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The Awfulness of the New COVID Mandates

2021-07-28 | 🔗
Today's podcast takes up the fulfillment of what we've been warning against—the public-health people are lowering the boom again in a self-defeating effort to control the spread of the COVID variant by controlling the behavior of... the already vaccinated. We take apart the reasons proffered by the CDC director for this bizarre guidance. Then we talk about the shame of the attacks on the Capitol policemen who testified at the 1/6 hearing yesterday and more on the Olympics as psychodrama. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday July. Twenty eight twenty twenty one. I am jump on board. The editor of comes very magazine with me. As always, executive editor agree, Waldheim, Ledger, Senor, redder, rose and high Christine. I got an associate editor nor Rossman High Noah, I dont you can find commentary magazine at our new. U R, L W W w dot commentary, dot Org, where we give you a few free, reeds and ask you to subscribe so enough.
Weeks I was ranting about how stupid the UN vaccinated are in your stupid, not get vaccinated. What's the matter with you and part, the subtext here was- and I think I made this pretty clear- my fear that what was gonna happen as a result of this is actually what happened yesterday, which is that the number of on vaccinated people was going to lead the public health authorities in the United States to reimpose or seek to reimpose mandates on behaviour that we're going to fall unequally on the vaccinated on the people who have done their due diligence for themselves for their families for everybody, and that is precisely what happened yesterday, with this extraordinarily confusing and, frankly, wildly irresponsible New CDC guidance issued
primarily by CDC Director, resell Whiskey- and I want to be arm and reason, as we talk about this, because I am in such a white, hot frenzy and frankly kind of a bit of PTSD, because it of the last fifteen or sixteen months have been the most difficult of my life and of the wives of a lot of people and and the idea that, rather than looking forward to our liberation, but also of living through, liberation and looking forward to our liberation from the cap The regime and are an and being guy burned by our constant consideration of this disease. This guidance suggests
not exactly a semi permanent, but at least for the foreseeable future. A life in work, We remain living in the total shadow of this pandemic- and I am I am finding. It very anxiety provoking to think about this as anxiety provoking as thought of being around at the thought of around unmasked people was too masked people in the summer of twenty twenty so I wanna try to remove in. cool? In our analysis of this, while confessing that I am not really cool at all, so at let's try to tease out some of the strands of what the CDC has announced. They've announced that in counties with more than fifty cases of covid per one hundred thousand testing over a seven day average,
people should go masked indoors, particularly if they are around the immunity compromised, among whom it is now said. We are to consider our own children as immunity compromise, because they can't yet get the vaccine. I'm gonna point out again, as I pointed out five hundred billion times on the show that the number of Americans under the age of eighteen who have died in the course of this pandemic that has killed more than six hundred thousand Americans is fewer than four hundred. Ok fewer than four hundred out of six hundred thousand using the term. You no compromise relating the in a compromise to the US. Fifty or so million people
under the age of twelve or sixty billion, or so people under the age of twelve, as though they are people with you know who work in our came out or have in us suppressed immune systems because of a disease is itself wildly irresponsible. It is amiss characterisation of what of this unique fact of the pandemic, which is that it seems to, unlike all all previous ones, too evade children- fine, ok, so so we are to mask up in the presence of our own children if they are under twelve and we but a mask indoors as long. we are in counties with fifty cases per one hundred thousand over seventy rolling average.
Which basically means everywhere but rural places. I mean, if you look at the map, that they put out a lot of red. That's a lot of rural red and all of this, but you know like New York City- is one of those places, because there are more than fifty cases for a hundred thousand. So Manhattan is one of those places and so I am now enables now gonna be living under the sea. Just I believe, deceive also, maybe no you're not cause. I think you're going you're not in a red or Orange County, Well, it's complicated, so I am in a yellow county would yellow is below below the red and Orange fragile read the is the red is high and the orange is substantial I am also in a place that wouldn't observers. For the most part, doesn't matter whether they would observe it or not? I dont want to go into the who should or should not cause then does not.
On that note, I just say something about usually level now DC was actually not listed on the CDC website yesterday morning, as being in any sort of substantial, very low case rates. In the end, like one death and the less you don't weak or something has been reported, but after see after the White House demanded that all its staffers, where Mass Uncomely Harris's like we gotta mass back on weirdly. The cdc then moved DC to the Orange categories of central transparent, which now means we are under this. The same mask recommendation so is weird, How that suddenly occurred right after businessman, even though the guys case? It did not really that weird,
at times it paranoid but you're, not there, it is okay so anyway, so that that is the standard. Why? So we spent the day listening to her. So let's get him to explain why. Why is the delta very this highly contagious and spreading like wildfire among Lee on vaccinated the guidance is for the vaccinated. So why I'm its primary? really for the vaccinated, because the UN vaccinate have already been told that they should be mass if they are vaccinated everywhere. That was the guidance as it stood the change in the gardens has to do with people who are vaccinated. Why? Well? There appear to be two reasons or three reasons
one has to do with the possibility of breakthrough infection among the already vaccinated with the highly contagious dealt a variant and the fact that since the delta variant apparently in creases the viral load in the body of people who get the vat who get the delta variant. It is more contagious and therefore the vaccinated person, be highly contagious and therefore should be wearing a mask, because then the vaccine person may not know that have the delta variant because it is a weak because it does not really affect the vaccinated all that much so they may have it without knowing it then they could be spewing active what what'd shedding enter, throwing at or whatever and making other people sick. That's one explanation which we should get too in the other.
Is we're not really doing this because of delta gamma we are but we're not, because what we're really afraid of are the variants that might come down the path that will evade the vaccines effectual. You know since those varying stone exist. Yet we thought like there's one, then you know Mozambique and it's coming. They don't exist. yet so the idea is, we need to snuff out the delta variant, so it doesn't mutate in. To the epsilon variant or whatever orbs I think they're already is now I'm very so I don't know what the moment, you're very every humble landscape sent yesterday to live? There may be the big concerning quote the big concern has been. variant might emerge and just a few mutations potentially away could evade or vaccine. So you have the mask up for
endure, this real onerous burden for hypothetical reasons and that's not completely ridiculous but according to their own data, insofar as we have it on your far less likely to be transmissible? The CDC yesterday said transmission among the button. The vaccinated is much much lower, as there has ever been freely admits, and you need to catch this thing in order to incubate. In order to develop a strength. So once again, whereas the risk for the vaccinated people from this from this their own reasoning, hypothetically, you have two contractors in order to be most to this new mutation that doesn't exist. Yet, ok to things provide an answer because John Berman asked Rochelle Lansky this very question this morning and
he gave an answer. That is purely a hypothetical does not based on hard data there it. There are no hard data, as Scotland said on NPR this morning, the CDC is not collecting data on breakthrough infections, as a percentage of the vaccinated some people, or doing it, sort of like piecemeal. If you can, but there is no, there is no exist things standing database in this respect, a marked season in the Washington Post and his research researches or whoever did try to come up with a number and I'm gonna try to find this is this. Is this what this is helpful? The way he describes? Ok now. This is what got lives, has they're not collecting a properly, but using CDC numbers mark these rights in Washington
as of July. Ninety, the grand total of four thousand and seventy to vaccinate Americans had been hospitalized was symptomatic, breakthrough, infections out of more than one hundred and sixty one million, who have been fully vaccinated. That is a breakthrough. Hospitalization rate of less than point o o three
percent better still of those hospitalized. Only eight hundred and forty nine have died of covered nineteen. That means the death rate from these breakthrough. Infections is point o o o five percent. Now, I'm not quite sure how he collected these numbers, but there there it is, so we have a the the chance of you getting a breakthrough infection based on who has been hospitalized so far, even if that rate triples, if that rate triples, it goes to point o o one percent or point oh nine percent, or whichever direction go in in these numbers. Ok, just just to make that clear. Now here is what will lend
He said when asked by John Berman. Why are the vaccinated being punished if the vaccine transmission is going from the unfair tax needed to the unfair tax need, and here is what she said quote about this- is my deep reptiles skills cause? I sat down my transcribed, so you should all be very impressed that I sat down him transcribed if you re vaccinated person and you're in one of those areas, as you said, had a red zone or a sea of covered. You have a reasonable high chance if no one is wearing a mask to interact with people who may be infectious and so for every twenty people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection one or two events,
needed peep. So, according to shovel Lansky is hypothetical your chance of getting a breakthrough infection. If you are in a red zone around unmasked people- and you are yourself- unmasked- is five percent one, twenty possibly two out of quit twenty right, so that ten percent, the overall positive test rate for covered in the United States over the last eighteen months is three and a half per cent. Current positive test rate during the delta variant is four point one per that's, so she is asking us to believe that, despite the fact that the vaccines, as she says, are incredibly effective in preventing people from getting How is it that there is nonetheless a five percent chance and you'll get covert if you interact with an vaccinated person, and you yourself accident
That is insane. That number is ludicrous. She is as Abe seven our text chain spreading information. This is this information. We have people being thrown off Facebook and twitter for propagating misinformation about the pandemic. This is misinformation, she should be thrown off social media, and she should be penalized and there are people who are saying the people's read. This information should be prosecuted. Perhaps she should be prosecuted for spreading misinformation and they say they have blood on their hands. That's that's! That's the big one, better thing! That's returning by the way I'm willing Ernie, spinning what yesterday's news is print. The reaction is produces saying what we might just have to do this for a few weeks ago, a right back of as many people properly likely noted, also we're back to two weeks to stop the spread, and we did.
This is why we don't listen to discussions is why people are cynical about this guidance He spent the last several weeks talking about how terrible it calculating relative risk, the unknown. the adamantly vaccinated population, where this is the same phenomena and you ve interest you next, I think, an interesting condemn. Over the last couple of weeks where the administrators and public health officials and even government officials and the federal government, have stopped playing the game that this is a problem of bread. America. There now mandating vaccines in so far as they can for state and federal workers, The aim is doing this right. As is doing this New York City is doing this. He had it less Angeles County health director, Barbara forever. Talk about their backs and aided in very deferential and understanding terms, which is something you have never heard from somebody in her position not too long ago. Acknowledging
I think that now impossible to ignore the fact that quite a lot of this is occurring in the vaccine. Resistance is occurring outside of major city centres in the sort of the orbit of the exports of major cities in like places like the burrows in New York City, where vaccination is under fifty for vaccination of up to fifty percent. So that accept that this is a problem. It is a problem of thirty percent of the country, the vast the majority of this country has been convinced effectively by them sitting around this idea that you should give access to save it often save your loved ones. The restaurant, reachable by this message and there is no creativity around it, so all they can do is to continue to reach the people they ve already. And do the same thing they already done and just keep doing it forever
because they have no other idea how to do this, but left before you get to the resistance. Let's continue on with trying to tease out why they did this in the first place, Scott leave the former Commission of the FDA, who you know we sort of like made fun of for being a purveyor of doom. I made fun of her servant, purveyor of doom and a message of of of of gloom and doom, you know, during the worst in during the summer and fall of twenty twenty was on MP. Are this morning saying that This was a mistake like this, that the vaccines work
you're muddying the message and what ever positive consequences might be derived in number terms from making people mask, which are, I think, highly questionable that any any benefit is to be gained from the re masking of the vaccinated. Nonetheless, whatever numbers are we derive for this, are likely to be the opportunity cost is you're sending a message, the vaccines, dont really work, or that they might not work in the future? There is a lot of that, all we are now. Maybe only you'll need a book. whatever it is. If the goal is to convince, as no says in their creativity question. If the goal is just to convince.
twenty percent of the UN's vaccinated to vaccinate so that we can achieve numbers that seem consistent. directly with what we know about heard immunity helping to kill off the rest of the outcome. The lion's share of the covert pandemic, telling people Not only their wives won't change but that the vaccine maybe inefficient in keeping from killing your grandmother. Because she's older my she might be immunity compromised so that your behavior you're getting the vaccine Maxine will not change anything. Really. There is a huge problem. To reduce costs. That message. It is completely contradicts the effort to get people to get vaccinated. So I gotta get before we get to
thence a guy had gotten Christine Nazis could add to that other we're missing another strand to the issue of why by the administration, is doing this now, there's a polite. The goal of peace here too, which is that public sector unions who are major supporters of the by demonstration projecting teachers unions want this. For two reasons: number! one they do not want a mandate that their own teachers get back native. No they're the ones at risk of illness in schools, not children, they want the children to wear them ass, to protect the adults who refuse vaccination and they want to use it and are using it in many school districts right now across the country as a bargaining chip in their contract negotiations with their with their school districts and that's A real political peace here, and that is a massive amount of money, that's funneled to the binding and the Democrats from those unions, and they have a stake in this. That has nothing to do with public health. I I am not entirely convinced.
of that argument. Where would have been months ago as to why they're doing it, because I think that the debt, the Danes, The political danger to Biden until the end, to this end to the economic recovery and everything is so serious that you have to Are there not doing this because they're doing it for you now naked a political reasons it just the calcium? The calculus is wrong, they're doing it because they have walked themselves into a corner. back themselves into a corner on how they think about public health. This is how I look at the sky had it will. I think I'm in others to Germany in terms of the will of a wise. I figured another threat in this that
articulated yesterday by Leanna, when Doktor Leon when who goes CNN and rights and wash imposed by us about you know: she's been reviewed, another doom and gloom and She said this is good, because the honor system doesn't work. In other words, This is aimed at getting the on accelerated, who aren't telling the truth about being on vaccinate to wear their masks and in public. Because now, if everyone has to, then they will be swept up in that as well, but In terms of the real reasons, John, I think we're than you're you're starting to home in on it there. I think it is the it is the run away relevance of public health professionals here they have become
the their life's work has become the sort of centre of the, american experience now for a year and a half and this is there if the if they cannot hang onto this moment and squeeze every last bit of Jews out of it, they will never forgive themselves. I mean, I think, that his actions- you don't They have been saying with with the emergence of every. New variant that that something like this was coming. So when they, anything to hang onto that, could then justify them and say see, I told you this was gonna happen. They did it. That's what they're claiming that this thee in these spread ability there they ve morality of of the delta variant, this is new science. That is one. That is what the doctor found. She said, that's what Russia
once he has said they are justifying this as she we ve now uncovered something that is new and scary. That is real You must listen to us now, but ok, but two things, one of which is let's. If we If we were almost saying that this is an act of bad faith and I'm not sure it's an act of bad faith that they want to remain in the center, I think them it. May emotionally unconsciously serve. You know be what what is behind this- and, I think that's a very serious case for that, but, of course, not provable. I think what is the case of the Rochelle Polanski is Ape official in the public health world. She came in to this job. She has
a thousand people that she knows from every conference, she's been too in the last twenty years and they probably email her constantly and the bias of this field is for restriction not for liberation, all things being equal. They would like to keep things restricted because they are focused on this question: now, how do we eradicate covert if we cannot there, and I both know- they're, not looking they now, that eradication is not possible. They know that this is that krona viruses are part of daily life that twenty five percent of them make up the when cold. So we experience on a daily basis. They know that they will be. Rather they were there cawing about saying it. And the reason why the coy about saying at the most uncharitable explanation for why there and coy about us about saying it is because they like this publicly.
regime. A more charitable explanation is that they're trying to manipulate public opinion to believe that the outcome is possible to justify in the minds of the people that they really underestimate the intelligence of and where they have objects, contempt for that they will go ahead and just get vaccinated. In order to pursue a regime that will eventually eradicate this disease. They would be doing of profound public service if they were to say that our objective here is to render It's just another of the many corona viruses you encounter on a daily basis. They all said they can't say and the reasons why ranged from the various turn to just nearly of bureaucratic inertia but you're, not saying that John announcing eradication now, but they can't ok, the logic of their position is almost. If a single person can get covered around you, you should wear a mask for the rest of your life.
I mean that is the logic of this right. You are vaccinated. You go around without your mask on you're around somebody else who is unbalanced the day after day, children who can't get back separated by everybody, knows the buying of somebody under twelve gently massed in public anyway and should have been before right. Ok, but the point here is that you then will you you are just as much as possible. Fond of disease, as you were last year, it's not your fault, you did the right thing. You got there by the words, never anybody's halt if you get sick, but you did the right thing in that backs. Mated sorry, you're still a threat to your loved ones. The logic of that is the logic of eradication Because everybody who has anything is a threat to somebody. Anyone who, as you know, The cold is a threat to somebody else. We all valid, so you know of your busier if Europe
Spouse has a cold or something like dad. You sort of like you, don't you know kiss that until the whatever you know, you know hold hands how we want to see people understand this implicitly, that's where you right now that there is this kind of bizarre belief that everybody is a moron and that their there an and therefore you know they need to be guided in this way. But, of course, the great secret, and this is where we can start getting to the question of compliance and what's gonna happen going on here. But you know, the great secret here is that people don't want to get sick and you dont, want to infect others and a lot of people are have decided not to give vaccinated because they are, I believe, wrongly associating vaccination with illness. They think that the vaccine is gonna, make them sick. That is their determination, and so this,
really doesn't necessarily contradict that overwhelming sense, which is why you wouldn't get vaccinated you'll want to give it your kids, it's gonna make them set you don't we get it and by the way, just just to remind people. in the early going when people are getting vaccinated at the beginning There was a huge elite conversation about this constantly. How do you feel? How do you feel after your shop? You feel sick? Did you get sick? Oh my god, I was so I felt so awful the morning after I got my shot, I mean it was two days I was in bed. I couldn't even get out of bed. It was sort of like war stories from the from the vaccinated but you think that didn't have an impact on people, so it's like either I'm gonna get vaccinated and, according to everything Read I'm going to spend two days in an absolute misery, twice cuz. If I get two shots, I'll be sick, two times Miss four days of work and like now I can still give the vac. I can still give the virus
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any issues and right now or a has a limited time offer for our listeners to get early access and three three months when you visit or other coms such commentary gotta or a dot com, slash commentary to get access for anyone else and three months for free, for a limited time. That's a you, are a dot com, slash commentary, ok Noah you're a trumpet the bit to talk about how no one is going to comply with this. Please do your wallet. Ok, not only the people, the people who will comply with us and the people. We don't need to comply with this, that's just the point of fact in. That's probably think it desire. I think my part in my view, because a lot of this is it. This is an among them, I fully support. The sort of thing is merely the cocoon themselves in a protective environment where they don't see it and they won't see it because it's in red or parts of the city it syn more minority in parts of the city, and there will be a lot of non compliance with. This is already documented. Two weeks ago we had the New York Times story about what
Angel ass. It was like everybody's going going back to masking the weary, but their complying, and the story was all about how they want comply, but how difficult it was to him. Or is this in the browser is of Beverly Hills. They're not even trying elsewhere in the city, where you probably won't even see it, but the effect of this sort of in my view, is that there will be a lot of compliance in upwardly mobile, upscale, affluent, well educated communities. A lot of non compliance elsewhere and people were self select for values that do not enforce masking for people who don't like masking. Who's the vaccinated non vaccinated alike. It's it's not pleasant. no matter what you hear on twitter people, don't love it, and the effect of that will be to undermine our progress towards hurt immunity, because you are telling your creating incentives for you
vaccinated to seek out like minds to seek out the news with no mitigation strategies and place where they will proceed to have. In fact, each other and create conditions where the vaccinated will similarly congregate with mitigation measures in place. That will have little to no effect, but the the outcome that seems to me to to be undermining are our efforts to achieve community the design should be to integrate, as many and action needed into the much larger population of acts native people as possible to reduce the prospect of transmission, which the CDC says by an admission is less likely. If you are- vaccinated urine less likely to pick this thing up from somebody who's, a carrier whose shutting virus. Not only is this not an effective policy, it actively counterproductive. If the goal is to vaccinate more people- and I dont detect that that's the goal, but I don't think it's gone-
There is also the issue of what about all of our small business owners in this country. The people who are the ones who actually survives the pandemic and barely hung on and were finally able to reopen and people were coming back into their restaurants in their stores and their gems, and all these other places. Now what so they or their facing a very challenging choice here, if they're in some of these areas, where the claim miss that it's a high risk again never really has messed up. They have to choose whether they're gonna, embraced these guidelines dismember. This isn't an edict. These are guide. This is guidance. You do not have to follow it. It is not law skylines, but if it, but if, like the mayor of DC, says everybody's got a mask up, ignores these restaurants are gonna, see their business plummet again it just a moment where they're starting to crawl their way back genes that independently operated gems in places, That will have people who stopped going to the Jimmy get I mean this is really bad for our business owners in this country to an added a goes either way. That's one of the reasons why federal government's aren't was to be doing stuff like this
because you will have people who will say how the hell with it if they have to go when and where a mask or you will have people who say the hell with it. If you, if you if the business doesn't require mask because also say: well, I'm not going there. I'm a little too nervous about out, know indoor space and allow their not they're, not wiring. She says you know. So either way your screwed, that's part of the issue. Here, it's a Hobson's choice. That's the whole thing about these kinds of decisions is they need to be weighed practically the consequences and the benefits, and there is- and this I think goes to what no was saying. I do think that the goal is to vaccinate more, but that is not what was going through their heads when they decided to do this.
going through their heads. Were they decide to do this is oh, my god, this dealt a varied is really contagious. We gotta do we have to do something. It's the famous member. There was her actor named. I think, as they were Andrew Shoe, was of issues brother, who was on male place, and he started a liberal activist organisation that was called do something. In that ninety nine these and, if you think about it, the aging obscure pop culture reference. I thank you for that. I thank you left right, but in other words like we have to do something right it. This is part of the prison at we mask up in the first place. Was people need to be able to do? something to restrict the flow or you have to do whatever they can to mitigate the effects of the virus. Otherwise
they're just gonna live inside and crawl in a whole. We have to do something here. The things that we can think of it was decided that it was the stated justification for when governor although abandoned or dining in New York, he admit, admitted that it was represented a tiny fraction of the spread of the virus. But it's what they could do said it's it's it's all we can do. This is raised as well. We can control forgotten the wreck. Like I have a question of compliance, I think compliance could rise if the death numbers began to rise because that scares people that that that that understand what that scares people, even those who are following the date, more gradually and understand that the that that,
those dying, ardor d on vaccinated. It is the sheer fat was rising numbers after a year and a half of such numbers that I think could scare people back into their merits. Wreck Well, let's put it this way, so the numbers are, they were at right before a delta began to bite. They were down around a hundred and thirty. Eight hundred and forty day in the United States. They are now up to around two hundred and fifty to two hundred and seventy a day. So that's you know if you use the hundred a day as your baseline, that's a very big leap. If you use the death toll at the height of the pandemic, when three thousand
People a day were dying its it out. It's not even a tenth of that death toll, and so you write, the question is whether they people can be talked into being terrified again, and I don't, I think the answer as no I said is there is a fact of life, a class based difference here, and it also goes to people who, Jen are continuing to work out of their whole. Here's the secret about people working in a hoo hoo, who where the most aggressive about supporting you, know the most extreme mitigation measures they
didn't for their livelihood, have to go out. Lawyers, bankers, media people, everybody that you can serve name in the upper upper middle classes worked in professions that made it possible for them. For to stay home and when you stay home in your own home, where you're working at home, guess what you don't have to do, you dont have to wear a mask eight hours a day. Of course your kids go to school if they were allowed to. Goal as mine, were they gotta wear mascot hours a day. but now, all of a sudden, the truth can be told right because now we're talking about had the vast population of urban teachers who are vaccinated
the staggering number of hospital workers who are in fact need it. The number of people who work in senior home facilities who were on vaccinated all the sudden. This has become a public health problem, a public policy matter, and it wasn't for the last eighteen months. So the whole point was If you follow the timing, the vaccines become available in January. Right and then there was a huge shortage like it was an empty possible to get vaccinated and they were withholding vaccine. Firstly, withholding tax vaccines for the very the old, then they were hauled. Withholding vaccines with a very old and the front facing and end of first responders, There was a kind of mania to try to get vaccinated in any way, shape or form that you could that pushes into March or April. By this point, if we want to talk about teachers in schools, in theory, teachers could have been vaccinated as part of that front. First responder thing
in February and March, but schools over in June or in some places in May or even earlier. So it's not much. You can do about that right, but now it's now August. You can walk in anywhere, there's not even a line. You get your vaccine and you walk out once again. We have a circumstance in which people have made a considered decision not to get vaccinated and talk about not giving them respect. People are the public health authorities in this country are not giving these people credit for the decision, they ve made, except for the Trump voters whom they give evil credit right. There only doing this because their trump voters- and you know they want to blow up a man
anyway, and they don't care with they die or anybody else it whatever. They believe it because they they ve, been fed all this misinformation. So let's feed them counter misinformation. We're shall will end turkey in order to kind of do whatever you can but again, as Noah says, the only people who are going to comply. This is not going to make them comply, but there is another problem here we ve talked about this throughout the course this pandemic, with every measure that every locked on measure masking measure all the measures. We ve seen, and it's not a small, because it's not just that, you know what I hear from the technocratic elite who want to see many mask up again, regardless of whether it will be helpful is what we do have to do this for a little while it's just everybody's communal responsibility to people who don't wanna, do it or horrible trumpeters are out to its selfish there and all these terrible thing right. The problem is that,
of mind at that public health community and right now the vitamin is Tracy trying to cultivate in the american people, which is fear based. It's any small risk is too large a risk to handle what is going to happen in flu season next year. If this is the baseline is a baseline. Is that The risk is too much. We start to have a kind of a cultural moment where risk itself is no longer able to be rationally assessed and weighed against them. If it's almost as if these sorts of measures, and not just with covert this will spread, this will spread that my site will spread yes, and so you know. What we need here is common sense, that if you want common sense, if you, if you crave common sense, particularly at this hinge. Mama, we're gonna, find out in the next couple of days how the second quarter, GDP them were and where we Gonna go with this new uncertainty that has been introduced here. You gotta go
dividend cafe, dot com and subscribe to the internet, products of the bond, some group dividend CAFE: dot com and the DC to data com produced by David Bonds, him and his team. At his three billion dollars under management, financial services, firm, the bonds and group. This is the best most concise way to get information about the daily activities in the: U S, economy and weekly, about the macro economic effects of politics policy and the interplay therein so go to the DC to data come goaded. Dividend cafe that come sign up, subscribe, for these really really excellent products from the bonds and group, the ads it out to the intellectual spaghetti of the financial services and management industry So the since January sixth hearings open yesterday morning, I know
that, in this bizarre way, that the that the media have a haven't omni mind, I was changing. Chow miles when they, when they, when they finished or in a book for lunch or whatever, and I first heard Jake Tapir on CNN and then I heard Andrew Mitchell on MSNBC and Jake Tapirs like in a morning of sobering, horrifying and frankly gut wrenching testimony, they change channels and there is every Michl Ebner missiles like it was a morning a frankly got wrenching testimony. So apparently the work that the phrase got wrenching just in the Msf he thir, who ads you had to use the word got retching or you know, at the instant cliche, was got wrenching
and I don't mean to make fun of it, but it just shows how there was a kind of you call us or predetermined, this was going to be the most. You know horrifying warning of our lives whether or not it would be or not, and I thought looking the video fitted the voting, the video footage was them was again just you know like horrifying beyond words. I thought that I got it. I confess that I thought the testimony of the of the of the capital policeman was a little form. It is an tilted into really weirdly partisan places where an almost felt like they had been coached to go directly at the republican refusal to participate, or you don't work or beta or to downgrade
the meaning of the of the commission, which is really beyond their red and they should not be their capital policeman, is that this is not where they should be going. Let the congressmen do this, but they did it in order to provide that sound bite, and I you know, and so any scepticism about whether or not there was a kind of alliance between them and the Already, I think, is justified. On the other hand, I dont think the Republicans have any have any excuse for their disgusting conduct in relation to this commission and what they want from the commission and how they want to pretend that what happened didn't happen. It just running that video over and over again just like makes just it just remind you that something untoward and horrible and unprecedented happen, though I dont think our democracy was really at risk. It was it's more than bad enough, an end and any effort,
to think that it wasn't is to impose a really is like what do you want to believe mere your own eyes? Like I don't know I believe that this was as bad as it looks, so I'm just going to choose not to and say that anybody who raises the question is just being mean to meet them. Might my people Well, there's been like a kind of hyperbole olympics going on with the January success from from the moment. You know the footage hit the media, which has been very detrimental to allowing a merit, the american people to truly understand what that day was like for the people involved in protecting capital? And you know I'm sorry that you- whether, whenever you think of the copse, though the capital police did an extraordinary job at very little cost to human life, one person was killed. Beaten me from by a comparable.
answer given what could have happened if they, if things had gone even on a little bit differently and I'm horrified by the kind of them that the true trompe mega folks who unsocial meteor, saying things like these guys are obviously crisis actors they're, not even real policemen. You know have that. How dare they claim make these claims those men were there and risk their lives to protect people and the Catholic knock it off, knock it off it, especially if you're, if you call yourself a conservative, you tend to be on the side of law enforcement and one one is the law enforcement succeed and be able to do its job? Well, citizens who say they do it perfectly, as with every profession, but even that has been has been absolutely shunted aside for partisanship. In this case, I watched him fair bit of the testimony of it a fair bit of it, but I don't know my dear cliche, but I'm not sure how are you
describe somebody talking about how they thought they were going to die as anything other than that rancher. I dont intervene. Performative. I think they thought there can be murder. I think they were very close to being murdered. A lot of them were probed and pressed to talk grace and racism stuff like that. They didn't really take. The bay did to a certain extent, but Otherwise, setting in the moment behaved ass, an officer should in in an abandoned, didn't process the sort of thing until after the fact, because it was so profoundly trauma yeah. I think it's pretty easy to say you know, you're giving mega people, fodder They would have gotten fodder anyway, because their not being intellectually honest there being sized universally In that way, can we actually got eyes? It was worse and it was worse than intellectually dishonest Rahim Cassandra on his show the war room described them.
as Stasi agents, we have our own Stasi. So you know what I did the overriding themselves. I mean whatever their tail offers practicing themselves. Is there not looking Steve I remember him Cassandra not looking to get credit it. They don't care what we say. I mean that may who's there. So we shouldn't get written opinion, I'm not, editing their opinion. I am citing it to indicate the extreme ugliness to which people who want to pretend the January sixteenth was not a bad event in american history are going to talk about with slander.
The vicious, vile comparisons of America. Veterans of Iraq, who are fighting who are who are serving you know, as as policemen at at the you know, at the added at the capital building, as Agents of EAST, comparing them to the agents of one of the worst hit, military regimes that ever existed, EAST Germany, Stasi agents and- and that is if you If you don't understand that, if you affiliate yourself with this view, that was just tourism or whatever was heard, nothing really bad habit or they work, they were coached or, as the least to finance said Elise to Father. Who we know until about two minutes ago was a rational person, said Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the January, so
That's if you, if you want to associate yourself with these with this view, you're the discredited person, I'm not crediting them. I am saying that they are. They are establishing the boundary of what is historically going to be seen as a load. Some counter reaction I made its being see now, but not not not by not by a lot people? Are you no limits of our general neck of the woods who don't wanna, who don't feel like they need to dissociate themselves We talk about this old briefly yesterday, but this this argument that there being that they're making now the spin that, like all you know, we did, we get kicked off. The committee because Nancy Policy wants doesn't want to talk about her security preparations which relax and she is responsible for all this everything, although we can't really know the answer to that. Well, how do you get the answer to that? You have? January six commission so very explicitly in their minds? I don't think that they're gone
an explicitly endorsing the rationale for a bipartisan investigation into the events of January sex. I mean it does have that either the fit the famous definition of hoofs Which is the person who murders his parents and and throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan So you have the Republicans who blocked the creation of us of a generous. Its commission now complaining that the commission that is in place is unfair. when they could actually have played a role in in in in how it was organized and done but day explicitly. He decided not to do that and now their complaint is that it Ito its existence, is going to draw a predetermined conclusion. It's it's pretty stunning. If you think I'm comfortable, you know endorsing
in our committee on which Jamie Ruskin and end, Adam Schiffer, below eloquent spokesmen. You got another thing coming, but you know That's why I didn't walk around saying that you know these were loving people and it was tourism in that and that this was all outside agitators and that the things that happened didn't happen, that the person who was shot by one of these capital, policemen who was Fear for his life was somehow a martyr to get out to the cause of justice. I'm sorry, you know, that's that's on them and with that, let me just talk to you for the last time today. Our final sponsored today is, of course, a friend, the Ex chair with that Ella MAX temperature regulation. If your hot, the chair will clear down, if you're This is too cold. It'll warm me up and give you some.
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for as little as there is always a month, gotta Exchequer commentary Dotcom now in use code ex wheels for free ex will blame castors Ex chair commentary, dot com. I'd want to conclude by talking a little bit about. What's going on at the Olympics, again not because we talked about yesterday- whether or not there some we're going on with the way people are behaving in relation to the Olympics, but this morning I happened to be watching, varies newscast and listen to various, whose gas and the law story about the Olympics is not about. It was not about Katy would Jackie winning. another gold medal and insarov long distance swimming. It was about Simone Byles pulling out of the indeed its wall all around competition, just ass. She had pulled out yesterday from the eighteen
Competition apparently pulling out yesterday saved her team, the silver so the? U S got the silver in the team competition if she had stayed and given where she was because of her. A bad footing after after us a certain thing that she did. She might have shown lost them a metal and oh ass, she did that she then pulled out of the individual all around claiming that you need to focus on her mental health and what I'm drop by is that this is the story. The story is not Katy with Becky's triumph, but Simone biases withdrawal, and the fact that yesterday again to go all out mega crazy on everybody. But other was this explosion from Magda Land with people like Charlie Kirk, who Europe is barely, has a licence to tie his shoe
places calling Simone Biles a coward. I think, or something like that, because she pulled out of the event. And all of that we don't know what's going on in her. Had we don't know, what's guy it's none of our business, she doesn't have to participate in the event or not participate in the event. But it is striking that we have this thing where her Personal issues are loud, narrowly dominating new story about the Olympics. Rather than the Olympics themselves, because they subsidiary soon Dunder a general social rubric right. You don't want to talk about the ellipse who want to talk about black lives matter. Wanna talk. We don't want some at football. We want to talk about kneeling. We don't want to talk about it, o f, let it could she meant. We want to talk about a mental health and how people
you're really focus on their mental health, and so I am I'm just fascinated by this, and I I don't want to make him a bit Abe. You and you are too interesting thoughts on the subject, particularly relating to female gymnastics, but also an end, and then there was something about Mikhail Maroni. We should talk about an ape, go go ahead, and I hope I don't have one interesting thought I can try to, but ok So when it comes to the Olympics generally, I'm I'm a big grouch. I dont like the Olympics, for a number of reasons, just say very briefly before Homey and on this point. First of all, they elevate beverage, they put us on, but literally and even playing field with them, and I think it is bad arena for international competition, a dozen men
Ultimately, if one country out does another in sports, I think thing like GDP, relative freedom, of citizens, relative poverty levels. I think that the guest of real world competition between nations and more important, but on top of all this one of my objections to the Olympics, is that what goes into getting a young athlete to compete at the Olympics, particularly when it comes to gymnastics and female gymnastics. Is child abuse the the programmes that these they start out asked kids are put through their what their lives consist of the the rigour in terms of what they go through physically mentally the the
they'll they undergo as starting as kids the level of pressure that know that ninety nine point, nine percent of all adults, will never experience on top of what they put their bodies through on top of the isolation on top of the expectations in terms of their conduct and everything else. So I it is, it is shocking to be it, is that more let alembic level athletes, certainly at at at at her level dont crack up. I mean it It's me completely understandable to have a mental breakdown under these conditions. I did. This is an important observation cause we ever these too. You know, Examples of this are the obvious, and most horrifying example, is the Ohio state. Female gymnastic squad whose whose chief, Oh is now in jail for a hundred years for sexual for
literal, sexual abuse of and they're, not kids at this point right there there, their college students, but literal sexual abuse, on the campus Ohio state for many many many years. And then, if you want to talk about kids, you have the horror stories that emerged from Bela Corollas Boarding, School Academy of Gymnastics in Texas, where he came after he guided not common each to her. You know and isolated, victories an imperfect tens. I think in the seventy six Olympics. Maybe the area Let me say: will you be deflected he came here. He started this academy and the stories out of it are, are beyond belief, food restriction. You know, sort of like solitary confinement. If you give, you didn't, listen everywhere, he said, and so yeah I mean there is a real history here of and Larry Nasser. That's another! That's what we're not yet on the other,
I'm not knowing what he was. Then? U S gymnastics doctor for like right now, a decade and YE abuse, even small miles. I mean describes here. Ok! good, I'm dead, I'm Dunham confusing. I'm sorry! I got confusing two things that I met. Larry Nasser, oh hi, loading was a different thing, so I'm sorry I got this wrong that which is which is my usual, but you know, then we have this. I mean this is just an interesting thing, as the question is, if you are apparent your ambitious for your kids, if we, if we have kids were intellectually or academically ambitious for right. We we, you know, we believe and pressure, we believe and putting them in making sure that they they expand their their brains, and you know I'm an end and do the hard work and are. Billy oppressed, so that that would be the analogy to this- is that you haven't. You have a kid who shows exceptional talent in something and that they could be the best in the world, and so you wanna make it possible for them to be the best.
They could be, and then kind of like be this person who does things with their body that other people can't do in that can really be a kind of fun in a benchmark for four. Were human achievement or something like that On the other hand, like this thing, where these these kids like they go and they they therefore swimmer, swim seven hours a day if their enough there Tennyson here they play tennis dangerously. If there are Skeer like Lindsey VON they ski and they go. Where would you know an end? Michael? help said this morning on the today- show that you know he famously like has had battles up with depression that were, after he won Instead, it was very hard at the Olympics for him after he won his goals, and he did this Isaac twice or three times once the event was all
because he had absolutely no idea what to do with himself. He had no plan, he had no programme, he heads he had done what he had set out to do and he was without resources when it came to just sitting still or taking or taking then we're having won all he was was a machine, a possibility getting up to this point where he would have qi what he wanted to achieve, at which point he felt hollow and empty and purposeless that can't be good right. There just can't be good. It's a weird thing to build on just like, as we watch football now, I think we're all kind of horrified I think that you know some not inconsiderable number. The people there were watching are playing are in thirty years going to you now be in
terrible, neurological and physical condition with early onset, dementia and stuff like that, for our entertainment, you know it's creepy, but I also think there's something bizarre about the focus on the non athletic. When we talk about athletics, that's another version of how the total alternately dominance of journalism just tends to take everything, and put it on the focus of whatever is the journalist's thick obsession of the moment? I do have a slight theory about why they do that, though it with regard wide gymnastics has been brought into. Sport has been brought into this in its the sea elite, suspicion of excellence. But we see throughout the culture right now, whether it's you know test. In the meritocracy education, whether it sooner elite sport any any kind of excellence that that's objectively measured is now under suspicion, because for all the reasons that we talk about system
this summit that so they the narrative, is very quick on a lot of these things. For that reason, if someone's excellent, there must be a dark side right. There must be something wrong. We have to focus on all the reasons why excellence is actually potentially dangerous. That those words spoken by our own black belt, she's, our black belt and she didn't unlikely judo contestant in in Tokyo, to get her black belt. she didn't need to have her coach slap. Her did not flapped did. I know what I'm talking about just type in Judo Germany into Google, and you will see this film clip of this German, a female judo of athlete put just before she goes into the ring. Her coach walk up toward them. Slapping Accra and then she said, because she did when I wish you'd slap me harder, which has just like fifty shades of Judo everybody anvil.
Reconvene tomorrow- will have for no aid and Christina Jump outwards, gave the camel burning
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