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From Their Warm, Healthy, Fully Vaccinated Hands

2022-01-28 | 🔗
The left is beginning to engage in the debate over the efficacy of masking, long after that debate definitively ended on the right. But can Democrats and their progressive allies give up the talisman if it means retroactively confirming that Republicans were right all along? Also, the bizarre conflicting stories around Joe Biden’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine barely podcast these Friday January, twenty eight twenty twenty two, I'm John ports. The editor commentary magazine with me is always executive Avenue, Greenwell High, I jump Senora Christine, hi, Christine John and Associate editor,
Rossman high on our agenda. So as the masking madness and confusion and upset the continues or continue. I guess I'm a man without a poor or singular toys hard to speak grammatically. When you add a lot of the items to your list I want to tell you about an ad that's on a local New York station from Dr Dave Choksi. The city's doctor, as he calls himself he's like the head of the New York City, you know he'll surveyors whatever, and he does a lot of commercials bad every week, there's a new car so about the pandemic, and this commercial was about how we have now done here a masks. You should beware, and then ninety four twenty three and XNU, no five hundred fireball and, of course, the
and my career, maybe five and then, says, we are no law. It is no longer recommended that you wear a cloth mass cloth, ass are not helpful in in preventing the spread of covered. You should work disposable, masks are better here's something you can try, he says, take a cab, mask and put it over your disposable mask to hold your disposable mask in place, and thus you're disposable mask, will not move, and it, therefore you will then so we are now advising Thee head of the largest city in America's covert response team, is right amending the people double mask. At a time when masking is getting increasingly controversial so that the second ineffectual mask is used as a weight
To hold down the first more important mask, we are approaching the end of January twenty twenty two we were told to mask up, I believe, at the end of March twenty twenty The double masking protocol that we all remember from one was that last year is now back, but as a. Here's, how you can really make sure that the seal of your disposable mask is really good put a cloth mask over it. Can I detect a note of it? credulity in your commentary- and I can only conclude that you want schools to close and people to die. This is I want two dies. Gentleness practice. Think of the children tat- and I quote from a and Sturgis County official here in Maryland, that that shows that the
Game the long game for a lot of these folks is masking forever. It doesn't really matter the quality, the mask. It's a control mechanism and this this official basically posted in response to what started to be more of a snowball rolling down the hill critique of permanent masking said the old. Off ramp. I want is the one where cove it no longer exists. I dont think that that off ramp will exist. So, basically, in this was in response to a question about what is the what's offering for permanent massing, particularly for very young children in schools. There's your answer and that the answer was. It was rare in part because it was completely honest, but the policy makers are doing this, but without being honest, particularly in schools and they're, not their basically saying Only ten percent effectively tat. They had the ten percent and never weighing the wrist and benefit of mass critically for children, so a variant charitable of written way to enter
This is to say that it's just an exercise of power for its own sake. A slightly more charitable thing would be say that people really do believe that this is helpful in parent. and we have a moral responsibility to the people around us, and so this is just something we have to do in perpetuity book. It's it's good for you. It's good for me is good for everyone, and, if you don't do it you're kind of a bad person, that's not really an to use for that kind of behavior. It's an experts, it's a diagnosis. This is psychological problem. It's it's paranoid its mania. So now, if we can't begin, allow that to happen to you, on just because their hearts are in the right place, they have to be shaken out of it. No, I saw that Earlier today, you had of you tweeted something there was a pole of voters, concerns, prioritized and Democrats up a plurality
I think show the covetous till still their number one concern ride. You're majority there you so there is. There is a significant Dangers of this paranoid factor out. There then maybe we can talk about pulls earlier. That said that most people think that I'm gonna go get worse over the course of this year. All evidence notwithstanding and a most of them are Democrats, but then they wouldn't then, if that were the case, it really was. If we want to do that The interpretation say their worried about people's lives. They really are worried about people's lives. Here, that's whether one per annum asking there should be. No, you you shouldn't alone be allowed to go to any social event in a public space. You should no longer be able to dine in a dining room. We should only, do take out that, because the is the inconsistency they started to strike up. Certainly lot apparent,
cause your kids to wear, masks eight hours a day in school, but the teachers who are insisting on that in a minute shares your insisting on it will leave school goodwill bar, take off their mask and hang up for three hours talking in directly to someone who sitting right next to them, but the kids in their school are forced to sit outside in the cold on the ground and not speak between bites. It's ridiculous that democracy- and I just have that- has been a consistent them. If it really were about lives at risk. All of these of elected officials would constantly be mass, but we ve from them hello, suitor, Muriel, Bouser and many other mayors. We ve seen them out partying. Even when restrictions were still pretty serious and before there were higher vaccination rates, they don't take it seriously themselves. Why should we believe that I I have as you guys now. I have now become part of the population. with with a dog. I now have a dog and there I want
but I won the dog many times a day because its puppy and were trying to get her house not going very well but we're out Godspeed to us it's cold and anyway. The reason I bring this up is because walking along Riverside drive in in in on the upper was out of New York. There are a lot of people right. There's is it said it There is along boulevard, you know it's, not it's not really a street at the end of the serve the end of the West side and their serve along, unbroken pavonicide. You know, so you have to stop a traffic lights and suchlike then, it's a! U know, ten block, twelve or fourteen block prominent
and there are a lot of people on it: weren't walking dogs or sometimes their delivery, guys on mopeds or whatever and them and extend its night. Or David. Whatever and astonishing number people are mass stop, as there were their dogs there outside, and they are very unlikely to directions with anybody outside it will have interactions with another dog owner when the dog now runs up and wants to sniff the other dog or whatever But I would say, half of people are where they're outside what one outside in the open air. One note on this chasm, I'm in New York
in this weather. I leave my mask on outside of your call. What or that of the efforts of my wife says, and she says she likes. It goes a that's up, maybe I'm being unfair and that this is essentially like a scheme. Ask you know without the wool covering you know, so you don't look like you know a bank robber whatever. But but let's say it isn't, let's say that's true of dino half of people, but not the other half that I keep using the phrase over and over again on this earth that people have lost the thread we weren't oblige her obligated to wear masks outside we haven't been obligated. Are obliged were mass outside for a very long time and what there is now is a is a version of the virus that is very unlikely to be harmful to you. If you are vast and blue, and particularly for vaccines
boosted. Everybody knows people who have had alma crime and of how a very mild reaction to it and are actually believed to have gotten it because they got through it and the vaccine help them and they now my we might have anti bodies from. Getting alma Kron in addition to whatever the vaccine produces. You know what I've noticed jump The people who are particularly scared and continue the we ve been talking about here. They also somehow always seem to know people, at least by some, remove who got Micron and it was serious. I hear that from them.
my own educators and ran sign yet, but ok, so Delta was wet when people got breakthrough cases with a delta variant. That was more likely to have a serious effect. The very unlikely to have a serious effect now is vanishingly unlikely that almost crime will have a serious effect exe, for the unvaccinated and I'm going to assume- and this, of course is where we start getting into weird territory about how all of this is. You know these are signposts. Everybody. The people who should wear masks are the unvaccinated right. I mean that just follow the logic you're not going to get back tonight. Cuz, you don't trust having the vaccine, your system, blah blah blah blah
or perhaps the amino compromised and people in the lives of people are of a mean, a compromise which I saw, how become forty percent of the american population right, but nonetheless, ok, but, but so you need to wear masks because your vaccinated Are the vaccinated wearing a mask? Are they have actually wearing masks? No, thereby the least likely to wear a whose them likely where a mask people for banks to him posted is my guess. That's why we ve lost the thread. The thread has been lost. People are, it would be as though you were in a car and you put on a seat belt, and then you strapped on a harness
and you act of aid the airbag to drive. I mean you can drive with an airbag. I probably can't ride lunar back, but you know you- and you understand why my my analogy here, if you are the sort of person who drives, and see about very cautiously data about in a like the logic of where we are here doesn't make sense and what you have is an entire public health apparatus that can affect the behaviour of can affect condition and control very easily the behaviour of people who were not in need of that control and have increasingly negative effects opposite effects. On the people who may need to hear what it is they have to say. That is the condition That we are in twenty one months into the pandemic right, I mean
think this weekend or something will mark the first time that there was a public discussions of something weird going on in war on two years ago. That's where are, and that is why we are in such a maddened condition and why the point is that the people who are masked can get increasingly disenchanted with asking regime. If it goes on and is not altered. I were saying that with parents were seeing that with all the ok we are not going to. Yet in the other direction. We're not going to see people like us say I guess you know I guess too. I mean, maybe, if there's a terrible variant that is so dangerous, that the vaccines are ineffective and kills you and will do
However, we have to do, though I imagine them, and that point will we will consider masking inefficient unto the day and we will go back into lockdown, not not just mask winning, also set at apes. Point that Paul. That said, fifty one percent of Democrats had a pandemic is the top issue facing the country. Only thirteen percent sites, inflation in its reversed for debt relief. against forty four percent republican translation? Nineteen percent say the pandemic is in my You attributable to the fact that, where most Republicans live the pen because a non issue doesn't interfere in your daily life you barely encounter at and when you do encounter it, it's primarily and institutions that are government run, which crystallizes the problem for you. A case in democratic, dominated locales, where this has become a self reinforcing social norms and, as you said earlier before, we start doing, this park has to understand to see cracks in the consensus around the world. Asking regime, not the other way around and its being bitterly resisted union rights,
The influential people within the liberal ecosystem folks, like Chris Hazan, nor tens reporter our opinion, redder Michel Dahlberg, all both of whom have been maximum lists over there. So this pandemic now gently questioning the sign, Tippit rationale for masking children to the sound of NASH, teeth and garment rending for people for whom this has become a way of life. Just gonna have to have it. ripped out from under them and if we want to do this themselves, as a matter of personal choice that should be an option. It should also just be voluntary and not imposed on everyone else. I only regret that it is an option people in South EAST Asia. have been masking an unmasked masking and unmasking since ninety ninety seven in response to seven in response to were this valley. Other thing we know is one of the oddities of
life in New York. Is that you see a lot of people you know when your daily life, in a way that people down other place Is because you write in subways or mass transit or you're in very large crowds, a lot of the time right so before the pandemic you would people on the subway wearing masks. They were almost exclusively asian, they were an end and that was begun. because they had been through some now because of Sars and the bird flu, whatever they had lived through. Something very much like what we, True now and a lot of talk with some people and so the minute that they get a sniffle or you know they don't fit something they put a mask on and that could be applied the condition of american life from among a certain cohort of people after this is all over. You can see how that would happen, They take security in. Perhaps I can drive there
worried about getting cold like people who are fraught. You know who the surgeon who don't ever want to shake anybody else's hand for fear that they'll get germs or someone better than none negligible number people, and they Oh we'll have a socially acceptable, indeed, even socially desirable form of behaviour we'll be theirs to choose. Nobody denies that. As a right, and nobody denies parents right to mask up a kid in school. If the parent thinks that that's what's best for the kids health, It is precisely this the imposition of it from above and the system, sign it by authorities. is creating the single most libertarian moment of my lifetime. As far as I can tell vast numbers of people who simply have decided that not only do they not trust what authorities are telling them, but they believe,
yet the words that are coming out of the authorities mouth are corrupted that they are there we have all terrier motive and that the last thing they're going to do is listen to them. But there is a third component there to that, which is that a lot of what we have, what sceptics have but the masking regimes have been saying for quite some time now and then they are probably more off more likely than to be on the conservative or republican side of the island than the democratic side of the eyes were told time and time again you're spreading misinformation. This is gonna harm p. Call you want children to die, I mean over and over again and now our friend just got a shower. Who is on the podcast earlier this week pointed out this more. said you know. The timing of this is interesting right. The post publishes it up ad from better. Experts saying and mass mandates than the Atlantic does the next day. The Atlantic has a big piece about this, then NPR and then, as
As no I said com is the New York Times. All of a sudden. The dam is breaking, but that itself is it is, is the reason why the suspicions, a lot of us, had about the public health establishment and its lackeys the media is heightened. It's not like. I find that reassuring a glad they're coming around to reason, but we were all saying the same thing. Six months ago, and we were called horrible people for doing it, questioning the science, etc, etc. So that is another reason why I think the mainstream cultural conversation about masking has been on two tracks for a very long time. Once I've has been saying, we should have the freedom to choose The other side has been saying quite more draconian things about it. Thank you want people to die, you're, a terrible human being and that's those are two very different tracks. I, I am more sympathetic to this to the second track than you might think.
I just think I'm a moment about science now talking about math, I'm talking about statistics, I think that we came to understand and some time in the summer, during the delta surge that, if you were following my aunt's and watching the math and seeing what was going on that, the that the arguments that Delta had figured out a way to kill twenty two escape the confines of the vaccines, or they would have really hurt you. You was not happening. Those studies that the famous study that studies of fell apart to Provincetown bear weak study that suggested that all these vaccinated people were somehow now getting in a bad covered, fell apart under under momentary scrutiny, and that we were the ones who believed in the science. The science said the vast
nations work they were never obliterated. There was never good, they were never going to obliterate the virus, no vaccine, obliterates a virus or a disease, without a couple of generations. It takes a couple of generations for smallpox to be eradicated you know it takes a generation or more for polio to be effectively eradicated. The MRI, Nay vaccines which aren't, which aren't you Vaccines in the you know in the traditional sense, were not there to obliterate or end the vaccine. They did what they were supposed to do. We were told to take off our masks by Biden in whenever that was may at a remember when he said it and he was right and he remained right and then
then Delta came along and then all mccrone came along and nothing has shaken my since that we had a meal. It of the facts. It was time to take the mask off. And you know I have kids in school there wearing masks, because I can't you know I mean that's, that's the way until the consensus of the elites change you have to live as an extreme nonconformist or a girl counter cultural list to get into this fight to have this fight. But this is we're right, I mean and where right based on the science there that they are the ones who are making talisman here's. Let me finish out a just cause. I'm like rant about forget my point back in twenty twenty, when there was the hydrochloric when Craig his or the death, or that knowledge. You know it's a horse medicine all that there was something
little talus manic about the idea that all I've got this alternative therapy. I'm gonna use this, and this is gonna cure me and they're, not letting you have it because they want they want. They have a multi billion dollar profit motive, or something like that There was something little talus manic about the idea that there was a you know. There were special magical drugs out there that you couldn't purpose for this purpose and cure yourself, and that weren't, letting you have them because there you know I've convey western medicine didn't like whatever it was at an hour even now. Now we know the vaccines work there is the New York State study the headed that fifteen times the number. If you're in inhospitable you you're. The likelihood of somebody being in a hospital for Cove was fifteen times greater if you were vat on vaccinated than if you were back,
made it, and we still don't have the firm numbers on how many people who are having serious hospitalizations who have covered are there because of coded or their there, because they came in with other conditions and have called it, and they are therefore put in the covert ledger as opposed to thee you know, I don't know what what other reason your hospitalized for long now kid dialysis are what whatever okay, so they were. There was talus manic behaviour. I'm not on the right. Tromp was a bit of a tower manic person always has been, and now it's tells Maggie we're on the left. We are the ones who are far inside We are the ones who are following the wanted to law epidemiological data there, not that's. Why is this? Is it?
This is another manifestation of a problem that is extraordinarily frustrating for conservatives, which is, as liberals and conservatives live in two different political time zones. By the time that news real crisis or some sort of breakthrough or a genuine development that isn't good for the liberal, for the for the elite gets gets to the liberally Conservatives have been living with that information for ages this this. This is the case of them. crime and anti policing. This was dead and burn up small for scale the issue with Andrew Cuomo, and it is the case with masking it's going to be the case children and covered. There will be a point where we'll be this revelation liberals that that that that that children are in fact short narrowly less likely to get sick from covered, but it is, it is like trying. It is similar to the frustration
trying to do business with someone in another timezone. It's like you can't meat the site. You know you're you're you're on other parts of the world, which is exactly where we are and that's why it's gonna take conflict to surgically excises masking regimes from the places they cling to them as talismans, because it's not data driven, it's it's superstitious and superstitions are are difficult to to remedy the problem is, this is part of the democratic at source of identity. Now we can't be right They spent two years saying we were lunatics or ignoring the data and just joking no operating on the basis of conspiracy theories day, where the responsible, once they were, the smart ones, they were listening to the experts. We can't be right that would be traumatic, it would We were able to cast you asunder, you would literally be adrift in a sealed,
at a source of identity. Anything to more you do something concrete as a whole, your community? It would be traumatic, so there has to be true. my involved and that's what we're seeing and what in Virginia within sing ferocity as parents force through led through law fairer through protest, through have whatever mechanisms are available to them to force these schools, to abandon their their mask mandate. You're also going to see it in for adults in in there's gonna be future com it is also in San Francisco. They announced that there can be no. We ease some of the indoor mask restrictions if you're vaccinated, but vaccination means boosted as well so they're changing the goalposts there. You can't just have to shut you also us after booster and that's going to lead to conflict as well like everyone in those settings hostage
heard that they've been boosted if they want to take their masks off, have to have to relax the inner mask mandate in San Francisco, because how else are people going to shoplift effectively? I mean really want to make the world safe for Sheena for the shop Stars and you now, you really really hampering their ability to breathe if they to run out of the store carrying of sixty five and flat screen there is little ones they mean they're. The ones who need masts. Words it's a band aid measure will, and I will say, San Francisco, another liberal city, run by a liberal mayor who herself was caught during you know. I think The delta spike partying at a bar, listening to jazz with no one mass deep. Another was an indoor mass mandate, so another nice blue state hypocrites. Look. I just think that you have. You have an interesting reversal, I'm not to get into a trump bashing, raising like that
but trouble ass. The trains re election because he was in constant and weird about covered. I think in large measure, and I'm not saying by the way that that that the same, now happening in reverse with the Democrats. Their behaviour in relation to the infirmary and we have about the variants and how they affect people is incorrect. And and weird they are, and they are now just simply trying to use raw power to achieve them and that are now divorced from the science right. a right that, as of today Friday, there's gonna be hearing here in New York state about the state of the judges ruling with sad that the governor of the state did not have a constitutional authority to impose a stay white mass mandate that rolling came down on Monday on Tuesday, a appeals, corridor superior court stay the ruling.
In anticipation of a hearing today in which they can present their arguments. I dont William, said how on earth hopefuls argument can provide while she does not have the authority to have done this as a simple matter, but it became axiomatic for her and for the attorney general of they that this was something they have to fight tooth and nail, not use it as an escape had valve you'll notice, that Biden very we use the Supreme Court's ruling on the ocean mandate as an escape valve last week. They just very quietly said they weren't fighting it. There were no look for legislation, nothing the mask mandate, the ocean ass mandate is over. It's gone. Did you see headlines about it? Did you? be anybody make an announcement they over reached. It would didn't work, it was a stupid idea that was promulgated too.
It was a political problem at the moment that it came out because people said Biden has been paying enough attention and so decided to pay too much attention and they just let it drop, and you could have done that New York state Caviar could have said there must be a state mask and eight and then a judge says now and then to grant ok, where I am so, we try and die. and that a judge has ruled that we're just going to go along with the judge. Now they have to fight it tooth and nail, and they are so so I don't see how this ends all that well for them, but it also is not going to end up all that well for us, because this scepticism that all this is introducing in an enormously large number of people. yeah. A lot of them are already very anti government. A lot of them are already very sceptical of power, and all of that- and maybe it's a good thing, because people should view their government with worse
this ism than they do or you know, maybe that's it. That's it that's a decent thing and in some large birthing, but I'm not see, I'm not kidding when I say the lit the libertarian overhang I feel a libertarian congratulations and if you're, not a libertarian like me than merely you'd, although you, though, you see some value in certain kinds of libertarian ideas, you know a film much more ambiguously about this. We just don't know This is gonna. Go I mean any president gets up and says anything. We already know that half the country isn't gonna believe what he says there is gonna, as is gonna opposed what he says. This is a different quality. This is now we have now accepted that Anthony found. She comes out the most do you know my most trusted person in America and he said Seventy percent is heard immunity then he's like I can edge that number up to eighty or ninety, or some like that now at eighty three. Percent of people having had at least one dose in the United States over the age of either five or twelve, and and
words heard. Immunity are no longer being used anywhere in the in America when we may already have achieved heard immunity in this sense, which is that everybody was vaccinated, is not at risk from alma crop. Is that hurt immunity? We should probably talk and talk about the fallacy profile which illustrates the problem that the The caliph apparatus is made for itself, but well understanding that there is no idea of wit, direction there. How this will manifest destiny, not fear mistrust of not fear mistrust of authority which will manifest in the generation that grows up under this regime. You know we ve lived enough libertarian moments to know how the end there's no leader, this movement, it's it's a definitional, leaderless movement, and so the people with the most profile end up becoming v extreme, so we'll have a libertarian moment. Then somebody comes out and says that allow end the borders or again, our return- the gold standard monies alot suddenly
and then the libertarian moment ends- and you can expect to see that two, so it's more reasonable to expect a conservative moment, yeah something a sort of straddles. The divide a little bit. Maybe I mean strange things and have the problem is that, generally speaking, the aftermath of crises dont end up like in having us of rational. It is not right. To advance to be got things go in a corkscrew direction. They go in ways that you can anticipate and add. Also said it in twenty twenty two, the the inevitable. I figure right the inevitable extremist, Libertarian who's going to emerge in twenty twenty two as a lot better chance of gaining some purchase than someone like that ever would have before, like they're they're sort of do for there,
for their extreme superstar. You know the right has on the left. Has him yeah? I'm in the problem is libertarianism is fundamentally, we know after hours of anarchy, sent a clear, so leaders leaders are Mathematics, libertarianism in some fundamental sense. So you know, which is why populism populism Europe's leaders of libertarianism hates leader. So you know a leader, libertarian leader is almost like a contradiction. In terms. Let's talk a little bit about this value profile in the Washington Post, very long, very big profile. You know of the old school profile yummy in at his door when he opened the door of the reporter- and he says, can we closed door quickly, so they can take my picture there, all outside popper out whatever, and it's all about. You know the torment.
Anthony Vow, cheap because no interest him any more and people are putting among kill lists and the and that he gets yell dad when he goes and testifies poor Congress by two doctors or in Congress, or just so terrible to him. and that you know he he it's not him, it's not about him. He says it's, he can take him. It's not that it's that it's just. He doesn't understand how people you know can just believe untruths, just total untruths, Anne and how they can believe untruths. Ok, this is the man began this period of american history by telling a deliberate untruths. By saying you do not in the case of a pandemic, we don't want you to mask cause. He was worried that there would be a run on masks and there wouldn't be enough p b for the healthcare workers he be inaugurated. This peer.
with a lie. He told to the american people and two years later he has the gall the nerve, the unmitigated balls, to say that his problem here is that the american people just can't trust the science or or or believe in lies, but it's worse than that, because I mean I would call this is it. This is the second or third. In a series of profiles that could be called profiles in male vanity, this guide posed in July of twenty twenty on in style, magazine poolside with his shades and said well with all due Molly see, I think, I'm pretty effective. I mean it's a part of it and I remember I was railing about this to you guys when it came out and sending you links to the pictures of him. Looking so cool and now part of this, I should I should have the caveat that, like half the. but my neighbors had like we love you, Doctor Fouche signs up which drove me absolutely not because of the culture personality it suggested, but these people
I have been coming over, never get. He is loving the opposition. He says in this Washington Post profile. Oh I'd, better, be careful with my words good Lord Ingram will talk about me tonight. Ownership he's eating it up, he sees himself is so important and so relevant. The other important point about besides the lie, as is John correctly points out that he began his his public profile with it. He called himself science. He said the reason they don't like music. I am science. No, You are not science, you are a highly paid and and moderately ineffective bureaucrats who was a who was in a figure that arose because of the vacuum posed by trumps, inconstant public messaging about the virus and he has not proven to be the we know demigod. He sees himself to be at this point at the end of his career, that that, aside about Laurie, That was the most important point of that very long. Profiling now comes at the very beginning, so it sort of colours the IMF, the profile that appropriately we ve, talked a lot about. His
More mendacity is vainglorious pronouncements, yet his effort to use his perch to alter american statecraft visa. Be Beijing. just entirely outside his remit. The ways in which he has behaved, I think, an end in ways that dont be fed his station. That, aside girls, a certain amount of hostility towards these conservator eleven years that he has for a very long time. The boycotting Fox has tried to have him on a lot and he hasn't been on Fox for a very long time, and a human being as a human being. I can understand why you, wouldn't you don't wanna, do not want to subject yourself to that, especially if you think it's just political point, scoring you're setting yourself up to be a pen yadda somebody else's programme where you can't control the MIKE. It's it's not an even playing field. I get that at the same time, you're also complaining that
people. Just don't listen to you. Will you not talking to them? You hate them. You are you absolutely resent everything about them and yet you're frustrated There are not listening to you are paying attention to you when all you do is show further, their somewhat deserved scorn for you with this mutual hostility towards each other? What do you expect and how on earth is that disposition going to resolve this problem thank you so Paramount in american natural life, your by by any real noble interpretation of this situation, your contributing to the problem, you think, is one of them not problems facing the nation. So what's your court, of action their resolve the problem or get out of the way. The guide to say this because I hated you know, any praise, even implicit, arrogant, explicit, firm, Michel Goldberg, but in her column, where she says the mass
should be ended when the alma Kron surges over, which is a couple of weeks away, based on the precipitous decline in the its loads that we're seeing now, she said something very sensible. What she says is They say we need masks, because there could be new variants. but there are new variants, people kids can put the mass sun again, it's like you, have a cut. The cut healed keep the band aid on because it could reopened You know you have a you have broken bone, you have a cast on the bone has mostly healed it's time to take no less the cast on for a year in case you trip. This is madness, and it is of course, Toto
Common sense authorities say we ve, like lost the thread. Liberals have lost the thread to say all things being equal, you shouldn't be wearing a mask, all things being who you shouldn't be wearing a mask the omicron surges over. You could take them off right now by the way, but the omicron search is over. Take off the mask. If there's a zeta variant, then the mask goes back on that's that's normal. That would be a normal reaction. That would be the normal thing, because the normal thing should be. The default is no one where the mask the default isn't kids, where a mask, and that is why the Prince Georgia's county superintendent, where I think the weirder title than that she's like to cheat the c o a bridge, Georgia's county schools. I looked her up once again, not an elected official, not responsive to anybody, but the prince urges carry executive as far as I can tell, and she is making,
cool policy and acting as though parents have literally no say in the policy when parents actually are the governing authorities over the schooling and Prince Georgia's county because of property taxes and the fact they elect the executive and all that. Nonetheless, what she's saying as the default from now on should be that kid's wear masks. The default should never been the kids where mass the default should have been. There are no more asks and then something happens, and then you put him ass back on for two weeks and then you take it off again, even even that doesn't mean even that sort masking policies applied to vary and children is still out an ally or compared to the rest of the world by total leading ready. Yet they rightly are your version receive DC, doesn't say: doesnt recommend masking kids under the age of twelve. That's the sort we use version,
the CDC and they haven't been doing it and they have had a similar experience with each of these various as we have had here. I look. I agree, I'm saying that if you want a moderate position that isn't you know, everybody take their chances, then but what liberal should be saying is what Michel goobers say. Otherwise they are just talus manic fundamentalists. That's. There is no argument that kid stay masks even now when they don't get sick even from alma cron, but when all macro it's gone, and there is no other variant on the on the on the on the horizon. Now could rise very quickly. Alma crown rose over the thanks giving day week end. As I recall right wasn't. It was Friday of Thanks They weaken that we saw her doll. Some. You know sons coming out of South Africa.
a very dangerous but they're, not saying that I mean found she could today Biden could today say we're putting through cried it looks like we have a couple more weeks that we're gonna go mccrone. After that, I recommend that every child and in a be unmasked and schools- and he could say- and if something, if other things then we may have to go back to it. But, as you know, that's reasonable. Tell me how that's not reasonable. How is that not reasonable, even in or even its like, half a loaf? Even if you Do you know it's terrible? You shouldn't have Hafela for children. Children should be mastered all, but we live in the reality. live, and why aren't they saying it and the fact that their not saying it is also setting them up for a gigantic bruising because
It's like the weird thing that's going on now and Georgia. You know this. There's this weird thing going on in Georgia, the pulling in Georgia in advance of the twenty. twenty two midterms two year of years of talk about the Inn as this of the voting in Georgia, and you know: Stacy Abrams, mysteriously having been denied the twenty eighteen gubernatorial. Election because of voter suppression that somehow managed to suppress fifty thousand votes and all that there is now calling that says that African Americans are very sceptical, that their vote is gonna, be counted fairly. in November. Twenty twenty two: where did we see that before? How did the Democrats end up and control the Senate cause trumped talk down the fairness of the vote, Georgia and depressed.
Republican turn out and Democrats, one those two races that they everybody assume they would lose on on election day that you now come the special election natural predilection is that the problem can turn out will be higher and Republicans will win and they lost both seats because Trump caused at an. I think there People did some kind of study, it was like a hundred and fourteen thousand boaters stayed home that they would have expected, but avoided otherwise, and then I can Purdue and now who is yellow in law, for not lawful Warner anyway, where it let leffler at an end and that was produced, would have one. Ok us out: that's the allowing costs fusion Paul. That, although found, I think, if I remember correctly ever american support for Joe Biden was down in the sixties, really well and enthusiasm to vote among Africa. Our voters was really low, where all these things are clearly connected.
President spent half a month saying that elections are gonna, be. Basically implying elections are gonna be legitimate unless my reforms, which are not pass, are never going to pass pass, which is now happen, so I wouldn't be despondent. Well, though, is that this is the rhetoric the Jim Crow to point out that what she ran out. Yet he did have that in his during his campaign. It was it was a uniquely divisive message in his whole, I'm the unity candidate stick, but he he's been going down there saying that stay. Sabres Abrams has an entire organization devoted to telling african american voters of thereabout to get screwed by this system. It's not a surprise, it's exactly the result that they think they want, but I'm I have yet to see the kind of big think pieces for the mainstream media about how this population of people as you
play stupid in the way that Mr Magri voters were for believing the lie. You will never see that you'll see. Oh, no, this might be harmful to us in the midterms. Will yes, it will be because the message itself is propaganda and it's it's divisive and it's the practical effect is not united to bring down your end. He had still suppressor own voters, so I bought a Britain, only to say that it, in conjunction with what I said yesterday with the you know, a sounding a gdp number that we saw is that Biden and the Democrats need to be able to prove a a positive message about there. Governance in the United States since the beginning of twenty twenty one. In order to stay and the bleeding and may be reversed things a little bit and there are two places that they can do. That one is the economy
right today, yet again their bad inflation numbers, but there are very good compensation numbers. American salaries are going up. problem is that the salary increases are being eaten up by inflation, which is bad, but but none the less can craft the narrative which you say we're seeing growth of a sort that we haven't seen in decades, we're seeing Age increases and job opportunities job mobility for people and all of that we are. We are coming through the tunnel and were going into a brighter future and you can take the mask off. That is what Rational political actor would want to do right now to flip the narrative we own, the Future America's you're gonna be better off.
in November of twenty twenty two than you are right now, you're, not gonna, be wearing a mask were beating covered and our economy is getting stronger and stronger. Yes, we are problems were not through the woods. Yet we have to deal with inflation. We have to do. All we can in other FED is gonna have to take more whatever it is, but that's all we need to say and the fact that they cannot say it is itself. It's almost like a death wish.
I mean it is. It is, I think, it's also another kind of death wish I mean I get, and I agree with you on the political ramifications, but but the fact is here- and this goes for lower timer with covered and what we're talking about with this divide, the idea that African Americans can't can't actually get a fair shouted at voting leaders are scaring the american public into victimhood and bad citizenship on both sides, and this is a huge problem and then they turn around like found. You didn't say. I can't believe that that these people have no sense and that their being bad citizens, I mean it. They are running on bad citizenship, and
a lot of faith in our institutions yeah. So we haven't even talked about. The phone call between president lies wondering has an excellent and skill of Ukraine and where get out forty five minutes into this, we don't really understand what happened in the phone call, I believe, if I'm, if I'm correct, but allow happen, because this was a minute by minute story. You should use alive pm our yesterday's you blink, you missed it. So there was an array seen. Em, I believe, was the first reported that done the president. Had A conversation with the EU is Ukrainian Counterpart Presidency Linsky in Kiev, where he said I'm trying to find needs. I quote, I don't have them directly in front of me, but they were terrifying was, I can summarize, it was something to the effect of the enemy.
And is happening any minute. Kiev is going to be sacked, quote or could be sacked using the very medieval formulation for what happens when you take a city and quote prepare for impact. These were quotes that were produced by a CNN reporter This was subsequently confirmed, not the language per se, but certainly the sentiments by a very good Ukraine based reporter who works for Buzzfeed NEWS, who I trust and has good source, is well placed in Kiev and then the national Security spokesperson, Emily Horn from this administrate, by demonstration said: that's just completely I quote. Anonymous sources are leaking, unquote, falsehoods she's here that the president said anything to this effect beyond probability that Russia could invade Ukraine in February are completely false, and then the report's around
what I can only assume was Kiev's version of this call that they retailed to reporters just sort of disappeared already issued a good retraction. Nobody tried to reconcile these two visions of events, it just kind of went away, and that's what I mean my old version of journalistic no practice but malpractice nonetheless, because we do deserve some resolution to this conflict between The ukrainian administration and Abiding administration, which comes at a point at which you're getting leaked reports out of this White House. That's He has just unmanageable he's. These demands are just so high in our facing then dismemberment and do you know I d kept decapitation of his government by force. Yeah he's just ornery.
This is the sort of thing that I don't think we should allow to lie. A really frustrates me follows this very closely: maybe not anybody else, but its reporters jobs when they put this out there to tell us whether it was true or not. I am sure True, I'm sure some version. It is true. I don't know what ever avails the Ukrainians to be saying that he said you know, get ready for being sacked sectors where it that's why I thought I d, I didn't greet us Ingrid incredulously at all, back to me- sounded exactly like the language father time with used to describe an invasion and hungry your lines I made it hasn't called, Sea of like they're? Having conversation gets a little heated and he's like you better, get ready, better, get ready going to be sat now there. You know, I mean how ready he is
I condemn instructions. This is a country that was invaded. You know with two of its province. Where invaded sixty it, they don't need to be told to get ready. they have actually been invaded by Russia in a who. Is he lecturing? That's why it's weird it's a weird thing that that that the and by the way, the impatience, I think, is an m, Britain point, because this is what happens when people are on the wrong side of a moral ledger and Biden has gotten himself on the wrong side. More the ledger here, even though we are doing mostly the right that the out we're trying to rally or in opinion, we have people saying they're going to cancel the Nord stream pipeline we're doing all of this, but he, I think, mindful of the thinking with defensively about Afghanistan. Everything like that is annoyed that is being called on to defend democracy, even
but maybe injurious to him or something like that, and so he is starting to get angry with the victim and the victim is, is: is Ukraine a starting to get angry. It's like what what what do they want from me? You know I gotta go. Oh did I've got voting rights problems here and you know I got a deal with you know. Peter do see. They ask me questions about inflation like get re to be sacked body like you think, you're, the only person with problems I mean it has that quality You know when somebody is like buying out course. Strength is empathy that we should remember that I was just as allies. Emotional level. Just amazing! That's where the disconnect is also because the media wanting Biden is still running Biden to succeed. That's why they did when these reports come out. The bounce around like this for a few hours happens like her, what's happening the performative aspect of his
part of this job is not is falling flat and when the media tries to massage it to make it happen, it looks even worse and I think, that's you know. They're they're, encouraging his defensiveness by covering for him in terms of the the disarray in the chaos is going on around some of these questions. So it's another happy day here, I'm a commentary. Pike ass were about to be sought them by a winter snow storm here in the here in the northeast will be beautiful and you do for both of us with the puppies and we're trying to convince to do their business outside. I guess this is going to be yet another setback in that in the in that effort, but you don't have to feel sorry me or if you do now or if you're not feeling a sufficiently sorry for me, I think you should prepare to be sacked, because you know that's that's
should feel only feel sorry for mucus what problems but problems. Do you have a problem with that? Nicholas peroration. I will bring this week's podcasting to clothes. Get back to you on Monday for Ebner, Christine him jump on hordes keep the camera
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