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The Eschatology of Covid

2021-12-23 | 🔗
In Joe Biden’s interview with ABC News, the president sought absolution for his failure to anticipate another surge of Covid. That suggests the elite consensus around this virus really did believe that there were behavioral rituals that would ward off the disease, and, as a corollary, that contracting the disease is a personal failure.
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some guy welcomes the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Thursday December twenty third, twenty twenty one. I jump out towards the editor of commentary with me, as always: executive editor, a brain waldheim. John Senorita Christine rose high, Christine an associate editor nor Rossman high. Now I just you watch to read about violence interview, David Muir of ABC, which he said some interesting things. You want to go there and will travel
Yeah I just watch what clips I saw on social media even say things that worth that interest I think you know with him. Half have the bee interest is in NAM, how he, manages or fails to communicate with. While he saying what is what he sang. For example, in this case he was talking about at home covered tests, and he said he referred to them is pills, say, if you wish to their than that, with foresight he wished that he had ordered. I forget how many he said, but doesn't matter Some huge corrosive of some some massive number of pills TED months back before the advent of Amr Cromwell out when he meant hometown Basically the interview the clips I saw was David Muir challenge. and pushing him on the bold fast
it's that he that he laid out in his speech two days ago, mural me or in saying: how did you I see this coming binds had well, no one saw it coming and even here said well, you know. What has been talking this entire time since the start of pandemic, about about the danger of run away variant that that could be. for more transmissible than other ones by didn't, have particularly good or coherent answer for that. I guess the most actual interesting thing that was said was in regards to bind running again. He said that plans on running again at this point that if he is in good health with that he's in the health at ease in now, which he says is good, he will run again, although he's a big believer in in fate of respect. Her fate and fate has intervened in his life many times. So who knows what the future will bring? Then
dressed and well, if, if Donald Trump runs again, if John TRAP you're challenger, we run Biden said. Oh you trying to tempt me of course, of course, out of its trump I'll definitely run Why wouldn't I run against Donald Trump, so the out? What what interests me about? That is that I think it's more of a it's more of a temptation to trump. As if I have one already to run again, you know they're they're, credible reports that, when, when Obama think Donald Trump way back when at the White House Press dinner, I don't even remember the year when he eleven twenty Levin. Thank you when Obama was was directly teasing Trump in front of everyone, saying that he'd never be present that that that that went, I'm significant way in in in trumps decision actually run. It can, I add something about
way this interview was handled, I agree with able in David Mere actually was trying to press by not a couple things, but he didn't. There are two things that were notable to me. One is how the press immediately and and continually covers four for Biden Fumbles notches verbal stumbles. They are now actively he shaping how they report on this interview, to make sure that everybody knows that this is what he really meant. He didn't really, correct himself. He was corrected by the media, who then puts out like in the politico newsletter this morning there like they just they just take away the quotes and put in tests
as if he said that when he said pills, like any confusion, he makes the immediately correct for him with very little comment on it, which they never did for Trump. Obviously, that's a small thing I know, but the larger thing is, if they don't press him on his own statements in the same way, so he has been saying that he's going to ramp up testing to like war footing. Remember that that was in what January February, almost every month since he's been inaugurated, he has talked about how his administration is going to fix this problem, not enough test the clear we haven't done that, but there is very little push. there's, no, oh, you were gas lighting, the public, oh, you were lying to us. No, it's just will he'll get around to it. I mean that that sort of that that the extremely generous approach to everything the Bite administration claims it's doing, and the lack of scepticism and rigour, except for a few outlet, such as public poet, then, looking into some of the reasons why we don't have more these test its noticeable it's really noticed
to those of us at least a veto, who are a little bit right of centre here and have watched the coverage of of conservative and republican presidents for four decades so nice to me, the constant correction is a minor thing, but it's part of this broader attempt to just, let's all make sure we prop up. This guy is looking competent when the american peoples, by judging by poles, clearly don't feel the same. You know That's a very fine observation and I'm not sure that it matters or or if anything it will have a boomerang effect because it seconds the boy all around by and makes people him and his people believe that he is not paying a price for errors and mistakes that he makes, but it unmistakable that he, for example, said there would be half a billion free test, distribute the country, and then I thought gonna happen for like five or six weeks.
Damn if the tests need to be distributed because we're in the middle of an all mccrone surge, the onlooker answer could be over before the tests are distributed. So people will looking for the tasks they will have heard him say there are these three tests there was one free test site opened the the distribution of free home tests somewhere in DC yesterday, and there was a three hour long line just to collect the tests. That's not good like it doesn't help. Presidency or an administration to believe their own propaganda, or to think that, because they're not getting a hard time from a friendly press that they're not going to suffer the consequences of their actions. In fact, quite the opposite, like the feedback, loop is broken under those circumstances. I dont think that you know it's like the demonstration began. We talked about this the other day. You know under
the promising and the hopes it whatever deliver right: a hundred million shots and arms when they were like it was totally on track for there to be a hundred million shots and arms by the hundredth day. It like it like setting a goal and easily to go now. They're kind of they ve gotten themselves, completely ass backwards, in this regard there like promising to confront the virus we now in a war footing and to do this stuff and tab. You now have a heavy gigantic social infrastructure bill and all that- and there are now over promising and under delivering, which has may be the worst thing you can ever do in any circumstance as an employee ii as a business as as anything is tab under you Know- is to over promised to deliver, and this now to be where they ve gone with with all this and am
you know you can understand why you can understand the temptation. It's just you know you need somebody in the president's ear thinks Caesar Bower Mortal this isn't working, but it's very hard to get a feeling for that. in the White House, you don't go out around the world, you don't really know necessarily people are all standing there. Trying to kiss your ring. Like you, ve got. You spend all your life trying to get there you're there. You know you have the entire federal government at your disposal and how you keep touch with what it is it's going on, except for a sort of abstract. All members is very difficult him I think they ve just lost the lost. The threat of this is gonna be a very interesting period in this particular surge, because it is a Washington D C, based search quite on just about any other surge
where it was in the far flung hinterlands, and maybe it wasn't the south which had some cultural residence for people in the north who down on the south, or maybe it was in the MID west. Where had other culture signifier as this one's located in in the nations capital were, and it eight lawmakers have already got this thing, so it's everywhere- it's all around them and it is affecting the epoch public policy, which is still all evidence to the contrary, notwithstanding focused on contained the spread. So this thing does one of two things: either? It convinces lawmakers that that battle is lost for good and for ever and they need to move on to more attainable objectives or compels them to double down, because what there They are a response to it. So far has been to adopt a posture similar,
March, twenty twenty while saying it's not March twenty twenty anymore, so this will be approving one way or the other how they, how they handle an outbreak that is in their backyard among people who they thought, did all the right there and we're never gonna get this thing because it could be did against as long as you observed the appropriate behaviour, all rights and rituals, and it's not it's hell it its action. I shouldn't laugh at something I have friends who ve gotten this variant at her mile. You know their their backs in Mostar, boosted, so their experiences how cold and though the quarantine before Christmas, its castle, the lot of people's holiday plans. That's all terrible I've, not not making light of that experience, but the more gold challenged actually listening to some friends who were happy to call you know the governor Flora, deaths, Santas and say always killing people. Mrs terrible look at all those idiot trumpeters blob of Oliver too now neither China rat their head around
wait a minute. I got it. I got it which of course, those of us who, like anyone, could get it. It's not you. You wanna get facts that we want to do the right thing, but but it can still get you even if you do everything right, it's a virus, but the moral clarity that they had just just a month or two ago is has dissipated and they don't know what to replace it with, and I do think that explains a bit of the with special pleading to the vitamin patients like one now, we really need the government to tell us what to do, because we did everything right it. We still got it and that in as concerns being you know as someone who doesn't think that governments should solve all our problems, but it does have a lot of Kathy for their anxiety about wait a minute, how could this have happened to us? We are the media or we are the people who, in public health who know best it's. It's perhaps necessary, humbling for a lot of them and maybe it'll help them rethink. Some of the approach they ve taken in their rhetoric. I should say that my money is on the most irrational outcome, that,
yeah that we're not going to see, though the rational responds to this, which is to let go and like God, we ve done our best. The idea that you can contain this thing this now is completely uncontainable. Based on everything were seen witnessing right now, all of us are vaccinated. We all a boost well guarded anyway. That's the rational, a response, fully anticipate that there will be some appeal to I dont even know the forces that Joe Biden cans can muster, but this government is, is omniscient and omnipresent and all powerful that that that will be their instincts, that's their comfort to play that they're happy place. They will go there first before they come to the logical conclusion about what this means can I can I make up a theological point. So one of the virtues of the death sentence line right, which is like the ear
having what comes to you, because you are a centre right, you are you ve, send you haven't you haven't been vaccinated, you haven't done the right things. You haven't mitigated strategy, you haven't suffered the way we suffer right, you were we will. We have agreed to work in autism, limit our lives, you won't and now you're getting at an you deserve it right. That's the that is the yeah. Why ok? So you know at the most him wouldn't a prayer in the Hebrew liturgy is the small here hero Israel, the word of God. The word is one small which has said that in several times a day is the central problem: Judaism, editor, it's a tricky prayer because it is the euro. Is the affirmation of monotheism the learner got? The word is one
as it goes on in the summer. The small makes a very specific set of promises and threats right says you know. You shall love the Lord God of all your hard now you're. So in all your might take these instructions press them on your children, recital when you stay at home when you're away. When you lie down, when you get up, you put them on the sign your hand, you put him on your forehead and then this is the Turkey part. If you will be the commandments, that I as the voice of God right and join you on this day, loving Lord, your God answering with all your heart, so I will grant you In for your land and sees in the early ran in the late, you shall gather in your new grain and wine, and while I will also provide a grass in the field through cattle, you shoulda seen your fill
take care not to be lured away to serve other gods and out of them for the Lord's anger will flare up against you. He will shut up the sky so that there will be no rain in the ground, will not yield its produce and you will soon areas from the good land that the Lord is assigning to you. So this is now in our time a very controversial prayer because it seems to say, if you don't, do what I say: if you do what I say, you will prosper if you don't do what I say: you're gonna, starving I and the land is gonna, turn against you and then you. So what about human cells? Like how to explain a baby, getting leukemia or the Holocaust, or something like that is, can you can you create these kind of straight line rules about how God is this? A real reflection of what God expects? Is that a threat? Because it's because he's trying to control human behaviour,
then give people the sort of thing they need to hear in order to do the right thing if they can come to the right thing, intellectually,. And we're seeing this in this covered response, which is right, I mean we live in a secular, rising time. We live in the rise of the nuns and all of that and how most of the I think, covert hawks people I have Democrats on, in our view, are people who are more comfortable with secularism. Then people on the other side- and they are just love in the logic of the small You know, if you Basque, if you socially isolate, if you weren't, if you do whatever then you will and are prospering, and if you, if you don't, then you will be killed and the world is more complicated than that at its like. It's like somebody,
said the other day and on twitter Lastline toward our camp. Who was very clever that you know you thought that maybe what people missing from. Religion, when they went secular were you know, was like the belief loving and benevolent God, but it turns out there they really mescal. Are the purification rituals, a smiling a MR smile, but they also miss the purification rituals that that we all live by Europe here's rituals and that and that what what the mitigation strategies for called it that have been assigned to us personally are our purification rituals right
that's what I'm the responses, then, when I mean we saw one we should pay. I don't think we mention their share in the pot costs, but we see another kind of irrational response that looks like doing something, which is that the Bush administration out it's gonna, extend the moratorium on student loan repayments because of alma crime, and that, actually, that to me, is a canary in a coal mine that no one on the right should ignore, because that is that's the beginning of something it's not the end of something or the extensions, and that is the beginning of permanent covert emergency power extension, which will be really difficult to roll back. Unless we have you no years worth of of legal challenges which we can and should. But that's not gonna resolved quickly enough that this is the beginning of permits. Government overreach of emergency power. I mean not the beginning, we sing the other signs, but for this mild variant, which is unfortunate ripping through that's a populations, but is milder and isn't leading to as many hospitals, visions and death that's being used as an excuse to do so
it, has absolutely nothing to do with covered on earth That's an important, but I won't go back because I think I may I did something slightly vulgarized when I was talking about something very complicated in relation to the smaller. The point that I wanted to make about this you know do what I do know do what's wrong, it and you will be rewarded and do what's wrong annual. You will be punished. I do you now believing it if its its controversial, because because of the complexity of the of the world, but it also has about a sense that you have got is involved in your daily life and God is involved in the affairs of of of men and and
Judges, men on a direct in daily basis. This is a particularly terrifying universe. The universe of covered uncovered hawkish, less and fear, because there is no automatic intelligence right. There is no. There is no overarching it impossible to understand, as the book of job would tell you method in what in and what is happening. It is a brain with a mindless. Semi living semi, not living thing, a virus that is spreading and mutating and changing and simply exists. thing to remain alive and you're only talisman against it, the piece of paper over your face or the or or or acting
ways that are actually desperately anti human right, isolating yourself going being alone or the vaccine, which actually is one. I think that it, if you do you will be spared, I mean that need it. It is. It is more simple, but in that case right and they just at superimposed the escalation of climate change over the covered and Emily the same thing that Michael Creighton observed in two thousand and three that their seen on this the story is agenda, says that we consume fruit from the tree of knowledge, and now we are condemned as a result. That is a very similar. You know unsatisfying theology, because you're talking about something that you Europe, New Curate, your anthropomorphized, the environment, around you run Is it just doesn't respond like all them around? the whole thing will yeah, but it's also, ultimately,
in writing that then you're a then he had the world that you know that the planet or the ecosystem, or something has some kind of collective, weird collective. consciousness or if it doesnt, have a collective consciousness. It will still act upon you weren't, you know, take revenge upon you for your miss behaviour or something like that, and it said yeah, but I mean I think, covered yet so the vaccine, This is an important point, so it's like that great joke. Actually, the famous joke about the guy. You know who is like owning right, and he says God save me, praise God to save him and then a guy that, but about and says climate bowed and and and the guy says no, I'm God, I pray to God, I'm a man of God. God is gonna, save me and then a helicopter comes it says here. Take this ladder you climb out these like gods, gonna save me and then
he dies and he goes to Heaven. He says to God. I pray tee. Why didn't you say me in the dad says, I sent you about my helicopter. What are you talking so you could even say here if you wanted to think about this in terms of the purification rituals and everything that God Centre. The boat in the helicopter, in the form of the vaccine and then the people- and this is why I Jared policies right and why why some of these people who talk about So right when they say, look at some point, if you're gonna go out without a code in you know in in twenty two we below zero net frostbite. I can't make you where the coat like we, that you they have turned the bowed, go drown like that's part of what it means to be there. You know, a practising adult. The entire world can't stop to prevent you from drowning. If you're not going to do the things that you know that that
keep you from drowning, which is why the reasons why the sort of the anti backs are this world like make up all kinds of reasons. faith doesn't really work, doesnt work, it's a fake thing, it isn't real, it doesn't have an a fact it now that their breakthroughs through the through the excellent results They don't work on the point of purity, something you here all the time is that you know that it's it's. It is a toxin. It is so it is. You know it is not meant to be in our bodies, this vaccine and end, and the line that I have heard people say is: I have faith faith in my immune system right, that's there that that's so there's that there's a there's a there's, a purity ritual on the other side of the copyright as well. dead. That's also like very orthodox Jews of my acquaintance, who have decide who decided to be lax in relation To this end have said how sham, which is what you know? Very religious just call got hush emerald
provide a fashion. Wants me to go covert I'll get velvet if he doesn't, he doesn't and again that sort of that fails to understand the boat and helicopter did she did it? the vaccine. I mean you know when we refer to the vaccine being a miracle that is very close to being the case like no, no, no cure or treatment for an element of this magnitude has ever come this quickly. I've been deployed the way this has ever in the history of mankind. It's it's it's an astonishing thing that happened, and people are very what sir, People who are listening to us, probably and others like seem very loath to give shape to give credit to the miraculous nature of this. We ve gone very yeah, become very far afield. from violence interview with previously people per year, but tat. Why not
You know where a couple of days her eyes every tab. I hereby speak: I'd sparks thinking, mortality in and human frailty citizen. But maybe that's dismay what is when he said pills by the first of all. We didn't get to his his weak answer about running and twenty four, which is important. We should get to it, but his thing about pills, really probably was a slip because of what the FDA approved yesterday after the approved and antiviral Pfizer antiviral that by all accounts and all indications, Basinger clinical data, is another miracle, it's another something that you can give someone who's having an acute case and infection, and it has a ninety percent success rate of just clearing it up in We haven't even fully internalized the extent to which that represents an off ramp from All of this, because I think you have him if the vaccine prevents you from having a severe case and the pill prevents. from dying. That's it
this is where the by administrations failure is mass it, because we will not get to that offer up without the test you have to test and get that pill within a certain window of time for it to be its most effective and if we're back logged on testing processing tests than the people who could most benefit from that pill, will not get it in time That's the part where I was like push him on that, and there was no push back the media, but you're right, you're right now that this it's like Tamiflu, you have to take it within a certain window of time. But that means you have to test positive and get to the doktor and get a prescription filled and start taking mine. I don't know if that's gonna be the case, because at a certain point- and once this matures once we finally internalize what this means is so mccrone variant means of your presenting severe symptoms, you're gonna be an outlier. You're going to know very early on in your infection that you are not having the same reaction that everyone else around you has. We haven't figured out that equilibrium, yet just because this is new, but it won't be long before we under
stand like we understood what the flu that there are our pneumonia now once you're presenting very area, symptoms that do not comport. With your standard run of the mill flew that you should seek matter, attention I'll say that about whether it I just want to deliver a bad women. One of the reasons that that the pill is gonna, be such a massive leap forward is that, while on the crime is, is, their early, milder and symptoms, there is actually no guarantee of a straight linear drop in severity of of of the illness could happen. dumped, something's something's, evolve to be harsher something's about milder. The fact that all macron is is is the dominant strain means that whatever mutations happened. What happened on that on this very transmissible strain and, if that's a worse, very
and it's gonna be extraordinarily important- that we that we are flooded with these pills and with the task that I mean that's right, so we're not the so talking about just this moment right. If we are moving into the endemic phase from the pandemic phase, we could have you no we'll have variants Forever and as a says, some will be weaker. Some will be stronger and therefore there's gonna, be to be kind of tests available in perpetuity of sorcery. You should be able to just walk into a CBS and they haven't seen I can your by four five bucks, if you're it literally, if you, if you, if you have the sniffles because it's cheap and as long as it's like get out three, ninety nine or something you have the snare falls into the task to lines on the test. Say your positive and you call your doctor and you get up. Do you get that you get the pill like? That's that's one way that way
probably gonna live. If we do this rationally and if it would be great, if we, do that? What the flu, the point is that Tamiflu is imprecise. Tamiflu is a kind of treatment, some help. Some people doesn't help. Others by the time you get it, it may be too late right so that this would be something that you would want to do. You know almost prophylactically like you would take a test, almost prophylactic, if you she met with use these six times. I know that sounds like neurotic, but the, but it really isn't because it takes. You know two minutes for the rapid test to show you whether or not you have two lines are one of the few have to then you can, then you can get the treatment even in an instant in ourselves.
So this is something not just for now, but for two years from now or three years from now, and it does mean taking the testing seriously and there was this weird bias against the idea that people would not know how to administer the home test if they did it at home and they would either get there would get a lot of false negatives. That was always the fear, not not false positives with your apparently very rare in the case of these home test like one and false positives, but the people would be get out, people would wouldn't do it right and then it wouldn't show up and then they would think they were fine and they would kill everybody else. You know it's all part of the same top down logic that Christine you're talking about in terms of the federal government, it's kind of turn Allistic. Nobody knows how to do this. You can't expect adult Americans who are allowed to cast votes to pick the president and everybody else and pay taxes do it, but you can't trust them to follow the instructions
Are you put a couple of drops of of a solution into a little hole and then you take a stick and you put it up your nose and then you, then you shove the stick into the antigen test, close it and see where there's a positive or negative. It's not rocket science and in fact, Michael Mina I keep mentioning like has said you can even do it easier than that, like you could make a litmus test re literally like a piece of paper. You know that is that is nodded. plausible way to go about this, and and they don't, they haven't, wanted to do it, because in some ways they seem to want to control what it means to be positive. Do you know what I mean it's like or or what they want to control, how people find out and that that's an Trusting psychological barrier to make it easier to to make your own
to make every individual's understanding of their situation easier, is to accept a certain degree of inevitability about all this that that there are not comfortable with like one whit when we're talking about a world in which you can go into a drugstore without a prescription and get a anti covert pill. That world cannot even begin to be approached by certain a certain mindset you know of feebleness country who are saying what what do you mean? What work this is gonna be around. To that extent, where you're just gonna, to deal with it on your own, do in a daily being, only mean so as long as it's an emergency measure. There is is the sense in which we'll be alleviated at some point in the debate
prize a lot of petty bureaucrats of power as well- and I will say this- I have friends who live in the suburbs of New York City, who have been absolutely harassed by their county health officials when a positive covered test pops up in their house and we're not talking about it. We don't win that when the up when this all started, when everybody sphere was little more sensible, which are not now when these cases or mild and if one knows what to do and it runs vaccinated, just the horror at the level of harassment. The phone calls the threats that sort of again by petty county level bureaucrats. They will lose that power if its given back to people to take care of their own health, a failure there is some sort of a power hunger here on the part of the bureaucracy, but it's not a conscious impulse rights to Machiavelli and it states to kind of evil. Nobody sleep behaves that way. You rationalize yourself into that kind of behaviour in and make yourself the good guy in the process so that the the power hungry bureaucrats in the public health officials, whose maximum list rational
themselves into opposition like while we have to keep the schools open, but we all we'll have to keep children from getting. Can diseases these two completely antithetical positions that anyone who has ever been around a young child knows our income. Annabelle they big talk themselves into that sort of thing. That's how you know that big ulterior mode This is something much more dark. I think I've told you this story before it's my shot. I shut down the beltway story, but I just wanna tell it again because it's interesting about this mindset since is probably nineteen. Eighty four Ninety five and I'm driving with my friend Todd Limburg on the Washington Beltway, yet, which is an eight lane or
Emily horrible stretch of driving, I just ran so to eight, where ten million highway we were. We were approaching the famous Mormon Temple, which looks like the wizard of OZ and suddenly about way stops like there's literally a standstill like that's, not traffic. Is I just a standstill and I happened. I was driving. I happened to be in the in the far right way and I was about five hundred feet from the Georgia Avenue exit on the best way, and so I pulled off on you know onto the shoulder in the shoulder lame to drive, pass the stoppage, an exit, Georgia Avenue and as I'm going, I see that as Georgia, you, that's where everything has been stopped and there is one highway, patrolman or, however patrol woman
who is standing there like with her arms up and as I slowly pole, to beg the right turn to get off of Georgia I knew she frantically waves me down frantically ways. It am I Paul? I swore stop the car rolled down my window and I say I'm just exiting officer and she sit me and says. Don't you understand? I've shut down the belt way, and I said yeah can I can I I'm just exiting I'm not trying to stand that I'm going to exit here at Georgia, Avenue and she's like I shut down the belt, and I looked at her and I thought this is the great moment of her life she's a marrow,
It is a moral and highly patrolman edged, for whatever reason I don't know what had happened up the road she had shot the Bell way down. I was doing nothing then her from keeping the ballet shut down. I was doing nothing to interfere with her great. The power, but because I was evading at slightly by exiting and therefore alluding her control. he flew into a rage now. She could not in fact give me a tip yet at the same time and keep the belt way closed, the other. So I just pull off and laughed, but I This thought I'm not a libertarian, but I always thought that this was the great moment had I been serve Randy and Libertarian. This would have been the anecdote that would have confirmed my
suspicion, that government was evil because it empower the wrong kind of people. I don't think she was the wrong kind of person. I just think the adornment that that gigantic nature of what she had done. The scene, a major artery in them in there you know, and then, and then around the nations capital, like that the life blood of you know of track travel around the most in city in the world and she, you know corporal, Whoever sergeant whatever had been had had the power to shut it down, so that that is part of the same mind said. I think that leads to now, Frances Collins, the director of the in out of the oven agents or, if you like, of a man of great accomplishment, kind of a wonderful it was then a great many things saying the other day that he thought that his one great regret was that they hadn't, you know Donna
studying of human beings, eggs to understand why we were so susceptible to misinformation. Now you see his claim was that they didn't. They didn't know how many people would would reject this vaccine, which is nonsense, because just took me like three seconds of going to find in an age sponsored study of, for example, measles, witches hard not to get backs needed for you trip and fall into an anymore. by being alive and still ninety percent of people have that back. In this sitting, everybody's in ten percent, don't because just human nature and you have this area. This is just deliberate deliberately
Why don't you try to try to justify this sort of this moral posturing these these taking? I don't give him any credit for that, I'm not giving him any credit, I'm giving. I'm actually, I think it was understood very little, but what I'm saying is that when you get right down to it, even if you're Frances Collins at a man of faith that pursues dedicate your life, the public nervous there, some quality, you that says man I wish, would really studied human nature, so we could control you better and not in and make sure that your foolishness, I was, I was getting Skinner Box vibes from that state. The reason I am hostile to it is because they live horizontally. Ojo, the universe of social scientists came out and said, sir. This is my music and just started. You know like our valued in a lesson to us enough, and it is all just near professional. Jealousy- is competing with each other opinions. Why? I also think you know it's like Francis com.
Somebody who who got a lot of praise and love and respect on the right, because he said he believed in God, and therefore, as one of America's foremost scientific figures, this was considered a wonderful breakthrough and he got a million dollars prize of the Templeton Foundation and all of that, and but he still is just like somebody who would like to study human beings to control them, which you now one thing. If God wants to control you with this smogs, another Francis counts wants to control with a study anyway, to move away from here, classical music, they are want to tell you the holiday season this year with a come early questions of what aware, not ugly sweater parties and how I maximize my time, savouring holiday moments of minimize my time shopping for gifts, fear. query: weary Holiday Wanderer Back Weldon has all the answers, whether its office party, a party with family or friends, or just to Harley Party of you, you couch, they came on tv, Well, there's all the essentials to keep you stylish and comfortable throughout the season and its
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Publicans had about election in two thousand. They lost his its marhaus, reducing the majority in this chamber to a precarious three votes. Republicans lost four seats in the Senate, resulting in a fifty fifty tie. This outcome severely limited the new President Bush's governing options, especially before the terrorist attacks of September eleventh, was shrank as legislative agenda too broadly popular items. First attacks got the past NASA two hundred zero votes and the Senate with fifty eight fifty eight than an education both past early in two thousand two or three hundred and eighty one votes in the house Eighty seven in the Senate Bush took office at a more placid time than buying. Did he arrive with the less ambitious legislative agenda to? But if the times are changed, the grammar of power has not relative to its strength in Congress. To buy demonstration has proved outstandingly successful in eleven months Stan more with fifty democratic centres have brought about a devilish fifty seven. He signed a one point: nine trillion dollar covered relief bill package. He sign away
filling Dolly infrastructure bill in November, he signed some. Seventy five executive orders he's one confirmation were for some forty liberal judges. Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy he had had some rash illustrates. Okay, so he sought to make the case a bite and have a good year comparing The boy sat Bush shrank as legislative agenda, the two items of Gotham past right before September, eleven Biden. Bandit his congressional agenda to the bill back better bill, which was originally six trillion dollars and then spent nine I'm not getting it and getting let them. Structure bill once he split it off. That was the equivalent to a bipartisan bill that Bush might have gotten and then spent six months having a fight about this. How is this a wildly successful, pursuing as his major thing, a Billy didn't get and therefore
downgrading the value of the bill that he did get meaning the infrastructure bill am, I am, I mean things. Something or does does David from is David from looking at them On view saying you know what, did pretty. Well, I don't know if you can predict the future, so it would be imprudent, alas, to suggest that this year, at the end of your one, this is a fail presidency. There is plenty of time to make up lost ground, but it's terrible coaching to pretend that they didn't lose ground, there's no objective metal you can apply to this administration in itself, set goals and support. That they had met even most of them, perhaps a plurality, maybe somewhere in the works, but to suggest that this administration would set out at the outset of its of this term, too
rapid hands around the virus to contain it to avoid future shutdowns failed, abject failure to after Georgia. These they created the conditions in their minds where they could cram forty years of liberal Is it a rod eye into a single bill in just one big moonshot and they could drag recalcitrant democratic lawmakers along with them failure abject absolute fail. when the process diminished the accomplishments that they did achieve. And then you have crippling economic consequences which have in the minds of Great many voters suggested to them will maybe they weren't so bad under Donald Trump the worst possible outcome. Democrats could ever possibly want to invite. You can answer them all of a significant number of voters that maybe all that chaos that they had did the live with under Donald Trump was preferable to the status quo existential threat. So I guess it's just
strikes me as cheerleading for the benefit of rankling retreats well in it I agree, and I think that the Wish Castle he's doing here about wanting people to see this bigger picture fails to take into it, and the reason why no is absolutely right about people's wondering happier so about under Trump, and not just saying that is like you know, IRA chronic mean they're, saying that as well because of the tone by demonstration has taken about Americans concerns about inflation about Afghanistan about the virus, they ve been kind of Peter. He started out by sort of putting them on the hidden going. It's ok, the adults are in charge, which is condescending, but ok, whatever people are like fine, we'll take it and then its quickly shifted into the problem, you say as a problem doesn't exist so they're just like flat out gas lighting and then it was well it's a problem, but we ve already solved it see when they hadn't really done much to do that, so that that than that, tone. I know everybody hates and marks tone policing, but the way the president present,
tis agenda to the american people matters in terms of how we talks them. This we set for years a trump to prove that Biden with Gonna be the antidote to that any proved to be in some ways, even worse because hit his dishonesty as mass in a kind of the technocratic. the leaders of that that isn't going down well with everybody who give you an example of that and that's the sort of very really of noxious and an insulting spend that this, an trace do is yesterday. I think during all of that, with some paper had a report out that suggested that all their supply chain fears that were going to result in a truncated Christmas. shopping experience for most american consumers. Hadn't materialise, like ninety percent of goods, had You have reached store shelves in Mostar, was getting where it needed to be on time and then you, John John Saki Enron, claim we took them
social media is the death of this over hyped narrative who hype the narrative in the first place, senior administration officials in October, we're saying when you're not gonna, get all the stuff you want for Christmas. The narrative is coming from inside the White House and they say all well what idiot If this nonsense you with that in mind, I have to say, of course David is wrong, because I'd and failed in the in the very things that he that Biden himself had come to push as defining his presidency. he was the one saying what we're gonna do historically transformative things here, and those things didn't happen. This is this is This is what this is, how Biden wanted to define as presidency, you can now play clean up and say well yeah, but if you
If you forget what he said his his his you, no signature ambitions were then he'd than he did a great job. The convent amazing peace also note then he said they had a wonderfully or does he wrote. Seventy five executive warders, I'm sorry that any president can rise executive order any time it doesn't matter. It's got of you know it's a bit it it's a set of rules that govern the exact branch, not anybody else in Europe, Mazel Tov to you, that's really fantastic, come to very strange peace, and I don't really understand the point of it, but he did get it read. The whole thing was read by just Scarborough one morning. Just so I guess that That's a net are positive and we are not being relevant morning, Joe. So with that, I think we will say goodbye. Until tomorrow's Final newsworthy podcast,
of the year we will discuss the news there. Next week we have a series of many pod casts on the highlights of the lights of twenty one. I am here once more to ask you, at the end of the spy Catherine beginning to consider commentary when you are doing here and of your giving commentary. If I once these remain proper relies on the generosity of its donors to close our deficit and make it possible for us to continue doing overdoing afford this podcast magazine our website. We are incredibly grateful for your list of ship and we would very much appreciate it if you would consider us in your end of year giving W W W Doc commentary downward slash donate for aid, knowing Christina John onwards, keep the camel.
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