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Solving the Hostage Crisis You Started

2021-09-09 | 🔗
We're back after the Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah break to discuss the Biden administration's negotiations with terrorists and the praise it's getting for doing so; the fact that Biden is now trying to put us on a war footing against COVID; and the Biden team's effort to change the plotline of the last month by firing Trump officials. And what is going on with Trump and boxing? Give a listen.
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Some guy welcome to the Commentary magazine daily progress. Today's Thursday September nineteen, twenty twenty one happy days of or to all who observed Russia, China, as we did, which is why we ve been awfully rough labour day, and then Wednesday for Russia, China, and we are back with you, I'm John path towards the editor of commentary. If I didn't say that before with as always: executive, editor, a Red waldheim hygiene. See editor and harassment high on our agenda,
and Senorita Christine Rosen High, Christine Hygiene So it's been six days since we have gathered to bemoan the state of everything and ethics haven't gotten any better. So it's a funny sort of thing. It's like it's like a check off play were just getting together in every morning to say I wish we could go to Moscow right now. We have I had the weird experience of being up. There early this morning, watching the opening of mourning Joe with a kind of celebration of the Biden administrations, continuing triumph in the humanity A mission to help people out of afghanistan- Americans left there after the fall of Kabul and ARM hour flight from us understand, because this one plain apparently
what is allowed to take off from Kabul, and so we are now to celebrate glorious. I'm sure ransom in some fashion or other that led to this. Take off of this plain that does not have any effect on six planes that are in Missouri Sharif that have been set four days I don't really know if people are sitting on them wing too, be allowed to fly off there. I don't know where they are. These people horse was beyond these plans in Missouri Sharif, There are still sitting there. They are effectively hostages to the Taliban are we are not treating this as those the harshest crisis, and I don't really know what to make of that. Noah
yeah. Ok, so yes says you ably summarised according to representative call, there are at least six planes, many of which have Americans on them permanent residents, citizens in Missouri Sharif and on Friday. I believe it was Secretary Blinkin bristled over the suggestion that these were hostile as there are hostages, they're, just people. We want to get out for being led out reading, a fine distinction, but one that this administration thought it finds the need to make, because it makes the Taliban look better look. They have a very legitimate concern, which is that they want to keep all the Afghans at the can in the country and we're facilitating that in so far as is possible for us to do so. The administration is today taking a qualified victory lap over getting this one playing with thirty american citizens on an initially was reported. Two hundred Americans are getting out now, just two hundred total thirty of them
our american citizens, untold numbers of afghan nationals, other nationals, and they took a qualified victory lab on warning Joe, the Presbytery gents Aki, was on and they ask. You know how many, how many Americans, roughly do you think, are still in the country, and she said roughly a hundred, so a hundred before we got thirty out an hundred after we got thirty out magically. This roughly two hundred number never changes over the course of this ongoing crisis now event. What would these today, nine sower nine ten days into this thing and it's a static number and the administration is again it's out through for the IMF, the course of this crisis they just been getting through one new cycle after the next new cycle, the not looking forward. Any sort of narrative that withstands a forty eight hour in forty eight hours worth scrutiny. So we now have this. As far as we know, ongoing we'll call a hush the crisis, because that's what it is, has the crisis and much retreat
it s just the one we know about. There is probably a half it does not Macmillan. No, a math is hard. I just have to say: math is hearts and should not be coming down. So so in such a hardware I'm portents I'll keep it can. I just add one thing to this, because I like that you said that we should call it a hostage crisis and I think we should call it that, because that is indeed what it is we also would be when the wind a pull out was so terribly bungled. There's gonna be another one of these tests, which Racine already the mainstream media fail with the Bible Ministration and that's just like they were kids in cages when, when tromp was president, now there are, you know, kids in facilities where we're doing everything we can for them according to the media, so that how the media is going to handle. This is a real test this week in particular this day, people are hostages, they wanna leave and there at an airplane, by the way, not taken out by the this private, operated flights now leaving trying to get these still trying to get people out,
we abandoned, and so let's see if they call it a hostage crisis. That is what it is. Ok Abe, let let me play devils out, give em and speak on behalf of the noble by demonstrations, efforts or try to their keeping quiet there being measured and cautious and prudent and saying very little because there's intense behind the scenes efforts being made to get everybody out as many people as can possibly be gotten out, and and so they are not panicking they're not responding to people like us. They are allowing their passions to get the better of them, because their focused on a larger mission, which is to pull people out, and they are in the process of doing that? Well, I'm sure, I'm sure in some sense portion of that is definitely true. I mean I think they are engaged in ongoing negotiations to get
to get Americans out if they work that would truly be criminal. It just so happens that keeping quiet about that also protects them from having to go out and public and try to create a narrative that wouldn't stand up to scrutiny that no one would be satisfied with so gab. I'm sure that they have to be engaged in an ongoing because he's, but I shudder to think what these negotiations entail. I mean, if you think, about how much the Taliban now has help, how pretty they are sitting. Imagine what sort of cherries on top we, then we can give them back and possibly Tipp the scale even further. Ok, well, here's another thing to think about. Remember the
When an american position for many many decades was, we do not negotiate with terrorists right. That was the absolute ironclad rule and the regular minister. Nearly was decapitated In my day, six, when it turned out that we were negotiating with IRAN over the right yet, but we're so far beyond that John were coordinating with terrorists, for let's not it did. Negotiating with wood speaks to observe. That would mean that the position, The administration of the White House was that we were on opposing sides with the Taliban from from every news conference solely from Saint. Come the Pentagon news conferences, the story is that we are working together, because we have common goals with the Taliban We are, we are so far down the rabbit whole. We are the fruit
looking glass, weary. We are in an absolute different universe in terms of our posture towards bad actors. Ok, can I know- and I let me put it to you- sway, so we are now not only negotiating with terrorists, but coordinating with terrorists now. Why was that regional policy that we don't negotiate with terrorists? Was it moral yeah that was moral was certainly the idea that you don't do it because their evil and have done so? the evil, but that was not why it was a kind of broken Those theory which is you negotiate with terrorist, and then terrorists will do things going negotiate with them. They'll kidnap your diplomats. They will still, they will hijacked They will do whatever they have to do. To force you to kowtow to them. This is how Palestinians for decades got palestinian terrorist out of jails in Europe was by act. The terrorism that would then that they would negotiate for the release of their people,
So we're talking about the additional leverage that we have over the Taliban and it suggests increasingly reporting suggest that that leverage is insufficient to get what we need done now. Everybody thinks there's economic assistance to be provided the Taliban, which is humiliating enough, but increasingly does look like and what they
illustration. Initially thought would be their leverage. They said they had access to the international economy and if they want to be part of a global marketplace, we are going to be the way they get into. That increasingly looks like Beijing is the link that will allow the Taliban to re, engage in the global economy, and so what we really have to provide the means just monetary system. So what else do we have diplomatic recognition? That's one of the things that they have been asking for it that are seeking an administration as coyly dangled before the Taliban and once when we're gonna get into this, I think later in the broadcast. But once you take a look at the government that we're talking about recognising it is not just a moral atrocity, it isn't albatross around this administrations neck that will haunt it for the remainder of this presidency and ways they don't think even fully understand. Otherwise, it would have never
contemplated such a thing. Well, ok! So, let's talk about a previous negotiations with the Taliban that presaged the current circumstances, twenty We're team, Bobo Doll area in America. Service member essentially defected to the I'll buy now set says that he did so out of because he was a member state of extreme craziness. Due to the trunk, the trauma of serving in Afghanistan like went locked himself over to the Taliban and was then a health care. For five years, and then we negotiated for his release. With effectively a prisoner swap and We are now informed by the Afghan television network tallow news that
four out of the five get more detainees who were released in exchange for Burg Doll. Will now be holding senior positions in the Taliban government and there was no real nursery of the hawk- was seek and Mohammed Fossil one of them We the acting minister for information and culture. What will be the act minister of Borders and tribal affairs. One will be acting director of intelligence and one is dead. Defence minister, so these were not low level present. You know how to get my was like all these people I been. There were just in the battle to day. Burgess picked up off the street. Their senior Talbot officials, who are now going to work to you know, do really bad things and fossil in particular. We know to have conspired with Al Qaida and its on a Bin Laden and helped helped him in the plotting of the nine slash eleven terrorist attacks, which we should go to the the
the Taliban government? Will be celebrating its rise to power and commemorating it timber alone. This year you said, Sir, surrendered in Conakry. None up, I did not look mom. That's the Interior minister, right. Son has a ten million dollar bounding on its head by the United States, is going to be in charge of domestic internal security and is the head of the hockey network and operational ties with Al Qaeda, and course? You know a contributor to the New York Times editorial up at page, just in case the many forgotten yeah, but on the fence I think, and the worst of Graham you said, occurred the Prime Minister, whose Gus and United Nations, whose sanctioned by the United Nations, have reintroduced The international environment is a responsible after I have no idea what so, I think that the- circumstances over time at here? Is that everything old is no again. We have hostage crisis like nineteen, seventy nine. We are now in a position,
where we are negotiating with terror, we negotiate for the release of terrorists because, above all, doll and those terrorists are now occupying senior positions in what will be an enemy government, even though we are seriously considering that we have commonalities with that government, in the things of which we can do together. What we ve been talking about here are the consequences of what has happened with the decision to pull out of Afghanistan of Kabul the crisis that we saw, the tens of thousands of Afghans who who work with the Euro who now going to be in huge weren't huge trouble and all that We can now add to this this question of what who will the empowered by the example of the Talibans six test here, not only in overthrowing this government and being installed empower exactly you now, twenty years to the day, to day the thing
happened that made us go in there to remove them, but what tat? as groups will do now that they know that the binding illustration will literally negotiate. Well and one other point, which is what the american people should believe when we hear it coming out of the mouth of Joe Biden or anti blinkin, because blinkin was the one who back and twenty fourteen when he was working for Obama, assured Americans that none of these people that they were releasing in exchange for Belburg Dog would ever pose, and other national security threats deny states he claimed on television that the threat opposed to Americans was now mitigated, but others also get another nightmare here. I think which is there. Because we are coordinating with Taliban and because might very well recognise the Italian. Tell them governments authority as legitimate, we have the? U S has zero leg to ever stand on when denouncing any foreign act
whose involved with any bad actors whose helping out terrorists whose whose whose it on the other side of the the right side of history. As as these people like to say, we have completely lost our ability to look at other countries and day, we are objecting to what you do simply because its morally wrong, we can't- I can't do that anymore and that's a very big deal, but there is also the logistical fact, which is that what we said to Europe when, when the French, when the german when the Italians would negotiate with the new now with a pdf lp. Another, a terror groups is you guys are being crazy. You're doing a something more trouble upon yourself: it's like paying a black sailor I mean there's no end to it. You are you are privilege, ing
protection action right here Not only are we we? What are we gonna set of people? Who do this going forward now that we have essentially become an active, the world's most definitive player in the act of negotiating with with terrorists, you know, there's look there is that there is a gigantic the Torah obliges the jewish community to ransom. Hostages. There is up. There is a long western tradition of the idea that you cannot leave people behind and that it is moral to ransom, hostages. So I am not saying that the United States government can do nothing about the Americans who are left there. I'm not. I mean certain.
Sensitive changed. We need to do whatever we can to make sure that Americans are murdered by the Taliban are imprisoned by the Taliban. Having said that, this goes back to the first cause here, which is we chose to do this. We chose to pull out of Afghanistan that the reason that those people are in danger and that we are having having to ransom was Joe Binds, foolishness, moral, practical and personal idiocy and vanity about wanting to be the person whom history would set celebrate as having ended this war, the The key here is that every time you go back, you go back to the first principle, which is this didn't have to happen. We didn't lose this war, we pay out of it unilaterally. We pay that of a unilaterally we like agenda peace that was supporting the afghan army. And then the afghan army collapse, because we were, we were
supporting jangle peace Stevens has a really by call him about Jones Mental Acuity. Not merely you know the stuff relating to age, but simply his unbelief and his unearned belief in his unintelligence, which ways is hard to accept. I think for people who want this dissident trains succeed mostly and primarily just because it represents an alternative theory of governance than the Trump administration, but to cling is tightly ass. He did to these events, even when they were unfolding in the worst possible ways and to continue to maintain his attacks
into this outcome that was gradually becoming worse and worse, and more and more on realisable has made the situation far worse, because he's invited you know not just one mission accomplished moment, but one of many several mission accomplished moments, and not just this ongoing hostage crisis which will not go away, despite all the the desperation on the part of the press, to turn the page on this sort of thing, it is unseemly the extent to which they are desperate. To look for new narrative in a new story, and apparently the media consuming public. Just won't let a girl, God bless them. Ok, I want to talk to you guys, a brain, but also briefly before we move on to the sum that the notion here is Christina nor remembered Sector Lincoln, saying this about Americans being more safe. That's something I want to track down, but
tat. Our mission was accomplished in twenty eleven in Afghanistan. The terrorism locus of terrorism had moved outside of Afghanistan and there's a reason for that, because we had pushed it out. We are now inviting it back, and every member of this administration is weak scandal. Candidly about the sort of thing says the mission in Afghanistan. The counter terrorism mission in Afghanistan is not over and over the horizon, strikes being is messy, as they are the likelihood that will be reengaged counterterrorism operation in Afghanistan soon enough within administration is very high and the political act that George W Bush experience from this one mission accomplished moment should have dissuaded them from this course. So let me just pull back a little bit and talk to you guys about Dan Seymour's postpone apart cast, you heard me talk about it before you can download alone on apple pie. Cast will replace teacher. This is the pod gas the day a New York venture Capitalist and intellectual author co, author of start up nation, member of Commentaries Board
It has been doing to try to get a handle on what life will be like when we actually can finally put the virus in the rearview mirror and he hit. This week's episode is, with a remarkable american israeli venture capitalists, name Michael Eyes and Burg. Who is also a kind of talk, a scholar and practical advice, giver and goes through how his investment seed capital investments in a lot of, hi tech ay. I type companies how the virus impacted those investments, how the how Corona show a future for for this kind of investing and a what let
funds are to be learned from it, and he goes more broadly into a very interesting issue, which is the dose of the universal basic income which you may have heard talked about incessantly. It was Andrew Yanks key issue in his breast this'll campaign. Charles Murray's written a lot of people on all sides of the political spectrum talked about how the rise of tat means that we need to provide people with the universal guarantee basic income, because because jobs are going away, that the unskilled get and iceberg points out that we have just had a massive national experiment in you'll, be I in the form of this extended unemployment insurance and despite thoughts and claims that the universal basic income would give people the room and space to be creative and to do fresh, interesting, zipping, new things we ve had a year and it turns out it doesn't happen. That's not true,
well, don't use this money to sort of like innovate in their own lives, they use this money to be indolent for the most part, or not really or to just yo go on with their lives, because this is a fantasy that that pain, people not to work will actually encourage work. And it's a very interesting conversation. I strongly recommended at last week's with Sid our democracy, the doktor and scholar of cancer and other and other diseases or author for of in the New York, whose also written essentially by corona great conversation with him last week, MIKE lies and bring this week that stamp dancing. There's postpone a pod cast, downloaded Apple Google placed at her, and you will be enlightened and ends rolled. Ok,
So sometimes, today Joe Biden is going to give a big speech outlining the new war uncovered its yes, we're back a wartime footing, its wartime footing to combat covered, and I I don't mean to be flip about this, because I take this very seriously but the degree to which we have lost the thread of this conversation, I covered that he has Everybody has particularly serve into mainstream liberal precincts is. It is getting more and more maddening by the day. Having David Lee in the New York Times yesterday, wrote a p is using the latest data that suggestion If you are vaccinated, you have between you, you have a one. In five thousand or one in ten thousand chance of being
hospitalized for a breakthrough infection. One may be one in ten thousand. Ok, one in ten thousand We keep hearing their surges of of of up of pediatric cases. There are that these are not searches and pediatric cases. There were none now. There are some and noble and people are Delta, is not making people sicker than they were before. It is making more people sick who are on and why Once again, we have a circumstance in which we have more than seventy five percent of the country, having had its first shot being too they need to go into a defensive, crouch and live in a hole and bind the power he's going to do something like that today, he is I can say, we're winning he's gonna, say we're losing, and we need to redouble our efforts to win again by the way,
at a time when the delta wave is actually finally subsided. Delhi, Delhi, new cases are down of a couple of clicks and you can actually see it if you look at any bar graph, of of recent affections of. Among other things, this will allow the administration to say see what happened when I got. Tough cases dropped, find it in whereas real leadership would be to stand up and say in the face of all that. The description you just provide John of the kind of liberal, continued liberal hysteria about a lot of this would really really would be to stand up to that group and say you know what this is something we have to live with. Its endemic. Not pandemic is something that can be mitigated through vaccinations which we know to be safe. We know to be effective. We in then could give some specifics about. You know whether who, in when we need booster shots. All all of the questions that the average rational american House right now about this virus, but the over
reaching overarching message should be. We are generally heading back to normal now and we have to start to accept the risk of some of this just there. Spikes here in their regional variations, my especially among young vaccinated the surgeon general development. They said something along those lines right. He said that the goal here are taking an angle. Finally is not desirable case. It sits almost no hospitalizations and no debts as a result of this, but not not. No covert covert is a permanent feature of life now good for him for saying something that should have been article eight it last year, a little this year, but at least it in the either but to go to a wartime footing now against people who are of words are directly refusing to get back to night. It is like after fixated on on both members and twenty in nineteen. Forty two I mean they are not listening to you they are in, reachable demo, so all you're doing is talking about the talking to the same people who
We wish you already comply. It is it's worse than worthless and I don't know who the audiences for this, Certainly not you know it up, national attempt to get a hands. Your hands were uncovered. It's it's a narrative further for the benefit of the liberal audience. Ok look! So there is a peace and slow. Not ordinarily, in the habit of recommending things from slay them not recommending this. I'm only talking about it as as an object lesson by Shannon Power Palace who is according to her. She is the science editor of slight okay so, and this is a peace that begins, I'm not doing very well right now, it's month, twenty of cover the pandemic living through the pandemic. Living with everyone else was living through the pandemic to even is Is there so much better? They are still very bad. If only the glass
the hospitalizations or travellers briefly to know that, and of course it is my job to slay sides. Editors stay up to date on the news. Why my? Why my realistic, as I want to read you want want? I want you to think about the paragraph. I'm about to read you. Ok, It says this sometimes I feel like a little blinking ESA West light among so many journalists. Covering covered her, not okay. Parents are not okay, healthcare workers are not okay, and these are just people we here, but there are plenty of other people who are absolutely also not okay, who don't get this kind of coverage, cushy links to various articles about parents, journalists and help. Workers. It feel sort of wrong to say that there is no help coming but I'm not am sure what help is coming for all these groups of people of for all the rest either. I think the big part, the problem for me, is that the tools to this crisis are right there, namely vaccines, but also masks and rapid tests, and so many people just got using them and also our system has not set up to deploy them, and so we are all stuck UK
seventy six percent of everybody in the United States over eighteen is had one shot. Ok in three weeks three quarters the company will be full, country will be fully vaccinated among those who are at risk from second dying from called it. Ninety nine percent, the people who get second die from covered, are over. The age of eighteen Almost we're now taking it as given that seventy five percent of people having this is not is not enough. It's not good enough. We can't get the entire nation to these members. As the vaccines are still not approved for people twenty, eight, twelve and under who make up out of fifty five million people, so what are you, what does she mean? She's, not ok. What does she mean? Things aren't better. This is like People say that in a race, relations are no better than they word. Nineteen, forty or the life, for you know
Everything is as bad as it was during Jim Crow. Like these, delusional views that are being expressed by somebody who has this gigantic platform milk. The people are going to read this peace. It is crazy. She is saying I am crazy person. The vaccines are there, they are not helping. They are helping, every who is vaccinated is safe from almost everyone is safe from death. Ninety nine percent of the hospitalizations in this country, due to the delta Varied, are among the non vaccinated help me out here. This is who Biden thinks he needs to be talking. This person, I know what you're saying that that that that the unfair tax- nay, they do no Trump folder person. You know like extremist Eric Metaxas psychotic, like that person, is the one whom Biden can't reach.
He can't reach Shannon Palace. Listen to what she's saying. They're, the ones who can't be reached there once or saying we're a mask forever like tat and then doing this towers magically they're. Not sk from dying or getting sick from called it there. Really not a minute can get sick from covered, they won't die from it. They won't be hospitalized what are they walking around masts for they don't and they're, not gonna. Give it to someone. So, who is he talking to you said who is talking to he's talking to her? But why is he talking to her? She is unreachable She is more unreachable, then the Trump voter whose like
You saying I don't want to get back needed because you know that's the studies. Aren't there. I mean problem annual famous formulation. Never let a crisis go to waste was in articulation of an aspect of centre left, liberal political philosophy, which is that crises are opportunities to enact the exit. If authority or through the urgency of a moment, policies that would otherwise be unpalatable to the general public right. Well corollary to that theory is that you should let a crisis go to waste. Therefore, you should conserve the crisis right hold onto his much of the crisis is possible because, when the crisis goes away, the reason Raison D Trig, but can't pronounce it french razor natural. Whatever had that goes away and that's more important than the crew.
This or the solution to the crisis. I you have to be a permanent crisis in the liberal worldview, and this is it. This is as good as Annie. In fact, this is better than most because it is total. It's it's so total that it justifies, by definition, totalitarian policy, prescriptions. Look we see what's going on in Australia, Rights, Australia has a zero colored policy, explicitly their ideas. They don't want any cases of covered in the country, If there's one case of cover, the city is locked down well, there are going insane their confrontation. With cops their limiting the their blocking people down and then their refusing to allow them to drink like that that the extent to which democratic now arms and the jet general serve like live and let live. World is shut down by this. This theory of zero covered
is now evident for everybody to see- and it's not its sustainable only at that only an incredibly high. Opportune. The cost in terms of liberty, in terms of sir everybody in terms of what makes life worth living it's not, but I thought even sustained but like is actually not achievable. It's not an achievable goal and the idea that we should by and certainly the austrian model is not achievable here, but the idea that that the buying that you're asking Americans make at this point is you Still have to trust the experts who knows best who know you who will give you suddenly entrust the signs, trusty experts, etc, etc. That's no longer really possible giving the mic, given them its messages and given the facts on the ground, as you said, with vaccination rates and and and and God the fact this virus, even in its various forms, still husband, sparing the youngest vulnerable children. Kid you're going
after school. Now you know there are cases, but these are not sir, it's not as serious as it once was, but I do know is point. The reason it is a hugely effective. As a narrative, political score settling point. Is it there an actual body count horrifically. This is I think that really was a horrible crisis. Its were now getting out of it, but unlike say the always put off future climate crisis. This was right, We all experience that it was horrifying. People lost loved ones, family members, it was terrible, they can keep, playing on that that that that emotional space is primed for people still even people who are rational can be could be touched by that and they are using it. It's very manipulative and there's a built in mechanism that will allow anyone who wants to do to extend this crisis for as long as they wish and that's Very it. Every time is a variant there's a whole new sluiced, raised, and they always say the same thing
new variant might elude vaccine and may impact children more. That's all you have to say when any new variant comes up and then we're right back in it basically been messaging of the teachers unions for the past six months. Right. Ok, so Israel has decided to go with this Bruce booster shots right. So now out, like most everybody over the age of sixty has got the third booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine and apparently, in his broken, the back of the delta surge in Israel and what word there's now this incredible confusion about whether or not there's gonna be they're gonna be be booster shots here and of the science. You know someone. They public health community, think there shouldn't be, and the FDA does want. Finally, to say that there should be in there shouldn't be in By now, you can't even understand who was on what side of what here in this world and what their privileges and what their say
why you shouldn't have a booster what's wrong with the booster, because they can't talk Turkey, because What they're going to say is added the booster that may be bridge too far. That's like really are you saying the vet? The vaccine is maybe like toxic, like I can't say that, so you have to talk, and I don't know what it is that's going on but that's what I say that they're losing the thread body of this big speech about breaking the back of the delta, variant but as Abe says that The very isn't the end of this there's the move variant. That's out there that, Terribly isn't lives and is bad, but maybe you could be in every now and then the whatever go comes after blue with somebody said the other day by the time you know by the time twenty twenty four walls around everyone in America's gonna know the greek alphabet. For the first time. You know, since, since since the founding fathers were all literate in Greek, I mean this is. So the losing the thread thing is all part and parcel of
What's going on Afghanistan, also, it's like these. These arguments things happen and then people Shift around and say the opposite of what they said three days earlier and since through opposite what they said you know, six years earlier or something like that. How useful to trust than anybody is just being strain or like being being commonsensical or something like that, where's, the common sense. When you have the science editor of slate, which, against obligation owned by the Washington Post you know, is, has led a very low First of all, that saying I'm a thirty one year old woman losing my shit. That's what she says in this peace. I it's like. If you're losing your shit, quit your job, stop handling your misinformation that is coming out of your incredibly neurotic here.
Because you ve already said you can't your perspective- is skewed and you're running a piecing. My perspective is skewed. Listen to me. While I talk about this, I am, I am crazy. No ok! Another is good later increase their cries. Good, ok at you knows not crazy, David Byrne to the bottom group, our friend publishes those regret: internet those letters, the DC today, dot com and dividend CAFE: dot com, macro weakened. MAX Micro, economic study of what going on in the economy, the interplay of politics and policy, the behavior of the FED. What's going on in the markets, you get a daily perspective in the DC today, dot com, you get a weekly perspective from thirty thousand feet and Dividend CAFE: dot com. But runs the bonds and group a three billion dollar under management by coastal financial services firm, and that is the gold standard and the end
I'm saying he supports the gods. Every bit, maybe does maybe doesn't either by misuse the term if I had not attacking, attach him To any such thing, but what he is and what these those letters are is the antidote to the intellectuals we area of financial services and management industry, and you need to subscribe to his nose letters today. Gotta give them cafe dot com and subscribe. Let's talk a little more about Biden, an interesting thing that were going on, as the news has just been so bad for him. One thing after the other. Now we got Joe Mansion saying that he doesn't want he's absolutely not going to vote for the three point: five, billion dollar reconciliation bill and in response the demo. That's my house are: are making the bill larger, which they can't actually do, because they wordy pass them. They ve passed a framework that pegs it at three point: five trillion there now adding
still it meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and trucks. Humour in the Senate want to add dental a vision and independent prosthetics and and had bandages Whenever I don't know what to do everything it was to go into these bills as though they can be paid for another, I'm gonna happen, and then they're gonna have this two months of debate with Joe mentioned already say: I'm not voting for it, so it's dead because it only takes one person on their side to kill two not to vote for it to kill it so they're losing the thread and the store were terrible for him. Afghanistan, several freeman, all this. So what does he do to try to get the news back in his corner? you send letters. Is the measures and sent letters to a bunch of from people who were appointed to boards at the end of the Trump administration on these fix terms, three terms service academies, certain types of arts panels and things like that demanding their immediate resignations,
or they will be fired, which in fact they can't really be fired because they were appointed to fix terms, and this is a maybe they can be fired. My clear people don't do this. They dont replace people on these boards. This is like a new form of social workers. So you got them Sean, Spacer and colleague, Conway and others writing these set up passion, letters about how shocking this is doing. That and then Democrats are all defending when the problems are fighting and it's all like. Steve said before this is like a gigantic look. Hey squirrel moment. Like who cares who's on the board of the service Khatami? I don't I mean but it is but but who cares that the left twitter left Wing twitter cares about these? These are heads on the on the spike, but yeah. It is it's. It's literally what I do when my dog is getting into mischief. I he has a literal stuff squirrel and I throw it across the room he racist towards that he's. So happy
squirrel squeak for like a good, five or ten minutes, and then he forgets the mischief he was getting into before, This is precisely what binding is doing with the story, and it is especially galling for the we are the norms crowded. No, we bring this up a lot, but it's it's. If you're good Pretend imposture at being the governance and norms crowd, probably should go around behaving like a mafia. By saying you don't get out of my shoe to get out of the shop ion the shop now, but I thought I was higher to have a contract. I don't care, I mean the the bully. In tone of it is going to satisfy his base, but it did. It looks it just looks bad earthly existence basin. I think you create this entire dynamic, like this is like days LEO, What is the handing? Rightly talk radio. We're talking point four for a couple of days like for what could so he can appoint
not Kelleam Conway. Today's motion of this mandrake association- they shouldn't take debate either they should stick to the serious, is to stay on Afghanistan. Stay uncovered say, are actually the stuff where there is real, which is important. As you know, this spices of deeply serious person who really wants to keep focused on the really important issues like Flamenco Dan slithering Moron, as it happens altogether and always was, and always will be anyway, but How can I wonder who insults on spicy, except for every reason that he deserves to be insulted, but please? Barton is gonna, go back to travel more and more. I think if things go wrong form any any hat, and in other ways too, you know not only explicitly blaming part of the afghan debacle on on Trump, but talking about the state of the economy, our employment and saying imagine if the other guy we're still here saying the stock markets up and I've,
that one word about it. You know, in other words I had unlike Trump, who would you know brag about this, that the new highs Martin would have unlike Trump, I'm not gonna tell exactly right. I'm not talking about that at all. Don't expect me to talk about that. But for that date they drove us into the ditch thing. I mean that was Obama's play when things go hurrying. Twenty ten didn't work than, but I thought that the whole idea behind Biden and people supporting was to get beyond were sick of talking about trombone our. So enough about this. Try every day, there's madness, withdrawal, and now they are there, they want nothing more than to cling to the Trump Europe pilot, It's I want to talk to you about what Trump is doing over the weekend, but before I do that, I want to talk to you about
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and so a lot of people are going around saying. I you see if and they're right like this is disgraceful. This is not how he is of Ex president. He should be, as he should be doing, solemn, he's on the twentyth anniversary, but he's thou solemn person and that's not who he is and going to be, and this brought put me in mind of a point about Trump and his understanding of his base in his support witches. He's going. This is a version of him this. You should think that he's running because of this is what he's doing he's not doing this distance course of easy money in twenty throughout the two thousands and the early twenty tens Trump made a bee. Why in for what I called years ago, the proletariat media.
Invisible to most people like us and had no idea that was going on Alex Jones Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation? All this very stuff that we consider very low, read very classless. All of that you now full of conspiracy, theories and lies, and fake sports events all fake and all that, and he, with his the aid, and maybe I think the planning, the genius Planning Roger Stone. He went there and he he courted those people there Millions and millions of them their mostly man, they're, mostly non college, educated man, a lot of them high school degrees he went, and he said I'm with you, I'm your guy. I like things you like I eat away. You eat I to watch people throw chairs at each other's heads you now I like all of this and at its wanted
reasons? Why, when he entered the race and twenty fifteen, he was suddenly a twenty percent. The poles from the get go you're like how did this happen? Yeah, I'm in a lot of his famous, we want to run for office. Why was he a twenty percent because he had worked this room? He had worked this room for years, and years and years, and they knew him and he came out and five million people were like he's. My guy he's my guy. She's going there. I think that is yet another indication that he is absolutely going to run in twenty twenty four, I'm certain he's going to run two thousand and twenty four, but I am not. I think we might be slipping again. Into ascribing more strategy to his moves, then than than they weren't, because he can continue to go. Go to this to work this room and to do this are of alternate pop culture.
You know NASCAR and wrestling and prize fight. He could do all that he doesn't need to do it on that day I don't see how that helps him and he already has all those people the strategic thing to do. I think would be at a moment like this when, when the other side is suffering when, when be supposed antidote to trap is proving to be a pretty insufficient antidote. Would be to make some sort of play for peace we doesn't already have. This is, of course,
He never did. He really was always incapable of doing YAP briefing. I won't just as a digression prize. Fighting pugilism is not the same thing as W W E. It is not the same audience. As you have said, it is a very different audience, a far more sophisticated audience. I would, I would contend John having grown up watching boxing. It is, there is a need for a genuine sport and though it attracts universal, significant overlap. I don't think this is the same room at all to very different. It's it's not
the same room is the type of people who formed what you call in twenty. Sixteen twenty something the nucleus of his base. There again there's overlap, but it's it's a different kind of audience. The simplest explanation here is that this is a quick check that this easy money, because the bar more complicated strategic answer that you gave is. I dont think that the thought process that you can attributed the people who run Donald Trump that sets its seventeen steps when the when one or two suffice, and does this indicate that he's running I mean he's doing everything it can to indicate he's running shores has just one more indication does. This can contribute to the thing on his hard core twenty percent, in the same way that the conspiracy theory the idea in the same way that showing up a w w e events dead. The creator that alternative culture that nobody sees Ghana things out. This is far more above board. This is much more visible. Ok! First of all, I am sorry, but you can't say that
Fight is part of the glorious and classic tradition of you know: Marcus Queens pray Fisticuffs. This is a fight between fifty eight year old man. An annex, a u c fighter the van or whole field is gonna, be. Nine years old next month. He hasn't fought in a professional bout since twenty eleven and he's fighting, you FC guy! This is a stunt fight. It's not like you know. This is not enough Ali versus Foreman or anything like that. So let lets us it's a spectacle, but ever young company under card to you do he's not coming here, the under guard. Anyway, I don't know that I love to celebrate by I hate boxing and I find the whole active saying boxing ass, the sport of kings and all that demented, but none the less. I will. I will give you that, and I also give it. I don't think it's a good. Maybe it's a test
a strategy, but I'm saying what it indicates about his mindset is that he. He likes to cultivate his own feel like he doesn't need these people, but the fact that he is going back to the well again and again and again. May mean in his own mind that this is his version of strategy. He's. Also been crashing weddings, Martha Lego, because it is the ego boost of people going and Eurostat they're going to miss me now I mean there's, there's a sense in which there is kind of a pathetic A ban quality to what he's doing when it keeps going back to the well known and demanding everybody praise him. I mean I mean that's true, but you know you see these poles and you know seventy percent of Republicans one want them to be the nominee in twenty twenty four I mean you know he is going, give rallies in the next couple months. Look here gotta be pretty old, he's, not very good shape. You know unlike by the way, which is it could save, binds old and crank in sight
I want all that, but I mean he he kept his body and pretty peak condition. It would appear that a lot of working out and keeping himself healthy- I don't think that's trumpet. All of you know, running for It's no joke we're running President and Maloney another want to do it again, Maloney is out like she's like I do want to run and when we firstly again so anyway, who noticed multiple suit will see what's happening, we'll see, what's happening, You know, but I will say that switch is that if you've ever been behind the wheel of a high performance sports car- and you realize how much better car can be and ever want to settle for a regular car again and your feel the same way about your ex chair with a moment. You first sit down and you'll understand why many consider the exchequer to be the finest office charitable. Can your current officer give you a massage while you're working the the can? Can your current current office, cheer he'd upper cool down your exchequer? Can it's all the elements met massage and temperature regulation explicitly design and made for exchequer once you feel
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Ok now has got five twenty eight Christine. What do you have? What was the original announced tat alive? Six fifteen six eighteen, eighty five eighteen Five eighteen, ok, zealous ravaged in line with the strategy. I love that's idiots, A wide range between me and Christianity should set five twenty nine by and watched the breakfast. I can tell you I could tell you my thinking about. Say five just to create the baseline, so I'm five get five. We got we gotta get I know it five hundred and twenty we got Christina at six hundred and fifteen and we got ain't trying to sneak in under do at five hundred and eighteen.
It's gonna, get the dishwasher he's gonna win additional. I don't know what you're thinking outside this is not a strategy on ok he's he's generally between thirty and forty minutes late, and because this isn't this is more his wheel house. He kind of wants to give this speech, so I imagine that he'll be closer to the mark, There has been an all the crises that he doesn't really have his hands around, that he doesn't have an answer in this crisis either, but he's more comfortable doing this, that the emphasis is also clearly applauded this plan, so that it can be on the local news at six and on other good evening news, six. Thirty in the later he goes the more. Damages that prospect. So so anyway, we'll see what we'll see what happens, and we will be back with you tomorrow for a Christina know. I'm John Podhoretz keep the candle burning.
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