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2021-05-24 | 🔗
Today we try something new: Each panelist chooses a topic. We talk about the effort to equate anti-Semitism with Islamophobia. We talk about whether the Biden administration will hold China accountable on the virus. And we talk about the state hijacking of a commercial European jetliner. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday made twenty fourth twenty twenty one. I am jump on the editor of Commentary Magazine and as usual. I am committed, You, our website, commentary magazine dot com, where you can read our fabulous an issue fronted by Jim Meg'S- is article thank God for big farmer with me. As always author of June issues, peace, Joe Biden, culture, warrior associate
no Rossman High Noah Asia and all third of our media commentary, column, whose title this month, I can't quite remember reality field the reality distortion field, your writer Christine rose high Christine. I judge and the man who shepherded these pieces into print executive editor a ring waldheim hygiene, we're gonna, try something new. We're gonna play choose your own topic day, so I'm gonna first turn to Christine for her topic du jour, Christine Haystack, actually what's been. What's been bugging me over the weekend, and I'd like to discuss is the fact that after love foot dragging. We see some members of the Democratic Party and particulates progressive wing. Finally denouncing anti Semitism, which is, as we all know, we discussed last week, is unfortunately violently on the rise several cities in the? U S right now, but of course,
as is their want there is, there can be no unequivocal unequivocal bull do now men of Anti Semitism from this group, they have to link two islamophobia and we were joking on our text rather than a memo must have gone out, because if you look at the statements of Bernie Sanders, Ayala Presley, Corey, Bush, Jamal Bowman, Castro, all the other members of the progressive left coalition. All of them will our denouncing Islamophobia and Anti Semitism. This is deliberate. This is reprehensible, an effort not to call out what is right before Americans eyes right now. With regard to the rhetoric that we see online critically on social media and how its leading to actual violence against Jews in this country, there's a subtler thing that I think also going on that. I hope we can discuss, which is the building of a narrative that support for Israel Zionism.
itself a kind of Islamophobia, and I know I had a great observation about designing textured bridge which he can bring up. But what I want our listeners to understand that this was it. This is a crafted messaging effort by the progressive left too, water down denunciations of anti Semitism by making it a kind of all life's matter moment. It's it's not acceptable, and it should be called out for what it is, which is an effort to downplay the fact that that People who are committing many of these acts are the intersection grievance hierarchy, considered themselves victims. So they will not be denounced by the the progressive left and they should be declared. I think is even worse than that. The aid, that support for Israel is is now Islamophobia because they ve linked all this to black lives matter. The ideas
support, for Israel is anti black bigotry. Somehow it put, it puts you bright's squarely in that cap, so that brings us right back to nineteen. Seventy five and the United Nations resolution that claim that Zionism is a form of racism. I want to talk about the shifting politics in the United States, as represented by the New York congressional District, now represented by Jamal Bowman. Jamal Bowman represents parts of the North West, Bronx and Westchester County. represented for decades by Elliot Angle, may be best known in american law for being the guy who positioned himself in the house chamber,
during the state of the union so that he could be the first person to shake the hand of the President come down the corridor Elliot, a serve mustachioed long faced. Mustachioed guy was, I think, a chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, once Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker in, and the Democrats controlling twenty eighteen. I was a classic New York representative of a largely jewish community himself, jewish very pro Israel, and he was primarily in twenty twenty in the US
he fashion? He was sick, not well. He had lost touch lost touch with his district and the have been resumed, and he didn't do much of anything to try to keep his seat. He lost it in a primary to Jamal Bowman. Who then took the seed, and I just want a regional, Bowman's twitter feed this weekend. To give you a sense of the change that people have been talking about in the Democratic Party. That's a chair from Elliot Angle, in this seat, Jamal Bowman such a moment as we see an increase of anti Semitic and Islamophobia Kate in New York, city and nationwide, hateful words, hate crimes and other forms of violence. We must stand together to condemn. hey. I am unaware of any increase in Islam. Phobic hate over the law
Where can I looked it up? There? Isn't any ok lie girls with delight right right. Ok, targeting our jewish family in response to international conflict is absolutely not okay. Conflict abroad does not need to turn us against one another. This is counterproductive, inexcusable ignorant ACT of anti semitic hate, then he goes on to quote an ad of by a pack that says what Israel targets, representative, Olano more calls at an act of terrorism. Here's which a mob it says in the same strength. This advertisement by APEC is an act of hate, any attempt to associate our sister, Johan Omar with Hamas as an act of Islam. serbia- and we should name it as such ill hahn- is a principled fighter who was called for accountability for both Israel and Hamas as crimes against humanity.
Let us not forget that the Olano more was the person who said that the reason that America supports Israel is the Benjamin's that jewish money is responsible. That was the thing that almost got her denounced and then not announced by by the house. Democratic caucus. Twenty nineteen Jamal Bowman finishes our path forward to a future built on care for one another can only be forged together during moments of tension, let's reach for a best selves who can only pave the way for that future by I'm learning hate and, in its place, fortifying a foundation of mutual love. Yet there was a lot of mutual love that needs to be formed when people like Jamal Bowman offer Apollonia excuses and white washes for mobs attacking Jews in the streets of New York City granted further south from his district. But I will point out that, just a month ago, in his district in Riverdale forces,
the dogs were were were defaced and attacked, and I dont remember him saying much about it, and so I think what we have here is a picture of the change in american politics and how whether this is going to stand and represent the new direction of the Democratic Party or whether there is going to be blow back. Ok, I knew that I was having a dish of women around all this, because it is all happened before when a nineteen year reference that effort to condemn there are no more so the back story. There is rising anti semitic attacks, in twenty eighteen in the massacre of the tree of Life synagogue, Ellen Omar, Al Rashid, ITALY, counting their respective drones and Ellen Omar. Going too far, by saying things that she was saying on Twitter and then being asked to apologise and and refusing to apologise for the third
but a fence where she said again this time and not apologizing. She wasn't gonna, be educated by anybody in the house moved to do that. Condemn Anti Semitism, which was vague but understood to be a tacit condemnation of amours comments and died in committee. As a result, the backlash of the house, the blackout Yes and the progressive carcass than there was the surfacing of this poster sponsor the West Virginia Republican Party, which tied her to the nine eleven attacks. It said that the posters had never forget above a picture of the traits tat well, trace on being hit by an airplane and under it picture going saying I am the proof you have forgotten in this resulted in this gigantic upsurge of common of linking anti Semitism and Islamophobia, the two things were somehow hold in this in the imagining the progressive mind that
Condemn one was to reinforce the other somehow and then this overtook them does does the narrative that was promoted by the Swat in their sympathisers in Congress, and it became the narrative that you couldn't you couldn't condemn Anti Semitism without condemning, homophobia in the same breath now having more twenty nineteen and it's exactly what were saying now. So in that sense, yet the politics have changed, changed a long time ago, and I mean it so be pointed out about oh Mars, district, that it actually is the most popular ISIS end jihadist, recruiting place in the United States alike. Even if you want, I mean the poster is horrible and should never its. They should never have done that, but it's actually factually true that she has an extreme muslim population in your district in there is very little she said or done about that active recruiting that goes on from from the people she represents. So I mean you: could
and her anti semitic statements have always it's not just one member. She went and apologize to jewish leaders, and they accepted her apology and then she did it again and ended bodies. Leaders went on, recording, wait a minute. She said she understood. She said she was gonna, do better and she clearly doesn't care at all like you'd. This is clearly who she is an and the fact that the leadership in The democratic party didn't call her to account, for any of that is why a continuous is why It do this because they know there will be no consequences for them. They know that media will not call them to account for it and they know that their own leadership doesn't care. We we find ourselves in a circumstance in which the the House of Representatives being the most representative of the elected
bodies nationally in the United States, obviously more representative of the presidency and more representative of the Senate, simply by dint of the fact that there are four hundred and thirty five districts and- and there is reason to believe that the extremists
Will a relation in in the in the United said that women, seeing in the? U S, politics is really just the the houses the mirror of it. Now I mean because you do have this phenomenon of the squad being on the far left of democratic politics and flirting with terrorists, terrorism, Apollonia for terrorism, and that, of course, on the right. You have Marjorie Taylor Green now. The most famous freshman in the house, who is it is basically like having a ass, gets a frantic letter writer,
two magazines as a you know, writing in the margins where there's no, you know white space anymore, literally walking around the capital building. You know heckling people on the floor of the house trashing their offices this. This is, if you really want to say my god, bad things are going on in America, I'm not drawing a total. a parallel. What I'm just saying that you have. On the one hand, you have this kind of lunacy on the right and on the other hand, you have a very, very politically extreme faction that is the most fashionable faction on on the left and Abe you you're, observing
an interesting phenomenon about what this may portend the I'll get seven months, and I should also point out that the problem is not only that so. This is The house where which, as you say, John, is most representative but part of our government, but one member for example, also now have the additional role in the end in on top of their involving governance that that didn't used to exist, which is There are social media stars and influencers and Twenty four seven celebrities of a type that didn't exist anymore and in admiral. They are, doing so much, I think, to change to politics, through their served directly cultural influence aside lawmaking and and and any of the work of governments. You know it's interesting as I just want to mention. There's a commercial there's up there
plainly, but now race in the mood city election, which takes place the primaries on a couple months now a month and end up with the elections in November. But whoever wins a Democrat basically winds and there's a race for the Office of city controller, which is a remarkably unimportant office, even though it sounds very important and one of the candidates, the furthest left candidate, is a guy named Brad Lander, who is a member of the City Council and there's a commercial for him, and he has a lot of star studded support commercial features, Elizabeth WAR and talk to the camera praise Brad. Lander am, I believe, Bernie Sanders Tongue, the camera facing bread, landers, but the culmination of the commercial is it's the end. So it's the highlight of the commercial,
his red lander standing. There and someone saying I support Brad Land or for controller and its Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, more important than Elizabeth, worn, more important than Bernie Sanders in this commercial is EO sees it, that's how he sees it, that's how he calculated and that's why the commercial ends with her and not these people who got millions of votes for president I think this is- is pretty striking an emblematic but a view in a larger sense. Something very suggestive is going on with this almost explicit turn toward sympathy for the rocket firers or at least let safe, if not, if not, open, expressions of sympathy, a lotta winking and a lot of waving a lotta. You know I would be, I would say, this openly. If I could, I can't really now, but this is really how I feel so
last year with the rise of the rebel missionary activity on the left in the: U S around the the killing of George Floyd waste talking lot, obviously about parallels between what was going on and what had gone on nineteen sixty is in this country with the revolutionary left and one of the things that we have managed. It Pacify ourselves in thinking was at well one one critical piece: that's missing: that, there was no foreign revolutionary cause or party that that that the Americans romanticizing and attaches of two and arm mimic. in its in in its tactics and whatever else, and am I think with you. I serve woke up. You know what, after
we again today and said: oh wow, now the left has an shockingly, it's it's a mass, as you say, John. It's, not necessarily explicitly but it is the it is the It is a most under the guise of the causes. palestinian liberation that here now taken the place of you, know juvenile, then an american communists in the end, in the sixties, as these roaming Dick,
caused? Is your of the left and there's things like you know in the New York Times today, there's a man and a bed saying that Hamas? Is it really the problem? What look? This is a very important point and I think it needs to what one of the darkest turns that the left took in the nineteen sixties was okay. So there was a kind of question. Was Vietnam a sensible? You know a smart conflict to get involved in was it did? Was it too far too divorced from the conflict between the United States in the Soviet Union? To really matter was it bore indigenous than it was an expression of this global conflict between communism?
and and democracy or between NATO and the Eastern Bloc. Everyone, a block out everyone, a slice, it an end it over time that was unsatisfying to the left. That decided it didn't like Vietnam, and then it began to create heroes out of the resistance to the United States right, that's the vehicle, Who were the fighters, who were the essentially guerrilla turncoat fighters and South Vietnam fighting for the north and then of hope she men and and and and serve the romance of the liberal
she must force. So romantic was it that, of course, once it took over Saigon and South Vietnam, and and and incorporated them created these massive re education camps, and you know and murdered tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people than of millions fleet in the votes on the south, China Sea. But the blood was part of the point that that is the interesting thing about them about the revolutionary left. Is that term they like the blood they are? They are they are you know it's? It's that its of Thomas Jefferson, most, the horrible quote right, which is the the tree of liberty, needs to be replenished by the blood of tyrants or something like that. It's a bit of Thomas Jefferson said many wrong things and that was almost certainly the
most wrong, the most the most horrible weed. I was like an intellectual playing around with fire and he played the fire. But this is a very big point like why was checked. Why was CHE Guevara? The hero of the revolutionary left in the nineteen sixty seven, who was he was a guy Wendy went from it was a thug at a murderer and he went from. He went from Cuba to South America to try to instil revolutionary because he was a killer. What they loved about him was that he was a killer. What they want they loved about now ISM was its violence. This wasn't, you know these words. This wasn't a sort of like Neurasthenic, you know, intellectuals celebrating, you know brilliant thought. They love the blood and then, of course, that translated into loving the blood in the United States supporting the Black Panthers revolutionary, add the these suits or democratic society essentially becoming attack in a part of it.
Often becoming an actual terrorist groups, staging assassinations. You now blowing up buildings, and you know and staging bank robberies and and then, of course, all these others, the people's Temple. You know the Symphonies Liberation Army in all of these weird phenomena and the violence was the poor. and that's where we are on a knife edge here with the left and Hamas an end that is further betrayed by the fact that there is nothing, about Hamas or the palestinian leadership that is remotely liberal or leftist at a halt right, from an ideological perspective its except that it that they hate Israel and hate America. But you know how there their view of human relations. But you know that today's intersection we have very hard time living living in Gaza and under Hamas, but it doesn't matter because, as you say, the attraction is the violence. Is the blood well
it's. The attraction is vicarious ability to see others commit violence in a closet they support, but there never. I mean he found a going and putting on a helmet and like hanging out with the Vietcong. It was the kind of fostering that. I think it was still very safe for her to do obviously- and I think you see on the progressive left living among a lot of the squad, another elected officials this sort of posturing right- they don't really have skin in the game here there are not the ones. we're gonna get beaten up on the street. They are not the ones who are gonna die, they can they can a secure and admire the resolution because it doesnt actually affect them, and we I mean this is again to pick up on it. earlier point about the anti racism strain of a lot of this? It is mentioned in a lot of their tweets. You know, Anti Blacknesses is acquainted with Anti Semitism and and alma phobia inquiry bushes recently, but they can't they don't want to talk about the current wave of violence because they're happy to denounce anti Semites.
Someone is committed by what they see. As you know, white supremacist, trunk voters. The cannot unequivocally condemn it when its committed by Palestinians where's, who are themselves muslim, darker skinned or African American, even though that is actually what's happening right now, you're. This sum this up, you know It's a terrible terrible moment. I mean that's the that the comedy of this is again let's style back fifteen years to it, to its almost completely forgotten controversy. When Massimo D, there aren't any job the m, you know the President of IRAN was invited for insane reasons to speak at Columbia University when he came to New York to to the EU in General Assembly meeting in September.
I guess two thousand and seven I can't remember quite quite with here and he was sponsored- are invited her to her by it by an academic named Joseph Massage, who was it was in the I guess. I'd saw called this, but the Oriental Studies- Department, tenured professor and my side Messiah had written there, There was no homosexuality in IRAN because in a regime like IRAN there there could be no homosexuality. It was a proper Islamophobia regime following in a rigorous following the rigorous teach. a sheer Islam and therefore homosexuality had simply been extirpated from existence by the very fact that this regime was was in place
and you had this real war. Emotion, internal war. On the on the left about whether or not must side because massage was you know, an air of Edward, Saeed and their Serbia, you know the anti imperialist, Anti Colonialist Pro Islam forces, not yet in academia. Could he really be denounced for this position? Because Africa, who are we to judge to judge him, would be to be Islam Phobic and this is gets to serve aims, point Hamas is an Arabian, Canada might and it exists at all,
of iranian Policy and IRAN still hangs gay people from cranes in streets, so that people should see that there may have been hanged publicly for the crime of, You know of being homosexual here in the United States. You can't say that you think that a transgender athlete should maybe not be running in girls race without losing your job being called off on twitter and possibly brought up on some kind of hate crime charge, but
we have members of the House of Representatives were implicitly offering support to people who are are literally the cats pause of this of this evil, barbaric regime And these are the way these are the many ways in which we do appear to be going back to the sixties, including the defences of street crime, the defences of street crime gangs,
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echoing the origins of the virus that has ground global economic and social life to a halt. So back in British, the onset of this, damn it in March of twenty twenty, the kid, the conventional wisdom among foreign policy graybeards that China that emerge from this crisis. Look, pretty good as an alternative model, a theory of social organisation Visa, the western advanced democracies, because it add contained the virus through technology through authoritarian surveillance. China built this staggering hospital system. The two thousand beds ten days it looked like the pandemic was going to reinforce how the United States
was, and its allies were barely functional, particularly in the face of out of a crisis, whereas China moved with alacrity and efficacy to contain and hope. spread of the virus, and that wisdom was only further reinforced when Beijing produced a vaccine, to the kind of virus. I record pace and began not only vaccinated most of its population, but then begin exporting this to the developing world in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America, and so now the sort of reinforced this conventional wisdom and I ate it at the time. I remember thinking that connection and was very flawed, wrote about it for the block, since gotten much much more evidence of that. In part, this this vaccine, the scene of acts, was developed through the use of age and Eric Corona virus. Not this current virus not covered nineteen, that's how they got it.
the market as fast as it possibly could and why it's proving pray substandard, for example, in the Maldives, most of the population is vaccinated with the scene of acts product, but it has failed to contain an outbreak of. I think it's us, indian stream, which is pretty powerful, but as unlike its competitors, say after Vanguard, Zanna guy in Europe, or if they are ever more and vaccines that we develop here, which do block that, in fact, really serious infection The chinese vaccine is sort of substandard couple, with the evidence that were increasingly privy to which suggests that this thing was the product of genetic manipulation that it was signed, didn't arise naturally, everybody who said otherwise is now eating a lot of cruel. But you know we can put aside the
blame sharing for a minute, just think a little bit about the GEO political implications and they are pretty stark. It is that China imposed this crisis on the globe as a result of negligence or malfeasance, we're not sure which, but it's one of the other foreboding and in an effort to contain that demonstrated of horrific authoritarian tendencies. And then produced a sham vaccine to give the world false hope? All of this contributes to a pre advantageous narrative from the perspective of a power that just happens to be engaged in great power competition with this country over the course of the next century. each of us and there would be no practice to not leverage that advantage but that would mean two things: one vaccine export blitz which the Bite administration scenes inclines towards, but would need actually ramp up its its efforts pretty dramatically over the course of the next month to month, normal no longer
And to leave bury heavily into his notion that China did this to us that's gonna, be something that would be difficult for them to do their not inclined towards that kind of aggressive rhetoric, particularly as we saw their effort to to push back on this narrative when it was a Trump administration advancing it, but to leave into it. We present a series of geopolitical benefits. I think that's coming. That was never going to get the United States in the long run that somehow, one thought though, I would come out and all that a ninety seven percent yeah, I know it's interesting biden- has says explicitly set it it out to David, Brooks on Friday. He said it in his inaugural speech. He said it in the speech before Congress that are competition with China is the most important fact of his presidency, and that we are talking about an effort,
to prove that our system is superior to their system, that we are seeing the field of the future to China and that we need show the world that democracy and guenaud human rights and all that are superior forms of governance, and that we are in the future a maiden on the future. But now the question is are they gonna put their money where their mouth is? And I mean money in terms of spending on the virus I mean: are they going to call all China out: are they going to investigate this? blow. The whistle and say this thing that took us down was the result but of an accident at a lab that was covered up, that the cover up itself probably cost
a million or two million lives, because the with the evidence, the thing. The latest thing we heard yesterday was that three workers got sick in November, in November, of twenty nine and we and we will have a lab workers, yeah labourers, and they they. Yet they had they had been yet they had been reporting that they didn't know that there was a virus until January As I recall, this would mean that they knew there was a virus in November and basically it was covered up and no one knew about it, and God knows what preparations could have been made: had had it been known, including by the way the develop the amount of vaccines I mean once we know about the corona virus, as Jim Eggs details has as detailed for us in various pieces, including this peace. Thank God for big farmers.
now on our website. It was the matter of a weekend, the matter of a weekend to develop the theory that this was the perfect thing to be used as a modern technology, that could have been for five months earlier. The vaccine could have been in place in September we would have not necessarily had the second or third. However, what whatever number you want to give to the surge that that that occurred in you know, November December January, so so we're not talking about just you know and negligent a bird. You know some horrible thing lab accident happening, we're talking about a series of decisions in which the Chinese will are going to deserve blame for that. Death and the sickening of millions and this in a global economic. You know, semi collapse is Biden, you know, gonna like get off get office, You now get out of his lazy boy, enough
to play the hand that he has been dealt. He said he wants to play this hand see, but I dont know if him and here's why he, got a much bigger, did there's the issue. The virus and how China handled it and whether they should be called out for investigated. Absolutely they should in binding should believing that charge. He won't in the same way that you know that the Devil my party has no interest in discussing the fact that, while you might claim our system is better and, as you know, the human rights protection we have are better than China, and you know capitals was better look at it. Look at a colony. Disney Disney active we caught the China at overlooks her and use it overlooks. The fact that the Chinese are you have concentration camps. hello there, muslim minority and learn it fills its movie, nearby, because I guess the labour costs are cheaper, but the idea that the kind of woke corporate capitalism that the Democratic Party has embraced as part of its message
part of its pseudo modern approach to human rights in this country. That's a clash down the line for them. They can't have it both ways right. You can't have global capitalism. Is this shining beacon of hope and that act actual global capitalist companies going to places like China and and pretending that what we see going on in terms of genocide and ethnic cleansing isn't happening look at how the administration has so far responded to the revelations. Are you touched on regarding didn't November ten November, twenty nineteen emergence of this violence at least evidence that some people were getting second will hung around it. reported in the Wall Street Journal and by an administration. They spoke with on background, said,
this revelation that Trump Administrations administration officials had sought to quote put spin on the ball around this others described the evidences circumstantial and on the records of State Department spokesmen that price said that this was a factual issued by the previous administration. Didn't did not draw any conclusions regarding the origin of current virus; rather they focus on the lack of transparency surrounding its origins that are not prepared to lean into this narrative at all and it isn't inconclusive. But the conclude It's getting more and more conclusive that we simply dont have any other way to explain the origins of this thing. That's not ever so the internet itself its lack of evidence, but that lack of evidence is particularly conspicuous for public health officials. Who now say What the evidence on the Lange, including ethnic fallacy, including I'm stuck out, we all of whom sales
the evidence on one side of his ledger is growing and the other side isn't a certain point. You have to reach a conclusion around those facts. I mean you know what happened. What has happened to our politics over the last twenty years? The fact that it is doesn't matter what your enemy says. Whatever your enemy says, is wrong. A lie, conscious line unknowing lie and needs to be extirpated this Billy began with the run up to the Iraq war,
and has never let up and and and Democrats participated in it and Republicans have participated in it and we got to the final flourishing of it in this, the b, the bizarre behaviour of liberals and the left in response to the virus. Where all they did was react Trump, if trumps a black day said white, if Trump set up, they said down if Trump, if the trumpet demonstrations add China's up to no good. They were like this is. This is encouraging anti asian sentiment. Everybody go to China, town and and and everyone in a lick. The lick licked the poles on the street to show that you're, not with these xenophobic monsters. And in a clearly this is gonna continue happening and
You know there's something about our baby. We live in two different realities and all that I don't think that that is the right way to look at is that people are living in two different realities. I think, that people live in a reality in which they are their cues from the people with whom they disagree and the people with whom they disagree, control the way they think about everything? What you know you believe in is what the other guy doesn't, and what you want is what the other guy doesn't want, and this is now becoming rigorous and systematic and down the line, and this is a crazy way to do business because There were things that the Obama administration stood for, that there could have been continuity with
there are things that trumpet administration stood for the could there could be continuity with operation works, warp, speed being its primary example, and just the loathing the hatred of the other guy, the other side, is so extreme that it makes thinking about things clearly and without simply submitting to the idea that as long as sullen so does lesson such you know. It's wrong and therefore you know I'm, I believe the opposite. Well, it's worse. It leads to policy decisions and or outright lies to the american public, because they can't explain away what they're doing look at the border crisis. First, it couldn't be called a crisis. a lot of the policies that the Trump Administration put in place, the date the binding mistress realize they were gonna- have to keep. If they were going to control what is going on there, they couldn't even say that they think they had to find ways run it. They had to rename the areas that kid's kids warping
linkages anymore: they are being held in plastic. Bins me every about it, was an effort to do exactly what you're you're saying John in its hugely it's bad enough in domestic policy context, but in a foreign policy contact it leeches from end from both sides, the ability to talk about moral accountability and human rights in the way that we all grew up, understanding them to be its a kind of a sham. It's it's it's not that they use the same words, but they don't have the same meaning and the subject, but the common Nigger porters ship is, is also inorganic right. It's not like the result of a of reason, thought process that you arrive too in your own. You have to be rated into saying these, things and believing these things, because not because they are true or false one way or the other right at the socratically. It's because somebody and says you that thinking the things thinking, based on it and they are prepared to give the other guy Eliza and that's bad and- and you know, don't forget, how invested the media is in this dynamic right,
They chose aside here right so to all trumps ups. They were the ones echoing the day right. Well, I'm and claiming to be saving democracy and doing at that global social for them to set the record straight on China, for example. Now would mean a enough doing one eighty you know and that's good often gets known reads. The correction is much easier. Your story, as is, if there is correction was the spectator peace the other day that highlighted a box peace that said, and when it was published that the disappearance, a coordination or a series of events that would lead to this to the leak hypothesis being borne out is a coincidence, and then it was amended without correction to say appears to be a coincide So there is no effort to engage in even the most basic of journalistic standards right, the third thing abrogated in that right. Well,
you know, I'm almost of the view that you can totally flip because nobody pays attention and you don't have to where, where I disagree, you know what you're saying a boy: the people who said that there was no weak. You know I really taken it on the chin, like public council of of political but whose taking on the chin. So there are some nasty tweets about em big deal is politico, take him to the showed or his bosses saying you know what you gotta go. Some you gotta go work somewhere else because on this most important story of of our time who put the eventual result now, they're, not gonna, do that no one's gonna hold anybody accountable, you just for turn, let just say you can understand. Why weigh up the goal member saying that, but I will be to see that, but it's also beside the point this isn't about accountability anymore, not from my perspective, its geopolitical tool. That would be malpractice to ignore
I don't care about accountability in the press. No I've just say cited oversight that you set it. You said it twenty minutes ago, in the course of my remarks this morning, I am just saying like that's why I think they can turn out diamond, say you know what there was a week, though loudly cut offices is real and then they can do what they would. Our ordinarily do witches and you know what thereby lab links from the United States. By the way. So don't think that were so great I've been, we was you know, and there was a lab at nineteen. Fifty seven and you know three people gotta get all got sick and what about the plot of even kings. The stand that was a lab leak, plum island. When I was eight thank you, yes, okay, so yeah! So that's more depressing, and but let me tell you something for free, you people
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by Alexander Lukashenko, who has been basically the dictator of Belarus for twenty five years. I think some like that. I saw Doc men just to give you a sense of how long this has been. I saw a documentary about Lukashenko being a serve second Hitler at Lincoln Centre in ninety. Ninety eight, so when literally no one will lose the most people, don't know who is now, but there is a twenty six twenty seven year old, citizen, journalist o fled, Ruth was the serve the person who is organizing whatever opposition there is to him there over telegram, which is a Europe which is the media programme. At UNESCO, like our social media network programme, thing that we don't really much used in the United States,
he fled, went into exile, he lives in Vilnius. He had gone to a conference and was going back to Vilnius and the belarussian airforce scrambled its scrambled it that forced the playing down and in the guise of saying there was a bomb on the plane, searched the play, and everybody was allowed to get back on the plane, except for the twenty seven year else's and journalist, who has been arrested and charged with espionage.
This is one of the most brazen acts of stay craft in my lifetime. As far as I am- and I can't think of anything that is remotely like this- I mean they're there, of course, the occasional ideas that are expressed about how some aircraft have been shot down or destroyed by evil regimes, because there might have been something going on that they wanted to cover up colluding. You know them down or the malaysian flight could create the cream airlines flight in nineteen eighty three, but never that a plane was forced to land and someone literally kidnapped off the plane.
this is very, very very big, and the problem is that unless something is done to punish a Belarus for this, this now become something that is a tool in the arsenal of of of what would you call it like reprehensible state actors who wish to do anything in their power to get their way? Let me you know: Putin has gotten away with with killing his enemies and two centres for so long that surely that contributed to to the kind of safe environment for firm authoritarian, to do this kind of thing right, and they of course, did it he did it in that. We try to, I mean, did it in London, in the Inn in Great Britain in the West, yet unsettled several a k egg. Several occasions- and of course
the move as being celebrated in Moscow by the Putin media, because Belarus, as of now Lukashenko is now I pull out an ally. It's a protectorate. State writes a proxy right, it doesn't exist, it doesn't do anything almost any threat without the tacit and premature right of Moscow and the threat two European Union sovereignty here, as represented by state, sponsored piracy. in the skies is whole and total, I don't think they understand what this represents. if the weighing sanctions right now, which is completely insufficient. Their work. Their already said this is what the problem with sanctions as your tool. There are already sanctions on on, and so what
gonna do I'm the only thing to do really is to go at their sponsor right away that if we really want a squeeze and you say this cannot happen again. You gotta make potent pay for the behaviour of Lukashenko and oh gee last I heard Germany had just done some big, sucking up to two Putin on the Nord stream to a pipeline so ah you know, but look hundred fifteen hundred and twenty years ago in Morocco, there was of a famous case of of an american national and there were american nationals on this plain american National named a pretty terrorists, have been kidnapped by a local warlords, name right solely for hostage for ransom money and the Secretary of State, John John
a a famously said in you know, for the United States has one position in this matter protocol alive or rice duly dead, and that that was all we were gonna allow. In fact, by the way a ransom was paid for pretty chorus. Rice only survived pretty cars can be defended, rice duly, oddly enough, in what They ve been the first case, the Stockholm syndrome, but I mean that was not said not to go to a pre modern, but that was when a country expressed itself in absolute terms, and you know why seven ships to morocco- and it was you know. Basically, we force the moroccan government or whatever counted as the moroccan government, to solve this problem before the United States was gonna invade and basically to destroy Morocco.
For this one guy one guy now now imagine if this had happened ten months ago, where it's, when you think the popular expression of how we should remedy this assault on european interests, western interests and democratic interests, or would have been the outcry, then Oh, I struggled to think that it would be as muted as we have seen so far from the west and the usual. aspects for whom any and every effort to look the other way. When the year the slavic sphere shall we say, engaged in this kind of fun, disruptive destabilizing behaviour on that the remedy was was pretty maximum lest usually right and any now. What you see is this very tame sort of? Let's all just let the EU discuss its own foreign policy and maybe they'll come up with it with a firm statement will they have been able to they ve been trying to do the same thing for China for some
I am now they can't. I mean this is a huge, The credibility of Eu Foreign policy right but We certainly wouldn't have been seeing any sort that the com, let's wait and see approach, would definitely not have been the case. A tunnel drop or so president are doing this. Its apartment, Lincoln, put out a very strong statement and laudable statement, but that's where it will end with statements well, because if this is that the interesting thing they let her know it's a very firm letter, interesting problem with acts like this is when the Secretary of State, the United States Senate, A fourth protocol, Iver icily dead that was up there, ratcheting, like you're, of like a single person kidnapped for ransom, though India lost. There was no ideological frame to it whatsoever, and this is how pirates function. It was like okay, so are you
Billy gonna like throw. Are you really gonna like throw your entire countries turmoil over one thing: just pay the five dollars just pay gonna pay that pay the speeding ticket in and get it over with and get through this and that's the problem with this witches, We can all see where this goes right. We can see that this opens up a new avenue in which commercial aircraft. suddenly now become just another player in world politics and that, of course, let's take a ride. After the Sixtys and Seventys right that that was hijacking was a was a paramount role for a long time to get people and worked. I mean all, through your like terror- were released from jail in Europe as a result of hijackings time and time and time again, and so I don't know, but look the EU talk about an organization that,
I don't know, seems to be. Dying on the vine mishandling, the virus mishandling the financial crisis now, as well as a financial crisis in the past. The fact that you know, I mean, and now there clearly gonna miss handle this at basically me you know. Any european aircraft is now subject to the whims and depredations of whomever d, AIDS that they want a you know. Do member The thought remember in the Sixtys and Seventys who you hijacking the most the Palestinians Hellas yet to get past, There is not a european sales exactly they didn't. Do it to try to get this right. Europe, people thousands out of israeli jails, because the Palestinians, Israelis, wouldn't do it and then with a democratic them anyway, and we haven't even talks with Israel that much but the ceasefire does it beholding it
We will close up shop until tomorrow. Please go to come Terry Magazine, DOT, com and read the June issue for a christian to know. I'm jump on words, keep the candle burning,
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