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Do Unconstitutional Things, Mr. President! That's a Squad Order!

2021-08-05 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the glee with which Democratic legislators greeted Joe Biden's decision to...usurp legislative authority. What's going on here? And what will happen with Andrew Cuomo? And why are we talking about the COVID threat posed by the Sturgis bike rally again? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast, I'm John, towards the other commentary today. Is Thursday August Swift, twenty twenty one Christie, whereas others out this week, with me, as always negative editor agreement high. I jump an associate editor nor Rossman high on our two days after the by administration announced that it as using its emergency power powers, the CDC emergency powers again to extend the event.
Jim moratorium in places where the viruses specially prevalent, which covers most the United States, apparently thee. Left US legislators who, who pushed the buyer restoration to do this thing, r, r wild exuberance celebration mode and and led by Corey Bush, the freshmen congressmen from Saint Louis, who took the remarkable and stunning step Sleeping outside on the capital steps for a night to highlight the horrors of of eviction, apparently, the Bite administration, I made this decision even though that day
a or earlier that day genes purling of the White House, had said that they had quadruple checked that there was no modality based on the Supreme Court's finding that would allow them to extend the eviction moratorium. They had a quadruple checked said Jane swirling. So apparently five times was the charm and lay there. They quintuple checked him Now there is an extra more drew back in place until until the Supreme Court, presumably here's or or court here's the landlords protest which, as has already been filed and immediately ever since it. So I don't want to talk about. We talked about the part we talked about the sort of the. what was wrong with it yesterday. I want to talk about the politics of this today, because something very interesting is going on in Washington among,
the left US legislators, who are so excited about what has happened here and I'm looking for quote in particular that really stung me by Monday Jones another, I believe, first term congressmen. Member of the squad from New York remember What happened was that the that the Supreme Court had said that the ban had to end, but they were going to give it till July thirtieth to end, because that's one has expired. This gave the legislature a window to pass a law. That would not, then simply be an emergency measure and no nothing happened
presumably because the house felt that the Senate wouldn't take him up. Her would vote for it. So why should they bother? But nothing happened, and then you know the week that the eviction moratorium was to end Suddenly there was a flurry of the White House has to do something in the White House said you couldn't do something: ok, so here's what Monday jobs legislator, a member of the House of Representative, said to the Washington Post said Tuesday evening during a news conference in front of the house, steps quote: we force the White House to do better there still at stake still. We know there is a looming deadline with respect to the cause on the collection of suit loan debt and the cruel of interest. I must state that the White House not be allowed to say that it didn't know that deadline was looming so
What they are excited about is that they, as legislators, forced the White House to legislate from the executive branch they. This is their job and they are urging the White House to do their job and not to do, and it is not their responsibility to do their job. Is the White House his responsibility to violent institution to do their job in their place? This is kind of staggering and Corey Bush put it. This way activists are in Congress. So, let's be clear, expect for things to be different, then maybe what people are used to? We don't of the same eyes the same background or agenda some others. We are servant, leaders we serve first
so as leaders they dont want to lead because they what they want, is to use their power or to put pressure on the White House to act as a legislative branch and that I think pretty stunning. It's completely of a piece with what we have discussed before here. It's like it marks the total transformation of legislators into activists and performers artists, it's in keeping with what the Texas Democrats did
with their pr stunt trip there. If their role is to be a sort of influencers, write me, that's that's had that's how they see it and then the actual work of of governing happens as a result of their rabble, rousing and and performance. Look they're supposed to be activists in some sense that they are the people in America who are chosen by other Americans to come to Washington and to do
things on their behalf. But it's hard to do things because our system does not simply allow you to wave a magic wand and do things it's complicated. It's difficult and the very fact that you want it doesn't mean that it gets to get done. That is the horrifying temptation to which we now have. Three administrations are coming in a row Obama with the with the dreamers and darker. and the trump with his with the Arab travelled and their various other things. and now Biden with the eviction moratorium. That's the thing about our system and that's what, straits. Active ascending, they describe themselves, has acted as first say, get your answer there as to whether or not they haven't any interested just like that move. Slowly and if you don't work within its parameters,
It moved slowly against you so now if they were to pursue incremental legislation, if there were no credible coalitions within their there parting advanced legislation or advance in amendment that pursued the sort of power, is that they would like they wouldn't get what they want it immediately and they wouldn't get all of what they want I've ever, but they might get something now because they ve chosen this course they'll get what they want for very small period of time, at which point the courts will intervene, established for all time, the legality of this sort of thing and thumb into political backlash. In so far as is possible, and I think one is possible- I don't know the scale but one is possible with the sort of maneuver which ultimately contributes to a real debate, have judgment on the Miss application of executive power. Here
and how wrong they were and how they misguided this white house- and you start to see this in the Congo Sentient in them in Washington. People like a gentleman of the washing of sang, listen that you don't need this short left. Flank of this is never to shore up your left. Flank, look what happened the turner. You know you know you have to worry about this guy's. Your priorities are all along here and it's gonna backfire on he's right, it will take some time to see that so their bids, it's very the short sighted pursuit of instant gratification at the risk of a much grander defeat later on. In a sense, it's easier, it's just! You can be uncompromising in activism in the way you cannot be uncompromising in legislating it's much much harder to to see through incremental change.
Than it is to demand Maximus things. If you had a pole unconstitutional stuff, just ass, the public president says the frame the questions. Why president's has no legal authority to does this to do this, but nevertheless Corey Bush says it's necessary to keep people in their homes. Do you support this action Don't keep people homes even at the risk of violating the constitution. They wouldn't get the answer they like the pole, still really likes the constitution? I d agree with you at all. I mean, if you frame it that way. Yes, few frame it as it is on me framing about ways literally the present, the United States roaming about none. Here's. What I'm saying if you ask people should the president, do you know? You know if you ask on it on a popular issue, which I suspect the eviction moratorium is not but a, but in general it is often the case that not anti
constitutional things as long as they're popular would be popular, whether or not people knew, theoretically that they were violations of constitution hearing as long as it was it right. As long as you ask issue by issue Biden, I believe has decided that it is worth it for him to have the humiliation of a court or the supreme whatever slapping him down and saying you just did something bad and stop it right now, then, to say my power, errors are limited, you idiots, we have survived for two, hundred and forty five years, ok, not to an improved five years since the constitution's passage. Ok, whatever
but we have survived using this system of checks and balances, and and and I don't have the power to do what you want me to do- go take a two hour, refresher course in how you are and how the government work. Since you are part of the government and shut the hell up and he decided basically to say Ok, fine, we're I'm going to do. The CDC is gonna, find this and then we're gonna get slap down, so you can- be mad at me, any more for what I did. He thought that's better, then then, having the humiliation of the of the so whoever slapping him down. That's new sea people, generally speaking, don't like to do things and then have courts over,
turn them. It looks bad. It feels bad. It is humiliating, particularly if they knew that it was going to happen in the first place, but everything has gotten thrown out of whack is better for Biden TAT to give them this win. That will then hand him a defeat then it is, he believes for him to stand up and say what it is that he is saying, and I presume that literally everything has changed since twenty fourteen are living in a completely different country than we weren't. You fourteen? What are you? I don't think so, but he was so. What about Alaska? the overturning of Dhaka wasn't guys humiliation. Currently animated and mobilise the coalition of voters, and no one saw coming that took the right away from Democrats I mean that There is certainly contribute, if not as a primary contributor, I mean yeah that was in a humiliation with profound political consequences. Will. First of all, if you asked oh bomber today- and this is where democratic Republicans,
However, if you asked about today, was he proud of what he did with with with the dreamers? He would say: yes, You ever think about the role he had done, something noble by attempting to help people who were suffer, and you know what he did, what he thought was best out of a desperate help. Odessa wished to help you write, so that's the doubt would you then say: ok, but you lost in twenty fourteen and he has a ready made argument for that. Nobody voted and twenty fourteen are we'll stay away, it was only thirty two percent of the electorate. So does it even count? I mean that's what he said the night after night after nine Republicans, one nine Senate seats
and an Biden can say this too- I'm proud of doing something to help people who are suffering because they can pay rent. Now. Does this mean That there isn't going to be a grass roots wave against him on this as an issue, I think very likely? Yes, but it's not the generic constitution problem. It is people saying as I said yesterday, hey wait a minute. You know. Why do they not get to pay their rent and I pay my rent? I I understand there are forty four million rental units. United States. A million of them are insufficient arrears that people get to be evicted for non payment of rent, I'm one of them. I pay my rent. Forty three:
the people are paying their rent, one million people are paying, one million households are paying their rent. Why are they getting this benefit that I'm not getting, or there are eight million landlords in the United States? Why are the Democrats wise? The democratic party acting to ruin me tat. Actually, if something like this happened, why are they not on my side right that issue specific that I've? That's where I think Democrats. I think this is where I do agree with. You know. That's where Democrats do not know what kind of. east? They have loosed here by citing so decisively, on a matter that, frankly, really is an issue about Iraq close to being a bolshevist issue. As we talked about yesterday
I mean, I hope, you're right, I'm not sure that the issue breaks through broadly to that degree because it first off it doesn't seem to be in terms of coverage, but also for their for it to effective great shift. It would mean that some large proportion of those landlords would have been supportive of the Democrats before sure what why wouldn T have been. Let's go: eight million people they're, not all Republicans, people want a house and rent the basement, their house and remember with issues like this: it's not that there has to be a movement. It's not that there has to be movement, it's that in twenty twenty two they it's like tat
increases and why politicians are afraid of tax increases its not that there has to be a movement that says I hate this tax increase its that when people go to the polls day will thing Are these people on my side or they not on my side? It's pretty much that now. Obviously what I'm saying about thirty, four million rental units and people saying I paid and they didn't pay. The only thing I'm using their as my benchmark is the revolt against it. It is the beginning of the tea party, which began precisely on the idea of suspending people's mortgage payments, because in the wake of the financial crisis there was it Arable arrears and mortgage payments, but again as Rick's and how he said in inaugurating what became the tea party. Ninety two percent, the people were making their mortgage payments on time and all of politics and all of contract law in the United States was going to
temporarily revised for the benefit of the eight percent who weren't? Why is that fair? Every one of those ninety two percent of those people could have not been paying their mortgage under those condition. Then everybody everybody who will you now has a shortfall in their rent right now can just not pay their landlord. That is the present said: don't pay your level they don't have to do and they'll be no consequences for right now, there's plenty of programmes that can take advantage of if your generally financially distressed and the press is replete with this is in a landlord landlord land owners with one income property. Not talking about the big fat cats here who are getting stiffed by people who are taking advantage. Lawlessness of the suspension of property rights.
There is such a violation of we put in those terms. It is such a violation of the social compact and that it is as, foundational as it gets right, but you know the other thing is I mean duped Corey Bush on Monday Jones in these members of the squad. Do they want Americans to think that their constituents of the people that they support are just you know up lawless? indigents, who you now basically live off. Everybody else emanates like some kind of a horrible return to run. Since cliche. hi, I'm I'm an activist. You know african american congresswoman and what I want, it is for you not to prosecute criminals who live in my district, not if I wanted to make it ok for people not to pay rent cause. That's who I represent are criminals who don't pay rent. This is my constituency Monde their Jones Corey Book
This is a horror like this is an american horror. They are. They are contributing actively knowingly and purposefully to the creation that there were the tab reset. the creation of a caricature about poor and minority people and how they live in the United States. I am our future about these far left activists as Socialists as soon as marks. In in them in the strictest definitional sense of the term Amelia. You get a lot activists on the right who throw that word around Willy nilly, but does this fits the bill and again I think the public likes the constitution, that I think the public legs marxist. Firstly, legislators especially much and when you put yourself in a box yeah the political consequences are terrible, but have what have we heard from Democrats, but who have?
but it was trepidations about this beyond instrumental political exposure. Where is the principal on display, where this kind of this crude twitter discourse for people like us, where the people were complaining about the norms where's, the in my culture in my law under Donald Trump, in its core, We wouldn't have noxious, especially within twenty four hours of the event, but we're very six hours out now from the present saying I'm about to violate the law then did so. Where are these people tat standing up for principle, but will there, but that there are standing up for another principle that they there there still saying it's about covered and that this is a time when we need to support miracles, who are having an especially hard time in this? you know the unique should have emerged, extended emergency situations that a principle- that's that's not only here as well as outside awaiting waiting circumstance, but the extenuating circumstance is garbage, of course, they're getting six hundred dollars a week in unemployment insurance.
one number two there's a vaccine out there. So if they they can get it so they can avoid getting sick from covered if they do get it it's not our responsibility with their own responsibility and the possibility that they might be spreading the delta varying to other people. There is no special pain. Being endured by Corey Bushes constituents that that that that merits or justifies such a thing. This is now An emergency we are not an emergency and the emergency was dealt with with an extraordinary influx of a pull outpouring of federal dollars precisely to support people who were in trouble from the pandemic
And so all they're saying is we want landlords not to have the right to evict people who don't pay their rent and then implicitly, once again, does this mean? Does this mean That day, you know are basically saying that the people they represent are lawless, indigents, and you know people who don't abide by contract. Without what are your lesson we supposed to take from this I mean, except for bolshevism right. The only argument is able to actually it's not that it's that their there feel they are illogically opposed to private property. You know, Oh it's not relying. That is not really that their it's not really that their smearing their own voters on the their own people live in their own district. It's that what they're really doing is trying to you now kill private property
in the Euro, the rights of the right of property owners and the United States, but just Just a move on to the wire the Democrats doing this. So there is a peace and other peace and want Washington. Post a policy faces energize left wing on top of razor thin house margin by Paul came, basically begins with policy into a nineteen. Does dismissing squad is having for vote and now you know pushing I didn t again like web trump, rational power and do what he can do with executive action and here's the reason that has happened.
policy is sitting on a three seat majority in the house. There are three seats vacant because a special actions right now the major democratic majority- is three seats. So if three squad members don't wanna vote for something they can kill it, because, assuming all the Republicans vote against it,. There. We are okay and Algeria. Cassio Cortez said quote when you have to play hard while you have to play hardball and we're not afraid to do that. Ok, so their basically threatening to destroy why the Biden administration, using hardball tactics and the hardball tactics, are, we won't vote for things or you know? If you don't do acts
He won't want to? Why so, they are essentially standing as a rump against their own president and their own party and are frightening Pelosi to death, with the prospect that they might. If the three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation, the budget bill that that comes down, That being three point, one trillion dollars after the Senate, you know Bob The round with it at the Dell vote against it. So is this just naked power politics or something else going on. I guess a detailed depends on where you what you thought of the the Freedom caucus did you think that the freedom carcass Circa twenty fifteen was acting in defensive first principles when it opposed the vast majority,
What republican majority majorities wanted to do and the kind of get away with their opposition and standing up simple and not actually sacrificing legislation? since, although they did, They did scuttle a couple of initiatives over the course of their lifetime that were there were pretty instrumental and made a name for himself in the process, or did you think that they were just grandstanding opportunists who at the first sign as I have said, opportunity would abandon this principle in pursuit of political power. I dont think that the analogy holds because Obama was president in twenty fifteen. What we have here is a democratic president with the Democratic House of Democratic Senate. The Senate is in it doesn't even have a margin right to set its fifty fifty, so the vice president can break a type. There is a three seat: Majority
in the house, and what you have here is Democrats threatening Democrats. You have a democratic house rump that is saying that we will take the democratic president down if he doesn't do what we want. That's entirely different from the House Freedom, caucus threatening John banners, efforts to like the debts ceiling past or something like that are too or for the simple, the good continuance of good government when banner was himself totally up, was the most of the initiatives of the unity of the Obama Administration This is it. This is something I think it is something I had. It is naked power politics, and I think, if you look at it as.
May I see as a member of the democratic Socialist of America, Joe Biden is not. This is power politics inherited. This is her well to power on behalf of socialism and sand at ended and the socialists, party that she belongs to write. So the real question is, if you are not, apparently who editor of the Washington Post programming, your people, to write celebratory articles about the wonders, of the tiny left wing romp in the house that could dub that could, you know, take take closing down now, but you what you are Standard issue, liberal in the United States, Wendy aren't getting really mad at the squad. That's what I want to know like let let's just take as your counter example- is a kind of example that does fit your model.
John Mccain and and the the Obama CARE vote against Obama in the Senate at the end of twenty seventeen, so he in our aim, right dead in the centre of trumps forehead as a Republican fired, took the bill down You know three months for months later, he you know he get sick and and dies, and angry Republicans kind of celebrating his death, you know what I mean. I mean that that's where trompe and Republicans hated Mccain, who had been in. many of the party only nine years earlier hated Mccain like they hated nobody on earth. We have the very distinct possibility of this rump of Democrats not only to helping to destroy the democratic model,
parties in the house and set it next year and maybe by the way, helping to destroy them. I don't really know. What's gonna go on in that special Ohio and whether the republican candidate has a chance but had neither Turner the radical squad candidate one and face down my carried. Trumpeting candidate I assume that he would have had much better chance. Any has against Chantelle Brown, who was the death product nominee. Now like this, the Democrats are being threatened. By these people in some ways. The way that the way that Trump was threatened by Mccain. Where is that democratic anger. But what is it possible? What is it that the Democrats are still afraid of and in regard to the two, these to the squire as well
their minorities and women, and so they have no vocabulary with which to criticise them. Never they're, not primed fer, a sort of Mccain style Rob. You know. social reversal, because there's just like you said, there's no Anguish for but there's no there's no ideological predicted for either that this has been framed as this is the ascendant wing of the party, Their assumption is above that the reins of the parties historically destined and there's nobody other making the alternative case. Who is there to stand like ideally Joe Biden would be very well positions to be the alternative to this kind of law, this progressive governance will to power governance, but he seem to want the Democrats. Democratic voters are making the case That's the story of the Ohio primary Right Nina too, re, sorry to have to say it explicitly. Somebody has to go out there and take them. Well, that's why,
incidentally, an arrow! That's exactly what I'm saying: where is the anger? Who is going to come out and say we know on these private car all's Abigails Bamberger is saying. We know Europe defined the police thing killed, in November, Abigails Bamberger is demanding. You know that people are saying need a more moderate agenda. It's really good that that Chantelle Brown One and that's a really good thing in all dapple. not publicly, and that is an analog. Let's say too to the cap parties Isla parties, capture right, so trot right. I can't see anything against Trump, maybe the parallel, as you can see in the squad? Cause they'll come after you, when they raise money against you and burning, will come into your district and help we raise Sir two million dollars now. Maybe you can win regardless, but they may be, are occupying a kind of role in the Democratic Party that
occupies unless air scaring people away from drawing the conclusions of publicly drawing the conclusions. That would help the party and also because they see their their wrote, the the squad and and the like, because they see their roles now primarily activist on. They are particularly well positioned to to be able to scare you and intimidate you into Andrew, not to find them. I just wanna what results they need any more to see that you know that D. Not only american electorate, but the democratic Electorate writ large is not with them right of Alexandria, Cassio Cortez winds, fifteen thousand votes to ten thousand votes in a primary in you know in Queens and then in the Bronx
and that's propels heard of power and Joe Biden, you know, got what was it sixty percent of the democratic more than sixty percent of them Craig vote in the in the primaries? That's you know. Tens of millions of people voted for him. Fifteen thousand people voted brows, embryo Cassio, Cortez Wit where's, the where's, the rational, sensible framework understanding here of who has the power now granted? They may have this disruptive power they may have. This Mccain like because of weakness of the party's position in the house that strengthens them in pushing their agenda It may be means, you know you don't want to fight with them, because you don't want to create a public war when you need everybody to hang together. One of them that is restraining Democrats from going at Kristen Cinemas juggler
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delegation, the Democratic House delegation from New York is called from to leave off, as the chairman of the Democratic Party in New York, state is called on him to leave office, that the person who would run and impeachment assembly leader Carl Hasty, has said he can no longer remain in office and and three DA's in the state or for Maybe the Manhattan dossier, the Albany dossier, the Westchester yesterday, somebody else are looking into criminal charges which apparently require a one of these eleven victims mentioned in the report too to swear out some kind of a case against him anyway. There seems to be a presumption that he is gonna. Try to tough this out.
I I I don't I don't know I mean this is not you do yeah, everybody said Ralph Northam should resign, but Ralph Lauren was supposed to resign because he was embarrassing people and he done something symbolically offensive being in black face. This is some thing else. This is something entirely different. He's got days per propaganda the aid chasing me, is that the present United States Zone Party saying he's gotta go and everybody in this dating he's gotta go well. Where is what is he talking out? Well Where does he go from here? How does he have a meeting with anybody? How does he you know I dont even understand I am. I can cite the closer you yeah, but I remember it vividly because it made a lot of sense during the northern scandal. Somebody close to Graff Northern gave an off the record, not for attributions quote two one.
journalistic institution or another that to this effect, if he were to resign under this cloud, he would bring. Himself forever and all time, a racist if he doesn't and stiff sit out. the new cycle will intervene. Events will intervene, the scandal will fade so that when, in his turn limited anyway, colors are one term is the governor of Virginia. So when he leaves the stage the political stage? This will be there, but all the other stuff will intervene to two minutes, I see that as the central feature of his legacy. Why wouldn't Andrew Coma the operating under the same ascension. If he were to leave now, he would forever and all time be branded a handy, quasi rapist Ok, I, in the days that follow events will intervene, watered down that impression in the public imagination. we'll cover I've already answer for that?
Forthem story was the worst that it could be on the first day that is, the pictures came out That was that we didn't know that, though, at the time, but an orphan, north north by but north and maybe new. Cuomo, I wrote have a common than your posted on this very subject: Hamas has made enemies for thirty years. He has a vicious monstrous horrible person who, who intimidates threaten things and black males and uses emotional blackmailing uses political blackmail, and he did this for more than thirty years. He was his. Fathers henchmen when he was at had he tried to get a criminal proceedings launched against the inspector general, whose job it was to look into his handling of section, eight housing vouchers, and you know any
You know he used his office as attorney general to go after both Elliot Spit, Sir and David Patterson, his immediate his immediate, Assessors, and he has basically this is who he is, and so people have a lotta grudges and they have a lotta material against him and he doesn't is not gonna have the resources they hit back at them. We ve already seen what happened in his effort to hit back at his enemies when he- and this is part of the brief against him after Lindsey Boil in one of the two named.
Users in the test. James attorney General port, who came out publicly in I, don't know what it was last year were earlier this year to say that he had sexually harassed her his his people. You know compiled a file against her and try to retail it to journalists in in New York state showing that she was. You know, irresponsible battle boy whatever, and they went around and tried to get their friends in the inner activist community to come. Out in defence of him and to attack her all that has come out. Journalists are not going to be very comfortable
providing the context that would want, when all of the garbage that he has done to other people is going to come out when he wants to, but it will heal want to dump his oppo file on them. There's going to be a great deal of disgust. In helping him? You know remain in office by going negative against his own people right. This is not a court of law in a court of law you can introduce whatever you want to introduce as long as it's germane, it's not a court of law, a quarter look opinion and it's a quart of elite opinion. The elite opinion has turned on him. There will be absent, We know reason or justification. I that reason for liberal media outlets to provide him with that cover, and they don't want to enjoy, We have also been on the receiving end of his horrible and disgusting intimidation tactics. they will want to see the back of him. He does not know the long
This goes the worse and worse and worse, it's gonna be for him, but if he went today or tomorrow, our Friday or whenever. I guess tomorrow is Friday. So I should say today or tomorrow Friday they might lead up like it's bad. His careers over use humiliated, let him go, we don't need to and, as I say, my column like they'll be books about it, but they'll come out in two years and no rhythm. The same way now read his book that he got five million dollars for their used state workers to write and violation of the law if he doesn't want.
That's a come out. If you want more activism on that front, he has a chance here to get himself out with a with a with less damage than he will do to himself by staying. That's my that's my argument. I mean, I think it's very sound argument, except the way it's played out so far is that there has thereof, as as the various scandals that have done him now. The winds played out as theirs there's been some bad headlines and then people stop caring for a while and then some bad headlines and and people stop caring for a while, and I think he's hoping that that is in banking, that that will continue to be the cycle, and I also just think it's simply
not in his behavioral repertoire too, to take the advice that you he quit. He quit the governors race in two thousand to he did not like I'm staying in here, I'm not gonna. Let you drive me out just because I said something insulting about George we're talking. He quit the race he dropped out of the race in fear that he was gonna, be humiliated in September in the primary. So I am not sure that he has MR tough guy, who just stand that you know rather riding on the wall. Then an area was living to find another day. He did. Eight years later, he became governor eyes. Four years later, he became attorney general. So he did something he made, but in a beat a kind of strategic retreat. I won't be the case in this case, but I he stays in they're. Gonna teach him we're going teach him and then they're gonna remove them from off. So when
a mug years of dressed as justice, Harrigan brine very slowly. I mean using very calm convinced that the impeachment committee will reach this judge and it will be overwhelmingly approved by the legislator. I'm not I'm not so convinced. Ok, I just, when now, while the iron his heart, now they can strike, but events will intervene. Ok, if the devil, Craddock Party had turned on Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton would not be present. It wouldn't have been president after Monica Lewinsky, the diner There was the Republicans when, after Clinton and the Democrats circled the wagons, when you have here, a democratic assault on a democratic governor in democratic state, theirs
I want to protect against right. You know it's a highly unlikely that a Republican will win, though Google governorship. This is Democrats, protecting Democrats and a liberal media protecting the Democratic Party against a government. They have no incentive what however, not to impeach him remove him. He will be removed and somebody else will come in and Cathy Hotel and then there will be a there will be an election into in in and twenty twenty two well that he will not be able to stand firm. because he will have been removed from office, and there will be another Democrat. Who becomes governor and twenty TWAIN too, they will hold onto their majorities and ass if he stay their leaves seldom? Who is running for governor of the the the M,
republican representative from Suffolk County in house we'll have a real shot at becoming governor. There is every incentive for this impeachment and removal to happen. There are very few incentives for them not to let him in part, because they ve stopping afraid of him and in part, because he will I really have the access to the media to deliver the you know. This one get out slept with a fourteen year old girl, stuff that he you know. Whatever are you this one beats dogs or has cockfighting fighting in his basement or something whatever it is that he has on people it collects in his files.
You know he needs to be able to scare them in silence and if they're not scared any more, they will want him gone. That's all! That's all I'm saying so he there can be. He can either quit or and then live through the in minutes and and and and if he goes, you know that the dossiers are gonna drop, the charges. You know that the days are gonna, stop looking at it. He will have. He will have you no taken the ultimate me and they will they will that's that's anyway? That's why I think you guys are making good camera, events. These are all interpretations of somebody's psyche, he's crazy person there's no way of knowing we'll see what happens, and, given what he's going through. He may want to order some Tommy John Underwear from secondly, the new APOLLO brand, the newest and most
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Oh no, I'm sorry. You said something dark. So, unlike me, said this is gonna sound awful. This is to us, but, but if you ok, I'm not gonna have not given me, I'm not sure I mean it's too late now that I'm not that they find it's an integrated publicly, but not now. Now you must otherwise. I shall if ten thousand people don't die in the next few weeks from covert, there's gotta be genuine disappointment. and there is a kind of ghoulish frenzy going on here, as the case load increases right the case. Let us up work approaching a hundred thousand new cases a day at the death toll is tragically now in out going up. It's now Odin closing in on four hundred at the beach, giving of July. It had dropped to close to one hundred. So that's a huge increase. Of course it is. It is, I don't know, an eighth as bad as it was
you know in January the death toll and so a while Why do you say this now? Well, allow me real quickly. Scrolling through my records here the justified this. This comment, first of all, death rate is rising. It's at a point now that it's, I think, it's in unacceptable, given the prevalence of vaccines and the ready availability and hospitals. Arising. However, we are not even in the same universe, ass, a place that we were at the beginning of this year when it hospitalization rates, infection rates and death rates, all of which corresponded very closely. We ve broken the link between hospitalization infection and death. There uncoupled wonderfully enough and get the town that I hear from our public health officials and the people
we observe that sort of thing with a manic, obsessive quality is apoplectic, in a way that it wasn't at the height of the pandemic justice, One example of many site, the ubiquitous doktor Anthony fancied quote There could be a variant- that's lingering out there that can push aside delta if another, one The long and it has an equally high capability of transmitting but also as much more severe than we could be in really big trouble. if you are wrong, but at no point did we here. Anything resembling this kind of talk when thousands were dying a day from coal. And I'm my speculation as well. Maybe that's because these people are prone to sort of elementary psychological manipulation of the sort that my six year old subject me to on a regular basis, but me
maybe the objective at the time was to projects call. You know too tried it to try to inculcate in a nervous population, something resembling com in order to avoid the elite, patently panic phenomenon that we talk about so often on this package and the imperative now is not to project com but rejects panic, object, fear and terror just to get you to vaccinate to get you her down to get you to wear a mass to do something to get you to observe the strategies that public health people want you to observe because there are whether warning about as a hypothetical threat by their own admission is a threat that does not yet exist. Good someday, lotta, hypothetical threats loom of which be familiar with aware of, but certainly not paralyzed by you know an earth killer asteroid all dear. That's what since the possible, but as a sort of thing that should stop you from going outside
that's what we're hearing so much from these from these people. So if we do not get the sort of just cosmic come up means that I think these people believe certain states certain people or do there's gonna, be genuine disappointment. They're gonna be dissatisfied by that outcome because it won't it won't provable demonstrate the rectitude of their outlook on the pandemic. I agree entirely unknown, actually think us new, though I mean there were points throughout this. When people in states like New York, were you could tell em gleeful at the prospect of Florida far as numbers going through the roof,
post Superbowl. You know you know any when anyone showed any defiance of maximum list lockdown psychology. There was the hope that they would have to pay a price for this, so just to bring back how everything this new again. Let me read: I am a piece story, so fall South Dakota Associated Press crowds of bikers are rumbling their way towards out to go to the black hills. This we grazing fears that covered nineteen infections will be unleashed among the seven thousand. People expect it's a shop at the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. The rally which starts Friday has become a haven for those eager to escape corona virus precautions. Ok, let's,
talk about this, because this is exactly the story that we got last summer about how the Sturgis rally was going to be a super spreader event that was going to kill everybody. Once people went home, what is the nature of the Sturgis by rally. Can we share this? It is outside it takes place in the out doors. There is almost no structures where anybody goes into whereas they ride on their motorcycles, they can't bowed. They go to the rally they weave I'm not going inside the guides see me see says you could hear us outside Anderson Injustice for you All of us know the name of the Sturgis by greatly none of which I none of us were familiar with this thing, why was I? What
really. I only I, but I remain. I commissioned the articles on this. When you were a baby, I was commissioning. You know what there's this amazing thing happens in the black hills, South Dakota in the nineteen eighty. So just so, yes I was there and I don't- I don't doubt you're sperience. Nevertheless, I was not- and I can't imagine anybody particular circle. What we all know it now, how many people in those held party to Georgetown Cocktail, party p orgy women, your humble we'll go had nevertheless, but of yes for just snobbish leads that yeah, that's my circular to France and we don't like very often so. It's not are not heard them up fair enough fine, but nor is bear weak. There. We came my demo and none of us are talking about their weak. They are weak is what does it mean are we talking about the object on the responsibility of bare weak there? We should
a headline? No one starting. Now bear weak their weak free, JANET you people in the audience, blessedly ignorant of what their weakest are very big burly homosexual men with hair. That's that's it there and they gather and have a lot of fun together and that's what happened improvidence province down our problems. Can that predicated the CDC study which forced you back in the masks? We're not talking about their weak, we're talking up province, tat as other town is to blame the count and do this, but here's what usually Sturgis and bear we really do have in common is that they both generated the worst data analysis intend to scare the lights out of the country. The last year, Sturgis Rally was like both the protein province. Town scare, in that experts say it's going to an end. In fact, as a result of this, I forget the princess.
in number that they had plodded out of of of infections ever going to come from this out door. I don T remember the province down: bear weak outbreak, zero deaths, zero deaths, no one died from the outbreak that cause the cdc to reassure guidance on uninsured masking. That's not just People are dying, obviously people are dying, it's not to say the case. Loads are increasing, obviously case loads are increasing, but what we have here are two tracks in the United States. one of the tracks is unnecessary, but there it is, there are two tracks, their people, vaccinating, ok and then there are people getting covert, who didn't vat And so people are good get to immunity one way or the other, and if that's the guy,
and we want to play at that's the game that people want to play. They want to expose themselves to cover to get covered an and not ex mate and then they'll get the anti bodies. That way I ran and be at substantially greater risk of more serious complications than if they than if they had vaccinated? That is their remit right. The only thing that matters now, the only in that matters now is what happens with Americans under the age of twelve who cannot vaccinate. That is what matters, because everybody else, or maybe even between twelve and eighteen, if their parents won't let them back to me, everyone else in the country is on their own everyone in the country, is on their own eighteen over. If you don't get vaccinated, you're gonna get the delta variant or you are very likely to get the delta varied in the next couple of weeks, and if that, if that's the
and we want to play enjoy. You know for some reason we saw the Kaiser Family Foundation has more than fifty percent of the vaccine. Aid in a pole release yesterday saying that they think that the vaccine will be more harmful to them than getting covert among the vaccinated. That is, duration, It is, it is illiterate, it is embarrassing, it is conspiratorially driven and it is it's not really tragic, but I mean I think there be tragedies buried in that in those numbers, but That is the choice they are making you know and in that sense it's like motorcycle right. You know you can wear helmet or you get where helmet. You can make laws that say people we're we're helmets. They will warehouse So there are over eighteen years old, it's on them. If they crash and they fall, I they get a traumatic brain.
enjoy your they are? They die, that's on them in a field where seat belt? That's I'm! U granted these things in which there are actually there are. Our laws and regulations are aren't even for vaccination. In the United States So I don't know it's. I don't know what to make of this. I think that there is a ghoulish dark, ghoulish frenzy going on and and you can watch, on the news on cable news. You can watch it on the today show and all he shows every hour, on the hour, a goose this frenzy and the key into the frenzy. Is the word Florida. But then it wasn't even notice extending that's that's how it so nakedly political. The worst outbreak is in Louisiana. What were they Devon? Democratic government presides. That's where you
to be seeing all people saying will look at those these hex is these idiots. You won't get vaccinated, but Louisiana is very black. and is more democratic and Louisiana just doesn't said the model that they want. They want long sentences head and so neat the obvious, now that this is more political than epidemiological that its hundred more so with that, and we will we, say goodbye until tomorrow for Noah and ate the absolute Christine Rosen. I'm John Put words: keep the candle burning
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