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Drowning in Contradictions

2020-05-04 | 🔗
The COMMENTARY podcast examines all the contradictory notions we’re being asked to overlook. How do you reduce the overall COVID-19 caseload and, also, gradually reopen society? How will reopening local businesses lead to a spike in infections if most people are still too scared to patronize them? How can Democrats rally around Joe Biden and, also, profess their belief that women who claim to be victims of sexual assault deserve society’s deference? The conundrums abound.
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some guy welcome to the commentaries Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday a fourth twenty twenty. I am jump on towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me today: Senora secrecy Rosen hikers theme. I John at her no Rossman high Noah, I John a bridge
all is suffering through technical difficulties in his remote location, and so we are sadly going to have to do without him, Sir, this day, so by two things. Talk about in relation to the pandemic, we find that the rate of the growth of the virus is slowing, but just because that's. The case doesn't mean that were anywhere near the end of this thing. We will probably hit. Seventy thousand deaths today or tomorrow, on our way to what the present, even the president said last night on Fox NEWS. Is you know a minimum of a hundred thousand deaths and that's access deaths? That's not like! Oh signing guest to this with terrible and always like, there's a lot,
does much evidence that we are under. One thing is that we are over counting because of these astonishing numbers of excess deaths at this time of year, compared to last year, the year before last, So the this doing that people seem to be having over the last couple weeks that this is really. Mostly problem in New York and it's happening elsewhere, and so you know everything is so much better and everyone is being a hysterical on like this. I don't Are you can really believe that if you're seeing you know death the debt Tal increasing outside the organ swear at reaching levels of a you know, Legion.
Reaching pandemic levels of the sort that we haven't seen a hundred years, which is what we were fear fearful was gonna, be the case with this, and it is heading in that direction. So that's really really really sad. Bad news and the other news is that we have states reopening things here and there and bits of business with twenty five percent ass. All that we, as of now have have no idea whether that is materially helping them this is that a reopening if they're gonna get enough for foot traffic or in our drive and traffic or whatever, to really mean that their back in business and and then there is this general fear,
A finger wagging warning that people are perversely seeming to want to be real that, because your reopening there'll be a spike in cases and so as the land, Takes a horrible Amanda Mall put it George is attempting mass murder, which was a disgusting thing to say, and not surprising, coming from the source, so Noah you, you broke out of your three month. Lockdown two and a half months, lockdown this weekend, Florida China now responsibly, which is what I thought Everybody has to accept is that individuals are going to have to be trusted at some point to be to navigate their environments responsibly and ending up, and we didn't where we were in our home
We actually had people approach us for the first. I'm in a long time and who have been equally equal distance and isolated radio, isolated for a long time, and yet we know without touching we're all outside the entire time, There was a sharing of. There was no food served whatsoever, in india- erratic drinks were had that there were bought. You brought your own and nobody touch anything else and dumb, I'm pretty sure every he's, gonna survive, but it was very restorative psychologically. And I can imagine that, were we present such a risk to public health that the danger of persist a perpetual isolation, psychological damage associated with that is worth though, the risk associated with this really modest relaxation of the kind of draconian policies we It was done ourselves know no one was there.
Police outside there's a reminder forcing us to do this world biting by whatever guidance we can get that pertains to whatever phases. Lockdown we're in at the moment, when the I think that was it was valuable. You know that the problem that I have encountered increasingly trying to suffer in our real real set of guidelines around how to approach opening up. Is that operator the same data but its subject to wildly varying interpretations which suggested data designed to enough to allow for those kind of plausible interpretations, but now wrote about this. Further magazine or for the website. Rather that Sweden is, you, know, This war test and my written Abed today in the New York Times about how the swedish model is really tantalizing, but we shouldn't do that in the United States, because it would be terrible like, for example, they, the pay death rate over the age of seven. Is staggering. And horrible and worse than you know,
elsewhere, but it's not worse than elsewhere. The New York Times reported last week that the percentages rough on par with most other countries as far as deaths go and the Georgia thing is just like that apparently I saw an AP report over the weekend. It said Four million people came out and patron These newly open businesses, with the region of very strict restrictions on interpersonal engagement and what have you and that was you know China, millions and millions of people are patronising. These things really dangerous and horrifying, and yet another report suggested. There are simply not enough people to come out and and keep these histories afloat you're, just not going to ends meet with this paltry amount of patronage. So does these two conflicting ideas that existed the same? I am for people who are really hawkish about restrictions the virus. The first is that you can open these businesses, or else there will be a spike in
infections in the next two three weeks. Also, you can open these businesses because not enough people will come out to keep them alive. These two thoughts exist simultaneously and for the people who advocate them do not seem contradictory at all. But they are, but it can exist simultaneously, big one or the other, so you have a prior right. So your prior is, are you biased in favour of reopening or you biased, in favour of lockdown? And basically, then you will you all kind of amalgamate data dead to support your. What? What is your gut feeling about this and an The data are ambiguous enough to support that. What I think is the real issue, How is that there has been a kind of denial ism in relation to the veracity of the virus, that you know I found tempting.
In March, in early April EM and though I understood the prudent need to ignore it for the purposes of if the worst case scenario were true. Then you really had to go this way, but I just don't think we are heading inexorably to see a six figure, death total, and maybe you can then say: well, you know it even with a six figure: Deaf total, the economic damage of this is gonna wreak. Was it isn't worth the cost that is being imposed? but denying that there is gonna be a six figure. Death total is starting to turn into you know
real denial, ism and and and extremely irresponsible form of it. Right I mean in and to make it a kind of partisan issue at this point is is dangerous. I mean, I think I feel for the business owners who are trying to make decisions in the states where they are their easing some of the restrictions right because it there there in a kind of purgatory, because on the one hand you do have this discharge to open up, but so you can bring people back, but is it going to be enough to have your restaurant twenty five percent full or your movie theater twenty five percent full? Is it
and worth it. Are you just kind of prolonging the necessary end of a business but like like no I'd? I had a socially responsible social sociable evening on Saturday night and it really was so amazing to be able to sit outside six feet away from a friend and talk in just just kind of it was soon lovely a normal, and it feels like it's where now at the stage of the policy and public health discussion of this, that you cannot deny the numbers unless you're doing it wilfully infer for partisan purposes, but you also cannot deny the difficult and ambiguous choices that now our leaders and intervene as individual Americans. We have to start making, because this is not me, we ve been saying for while this isn't sustainable, but it also isn't a long term plan. I mean we're. Gonna have to start weighing
benefits and drawbacks. Looking at data suit from the places that open up in two weeks will have some sense of whether or not there there are spikes or not and we're going to see more rural areas and small little pockets of the virus breaking out across the country and seeing how they cope with that we're now, even seeing discussion of how the contract contact tracing apps and all these sort of solve solving the pandemic, problems are also being question does not as effective as we had hoped, and you know, and then we had Trump yesterday at the Lincoln Memorial claiming he's gonna have a vaccine at the end of the year. That's maybe a meat, but but most of the experts don't agree that that's possible. So now it's we ve all been doing our part on lockdown, but now the choice has become more ambiguous. The cost benefit analysis grew. Some, but also necessary. I mean this. Is this really is not sustainable, not just economically but but psychologically for people right you're? The other thing is that the
The experts are not bring themselves with glory now. I dont really object. It's very hard to be an expert under these circumstances, because you're seeing something unprecedented and therefore gaming, an outer and inner ear. For an epidemiologist. This is. The disease has a very weird set of circumstances and the way that it behaves inside the body that that that market is something. Of all, as we say, but you know, I think I think of Scotland. We have the M M now at a I who just keeps changing the terms by which he He is a hawk on this matter, so both Op Ed today in the Wall Street Journal and on face the nation yesterday he said
mitigation hasn't work. The way we hoped to you know really help kill off the disease But that is not what mitigation that was not what we were told mitigation was. We are told. Mitigation was literally nest sorry to ensure that the health care system was not overwhelmed. It was not strategy to eradicate the disease or bring the death toll down. It was for the treatment of the disease. Not to destroy the american healthcare system, We have now moved if we, if he is It said in March, when we were thinking about this, that really What we were trying to do was kill off the disease. By mitigating. People would have several that's crazy. It's not gonna work like there. They explain to me how that works. So now it's like what were disappointed that
Litigation didn't work as well as we thought it worked perfectly well. The healthcare system in New York City was not overwhelmed. It worked great, it's just not long term strategy for the for the eradication of the disease? And this idea that we. Cannot live alongside it that we have to serve live in hibernation until until the rate of infection approaches, zero is. I am saying now I understand why a doctor can say this like when adopt who says: ok, we'll hears it you're gonna have to do. You have to go to your house and quarantine yourself in a room, and no one else in your household can come. Into the room or deal with you in your room, psych, okay, well, how to get food. Ok They can open the door and grateful, but then you have to close the door. What have you have to go to the bathroom? Ok, let's go to the bathroom, but then the bathroom ass. We
wash down, you have to wash your hands, your prayers were to have those it's like. Ok, you come up with some perfect the notion of isolation that is not workable unless You can be quarantine. In a room with Hamel in the door like like a high security, a supermax prison where I played a slit in and there's a toilet in the room with you and that's it, and so there is. There is a lack of real world logic to any of this and oh yesterday, our French, on trendy Rilke their politics in a road. This thing saying I dont, understand, he's a source sticking out of than what what the goal is here If we don't even know that there can be a vaccine, it is a kind of perceptual living in.
Hibernation and that does not let that that cannot be the way that we're gonna go. This saying even get one from the President sort of state to pray. Risky claim by saying you know we're were reasonably sure. Now we can fast track of vaccine and get something happening by September, but, as I think I saw Scott, we say something very similar is that he is. For reasonably confident that the research will prove at least one of the fifteen or twenty in vaccines. That are, on the road to human testing that we're not even there, yet I don't think we'll be in supply tested and reasonably confident in there in their efficacious by September, at what we can start ringing cities by creating new fashion Raymond around. I ran urban areas and law
the virus in by I mean, but just think about that logistically think about that for a second What would that entail? You wouldn't you're talking about reading. Bring literally rings around cities where urban populations are quarantine. In those urban areas- and there is no transit in an out out like how do you supply them? I don't understand what but the thought, processes because it yeah because its nonsense, that's what I'm talking about like when I talk to when I talk to people who server think about this from a medical perspective and we get to this contact tracing the app that Google and Apple or working on together and it's like. There are many emergency powers that governors and mayors and people can invoke in the course of a pandemic and in fact, centralized government in some senses. People have been. Writing was partially, created to deal with things like Pandemics Reich
Why is there would be no need? It's like the fundamental that war and like AL helping people not kill each other with disease or serve. Why we that's. The state of nature is right, solitary poor, now, the British. In short, that's what the state of nature is when you can't organised to get yourself over a disease. That said you cannot force people. Have an app on their phone? That will force them to be imprisoned in the
it states. You can earn a lot of other places and you can change people into. You cannot impose an app on human beings on the intensity and thus and thus contact tracing acts are not a hundred percent effective or even all that effective. Anyway. If you look at all of the areas in which a Mean Brookings has just on a report about the challenges of contact tracing apps, you know there have been sceptics from the beginning about this, who were really given a lot of air time, because everybody was looking for positive news in ways that we could practically tackle this, but I mean just think of going to the grocery store, if you, if you get contact with a virus because there's something on the surface from someone who is infected how'd, you contact race that or how do you know that it's the way that you got the virus was therein
through someone else, but also a lot of false positives and fires. Negative is you're not necessarily protected, just because the tracing up didn't signal you'd been in contact with someone wrote so so the other thing is that we know that it was. It appears that the viruses, commonly virulent in in the York, city area right, but that does not appear. To have been true in San Francisco or Seattle, where this whole thing started right, so we don't even know geographically why, if you'd feel worse and didn't serve like turn into nightmare in New Orleans that we thought that in order to or Florida which was already in by on your right so we don't know why it spreading why the spread is sort of like a kind of arithmetic. What right away or unlike or geographic or, however, so we don't know we think about it, and this is why Are we get into this? Ok? So I'm confident
but there will be a vaccine by the end of the year by we contested by September or whatever, so we're just stay like this till then, We are literally talking about the collapse of the world economy. We're talking about people not have food we're talking about the food chain, the food supply being disrupted it states in a way that will make the securing elementary products. For nutrition, possibly very difficult like this- is not a rational way to think about this. It is rational, if you're a doctor, you know and adult after you say the doctor. How do you cure this? Will here's how you cure it, but it's like. I can't do that. You know it's like how do you, second Leslie. How do I lose thirty pounds in a month while you eat a thousand calories a day or you with, hundred calories a day or something like that. But I can't do that because I
fate. You know I like I will get enough nutrition and I'll faint, okay. Well, then, dont do it. You know I mean I mean this: is the technocratic lament right? I mean all your nor great plans encounter the immutable obstacle of human nature, and you just can't figure out how why people are such idiots, that they understand what you're trying to do is the best for them like. There was a piece of your times. And it was Saturday, maybe your Friday, that, was a morning how you can't keep cars off. RO, even in these conditions that there are still still people drive in New York City as though that something you can stop or even that that something that's particularly the horrible, and I think it was a little ridiculous in part because there that the amount of traffic in New York City is is just a percentage of what it was previously there's plenty of anecdotes about people playing
baseball in the middle of the street, like I was nineteen ten was Robert, Moses, his childhood, like sitting now and that, but that is that still an obstacle and they should put concrete there here, is down throughout the entire city, just to make travel throughout the city impossible for the greater good for the benefit of public health yeah, but you know what you are saying that just everything to think but see. That's also part of the problem. Is it's not it's not about public. That is why we are obviously that is about something else. So there's a lot of people. You know there is a these articles like boy. This is really great cuz. It's now going to acclimatize people to the notion that we need a gigantic federal government spending that amounts of money to reorder society there there these pieces, like here, comes the new deal, I get a new deal. Well, ok, we spent. Basically the right has been eighty years lending by the new deal was an economic disaster for for the for the country and that the
The depression was only ended not by the new deal, but by the coming of world war. Two that the new you'll exacerbated the long term, lack of growth in the United States and its economy, but it fine again, that these contradictory thoughts, just alongside one another? Is that a it's time you know everybody's becoming accustomed now to the new and that the federal government has to limit your trip that limit your social and taken limit that someone that and also we can spend trillions of dollars without consequence and also at the same time, pieces the New York Times and political about how the progressive, when this of the Democratic Party is so deeply frustrate with the majority makers. The moderates in their coalition, who have frustrated their ambitions for reordering society, met a crisis like these. To these two things do not care. Each other out. They are thoughts that exist simultaneously within the same head and nobody seems intent on can confronting the contradictions ok. So, let's move on from this and discuss, you know the
continuing Lee Delicious, a Gerda Dahmer on four for liberals and Democrats, the accusations, the accusation against Joe Biden, bye, bye, bye, terror, reed there is nothing better with joining, I'm enjoying nothing so much It is at this I've spent my obsessional weakened, as you know, and the most
the most fun has actually been watching. The defenders try to find a way to describe bindings interview on Friday, with meagre prison ski on Amazon BC, as just an order of magnitude better than anything that has ever happened before when it when it comes to defending oneself. So he here, I heard Michel Goldberg, say something to the effective. Well, you know he didn't assassinate her character. He was just you too. He denied it and then he didn't say anything mean about her as if that is the bar that we should be setting, and the other thing I would point out is that, although its people on the right have been asking in criticising Biden for this very few of his defenders, even the ones who now acknowledge like marine doubt that maybe we should not do the believe. All women thing nobody's asked him to answer for the title: nine regulations on college campuses that he was the that he spearhead,
when he was vice president under Obama that do not give young men the same kind of due process and presumption of innocence, and he is now demanding the american people give him. So there's a lot of ironies in this hall, the Asko ok, so you have so you mention Michaud, though works the let's go through some of the sum of the best. The best was like yours to empower saying when we said believe all women we didn't mean believe all women, not only white, and if you end, if you say that I did I'm blocking you on Twitter, because I That's not what I meant and, of course it's what you, what he met was believe all women who attacked bright cabinet and don't believe. All women who attack Joe Biden, which again the joke here for me and the reason I'm enjoying the so much as I do not believe tarried. I dont believe her. I don't believe the story. I believe that the incredibly shifting nonsense that He been peddling that, yes, she she put out a report. She reported my
three, but she she just said she felt uncomfortable she didn't say, sexual harassment and she certainly didn't say sexual assault, so you can find if they spend all this time digging ran and find this report of hers. It won't actually say what she now says happened to her. So therefore, there is no contemporaneous account since her brother and her friend but say bye. Made her feel uncomfortable, not that Biden violated her with his hand, which is what she says happened. I like that briefly enter into the record Marine Dowds description of bread, cabinets tilt stealth defences, testimony before Congress defending himself. She described it as quote entitled white men acting like the new minority howling about things that are being too and away from them aggrieved at anything that diminishes them or saps their power. So let's talk about this also because, as you said,
Michel GO work said. Was really great cause. He didn't attack her character. Why on earth should he attack her character? She has, according to him, she is falsely accusing him of rape of this is where this is whether this is how they're trying to new on the believe women, so that they can keep it for future attacks when it's someone with an hour after their name and I and the person
Did it the best is Senator Jellyband right, the woman who ran out Frank, another town, I'm on a horse. She said this weekend. I believe tat in a tear red spoke her truth. It's the her true thing right. She spoke her truth and I believe for truth. However, I believe Joe Biden is is correct, but I dont think that he would do this. I know Joe Biden, so that's the weird. It's it's a completely contradictory. Yet consistent in their minds approach, you can. You can endorse someone's feelings, but if the but but if the facts don't l align with your particular political preference, then you can still go with your political preference, which is what she did. So I think that's how they're trying to at this is the other thing I love is a lot of people left, going just think Joe Biden has just deftly threaded. The needle on there's still respects women, but we know he didn't do it. I mean it's, it's absolutely ridiculous. Whatever they hold out, I'm sorry Jack internet browser, if I don't think so ninety ninety three, when when Clinton was first present built that was first present
and there was a scandal brewing. I don't even remember what like in the first six weeks, it could have been about the Don't ask don't tell there was something going on. Ok, so was like literally the first three or four weeks of the of the. Administration and mackerel clarity. His chief of staff went on like gonna, meet the press or something, and he had early been pre programmed to say the following, the chief staff authority? What about excellency- and he was like this has been adjudicated. We need to me, we need to move forward, we need to move forward going to move forward and we need to move forward in a just broke it like the store they had broken like three days earlier, so they their line. Was we dealt with this and it's over and we need to move forward now. One of the virtues of saying something that way is that it gives you something say that doesn't require you to engage with the topic positive
We are negatively so saying I believe, tat Red and Joe Biden is something to say at the moment when you need to say something but he is not something to say very long, but it was no. If it did. It is literally senseless and it is not like something you can hold in your mind. At the same time, She is either falsely accused him of rape or she is in which case he's a monster and should be destroyed for doing such a thing. To any human being, let alone you know, someone who is running for president has or he is a monster and deserves to go to jail, and there is very little middle ground here. Let's be fair, says he pushed her against the wall, in the rustle Senate office building or somewhere, and then you know manipulate.
If her with his fingers in public in the hallway like go to jail. And never come out of jail or you're, trying to destroy somebody who, because you supported his rival, and then you also saw the possibility of becoming some kind of national figure and heroin and all of that there is no middle ground to be fair. This was the Publican line during the cabinet hearings there, as I believe, something happened to Chris Doktor Christine Blessing Ford, and I dont believe that it was Brett Kavanaugh, but something happened and this wine was picked apart. I think to fairly to some and by Democrats who said, listen, you can't say I believe her and then also say I dont believe her in a which is it, and now we essentially flipped rules here this cosmic role reversal, as is really quite something too to witness. There are whole. That's, though, the burning
but worse still looking there once from the primary or not The gracious in defence of Joe Biden and probably the best example, is Elizabeth, It was a man. Your time today saying Democratic needed, a plan b, the entire artifice Joe Biden. The entire article is very long on the hypocrisy that democrats- are inviting here and the moral conundrum that their there navigating Maladroit Lee and that they need to figure out some other it's very short on what the other option is Ok, it's eleven, not about sums available to Democrats to get them out of this condition. Let's start with this, Elizabeth brooded presupposes brood, release she's, a charming person. I, like her personality on Twitter she's, got interested social politics, because she is a very far left socialist, but she is also a deeply religious
Catholic and a pro lifer, so she's got interesting? Politics is like Dorothy Day or something like that, and our politics are very interesting. This piece is preposterous and the only people that I've been having this argument discussion with about how Biden they need to get rid of Biden is a lot of Republicans and right, here's, what we're like, while they they guy you, they gotta, get rid of by maybe they're going they're gonna get rid of they gotta get rid Biden. So let's talk about this, no way for them to get you to buy. There is limit, not only like there's not going to be convention. There isn't going be a democratic nominating convention. He is to become the nominee act by some form of doom acclamation and there is no boat dalgetty by which he does become the nominee and, let's even imagine that there is a kind of a meeting between Nancy police
Chuck humor and Bill Clinton and Bill gates and people at Davos and Bernie Sanders and the democratic. So list of America and they're all at a room together, and they called Biden's basements you are resigning or you know, or whatever and then he resigns. Then what happens? I still need a nominee. How does the part get a novelty in a pandemic like there. The party is a legally binding. The party that these parties, oddly enough, are mostly private but they're kind of public. They can't just will a candidate into being somebody's got to vote for it. Somebody's got to create a better they're gonna, be rules at a convention, they're gonna, be there is no convention. There is no means by which Michelle Obama can be a ban of the party? Even if there were
some sort of modality available. I mean we're. Democrats now face the conundrum that republican face in October of twenty. Sixteen you know, if you were to get rid of this guy theirs all wing of the poverty for whom that would be an unacceptable outcome, but that we get out of the consensus. Let's say it's not an unacceptable outcome. Okay, there isn't a vice presidential candidate, so in fury in Hurry, if trumpet somehow been run out of town on a rail and October twenty sixteen pence could have been the default candidate there is. Oh default candidate bird sanders- doesn't get to be the nominee because he got you know he got six hundred and fifty delegates and binding got twelve hundred He doesn't get to be the nominee for that. There's no right. So the whole thing is demand. Number one another to you know. You say this pines terrible see now he's pulling at fifty percent. He's even Trump and the last pulleys beating Trump forty nine forty three he's not.
The bad candidate. Everybody in saying that he is a terrible candidate for a year and these terrible in these territories terrible and he lost three states and then ran the table, and he is the strongest position in some ways of any candidate ever he's running against somebody who is the government in the middle of a pandemic and not doing a great job of it and there change the nominee because one woman said twenty seven years ago- Biden did something for which there is no evidence and for which she and and she is not a particularly credible spokesman- I mean I Look what its outweigh la I dont get there
what do I do now? It's my backing, but there's another reason there making this argument right now, because it allows them to avoid being honest about what the choice is going to be for them, and you know one of the people and resolving actually was very honest about it, the column he wrote last week. He said if this is true. If you know what an Biden did this that's bad, it was bad when trumpeted a too you know he was he's been accused by a lot more women, etc, etc. He took button to test for the title nine stuff in the lack of due process for college students under his watch, but he said this. He said also vote for I'll just vote form knowing he does. He has these years. These you know terrible views about due process. He has this. These terrible policies is likely to Africa's present, but I will make that choice. Knowing that
So I think that what a lot of Democrats are doing is what, quite frankly, lot Republicans did when Trump after after the excess Hollywood tapes came out, it was to say you know what this is. The horse, we're gonna have to write it on, and but nobody likes to say that, because it shows the kind of compromises in the ethical and moral grey areas that are part of every presidential race, and this is not new. We just don't like to articulated. This is a whole circle back to the conversation social, distancing, verses, opening up the economy, and we can't, in these two contradictions, can't live in the same head as that. That's what policy makers are supposed to do their supposed away, terrible asks versus meagre benefits and assign people without perhaps their concerns into those conditions for the greater good for the benefit of society. That's what adults!
do in terrible conditions, which is what we usually have you not just about. Everything has been pretty terrible for the last four years, so we should all be really acclimated to making really horrible decisions firm yeah meagre and assumed benefits later on right. Well, I mean I feel really bad for them that their that that they serve the cause of the M the commentary. It doesn't like the choice that the party made for them and so they are, they have left. On to this. Very highly problematic person, as the modality by word or or yet, or that there be whatever the reason that I'm enjoying it is their being voiced by their own petard, because, as happened without Franklin, as happened with in some ways with Harvey Wine steam, who is, of course, a one of the leading cultural, democratic figures and democratic right as it has off the gates. A thing where the the pious preachers,
virtue in your own corner, turn out to be the worst villains right now. The Jimmy Swaggered story or you know when they in the eighties on the right or you no way. You know people get disappointed by the political figures who run the and then you try to come up with some Structure, by which you are not made a hypocrite by their behaviour, and sometimes I have to say no- and I didn't do it- I do it all I can do and in these circumstances, in the case of bread, Cavanaugh is if you try to listen fairly and by the way we were sitting, Commentary Office the morning of the testimony when Christine was Ford, gave her testimony and and I spoke in the afternoon and you know We are seeing their going, who this this is she's she's, really that's very close and make or break moment, so very powerful and she's very powerful.
In other words, making me uncomfortable and all of this and then far what more endowed sat or a like that. Yes, I'm, an old white male so that he comes on he's like I am being destroyed, I am being destroyed this the destruction of my life, so I'm gonna, sit here and defend myself. I already basically said I already explained practically said. I already expect not going to be on the Supreme Court. So I'm just now going to sit here and defend myself.
Here's my calendar from from when I was fifteen years old, here's this here's that here's the other thing and he's crying and he's in a rage- and that was ok. Well he's telling the truth that to me. But that see that's where I think I heard a lot of people on the other side who were Anti Cavanaugh Del, often talk now again. Now the time has passed, another theirs and there's an accusation being made against Biden. I hear this I hear well, you know I maybe maybe doktor forts testament. Maybe she missed. Remember too. Maybe it wasn't him. I could see that, but he lied under oath. He claimed you never got blackout drunk. He claimed that he didn't remember this this or that like so they're, so suddenly, his defence against what was a pretty flimsy charge becomes the judge the way that they judge whether he should pits. Is it worth their while I we look about. There was the whole thing also about how his temperament was wrong. For this regret with solar rivets, I still got angry a human being
he's a human being. Who was falsely accused of something and if Biden has been falsely kisses that goes well. She has her truth and I've by truth and PETE women's. We believe there charges should be taken seriously and fundamentally, but I didn't do it, if it goes on and she doubles down and then she makes a you know at some point he's how to get angry Let really magazine at the time in twenty eighteen Tina is that there was a real consensus to the point where I had to edit out examples, because it was too heavy on examples of members of the press elite opinion maker politicians, artists, athletes, all of whom, coming out in saying that this guy's defence of himself was evidence of his guilt because it Sylvia meant that it was an expression of white men. Rage and just about all of them invoked his race or socio economic background, just demographics generally to damage great, why that if he was defending himself in anything that resemble passion. It was an example.
Everyone is on the right track here, but this is this: is the death rattle of a project? only pernicious phenomenon, society, the white male advantage and its being the dismantled before our eyes and more the good for it. Okay, so typically, here's or we arts Bay forth There is gonna, be action in weight may do June July Joint oversight of the six months there. Six months there will be an election Joe Biden will be, the nominated Donald Trump will be the nominee, and if America is coming out of the pandemic, optimistically die. Trump will win reelection and if it is not Joe Biden, Re election, if he is lying, a chair drooling from his, you now drew down pulling and you know, singing sweet sue. The tramp of the basement dweller, then
All I'm saying is the notion that this is a conventional race. There is a choice between you know: it's a choice, not a referendum in view of its choice of maybe trump cards choice about Biden all of this is the worst. These are the worst conditions under which anyone will be for reelection, practically ever, with the exception of the fact that he has now made unlikely Jimmy Carter, nineteen. Eighty so far he has not made a decision like you know, like the failed rescue mission or whatever you know he hasn't. There have been things like that but so far, but you know what we know that without the benefit of hindsight We know what I'd retrospect. What do you mean that whenever the desert one
example of government, whether what when Desert one crashed and when the desert one crashed in the desert. That was, I mean, Are we now? If you look back, look Reagan, one by ten points. Maybe there was no joke you one. Why me that's what I meant only a third of one of the subjects like that was at any event one, and a small rang ruin that everyone could see in point two of that, but that wasn't the of the events. The event was the revolution the Nicaragua revolution. Three mile harbour. You know the possible soviet Brigade in Cuba. Like that, those were the events. Gas lines grow inflation like, even though there were real events, the him tonight, maybe It's a wonder that Carter even made a tab run for real action. Maybe if I hadn't been TED Kennedy as his rival, maybe somebody else would have been them for the nomination but and care.
We want fourteen states by the way running against them. Putting pressure on states like a little joke. Trumps hand is worse, but he still at forty three percent, so he could win or I could not, but I do say like all of this. All noise. It's like the signal and the noise. It's all noise and this notion there is a debt, have we been taught, for ten years, but other no parties any more. What is what is this democratic party that is going to rise up and eliminate Joe? I, who are these people. Nancy Pelosi. You get four hundred and twenty thousand votes in San Francisco is somehow going to speak. For you know, our democratic or areas, John Oliver Rights in a wing and horse and salvage.
The party from its own decision in favour of whom, what does Barack Obama due to save the parties. Joe Biden is now kingmaker of the Democratic Party. Guess said so himself, implicitly that just about everybody and his administration will be the next generation he's a transitional vehicle, and so He gets to select hands select than the make up of the Democratic Party moving forward and then ceases to exist. Somehow However, we do need to, as I am turned in this position of defending him, We do need to mark note the irony as Christine and I were texting about of one of the three people and vice presidential vetting committee being former Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut yes, instruments for the waitress sandwiches he would make with other sitting senators.
The time tat dread cavity about who attended the waitress sandwiches very poor, IBM for a simple and easy, not many who, who is in societies gonna, have a woman as his as is running made and is now defending himself against an accusation about inappropriate behaviour. Crystal would seem to be the last person on earth. You would want on your vetting committee for anything ever right now right. Well, that's just that's! Just fine. And it would be. I just want to see the Bernie brows go after Chris Thawed, like where's Elizabeth Bruno Gun this. You know what I'm saying but why would they have any compunction about doing that? Why would they? Why would they hesitate? They wouldn't They wouldn't, but it hasn't happened yet because, because lit it was of no as well as people who thinks that everybody should get fifty thousand dollars a year from the government and so's. You know like
socialists of all, like four yea, believing that, if you just did the right things the ocean, returned to lemonade and you could drink them. People just like. Well, we should just not have put Joe Biden, is our nominee and then we'll have somebody else who is better and more progressive, and will be somebody that I'd like more and that would be fun. So, let's just do that. That's like. The very reason that we have people write about politics and in a when nobody really is any more expert in politics than anybody else. Ass do with whether or not they see the world clearly or whether or not they they they see the world in some way in same fantasy fashion- and this piece was the Answer- in fantasy delusional fantasy of of twenty twenty However, I don't know I mean I mean that there a distinction between the gnp of twenty sixteen June
the twenty twentieth of the Anti institutionalists or on the outside. Now G o p, elevating anti institutionalists to be there. Stewards of the institution there, both handcuffed by those by those institutional structures But at the very least you know you have that the people who are who would otherwise be peeing on the tenth from the outside or inside the tent, and with the Democrats there they ve relegated them outside the tents. Other, don't feel any obligation to maintain. The kind of stewardship and and proper compartment that you would be expected of us of a coherent party So they're free to do whatever they want they can. They can say you know it's just burn the thing down and put somebody else in their who everyone they don't have to have any thought for this,
search, the safety and the structure of the institution of the port go, they know they don't, but if you're an editor of an archive page, you may be want to kill and our bed that's incredibly stupid. It's all. I'm saying I just have to say that for that deserve the far left christian types they keep wanting to say. I don't know if we read the same new testament, but like parents, the loaves and fishes stories that these were miracles. These were not public policy in these were literally miracles that were performed by. If you believe this faith by got the Son of God I always think it's kind of amusing to hear like what we should do it. Jesus did. Unlike yes, really. It's you're making a category error here right. Aren't you a living through cynical? So I apologise Oliver Catholic and christian listeners, but I just I find that use of the Bible for public policy purposes always a little unfortunate. That is, I think, very
very very opposite. Let me just big recommendation out of nowhere, since we just had some Christian terminated here, there is a p Is today in the jewish review of books by Naomi five meant a professor at the Europe of tomorrow, so on. The Netflix show unorthodox, the the praise show about a woman escaping the confines of her. I thought my hasidic Italy and wives were Brooklyn. This is needed peace on our thanks go to the just Google on. The dogs jewish reveal books, and you can read this really spectacular peace if you have been falling relax reading about it, whatever its highly praised, it's very well made. I didn't like it, but this this peace really crystallizes. What is.
Disturbingly wrong about it, so give it a shot somebody else's aiming to recommend I'm, I'm sandbagging, my colleagues here because I didn't say we should come up with something recommend, but I highly recommend when I did this weekend, which was not watch any television literally, almost no television. For the first time in eight weeks, was spent outside partaking in fresh air and or some semblance of society, and that was good. I miss that. Yes, it was the east coast is way too beautiful day in DC on Saturday, which I tried to spend as much of outdoors as possible as well. Although I willing- and I recommended upload last weekend- I finally finish it and it holds up, and I really hope that they make a second seizing as they leave it on a cliffhanger.
That I did enjoy that one? That's the one! That's that's networks, also writer, Amazon, Amazon, Amazon and that's upload, the new good place to point out or something some verse is funny. It's ok settle for again. Agreement will be back tomorrow, assuming region fixes internet and for Mr President, no Rossman I've John ports keep the camel burning.
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