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The Attack on Parents Is Radicalizing Parents

2022-01-21 | 🔗
Today's podcast goes through a spate of criticisms of parents for daring to speak out about the education of their children and how spectacularly self-destructive such efforts are on the part of the critics. Give a listen.
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Some guy. Welcome to the Commentary magazine Daily Podcast. Today's Friday January, twenty first put in train to I'm jump onwards. The editor of commentary between as always executive, editor Grimaud hide, I jump. Christine, whereas in high Christine John and Socio editor nor Rossman high on our agenda. We could do this
they every day all week every week, but the kind of emotional melt down over american schooling on the part of Democrats ends We'll professionals continues apace. We some very interesting things going on. As as weak. As we noted that the newly installed governor of Virginia Glenn Young came lifted, mask mandates at the state level, his first day in office, but the false church, a public school system that some that's a suburb of Dc. Part of the Arlington County, I believe, Oh yes, Shapiro M Conserved lawyer without the superintendent Peter noon. I just said
The board meeting the kid showing up on mass the Monday, we'll beast home, so they're, so false church has decided that the The state level mandate that that was in place and there is now an lifted at will. Apply to its schools. There's no rep! I mean I guess he's he's the superintendent, which means is not actually an elected official, his appointee of he's an employee making policy that is opposed to the to the states a policy which is that people are permitted to wear masks if they, if they choose, if there be no parents want them to buy them otherwise, Not so that's one very interesting thing. This is also the place that damn claw ozal preemptively because of a terrible as much of various business
as he said you with the threat of a snowstorm that ended up being a rain so that that was that was good. Christine that happen in DC was school, We had a two hour delay for the road to our delays in two hours of delay, for no reason: you're, ok, so I'm turning to merely bozos moose letter on very wise is common sense. Sub stack for a couple of other details here. She points out that the Wake County North Carolina Democrats this week put out a cartoon depicting frustrated district parents as a cure, non follower and anti vaccine a confederate flag die hard at the January sixth storm. Her and calling them be bored of education, be o r, P D. Molly rights facing backlash from critics online. They wrote a sarcastic built thanking people for showing exactly how much the school board has had to deal with and they were hashtag facts at hashtag truth. When the ban
plus didn't die down. They deleted the tweets, all of which all this carefully documented by current Angeles, whom you may know from Twitter as a school choice advocate. Nellie goes on the Michigan Democratic Party, meanwhile posted a ramp complaining that those people who drive carpool and won't start well would stop sending emails, which it also deleted. Not, where this parent should control what has taught in schools, because they are our kids as originating. But parents do have the option to send their kids to a hands like the private school at their own desire. If this is what they desire, the purpose of a public education May. Public school is not to teach kids only where parents want them to be taught. It is to teach and what society needs them to know. The client of the public school is not apparent, but the entire community, the public
This is obviously a sort of elaboration of the tearing recall a firm in apparent shouldn't, have any say in what what what has been taught by them This strikes me, as the pressure that has been put on, is causing a blow back on the part of these. Institutions and institutionalists and Democratic Party camp followers. That is kind of startling. Really I mean in its regulatory quality ladders. They are there there. The pressure has been put on them- is causing them to reveal more and more of themselves without any you know with This were clever inundations or citations of now, of course we love parents and world parents ourselves or whatever, but this is a
does a breakdown in the strategy of the Randy Weingarten headed the teachers union type to have access to the elite, mainstream media and can get columnist right, you know endless words about how how thoughtful they are about all this. How much the cariboo, the children and how much they want to keep schools open, even when their actions are diametrically opposed to those things that the evidence is current, but the masking? This is really interesting, because the the conventional wisdom among the scientific community is very clear now about masking particular for young children critically, for how much outlier. The United States has been and continues to be, with regard to masking young children and parents are starting to push back on that put out on a limb, These cover things in saying not most parents are even saying no mass. No restrictions are saying: what's the offer him what's the end point? When does this stop because these institutions and the bureaucrats hurrah
then don't feel they should be accountable to parents and say well, we'll figure it out, and parents no longer trust them. It's a trust but verifies situation for a lot of parents. I include myself in there when I get a memo about some new covered protocol. I want to know why can my kid not watch a wrestling? Why can't I watch his rustling meat in one part of town. but I cannot another just depending on who decides? There's no consistency. Parents are not just confuse that are tired of all these restrictions that make no sense and have no justification. I will say there is another evidence of of people pushing back the washing posts had opinion peace whose title says it all. It was this in catering, too, selfish parents young in the new Governor Virginia yanking is failing, Virginia's kids. This was about the mask the option, not too, where mass. This is not a you.
Cannot. Where am ass, you may, where a mask into a Virginia school, if you're a student, you just cannot be forced to wear one. If your parents have decided that the risk is loafer, you which we know scientifically, it is for young shepherd. So I love the cartoon of the John Describes, because it's very clear evidence to me that they are going to go down and flames because they are continuing to totally underestimate. Who actually opposes these things? It's not afraid group of various extremists, it's it's a very large and growing and organised and furious reasonably furious group of parents, and those who end and those warm parents as such to myself, and if there were and evidence enough of this. In the end be Virginia election itself, there will be further evidence coming down the line.
The outsize reaction to young kids. You know introducing choice into the equation from the political left is very instructive because its it you share a mentality, that's everything! That's not forbidden this man, for the corollary, is everything that's not mandatory- is forbidden, so, they assume that essentially, your eager your summit. actually even intimated that there would be some sort of policing effort here took to rip masks off children spaces as though that was that was on offer its. Not just let me know, how about this? Yesterday, Joe Biden stakes, statistics, ninety five, ninety eight percent of schools open what have you this as an excuse? hence the parents intuitively understand everywhere in those countries, as we all experienced an end still continue experience at much of the country that an open school that has nevertheless remote imposes restrictions on your children's ability to socialize, like, for example, not being able talk in the lunchroom, which is
really common, is not enough already educational experience. So you can tell these pair schools are openly want. That is not their experience. Your telling them, essentially your gas lighting when you're telling them at their there lived experience, isn't real. They should defer to sort of invented statistic that dumb replies much of the country and basically the democratic parties message appearances. What's your problem, you know there's a tube wronged attack here, which is one of the reasons why the attack is so effective. One is you: are keeping these schools closed. You are hampering my child's development, moral, social, education, blood. You are making my life incredibly dip
and I am a taxpayer- I am paying thousands of dollars a year in property taxes to support this system. It is now failing me. I am the client I am the consumer. I m a. I am a local taxpayer, paying property taxes to or to operate these schools, and what I keep discovering is that when you are teaching my kids, your teaching them crap. So it's just that the schools are closed and if they were open, everything would be fine when schools open or when they are remote or whatever it is. You are pouring things into my child ear that are deeply offensive to me. Remember we're talking we're not talking about pair from the nineteen forties or maintain twenties, who you know when they were in school. They read Shakespeare
when they read you know they, they weren't Horace's, Odin, Latin. Whatever we are talking about parents, you know you guys, yeah I mean I am also a teenage parent of teenage kids, but I mean you're, you guys are forty. In your mid forties, you ve got kids your point. well educated, but you went through schooling in the Eightys and Ninetys and team, and then Ott's public school education was not good public. Had already fallen to pieces. These are people who are coming at this with highbrow Harvard education's what their learning is, that what kids are being taught is political, propaganda and an end and that what kids are being hold that their privileged and evil end and that America stinks and stuff like that, and it's very vulgar and blatant in a new
kind of way or it's gotten more vulgar, more blatant, less, less hidden behind you ISM's and that sort of thing and they don't like and they don't want their kids to be taught this stuff in part, because This isn't a sort of thing where you can say. Look, you don't know your tongue. I know you you dont, know physics, you don't know you amatory leave that to the experts, but what What America is like is not a subject that requires an advance degree or any degree. Or like a degree in education from you know, the squawk see state two year, a two year certification in here create a lesson plan like that it that does
make you any more expert in one America's. Like them any individual citizens, I think there's also, though a broad group of parents, you might actually not objective mild indoctrination on about american history. They would think to themselves. You know I'm kind of a moderately left of sense. A democrat- and I think our country should learn about its past and including all the bad stuff, and maybe my kids were like that's fine, but actually to even setting that aside what they are not getting, but that only comes as an extra that's icing on the cake. The cake is the basics of reading writing. Mass all the kind of analysis, comprehension, the basic skills that public education has made a social contract with parents and says it will deliver that is backed up by the four
play, you are not allowed to not educate your child. You have to put your kid in school, that's law! You can choose to do it at home yourself. If you have that luxury, you can choose Ascendant private school if you dont, like the public's, was, if you can afford it, but it for the vast majority of parents in this country. Those two things are not just because they work in the kind of for the private schools. So if you send your kid, do public school because you have to- and they, can't they're, not they're, coming home, unable to read and write and unable to do basic match and spouting all this nonsense. The nonsense is the thing that has to go, and I think that why you did see a lot of moderate. You know previously Biden Voters pudding Young, get an office in Virginia because their kids are even learning the basics there only getting the ideological nonsense or they're getting a lot of that, and I know we have teachers as listeners and they do often angry notes about how this is unfair. This isn't going out. This is going on in my school, but in the largest school,
districts that are dominated by unions and and more blue state boaters. This is going on it's happening all the time. I see it everyday in my kids stuff. My kid just had to take a test on the one thousand. Six hundred and nineteen project curriculum this stuff is there so If you live in an area where it's not happening, that's terrific and I'm glad you're, one of those teacher she's not participating, but parents want their kids to learn the basic skills that they should graduate from high school having and they're, not getting those like the other, I'm sorry contained a generous it just verdure third Christine's point: the ideological nonsense cuts directly into the basics. Oftentime tried there was an effort and California to have the state schools. And when teaching certain math classes, privilege sort of like
equitable understanding and and and grades over actual learning right. So so the idea being that it didn't matter if you understood the math, just as long as the results of of of the lessons and tests didn't produce some sort of a hierarchy of aids. When I lie, as I said earlier, I like sympathy for that message on we'll everybody in this room understands that primary sex. education is invaluable. It's a noble profession! Don't the messenger. We are not the problem this is your industry. These are your colleagues. If you object as we do to these circumstances, it is your obligation to impose some rigorous as rigorous standards on your colleagues and your profession, not ours, and there are teachers who fight back, I mean, their dirty teachers will agree with us. Look, you know
even move beyond the academic to this court of social aspect because them What we're hearing is not that we are hearing all sorts of thing of a things about that educational outcomes over the last couple of years and kids falling behind all of that, and I'm not that that that's a very large subjective and obviously very distressing, but the psychological malformation of kids as a result of two, almost now two years of them of being told that dumb They are carriers of disease. They must not get close to other people because they, the other people, are care, are potential carriers of disease there vectors enormous. Social interaction is bad. It's unhealthy! It's dangerous! It's actually possibly fatal to old people to grandparents
the immunity compromise people that sort of thing kids need each other, like they need oxygen. Kids need a social life like they mean oxygen, many kids need sports, like they need oxygen, four kids, who are not of an intellectual frame of which there are many and kids who have go to school. Nonetheless, but really don't you know the air are we for whom education is a struggle, let's say, but what they, what they can find, and is pleasure in not social rising, but in physical activity, physical efforts even vocational stuff. Well, you can't do that. Well, we once sir closer when schools are open collaborative projects, you know on N n n n Vocational aspects sports, which were you know, shut down for a year or more. This is
very wheel, and when people complain about it too have to be insulted. for saying this is bad. The answer: isn't it's not bad or you're. All crazy lunatics is This is the worst thing that ever happened, and we ve done it this way is we don't know any other way to do it. We had to take these It was so dangerous, so dangerous, so many people, and in that message worked for our work for the better part of a year, really em. If you think about when the parents about really started, it was a year after the shutdown in March of twenty twenty, and it was like we were. We did this for a year You have nothing to say to us about witnesses going to end and when we come and talk to you about it, you shut off the MIKE you make fun of us on your zooms.
How to get us arrested, something Is she is going on here? This is not the normal reaction to a completely legitimate complaint people say you know imperfectly under circumstances. As I say it would be your right there, terrible. The alternative would have been worse, but after a year parents said the turn it won't be worse. This is war. This turns out to be worse, do something and then they then I observed the wagons and they go on the attack against parents, while in other countries
countries have already started assessing those decisions to especially pre vaccination decisions about closing in shuddering businesses, in schools and in Israel? There is a problem of public health official. Just this past week, who said you know what that was the biggest mistake we made closing the schools was the biggest mistake we made looking back on of our pandemic policies, it is possible for these public officials to actually acknowledge exactly what you said, John and the fact that they won't. It's really fascinating, because it is extended well beyond pandemic issues. There is a kind of conceit they have that they are smarter than the people whose children they are educating, and you see it in and that up add that I've menus title I mentioned worship
like you know, yeah. I get that some parents really need to send their kids school, but you'd have day, don't understand the details of how science the signs of pandemics work, and so we have to tell them and they have to comply. You see it in the in the fact that when Florida is passing, regulation search the considering regulations to require school supposed curriculum, so the parents can see what their kids are actually learning and classes that this is called some sort of terrific you know, breach in violation of privacy Emmy. This is ridiculous. Parents should know what they're could three speech advocates are really. What I look at, what note or said was free speech advocates in in dangerous worried about about the public finding out what is in the west and plants and what is in the car guilt. Free speech advocates right well, we know where our four speech advocates had been headed in recent years, so that its not a surprise if you ve been following the corruption of the idea of free speech among the organisations that claim to champion it, but that all of it is of a peace. All of it is again it
So a lot of the discussion we have on this spot guess about elite institutions or even just just kind of bureaucratic. This is not just bureaucratic sclerosis. This is bureaucratic, hubris of a level that many parents didn't realize. Was there and now it's been exposed, and there is no going back. I don't want you know, because, because does that turning into the Nellie Balls show, because I think this is an interesting another thing that she had I openings Yemen newsletter that I haven't seen somewhere else. Speaking up beets and there, and what their with their up to and the corruption and monstrous with which certain types of love leftist elites. our seizing on the opportunity to remake american Society and American and and and the high high water spaces, not just you know, serve everyday public. Schools are barred college, which is a famous gonna very liberal institution in Westchester, county barn, college
has engaged a team of people to go through the bars library to DE canonize, the the barred library meaning they're gonna go through there. I'm books by white people and they're going to throw them away by the hundreds. thousands. They are literally attempting the what is a library right thing, how Highbury and old books is increasingly? Yes, you can get book some on Amazon use books in all this, but Oh a library is a giant building that has a lot of books and the older the better as long as they can be maintained, because these these, and become a precious documents that you can't get anywhere else. If you could get them on, your kindle will be much less important and them history. This is a little full Stalin. They are going to go through and taken a razor and try to erase books from the core of now
that could be accessed by students at at barred college. It's an extraordinary extraordinary step, and I was I'm kind of gobs max because but see it doesn't cost anything to keep a book on the shop, but there was something we have to build more what cases, because you don't have enough bookcases, but oh anywhere there. This is that this is an example of how the shift has happened when an acceleration trend in though in recent years, because a lot of libraries could Julie, libraries on college campuses have been getting rid of a lot of old classics and the argument is there a really isn't space? We
but all this new all the new stuff has to have room, and we have to also removes shelves to make space for computers in and what not? That's actually been quietly going on, both in high school and college libraries for about a decade. But now they feel embolden to call it a diversity audit, that's what it was called: a diversity audit. We can look at every book and make sure it represents what we think. Diversity should look like in something that was written are two hundred three hundred years ago and if it doesn't suit our present mindedness, we will chuck it they're, embracing that as a positive go, whereas before I think it was a lot more sort of, they would make excuses for why they were getting rid of a lot of the cannon and space on the shelves for it by claiming, oh well, we got to be 21st century move into the times. We don't have. We literally don't have the room now they're like screw those excuses. This is why we want to do this. We don't think these books belonged here, but then with list let's talk about what happens when you, when you shine sunlight on these moves because again,
bellies Melias NEWS letter at the process of decolonization, which alone be led by three students, take a year evaluating each book for representations of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, inability when, when up Nellie CALL. them to ask about the announcement Bart officials explained, this was all a big misunderstanding. Nothing, nothing about. The it should be taken literally, it will help us understand and answer questions about representation reflections and build a more inclusive collection. Going forward, wrote Betsy, Kali the Director Barton, There's nothing is being removed, we categorized or replaced, and then after that happened they removed they. They remove the the Newt barred NEWS, letter entry and deleted it entirely.
As what was this is a college and they were talking about basically taking books off the shelves and throwing them away and when, once you serve like expose a move like that in this way some is gonna say: twenty two. Don't let's lets you know, we'll do it in quiet. Why are you your denouncing it? Are you crazy? Like you know, you know it's not where works was a repository of knowledge this that this. This is a bad luck, so I think I thought that was that that's pretty This keeps happening where, for example, out. The moves in California light shone on the moon, the California positive, both at the state level, data Firstly, level and an attempt at in the curriculum in an element:
secondary schools has been retarded bye, bye by the onslaught of horror expressed at stuff like the math it out. Geometry being math. Being re space storm Europe treating somehow the differential in the artist. I drive a hard signs that, even though what you call it, it's like acts of measurement of reality, their acts of measurement of you know iron laws of the very fabric of the universe that somehow Can somehow be reviewed without with racial, sir as the UN. The public pronouncements of organizations like the American Library Association or the School library journal. A lot of time has
but, of course of years has been devoted to contextual eyes and classics and finding a proper place for the classics, because they, violate modern pieties. Up to an unclear, and where it is this big thing couple years ago about how Shakespeare was problematic. So it has to be removed her, maybe adulterated in order to comply with the current sentiments, get rid of all. You know that nasty sexism and and racism. And what have you that's in these things, as in a lot of classic works, literally adopting the cause of doktor bottler it just a perfectly in inverse idea that, but nevertheless you are, these are works at our does not. There was one point that I can't remember who said it. I haven't my book about it. I said you know, there's nothing in these works. You can get from more modern works, more diverse authors and you know goes down the line and all this It has been building up for years and years and then all of a sudden, a school district urged. Let's say deal
institution that manages doctors, uses works, says you know we're gonna get rid of this and is a huge outcry. Right, I mean I was a big news cycle about a year ago now, but if you go through the intellectual Latin work that was built up around that move. It goes back for years, This academic tax, surrounded and there's a lot of the justification for that sort of thing. Within the industry itself. Industry itself is very insular and then only talk, amongst themselves and in their prescriptions, are applied in the real world and they find out that people are really hostile towards it and it comes as a real shock because I've never solicited input from anybody about this work ethic, which is part of a further reason. Why that doctor, shoes thing happened so fast, because I thinking Conscious way, they know that they're going to offend the sensibilities of people who Doug dogmatic it illogical as them, so it all happened really fast, because otherwise, It won't happen at all, but they don't know that has the right
that, but that right you're right I mean I mean that's a very good summary of a socio sociological phenomena which, as you know, these Is explorations of how we do things how to revise the way things are done. You know in a in a kind of love in the world of people who go to. Conferences France's have panels and and and break out session. and things like that that try to come up with action items on how to solve problems. That really you know, have come up. If you know in in the in the course of our wives and had a bad, harmonise social justice concerns with the you know. With the things that we do, and my follow up panels. Discussions were more break out groups papers in pure you journals and all of this and so yeah right so to five years later you bring to
wasn't pages of evidence and two thousand pages of argument to the doktor suits. You know you see what you know estate and they say. Oh, that's, terrible Yes, we will. Obviously the academic consensus is that we need to. We need to ban this stuff and no conversation in there is being held with any actual human being, who isn't a robot of this new class a system of internal bubble communication. Yet yet they there. The proponents of these things then argue as exhibited in one of the quasi riveted started, podcast that, what's being done, has been done for the good of society. This is that this is a collective understood, ending up how things should be that if you Jack you're, just in the minority. The larger picture here is one of three
organised agreement against you, and it's not true, so society, demands a watered down educational experience. Society demands that we sacrifice the classics and and and the enrichment that they provide young people. Society demands that young people lose a year of their. I flew socialization society demands. Child sacrifice, talk about whose manic that's a guy. I mean society demands that the concerns of the adults in the school system take precedence over the concerns of the children in the school system, our teachers, tired. Is it hard for them to get the school? It's gonna, be
Oh, they could really use development day. There really worried about getting sick and these conversations take place almost without reference to the people for whom the system exists. There is also another theme here that I think is pretty common has been common among those who won who claim for themselves the role of the vanguard, showing society leading society into its more progressive, more, more open and tolerant future, and that's that their voice. The guard is always the left who want to destroy this stuff right and anyone who have Jack's is just you know that in the end or thought, but the problem comes in a democracy when, as we have mentioned many times, people have a right speak out and they do with their vote. They do with protesting at school board meetings and their I'd. I honestly
get has is no sir. I think some of these people are shocked when they hear from regular people that this isn't what they want. They don't think this is an improvement on where we're headed. It's it's. It's falling back into a kind of racial centralism and an ideological posturing and away this harmful to their kids. They are genuinely shot cause they're, always they always perceived themselves. As the PAN Guard said, the barred colleges interesting. I I bet you anything to wish at that places. North of fifty thousand dollars a year for those two, seven, eight, ok Vega. So these are elite people. These are, but these are very privileged people and their idea is that they really do see themselves as a kind of Brahman class. It's gonna led the masses to two to a healthier, more inclusive future. When the masses rebelled, the masses must be stupid or they must be violent or are they must be authoritarian or against democracy? This is the language that is being used, and I do think it's gonna, be there. There's a tale to this. It's gotta be much
It's gonna go beyond that. The mid term elections in the next presidential action. This is not the way. A healthy democracy talks about people with whom they disagree. I mean, I think it is too soon to summarize this aspect of the conversation elites and look where we're we're believes we now I mean subscribed to commentary. Listen to this pod cast. You are probably a member of the elite that doesnt mean this. Membership confers no privileges actually, but I mean that what happen
there's that leads our hearing from ordinary people, that their solutions and that their brilliant plans are directly harming them and their children and their response is to say you are a fascist evil. Blue, and maybe it works in the sense that that message is very easily heard by people who share their predilections and so the the effect of the of the rage, that is heard by their response is the way because they believe that they still are
Indeed, the what they hear in the foreground are the people who agree with them and then, as I keep saying, just as people at work who are forced into education sessions, and things like that. If you do that, you make it hard. You know they'll vote with their feet. If it's, if it's have an opportunity to change jobs, l change jobs to the move somewhere elsewhere, where it stuff like this happen. Less or in the end, they will vote at the ballot box, we'll go into that. That's why we have a secret ballot and that's where they can express themselves with thing about a lot of the public stuff, in particular the public education. Is, everybody who manages a public school in the United States is ultimately an elected officials. School boards are elected as state and local the mayor,
prison. Governors who have control of these things are county, executives are, are elected. We have been waiting at. This is part of a point that Christine made in her peace on the parents. Well, we have been waiting for forty years, since I would say: more than forty years, maybe fifty years since the dawn of the the beginning of the vote her school choice, movement into the nation at risk, revealing that our educational system was bad for there to be kind of a populist revolt against the way education is. Is it I'm in the United States and ill was waylaid when an Asian at risk came out. The report that show that our educational outcomes were vastly inferior to other countries Happened was that the education that women were rather cleverly hijacked it. So it's not our fault. The problem is, we don't have enough. Money
We now have enough money. We don't off quip men. Are teachers are spending their own money, getting oak tag and pens, and you now buying supplies, because the schools are so short and we to pay the more, and so there was a vast increasing the amount of money spent on public education. enormous increases in salary for teachers and master Tee, the all this another using an end and that were A generation work was ok, we're gonna answer this by throwing money at it and we through money and it didn't work. How we didn't work, it's obviously coolly, emboldened the educational class, not just teachers, but everybody else who works and education to believe that they are still under, but they still use the same logic. There still underpaid there still under much pressure? It's not fair people get to one off every year, I'm like everybody else. In America, they get eight weeks whom, namely of vacation and
it's not fair and everything is terrible and we need to heed them because they are they are and the this. Is it the what they ve hit the wall? They have awakened the beast: they got forty extra years of. You know, of forty years of a kind of gold rush effect and its now come crashing, to a halt and when people's privileges start getting taken away from them when they start losing public in a sort of like public support, Republic praise when they become the object of anger and rage and are accused of malfeasance and mistreatment of the Youth of American. All of that like
they're going to be. This is a this is a decade long. This is this is not stopping the fight against them, isn't going to stop and they have they have nothing. They have nothing on offer to quiet the anger and an end and the you know: it's not a beast. I don't know what it is. You know the righteous blow back has has a webcam. I call it simmering rage. These people got me to attend a protests which I doubt never to ever. Do my entire adult life. That's out, that's automatic got. Some tat is bad. That other than that is bad, will listen, listen! Everybody else. Just talked about Bambi when running a business, age or issues can kill you. You know minimal Waze requirements, labour regulations, wrongful termination suits, tarred hr managers, salaries, aren't cheapen era, if seventy thousand year Bambi spell Ba can be was created specifically for small businesses to provide a dedicated hr.
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sir, on Wednesday, some wondering whether I mean is there anything else say about Russia there, there there having high level meetings Devout Blinkem. meaning with the Russians again, and you know who you are I hope that the latest development is they're going to provide the the White House, which had previously said that they wouldn't do this is going to provide in writing responses. to the russian demands. This logic look you there and I don't actually now where it's going or what the point of this is quite a lot of delay by a bond both on the part of the west. switches dithering in the effort to to deter this attack with the notable exception of London. London has been flying quite a lot of offensive, rep weaponry into the country and the binding ministration did something
something good yesterday, where they are allowed. The Baltic states to export american Offensive weaponry into Ukraine all the better. In a more turns the better and Putin's delays are perhaps complicating his ambitions. Perhaps but I'd be surprised, me play, Joe Biden was asked question by reporter, which is good why are you waiting for putting them the first before raising the stakes of this prospective adventure to unreasonable levels, and he, according to a pull report, said under his breath. What a stupid question: it's not a stupid question. It's the foundational question of any any practitioner. Statecraft, who is trying to determine we're sorry from engaging in a course of action? You don't want them to do you move first, you raise the costs, that's essential and basic, and your Itunes. Hostility here mirrors what we
down to see an end of the second half of our two of that press conference, where anybody would probably get peevish, but he's gonna be Are you defensive when he's challenged? and he should be challenged on what could be in an existential crisis for the West, very underestimated the the prospects for disaster here, if, if good morning, moving in a broad large way into Ukraine, but his hostility towards people who are questioning his his behaviour here is mirrors the democratic parties problem more broadly, as they say they resent the idea that they should be beholden to skeptical public. But you should just shut up, they know what they're doing you certainly out really. They know what they're doing the course they don't, but they think they do
job. I will never do it. That's what I can't figure out. That's why it's that's why you mean he said what a stupid question, but does he know what he's doing I mean the whole point about. His answer was that he was like. look it's up to him, he's the decision maker Guild decide what to do. My guess is he'll go in, but all that sanctions are gonna be tough, but you know he hasn't made up his mind gap and will probably go live, but he hasn't. It's really a difficult issue. Fishing is the sanctions, are gonna, be really hard, and you know NATO people say that NATO is divided, but NATO isn't really divide. Accept NATO is covered divided. This really kind divided in I you know I mean sure Finland Finland's with us. So that's good. I spoke to the guy Vinland. He doesn't know what to do. That's. Why doesn't like the questions loudly knows what to do
and you should shut up it's that he doesn't know what to do it. You should shut up because he doesn't know what the hell to answer you. He doesn't know what to say. I am, I think it's like what are you cornering? before? I'm totally it see here. You know Please I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do, and you know what Britain's good but Bourse Johnson's about a defence traded for having gone to a garden party when they were resting p for having more than one person over their house. Do that. How could that happen? I mean this is. Actually I think why that totally going off a topic, why people I knew when Boris was the charging forward were like this is not at people who knew him with mountains. College do you know who even serve enjoy em like it. You know they were like. This is gonna be
Eventually, eventually, Boris will be Boris and this will be a disaster and that's actually what's what what we're seeing happened right now, it's kind of fun kind of startling. Nobody told him that it was bad to have a gathering when his own he had promised It is a policy that said that people couldn't have anybody over to their house at this. This is a new thing Emma again and I'm good at not I'm gonna paint with broad brushstrokes here, but we hear this kind of line of reasoning from Biden himself all the time. It's like what we we didn't really know. We wouldn't really know the whole point of having that amount of concentrated power given to you by the people is think you're supposed to know you're, not only supposed to know what's going on today and tomorrow, but like a year from now, you're so put you're supposed to notice was to surround yourself the competent people, who also make it their job every day to get up every morning and think what do I need to know? What am I supposed to know what I need to do? That's actually what a functioning bureaucracy is supposed.
It may happen in its it's another example of how, when things don't work, nobody wants to take responsibility. Said. They say why I just was misinformed or how dare someone not inform me of this whole scandal is actually quite instructive if the audience doesn't know Boris Johnson is in a lot of hot water because in bring of twenty twenty. His cabinet held egg, a party where there were a male records talking about how you know if you should come, and you should bring your own booze and, like John said this, isn't the height downs, and they were literally people, people are forcing each other into the streets in the statistics. Six feet, apart from one person, if you have ever venture outside it was really queen, couldn't have more really that her husband's funeral rises rules. So the backlash deserve a backlash is against them hypocrisy of it or not, the ears
on stability up at all, not the threat to public health of at all. Not the assault on you know that our art are very necessary. Intervention to mitigate this disease is just the fact that you were doing something that you weren't allow another people to do the bankruptcy of it and it sets a real political scandal and then, when uncle scandal rapid? What happened to the mitigation measures they went away overnight. Ok! Well, I guess nobody needs to do this anymore, because nobody needs to do this anymore and they never did. I mean I still think You can't quite say that they never did. I think what happened was that policy. promulgated on the basis of a certain type of social view of human behaviour. That is deeply concept, which is that having their obligation very extreme set of measures because people aren't gonna comply with them. So you
you. You try to figure out how you can make them feel guilty and make bad. so that they will do as much though they will. They will do as much as they can a trap Leanna when the one of the covert hysterics who for the Washington Post, said look, it would be ok if peat and theoretically would be ok if people who are triple were vexed boosted and got and got alma kroner God covered took off their masks, but we can't trust that other people who were unbalanced needed won't take off their masks. Also, who who are you the like? What what who who whom who die, who died and in May You like you know this is it. This is a self governing. We have a self governing citizenry, we're not ruled by doctors who think that people are Erasmus.
the bullying evil if we believe that people are irresponsible, enable we have the wrong system actually, and so we now go go find now go find yourself, a nice fat this regime where you can fit in much more readily than you can hear or been I'll. Do what you can to impose one here, but it is kind of startling an end at that whole thing where you know it's like this by the way- and it's like the great hypocrisy of of history. You know that, don't you have a more time. You know you have a nation with Bob calls for sacrifice: Donation starving all of that generals, generals calling for troops to go over the hill and be killed? They're, not they're not going over the held there in the back there eating that you know they have their people serving them. Food, the we know the people are People are our ration, but parliament is rationed. You know
there; they they get everything they want. It's a classic problem of of places in crisis where the real leadership class does not suffer. The same. indignities and difficulties and sacrifices that they require of everybody else, and when that stuff comes out, when it happens, when people find out about it, you know during this event, when you have like a Hairy, Truman's political career was made because he'd this heat he ran out. You know, ended up becoming vice president and president because he ran a commission studying military requisition, Ing and you know, but basically, who was stealing during during World war, two who was stealing from the public coffers and hygiene, in goods and selling them on the black market in all of that same happened- the civil WAR Famous Commission by Benjamin Rush, these things like this enraged.
people more than anything else on earth, because of course they are being asked of sacrificing their happy to sacrifice because they want good things that it turns out. The people are profiting off. This is emotionally the same thing. It's like that, guy, the head of Britain's come The response was promulgating, all espouses, I'm going to visit his girlfriend writer. I still maintain that it's really, and certainly we definitely try to try to save the lives of the elderly and confirmed by us.
Britain covered positive people into a nursing homes and then by the tens of thousands yeah. We did a great job there. Now, I'm sorry too nonsense travelling and now, when we were watching and sovereignty of yesterday of a nine year old girl being arrested by the New York Police Department for trying to access a museum strata, gonna museum, she was arrested because she didn't have a vaccine card, because a nine year old and vaccinated person somehow is a threat to you on articulate a bull threat to you can't even to again defy it, but it's just it just for for everybody's on sick watch. Another video yesterday was a speech that was most likely written for a young girl, buyer parents, but it was an eloquent speech delivered before a scoreboard discussing all the ways in which this paranoia, this manic fear on the part of adults had robbed rougher childhood
and these people will grow up and they will vote and what will they both themselves after one at us, and I dont want anger that I find to be the kind of authoritarian impulse this far less progressive impulse to control the lives of others. That was that the lesson they're gonna take away that we need to be more strict, more severe. I dont think what what's important about the political consequences of crises is, they do not fall. Oh comprehensible, coherent straight line. We have no idea how this is gonna, how this is gonna break or how it will break Just like we didn't know, the trump was gonna, be the inevitable result of the meltdown of two thousand eight, but he was then very complicated ways. If said in two thousand nine we're gonna end up with a you know, with Trump like people would thought you were crazy. I have no idea.
This is gonna mean for our future. What you say, no, it's very profound and its generational in its effect, distrust unbelievable amount of of hostility toward authority. Forty, I would guess and an end the fact apparent the fact that day the authority figures, I'll leave that, as this goes on more and more or their own parents were who are themselves. Gonna say that we were so the bill of goods are, we were, you know we were. We were ameliorated, an M M M, Damn denied any, all, this firm for for nothing because they didn't know what they were doing and then they didn't know how to get out of it once they were in it. Who knows? Who knows what the political effects,
but they are going to be massive. They're gonna be they're gonna, it's gonna be one of the defining one of the defining things of the next twenty five years and we're not locking the very beginning, but we're talking about. What's going to be the result of this combination of covert restrictions and the the logical restrictions and indoctrination? I mean you know this is this- is a generation that will have grown up both physically and sort, educationally restricted and moralized. And scolded I'm so this is this: is there it's hard to Think of something analogous in modern american history hard to think of anything a in the history, except maybe the depression?
Depression lasted a while longer and oppression way, but it wasn't that the the lot of the response the depression was, much larger fight than we realise, because history, Europe between the very radical efforts by the first fpr term too You know them basically control the american economy from the top down. In a way in a way that is actually quite modern but was so startling in in the nineteen thirty so far reaching so knew that you know you. Neither all of this. There was this back, even though, even though, was well one. You know forty six states in there
in nineteen view very sexy. There was the Supreme Court packing. There was the Supreme Court. Finding me National Recovery Administration unconstitutional because it was federalized, stay was doing all kinds of things that it did not have the right to do an end them and, and there was war, but it was not populist blow back. It was actually a leap, low back, This is entirely reversed and we're gonna see what but we're going to see what the consequences are. Generally speaking, populous ball back, you now has it has. Margin, trio's, quality to it, and there could be some very unpleasant aspects to it. You know not good ones, bad ones. Conspiracy theories, you know, Ashley, more complicated and vastly and less easy to discredit. Then look
The major conspiracy theory is true. Right is almost certainly true, which is that China probably originated the vaccine and released it almost. Certainly, I think you know inadvertently from the lab, but we are we're not even I'll, let you know the facts. that we can have that open conversation Biden. The kind of double talk did at the press conference means that that that theory, you know we're only at the very beginning and then the question is we're gonna say a million Americans die from this China, let it go we're just we're. Just we're. Just gonna stand there and let this happen. God only knows what happens when that began a major political issue in twenty twenty four and could much of the Twenty twenty four, if someone handles at right could could revolve. That's trump by the way could revolve around. What are we going to do?
China it killed. A million people killed a million Americans. And we're sitting here. Making new trade deals with them. You know having our american justice is kowtow to them. Having the owner of the San Francisco warriors say, nobody cares about the Uyghurs. This is actually what we're going to this is where we're going. I know it's. It's going to be very interesting to see, that's it and the parents are about is the first is the first way you know it's. I don't know it's the first wave, let's say and its they'll be forty waves. After So thank you very much. Listening have a great weekend. Freezing where we ourselves were added up, we're not gonna. Have that gray we get freezing, but you know we also have worse covered restrictions than you do, so you got the joy where you warm and have fun, and then pity- for April Stephen on job but words the candle burning,
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