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Feel the Bernie, Part 2

2019-04-03 | 🔗
On a day-early podcast, with Noah Rothman still on vacation, the COMMENTARY Remnant of Abe and Christine and John takes Bernie Sanders very, very seriously. And makes fun of Joe Biden some. And talks about reparations and Israeli taxicabs. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the common Mary magazine, podcast today is Wednesday April. Third, twenty nineteen I am drawn by towards the editor of commentary, the seventy eight year old, monthly of intellectual analysis, political probity and cultural criticism from a conservative perspective. We invite you, as ever, to join this a commentary magazine dot com, where we give you a few free reeds and ask you to subscribe. Ninety. Ninety five for a digital subscription. And twenty men notified for an all access of Churchill, including our beautiful monthly magazine in your mailbox In times a year, no Roslin still on vacation with me,
here in New York. A green walled, senior editor high Abe, John and from Washington in rose and our senior writer high Christine I can so in line with the new or new theme running seem here on the commentary magazine podcast, which is that the Democrats are going crazy, I'm going to stipulate something and then ask you guys to respond to it in talk about what it might mean and the simulation provided to us by our friend Scott ever got of ricochet, who is once again selflessly producing, was podcast today, because we had some really really bad sound problems on the last podcast Noah is are producer as well as, of course, key on
talent and in his absence we don't do it very well. So, through the miracle of Skype and the intersection of our friends, we are here with you today, day early and here, a Scots simulation. Bernie Sanders is by far the most popular national politician in the Democratic Party stipulated agreed. This agree Christine. I think I agree, I mean if you look at fundraising that certainly true, if you look at some of the people, indeed, it has been coming out over the last week or so that certainly true hands across Amerika Biden has not played well just delete for this week and that it hasn't helped his
not yet announced chances, but if all roads lead to Bernie, then a lot of what we ve been talking about over the last few months in terms of the democratic parties, you no need to appeal to the centre left and centre right in the next presidential election and goes out the window, because Bernie Sanders is not a centrist raw. I also, I also agree entirely. I think this is the result of a number of things, foremost being that we Bernie Fantasy, that not realised and twenty sixteen has been growing inside Bernie supporters and on the left. Even among Hilary supporters were no sort of regret their Hilary support and think that sure of anything goes political world in which from could be, President Santer certainly could he remains and aid,
even though I am entirely immune to it. A candidate who has some outsize degree of magnetism Chris, I again I don't see it, but it's real people love him personally and he, like the sort of godfather of these, far left in office. The far left Democrats, however, that there are now reshaping the party, so you and his gaze gun million people risk is campaign, claims that they ve gotten one million people to sign up as volunteers. Already a lot of people from Brazil. Remember: Bernie Sanders raised hard money in twenty. Sixteen Twenty fifty in TWAIN, sixteen two hundred and forty million dollars in hard money, small donations that fact
has been so conveniently overlooked by a mainstream democratic party movement that sees the dangers of a potential Bernie candidacy and wishes how to move beyond them. But I want you to think about this. And so the donation limit. If I remember this correctly was either forty six hundred and fifty two hundred dollars, both primary and general, so he didn't even get to the primary as to get to the general. That is an astounding amount of money for a guy from a small state with no independent donor based beforehand, and it indicated that he very, very real right and he one twenty states in the primary challenge against Hilary,
and somehow you got what one has gotten the sense from more mainstream democrats that they figured well he's too old is this. Is that oh, it's going to be so excited there. So many interesting people beto this one that one? Why do people committed to Bernie Sanders? The last time he got a think pretty close to the same number of votes is Hilary. It want to check this out. I if he didn't, he did there, he did the extraordinarily well and so just as a technical matter, the idea that he, what that he wasn't and isn't and couldn't be an incredibly formidable urge you know candidate in this primary.
Seems crazy, ass, the million our socialist and there is even a heritage. So she got seventy million votes and he got thirteen point. Two million. Ok, that's right, but out of the fifty seven contests she one thirty four, he one twenty three that's pretty staggering, showing I think a grant, and she was that he was the not pillory and Hilary is not being. Hilary was really the key to being successful until sixteen, no matter what Party Urim, but I do get a sense of some kind of weird amnesia about him afflicting people lights it there. Nobody wants to use the term radical,
about to describe him, but he's he's a radical. He has been a radical consistently and his you know if it just just look at its foreign policy statements. For example, I mean this is not. This is not like any mainstream, serious candidate that we'll see, and certainly in the last, what fifty years. So the the Republicans have kind of man opportunities are ready to start having trump what its Trump set about Sanders so far. Anything I can't think off it up my head about a trumpet Bernie Sanders. Can anyone unique limits, or he says, he's desperate to run against Burma he's out over the last year? He would love to run against Bernie like please throw him in that briarpatch. That's you know, that's what he is telling you now telling people at these rallies and now you know now
students point. It means there. May we may be at a point where in some sense it's easier for Democrats to say you know what we're going with the radical, because trying to bridge this gap between sense all Democrats Centre left Democrats, who are there they should have trying to distance themselves from the from the from the radicals, while embracing some overtly radical ideas. It they dress up is not radicals when the identity policies, the identity, politics, stuff and even some of the sort of more socialist economic policy stuff. It's it's they end up. Everything comes out. Garbled and incoherent it. In some sense it makes more sense to go all in. But how is your? How is burning, deal with the white privilege, woke narrative, meaning got a little bit of he's, got a little bit of identity. Politics attacks,
you know a month or so ago about you know he needs more diversely on his camp, any hasn't handled these allegations among staffers of harassment and what not, but he, unlike Biden so far, he hasn't really been called to account for the identity politics stuff in the way that he tightening some of the other candidates have. So I wonder, is he got one of those moments coming up now that he's enjoying this even greater popularity? I wonder about that because I think it's a little weird to go after you know: seventy five, six year old, radical from the sixties, Jus from Vermont on the grounds socialist who honeymoon in the Soviet Union on the grounds that he's incidents
We woke like it works to say: oh, these guys are all just. You know I kind of like establishment, heroines, pretending not to be, and- and you know they don't they don't hope. But you don't Sanders is not even a damn, not even a Democrat. I just don't know you don't think, stick to people when it when there minimal possibility like if you said, okay. Well, he smoked a year. He was ass, these guys, who smoked a lot of dope. If that were a problem for Democrats, maybe you could say that about him, although it's not clear that he smoked a lot of dope, he wrote some crazy weird
of in this counter cause her newspaper remind in the seventies, and I M really had a job and he was kicked out of humorless stories with kicked out of the commune. Casket was lazy and suddenly now said at another. It will come across as to say that he is insufficiently while, particularly since here is that he is a guy who just hired as his or not just but hired as his campaign manager, one Felicia care describe. I see that as a respective progressive operative who had been serving as the national political director for the American Civil Liberties Union, otherwise is interesting because face look here was hired by the ACL you essentially as part of its move away from its classic free speech issues into its into its now new position as
Oak as bulky VON woken steam organization so and he's like a care guy, he's a classic figure like that and comes to the king pain, which is, it was already staffed by foreign policy expert math does now. Who is mad? Does he like running the foreign policy aspects of the Sanders campaign mapped us a radical leftist whose main job in the two thousands was to be an Islamophobia Hunter for various. Far left journals and organizations and called all sorts of people. You know racists and Islam Haters and basically wrote a favor. Doctoral dissertation or some kind of dissertation on Muqtada Solder. Who is this radical Iraq?
He cleric? Why? Who was aligned with IRAN? Yeah he's a real he's, a real treat, thus also outspoken of Israel and America's relationship with Israel and end? Let's not forget birdies deputy press secretary who went on Facebook and said Jews do have dual loyalty. Israel is a racist nation and Jews have dual loyalty, and then she deleted the post from from Facebook by there was so. I don't know that you can turn this guy and say I dont know if he's woken up, five title is progressive enough and because, on top of this, also don't don't forget, Bernie put himself deep in ill, Hano Mars Corner when she was having to face criticism for her anti semitic comments, he called Rob to show his support.
Now given hell, you're, not you're, not anti semitic and so on. I think there's there is no part of the Woke identity script that he wouldn't gladly utter right. Ok, so let me so if we stimulate this them, there are two different Cyprus. There are two different things that follow. One is he's the guy to be. Is he the guy to be Yes, yes, so mean we're gonna, be there now you ve gotta, be because he's sitting there he's well in the race for two months is a twenty five. Twenty six ways observe the Poles and he is has more appeal to the parties base, clearly that any other candidate who was death, who desperately trying to get themselves in good with the party base which he doesn't seem to have to do like as he invented the pole, Hilary or Anti Hilary Party base. It now seems to be
running the show in the Democratic party. He still I mean he still. Trails he's got a high famer ability ratings among african american voters, much more so than you know, Elizabeth warnings and the other candidates out there, but he still behind by in that favour ability stuff right I mean so hee hee hee one of the reasons why his campaign yesterday did this phone call with reporters where they were. You do, sir, boasting about the diversity of their of his campaign staff and what not they were. They were throwing out all these numbers. His only his points among women and Latin voted right. Next. Voters like him in sectors that are part of that is in an effort to make sure that that momentum seem
It gets. It's gonna continue right. He's gotta get those african american voters on board away from Joe Biden. Okay, so did we Scibili bad them? Then there are two different issues. One is tromp right to say: oh man, let me run against Burma because boy he's so crazy that Democrats either a bunch of Democrats. Who would have voted democratic will vote for me the way they didn't twenty sixteen and push me over the top or he will depress the democratic turn out in the places that they may turn out and help him win,
Ah, what do we think that their argument or theory? I actually think, he's totally right, because I think Bernie won't break and capture a huge part of the democratic imagination and fire up bigger numbers, anyone suspects among them. I think he is absolutely terrifying, even in a way that I think is serve more terrifying than Trump to the rest of the company to address to the rest of the country where it's a gift to tramp, because then Trump has every reason imaginable to run again. Socialism, which was a right now. You know until it, if Bernie, if it Joe Biden, Cameron again socialism, because that's not gonna, that's not gonna work. I'm! U can try, but it won't be effective. If Bernie is the Democratic Party nominee he's running again social. Literally ok. So this is fascinating, because then you have a point:
Jonah Goldberg legs to make, which is be careful what you wish for if we learn anything and twenty sixteen, it's that, given a certain set of circumstances, anyone can, when the presidency tromp is not the strong candidate for real action, we ve ever seen unclaimed factories, maybe one of the weak candidates for reelection we ve ever seen at this point. The real some campaign and Bernie could win wherever we don't have a circumstance in which, as yet, if Bernie were to be the nominee, there would be a cannon to his left, who would still votes from him right. As a third party guy, like you know, Jill Stein, isn't gonna rise up, take two or three million votes away from Bernie Sanders that democratic nominee. Thus, you know really being thus his being as far as the left as he could possibly be,
could be helpful and then the second thing is he could win and if he will, then we reached the whirlwind right that and in a way that that nobody really can even quite entirely game out flooding Bernie Sanders. Who is someone who was now sponsored a piece of legislation? Maybe he's been in the areas where the Congress for thirty years or more lays now. You know he's always been like a comic back bencher like Joe Corbett he's never done anything of any legislative note in his. In his career, so he's mostly just a kind of representative of the most tray ideas in the end
states, and then he served moves into the White House. What on earth happens then I'll tell you one thing that happens, then, is the foreign policy of this country. If we thought that Barack Obama rather ran a terrifying foreign policy, and I think we did we that's something we believe you know, we know he's Harry Truman Comparative compared to Bernie Sanders right, I mean this is. So that the other thing that's, the other thing to worry about is he could win. It also be remarkable to think that, after years of Democrats, ranting about the republican present collusion or not collusion or ties are quid pro quo with Russia to then too then have elected democratic president? Who
you say literally honeymooning soviet, you here I mean he might be that the it's it's a really useful point to say that he's our carbon. He could become our carbon that's disturbing is deeply disturbing. Think about what his cabinet would look like. I just shudder to think right. Well, so so we have to. We have two or three different things going. I'm here we ve got SAM, cows as a serious candidate that it would be incredibly foolish. Not to look at and say he's kind of a front runner really: maybe they can take him down. Maybe other candidacies will take him down. Maybe they won't, but he's raise more money. He knows how to raise money. He's got that mailing list he's got those names. He can go back to them time and time again
and if we raise two hundred and fifty million dollars last time, he can raise three hundred and fifty million dollars this time, because the party has moved in his direction not away from him. That's that's number one number two ideologically he's terrifying and number three. He could be presidents of numbers two and three of them other, and you know it's our worst nightmare come true, but it still the case that a lot of people on the right will think this is the best thing they could ever happen from the reasons that have led out and that now that would be misguided to happen. Well, it's risky, in other words lie. If, if you were, if there were circumstance in which
Applicants could do nationally what in our Clare, Mc Caskey Dead in Missouri and kind of engineer thing, so she got the far right opponent that she wanted that she could beat if tromp could somehow do. That was Sanders. That would be foolish because the writ the risk of him winning is too great for the? U no attempt to opportunity of having an easier Canada. To beat I all of this, may not be that easy carry to bid just say very briefly, and it's kind of like the mirror image of what happens when you sixteen one Donald Trump was, you know, first making rumblings about running and and all the all everyone unless it I'll do it. Please didn't please go run we'd love, it Andy enjoyed the show, while the while the right
find itself over him, and then they had no idea that that he could actually, when I do think it there they Morse. You know we have plenty of surreal moments in our national politics in the last few years, but the fact that its actually Bernie Sanders he's gonna benefit from the wacky grandpa exception. Among the Democrats, and not Joe Biden, has Joe Biden actually getting called to the carpet for his wacky. You know he's not he's creepy uncle Joe now, it's kind of fishing that centres is the one who is now the beloved grandpa figure, even though his his ideological views are really really extremely well. He's like a beloved grandpa figure like Grandpa Simpson right, I mean really beloved, but he's got a beloved, and maybe the country finds he's a certain type that I find
believable tiresome, because I'm related to people like em and I've known you like my whole life and he's a certain type of you know leftist Jew. You know that I was tired of by the time I was like years old, but you know how seem like still seem like us, refreshing novelty, all the wonder. America. All of this, of course, is you know we're talking about all this with Joe Biden still out of the race, and he read IE just issued a little kind of apology,
video where he's in owed smiling and nodding in talking about now. He understands women need their personal space. He's gonna respect personal space in the future. You know cause he thought politics is all about connection buddy understands he'll, be mindful, etc, etc. So he still, we were still waiting, Anja right, we're still waiting to see how the I love that by the way, because that would indicate that the purpose of the secret services to keep the pressure them away from the people and that none of them, not the people away for the voters, that the threat with Rick comes from the old guy, with the roaming hand, only gets only it's only to be developed to be desired. I think, but I do. I also wonder whether you know what is it exactly that the other people who are vying for
The left this vote in the end, the base leftist avowed they're gonna have to do something to go at Bernie and try to convince burmese natural supporters that their there better for this than he is either that they agree with us that they are more in agreement with the general voters of the base or that Bernie it would be an incompetent or bad steward for there's enough for their support, and they also had they have they had the aid they have to do? Well, if you're, better, you go for the age, and they Washington insider thing, Rikers birdies, you know he's a swamp creature, regardless of his rhetoric, he's been Washington, a long time, he's old and You know he's either. Why do so? You can certainly come at him from that angle, but the most effective amid this is. This is problematic for quite a few
the people who, through their had the ring now, as you say they they have to attack him from the right in order to appeal to, centres. Voters and those are not the ones who generally turn out in his strong numbers, are the primary. So it's that's. That's a tough needle the thread, I think some some democratic candidates will beast Be able to hit him on his sort of not having any specifics and not being serious by the way some people like bidder Rourke will certainly not, but I mean you know, Elizabeth Warren. Perhaps you know, can cast. His socialist dreams is pie in the sky, even Combo Harris there's something there. Well you can see what a gift Elizabeth worms in I'm bumbling
leave her campaign has said is the Sanders, because obviously they have exactly the same appeal are very close to the same appeal but she's a woman. So she has the woman card to now it's possible by the way that the woman card, even on the left, is less of a great hard to play than we think because, remember the burning rose in twenty. Sixteen one of the things that they got purchase on was a signal degree of leftist, massage me people who did not like Hilary from the left like we're, not shy in Sir Social media terms of making it clear there was something about her gender that they didn't like an maybe Warren. Maybe Sanders taps into this
weird, as this ring an essay about that nineteen sixties forthcoming in a couple of months and the american scholar by writer named Emily Fox Gordon, who makes the point that she was traveling around in the late 1960s around the Columbia Campus with the you know, going to apartments of radicals until I got and how, on the far left in the nineteen sixties was all male and very beside the women of the left in Vietnam. Protest movement were all in the kitchen cooking stew, while the boy s work out and they were painting placards and they were doing all this woman
stuff. While the boy sat smoke grass, you now made plans, for you, know the next stalinist state in the United States and beat them up and in all kinds of stuff like that. So there is a weird overhang of this in the Sanders Movement, and maybe Warren may be worn, couldn't really appeal to those people. Hyper aggressive left us to want hyper aggressive, by which I mean male hyper aggressive attacks on tromp and capitalism, and all of that love, that's true! Then calmly Harris also suffers yet, although, but in terms of the primary, if I'm remembering this correctly Bernie never seem to have gone at Hilary too hard. I remember him saying: drawer
drop the email issue with her. I don't care about her emails. It was more his larger critique of the country right I mean we're here, you didn't seem till you, one thousand brawlers right right. He went after her Goldman Sachs, though right right right for giving speeches, but remember he was always. Focus he, I don't think he s really thought he was gonna win and he did not want a deal of a knockout blow against her like he didn't know, he was gonna win and then suddenly thought. Maybe he would win, but he was trying to thrive. Needle they're. Not you know that, wasn't gonna do something that was gonna destroy her. That was why he said forget about your emails cause heeded
to be the person, and that was a huge mistake right. It was a it was how it was a self inflicted blunder. If he had said this woman can I get elected president because of these emails, let's be clear about this trumpets gonna beat her like a dry. The Republicans are, gonna beat her like a drum on this and in out, we better make sure that we're all clear on this because this is gonna, be bad. You for some reason, if you remember and lay twenty four you're, not we were weren't allowed to say this, like the. The smelly. Little orthodoxy of twenty fifteen was saying negative stuff about Hilary was a form of massage any in and of itself, and so the Democrats never really had a moment at which they can
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Everything that we ve been talking about for less couple ones: Ilan, Omar, better work today saying that he supports preparations for slavery. All that, and yet there did not seem to be suffering at the polls nationally. But I will I just I wanna call to everyone's attention if they want to understand, particularly the kind of young Bernie Bro types that they should just go Jacobin magazine website, which is this kind of help. Hipster socialist magazine there's an entire their entire winter issue is like imagining: what happens when Bernie wins and its? They call it a true story, the future, its fascinating and kind of revolting. At the same time, but worth looking out if you want to kind of get inside the minded people who might end up electing our first socialist president, the questioner,
they're, not suffering in the polls. I mean I dont think most people are paying attention that they don't. You know the political classes paying attention, maybe the pretty rabbit activists, judo primary voter types are paying attention, but If, if this comes down to a presidential election, it's about socialism versus capitalism or reparations, yes or no, I think actually, then they will suffer if they take these positions, because this is not what the majority of the country would slip nor am I wrong, I mean they. Do we see a sudden resurgence in calls for reparations? That's never been a popular idea. I say I think you are completely right and I think they're not suffering the poles, because at the polls, because I think from most democratic arrogance, they view the radical elements of the left as an annoyance that will be overcome in time for the general election if they viewed as an annoyance. I've been they might think of this as yet right on you know you guys years you're speak in truth power. This is fantastic.
This really is a realistic, but I mean YO, I more for you that I am for that rich Mcconnell. I mean that mutual Connell's evil. Just if you want you know, you wanna tell me that the look out, and maybe about Venezuela. Maybe that things are, you know like we really shouldn't be pushing that country rates, terrible that we Americans her arm are playing footsie with with these woman sitting in in Venezuela who we're going to properly elected according to what I read or something like that like there is, that aspect to it, which is they don't hate them, but they don't. You know like a little more like well, you now go live in the world, the possible. I mean that their comical thing here is who, for president is ever going to say? Ok, stop! Ok enough! Maybe maybe you know of a boot reparations, no,
You know identity politics just another, though the first person that tries to put the brakes on the runaway radicalism, the runaway identity, terrorism, whatever it is, it's could suffer rightly, and they know it so to its is run train now that everyone is is, is scared to pull the brake on. Well it and it can. It serves furred trump. At least in the same way that the phrase political correctness served him in twenty. Sixteen, which is a very effective bludgeon of the main media of his political opponents of fear these the elite, which he loves, to call to account where at his rallies and supporters, so it will. I mean in that sense it something that I think any did that the damp Democrats need to be very careful about their message in that sense, because he is able he still has that skill I mean we were saying earlier. He's got a lot of negatives as well, but that's something he knows how to do pretty well in
That is what surprised his opponents, both in the primary and try sixteen and an end in the election. Okay. So let me then ask you this question trump. Already last night, at the c c dinner and Washington was making fun of Biden for being hands now can heat that successfully among his face and his fans? Yes, but but not among the left, leaning either that sort of centre right female voter in the suburbs. Now it's a bad idea, I mean I mean what is Biden accused right guess, I'm on the back of the head. He doesn't know women's hair
noses with somebody. You know what it's trapped credit. Tactically, am I talking about where the truth are or morally courtyard speak to his character. He he never gave any accusations against him a one atom of oxygen right. He was. He was always saying: it's nonsense, it's ridiculous! This is, but their attack inmates so from in is universe in the universe within he's created where he is in town really innocent from that standpoint. Yes, sure he can what I mean he can yeah. I mean you didn't do any like you know, there's, though you know he's a completely anti know me here, you know, there's nothing that he can't do somehow if he chooses to so it's very hard to follow what it is. I just think that you know. Generally speaking, you don't open up the sub
act of somebody's personal behaviour with your personal behaviour is worse. Yet some of us still remember having to explain to our teenage children went grab her by the you know what meant and why it was spoken by a candidate for president, so yeah yeah, yeah peoples that voters memories might be somewhat less than than the president's at this point, the only minor just just you know that it gives that the counter punching. And remember. One of the interesting things about the Democratic Party is because it holds the cultural high ground in the country and because it has, you know it has sort of the the entire pop culture on its side. However, the democratic nominees can be in what whatever the damn her prey is: gonna do over twelve nineteen and twenty twenty, and they could be very negative, but could also be positive.
One liners supplied by the best comedy were hears. You know bits viral things over the internet stuff like that if they can be generated in a way that is anti Trump without being you now serve clueless Lee ridiculous and triggering you know conservative or a moderate backlash, because it all seems so vapid or because it seems so politically correct Democrats will benefit from from having the most skilled people in the popular for supplying them with endless amounts of material. As long as it's not tone deaf now, it may well be tone deaf, but often it really is an hour. You know
one line, somebody supplying Biden, whether really fantastic one liner about Trump for a debate or for whatever will that that form works as a kind of them punch back against any charges of personal peccadilloes. Could you know, could really stick and sting it's out, but it also, I think, it's a double edged sword, because it also conceivably that he digs the type of thing. People really began to support tromp against, which is this sort of in meshing of the culture with the politics, with
the one being on the same page. With this you know the sort of army of people who want everyone to think the same way right. Well, so I'll give you an example, however, just because this is kind of a shaggy podcast today, so I just is gonna ridiculous thing. There's a review in variety. The show business Bible of a new children's Khartoum. With you, Jack ones, voice, it's called the missing. It's called missing link and it comes out next week and there is a very politicized film, critical righty named Peter Bruce, and he has just published a review
of missing link. I would just like to read you for five senses and say if trump winds and twenty twenty one. This is how we will get Trump again who came from entering into it. This is a review of ain't g. Rated cartoon quote though cocky is. Comes reliable. Frost doesn't fit the mould of other classical adventure heroes, whether animated otherwise and missing link the top heavy monster hunter imbued with chest. Swollen bravado by Hugh Jacquin does a remarkable thing about discovering a worse ask. Watch in America still contain Pacific Northwest. He listens, compare that with Indiana Jones and centuries of plundering anthropologists blithely destroy ancient sites in their pursuit of treasure, and you realize just how unusual sir Those reaction is, though he sets out, though he set out to prove the existence of this primitive ape man upon stumbling across this ask watch in the wild
rather than hauling the creature to civilization back to civilization. Like some kind of trophy our king Kong, he stops to ask the beast what it wants and adjust plans accordingly. Now most audiences may not even register this do wants, which is just one of them. In ways in which writer Director Chris Butler rings a more precise, narrative from this most retrograde of John roads as proof that humans can evolve. However, missing link makes a most excellent case. So all up what looks ask watch on is the order of the day. What we really need is woke. Sas watch hunting for my kids cartoon about the missing link by the way, just to give you an example of how far we ve traveled in our time, my
What are my kids at me? What is and what is the missing link, and I started to try to explain it so impossible to explain the concept of the missing link at you. Much chest swelling provide in your tone, to opt outs that Romano Centric members up like that. But but I'm not kidding when I say that you know it is, It is of inestimable value to the liberals and the left, how much power they have our have been granted and how much
authority they have in the world of popular culture to shape the message is a popular culture, and if they, if they tread lightly, they can do an enormous amount of good for their own cause, but a few really bad missteps. You know like some speech where some, but he says but he should have an input that whole campaign and twenty sixteen about how everyone showbiz winner, where a t shirt saying they had an abortion and how proud they were of it. Thus, thus reinforcing too serve the voters, who might otherwise not have liked from very much that they had no other choice if this was the most important thing to them, but to vote for him
because they were gonna have no sucker on the other side, you that's that's, that's something live Trump and the Republicans have going for them. If, if the, if the leftism ism careful- and I really enough, it knows how to be careful anymore, but it's interesting how much that review focuses on how we should all care about this ask watch feeling. Is that the feelings of the task that trade is about the feelings and then not about any? If those feelings are negative, then you ve done something wrong if their positive than it shows that you are actually a good human, but that that's it you're right that in
ways. That's why Trump run Trump hadn't didn't even attempt to empathize. In fact, he actively mocked people from the podium when he was rather is a candidate and that it is certainly shocking, but in some ways Bernie is the less version of that. Because he's not a very Emmy talk about the opposite of touching fairly. I mean you know, he's he's gotta voice, a can feel pain. Tease, you know, he's kind of video will always look slightly amass and you know everyone described, that is energy, but that's they're, trying to be diplomatic when they say that I mean it's it's, but he's also not one to talk much about feelings
I find that this is this is a departure from the democratic politicians have been oak. Obama was a little more rational cool professor like, but you know, Bill Clinton like this. Guy was talking about how he felt and how he thought the american people felt all the time and people loved it totally interesting if we actually end up with two candidates who don't much care about anyone's feelings, but their own, I mean every was a very interesting point. Movie does bring up the one of the things that may be attractive to Democrats to leftists about Sanders, just as tromp was attractive to write. Lists of sir of a certain view is that they think that this is war like They don't just exactly changes in policy to make health care out. They want millionaires and billionaires, punish they want people thrown in jail. They want show trials, they want, they want the expression than they were
the expression of national discussed against capitalism. Like that, that's that's! That's what they want not get Jacobin magazine says we want policies that diminish the power of capital and radically democratize the economy. More welfare state is not enough for minutes bits there that that's what I want, and so you know, if that's what they want them you know going with, though, is the problem with moderates. If you know what when there's a lot of passion behind more ecological people, which is what is it that their promising they sort of end, that promising everything you always wanted a beer, but less right like you, can have Bernie you'll, just get it in a sort of like Bernie, but just a lot less of it. Now has that's that you know we can't really. We are really have the gumption or just stick to it of miss or something to is the Z. My whole package yeah
like we- can provide the whole package so will give you you know. Bernie light will give you my colleagues and I will give you early zero or something like that, and look at all sir tastes like Bernie. It look like Bernie, but it won't we're not going to commit. We can commit all the way we'd like to all things being equal. You know we'd like to destroy capital. You know no one, no one in this race and the democratic side can can car with a single bit sick about capitalism but tat, but you know, but it just it's just its tube. It's too big of a hall rights. While that's not a website where this country is and you know- and this is the kind of get to the point that was making earlier in the pod- cast about the difficulty in trying to thread that needle you know with it with radicals in the establishment and end the interesting things.
Look at someone like Barack Obama who, from our standpoint is arrows conventional interviewed, sais radical, but it was a great departure left word international politics. He never so, himself as radical or even radical light, he was always. It was always framed, is being pragmatic and straight down the middle right. Well, the whole thing was yeah. Like you know, he'll he'll be happy to entertain ideas. That's right the other side as long as those ideas are his ideas already for his eye, but I'm just saying that you know when you get into a race which is again a case for someone likes Anders into a republican race. In TWAIN succeed you have all these fifteen candidates who really don't there isn't very much policy this
between them, and so it's the narcissism, small differences that starts to govern how they attack each other, the pettiness of the attacks against each other, because you know just as they arts startlingly comfortable with a lot of what trumpets done. Imagine how TED crews would feel about a market rouble, Rubio presidency I mean or the other, or vice versa, like they would be ecstatic with with the policies the other would have put into place, and so it serve the same thing here, it's like if, if, if, when you get his leg Kamel, if you get Jill Brand better
and the book are all saying that therefore reparations, probably calmly Harris Also- and it's like centres can say reparation sure, preparations are finally it's the capitalist system we need to destroy. Will right. That's that's. Actually that's a really important point night, because Trump, one in part by waging a new car- your war that that the people who like hearing what he said in a really felt, spoke to them? And there are quite a few democrats in the private primary feel right now, who are also waging culture warheads talk of vibrations, Ali identity, politics, but centres is raging, economic war and that's a different thing. It's a somewhat different thing than the culture war stuff, so he can say there he can that. Maybe that's one of the ways he kind of bats away any questions about it. Politics is like. Oh, no, the bigger issue is capital. The bigger issue is, is this economic revolution that we need to
pursue enhance all those you'd, all those college, kids with their student loans at love. Hearing so like it's gonna, be free, everything will be free. You know it's, it is appealing I mean like you can understand why they want to hear someone say that while been reparations, functions in some of the same way. I mean why can't you call for reparations you're not going to be paying them exactly it's the government, somehow that's gonna be paying them, and so and they'll be. You know. I mean it's funny about reparations, goes thinking, thinking it through a little, but you get the so if you had one grandparent who was a slave or one great one, great grandparent, who is a slave, but everybody else came from somewhere else. Do you get less representations, then somebody who had four great grandparents,
the slaves? Do you get more get less? Who gets how much had you prove that your grandparents were? You know all stuff, and then you really have as a kind of practical matter for the first time, one of the main charges on the right has always been falsely about one of the things that activates peoples the idea that minorities get things that that everybody else doesn't get right, they get food stamps. Are they get benefits from the government, but other people or get me- that's not true. With the all, with the exception of affirmative action, all benefits are race, blind, right or colorblind. All federal benefits and safeguard our colorblind, so you create rubber decisions on your instantly, creating a benefit that goes to one group, not everybody,
and you were therefore retroactively, justify every racial claim that the policy one party or the other, or of the federal government are designed to benefit one group of people as opposed to others, and that destroys the country right there. At the end, if we ended I'd states of America and Canada? How it? I don't know what it means saves the aim of the United States of America, but our whatever political compact that is the governs us, will not survive. Circumstance in which tens of millions of people gotta check from the government that other people don't get well and end. If, especially, if you know, if you set up some elaborate reparations bureaucracy that carefully traces, the decision or even if you set aside
this practical challenge of making sure that the people who get the money are, in fact, descendants of slaves versus say, for example, first generation african immigrants with you know and any any you know. Elite college can check diversity box by bringing those kids in right, even if they have not, they were not the descendants of slaves in the. U S, even if you set aside that practical challenge, then what about the money flowing in a mean? Should someone who you know came whose dissent is relatives came to the United States after the civil war have to have to get out? Tax money be used for that. What about the people who lost relatives fighting in the union army people can traced out? Let me answer me: it's we actually did pay monetary and and and human costs, which was the civil war, and so I think that definitely that did not of all of the problems in an end racism, nor did even a lot of the letters
that we had in the nineteen sixties solve racism. This. This is an ongoing challenge, but I think reparations has through tears are he's in that as a nation. Every time this this comes up, it doesn't turn into an actual policy. It's not so it s kind of goes against the american way of doing things. It's not pragmatic. It's it's very identity. Politics based its it kind of everything that we shouldn't. One is diverse and kind of, as well as a diverse society, because it points out our differences. It doesn't encourage us to come them and to work towards bettering the groups in society. The need that need help, I mean it, and you know, of course, the ironic or the nonsensical thing about all this is its though so people say in favour of reparations at it is. It is a way of ultimately healing the, though the wound that was slavery and andean. Go the ongoing festering wound of races,
but of course this will anything but breaking the the fever this wall. This will ignite centuries more of of bitterness and really like real fight racism will, I think, take hold in the case of something like this. It would be an absolute ugly nightmare here, and I have heard about this at the analogy: that's often major scene at the german government paid reparations to Israel afterward. To. That is not that's like China, hazy, coats and a bunch of other people who one reparations, always site that that's a very different thing, because african merit These are not a nation state within the United States, and that was that was you know what you can compare, what two sovereign nations did for their people to what reparations for African Americans in the union.
Say to look like, while also also happened. Ten years after the Holocaust, exactly sixty- or I may say, the whole thing is that comparison is is, is is demented a and b A lot of people in Israel were opposed to reparations. Read they did not want blood money, they they thought, Was it would be a stain on Israel to it to take german blood money? And you know, that's that's not an argument that has that has been lost,
or one I mean it's over and a lot of the reparations came in the form of act had the entire israeli taxi fleet was Mercedes is for thirty years I'm not kidding. That is an ally. Alot of cars were sent to Israel, Lotta Mercedes were sent, Israel may and they have really really knights TAT made. It have nice anything in Israel. Nothing was nice, they even have good good aid. They then instant coffee, but you had this very luxurious cab pick you up at Lud Airport anyway,.
Got to this. I don't know cabs what airport Reparations Biden Sanders, but once again I am going to follow the practical dictates of my friend Scott Demagogy and say this exits question you guys head to head Trump versus Bernie, who wins yeah Trump absolutely night. I don't say that with pleasure, but I say to you: I I genuinely don't know I just I don't know. I think the idea
that Bernie, the Trump wins going away is problematic. So I having having fulfilled Scots request, I am cropping out on the exit question suggesting that you join us all next week for more fun and hijackings here, and the Democrats are going crazy land so for Christine and a ban with no back with us next week, I'm John ports keep the candle burning
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