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Commentary Podcast: Obama Goes, Trump Arrives

2017-01-19 | 🔗
Our final podcast of the week features our tear-bathed tribute to the departing Barack Obama and his commutation of the sentences of traitors and the pardon of terrorists. Also, a look ahead to liberal hypocrisy in the Trump era and a near-total meltdown by me on the subject of the supposedly "anti-intellectual" David Gelernter, the most intellectual person I've basically ever known. Give a listen.
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Some guy is welcomed. Commentary magazine ass today is Thursday January Nike twenty seventeen as we speak. We are twenty two and a half hours from the moment. It startled. Rumbled put his hand on the Bible sworn in as president of the United States truly surreal moment in american history, one from which we on one hand entirely prepared based on the events a stately months, and one for which we are entirely unprepared,
based on american history, precedent and indeed, everything that has gone on since down trump secure. The nomination was still gives us very little clue as to how he will connect himself as president or the policies that he will pursue. I'm John had words the editor commentary with me, as always know, Rossman our system My manager, hello, Noah, ion enabling all our senior editor high, a high John well, the beginning of one era is the end of another. This, of course, is the end of the Obama around what an ending it has been. A woman's actually call it a twist. And they are surprisingly. I would, however, like it it to Obama stepping into the Delorean from back to the future and journeying to nineteen eighty one when he was a college. Soft war or third year, students and basically
espousing in his behaviour over the last couple of weeks, every step, you're an issue left liberal point view about America for policy, the justice system and Israel and the Middle east- that one would imagine so we have the with some fresh new updates, like trends your heart, so we have the continuing attack on Israel as he goes out the door in his final press conference on Wednesday. He made aspects use of his presidential powers to call on an air Order who asked a question, why he was so nice to Israel and wasn't bashing it as hard ass. He could and gave him an opportunity to give a big answer about how, without a two state solution is rule, be destroyed. That question was a plant as most of it, as is always the case when the present calls and someone who is that
Major news organization: that's a very pointed thing to do for the purpose of answering the question that he knows will be asked. And then, of course, we have a couple of other really wonderful things, including me Mutation of the sentence of one private Bradley Chelsea Manning aid? You want talk a little about private manning, here's my question: do we still owe you do? We have a sense of why Obama, the of Obama's actual thinking behind it? Behind doing this, I mean he said he it because the sentence was was harsher wishes. You should be private Manning has already served harsh enough sense for fruit for what he did. What she did
but is it true? Is it? Is it simply serve taking take out anyway, showed right, shoulder more responsibility and serve long enough. They saw the crimes as a wonderful way to look at it, given the fact that the jobs and polish served thirty years for almost exactly the same crime, something for which, by the way, a great many of us were horrified by the insistence that jobs and power be pardoned or commuted or whatever, because you know he was spying for a friendly power and didn't place national security enough risk if he was only sends to our sense because of Anti Semitism, and I always thought that there was a terrible argument,
people were making that this was a form of special pleading and I think basically, Chelsea Manning is a form of special pleading. What if Chelsea Manning were not undergoing a transgendering process? Would Chelsea Manning be have a sentence commuted in be out in in May? I think the answer clearly know if he's telling the truth, the answer is no, I mean if he did it for some other reason, as we were first speculating went when the news broke, if he did it to serve signal that going forward. In the days when trap is president you know is this is this? Is a signal to two would be traders that that, in a way that the ban, these are the one can go away, these are, the one can go like you and every power. Essentially, the notion of saying well leaking
it's like a lot different. Look like a much different thing. Now that there's going to be a president trump, and so I'm not going to leave this office without casting some shadow on the question of whether or not leaking is a is a moral or immoral thing. Maybe it should be viewed much more ambiguously than I viewed it because, of course, someone's gonna have to stop this lunatic, that we say that, and he would never say that. But question of whether or not that there is a super structure? This was that of troubling against Trump right, I think, is an open Dr Wurzel never say that no one will ever speculate. No, I mean that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. A we laid out the case here. That he's being overtly it illogical. He is doing his best to satisfy every little liberal idea, this is the non ideological decision is made. This is pure clemency in an act of mercy. Everybody who read that neither logical its ideological for generating politics is totally begins victim now, she's,
now. If you read the New York Times, piece of sort of a fluffy profile of the candle, under which remaining Manning now suffers for Leavenworth Kansas. It consists of in quoting gold special privilege enjoyed by the individual who wears women's clothing, who has made up, who had a specially constructed booth built for her, so that she could discuss the secret she disclosed by Azure. She disclose the Wikileaks with her attorneys. The only thing that was did consists of something of torture, for her is the fact that she is in limbo as to whether or not she'll have taxpayer fund agenda reassignment surgery. There's also a second theory that get your opinions on raising because it makes a third. Does it make a little bit of sense to me: it's a bit conspiratorial. It suggests that this Chelsea Manning thing was put out there, not so much because she, you were you, however, you define it deserves it, but because we can have an argument about Pronouns Edward. Talking about the commutation of the sentence of the unrepentant marxist avail in terrorist Oscar Rivera Lopez,
so the angry, the underpants area. Unless that his name is Oscar, the problem. Is that Rivera right? They are a part of the affair land which had a bombing campaign. The nineteen seventy Sousa issue was the liberation of Puerto Rico. Colonial liberation, Puerto Rico, which sounds now kind of absurd. But you know very true and was almost was almost assassinated by puerto rican nationalists. In the emerging, fifty one, I think, and this was a of ongoing american domestic terrorist operation. The horrifying aspect of the Party of Mr Love has is that it seems to have been the cause celeb. The celeb women who Miranda DE the author and start Hamilton
which, as we know, is the work of art that is most will now most purely be associated with the Obama Arabic as a Mamma. He performed a couple of songs or moment. It Obama said you setting gotta go through with this. It will work it and it was at the White House five times our Obama really accordingly when they were at his own book Hamilton. The revolution. Obama is the sort of guardian angel and answered the muse that that helped Hamilton come into being It's no pity is challenge is also very negatively Obama, air of multicultural highs, none other the show. The multicultural lays I dont rehabilitating somebody who's ideals, data,
The green, whenever I dont that daddy, don't agree with, because I think it transcends that, but I do think that let what may typify the Obama error is the notion that, despite the fact that we think a bill Clinton as the President, who was the most decided with celebrity, I think it's perfectly fair to say that there will never be a president as entirely associated with the american entertainment industry as as Barack Obama is and has been getting, should mentioned Ellen in his last press conference Ellen Generous and how what an amazing thing she did in how was so wonderful for him to give her the metal of freedom, because she came out his gay. It wasn't that sell this, and you know it and as we constantly Santa show, what is what did he do to help set up? Sir set up the candidacy of Donald Trump, some one of aims favoured thanks. Anyway, we do as a pop culture figure
He went on slow right, John stared, SAM till you completely blurred the political and entertainment sphere I mean he was he was. It was a sort of this sort of be tv celebrity, while, while also being the president, every talk shows friendly to him Ellen the view- Now, every late night shout going on going on all night shows Michel, going on the way most shows Mr Michel people going to the Astor that's going to the best of them, also ignoring mainstream news Alice. I gotta do a lot to gain from the daily press for ignoring me, a strange news outlets in favour of alternative news outlets and friendlier Dmitri That way, you wouldn't know that he got me he'd from the news outlets from me from a gigantic tee
drop streaming from the eyes of every editor reporter in these hey geographic, final testimonies to the wonders of this glorious presidency in which the economy barely grew, and you know, and an unemployment cod. Fell back into a certain standard issue number out with the Labour force way smaller and literally no Nothing literally that done by this present from twenty eleven onward of any sort, except for the IRAN deal. And the festering wound of Syria and ran the creation and rise to March of Abode March of ISIS and the rise of love be reprogrammed, guess fifty billion dollars being handed to the world's greatest sponsored terrorism in the course of the year. On the eleanor- that's a great. So he is really just those fantastic president than we have ever had its great great sorrow that your time here,
How can you say he was the most literary president's Abraham Lincoln was literally presents airlines at Euro. Two Botswana, we probably didn't write. The audacity of hope is certainly represents. My father table ro. Twenty bucks table, the Greek and Latin Caligula translated Shakespeare is a Latin is air time to give himself going. Mom rattler brothel bandwidth, Philip rosin, about where the woman warrior by Maxine ran everything that was reviewed on the front page of the earth work of you again in nineteen eighty one which is not its it's fine just proves that he is the person that he as it is no wonder that everybody in the liberal, liberal land loves him, because he is then he is day there he in his day and he's before they because his because his black, so then he gets for them. You know he has everything plus. So it's just that was wonderful than
Research are streaming than their phase and nobody is looking to say the failure policy fellows this presidency. A blurring of this line is Abe, said between the presidency and the world of entertainment made the assumption of this person, whom they feel is the most dangerous thing ever to face the country. Donald Trump is the is the problem. Unholy progeny the more dread of King Arthur. Shall we say brok. Obama headed incestuous relationship with his sister, the mainstream media, the need and the progeny is Mordred, so Donald double border trump. So that's that's what we are in terms of the author and legends than are the United States to really really great thing. I think Ebay, raising nice to say about Morocco Mommy's, that great family does the elevator was angry family fines.
Celebrate them as even one man's employer, great family, well, this was Tom Cartons point when he said that Russia has been a great role model for the american youth, and specifically, I think I'm on mentioned, but needs to be said- is in these african american young men who have face a crisis of homelessness joblessness and I'm sorry, but the divorce, for example. Where and when unwed marriages are unworthy, children being born to those communities and the steering those communities according to the extent that we had an african american president, who is very much a family man with a stable family life and a relatively good moral code when it comes to demonstrating a personal scandals- and we didn't have
sexual scandals and White House one as a low bar. That's why we reach will achieve the lowborn audio George, W Bush, Emily heavily scandals, Hey I approve of provides taken up in Latin, but also the doorway and that all the grave, it was not of what a things you do like. No. The president once the wooden trends I will, but I bet it just real, quick to put a period on their family thing. What are they? Glossing over George W Bush was a child. The privilege prerogative, was that Barack Obama did face diversity as young man, and he built in. Can the president, the United States, that something that is very
less than a moral of the United States of America to tell my successor, you and he promulgated in advance policies to make that even more difficult for people by by attempting to perpetuate their dependency and sense of victims and the idea that your entire life should be structured and dominated by government, which is really the way out for people who are who have a who have no way out. Otherwise, that's just great Just what a great array while withdrawn you're right, you're right, you hesitated, he isn't good he is here family man. But you know it's like praising one for breathing, there's a point at which we appoint a wedge. It's like you, you people get credit for things that nobody else on earth ever gets credit for their apologies like it's that thing, Doktor Johnson said about them, woman
preaching you now that it's like this, the horrible messages they sat watching what creatures like watching walk on its hind. Legs standard it can be done at all. In fact, with politicians like if they're not crooks and they're, not gonna, like sleeping with secretary in the parking lot there. This was to get into gold star in their forehead, because they're, not scum It is amazing when you think about it and held again. That's another reason, that's another whether Donald Trump becomes thinkable, because we now, that so little we expect so little of politicians of the notion of Angolan. I like this was three marriages, and does this and says things they cinema access, halibut, can possibly be elected. President of the country will never allow it countries already now in basically breathed in the notion that politicians are actually worse than we are our worst. Don't can expect good behaviour from because their worse than we are so we are actually
it's kind of an amazing thing that we've gotten to the sub? Who got to this point? But this is where we are and we'll see where we are in twenty twenty or two thousand and twenty four and we'll see what you living in, which of course, is the big question. As we enter the trump era we say into, which is the beginning of the Trump era, because here we are- and We have no idea. What's gonna happen right, so what we do now and we do have president for his. What happens when a Republican is elected president and how liberals and Democrats respond Only view have really wonderful pieces. In the current commentary, the February commentary You should all meet online at Commentary magazine that calm go there free, weeds in Alaska to subscribe for one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five for an all access subscription, two thousand nine hundred and ninety five, four thousand eight hundred and twenty eight Winifred. All access
I've ever digital got a dot com and click on subscriber. You could do those free reads: unjust, we'll hit the screen. Soon subscribing. You should do it, because it's really good, as we have so much stuff, every red until all the things that you should read are now Peace on her answer going to act on domestic affairs and and space and have democratically talk about foreign affairs, so why don't we start now I know now what is it that it? It's pretty clear, you think he's gonna happen now the down from his president with Democrats in their views of how presidency should be combated. Notes already clear that everyone has the right and left have forgotten. Two thousand nine. Now we have overtly people like Representative, Louis, Jean Louis, yes, yes and Maxie Water, saying that this is a deal an illegitimate presidency. They are dealing generalizing, Barack Obama, Donald Trump,
the legitimate nation of Barack Obama was largely inferred, but it was an absolute scandal, a cause further fer, a great annexed to the extent to which we have people like Tom Friedman, writing a New York Times editorial opinion page citing faced by the police anonymous, baseball facebook, suggesting that we created an air of suspicion that facilitated the condition whereby Zagreb II was assassinated, we words and about what was in the assassinated, because I'm an outer space oppose they didn't like. This is just one aspect of the elements of the Obama years that Democrats are going to forget.
Particularly when it comes to the economy, the stock market, the development of the jobs work is done from his inheriting a recovered economy for the most part, largely with the exception of the fact that, as Democrats have said, for eight years now, the Labour force participation rate is as low as it has been since nineteen seventies, because baby boomers are retiring, have a high student population or that's what David David saying, never to explain why the Labour force participation member is so terrible. Those structural, that's a lobby with school and allowed people retiring, and you say your peace that tunas gonna change. I am proud to have been a change. What's gonna changed well, where we're going as long as the trajectory of this economy stays on this point. Then there is no guarantee that it will better so long as it does once with a certain amount of time has passed until down drunken inherit, this economy will be Obama's. Economies along is as good as it is longer stays good,
I done crumble along when inherited, and then he will, in the jobs being created, we'll be questionable, We are questionable value can into spells hackers you're being little today. The point is the Democrats are going to say that the that thee, from jobs are bad, whereas Eddie Obama, job was good and Democrats are gonna. Send the labour participation rate is horrible and a sign of a terrible economy, whereas they said before to the label. Petition participation rate was the result of structural factors beyond Obama's ability to control and the stock market rising as the start of a new gilded age, as it was in Reagan's years, when the stock market is going well. The executive actions that Donald Trump will take, inheriting from Barack Obama, will be a sign of authoritarianism, which is something that the revenue puss actually called. The intervention
there is a carrier deal to move jobs over to Mexico. They called it authoritarian sort of nationalism that has its own constituency. Well again, we ve been watching that constituency sated over the course of action state years, Congress is going to be challenged. Congress is going to have to determine whether another Goin or approve kind of spending, the down from his talked about, and we are Democrats going to oppose these kind- initiatives because enormous spending initially, because there were Republicans proposing, as essentially since they gave it its yesterday, so yeah, there's more there's more to it than that is a very valuable work based caddies, shriek right. So small decisions and revisions among reverse at the moment is the inauguration about trumpet, which every policy position the Democrats and taken to defend a bomb in the last eight years will now be suddenly turned on its head jobs. The jobs that are created will be hammer flipping jobs. The stock market will be a sign of inequality rather than recover
an animal like it's a very important thing, because out and grass roots revolts will these. I e that already, which was monstrous, if whatever democratic that I tell it, and then the letter and by the way that will be true, will be a sign of italian electorate. If there is a democratic grass roots response to things are going under the transparency that so was. It is marked by telling me about my error that there was a grass roots, rebelled against his exact essence, but that's not acceptable. So the point that is what worldly writers, those only right really communist extent to keep taking things honest and say that you know efforts to drop down the memory hole. The arguments that were made in
and fail to support Obama and are now to be made in bad faith to attack trunk of a tree which, by the way, is not to say this, as Democrats got hit, Republicans are gonna. Do the exact same thing about everybody around? You have rushed limber, today's castigating liberals and conservatives or Trump skeptical, saying that they all hope he fails as though he doesn't remember. Two thousand nine is, though he didn't say. I hope you fails. Knew exactly what he meant and the new ones associated with that one such as that is also as we know suddenly, some even Paul Ryan is observing protectionist. He wants to put in this border just
tax, which is essentially a twenty percent that imported mexican goods. We don't have that in this country, but suddenly we're going to and it's gonna pay for a lot of stuff goes through and you know that's that's the nature of these sorts of change of amateur Meyer, Paul Ryan's. I, like Paul Ryan, I think he's got them alive, important things to say, but this below this, this sudden embrace of the use of borders as a means of collecting fees. That's it that's a new thing for a public concerns, a new all think for a public intellect ever problems were republic. Rebellions were tariffs of different times in our arab it. Here here we are back again, so yes will be allowed revisions and amber versions, and people should be called out on them. In this case were calling out this one
a view of a piece about the perhaps surprising, continuity that we're gonna see in the Trump and of our foreign policy and the question of whether liberals, who were all fine with a during a bomb Argo we find with during trumpeting, as the signs are no there no live. Liberals have our already used or change or changed their minds on this. Basically, The overarching thing is that Donald Trump, like Brok Obama is interested in being nicer to bad actors, and being a little worse to our door, valued allies in hopes of Getting achieving some sort of larger peace the all the charges of his serve collusion with with Trump with rather art. Extreme and I'm under bad and I'm against them in there and their foolish
but they are largely reminiscent of of a bomb- is reset approach. With Russia Bomber Sentiments Press conference yesterday last press conference that he started out even straighten thinkingly good deal with Putin and after Apulian wasn't then it was still present. News coming about power than sway came back the power of Putin really turned into a bad guy, so he was right to pursue friendship with Putin in two thousand and nine, but Trump isn't because now we know too much about what's going on with Putin. Well, that's a really nice way to talk about somebody who was already assassinating his rivals. You know outside Russia poisoning people, you know in London can getting people killed outside the outside of the outside of Moscow. Killing journalists all
is all of his behaviors that then, and and of course, the big question which is: did he set up the terrorist attack on the theatre to allow him to impose the marshal powers? And that was two thousand forty thousand five so and that's a complicated story that whether or not Chechen rebels had taken over this theatre, which he then had stormed and then allowed him to start attacking the Chechens and a lot of people think that that was put up any the interesting thing about the elder sure whether now we're talking about the northernmost siege, which is why the area apartment bombings in two thousand one, which was that the impetus for the start of the second Chechen war right, I remember I was climate and orders siege by right. Either way. I mean the whole point: is that the idea that people Listen, as some of you could work with win win. Started, but now its neighbour you can work with. Yes, he's got
worthy invaded Crimea. You know, but but for that one has something that nothing. You do. The other look here's the interesting thing about those defences. How can we can foresee then that he wasn't someone you could work with conservatives NEO conservatives were screaming that that he's a bad guy and that this is foolish same goes for Assad. Right Obama came into office, hoping to to peel Assad away from to peel Syria away from IRAN. He made all sorts of diplomatic overtures. I congratulate himself the syrian regime, we didn't. We didn't think he was being me with someone you can work within only now after this, this is terrible. Massive civil war and humanitarian disaster is, is he'd been proven to be a bad guy, not or not. We knew within and by the way, that something else it that that Obama has, in common with tramp tramp, is interested in work, with a sad and prudent to to go after ISIS. So love so essentially
is that that the trap is going to pursue this notion that he can make alliances, anti area, logical wines is with people outside the United States to lie. Or the level of hostility, largely said, the United States will not have to look and spend a lot of its time and energy on affairs outside of its borders, and so that we can focus on a Marshall plan inside our country, which is that, with the same thing, that once that than Obama wanted. No nine, and I just want to say to the other side of the coin, and this is also addressed. The article is that our NATO allies, when everyone is now you know, outraged about trust. Comments by NATO and there is good reason to be concerned, but our NATO allies were panicked, In the end, the early in the early years of the above, the Obama administration, when he denied, when he denied
defence assets to to Poland and the Czech Republic, because prudent, couldn't didn't want us to their presence there they were absolutely in a panic, with any other reason, its duration deny that had anything to do with appears, that's right, we're outdated assets and we're gonna, replace them with new, more effective ages. Ships off the coast so essentially aims. Peace argues that that from will be attacked by democrats for things that honest Democrats and liberals would have been attacked should have been attacking Obama for trivial Obama years would, of course, did not do so now that's so. This is one aspect of the new era, the another aspect of the new areas. Of course, the descent into irresponsibility verging on matters both of the press and of others in
in looking at the coming of this new president, maybe March this weekend, anyone was on Facebook, who has friends, we're going to them all You were abandoned by larger thing, we're going to the margin. We posters that the March knows that the general tenor of it. Is that their sort of marching to prevent the Reichstag fire? That is the general idea is that we are in Germany in nineteen thirty three, that is a common concede. The hyperbole is high and is not high, probably to the people who believe that they really do believe it, and we have- and I think this then aloud- and justifies the behaviour of more mainstream media outlets which are writing the most sir shockingly inappropriate things and untrue things about people associated with Trump
because, basically, if your says able Trump insolvencies, nine so. Your tens has his big piece on repairing the former taxes governor now, Energy Secretary Desert about how we had no idea that the Energy Department had anything to do with nuclear weapons based on no sourcing. Based on a comment made by somebody who left the transition a month before Perry was appointed press the point of Energy Energy Secretary and there's? No: U Pointe on the blog post today, aware of the fact that his day had what was the matter with the worst part of that peace? And I pay allow people taken it upon. The head is really dismissive, lying about how Parrys defenders note that the facility of pan taxes located in in Texas PAN Tax by the way is the United States, the largest nuclear weapons Life extension facility, in other words, technically weapons. We
over there be disassemble, then we make them function to the point where we make sure that their work they work until the twenty seventy. Something like that and re added. I took me about three minutes were Google to go to a local Amarillo site to find out and over the course of Paris, twelve years as governor that he had appointed peopled overnight Man is radiation at the facility at the go she had with the Department of Energy to fund the facility to manage the health effects of the facility and ensure that it was an punctual working order and also this time space. This final house is known and beg. You know. Well repairs, defenders site this pancakes thing, but he didn't quote run the facility as though earnest monies runs. Nuclear facilities. What is the current energy secretary? It see another Nobel prizewinner synergies, Terry the idea somehow that the Energy Department, by way this is the part of the absurdity of all this- is that the peace says that their repairing no idea of the urgent problems in charge of nuclear weapons. Well, the energy market is a
creation created, making seventy five? It was created to as a show up as a showpiece for the energy crisis over there was somebody will handle the energy crisis in the United States and its role as the emitters. Herself aim of salvation. The handling of nuclear weapons is a relatively recent ended. The department shouldn't exist in the first place. It is nonsense. Department should be introduced in commerce and defence and also to play Perry was notoriously was wanted it to be wanted it to be taken. Existence, and he couldn't remember that. Not everybody thought during the twenty Twond debate that was the end of his twenty two accountancy public It's the idea that this should be a nuclear physicist posted this bizarre can see as though my knees, as is overseen the collision of some atomic particles of the agreed, that's not the cases of the managerial job and in fact the first sentence of his mission statement on his website says that he should be developed.
A greening growing the economy in promoting and all the above energy strategy. This is what Parry always wanted to do. He was governor of the second largest economy in the state for twelve years, he's more prepared to be energy secretary them and, as you know, this is one of the saying one of the more repulsive aspects of certain liberal self. Regarding this notion, that Obama was some wonderful because he happens to nuclear scientists. Warnings energy were noble friend, now discovered perilously, so stupid wealth, so Donald Trump, as we now know, I was talking to the Yale computer scientist David Gelernter to possibly be the White House Science Advisor and the going to go into this a little bit Washington Post in a piece yesterday described David as an auntie intellectual.
Looking to be the adviser. So let me tell you a little bit David Gelernter, a commentary contributor for twenty five years and a friend of mine for twenty five years, and he so empty, intellect so while we urge you to watch, all that is published. Three novels is published worse. If history he's published, he is the conceive her of Java Javascript, one of the most important aspect of computing web development and computing. He was the art critic of the weekly standard, a job that I gave him and then he turned he has written short fiction for commentary. What he is is a low there of liberal intellectual ism. He despises if he doesn't like it, he doesn't like self described. Intellectuals,
who believed that they know better than the ordinary person how to run their lives, and he and that in this regard, is very much of a piece with Paul Johnson, perhaps Britain's foremost intellectual and himself. An author book called intellectuals, which is an attack, but if any human being in the universe, can be cried as an intellectual. It is David go around and by the waves pronounced learnt her ape, who has worked with them. Can't right. Most people can get it right now, I'm gonna write knowing is denied any DR everybody says the learner, its lights Guillaume tell yet it get Learnin gallery. Who learns you, then? I dont know this gentleman very well, but in that order always the insinuation that this gentleman has a problem with a jewish intellectual
The particular yeah yeah yeah such a problem level on the Sabbath observed, is he's a savage observant. Jewish intellectual himself, who knows was forgotten more about the time of the maltese people, learn. So you know what's so seconding sickening. It is. This is where it gets disgusting. So this notion that that term that you can fluently in ignorantly sort of slap, an adjective on somebody that you don't like and try to give them the notion of the egg cell? And then that's one thing? So that's the lead. We're going from the jewish intellectual be called an anti intellectual because he opposes liberal intellectuals too.
The apparently man was about to be now lay for agriculture. Secretary got gum former Georgia, governor Sunny produce so studied for do who, in fact is from farming, family and those every year forgot morbid culture than you learn. So what was it that the Washington Post tweeted upon hearing He was the nominee. It sends out a white satin Purdue once let a prayer for rain tat to be agriculture. Secretary. So here we have just rank bigotry against people. Praying for rain is what farmers do scarcely had he who has ever been a farmer. What it is like to live a farming life and to live at the mercy of the elements and the notion that you do not believe that. Perhaps you are in desperate straits that perhaps God might intervene and grant you voiced you're so that you do not live through families
If it was like a tribal expression, examine it very wrong supporters, writer we're having a rock, it would be totally far cycling. Weren't born Occupy Wall Street. If it was, you know a pay a pagan prayer for rain is fine. A christian prayer for rain, apparently is a sign of rank anti intellectual as well. But you are, this is the thing right. So this is intellectual ism is for the left, it is a set of ideas of liberal ideas and policies and books that it's their map of the world. If you don't subscribe to that map of the world of you, if you don't bother, if you're not inside that that bubble, if you, if your thoughts are, are beyond that, if you know someone like like now. I know you gonna make me say: wrong. Lives lives,
extraordinarily rich life of the minded that that so is so far passed. All that they you, you could still be called Anti intellectual, because you're not subscribe to this narrow, think that it's also a false assertions. That's the thing I find so seconding. So let me I would like to know everybody who feels free to declare themselves a critic of other people's views. Who said Anthea liberalism an anti internationalism. I wonder how many of them are red, John Laws, or how do you ve heard of John Rawls outside John roles, if governments early does liken, but he read every one of those books there he doesn't like to sat down and red and has a distinct and RO view I've many problems with data the times, and you know it interesting that the trunk is look. Upon him favourably aid, because he is, of course, very much associate with countering the legally standard, which is not necessarily in his his abbot, but also because he wrote this:
peace for the one who standards importing trumped that if I were trump, I'm not so sure like so much based like what we need, is a lunatic behind them the pickup truck, whose willing potentially to smash the big of drug into a tree, because everything has gone so crazy because of all these stupid, liberal intellectuals, chop approves mainly from here. Maybe I'm wrong drummed likes you, I just left by it's, not just the learning of producing a seems like that. This Religio these sort of an avenue through which you can call him the intellectual or that the more the less nuanced were dumb What I think is what they really want to say that the point of that peace and a role for the for the regarding the repairs thing is that it's not just recovery that they're calling them as it everybody in this cabinet, including Betsy, divorce and Scott prove. These people are suggesting that Scotland, didn't know that led was bad for kids because he said that he is concerned about a body had not read the science behind. It therefore he's an idiot Betsy Divorce,
aware of all the myriad nuance regulation that govern the education department seemed as that way and in her confirmation hearing, therefore, she's, really stupid bits and best of all spend twenty five years advocating on this issue has got proof has led thirteen. The lawsuits against the EPA, some of which were successful. These people no other avenues, they know their interests. They know what they're talking about its. Does it they're, not liberal in it. We don't share that lived that worldview, that overarching by government that the web of government that governs zis these particular areas you're just not fit to be to be in charge of them.
You're just a year ago, Europe, intellectually incurious, okay, so just a wrap this up into another really high out of press bashing was, of course that's what we do in the transparency we best press. Some was doing it for thirty thirty five years of working in the press, but you now, I'm gonna have to take the editors privileges of ash, other people, so CNN put out a bulletin today that is going to hire a quarter to cover them with a bit of a fake news, forcing the cover fake, lose Have a fake news look into fake those? How does it go where does come from has work? This is the network that spent a year and a half spending an hour and a half a day on the on the hissing, malaysian Airlines plain anger had his hands omens anchors, suggesting that it might have gone through a black hole. Okay, so CNN, he'll, thyself position now
One pelles fake news more. If the wreck parry didn't know about that. The energy department handles nuclear weapons. When he said, I understand the part of my brief us to handle nuclear weapons in nuclear waste issue in his statement? Accepting the job at the New York Times failed Fit to put that? Put that piece of character assassination on the front page? That is fake news, heal thyself? position, but by the way, I think that job as that is those can be closed down within a year, because I think they ve been through this
The burst of fake news was: it was an election phenomenon and Anna Bigwig initiatives, deck everything's gonna be an ongoing. I don't think you're right, it was closed down and out because there will be no fake news, none, but it's only let me say it will be beneficial to not investigated all too closely examining whether under the ugly looking out and is now now, there's think news, because there's facebook and people can put absorbs loafing on Facebook and then they get purchase so welcome humanity red, Fake news has been one of the main means of prevention narrative of how we live since the stone age since cave men were drawing painted the wall. I mean thing of every nation. That question is whether you, whether
the people who are themselves purveyors of fake news or in any position whatsoever to be critics of other people prevailing. Thank you know. That was one of the interesting things I thought about Obama's press conference yesterday. You know if you, if we use the term fake news to mean anything other than these like pop up webs I said that invent stories, interpol cloth for money. We have we calls or biased news, big NEWS, lumpy one left at medicine. You can't tell the difference between biased news or or satirical news from from. These vague news website Meanwhile, yesterday Obama called stories about voter fraud, fake news theirs The thing is about fraud. It's only it's only by the way that you know it's, there lightly. That elections were of a mayoralty. Yeah and indeed very, very possibly be their results in two thousand for the President and Animal Wisconsin were you now were there was there was a massive vote or fraud
that help throw those in each direction. Rather even massive went that's the permitted if you have seven million votes cast. An election is one by two thousand three thousand votes. The notion that you know somebody might have been putting their fingers The scale to the to the tuna point to five percent of the total is that's not its implausible and pretended that couldn't happen where our so this whole notion that there are only two. Thirty votes in the last twenty years that have proved to be false. This is most preposterous thing on earth we cases. There are hundreds of cases a year in which people take thousands of cases which we'll, take the essayed to or boards, or something like that for somebody else with picture ideas. So you know me a break like it's, not that it knows that it was three million illegals voting, that's fake, the note
there is no longer fraud in the United States beggars. You know elementary logic. Point about border fraud. Is that its that happens on both sides and therefore ought to be. Largely considered a wash in Ireland and so avowal by the way said something else it was striking out without we're going to close, my swamp went this added. He said the United States is unique in its history and deny in use in law to deny the franchise to people Are you kidding me I'm here? That is the insane thing that everyone has ever said. Whole countries. They have frizzled, didn't have the franchise or, if they did, they not denied into women, they were denied to minority groups. Jews didn't have voting rights in most countries where jewels live. This is this is preposterous adhesion until he's right, he's right. He is an intellectual and he read broth, But this is the end that presages, by the way, a really kind of it
our future for the liberal movement. As he said, one of the two other things I would prompt him two way and on politics in this presidency is one lower issues, denying the franchise to people and the repeal of some of his executive action, specifically dark and other with sharp eyes promised, are going to have an anti one. So it s anger. Those are one is the dreamers their eyes, the that is the ability for children of legal immigrants born the United States, the United States, and not to be considerably lately. That's one and the other is their parents and their parents, let's face it clear: how will we deliver grits? So, yes, those are gonna, be repealed. That's one of these promises. He won the election, he's gonna. Do it sell? Bravo bombers basically saying they won, unwilling to reserve the right away and on politics and and fan the flames of this kind of his the that's overtaken the laughter, that's that doesn't suggest that there's gonna be any sort of healing anytime soon odor healing. What are you talking about healing whereabouts,
through the most better. They must partisan the ugliest period in politics in our lifetime. That is what is going to start, We think the Bush years were bad. If you live through the next ten years within the next ten years were bad. You think Reagan, you now being He was still killing the homeless and and wanting people to die of AIDS was bad. You ain't seen nothing yet we ain't seen nothing doesn't I'm gonna end there? Thank you very much. You guys know Robin a green walls. Commentary magazine in seventy second gear and going as the foremost monthly source of opinion, analysis and commentary from a conservative perspective joints a commentary magazine dot com and keep the candle burning.
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