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Did Biden Just Torpedo His Own Bipartisan Promises?

2021-06-25 | 🔗
On the final podcast of the week, we try to make sense out of Joe Biden praising bipartisan dealmaking before promising to pass everything left out of the bipartisan infrastructure deal—which will likely destroy that deal. What's the game here? Is there one? And did Mike Pence just end his Republican political career? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Friday June twenty fifth, twenty twenty one. I am jump on words. The ever commentary magazine with me as always senior rather Christine rose high Christine, I judge executive everywhere a broom waldheim. I jump, an associate editor, no Rossman. I know our job
so I am at a loss as to understand exactly what happened yesterday in Washington, where a bipartisan framework to buy Parson frameworks were announced as having been created in the Senate, one on police reform, which has, as has been much discussed between Corey Booker and TIM Scott and somebody else, and that, of course, the big big one is the infrastructure framework on you know with six hundred billion dollars, new spending, and there was a White House event and Biden announced it under with thy Mitt Romney standing there and in great Kristen sentiment, they're in everyday standing there and they have a deal and everybody even get what they wanted them. That's what if a deal is said by
not all of that and then an hour later. Basically, he said I'm not going to sign this unless everything that's not in it gets shoved into a budget reconciliation deal so that, basically, the infrastructure deal is now being held hostage to agreement by pretty much by cinema and mansion. I guess on putting everything that they agreed to leave out of the infrastructure bill in the budget reconciliation bill, which only needs to pass with fifty votes, because it's budget bill and the Vice President Harris can break the tie and therefore the bill will get past so.
This will need sixty votes, the infrastructure deal that was struck. If Biden holds to this, there will be no infrastructure deal because Republicans will not get to sixty with it and so the six hundred, maybe billion dollars and new spending, will vanish on bridges and tumbled whatever in favour of this other deal there shoves, all the stuff in that's not really. Infrastructure is just like an enormous amount of social spending and what does not suggest you're, not gonna, hold true it like. If you are really going to do that. You know that the Dayton Switch here, denounced the bipartisan package shoot you get some reluctance Republicans for forward
Republicans assign on with the the bipartisan problem solvers get that through and then shoved the kitchen sink reconciliation built through with Tax increases in the social spending in the childcare is infrastructure and all that nonsense then you know, hadn't really frustrated, Republicans would be. They look weak foolish to their voters and they'd be furious and double cross, and that would be the end of it than by them. Is patients, legislative phase short, but everything they want. So why announced that I had a time at all. I don't know help. is it possible? He wasn't supposed to is a possible. He as we love to Santa Podcast, said the quiet part out loud wasn't supposed to. I mean we We were talking yesterday about his how rambling and meandering. His thought process seems to be when it goes off script, but I certainly think we should consider has a possibility. He did. This weird whispering thing you know last week is having the press this wikis whispering at them. It was an odd performance and he
also weirdly, boasting about how much how great is the legislative process? himself in, I know more than you do. It was a very We are. The whole thing was I'd, including the whatever, did you think, are pursuing, but I think it's possible. He wasn't supposed to say that and did the the wrench in the works aspect has come reminiscent of that thing that did where there have been passed and then he said then other should be. There needs to be the two thousand dollar check it after the fact, right it. This is. Actually, you know not not unlike Trump in terms of its unintentional, building right will sound like a sort of ended up being good for trumped in it. I don't get Republicans off of her Republicans, but it was no.
Help. I would rather triangulated Democrats. It made his voters young. It satisfied his voters to don't care about anything in so far as they get a larger from the Treasury. so you know what's good for him in the long run. Maybe this is good for Joe Biden when he says I was what I wanted. Nobody gave me what I wanted in the long run, because it was like you know, October right Then the election was in November, so I don't know that it was good or bad for him and for trumpet along when it's also it's also a little like,
key. The way Trump would negotiate against himself or against Republicans, while he was saying they're not that that's what binds doing precisely, but you know, Paul Ryan sits. There methodically comes up with a plan to fund the walls through a border tat that would allow Babylon LAW and trumps as now, not clear why he said nobody says now and then, and then Ryan says. Ok, we said we want to wear repealing place upon the care. We're gonna do that. Here's the bill sobering, repeal of alma care where Europe organ or peal of Allah care and and and created to your window for its removal. And then in that two years we can structure its replacement and trumps as none it all has to be done at the same time. So that was the end of that legislative serve wonky, legislative, very smart strategy right which you say we're getting rid of it, but we can't just replace it with nothing.
We're gonna, replace it, was something new and shiny and better and great. That Republicans can all agree on an trumps Edna Biden is obviously doing this to placate, not only himself in his own after our ambitions and all of that, but. others in the Democratic Party who didn't like the fact that the infrastructure bill was so relatively modest. Compared to these four trillion dollar version that he had originally kind of announce than this was basically. one point, four trillion dollar bill, or something like that with six hundred billion dollars, new spending instead of two trillion dollars new spending so, isn't really negotiating against himself, but he was negotiating against the deal that he has just announced that he was supported, and so I dont get
I don't want to get sixty votes for the infrastructure package. Republicans all have to vote for it well and he made all have to vote for it, but ten of them have to vote for it for it to get to sixty votes and achieve closer. this deal that he said he supports and he's not gonna get thirty votes for it from republic. You know he's not gonna get. You know. I don't know how. I wonder how many Republicans or word for it if in do Yet there is their exceeding two way to everything that was left out of the bill but here he's also under the really big Think about is that he was praising the bi partisanship of the deal which course remember. This was his whole message about when he wrote many ran for president. It was,
I'm gonna go back to business as usual, where we may deals where there's more bi partisanship, there's gonna be in a worse mutual respect again, where the system will work as it was meant to work again and actually that's what the deal making process. He's right. You get her and then you have the little photo up it, usually not with the vice president lurking in the portico. we're way, but you know you have the photo up and everybody moves on and then you go back. Go back, two round on the next piece of legislation, but it was very strange to hear him praising bi partisanship in the old fashioned way in one minute and then, as you said, John a few hours later. Basically, congratulating himself for sticking to the Republicans, and they knew that was the message. Lindsey Graham gave a quarter reporter, as he boarded a of flight. California saying you know, we were just me you look like idiots and they will end in. I don't think that's actually what they were made to look like. I think I think it's been were baffling in terms of viands approach. Rather than making Republicans look like idiots
this is all about Manawyddan Cinema, to Democrats who are standing in for another ten Democrats who work in our various forms of political complication where they don't necessarily have safe seats, but they're the ones were fronting less right. They don't want to get where the filibuster and they want to, let it they don't want to serve agree to all progressive ambitions. And so this is about them right. This is about day negotiated the steel they like it now
Oh all right, are you good or bad? Are you gonna? Stick with us? Are you gonna be? Are you gonna show yourselves as turncoat, because this is what the Democratic Party wants. They want. This reconciliation building only takes fifty votes in the Senate to pass it's time for you to declare your allegiance. Is your allegiance to yourself or Zira allegiance to your party, and what this reminds me of is Obama getting enraged and baffled because after
Teddy Kennedy? You die Joe Liebermann said I'm not agreeing to the public option. I dont believe there should be a public option with health care. I dont want to open the door to a public option jollier when of course, at that point, no longer being an official democratic coaxing. With the Democrats, he had lost a democratic primary into thousand six. You have won his state as an independent and he didn't want to you now he still voted pretty much is alive. but he didn't, want to go with socialized medicine and remember all this talk and kept going on about how the Republicans were screwing Obama. The Republicans were the reasons that Obama couldn't get what he wanted, because the Republicans had said they work in a sign onto this thing, but what Mitch Mcconnell said we are not going to basically give bipartisan covered. Anything Obama does. That was when Mitch Mcconnell was this
a minority leader and Republicans had forty seats and Democrats had sixty seats and his whole point was We have no power. The only power we have is making sure that whoever it is, that Obama does on him, including by the waiver wildly successful little wildly successful in Arabic. Like that, then you now there would be nothing that they could do, but they weren't going to provide him with bipartisan cover. And then oh bomber trends, beauty Joe Liebermann into the Republicans Obama had to leave the public option happened. It was all this. It was so. how? Because of the Republicans like Joe Liebermann, who was a whose Caucasus with the Democrats But wasn't gonna be the sixtieth vote for a public option was a rope. Was that what was the Republicans and then a we're way, so Biden is basically saying match
Then Cinema make clear to me. right now, whether you I think your Republicans right, he said three weeks ago or something like that that he said like they vote with the Republicans. and neither of them had cast a single vote with the Republicans in the course of twenty twenty one, then voted against any me they haven't, but they had voted down the line, a hundred percent for democratic party things But because they were saying they're saying we don't want to get rid of the filibuster and we don't want to spend the money kind of money you want to spend they've become the Republicans two hundred and twenty two Bible really understand what the negotiating principle here is. My fears Ain't Joe Mansion. You better vote for this reconciliation bill or wagging my finger at you.
the rubber meets the road he's an estate, the trump ones. By thirty nine points by now has no power over him our it's our groping for a rationale. I think, probably that suggest outcomes razor is. There is no rationale. however, for trying very hard to figure something out. Then maybe it the monitoring both of the kitchen sink reconciliation, bill and infrastructure. Maybe they both of them to go down for the Obama strategy to cast all the Democrats. Hopes and dreams is being dashed by recalcitrant group of Republicans that you need to Houston two thousand and twenty two, and this is the rallying cry. Cuz, it's a bloody tunic of him for. Sure, go up: let's not no rationale, that's it! That's a plausible russian! there is, but it's incidents it's over complicating to the point and also its infrastructure like I just don't see that being a really good, bloody tunic for most people, unlike you know, sort of the kind of relief packages we had the covert. For example, he has a tram spiten.
In this infrastructure deal at the police reform bill of being able to say as he as you indicate, I have now done something that my two predecessors were actively unable to do not only Donald Trump, it also mild boss, Rock Obama. I have made struck by partisan deals with Republicans in the middle of the worst political divisions, ideological and partisan political divisions that we have seen in my lifetime, and I did it we broke through the fog, wee wee wee. We ve done this. He is sacrificing that message on the altar of. I think. What no is right could be this weird bloody tunic strategy. I dont get it. I dont
you know he won because what are you well? He said I can work with Democrats and Republicans. People like the sound of that and and he's been presented with a deal that Democrats and Republicans have agreed to that. He can get six that he can get closer on. And then he torpedoes it an hour later, but what else? you're afraid of he's gonna, be able to know what the election roles around twenty twenty four like is. He afraid Don't I guess that's what some people dont like the sound of that I now, namely you know I'll see. Who's gonna been been taken too Whenever, wherever else to complain about it, he is afraid of them. and why is Joe Biden, afraid of them.
Because this is where it gets weird right of them, because he has an outsize perception of of their popular. Already and residence among american voters, will he also sees them. I think I don't know if he personally, but there's a contingent in the Democratic Party that sees them is the future of the party, and strategy might work if he's only planning to run the only place serve one term as president as well right I mean he knew he: U can usher in a revolution better if you shuffle off arguing about how you tried to do good and it was always toward it now, we need to really go for it with reference there? Really their allotted Democrats who look at the embassy in his ones who look at their energy look at their commitment wow. What a future for the Democratic Party mean. We require in horror, but not everybody That sounds a lot more like grown claim than it does Joe Biden ICE doping. Joe Biden runs in twenty twenty four, even if they have to prop up like oil seed, because There is no successor to
Is the sitting president sitting, if he's capable of form forming a sentence in public, that's coherent. He will seek re election. That's still better than the lurking cackling Connell. I agree, but I'm not sure that he will have it. I I ok Wilma SOAP. he gets eighty one million votes he reverses trumps advantage. Gets the same number of electoral votes as Trump The message was effectively I'm a grown up. I can make deals. The Georgia election night doesn T any bit in the other direction.
Beginning in November, as President Elect he is facing, has as no Senate majority is house majority, but not a set of Everything that happened over the course of this year would have happened differently right because on everything that has happened has happened because they unexpectedly one those two sentences and Georgian ended up with a fifty fifty Senate with the vice president. Breaking the tie His strategy for winning the democratic nomination and the presidency. was extraordinarily sound and was doors to by actual victories the ballot box. You know he faced. exactly the person than he is now he faced. In Bernie Sanders another like this candidate,
We wanted the six trillion dollar infrastructure bill and woke Agnes, and this then the other thing- and he said- that's not me I dont understand how you're gonna pay for this healthcare stuff that you're talking about, whereas that money gonna come from and then he runs in the jail. All saying: I'm not tromp, I'm not like the guy who says everybody that I I agree with is a monster and I don't care about work. We were getting anything done. I would like to get some things done any. Its eighty one million votes, but there's ways rather than always we're, whereas to Joe Biden strategy that we overlook where'd, you can't win. Where was his first factories in South Carolina we lost I or convincingly loss New Hampshire convincingly, that's usually not very good for a democratic nominating Bill Clinton was the last to pull something like that off. Only when the presidency, you, when the presidency, without Ohio in Florida first time since J F K, any candidate has ever done that right,
it's not like it was destiny. There was Lucas aspects too, don't open, ok, but let's talk about South Carolina, and this is very interesting- that ties into the New York oddly enough for you- The New York mayors, race. he was saved and his under the sea, was enshrined, and then you know after this at too bad performances. in these overwhelmingly white states with woke voters he. Saved in South Carolina. a middle aged black people, particularly women, who said, I don't know what these people are talking about. I You know what what is all this. I don't know what the hell they're talking about. I like Biden he's been around. He was Obama's vice whatever he's all these seas and he doesn't sound like a crazy person syn.
early in the New York City mares race. On Tuesday, the two top finishers are irc atoms in my a wily, my wife, they ran as a lunatic progressive. I mean I mean a lunatic progressive wants to a billion dollars out of the budget of the police department. I all this conniston Eric atoms was saved by middle aged black people. Voters in Brooklyn, in the outer boroughs were like. I don't know what progressives are talking about there's crime and sit, ended gross on the streets, and this guy was a cop eddies black. So he's not gonna be like he's, that's it It would be some down the line you know where bra police sky, but he's at least, was a cop and he's talking about public safety I don't know what they are talking about so Biden, and Adams.
third way when the same kind of, but by the very people that the woke Democrats say their entire focuses on people who are victim The system of systemic racism. People were victims of inequality the end and racial injustice, and all of that- and though- people are saying we want. saying rational people who sound a lot less ideological. No thanks! We don't like the sound of your agenda. That's good! That's not for us! That's for you white people, whose entire identity now apparently is bound up in you're, saying ice things about black people, but there are actually will be of no help to black people so by Yesterday. Does a classic government thing, which is he says great, ok, canker, two trillion dollars new spending, but I can get seven hundred billy
dollars, a new spending and I've. What's what I've got? Republicans agreeing two seven hundred billion dollars and new spending. I have corrupted them. I have I force them out of their tea party. Government can do anything thing to agree to this. it's not half a loaf. It's like eighty percent of a loaf. I did it. This is what I said. I was gonna. Do the voters that put me and said this is kind of what they wanted me to do, and I did it and then two hours later he drops a bomb on his own successful deployment of the policy. Then he just saw two days ago in New York and about distancing the very progressive that that he himself had outdistanced and twenty twenty. What happened between four o clock,
Six o clock Thursday afternoon. What happened. Are we this counting the the possibility that this was just an errand thought that escaped his mouth, that absolutely no bearing on it happened. When I listen, I guess it's Bosnia Christine. You did say that it's just it's far too trump in her. For us too. I guess accept that as a Joe Biden isn't, but perhaps it is ok, here's why it probably isn't, because this is what trucks humor said. Trucks humor said as the deal was being formulated that you couldn't do one without the other. You couldn't have the infrastructure bill, which requires sixty votes for passage without the reconciliation bill, which requires fifty one votes for passage and that the reconciliation bill would feature everything that had been
take him out of the infrastructure bill and bite avatar. He said this on the day, not yesterday about the data for right, but by and I set effectively indeed first, the Schuman strategy two hours after having a White House, one event trumpeting the bi partisanship, Yes, like, if you're pulling it, if there is a saying, go, had anticipated It's like the loving marriage strategy they all along there like you, can have one without the other, but they so then. Actually, the performative thing was the by part of the press. Conferences cynically was boasting about his by parties, an agreement when in fact the whole strategy, all along with it, was to keep those late, yeah or- or he didn't understand or- and this is the other part which is gets to the weirdness of by
he didn't understand that he was blowing up the bipartisan deal by saying will just shut all into the into the reconciliation deal Because he's sitting there in the White House bubble and nobody. in the room said. Will you know if we agree? Those Schumer strategies is, I don't know that's going to kind of like look like where we were just trying to do an end around and the deal is going to the bipartisan deal is going to collapse. Cuz. Maybe he didn't think it through. I mean that's. Where he's seventy eight and whispering and yelling, and do whatever and having ice cream cone and you know and condemned in going shaking out hands on the rope, I'm doing all of being a whack ear, weird or whatever So I don't know, but I also don't really understand what what's gonna happen. So I mean the truth: is that you could he could get nothing amiss ache.
No bipartisan deal an mansion or cinema will say. I can agree to this reconciliation package and then They'll be no bipartisan deal and they'll be no other spending on on this stuff One has to be also has two way and on what the, with the stuffed full of that. The Super reconciliation bill. Spending would actually how it would be paid for they haven't really waiting yet and if they do- and it says, there's, no way that what this bill claims that can do will be paid for itself. That's you know that good sense, he's claiming savers what's right and provide flowers financed. yeah. I was deficit neutral you cannot have one without the other right? You can't go the get the kitchen sink: childcare infrastructure, new taxes, reconciliation process, about the actual real physical infrastructure bill right so
All I'm saying he heard: don't you would probably be insignificant liability are all I'm saying. Is that term the complications of trying? To run a wildly activist administration without sufficient majorities in the House and Senate is, is it is getting ever clearer and the media can, you know, p. Can whisper sweet nothing's in inviting zere by being if they are being I'll, be J or you know whatever doing an historic things and being big or whatever, but the rubber meets the road when one death and when one of the fifty senators represents a state, the Trump one by forty points In essence, this is all this is also why we ve
for a long time, as I've said that you know certain during the campaign, and I think that in the first months of the of the presidency, barton- has not actually chosen one side of his party over the other. He has his walked. The line the whole time he's been threading. This needle and kind of getting sufficient credit from both tides by doing this and this messy, undiluted paradoxical, he's doing now is, among other things. What is it keeps that lack of a choice, a lot right, because he's sort of oversaw the the bipartisan nature of it while, while objecting to the bipartisan nature up So he still not coming down on any site which, which is fine by the way I mean he doesn't have to he just kept to buy
that once like it some there that we are reaching a moment at which he had a choice. He is, he has forced upon himself his part Andrew Republicans and everybody, a choice that he could have avoided. by saying look. We can't do acts now. You looked at that. We thought we'd shove it all down everybody's throat now, and we can't like that, could in part because the emergency is over the emergency that allowed him to say. We have to do all this because the country is in a state of emergency, and you know next week the life worth and everybody is gonna be able to do whatever they want to, and all of that and the emergency is over so using the emergency conditions, as the excuse has faded, as as something as as, though, as reality has said,
there is also. I think I like this idea, though, that the least keep trying to throw the needle long past. The point I mean the threat: is rain, but he had has been able to do that on really difficult issues where there is a lot of compromise within his own party like the border, an email my shunting it off to the vice president she's just in Texas today, and I hope that its worth watching what she says how she says it, and the reaction, particularly among the more progressive leading part of her coalition, because there's no way he can. He can pretend it bright. Bi partisanship on an issue like that. I dont think not within his own parties left flank, really completely uncompromising view about that issue. What such as that is also the real question here then gets to the media because The border is immediate issue but but- and I both media, both the left wing meeting and the right wing media. The left wing media drawer.
The border issue and twenty seventeen and twenty eighty separated kids, kids in cages, families all of that stuff is Jacob Sober off of MSNBC as MSNBC, going to give Biden pass if that before in view of the by ministration at the border, remains pretty much can grow and with the behaviour of the Trump administration or will they essentially say our purpose here- is to be a block and tackle for Biden and that he really doesn't have much choice, and this is how we're going to do it and we're going to soft pedal we're gonna stop heavily issue. They may, but that's not gonna. Stop the right wing media from Saying Biden is destroying our border Biden is Biden is sort of like doing whatever he can to rule. nor border security and all of that, and that, as we know, is a very potent message for daily for people who want to believe the worst about him.
And have no incentive to say well too complicated. Actually, what he's doing is really warp line with one, and it is complicated. I mean it would be no practiced over simplified this issue in that's probably what they're going to do about the distinction between using Floris settlement as a deterrent model which failed by the way- and abiding by the terms of the flora. Settlement are different. Very there. And yet so this is MR sober are going to make this distinction. Perhaps he should, but it would be politically disadvantageous to do so by the trunk administration wasn't guilty of pudding gives in cages because they just wanted to add. That was what then department of Homeland Security of, I think, Kelly. The radio station John colleague, John John Kelly, said this a design to to compel people not to come. I demonstration is doing just about everything except saying that
We think they have to do to compete with the flora. Settlement is deterrent, it was purely rhetorical as rhetorical flourish and it was easy to to target, against that rhetorical flourish. I didn't think it was rightly stand by it. But it was only ever that it wasn't a change in policy right so guys. The week is coming to a close. This is your chance to read the end of weak dividend, cafe from the bonds and group at dividend. Cafe that come come out to my go subscribed to go to their own. Have it tonight read it? It will feature some of the weeks financial
activities and an end and everything that has gone on, including what the politics and the economic effects and practical effects of this controversy that we ve been talking about. Never half an hour about the budget bill, the reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill might what effect that might have on markets, marking decisions, investment decisions and the like. So that's dividend cafe that come from the bonds and group, a by coastal management firm with three billion dollars under management run by commentary contributor, David Bondsman. You owe it to yourself to read it to subscribe to it and to be illuminated by it at dividend, cafe dot com, and it is, as I keep telling you, the
no to the intellectuals who Getty of the financial services and management industries, Dividend CAFE, DOT, com, Noah moving on from Biden to the Republican Party, I missed this for some reason, so you're going to have to lay it out her, but you guys are going to have to lay it out. Mike pence went rogue. Not really, I mean it's it's of a kid two things he had said in the past, although he said it with a certain sharpness now. That is particularly welcome from my purse Active they gave a speech and see me Valley, California, the Reagan Presidential Library, before an audience that is not necessarily demanding his scalp, as he had in other audience. Other audiences had been so hostile that I think he probably was little.
a nerve by their hostility, but nevertheless skeptical and in those remarks you once again describes January six as a dark day in the history of the United States of America, which cuts against the narrative preferred by the trampling of the Arnie that it really wasn't much of anything at all and thanked capital police for protecting both members of Congress and himself and saving them from something of rather ugly, and also added that, in a slightly stronger reproach of that wing of the party repudiated the people who thought that he could simple from his is very ceremonial position certifying the election results in kind, press that he could have simply waved them off and thrown the whole thing back to the states and said quote, but the constitution provides the vice president with no such authority before the joint session of Congress. And the truth is there is almost no idea more unamerican,
The notion that any one person could choose the american President, What's the significance of this, I don't know, maybe there's not much at all, but it is welcome to hear the wing. the party that is friendly towards an insurrection, airy element to tell them, their quite frankly on American? but they have no respect for the constitution, that this claim two Revere. I appreciated it and it's good to hear the bicycle don't say that he said less Alyosha said: listen, no one's more disappointed in what happened last member than I then than I understand your disappointment. I do too, I was on the ballot. and that's a line that I think can last all the way into twenty twenty four in the event that he was to pursue his political career, further, which I think is in there
but nevertheless set the stage for moving forward in a way that I think most republican voters want, but the most vocal elements of the party on cable, television and in Congress will certainly do not I mean the only I agree with everything you said the olympic unfortunate aspect about it is that. This is a response to the wind That's already rejected him, you know it's just him now ok. I hate you too, I guess, but in senior valley through IT so help me, Mozart makers, right single Valley is the home of the Reagan, library
centrally the old line Republican Party, the center of the old line republican Party, you now well to do Californians, not not tat. You know guys in Ohio in Wisconsin, you know, who's hoop did up didn't graduate from high school or didn't go to college So it's interesting place to do this. I e You're saying that this is an electoral strategy, I I fear I I bowed surround on this by the day. I think this ends his ambitions to be president. I think the notion that you that he can run he can be trumps. sycophant from twenty sixteen to twenty twenty one.
And then become a kind of implicit critic of trumps behaviour at the tail end of the administration and maintain the his reputation as being trapped. Soil, lieutenant and the carrier of his flame, while rejecting trumps most extreme suppression of his own self trump won't stand for it. The trumpeters won't stand for it if he has any future. It is as trumps Successor Self Trumpery she can't run anyway because we're gonna go? I don't see any way forward. him after the swell. Listen witnessing the evolution of this narrative as Donald Trump sort of fades from relevance he's about to be relevant again, cause he's gonna hit
trail that were singing were already seeing. The successors of the people who were mine to be successors try to scratch out the strategy and the people who were positioning themselves as the most uncritical and sycophantic and perhaps even repudiating their own. Criticism of Donald Trump are looking for the embarrassing people like Nicky Hayley, who who is. She was the other desert political profile. I think where she was tall repeating like lines from conservative blogs that worked stale and twenty. Sixteen, like our Republicans, don't fight anymore republican just get steamroller all the time and it just comes office, as stated an backward looking. People like round the scientists who I have muted their criticism that the president will shortly but have cut their own forged their own path, and addressing the here and now and are presenting themselves as oppositional figures to the president.
today and the issues today not backward looking and they're the ones who are emerging and looking in a more viable candidates and that that's not gonna stop That trend is only going to accelerate right, but pence isn't in either lane he's either trumped successor or he's not successor he's either trumps chosen guy or he's not. He is early no longer trumps chosen, Guy Trump thinks he was a worse and that you know and a cat and whatever else I think he used up. Another five letter word beginning with the with the letter p to describe pence and that there were wasn't pants and so he's got nowhere to go. I mean dissenters, didn't work for him, The scientists is only connection to tromp was that in twenty eighteen, when he was running for governor he he made these.
Insanely slavish pandering, trumpet commercials that helped him when the parties combination and get elected, and then he began Governing as egg I get my hands dirty competence administrator. leader and then covered, then really solidified. The sense of he wasn't just tap was somebody who could take a leadership position hold a controversial view withstand the attacks of the mainstream media key going the way he was going and do what he thinks. Is is necessary and he doesn't have any connection to Trump. Trump didn't get him elected trumpeted work for tramp. He doesn't after he doesn't have to do anything he's that's his
wave, Mickey Haley's associate with Trump shame he made her. You went ambassador right. All these other people have to reckon with Trump and twenty sixteen and then shift their was of him right, Shep Mobile there, I'm here they're more like the there more like trump stakes. All these Prepense Hayley there, the there the casualty is a bad brand management. Right I mean they're trying to in this was actually something I think Trump did. The GOP that we still haven't figured out. He did blow up the bread is like what people thought of what they thought of what the what the Republican Party is, which was Mrs intention is when he boast about it's. What I think he's gonna spend this summer, reminding everybody about whether I, whether or not the american people, still have any tolerance for that beyond the really diehard trump fences. Is the question think pence in particular. I agree with you, John. I don't think you're eighty, you can be a good traditional GEO Pe vice presidential soldier in the
You know brand busting Trump administration and then try to revert back to your regular brantome. He waited pencils, a pretty typical kind of republican right. I mean the governor in and what not, so he he has no place in meat. I think that. By both he and healthier kind of flat, not flailing, but that messaging is not landing with republican voters and their struggle to find what their voice is going to be because they do have that connection to drop in it, and he does make it a very manichaean choice for the people who work for your either either a trader who betrayed him in and denounce him or the lawyer. There's really not a lot of middle ground, the real, whether veins and the parting folks, like Marco Rubio. Ten crew is very ambitious, want to rise to the presidency and who are willing to say or do whatever it takes to get their having, because they silent on the president's legacy of late right, but the EU, but they won't be. They will be able to keep silent. If they don't know what to say any more, I know that's rambling suggests that the ground
shifting under their feet. I don't know about that. Is there no sending workers they don't know? What will what will awaken stir the beast against that? That's a lot of the reason that they don't know what to say. Then what say because they don't know they don't understand or can't reckon with what kind of power he might have over their coalitions and their people talk radio and their own fund, raising group that Yelp Rubio running again in in twenty twenty two, apparently no triumphant, is gonna run against them. But you know if, if he we'll see what happens with trumpery emerging as a you know, as a serve political performer. moreover, the next month or so will also see what happens when this stuff he's been telling me
about how he's going to be your being reinstalled by August, when August comes and goes, if he's not reinstall this president out, what that's going to mean? Is he going to back away from that? Is he going to be two same thing at it and talking about it I mean he did. This the other day in which he said two thousand and twenty four or before meeting either I'm going to get reinstalled as president before two thousand and twenty four or I'm going to run and win in twenty twenty four and, of course, if he runs the all of this is moot speak is, as I keep saying, I don't really understand how, in the absence of an indictment or conviction or some really horrific thing that happens or something like that, how The Republican currently extent denies him that non nation. If he wants it, and particularly since we ve now having up now, a president who is older than he would be when he ran
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commentary. There's nothing really to be said politically or any ecologically rising like that about the horror, the unfolding of its modern folding. His authority happened, but the unfolding tragedy in in Miami and serve side the collapse of the spill bring the mayor of Miami announcing this morning that the number of people unaccounted for in the building collapse has risen to about two hundred and sixty from ninety nine, which is where it was, which is what we are told yesterday and which would make this a you know. This is like out almost unparalleled disaster for those of us who have lived I'll be of ever really live that apartments. You know not that I live in a building like that, but you know it is like Seeing that is like your worst nightmare, like it's the whole.
As Europe living in a solid firm too all structure that supports itself through the mysteries of engineering and seeing something just as is you ve seen that footage just collapse all at once is you know, brings that kind of Nightmare image of the twister in over the house or the tornado that destroys everything into urban life in a very unforgettable, uncomfortable and an end and terrifying way, Christine you. This then gets too interesting, not sociological, questions about the place and time and place where, where this happened, that his favourite subject of your.
Well as it is a someone who is born and raised in floored, I have a longstanding theory that this that the state itself is constantly trying to purge itself of human inhabitants, with a number of you know took to allow its. Tropical in and often tendencies, tendencies to come back out, but the thing about Florida, lotta people who don't learn from from their dont, realises that not only is its base. I said the other day: it's like cheese kind of limestones very poorest, but the water table is extremely high, so no one in Florida has abasement. I remember being astonish the first time I visited someone's home outside of Florida that actually had a real basement, because Kent and lots of the parts of the state you can't actually dig down and have a basement. It would immediately flights or the water tat was high in the night. You know in the sixties, These eighties buildings that were bill with foundations that warrant They didn't really make these smart design choices like they do now could foundations that could be corroded by salivated water is the water table rises through the lines.
So it is certainly structurally. possible that time this buildings foundation was being eroded They didn't realize it and it did eventually the distress of the weight of the rest. The building just cause it to collapse is certainly possible and it's my sisters and architecture now having been raised in Florida now lives and works in northern California. So she deals with what a foundation issues for earthquake safety in sheep, and I asked her she said it's. It seems freakish, but actually it is possible that over time, the stress of the way the building on a deteriorating foundation could cause such clauses as Noah, and all of us were talking before we started taping. This does I've. A lot in places like China, building collapses are not as unusual as they are here, but we still do have buildings in this country that you know we're talking about infrastructure, they do need to be examined inspected and and at their foundation shored up, because the time. We have learned that structurally, some of these things are not sound. So it's a horrible trajectory
feel for all the families on there and I hope that they they continue with rescue operation. You know people have been known to survives these kinds of despair. Events in and be alive if, if respiration get to them, so hopefully I noted the rescuers working through the night and and really trying to help. So, hopefully, will Europe more induced them bad over the next few days. But it's really awful night you! Ninety two there was this horrible hurricane. Had South Florida hurt him Andrew and If you're, if you are, you know old enough to remember the pictures, the devastation was staggering and it wasn't really because of the hurricane. It was actually because the building codes particularly in South Florida had been so lax for someone
the years that the minute that this a weather emergency hit the way it het houses just crumbled. Like paper buildings fell to pieces, like like paper and the entire way that construction was done in Florida, was radically revised tick camera. The fact that you know this was a gold rush state. You knows of real. State play state that and then a lot of stuff had been done, quick and dirty and fast and cheaply in a place where that really can't happen. Because of the logistical reasons that that Christine talks about this building, I think is fifty years old, it's funny because in in New York City for fur for decades now,
workers about to deal with this terrible inconvenience that Pierre called the sidewalk sheds or scaffolds that as the term buildings have to undergo inspection and if, if the inspectors find anything weak on the externals immediately, the building has to put up a sidewalk shed than has three months to kind of hire somebody to fit stepped give point the deal with the Terek, harder tiles or bricks, or anything like that because in the early eighties there were these mysterious collapses of kind of like Romeo Balcony, Juliet balconies excuse me or penal trellises, your things like that it's or fell to the street, and you're the funny thing about buildings. So I live Building that's a hundred and thirteen hundred and four: Ten years old, that's all life, that's old
Mark postwar american construction serve like the the classic. You know, Sir White Brick Apartment building. Those are like fifty sixty years old when they were built. They were kind of built. They did What what exactly built to last, except to the except you know and Tropical, and so now you know you don't tear down of a big building to put up another big building like that of finances, that don't don't really work. That's what was going on in the first half the time, century it have a house torn down or three houses and the building put up or something like that. But these things were built up, the pretty well, but they weren't built. Just there. Not you know Delphic temples made out marble org, you know work like they're, not gonna withstand and they kind of have to be rebuilt over time. people are living in them are as they are surviving. They, the you know things out of here,
why it's like anyhow, I house, has to have a new route rights or social particles houses have new, citing soda break apart in buildings, and apparently this building in question. Was in the process of being extensively investigated. On this question of its of its found, and they were either starting to make repairs or they had been planning to make or whatever, and so you know it's just an interesting example what it's like, as America gets old. You know. One of my favorite things about the infrastructure debate is that people who don't live in in in big cities- cities at that outer living. You know kind of like the southwest unit, which has only recently been populated and a funny way. You know, with hundreds of thousands of people moving to the new vat. Our you know, you taught to retire place, Arizona places like that
is there a guy? You people, you all, have you no? I move from high taxes to low taxes. We have low taxes here. Everyone should move Europe as their low tax well there's a reason why it's expensive to run and administer and maintain a place like New York, and it's not just that. It's one it's on the blue state model and it's got bad mayors, em and unions, and all that it old. The subway system was a hundred and twenty years old, the built many of them buildings like mine or like more than one hundred years old, the streets that the water pipes, everything like that this is a city highly densely populated city that had to have infrastructure to support this enormous number of people. feet, talk to me about how much it's gonna cost to live in Phoenix and twenty fifty one Phoenix is a city of two or three million people, who all who move their pretty much from night. The nineteen sixty three the ninety nine days and their houses, those and that all that stuff that was built to support them.
is all get after undergo the same. You know where frontier and age and replacement as a place like New York or place like Chicago replaced. Foster anywhere. That is old, and it's great to be able to discard it. right, you can't you that's ok, I don't want to pay for this anymore, and I want to pay for the item want to live under the tax base, To do this. I'm gonna go to the wild Lebanon to go somewhere. The less populated has lower taxes and all that, but that- I'm gonna remain the case forever. Florida is a blow tat state and All of that and people are moving there to get out of New York if every apart The building in Miami now is gonna have to undergo millions of dollars a foundation shoring up after this disaster, which is kind of what happens. Those condos aren't gonna, be quite as you know, we could quite is wonderful, since there are They're all gonna have the limo slap.
Thousand a month per tenant. You know, surcharges on them to pay for the kinds of. found it to pay to make sure that they don't have the catastrophic failure that happened here. That boring we're talking about interested look I look like. I was born, arisen, floater, we're honestly. Every statue you thought was made of marble and had been there forever was made a fiberglass and you could not get over with your hand, but it so. I now live in a hundred and thirty year old hat, so I actually with the opposite direction like to give all the trouble, because it gets the place character such as that people could agree to disagree. But it is true that is one of those areas where I think conservatives don't spend enough time talking. About the costs of maintaining things right. We liked it. We like to talk Preserving ideas will we actually to put our money where our mouth are. When it comes to preserving actual things too, and I do the statute
last summer, I think, reminded a lot of conservatives of that, but when it comes to actually taking it, a little bit of a tax increase to pay to preserve buildings are to preserve national Parks states People start gettin uncomfortable they shouldn't. They should talk about. Why that's also important, actually snipers we're not talking about public infrastructure. We're talking about private residence is owned by private interests. We're not talking about Florida, which has a limestone nation we're talking about the island of Manhattan witches. Granite face that goes deep into Europe's core, and in order to build a foundation there, you have the literally below it out with dynamite. This is There are very different, distinct situations here and to have a building collapsing facades collapse in New York City. Even I went to go see when a couple years ago, couple blocks from our building a facade collapsing. Just kind of czech about no casualties happens, not infrequently happens every like five years or so our new places on the island, but
the whole building campaign taking because the foundation eroded storing there really rare imminent, and so they are not I'm not using Manhattan as an example of a place where you can have the trouble that you have Florida. I'm just saying that you know that New York City is a place. That has massive amounts of of of public private infrastructure. that is really old and a lot of what happened in America with the growth of ETA, with with the internal migration is people getting away, from older areas, I'm going to Neuro areas, and then those areas will get old and they will have the same kinds of demands. Based on them by the troubles of infrastructure, water, piping, gas,
I am always out of funding to hear you tell it basically saying to the phoenix you know like you're gonna have to get your hip replaced eventually finance from just you for what it's worth republican. Who can speak extemporaneous lean on these issues in those them backward forward inside out and very good on. This sort of thing is Donald Trump. There's a guy who knows how to build a foundation that won't go away that sticks around for a very long time and he knows how to pay off the right people to make that foundation state where it is. Ok, maybe, although didn't didn't one of his hotels, just get blown up, in Atlantic City, while he didn't know how to run the building. Ok, nobody ever get fair enough. Ok, guys I gotta ask here. I have I had a while last night to really great restaurant and better myself, why? Why does this place make delicious food that I can't make aside from them? You know having skilled jobs
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