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The Anti-Patriotic Olympics

2021-07-27 | 🔗
American athletes are having a tough time at the Olympics. On today's podcast, we suggest various causes, among them that there is no longer a psychic benefit to be gleaned from representing your country in these games. We also wonder at the competency of American politicians and the potential horrors awaiting Afghanistan as we pull out. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, barely podcast today's Tuesday July twenty seven, twenty twenty one, I'm John Paul towards the editor of common, too the magazine, which you can find that our new? U R, L W W W dark commentary, dot Org, where we give you a few free, reeds and ask you to subscribe, you should be subscribing. You will be able today to
nor Rossman talking about Afghanistan and we're gonna talk about that on the podcast. But you can read his more considered prose on the subject pretty much once you have heard my voice and you are hearing me speak about this. Now got a lotta good stuff. There got the July August issue, there were preparing a blockbuster September issue. We are preparing in even more buster October issue. This is the place to be commentary. Dot Org subscribe to day and with me, as always, is the format shouldn't associate either nor Rossman. I Noah Senor writer Christine rose high, Christine Hygiene Executive- editor, a Green Waldheim Hodgen. I just want to throw some some items. You guys Simone Byles
If it universally considered the greatest female gymnast of all time- and many people say, is the greatest athlete of all time made me. The greatest single athlete who was ever lived has pulled out of the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics worthy of women's gymnastics. Having said yesterday or the day before yesterday, after a problematic performance that. yet the way of the world on her shoulders. Supposedly she has a medical issue. This she may not be out of the individual events. She is out of the group. Events. Add to this the loss- the second loss in in Tokyo of the American, a basketball team, which is a crazy because the american basketball team is almost by definition ten times better than the Basle teams of any other country we have Katy would decking losing the gold in swimming to an Australian. We
did. I mention the Osaka, the tennis fuel tax champion who lost yesterday. American athlete seem to be cracking up at this very difficult and weird Olympics, and it just brings to mind This kind of general question about whether there is something wrong with the National Spirit, the national frame of mind, the national approach to things. If we ve even should be referring to that way, but you know these summer, Olympics are America's playground, usually not the winter Olympics, where we have often struggle, but in the summer Olympics like, we are the dominating force and have been
for many decades and right now China has more metals and we have- and I don't know I am- I am not a big sports person. I only watch the women's beach volleyball under even watched a lot of this I've seen some highlights some big thing, I'm just asking them a general question along the lines of our miserable twenty first century. Are we is Sutton going wrong with Europe? You know are: is this kind of
general Molest disease epidemic of loneliness. All of this is there some common strand here that we can t south in relation to the Olympics, or am I just Abe Emma just pull through much weight to bear on this one? You now on this one thing, probably, but I like to do that- that what you left out, though, of the epidemic of loneliness and then them less of it, I think something that conceivably more directly connected to this is proud in one's country. You go to the limits as rapporteur. of your country and we have been steeped in this quote: reconciliation, wrangling and the
The reckoning is really more like a like. I'd admitted the world were bad session It said, sir, it's it's a degrading, actually it's a downright downgraded, so if he does some context too. You know America being overshadowed by its adversaries. According to what I'm looking at here, the Soviets beat us in gold medals in fifty six and sixty and seventy two and eighty eight ninety two now that's impossible in the outlets rush. Ok, so in at least a couple of summer Olympics sessions, we were beaten in the gold medal race. If this is accurate, but no eyelid point is if we give american athletes who have by way, it has to be said in general, should have led
celebrity social Justice wing have if they are now out there representing a country that has been asked down. Raided in their minds. Then I'm not entirely disinclined to think that there is action there. I will just add, as presented with the seven miles case. She wasn't. One of those super woke athletes, in fact, It is quite a leader on the sexual selden, sexual harassment, stuff that went on in gymnastics and has been a really very, very solid, outspoken on that issue when- and I think we all forget to just the absolutely ridiculous physical toll that this these sports take on elite level. Athlete I mean she gymnastics in particular on the joints. Even someone who's its extraordinary as she is, it's gonna, take it all
do I believe her when she's, like my ankles, really hurt when I walk, every step is painful, as you gave a she talks about the agony seeing as, but I will say that I think We do in general, as a culture now project onto our athletes the demands of our political polarized times, in a way that its very difficult even for the ones who want to risk is to remain neutral right. There's at that kind of pressure is, it makes them have to walk very fine line in terms of keeping endorsements and keeping I profile also not offending people as well. But if anything, replace level country. It is an all consuming narcissism right. It is the pursuit of the in glory and personal achievement, and that should be sufficient to do pretty well in the Olympics. Even if the national pride doesnt suffice, so yeah skeptical the press. I don't know why we let the hold on a second. So one thing about the Olympics in our in our time is that dumb
there there prestige, nothing but prestige, because now athletes can be paid the Susan. be entirely an amateur undertaking. People remained amateurs and in fact, in many fields there was no money to be made in order to compete in the Olympics. That is now over. We. seeing an end amateurism in general in the United States, with the Supreme Court decision. That says that the see double aid does not have the right to. Didn't. I college athletes other rights to remove. Asian for the uses of their images and stuff like that which assist a chink, is the veto? Is it is a chink in the armor of a breach in
in the armor of this you know of amateurism as a as a growing concern in athletic, so little be gone in five years entirely and with with interesting with a fascinating continent. As for the higher education system in the United States, by the way that we can even begin to foretell, but anyway, it was only prestige and now part. Maybe this is part of the problem that it's only prestige and it's like so wide. So everybody knows if you're someone byles everybody knows you're the grace athlete in the world either the pressure is too intense because all you can do is fail a weird way, like you, ve, already been why in Ized as the greatest it's like being the greatest gunfighter. You know we in in in Dodge City. You know it's some point. There's a fifteen year old kid is going to come. Everybody wants to shoot it you to see. Who is you know who can match you
baby prestige is not enough. We need particularly once you make can once you can make money, often cycle what why am I why my busting my ass for this- and this is where aims right, particularly when, There are no ancillary benefits from being a representative of my country. We all I hear is that what I am supposed to do is taken me. I'm supposed to take me. In taking a and b now is some producers. If you do it, you know in toke. Oh, you know you're taking me for social, just you're, taking me for the rights of women you're, taking me for what now taking in the which just me not celebrating your national pride, is a sort of shorthand for something better than national pride, which is Europe which is your social, actions and all in all, what's the point? What's the point of doing well in the Olympics,
It could be that I don't know, but I don't know, there's someone able to talk about this, for, like ten you, you know that that things aren't working the way their supposed to in the United States. There is a certain kind of level of incompetence in certain areas. That is That is new, and I gave it to you. I gotta I gotta injure inject a little bit because when I was young getting your face on the way these box was that the kind of thing that was then that was way went to the Olympics. If you were looking universe, the famous celebrity in the endorsements, nor that the idea of fame is now much much more multifarious and the platforms for achieving it far greater global status can be achieved by some chick who puts her make a political way on Instagram I mean I do think that there are standards for assessing both quality and fame, have choice
so dramatically in such a short space of time. That's even hard to assess. What's going on right now, with with some of these athletes, who are, I agree like some miles, is extraordinary athlete amidst just amazing, to watch her do what she does. It is, and I think that is a brilliant observation, because of course you know you ve all Levine's, now famous pronouncement that you know Congress used to mould people and now it's a platform for people to get famous or people used to you know one television in order to get into Congress, and now they go there in Congress in order they got on television could almost say that maybe what the thing the benefit for these athletes say, your Alex, climbing the the star beat volleyball, or is that you're gonna get a lot of Instagram followers, and then you can monetize your instagram. You can start getting. You know. People like I've been granted she's, not them
But you know Dwayne Johnson gets. I was told by somebody doing Johnson gets a million dollars a tweet if he does a sponsor tweet out of money that can be made on social media is, is is unbelievable, but if that's really the only, if that's the driver of your ambition, who knows whether that put you in their right mind space. You know I mean the Olympics were a kind of Vienna WAR by other means, knowing eyes that you mentioned the competition with the Soviet Union like we. Athletes wanted to do well in order to beat this, and this was where we were actually head to head with the Soviet Union where nuclear weapons wore them. Out and it was a very hard one thing very, very serious. You know I mean, of course, with the most famous event being the hockey game, the you know whether we could we could prevail in the enow in hockey and nineteen eighty or whenever that was.
We do. Maybe we didn't do this summer looks like to me rather care, but really way well, but the pursuit that, but the pursuit of excellence is not always compatible with the pursuit of of social media engagement and the people who want the engagement is what now can be monetize too great degree. I think that's an important point. You may John you're looking ahead to had a monetize your brand, not necessary, and a gold medal is part of that larger journey, verses it being deterred, itself, I will concede. I don't think, there's very much psychological upside. the national ethos to having a good showing the summer epochs I will. I will concede, however, that there is a malaise that can result from real bad performance and can contribute to a series of pre existing factors in an international body, politic, economic, political, socioeconomic, otherwise answer it does it can happen.
a downside. I don't know if this movement upside well, but there is another question in another know: the answer are Americans tuned in two to these limits, much the they know that now lay off roses. No known ratings for the opening ceremony were atrocious. They been climbing every day since people didn't people didn't wanna watch and people's marching through an empty stadium. It was too weird. They didn't do it like they, but they're watching me, they're watching the events occur. where there was like a forty percent climb and the ratings. I will. Let me just give you a counter. Example. You guys again from my advanced age, in nineteen. Eighty four, the summer Olympics took place in LOS Angeles under these directorship of a guy named Peter Uber off.
who became nationally famous, because those Olympics were widely considered a triumphantly well staged event, and it wasn't just that the Olympics were were good or the Peter you brought them became famous. It was that it was an ex. There was an expert, ocean of patriotic fervour, the shouting of USA, USA and the unfurling flags, and all of that, oddly enough, that actually has its origin in the LOS Angeles Olympics in nineteen. Eighty four the that national pride that exploded outward it was in the year that Reagan was running. The second term morning in Amerika, we just went through this wren this recession that broke the back of inflation, but you know the unemployment went up to ten percent. How renders six or seven years before it. You know that Us of IRAN, the hostages
three mile island, the President's you Jimmy Carter. All of this- and there was this kind of pent up moment of we're pretty great. This country is actually pretty good. And you know sucks the Soviets, their unfreezing, their mean their terrible to people they cheat. They use they use performance enhancing drugs the icy looks, the other way we're gonna beat them anyway. This is a very big deal and there was an explosion of national patriarch of patriotism as a result of those a limp, a games. It was a very different time we're talking about what is this like thirty seven years ago, it's a different time at different ethos, and it's too soon after our our general. It's like is, though, if the. If we, if we had gone to the Olympics in nineteen eighty, let's say which we did in the summer Olympics. We would not
the right had space to get all paying out to get all crazy and periodical, though people dead again about the miracle on ice hockey, game in the wood to Olympic simply gonzo summit. We would have been ready and maybe maybe it was necessary that those Olympics be in the United States so that every pretty much everybody in the stands was an american rooting for the Americans. Nonetheless, I think you know what was the anomaly, which was the nineteen sixty eight Mexico City Olympics, where those two black athletes Tommy some Then I came over the other guy's name, you know talked through the talked during the king of the national anthem than did the black power salute. All of that which was generally considered it national scandal and a shame and an active shameful. This
is now, of course they celebrated ACT of defiance, and it's what you it's, what you want to emulate it if you're a certain type of olympic athlete you want to be Tommy Smith, you don't want to be Bruce Jenner who, when he won the decathlon grabbed that gap. This is that this is the originating event of this grab the flag from somebody in the stands and ran through the stadium holding the flag, like it was the Superman Cape. That's where the running with lag thing started? He was a spontaneous moment that that Bruce General originated so predict that, by the way that the very soon and our olympic future and a black man not Ladys can insist on a black national anthem being played if they, when a gold versus the American Bit Guard typical national anthem cause, you see, is creeping into major events already like they play both, but at what point
I'm going to say: I'm not gonna stand unless you play my aunt em. I mean this that that kind of thing is unfortunately plausible in the stated well that sir, but my delight that the rifle to think about Yahoo just to nose point that love of country has been replaced with telephone. Our cities or an eagle mania. You can get the glory now. This is the thing without being actually great at the sport, you get the glory From being the cabinet or to whomever right, you don't have to excel in in the actual swore you have to make heads as for doing there, the right identity Marian thing and then you that's the important. That's that's the important point that that Christine was making, which is that you have. You have increasingly a kind of fame.
liberty and- and I you know, hero worship that derives from nothing right. It doesnt derive from being the best athlete doesn't derive from being you know a great actor or nothing like it. Doesnt derive from being a national hero. It derives from being a close horse on on Instagram or being tik Tok or who you know a puts. offence if they don't know what's going on, but also among brush professional athletes and showbiz people, it also derive from talking down. America should better, but it does. It does because of the feedback loop that social media provides, that there are people who are who who make that something. Worth celebrating I mean look column Capron. It is a very interesting exam.
What does he was a a mediocre quarterback who couldn't get a job on a team and then, even though, during it out, everyone is like. This is not fair because you know he he's being persecuted because of his his political views. What's interesting, that the NFL team owners is whether he was or he was not, they are more careful with their stewardship of their audiences. They they, No, who watches football and they didn't need the tourists that common cabinet was gonna prove
I'd at until last summer and the George Floyd protests and the fact that you know so, I'm just saying like people become famous, that doesn't mean that the overwhelming majority of people who who are interested in the professions in which they become famous, are driven to support them, because they're told that they're, progressive and, and and wonderful, like you know you can be. I don't know who I mean you can be some some, you know highly activist. Celebrity, it's not gonna, sell more tickets or get more people to watch your your ear. Your show the movie weekend that Davies on Netflix, but it will get you the bubble. It will get you the law
broad social media media progressive bubble, percolating on your behalf. I guess anyway, but I want to go back to the incompetence thing just for a second, because you know this is like it, and this has become a server bug bare of mine for the last ten years and an eye, and I again I don't know, there's enough evidence to prove this has, of course, everything didn't happen, live and in person, and right in front of you all the time so that you know you can see the wires you can see. You know where things go wrong, but you know the famous opening the
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commentary. So let's talk about Congress and this question of the minimal car competency of of Congress Chasm reading today that guess what the infrastructure bill is that still in trouble, and so is the reconciliation bill and truck shimmer play games last week to see if he could push things and binds this at this one's. That Bernie Sanders once four trillion and this one once three naturally and mansion doing this, and this one is doing that and nobody knows what the hell is going on and Mitch Mcconnell. I would have known what was going on if he were majority leader, even with this fifty seat pseudo majority that Democrats hold and meanwhile Noah I you're, struck by the bank, if you're not of Nancy Pelosi, but of Kevin Mccarthy, that minority leader who, of course a lot of people
that will be majority leader after the mid term elections and twenty twenty to prepare it pretty much in relation to what is going on today in Congress, which is the opening of the January six hearings yeah. So we had the opening statements today from the chair, the committee, whose Benny Thomson and down not the ranking member but the most prominent republic. A number of the Conference of Committee, rather, which has less chaining, gave a rather stirring opening address my view- and we ve just seen nothing but defiance from Mccarthy's members,
Four January sex of January six was a legislative priority for the republican conference. It would be a disaster because Mccarthy can't keep his conference in line. There were thirty five republican defections in favour of the conference, the commission, the bipartisan commission, which failed in the Senate a smaller number of defections to vote for this conference. This committee, rather and gave him a currency, comes out and calls the two republican members who accepted appointments to this commission Cheney and their representative and kissing her Pelosi. Republicans in a press conference insulting his own members. Look. This is not a partisan job being how speaker is not about being at the most flamboyant political figure on the stage. You're hurting cats that's it you're gay. You gotta keep your conference in line, it's all different from an already leader shore, but he wants to be speaker, and if this is the performance he's putting in its its fortune,
those ominously foreshadows, rather disastrous Congress firmly, but we can only expect, will be a slim republican majority. If they do, we take the majority, backed it consumer briefly shores, gambit last week was to say will listen. If you dont pass this bipartisan hard infrastructure pledge. What we all understand our problem will we all understand to be infrastructure you say the word infrastructure, then we're just gonna added on to our human social. You know of metaphysical infrastructure package and just make it all that much bigger. So don't you dare defy us. That's about a threat, that's a promise. It demonstrates that sing. The physical infrastructure Bell actually makes it easier to pass all the other aspects of the democratic agenda, reducing all the incentives republicans. The past is stupid infrastructure package. It doesn't make any sense from from of strategic step. Why merely messaging standpoint, and it seems to me every effort,
anybody Washington's concerned with messaging winning the new cycle not win the actual legislative fight, and yet so that, if that demonstrates a stunning lack of competence of the top, I can be convinced of that. Ok, so here's here's the thing about these jobs traction we're just started the job in January; Mccarthy has never been speaker of the house. He was majority leader. He is now minority leader being good at this kind thing, and it is said that Nancy Policy is very good at it, though so hard to know but I mean let's say she. Certainly you know not bad at it is it is there's no way to know whether any one is going to do this well until they actually start doing it. So how
We now we know that mutual conall is a master of the Senate, because he had a very clear understanding of what he could and could not do, and he did not attempt to do things, that he could not achieve unless it was necessary for symbolic reasons to make an effort, even if that effort was gonna fail, but for the most part he avoided the pitfalls of failure. He avoided the pitfalls of of things that might happen that he could not predict or see ahead of time And, and and in favour of suddenly unimaginative three yards in a cloud of dust moving ahead to do what it whatever was had to do using the rules at being a master of the rule, so you could figure out when you switch things and did things and all of that
it's boring. It's a boring job, it's a time consuming job and it's a thankless. In many ways, because Don't get me respect any more? You can't get special earmarks for your district or your stately more. The way you do, but what you can do is advance your agenda. Broadly defined and Mcdonald's agenda, as broadly defined, basically was the transformation of the american judiciary. That was what was his focus. Harry Reed gave him the tools, his predecessor Senate Majority, leader, by blowing up the filibuster on on on judicial appointments, Mcconnell opposed it. He told Harry this was a mistake and he would lived your credit and boy. Have the Democrats lived to regret it right so he's good at it. We have no idea whether Kevin Mccarthy will be good as speaker, but I think you're right that in in in
making a version of a mild version of Jim Jordan or mild version of the guys who gammarus yell during can read it out during high profile. Congressional hearings are to get attention or you pedal sobs and and believe that it's ok to it. Ask your own side in order to get you to present your bone a few days to the most partisan of of of republican voters in the country. This should not be giving were republic, confidence that he will manage the house well in terms of getting an and by the way, that's also gonna be important because if he wins and twenty twenty two if it were publicans win and they take the house. They're not gonna get
anything done because Biden, there's gonna be present United States and he is not going to give them anything unless they can figure out ways to do it out my minor things and so how he manages this and how he avoids the pitfalls of looking like the giant bolder that stopped everything for no reason, except for hatred with independent voters and stuff, like that, giving Democrats humming a run against them, and twenty four is a very big challenge. You know nothing This is important because it's important point because Noah's in it speaks to know his earlier suggestion about, though the weird messaging going on here, I think, you're, your clear be in a position of weakness, which he is right now, if your finger pointing in making personal all of these allegations, you know who was a good man John, the right right now, whether or not you agree with it or like her it's.
this chain, he asked Ass CBS this morning about the GNP she was very succinct. She says we cannot be a party that embraces an insurrection and we cannot be a party that embraces a big life did, namely you just said: here's the party, here's the kind of party I want to be part of he's, not taught the guys on the other side of this we're not talking about the kind of party they want to be there. There wrapping themselves up in knots, not saying the one thing that their obviously pursuing with their behaviour, which is to support The Trump view of the GNP she's pretty straightforward. I think that message, whether or not you want the GEO Peter looked like that at least she's making sense with her message. Here. Is another data point winning people are getting kicked off some these members on this commission that an cock, Mccarthy recommended you can appoint, but he can recommend- and you recommended some rather trompe voices in the party which are indicative of the general atmosphere in the party. I'm on record saying that was a mistake. I think the stupid handed Republicans talking point. We disagreed, but in the statement that given Mccarthy's,
in support of this sort of thing in support of his members were kicked off. He said, listen! We're gonna have our own January six commission conceding the necessity to investigate January sex. At least a foreigner comes out today and she goes was in all these members rolling had got because we were asking questions about principle is securing preparation. She doesn't want the answers to these questions. Do you want the south go ahead? because they have your parallel investigation, they're just setting themselves up with these rhetorical attacks that sound than in the moment. But actually consequences in the long term that no one seems to have devoted and out systematic, ah Abe you every year, you're both. I am only that just thinking about postings point about this change. I watch her statement. I thought it was very good and I agree it's a good message of itself.
Doesn't matter whether or not Popular. Doesn't that should have shaped, does not determine somebody whether or not a good message. Gas, knowing that is not good mental, doing vacuum, that it's not a good message right now I mean it's a good message for those of us who don't like the direction the GNP is taking and has been taking set under Trump, yeah for guy here that go yeah. Let's talk about how the party can return to some of its conservative route because it has not been a conservative party under Trump, but I agree. Each her message is not possible in the joke you right now, so the question becomes Is is she's an outline. The GNP has now become much beloved among never trump resemble, and some in the liberal mainstream. So maybe there is no future Joe PETE with someone like her in it. That's the question right. They value, from leadership that I mean she's, she'll, probably surmise any reelection challenge, but yards unpopular and also the question is: do you know
is there a is there an alternate message? Is it even possible that there is an ultra message in the GNP? That's not her message. That's also not personalized. Right, I mean that's cause, You know where everything is is becomes a personal and then there's sort of is no message at all. There is no politics in the GEO P in the Trump error that has not personal they're. Just isn't he is the it's called a personality, that's what he wants. That's what they play into. We just saw. ritualistic humiliation of George Bush, the Son of Job Bush, who was abused and based and insulted by trumps around twenty fifteen early twenty. Sixteen who also serve you know said that his
you know his uncle was a monster and George George P Bush wanting to be many general of taxes, socked up to trumpet sucked up trumpet, secondly, Trump and guess what Trump Endorsed is his rival CAN Paxton. Yet last night oh. By the way, the regulation things went ahead with our future indictments coming, can Paxton warriors deep commitment to anti corruption. Yes, so congratulations to George P Bush, who sat there while his Father was slandered, and then decided you know not to fight back and to try to. You know like make common cause with his Father slanderer. I hope that it was worth it for the deep disloyal see that he showed to his own parent at his own family
You know this is this is this? Is it deserve had come up and see about? It also speaks to the new feature of a culture personality, which is that the the prison at the top of the culture, personality does not have any reciprocal loyalties lackeys did he didn't feel need to reward George Bush for this. You now for this treachery toward his own family in his own behalf. but you said something earlier that I think really is like a theory of everything that deserves further exploration, which has thudding unimaginative it. We have a dearth of creative thinking of strategic thinking in the political class. That is really a shame to wash, and this is a bit of a digression Permit me the CDC will come out today and recommend masking again for people, regardless of your vaccination status in certain parts of the country. I can't think of a less creative approach to the desert to the crisis.
of this pandemic and priority number one which is getting in vaccinated vaccinated. We have not given them one incentive, one, instant gratification, a parochial source of young of provocation Getting vaccinated, telling them that they're not gonna die the knock on effect, their loved ones, all that's not working. We need just an ounce of creative thought and we have none. There's one bit of creative thinking there. You gotta say, though right which is, which is to do it everywhere. You only have to do it in certain places. That's at least the chain run that genital mask mandate, and then the national masterminded comes in two weeks. When that doesn't work well and asking to say everyone who, once people to mask in places that, where its controversial with out, will always and have been using any CDC guidance. That recommends it anywhere, as as a way to argue that the minutes actively. Gonna mean everyone's gonna be basking indoors and a lot of places, even a pin, just think of one in
Then too, I mean these lottery is right with their worth, like marking but at least it should have some some monetary incentive for people. Even if it was a very bad, it's a terrible risk, calculating the people who were unmasked and and acts in aid of a terrible, calculating risk anyway, so they might as well. It just jump right into the sort of thing steep and entered the need. Some sense, and I understood teach a little They should have auctioned off either a seat on the basis of his flight to someone who not only got themselves vaccinated but convince a hundred other people to vaccinate improved at all. The younger folks, at one of these celebrations should transfer like an open half a million of their instrument, followers to that person, if they can do that same thing, like you'd, not only yourself to vaccinate, but you have to convince others to do it to incentivize them. It will. I M sitting here with my jaw her you open up
thought the Joe Biden is going to let this happen. The CDC is not an independent actor. It is part of the executive branch he is. President of the United States is the chief executive. This is politically terrible for him and I don't think there is anybody who can come to go to him and say if we do this, why will happen? In other words, like they'll bia they'll, be a reversal of half the growth of the delta variant or three quarters of the growth of dealt a varied or something like that. They can promise him nothing. They can guarantee him nothing, but we can guarantee. Him is a whole lot of trouble, guarantee a whole lot of trouble and this whole thing that basically, a narrative is being created that Joe Biden and the Democrats want
normal american personal behaviour by fee out, and they can't reject it because it's true now, you know, I think, that the Retro active idea on a lot of the right that you know asking was always bad. I know they're J by the cherry and there are people who who argue that masking was ineffectual or that I doubt that not everything is the same, so there's masking their social distancing, there's closing businesses and places where people congregate indoors in groups and when there was absolutely no way to respond to the virus other than to get it or to avoid getting it through various actions like this, it's very easy to go back and say shouldn't have happened. We don't know what the consequences would have been had we not done a lot of that. They could have been bad they
then really bad, and there was no other option if you wanted to do something to stop the spread of the virus, because there was no other way to stop this and now there is, and people are wilfully, refusing it Retainers, restoring last mandate will have against me so easily. the Berlin and will know it began to be me I'll, just but unwilling to state my reputation on this that a love reprints reinforcing masking in places people are already vaccinated, is going to work You're not going to see. You is mass media returning to precisely to the communities where it is needed, but there will be, enforcement of that forcing all these people who shouldn't congregate, congregated with each other and then I undermine America's hurt him beyond. The answer is staring us in the face and I can verify the reporting, but according to daily beast the administer.
mission, will not commit to encouraging mandating encouraging private industries, private enterprise, private individuals, to seek confirmation of an individual's vaccination status in order to achieve certain privileges access the all the blame for Gratis Services, even entry into these places. That seems like answer that staring us in the face: giving Leon vaccinated a reason to get back to need it for their own personal gain, and I can't do it. Why? Because they're afraid Republicans will attack them, no. I want an international That's what the Davies Report, I think they're saying it, because Randy Wine garden of the teachers Union does not want there to be a regime in which her people or unionized public workers are compelled to get vaccinated. She literally said this the other day, so the whole purpose of mass mandates on children is to stop the spread in school. So teachers don't get infected,
and meanwhile Randy One Gardner saying. Don't you dare say that my teacher people in my union? Don't I don't, have the right voluntarily to refuse the vaccine that is called the bite demonstration is going with here. It has an interest group that has literally come out against this You'd have sensible policy, which is your grown adult. You work for the you work for the: u you work for the city or state or who every work for go, get vaccinated, or you know you can't work anymore. Sorry you don't have an unlimited right now, if you run up, if you run auto repair shop or some other that you don't want your people to get facts, they are not vaccinated. That's on you again, like you could get second than you here. You know. That's bad, which I met school. We're talking about here. People do interface with.
You know and spend hours a day in a room with a bunch of other. You know people, and so they should, if there should. We met. If there should be mandates, they shouldn't be masks, they should be vaccinations and good luck. Finding out. Deasey parents, for example, been trying desperately to find out just a percentage, not major powers and what percentage of DC workers, including public school teachers, have been vaccinated and reason. We can get that data the unit, has told teachers do not report whether you been Bosnia or not. They don't need to know how, even though we know that in schools- it's not the kids who are you who are causing the outbreaks, its adults, bringing them errors in and exchanging up with each other. It's the adults that are the problem. They should be vaccinated if you're gonna be in rooms with children who themselves cannot yet be vaccinated for acting on this is coming across right now. I'm sorry, if you only want one regarding the Biden allowing the city
see to return masking and what they can promise that they can promise him something and is a trick and its mandate and the trick. Is this: the Delta wave, like every other wave, he's gonna end in a few weeks ago, and if we have masks on when it ends there will say see it was rising. Look what we did. You didn't want to do it. This is serious business votes. We had to do it, I didn't want to do it and we brought and we brought the cases down, and it was the right thing to do. Angry voices are briefly. This is coming across right now, so we have to introduce said Missus accordingly I'll send nor can confirm it. That's her White House source whatever it is, she experienced the following quote: the CDC is expected to Rebecca recommend today the people
needed for covered resume wearing mass indoors under circumstances certain circumstances. Those circumstances include if you are living in close contact with the mute immune compromise people or on vaccination, people such as children under the age. Twelve was anyone doing that. for the advent of vaccines, no one in this audience was doing that. I guarantee you, maybe one of you- and you know you are- everybody Else- was not behaving in this manic neurotic fashion. They're trying to impose them process on you, what we know or what was there to data points here related to the to the delta, varied that kind of support. Apes contention in Britain and in India both where it was raging according to Scotland, the evidence is that their that there is a spike followed by a crash,
hard partially, because the varied is contagious enough that we only know about it, spread through testing and testing of courses, and early voluntary, mostly by people, want to travel or something like that. I need to test there unless they're doing, because they feel sick or something like that, but mostly its vital. Terry you're certain circumstances, so the spread of it could be much more widespread, in which case we may be effectively moving toward heard immunity through people getting Covered asymptomatic, Lee and developing antibodies against it just naturally, and so yeah Abe. In that case, we could see, is the natural pattern of Delta in Britain and in India coming here where we ve had the spike and then it's gonna die. I out and then yeah they'll say: oh, what's the masking the dead at, although of course, if nobody Mass in Mississippi and dies in Mississippi how you're gonna say that
ask mandate that was obeyed elsewhere, caused them. You know cause the the spike to bottom out in Mississippi is hard to fathom well will be considered. That'll be ignored right and you know what shouldn't be ignored as the exchequer I'm sitting in one right now, as my colleagues can see on our on our our video chat here I'm sending the exchequer I'm enjoy the elder MAX temperature regulation, it's hot in this room. I got it set on cold. You can take your settings, hold the level that Elam Ass temperature regulation patent pending allows you experience, cooling heat, massaging your lower back like if you're feeling a bit warm, you can set it to cooling, as as, as the care enough, if the air conditioning your home office cranked up too high, set the Ol MAX the heating, which will also warm up and so you're tired muscles, and you could turn on the massage therapy and relax. I'm not doing it now. That makes noise and you hear it and would be annoying the patent dynamic, very
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national security, adviser and author of of what many people considerably the single best book on on the military. American military conduct in Vietnam. Dereliction of duty has an opt ed in the World three journal today that effectively says Are we lit a gate, orb route? We discuss abandons decision to pull out of Afghanistan. That ship has already sailed, but here's a we need to do. We need to everything short of pulling out. You know everything if we don't have boots on the grand fine we after use air strikes, we have to support that. We have to stand up the afghan military. We have to stop making decisions
that help the Taliban like pushing for the release of Taliban political prisoners, which apparently mind blowing, lay the. U S. Government did last week, Noah you. This is what my master says M here and give us some sense of the facts on the ground: the unjust survey I was serving the headlines out of Afghanistan, Monday Monday alone, and there were the following from the administration has backed off its desire to dial back strikes and Taliban before August thirty. First, the idea was in do not commit to air strikes at all. They were wrestling with themselves and public over this and finally did out of necessity, and there are only going to target Al Qaeda linked targets. That's off the table. The Taliban has advanced much more rapidly than anticipated there already in control of a variety of suburbs, around the city of Kandahar, which is a joy
second, second largest city in Afghanistan, the spiritual home of Afghanistan, giant economic hub on and they ve executed, strikes on targets, Taliban positions and Well, this is apparently slowing the advance with the afghan government forces have not recovered any territory, they have lost and sunken Commander General Kenneth Mackenzie said that its far more difficult than it was to support afghan forces. because we don't have any airbases in the country, were operating from out of country elsewhere in the in Afghanistan, a border between Afghanistan and Pakistan was reopened by the pakistani government, which is its full Taliban control reopening what a pakistani officials, Afghan transit trade, which means the mundane at ease that typify relations between states, border control, trade, relations, migration, all that stuff is resuming with the Taliban legitimizing it as
energy and finally, we haven't ass and refugee crisis on our hands. Thousands of Afghans already streaming into places like IRAN, Pakistan, Tajikistan. We had a piece in the Wall Street Journal now yesterday, which was very interesting, demonstrating how so many these risks. These particularly those going into ran art staying in IRAN. The transiting into Turkey, with the aim of transiting into the European Union. Have anybody remembers what the European Union's experience was during the Syrians a war with profoundly destabilizing politically destabilizing, economically destabilizing, attested their commitment to the Shanghai Zone, which is this- the Movement free movement across borders the European Union itself. Isn't barbed wire build up again, around at the borders of Hungary in Bulgaria for the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and it resulted in the rise of nationalist politics and national and populist. parties that were also detrimental to the idea of european integration, and Europe is surely, while this again,
smaller wave if it ever derives their surely more sensitive to the to the fall out. The could arise as a result of this sort of thing, so all that stuff on the horizon and only as a result of our engine defeat, but so close on the horizon, I mean, I think I don't think it's inconceivable that because they pull out with such a bad idea and executed, is such a bad way that it doesnt quite happen, I mean troops can be out, but we can't we can. However, we can, but we can continue to be, very in the Atlantic age there, starting now and never stop? You know I mean I mean it's like we can sort of two months from now. We can go hey what what have I thought we were done with the war enough,
I understand you know what you're saying I can go back at a time and place not of our choosing yeah. That's always on the table is a sort of as much as that. Quite often warned of I mean the the MC masterpiece basically says: airstrikes airstrikes air strikes M alot of covert action. I think and money into it and and doing whenever you cannot serve encourage Emmy Afghan government not to do dumb things having said that what what the jam All cliche is. Is people expect the government to fall within six months? Well, if that's the serving that people say in the media that six months, is it as an absurdly optimistic
Why what it could be six weeks, it could be six days after you know, could be six hours, but there's if, if the afghan government has no reason for existing any further and and and and the heart of the effort to resist the Taliban and to have an independent Afghanistan, if that effort has been made hollow and pointless and useless, why would wooden everybody pack up and run for the hills, and you know the fragility and apparent fragility of the government. The forces that even supporting there is yet another argument in favour of the unfulfilled, viable claim, which has always where did buy whatever happens on the minister retrenchment side that this is just a losing effort. We should just be rid of it as soon as possible, but their arguments have been proven hollow. What did they say? They said that we would win, we would retreat there'd be less. We can unilaterally declare an end to the afghan war. We seem more war, they
that they would there would be a regional stability that would arise from our absence. We ve seen less regional stability. They said, Americans hated this war, they didn't care and if they did care, they just wanted to wash their hands of it. Who celebrating this, where the parades who's? He laurels over their shoulders of Joe Biden, the ominous silence from the american public as they watched their. when a year investment, this country crumble, speak unnerving. The White House would be unnerving me. I don't know if it's a nervous, I judge. I honestly don't I mean it would be unnerving to you cause you you, you don't you dont operate according to their priors. I think the idea that, you want to be able to go to the american people and say you ended a twenty year. War is just was just catnip. It was, as I was irresistible he couldn't. He couldn't resist it, particularly since he was mad that the fighting of the ward didn't go the way he wanted it to his idiot path. Living
one of the two in two thousand and two thousand ten, when the surge that Obama did agree to which was high. Problematic and didn't. Have the you know and didn't serve end things none the less successful enough to create for ten year? We know space for firm for that government and for you, no girls to go to school and people do still have free speech and not a murdered for not wearing workers and I will see what things are like in November by November, under put money on the table were going to be talking about splitting Afghanistan up into three parts: They only ideologies, Giovanni Electromagnet Wrongously, several reports yeah. We need an ice cream approach to foreign policy is worth it.
trinitarian. Yes, I mean he grew up as a trinitarian and he loves to see wanted to Andromeda Rock in three parts. He wants Afghanistan, three parts. You know, Democrats are going to win California in three parts, cuz they're, going to think that they can get six dollars out of it. You'll see anyway, so guys He will learn. We will conclude this conversation and invite you to come back tomorrow to listen to us yet again for aid. No one Christine, I'm John passwords, keep the camera
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