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Cuomo’s Ugliness and the Horror at Smith College

2021-02-25 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the consequences of Andrew Cuomo's unambiguously repellent sexual harassment of an Albany aide as well as the nightmarish false accusations of racism against workers at Smith College. Oh, and Trump at CPAC. Give a listen.
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bearable for your perusal in your purchase at marched out commentary magazine dot com with me as all always associate editor nor Rossman, high Noah senior writer, Christine Rosen high Christine Hygiene and
active editor, a Green Waldheim Hodgen, so we figure we ve been talking too much about the schools. We talk too much about data were were getting into sir repetitive areas here, but there's something that we have to repeat. I can't help it, which is that the governor Andrew Cuomo is a scumbag and has always been a horrible person up of a really ugly spirited public figure who, from his earliest days as his father's campaign, operative them onto Bingley Secretary of Housing and urban development, where he attempted to sick prosecutors on an independent council at HUD with e who had the temerity to investigate his own shady dealings.
yeah in his own office, with the buzz section, eight block grants onto his governorship. So now, aside from the nursing home scandal and and the suppressing the Investigative Moreland Commission, which is too complicated to explain, but something else that he did strong arm fashion. We have the testimony of a democratic political, operative, Linsey Boiling who ran for Congress in my district against Jerry. Never that is a sexual harasser, unambiguous sexual harasser? Who grab your kissed her on the lips after the compelling her through a? Would you call it a reminder? In aid who said you gotta go in, go see the governor got to his office and go into private malleson any kisses or on the lips. He s all sorts of other story. She has contemporaneous, sir
that text messages with her mother and with friends and people saying don't ever be alone with him, and you know it just, and so this is a guy who demanded that bread Cavenaugh take up, take up polygraph task em, you know all kinds of other things he's a terrible terrible person. He is not the worst govern the world. He's done good things in New York state. He has helped charter schools. He has written he's rebuilding his are responsible for the rebuilding of awarding airport, which is that seems to have a triumphant project, a second major bridge across the Hudson, the Tappans Bridge, replacing the original one. The second Avenue subway there. He is here as a builder. He is a very good man as a as a human being and as a person who is,
that does not display psychopathic tendencies. He is. He is not so great, so this is where we are with Andrew Cuomo. Can I can I just came in and say this is a really interesting cultural test of our particular culture alone. Right because, as we all everyone's forgotten me too, at the deadly, like members me to movement me to mow man only provided because of George floored writing. George voiced arise there. The race issues have have almost cancelled out all the me two issues and in certainly in terms of what the mainstream media wants to cover, but at that as the meeting movement, which did, of course have its excesses, which we have, I think been critics of the accesses. But there was There was certainly plenty of good that came out of it too in terms of revealing behaviour and activity. That was, that was all too commonplace and shouldn't abandoned and things that women face to predict the workplace did even- of course, as we know, took quite a few democratic.
Scouts Eric Steiner was the one. I was remembering from the other day that you know what sort of prominent Rita called himself a feminist guy, who is, in fact a horrible, predator so I will be interested to see how they deal with Cuomo. Cuomo is so far all the media outlets and basically said she at this. He's denied let's move on it's like they don't even really want to engage it, but you know: will we see the New York Times put at its best reporters on this like they did about? You know anyone seen. Will we see you don't kind of outrage by feminist and celebrities? So far, we ve seen nothing I think it also it's a real test of of the courage of the canoe, These are the people who say we have to treat all these allegations seriously. We have to look at the contacts we ve got it. We ve got it show that these men are held accountable for their behaviour, I'm pretty soon At this point, I don't think he will be held accountable for his behavior, but he should be and good for her for coming forward. It wasn't your Floyd that killed them to moment. It was terror. Red Terry
What really interests you reactionaries nightmare. Read the actress from american pine. How're read the answer now I'll be cancelled. so for that reality? So large, a signal l of terrorists, gets ituri came forward, she was ignored and those who gave voice her claims, unlike Chris Haze over them, Ass NBC with savaged for it and then the most pretty much died and this accuser actually have some built in credibility. Issues right, because she wanted to run for state Senate Correct and she has a grievance against aim for Como whose administrations were to shouted down. She acknowledges all this time. So she has got she's got some credibility issue that you could say. Also justice crumbled. I don't know about the press, but I can tell you my own from a mud personally, anecdotally in my efforts to to rub the continued transfer. Of Andrew Como in the faces of his most ardent fans in New York. They have
the test unlike in the case of the hiding the death from the nursing homes, the response, this is from more than one of his. and that I've spoken to was well. He did you did a great job uncovered generally, but this was bad now, Yesterday, in the kitchen, this case. They respond again I got from more than one of these criminal acts I have said I know is well a lot of powerful wellknown politicians do really bad things right into the Bill Clinton defence.
we haven't seen since the nineties we're back to the nineties, it's like well, you might have over reach a little, but you have to excuse and can it up all the great things he did for women overhear Orford, Carom Hinton, who was filled the blossoms press secretary and was Cuomo press secretary at HUD was end up losing a
formable post in Washington, because when Monica Lewinsky stuff started coming up, she told some people that when she was a twenty six year old reporter in Arkansas Clinton, had manhandled her an Cuomo polder into his office and said you're done you're done. How dare you your destroyed? Like that, so this is now that an apparent and is a Democrat Rock Ribbed, and you know she says she says she's a tough customer, but you know she didn't retail this. For no reason, and as I say, the Linsey boiling story is all but made clear that other which describe. She may be, but there are those contemporaneous, a text and emails and
stuff that she has that are in this. Peace are medium that she posted yesterday, and I want to say, is an important point here, which is that the reaction to Cuomo Partisan, my description of a Cuomo and his personal conduct is not partisan. man, I don't. I have mixed feelings about him as a political figure in part because, as I said, I think he has done good things and I dont know what the motivations are. But you know in a world in which were no longer was to look at context. Context is no evil the simple fact that matters for whatever reason in his very strange rage, at build the blog and desired, as are crushed by the plaza. He ended up: saving your cities, charter school system and, in particular, the Success Academy. Schools
and that's not nothing. So when I condemn him it, this is strict the matter of his character, his personal compartment and the fact that he'd behaves not impolicy ways but impersonal ways that are simply not only unacceptable, but actually genuinely noxious, to the extent that in a for giving atmosphere he makes a policy is in a complicate. He makes a policy decision about sending these people back to nurse in homes. Does it because there is a panic that there aren't gonna, be a sufficient number of hospital beds to deal with the covert surge in the spring of twenty twenty? It was a bad decision, but it was made in good faith. No one on earth would think that he wanted to send people back to me.
missing alms to kill them or kill other people. That was not the purpose of it and in another atmosphere and at another time he could have said well, you know. Well, we made this decision based on the facts that we had at the time and I'm heart second heartbroken, that it happened and all of that instead he decided to do a cover up. That is the story because he was so in love with his own press clippings, and with this new newfound position, we had some kind of healer in chief that he did whatever was necessary. To maintain and am and bolster his reputation. You know when one of the things that I think will see with the reaction to the two these allegations about Cuomo in Sexual harassment is something that unfortunately, it here where conservatives and revel part is publicans are to blame. You know I often saw in particular when the terror red allegations were made against Joe Biden, a response of will
No, there have been credible allegations of harassment, and you know rape made against Donald Where were you on those that some of us were like that's terrible? They should be investigated, like I mean I'm happy to say, I'm bipartisan when it comes to people like using other people of rape, investigate it like, especially if there are public figure who has the power to hide, and you know, a threatened. Their underlings with with repercussions if they, if they talk so- This case of some of us have been consistent, but I do feel like there's another way in which rarely tromp is gonna. Protect Cuomo from scrutiny he deserves here. Because people will, I think, say you know nobody. Really. There were no repercussions for tromp. So why are there repercussions for anyone any more in this? Is this is a bad moment to be it, and I think we need to return to some sort of you, no fact based investigation of of these claims to see their credible, important, I mean not consider this said the circumstance of near at hand them so near it,
and then only be nominee is almost certainly not gonna end up, as the confirmed Owen be director. Because of really nasty tweets right, but I wouldn't matter that wouldn't do it to her. It's a does. She did nasty tweets about senators about senators, no one's getting into trouble for nasty tweets, except annexing people who are not powerful and don't have the backing of other powerful people. You go tweets. not us, you'll be a grocery worker and tweet. Something and you'll lose your job and five minutes, because you have no social standing and you have no back up and you have no nothing it. Oh you tweet something that puts you crosswise idiot logically of people and they will go after you're gonna go after your drug juggler, but if you are powerful and care,
have you know and have us for backing system. Then maybe not its survey did at an end, and this is the same and we consider this a story out of a Smith College, brilliantly reported by Michael Paolo New York Times, which is about a person of privilege, destroying the lives of two working class people. Anyone wanna take it up. Some give some contact. As we say now, while everyone in writing. It should read this thing. It's it's a long report, but every word of it is valuable I'm not even sure where to begin with it, because every detail is so enraging the the story essential. Follows a young woman, black woman, the student at Smith, who. in her telling in earn twenty eighteen costed. While she was
that alone: eating Food and Gorman Cafeteria by staff and a security guard who asserted that she didn't shouldn't have been there and she took them, but later on that evening and said she was a victim of eating while black and have thus the have this the faculty faculty, not just staffers who approach her were guilty of racial bias and this blew up there, the college and the president's took the accusations as evidence and was very of towards her and there's a lot of background that lead to her being this present being so deferential to this particular accusation. But the accusation, didn't withstand any scrutiny The individuals were following the guidelines that were imposed on them by covered, or behaving in ways that were perfectly Excalibur explicable. In fact, in it
the actual excuses their behaviour is not just an explanation and they systems that are built up around the Anti Racism religion rally to her defence, and a lot of the people who she targeted for calling them racist, were receiving harassment. Threats. Written threats on their cars in their mailboxes. What have you people around their horror, beholden to this belief, structure this ideology, still excused all that behaviour still found it necessary to turn like her defence to defend her actions to defend her truth, even though its the truth and a lot people in some people, love love, occasions as a result of that other people have still have stigma attached to them and have social statements about it. That are they dont know if there ever gonna be able to get out from under and it's all because this this one young lady, had its task come to a society wide mania which the arbiter
a discourse in elite institutions tongue on from the top down. having located in people in our encouraging them to to succumb to this narcissistic mania and throwing lives, It was interesting. Wasn't that that that, though, that the momentum that spawned all of this was very Monday in moments of the college, was hosting a children's programmes in a part of the campus, which required that the people who are involved with the children had background checks were safe. You that this is something that if we know, if you have kids, did you put em Encamping, they use other people's facility, sometimes in their very good good counts. A good about making sure that they have the kids in a safe place away from people who, having been background, check, etc, etc. She wandered into one of those areas was told you shouldn't, be there and still insisted on flouting the rules and sitting there anyway, and then you know it acts like she's, this horrible VIC. Of racism when none of it true the dead
The other thing that emerge from this was just how craven and corrupt and absolute useless the ACL. You has become because she had an acl. You lawyer, who is in the face of clear and overwhelming evidence that this was not a raises. Incident, has continued the defender and people on the camp. Smith, who have whose go on the record with the New York Times reporter and say, which means they have to believe this, because otherwise it's it's too awful to come. play what they're doing they said. The harassment and doc. Seeing an- and you know, threats that were received by these working class folks who work at Psmith aren't anyone you really can consume because the experience of races, MR worse, this vague experience and structural racism is worse actually being threatened in your own home. That struck me as just a sign of of really off things to come. If we're going to run with a sort of the word, he uses the professor, a professor of race, racial justice,
a professor of racial, just as one of the things that decide when to fund things that stood out to me is that you can major and social justice in this institution for no particular reason audience. You know I'm just on interest in that region, but this professor of racial justice described these threatening mailers as direct mailers. he's the term direct mail works, Now anybody who is in the business of politics no indirectly loses its. An actual thing is not just a word that describes mail, it say campaign. In more mailbox advertisements to drum up support for candidate or a fundraiser. What have you? So you think this is just part of an eye, just a political camping, just grasped, political campaign, not a campaign of threatened, and harassing male written threats, individuals from strangers, the cognitive disconnected display. There is just unfathomable. I mean it should also be said that the student in question, when on Facebook and named and showed photographs of three staffers
The ones who supposedly had tagged her for eating, while they were racist, called everyone call they were said there were racist. One of them was a janitor who was not on duty, so at all one of them was a cafeteria worker Did not call security and one of them was the security Glock Guard, who is apparently near blind. Who was up even on the on the order that She was in an area that was closed off and wasn't was to be used. She. slanders them defamed them and puts them at threat. The cafeteria worker makes forty thousand dollars a year and is married to a mechanic and has Lupus her Lupus is triggered by anxiety,
Maybe she therefore found herself with an outbreak of this auto immune disorder as a result and has, by the way been followed because of with an empty dorm. So she now not having been through this process. Having not really gotten an apology from the school after the report exonerate. her in every part The way the report acknowledges and presently universally acknowledges that she was exonerated basically gets a get, get gets fired after having checked at having to check into the hospital to deal with complications from the disease that were triggered literally triggered in this case, not this filth ethical, emotional, triggering
but a literal trigger for an auto immune disorder that places her in the hospital and, as she said too, I believe, probably to Michael PAL and the last line of the story. She says she tells a story that she applied for a job at a local restaurant Madge or set up zoom and asked her. Aren't you the one involved in that incident and she says I was passed. I told her.
Do anything wrong. Nothing and she said well we're all set meaning no job. So as a scarlet are very says, I mean honestly, what do I do? She asked shaking her head? When does this racist label go away? So we have a made up incident that turns a student into a star victim at the cost of the lives and livelihoods of three people who don't have the financial wherewithal to be: students said Psmith you now this is the question like. Is this an extreme story, or is this a representative story above what I am serious question. That's gonna sound like a joke, but it's not. Might there not be a backlash at the time
among employees who say this story makes them feel unsafe. That's a very interesting point that it is because it asks. You know it's sort of makes room racist room, genuine. racist interactions, it casts doubt on them now generally- and this again, this is her truth. This was this. Students truth and as as as there were, as the p says under there Her truth was at odds with reality, which itself is a kind of philosophical. No, no in the world we noted: this thing might Michael Powell, who is a was a long term sports reporter and the colonists city colonists, who the paper and has seems to have taken on this woke beat, as a beat. He somebody that I had a lot of interactions with on twitter in the early twenty tens
and they were largely him. Needling me about conservatism or sir baiting me about things I wrote or sat, or something like that. So this is not a person who comes at this? From the perspective of you know a you know me, icon with scepticism by racist somewhere, He is a. He is a well worn, New York City Liberal, who does not have much sympathy for conservatism. I only mention this because these pieces- this is one of a series I can remember what the other ones were by this is like the fourth or fifth one, our own are amazing and yeah. I mean it'll be interesting to see how long you go on with this, because they should feel afraid
this is the sort of article. These are the sort of percent that that that will interfere with and damage the cause of critical race efforts in workplace everywhere, because the whole point here is, we think, were they think that the victims are the people who have been triggered by some experience. Emotional experience right the student but they're, not the victims The victims are the people who get fired as a result of something that was done. That may have been bad or may not have been better somewhere double your tongue, my people, whose sessional wives and we're even talking about a waitress here whose proof, wives are ended. Yeah, that's that's. If there's anything, it's gonna break it. That's what's gonna break, it is legal liability. after a certain point. This thing becomes
defamation suit era determination suit, a sort of that can generate seven or eight figures in damages and done. That's when these institutions are gonna start to to pick up a lot of people listening, Whole phenomenon of anti racism has compelled the lot of institutions to leave money on the table. Money has not been any inducement that we ve seen people say: okay well again, for this any more because, even though its psychologically preferable to these due to the Webster's entity, earns us some sums, wherever indulgence and provides us with relief from the inquisition. so it's been a worthwhile expenditure on the part of these institutions, but, a certain point. It will become. The balance sheet will will shift in the direction of just Symbol is simply a fiduciary responsibility to hear hear about this. This is what happened with that.
Of title that the aggressive title, nine prosecutions, the sexual assault and sexual harassment charges on campus that the Obama era ushered in it really wasn't until these male students who were falsely accused in Latin who were denied due process, started to sue and and were winning case after CASE Africa's with large. damage. They didn't restore their reputations. Many of them still have had this hanging over them, but it wasn't until the universities were made to pay and brought in dragged into court over this, that they started to kind of Reconsider, whether or not this was something that they should be doing and also for the cultural shift to start to occur, although of course we're going back in that direction under Biden I mean- maybe you know Something is very difficult to bring up, but I think is worth bring up here.
So, let's just say for the sake of argument that there that the security guard who came up to the students and said you gotta get out of here, because you're not the right place, sane person was rude or like didn't. I wasn't particularly mannerly or something like that, and therefore she immediately says it's because I'm meeting while black this is where do such people think that white people do not have Of unpleasant officious exchanges with pseudo authority figures all day long, like everybody else, do you think that if you go to a door you're nuts was to enter there is in some security guard who doesn't yell at you or an end is unpleasant. You think, going through a metal detector, people aren't crappy. I mean every body goes through this. It is likely triggering anecdote of
on the hussy coats his book, where he says he thinks a woman in the elevator is being route, is fifteen year old son? Does he not think Fifteen year old, kids and elevators, don't get dirty, looks if their white from mean people who are annoyed. but they're talking loud or something like that racism answer for everything. denies is. It is an incredibly distorting prism because It's like that. You know the old Eddie Murphy Skit. It's as though, the of that do the imagining is that once white people are all alone, we all get together and have a big party in everybody can do everything and people hand each other free money, and you can you don't have to pay on them. I said you have to do all of that. That is not what Life is like white people get speeding tick.
Cops or nasty. Guenaud suburban observed your crappy, the teenager, every it's all life and there is a there the deep denial of some absolutely six standard facts of life for everyone and and- and I think that they actually believe this, but it's crazy. so you know the challenge here. Is that these incidents, dollar I've been in laboratory conditions right, there's no control experiment to to compare to whatever the interaction was that that is, you know under examination, but people, act as if they do happen under laboratory conditions, by simply bringing in the risk of race. There's no question that, of course, racism does exist. Of course, much reduced.
Directed at African Americans and historically has been, but as a filter for each individual case, It's useless to bring in as a sort of general Prism, big for the region. John, as you say that the our experiences that happen to Everyone under various conditions every day. What time is it we don't have in an epidemic of racial hoaxes? For decades we ve created the incentives to that you, get on social benefits, social credit from being a victim discrimination, bias and People have manufactured those incidents. This is a little. For an in so far as this isn't a manufactured incident. It's just a product of delusion This person really genuinely believes that this happened I have no reason to believe that they don't even in the face of
overwhelming evidence to the contrary, There lived experience as it were, that redundancy that's really annoying, but two of the three people that she die outed as her tormentors were not involved, I mean so it's not a hoax biggest. She believed something happened to her, but she targeted to people whose lives have been horribly affected, who weren't even involved by name, had things put on their car cat it. I can't get a job Like I don't know what you call that it's not a hoax, but it's it's a crime she has committed, is. Landor, in their rural slander, but that, but the.
Oh, we gotta get used the phrase variation, while the incentive structure- here, I think no is absolutely right- is clear, because not only is there there in fact a rush to embrace the victim in any of these scenarios. But when someone's proven a hoax, there's no way precautions your member there was. There was this woman who had been obviously involved in some way matter, protest, riding stuff that do you know where she was with a group, a kid I'm I'm even gonna free, I think, of the Missouri anyway, he claimed to have been the victim of a hate crime. She said someone came in through you know: let her on fire in her car, the entire. thing was was absolutely ridiculous from start to finish, but she was gonna. Celebrities were calling her. She was this horrible victim of a hate crime, always so terrible. Well, you know fast quite a few months, and as with many of these cases, there was no evidence no she was barely even burned. It looked in fact like she might have fallen and gotten a little bit of like rogue rash when she was with the groups begun. With earlier that night who had been trying
throw ghetto homemade molotov cocktails, the things that she was clearly at an inn data from all this, but we're no repercussions for her. She wasn't charged with filing a false claim that there was nothing you got it a moment of attention and cheap Her life was accepted by very you know, famous people. She was cut by these famous people told it was great, no reply So that's another part of it. Is it's not just that you get the attention for making. You know these. These narrative building these narratives about race, but when their proven false there there's no consequence- and I do feel like that's where lawsuits are one way, but there's could be some cultural shame. I mean we ve been talking about shame. Wood said grace. There should be some cultural, shaming people behave this way. The woman who may those accusations now has a nice Fellowship Columbia University. wager she she, you know defamed, can't get a job, that's wrong. What will only look? This goes beyond race unless you want to consider Judaism Array summit,
whenever there is a swastika painted on a building. Work There is some kind of a thing where someone says you know: Jews get out or something like that. There is a bit there have been enough cases in which those things were perpetrated by the personal lives in the house or by or by a Jew. Try me tension or something like that that every rational person should start from the problem from the proposition that that is a hoax, not that it's real. because mostly over the course of the last twenty five years, they have been hoaxes, and why do people do it? People are mentally ill. People want attention. People are trying to make some kind of a
These are points they want to get a new story whatever it is, it doesn't matter. The the existence of false accusation is why we have the legal system that we have people make false claims. Criminal claims all the time to ruin. Other people, that's why you need witnesses. That's why you're witnesses have to be named have to be understood to be people whose reputations might suffer an injury if they lie about the claim that was made- and you know it's like- I don't want to get into you now be tourism too, But you know, aside from the murder of of cane in the Bible. The first crime in the Bible is a false accusation: potiphar his wife, accusing Joseph
sexual harassment right where he is thrown in jail that he has the first of his is his great you. Nobody has the his vision that saves, saves Egypt, eventually, I mean that tells me that the existence of the notion of the power of the false accusation is so old that it practically is a founding fact of civilization that you cannot presume that when someone says that person did occur to me that what that, what purse that person is saying is true unambiguously, and so that's one of the things that you lose when crimes get fashionable or when you know when accusations get fashionable right. So whole sexual abuse at daycare, centers scandal of the nineteen eighties. What people say when they said really they say that five to the clowns,
had a satanic, alter in a basement and were having sessions with the clowns and then what was said. Why can't you believe the children right? That was the phrase believe the children? Why can't you believe the children They want to know what you're describing as a moral panic, which is exactly what we're in appendix not last forever, there will be a reckoning but grim reply. By other moral panic surplus by other moral panic but will living we get to look back on the other moral panic and say. While we were just crazy but there's the way in which the with the combination of of the Woke ideology and the dead acknowledging and media for amplifying it have basically reward and people with cluster be personality disorders like actually those people's behaviour is constantly rewarded in this environment and because they actually don't care about the consequences it just
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nations. I guess we should the we should now talk about. Some things are going to go on in Orlando over the next four days, culminating in Donald Trump speech before the conservative political action conference there there are about apparently at least a dozen panels. That presume, as a matter of fact, that did twenty twenty election was stolen. Apparently panel called something like failed states, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, interesting choice of failed states since to them a republican governors, but those Bravo can the Secretary of State for the, but they, as those people did not bend the knee and do whatever they could illegally illegally. Morally, in the morally to support Donald Trump's, insane and barbaric efforts himself to steal the election and some fashion,
but apparently as is now the president designate the presumption Etsy Pack wasn't the election was stolen and we are until obviously what matters is what trumps gonna say in a speech on Sunday, though, I think we can probably presume what he is going to say, and I You won't have any thoughts on this. I see very varies our case. Have I one thought, which is that it maybe this is still too pollyanna. She took a hope, but we haven't listened or heard from Trump very much except through, You know surrogates since, since you left office, while it might feed that the very rapid base who it makes up now makes up see pack, I wonder if the amplification of whenever he says on Sunday is going
he jarring enough in how because people are sick and a lot of people are sick of it, not the republican base. I get that, but it was interesting to watch Mccarthy and CAN Mccarthy Liz Cheney, and he was yesterday then of a news Prince where they were asked about. From speaking at sea package, Mccarthy was like asking to speak. The chaise like this is a terrible idea. He shouldn't have a he shouldn't have a future. The Republican Party like that was that's the moment that the battle with those, antagonist and I went to see continue. I dont really need or want to hear from Trump, and I wonder if the public action, the media's gonna love it because they get ready trump story again. They're gonna be all over this for the night for the forty eight hours every talks, but they shouldn't be like real He is here that important here to the extent that we give him that importance, and so I hope that I wanna see Republicans those Cheney attitude which is he's done is over. Let's move on. I've got my right now. I'm not how you wander around me at admitted was an area eyeliner tiny faction. within denial.
Reporting is that he's gonna declare himself the twenty twenty four presumptive nominating and there nobody to get online or not, and I will I mean it. There's a lot of game left to play in and Amy Walter of Red Cook Report has a very important corrective to a lot of the assumptions. on on the Board of Democrats that Republicans are at war with each other in their going to sacrifice their their own what they should benefit from the traditional dynamics of a mid term in twenty twenty two- and she says- that's probably unlikely republican Party- is Action propaganda rally in opposition to it ever Joe Biden is and their internal, the standing differences will be muted. By that unity and I think that's astute analysis. Nevertheless, in out there if the Republican Party is going to simply annoyance, Donald Trump, the the don't have no money and twenty twenty four in at this point in twenty twenty one I am, The party should just simply dissolve it, ceased to exist as I as a vehicle for them for the winning
Elections and is just don't know a personality cult. But I don't see that happening thirst much ambition within the Republican Party aside and allow Donald Trump to just take them. donation away. A lot of people are going to compete for his lean, and there will be people who can be further for them, for they are the that really small sliver lane, but there will be in competition, compete people who are going to compete for his land, who they're going to oppose him, but they are essentially ideologically will ideologically a stretch of words then he lodged a permit, have remained in keeping no aligned with him You were the Josh always of the world. Gathering girl, ass, yours, you're, saying that the two into you choose between the Beatles and Beatlemania and you gotta beetle, young she's, gonna needles and the monkeys. yeah. Well, maybe when maybe
maybe a sort of that using the bills and monkeys, I'm saying beetles and be lonely. I'm saying that they're all like cover bands and he the original band, so they did they the issue here is yet hasn't spoke for six weeks. This could be like you know, have a having an old rocker show up at the super bullets ago. Ah, you know, like the the entire republican bases, give a swoon, because I haven't heard one of these stem winners in a while. I think, what's interesting here is. in the in the world, and it's notion that you know you should look for a hope for the best expect, the worst to that two thousand and twenty two that we are going to be in a
but TAT thoroughly muddy politics. I think, as we have for basically since twenty fifteen, but just going forward like the politics, will make very little sense in the sense which is yet the Republicans earth there is a civil war. I mean it's not much of a civil Work is basically tromp as winning at, but there's some kind of a there's, some kind of a battle, and There's a ceiling on, what I'm sorry and replicate. If there wasn't a civil war, you wouldn't have to keep saying there is in the civil war. It would be self evident It's not self evident, is hot war interlinking of cold war. I see I do. I think it's more like a. What would you call it like the take over is final Then there are insurrectionists all over the Republican Party Adam there's the atom kins in fighting
Illinois. There are people like us, not that were in the party, but in others of the concern of intellectual crowded that doesn't like tromp, you huh You have lists Jason answer. I'd, say it's a first around flattery squeeze receiving among the people like the fish yeah, that's right, ok, but then, but but vague, but they have. you're an hour metaphor morass again, I don't know I mean you know the anyway, but my my point. Is that all this being the case in Theirs republican, civil war and trump candidates, primary successful republican candidates and win, and then they have to run, and I and all that can be true and as Amy Walter says applicants will win the house in the Senate and twenty twenty two? What's more bacon went houses and twenty one and twenty two while Biden is riding high Biden could be well over fifty percent. Winning succeeds back in the house and one c
in the Senate is really not that hard. You know, that's easy Biden could be it seventy percent and they when those and then it will be like well, you see Trump ISM is a women that they will. We ve come back as we embrace tromp, not because we didn't and here's where it gets interesting and twenty twenty four because the more you examine what happened in twenty twenty them or you will say trumped it as well as he could possibly do any ended up with forty six at one percent about or forty six point that whatever was right. Yet seventy five million votes in a bizarre moment and all of that and he or seventy four million votes, and he got forty six point, the republican
but he cannot win nationally under these circumstances. What do they do then? Because that's the truth. That is the truth, but are they do then? I say something any help will that's you know, that's lived near, you kind of church sheriff for closed the whole future of conservatism. Didn't you maybe I'm wrong. That's not concerns. Is this just where this is just a ripple effect the fit the failure, the fortunes of the Republican Party right, but if it dies with the nun conservative Republican Party, nonetheless, but they have convinced themselves that they didn't lose right, and I don't just mean that the nonsensical conspiracy theory that turn down from actually manage to pull off a victory in the half a dozen states you lost
every time you hear somebody rub a reference, the seventy four million people who voted for Donald Trump, what they say: seventy five by the way it was seventy four point one, but somehow this has been rounded up. Nine hundred thousand Elk attack me asking why it's it's ok, just reinforcing the delusion, but they're up there essentially saying we lost, but they're not saying we lost their saying. You know look at that, ballot raises were all these Republicans one where they weren't supposed to which, by the way, many of them out, performed the present president on the ballot under his name. Nonetheless, this, as you know, this is evidence that the report, Party- is not in his bad position as it would be in any other than other neither could circumstance not wrong about that, but they also convince and sells it Donald Trump. Wasn't the art the author of their lives fourchan, but in fact save them from something was worse. Yet You're right there's is there's this whole line of optimism among some transporters and says
not only look at those numbers, but because of trump we ve big deal. The GNP is becoming more diverse party. We have. We have now taken back the working class we either with which he has. He has point. the party in a whole new direction that is going to pay dividends, going forward. That's true! They they there. There is You know we have a, we have a run. We have historical, we have one, stork or parallel to trump running again in twenty twenty four versus the past. And that is what will be no Eisenhower versus Stevenson, ok, so Eisenhower ran against Adler Stevenson in an open season, nice and fifty two, and why by eleven points and, amazingly enough in nineteen. Fifty six
Stevenson. was nominated a second time to run against, Eisenhower and lost by fifteen points. So you know the his We re nominating a defeat and candidate with the set. of the Grover Cleveland story is not is not a happy one, and you have to ask yourself like once again, as dates back to twenty seventeen. And the questions that lead that were ultimately corrected, that that that presage trumps defeat. How do you, if your Donald Trump you win with forty six percent against a forty eight? something you know having drawn it inside straight in the electoral college. Had you grow your support, so we grow support numerically right, you gotta know that twelve million, more votes or lovingly more
Also they got the first time, but he didn't grow it in percentage terms grew by like point six percent or something like that: and and the numbers were where they were shifted around. There were more minorities and all of this he lost whites again minorities. Where does he go where does he go to get more voters? Where does he go to get more voters and where the Republicans gotta, they are consigning themselves to a political future at the national level in which there is a map that says that this guy gets forty six percent of the vote and he's the guy that owns the part? Is the dirty secretive trump as it does not even a secret, the whole ethos of trumpets and is that we never win The only lose You mean you know, I'm gonna, let you win by its need, I'm to get you to winning that's the promise of trumpets on, but they only ever lost and the losing was what,
so psychologically satisfying for so many of the Trump base? because the whole world view is predicated on the idea that the the first is dead said against them. These are insurmountable obstacles that they cannot her condor victimhood keeps them warm at night Don't get why not when I get from another shot. It just reinforces their own persecution. Complex. one which he himself shares but aims right, they don't think you lost. They think he won. The people who know that he lost or the people are gonna go. Oh my god, we are really were throwing our hands and with this again like, maybe if it were like I understand I have to do it defensively, I'm a republican congressmen or something it with a brother were set within insert with a resurgence or us a surgeon, Trump Base in my stay than I don't wanna be you know, I don't want to be flooded but by the Trump tsunami I better Blake. Where pledge my fealty, so I can keep my phony bologna job, but people were looking at this is us
Here we have structural way. I look at it and say this is a very peculiar, her thing like now? You say parties or vehicles for winning elections were held in parties? Can feebly. the weird twenty twenty two results in the middle of a kind of a muddying this up, but it clearly, going down the path of becoming a party that pledges its trust to somebody who doesn't win elections. I M there you can kind of say that's what happened. The Democrats in nineteen, seventy two after Mcgovern winds and the pretty Mcgovern rises as after getting thirty seven percent of the votes. No, no! You can't you can't. You can't say that the party that its utmost best to thwart that in eighteen sixty eight not but seventy two until I was a response to nineteen sixty eight, the parties, internal machinations, designed to prevent the Anti war wing. From coming to the fore right, I was add to that the party self preservation Instinct, but
It's not a single Europe, because that is recital instinct after it. The party, the Mcgovern Knights, who got three some reserve of, took over the party, took over them mechanisms of the party they weren't, shame they weren't like driven out and the moderates came back and took over the part I didn't have any real world evidence that our views were unpalatable. They did it. then there were any large election law in american history knew they were going to go down a bad past, but they didn't have any evidence to suggest that was not the case. This is not just now there A working party is doing now, you're right about you're talking about sixty to seventy two antung batch, you're saying internal twenty to twenty two wars going after nineteen. Seventy two. The Mcgovern wing took over the party after this huge defeat.
and then they also mysteriously misunderstood results. Because then there was this gigantic democratic victory and nineteen. Seventy four because Watergate this q, mid term wave and who ends up with the nomination, a weird windisch social, conservative governor from Georgia. It was already clear that these lunatic leftists we're too dangerous to run the party and their control, the party line in the wilderness, for you know, until Bill Clinton, men ratcheted back to the centre like firm for almost twenty years. It's in the trusting lower, there's a Republican there's, a report In parallel to what happened with the demo, that's embracing the Mcgann,
bring coalition when it was a losing coalition after seventy two I just wanna related point it just occurred to me the lifetime. Social media banning of Trump because web and thinking about I've had it. How does how does he get more support for twenty twenty four? The lifetime. banning, might have done him an enormous favor not only in the way that we ve already articulated in that it gets people You know over to the side of look at how big Tec is persecuting the right, but in that, He is safe from shooting himself in the foot twenty times a day. Every day is in almost two months since January six, we would have heard we he would have already ratcheted up his position.
you don't have been so many more negative outburst. On twitter between then and now, and there is, there have been none and over the next over the course of the Biden Administration and the burden from the belgian presidency, we will get to see. It is all it's almost like these twenty sixteen campaign. reverse, where you didn't see when you were you didn't hear from Biden use any such tromp everyday we will hear from Biden for forty years because he's the president and and drums You know daily recklessness males firstly be forgotten business verity of it you know, will forget exactly that was like look? I've been, I think, that's there. Very telling senior, which is that? What was it that Well said, there were like I like him: my leg is policies, but I don't like the tweets are only to tweet, so they took care of that for no idea was like for you,
the tweets, where everything not the policies and and we never had a real world test of what it would be like to have trump without the tweeting like them. Some four six month period in which, like a lot of people on Twitter, he was like I'm sick of this. I'm not gonna. Do it any more and the Ex ante authorizing account and. you can see whether his numbers would have gone up or how or how he would have been. You know how he would have been my guess. This is an interesting, real world test. This forced silence that yeah By all means, I dont think people are gonna forget because is when he actually speaks in is covered he'll be tromp and you know not there's no one day despite the Beatlemania imitators, there is no one who sounds like him and no one who, as that kind of
raging invective quality that he hazard that that they can they can easily a double hits or what to remind everybody March. commentary magazine, dot, com for those t, shirt, sweatshirts, toad bag, you'll, love it merged. a commentary magazine, dot com and sulphur, Christine But now I'm jump onwards, keep the camel burning,
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