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2021-11-01 | 🔗
Today's podcast covers a panoply of topics, from the foolishness and corruption of the "Lincoln Project' to whether a three-word slogan should be considered an act of terrorism to the Washington Post's gargantuan January 6 investigation and on. Give a listen.
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Some guy Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday November. First, twenty twenty one. I am jump up towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me as always: executive editor, a green waldheim hygiene, Senor Rhetoric, Christine Resin High, Christine John and associate editor nor Rossman High Noah hijacked. So much to talk about today's crazy, it's crazy! How much there is talk about. So, let's start with the delicious.
Story of the mug guys showing up. a Glenn yanking for governor event. In Virginia on Friday in make your man a great again hats and turns out that this effort to connect Young into Donald, and the proud boys or whatever I was a sign up engineered by the Lincoln Project, our friends who made ninety million dollars and twenty twenty as turncoat Republicans trying to get Joe Biden and Democrats elected because of the threat to the republic and not, coincidentally, the contribution to their pocket books and wallets in the form of conning Idiot,
We want an essential problem. All that money, the mega hazard. Wouldn't wouldn't you have made as much of a ripple as dead if they were just generic trumps supporters tethered to the today campaign that wouldn't have matter what mattered was the tiki torches? That's. Why was I'm sorry you're right? That's why you're so they were carrying dickie torches, which, of course you really do need at ten o clock in the morning and dickie. Torches were, of course, intended and driving around Just like a regular old down our yeah intending to invoke the Charlottesville unite the right. A rally, though, by by with was on Friday more by Friday evening. The yunkers campaign was denouncing this efforts, deaf desperately trying to do damage control. and yes so Abe you you enjoyed this. You enjoyed this immensely
outside. I enjoy all the Lincoln projects work. I think they're terrific, I mean of listeners out there who didn't get, might sarcasm there or or irony rather I think you're, a terrific and in the way you know that it's fun to watch people step on raker, walk into a pole when there were on their phone or something yeah. You know I mean I think, but well look is alive. The discussion about this in terms of how, her handed. It is what a failure it was both these are truly it's disgusting and dishonest and obviously it backfired in a major way in terms of Mc Olives, race I think there's another issue here, which is that it completely sucks the seriousness and grew
seventy out of the the case, not just the level case, but just another. The american concern over things like Charlottesville and and you worry, it really exposes that so of this activism is theatre, that so many of these very serious things that have happened over the past few years and are worrisome to varying degrees of our just being completely collected is political, props and Andy. You you have to wonder how much any of the people who care so much about the fate of the republic, the trunk the ends and because the fate of our democracy in wide support, lemme see in and all the rest of it, what they're really in it for and who and what their using all these things for, because this is
serious. This is a way of minimizing for your for your own arms for personal use and satisfaction to some some things that I do think are quite serious. While it only became this sort of metaphor in retrospect, that was the clean up when they first habits when where's growth, which which this event does a man and the over tone of being sort of an analogous metaphorical attempt to tether the Republican Party Glenn Young into racist and racial elements within the GNP, initially was promoted by the Mccall of campaign in it and its members. The members of the high ranking tourism a collar campaign. They they talked about a lot of very serious likenesses. These were white supremacists, You know in earnest coming out in support of young can. While can you believe this look at this? You know that they didn't. I didn't say that this is some sort of an analogy, and they had lain alike.
An allusion to the forces that are, you jump bubbling beneath the surface of the Republican. Yet they were like this is it. This is. This is all that these guys really want that their white supremacist here you go and then loaded on the tarmac, and then it became the worldly talking about this sort of up your grand thirty thousand foot perspective, yet that they wanted to make this a real events that people would While you were going to second guess his one of my colleagues chief communications people called it disqualifying when they were sold in a treaty with the seriousness they felt. A dessert and then, when it turn and many more, So the media picked up on that repeated those statements when it became clear, was cosplay. Silence and that's actually says, tells you just as much about their about there will be some one whose gentlemanly earnest about about the seriousness of white supremacy would would say this. Is it this hoaxes ridiculous? This terrible we distance ourselves from
It took a long time to even get mildly, close to saying that, but it's important to know they they wanted this to take off. They wanted this to be something that was it and I will say the other thing: they're, not the race. This dog whistle has become the hail Mary of Mc Olives campaign, he's using it to claim that Glenn Young can wants to ban all books written by black women. Not true you! What, if he's, making the race the final thing all while pointing the finger at Republicans in claiming they're the ones making everything about racists, it's very hull of mirrors. Ask well he's glad that this doesn't make any sense like adjust the the I shall now for this sort of thing? Is the guilt by association gimmick inner life? Why would you have abided you associate yourself for the campaign that has also has these associates that should have been pretty definitively disproven by have deplorable exploded in back fire on Hillary Clinton said. The political rational doesn't make a lot of sense here unless you, really online, like your you're, so steep
in these narratives that consume the conversation on social media and are irrelevant. most voters. Only then would you be able to work yourself up into thinking that this was in an effective tactic, much less it like seeing tactic, otherwise it just it's completely rooted, it doesnt mania that that is reinforced on social media. Ok, not sure. I agree with with you guys the sense, which is that you have to take them call of campaigns, behaviour, as the given and try to figure out why their behaving the way their behaving and I think the reason their behaving the way their behaving is that their seeing a wild enthusiasm gap and turn out crisis. Among African Americans and they need them to vote, and so the message that they have decided they were going at suburban, liberal women and all that I saying that younger was Trump and they re,
that road that road that, until it's basically a message that people now know in Virginia. If that's gonna effect you of that Paul you to the poles. That's been six months of Mc Callers chief message: anti anti young can message the latter two weeks have all been about racist dog whistling. so they saw a vulnerability in among suburban nights went added to say: if you vote for him, it's like voting for tromp. Remember, you came out in such hot big numbers voting against Trump. You can do it M for young it. It's a bank shot. I d, you know right now you have to say based on all the evidence that it probably hasn't worked and then I have all this other data that suggest that African Americans are not enthusiastic about voting and so Oh, they have pulled this arrow out of the quiver and and have
just gone at it like crazy. So they are. You know it's a band aid when, when you, when you forget what the messages are and what the closing messages are. That's how you figure out what the campaign thinks it's own vulnerability in the same way that young man is attempting to has been attempting to deal with the vulnerability of his own, where the Anti School boards- and populist education message: he is matching with a promise to spend a lot of money on schools. So there is a by forgetting message there. He is going at the people who have said enough. We can't take it, we can take this, we'll brainwashing of our kids, but he leads to heart and that he risks alienating the by
voters who may cross over to vote for him in Northern Virginia because they are so impatient on called it taxes and dull and take Mccall of his uninspiring or whatever. So you know yeah. Can you see he's like I've gone as far as this is fantastic, this education thing, but I've got a twin with a promise to spend a lot of education and Mccall of is young. Its trump, oh and he's a racist and its Charlotte. Remember, there's a trial and Charles will right now. You, african Americans, you better go out and vote from. I mean I think that that that's even makes my point works right. I mean because you're a year, you are treating the idea of raising. In the? U S, Surely, as this, this sort of scary totem to waive before black people who work in it, we're gonna, free
out I mean- which is that you they were short narrowly on serious and denigrating waited waited way to go about it and it weirdly the mirror image of what republican campaigns have done in the past to rally their white voters right. This is always the accusation that that the unit Willie Heart NAD right. This is the idea that you scare white people about black people and then they'll run to the poles. Neither the Democrats are trying to scare black people to get them to render the bulls for Democrats, it's bizarre, but by the way it reminds me of you know, but in saying that Mitt Romney and put your back James bridegrooms new out. So there's a play book and the question is: does the playbook work because, of course you have these weird cross currents. Where pulling shows that, if you ask african Americans how they feel about defending the police, they want more police, they don't want less police, it's it's! It's white liberal. You know peasant
progressives to Heaven how who have faced a moment's danger from crime and their entire lives who want? maybe no cops because less less the cops stop them when their high driving or something, and now we have you know so, but Mccall after this, I guess gets too knows point Mccall of in the devil, establishment, just like all of us is, is so they're. So lured by the siren song of social media, social me you're being dominated not by conventional voters, but by highly engaged people who are attempting to influence the discussion in ideological ways, rather than coming up with a kind of message that might make, African Americans. Enthusiastic that isn't simply about racism is a white person who thinks that what black people only care about is racism.
And so, if there is an enthusiasm problem, it may be that all your doing is look look Ralph North them the governor who You know, everybody assume was gonna have to resign because of this in these photos, supposedly showing him in black face some put his head down and just kept working and governing and he's got a fifty two. Fifty three percent approval writing his approval rating in Virginia. That is ten points higher than binds. What does that tell you? It tells you that African Americans do not decided that they would. They were fine with north them. It was only it. white panic, moral, panic, liberals who said: will you can't wear black face? You have to resign. My my guess is that this is twofold, one of which is like it Ninety eighty two, what's the matter with you like what? What didn't t do wrong and nineteen. Eighty on the other is like I mean it
want. A really cynical version would be like yeah, all crackers how you will evolve done you're all in black face. So I don't do you know switch one for the other. I don't care who you are like. That's that's a reason if, if, if, if that If that were the way I was was devout based on whether you know a white guy in college women, black face, It couldn't, but for anybody ever so there is. A kind of lack of success The occasion in dealing with this very critical constituency, which is that you treat them as though it's like going to Jews and saying is true? Does I like Israel, a vote for me? It's like that's, not the! Only though I think that is a very important thing in the Jews will. You know, don't pay sufficient attention to this that is not a governing presumption or concern of the law voters, jewish
voters in the United States at, but you go to them because it's like! Oh, I got this one thing. I can target you with racism in Israel. What her and the vulgarity of it, shows a lack of sophistication and trying to reach a core audience or a corpse. Did you and see or whatever it is. You want to call it anyway. What's real enjoyable about it is. This is not that the Lincoln Project has been million because it's been humiliated before right. I mean job. Weaver was due. Noblest was was a bit. As sexually aggressive with staffers and them either day. Then it was covered up in that you, while they're talking about Dino, deb probity and seriousness in politics, and all that and this fact that they raise ninety million dollars and literally have no positive effect on the election whatsoever. So you know it just the exposure of the Khan and the fact that in Europe
Anyone who gave the money is a dope like it's like you know it's like, but you want to make fun of people. Are going to Trump University. Anybody who gave the Lincoln Project money was being done. more than anybody who thought that they could get a degree from Trump University here's another one that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, though I mean with. We were pretty much acknowledge now that their pre high ranking members of the of the Mccall of Campaign participated in this stunt. But why for it I believe that, even if we think they have a contractual relationship with Lincoln projects and to think they do, why would they go to work for a blinkered projects in this stuff? and then why would the Lincoln projects set itself on fire and literally jeopardize it's all its relationships with its grassroots donor base, which is the only reason why anybody in that organization is in this joint game to begin with, to make money? Why would they set themselves up to be the fall guy? If Duncan Winds, easy easy Volga essay I get out this last minute hit? Is what blew it for us. Even if that's not true, and it wouldn't be true- it still a very convenient narrative.
That absolves Democrats of any responsibility for this loss and throws it all on a pretty distasteful organization that they can throw overboard anyway. Why would anybody do this? I don't understand why any of this happened because they thought it was a invent my dear, that would work what they forgot was the fur active social media makes these things all day possible. I mean how long did it take take for. Individual, you know like lunatics on the right on Friday, two zero went on the photographs and identify democratic activists among the arrow Person in the in the Maga crowd We have, as some democratic political activists, including the black guy, would rising it as they. We ask that we have to point out the hilarity of the fact that clearly, even this white supremacist cosplay had to go through the diversity initiative, treatment,
there had to be a woman in there had to be a minority and then there, but they're all they're, all white supremacist, so I mean that's for most people was the trigger like his seat. But you know I mean things are so strangely, you do actually encounter anomalous stuff almost like said as you know, it settler. There are their minority, proud boys and what not, if that's true but its it, it is still, it was still sort of again the fact the fact that it never occurred to the people who are doing this, that they were easily identifiable, since in fact they were identified in like five minutes. You know it out this with some this with some weird updated version of of that that guy that land typing over the email or we with whatever was the letter about bushes National Guard visited covering that it was
the roman advantage didn't exist in nineteen. Seventy two when the letter was possibly written, you know that that took a little while this took you know an hour, I mean to identify people's faces. You know it's like you can't do that. You can't It's not gonna work. How if you cast act, prison commercials. People are gonna, recognize them. If you cast, you know, if you put Democrats in Malaga hats, you think that they're not not gonna be found out. I mean that's just stupid, but you know what I'm not stupid. What's not stupid is our friend, our friends and actually acted in student and their unwind cast. Look refugees and border was woke, celebs and Socialist Sheikh Social Engineering encoded lockdown. It's easy to get wound up over what's happening in our country in the world. That's why it's time for Then unwind a weekly round table discussion, tackling current events from the acted institute. For this
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Or search act and on wine that Apple pie cast Google, Pica, Spotify Sticker or wherever fine park. S are available. That's act in that order. Slash commentary to subscribe, EVA, interrupted. You sorry or actual make one last point about this: that's that's actually not delicious or funny to stage just a blatant hoax like this. At a time when everyone is Only, absolutely everything a hoax and no one believes in anything. That's actually going on is very bad for the country. It's just excess further down the rabbit hall. as much as we and enjoy that. You know that the self own so shame on them in that regard, that if that is a very deep point, I mean and the whole point about political dance. Is that damned they become legendary? Among political professionals, there's famous presidential pranks to Dick talk and this
then that one and the other one- and you know the these guys- are all sitting round like writers in a sip come writers, room giggling at there you know mister, This ideas have had a you know, change the subject or use you don't use hilarious communal. Haitians ideas and and they're dead, and there are no grownups in the row likely. That part of the point here is that there is something I believe. feebly, sophomore about the Lincoln Project members of It's gonna ran presidential campaigns right, I mean Steve Schmidt and John and the aforementioned John Weaver Work Wilson, who did a lot of you know, has done a lot of stuff. These guys were supposedly, like you know, wise men, of the Republican Party and basically there like they're, like frat boys, doing lines of coke giggling at each other's idiocy in thinking that its cleverness- that's that's another
like an up Wilson, robot called everything from touches dies. Well, it turns out that every thing, never you know the these never trumpery touches. My touch might die also you know, obsession being obsessed with trumpet either on the positive worthy are the ultimately negative sphere has seems to have terrible consequences. Were people's basic political sanity, I would say moving on wait. Wait we ve! We were we ve handled that and there. What else did I want to talk to about chasm cause there was there is so much going Ok, somebody random, later martinis, wiser out there who cares. I was going, let's go Brandon, but let's go Brandon. Let's go Brandon! Ok, so Robert to your comes out at the Tony's and says: f Trump right, that's great!
celebrated people cheer, there's a standing ovation, people twist F Biden, into let's go Brandon for complicated reasons right as a kind of, and then it becomes a code. for saying something negative about Biden. You don't we call that that's like that's actual political, cleverness and and humor and funding this. It's like we're not going to say this about the president, but we're going to say it no way we're going to see we're going to say something in a way that indicates that you all know what were actually saying without saying it, that's what euphemism is that's what a that's. What a clever from ISM, does and the fact that it went viral so fast, knowing pointed out at some point that the top five on itunes- were all song just leaden was Christine. They are resident pop culture, ex ok, that's where
we're doomed. If that's your epithets Breton, let's go Brandon songs were the top five songs on Itunes and that you have this thing where some pilot begging, an announcement in South West Airlines and he says an inclusion. Let's go Brandon. If you went on Twitter, you saw Anti terrorism Ex were saying. How can we not be sure that a person who says this won't crash a plain into the Pentagon? So this could I jumped bank as this is where the debate went on the rails there was, as you recall, a woman photographed flipping off trumps motorcade. When Trump was president shindig getting fired, when it
is identified and and there's a lot of calls for firing this pilot. For the same reason now private companies have the right to terminate employees if they violate the terms of their employment, and if that includes how you present yourself in public and if that reflects badly on the company you work for they can be terminated. I thought that was excessive in the case of the woman who flipped off Trump, and I think it would be excessive in the case of a above pilot, disciplinary action seems more appropriate. However, when the woman who flipped off Trump was fired, she became a national hero. She was interviewed by the media. She was seeing as this incredible victim she was given book feels she was praised as a hero of the resistance. What do you think's going to happen to the southwest pilot if he gets fired now, he might become a hero to the to the right, but the idea that the mainstream culture will embrace this guy is a truth. Teller is is ridiculous, and I think it's that that,
that contradiction and how these cases are treated. Instead, a pilots been called a terrorist because he's expressing political view as a pilot which, personally I again, I don't think you should be doing cause he's flying people on that plane. Who are Republicans and Democrats. So you know he should just keep him keep his political views himself, but the way he's being treated in the calls for his pseudo basically ghetto him he's a potential terrorist. Your potential terrorists, if you dont like the direction the countries going, that's a lot of terrorism, this country. In that case I mean I'm also struck by The Carol Marco. It said on twitter that every now and then you get the sense of the bubble that liberals live in, which is to say that the day of your life of Europe, conservative you are particularly if you live in a blue state, you are have to live through people, your workplace or people that your school or whatever openly expressing political,
views and strange places that underway the hell out of you and you live with it. Liberals. Do not have that experience. You know if you, professor at Harvard nobody. Nobody, except you know when things are surfaced, freer, outraged and horror. No one in your daily life, expresses these opinions at all except to say, Biden isn't left wing enough isn't, spending enough money and isn't being progressive enough. and so you come to the conclusion that any expression of these opinions so unbelievably offensive that it it tips someone into being a person who you know took, bear spray and the window and jumped into the inner jumped into the capital building
on January. Sixth, that's part of it, but I think another part of it, probably one that they can admit to themselves, is that they dont have any control over this and that's incredibly frustrating that it's become pop culture. And it at a self perpetuating phenomenon that is, that is cool God help us, because I think this is really crass and kind of noxious, and it doesn't it's not politically effective messaging to me. It's just childish in Libya. Nevertheless become hit because the self serious sensors who command but all the levers of cultural power can't stop it and it's driving me crazy. I you know. I'm serious, I think it's kind of funny. I mean I don't. I mean it's sophomore for a pile to say. Let's go Breton out with the pilot can say nothing, but there is something funny about a year, feminism going going viral,
That literally takes what was a vulgar and obscene message and Abstract said into something translated into something. But now that's that's witty. I mean it It's a little vulgar, I maybe we'll its is like it serve once removed. You know that I mean I that's that's the issue, but that's what you gotta, they have what they had been set this into existence, because the vulgarity wasn't accepted in places outside of very taken it culturally conservative, but TAT you like NASCAR. What have you then they had to abstracted matter. There is how day, but there is no they. That's your exact point. That's what morality means then, with a nobody, except it anything had kind of happened organically nightly there weren't there were the F Joe Biden chance,
Let that be origin of our rapporteur, MRS hurt. The reporter eat did one of two things: either she'd legitimately misheard and just tried to say something that was peachy enough to say on camera, or she heard F Joe Biden, and she couldn't process that so she turned it into something that was limited sense that we should. We need to explain this that when, when at a NASCAR ban the crab sword, chanting F Joe Biden, the commentator tv commentator said- I think they're saying let's go Brandon referring to this now car driver who is kind of like an underdog and who had his first successful race ever so it was something kind of yet ingenuous and calm again bizarre about the fact that apparently was a very clear what was chatting and then this come, Wide eyed reporter sir or not caught reporter, but just like it o t need the announcer. You know
turn it into something the net, but it went viral, which means nobody did anything. It happened on its own, like there was no systematic creation of thee Let's go Brandon chant everywhere. It just happened, but that's what I won returned to know is pointless because I love it if liberals start to sense that they're losing control of the culture, I think we can expect to see a level of hysteria. That's going! That's gonna make our heads explode. There's there's, let's go Brandon. There is the extraordinary success of great got felled show on Fox there. There are all sorts of bubbling up indications that progressive, don't have vice grip on american popular culture now, and that is absolutely tariffs,
for them. I forget that, due to the successive Dave, Chapelle and Netflix, not not taking him off, the air is another one, and this is a moment of panic for them. I just I don't think that you know terrorism expert, Juliet kind looking at this and saying, oh my god, we're losing we're losing control of the culture, no, you wouldn't be it a conscience. Raffer are therefore it would be a completely unconscious instinctive reaction to the ground shifting beneath our feet, and it would manifest in ways that are that don't make a lot sense, because it is completely irrational. Let me just tell you one of these below stories from my chequered passed. So, unlike ninety ninety nine, something like that a friend of mine in New York at a dinner party, and I went to the dinner party and hill. When was running for Senate and I
said something like well. You know, you know that Hilary would never be in this position if she weren't, you know she hadn't been married to as an agenda I hadn't serve game. The public sympathy because of her because, his infidelity against her and person at this New York Upper West Side, dinner Party said you can say that, and I said I literally said. What do you mean? I can't say that I just said that. Are you now are the cops bursting through the door to arrest me, and he said you can't say that, because in his lifetime nobody had ever said such a thing in his presence you know- and so it's like this- it's like any any kind of liberal or democratic,
effort to analyze the success of Fox NEWS or talk radio of this or that of the one hand they say this is proof that you know that the country is second to form than in terrible. and in the other, it's more like. Oh there's gotta be two other coax are working with. You know the FC now with the Trump FCC to do Ex Wired Z, something like that. No sense that what's going on here, is an alternate culture that I mean like there's a new, this is new. You know trump himself is a representative of the alternate culture that rose and took over the Republican Party that Rosa you know wrestling and reality. Television and endless my commercials and appearing on then appearing on art, Bell and, and- and
Fox and friends in the morning and all of that an end, so this culture has has has always existed and they and it had, as has great powered, maybe we'll get more powerful, but but again, I think of all of all of its products. This let's go Brandon, as a kind of I don't know signalling to each other that we're all This! We don't like Biden thing together. Is that the pull that also reflect the poles reflect? Let's go branded, I mean, maybe not. I had stronger wording, but but a lot of land area and for whom. Granted somewhere, hey Brandon. You know like a deep blue county beyond the play soccer now a german no on the whole world, This cheering on Brandon will not refuse and study not manifest,
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You know there is this. I don't know what it is. Fifty thousand word take out in the Washington Post on January six. four! During and after this granular eighty reporters out tens of thousands of words and all that I've read most of it and I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed speaking as someone who thought that trumps should have been impeached removed from office for his behavior. You know at encouraging the events of January sex and being horrified by people rhetoric really saying that was the tourism event and things like that. It was an insurrection Mary. A storming of our capital and in a way that it has never happened before in american history was disgusting, appalling and a nightmare and the and something that deserves to be investigated and then studied but I just thought that this that it didn't really deliver the goods, except in one area, one surprising area I want to share with you, which is that military this is,
from early on in the peace quote, military officials took faithful steps to avoid being entangled in domestic unrest, start scarred by the president's efforts months earlier to use the military to quash racial justice protests general market, really, the chairman of the joint use of staff and then Army secretary Rhyme Mccarthy sought to require that only senior Pentagon leaders could approve changes to missions for National guard soldiers. In the end that posture, contributed to the hours long delay in getting the guard to the capital to help restore order. There, the peace later on goes into much greater detail about how the guard station. The mile way they were allowed to have guns, and all of this was because Billy was convinced that the president could issue a counter order to say You know the mayor, however, was running the National Guard and take over control of the National Guard in order the National Guard to storm the capital- and you know a rest. My pen served in a burn them
ballots or something like that. So Milly, whom we know from the from the Bob Woodward Bob cost a book they now fast in himself the Saviour of our democracy from the evils of tromp created this entire house. Paranoid narrative about how the National Guard had to be prevented from involved on January six, less trump turn it to his own ends and therefore National Guard, the Deasey National Guard that could have created a foul lengths to prevent the storming of the cap. But all was nowhere near the capital and couldn't be moved because only he and the defence and the acting defence secretary. Something could actually activate them under unless policy right. The acting defence secretary in the commander in chief of the armed forces- and this is of significant development, is the most important question that still stands from that day. Why it took so long to deploy the National Guard
But I don't see how this absolves the president, I don't trust mark Milly at all and willing to believe that his paranoia contributed to this significantly. But where was the defence secretary and the president in those very unhappy our own honour. I am not absolving Trump, I'm saying that of all the revelations in this peace. A lot of which go to the idea. that there was all this chatter about January, sixth, about incredible acts of violence and weapons being brought to DC in all of this that, that there was concern at the FBI that they were not allowed. It was. It would be unconstitutional for them to investigate this too deeply, because people were having conversations and open for outbreak constitutionally protected speech that aspirational it Brad saying things like him and we ought to go and take over the country a dozen
not raise this out rise to the level of being able to intrude on people's private communications, even if they happened in a public setting. Is that a bad thing? I don't? You know, I don't think that's a bad thing to pee seems to characterize it as a bad thing that the FBI's being cautious about India know about spying on Americans, which it is not supposed to do with, is not supposed to I on Americans without a warrant. Remember also that we had had a couple of other pro Trump rallies in DC prior to January six, which had which had at least local gotten everyone all wound up. I mean local research like other fascist or coming dont. Let a book a hotel room. You know there is a lot of. There is a very I law enforcement presence in certain parts of the city during those weekends in it fizzle. Let me there were some altercations, largely fight between you know, activists on one side and probably types on the other and one day in particular more violent than the rest, but they weren't is bad
they had been joined up into believing they would be so that likely also informed law enforcement decisions about the January six Erin about whether or not this is gonna be a serious threat. I do think. Oh sorry, I shall receive if if this were about investigating american Islamists, the attitude about FBI caution would be very different right from the very same people. Just really I'm I'm fascinated by the Milly thing, because he was clear. Consumed with the idea that the is going to stage a military coup, don't forget, and even after the deed January, six, insurrection, he's the one who sent out this letter to to the military in May saying This is a reminder that you serve the constitution. You don't serve president, you know you don't serve one man, you know you serve rum. finding them like come on, guys, don't don't don't coup on us here I mean
to have someone in opposition to have that be his primary concern to a it's a wild level of of I've. Gotta say it paranoia. Well, it's a workshop task right because their people listening to this package would say absolute Lee I mean enemy was proved like Trump did. Tell people come come to Washington, it'll be while these had. Let's walk down to the capital. You know I mean they would say. Well, you see Milly melodies concerns were well founded. How do we know that we don't know what was going on precisely in inside Trump chamber? Maybe Milly was right because maybe Trump would have turned the national guard into into up into and attacking force the capital. I don't think so, and I think that you know everything that we read about. This suggests that the kind of deranged vacuousness on on trumps behalf and and Amy, and I will say, verging on psychopathic, like a
the adoration of sort of violence, craziness being conducted on his behalf. I, even though I don't think that hid the aim, was anything but science frictional, the other, a pensive made it clear. He had no power to do what Johnny's been said. He should do in his mama, where he had no power to do anything except except the bet except the elector ballots, and that was it and though there was no point that, as there is no purpose this, except to satisfy some kind of blood last on trumps, part, which is terrifying and, as I say, is why he does. He should have been he he was impeached and should have been removed from office, even though there was only two weeks left to go in office as a message to him and everybody and, of course that didn't happen. One thing that would have happened had that happened would have been that he couldn't have run for president again and
foolish Republicans, might have been more far sighted in in agreeing to his removal or impeachment removal on the grounds that dumb his continued presence in the republic and party, endangers the future, the Republican Party, but that didn't happen so tonight. With one other thing about I mean I haven't the whole washing pose serious beverage, fair amount of it that the lack of it engine to what we know just from human behaviour of mob psychology right. It really doesn't take that many people to stir up a crowd, and we know this from you know recent events. you know a few some years ago- we know this from history and- and I think that there is there is a tendency to want this to be about trump staging a coup without having without thinking about how they sing
actually develop as a matter of human behaviour and at its terrible and its frightening and men I mean Trump was happy to see what was going on clearly, but it's not as if he gave Marty. He didn't give explicit, marching orders. but you don't need to four crowd. The comes angry and rail that bright, a crowd, angry and riled up will start taking matters into their own hands, with very, very deleterious consequences which definitely happening not just the only light again but like no ideological motivation, doesn't have to exist for every single person who picks up a pitchfork. What I mean the opposite. I would say that term one of the things that sir if the republic, if Trump had been the person that liberals imagined he was, We really might have faced the constitutional crisis and a cool with key word, not a sort of solar of chaos, and in it a wild and competent. getting his own way if he, if he had managed, you know that you create the efforts to
figure out what's going on in Ukraine, or you know, with Hunger Biden and and and whoever it up in a more effective, less preposterous way. He would have been impeach the first time either that prompts character. Personality and action suggest an undisciplined costs playing president and then there was all this cost playing of an insurrection in the sense that they had no plan. They had no purpose, they had no more arching orders. They didn't know what they were doing or where they were going so much so that they got misdirected by the capital policemen inside the cap. Who said oh you're, going to the Senate chamber come this way and he will have them in the other direction and they were either that them the mob, was so ignorant than it did at, not not that they should have. But you know real cool plotters know which way to go once they entered the building like that would be you know, and so
and all point about him is that you know he would have been at once. He trump never got his way. The way he ever wanted to get his way because he had no follow through or discipline or foresight or were or a sense of purpose. As president, in a way that a person who D does seem have some real questions about gonna democratic systems and all of that might might have deployed in his own. You know to his own benefit, yeah. Ok, so I mean I'm pretty sure Trump hasn't read his Trotzky or Elias Kennedy, and doesn't really understand the dynamics of crowds giving him that the only reason why this is alive issues because of the right the right is keeping January six alive. The right is creating some sort. weird secular religion around it. The right is refusing to investigate it. The right is establishing this narrative, where the people who are participants in this event were somehow victim,
asked or martyred in the case of actually about it. It's all their fault. to the extent that you have any of this, that becoming an issue in five thousand word investigations and people on the left talking about it, and I wish, with five thousand it words, fifty thousand arms yeah. I don't even know how long was I mean. This is all a creation of of right wing, political culture and a response do it. So I I don't agree. I don't think that's right, because I think that this project is eight months in the making at it. Wasn't that the right in meat We created this smarter ology like the first couple of weeks after this happened out. You know, everybody said that it was bad. It was bad had happened. It was terrible it. You know a zoo Shame on the terrible thing and the martyr ology happen afterwards and first there was a kind of defensive like refusal to produce
made in the commission in the creation of the commission on the grounds it would just be used against Republicans. It was just a political stand by Democrats to use it against Republicans fool in my view, but ok, and so you move onwards than when you don't quash these things at system. radically? Let's say including like the more neurology, then it rises up as well. So, on the one hand you have this and on the other hand, you have whatever this thing is the top or Carlson's gonna do on Vaccination, creating this alternate history of January six them we'll, be there serve the bizarre o image of this story in the I should impose the doesn't really justify its length because it keeps suggesting that this was a more design. uncontrolled and thought through event than the narrative of what actually happened during those
hundred and eighty seven minutes or whenever, as they say, that shows, which is that it was a chaotic, active mob lunacy and that all this all the time at her in the months beforehand involved in our guys and thereby, Smith's fantasizing about doing things, you know not even being able to get out of their basement, bring bear spray in their pockets and then the bare sprayed going off in the boss of making them off sick, but based on like that they are very deliberately using the same narrative, tropes that are used to discuss nine eleven so that the chatter the talk of the chatter within which was ignored, the talk of the guys in their basements thieves, the very fact that is being promoted on social media Sal trending over the weekend, the attack, I thought there was like My go someone's written something new about nine Eleven knows about January six, there's a weird! I mean that I think I'm not excusing the rights reaction, but the equivalency game is being played pretty pretty straight.
Forwardly at least by a lot number people in the media. I don't condone. You know responding to that with with a one thousand six hundred and nineteen project style reimagining of January sixth, by any means, but it's understandable to meet at that seems excessive to people who actually remember for example. But I think that an important point you're making about the stuff that we're talking about about the FBI, the characterisation or the tone of the peace talks about the FBI's hesitancy in getting too deep into the weeds in that in the chatter which is a direct analog to post nice eleven reforms of the intention community, where was said well there, what there would have been no way for the intelligent school. You know that my level is happening because a wall had been erected between domestic and foreign talents, studies and the wall was too high and it interfere at any
it, caused great harm to our national security and their heads We ways for those communications to happen, and so the Homeland Security ACT was written and the wall was breached in some ways, and this he seems to be. I would say if it has a purpose, a longer ring purpose. It is somehow to liberate the FBI from its cause. Institutional concerns about speech so that it can go after white, supremacist, The idea was that we could go after islamic terror some inside the United States, because it was a for an attack by a foreign foe value. Using assets inside the United States, and we therefore had the right. You know the first amendment protections do not apply under those circumstances, and the FBI hesitancy. You know decades long hazards when fifty years since the
Since every boy you know, every liberal in the country was outraged by the FBI investigations of you now left it and liberal and leftist groups counter intelligence. You know studies of liberal left us groups in the nineteen sixteen and nineteen seventies. That is the reason the FBI. Has this hesitancy to sing clear to me that the editors, the Washington Post than the people, but this together are impatient with the effort to protect first amendment freedoms, and that is pretty horrifying as part of this ongoing effort to say that there are things that are more important than free speedo speech can be harmful and all that. Well here we have the proof that speech can be harmful because they're talking and then they are talking- and two months later, there's an attack on the capital. So you know, but I mean this- again as this liberal liberalism where they are now becoming voice. There now address
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Another weird thing that happened yesterday was that the sentence Monterrey Jus than there were two congressional corresponded reported confidently. They're gonna be votes tomorrow, election day on the infrastructure bill and the and the bill back better Bill and they would vote on it tomorrow and they ve resolved all these problems and and it's coming and in an interesting intra, journalistic hobble, punishable news, Jake, Sherman Bumpo, those then said, will hold on their body slow. Oh, your role, fella, the rules committee isn't even meeting on Monday, and that means that there will be a bill to vote on Tuesday and no one will even have price the bill as there is no bill, there's no price tag, and everybody says from the progressives
to Joe Man so that they need to see the language of the bill before they can vote on the bill. So what on earth are you talking about? So we ve been trying to puzzle together, well that what on earth happened who told Mon Roger there was going to be a vote on Tuesday and why to make it look like once again, they couldn't get a vote together that they wanted what s raw Noah Russia's right in so far as the second half of his tweet was that progressive have given a lot of ground and they have. I don't know whether that we need to see legislative language. Things still holds, I think that's Bernice position, but I'm not sure if that's the progressive caucus and the house's position anymore and others Jaya pulse position. Last I heard last week they just wanted some sort of a verbal assurance for mentioned Cinema that there they were gone. to support this sort of thing which hasn't been forthcoming, but obviously, if any language legislative language is gonna, take a very long time to two clear,
All that suggests that this is coming from as a guess that this is coming from leadership, because we had. We talked about this before the Before we start a recording today, but I have noted that leadership has consistently signal that there would be a vote on infrastructure that net isn't forthcoming, and the language that you hear from Roger was that this vote is gives forthcoming again and progressive have given a lot of ground to us. So the narrative is coming from the perspective of leadership and the then I guess the more moderate said they're trying to turn corral, and then Sherman came out with this statement from that this committee, which was not a direct response to it, but it's probably, as you say, motivated by trying to put put the cable shown some of this enthusiasm that there too,
to summon up, but the question is why? Why would why does leadership continue to do this? If that's the case, why is leadership continued to signal that events are going to happen and they aren't forthcoming and it just looks like they: dont have control over their own caucus and nobody really knows what they're doing. Why would they continued to project this kind of instability and and suggest that there is a real leadership deficit here? Why is it is? It is a genuine mystery. Remember last week state require. On Monday said there was going to be a vote within hours hours. There's gonna be a vote number two guy in the democratic leadership in the house. Hours benevolent vote. Back with it, it was day. Deadline, as you know, is what they were trying to avoid, obviously because it was always about Virginia and, to a lesser extent, New Jersey always and have given up the ghost. By saying, we have to get the stunned by Tuesday, obviously, and it's not gonna happen, and there just new terrified
let last week that there is this idea that they're gonna hold a vote, no matter what to put the screws to the progressives right like tat to pressure them. I don't really believe. That at this point there is because it just seems to me that somehow it's important to them too, create the illusion of momentum. I don't No, why that helps them, while the announcement was putting the screws to progressive right it was listen. This is gonna happen with or without you, and then it didn't happen. because I can't happen without room well chosen dwelling where the power you by the way within the progressives. There is a carcass of at least three and remember, only three people have to say now for the firm for either of these bills to go down unless Republicans about with the infrastructure, but so three latina exe,
members of Congress are insisting on it in on immigration provisions in the bill back better Bill path, citizenship for dreamers. Couple of others The Senate parliamentarian has ruled that image She cannot be a feature of this bill which is only possible or I'm only Pat by only can only be passed as a budget bill and sticking things in the do not directly involved the budget means they can't be their work. They do not. They do not obey the the rules of the reconciliation process, a process that eliminates to filibuster for these pieces of legislation. So what they're asking for cannot happen so again, I think what we find her,
the position in which they're going to have to be bought off with something else or they're going to take the bill I mean, and and this at where they're, where they're trying to put pressure on the set of parliament and to revise the scent of parliamentarians opinion because it's too much pressure to put the scent opponent. tearing under anyway. It's interesting the Democrats would want to go to the mattresses, What exactly is three guys, but they're gonna go the mattresses on on the immigration issue. Right now, really I mean Syria, only when the news of the weekend is that the administration is considering four hundred and fifty dollars settlement payments anything like thousand funded two thousand dollar settlement payments to migrants who sued on the grounds that they were improperly treated during the Trump Administration for fifty thousand dollars per person, so say a family three, a mother, father and child separated at the border could get. You know. What is that? That's one point: three: five million dollars.
from the federal government. Is Tom. Cotton pointed out. If you I in the service of your country, you get four hundred thousand dollars from the federal government not from the federal government from the american taxpayer, which I think is what most people read in this? I am not. You know the constantly say this. I'm an immigration does not an immigration hawk, but you know I. I don't think stupid. So therefore, I know that what's going on here is absolutely horrifically bad piece of publicity. For Denmark, since Biden, was probably lurking regarding when Laura settlement for behaving in with his that comport, with the legal precedent jurisprudential president around what you have to do in order to keep minors in custody? The buying administration is doing this exact same thing right now, they're just doing it, Mexico yeah, my question is, are big issue is: is this money go to family members who were separated under Obama's well
well, I could go to anybody. That's the whole point. but it does not matter. That's that's! That's not what they're saying Maybe it's creating Noah's, favorite thing and incentive structure, so guys. Promotion structure to our last sponsored the express european going online without Express Europeans like leaving your kids with the near a stranger while you're using the restroom most the time, its problem, Fine, but you never know who you're trusting what, if they're kidnapper or a serial killer. Because every time you connect to an unencrypted network in cafes, hotels, airports, etc. Your online data is not secure. Any hacker on the same network can gain access to and steal your personal data, and it doesn't take much technical knowledge to hack someone just some cheap whereas needed the data is valuable. Hackers can make up to a thousand bucks perverse and selling your personal info on the dark web expressed will be increasingly secure encrypted tunnel between your device in the internet. Hackers can still your data. It take
hacker with a supercomputer over a billion years to get past expressly beans encryption its You use your fire app and click one button to protected. It works on all devices, phones, laptops tablets and more so you can stay secure, on the go secure. My data today by visiting express european dotcom slashed commentary. That's Ex Pierre S, s of BP and dot com, slash commentary and you can get next. Us remains free, expressway, paean dot com. slash commentary, so we gotta go by tat anybody else have any hilarious, bizarre or a weird things that tub they want to bring up a forum without on purpose. Do I get to tell my weird bizarre thing story? Oh please quickly! So until wizards game, as I mentioned on Friday, with with MIKE it out by about support for people who don't followed into a basket, they were playing this Alex's great. We won after double overtime by like one point, is great aim. However, the half time show was a guy named cabin who balances things on his chest.
and not like a cup of water, and you know a stick, but like ladders and wheelbarrows at a table and it started out, we were all kind of laughingly mocking Kevin in his we're talent By the end, everyone was rooting for cabin. I feel like there's some metaphor for our entire country incumbents performance, but it was, it started out hilarious it. It became the sort of universal admiration for cabin in his chin, balancing skills- I just so you're saying so weird was so great to your saying. Let's go covered meet, let's go casual, exactly ok, we'll be back with you to Morrow for aid, Christina no one jump onwards, keep the camel burn.
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