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Commentary Podcast: The Russia House (Investigation)

2017-03-20 | 🔗
The matter of the Donald Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia have dogged this administration since its very first days. For the first time in public hearings, Congress is digging into the matter. Today, FBI Director Comey revealed that the Trump campaign is under investigation for its Russia ties. Will Democrats “overplay their hand?” Further, President Trump’s chilly meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and some awful job approval polls for the president suggest the White House is having a bad week. John Podhoretz is out today, so Abe Greenwald and Noah Rothman dissect the day’s developments. Give a listen.
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Some guy Welcome to the commentary magazine podcast, my name is nowhere. Rossman today is March twentieth. Twenty seventeen with us is senior editor. Green walled, I am, I know unfortunately John Put- is out on secret assignment somewhere in the western hemisphere. He will be back with us with the second podcast to the but this one we are flying so low and the topic is pretty singer at this point we are today is a day of big hearings on the hill, and while there is proper
we allow fireworks going on in the hearings to confirm the likely next Supreme Court Justice Justice courses. We are not going to be talking about that. We are talking Ex elusive. About the investigation into the nature of the Trump campaigns contacts with russian officials with Moscow and the most law anticipated person to testify on the hill FBI, director, James Combing, and how that investigation and how his till you're, his testimony is being received. The biggest hearing are the biggest I'm sorry. The biggest headline added this hearing is the revelation that view expected Jim coming to confirm you did that there's been an investigation ongoing into the Trump campaigns contacts with russian operatives, russian officials, russian agents. Clearly or ill defined as such since July. Since July of twenty sixteen
It is currently ongoing. So there's not a lot that the FBI director could discuss, but what he did talk about was pretty compelling evidence that the FBI is taken, this very seriously being very comprehensive about it. And at the same time, there are a lot of pitfalls here for Democrats who believe that this is going to be the final silver bullet. That's going to end the Nason Trump Administration, you feel like You ve been searching for that sort of one no cure we're all allegation that is going to make the trump era disappear, make it and make a race it make it I'll go away, and this is we're going to give them that kind of hope. Again. I just don't think that we were being very prudent here. And that the analysis takes into account. The trajectory of the investigation into Hillary Clinton Democrats turned Jim call me into a pen Political actor for most of that affair is beginning with
the infamous meeting that attorney General Loretta. Lynch took on a tarmac with Bill Clinton, a meeting was so poorly conceived that she was compelled to essentially were cues herself from the investigation into Hillary Clinton and how and to the FBI, director, not only investigative powers but the powers to recommend prosecution, or otherwise he proceeded not to do so, but he did so in delivering an ever in it. Sickly, an indictment of Hillary Clinton and everything, but officially, but literally in that speech in June of twenty. Sixteen, engine call me was then from then on cited as the definitive source disproving the notion that Hillary Clinton had done anything wrong with the handling of her emails and the the careless as he put it, management of classified material flash forward two October, twenty eighth. Point. Jim call me still beholden to Congress, still beholden to the demands of somebody who was supposed to be
in a neutral arbiter of the law, kept Congress abreast of details regarding that investigation when he discovered when he was told, rather two weeks after the fact that somebody had found some emails. Some Hillary Clinton couldn't emails on Anthony Weena computer in an unrelated investigation into whether or not if any wiener had inappropriate communications with an under age girl, Perkins were suddenly reminded of the sordid cast of character. Is the Democratic Party had elevated, did very highest echelons and it didn't reflect well on Hillary Clinton. Now Democrats have convinced themselves. Liberal Democrats have convinced themselves Call me intervenes somehow in this election campaign on behalf of Donald Trump. With that letter is he didn't need descended He was advised against sending an apparently according to Loretta Lynch and that it was just unnecessary, I have noted- and we have noted that the company was certainly just trying to likely
sure that he wasn't running a foul of any congressional edict to keep them abreast of details and whether or not came out there. He wanted to be sure that he was you know in the clear gnats most likely the case, not that he was intervening on behalf of Donald Trump, but it's much more be preferable for the left to believe that they were being undermined. By the FBI director and I feel like there on the same trajectory here. I feel like they're going to be upset and disappointed. And maybe betrayed and frustrated by the inevitably political or the assumed political nature of the ECB S investigation when No collusion between the russian government and the Trump campaign is discovered. We don't see any evidence of that, either in public policy towards Russia toward the Russian Federation from tromp administration or reporting yeah, I mean, I think, that's that's really- the bottom line is head. If ever every report that that that looks too
condemn the b, the Trump Russia connection, to bring to light slips into line somewhere along the way saying there has been so far. No evidence of collusion now, of course today, when when coming was asked about that, if he, if he can confirm those reports, he said no common. No comment simply means no comment, because he can't comment on an honor, I'm going investigation, but it there seems to be no reason to believe that there has been in fact evidence of collusion in there and they when that we're not hearing about- and I think generally by the way Commie has done himself some favours today and let unless such things have changed. Since we sat down- but you know, Having been haven't gotten grief from all sides, essentially throughout the course of the election he he serve came across
very sympathetic figure and really showed the kind of preposterous tightrope act. He has two he has to perform in in this and in in this kind of situation, and How careful he has to be end and is trying to be well. He did he did the left and Democrats a few favours by saying a that. There's an investigation into the trunk campaign, but I dont think that that's something that anybody should be jumping up and down about, because if you ve been following, this is clear that the Trump campaign has had a ton of contacts with russian officials and and russian agents cunningly or otherwise, and a lot of them more wittingly frankly, do only by a mission was asked whether or not for informal campaign, adviser, Roger Stone and former campaign manager, Pollyanna, fourth wearing contact with russian officials, and
Roger stone. His brag about this and he's talked about how you know closely he's associated with Wikileaks and how he's got an open channel between himself and goose effort to point out which american officials believe to be a constructive russian military intelligence, the Russian Federation's you are you a man of Fort was a an operative who worked with the young Kovich regime. Viktor Yanukovych was a pro russian ukrainian President, duly elected, but ass did in the Maiden Revolution and it is implemented in the deaths of hundreds of of ukrainian revolutionaries when he ordered them shot upon in the twenty thirteen revolution. Who was later for the urgent when fourteen who was later sent to or fled Ukraine to live in exile in Moscow, metaphors defenders say well Valmont for with protesters, he was advising and go back to go, go be pro EU, but just the nature of the regime
which he was working on, suggest that its next to impossible for him not to have contacts, have had contacts with russian officials and that's just a couple hours in this Carter. Page there's jaded Gordon, so there's a lot of people who will allegedly had contacts with russian officials and members of the russian government and if that's all, that they're gonna fine. And I mean that's already established. It's not like we're gonna learn something dramatically knew there. Right. Well, we don't know I mean, but but it, but if that's all they're gonna find right, that's true, but I but I have to say I mean there there's a cascade of headlines coming out of today, that that is very bad for Trump and will at least wool continue to fuel the leaving the campaign against him seeking to link him too to the Russians. There's also the statement that no intelligence can confirm trumps tweets about having been wiretapped. This obviously makes him
ridiculous. And it's funny, if you think about trumps, reckless statements. Combination with those of of Roger Stone and others. How funny for An investigation to actually find collusion only to have these these sir braggart almost making their own kept, making this this puffed up case against themselves. You know this this is an own. This is an own goal with with with where no substances then found the official level yeah, I'm not sure what what did they want more, they want David. They want their contacts with illicit russian of figures to be confirmed, or for them the right disproven and be demonstrated liars ray what you don't win either situation exactly you know, and then the other thing that I think it gives these today's hearings to go residence in salience is that they come amid this. In other constant, fake news,
bias news dumb NEWS, as you ve called it in all these sort of unbelievable stories about. What's what's going on? Well today, cut through all that and we have actual testimony in and straightforward questions that can't be painted as the buys near times or or CNN or or whatever else end its aloud, everyone with the case against trunk, to make their case for the record and then to come up against sort of almost no push back, because James Comic can't comment right. That's good point you I think I was on an essay director, admiral, like Rogers, who said, or maybe wisdom coming on the periphery
but either one in this investigation when it came up about the notion that Donald Trump was personally spite upon by the order of the presence of the United States and with the assistance of british military and fish or british intelligence officials, that such a thing would violate a whole host of laws and agreements. The president himself cannot order the wiretapping of merit, in citizens unilaterally. If the British were somehow to be colluding on this affair, it would violate the five eyes agreement. The fibers agreement is extremely sensitive. It wasn't even really fully acknowledged until the seventies, its agreement, by which the members of the Anglo fear, the five nations that constitute the angler sphere, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain Share Intelligence and do not spy on one another and to blanket officials were green and it provides us with access to a whole bunch of facilities all over the world in them. Their backs us to our facilities and generally keeps me
the angler sphere, a safe, productive place to live the fact that the President, the United States, is unaware of either of these two things, I'm not sure if that's reassuring or disquieting its, we need something you want to brag about, which is precisely what the president did correct, it's where much of of his ignorance on the nuclear. Try it right now, super I mean I'd, imagine were passed the point where people find it sort of charming and refresh in that trunk comes comes, it comes at the at you know important policy institutions in and traditions and simple knowledge with with absolutely no experience childlike naive. Yes, precisely yeah yeah, that's I guess I mean if you were to do. You know, explain Trump trumps appeal to the masses, as it were, the forty six percent. Many people were probably say that this is what we call naivete. Some some would call it something else from shore. More positive
is, as you say, refreshing and possibly beneficial to his administration, but the, but it's not, but you he only ever flouts these thing. You'll ever advertisers ignorance to do damage also he it's not like he's. You know he, ever shows is his his disregard for fur norms and and his ignorance to do something like m are with due to a curious great Britain of of spying, Gatt and or to order or to say he would order of amid the? U S military, to do things that were in fact illegal. That's right, that's, but that is definitely has appealed to certain segment of the population are very a section of the population to which most people wouldn't want to appeal. The pro torture second the population that the population of the United States, who represents our allies, whatever form they may come in and really does want to dig a moat around the place that that is a segment of the population that most people don't appealed to politically,
as the the upsides are so limited, but dumb most time they don't become president. When that happens. In this time they did Great Britain is the only ally. This president has recently alienated, at least if we are to believe the headlines. The present It had a bilateral meeting with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, and the headlines out of that
are generally related to the images of the president in the oval office sitting beside the chancellor and of looking very upset and very happy to be in that room to the point where there was one one, one point at which reporters many reporter shouted at Angela Merkel and Donald Trump to have a handshake for the cameras and Angela Merkel turned to the president's. Anyone have a handshake and she was met with stony silence from scowling president. Now I don't. I first just a throw this out there and there were a lot of thoughts that maybe he didn't hear this request for aunt em. If you watch the video, like it's impossible, hidden huge is reacting to the press,
for he is Rees reacting tangle of Mercosur. He heard it and you just chose to ignore it, but at the same time I mean that the notion that there was overt hostility here from minute one is betrayed by the fact that down from has this unique habit among President's of meeting foreign dignitaries and foreign leaders at the door of the White House was presence. Never did that before and Donald Trump does. He meets him at the door, shape her hand and brings them inside and the images of that exchange between the President and Chancellor Merkel pretty amiable. I mean it looks that way. At least from photographs are really smile and have fun. So maybe something happen Then this meeting I dont know by its quite clear, but there's a lot of animals to be there and its animosity to that is driven and supportive, supported rather by the President's quota quote base and how big that base is, but it's the cool, the
he globalist pro Russian in a lot of ways, because the Anti Merkel message is very much a progression message at least the right message that facilitates and advances russian GEO political objectives from from the right and the lot ran sometimes from the far left. So I'm Sure whether or not this wasn't something that fulfilled it in a political objective of the president to make to make that increasingly frost, raided base of original supporters, the really anti quantum cool, globalist right, happy Yeah I mean he's sort of the anti were all right. I mean she's, welcoming of refugees, she's in favour of an integrated european system and an integrated global order he's, obviously not I mean it produced for a moment that I cannot should recall seeing another moment
a presidential moment. I was actually hard to watch that was actually you serve had to turn away from the iron in horror. The last time I felt that cringe e watching a president and in allied had us eight interact was Brok Obama, Netanyahu. Even that to me. Had it was there more dignity, do it invent than what went on your because that was that sort of sheer and there was animosity and and and he an enemy Did serve humiliate net by making him waiting, but that, with that non camera that really bad stuff. You know or whirlwind when Hilary in fact called up baby in her aunt em over over settlements that wasn't on camera. These things were reported and late, but just to have a sort of candid camera moment with with with the president, just completely ignoring friendly overture
from from Merkel was disturbed and an envelope, don't forget the follow on tweets about how Germany needs to needs to owes owes America. Big time all right get our military forget right. It's definitely in american interests for a United Germany to be fully re, militarized right We should then we should be welcoming that sort of thing you I'd an unrelated nigh unrelated, not, I think it hasn't been. This is the longest period and global history that we ve had a United Germany. We haven't had a world war, so far, so good that something you know you have something to celebrate it look at us having their great were optimists now I guess I don't really know what to make of that that interaction, but clearly it was. It was disquieting on the from from the perspective of somebody who appreciates the United States position in the world and the nature of the
threat posed by Russia. You don't it also happening so so soon after his egg, accusing great Britain of of helping abominable to spy on him, oh by the way, and also time that into his meeting with Morocco is off hand a joke about how he and Merkel have in common that the previous American administration spied on them. But all told it's: it's Acer, CA, collective message about about Trump and our allies and its and its disturbing various urban, especially since the latter didn't happen. Donald Trump was inspired upon by Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel Was- and it was a huge deal in Germany to the point where Germany had to suspend intelligence sharing relationships with the United States. Just in order to save this populist,
I had to see some retribution meted out to the United States for having the temerity to spy on this leadership. It was a very unpopular decision. Angela Merkel is facing a really difficult reelection bid back home, she's fine to be the longest serving german leaders and Helmut Kohl seeking a fourth term in office and she's facing some headwinds on a lot of it has to do with the refugee situation. The crisis out of Syria and anything like that from Donald Trump put jeopardizes her her standing back home. I think there was more. There was more at stake for her than there was for him in this meeting, because she has to demonstrate that she can navigate. This new political minefield. Basically in the United States- and I dont know if she did demonstrate that- I think it probably prove pretty much- I mean as much as there might be some
Chauvinists dick response to these attacks. The treatment she received in the United States from a german patriots does, right down to her benefit and electoral terms. I don't know, I think, in the long run and ends up hurting her, yet it is no issue, comes out of that meeting, looking anything other than disrespected by the bye, but by the new american Administration and there's there's no way to turn that into a positive for her now, but it certainly benefits the the people in the United States to hold that the german project, the keeping keeping Europe together with the centre being the linchpin being Berlin. It makes them happy. But the United States is an especially happy with Donald Trump. We don't know very much about what he's how how his
Voters perceived him is bids, believed that he has a very a shallow basis. Port which is nevertheless devoted. Anyone is to anything or any other person and they are unshakeable, but we don't know how big that base of support is and words of sixty days into this, restoration- and we ve already seen some rather dismal numbers in the public opinion pulling it, what is, it now has his approval at thirty, seven percent is a rarity seven, which has beneath the Brok Obama's all time low of thirty eight right after the roll out of the affordable care, acting twenty thirty and disapproval at fifty. Eight murder is as yet no horrific. And it's been, I think, the result of a of a succession of things as you were before we started. The show you had mentioned that the health care has gone
miserably. Geiger. Can't think of anything else would move the needle like that, because it is a huge drop. A lot contributes, I mean, there's, there's, there's healthcare, others be would be rash. Silly headlines. We were just talking about his his unsubstantiated accusations, which, which may make him look silly and unfit This the colonies. Testimony today will not help he as met with these been Eastman stopped twice on his travel ban. He's these doesn't look terribly effective. I forgot about the travel ban, yet I mean
That's that's what I always thought was going to be. If there was anything that was going to dislodge the support he has received so far, the unwavering support he has received so far from the quorum quote, forgotten man in the hinterland, who is the subject of glowing profiles from reporters who don't quite understand what to make of this new moment. I am aware all among them, but that I always thought that the the thing that would really resonate was the idea that this guy wasn't who they thought. He was in terms of being a deal maker of being. Somebody who can deliver can navigate a really thorny price. Says that has become convoluted and conflicting and too complex for the average person to understand and untie the gordian knot and make it simple and responsive and effective, and if he can't delete
around this business. Man like message, then that's going to really beat the thing that does the first damaging the first really sorry the foundations of his support and the e o the executive order is, has to be the first sign of that. I'm in the very first executive order was implemented in such a disastrous fashion than it made the administration and carbon, and then they withdrew it after promise, to fight on these unfavourable grounds. They smartly withdrew. It had all the time in the world to re draft it and, and they re introduced it, and it still am ass, the head of the disease by the way from the Maryland court in the Hague Court are very arguable, but
I mean who are you in the merits of this thing? We're not talking about whether or not those these judges, r, r r, I guess, biased and are really reaching in order to reach a conclusion that they ve already met reached, but that the administration can evade the the lie. The fact that they look foolish right at me now it's the policy questions become entirely beside the point it just Katy can can Donald Trump exert his will? Can he get done what he wants to get done? Bad, that's become the question, but I think some still so far. If he's hemorrhaging support it's it's not from the Trump lover, but it's from all those who held their nose and and and voted for him. And I then that's a big number and there they ve gotta, be the people who were watching all this unfolding
well. That's sooner, I knew was a riskin, and indeed it was that's totally. That's probably right- and I just don't know what to think about the rights of the people for whom, who I've been sort of addressing obliquely over the course of this podcast. Just like alright crowd the people who they hate angle, a Merkel and the heat refugees, and the heat immigration and the low the republican establishment and all they ve been seeing is continuity when it comes to russian policy, with continuity with the Obama restoration, the inaction of a lot of republican goals, or at least pursuit of republican goals and the failure of just about every other, every other aspect of the column, cool, all agenda, so what their left with his wife scowl directed at angle. Margo and that's that's their consolation prize me to what point does that not become enough woman? I think I see there,
therein for the long haul may be interesting first test case was the Bee Bee Health CARE bill cause. I, and I had wondered in fact several podcast go. How would the populists respond to two to the to the bill? Would they detested, because it was Ryan CARE or would they supported because Trump liked it and and they sort of came up with her with a narrative where, whereby Trump sort of way whereby Ryan come sabotage Trump into from was bamboo right exactly you know, but even the Scots Contradictory, the note the notion there is that all I was so easily manipulated by the end of this, which Doktor Upper House speak. Because the establishment is evil. When you have a good man coming up against this big giant evil of machine, what what's what's? What's he gonna? Do you know what that is
I was telling because, because I think that the points the way used there he's he's thereby thicker than just because there's there never gonna have another pet, but you Mustn T let it run for the action of their agenda will at some point I guess you have to concede that euro gender is just simply unworkable. I feel this is your last best chance in its just now. Broken out. Perhaps, but it's dead. But it's always you, MRS. What happens when one went with cognitive dissonance, its
John workable because or someone else it's not in in in the vacuum. In my mind where, where this vision is pristine and and beautiful, perfectly very workable, if it weren't for him, if it weren't for her for worn for the establishment of war from arrive or for John Mccain, it adds its ultimate their fault. Well, I do feel it were kind of living in a ground hot day situation here with with Jim Combings reemergence, as though the fulcrum that on which this the Trump administration now hinges and work. You know seeing Democrats indulgent some some probably example,
That is not justified by the that the regulations that we have right now. We know that the trumpet ministration is under investigation from its activities in twenty. Sixteen and that's that's not gonna help the Trump administration. That's not gonna, make it more politically liable. It's gonna sap at of some energy and and who doesn't expect that when, after today's hearings, trouble come out with some tweets that continue to, Do him not favoured sullen? He's gonna have a speech tonight when I'm sure it's going to be evolve even before they are right, but the
Ocean here again. I think that I think, and I don't have any evidence to prove it, but I think Democrats are really looking for a silver bullet, something to draw the noose around this administration and draw tight, and I just feel like they're, going to end up pursuing this thing too, to the detriment of their own political viability. If there's is, if nobody's demonstrates any collusion or even if they did between campaign officials, for example, its very unlikely that there aren't going to get something that will dental demonstrate, the Donald Trump has behaved in an unethical fashion and even if they did what it amount to quantum quite high crimes and misdemeanours. The the impeachment process is a political process. They don't have to prove anything. It's not a court, then we'll have to prove that the administration violated the law. Only in democratic mines must exist that there has been
crime. But if that's the standard that they establish. That Democrats set, for example, for their constituents, as we had until the twenty eighteen cycle and that's ineffective standard and one that wins the argument and may be wins the democratic chamber. They can't pursue it. The can't make good on that and then their back in the republican position where they promised the repeal of something that they don't want repealed. You know there's an additional potential problem for Democrats here, which is something that was also discussed today. The hearings, which is, I think, that there is a more like the chance of getting to the bottom and finding some wrong doing regarding leaked. Classified information to the press raw among Anti trappers members of past Menstruation intelligence, whoever else, because that is a real grant right and then that that's that's, that's also now and open question and a man
and after, however, many months do the Democrats end up with conclusively no no evidence of collusion between Europe and Russia, but in fact conclusive evidence of of illegal leaks against him right, we should back up a little bit cellular one of that. The focus of up just about every reply. A broken in. This hearing was not on the substance of whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with russian officials, but where that information came from and it's not it's not something that should be ignored
every viable question. What we ve seen in reporting in the Washington Post in the New York Times indicates that quoting quote transcripts, the substance of which or either the transcripts themselves were related to reporters. It ring involving communications between MIKE Flynn, who was then tat to beat down from an essay national security adviser and russian Ambassador Circa Kisyak. Now it seems like Donald Trump got confused well, Michael and Mark Levant got confused, Mark Levin and of Judge Napoletano and Bright Bart, and everybody got confused by how this happened, and they were under the impression that Donald Trump was being surveillance himself personally, most likely the routine monitoring of russian diplomatic traffic
swept up my flynn in these conversations and contradicted things that make Flynn had said in public and what vice president, my pants had said in public and the release of that information was a huge bombshell that killed his political career. Now in the notion that you can just drop these highly sensitive, highly classified sites, transcripts of of calls to russian intelligence, russian diplomatic intelligence in order to effect a political act. It was an extremely disturbing precedent it something that nobody should be satisfied with, and yet we are seeing Democrats and reporters defend this sort of thing and you had the New York Times, Glenn Block in his name Winthrop, all right put scare quotes around the word illegal as
Oh the end justifies the means here and frankly, that's not even true. I'm gonna digress a little bit, but since my cleanse career has has been destroyed and second consecutive administration, we learn that he was an unregistered foreign agent with Turkey that he took undisclosed, tens of thousands of dollars of russian money for payments from things like the Kremlin funded network, aren T to other Kremlin funds cyber security. Firm out there, so I am not sure whether or not he would have survived another month in the USA and when we might have lost MIKE Flynn without it forever altering the social compact. In order to do it In other words, if his. If his further transgressions came to light without without.
That the leaks. Then there are the unrelated rivers leat right right. So I dont know why they wouldn't have come out of some people are defending that as though well well, who, how would we have? No without those initial leaks and their entirely unrelated, came from different sources. So, apparently, these these debates- ministration officials, Quantum quote officials, former associates members of the intelligence community d, O J, most likely this came from the FBI, their releasing information in order to effect a political outcome and that's not only occur I am but it's an extremely dangerous precedent to set, and we are seeing a lot of people defended on the left and in the reporting community, because the ins justify the means and at what point does that precedent come back to bite? You there's a will physicists
frustration has a few years to install its own loyalists zone cronies in these positions of authority and, if that's the standard, anything goes because the political threat is such that it justifies it. Look Republicans convinced themselves that the country would not survive Hillary Clinton, the anything that you could do to stop. Hillary Clinton from becoming president was justified because the threat was existential. Whether or not you think that's right or not. I dont alot of people do in that would justify just about any behaviour. Including violating law, which is apparently with Democrats convince themselves, as does to fight and necessary, in the face of the trumpet ministration, this kind of sick people. You know I personally is really dangerous, that the permanent apocalypse for that matter,
it's just you, but it's just used to justify your own actions that otherwise our unjustifiable by, but will will set a precedent for it for your opponents to use them every time is youth? Is it's it's an arms race, strength. With our friendly lay out a piece recently saying that don't be surprised if Trump uses the quote: resistances resistances methods against the resistance now made, meaning meaning. If, if, if before now, when I can see the surf ping, pong leaks and exposed Sensitive information on both sides- sunlight disturbing. No, I think we ve covered just about every base that we wanted to cover in this job. Horseless podcast. So I guess we're gonna call it they're commentary magazine the seventy two year old Journal of opinion
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