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Commentary Podcast: The Tweets, The Tweets, The Tweets… and Lori Loughlin

2019-07-29 | 🔗
Baltimore, racism, Elijah Cummings, rats, blah blah blah... Yes, it's another podcast about the tweets. We're sorry. We didn't make this happen. But we also talk about the rapprochement between Lori Loughlin and her kids, so that's nice. Give a listen.
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welcome commentary magazine. Podcast today is Monday July, twenty ninth, two thousand and nineteen. I'm John POD words. The editor of Commentary magazine these seventy eight year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, police probity and cultural criticism from a conservative perspective, We invite you to join us. A commentary magazine dot com would give you a few free reason. Ask you to subscribe. One thousand nine hundred and ninety five digital subscription and twenty men any five for an all access subscription, including our bureau
monthly magazine in your mailbox eleven times a year with me, as always senior editor egg me. While I a by John Associate at her no rough, but I know I try that again I John there when I was out in Washington, Senor writer Christine rose high, Christine eight so tromp tweets, Baltimore logic, Cummings Rats, disgusting sewer, whatever the den did infested den nap. Your acts, racist, was beyond all belief, Ok, somebody say something because I'm too tired to go through this every goddamn time keep the candidate, I said there we go and thanks for less happy, I'm up there's. So I can come out this. An actual angle of people.
Georgia is? I'm gonna get bored, and this morning you this whole subject to so boring that even talking and answers, it's not boring to everyone else. This is this is entry level politics. This is everyone loves doing you? Dont have to have any command of any issue to engage in alpine on this subject matter. All you have to do is a moat and feel your way through it, which is why resonates so much with the political class jump all over all this stuff and for the for the right, it is extremely pernicious as there is no policy agenda being advanced here, there is no philosophy that we're talking about the right retrofit. A sort of policy rationale on the back end of a trump tweet which were which is origin AIDS from the president, when did he go always an exclusively and then the right feels compelled to do. Someone has to create in an elaborate set of policy agendas, rationale that their defending ok to justify the energy that their expended in that process. Nobody remembers any of this a week from now when we're done
ending trump engaging in the next few days has with the next lawmaker or public television personality that insults him I'm not going to defend him on this very now ground. So he says that Baltimores infested run right. So in twenty fifteen he called New Hampshire, a state that he was desperate to win a drug infested damn he won the state as the republic Nominee and almost one the state in November, losing it by a couple thousand votes, and it is possible that he could maybe, when it in twenty twenty. So the the notion that, because he is criticising a black, legislator, who represents a black district or a majority black district that that is in is, is on its face?
racist when he is used, is exactly the same language about a lily white state that was, in fact a washing opiates. And in an opium crisis to me preposterous and it not something the president should do. The present shouldn't be attacking cities in his own country. And the president's shouldn't be. You know, getting personal like this. I shall be at, but on the internet sentence I'll give you a, but because, because that so So that's why he was elected, because this is the person he is people. Acted him knowing full well who he was, and he does it and heal but himself up before the public in November twenty twenty and they will either accept him, reject them on the basis of this. But the. The idea. Tat the
the other, describing a city that we were told as recently as three or four years ago, with the threat with the killing of a for the death of Freddy Gray in police custody is bad Similarly, a nightmarish hell hole to live in and is everything about. It is just terrible and horrible because of all kinds of reasons: structural racism in all. Whenever you want to call it apparent, it's ok to say that as long as you're on the left on the right, you're not allowed to say it. I just don't know any different like. David their Simon, the maker of the wire were universally considered. The greatest work of american Popular about Baltimore gotta, the huge fights on twitter this weekend defending Baltimore and why that guy who didn't really understand who he was said
course of one of these. Where have you seen the wire sir, you now and then? And then I don't what Simon sudden response, but you know trust the tale not to tell her like the wire, portrays Baltimore as the sort of the end of civilization. As we know it, not just the wire. By the way I mean did ever so many things that David Simon has written a really all about the horrible horrible problems of Baltimore round the corner. Homicide needs. If it is, it is all about the nightmare that it is now, but let's say, just for the sake of argument that he is writing it for place of love he lives in Baltimore and he loves Baltimore. I was thinking about how, in the nineteen seventies, you know. New York was the picture of urban barbarity, but non parade and it was on tv show movies. You know death wish it were portrayed as a nightmare and I
rob here and it was a nightmare- was not as an unjust or unfavourable were trail, but I love New York, and I took offence at this portrait of New York as accurate as it may or may not have ten. You know he sent you so that there is this kind of urban. Or local is nationalism. Let's just say that Trump, you know stuck his big idiot foot two for no reason other than he was watching a fox and friends Weekend episode, which is too far, friends. It's like you know if a fox and friends is a comic book you know, Foxen friends weekend is like the Huey Dewey and comic book that rats exactly right and there is an urban conservative policy agenda. I mean I can't agent ramps along with was pretty dealing with over the course of this this weekend there is
agenda for the on the right for the urban environment that dressing urban blight. We don't have to talk about it like some sort of fantasy land. You can address it really and I honestly, on its merits, and that's how it happening here. I think we're losing ground in the effort to portray trumps ego fuelled outbursts
something other than just it fuelled invective. Ok, Christie! Well, I just want to add two things. One is, I think, what David Simons next television show should be about municipal government, because I think the thing that drives a lot of conservatives crazy when these sorts of stories about failing cities make national news is that these are the places that had been run by it by Democrats. For decades, except me, York City did the local accept New York City rights. Are you look at someplace? I felt Marie look at the extremes of corruption, not not just a municipal government but on the police force of me. It is a mess and I dont think any you know if you look at the average american looking at a city like Baltimore from afar and looking at the corruption and the dysfunction and the poverty and the violence. What that is what I think some people heard from what Trump said course than theirs, whether the other thing that people heard, which was the
racist overtones, and I think o Connor Preserver had a great piecemeal enter a little while ago over the this discussion of the term racists like, should we call the prisoner, racists and all the media hand wringing about this and the moral outrage in, and he said, look this is this is like it or not the headache. The term basis has become a proxy in the culture of war and both sides use it and both sides abuse it, and so that's why it's difficult to have a measured conversation about it when the term gets thrown around. So I agree with no of it there's a lot here that the present can be criticised for, but there is also an underlying issue of a failing city and you'll Bernie Sanders went therein said similar things up new awhile ago, so you're right that this is this is trumpet gotta be gloating, you know, but it's it's not gonna help any conversation about fixing the problems of the signal
Baltimore favorite will obviously there's no interest in solving any problems here. This is tat. This was just a kind of you know: that's this authority from forest tells the collar too. You know the collar radio show. Well, I'm twitter accept these most powerful man in the world. The joke, as had Eliza Cummings, said something nice where Trump trumpet of tweeted think. My friend Eliza coming from the great great city of Paul to Proper Baltimore. Really I which it had I ever people are saying Baltimores turning right around. I mean that's, of course. The problem here is that is as low as is like you, you end up Trump says something out of his in a bizarre inability to stifle his his wounded on more proper and then this crew of people arises to try to retrofit
view into standing either politics or really ology, so in its in dishonest on everyone's part. Levering one is performing in this in this escapade, but there is strongly frustrating, but there is something that happens in between Trump says something: the law, the tax it all sorts of grounds, including some sort of ideological grounds, and then the right kicks in two to retrofit defence right. Well, I mean so. You know there are people who sat Christine sort of said this too, that this is like the Nazi user. Racist analogy, but it's the you know got throw me in the briar patch. It is very relevant its term here but the idea that you know Democrats really one of a fight with Trump over whether or not bought Baltimore as a hell hole. On the other hand,. What does indeed have a fight over whether baltimores a hell hole or not? I mean This is the you know. Is this
this is where it is no says like people forget it in a week, and it is this kind of overhang of may be out on the golf course like people, plainly because too much he should blow lancing an agenda to govern tis, but a normal presidency would spend a week marshalling all its force on data with joy to advance a piece of legislation that would fail in the house and then they could blame the have. This is how normal presidencies operate. No kidding. Ok, Another problem with saying this is not a normal presidency is its now presidency. That is two and a half, or you know little more than two and a half years old. So it is the normal presidency in it. The president, I actually do wanna get urgency of now he doesn't want to get anything done now, but other presidents, I guarantee you, will ok well, let's we'll see, if I live long enough to see another president will will see which is, of course, the secondary point of all this, which, as you know,
What he wants to get reelected twenty twenty are the things that he does, that they help or do they you know: do they not make any difference or today today these things on the margins were not at once again the centre. Issue here is when he arises and creates a controversy like this. While the Democrats, While his rivals are, you know, in a kind of Emotional ideological end clinical. Struggle over whether or not they're gonna be pushed so far. The left that they're gonna make there alienating the independent voters. He then, like, sticks his head up and says: oh independent voters. Let me remind you why you don't like me, help they are about to have two debates right Tuesday, Wednesday night, the democratic debate and God only knows what's going to happen and who is going to try to make Hey by attacking Biden from the left and by all and
war and now Bernie Sanders has to attack Elizabeth Moron because she's stealing his thunder and all that, be this again. This question whether there is a mad on rushed to the left, and then I'm gonna, try to interpose himself to remind everybody why maybe they should unite against him and, remind the heavy voters were ultimately get inside this election or the serve the low information voters. What it is about them, what it is out him that make that make them uncomfortable and not the girl cat. That's really thanked, because that's what Republicans That republicans are the. He says the thing out loud, that everybody thinks and that's fantastic everybody who thinks that bout, him is already voting for him, and you're, not enough for them to win him, the election I admit I wonder whether or not there is an independent opinion that says you know, there's something interesting about
is not being afraid to state the obvious and be called races for you. Do you not think that there is any independence it among independence that that that sir, a sort of freeing thing. I think we have this idea that the dependent undecided. Voter is serve more serious person because there there They live in a condition of ambiguity, most The information that we ve ever gotten demographically or about them is that they are in fact people who A very little attention to pilot have no idea. What do you you log in framing is of any election and that their choose their making these decisions based on and are generally not true, independence identify as Roma Crasser concern, right well there for their way. Few rather believes to be worth. The joke is on one hand there more independence. Numa Equally than they used to be the polarization is such that each party,
The weights now works in the last two elections. It's the Democrats can expect a base vote of forty. Six to forty seven percent and Republicans can expect a base of old, a forty five to forty six percent. The Democrats outnumber or forty seven to forty eight percent. Forty five to forty six percent so that adds up to over ninety percent. That means that, in fact, true independence only number seven, Eight percent and remember five percent of them went of winter third party candidates in twenty. Sixteen right Idiot Jill Steinem, whoever the hell I the libertarian, And so, while there are more independence according
two polling their way, fewer independence or people who buck party trims according to actual voting. But I have to make raise one point of possible disagreement here, which is that my teacher politics, but on the issue of race and the culture war, I think said that, and I haven't. I should look up and pulling data on this, but then there is a sense of Europe wide voter whose and independent whom could swing either way. You know you, you have by now received a message from some form of culture, whether it's your pop culture or through the educational system, that structural racism is a problem that you are part of causing, and I wonder how much I mean one argument about why Trump makes a lot of these sort of race. Baiting rhetoric on Twitter is too kind of signal to voters who feel a little beleaguered by being called racist just because they have white skin enter sort of highlight that distinction I mean there is still. Can
it is our job to overemphasize culture worse off on this score, but it's a real problem. I mean it is united, kids in a daisy public school and they sometimes have told me things. I've heard it school that had it may give me a hot, and so I mean it's it's out there, it's in the environment- and I I mean that's one way of looking at the sort of rates baiting type stepped onto its sort of the crass politics of this in one election cycle is the least interesting element of these it. Ask someone I regard as the social fabric, but if you really, when I get down and then in the degree of the electoral politics aspect of that, the battleground as you Christine, it is suburban college. Educated women choose not suburban, Oh you're urban she's Herbie on urban policy would have only usually that I have a lot of friends who are actually in that. You know in Maryland these in the summer, yeah. So I mean to the extent that is that graphic as attracted to the idea that
this guy says whatever's on his mind. Even if it really frustrates everybody- and you know tat, About how we I'll sharply needs white people. That really is gonna. Get me to the poles. Now not the women, but it might well, it doesn't even but its he doesn't well, I mean he needs as many people as they get, but he also needs them in the right places. I think One of the things I think I said this in the last part cast or something, but that the danger of the the rise of identity politics in the United States over the past thirty years. Has in fact been- and I saw this in the early 90s in certain serve conservative organizations, and things were people start talking about being European Americans night, because it look if your. If your give you an American Jew in your polish, black a african American. Why can I be your european american right? That was serve the outer than you would say? Well you, you know: that's through
racial at whatever, and then they would say: oh yeah, what about them? so that was a sort of like a early moment of this, and then twinkled could go twenty five years later to trumps election and identity, politics has played in plain played in plain played and then basically terms implicitly says fine. I played any politics play Dave. I'm the candidate for white people. Particularly if your white person who isn't getting ahead, go ahead vote your vote, your identity. You know they get to. So you can get too, and this was. This is always the machiavellian danger of playing this card You know this is demonic card. In my view, this divisive anti american card, which is that there are more whites than anybody else. So if you want everybody to sort by race.
You're gonna lose until the point at which those demographics, flip Rihanna means so and trust. Can approve that similarly, if Every word that comes out of his mouth is racist and every week they're gonna five columns by choice blow and Johnson Cape Hard and MAX food in it about how trumpets racist he's a rate? Did you know he was a real he's, a racist there's. This racial appeal is got an are the Republicans to denounces racism and racism and racism and racism, and all they are doing is is ended. The power of the word racist, two key as people to stop and reflect and consider on what they might have been doing since the nineteen sixty is the word, racist has had an extraordinary impact on people in public discussion, because when it was deployed you in they have to stop and say, wait a minute I am. I am. I
ass. The line am I being to this and my being inner when it was a gift for people who wanted to use it as a weapon. It was a very effective weapon to sign. When people are too cause them to get all defensive or whatever, and if the Cause I'm like this basic. The general impulses gonna be ok, fine, so he'll I'll say this you'll SAM, a racist and I'm not gonna care anymore our Trump got elected. He said whenever he wanted to say if you're saying that what I am saying is is racist that I am opposed to affirmative action. I believe in county, if you're call that racist guess I'm a racist now what you can do about it, What are you gonna do about it now I can say is like well. Your kids are being raised to think that racism is a terrible thing, and so you don't want your kids to call you a racist, and you know what your kids to think you're, racists and that will still have the power, but man. This is this- is a unilateral form of disarmament. Using using re, so cons
Lee that it becomes it loses its power entirely seems to me that this is why I think the debate, as we will be very interesting, to see how that democratic candidates define race how they intend to research. Because they're gonna respond right. It's gonna come up so another this began yesterday. This is beginning twenty twelve, began way before to another, an unlikely efforts cheapen the charge, fur crass political gain. Blemmyes a deliberate strategy turning to all its true that it was a deliberate strategy Tobin. It will but Clinton Use, didn't ninety six Gore used in two thousand. I mean there was their work. You know your member cleanse the first black president. Tony Morrison said the Clinton was the principal hack president. I mean there. Are there that there is that this is a war. Is an online pain circuit. I choose more powerful than campaign surrogate to like
you know the best known writer in America, so that was that was pretty good. I think I don't know. I mean whenever it began part of the rage that you read in these increase. Singly tiresome pieces, the just say the same thing over and over again, I said to Abel: it's like you now walking past somebody screaming on a street corner, I mean you know. You open the pages, the washing Posner three pieces of day, saying Trump is a racist. Maybe if you hate him so much that you can't see straight, you It just goes right into your vain, so you can't read enough of it, but you know like it is so boring. I mean ok, particularly if you accept that he's a racist, Why do you need to keep having it reinforced? You know
Of course, if he's a racist of course, he tweets worthy tweeted about Baltimore. According to your understanding of him. This is how we see the world, and so what? for you? Who you scolding, exactly who were you yelling at about? How is a racist? I dont understand. Republicans I mean that's. That's though, those that's that's who they feel need scolding right, but I mean that that that too is has its amusing quality, which is its leg There are no Republicans who will stand up to talk about. You know. That's like works both ways that the trump tweets- I think everybody in this room agrees are one of the reasons why there's so much downward pressure on this job approval rating is that the economy great people like it yet, but they hate his every activity that he engages in outside of standard presidential duties and one of them as particularly frustrating, as is the eagle massaging than he does this venting on twitter, which again
tears at the social fabric and shapes the narrative for the day, and everybody goes chasing it and people don't like it really frustrating to them. He likes it, I got an obsolete He wouldn't do it if you didn't love and he says that we are only talking about the crass electoral politics of this thing, and this is the crass electoral politics of it and we cannot dismiss it because it's probably it He goes down. It's gonna, be because of the tweets what the tweets represent, which is which is his prep personality. His way of approaching I'll bet, you're, saying that, like another president, would be coming up with legislation to bud and Part of his appeal was the whole notion that all these People who did these things this? What whatever way they used to do them, they all stunk, so come in, I'm gonna do things a different way so terms his different way is, he doesn't know, had obstreperous legislation, so he destroys any republican efforts to deal with a care in
fruitful way, twenty seventeen. He can't given infrastructure bill off the ground, He gets one tax cuts through and mostly he is now defaulting to the Obama level using executive action in a. Problematic way, even though the Supreme Court said it was ok for him to re that that money on Friday, temporarily further for the border wall, but we basically it's just. A contemporary politics of dysfunction where he announces that he is president, has the power to do something that untilled Obama really decided to try it. No president had ever dared think was accepted except in the middle of a war. You know. So stick a pause here, so I can talk to you guys about blinds dot com. You know cuts for many of us here blinds or whenever you have on your windows as an afterthought, but with brand new made to order custom window coverings from blinds that com.
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I have not come promo code commentary for twenty dollars off forward, blinds cellular shades, roller shades and more blinds that calm, promo code commentary, rules and restrictions apply so we're gonna get a new director of the national anthem. Right down coats. Former senator from Indiana who served to separate in two separate, periods as the senator from Indiana. Now, director of national intelligence is getting, however, Dodge he probably has hated the job from the outset and does not think highly of the president, the president has now announces attention, intention to appoint congressmen some guy from Texas, whose name I can't remember beg John Ratcliff. Who enraged a lot of liberals by by being insufficiently respectful to Grandpa Mahler
I would, by the way I put this up on Facebook wit, there's been all this writing about how it so people are being impertinent and disrespectful to Mahler there they, you know he has done this public servant and these them and it's there you know essentially like whipper snapper against the sky. I just want to say one thing he has said: me four years old. I am fifty eight years old, I'm supposed to defer to him in terms of age. Land What is this? anyway, so Grandpa Mahler was up against on Radcliffe and apparently John Ratcliff. Please trumpets Trump is now making him the director of national intelligence. What interests me about. This is I've been seeing varies responses that suggest that this is an outrage and a terrible thing, because John Radcliffe is too favourably disposed towards Trump.
As though report as though now we have a new standard for trump, and I mean the excessively defensive trump everybody listen, there's podcast knows that I'm not a trumps, but but now the only people who should ever work for president or ones who are willing to invoke the twenty fifth amendment against him at the at the drop of a hat, a bill bar is terrible because he believes The president is in the felon and Rackliff apparently is terrible because, unlike other directors of national intelligence, he is unwilling he will be unwilling to organise a coup inside the intelligence community or so I mean people are basically coming very close to saying exactly what I just said here and thinking I have another they are, but they don't matter and the people who matter there were Senate Republicans and among them you have the intelligence committee, chair Bur. Who is it
that's a lot of reservations about this and a very cautiously worded letter from the Senate Majority leader, explaining that we do not confirm people to positions like this within the intelligence community. Who do don't do work of telling the president what they don't want to hear. That doesn't sound like something: that's that's the perfectly ok with reckless nomination he's gonna have to a tightrope, you can convince people on the hell that he's the right man for the job, but he has to do a lot of convincing and sitting for seven months on each Piazzi. I isn't gonna. Do it each piazza? how outside the nests, alas, no age Piazzi, I was right house permanent, Select committee for the intelligent. Why is the permanent As of why wine liable to France not implement it, I dont know wised remedy them in there. I don't understand. So
by the way the jobless erect. Every actual intelligence could very easily just as easily not exist, now totals housing, nine eleven job and it is a job that has no power because, of course, none of the actual heads of the intelligence agencies want to surrender any of their authority right. So there's a have. This hey, there's a heavy FBI there's the head of the USA and then there's somebody who is supposed to coordinate their efforts. Well, I can assure you that nobody is Kuwait. Everybody is treating that guy like having worked Very briefly, at one of the first of these agencies, which was the Office of National drug count, a policy as best as a as an aid to Bill Bennett. Nineteen, eighty nine, when we went around to all the different agencies that handled the word involved in the drug war and that he was supposed to coordinate there were fifty six federal agencies involved the drug war, and you would go into the meeting and there were like now: listen Junior. You know, giving you know you'd, say look,
we need to know about acts, and some guy would look at me and say I'm getting get to that. In my own good time that was like a week after he had been appointed. I was like this is go well it's this can be so the director of national intelligence is already a nonsense job. Could that could probably go away? However, apparently Rackliff has been on there, radar fur, a year and a half he would he wanted to be attorney general. Evidently. There's a lot of concern: Billina bring their. Let's remember the early days of the administration. There was a lot of concern that the president needed his hand, help when it came to national security and he needed people around him who got not gonna, be deferential to the president's instincts resident. Instincts have not improved over the last three years. He needs people around him who are not going to politicize intelligence and the guy's law. For his job in public. Haven't behind the scenes. But he's for his job in public. By saying the intelligence process has been corrupted around the Russia probe. That's it!
a vacation in public and, if that only thing that he's gonna go before the house, or rather the Senate, for information on he might lose them. Boats and you might withdraw look you might after was run scientist. I guess I think, a hairy Myers, I it's not impossible to imagine Republican Thunderbird. Thankfully, it wouldn't be the first time in this administration, of course, on Anti right didn't get confirmed for labour, I mean they're. There are the judges that haven't Patsy I mean there are. There are certainly cases in which the way in which the Senate makes its views known it sort of interesting that that the said it would What's her start out with a kind of hostility to This guy, as he is a republican elected official, but in general terms, whether you are republican or a Democrat, the president, should all things being equal and some not being a crock or something like that be allowed to pick
who his aids are gonna, be now, if you confirmed by the side of the Senate, had there's no, there are no terms according to which the Senate must abide. The constitution, by a set of structures that explain how they choose to advise and consent they can. They can throw you off reading ham sandwich tat, whatever maybe you know. Maybe that will happen it also. Maybe that Mcconnell wants to keep Mcconnell is running, blocking tackle for Trump every day of every month of every we give every month, and you know I'm just going to be a rubber stamp like he needs to have a whip hand over Trump, a little bit to get things that he wants and to remind trump that he is not the only the trump is not the end. The game in Town Mcdonald's, happy that confirm almost any Senate. Any judge judicial nomination that can be sent to him as long as it's or
this is muster before they even put it up, but yeah, I'm in here he I would say in general, it is wise for him to say we have to he bore a powder dry because trumpet as disrespectful to the Senate could be as it is Ass. He could be anything and he was wonderfully respectful to the house and twenty seventeen and twenty eight him. Eighteen when he had a majority and screwed up said, ten different pieces of legislation out of here in a bullish, ignorance about how to run two things, and then nerve to go out and attack Paul Ryan for being in a not doing the job well, which I agree, Paul Ryan didn't do the job all that well, but the reason he did the job badly as the trump blundered into things and screwed up the vote. Oh You have to wonder when transferring to turn on Mcconnell. Tromp cannot turn on the continent and not at the moment, but very they'll come a time when they don't need each other anymore, and
movement will remember how much they hated Mitch Mcconnell. Ok, now I have another human being on the planet, The interview. I have to interrupt here with very important breaking news, particularly firm for Christine in me, but you As can participate, breaking news from them, your post Laurie, laugh ones, daughters, breaks, social media silence, ass, big guy, Laurie, lawful and social media famous dollars aren't sting silent online anymore, Isabella Bela generally DE and Sister Olivia Jade nineteen had been hearken Instagram since March but all that ended when they shared posts. Mark lawful means fifty fifth birthday. One day, late, happy birthday, I love you so much Olivia J Captain a throwback photo Monday with the fuller house actress her elder sister also shed a black and white snap Sunday with their mom saying happy birthday, I love you live
a time down the post, commenting my people along with a heart Margie. This is important because we had heard that Olivia Jade was on the outside with her mother. Could she didn't even want to go to college in the first place and she didn't need or mother spending? Five hundred thousand dollars getting her into USC because she was happy being an instagram influence, are making millions of dollars at the age, eighteen but parents insisted on bribing on trying to be part of a bribery scheme. To get her into college and them. I've been very disappointed if I can just say by the paucity of varsity Blues college admission, scandal news, that's why I felt I had to break in here.
Christine your thoughts of why I say. I think this is a well plodded strategy, pr strategy for their daughters to regain their influence, our role, because Instagram loves a heavily filtered redemption story, and they can, you know they can start their difficult road back to endorsing cheap make very soon in others. This question there's a lot of gossip about whether or not Lackland at whether the married couple Laughlin her husband in return on each other right. In order that this question of the who's gonna sell out the other and the daughters caught in the middle, I mean you can see the lifetime movies gripping written as we discuss this, but I don't think we have any confirmation yet and who's gonna flip, so the daughters are obviously trying to
play the innocent victims, but she'll be back up on Instagram with so having seen the Quentin Tarantino Movie once a time in Hollywood, which I think is is a wonderful is of work. By the way I have a review in the washing free beacon right now, it can and will be reviewing duties again. I picked up Helter skelter picked up- that's the how do you say virtue that you you downloaded? I picked up a used copy, events in Valea Aussies, helter, skelter off of the council, and which I read. I think when I was twelve and start really again and I'm like we need a helter skelter about the varsity blue scandal. I just pray that the prosecutor in the varsity blues- I'll quit his job and then write a book explaining how this all happened, where you know what how they did the forensic work at all. That's because there is no good
there are no bloody bodies on the floor and there's no demise, there's no satanic rituals or things written in blood, but for us A certain type of person- this is the greatest sifting greatest crime. Ever I am that person. I hope my friends are, that kind of person the people who, even now when people say things like you know how Where do you think I should go to college? You then express deep opinions, even though my I left college, thirty seven years ago how earth do I know where you should go to college all at all. I can tell you whether the school is good and Israel are bad of Israel, that the headache that I've had a lot of things but yeah but thing? Is it for people of my age? You read that someone spent five hundred thousand dollars trying to get into to see in your like: U S:
five. Do you see nobody wanted to go to you at sea, because that was forty years ago when it was he was in a terrible neighbourhood. Now, it's not too bad neighborhood so anyway, any more, but in terms of the flipping, of course, that this is why we need a helter skelter, because we need to know why, Laurie lawfully, her husband mass of a generally were indicted together for be their participation, but felicity, Flickr, Hoffman Academy Award, nominated actress and star of desperate housewives was indicted, but her husband, William H, shameless Macy, was not. I'm gonna presume that on the tapes that they got that felicity have said seventeen times, don't tell my husband that is. He doesn't know that I'm doing this, because otherwise, how could he? how could he not be be indicted, but what if she fled? What? If
Flickr Hoffman flips on William H, Macy Maybe she cancer, she just keeping him out of it. Even though, is actually in it, and she made a deal right. She made a deal with the fact that Laughlin and generally did not is is the real and a lot of legal experts have already a weight in and said there there foolish not to make a deal here, but they're gonna, they're gonna, take the risk of going to court in that bag could land the budget. You know I'd I'd, never understand any of this caused the guy. Who was the aging partner at the Major Wall Street firm, whose name, I can't remember, who said that he was, pleading in order to you know like he was trying to make it right with his family, so he bled. So he then got disparity lost his job and he will never get another job I'm so part of my thinking is maybe he's tufted out
it doesn't seem like he got much of anything by by by pleading which has maybe what they were there, but there feeling. Well, I am having one of this. One of the series is that in this is a federal prosecution. Sayin, it's gonna be pretty thorough, but whether theories that she's gonna try to lower Laughlin Gonna try to turn her dinner family friendly charm on in this case, but that might and backfiring of car. So she should have taken a decision That's why we need. I need to know everything I'll wait, I'm happy to wait a wait a couple years, but need to know more, I'm starved for for further information. It's terrible I helter skelter is really good once upon a time in Hollywood is a wonderful movie with sense of terrible violence. But I really do heartily recommend it and Abe we watching something. Just now you were
wanted to recommend my friends to mixed about its recommend. Ok, no, you watch anything nice and the day reading up on Kemal Harris's health plan. He's funds she's illnesses vacancies, why they are calling for about two hours after MSNBC and that's all set here? Nobody wants and actually talk about this thing well apparent these shoes or Medicare for some thou we're gonna call it now in the long and short of that it's a ten year phase and plan There is a single their eventual, but there, but you can still, but you can still by ten years, a Medicare plan now its use single pair for everybody wants it and was uncovered witches literally like ten million people It does only about ten million people in this country that don't have health insurance. It's all we talk about. And then, over ten years you phase in to eventually get everybody over the single pair which, by the way, any single,
are legislation, would phase it in over the course of a decade, because you don't just snap your fingers, Thanos style and everybody's all the sudden covered by single payer and a six hundred billion dollar a year. Industry is disappeared so also making a lot of giving Joe gigantic as its true in policy terms here Joe Biden, two other people. John, the Lamy and Michael Bennet, as far as I can tell out of this, is real common in three are the only ones who are saying. What are you? Gonna do take away healthcare from people who, like it, and the answer is yes, ten years later and then so, yes, technically If they were competent right, you could have come out areas come under fire from everybody for being Idiot Lee insufficient in her zeal for the pursuit of single day. From the war in Sanders Wing for being nonsensical and sort of just trying to have it both ways from the more centrist way. I don't think it actually gonna happen.
Similar is does proven herself uniquely deft at evading attacks that stick If I don't know how if, but I am genuinely believes that his path to victory is too, stand there and say even to democratic primary voters that everyone he also at this stage is insane- and I am saying going now hard on the notion that forcing people to give up the health care that they like is a is a terrible policy for Democrats to pursue Because I think it's the numbers are crazy. You know with this the horrible, no, the notion that every hour, healthcare as a terrible crisis, which it is but that the whole is sadly, the seventy five percent of people. I believe Say they are satisfied with their health care and the entire d?
cried partly satisfied with their health insurance. What right not their care that people think Healthcare broken, but they think it's, can cause everybody's elements broken right. It's not! That. They like their doctors, they dont mind going. They don't like the way that they their healthcare works. They don't seem to mind they know, and they know in some, general sense that the system is broken. But I'm just saying like it is we had so one major candidate isn't is the old. We, the guy, was leading and remember the news of the last week as the binds. The effect on binds bounce the mega effect on Biden is over and he's back to where he was when the four, debate happened and everybody is kind of settling into stasis starship. He said that he had a hit and sustained he's a little lower than he was battle. A little lower than commissioner is higher than she was back. Not everyone is an element of another, is still fifteen points up and get body else and depending on the state,
if an agonising underline our where nobody is got a lovely, that's twenty points bigger than right, but he's leaving in Iowa he's leading in New Hampshire and he is leading in South Carolina. So, I learned about about- apologies to generalised and we just don't follow that state. He can save it that it's crazy to take away people's health care when they like, but he still has to do that, while echoing line that that health care is, is a disaster right, Walker we go, we, that is, it has to be fixed, but Obama. Here he could say you know we need to build on Obamacare, which was great. Yes to sail armchairs grade and- and he has to make the Democrats say that Obamacare was bad. I mean which is fascinated by the way ill hung Omar, did you see that, on Friday, Ill Hano more said that Barack Obama was a pretty face? Who got away with murder? Oh she's,
I thought you said that a long time she said that, while we really yeah yeah, damn ok, I thought I'd like we had something new I must have. Somebody must have posted. I didn't look at the date on Facebook, like? I just got fake news driving bought? What's our fake it's a lot. Everybody did at old news, forget what I just said: the bad news angle, the right so yet so Why? No one wants to talk about the monetarist Healthcare Plan Christine of you, watching anything or her. Oddly specific other plans focusing on precisely three people and then the opportunity downs. Yes, well, I've heard of transition because I've been watching the big level lies.
Like how Healthcare planets up. You know it's. It's I enjoy that people were grumpy about the ending spoilers any it. I'm not gonna give any spies and difficult to say. I know people trash ministry ball, the time which is kind of amazing- and this is like the world's most intensely awful mother in law. We didn't the sheet she's a perfect figure, because she sort of cloaks her evil in care, giving it Wade's kind of master also I enjoyed it also get mean its Monterrey. You can just sit there amongst the ocean boy loved the first Susan and by the way anybody who you can. You can dislike barrel street because of her politics or whatever She is the greatest american actress by about item fifty miles with somebody else, is amazing like way Her ass, she is the greatest.
Actress who's ever lived, and that's just there's just no question about it. So if you get o come come at me, if you want to fight cuz, you are you're wrong and you're embarrassing Lee Wrong, really this is actually, as I think of it. This is the fortieth year of Merrill's will narrow streets. He burst out of the gate in nineteen, seventy nine with the dear Hunter and Kramer versus Grammar and Manhattan. Actually, all three in the same year. So and that's forty,
years maelstrom animals, like that's, like nineteen, thirty, seven to nineteen, seventy seven or something now think about that way like if someone had a career like that, it's a scam anyway. So with that will bring the so close, receive. No one jump upwards. Keep the candle burning for real this time again,.
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