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Commentary Podcast: Look in the Mirror, Democrats

2017-11-02 | 🔗
We welcome Senior Writer Sohrab Ahmari to the COMMENTARY podcast today, as we examine two articles today that finally show the Democratic Party is taking the full measure of the disaster it has brought upon itself. We also talk about the horror in Tribeca. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Podcast today is Thursday November. Second, two thousand and seventeen on John Podhoretz, the editor of commentary. Now the seventy three year old, monthly of intellectual property, political analysis and cultural criticism. Conservative perspective. We ask you to join us a commentary magazine that com, where we give you a few free, reeds and then Ask you to subscribe. One thousand nine hundred and ninety five get to a digital subscription. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety five gets you an all access subscription, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mail, eleven times here with me, as always, a green while their senior editor hello, Abe Hygiene and nor
often are associated or high Noah Hygiene and for the first time on the commentary, podcast commentaries, senior writer sore Amari High sort of John, so Sir tell tell the people who you are where you come from and wire here, Well, I'm a writer I was born in Is the neuron moved to the? U S when I was thirteen recently I was a columnists, an editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal Editorial Pages in London. The data for about four years and now joining commentary. And here we are in a sob- has a piece in the current issue of commentary. Could react commentary magazine, dot com on sorry at the sirens, everybody if you hear them on how teach for America which, which she participated as a teacher in South Texas right. That's how it, how it has become a wolf
organization, Pedling, left, liberal orthodoxies rather than a functional organization, attempting to improve american education through the deregulatory prospect of using teachers who do not necessarily have to go through the entire ridiculous web educational systems. Accreditation process, cracked ok so guys. I wanted to talk today a little off.
The news about two remarkable articles published in the last forty eight hours or so one in politico by the long time, democratic activists, PA political consultant, political worker, Donna, Brazil and the other by Robert Draper in the New York Times magazine, both of which, I think are fascinating reflections on the parlous condition of the Democratic Party, both at the end of and in the aftermath of the age of Obama and the Brazil peace is a first person account of what happened when she took over the Democratic National Committee. In the wake of the resignation of then, the anti german Debbie Washerwoman Schulz following Lee Release of DNA.
Emails by russian hackers detailing the extent to which she had tilted put her finger on the scale for Hillary Clinton than against Bernie Sanders. Of course or to fry, will further twenty six. You nomination the peace, then details in astonishing detail just how thoroughly the Hillary Clinton campaign had taken over literally taken over the democratic parties apparatus at the Democratic National Committee fully a year before she was formerly nominated,
at the convention and how Bernie Sanders is protestations over the course of the couple of weeks out between the release of these emails and blossom and shelters. Resignation that something untoward have gone on here were, if anything understated aimed you, can you you wanna talk about what Brazil serve lays out. The v did. The Democrats were essentially bankrupt them financially and seated did it did they did the DMZ, and so Hilary campaigns were put them on. She describes life. Support in exchange is entered, number of twenty. Fifty in some private ends up portioned out,
small sums to them. While, while taking in for the campaign for the Hilary campaign above money that was raised in states that was supposed to stay in states and and thereby I'm sort of using using that this, this control is left right. So essentially what happened? Was they made a formal agreement that they would help pay off the debt of the deep sea and that the Dnc would then be functional arm of the Clinton campaign? No statement would be made without being going through the workmen campaign and, as as, as you detail, that money Ray the presidential campaign can only raise twenty seven hundred dollars per hard donor. But the parties could raise vastly more and that and that alone
This money that was being raised at state level by state parties and by the Dnc was essentially being cannibalized and sucked up by the Clinton campaign, thus leaving the states and local races and all of that denuded the resources that were being raised, live nominally on their behalf, and they just want keep pointing this. Also that I'm according to Brazil is bitter. Take on this that if this was facilitated by Debbie Washroom Schulz, who was of doing the cleanse bidding not telling a keeping any one else abreast of of what was going on in her bad situation. So that, were I'm really excited about this, because the money thing is very important for people who understand campaigns campaigns are run, but it's sort of elusive because it gets a little dry. The implicit narrative in this is Miss Brazil's effort to rehabilitate her image. She got in a lot of trouble with the Bernie people, so this is a very bernie sympathy.
Peace. She conveys how she alone was suspicious of the poles heading into November of twenty sixteen and informed Bernie Sanders of this hoping. I guess he would keep it hush hush. The Hillary Clinton was really in trouble, her big rival within the party, discuss, had disappointed. She wasn't Hilary Clinton's efforts and certainly in that bewilderment shelters efforts, both of whom are obviously in the Clinton camp so's Brazil, Donna Brazil was in the Clinton camped on. Brazil is a Clinton operative from way back. This is a demonstration of the extent to which the party has become Bernie Sanders Party. Making peace with her new overlords- and I think it's hard to miss the sort of woe is me self pitying net narrative here and the extent to which it refers. Ex how desperate she has to maintain our position within a party that gun away from. Ok, that's that's about her! So that's that's! The psycho drama inside them is not just about herds about everybody. Everybody who made peace at the Clinton's now has to make peace with burning, went right, but
I would still say that what is fascinating about the peace and to go back and counter history or establish a kind of positive if they, campaign was taken over if the Dnc was taken we're in the summer of twenty fifteen, when there were still a real question as to whether or not Joe Biden might because Hillary Clinton was fairing kind of badly in this, but we now slows was of a stately corn, mission toward the toward the White House, her poles were bash was looked horrible because of the email scandal in and banks various other things before she testified, which helped her bagasse. That was in the fall of twelve fifteen job I was still a very serious possibility to jump in race relatively late, and we know that he, until we had a conversation about We know the huge Obama conversation about it. He decided not to run what, if in this conversation with Hilary Hilary said
look Joe I've got the Dnc and see in my pocket, so you're not gonna, be fighting my campaign and we find the entire institutional apparatus of the Democratic Party with Obama's implicit permission. So dont, think that you're gonna have an easy time of it. I am going to suck you dry. What, if that played a role? It has deciding not what you think The Bernie surge wouldn't have been displaced, very possibly buy a Biden surge that could actually have toppled her shore could have, but is it? Is it so crazy to expect of a party machine to be dominated by a family like the Clintons in this way? Another? What was their expert expectation of inheriting the party back from the Obamas after two thousand and sixteen so you're, rational or so wrong, headed Org was shadow was inherited. It was a sort of a hostile takeover, but not here, above all in a hostile takeover, was willing to nobody either
the story is that what what she details in this piece, which they formal agreement like on paper between lawyers, struck, structuring the deal between the Dnc and the Clinton campaign? Incredibly untoward I mean I don't care, you know it's not my part, I'm not I'm not I'm not invested, but you know it is it. It is a lot of People have levers and leverage over the party and all of that they don't take control with before anyone has voted seven months for anyone has voted. They don't take control. Literally of the structural apparatus and behaviour of the of the organisation that is responsible for declaring who the nominee is and then that that is the remarkable detail. This actually think that it's it's another example of how everything the Clinton's go near. They turn into a sort of branch of some version of Clinton
They got it on the other. They rode into whatever is around them and cooperate, and and and and take it open. I'm an I thought. I'd out, I thought Sanders was over in this and the Bernie brows at the convention. Everything were overly hysterical. I mean, of course the party was gonna, be fighting for Hilary. Make perfect sense. She was, she was way had Nepal, she was issues actually the other thing but to have, but possibly to have stolen to have hired the rafts before the guy.
It started, including what structure the debates would take when the debates would happen, how what the rules governing the convention would be cause. The DMZ runs the convention. It's pretty startling, there's also a kind of indictment here of Obama. Undeserved play you play this very absentee role. Both articles acknowledges and down. Brazil says that that he did not have a close working relationship but Debbie Larsson chosen, and so, even even where she not being secretive about what was going on here. He was not in a position to really not bullion care right, clearly even care, he didn't he. He left the DMZ in debt and twenty twelve. It was the job of his organization to basically to make it wholly and according to these pieces that it had its resource. Seven drain away Faye, though governing body of the twenty twelve campaign, actually o the Dnc money that it was paying back within,
credible slowness, Debbie, Waterman Shoals didn't lay off the staff that will you would all early lay off after an election year in order to preserve resources and reduce costs, and all that because she's gonna and she was also trying to you now her keep her own organization flush with money, minorities also the person whose whose aid mystically you know, I tried to flee the country having having what. What is that? How do you describe it? the story about the computers like the it was her aid who who basically compromise the computer sis of the House of Representatives and you know, and the Democrats the House of Representatives and then tried to flee to Pakistan and, as you know, is currently under arrest, and we don't know what the hell is going on there, but she defended him very hotly that she is dirty
six ways from Sunday, Debbie washroom insults syrup. If we turn now to the right we're Draper piece in the New York Times magazine. It lays out a different story about the condition of the Democratic Party lays out something like an ideological soul searching going on, but not quite, in other words its it's nothing like that. Twenty twelve autopsy that came out of the GNP, but there is something going on in in terms of had had a democratic, going forward reckon with this wreck. That's been that's been delivered to them with whether it's the at state level or at the or frank all three branches of the federal government, as well as in a book
From my point of view on the right, I think that not the dead people of people on the left listen to us how much, but I think the right should have an interest in a left. That's responsible, and I think we we shouldn't, want to see a democratic party that becomes Sanders eyes or carbonized like the Labour Party in in Britain, but I think of it. It sounds like it's going in that direction from both pieces. So what struck me? and we know we were told by this before so. What struck me is that law,
early the day after the two thousand six hundred and sixteen election know, and I sat down and wrote a piece together. That was the December lead of commentary in which, which we called bare ruined choirs, which is a line from Shakespeare, speaking bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang these are like of the condition of a tree in winter after after the storms of you know ruined it that looking at the Democratic Party after Obama, what you saw was wreckage. You saw take over the house in twenty ten take over the Senate, two thousand and fourteen take over the White House in twenty sixteen and throughout this.
Thousand lower local and state races. One by Republicans Republicans went from having twenty governor ships to having thirty five governorship. Sixty nine out of ninety nine state legislatures in the United States are controlled by Republicans. Remember the the condition of her party after the two thousand eight election was Democrats at the house, the sand at the White House had a mature we have governor ships, have had a majority of Saint legislators so a year Obama and the party was ruined- I mean it wasn't its ruin like like a tree, in other words like if can grid spring comes, and it can renew itself but but- and I think that the Trump the victory of Trump provided Democrats with a convenient distraction,
from having to face the reality of the condition in which their party into which the party had fallen, that because there so focused on him and how awfully as we didn't when the popular vote and how terribly is and how you you know the day, he's that russian Facebook add impressions stole the election for fur fur which is demented. I don't care how many you know do you know what it means to say, as people are now saying this week, that russian and Russian adds made a hundred and fifteen billion impressions a count, one television commercial run in the course of a week on network television can make a hundred million impressions. This is pastoralists. Usa, you didn't click like countries Hilary anyway I just think that, where Jesus of it so that, finally, a year after we wrote it because a worse, we re in what are they care? The fact that they have?
reckon with the condition to which they have fallen, has now occurred to Donna Brazile and Robert Draper is not an operative of the Democratic Party, but it's a piece in which he is writing about politicians and then we're probably looking at, and saying how can we ever win again, look look: how look, how how the mighty art fallen, but they still haven't. And with it, as we were discussing earlier, there's just no appetite for any sort of autopsy or introspection, no appetite to admit that there was an actual loss hear you say that Trump gave democratic. Convening. Excuse strikes me as though it's it's forced them into something of a personality crisis we have this all this talk about how they relied on a bomb is charisma and let all the apparatus atrophy around them. That would actually win elections, but there still were the did. The talk within the party is still about tone. It still about charisma and the part about the the real, source of consternation among Democrats isn't about
policy isn't about the platform everybody's pretty much on board, with a really progressive economic policy, its all about cultural issues and tonality in how we approach from voting, whether we approach from voters at all whether they are completely deserving of any attention, because they're all a bunch of deplorable or whether we adopt a purely economic message in order to completely avoid any issue that they would consider culturally dangerous anything that really runs a foul of the General cultural ethos of the left on the coast, whether to go against kneeling on the field of fur, on football players for exam. Bull or gay marriage, or any of the other, so divisive social issues that Donald Trump managed it dropped as his own, whether he shares these values are not adopt. The sort of anti politically correct for lack of a better term. The latter there, the lack of a consensus position on the coasts, he'd sort of stands against, and that is
That has been appealing to to his voters, but not really an economic issue, but a message about what would you have here is a is is a condition in which Democrats many Democrats, an influential ones, think that they didn't that they are on the losing side, the ledger that this election was stolen from them by the fact of these controversial factly electoral college and by Roy actions, and that they don't need to do anything? In fact, any demand that they do anything is a surrender to Trump ISM, any violation of democratic norms and that their culture warrior ship and everything like that that they love not only shouldn't be record with, but should be double down upon. Well, they can do that and they can feel great about that and self righteous about it. But they're then they're going to they're going to have a lot of political problems because, as we were, we were talking
as we said before, Trump has already demonstrated that he can be who he is repellent. As he is and become president that same Trump plus record that can be sold as something like economic growth if, if We continue along the same lines at that that we ve been going in since he's since he's been elected in terms of labour participation in terms of job growth, consumer confidence. Overall, paper, overall GDP growth- if this state I've only it's only been ten months, arrive and rights, but right so they can they can. They can spend another cycle screaming how disgusting he is, but I'm feeling about it. But I don't know- I don't know what good that's going to do and I don't think there's a there's. A law law enforcement solution to their political woes, simply know what you mean by Juan Force, meaning that that that that a special investigator
somehow removed from from office and undo the the results of twenty sixty a political party faces a political problem and that in this country, involves winning boats, and not not using the administrative state or or law enforcement to try to reverse the last part of absorbing loves. To pick up on a point of yours, no actually part of the problem there burnt to bind, which is that the be cultural stuff that their attached to that? That knows was talking about for that is that those are the issues that turn that that turn off of a large section of the american population, but it's also the sort of seductive quality about what they are, it's where the action is it's it's? Where the in the emotional investment in the left, it it is in those very issues and those it and- and those are the
things that that that the rest of the country once level. Here's a point which is that, which is that the Republicans are and in arguably dominant in american politics now in a way that they haven't been for eighty years ago, words as those numbers how Senate Whitehouse State, legislatures state, JIVE, governor ships, Democrats or liberal What better way to put it. Liberals in the left are culturally dominant in a way that no one has ever been in the United States and they dominate the high ground of the culture war. They dominate the universities, they dominate the entertainment system, they dominate the media, they dominate the way. The cultural conversation is framed. They dominate Hollywood
they will every day and so the notion that the that its form that it needs to turn its back on the places in which it is dominant in order to make inroads into the place in which it is not dominate, is exactly how a party finds its way in a difficult sick it. But but it's almost impossible. Like that. How do you see the forest for the trees? Were Hillary Clinton said deplorable? I'm sorry Melick, as I know, you thought that it would have to bash. No again, I can't because I love now, but he would. He really did think that somehow this was a political winner for her, but having bash the horrible's. That was the That was her speaking the truth from inside the soul of the democratic liberal coalition that people who would not vote for her because they
not that America was going the wrong way because of immigrants and because of crime, and because of this, and because that, even because of affirmative action, whatever you want to call it, that they were bad people and that the people who thought the way she, we're good people and find it's only half of trump voters were deplorable. That's you know, that's thirty, five five million people in the United States like what is she crazy, but that is a debt is the dominating opinion in in the camp of people who are they base and soul of the Democratic Party. Last week we were talking about ideological homogeneity in the republican campaigning out years, and you have noted your favorite quote, which is the djinn demand quoted. Rather Forty good senators, good conservatives, then sixty centres, which makes no political sense, but it makes a whole lot of cultural sense if you want to have any ideologically homogeneity.
Genius population- that we know this and has very little dissent- that what was the theme in this robber Draper article of was: had you approach these midterms? You do rollin manuals. Fifty states strategy which he said, generated a lot of consternation on the left, because it generated candidates who were sheriffs and former military and generally people who could appeal in red districts and the peace c c c people, the Progressive Change Committee, people who say this is an aberration. This is Romania could only hold the the house for four years. I mean what, if we had a bunch of good progressives in these districts, that's obviously counterfactual is admittedly counterfactual it serves the illogical purpose. We don't We necessarily want a lot of diversity. Within this coalition. We not necessarily want a polluted majority. If it's the wrong kind of political majority, that's really comments permit me out years, once again we lose
in a world in which we are convinced that you know everyone is now retreating to their own bubbles, that no one can talk to each other in every like that, and the truth is the american political system, was astonishingly fluid I've been let's, let's go back two hundred and ninety two we had, we had twelve years of republican dominance of the White House. Clinton wins the White House than the Republicans take over the house in ninety four. For the first time in forty years, then Clinton wins a second term in a semi landslide. Then it bounces back and push woods of incredibly close election. Then republicans take over the house and send a DEN Democrat than Democrats take over the house and set in two thousand six. Then they take over the White House into there's an aid. Then republicans take the house in two thousand ten Obama's reelected and twenty twelve Republicans take over
Senate and twenty fourteen trump winds and twenty sixteen, while losing the popular vote and with forty six percent of the vote. The notion that at any thing is fixed That these rules are, you know that now we're publicans are in danger, I think, or the tramp tramp fans are in danger of believing their own propaganda and thinking that somehow but he is creating here- is a new version of the Reagan coalition. It's crazy! I think to think that Democrats could have one- and we now relatively conservative districts and two thousand six by running, pursue John O, softened of running a pro gun. You know veteran South Carolina, none, the less by twenty eighteen or twenty two many have Democrats see clear and start understanding what they can do. Can they, when everything back? Of course they can be
Parties are committed to this constant effort to create a historical determinism in which their victory is like is going to bleed to a you know, a new age or generations of you know of rule James Carville said about the Democrats. Call row set it about the Republicans. It is the least responsible and craziest thing to say, but you have to look the world clear in order that now how to solve your problem and that I think these pieces that we start talking about are the first real signs that democratic
opening their eyes to the morass that they got themselves but there's a reason they can't or their having so much trouble making that shift. I just one go back to your earlier point of of that. There the degree of their cultural dominance and if they wanted to shift, they could and maybe ease up on some of the cultural stuff, like you said no as well, but the reason they can't, I think, there's something about modern, progressive ISM, which I would set apart from the american liberal tradition, where it cannot do in addition to dominating the institutions, they one most of the cultural battles. They won on gay marriage the winning now on the gender issue. In many ways of these on the cultural front, so you would think they could positive, but modern, progressive ISM is somehow locked in. It always needs a reactionary enemy that it needs to banished from the public square, and is this never ending? So it would make sense if, if, if they just chill out a bit on the culture stuff right, it would make so much
age as winning winning ballot Box victories in Ireland, and they can't hear what it did happen. The Clinton, the original bill Clinton semi centrist, take over the Democratic Party after we believe the Democratic Party in the nineteen eightys was very left different kind of left, but very left at the idea as the date they really were. They were suffering so painfully from the lack of oxygen that you know not
in the White House for all that time had left them that they were willing to entertain the possibility that they needed to have this pro death penalty, southern governor as their possible nominee when it was thought that the south was lost them forever. The death penalty was the worst possible thing ever and I don't know the answer is I've. I really don't I'm just saying that you still have to look at. You still have to look. You have to be able to diagnose your condition now that the diagnosis, the republican diagnosis after twenty twelve, the autopsy was fine. As far as a wind, it turned out that it as a diagnosis, was
saddle emotionally satisfying to the enough Republicans. As the this whole thing is crap. It's all crap and everything they ve done is crap and she's crap and the whole country is crap and the Republicans or crap turned out to be but that still looking at the situation in an odd way of looking at it dispassionate. Let me even it's wrong. It still saying I am not happy with the current condition. We need to change it. The autopsy wanted to change it incrementally to basically slow down the progressives and take some wisdom from them or whatever, and this was standing athwart history yelling, stop that's what that's what Trump ISM was. It was,
everything that's gonna, unless fifteen years stakes, Trump ISM was also Trump And- and this is the scary prospect to me and to end the depressing one. What if you don't need to diagnose, what's goin on an ordered, forward. What? If considering that our politics are increasingly about our cultural battles and about our serve tribal affiliations? And if you look back on the this cult of a bomb I and the and the cult of Trump, what if we are in a phase now where Americans are foremost interested in the personality of the people that they're gonna get behind? That's I think, you're onto something there, because state that there really is an argument going on and on the democratic side of the ledger about how to approach this new political environment. It's about tactics in what we say who do we say it to and what's our message it is all about jobs. Is it a little cultural in a well? How do we approached the voters? Do we approach
voters at all. Are they a lost cause? That strikes me as missing the moment, particularly because the economy is relatively good at this point, and yet Donald Trump is not benefiting from that in the polls to it, to the extent that we can see it, so I suggest that he is the lightning rod. He is the focus. Everybody's attention. He likes it that way, and so Democrats, who are saying no. We should focus on Donald Trump and make this referendum on Donald Trump strike me as being onto something that thinking Eventually, lead you away from anything coherent and
or something that's just entirely. Performative and reactionary, but let me let me propose this, which is if that is the case, then the historical determinism of the progressives will, in the long run, proved to be correct. That is safe. Everything goes comes down to identity area in politics at me, in a demographic direction of the country, so it could be a bad fifteen years for them and then by twenty thirty six, they will control the country forever. If the. If this argument is made because yeah demographic changes are coming down, the pike that are not stop of all and that what what the
Republican Autopsy did was diagnosed problem. That was not yet that was not yet they didn't have solved. Yet, as it turned out, I mean that we thought they did. It was all this like once people vote twice for demo, they'll, never vote again, and you know enough. People voted for Obama twice and Trump once to win the electoral college. For Trump I mean that's, that's the story of the election. Now those people are gonna die out and then there are gonna be replaced by other people and who knows what the fault lines are gonna be, but if you go into a politics of personality and identity, eventually the country's identity is not going to be the identity that the Trump voter likes. You know, fifteen years from now. I don't think now, let's take a pause, and let me talk to you and Noah will win.
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known as people were preparing to trick retreat for Halloween that a card just two miles south of literally two miles south of where we set ploughed, drove out a bike path for almost a mile killing. Now eight people injuring another twenty one, others may others may yet succumb. There are still people in critical condition and, of course, almost instantly. This became a you now political football as we started, arguing over whether or not it was appropriate for them.
Then to be saying that there should be the death penalty and send to get more when all of that aid, as the president tweeted that you know he should have, he should get death and a lot of us were like, oh my god this is. He can't do that that prejudices the case against them, blah blah blah. You remembered something that I think is worth reminding people. I did remember something I want to present by singing hesitate to remind people of this, because we can get into a bad habit of saying? Well, he did a bad thing, but remember who else did a bad thing, so so he's entitled to do a bad thing. No one should be doing bad things, but when colleague shake Mohammed when, when the Obama administration had determined that collegiate Mohammed would be tried, A New York court and everyone was objecting, rightfully obama- and I think Eric holder, both
made made public statement, rather than his attorney general ripe. A definite Obama made a public statement to the effect of I'm almost almost verbatim saying, I think people all see the the wisdom and justice in this when collegiate Mohammed is tried and given the death penalty so, which is which is the same sort of thing, should get right and in fact trump than this morning, try to correct is tweet. By saying we can't really send them to get markers it'll take too long, and the process will take two, on, and so we need em, you know tried in the court may be so we can kill em faster, yes of that's! That's where we can't really let Donald Trump the hook. This occurred after he had a little many press conference in which he declared his own justice Department and the justice system to be a pile of garbage. Essentially it's just. It takes too long due process
This takes wait too long, and then the White House declared that it wanted to seek enemy combatant status for this individual, who has a green card which I'm not sure whether or not that runs into harmony, but it might in general, it's just a guy. Who doesn't really understand things doesn't understand. The process isn't really clear what the Justice Department does or how the process of a duty caning terror cases works, but thinks it's really bad and wants to call into the radio show to talk about it. But when you have these successive counter tariff barriers and the last eight years under a bomb when you did see the rise of ices, then you do get people like Trump and I think he expresses a afresh. Action as crudely as he does that a lot of people share, while I'm sure they do that's part of the problem, is a responsible political leader, wouldn't be voicing the sort of concerns, because a lot of people could share them because they have some sort of a populist appeal, tat people who are otherwise indifferent towards
Uncloud room when the justice system actually does the oddity of Trump is that he does not. I think I'm an. I want a cycle allies somebody, but his behaviour is. He is living in a condition of cognitive dissonance cause. He doesn't actually think he's, president of the United States when he says a justice system as a joke. He is the commander in chief he is according to the structure of the constitution, the person to whom the justice system flows personally they exist of the system of Aragon, justice flows from the flows from the person of the as an end of the United States, in whom, because of the hour electoral system, the power of the executive emanate from him, whoever he is personally. At the time he's saying he
it's a joke and I don't believe he wasn't told that he had been impeding the prosecution of this case through his tweets in between the time he sent that first tweed eleven o clock at night and then as another tweet at whatever seven o clock, and I don't Maybe Foxen friends told him. You think you think the people work form the abandoned, theatrical Foxen Ford, Foxen friend said I object, but if you think that, like John Kelly, the people work form disagree with him, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. I think, perhaps, if he's really sabotaging himself, somebody will nudge him on the shoulder and say here. Is that attaching herself? Who is this purse? Who is this mythical Jared Kirshner Jericho she's got a mythical Belgium on the shoulder and say you do you know Jared Cushion,
is cowering in the corner, terrify that you know every we just rest or about how he told the baron? I wonder who told the world because he told the ban, and so a mystically came out that he's mad at Jared for having got them into them. Having I haven't gotten into so much trouble largely is, I think, Jared talked him into firing. Combing, which you now realises was an incredible mistake, but whose whose telling him whose telling him anyway I who cares was telling him I'm not saying that it's not a terrible thing. I just think it is striking that you know it aim is the avis of is a great political analysts than a wonderful person and a very smart guy, but he is not the only person who can remember back to two thousand and two thousand and that everybody jumped down trumps throat when he did exactly what a bomb and it is worth noting. I'm not saying the one I have. We thought o bomber was a bad precedent, and so I have no problem sings. Yet it's funny when I first
at the time story they ice, who, as I was, really said: oh, I think Obama do this in the night and then I got down to a paragraph me said previous presidents have gotten water for commenting on on cases as well, and then they reach back to Nixon.
And that was envy and then the article and it then I said why don't I can't remember than an I googled it and shorn of YO bomber had done out of chasm. Imagine the power of Google who could imagine it. Who could imagine that reporters writing on this might not check and see if anybody else had made the same. You no mistake, but I guess I guess that is. That is way too much to hope. There isn't much to be said about this event, because the squabbling ends up turning it into you know about the attack. It's a man, I mean squabbling, ends up turning it into just yet another. You know play in the endless football game in which you know people are trying to get three yards of a pile of dust on the other guy. Fortunately, Trump invites that too is tweeting. I mean
This would be an opportunity to talk about his strategy on an ice is what has been done so far in a year. Would there has been some gains in Russia and elsewhere as you push push ices out of out of its strong holes, like that, it's likely inspire these types of attacks in the western homelands. All of that innocent reflective serious way, but it never happens trump tweets, and then you see a barrage of counter tweets in response.
That becomes the conversation I the ISIS thing as a matter of extraordinary perversity. We have a piece coming up on our December issue, which should be on line a weaker laughed a little more than a week by MAX Boot, about the triumph of: U S, seven m and ally and associated forces in Roosting ISIS out, and it is an undoubted triumph and where is the victory lap? It's very strange trump actually has a creditable military and foreign policy success under his belt, even though, is largely pursuing the policy laid out before him by a bomb, but who cares like it happened that he didn't change? Your movie happen under his watch and he, when he could have been doing that was talking about column, Capron EC? It's it's an interesting again. It's like! He doesn't think that he's presently the United States, like he's
a collar too to radio talk show I dont believe it, but it would be prudent in a way to not be prematurely declaring victory over ice and I'm not really sure I've not play, and he is not know, but you could still say one thing: the British Royal linkage where's victory over everything just say: I'm proud of our armed forces for their role in taking rock Iranian abandoned said. We are proud of our armed forces because they have to talk about how many The armed forces are in Syria, which the Pentagon his that we're not linking what oh he can't. I know he can't say that at all, unless he's so concerned with my city circumspect. I'm just saying I'm just saying it I'm saying he would have to take credit and submission accomplished and have a banner in Vienna and Vienna aircraft carrier. I am saying that he could. He could say he had been reading about how they realise this is getting up.
Baby airily yet airily, but you know this is how many tweets, as you put it, about the inner fell as running Myers about that's. What I'm saying you doesn't think he's presently hits Eddie. I'm here to me is the is the curious psychological question that I just and understand at all. Literally, his ego is enormous at the same time he d think of himself as this present United States. As you say, I mean it's, it's it's as if he, He has. It is a wannabe because he wants to know he wants to keep. It seems like a chiesa he's a distant, but what do you want to do is say I want this to happen and then gig leave the room and or presses button to get Us Coke, and then he watches Fox and friends and tweets, and he jumps in out of issues as he will and as a result he doesn't get. Healthcare doesn't get various other things, because you need to push them and have a strategy forward. We succeed with them
but he's a keep it, sir, and so so it's almost like he's ease bigger than that in the office. He's he's trump. He doesn't it we assembled see himself is something so puny is being present in the United States. He's Donald Trump, that's what he is he's as we ve said. Look we don't know what he is all I'm saying is he doesn't comport himself as though he runs the justice, for example. Oddly enough, if we fired Robert Biller, he would be conducting myself. Although we were ass, though he were them the purse in charge of the justice system. So Elsie S stay tuned for that. So we will bring this to a close. It's been a wonderful first Sperience with sore up here and are increasingly sultry tiny room in which we do. The podcasting lay it's hot in here right now, so I think we need to get back into. The open air so for a green long nor Rossman and
sort of Marie I'm John Puddle words keep the candle
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