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Suppressing Speech and Going After Israel

2021-09-22 | 🔗
Today's podcast points out the continuing scandal of the media's and Big Tech's efforts to suppress stories they don't like—both about Hunter Biden and about China's role in the promulgation of COVID—and what the practical consequences for them both may be. And then we get into the Democratic party's courtship of political meltdown, shown in part by an effort to defund Israel's anti-missile efforts. Give a listen.
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Some guy What come to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday September twenty seconds one in twenty one. I am jump onwards. The editor of humans are with me is always executive editor, a Green Waldheim Hydra, Sir you're right. Christine Rosen, high Christine Hygiene and associate editor nowhere, Rossman high on our agenda. We have so much talk about today, we ve politicos bans, reckoned you're, essentially confirming the mere posts
reporting last October about the communications between Hunter Biden and the Ukrainians that as J Caruso of the washing examiner reminded us, fifty former intelligence officials summons thereby the Biden campaign announced that it was likely that this information, the result of a russian this information campaign- any rational person, knew that it was true that, under by add that that these communications were what they were but the decision had been made to do whatever it was possible to get Joe Biden elected and so, of course, Twitter and facebook- I think Facebook, but certainly twitter, basically base limited its its distribution right and an twitter.
Sickly band. Any mention of the New York Posts story, which was weird. Let's face it. There weird detail about how we dropped off his laptop at a arab weird computer store in Wilmington and then left it there for year like a like, like you know, like dry cleaning, were that you leave behind it whatever it doesn't matter, but there was a decision was made that the promulgation of this story was an act. It's you tat would be that was a it- would be allowing this information to be promulgated. I don't think it would have had fact on the election. Nonetheless, that's thing one, I. If we have much talk about there, try to get. I have mentioned here, What bothers me about it most is this. Is this baked an idea that
how one media say: political is the watchdog group on other on another media outlets, the post backed up its story? The post said this is real use. It's it's not it's not for it was As for those asserting that it wasn't a trip to prove that it wasn't real. the idea that that's not true until the media outlets you like confirm it a year later is, is what really bothers me about And not just the posed by the way they were, there are other. There are other outlets waters who also had known its real and said as much and and and talk about corroborating evidence a long time ago, look fair enough: I'm not I'm not defending! No one here I mean the issue. Of course it was. These was the was the social media conspiracy, to quote
The story, as these sort of Anti Biden late hit, all campaigns develop late hits it's the nature of how we do presidential campaign them, often local, and eight campaign's. The campaigns that people save save a story after the last couple weeks to throw the other components heels creator feedback loop and which they don't how to respond. They respond pair differently in difficult fashion. The general consensus among liberals in the United States. Is that Social media has become a means by which a fascist are promulgating misinformation and a social media companies desperate to do something about there are collapsing reputations.
Had go where for reasons that go far beyond the simple any illogical questions of Russia and Trump and all that are very eager, to play, along with the idea that they have a positive role to play in a judicata, NG, truth and falsity of stories about which they have absolutely no our authority or or means to adjudicate, but where I get it. I did. They didn't have that idea and ex nihilo. They were induced, cajoled asked bank forced to police content on their sights after, particularly after the twenty sixteen election by Democrats. Who is it, Donald Trump on his entire political career. Facebook, Frank with you with his son, was amiss which itself was a misguided assumption, because Obama is the one who actually pioneer data. You
data and use of social media for advertising in political mobilization. I I do in every ever. It is the exact that made it worked. It worked great then cause. Then it was all safe and it was all the corrective provision I wanna break a point, I should think a brought it up on our texture last night. The other, The problem with this issue, besides the brought that the very broad and serious role of social media is that by suppressing a story without any actual factual response to it and not allowing it to spread it play his into the very thing that all the people who were, who claim to be concerned about misinformation on social media are worry about, which is. It does encourage conspiracy theories, because now you have people saying see we told you they're doing this. We told you there's a pressing this cause. They actually were. So we end up in an odd way it it there's a kind of
your feedback loop into into conspiracy, theorizing, that they're doing in the name of stopping misinformation, their encouraging more conspiracy. There is because their interest is in getting is in quieting the left attacks on them. That is that this is a desperate pursuit of a lowering of the temperature. The left grabbed onto this idea. These two companies, particularly twitter and Facebook, got trumpet
elected. Therefore, the solution to the evil of tromp was very simple: forced them to change their behaviour and trump cannot get a gig, cannot get reelected or you don't use his magical power over the american mind through social media, and this is all part of these social, the of the dominating force of of of America's liberal elite culture, which is that they are incredibly expert at getting large scale institutions to kowtow to whatever it is they get obsessed with because all these companies want is peace. They just want to be left alone to do what they're doing ape the greatest irony about. That is that if Donald Trump is re elected and twenty twenty four.
the largest piece of the puzzle will be because he was off of twitter. The ban, allowed regular Americans to forget the actual feeling of how bad it was to have those crazy tweets every day they bidding on huge favor. I mean so So we're just we're just the layers of irony upon irony upon irony here, but I've been here is the thing Facebook and twitter don't the patent where a world, let's say in which faced moving toward don't, have the power to ban, in fact they should not have had the power to ban no point about them. Is that their platforms that aren't was to be making editor decisions. That is what saves them. from being liable for the transmission legally liable for the transmission of false information. Pedophilia information, whatever is. It goes on that
to ninety six communications, decency, act and various pieces of litigation, say They are a pass through their like the post office. You can't blame them for the contents of a sealed letter. That's nice their place now we're in this matter region in which every now and then they decide this can be allowed to be read or see. That doesn't that that is what congressional Democrats can thank themselves for that that regime that you just described. I don't think, however, that is fair to say that these companies, just one You left alone to make widgets. They don't need any congressional push or media pusher whisper campaign to get them engaged in climate change, activism or voting rights, activism or half a dozen other.
Present causes, because not only do they share those ideological think affinities, they seek the power and influence in Washington that those that those activities grant them their actively pursuing that those rewards are out there for them and they don't need to be forced into their pursuit well in Facebook at him, for media now meet a major media players and television and half a dozen other industries as those incentives, those rewards exist and they will be pursued independent of whether congressional Democrats forcing us and in turn to czech social media bodes well in Facebook itself, understanding that is, as you said, John. Its reputation is not exactly what it wants it to be. Has has now launched this thing called project amplify where it is kind of advertising itself on its own platform for a powerful. Obviously, Facebook, as is of major place, put your advertisements that they said well, let's, let's right, let's directive poverty about ourselves and those two words like as again, so that they are aware of it. The amount
money that they have to lobby Washington is immense. There there they should be included with big farmer big. Tammy big tax Has a lot of money to spend. It is spending it and this debate. it has a lot of interesting sort of some arguments that conservatives are making about. You know how do you define a platform of the community that there's a light of time of interesting ferment for this, but the suppressed? of a new story by a platform of that size in power remains a very big bungle by both Twitter and Facebook, and I agree with a by think it's gonna come back and get him and for the Democrats who were happy about it. they're, not going to be happy about it when those same platform start suppressing things that they want to promote, I mean more importance. I think in a larger sense is this goes to this quest. of whether or not the amount People in the American, a leads have had our now actively opposed, to the idea that leave
First amendment is there to permit the disseminate to to allow or whatever you want to call it. The dissemination of speech that you don't like. That is pretty Finally, why it exist? It's not there in order to codify the rule. Is that what we hear and what we see in all of that please us it is create a conditions under which the right of free speech will not be a bridge. You can say what you want to say, particularly if its unpopular goes against the corporate interests of Facebook or something like that. This is a very complicated. issue and fate and the social media companies sidestepped it because of sex. Two thirty of the communications decency active ninety Ninety six, there, whatever was called- I am using the wrong term, cause I think, but
The idea was they were to be treated as a transmission vector and therefore they we're not legally liable for the information that was transmitted through them, you can't you can't hold. You know your email service provider responsible for the envelope that the email comes in You don't hold them responsible because they are not publishers except they are, but they're, not but they are sort of but they're, not even that employment rights, royal judgments, they are publishers. It is beyond belief that we had commentary must be held to a higher legal standard for the things that we publish then face than the standard that Facebook is held to buy the law which is in fact the case well on the contradictory balance that it that used to holding the has held up until recently was that they can
fall back on this argument that they are private companies which they are and they are allowed to make decisions about who they about rules to govern their own platform. So they went in the public sort of accepted that until it wrapped up A post drop out, they post two thousand, sixteen- that weird contradictory balance of where platform pass through, but were also sometimes a private company that wants to boot off crazy right. Wingers in pedophiles people are like ok, this is imperfect, it doesn't always makes sense, but it works. That's how working anymore, and I think that's really. The question is whether, if they want to still be considered private Companies are we going to treat them more like utilities and who regulates them, and what not I mean. That's the ongoing debate. Www air central power is right, but not yours. The central thing like, let's take the money out of it right, lobbying, money or whatever it is. The only people
In this country, who have an idiot logical interest in defending the fat, the idea that Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and whatever are not utilities, are intellectuals on the right left has no problem with the notion That large scale institutions in which everybody you know and participating, are to be deemed as utilities and should be nationalized in some fashion or other. That is socialism right I mean that is already increasingly Democrats or socialist. We are the people. People on the right. Are the people who say government has no business. interceding in the market in this way. Well, then,
and twenty sixteen happens, their own staff in their own fears, their own worry say: oh, my God, people misused our system to. You now allow the Russians to buy Donald Trump. The presidency which is a preposterous idea and always was right, but here they are now and they are then sent okay. You know what you're right- or we kind of by that- or we going to worry about this, so we're going to help serve your interests as we go into an election. The left never problem with there being utilities right now. Oh Josh, Holly and people like that have no problem with them being treated, though, as though they are companies requiring government control, they have decided to line up culturally. With the very forces
That will ensure their destruction in some fashion or their take over or something like that. for a time that is always fine with these companies because of the whole notion of regulatory capture. That, if day, if they do the things to comply with guns, regulations that add hundreds of millions of dollars to their spending. In order that government piles on regulations, they do it, they can afford it. No one then can enter the space to compete with them. because no one will have enough resources at the outset to comply with government regulation. So often these companies love regulatory capture love the idea that they can be a date that this government insists on this stuff because it raises the barn entry and therefore you no, they won't be a Tory out of business or Commodore sixty four, but out of business or something like that. But that is not the case. With these companies.
There are only two of them really, maybe three, and we start talking about this Christine Euro peaceably this two or three years ago? May we start talking about this? They are not going to survive this decade and there is absolutely no reason for the people who philosophically defend their independence, to try to give them the slightest finger in the slightest help because they are putting their finger on the scale and doing They can to ensure the election of the other party. I don't know how this happens, but you could see an entire twenty four twenty. Four campaign being waged on the idea of a republican non Conventional rather than my Donald Trump Saying Facebook and twitter
to be nationalized. I mean you know he can say anything. Why couldn't you say that then, what's Biden What do you say? No, no! No! I mean I am a great supporter of the free more I don't know what you know whatever I don't know it's it with wherein in ITALY, as this goes on. And they are under their own internal pressure from their own mandarins and you know, and cod rays and killed. revolutionaries too soon S speech, even more, that's, what's going on internally. These. You know twenty thirty roads who litter We no longer believe in free speech because they believe that its much more important not to hurt people saying mean things or whatever it is that they believe. I don't even know if even believe that it's just that they no longer believe in free speech. A view. A review of a review of Ben Shapiro book the authoritarian moment in the October
It comes very now available commentary, dot, org and you go into this in great detail in your review has been does if his book, yet the Buckingham covers social media. He also cover sports and science entertain more generally the academy any discusses, this very thing the me do, the way in which the Revolutionary left has managed to capture institution after institution and which then in turn shapes the world. We live in. very anti yeah and talks about, as you say, like the the M act at the key understanding here of the of of the movement of the left is that
this stands in opposition to the idea of fundamentally a free speech. They blood is that speech that they disagree with his illegitimate and dangerous and harmful and threatening, and it therefore its regulation, codification or control is necessary to the preservation and sustenance of a of a decent society right. Is that a fair someone? That's that's the key distinction. That's the key distinction. Shapiro us. He says if you're on the left, you are essentially against free speech in the idea that we can. Talk to break bread with people who disagree with us, because their beyond the path He doesn't say that about levels is he in fact he had distinguishes that liberals and conservatives are as arbiter actually on the same side on the other side of that question, this is it. This is a matter of leftism, I mean so
What's so, actually using bench appear on the daily wires and interesting and instructive example, because so there's this idea that the promulgation of Misinformation- let's say now more about that twenty twenty election, the promulgation of these false claims, and there is more and more evidence that the law suits that have been filed for defamation again, dominion and vote smart and a couple of these individuals for defamation that that they have them dead to rights and that that Sidney Powell and Michael and tell them the little guy and Rudy Giuliani and me, maybe the Trump campaign as an entity are going to get, water in court. There was this revelation yesterday in this guy Commerce Day now serve Finding a guessing discovery in this guy's defamation suit. At that time,
who campaign itself had had done an investigation into the possibility. The view that the elections had been stolen in the day before Sidney Powell and rubies. Had this press conference saying the election had been stolen, they had determined that the elections had not been stolen The campaign, and yet under the aegis of the semi official aegis of the campaign disc, a claim that the election had been stolen and that in particular, that these companies heads when it was being made air go. They knew they had documentation of their own, that they were making a note. We false charge that is open and shut slander and defamation. That is where it comes from therein colossal trouble. That being said, I actually now have forgotten my initial
but then I got it I got I got out, but back then to repair the damage as a result, gating right, obviously very suddenly, so I got it so. Facebook now puts its saying, get out, there's a lot of false information about the election and on the bottom of every posts that anybody puts up about the alleged right. The daily wire bench appear owes website is one of the most successful sites on Facebook. Conservative site puts up a lot of stuff hundreds of billions of views out incredibly successful thing. Liberals and leftists on also media in the world completely conflate. These two things there like Facebook is bad because it allows the promulgation of this misinformation.
the strain, the block and one of the ways you know. That is because the daily wire is more popular than the nation. So that's part and parcel of the authoritarian moment is the idea that ideas that liberals and leftist don't like have purchase in the United States. Therefore, something is wrong and must be done about it and they must be silenced. They must be sought, balanced, because it's all the same everything is the same Ben Shapiro. Somebody who came under attack, you know by right wing trolls, as you know, anti similar right wing trolls more than anybody else in America, in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen right, is now somehow a tool of the right wing trolls who are trying to destroy them.
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Ok, so also, yesterday comes the story out of published by the daily Telegraph that grant proposals trying to find it here, grants proposals produced in twenty eighteen and submitted by, among others, Scott Design. Who's a figure. We will talk about a minute. Grand proposals were made using Peter does axioms me were made to produce Corona virus bats. And release them.
I am now because it was, he was error, saliva, heiress away a genetically modified version Of a corona virus and release it into these caves where you had a type of that that population, in order to produce in, immunities in this population against this particular strain and therefore protect the human population. seemed like a good eye. Merrick viruses. Did we say, was hot. I believe that still higher in fact it will haunt Leslie Whereon. He asked yes by Bat Lady. any harm instead of Roger size in twenty eighteen, What we know is that these grand proposals were sent to the two DARPA, the defence But it out research, rage agency, who said
What are you crazy of core? for not giving money to this. Look at a lunatics, sir you. What does indicates is that there was obviously this was This information resulted came out of a crowd sourced. citizen invest sitting. an investigation effort that we have written about. Jim's mags has written about an commentary determine these sources and cases in relation to what? going on in China with growth, a virus and where we are now is one as a sigh of relief, which is that the one idea that has been floated is that the United States may have
financially involved in this research, and that appears not to have been the case, but this is more evidence that there was a not only was there a and an effort to engineer this virus and and that we now have Argumentation that money was being sought in order to do this a year and a half before the break out happen, but the very person who is seeking the money arranged in was it February or March of twenty. Twenty, to send a letter to the land said the leading medical journal in Britain and in the world by became the sky Peter Darzac him and other.
I will experts condemning the idea that the virus might have leaked from a lab in condemning China for the effort. So we have here a new potential Andrew Wakefield scandal. We have a, if we have that we have a situation in which a science, materially involved in the possible creation of the virus using his position to did to distract his son Andrew Wakefield. That's a bad analogy, I'm sorry, but you know too, he is he, he went looking for money for this and then two years later tried to cover his tracks. This is a huge scandal. Like is the biggest panel of the gods. I was just saying he's also repeatedly refused to come before the House of lords and others in the UK who ve been trying to investigate his behaviour, he's just not purchase, not cooperating. Okay. So that's why
I mean, I'm being very unclear. The story is in the daily telegraph. It's hard to. You have to subscribe to it to get it and it is it's a wheel sketch the story itself is told it a sketchy, I should, of course, it's really impossible to follow up these details, and some of these details were, you know, were were were known imported by allow this. It also dovetails with Nicholas Wade's, famous peace and medium about. What's what you know, what He discovered about the corona virus, canals and added that the detail that was new to me. That is chilling as if they were also applying for research to me it chimerical Merce virus, which is like the Middle EAST respiratory syndrome virus and and and one of the people there, You said that
fatality rid of those viruses is much much higher than for covert. So there it's not just the covert turbulent otherwise resent, I think, exactly as Europe would literally be the black death. If, yes, if something like half that hasn't River, Mario Iris yeah, that we now have chosen to believe. Yes, I mean the questioners raises ultimately is just as DARPA turned it down. We don't know, that's that someone else didn't in fact go ahead and fund this disastrous project I guess so Telegraph suggests in the story that this research and the execution of this project went ahead in the absence of american Capital We don't need aid only on the idea that this just highly implies or I'm ouida, and they made might not have needed american capital, they were broke seeking it and they, then they might not have needed at a butt
once again, here we are were sitting here. You know every Bade America is like at war over masks and the second most powerful country in the world. The most populous country in the world Now clearly you know it is increasingly clear that it was that its own scientific establishment was responsible for the release of a of a virus that has now you know killed millions of people and close to seven hundred thousand Americans, and why and and in a desperate effort to cover its own tracks, as Scotland says in it New book went dark with our authorities around. at the moment at which we needed to know what's going on, so that we could make provision and preparation for doing stuff at that?
the end of twenty nineteen to protect ourselves from this, and nothing is happening too, deal with this re at the? U N General Assembly is meeting this week. Where are the debates about China's, China and and and the virus. But never mention China by name at all up by the way. But but I just before he jumped onto that. I just want to make it back to the first part of the discussion about the Hunter Barton story, Their related in that any discussion of the of covered nineteen having come from a lab was laughed at dismissed crackdown on as conspiracy, theorizing Anna I ask why so we have to ask why, in other words, if people believed
China was responsible for the release of the virus, falsely what impact with that have had. I would have the internal american response to corona virus because it was pursued, to have advanced the political objectives of Donald Trump. There we're talking about again these twenty five year old. You don't know anything who are task now with a view to creating issues of grand historic proportions importance. They don't have any academic background to navigate this issue yesterday is a theoretical. and here is the is Donald Trump Conspiratorial lunatic. So any says things are conspiratorial in essence, it must be lunacy, and they also believed it to be racist member when he called it will hand flew that was like into the pearl clutching over calling, it will hand flew and they did. This is gonna cause. You know anti asian violence. This is all this is the racial component to it was also. Therein also is, as you say, not perfectly fit there.
anti racism heuristic in that sense as well, and once again, where the institutional dismissing of fats or plausible ideas, as conspiracy theory has had thee, intended consequence of producing real conspiracy theories, because now, when you have the brakes you have all this evidence that in fact, this thing Looks like you came from a war on lab. This people who are saying I'm not trusting these people to get a shot. Are the one saying see I told you, I told you Maybe they said we were crazy. Then they say were crazy. Now they say there the exports. They say where the idiots to make any sense either none of it does they like secures. The proof of this virus is real and also the vaccine is unnecessary nominal. Nobody, a babe has an important point here, which is.
this mindset. It is not a cost Piracy theory to say that there is a there's, a city. ooh Han in the city. There are two very Reggie Institutions. and in war hon fall or late. Late fall early winter of twenty nineteen mill. The people were suddenly walked into their apartments and word, spread of a terrible disease coming and We believed that this was the result of somebody eating a bat, but you know that kind of those impasse. The smell task that some one person into bat and then the entire world gets a virus. That's not a conspiracy theory. That is a completely rational. comes razor. There are labs, they do reach
John bats, they do research on corona viruses and something happened: China didn't wanna up to it. Fine read the idea as though it is a conspiracy theory and talk about having no anti bodies. What anti bodies do you have against subsequent conspiracy theory? Where you say no, the vaccine is perfectly safe. It's like yeah. Well, you said that this came from a bat. Who the hell? Are you to tell me that I should trust you when you tell me that this vaccine is ninety five percent safe there totally related, and it's not just that it is why they find it necessary to speak in these tones of utter epistemic.
certainty about things. That's the scary part is no! No! No! No you! Oh yes! I mean this. What drove everyday crazy you dont have to wear a mass. Don't wear a mask! It's worse! To wear a mask! Flip everybody was, must wear a mask forever. Two months later they tell you something else. It's like who are you PETE, your gas. I dont understand your guy. I can't trust a word that comes out of your mouth. about where the mouth here is among others, fancies foul trying was was dismissing the lovely hypothesis and said you didn't have to wear right yards where mass, like all of that, and I dont and anxious trust, trust. The vaccines right- and I think the central point here is not that it is it's a tone
shoe, and it is exactly the same tone issue that says you. You can't read that article about Hunter you're gonna misuse it you're I think that means that you shouldn't vote for Joe Biden. Maybe we can have hats. We can now that you ve got a vote for Joe Biden or you get. Let you know look you know, I'm sorry, that's just too dangerous for you and we are reaping the world. We are in a moment at which we are reaping the whirlwind from that and it ain't over. I mean it's kind of only just started
in terms of reaping the whirlwind and China, and all of that we of course had this sum crisis in the markets over the last couple of days relating to this giant Chinese, real estate company and its possible. The fact that a possibly owes three hundred billion dollars can repay tanking the markets. Monday. There were some recovery yesterday. You want to know how to understand this stuff. In the larger context you go with our friend David Bunsen, at the bonds and group red, isn't his letters. The DC today that calm and dividend cafe dot com, follow along with the stories of macro economics and larger scale. Political dynamics effect, your own investing
what we have here is a larger question about whether China is creating what our friend Jonathan last, I think, very brilliantly. Yes,. In his nose letter in the bulwark said, China is trade. create a system not of rule of law but of ruled by law. You do what they say. If you live in China, if Europe Capitalist, if you have a business or and whatever we say, goes you're not we're not creating independent standards by which you operate we are the law- and that is going to have gigantic effects on international, investing in all that and David Bonds and is the place to turn to read about that, go to dividend. Cafe: dot com subscribe to the bonds groups, those letters, the antidote to the intellectuals, Getty of the financial services and manage
industry, so are the Democrats are in disarray, there's so much interesting story. So many details, so much happened yesterday. So much is happening over the next two days relating to three different interlocking things. Gigantic, serene actually, dollar reconciliation. Will the trillion dollar hard infrastructure bill and the debt limit and what it what it? What would clearly has happened is that the internal dynamics in the Democratic Party, R, r, r, spinning apart camera, which is its centripetal force that goes outward and said Tropical goes in so it centripetal force. They are spinning outward and starting really to break apart, and you have this very big war between the ninety four members of the progressive caucus, Andy
the rat rather smaller, number of moderates who say, give us The hard infrastructure bill you promised us there we vote on it next Monday, Nancy Pelosi get let us that Berlin and get it done, and then Biden can have a victory, and we can all celebrating Republicans, are going to vote for that bill. And the progressive zero say. We will not vote for that bill because we need that bill hostage. So that we can get our larger bill, We are literally saying we're with that. We would vote for this bill but rolling in a vote for later. We will not vote for it. now because we need it, you know to be its words were in the bank were trying to rob the bank and its the teller that we're hold it, putting the gun to the Temple of good
We don't don't want to shoot. I have gotten actually that that was Joe Biden disposition to lighten essentially adopted. This was position for the squire. Had that position. He said he wouldn't sign our infrastructure building the absence, Of the three point: five trillion dollar bill, so this soldier buttons maker a habit in July and then, of course, everything flipped Rikers. When he said I want them Then I won't have one before the other. That was one Republican said well screw you buddy we're not negotiating over the infrastructure bell, then you are, getting both you want to negotiate with us over the infrastructure you want you want. You want us to talk to you about the infrastructure bill. It's gotta be considered separately. You know from your effort to Sylvia ties the american economy. We're not we're not involved in that. Thank you and then the white us with will I'm so sorry, we made a mistake. We made a terrible mistake.
Joe Biden didn't mean it to give my screen count shut him up. Put him in the basement, make sure if, if a bourse Johnson answers the question that we throw the press out before an American but before I were american border, ask him a question which is what happened yesterday. Right I mean so then they got the infrastructure bill and now we're back where we were when Joe Biden nearly tank, the infrastructure, the hard infrastructure bill, it's totally is doing because he'd nearly tanks, by doing that after it was already gonna, be a foregone conclusion that the intention was that it was a done deal. He right introduce the problem out of nowhere? So what's interesting here is then there is this other thing which is the Democrats can pass a death camp can
on the government and pass the debt ceiling. There's. Also a government shutdown forgot that part they they can do that without republican votes and an immeasurable conall. Who said no one, no one in my pockets voting for any of us. You do it. You can do it's fine the votes and come calmly Harris. You can do it. We are not putting our fingerprints on any of this with the outrage. The re Juno, because this is so irresponsible. Look if you raise a debt ceiling. Ask us what you're doing there is paying for things that you yourself already approved during the Trump administration, so you're so craven the irresponsible it so terrible he said. No, no, no, I'm all for raising the debt limit, I'm just not putting my finger prints on anything that you guys are gonna use as a weapon to
I don't get this three and a half trillion dollar bill through. I voted my Mitch Mcconnell for the soft for the hard infrastructure bill. It passed the Senate by a veto, proof majority just waiting for final to go through the process and there will be this bill, so I don't have any. This is making any sense, but here's what makes sense the Democratic Party is on the verge of potentially exploding the Biden. Then see what that, what the progressive and what the squatter saying is. We get three have trillion dollars or there will be nothing government will shut down. There will be no increase in the Dep debts, Billing there will be no hard infrastructure bill and there will be a soft infrastructure bill and what
Josh Marshal and every liberal pundit wants to say. Republicans will have absolutely no role in this. This is all happen, and you can't look at this and think that today, when Five meets with Schuman. Pelosi then has a meeting with the progressive and then as a meeting with the moderates, and all of that the essential subtext here is. We are about to walk off a cliff. What hath? What do we do tat now fuck off the cliff will that I think the progressive carcass, not just the squire Handful squad members but privilege. I appeal a lot of a lot of the progressive Caucasus is betting on the fact that Americans don't understand the intricacies of brake filiation and how to get the stuff past, what they will understand that I assume this is the message. The progressive you're gonna take back. If they if they blow everything up, as you say, John, to go back
their constituents and say we were fighting for you. We stood on principle because we, you need all this stuff, even if the country can't afford it, even if we have no way of of paying for it You need this because the richer taking everything you know they can leave Biden actually out of the equation. They can just make it about how they are the poor. Apple pie. but in the country right now trying to give Americans all this stuff that they need, and that message is that the real test either it's. It's not clear to me that Americans in particular bourbon types. You are going to decide. These elections aren't gonna, find that appealing pretty clear to me, the Missouri, my party has full uniform control government. That's all! Yes, the Americans can count to two hundred and seventeen Beginning middle an end of the story. but they don't fight is the headline is.
You got no fails headline by terrible for binding, but rising the progressives. Don't care veiled! My remaining time you prospect of a shut down, which everybody seems to think is unlikely and my b, but I think it's a lot more likely than anybody, always seems to believe it to be well, so there's a whole logistical thing here where they can get through and raise that limit and avoid a shot down through a series of procedures. The problem with those procedures is net means. then it is gonna have to sit there for two weeks doing these doing two different. What are called vote aromas. Don't even ask me to explain what a voter Rama is its with sugar, but you know Nobody wants that and now, Of this implicates the Senate. I mean that's the weird part about this is This is all internal to the house in its all, because Democrats have a force majeure
in the house. They have a bill that they can pass right now, that spends a trillion dollars and would do that largest domestic spending bill in american history that isn't related to an emergency and there fusing to do it because they think that it's too small, so there, okay, so years, is alive Europe thing we have two parts of the United States as a result in other countries right there much smaller than ours. They attend twenty third parties and when they have to create a government, they have to put assemble this coalition together of this and that They are all that we don't have that system, which means that each of our parties is a coalition in and of itself it.
regional aspects. It has any illogical aspects, it has ethnic aspects, it has all kinds of different aspects. And their coalitions and their they're their coalitions and of themselves, and one of the things that makes them co here is the opposite. I will listen, whoever they are up them. They want something different we can get. A weakened serves a largely speaking, their Republicans one less govern Democrats want more government, and that is kind of like the dividing line, other dividing lines. It used to be much clearer, much less clear, like you know, who is Siena, who believes in thyself, ism and stuff like that. But nonetheless so they're coalitions within themselves and. And there and their held together in part because their negative coalition against somebody else in their held together in part because they kind of their stand, that in politics, one of the things you need is to rack up points and go back to voters
hey, you know, I'm I'm effective, I'm doing what you need me to do. Republicans introduced indifferent. Note in when he turned twenty eleven. They got people elected who didn't wanna do anything who got elected because the idea was governments, bad Washington's bad. We shouldn't do anything. and that introduced a weird vector like a new kind of vector, which is People want to shut the government down people who want who don't want legislation to pass people who want to Back and say you see what I did was stopped bad things, and I didn't touch anything like that, but that is not who progressives offer All they want is to pass things all they wanted. for government to do things. So, while TED crews cannot be punt for showing the government them TWAIN. Thirteen in one of the dumbest political moves in american history, because it dovetails largely with the sentiments of his party democrats- want government to be effective.
so I dont understand you're, saying suburban AIDS will do your five were fighting for you, and so we tanked everything to help. That is not a democratic method. Better, not democrat AIR, their socialist approach If they don't, even I often they dont even talk about being part of a democratic party. They are trying to stood becomes, nothing new and make the drag the party along with them. At least, if you look at the look. The way that they're talking in this recent round of negotiations are Mean Jaya powers like this we don't mean it you just try is just try assuming its visit combative, it's it's interesting. I mean I find it faster. You of course, as I want to see it all began in flames, but it's it's. Different tone. Well, ok, so I'll go here, this there's one thing I mean it was the one saying that the Democrats may have to their advantage in failure, not their advantage but but might soften the blow should should all discussion
the flames is that because their shooting for things to pass bills, that institute things and bring about it, aren't really necessary. I mean yes, we need infrastructure, we always need infrastructure, but Few people, in their actual lies, will miss any of the things that won't happen. I think that some You know if they were, if they were addressing themselves to vital crises which they as they should be then and and those in those efforts didn't make it. I think that would be a different story. I mean, I suppose, theoretically, but again, you're too, about. Your your tongue. Listening is alien to the DNA of the party itself. The coalition is based on the idea that government should do more. There is a bill sitting there were government can do more they're going to tank it according to them because
need to hold a hostage to government doing even even evening, even more and then there go back and say now we're doing nothing. I've been, I dont, know how they get credit for that, like I said, Republicans had this weird third path, where because there was a real libertarian element to the tea party and that the fact that they weren't acting was, in some sense the fulfilment of a campaign promise their promising to fundamentally change America, a trip dollar infrastructure bill by the way. Fundamentally changes the marrow We have never spent money like this before, even though people now think we do because of the corona virus, but that was an emergency. This is not nor All this is a new thing and they have already bank did and acted as though it's nothing and I dont know what they go back and by the way they are
thing. Is there the only ones responsible for mixing max matching and motion all this together? You know. Ordinarily, you have separate pieces of legislation Honestly, I'm trying to think of another example in which you hold an act we'll standing bill hostage to other standing bill. People often a whole bills, hostage to provisions inside the bill. Inside a larger bill that they need insist on being taken out, which is where we are now gonna go to after the next add to talk about a provision that was taken out of the effort to fund the government. But before that, I need to talk to you about our friends at fast growing,
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Trees. Dotcom now, through an of em are thirty, is go too fast. Growing trees that complex commentary for fifty percent off that's fifty percent off at fast during trees are complex commentary fast, growing, trees, dotcom, slash commentary. So guess, what's guess what spin came out of the effort to reform the government out of nowhere as result of out of of some kind of a weird sit fit yesterday morning While they were discussing passing this stripped down thing to fund the government. Is a billion dollars and funding for Israel's iron down Anti missile defence system. Nobody knows quite who's responsible for it.
many Democrats are rearing and horror at the fact that this was removed from this stopgap measure, we are now told we are that it is. We are valid. We're told that it was it will be restored indifferent measure later on, but there are two things that two things to say that I'm I'm I'm I'm mythology rising by was quickly say two things and then, when one is, item is the greatest saviour of palestinian lives in the history of of the world. of iron dome when Palestinians fire rockets at is real. The rockets are disabled, they do not hit Israeli Davis. Incredibly high rose success. They. They therefore do not result in cash.
Priorities in Israel and Israel is not therefore obliged to respond militarily to rocket attacks with rocket attacks of its own, and if you are, if you care, about palestinian wives, I Dome is the greatest thing to have happened, because irresponsible monstrous leaders are using, you know, are trying to kill. Israeli civilians is real, can protected civilians against their own killing and protect Palestinians against the necessity of retaliation. So, as human rights measure as a humanity's measure? If you are pro palestinian you, an iron dome. There is no there. Is no other argument there it. There is no counter argument to the slight corrective tend to that. Very important point is not, and not that tell your story. Responses from Israel against rocket sites do not occur. They do what this system prevents are very Lastly, politically and militarily ground operations, but is able these so these forces on the ground
in Gaza. So it's trying this morning, down the logic for what this provision was struck in committee and its debts, your impossible to find any betting on the record in, and the progressive clock is talking about this thing talking about walk, why they did this. and the only thing I could find, is progressive caucus chair privilege. I am now saying that there is no reason to do this, because quote. There is no reason for us to find that right now they ve suddenly discovered fiscal responsibility, and this poultry, one billion dollar provision comparatively to the astronomical three point: five trillion that which, by the way, she should share its authority there, any compromise uncas that they want with six trillion, not three point five, so they already backed off as doesnt matter. What the thing does it's just the price tag matters, but the logic was articulated far more clearly in May
during the last two series of violent episodes in Gaza between Israel, Gaza. When people like an Omar talked about how Israel's iron down protects, Israelis, lives and therefore doesnt protect palaces lives as a result, there is more conflict and there is a piece in the Washington Post that elaborated on this at the time, I'm which really justify them rational, rather clearly saying that it perpetuates the israeli Gaza conflict. and the very ghoulish rationale is that without is really debts. There's no impetus to go back to the negotiating table is that they don't have the dead. The political pressure is not on the israeli government, so this out, the entire make up of the Middle EAST can change. The israeli government can change. American governments can change, every factor can change, but this logic does not
This rationale remains the same, and it is therefore a rational and in search of a of real world. Data to justify it exists in depend, and of any real world conditions. It is an article of faith that Israelis must die and there's a lot of things. You can say about that particular outlook, but it's not strategically sound. So your left to conclude that it is a base prejudice that is working its way into legislation now and that Democrats are forced to take This is the first time they had to clean up after the slots Anti Semitism. They won't be the last either it's a wonder that they just haven't realised that they have to take a proactive approach here, less they keep and humiliated by these people want and after giving him they aren't. You know they are and I'll explain why cost any lawyer had to go in and polishing tourist anyway. had to call Jerusalem standing lawyer had to talk to the White House Standing lawyer had navigators, uncas and
say now. We have to have a stand alone boat on this thing just to clean up after your mess. Yes, there are costs associated with this two thousand and twelve democratic convention in Philadelphia, mayor available. Rosa of LOS Angeles in the in the chair in the chairman seat at the convention reads out provision in which Jerusalem is called the capital of Israel. Culture boys vote from the floor. The voice was overwhelmingly negative. Derosa says motion passes. Twenty nineteen.
Ellen Omar says anti semitic things. Democratic caucus gets together for the purpose of censuring her or doing some doing something to make it clear that she has said so. That is unacceptable majority. The democratic aka says to Nancy Pelosi. Ah, we're not attacking her no censure for open, explicit anti Semitism is, but the Benjamin stuff, twenty twenty one September, the Democratic Party the rules committee or whatever it is. Where is doing whatever it is removes a provision prior dome, the progress here is unmistakable and we ve been told
years. That is a terrible thing that Benjamin Netanyahu as as president tilted toward the Republicans, and that he created conditions under which Democrats no longer liked Israel. Or weed out fell because he was so obnoxious. There's a new prime minister there's a new foreign Minister There are no lines together, there's no baby new world. They all had a lovey, dovey smear Zol. Wonder. Oh, my god, you're lucky than that. In the end, there not Folly Bennett and they are now going to be presiding over in Israel, in which the party that controls are all of the levers of Congress. Has egg has a voice? racing significant rump that is now looking to define and Israel
and am is going out it, moreover, with the with a programme that is morally into actually enjoy a strategically unassailable. This prevents conflicts in the Middle EAST. This prevents. Things from happening in the Middle EAST that we might otherwise have to get involved in and by the way, is a test case just like the Pfizer vaccine for things like missile defence, like where we learn every time this happens. What's going on, I'm dumb has enormous implications for our own defence posture and the world's defence posture in terms of dealing with rocketry and rocket attacks, and all that this is no joke. Yeah we're going down the fence and radar installations in interceptor missile installations, but that It's kind of a fundamental misunderstanding of what the progressive position is. Extremely dont want less war, they want more were there more bloody, violent conflict that produces more israeli. That's their explicit about it. When you
our little a little more honesty, shameful of sodium Pentothal will tell you exactly what they believe, which is more death more are you out of it as ethics Americans, but I got because it let's talk about private rather part, will hear, hear something hard. Here's the thing about the democratic party we are. We are so far passed. The point where the anti Semitism can be reversed: incrementally there there forty four distance change, it would require a full scale. Renunciation of this position, And I don't see that coming from any of them. There are Democrats. It is very important to note this bread, Brett Stevens, has a grey column today about Richie Torres Richie Torres is another as a first term com.
Someone from New York City raised by a single mother products in New York, city, public schools, first gay latino, elected in New York City and now in the in the House of Representatives. A brilliant young, moderate. Ok, ever heard of him. Yeah he's no he's not really heard of him he's not all that moderate,
I mean you, don't even have people write more poker who's. This progressive, as you get were being on the record vocally in expressing their antipathy towards this motion at the squad per se, but this motion they're afraid of the blow back they get from criticising the squad because they all live in this in a bubble in twitter. But I'm saying I'm saying dammit the democratic parties forward face is not Richie Torres. It's not Alyssa slacken, it's not standing where it's not an empty. The interesting political aspect. here, which you know dovetails with a lot of what we ve been talking about is go look at the numbers in the United States when it comes to support for Israel project. We visited Israel is the next to England. Is the most popular country in the world for Americans, more than
Sixty percent of Americans say they support Israel and they certainly say I think, any even larger numbers that they support Israel Visa v. The Palestinians Democrats taken out as an as it as an element or an aspect of that are kind of divided forty three forty two something like that. The democratic party is turning on his real that has been trying on his real. As I said, we saw the free that we saw this most dramatic sign of it in twenty twelve, at the Obama Re Election coronation at in Philadelphia moving forward. We are now in a position in which the Vanguard of the party is now using and flexing its muscles who to enlist the entire party in its ideological war against Israel. What are the practical consequences of this and how what this means going forward ever
person in America who cares about this issue is going to be put, very much on the spot What it is there supporting if they vote, and how they vote. Yes, this is a central issue for them. We ve gone very long, back tomorrow for aid, Christine I'm John, towards getting Amber
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