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Inaugurating the Biden Era with Meghan McCain

2021-01-20 | 🔗
Host of ABC’s “The View,” Meghan McCain, joins the podcast today to talk about Joe Biden’s inauguration as president, the fallout from the January 6 Capitol Building riots, and what it will be like to host a daytime talk show without President Trump.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine: Billy Podcast, today's Wednesday January Twentieth, twenty twenty one and all duration day for President Joseph Raw binding junior, I'm John POD horse the editor of commentary with me, as always- an editor, a Green Waldheim, John, those you ever lower Rossman behind our Asia enjoyment. today, a great honor, a great privilege, a supporter of Dell fan of the show friend of the show Megan Mccain of the and many other forms of
conservative commentary and liberal precincts high Megan thanks for joining us. Thank you, sound for having me John, I'm so excited I pitch myself to come on. I was like I'm not gonna, wait anymore for raised. Invite me I'm just gonna by myself and then no was nice enough to reach out on twitter and I think I'm this podcast like doubly like top five fans- maybe the top van- I listen every single day, including when I was pregnant and including after I gave birth, so that's pretty bring much commitment. I started listening on every day during the pandemic had been listening before, but then I got consisting we were locked down and I felt the ideologically alone, an like just really asked in the world, and this pact has really. I was like these are my people, everything these. Is what I feel and how I feel like just in and I've just really think you do important work, and I am I love the pike ass. So please keep doing
forever and that's our show for big fat vagueness much. But of course this is. This is a sore early important day we have the forty six presently United States and sworn in weirdly enough sworn in nine minutes early. There seem to be some bad watching of the clock. The twentieth amendment says that the transfer of power to place on the twentieth of January at noon some, have they got ahead of themselves. I thought it was coming because calmly Harris got a sworn in by Sonya somewhere who I have to report. Miss price bounced Comma Harrison's. First, dame we ve been making fun of no four months for her finding it hurts. unable to get the name right, saying come on instead of calmer and their there.
Are there there does Sonya sort of my arm make the Noah Rossman mistakes I that was no. It is now excused from all time for her. for having done that say I wouldn't that be beginning. That's the beginning of calming the Aperture you are now allowed. Him is everywhere, it's probably our Rossman on the right and Sonya somewhere on the letter. They are together in there the inability to pronounce calmly Harris's name- seems like a failure of imagination to me either she's, you know, has had some trouble with this name or she's terribly racist really know in between Also, we should remain that prospect. A wee wee wee wee can go there so from mega had so many Since I ask you, but I first of all a given that
I hope you will excuse me, as the son of somebody famous the west Listen then you're, late Father. I feel that it's ok for me to invoke your your father, but you know that the kind of message that that Joe Biden, articulated in his inaugural The address is very much in concert with the sort of things that your father said during his run. for the presidency of oddly enough, though there, though they were there any illogically divergence in in many ways, Biden and and John the pain nonetheless there, this speech harking back to at least a mode of discourse in which there was a lot there's a lot of references to what binds them. Organs together, what's common to all Americans, the unity of the
I did states and all that that we obviously really haven't heard for the last four years. Yet I was struck by now. President Biden saying give me a shot like give me a chance people. It involves certainly a tenor shift. I feel I gave up a calm watching the inauguration today. But I also feel- and I dont know if the three of you agree with this I am very, very, very, very cautiously optimistic, huge caps and in red cautiously, because we ve been told for passed out for years and especially the past few months, that Republicans are the root of all evil. I know not everyone's republican. Some of your libertarians are consumers of conservatives. I'm technically still republican right now, although, like that, feels like a big Lena Mass right now as well, and so I just don't know go back to tomorrow, where Elsie is blaming me for the root of all our problems. Universe. So I want to believe it by. I feel like
We ve all been run down into scarred from the last four years, and I dont and be emboldened with all the sins of the Trump administration, and I never thought it was fair and I continue not to think it's fair. So Biden saying you know I will be President all Americans this this would be the least controversial thing ever said by any president ever eagerly in an inaugural address, that's what you're supposed to say and of course, the secret to doubt. was that he never said the thing that you were supposed to say. He said he said the things that you exposed to say and made people believed that the things you weren't supposed to say where the truth and that he was a truth, teller, an honor in a way that other politicians part- and I guess That'S- partially- aid- the challenge that faces Biden, a witch
Is he spent two years running on this message that he could hear the country the country was divided? We need to come together. I think it's the message. that got him? The nomination, along with not being a crazy person like everybody else grace but You know that doesn't mean that he's gonna become a conservative Republican to get Denmark to get republican, votes. The question is: is there any? Can there? Is there any teeth to this? Or is there any enduring empowered to this, because there is no common ground and that that is the question is.
our common ground with the United States or the parties too far part on everything. Well, you know that's interesting, because I think, what's notable what was notable and and praiseworthy about what button said was at hand. This is much like the button himself, especially during the campaign was what the speech was. Not, it was not partisan was not explosive. It was not divisive. It was not marked by these groups. You know pseudo factual red flags. That would then be fact checked and pick through. I think in part, that's because to assert something in the policy room right now is to dip your toe into what he did. The UN's civil war, so now he will not suddenly become a conservative
We should remember- and this this is in keeping with Meccans bright red, cautious, that rock Obama early on spoke in somewhat similar terms. It was a different time, but he's spoke about their not being read states in Europe being Blue states, and you know that. Not being I don't remember the deficiency sort of attractive turned to paper over. So there is a tradition of that, but we we certainly need to to push him? on this more now than than than we have in the past, which we should expect some follow through on this. Considering the stated It is hard to know what that's what it means, because you can't. You can't not expect the guy who won by four and a half years
sand and one by you know ninety electoral votes and is the head of a party that runs the house, though, by a razor, thin margin and and has controlled the Senate by no margin simply bite into the fact that the vice president can break a fifty slash. Fifty tie you none the less. You can expect him not to advance his party's agenda, which is very rare different from the republican agenda, to the extent that the Republican Party still hasn't agenda after Trump who, of course, was anti agenda. Couldn't figure out what his agenda was and he was very in constant him, and so he went on eared position here now, because Biden wants
to be healing, but I don't know what it is that he can say or do in practical terms that will bring the parties together with the maybe, with the exception of the corona violent virus relief package, that I guess we'll be taken up beginning this week. I suppose that's task number one. I mean I sort of deal. Allow the themes in the speech. I thought was an opportunity to flood my heart, my hobby horse and We did it, which is up on the blog as we speak when he talked about in so far ass, he was saying you know we need to see telling US adversaries, but his neighbors and treat each other with respect and joined forces and lower the temperature. And how do you do that? And you say politics does not have to be a raging fire, destroying everything in its path. Every disagreements does not have to be cause for total war. The means by which we can achieve that. In my view,
who is to relegate politics to its proper place, meaning the conduct of legislative affairs if we're gonna reduce every disagreement to the think that it is no longer cause for total war. The stakes of those disagreements must be reduced. They must no longer be existential and ambition. Existential in part because of the progressive project, the progressive project has elevated virtually a political facet of life into a partisan signifier. It's not a conservative project that rendered a statement of racial identity it's not a conservative idea that transformed the food you eat into a social identity or the fact that we now have to national anthem that play before sports events. This is to the progressive imagination, inclusive anti, whereas to happen the contract country. It feels like bifurcation division and cause for conflict, and it's this is the sort of thing to which binding nominal allies suspicious as they are, but they are nevertheless on the left could be restored,
save two because he's a democratic president. He has the microphone, and change the tent the conversation in a way that they will be compelled to respond to just by virtue of his position Many may resent it. He may not engage in this project him. You know even meaning half of what he is but it is nevertheless a promise and that he can make good on and its incumbent on us to hold on to it, but Megan so One of the easiest things presidents can do is throw rhetorical bones to their supporters, cause it's it in its cost. Free right. You you who adopt their language. You adopt their terminology, you give speeches, were you talk about how moral, unjust and righteous their causes are and then you kind of answered like Reagan with abortion. You talk about it and talk about it, but you do absolutely nothing. You don't lift a finger and yet the fact that you
pay lip service? Are you pay obeisance to the cause is very important to holding your base together, and I think this is the question that no raises is the democratic parties base will it need? I did did politics as the bone? That's thrown to add, or are we really talking about a much broader and more? broader America, in which it not nessus in which the people don't this isn't the first thing they think of. Is you know we use the word. Latina acts talk about trembled, ass rooms, you I'll do stuff that do stuff that speaks to that base, but talks more broadly, to the interests and concerns and feelings of the broad american metal I dont know how they reconcile this. I I was. I want say radicalized over the summer, but I was deeply deeply
In fact it I dont know if it was partly because I was displaced from the place I had lived. There was eighteen new work. I don't have it just because, like We certainly american neighborhoods being taught The media was telling us that it. You know I was peaceful, mostly peaceful, and fires are okay and looting. Small. This is ok and the causes great, and really impact at me in a way that maybe it's just get older, maybe it is because it was so dramatic and I can remember- calmly, coming on the show- and I'm gonna paraphrase thus but asking her Jerry Forty funding the police. And can you too and her answer was like: will you define it and what I want to be like? I'm, no one ever vice president the present one leg I dont understand it and I really shocking. I remember writing about that moment because it is such a transparent tactic. design. There was to get you to find it, so she could say whatever you define. It was wrong Yannick.
Whenever it means whenever you want it to mean ravaged, wanted you to make up the definition so that she can shoot down was so nakedly opportunistic, and at this moment I no claim to be like TAT. I get high intellectual wall like I actual host like, but I have my job is to train. Translate some of this stuff to people in the middle the country and women and men who don't pay as much attention in politics as all of you do- and I still and get a street definition that I cohesively completely understand about what to funding the police, as it seems like this myth alive Jack all like well. Need to remove some funds from some areas in re. Imagine what police are and I'm old if I'm I write a privilege for me to call the police I'm being raped, and I need to recognise that, like all of you is, in my my perspective, in my opinion, just come completely absurd and ridiculous and wood really impact for me because who wants to live in a neighborhood where you like, you know, can't call the police This is also the way
is raised, I'm from Phoenix, and I grew up in a very like you know, red area. I was raised to respect a forty and I was razor respect the police. and I understand that we cannot conversations about. You know that the killing of unarmed black men, and I certainly had it feels like hundreds of them since the summer by I dont know how Joe Biden calmly answer that question to someone like me, whose disgusted by the Trump administration who was you know, I was beyond cried like the way I cried. If someone died, when I watch the capital being attacked the point that my has and then was like a little put off by How- No, I became watching it and I I don't know what happened so because we're. Gonna tell me that you're funding the police is, that is the opposite Then I don't want that either so how they answer that and that the long winter? The answer I mean the interest, aggression
as I am anything with. What Noah's alluding to is the fact that, of course, one of the reasons the Joe Biden got the nomination is that he wasn't a sort of care candidate who would say to fund the police, but he's got this base of people behind him who, like the slogan. And now the question is: can you live with both poles? you saved to fund the police on the one hand, and have calmly Harris scalded to her no to her seat. at the inauguration this morning by the capital. Policemen who directed the mob away from the Senate chamber so bravely the one that we, the one that he had been told wrongly in the early hours, had somehow directed them toward the Senate chamber, but had actually cleverly steered them. In a day direction and therefore basically kept my pants from getting physically attacked? You know, sir.
On the one hand, they get to say before the police. On the other hand, they get to celebrate the capital police when the capital police behave in aid that they like an end. You saw these poles over the last two weeks where, Sir, calling the congressman from Tennessee is saying like we gotta, be careful about the national guard. You know it's so wide. That means everybody with white male. Everybody voted for Trump and the whole thing could be penetrated by Q and on really you're allowed. You can say that I'm if I said that every black person was a panther, I mean this is like the o support, because They were black and poor male. They were all black panthers like this is an amazing circumstance. A democratic party finds itself in which, if it feels It's all conditional like as long as things are happening that you like you can support the police, but
or maybe this is on it. Maybe it's better. You know, maybe it sort of like, rather than saying we support everybody, do or die in every way possible, every way, shape or form, and you say no, I support them when their good and I want them to be in a disciplined, individual police officers discipline when their bad or individual members of the National Guard discipline when their battle something like that. Maybe we're gonna move into a category closer to that, but you're genetic lines remained but you're doing a lot of explaining and in politics. If your explaining you're losing That's one big! I don't understand what does it mean? Be real, simple. Like me, and by and no one can seem to deliver that slow and I dont know I I I Everything is clean lie in the same lie to which the mega hard core mangle right is behold him, which is that these insight oceans are arrayed against do not? There are no does not that there are bad apples said the institute.
Themselves have been so thoroughly corrupted and their interests are so unaware. with yours, antithetical to yours, that they cannot be reformed. That cannot be harnessed. The Kenneth directed and in a way that is beneficial for society. They must be razed to the ground, it is alive and it's one of us forces of the kind of civic unrest that we ve seen over the course of the last year. Part of the problem now is that we need sacking of the capital, put the wind at the back of the radical. Well, that's right because it kind of put me on the bones of their allegations, because we saw huge crowds of bigots, saying crazy. things in massive numbers: the We saw the side that was against political violence, committing political violence, so it
it has given them a sort of renewed sense of purpose and kind of given them a moral leg up on the right and- and that makes it even harder for someone like Joe Biden, who is not necessarily aligned with down down the line, but makes a much harder for him to deny them. I may I think, we're ethnic we find ourselves in. fastening position where you know Amy Cisco, who was one of the leaders of the resistance. You know tweeted out yesterday, something we deposed the dictator. But of course we didn't deposit dictator president was it was removed from office by the electorate by by you know, seven and a half million votes for, and a half per cent of the electorate. Ninety two million ninety two electoral boats, like that's how be removed. That, by definition, is not a dictator
If you search for four years and then get kicked out of office by the electorate it, he would only have been a dictator if his preposterous effort to overturn the results of the election had had any viability, which, of course it didn't as officials in the three states in which he really pushed his case also you're crazy person now, and this by the way gives me a moment to ask you grew up in Phoenix and then there are that word that the Arizona Republican Party which has been taken over by a psychotic person, then Kelly WAR, is planning on censuring your mother, for having for having Endorse Joe Biden. Your mother, who is far as I know, is not an official of the Arizona Republican Party and therefore what it
in the center. A private citizen who was not yet somehow in the management structure of an organization is is, is pretty shocking. calling like. You know. I would like to now pass a resolution of censure of Al Sharp them who actually happens to be in my office building hey, I'm a commentary office was shares offices without sharp them who might remain. tv with stuff like that, but you know I mean I really don't. The power to censure AL sharp them, but now. There you are, as you know there, you are the first family of Republican Zone. In this you know insane thing is happening, yeah, mean it's really weird. They are also censuring. Jeff, flacon, Doug, doozy integrity is currently holding office. Obviously jumped lake is no longer in office. essential rights, it says Dundee Mccain and all members of the Mccain family, and I would like first of all
can actually do thou. I gotta know what it is like me like you sounded like you kicking out sharpened thing: I'm censuring him from the world on its quiet there reaction to losing both Senate seats and having those stake of blue for the first time in like sixty something errors, The reaction is like scrutiny. Mccain like it's just what are visible, the people that the woman was running and I don't even want to name, even though very probably, Europe it follows knows, The total radical conspiracy theorist, and I don't think it's a great look. Her the Republican Party in Arizona light- I am so not the what I struggle with his like I'm, not a mega per se and I've never been from supporter, but I also didn't become a fixture of their resistance either. I always tried to call like balls and strikes because I see why conservatives are so angry. Obviously there were many happening Obama administration, that horrified me there are many things happened, the trouble administration at work by me, but at the
before I am on the conservative and I never understood how Trump becoming President turns you into a liberal like I don't understand automatically abortion. Does it matter to you in the courts I'll be there. The matter you and taxes dramatic, even Israel was Mary, like it just happened I was so that always confused me in writing, Republican Martinez. On I mean they're gonna make a choice: thirty they're gonna go like the rest of the Republican Party, they're gonna be full Maggie and then in the image of Trump, and that means that the Mccain family as censured and vanished to another state I gasped were. It means we're gonna be. inclusive, and try and work together and move forward, and I do not what the answer is I don't give a shit about Kelly, word, venturing Emily working ever they want. It seems, like I tweeted at her what he's scared up really where's the so what? If you're going out activists that needs to be teased out in others
to censure the busy by Kelly word. It is shocking because you're, not the national, have you had this editorial yesterday lasted, say Douglas cancelling oftener governor, losing his ceremony Le Baron, Verona and Tele Ward is somebody who was picked by twelve. You know by twelve. Guys in the back room to be chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. It's like not listening. now. What are you hiding over national review? Have this Forecasts game, it, the Arizona GNP for going so crazy and somebody actively comes out with this very trompe in line this, like are these elites in about way hate. The voters saw the voters. Voters elected producing voters have consistently rejected. He wore the voters of Arizona have said. No. Thank you Kelly word. It's the institutions themselves, which are by the way now committed to rewarding failure,
she's Randy offers like a million times and loses by a lot? Every type of political parties exists for one purpose alone enough to secure political office when they don't exist to do that, they do a very bad job, whatever they are supposed to do. I suppose now the institutions are supposed to incubator of persecution, complex or delicate. Cells to the advancement of a personality work, but that's not their desire to do, and they will self marginalized in the process because they won't be winning elections. Well, I mean that's the interesting thing, so you know I owe it occurs to me that you have an early example. But was gonna happen here. Serving logical purification of a party came in two thousand sex work and your dad's great friend the end. You know the father, and while my best friend and the guy that you, you rose, it at our commentary, roast Go Joe Liebermann was primarily in the democratic primary in Connecticut
for the sin of having supported the Gulf WAR and having been given a hug by George W Bush at the state of the union and he lost the primary. Now then Joe in turn around and he ran as an independent in Connecticut as the most popular politician connected and one is an independent and they didn't didn't run again, but you could see how As you know, an issue like that, the goal of the Iraq war created the can Jones, under which the most popular politician in estate popular because he was popular with Republicans independence and Democrats, TAT was ousted by the activist wing of his party, and then you had something similar happen in twenty, not twenty thousand nine to twenty ten, when Charlie Crest got a hug from running for set gotta hugged from oh and
ECHO Rubio use that hug TED knock em out of the Senate race and knock em out of the Republican Party and become a senator so now, you're you're you're prescription that parties are meant to win. Elections has to have two there's two faces to it. One face is that the bad guys or the guys who worse stirring up trouble, have to lose the actions right. They primary people they win them. Then they have to lose them so that the party can see the damage that was done. The secret of the Trump revolt is that Trump one. If trumpet lost in twenty sixteen, then we would then people would have said this is of a piece with what happened to her aching and Murdoch and angle in the center races in the Anna Missouri and Arizona am basically go to extreme you can't win. We got a moderate and pull back to some more moderate position
but he one and then all of the restraints were let loose all thus not machiavelian, but like prudent politics, to the point that really more was the republican candidate or see her in in Alabama. You remember, I mean removed, Trot was really did disturbing about that. Is that the moderate conservatives I'll work candidate. We were supposed to support if you will Roy. When that race was more Brooks no Luther strain There was a guy or two ago now Luther Strange was the establishment Erin A right who was forced. On Donald Trump, with somehow Donald Trump got behind and briefly in those very mad that he was compelled to get behind him continue I have brought you know who talk Trump into like going all out to help Roy more win, Now the now Pardon Steve Bannon
matter who walked Trump into the buzz saw of like reporting yeah. That was who talk Trump into supporting, supporting role remember: I'm war lost the Senate race. Ok, the seed is now back and republican hands and twenty twenty, but we are in a weird position where parties are now thinking to delay the state level, but there are more than just vehicles running relax. Representing a gem role. Anti democratic were conservative tendency right. They are purely tests and clubs in the I mean I think we ve all heard, I'm sure Megan. You get these emails to its this kind of thing that we are going. We're gonna drive all of you Why no neo con this we're gonna drive you out of the party parties aren't supposed to drive out of his party, because that reduces every
I was driven out. You reduce the number of elected by one. I may say so in out you're trying to get people to vote for you not throw them throw them out. So let me just add, take a break here and talk to you guys about heads Bates as you can hear, I'm gonna agitated. So maybe I should listen tag. Meditation may happen. Cramps is the field of wine for listen, meditation through clinically validated research, because you know, even in the new year, it's hard to start in the routine. But if you are one of the thirty- percent of Americans who was made a resolution to be less stressed head space is here to help the deal Joseph Mindfulness, in the form of guided meditations in the easy to use app. Whatever the situation had, space can really make you feel better overwhelmed had space. The three main it s always meditation for you need some help, falling asleep at space as wind down actions are members whereby, for parents had space even as morning meditations, you can do with your kids, its approach to mindful and can reduce stress proof
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ever hee hee, hee, sort of that I'll, tell you later or or just serve, wasn't around to be to face the inquiry. You can't do that in office right, so a huge part of what we were talking about at the start of of whether or not he's going to govern in a way that supports his, message of unity in lowering the temperature will be Answer will come to pass. I think when he faces some sort of purity test on policy. What is it going to be? Well, I don't know: No, I think presidents can pick and choose way more than you realize they can. I mean he trump condition, everybody in believing that the president was Guinness. gonna opened his mouth on every subject under the. On ten times a day
while Reagan for whom I wrote. Speeches spoke four times a week and otherwise did not appear that much in public now granted at a different time. It's a different era. There's no there's! No twenty four, our new cycle, and all of that- and you know, Obama kind of pulled us into it into a different realm, also cause he loved me. I don't think it's all that different situation Obama to dominate the culture, the political culture, the regular culture. Every every aspect is the during his presidency, but he was dead. In terms to the new cycle. Donald Trump hostage to the new cycle he reflected whatever was on television that he had washed. He was spending to the new cycle, so in that sense saying producer is dictated the terms of our now. debate for four years. That's not normal and that's not something. You have actually commit yourself to that. It's hard to do that, its exhausting to do that, so I don't want you might want to do that. Will he can pick and choose
point, and then I think there are things about which president must speak. National crises, you know tragedies you know and legislation that he really wants to adopt and support, but he he got himself elected president by going quiet by being quiet not being loud by not thinking he had to be. I mean in a few times- and I worked in you- know him in campaign cycles. there was always this idea that you you wanted opportunist strictly to get into the new cycle. You now add a paragraph two, a speech from shore mega noses from her her dad's runs like crap to a speech so at five hundred and thirty, so that your your sound like can get onto the news at six hundred and thirty. When that was a thing, so it's not really a thing anymore. You know, because then you get into the new cycle and your thing is there and are there. But now, if your president, you don't have
be there because you're there, anyway you're by occupying the mind space he's not a cannon. An, he showed up the power of silence. I think I think TAT aims point out there's gonna be a come to Jesus moment that he very tactfully dodged the entire time, there are things that I really wanted him to answer directly, that they just wouldn't come out, probably because it would polarized one side or the other. But if you think squad and ale see isn't gonna start putting his feet to the fire like tomorrow. I just I don't see it. I think they have just as much in fighting problems as we do and he's gonna like. Are you for the green new deal like? Do you think? Climate change is an existential crisis on par with terrorism, just answer me clearly- and I felt like we were really done a disservice by the debates, was really disappointed and most of them in granite, one of EM justice, so off the rails, because Trump brought her off the rails, but there is
I dont think you can do it forever. You can probably to have for a long time, but there will be a moment at some point or he's. Gonna have to start in answering some of these questions and it will be interesting to see which side of the party he he bends to I mean I this is in our view is that this is the key question of our time: the witches, how, whereas the centre gravity in american politics. The president always defines the centre of gravity american politics, and can he pick and choose or will or will he or will he go along with the fact that his party centre of gravity shifted? I mean you know, Obama was pretty left wing his party now because of Trump the react.
Jim was to throw it into wrote into it into a state of mere revolutionary opposition to the american system. That was the subject of apes. Yes, this is a revolution. Peace. I mean it's a point bullet. The argument wise. We are systemically racist wee wee wee are we were born in evil? We are still dealing with the evil. It's not spared nothing. Fair institutions are working to hold down people of color and- and That's that's. Why that's where the party to find itself in the summer of twenty twenty? Now we have this great patriotic show a flat Ehud toward her flags on mall end and you know, and and a glorious at very patriotic speech given by the new president.
If I, if I told you that was the speech, I was going to be given by a democratic president on on January, twenty twenty twenty one on July. First, When he twenty, you wouldn't believe me, that's not how that's not how his party was talking about the United States, I was actually start by that too. I would like also we, like the national anthem, our the STAR Spangled Banner, whichever one is trying to do we ve done it. I remember what when people say as problem, I back and we like lags now and anti was he was wearing like a big flag, would you know that's just sort of anecdotal, but it's over ways of american patriotism, and I feel like the past, especially the past year. The message has been from the Latin America's irredeemable placed and the things you you believed: are it's not true in two the shaft. Is I dont know how they're gonna sell it to some of the parts of their party, and I also like where he was a genuine.
What was it was in a genuine feeling, or did you just hate american President was in charge, because I regret, though the left's patriotism is always been conditional. It's there was the case for the right up until the last four years, in which case it was well, but you can this the can he's. Ok in so far as this, there's a nest, but also you know, it's been really screwing you and in that sense it's not really that great unconditional patriotism was a value that I was brought up with, and I continue to a european computing is never a left wing value, but trumpeting patriotism is conditional. look. I mean that's what I'm saying Your timing, my name, I, moreover, this this sort of suspension and hostility towards the nation, as it was found that from Democrat I'm in the town of January six was genuinely bizarre because it was idea that you know their stealing the country from us their stealing. We have to go down and make a show of force to get it back from them so as their storming the capital
chanting. Usa, USA, like it's like their darling, the Darlington Racetrack Darlington, five hundred like it you now, while they are, and then this is our house so therefore, apparently, because it's their house, they can trash. It like. I didn't know that that was something when did to one's own can I ask you a question about January six, though I was I was at work here and you see I mean that I work in DC at the ABC girl Authority being the view it now and when I came home, it was like happened like three in the afternoon and when I first started seeing it I went in and I my husband was I in the other room I made him come in and watch with me and I was like something. What was happening in then obviously got progressively worse than that. I said earlier, I was I could not support I was. I was really really. It was comparable to like up at another kind of terror attack, and I
I have friends the didn't react quite as viscerally that warrant that were upset but weren't sort of having this paradigm cultural moment that I've had- and I can't tell exactly like my barometer was some of this stuff is pretty off right. Because I was like this: is it he's gonna be impeach the end and I've act? we ve been shocked to see somebody Republicans still defended or try and, like you know, explain it or what about it again using what about his own? So do you think it's the same? you know cultural and and societal impact that I think it was in this like shift in politics or em. but then told me my husband. He was like you, love symbols of em, our continent. We need their daughter liberty and you love the capital I spend my youth going there and watching my dad workin. You know seeing it trash Is it just still disgusting and as one of them at the same? If you all react in the same way, you I'll tell you,
behind the were as it was going on and we were all texting each other, I said Noah even at some Christine Rosen on the tax like. I think I need to write a blog posts that says Trump needs to be impeached removed from office like tomorrow. What do you think of my and they were like now, go? Go for it like you, we will we have to do it. You need to say it. I wasn't crying, but you know I mean by my job. Hung open for in a four hour is- and I I had I myself had. The emotional like trot I'm has them. You know at the end, the planet, the apes like give new animals. You can get at it you. Finally, this negative awful force that was bubbling and that no one I both faced him in twenty fifteen from this wave of anti semitic nastiness the sword flowing in us onto
there have been Shapiro and various other people. I definitely Mandela, who used to work with us. You know this concern trumps Trump sceptics got it We are and we got it from these weird twitter accounts with weird central european, revel in the names of central european fascist figures from the night of the sound of sneering from our colleagues in the media, for whom this was sort of ignoring their rights and then one person in the Romania started getting that was Julia. I Alfie of of the Atlantic. She started getting and then suddenly it's like they're coming you're coming. Oh my god, it's horrible and then people form the commission and there was hope- and you know we have been dealing with it for four months. All I'm saying is like there were is this, it was like Trump turned over a rock in american politics, and- and lot of stuff started, slimy out and then said,
how they manage to quell it, but it was like it all. Just came rushing back and all of that and the fact that it was directed not by whoever it was directed by buyer Boob was, you know, but at the present. The United States is the person who summon those people to the capital to have the rally and then said, go down to the hill and Guenaud should make us oh strength. That was the thing that was like. Ok, you know what you're not allowed to do this in a civil society and you need to be extirpated from civil society. If you do something like this, but you know up, but also what thee but the what the generous extend was when Trump had first turned over that rock and beyond. saw what was under it. We never will quite sure, these people do. They represent a significant force. Were they at home. You know it in a basement answer
Therefore, a rendered incapable of actually doing anything there was only six decisively answered that question that that that there is something actually to be taken. very seriously here and bright it? That was that was one shot of it. Don't worry I briefly that what withdrawal from did was. summing up his mom and the day before January. Fifth, he had threatened the Senate with them. He said you know that these- people are coming, they're gonna, be in their thousands and you're, not gonna. This good you're not gonna, do the stand for what you're about to do, what they are about to do, which was that the certification of the already certified election results true caesar- and it was It was precisely what Alexander Hamilton have warned about. It was Madison's worst nightmare antics, We acknowledge that would be to ratify. all the critics of this precedent that have been made from people with whom we don't agree with and regard as of noxious and that's real.
frustrating to admit that they are, but there are two things about that. I just wanna, so in twenty fifteen, I went at the people who tweeted naturally at me and I tweeted vastly back them, often quite profane. In all this and my wife said to me What are you doing like you, someone? come and shoot you and I'm like their. These people thereon all losers living in a basement. I dont think you trust me like there are high, behind their cowards their hiding behind. So I wouldn't do it now in our three kids. You know it's probably not that easy to figure out where I live. Maybe- and I wouldn't I livin in outside, so we I dont later then at lower house in the middle of the woods it you can blow up. But you know it's like seeing a bunch of people there
there were only like twelve or fifteen paramilitary people at the head of that riot, who clearly had a plan for what they were gonna do marched through the crowd, crashed through the back ok and you know zero than on the door, they were gonna go through, but you only need Well, I'm the only one crazy person to assassinate someone, and I thought they were ridiculous and in fact, in twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen somehow twitter in particular figured out that there was almost like the deaths that, like they figured out that there were We're accounts that somehow were. or creating tentacles around and ate what once you shut down some of these central accounts, the whole problem kind of vanished but q and on isn't that q and on organised in a different place in a different way and obviously triggered people. The people went to the guy went to the comet pizzeria
and various and then and then at the rally. So it's It's not the same people and is an entirely different thing when when you have a present states lying for two months saying I lost the election and thereby to steal the country from you. It is a matter of virtue of republican civic, populist virtue become to Washington and not allow this to happen. That was that was the evil of it. In my view, was that it it? It wasn't just a cynical. For power. It was a kind of brainwashing of people to think that doing so, thing ill, monstrous and illegal storming the capital, trespassing and looking to kill people who were outward do something different was good right, that's the difference I want to. I want to ask you about Europe what it's like
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It will because they, because we needed more news makers on a more politicians, so I still think that than me as addicted to tramp, and we will probably continue to be an eye. I really look forward on a personal level to being on the offence. Instead of the defence, it was very hard to try and defends many things that trumpeted and I have defended his for a very long time- and there are a lot of good people about Abraham. Obviously, seventy two million is a lot of people by I'm sort of out of their defending at ever since the storming of the capital, I'm sort of just like. I can't be emboldens with any of this anymore, so I don't know, will see by day, women in America have decided that they I'll be really really informed, and I treat of you like our win. Any other new show that, even if you know it's not not technically I mean it is. and the new shouts the new division, but it's not obviously assume
his new shouted still talks now, but I'm a number one in America and when I joined the show it was struggling really hard and I'm really proud of it. Even though it's ridiculous, sometimes the elder a lot, but I still believe its value, I dont think this changes. I think the drop in the chaos continues collateral favour tomorrow, when you go on, Joe, you ask Europe far more you as a gas pipeline several times, because my personal producer for the veal. Why poached, I'm not directly from the work for you, my producer Daniela, only a pitched you many times. Do I want you to know. I e by will put you if you would like. Never guess I want to get on with it
I mean I just it's nice to be afraid of his lovely it is. It is nice to be asked what I were about it. So I want here's. The thing I was struck by at the at the year today is that Lady Gaga comes out and sings the national anthem and then jailer comes out things. This land is your lamb and gas networks comes then things amazing, grace yeah. The order was all screwed up. I'm sorry, like Lady Gaga is the biggest act there yeah opening for J low. That is not right to hear what what he has to say on this subject, because I don't understand how goggles people allowed this to happen. I mean asked books. Is the biggest telling sallow actin recording history, but he hasn't, like recorded, led let rudely snobling twelve years. I am deeply offended man cargoes b,
I didn't need jail. Oh there, that was my big take away from the performances no disrespect to her, but I dont really. I thought it was weird put let's get, and I mean I'm not really much about entertainment guy but a comedy terms, Gaga was the opener and such was the closer and jailer was the middle and the worst thing that can be used no I'll get you a girl you, when you're not supposed to open what, ever, you are you're, not supposed to begin the opening act and you're the biggest arm. Sorry, that's just the way it is and is something just went, went when haywire there particularly when she was wearing that insane. I dont even know what that was, that insane, ready skirt that she couldn't even walk in like Europe to started out. That way was, was you know, having tenure five minutes to walk down the stairs
That was, that was pre. Where the other thing I want to complain about with Garth Work, saying takes down his mask, he sings amazing, grace nice as I want you all to sing along with me, both there and at home, and he starts singing and there's this kind of work you're noise biogas- a worse nobody else is wearing a mask Andrew. Suppose, the sitting next to people a pandemic. Singing is the worst, that's what I that's churches or shut down. I know it's bad, the churches gotcha down in setting up such a down, but the one thing like might make. It goes to a parochial school prayers in the morning, they can't do the prayers in the morning because you're not you're, you can't sing because that creates spittle spittle does so. I think Garth Brooks did did wrong they're, both as a performance thence, because no one could hear anybody singing there were behind mass and be you're not supposed to tell me
why there's two where mass when their vaccinated? What are you suppose, just a worm acid Iraq's needed, while there too as an example? I certainly think that it then everything fourteen day. Yes right, the youngest Abkhazia because also, but also there was this idea that Maxine, unlike as far as we know, I think, and here the wreck, it was his idea that the vaccine may not prevent you from getting the virus, but it will prevent you from getting sick so, if you don't wear mask after your vaccinated, you can still spread the virus there's another big lie. This is one of the big lives that period they are trying to get every beta, where mass, so that everybody where's Massa, that people won't stop worrying, masks. So they're telling people who get the vat You need to wear a mask because we don't know whether or not the vaccine will still be transmissible you
have it without knowing it, but not have the symptoms. It's all nonsense and I don't believe insanely stupid. Why away creating incentives for people not to get vaccinated? phylactery literally. Nothing changes for you. so I'm gonna hang out and ask, but it it's like. I just wanna, know anything ever gonna end. If I get vaccinated, doesn't mean I'm going to get back to me when I'm allowed deal, I'm nodded and rocks. Are I just know you have you have people in the medical community or like manna. Now it's It wasn't my parents got knocked made last week, so there their second shot. They had. They got they got regardless of their second shot is on on February. Ninth and how their grandchildren can come visit them. I mean, I think, the whole notion that great grandchildren numbers of them, because I think the House ocean is there are going to get it, but you know you could get it from a Navy one year old person who hasn't been out of their house. Clear trust me you're, not gonna get it from, but they can at least now be
yeah or something I don't know who knows like? I we keep saying the public that the messages there being transmitted by the public health. Bureaucracies in the United States are discrediting of the public health bureaucracies in the United States. Who cannot trust that they're telling you the truth about about the prevent, no accountability on the part of the press, and Now she outright admits to lying. The noble lie the platonic in view of the noble lie to preserving Oki easier. What have you and everybody goes? Well, that's like assets. Ok, No, it's not ok. At the very least, there should be accountability on the back into this thing he was pressed once one of his two at least then. I can remember outright mendacity. Is in the name of public Health but your literally doing harm to you reputation of your industry.
you still regarded as a european? I don't understand why I just want to quote President Biden from his speech through email today. We must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured. So we know that is that as a gesture towards q and on and the post election, but I think There is a strong element of that that can be laid at the feet of the public health bureaucracy, Self Megan, Mccain. Thank you. So much banking for joining us say hi to Ben Games and create jobs, good, then ya. I well ah, and think you know I'm thank you. Thank you so much for having me today on this Creation dates when fine well Christine woken tomorrow. So Megan can get her full complement of having having had a blessedness relate breakin social
baculus tomorrow, and so we so firm for her, then can imagine Even now, I might jump upwards kids camel burning,
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