarks in which he described said we did not know the motivation of the shooter did he seem to have been motivated both by terror and by hate, but He went on about the horrendous nature of the hate crime toward the gate
unity and suggested that somehow we collectively needed to look at ourselves to understand what had gone on here as though those of us at this table and everybody else in America were somehow had our collective fingers on the trigger because we hate homosexual. So much of a country that has now seen this unbelievable seen, change in attitudes toward towards the issues that, over the last five to ten years, and indeed in which there has never been an incident like this, you know in american history, so even when America was the most horribly homophobic and nightmarish disastrous place for anybody who was homosexual, it's not like someone went into a gay bar and child. A hundred people So we are in a very strange moment and enable you were talking about how a green Walter, I'm sorry, our senior editor sitting Crosser me talking about
how the president is. Somebody who has always acted as the words mean something and that somehow he has now been. He has now moved into a position of of of being compelled to say the words don't mean anything in that words are just talking points. Can you can you flesh? I will sure. Yes, so in response to the criticism of his Sunday speech about Orlando, he he got up in front cameras yesterday and. Very he's he visibly angry as as you heed what one can always tell with him. He said the effect of my friends across the aisle. They're good this contribution to the fight against Eisele. He said This point has been too
criticised me for not using the term is on funding doesn't work longer erratic rats, radical Islam to deepen the jargon discussion, there there. Their criticism has been that I don't use the word radical Islam anyway. Smugly. What what Purpose with this serve is going to be some kind of magic bullet that will take care of the problem and but struck me was that this flies in the face, of a what's been for him, a real preoccupation with language and free. Mean policies in terms of language, and if you just look back from the very beginning, he read two thousand and eight. He was criticised then for relying heavily on speechifying and and words, and he then made us. You may then made a speech in defence.
About how why words matter. Let we hold these truths to be self evident words matter. He was, I think, turned out. He was her paraphrasing columns the time he is repeatedly said when asked what he's big big failings are. If he has any big regrets about about his his his presidency. He said that he's failed to explain in his policies adequately. If, if the american people had a better understanding of what he's done and why he's done it, they would it would serve see see c the rightness of of his of his policies and, of course, he labelled Isis, the J B team early on purposefully and- saw exactly what TAT meant to him and and and and the kind of policy the insufficient policy that framing it that way, but that lead to and you
mentioned his insistence on Bron calling ices Eisele and at which is a terminal, logical distinction of some subtlety. But nonetheless indicates that he is very concerned about the way, the vocabulary that is used to discuss these matters and the. For him to say, as he said yet, these are met Jack words, or that this is all these are all just talking points when the issue, I think, is it's that saying radical Islam suddenly casts a spell that change that will defeat magically d need ISIS on the battlefield. It is about the mindset of the administration itself in defining what is being fought and why we are fighting it, and I was struck by what a blog posts about this yesterday that Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic tweeted out one of these smug,
little things about how someone could explain to me how using the magic words radical Islam will change everything. Then too. Obviously the president should do it, but no one can explain that. Well, it is in every Goldberg own writings that we see Obama, particularly his late this peace, the Obama doctrine in the Atlantic about two months ago, in which Obama says to Goldberg and around his staff, that he thinks that we overrate the threat terrorism, he said, two Valerie Jarrett at some point in twenty fourteen, when she said people are worried that ices is gonna, come over here and be head people He said, they're not gonna, be behead, anybody will know they're, not gonna beheading. May there just gonna shoot a hundred people in a gay bar. So distinction without it, it's horrible to see someone be headed on television, so great a hundred people get shot. Twenty people get shot in San Bernardino. That's the version of beheading that is
Coming to our shores now it is, I think, a defensible though incredibly cynical rail politic possess. To say we need to accept a certain level of home. Grown violence and ISIS driven violence, because the alternative, witches putting twenty five to thirty thousand american troops on the ground, resting back the territory that ices has seized, killing them all with bombs, then bullets and then holding onto their territory until civil governments in Syria and in Iraq can control them. And let us leave that that is too high. Price for us to pay and that we therefore will need to pay this lower price, which is absurd. Graham hands terrorism manoeuvres inside our borders. He, of course, is not to say that it's too dangerous oh, he lies and he says we're gonna destroy ISIS. He doesn't mean it. Could he has Our policies in place to do so,
continues to lay out this nonsense line that ices hasn't in any way shape or form advanced in the last two years, which is of course the same as it is consolidating its hold on this territory, making it the only terrorist state in the world. To have formed, you know, and it only form three years ago like this is radically It's not like it's this age old age old home that we're trying to drag them out of it. Their home there not from there. They are holding the people who actually live there, hostage, be going in there to get rid of them, so they don't train people to fight us. He doesn't want to do that and so He is offended and enraged by the notion that he is was to define I am the enemy as this radical islamist force, because the etiquette is that he has to go and do something and he doesn't want to do something he would much. Rather, this be a confused
guy with just self hating about his homosexuality and therefore that's why He goes in and shoots up shoots up. The club Noah Rossman there is at the risk of alleging that Mr Kohl Bergen Barack Obama, administration or little of tool, but there is GEO political utility in being clear about what the enemy is, and I think they all know it- cannot undermine a competing theory of civilization, computing theory of Social organisation, which is what this is by being a tooth and unclear about who is birds are and who, as members are not if you are trying to undermine this thing from without without the is the external force of an actual invading force that would come in and dismantle this. This theory of organization, Radical Islamic, radical Islamism and you have to identify its dissidents. You have to create descent and imported
into this system and you have to work faster and nurture it, and that means being real, The clear about what radical Islam is, and who is members are ended by gloaming at that is, is part of is part of a GEO strategy is not just savings I'm sort of a partisan desire and Republicans to be really aggressive, rhetorically, red and even worse, who are sitting on the notion that There is some legitimate aspect of Islam that is being laid out by ices em and being brought to our borders in this way. If what you say as we cannot attack it for what it is and what it is trying to do. Because everybody else in the world will think that were attacking all of this Islam, whereas you're gonna say we're not taking all this lamp, were attacking this group of I went monstrous Islamists who are themselves oppressing Muslims in Iraq.
Ain't gonna, win in territory. In Iraq and Syria, and Christians and everybody else and their killing Americans and we we're trying to free to accept that we have a role to play in this we're trying to extirpate this muslim perversion not any you dont accepted as a perversion and denounce it as a perversion, then you are you're in clearly saying that there is something legitimately muslim about what they're doing that? This form of indignation is entirely false and it's been entirely false friend from the beginning this that this bristled, you no sense of of offence on the president's part as a new tactic we ve been having debate over whether or not to say radical Islam. Since one of the earlier democratic presidential debates right after San Bernardino win, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Canada, governor known
a Maryland governor. What's his name and block on his name o mowing allowing their world tripping over themselves. To avoid saying radical Islamic said, can you say radicalism? I think it was the John Dickerson. Can you say that Islamic just getting into in the words and they would take who themselves into saying all we're not at war with Islam is hidden in a war against a religion as though that's the argument, that's being may that's. That does not have the worst part of courses. Yes, since nine eleven. It is in the view of rational actors in the United States that it is necessary to say that we are not at war with Islam, we're at war with fun, mental list Islamists who are based, but we understand this not ourselves being Muslim, who are perverters of the true faith and that you don't go to war, their religion and so the way George W Bush did it was, he would say, we're not.
This one. This one is a religion of peace which it may or may not be, but we're we're not at war. With this lawn. We are at war with s yes, where war with fundamentalist Muslim, who are perverting the faith- and it is not a magic thing. Reason that what the president was so offensive on Sunday after the attack was not that he said stay, radical Islam or said recklessly. It said he said, we do not know the motivations of these killers. This killer, We knew his motivation, he called the cops and three times had he was pledging, is fealty to ice as he shouted out who walk bar while he was shut, while he was shooting up the place for the three hours. Said he was inside the bar We now know that he traveled twice to Saudi Arabia under mysterious circumstances, with four class airfare, the guy's, a security guard. Where do you get first class? airfare and eight days stay.
Some address in Saudi Arabia? We don't know the answer to that question. We know with his wife, is now being interviewed as a possible accomplice Reich, as she said she knew well. How do we know she's the only one who knew we don't know and and On the other hand, we are perfectly permitted to say: oh, you know he would. Apparently three people said that they saw him at the bar, so that problem, but he's a tormented closeted homosexual, who, as you know, acting against self and that some house it was to make us feel safer. So we can be ostriches, go back in our holes and pretend that wars being waged on our own force it by exactly the people that we are most afraid, that is to say home. On terrorists, who are american citizens, who are therefore they're, not flying over in planes with Non American, ass, they can move freely, they can buy guns,
they can go wherever they want to, they can do whatever they want to and we don't have control over them. That is why this is the dangerous possible kind radicalized person, and we now have at least three major incidents dating back to them. The doll Hassan case forehead in two thousand mine and San Bernardino in here, in which we have all american. Well. They weren't american citizens that they were not naturalised, but they will. One of them was naturalised, but they were not born American and and also the is the ammo. Now this is. How is this is. This is how we know that that there are Listen as this is how we know that there is sympathetic with with with that their due, in service devices they say so before they attack. This is what the San Bernardino Killers did. They went on Facebook and played and pledged their their field. Heat ties
and this is- and this is this- is what happened in Orlando by the way. There is another. Incredibly disturbing parallel to this, you remember in twenty fifteen, when the hype Kashmir, kosher Supermarket, was shot up in Paris on Friday morning before the Sabbath and the State Department said, we have no idea why the killers would do this. Why Europe. Would people going should oppose out? We can imagine why So we have here is a deliberate administration, wide strategy where there are islamist attacks to doubt grade and downplayed them, because There are Davy team, I dont know why, don't you know just just to reappoint on why it was so offensive that that Obama had this, Sir Semi hand from yesterday about about this heat. He closed by saying that that criticism of him for not using the term, is it is a political body.
Action when, in fact the very It is the case he's the one. That's the stretch attention from reality by by insisting on not using the term bite by sticking out like a sore thumb every time he says, Eisele he's almost units of unique indian western leaders who who use it because he believes that takes away. Some sort of in here the power from them. The United States is adopted, jeez running a mine gave them it's like. Oh, you think rights, as I call you Eisele Meng in writing. That is that which is fine by the way, if it were met significantly top strategy that paralleled it will that you know that you're running up right in the sense that it doesn't matter what what we call them, what anyone calls and no one would care at all what he called them if they felt that this strategy was was on point if they felt tat, he was doing something real about at the risk of being a little paranoid and conspiratorial, and it is the season of paranoia conspiracies it. I dont think
that we would be having a discussion about whether or not there was some sort of mutual exclusion between being a closet and conflicting gay person and a religion that is particularly harsh on homosexuals. If this person, where a Christian, if we would be talking about fundamentalist Christianity and extremely harsh teachings and in portions of the viable dealt that need to have- and we need to have a national conversation around that, but because that portion of the country is relatively toothless, nobody's afraid of mass waves of terrorism from prison, even if they say as much there, not where we can't be honest about that, were afraid of inflaming a situation overseas, rightly or wrongly, and as a result, we couch our language way that undermines are caught again. I have nothing against couching the language. I really don't that's the odd part of, and I rode up a the peace within your posts that got it enormous attention this week. You know like We have million and a half hits as of this morning, because I
at the present has done something offensive by not by by saying what he said, but I dont actually really care, Then he said radical Islam or didn't say rapidly. Someone I care about is that he says we're going to destroy ices and he's doing anything about it and he is lying to the to the american people about it, because there is no strategy to destroy ISIS that doesn't involve. Removing it from the territory that controls that doesn't involve killing the people who are going and being trained by ices to leave join rough. Gee floods or do whatever they can do and that ISIS is defeat is necessary because if ISIS is defeated, people aren't gonna, go around shooting up gay bars and pledge. Their fealty to an organisation that has been destroyed by the West, because will appear to have lost, not and not be winning, which is what they appear to be doing. Right. Now, I'm in whatever the definition of winning ism, it's not
you're not going to overthrow the United States government there just going to make our lives more and more and more difficult and make give people reasons for anxiety when they go to places, and this is the soft target strategy that one always wondered why Al Qaeda was so resistant to now that Al Qaeda was interested in spectacular tax. Will they take down the World Trade Center where they do the entire world turns on? Then we go to war with them. We spent ten years trying to destroy them. Kill their Senor Lucia. We kill Bin Laden, you know we we'd, be we over Afghanistan, because did. These things were we unanswerable but shoot up, shopping mall shoot up a gay barb. Every couple of months do this: this is the palestinian strategy. From the nineties and at work.
For seven or eight years to just totally unnerve. You just go and that's what's going on now a little bit, and it is real. If I could just go around, you know, stabbed five people and it's shoot somebody over here so you're like you're, never certain where you are, and you unsettled the daily life of the way people live America's very big place. It's very hard to unsettle people based on an event that happen, in Orlando, but you can unsettled the entire gay community of the United States, which now has reason to fear that something's gonna happen at any gay bar, just as if you shot up a movie just as if there were a strategy, deliberate, I to shoot up movie there's our malls or something like that. It would change people's behaviour and it would impact, their daily lives and the way the terrorists seem to want to impact people's daily lives and, in every time, President says something like what they're not gonna come. We're here and and and take over the place. You know he's he's ignoring what we all know, which is a that's.
If not how asymmetric warfare works, we we know this is an asymmetric, we're not expecting a full scale invasion. We the problem with what they're doing. I think it was in that Goldberg Interview where the president expressed a lot of admiration for the the ability of Israelis to live with the constant fear and threat of terrorism. Further advancing your point that that's ultimately, where he would like our society in rail and a form of resilience to this inevitable cost of doing business with great. So, let's be like Israel. That means we gotta war four times in twelve years against against terrorist or who are tragically people everybody. Everyone in Israel is in the military until there, forty five years old, including what you know everybody is drafted, get peoples I are disrupted item on a yearly basis by having to be reserved service, so go right ahead. Let's lid, let's lived, the wonderful is really resilience that they show every time there is a terrorist attack by having
their entire lives defined by being at war, which is what they are. Which is how is really live even when they are at peace. They are living as though their war and there never entirely apiece and wheat that do we want that, is that is that the goal that were setting for ourselves to live in a world Well, if you're Barack Obama and your entire focus is I'm not troops anywhere in the world, then. Yes, that is the choice that you are making, he will not level with the american people that that is a choice that there are any choice he's given. Employees have not yet been. I know it's committing troops here and there in the other place, but certainly not enough to turn the tide anywhere. Just to kind of leave. Things in a state of perpetual low boil and his formulation presupposes the idea that these attacks won't pass a threshold that will be sustainable that the people just won't stand for? You haven't you
be president by that's that's what he knows and in fact we saw Hilary this week, this saying Donald Trump likes magic word say: Radical Islam deliver Lee she after this hold rigmarole at the debate- that you mention where she didn't want to say it, because they Who even knows why? Because because that was surrendering to the Republicans or because you don't want to get Obama mad at her. Something like that. She is, I think, giving off indications that, particularly with some of the stuff we should now talk about in relation to power I, where she needs to move to the centre, to get away from Obama on foreign policy a little bed and possibly to scoop up a lot of people who are feeling increasingly discomfited by by Donald Trump, appalling that we have now seen in the last five or six days is in readily work, should be incredibly worrisome to trumpet has his people whether it is not because they live in a bar.
Live psychosis. I don't know, but you know you can't be down. I don't think there is. There is an occasion on which somebody's been now got here is the counter argument which you and I both in privy to in the last twenty four hours. I've seen it Georgia's be a bush. Eighty eight at this point in the campaign- and I think Europe you actually mentioned you refuted that, because you have a unique. Access to that point in period of time where he was actually down by double digits in this moreover, Aviate again, he was down by double digit after the democratic convention where Michael Dukakis receive the nomination. It was the ultimate convention, bounce and, of course, Bush and by a half. So the fact is that, It was an illusory. We know that that was illusory, and that was that was the end of August was after the convention, what we have here is a month before the convention's hill before this weekend
was already in the pool averages five points up on Trump after this. You know moment two weeks ago, when he had apparently achieved parity with her, so she was up for I will now, the polling, there's going on this week suggests that that lead is widening to ten or twelve, and I don't believe that there is an instance in american history of somebody being behind a double digits in June, who wins in November. That is not the way it works close and that are either opens up were full. Down but it, but it is not the case that you can be this far down, and when I mean you know, unless things happen, that push things your way and Trump. If Trump, Is now in a position where he'll always lead is widening before the convey think about what that means. Let's say it stays where it is eleven or twelve point, if that's where the polarity knowing that it stays eleven or twelve point and he gets a fantastic convention bounds. The Republicans having the first convention in MID July.
So if he has a fantastic bout, he kind of clauses that captain nearly zero, and then she has the next convention and then her than the gap opens up a ten or twelve point and then What does he do to what z due to collapse it debates. Yeah that those are gonna go really well, I mean he, What we are seeing here is the distinction in the electorate's between the republican electorate, which, like the kind of attitude that he brings or absorb a plurality of Republicans like the truly brings and then the country that is less confrontational, that likes thing softer that you know like some ice. You know? Laundry detergent, commercial, where mothers and babies are smiling and doesn't want this. You know ranting, maniac on their television screen, every night especially in the wake of the awful violent events like this. You know I mean this is this was the did.
Type of exhaustion, is event. That was, you know, supposed to deliver him new support, but well, there was never any real evidence that that was going to be the case right. That was no. The evidence was from the republican primaries, which is, which is why? This is so maddening to me, like everybody, goose, to understand that primary electorates were different creature from general, actual electorates and it was trumps own effort to alight differences between them and to pretend that, because he supposedly did well with Hispanics in in the Nevada Republican caucus that this meant that he would do well with Hispanics who, by the way, The latest Paul now have a negative view of nine and ten Hispanics view negatively. That's nine and ten. That's not seven and ten. It's not aid in ten, it's not six and a half in ten nine. Percent of Hispanics and ninety four percent of blacks and sixty three percent of women. The guy is going
crater and blow up. If something doesn't change and howls anything change he's not changing he's today, as we record this, he is accusing linking to break our peace, accusing the presence of the United States explicitly indirectly of collaborating with ISIS and supporting ISIS and that's what Republicans in Congress are now going to have to answer for for the less next twenty four hour, and you know its mandate, who uses the other maddening part so we're sitting here, we ve spent half an hour attacks, king, the president for his feckless business and his behaviour towards ISIS and there It goes off and says, he's collaborating with the enemy. And what are we supposed to say? What we say is come on but that's ridiculous! That's offensive! You know, he's the presently United States drop dead, don't be such a What's the matter with you, you know we be proper. Granted, will help with the we're. A weird nodded were not happy with Trump and never have been, but you know if anybody should, convince people at the end
a half our conversation about how awful Obama has been in relation to Orlando. It should be people like us and all he does is take it and go to cartoonish propose stress, extremes and forces one to defend him. Well, I mean they force one to defend him against the charge of age in the vices. He's not an agent of ISIS Symbols The matter is whatever you think of Barack Obama and everything that is bad about him. In the car, Terry magazine has spent seven and a half years delineating with incredible detail, every way in which we think he's, bad. He is not operating on the basis that but he wants to do is destroy the United States is trying to put the United States on a different kind of ideological, political and moral footing that he thinks is better.
He is wrong. We hope that his view does not prevail. One fight it and, but you know too, to question his. You know. Essential commitment to the United States is sick, better tailored to the analysis of the primary purpose of the general thing it I think I would. I would submit that it's that concern the constructive. Really that the general election might be kind of unpredictable, because the primary was unpredictable as one invented by the Pandit class and reporters to excuse the fact that we all just didn't pay attention to the poles. We we decided that there was going to be factors that would reassert themselves that would negate with the poles looked like my of included and that never material, but not just you, everybody. You know faint Nate face
made silver trouble, five percent chance of winning the nomination when he was a head, an opponent and we all admonished ourselves because that party decides this factor. Oh you know we have this its seven seven keys to thee, the lanes- and he didn't have a lane that he was gonna prevail in and then he basically was a heaven, the Poles from July fifteen till he won the nomination in the polls told the story so because you're sort of snake that from that process, we ve talked ourselves out of trusting our own instincts and the numbers by the way that were never any numbers that suggested Donald Trump had a big events John Terror, Washington, Post, ABC newspaper, gave Hillary Clinton Adele major advantage on the issue in March and April, you had a four point advantage for him and galloping Bloomberg yesterday. A five point advantages negligible, nothing close to a generic republican advantage, so to say that all bad will benefit. Trump is sort of oak.
Urban, it's a homily, something we tell ourselves in order to to navigate a world. We don't really understand, I think that's part of it. I also think that it is, is basically its ass covering not to be too Bulger about it, but because everybody was so wrong, now it's like. Well, everybody was what you know. We it's not like. It's not that we were wrong. It's that we, no one could tell so now now we can tell because no one's gonna blame us if we say he might win, but if we say he's, gonna lose many winds. Era goes, I see you were so long, but if you say I don't know which is fine. People can say, I don't know, that's that's, that's totally fine and it doesn't really matter whether pundits say is going to win or he's not going to win in the end. What what address here is you know that Question of whether or not the dot
pumps, you know dark magic control over his supporters, and everything like that, I think impeding the lad. Estimated possibility of some kind of radical shift in the Republican Party or with a third party person Giving meaning theirs left, and you know as Patrick Graffiti, though Rogan Digital experts intimated last night. Still the possibility the Rules Committee of the hour and see the week before the convention, if trumpets down twenty points, could write could write also the convention that release the delegates, rules. The convention are written the week before and you know if, if it looks like the party is going to collapse,. But if we say we say, while we can never know you'll, never know you can never tell you can ever know that is actually a way of paralyzing. You know anyone who might have the
courage to stand up and think about doing something like that or running third party. It was more there. There may be ones, roofs you'll see of hope, effort for travellers. Supporters, in that, if you look at, say the real for their part, real, clear politics, pole average, now Trump has been while he's been steadily cradling Hilary barely moved up, she's she's, sort of I will now have the imposed average. Actually, you can see. I am a market increase for her. Since MID March the end. We really need to see what happens at the course of this week. Has some of those are lagging poles and they are still adding impulse from attend is ago and she has a traveller get about. I mean the primaries hasn't ended it ended yesterday. She supposed to get a unity bump, haven't even have little. Those bitter denotes the formal reconciliation with wood sanders, yeah well, some sort of announcement, something
so the convention scenario, which we keep coming back to you just because we feel like dollar I ain't gonna gather in Cleveland to ratify a suicide pact, will do that an area that could shake some of them loose, as if you see the party itself, As you say, it's gonna suffer where they could see let's surrender White House at least, will try to save the down ballot and what the left to look at is a generic ballot that begins to crater raw alot of incumbents, that look d away by the time they have to know this guy and that's just not gonna materialised until autumn. So there will be RO as well. There s a lot of not only unless right, I've been unless women in the next month, all of them was phenomena happen and in that we actually give you they're benchmarks,
I can give you so no mention the generic Paul. That is due prefer Republicans or Democrat do further Republicans of Democrats to prevail in November, and if that number, which I think is right now at about four points, democratic generically for Democrats about four point two had. If that spread went to ten or eleven, that would be extremely dangerous. And then you have about five key Senate races, and you have set races that are like daddy The most interesting being the one in New Hampshire between the first term, Senator Kelly, I oughta Republican and Maggie House on the former governor of New Hampshire, both very popular their running totally neck and neck. Forty eight forty eight or something like that, and should it happen that say in the next month, with the crater rigging of, if, if, if trumpet, a crater, that Hoskins say moved seven,
eight points up on a hot which will basically be an indication that, if she's going down that Rob Portman, gonna go down and a higher against them against Strickland. His his rival that mark is gonna, be blown out in Illinois. That RON Johnson is gonna, lose him was concerned, and that a couple of the other and that a couple of the other very close and erase like the one in the body to succeed, Harry Red and the Florida race that Marco for the CE mark. Rubio has surrendered. If those all look like they're going, south that'll mean the Senate has gone, and if it looks like this it has gone in the story is Republicans, are creating. Yet you could have this notion that that the suicide pact is upon us without A cascade of information like that, the party,
will have no choice but to go with trump. The questions. What the mood will be- and I think the moon will be bizarre- lease will be strangely weirdly, beat in this kind of low way with that in a wrestlers and sports figures, giving speeches and then yo. Everybody else will be a lot of photographs of people standing on the floor of the convention, looking very grimly considering the future of the party that they ve been serving for, like thirty or forty years, going the way of the Dodo bird so but will, but that that's the only I think, functioning scenario. I want to conclude today with an interesting cultural now, which is that a Greenwell last night went to Shakespeare in the park the now sixty year, old, New York City institution. That view offers free Shakespeare, if you really stand in line for three or four hours in central park, to protect
in the summer, and has been using the model for almost all public theater in the United States, and there was a production. Their new production is of. Shakespeare is most controversial. Second, most controversial play. Maybe taming of the shrew course has extremely progressive views of the relations between men and women in the plot line about a man who decides to take on a woman to break up difficulties, a difficult woman to break her and make her a virtuous subservient, wife and a tell tells us that the production and then so let's get equal so relaxed. So what will the nerve a few secrets? I suppose that they ve done away with the play within the play aspect that that's in the actual text its they, the theirs The whole beginning power, the Lord, is supposed to come across a drunkard
and set him up in his castle and then put on this play for him there that that's done away with there's a it's it's. There's a sir very loose framework of a beauty contest for the whole, but the main point is that it's all women Oh it's all women, yet right so the whole place. It's all women playing the part so that somehow you do away with the the fact that you have petruchio them. Characters of abusing basing this woman Catherine Katarina his his his The woman he marries unwillingly deserve help his friend Mary, her sister and bass, it's a story of Sir five acts of of beating her into submission right and it's. It's but you know it's one thing to have an all female Shakespeare production, though that's that's her view that that's been happening for some time this. This took several huge leaps. It was causing narrated by by an it were announced by a trump impersonator Unrove. You know this. I got
Yes, it was a trump and then one one of the actors in a duty, gold broke character and Does a sort of Canada. Stand up routine, almost as as EL actor, who is fed up work? for a female director is outraged at there's, going to be a female president, the radio host she's, a comedian ass you can meet, has six what three installed right rise in demand. That became a sort of you know an invitation for four cheering ugly of hill of Hilary in and what not I mean it was an end. My main thought. Was well. How do people not just get bored of this of their of them?. Persistent indoctrination of the of the constant ideological cultural self formation with of every
for all of it. I ass the day that they hold well because it's their biases, its upper where production is in the middle of central park, its new Yorkers and who doesn't like to have their biases of armed. I don't know anybody who doesn't really like to have their biases affirmed. Everybody likes it in its now the centrepiece of american Theatre that it is. All virtue signalling most of merit, there's virtual signalling- and I the point that I thought was most interesting- that this reduction, which I have not yet seen as all any but he ever talks about is and the Times New York Times Quit, so govern America Theatre talk about? As you know, it's really important things be some verses. They should be subversive transgress. If you know what people need is to have their there to be shaken from their from thereby too to see things anew into shape, be transgress events of verse, it well the only way in two thousand sixteen to do taming of the shrewd subversive is to do it exactly the way Shakespeare wrote it and then force people to look at the greatest.
Writer who ever lived, who is essentially nor creating the scenario in which a straw modern woman? Will you take to be it Only modern twentieth century woman is compelled into pre model subservience by her by by being a based, by a man whom she then decide she loves, and that would be thing to see an audience in central park have to confront that and see how that makes them feel and to see what biases they are forced to confront when they see something like this, but of course it would never happen because it's not really true that what p want is transgression. What they want is their own biases affirmed and then call it transgress if they want to have nice politically, you'd have left us
political correctness, which then feels to them to be Transgresseth, because you know it's not affirming a nineteen sixty said come view of the world and not having that kind of view of the world is like. Well, we really changed everything now boy. You know We really gave it to the bourgeoisie was mean they are the bourgeoisie. Math there, the bourgeoisie! That's we can get frustrated about this in its it's. You know, it's kind of smaller mean cue to to change this. In a fashion that you know, project projects, the values that they want. A project with the next step is to ban it altogether I you can't. You can't reshape it to the point where it's no longer representative of that evil, ugly impulse that we wanted to not represent any more in Aceh.
In point, you have to say what we gotta get rid of this, because we can't ever get rid of the ultimate underlining sentiment. That was there when this was crafted in the sixteenth century. Well, it sets a very difficult thing. You know, because then there of course, is the most controversial Shakespeare play, which is the merchant in Venice, which. People still perform, even though it is the you now, it is the most enduring classic great work of anti Semitism, and yet it within it, just as within the timing of the shrew, is the critique of Anti Semitism. That makes it more layered uncomplicated, because you could make the case that Shakespeare know exactly what he was doing and that in
breaking in a basement of of Catherine, you are seeing a tragedy and not a comedy, even though it hasn't, even though its structure called the common structure is a comedy that her that the removal of her character is in fact a tragedy and Shakespearean do everything, and it's very hot, it's very difficult to think that he didn't know that that was one way look at what it was. He was right. I agree with you entirely mended her soliloquy the end been offering her hand fur for him to step on an that is lost now entirely in this production. You know every time, but went, went on inevitable, want when Shakespeare uses plays within plays he's critiquing the plays within plagues. If you take, if you take them for outside work. If you remove that, then your Europe supposing that this is what he's offering on its own. If you were, you know one thousand six hundred and seventeen. I don't have twenty four up your off on your way to college, and you and you're catching Shakespeare
are you you and over the summer before you go up to count? This is I would you ever. You know if, in since the production you saw a. Why would you ever one want to continue to study this? Won't you think anything other than that he's He said you know that was, the story this. That was, that the comedic social, just Warrior story out of college this week was the added the frustration that English language, English literature me there's have with english literature and that that it sits somehow biased. And literally Erasmus literature is biased. Cultural infrastructure does not establish lit as an English, let major anyway, well, so we got a rapid up cause, I'm late launched fades so I would ordinarily give you the whole spiel commentary. Seven hundred and twenty results really great Rita twenty four hours. A day, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five subscription Terry magazine dot com. That's the spiel Greg, Greenwald, no Ross, no Roslin, I'm Jump Podhoretz will will documents
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