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Dr. Biden and Mr. Hyde

2019-06-06 | 🔗
Today's podcast offers reflections on D-Day, on whether Joe Biden has gotten himself into trouble on abortion, and what's wrong with upper middle class parents. Give a listen.
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Washington, senior writer, Christine Rosen high Christine Hygiene know our Rossman is out today. So it is just us three and we Hank, ricocheted D, J Hill for producing? for Skype, so guys we should maybe start out by commemorating, as everybody is the seventy fifth her three of the most stir daring and large scale naval invasion in world history of of day day. Extraordinary sacrifices that were made by american and british forces in landing on the continent end ensuring that the defeat of
of Nazi Germany would come. You know in a bit about a year's years time after that, I can't really think of anything to say about this. That is any more profound, the mad except this astounding footage of these. You know ninety year old veterans who are you our parachuting, and we see has footage of ninety seven year old, veteran, who literally parachute out of a plaintive, stimulate what he did days after today, which itself is just you know. Beyond almost beyond belief, but you know testifies to that I'm dying spirit of gumption, then what Well, you might call it anybody have anything to add. I have one thing having Mina watched. A lot of the coverage of you know. Trump,
in the UK during his visit, and neither the french press conference nay, and that's that I hope I'm agenda I hope my generation and all the ones after it millennials genji. Why? Whenever they are now the at the increase, well humility of these men risk their lives and the and even their humility. Now I mean they're being praise there. Very few of them left there just they're not attention seeking they and they all speak about it is a matter of duty and responsibility and because they believed in an ideal of freedom, and that was it. It was just wonderful to hear that message again, particularly in these extremely polarized bickering times, and I just hope that that's heard by younger generations as well many whom dont have any personal connection to any of these veterans? What
one thing strikes me just on a quick look up here that I D day the confirmed, casualty toll, for the allied forces was about forty five hundred men. The entire death toll in there Och war was around forty five hundred men so think about that that that we had We had a single day in which you know. I think its invasion force was dollar, twenty, eight thousand or thirty thousand strong, or something like that. In our way with this enormously high casualty raid and yet you know.
So I don't know I mean. I just think there's something to note there, that you know the idea that the risk of death in in wars? You know before the money De era meeting you know it was a sue for us who have. The two golf course in Iraq and Afghanistan was just so high. You know. Thirty. Six thousand people Americans die and now in Korea in three years, fifty five, fifty eight thousand people, men and women- died in Vietnam over twelve and forty four hundred in a single day on the day just gives you. I don't know as a sense of how the worst carnage to think about the scale of it its scales in an odd way in different ways, and that we are much more inclined to pee.
We'll just seen much more likely already in the past to accept that Ah casualties word us like a like breathing. Ass injury. This was something that happened when you went to war, and there was nothing to complain about were not much Complain about that makes them that makes us worse. People seem. While people on them on the right seem to think this is a sign of you know the fact that we have no, more gumption we have no more. You now a sense of sacrifice of all of that people. So these people did not have a choice in in in their choice of sacrifice because they were drafted and yet they you know they. They have no choice but to step up because were a blot in. They were obliged to at the point of a ban at what it does does make you wonder, though
whether or not if, if the, U S, whatever face a threat on that scale again of Nazi Germany, the axis powers would public opinion generally accept the challenge and and knowing what comes with it or or Is that something that could never happen again. I think it's it's. This notion that word of service ran a mean It's true meant they did not have a choice they that they were drafted they had to serve, but the assumption was for most of them that they would serve men. I think that would I think there would be more complication around this idea of service today than was end, while I'm in one of the one of the key telling fact there's something my friend and Roberts has said about our
understanding of world war, two versus the understanding of the war as it was going on, which is that it was not certain that we were going to win at. We now think in the past. Though it the inevitability, was once we did their one once we landed once did they happen once we turned the? hi dad midway in there in the Pacific that we were gonna win, the Japanese and the Germans, we're gonna lose in the end, and that was just you know. The way history was gonna, go and. Andrew says that you read the diary? Is you re the work in particular the diary of Alan broke? Who was Churchill's you, though it aide De Camp and they had no idea whether Britain was going to survive bring it out, Churchill's famous blood, sweat and Your speech was a speech that was made after a military disaster in which
the speech. He says what our civilization may be destroyed here. We will not necessarily either will last without, but you know will fight on the beaches. We have. We will never see her. You know when you say never surrender you are. You are acknowledging and some funny way that you might not win so you're gonna have to die to the death. That's the thing that's different now from then what is that it's very hard to imagine a military force on earth that has the capacity to destroy us, in that way, or has a classy destroy western civilization, or something like that, I mean that unless they can slip through a nuclear bomb like this is. Not, a challenge that we can think of facing, except theoretically back and shame,
You can change a hundred. You could change in fifty years but the demand room. It's it's like. The demand will never be made. You know I mean I, I find it hard to believe that we will have see a draft again for your level with that point about the uncertainty of the outcome. It's so what but always gets me around around this issue of when you think about the idea that the casualties D Day and world war two generally is these men died, having no idea of the outcome. Obviously they you know. That's it's it's it's the obvious thing, but it's it's a sort of ten additional. But if you think about it, it it said you know, you're, not a living veterans have that right only they. They think they know the outcome, but I'm just saying that I think that I think seventy in out the seventy five years since the day
The american dominance, you know, a million, a military superiority and Euro America serve economic strength and all that I don't think it would be fair to say that you know its lead people into the complacency, because I'm not sure that the attitude that you know we don't have to, worry that we are going to be. You now invaded in Taken over except you now in case something hard we'll happens on a nuclear level, you now with mass casualties, in that way. You know I just I don't know. That's that's complete. You know that I care that that's a realistic understanding of, and that's also something you know to pay tribute to generations came before us does they may spend the money you know they built the american milk. We we today are paying for this. You know extra.
Ordinary military, that that keeps us safe. Not that which deserve credit for, the weeds thou shall we should be pat on the back for you now for her they re military. If we don't serve and b, we just need a pair taxes, but most of Europe was this perfectly. Happy knotted not to pay their fair share and build a military that will save them. You know they just look for us so Anyway, these these kinds of replaces the it's it. It's a it's an interesting. Moment, because I dont think that there is much reason to believe that the generations that come after that after arm aren't gonna, pay much mind to all of this Why should they
I mean how much how much a celebration is. Air of the Union Army for having taken down, the Confederate Army seems real out more passion in the United States among people to commemorate the sacrifices of the Confederate Army and and then at the challenges the Confederate Army showed in certain parts of the country Then you know, then the union army. We here, for example, that you know civil war battlefield tourism is way way way way down. People aren't going to the battlefields, the reacting thing seems to be like winding down, and so that was you. That was like a real thing for a hundred some one hundred Twenty hundred three hundred and forty years, and do we really think that in twenty forty four
people are gonna. Be you now full of high thoughts about today now they're gonna have I mean the concern and actually from a historical perspective. Is that they'll have their knowledge of all these events in the twentieth century that were formative for their own freedom. Now they'll only the Hollywood version of any of this stuff. That will be their exposure to it there, certainly, unfortunately, too few of them are getting it in there education, that that kind of grounding in the history- and I think that's why we ve talked about this on the pot gas many times it helps explain. You know why they think socialism is, and if the idea, for example, and why they call someone who, whose political
who's. They disagree with a fascist, not understanding at all the historical meaning of that term. So it might, my concern is actually that we ve almost become too desk at at offering up the kind of pop culture version of things, the sort of winners version of history. And that combined with a lack of training in real history for young people is is concerned right. Well, I mean the real. Could the one one interesting backstop said to revisionism? Let's say about worth were too you know, whereas there's been revisions about every war before it and after it is you just have this fact right, you have Hitler. With the party regime on the one hand, and you have Togo and the japanese regime on the other end,
There is nothing to be said about them. That is good. You know unless you're a blue in unless you're a psychotic, whereas you know you do have a lot. I think you have a lot of you know people who can go back and tell this brilliant retelling of no. Ex war, clearly, you know we clearly we were in the wrong word. You know America was terrible during the civil war. Is we suspend habeas corpus or something like that? You know there, there are other ways round, as if you really looking too slight the U S here, I remember a book came out. I think this past year that asserted that much of the justice and bigotry and nazi ideology was lifted from american thought through guileless yeah yeah. Well, there's this idea that you know this is a very interesting
is it now has entered into the american debate a little bit with Clarence, Thomas speaking, about eugenics, the african eugenics ideas of Margaret Sanger and others that He saw the idea of the scientific winnowing out of of defective and and and bad people, and all that was was A common notion in it's in the West, Hitler didn't invented. They had a plan, parenthood, was a believer in using abortion to you now beer as it as a way of purifying the population of of defective, then black people will in some at some of the confusion. Certainly round is from the reaction to what Thomas said in that decision stems from the fact that in his store clean birth
Travel in the early twentyth century was much more controversial than eugenics. More mainstream progressive had problems with the idea of medium birth control than then they did with the idea of purifying the human race through better breeding, and that's that is obviously now not the case at the opposite, and I do think that unfortunately, I think tunnel his use of the movement as an example was too too much skimming of a very complicated history and it didn't engaged with the fact that in the use of state power did to pursue these aims, verse individual choice, and there is a very strong argument in many people have made it, including myself, that we still practice eugenics but its privatizing consumer, driven rather than state
fraud. So there are a lot of things he could have set and that no kind of I wonder, obviously one of his clerks read a couple: those books and dig the tennis had. I haven't, got this framing device, it's very effective and look if it only remind people of my Fritz Hangers views on race. It was useful because there has been a real effort to to downplay those over the years by plan parenthood and others, but I found it a little lacking in nuance. Given the complicated history of eugenics, the. I think that you're right at you, but it is. It is a serve telling story. However, the notion that the notion that Hitler had to be into introduced, to the idea of. Eliminating the jewish people through. You know american ideas, you know
that's preposterous preposterous was blent. There was plenty of german plenty of german thoughts about the idea in in you know in Chrysalis at least now not not that anybody imagine that there was a really until the end until the development of the modern bureaucratic state, no one could imagine that such a thing was even theoretically possible call that eugenics. The term was coined by a british scientist who, with a cousin of Charles Darwin, I mean unity, these these brave theories had been simmering in Europe for for a very long time, yeah, ok, so boy! We I mean that there are ways in which, of course, the american effort in World war. Two has constantly been under. You know kind of assault. You know I'm terrible. The decisions like this in terms of the Japanese to decisions that are viewed
through a and a historical, more or less. The prism like the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We're Dresden, right right, soap cell, but here's the thing so the Dresden firebombing was a retaliation for the London bombings so either. You know you accept the notion that in war We cannot allow your enemy to you now to secure a victory against you that you do not answer or you don't write. So so that's that's the Dresden story, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A meme estimates are that if if the regime had to be brought down by force by by an american invasion delay. Style that you now America
would have suffered tens, if not hundreds of thousands of casualties, pacifying Japan, and so I M not to say how many people in Japan would have died, very effort as well. So I think, on balance you know, Paul Fossil, though, the hell serve the historic one wrote a piece in the eighties called, thank God for the bomb because he was he was yet. He would have had to be in the original landing force had had their added the necessary conventional invasion of Japan and he fell. Reading what he had read. His life had been saved by the by the use of them. The two atomic devices you and also say. Interestingly, I think that the- Use of those devices ended up being a deterrent to the use of those devices.
I make. Does one really imagine that, without the example of these of the destination these two cities, which did end the worn in in the Pacific that its point, or rather we are them We are, the Soviets would not have used the bomb somewhere minute. Was it It was the knowledge of the of the impact that has meant that for seventy four year there's. No nuclear devices ever been used again, not that The interesting served side that wasn't. Why was done, but I think had that had that effect, maybe
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Bees are riding high in the polls There was one pole that had about twenty seven and Sanders at fifteen, but most still have been the thirties, and I think they're wheelchair politics averaged still has. Him essentially doubling Bernie Sanders is support nationally. So the question is: did something happened this week that offers them first chink in his armor, let's say He literally is doubling he's thirty three point five buying this at sixteen point. Seven. So that's double plus point one. Where he is a national by the way the great surging Elizabeth Policy want Warren. Is it a point to sew and you'll be happy? Another John taken lubricate point: seven
so it's a solid points, a solid point, seven and build the plaza as a firm one. One point one: one percent I loved applause years place in this because there was a. Grab showing that, generally speaking, you can you can look at their the candidates, democratic candidates and see that there they are. Supported to the degree that they are known to the public and then the plaza was the outlier who is fairly well known and disloyalty likes a bright exactly what what is astonishing. To me is the following, which, as we have major american politicians here not Jane Michael Back James methods. Brother Michael benefits
from Colorado, who is a creditable, but you know multitude. Senator from Save Colorado is a point, six John. Deliver. Who was governor of Colorado was a point: seven steam power, who was governor of Wyoming, is a point for J uneasily was Governor Washington's point: five, like shit These guys me doing a little bit like these are below the people in the west. Why do they got millions of votes are now? Well? Maybe you didn't get millions of words, but it's little? Nimby is right and actually speak to this idea that so much apology has become national folk focused on national on on the president, and you know The battle is certainly in the Trump air. That's true in so that individual governors might have plenty of name recognition in their own states, but outside of them unless appear on the daily show or something nobody's heard of them
actually find that some are reassuring, if only because it it has to be such an ego hit for thee, men and women and they're. Not of whom you know are suffering from humility, so right, ok, so what I was claimed by the chicken binds armor, and that seems to be the controversy that has stirred up around by saying when he was a supporter or still supported the hide amendment. A piece of law that I believe has been in place since nineteen? Seventy seven, if I have this right, sponsored by the late that Representative Henry hide that forbids the use of public monies for abortion, so Medicare Medicaid. You know if you cannot use federal money for abortion and the height
and it has remained the law of the land pretty much since then. Sometimes right, where's have tried to did sometimes left wingers tried the added it, but basically it stays enforce. It's very simple, proposition and buying said that he still support that and then, like you, know, like buzzards to a piece of shit, meet the other campaigns. Pounced right, it was like bite, and support, for this is a you know is it is. It is an infamous betrayal of the responsibility to support abortion in all ways of all forms at all at all times, can I just say that its
especially at a critical for the pouncing to happen among these Democrats, since so many of them have been very recently voted with it, for the heightened in themselves a Mean Warren Club, HR, Harris, jailer, bran, Corbett or Michael, I'd better arrives, I mean people have voted on, have when they are spending bills. Were the high feminists attaches part as part of these larger bills that they didn't? They didn't? There wasn't a peep of resistance to this, so this is clearly a huge amount of posture being on their part, to start attacking the leader, which is understandable and at the same time, that you know what I think this signals something about bindings campaign. Where he's he's playing the long game here I mean the hide amendment is not perfect, which is why it's a perfect compromise the extreme pro abortion folks hated the extreme prologue folks hated as well, but the basket. Believe Americans understand it and don't want to be do you know they don't,
wanna see their fellow Americans who have religious or moral objections to abortion being forced to use their taxpayer dollars for it. That that is something that I find to be very characteristic of activist issues that bubble up on the left. When once something is in effect, there is a presumption on the part of those who are in favour of it that this is of course always has been the case because two to have been otherwise We have been a moral outrage, I think, of in two thousand and eight when on the first run for president, he was not supportive of gay marriage by two thousand and twelve, when Biden in fact had led to doubt that he that Obama head What was now its board of gay marriage? People on the left were all over social media, saying if you do not support the candidate who who believes in gay marriage unfriendly I don't want to know from you you're a monster
for you. I remember tat. Remember that I lost like I lost a couple of Facebook friends on this very score. Yeah unfriendly, we're not for a night anymore, For years earlier, they had voted for four for the candidate who is not in favour of gay marriage when, in fact, by the way, there was a candid in favour of it, Nator late was was fun with it. So, but of course, they knew the trick that remain to be fair to them. Yes, they they knew perfectly well that Obama's behaviour on the score was tactical and not based on core conviction and you know, and there the if it to the extent that they play the long game. They were right right now, although it's not like Obama, had anything to do with gay marriage becoming legal rashly, since it was the Supreme Court that saw to it, the gay marriage became legal,
But can I just, can I just had one little factual detail for people who are following this despite an item and story closely, which is that a lot of the reason it's bubbled up is that supposedly Biden told someone from the ACL you back in May that he didn't say, but I remembered any longer in this big. This is a little news, blip and so now and questioned about it again. He's he's being accused flip flogging and he claims it. You know he was misinterpreted, etc, etc. But In addition, there is a bit of courageous regarding whether or not he right in fact, Well, so right, so his campaign says that what he what he believed he was telling me see how you was that he oppose these, so called Mexico City rules, which are this is an executive action thing. The Mexico city rules, which were first, I think, was Joe
urge each w bushes campaign, Ok, a presidency that put them into place clear lifted them. George, W Bush put them back, Obama took them off trumpets. Put them back say that no federal funds will go to supporting outside organised international organizations outside our borders that provide I'd abortions, and so the height amendment is something that is not legislate. Other Mexico city rules are simply thing that the President rises and executive order, so there's been this gonna up and he he fought according to his campaign. He was saying which is totally rational, that he opposes the Mexico City rules and they heard him saying that he opposed the high lama and that these are two very different things. In fact,
the Height amendment, as I, as I think we, both ever leave now indicated, has been law mandated by Congress in I'm not overturn, not repealed not rejected for four decades therefore, can be said. Unlike candidates who get eight point, two percent of the democratic primary vote that you know. This is something that's a consensus view, as expressed by the legislature and is opposed by you know, Democrats who done who want who believe in unlimited access to abortion, and that, since you should have it, I should pay for it and if somebody really needs it and it's too expensive for them. So the question is how effective political cudgel is a scam
before for rivals, but one thing: I've noticed about D d, abortion groups attacking him on this is how their framing it. You're saying this: is there not even saying it's an attack on a well known, abortion rights, which is, which is some of the rhetoric you ve heard recently given on some of these new state laws. What they're saying as this is an attack on people, for women and women of color, so I found that that message look at new, and it certainly speaks through the acknowledgment on the progressive left that that's not so far. None of the other democratic primary contenders have been able to capture The african american vote, except forbidden side that that message struck me as being someone new, okay, so Mark Halprin, of course, about the extremely controversial figure because of me too, and all that, but so happen,
I am mentioning help what happens view here is because he was the first person who told me pretty much. Authoritative, in Let's say October or November, of twenty fifteen that he was pretty sure Trump was gonna, be the Republican NI that, based on going out and We too rallies and seeing the difference in the mood of crowds in the way people too about him and the way people talk to everybody else that he just didn't he just didn't see how anyone, going to caps Trump or bring them down, and I mention that cuz that, therefore I think he deserves some attention as a pretty savvy Pradaxa caterer, particularly out far, and how print things Biden has a problem. He writes in his new letter today. No matter how, by interest caviar his support for a longstanding measure, barring federal funding for abortion, his
position puts them at odds with this democratic rivals for the nomination leading abortion rights groups and, most importantly, Americans, who feel row and reproductive? freedom or under assault. The caveats, Obama, Democratic Control Congress did not overturned hide public opinion. Surveys generally suggest support for the cop on September hide, which means by MS otherwise mould button is a worthwhile slim, simpler support for abortion rights and his campaigns, as is, opens revisiting the issue if abortion rights come more under siege. But the reality says Halprin is none of those caveats matter to those who reject unprincipled by position and the political dynamics going for an hour is obvious, as they are dangerous for him. His competitors will continue to come after him hard on this. The press will push by and to explain. This complex position which is not something apple, is the strength of his and abortion. Might supporters will now grave doubts about the concept of Joe Biden, wired a wire front runner, don't underestimate the straw
principles and emotions, animating the opposition to binds stance so helper in says. You know. Democrats are you know they have something on him here and remember. We have a debate. Coming up in two weeks and one can presume that they are going to have their going to jump up and down on his head at the debate on this. On this point, I think there's a lot to that. I've been fairly You know persistently saying that I think a large part of of button success so far really has to do with what people still think about the idea of binding the candidate. I think this is the first. This is the opening up of of actually of binding the candidate
and- and I think we will begin to see the pictures shift network perilously. I that that I wouldn't say. But what do I do? I do think we were looking at a different, dynamic, beginning them we have, and if this is, we ve suggested. We'll types you're on the broadcasts it. This is gonna, be an election that as much a referendum on Trump as it is. You know a movement towards the left or the right and the political spectrum, and I think that if the, if Biden sticks to his guns and says you know look here- I been overt for years and years and years. I've come to this position of compromise, which is what most Americans understand and accept as well. I'm a roman Catholic, I mean talks about his faith. You it might It is certainly going to affect him, perhaps a little bit with primary voters, but if he could, I don't think it's enough to knock em entirely down the the rankings, because what what's Bernie Sanders said about abortion? What's his position, do we know
I don't think he's crazy. Like he's like now, you know me ass. I now at a baby, six months kill its last meeting yesterday. That's extremists, who I think, but I mean it's, it is it's a tough line, bite into walk, he's gonna win the primary, but he's I've just been fairly impress without insistently he's running a general election campaign during the primary rather complicated part, is that he has to speak about. He will have to speak about us getting the right, and you know, sometimes when peoples when their careers in the Senate, even though he was also vice president for eight years speak on these things. There temptation is to say Well, you know I voted on an amendment that You know provided for a counselling option. In the sixth, we for our part in our work in the famous the famous
The worst version of this was when John Kerry and he voted for the eighty seven Billy Firth. Iraq were before he voted against it in voting against your rebutted for it or whatever the hell it was. He said which make perfect sense. If you understand what senators do and was catastrophic as a matter of public communication, I suspect that he will slip flop on this very fast. Big. I mean he's, got excuse because of these recent state laws. I mean he actually has a madman exactly rise right, have that's what his campaign said, that euro abortion rise, or so under assault at state level that we have to allow and we'll funding at the national level right did the height amendment becomes the handmaidens tail there that me, where exactly right, so so there's that so he gets that that he gets a too for their because he here spawns to work in a crisis where people to proceed
to be a crisis, and- and you gotta remember, people- don't trump benefits. Republican candidates have benefited from a flip, hoping to appease their ideological side so side. So those data trump is Trump, the least pro life person who lived when he goes pro life there like he did it to pay us obeisance, love that you know that's better than somebody who believe in it. You know actually believes that abortion rights but then says. Well, you know I don't know it's a little complicated voters are complicated on this. If you, if you The cow towering is a positive for right for a lot of activists groups because it is in acknowledgement of their power and authority yeah.
I think the site psychologically it's like something you ve earned now, so your your attached to it right, and so I don't know. I think, therefore you know there's something to him there's there there is there's more reason for flip flopping. Then there is for having to continue to defend the complex position of, I believe, an abortion. I believe that you now that you know I believe that women should have controller and buys debt, but people who have the strong conviction that abortion is wrong not be put in the position of having to use our taxpayer dollars for it. Have you noticed a guide we lost, but also you know, if he does, that he does sort of now run then run the risk of recalling serve finger in the wind
insincere, Hillary Clinton, twenty sixteen I know what you know, I'm I'm with you candidacy here I know. That's, that's such a good point out. Do something similar and suggest that if he was worried about that becoming an image issue, he could go on the attack and demand that all of those centre leaders who have in the past voted approving behind amendment vow There are now on the debate stage not to pass any legislation that the high amendment I mean because they have a royal voted for well, but he can say that either
yeah? Well, I mean it will I mean I mean I'm a one of the one of the questioners could if they wanted to get something interesting out of them. Would, of course that's not what the other with his could it be here. You know you have. The desire is gonna, be there help support the Europe to have the most controversial debate you possibly can. It was gonna be looked like. It was gonna, be hard to pull it off and how many of them will be on this first debate stage to be doing at the a final number what was so there give em the other two gonna do what they did last time, which is split into two sir, oh they'll be topped here and second, the album, some polling or since I think it's like eleven and twelve, or something like that, which of course is also good for Biden, because you know either they he could look like he's getting ganged upon or you know they just they have other day after
You know it's all, gonna be just a mass. You know. Who's gonna to you. So the only thing that's gonna matters when somebody does something like you know, Rick Perry, forgetting that the third Cabinet Department, in a word or marker Rubio. You know, sir, going on auto. You know you know going on auto, renew or auto repeater whenever, what's like, that, is there we gonna be a substantive moment at which Biden give out so but he rises to the four with a wonderful veto, quip only fighting disease took over and hung them elaborately onstage than Russia. So let's move on to the last couple of minutes, there's a there's, a fantastic,
Goal at the Atlantic about trouble at the Elite, Washington, private school said well friends, which is where the where the Obama kids winter went. I think, still, I guess Malaysia still in high school there, I think, or just graduating fashion the Alaska and she still behind me. So the peace reveals that the college admissions Department has been decimated by resignations owing to her when behaviour by parents who have been, Christine get us a guess so the Emily. If we had a college firstly, blue scandal. This is like the Quaker Junior varsity, blue scandal. Admit lots of parents at at said. Well, friends had evidently been calling the collar
councillors who work there and anonymously trashing other students in and complaining about, their children's odds of getting into the Ivy League and and all of this it should be noted- comes out of a concern among private school parents in the area. With these d lower rate of acceptance to the IDA weeks from schools like Sid, if you ever go on the Sesar PET, that is the diesel urbane parent list, serve you'll, see lots of complaining and, and it's almost hieroglyphic d, the different acronyms all the different schools and the different problems, but there's a very consist of message here- which it is, these parents are summers of an elite luxury product and their very uneasy PE, when that product doesnt work properly in the product is a pathway to and to talk to your school and when their kids, went to college counselor, tells them maybe Junior, isn't gonna get in there, and even if he is a legacy, their angry and- and
they can get their money back and so they complain- and they do the kinds of things that have evidently led to the the Ignatius of two of the three councillors at the school? So it's a big. It certainly begins at the doorway scandal, because this is the school. That's like the studio. Fifty four of progressive, powerful people in washington- and you know it boasts about its weight less at the same time that it did it proclaims. Quaker values, and I would guess that maybe one percent of the students there are actually Prof just quakers. It there's a joke in Washington that there's a whole bunch of parents of preschoolers who suffer We discover the Quainter religion when their trade with China each for three and its enemy. Being phenomenon so yeah, it's it's. Actually it's sort of a delay The scandal here in the railway before also Adam Harris is the author of this peace at it follows a WAN something written about. Five months ago, a couple months ago by the wonderful Caitlin flame
Then, who wrote a memoir of her time twenty five years ago, being a college counselor at another giant. You know like key private Highschool, United AIDS Harvard Westlake IN in LOS Angeles and the just up the horrible experience it is to deal with anxious demanding we, living in our desperate eyes cycle. We unstable parents, and now you there. Senor complain, you you're making forty two thousand dollars a year as a college counselor and you know their screaming you about how terrible it is that their kids, you know, don't seem to be on the track to go. The school they want them to go to, as though there is anything that she came with begin could do about that. This is that a peace that I really do commend to you, but I mean what this. What this out of heresy says is that
simple, would no longer accept in the call it when people call the college. A mission to college office blocked collar numbers. Why? Because The war calling anonymously and trashing adults recalling and trashing students in this in the senior class to somehow get the counselors to favour other children in the process like they get kids into college, which they dont right. I mean, and there's that, like you can't yell at them will not respond, will respond to increase
records, unless I request is made by the student or the proof family member guy, meaning that meeting their parents were attempting to secure the student records of other kids, presumably so that they could somehow trash them. This is a point I have to say. I read the letter unity that at the end of this Atlantic peace, they they publish the latter at the college that they sent around to the senior parents and eat it soon. Gentle, it still really does read like you know, we're. So sorry, our product is not meeting our expectations cause it's like, but we ve had a number of unfortunate and on an formed incidents new. I know I think they're pretty informed about doing it's. It's very purposeful, ok, but ok. Oh, this is where you're saying it's a luxury product there unhappy so basically theirs
this is not so easily dismissal paying a bribe to somebody to get your kid into school. You know that's one thing, but complaining when your kid has gone to the school for being a problem, most of them for both for their entire lives and that its a college preparatory school. That's what it's supposed to do. That way the girl comes the time for them to be go to college. It turns out that they're, not they're, not gonna, get the high end experience that the parents want well and tat their in there in. If you, if someone went let's say from Kinda pardon to twelve sprayed and didn't get financial aid there into the school per kid for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but they're, not just by
college admissions at least said well, it said, while their buying access to the children of the elite, they are buying access to White House Slumber, parties first with Chelsea Clinton and then went the Obama's. I mean that their there, the parents themselves they're trying to buy status connections by paying mad tuition and that, since its it similar to some of the other elite schools and in places like New York City, but it so. Yes, there's the expectation that they're paying all that money in the kitchen. Schools, but at the same time, I think it helps understand this absolutely insane behaviour by the parents that its status thing for the parents to write. Well, look. I bet, I think I have said this before when we are talking about varsity blues, but if you think about this whole world of elite universities and these parents who can't get the kids instantly universities, which people so in
Erica over the last thirty or forty years as there has been this explosion of wealth. That now means that there are ten million people in the United States who are called millionaires or do you now have have the Weber can be called millionaires that every kind of elite institution that they want hat or every kind, for I thing that they want to do- has expanded outward to meet. The demand, right, there are now five billion resorts. There are out ten zero first rate hotel. Because there are no, you know webs soul cycle Do you know any message in places to get high and massages undue pure yoga, and they just you know, businesses and and whole foods. The whole existence of foods- and some sense is is is, as part of this, the one place where the scare
city at the top end, oh- and you also even like caviar, you know- which was a high and product that it'll, only came from one fish in the Caspian Sea. It also now they freed outweighs the breed. You know sturgeon that can produce caviar and in fish I'm so that there is enough caviar for the world. The only play. That you can really where the elite has not has not been able to expand. Is the top tier university because it costs billion two billion three billion dollars. To make a two inception, a college you don't to insert something, would have two or three thousand students and enough teachers and enough building. Love facilities enough acreage. All of that, and that's just too much money, so these schools have not been inspected, and- and this is why all sometimes it
lot of this talk about how the universities are gonna die in other gonna, cried there in a crash and burn because of the internet, and you know no one can afford them, they're, no one's getting an education and it's ridiculous, and they should be we three years, not for your whatever is that there will still be these. Hundred schools you now to which a hundred thousand people can go. And they will they can set their own terms, whenever they want They will have always have thousands more people wanting to get in that they can possibly admit, and that will keep the high end going forever. I think one thing that strikes me about stories like this one, it said: well. Is it is there there is it. Wonderful narrative that the left lights to use when they talk about safety, traditional white male working
voter in how he's, driven by anger and fear in etc, etc. These people behaving in this way are driven by fear their driven by I fear that their children will not attain and leads to Is it they expected and assumed they would because they ve just fucked over so much money to buy it for them, and I think we downplay mean also gives it also gives you a little simpler, more sympathy for these human beings who are struggling in this waving their fearful? They worried about their kids, as most parents are worried about their kids, but their fear is is palpable, but it's often not a lot this isn't frame that way right I mean I do think. If you re a meeting, these people are trashing children, too they get their own kid ahead at me- murmured its irrational. But if you speak
parents who are caught up in in the midst of this hysteria, the fear is palpable. I mean they. They they sound absolute panicked about definitely get right well because for for those who think you can buy your way through this, you can't load turns out that some small number riots I'm way to do it, but you can't buy your way out of it and you can't do it for your kids. I mean that's part of that. Also, is that this this this you have the over parenting of the last twenty years also means that, as your kids get older, I mean at my at my daughter's school. They said to us very plainly made my daughter's chain schools and they said, do not do or help your daughter with their homework where their papers. That's. What we're here for. We want to teach them how to do this right. So you know this is like a bit of an agony for me because I'm let's stay with me.
Daughters papers itself, because you know I'm a writer and I'm an editor. An ice I get out should be able to help in a fix, a sentence or something like that, but I think that there are absolutely right that you know this pattern of dependence. On parents, to your comments will be in the end. You know, stanch the bleed I'll make sure that the feed is. Too painful and failure, Isn, T Try and all that that they have to learn. Do everything by themselves and the upper middle class. This is not a great whet the upper middle classes in the United States. These days does not have a good record of cell of of teaching, their kids, how to be self sufficient well and along Con, especially the school will stuff, is that most of the long term
studies we have of kids, who go to say I led private schools and then try to eat and go to even elite colleges. Mercies is that if your upper middle ass. You ve already one life's lottery right for an upper middle class, american you're. Already it almost to the finish line and the kids who really benefit. From these elite in Petitions are the ones who don't start they're the ones who started the very bottom or close to the bottom. They have huge benefits. Lifelong benefits, forms of earnings in and well being when they are accepted into these institutions and tried there. The upper middle class kids, who go to a second or third tier university and set the topped here, do fine, and a lot of that is that they have already been given the great gift of attention, in life skills in and support and stability that that other kids zone have right at a zero, a brought about so eloquently.
In his peace on the war on on Asian Americans. The this idea, We know that there is a population in the United States. That has proved How coming from now thing with nothing, if you have a cultural connection or a belief that education is the way forward, your child to pray, spur in a way that you dont prosper and you you you help embed this idea in them and their psyches and in the way they land then with aid they practice they will asian american kids prosper and Our arms are dominating figures at at at these schools in it Syria there so much so that now there there are these. You know disgraceful efforts to limit their to limit it. Right, I mean it, you know
Did we not just you know I had the heart yeah well, one of the amazing things about that. Is that so that the efforts to limit the number of Asian Americans in touch your colleges ending in elite high schools- it's done, mostly in the name of getting more ethical and at other ethnic minorities into the student population. But in fact the efforts actually expand. The number of whites in these schools as well right So this is just another wasting everything is terrible and died, and things are awful, em and whither without crushing veracity
We will bring. We will bring this to a close, so fork. Racine Rosen enables and enable a broken Christine Rosen, as they say, Rosen Fall, who was were that receive resin, a Ringwald and the absent nor Rossman, I'm John put keep the candle burning.
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