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The Era of Big Government Is Back

2021-03-08 | 🔗
The $1.9 trillion relief and stimulus bill returns us to the era of big government, as we discuss today on the podcast. We also talk about the problems of royal families both real (the Sussexes) and imaginary (the Zamundans in Coming 2 America) and, yes, Andrew Cuomo. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Monday March eighteen, twenty twenty one. I am jump out towards the editor of commentary with me, as always, Senor Rudder, Christine Rosen high Christine John, associate editor nor Rossman high on our agenda Executive, editor, a green waldheim agenda, So the one point, nine trillion grown a virus relief. America it's to be saved, ACT
The Senate is going back to the house for reconciliation purposes and will, in theory, be tied into law, assuming that something had disastrous to Joe Biden hopes. Does not happen in the house over the next four or five days should be signed into law next week. It is the second largest act of thumb budget, a budget act in american history. Having next at last,. there's you now: he'll Mary Krona virus, salvation package and It's interesting because it's interesting in ten thousand ways, because I thought the ultimate messages, elections have consequences right. Well, so it
eighteen, ninety six after an election when Bill Clinton, lost the house and send it to Republicans in the biggest MA mid term switch in american history, really the most dramatic in his first in his second say the union after thee, and when he was gearing up to run a fight for reelection, he issued the famous statement and the sailor. You knew that the era of big government is over. He didn't really mean it course. It wasn't really over. If you take the government simply to be like the heavy hand of Washington or what I've heard, because in different ways the are begun. and has remained with us, governs, got bigger in the aftermath of nine eleven. The security state got larger. We created a new cabinet department, stuff like that, and of course, Obama came along and
created Obama care, with the assent of the House and Senate spent two and half trillion dollars and fourteen months in a spending spree that light. to which no one had ever seen and then, of course, Donald Trump came in and tat no appetite for cutting anything but regulations. So the big big government never really went anywhere, but this is
What Clinton was saying was not gonna happen. Any more is now happening, which has an expansion of government spending and a doubling down on the notion that the while Washington should be providing direct benefits, goods and services to the electorate and to the american people through whatever modalities it it has. We could talk about some of the specifics here, but I think that's the
the biggest picture question here is the the widget were spending two trillion dollars above the four trillion dollars. We have already spent to try to make sure the economy doesn't didn't. You know crater and fall into the sea because of the disaster of of the pandemic and the logic of a lot of what is in this bill does not is triggered by the pandemic, including, like the bigger most important elements like the expansion, essentially of of child welfare federal child welfare, their connected because everybody because people are suffering, but they are not connected in the sense that they do not directly or not directly about
Dealing with the virus itself right debts that there's a lot of expansion of virus stuff money is programming this that the other thing but there's but there's a lot of democratic liberal leftist public policy think tank wishlist stuff. That is being done in this bill to go big and go along in the end, and so that's that's really where, where we are, I think Anybody, while we were talking matters over the weekend briefly and are just before the show actually is there is so little that I mean I've. stuff on a day to day basis. It's the job, and there is so little that actually know that in this bill. Unless you the Koran and for the ten, our reading of it in the Senate and which now has a few other things to do, now there's always something new that comes down the transom that, unlike that in this and the latest it I'm not sure who sent it. My way through might have an aim,
The sun pensions bail out with the sort of thing that Republicans probably should have spent the better part of the last three weeks talking about essentially muses taxpayer dollars to bail out private pension plans, which has never happened before and it's you. It's like a pretty grotesqueness use of the treasury. From my perspective, It strikes me as just sort of bride, but nobody. We don't really know much about this. I don't know much about this. Nay it there were the other one, I'm forgetting what that was, which was what was the other thing? That was absolutely horrific about. I'm about to benefit of large. I forgot I was about the federal government worker is getting a get right. Yeah, I'd the bride for federal workers, Bridle Federal centrally, creates a conspiracy of interests, keep schools closed because they get money. If their schools are closed on, but they don't get it these are closed. so everybody in them in the washing These areas incentive to die
Then your kids school and keep the schools closed and saw part of this covered relief bill. Citizens really seem like a quiver, relief build Monica covered Perpetuation Bell will there's yet did exactly there's a kind of theirs there too. things going on. One is the kind of sparkling over a fail, programmes that now they have a lot of money to throw out again like the pension stuff and then there's this It's a weird kind of bribery going on here with with taxpayers money, because it's not just that the federal workers will get past they're. Talking about increasing massively, raising the amount of money that given to parents per child in a way. It is also a kind of with strikes. Those of us who have been in lockdown four year with our kids unable to go to school is kind of a bribe it's like well, you know we couldn't educate your kids, but here's a big check like free for all, your trouble of last year and although they're all marked as temporary. We all know from past experience and policy making that these will I'll be difficult to lose said once there in place in one's people of gas. Those checks.
I say that as someone with kids, like I still think is about, I mean that's that that's putting us right back at the doorstep. Doorstep of of you knows all child welfare policies that incentivize having kids for checks regardless of circumstance It's you know it I give up thinking if, as recline thinks, there's no dignity and work both he's in luck, because I love you people are gonna, be working there is the result of all these goodies. You get without working guess. I suddenly come up at the statement, This is essentially the biggest experiment in Keynesian stimulus in the history of them, and were really gonna see that multiplier effect no really again, this time, because all the other times it just wasn't big enough and My money on this isn't big enough because only multiplier always disappoints visiting this painful adherents.
Another scary aspect to this, which is that there is not a right wing. In places not a conservative movement actively in place now. That is vocally against sort of getting things from the government right. That's that's no longer consider but a horrible thing. Well, look the logic of the of the child welfare, the essentially the reintroduction of what was called aid to families with dependent children, which is what was effectively ended by the welfare reform of eighteen ninety six there is a certain at least it. The logical logic to it, which is that in
when he seventeen the as part of a conservative wishlist tax bill when Trump and the Republicans had control of the the three you know the legislative and executive branches. There was an expansion of the child tax credit or the child, the US or bad, while tax reduction- and there was one there's one interesting wrinkle in the expansion and child tax reduction, which is that it privileges people who pay taxes, because it's a deduction An forty some odd per cent of people in the United States are households or something do not pay federal taxes because of tax cutting that was disproportionately favourable to people in the lower quintals. That was something
you never really heard about the George W Bush tax cuts, but was the secret of them? Is that they pray? quickly zeroed out federal income tax, they didn't zero out payroll taxes Many people ceased paying income taxes and therefore I did Action is of no use to them. The only thing it is of use to them. If what you're trying to do is get money to them is a tax credit and the danger of the tax It is precisely that the federal government is sending people checks from the federal treasury. as an ongoing matter for their life support, we that we do that with old age and disability right. That's the social security system that old age and disability, pensions, but at least social security at least has the fiction- or maybe it's two or three years, and not much more- that people of pay,
into the system. Their entire lives are now taking it out. A tax credit system is designed vet with, good intention to say look at what we do. To do is provide some help to families. When you know they have small children and the people who need the most help are actually people who are the poorest then we have created in the tax deduction system a problem which is that it's really good for people who are in the top three couldn't tiles and increasingly not good and two zero good, for people in the lower quintals, and so that's part of the logic here that we as conservatives cannot simply does
Miss, which is that what you want to do is help people with children, particularly if you is the other way of looking at it is you want people to go to work, because, despite what has recline things, work provides dignity, provide sulphur spect, it's the path to making more money over a lifetime to learning habits and behaviors that make it possible for you to have to be a successful person and then be a role model to your children, about how to get through life and improve your circumstances. All that right, but those people may have three or four children. How are they gonna go to work, who's gonna, take care of their kids, so you can say that the virtue of a child tax credit is that it will provide the means by which people can pay for China care so that they can go out and work, because otherwise they either after a lion, relatives who may be themselves overtaxed or overburdened, or something like that
however, we do have this terrible history unintended consequence of the aid for families with dependent children system that was created, where there is In arguable raft of data that the illegitimacy problem the United States was was, was wildly exacerbated The having children out of wedlock was wildly exacerbated by the fact that, irrespective of your marital circumstance and all of that, you got money per child so that, if you are very short term thinker- and you don't think about the future and the fact that children- no matter how much money you get from the federal government, it's not gonna be enough. Support, your kids you'll. Do it anyway cause your nineteen years old? And what do you know when someone says you get another four thousand dollars? If you you know,
have another kid, that's like, while four thousand dollars, I can really use that. How quickly is that money used up when you're like you have to buy clothes, and you have by car seed or we know whatever. How are you wanna slice it and that's the danger right, I mean that's a real, that's! That's it. classic moral hazard that is being introduced here that because we're so mean- and we conservatives are so awful and we think that work provides dignity and that the federal government and the government should not be the supporter of individuals but rather than individual, should be the supporters of government, because we are a self governing society
in that we pay him to get services that we all share, not that you know individual people get checks on the government and others don't. This is a very worrisome thing. I talk about this all the time, but in nineteen sixty eight, the White House Office of economic opportunity launched a series of pilot programmes targeting muslim populations in New Jersey, so its relevant to me, to test the negative income tax which is equivalent to a you, be I hereby advocates argue against it. They say you re I'll, tell you what you gonna do when you behind The universal basic income at the idea of the federal government sends every person like ten thousand dollars a year regard. Every one in the country gets a cheque from the federal government took create a war, is higher number. There would love! That's it! I'm different, I'm just thrown it anyway right So yeah negative income taxes with what it sounds like essentially is graduated to guinea tax relief.
on your income level, and it gives you money based on your income. And they tested about New Jersey and stand for research institute at this. retroactive study on it, which found that that quote the hour of the day that they are high Papa says that the availability of the income guarantee to some families reduce the pressure on the breadwinner to remain within the family, while the benefit reduction. Rape also reduce the value of the family, keeping wage earners in the unit, so it the pressure this abrogate. The nuclear family by the negative income tax was most certainly exacerbated. The study pretty much demonstrates it well it gets. Also like it's also worth adding that the police. equally the messaging for this, for anyone who who raises the issues that were raising right now, Johns Right, horrible me, conservatives who want children, told to wallow in poverty and how dare you call a dignified when you have to work at Mcdonald's? I'm sorry that a lot of us spend our youth working crappy. minimum wage jobs? I sure, did you know
stay there, and if you look at the data for how people move up and down income scales, that's true for most people who work the minimum wage. They they rarely have a career with a minimum wage shop. So that's one point, but we should recall that previous, the previous bill increased food stamp programme. I think up to fifteen percent one is also expand again. Can continuing to do the rent and utility breaks up the previous covered relief packet. Addressed a lot of those concerns. This one is expanding. Some of those who have to worry, about how much money we're we're increasing with this new bill. Theirs strange kind of amnesia about talking about the past bill- and we know from from looking very closely at what school districts are doing, that a lot of money for that has now been spent. So I do think that that that is the message that Republicans in particular need to be
out in front of right. Like don't get called, you know, you're not trying to make children starve by questioning the amount of money that were throwing it. People right now. Well, look there macro economic issues here that, as as no of as Noah laid out by as you know, this is a real test of Keynesian top down. You know throwing money add things you know in order to create from you know whatever But there are all kinds of things are going to be tested here, and the thing that you have to understand about the test is that, because of negative polarization because of the erratic location of the academy. Because of all of this, there's gonna, be a lot of crap peddled about how this works and how it all
fantastic. We already know how it's going to work, which is this bill, is going to come out there spending two trillion dollars at a time when there is reason to believe that I think next week we're going to hear about the first quarter- growth numbers in GDP, and then it's going to be like eight percent like that? Are Goldman Sachs predicting Seven and a half per cent, and that that will only obviously from a terrible base as twenty twenty one was. It was a horror show, but that, but then we are coming into a recovery. There's gonna be a roaring recovery, as the viruses you know combated and everybody comes out from their holes and all that and they're gonna say that this bill did that and it won't, it won't have done it, but the the messaging of the laughed and there
who acolytes everywhere is going to be very powerful ape the will. The other side of this is that so then, for two way: the results of things like a return to ban old welfare policies. Those take their toll come generationally right. So we will. We won't see the effects of those until the long term, at which point there will have been so much time, and so many other intervening circumstances that we want that that was arguing in favour of of these policies. Can obfuscate and say wildly you can't blame it on the opt out just on their under three hundred dollar per kid attacks. Credit right Oh you know again, virtue of having negative or whether we want to call it of having something this big and this unambiguous tossed into a country.
so any illogically divided in the way that it is divided. Is that there is a ready market there. There are tens of millions of people who are not who are already sceptical about everything may here, and so it's not like there's gonna, be like a steamroller fact. It's gotta be oh, my god. This is so fantastic Del, say it's fantastic they'll tell each other, it's all fantastic, but there there there is already audience to hear that it's not particularly if it really isn't an end, Then there are also real world. Things are gonna happen. We don't know that may happen that that are going to sting and that will be invalidating like the one thing that liberal economists and liberal people are worried about, which is a return of inflation for the first time in forty years.
and I'm gonna say you guys are too young. Say I'm about to be. Sixty eight was about to be fifty. you guys are all too young to know what it was like to live during a period of hyperinflation. That's the great virtue of the last two generations: it's crazy! You know you go to a store and the thing that you paid seventy five cents for one week, your pain. dollar twenty five the next week at it's not like. That's because there was a mere interruption supply. That's because everything goes up everything! That's passed down, everything that you know and then your gas prices go up, zero dollars and five cents a week every week- and this goes up in that goes up, and suddenly everybody purchasing power is cut in half
and it is one of the free gifts and most disturbing things that can happen to us. I'm in the economy. If that happens, this is all on now I don't want it to happen. It's terrible, like you know, not saying all you'll see in its terrible inured. They're gonna hate you, I mean it's a very real prospect here we are talking about shoving too. billion dollars of public money down the gauntlet of a country is, or it might be, an explosive economic growth, as it is. And yet you are. You have the Ratner argument over the weekend: republish discipline in peace in New York Times. these very few unfortunate capacity of liberalism, a being honest about this thing, but he's one of us is a smart guy in a nice guy who said, lit up. Estimates suggest that Americans are sitting on one point: six trillion dollars of savings, The course of this last year and demand is very pent up and were beginning to see had expressed, and then you
talking about another one point controlling dollars, just trickling into the economy over the course of a year, and that's too much demand national supply housing starts are already shockingly lull in part because construction Materials are really expensive. Now, an acre the sea some real overheating, pretty quick and inflation, as you know, the unterrified inflation for a variety of reasons that in literature- but I read about it in part two, because I'm so scared of it and one of the things that I don't think we can really underestimate in this environment. Is that you have? I briefly has a weird psychological effect on you when we, the money in your wallet doesn't doesnt have the same worth that it did last week. You begin to lose a lot of faith in a lot of institutions and in can resolve to adoption we radicals views and we are in a current position in human history and which radical views have a have away catching fire very quickly. unregulated market, without any gatekeepers and institutions that normal
filter information into into the ecosystem. I'm with some moderation over it with some capacity to to dictate what's real and Not we will have that anymore. So in an environment in which you have this, every condition on which your money doesn't really have the same. that it had, and also you there's this ecosystem of conspiratorial thinking, which has its grip on a lot of otherwise rational people. I mean that our shared version of reality could go south really quickly right. And we're talking here of course, about what America is going to be like after Corona is, has has at one were now in a position where we can look beyond the pandemic, and what is done to us, you that's. Why you wanna, go to your apple pie, casts or Google. Podcast or stature or wherever you want to go and Download Dan Seymour's podcast, post corona
interesting conversation, weekly conversation. You will ever hear about the question of what America is going to be like for the next four years, as we emerge from this horrible p in his latest podcast, which is in credit instructive. It's the back in one. He has done with the on atomic theory and israeli health entrepreneur and, and somebody who up a couple on Togo and now this week walked and walked down through how Israel became vaccination nation. What it was about israeli society and the israeli upon. ouch both to fighting the virus and adopting a system of distribution of the vaccines that baby Netanyahu and far more far sighted enough to procure early in sufficient numbers, two easily. Over the space of a couple of months, vaccinate the entire population of nine million people, it's a
ass, the conversation that goes to social structure, trust in social institutions and many of the issues that we have here that Israel's had to battle and how it's done so in a manner far more efficient and practical Then we haven't certainly that most countries in the world have and what what what the lessons are from that. So please do if favour do yourself, a favor go subscribed to Dancing Seymour's Post Kronos. You can listen to this conversation, we unattended theory and you can go back and listened others with me with rights. Salaam with you'll Ferguson with Billy Bein with a lot of people who have a lot to say about the constitution of the United States. After this unprecedented, an unthinkable period is behind us, so that's posts, corona with
fancy nor let's talk politically about what happened here and how there was a hit on Saturday in the in the air Friday and Saturday in me, a good working order of getting the spill passed in the Senate when to most conservative members. Of the Senate democratic members of the Senate, Joe Mansion and Christians Am I decided that they were going to express their power by. pensions are slowing stuff down in relation to the unemployment benefit. And cinema doing this very that public performative turn as kind of Scamp sauntering up to the podium with backpack on at her mask turning a big
comes down to ah said the fifty dollar minimum wage and then turning and sauntering back up the aisle to make public, a display of her refusal to agree to a fifteen dollar federal minimum wage as was possible, as it happens. I think five. Other Democrats, besides Mansion Cinema, voted against the minimum wage, including people you with that. But that might surprise you, like Jane checking of Hampshire. I soon. This is because we're talking about people who were who are sensible and not o wildly overly politicized and had people in their state, small businessmen, people in their state say you're killing us you're gonna kill us. You can't do this to us once more. We live in a stay where you don't necessarily need fifteen dollars as animal waves number or you know your ear,
I'm stuck and be able to hire people back at this number or whatever it is, and so you had this fastening singling out, which is a lotta raging against mansion cinema from the left and then, answered like really sewing results like yesterday saying I, you know, up a little, but with the maybe we need to make the. It must work harder. I don't get rid of the filibuster, but you know maybe I'll do this. Maybe I'll do that. It's like I'm the most important person in the world. You know that Oh before he battle before my power and authority. You you know you, he them, which a sort of fun, but I was struck by one thing which is there was this serve like out, is terrible environmental wages gone all this and then there is you now I know we were. We have problems opposing all that, but the pole, the came out over the
again that camera who did it about binds numbers? mobile numbers on the virus and stuff like that show. Ninety eight percent port for his handling of the virus and the bill for Biden among Democrats. Ninety eight percent though, the left is up in arms about this bill. I don't think so don't think anybody in the devil frank coalitions, this bill get past and he is, you know he will have done everything that he possibly could have more to say fi his hold on the party by providing them with a basket of goodies, the likes of which we have never seen And while mentioning cinema may remain powerful in the sense that
Many other. Does it a rod and may not pass their smell test and what will not be? They will not be able to say that it's a reckons budget bill and therefore can only be passed with fifty one votes How do we want a slice it? It will be binds party and he will have the up. He will of commanded the fealty, respect and loyalty for having stock with this gigantic preposterous bill and getting it that's. Ok, so your referencing ABC News, pole and wet term, numbers that you're talking about our Joe Biden, handling of the response to grant a virus right, but there is always a guarded now. It's well that they aren't obviously at night percent of democratic support, his handling of the corona virus, generally, sixty seven percent of independence and a thirty five percent of Republican says are fantastic numbers for it. Full two thirds support for the president's handling of current of Irish. Generally
but there were other stuff in this calls. This might be a little bit of integration, but you send this to us early in the morning I was in bed, I just didn't: have the energy to engage in intellectual debate at the time but here we are so might as well This is something of a year Russia test. I think, because you saw these numbers and saw just despair, I don't know if I see that so the questions were. Do you think that the following is happening too quickly to slowly or about the right place, loosening ass mandates. Everyone, This is happening to vast fifty six percent say too fast one percent say right pace. generally bats. People want masks listening restrictions on public gatherings. Fifty percent say that's happening too fast to twenty four percent. Say it's about the right place. However, down to reopen businesses and reopening schools. This way he thought was really bad because it shows thirty three percent, reopening businesses happening too fast. Thirty, four then say it's just the right pace: thirty three percent too slowly, almost
chemical members and reopening great schools so have I for the country, saying it's too fast. A third country saying it's about right: the third country saying is too slowly and this is complete Glass, half empty glass, half full thing. It depends on your perspective because you look at that and say a fold The third say this is what we should reopen and we are the opening at the right place or is not happening fast enough or look at it and say two thirds of the country say it's happening at just the right pace. Orchard slowed out. There is a trim, completing blood demand. To me, I see at nights dicey, something positive, I will tell you why I looked at that and was in despair side from a fact that I was in a bad mood, which I was so I'm gonna stipulates hat It was the way was framed by ABC News, which of course, is part of how you think about, Oh yeah, right. I didn't even mention the top lines. I had to go into actual pulled. The finance headline only talk about the partisan breakdown, which is why I went for the top lines, because I'm gonna do not tell me something I needed to know. There were
area stories and one of the stories it was public remains concerned about speed of reopening. That was the headline on the peace. The first peace that I read They use the data to say plurality is or whatever our concern, that everything is moving too fast reason why? I felt like I needed to read the pole, but the pole. There are two ways of looking at one of which is. The pull, does not suggest that day. are totally wrong right? It doesn't suggest that there are totally miss characterizing. It it is a war shock test its an inkblot test. But if it's an input, That's the rush hour test they at their people and the people they represent in the world. are using are still grasping onto every piece of evidence. They can have to say that the reopening is too fast and they have an sized impact on demo,
accelerators democratic legislators and the administration remembered they. Don't have this scepticism about the mainstream media and its characterizations of stuff that we do. they are all part of the same team. They're married half the people at ABC News, married to half the people in the bite, my our most of them living Greenwich Connecticut, and they don't have any influence over over Connecticut for some reason. Well I don't know you anyway, you're lucky, I'm happy too or that you think this is good news? I was, as I say, I was in a bad mood, but I'm saying, like you know, we have a circumstance and which form ago, we had two hundred thousand people a day testing as for the virus and yesterday or something like that. It was under forty thousand Right hospitalizations are down by like seventy five percent across the country, and we have people club.
Two Biden saying things like I will never go into a restaurant until twenty twenty two, the sky doktor asked her home right, or I mean so I or this, you got a lot of talk about, you saying that were were probably headed for another spike. Well, and you know that their worry, because there are already starting to starting to re brand. What you can even call a public health crisis right, so I sent you guys that the peace for the New York Times of the wicked that's like Racism is our public health crisis, but its using covert as the springboard and the argument for why racism should be federally, declared a public health crisis, occurred while a pandemic. While this is The Marshall Plan gamble. You know this is like. We need a Marshall plan for the inner city. We need a Marshall plan for the border. We need a Marshall plan for Export Indeed, this is now going to be like we need to Declare the thing that I am unhappy about. Public health. Emergency whenever it has pick whatever. Whatever thing that is supposed to be
yes, but I'm wrong all you want yes, but ends You know declaring something. A public health crisis or an emergency gets a lot of power to a lot of people who we don't wanna, see wielding power or who have in this previous public health crisis, abused it rather romantic right right. After who's on the press this afternoon or yesterday morning, rather end We all saw that quote, because I was the point that made the rounds, where he was saying was on that can I do if I, even if your back saying that I wouldn't be in a club, a crowded restaurant, which is one of those terrier hair out things. also a man you have to go to Europe. We have, Why is that seeks out this sort of stuff to the drives us? Not because he also said if we just help people that they have to stay cocoon, that they're gonna stay in their homes at the Delta continue to wear masks even other fully vaccinated. No one is gonna. Do that they're gonna die. As regards public health reclamation recommendation than we have to get real, so he
sort of invalidated his own message, they're, sending out the same contradictory messages that, in the same breath or contradicting themselves, They don't even know what they have to say. Why did the gravitate towards a sort of stuff? I think that drives us crazy. What will so much? I think one. things that has been a real here, which is very interesting and has long range implications. Are you What do we know about what they teach at public health schools or what are we know what they teach if you get a phd, not as a not as a scientist but as whatever. What are we? What do we know about it? And I think there is way more of this people. Our idiots and stupid and we have to scare them into doing things. And we know this because this. Things have now become accepted. Second, nature like the
like that second hand, smoke is as carcinogenic as smoking. Yourself, transparently untrue, but the law larger virtue of Proposing this in order to break the back of Americans and their addiction to cigarettes, was deemed so important that every piece of every piece of circumstantial evidence, it could be induced to prove this was accepted at any argument against it was considered a and active corruption that made the you were in the pockets of the tobacco companies. That's like thirty years ago were twenty years or whatever was twenty five years ago now,. I'm just saying that we're we're a place where this thou affected everybody in the country, equally, an FAO, cheese, Bias is towards this notion that if we lead up and relent these idiots are all gonna, make everybody sick again, so
you'd, better scare, the crap out of them, so that Dell behave unto you know because look those idiots in two success there doing whatever the hell they want to do. Right I mean it's like you know an end. I understand the impulse and so many people I know I share the impulse, particularly if their highly educated, you know they went to the top twenty five or thirty college. In the it. States and their general perception of the people there, I don't know who live in fly over country is that there are a bunch of idiots and boobs, even if they agree with you by the way so sometimes your sympathetic to their idiocy blueberry, like african Americans, don't wanna, get maybe. But we have to understand that. That's that you have to understand as a as you
as a due of Jim Crow and Tuskegee experiments, and all of that you know some white redneck, out there saying I don't want to wear a mask and who the hell are. You he's the Cuban on you now evil person who should get corona and drop dead for his terrible behaviour. But, no matter how you sly said the emperor in relation to both is understanding and you know, and its leader This then the worst sense, because I have nothing against the leaders em in cultural terms, and all sorts of I have to say like we, worker small highbrow magazine with a small readership. That presumably is interested in things that most p we're not interested, and we think are more important than most of the things that people are interested. In. That said,
You know politically. We live in a self governing society and this notion that we're that you now ninety percent of the people in the country are you know our cattle who need to be less. Is fundamentally authoritarian, totalitarian thinking, of the worst sort, and you know what is not thinking of the worst sort. You five thinking of the best stored in Mark persons book the telling how do Isms essential buck reveals the meaning of life. His book legs study of the Haug, adopts the guide annual prayer book and worship instruction instrument of he passed over sadder. I've been tell you about this. All months got pass over coming at the end of march, and there it it's just so rich the sector is represents a requirement, historical requirement, overtime to tie? all the story of the exodus from Egypt so that Jew
whose and by the way anybody who really believe themselves to be part of this grand tradition, including every Christian in every Muslim on earth that that we are too experience, the holiday as if we were the ones coming forth out of Egypt. That is the prescription that dominates the the sailor, which is a time for this caution, debate, analysis, historical example and the thoroughgoing study and one of the things you do it you gotta say it are often is prepare materials of interest so that at the fifty in the fifteen different sections of the saviour at each point. Something interesting can be said that maybe wasn't said the previous year and that can illuminate people, and that is what mark does in this book on every page. The telling how Judaism's essential book reveal
meaning of life by mark or some by it. Today. If you go to a sailor, if you don't go to a sailor, you're gonna learn a lot. If you are interested in the miracle, the miraculous historical identity and continuance of the jewish people, there is a lot in this book that will help you understand why we have survived, while every other ancient tribe that we know of is practically died away. What is this story? What is the miracle Judaism? There's something about the fact that we gather per year and tell this story that binds us to our past and leads us into the future. So that's the telling by Mark person by it today. So speaking of elites, Christine. yeah. I'm forcing this topic on you guys are already be hallmark: marriage of our time right, the B by racial american
canadian actress who meat, said marries the prince in a you know, in a up to updated version, Of Grace Kelly and Prince Ramiro, Monaco, ah. so magazine and there. Megaton and Harry went TAT, sat with opera last night to talk about the horrors of their existence. They forced them to leave the system, as Harry called it, go out on their own as the Sussex is yeah, ok, so that was actually far too generous. I mean I'd. Look I'm very grateful to have been born in it into a country that are constantly republic, but I and I definitely will not claim to speak for all Americans, but I feel, like I didn't, watch the whole thing. It was too saccharinity stomach. Turning to watch eyes. I saw some of it and then buxom clips later
The idea that that I feel like Americans are both the citizens of the UK and every commonwealth country, an apology for foisting this universe, Z list. Clearly, narcissistic act, its onto the british Royal family, an end to see a member of the British Royal family complain about how, at the age of almost forty his daddy cut his allowance sitting. In a way they have a palatial multi million dollar mansion. She was wearing a freak out. dollar dress me. These people are to me. The epitome of a kind of new woke aristocracy that has that embraces all the virtues misinterpretations. of our woke era and the elite disdain for others. I mean these are people who fly around and private jets and then lecture the rest of us on our carbon footprint,
they didn't need at about sit down with upper Winfrey. They need like a special page in the DSM five. I mean this is not an acceptable way to talk to anyone in the way that you know honour on a kind of purse a level awaited. They talked about this and family in public is is horrific and I dont have any brief for the monarchy. I mean, I think it's kind of interesting, but as as many Americans do, but I mean this clearly a lot of miss truce in you, no kind of risk mongering racism charges it then, when there are pressed on who said these two all things to them. Oh, we couldn't possibly say I mean it was it was. It was performance of perfect woke very, two signalling and another I found it kind of despicable actual so there I am clearly have a very strong reaction, but then again it is also entertainment, so we should treat it like a red, the reality television show that it, obviously it
so. The monarchy was saved from disaster in nineteen thirty six, when, when King Edward, the eighth the created his throne for the woman he loved, Wallace Simpson American to say so. He couldn't marry her, and so he he gave up the, and it was all say because he was awful. disgusting person, and so is she. Nazi sympathisers, racist anti Semites horrible and his brother, who ascended to the throne after his application, turned out to be, a pretty noble if you need somebody to help lead Britain's were World war, two who was not the political leader, Churchill. He did a pretty good job and you know what was a server harbinger ETA. That representative of self sacrifice and stiff upper lip- and you know, keep calm
Carry on and all that and followed trained by his daughter who then became queen. Obviously one thousand nine hundred- and fifty two is now been. You know queen for two hundred and eleven years and and is a seems to be a very dignified, sober, judicious and key for a person, not of which can be said about any of her children, all of whom seem to be repellent and repulsive and defend an Al Diana aroused my lover, Yoga Margarets, Andrew and Charles in various different ways, are gross ends and now reality is gross, and I dont know what you know. I don't know what the other kids are like or not like, but you know it's like. So what good it out? Fine keep the system going. It's not my country do whatever you want. You can have a monarchy and have them so the people have a good. The another can see the wage earners
the guard in Saint James Park, it good Buckingham Palace and it's all very nice and fun, and and you can walk there, I can walk the maize at Windsor, absolutely no off wherever they want to go. But this is a proper, ask your institution that is doing more damage to the country that its supposedly you know Deb ceremonious, the ceremonial head of than it is doing at any benefit. Will they look there a whole role that the that the british Public House for a very long time accepted as it by paying for it with their tax revenue of the have a charitable. They they promote certain charities, they have you no pet projects, they bring a lot of attention to in the end that works for them. I mean, I think, what kind of offensive about this Riparian Megan Show is that they bringing the prestige of the institution they need it to survive because they ve tried to cash in on multiple times. They constantly refer to themselves by their titles, despite the fact that they now live in a country that doesn't recognize them and they have they ve
the trade on the prestige and end the duty which is, which is, I think, your description of the queen. As the one word that was missing missing, her sense of duty has been really remarkable stoicism the kind of virtues that people associate with the royal family, even if every single particular member doesn't always live up to them, is import By contrast, you have you know that almost middle aged. You don't welcome millennial types. Writing, out there allowance in their titles in its it that's what strikes me is what kind of problem stars and I dont want Americans to buy it for a minute. I mean it's ridiculous. Stayed there celebrities, they wanna be celebrities, they want to come. In on us, institution that, however, you feel about it at least tries to stand. For something in its own country, and I don't like that part that I think it's kind of cheap you know. I have to say this sort of shocked myself with this. I've become much more so that is to the rules that are used to having to the institution that are used to be especially now that you see
in the U S through the import, of a cohesive national myth. And what happens when that falls apart. So its. Undoubtedly. There are many absurd, mostly absurd things about it, but I'm I'm confident tat whatever would replace it would be worse, Fahrenheit. And you know in terms of things replacing things that would would make them worse. We were talking about whether or not the corona virus bill. Bringing big government back roaring, as it has not been roaring since, since the end of the cold war- and if I I am going to turn for daily advice on what this
is going to mean to our economy, to our friends at the bonds and group and the and the and the news, letters that they publish the DC today. Dot com and dividend cafe dot com. To give me a sense of how this bill alike the image of the elephant passing through the snake. The little prayer at the beginning of the little prince like how America is going to digest and and and deal with. This mammoth thing that we just stuck down, are gullets in and see whether or not we can, we can survive at the Bonn some group to enact, billion dollars under management, twenty seven financial management professionals, ah including former ahead of the council. We hardly revisers Larry COD Low and David Bondsman, who run
the bonds and group apply their rigorous fact, based and macro economic talents to the interplay of markets and Paul. See in a way that is illuminating daily at the DC today that common weekly at Dividend CAFE that council, please sample the wares and the goods the bond some group, particularly if you are considering some one to manage your money. If you are in that kind of category, because you are, you know that this as an industry where people are not very serious and not very committed, and and that that is not the case with the bonds and group which has an antidote to intellectual spaghetti of the financial services industry sound. We thank them for sponsored the commentary, Podcast all right where we go from here, so
guess who's in trouble. One word ape who is in trouble They'll be Cuomo Andrew crop up funds foma. So we now literally have the democratic political class in in New York State had of the assembly calling on him to resign. Having lost of course, the precept that only one more woman needed to come forward to say that he had a raster, and one more woman came forward, so the Andrea cousins had decided the Cuomo resign and then call here, is the head of the state Senate issued this, they ve, been saying. He really needed to consider doing something permanent about his own permanency. He did not. I think I don't think the word resign appeared in his bizarre stew. but we now have four or five may all candidates in New York City,
calling on him to resign and he of course said he would never resign and comically said that that would be. That would be to turn back get out the wishes of the vote, those who elected him, which is funny because he said then Eric Snyder men, the A general of the state should resign when he got into a sack scandal, and what Eric started but was also elected by the people, and he didn't somehow think that this would somehow be a perversion of the will of the electorate to have Ericsson, Ireland resign so I have to say that I brought this to show the Andrea, Stuart cousins things State, Senate Majority Leader, who said you know with theirs fourth woman, I'm gonna say, is Gunnar Resign. I thought she would move all posts because that's exceedingly stupid but she didn't she held firm to her own condemn. is there is, I guess you gotta give credit for being consistent. It also illustrates that help.
asinine it is to make this condition of aggregate accusations and not The actual incident that are being alleged. The new allegation is from a woman and analyse who said, the governor questions out asked her intimate questions about her life and kissed her on the hand and said humbly freely and called her sweetheart we don't know how she took that are he took better what his intentions worthy commonality, the english language and nonverbal cues all matter a lot in this sort of situation. Nevertheless, it's on its face, a little less serious than some of the other alligator Jerry? You say that no ass she had to do a year of therapy to deal with the fact that he called her sweetheart but she's having fun of our, because what is interesting years when these pylon making fun of misguided asked, because, it's not gonna deserve right
and the entire movement that has determined that it's a it's a question of a volume, but by the way rather than the actual merits of the allegations. That isn't that a perfect echo of glorious times, one grope rule with Clinton. Right now. We re grope, yeah Europe country grown. That's right, I'd forgotten That's a good night. I look, I mean no is right that that the pernicious thing about setting the standard is. Are we gonna make it a dirty dozen before we act on this predator? Is it? Is it each in this isn't often as agreed. Just as the other, I mean the one data that the young woman who last week sat down and told her story. You know who she was a result survivor in and how he treated her. That was terrifying and horrible. Listen to somebody an interaction even with someone who is in a position of power you over you in the workplace that comes off wrong. That's where, like? Let's have it, you know the more you know. Let's have a learning moment here, teachable moment where you can say:
you know that made me uncomfortable in years. Why and then, usually, if the person is even halfway decent or or understands that their job might be at risk, if they're not backs off, we ve I've had movements like that with people. I work with Roma can only relieving that's at that funny, nine times out of ten mobility. Oh sorry, my bad, like I misunderstood, but this this instance is not enough to come to take him over. The finish line is the fact that their there so clearly torturing themselves not to hold him accountable, that that's the local thing here about that. That's been the case with covert dynamics, a proxy for what the real substantial delegation again centre, comas governesses, which that he presided over the covering up the maltreatment and eventual debts of ten thousand old people. There actually say anything about this. So this is a proxy fight for what they should be having an issue over witches Male administration of the war Possible sort will begin we should not overlook, has a problem because once they say this is what's interesting. They d.
I did not to say because once once they say this is terrible, they We haven't, they had no avenue other than he is morally unfit to remain as the governor of the state. Right now, that there's no one to go like ten thousand people. He send people back to nursing homes. I'm told number people died as a result of being sent back to nursing homes. We don't you Now what the number as it cannot be zero we and it could be five thousand. We have just no idea right once you say that you ve got nowhere to go so they didn't say it. in the in the immediate aftermath of Tis James's report, which opened the floodgates because they didn't know what to do when they were still scared of them and then suddenly, this other thing comes out of the woodwork about his miss behaviour towards women and that
for some reason, because they didn't talk about what do they do three weeks later say you know what it's really the nursing homes, it's really the nursing homes, although more than ten gives him away. I mean that's the model that how you escape O Neil the consequences for your actions, is he really just write it out and eventually, It goes away really? The model of ever any any woke mob comes out about seventy two hours of nightmare. And if it can out with the seventy two hours, you're pretty much in the clear decision alone, a little bit longer for him, but the real substandard allegation against him, the nursing homes stuff The sexual harassment allegations can be outlived because people have outlived them seems like any fairfax under the girl. There wasn't any Elinor Virgin can be serve those survivable. So if you go, establish maladministration is what should actually under your career, because
a personal conduct. This is survival. Also misconduct she's not really in trouble. As long as he's the one deciding the flu these days in office or not, you know cause he's not going. You're never going anywhere on his own. he's never going to decide to do that, but but It is the it is. The administration of the crisis that would could put could potentially Take that decision out of his hands. It's it's! Not it's! Not! Your conduct well I'm in their two things are gonna happen, one of which is that the way the wishes of this world this will were land he's, not gonna. Quit over it, but that in May or June, or something like that, they'll be another blow on the nursing homes thing that that he will not be able to survive. Whatever that means, the other is that you combine the two together and his force charm running for a fourth term. In twenty twenty two will be out of the car.
So he will end his term with three. It's always a mistake to run for for any way his father lost. That way. It's not not a good. It's not a good way to go about it and Anne, but in any case that those are the two possibility Let me quickly talk to you about how social, medium, big tech return to curb our rights and freedoms. By attempting to the DE platform sweets. They don't agree with. Look just the activate all your social media accounts, but that would be giving the left just what they wanted in the first place. So, instead of letting big tech sites try to control your speech, one revive revoke their right to use your data that I choose to protect my online data by using expressway P m when you use. that you a lot anonymize much we're on line activity by hunting your ip address, which makes her activity more difficult to trace and sell to advertisers and the express we ve had, couldn't be easier to set up. You just tap one button on your phone, a computer. In your protected Finally, I have to say no to censorship and take back your online privacy with the baby, and I trust that express we being dotcom slashed
Terry. By visiting my link, you'll get that just three months have expressly reinsurers were free again: that's expiate, Ss Gps, dot com, slash commentary, expressway pm that comes less commentary to protect your data today. I just want to say one thing before we go, which is that speaking of royals and royalty this weekend on, Amazon Prime, come. To America. The sequel to the african prince comes to queens and it's his bride story, which is a weird analog to the treaty again and Harry story from nineteen. Eighty eight was really
is the Netflix at this is a movie but much beloved of people. I wasn't so crazy about it, but it did have these explosively funny moments in this interesting notion of this sum up, a protective guy from this like mythical kingdom coming to queens and nineteen. Eighty is in the middle of crime and crack and dry dealers them. You know, and then also this kind of very amusing and tell an interesting poor portrait of Sir Middle Class black life in New York City and all these bit parts that Eddie Murphy and are sending your hope As you know, of all Jews, old, barbers, Rick, J, then imitators and very so just a lot of that was really delightful. So coming to America is awful. It is awful. It is yet already buys bad Christy.
I watch it with my kids this weekend and they became so bored. They started playing online chat with each other during the movie. You know so, when fourteen year olds do that in front of a comedy, that's targeted tourism like the family got yeah, it wasn't got. It was a good. It miss all the kind of does versus mockery of one's own culture that made the first one. So great. Actually, yeah I think it was awful in important ways, because it was totally lifeless and I It shows that when you take a project for me up long pre, pre pre woke age, and try to translated into the current climate. It comes out completely lifeless completely dead, and so it
its depressing. Although I will say there was a hilarious lying where any Murphy's playing their old jewish guy, the barber shop- and he says others nazis everywhere, but now they dress, like the Geek squad, say I'm only where there is a run off Sarah there, no, no like in two hours there were like three good lines and and and Wesley smile who is a very interesting person speaking of extremists to I could be. aid fund of the coffee shop in the barbershop right, because Wesley Snipes doesn't believe in: U S currency, it didn't believe we had to pay taxes and is kind of like from them Q, it was q and on before you, and I was given on- is nonetheless having this a late and after pray, Then everything lay career revival in these two Eddie Murphy movies and dull might is my name and this and he's fantastic in both, and that is really the only thing, but so much so much for the rebuilding like this basically was a bit
are we make of coming to America. That's the odd thing is like had the same beats, except that they were in the faint country, which of course, is not interesting. There's nothing interesting about the fake country, whereas Queens didn't. You know the idea that you would go to queens because it sounds like a royal place and there you are in queens and if you most of you, whenever, the queens and the mighty navies, but the most of queens was not that matters the team enemies and so you know that intersection of it out there the myth myth meets reality. This is like here, you're from come here and live in a mythical country for a while and see. If that's funny- and it's not. Apparently, though, what we learn about these mythical african countries is that everybody does production numbers,
people show up and they do dances in front of each other and how that's not a little minstrelsy I dont really understand here. Here is the link. the following years, the leader of the other country they're, going to come in and there the do a big production number, what we're very we're so that we will I hope we ve saved you two hours of actually, even though this has been maybe listening to us today has been an hour of agony. So that's it who saved you and our by giving you saved you two hours by giving you an arab agony if you wanna work, if you want to repeat the agony, please return tomorrow for a statement now. I've jump on hordes keeps- Albert.
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