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The Media Are Going In For the Kill

2020-07-06 | 🔗
Today's podcast goes into the mystifying coverage of the Coronavirus—mystifying because the public is being misled about the fact that the virus's deadliness is (at the moment) on the wane, not on the rise. And we discuss the wild misrepresentation of Donald Trump's speeches this weekend. Could it be that both share the same root: A desire to deliver the knockout blow against Trump now that he's reeling and on the ropes? Plus crime goes crazy in cities and the craze to cancel "Hamilton." Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine. Barely progress today is Monday July six, twenty twenty, I'm John five words. The editor comes very magazine, the seventy five year old monthly of intellectual analysis, publicly probity, cultural tourism from a conservative perspective. We invite you to join that's a commentary magazine dot com, where we give you a few free, reeds and ask it to subscribe special offer this week. Independence Day offer one dollar four: the first month. If you subscribe this week, then the then the price jumps up to seven. Ninety nine for thee
Digital only and ninety nine for Digital plus the print magazine, but this week, one dollar, four, the first month, Commentary magazine that calm, you know you want to do it. You know you think you should do it. You know been listening to us now for months or even years, you haven't subscribed now is the time do it to it with me, as always secular editor, a green waldheim, Abe, Hydra Senor. Christine rose and high Christine John and nor Roth, been, is on an extremely needed one week break no has ever needed a break more the Noah and he is taking it. So it said today, it's just us three, so we have we We have a couple of major issues here. I guess we should start with the
I'll. Give dissidents surrounding the corona virus here is the cognitive dissonance. It's a crisis is a disaster we have kept. The case load is up eighty five percent over two weeks ago. The number of the number of positive is people tested positive for the virus up. Eighty five set, but guess what? Every day, every single day the death rate goes down. As of the Last reading we have two hundred and forty nine people died. I believe on Saturday of the virus past thirdly, lagging in reports, numbers lowest numbers since March, the death toll is going down. The positive rate is going up and what were told is why just wait a couple of weeks and
breathing is going to be. You know a horror show like New York, but the truth is that this positive rate has been going up for a little more than a month. And we are not seeing a surgeon deaths. We are not seeing as we are seeing a mild increase in hospitalizations, but I believe Abe a year tracking, numbers pretty seriously like the the I see you admissions number four covered in Texas, which is where serve the end, and Florida is not particularly shocking. Maybe in Tampa there are some sir some reporting the Tampa is is reaching its. You know it's, I see you bed limit, but I think in Texas there are still a third of icy beds are not filled
so I don't know like we are here, that there are what we have learned about the disease since its outbreak. our ways of mitigating its effects, better ways of treating it, don't put people and Insulators put them on their stomachs and various other things Abe What is going on here? Well, so this I keep hearing now is that Florida. And result in various other places where we looking at another New York, we're looking at four, we are for other New York's are about to explode that supposes that these other states are going to do. What New York did that created such a massive problem, which is put them
most vulnerable of its citizens directly in harm's way of the virus, meaning, elderly in nursing homes. They are not doing that, so no matter what we are not going to see. Another New York there that I'm confident in addition to that, as we ve been saying, the cases are younger, younger Younger people are getting the virus, not not the older population in general. This means much less in so much fewer incidence of serious complications from from the virus and hospitals nations, even if, as they rise, they are not resulting in debt. To the same degree, people are getting out of the hospital after staying there. They are not perishing there to this to the same degree,. Ok, so we are now on the horns of a dilemma in talking about this, because you don't want to make light of it. You don't want to say that you know every
but he should go out and party and no one should wear a mask blah blah blah, but the tone of the coverage of the of this supposed wave does not is not justified by the facts. As far as I can tell testing positive does not mean that you are going to be sick from it, and it doesn't mean that you're going to be hospitalized for it and it doesn't mean you're gonna die from it. In fact,. the over in the overwhelming majority of cases, need none of the three is going to happen from what we can tell that. I guess there main issue that was raised by an outbreak is the spread. And whether or not the spread, you know that people get and there are symptomatic means that they can spread to other people who will get and get very sick from it, which is why we're supposed to be contact. Tracing and people are supposed to sell.
quarantine when there, when they test positive- and they probably aren't and all of that, but without being conspiratorial in any way the the media and a lot of these health experts appear either to have learned? nothing from the way from about risk science about what it means for someone to be testing positive, but not getting sick, or what we have here is a kind of trying to deal the body blow the final, both knockout blow. two trumps chances in November and that these two dovetail very much because of this. If the story line can be kept up, the trumps handling of the virus is terrible. and he is simply unfit to be president based not on his behavior.
necessarily but on his actual handling of a crisis issue that that, story lie needs to be kept alive, no matter what Christine, like Ben I've, been struck actually by the tone of the stories over the past week or so at the particular about Texas in Florida and how much they mimic the first few. Peaks of lockdown and the virus has, as we started, to get a handle on just how serious this was a matter of pandemic, the kind of choices that we should be taking. So there was a story I think it ran on CNN. I could be wrong, but a story about someone who went to a bar didn't mask up hung out in a bar for a very long time with his friends, and then the story was pitched again. This was the tone and the narrative part of it was. I was a healthy thirty something and then I ended up in the hospital which we saw a ton of these at the very early stages, the pandemic, which I think in some ways work
public service, because it was kind of driving home. The point that this wasn't the flu. This was more serious. We have to start thinking about. This is a different different beast than than the regular seasonal flu. Now that seems irresponsible in a different way and its because it what it does is it continues this crisis level of of fearmongering at just the moment where we have about a month, maybe a month and a half before school districts across the country have to make decisions about reopening before colleges have to make decisions about whether students can return to canvass. So I think, even setting aside the Trump narrative, which I think there is something to that, there is a broader sense, I'm getting now that allow the public health experts that we're doing very good early warnings and thinking here, like Scotland of eight July, are now kind of sticking with that same level of a crisis management when the crisis is shifted and changed their just the people we need to ship he just went on.
Golly one on the air this past weekend and said, I don't know for people gonna be fearful make we should open the schools using people's fear to justify policy making decisions and it should really be the other way around man helping manage the fear with good thoughtful policy, by the way not to get too angry there, but who the hell is Scott weep. To be analyzing whether people are so fearful that they will or will not send their kids back. He's yours, the hell. Is he a psychologist? Is he an evolution Harry Fearest, he's a doctor who knows something about up a demi ology and ran the FDA. What he knows about what parents will or will not do could fit the inside of a of an envelope, and he shut the hell up and talk about what he knows about. Why whether herons, but I as a policy may agree. I think that's true
I may be able, may be fearful or they may not be fearful. That is not his bailiwick. That is that his brief. That is not why anybody is interviewing him and he should shut the hell up. I don't know how to say this. Any more clearly works for the American at present suit. He should shut the hell up and talk about what he knows about if he can opine and speculate as much as anybody else, but he is using his expertise, one field to put his finger on the scale in another field and provide kind of ideological, illogical support too. the most extreme position in this entire debate with is that when the fall comes around everybody he's gonna, have to dig a hole at her. I then it until there's,
vaccine that that's what's interesting to me is that I actually found him a very reliable source for thinking about whether what the likelihood of a working vaccine would be in the timeline for that, because he's not sensationalist on that. He knows that that is his expertise, but I wonder if maybe the the shift in tone now has to do with the fact that they were too optimistic about a vaccine and that now the expectations have to be changed to fit that, I'm not sure, because again, I'm not an expert on vaccines around useful for some of the drug policy issues in particular annul n a bit on the lockdown issues to like a much more nuance than than a lot of other commentators, but on the school issue this yet this well. This is my home, course. As you all know, I'm gonna be beating at first I don't know, I don't know when you don't know, but I mean it's literally as though you know if I went on face the nation they interviewed me, and I said I don't know if people are people are just not going to let their kids not to go to school in the fall. What do I know what people are
not going to do, I don't know. All I know is what I hear from my friends and the people that I too and what I read at this is not an issue. That is that this is not a public policy issue that a public health official has any business. You know, as I say sir, putting his finger on the scale to change the nature of the discussion by confusing his own. I think- and I have to say this like this: his there is a certain incentive to these guys to remain alarmist, because that's that's what cell right now. You know I mean there is no one will go broke during the has during this pandemic b in extraordinarily over cautious. So speaking of alarm, ism and schools and and a great many other things that the
that dependence is affecting there is a new dimension to be alarmist narrative about them. Iris, which so far is kind of distant thunder, but his is going to I'm certain become more prominent, and that has to do with this group of scientists internationally Houarn, who wrote a letter appealing to the World Health Organization, saying that that be The debate show should now acknowledge and state that the virus is airborne, that that is unlike what we have thought up to this point, which is that You expel bits of the virus when you breathing talk and then that that quickly fall to the ground, know it. There is in the air in much smaller bits. You know, sir, indefinitely indoors and is therefore
sort of everywhere and can only be fought with by revamping air filtration systems everywhere filled pudding filters in you know, air, conditioning and and and heating units, and and if that takes off, that is coming low everything down to a remarkable degree. Because then, because, then no leaders, going to want to open anything up without completely revamping all these air error, circulation, air, filtration systems, yet numbers are footing the debts are falling, as as we say why you weren't, like we were some of the early alarmist concern
controls about here about the protests in saying this is bad right shouldn't we have the same sort of hard core approach to large groups gathering, even if it is our doors you know in, and I think we continue to rightly criticized the hypocrisy of public officials, who obviously did try to make an exception but it's really good news that people are not dying in the vast numbers that were lot of us feared, would happen a couple weeks after the protests and that even the people who are hospitalized are coming. As I said our coming out more quickly, I would love to see better data analysis by the talking. As that we have all come to know in lower than about this virus about hot. How that the changing nature of asked was Asians because we heard a lot about again at the beginning about the ventilator use the icy you beds. We have these interviews with the frontline care workers who talked about how horrifying it was. That story needs to be looked at again and we need to know again, for the sake of understanding how the public should weigh the risks in the fall
We need to hear about what the hospitals nations are like now and how long they last and what other drug therapies are working for people and what we're finding. Instead, we do tend to get. I mean, there's this very tragic for young forty one year old, Broadway are who just died after having been in the hospital for for about three months? Really horrible story, it's all over the news in part because obviously he was he was a sort of a celebrity, but that I think does affect people have nothing to way that again cease keep seeing these horror stories and we don't have any context judging the risks to the to the average person right now right. So I am now looking as we speak at the New York Times Lead story on the website. Corona virus live updates. Ok, that's They have their one of these. The headline on the home pages out look worse the? U S, reports record number of kroner virus cases. Ok, there are. seven paragraphs. It begins to align America's off to a miserable start over the months first, five days, United States reported three largest daily case totals the sitting.
nation is that we are experiencing Rambo. Community spreads, had clay Jenkins, atop elected official endows county Texas on Saturday texts of Florida. Both surpassed two hundred thousand total cases, please avoid gatherings bear okay. So there are like seven paragraphs and then it changes, topics to federal workers going back to work in not a sentence, a claw, as a paragraph in this account, does it say that the death toll is dropping. Ok. This is the lead of the New York Times most important news innovation in the world. and while it says the case load is worsening, it does not say that the death toll is dropping salts The thing is going on here again it is an incentive structure. Question. Is there some reason and the only reason I can. I have one of the reasons I can think of again is it this is happening just as it appears. The trump is on the ropes and could really you know
it s like, take a body blow from weed out. He could be taken by the commission, which account recover, why you cannot bring up both things at the same time, but then the charitable answer to that I'll. Try to make the charitable answer, I have your times, which is a real stretch from me right now, but I'm gonna try to say their concern is not necessarily about trumpet it's about wanting to give any air at all to the people who are actually having your responsibly right now, the ones who say wearing amount you don't have to wear a mask the want. There are the more extreme conspiracy theories that are actually finding purchased online and in some people's minds in order to maintain a level of of awareness and rigour with regard to how we behave in public and wearing the masks in particular, so that the terrible explosion that to take to ignore,
allege any change and how this pandemic is affecting us would be to give fodder to the conspiracy theories, and so they're, not gonna. Do that they're gonna kind of stick with this message. I don't agree with that, but I think that might be one of the impulses that striving that kind of coverage the relevant factoid about this pandemic is the death toll is not the people get sick from it. This is an issue that had we have boy brought our economy to a screeching, halt tens of millions of people, thrown out of work. We have this gigantic federal programme to support them with six hundred dollars a week and unemployment benefits and all this because they could die not because they could get sick and recover and to act as though there people either getting sick or not even getting sick, but getting the virus and not dying from it that you don't mention the death toll when the death toll was all that mattered. The death toll was
all that matter when we say why is this so terrible? It's because we say a hundred and twenty seven thousand people have died, not because two billion people have test deposited with the virus and of whom five percent five percent of war, whatever that, whatever the number, as you know, I got really sick. So to eliminate that, as the basis of the reason that we are in this crisis is to do something fundamentally dishonesty or changing the terms of the discussion in the middle of discussion. Without saying we are changing the terms of the discussion, you are acting as though, what you are reporting on is something that is. It is totally akin to the death toll when it isn't and again, here's what's gonna happen in two weeks. Just follow my logic. In two weeks the devil isn't gonna rise appreciably
Let's just say, maybe well, in which case this entire conversations mood, but it doesn't and then what are we gonna be told wings wait another two weeks because it other two weeks all boy you know what's going on in pay, my county Arizona, I mean everyone, there is gonna die and then, by the middle of August. If, if I, if, if you can follow the scenario, in the middle of August? Suddenly the whole subjects is gonna, start kind of like it Can you waiting somehow at them? we're gonna start talking about whether or not we should be tit doing things to achieve heard immunity, which is what happens when mass amount numbers of people get get a virus, so Moving on to this question of whether or not the death blow to Trump is what is, even consciously animating the way the presses a covering the news we should talk but the two speeches the Trump gave
on Friday and Saturday. One amount once more in Washington. I did not like them out russian, speech I'll get to why, but as a whole, but people rich, Lowery and Charlie Cook, the national view and various others have said. The coverage of the male Rushmore speech and the coverage of the Where's joy speech are among the most outrageous and how, our goal torture of you now serve like public rhetoric, I've ever seen an ice. because somebody who, as you know, is not a particular fan of Trump and, as I say I'll, tell you why don't they didn't like the speech and parts of the speech? Otherwise, but. Interesting stuff is going on here that it is both about Trump, very specifically, This partisan moment, in which the press is basically now abandoned, any concede that it is not actively working as it as of as a vassal His defeat, and am Sir
There's a blocking tackle for the social. when Rachel Justice Movement, apparently about which one is one, not permitted to say anything questioning the Things have been going on in its name yeah, so I didn't. I only caught the Mount Rushmore Speech and I liked it more than you did not to say I loved it, but I liked more than you did and what's bins, rageous about the coverage is that it's been this wall to Wall, screaming about how this speech was divisive? trying to reassure white people. You know that countries there's he is he is going to full. Why
two premised and all the rest of it he's dispute that that supposedly he's been be spent. The speech I think is Tammy Duckworth said he spent the entire speech defending confederate, heroes trader. He didn't do traders could do it. Traders he didn't defend won his his entire discussion of the civil war was too too to praise Lincoln and the union a hum and due to the heavy, obviously would enhance the evil institution of slavery yea if it by by traders, you know he I guess he he young. He spoke at length of those does well known traders, Martin Luther King and Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and the Lincoln and whoever you he went through a whole list of of assorted, be American Europe through through centuries, through entertainment, through through politics through they bear the cross
Racial lines and as you know, there is no, I hate the word inclusive because it's become so hokey, but it wasn't completely inclusive speech. What bothered people was that he defended the founding ideals of America and criticised
The chaos. That's that's that's being carried out in the name of social justice. While it's, it's really telling is not just an antipathy to understand just how swiftly the tone of the national conversation has shifted in just a few years to see that the idea that that speech- and I agree on it- wasn't my favorite speech, but even the kind of hokey garden of euros idea. You know the idea that people are attacking him, his races for listing sum of America's most unique individuals and end here. True heroes and cultural figures and and there's always get whenever you start making unless there's gonna, be someone who complains you love someone off, but we have just spent the last month. Listening to people argue,
all of the historical figures who should be cancelled, who statue should be toppled? Who should never be taught in history books? It was so refreshing just to hear someone list all these amazing Americans and say let celebrate some of the people that we ve we ve seen in this country and have done things for for our country that itself that has become controversial. I think that speaks to what I was saying, which is it. You know that one of the things that you know, one of the law got your moments that people on the right like to do, which is Skinner, it's kind of a fun. You know sport, but they were in another thing. Fourth of July tweets from some of the more radical voices today, calling Capron it could just a few years ago, was like happy save for the joy whew and now is saying you know: how dare you celebrate this nations that dependence is a terrible place? You know they're here in DC there earning an american flag in front of the White House, though it's not just performative this re writing. Conservatives are very sensitive
perform. It is anti american rage, but this isn't perform it. I mean the Tammy Duckworth response to Donald trumps. Speeches is, I think, a perfect example she is. She deliberately alighted the distinction between confederate heroes, who we are having an ongoing cultural discussion about whether we should be treated them is your own and founding fathers, and as soon as you start, trying to alight those distinctions and keep telling the american people that their one in there, same thing and telling american people that all were only taking down the statues of the bad guys, you're you're, lying you're lying to the public and you're doing it first specific ideological purpose, and I was really disappointed in her response over the weekend. I know she's been voted for a vice presidency and she was one of the ones I was thought was more tolerable than some of the other choices Biden might make, and that was really disappointing. Craig I just touch on the beach.
Cabinet thing for one second, when he'll be years ago and he started his kneeling campaign and conservatives criticized it didn't one of the two: hence his was. He loves America he's not he's not protesting. This country he's protesting police violence he's he's what what better way to honour the four he's, because you know he's taking any Boeing and to honour the flag and hopes that we were that we know? Are our bout live up to our ideals? That's done. Critics were right. He now overtly says this is a terrible place period over ah, ah Tammy Duckworth asked Whether- Statues of George Washington should be torn down said. This is something that we need to do now is something we need to consider. There is good reason to tear down stairs pictures of George Washington,
And we know that in Rochester New York over the weekend, a statue was pulled off its plinth guess of whom Frederick Douglass. Why because these this this iconoclasm is neolithic. It is being conducted by ah in many cases,. a historical idiots and the mentally ill who are attacking any public symbol. Simply because they are destructive and want to see the world burn. And so you know it was. It was of necessity that we were gonna get to the point at which it was ok, two thousand two hundred to twenty face, a statue of them we know that the greatest runaway slave Friedman Abolitionist first,
great african american writer a man of vat in our man of towering moral virtue and and and and deep importance, the history, the head states, and then, of course, This test statue of Christopher Columbus was pulled down and thrown into the room and into the Baltimore Harbour and accept by the Bayer Baltimore, who apparently is as garbage as every other mayor Baltimore in the last ten years, and maybe you know No he's not in jail, unlike his predecessor, but you know, he's and morally a bar is wearing how getting dented Larry hung in the governor did say, denoted mega statement in anyway, but I've been so and then there was a piece by somebody was a professor at Washington and Lee saying that dub those school not only should remove the name of Lee from its name, because a robbery but also Washington, which of course raises the interest
The question of whether or not the city of Washington needs to be renamed. Just like the red, so you don't. Not only could we have the Washington Redskins not being the Washington Redskins, but the Washington whatever's, but maybe the Washington part will have to disappear, as well as the state of Washington. Every high school name for George Washington. Whoever George Washington, upon his death King George, the third side. And of Washington that he was the greatest man of his age and this, of course he was the enemy leader of of the forces does seized America from from Britain. and upon his death, his his adversary said that he was the greatest man of the age, and he was a very great man and he had slaves, and that's terrible- and you know, King David, since we
People love King David analogies, sometimes and use them in an appropriate ways about Donald Trump, King David, of course not only had slaves of many wives with centre. Cynthia has and of his some of the world- though he was obsessed with to death, because great men, are often morally stained and no one is of no. It is a God. So anyway, I the we should get back to the question of what's going on the coverage of the trunk speech, but I want to pull back and talk to you about our sponsor today Express VP n. I know a lot of You are thinking when you hear about an anonymize or like Express Vps one of these services that make sure that you're the website. The new visits are made invisible not only to your other people who work on your computer, but also to your internet service writer. You could do
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Call justice movement for its slanders against the United States, since I'm calling them slander. So I'm now backing him. So let let me let me do it in a more balanced way that it is a divisive for him to be criticizing people who are themselves promoting a line of argument about the United States that it is a fundamentally unjust country that has was established four hundred years ago for the purpose of promoting a bedding and profiting from slavery, and there it- was some stained with this original sin and that its basically operated on the backs of slave in former slaves and is fundamentally unjust and to criticise this view. Is racial is divisive and dark and and an abrupt and paints a dark picture. of America and where we are today
If I gone mad, I mean by the way, so I it's my sense that the idea behind the racial justice movement of the last month is to create a more accurate portrait of the United States. According to the people who are proposing this, that is dark, bleak, nightmarish. that says that fourteen percent of population is in a basically it's open season on them with cops and public authorities, and so what's, if that's the act, a portrait of the United States as it stands out. Why is being bleak device? then, and offering a nightmarish portrait of our time wrong. They can do it. The trump can't do it I'm a little unclear well that the argument- and I think, we're sorry to see that as expected and that the little things
This is about how cancel culture is a real and all of these you know all of this concern about people not being able to say things isn't real, because only a few people lost their jobs, not, of course, taking into account the suppression of the things people won't say, because they fear being being cancelled or called out. Everything is being linked now to white supremacy right, so it used to be. When you talked about the history of white supremacy in this country, it was a very clear line you could follow actually, in and in it did include reactions, unitary, privileged reconstruction development, a kick a k, and you know we ve always had a kind of fringe NEO nazi problem. In this country we have white nationalists who is who have sort of flirted with more violent ass. This is a real it's a real thing. It is a. It is a very small thing,
that, then you know. Federal law enforcement, for example, sternest pay more attention to in recent years, which is good, but now wait, supremacy is becoming like white fragility or like anti racism is becoming a catch all term that now describes our founding fathers. It describe some of the basic principles that are enshrined in our constitution and that's the part where is as soon as you defend you're called your call. You know your aiding and abetting white supremacist or think that's why trump speeches which were kind of harking trying to hark back to this idea of you know old fashion, patriotism and, because he didn't acknowledge any problem with the founders he's by definition, become white supremacist in this new, very, very over arching definition at these
definitions I know I know pick about words, but they really matter because just like anti racism is not the same as color blindness, white supremacy has a very specific meaning that we ve all been using an accepted and understood to be something we need to challenge. That's changing and once a changes it becomes harder to fight the real, dangerous, violent white supremacist that we unfortunately still have in this country, and that's why concerns big, but much like the covered nineteen virus. The white supremacy is now airborne everywhere, you cannot be avoided. Yeah, the council, culture Stuff is interesting because I noticed all weekend because Trump mention cancelled Sha N T, my Rushmore speech, People saying there is no council culture. This is all a myth. What's happening, is accountability people are being held accountable for their views and their not being cancelled or physical of cultures like political career,
this and various other things is a term that come it's from those who created at not from the critics of it. The idea cancelling people because of their views was promulgated on college campuses, starting with the moments of which Sir because we're supposed to be banned and the idea was cancelled, speech cancel the speech with Eddie celebrate when the speeches cancelled and now cancel culture means if James Bond publishers and bad, he has to be fired. If you know it a guy at Boeing who is the pr guy from Boeing Road apiece thirty three years ago, posing women. Sir, in combat the military, he needs to be fired. He needs to be cancelled. That view which, he now says he no longer holds the fact that he held it, but or the fall of the Berlin Wall and and before the birth of, I think some
like two hundred million people in the United States, means that he must leave His job cancel culture is real when people say things like there is no council culture, what they are saying, is you are not allowed to criticise anything I do you are not allowed with what we are saying it. It is simple, MRS for you to offer an argument to me and we saw this in the spread of campus culture the real world. We saw this. You know in the first part of the decade of the teams, when people would have arguments at someone would start screaming at them and saying you're not listening. I want to talk about my pain you shut up, so I can talk about my pain. Will that's not, how a civilised. This is not, however, even a minute.
please civilised country works. Your pain does not equate to that. Someone words may cause. You Pain does not mean that you have the right to silence them as they speak, but apparently it does and for that this gas living of say, that this is not what's happening. When we know it's what's happening. I mean this is sort of like what people went through when Trump started, saying that his crowd sizes were the largest in them our common and you could see that they weren't than dense and Sarah Sanders or whatever the hell it said they were and then you're like you can't do this. This is not right. You can't tell for me that something is happening that I see with my own eyes and that's what's happening with these objections when trunk of a speech that does not praise the confederates and people say: praise confederates when
people say there is a council culture. When every day somebody is getting fired for saying something that his employer thinks is today, dress for him to say this is happy running and then they're saying that it's not happening. You know it than to the point about people wanting to speak about their emotions and have those that testimony of their own private feelings become the model for how we publicly make decisions. It when in courtrooms their procedures in place- and there are times and places where you do allow victims of crime before sentencing someone's been found guilty before sentencing, you can have impacts victim impact statement sprite and people come in and they basically say this is what happened to me as a result of the crime that was committed. This is how it affected our family or community, etcetera, etcetera, and the judge is expected to weigh those emotional responses and those those that actual impact on individuals when handing them
the sentence in there's a strange way in which, for a long time, I feel, like our culture had places for those impacts. Statements like people could people felt they could express an inventor feelings and be heard, and it was weighed in the balance when we are making cultural decisions about what we accepted as the norm and not, and now it's like the judge is gone. There's the jury is twitter and it's all in victim impact statements with no recourse to the evidence that was presented and trial of its kind of baffling to me that we let this go on the absurdity set. So yet, ok, there's no council culture, yet you can be cancelled for saying that is for saying, there's a cancer culture I mean, if you know of your, if you are friend very wise, as you know, is saying, come on guys, look let let's not! Let's not do this, but let's not. Let's not have this cancer culture. Then then, there's a there's, a movement to cancel Colic Kafka
culture, and yet it yeah so there's if there's a mega cancel Carter yet get their supposedly no council culture, so let worthless What are the naked political question, then, I in bad shape, anybody who thinks he's on bad shape is delusional he's. bad shape. Most no one has ever recovered from the whole that he apparently, as in There is even evidence the Texas in Georgia might be in play in this election, in which case we are talking about a four hundred electoral vote, victory and a landslide of the sort that we actually haven't. Seen since the eighties. My sense of this is witwer cannily. I think if you want to look at this, as as as as something that is a calculation in people's minds, though, that's not to say there conspiracy in people's minds or there's a meeting where people are making this decision and the ideas
do not let up never let up. He is on the ropes he's being dealt with blows. Uppercut. I use this analogy last week in our shots, the stuff, shots to the jaw in our little. You know as a Perry sprays all of this and he's punch drunk and is reacting a very badly and weirdly, and doesn't look good and doesn't look like he. Knows what he's doing and what I think I have decided is that they're not gonna. Stop I mean that they are just there. They they have a four months to go. I think it's four months. July August dogs at four months to go and an end to the extent that they can keep this up relentlessly until on November against him here
His mouth everything he says is wrong. Everything he says is bad everything he does as incompetent everything he does. This terrible everything that happens is awful any US, it's that there might be that the job news is good. You ignore that. Did you talk about the jobless is good, but you know what the last two weeks of June weren't so good. So in fact a jobless actually bad, but he gets to claim that its good and that in August will be bad. There will be no real Adele, be no let up here. That's that's that's. My theory is that term is that there's blood in the water and that the sharks are circling and that damn, seems interesting. We for somebody who has gotten himself out of terrible scrapes before not just in twenty sixteen, but in his bank, seize and various other things, maybe
is relying on some kind of up. You know server the magic that kept him from being destroyed, another and other realms to keep from throwing him now, but I dont know that TAT he should on any capacity to counter punch here, In any way that is working right uptake, they take the example of of the coverage of his speech. Where were they the the Trump team has had no effective response to the broad lies. Just straight applies reported about that speech. That more and am I you know, I don't know how many people watched the speech, but the b b inaccurate coverage of it is everywhere. So you know, without without a concerted effort on the on on there,
port, which, which means more than his just tweeting out that that the media, the enemy the people dead, he's gonna, continue to suffer on this specific matter. Here I mean I actually. I was away and didn't I didn't watch the space so then I went back and read it, which I often do this. This is my habit with the state of the union, because I can't stand to watch area Do you like that? There's a lot of reasons? Why am I either listen on radio or read the state of the union and rather than watch it delivered and reading the remark It was a shocking moment deserves like let's see which confederacy do you. Think's are okay and they're. Not in this speech I mean- and that was the the specifics for Trump need to start becoming clear- so they do. I think it is right if he has any hope at all of even even challenging that the sort of monolithic media coverage he's got to say. Look, I didn't say confederate. I said, George Washington, so let's have a debate about George Washington Force, but it put it back in their court like they like we're trying to
I'm doing Duckworth in an she's. U no sanctuary outlets. Let's debate, George wash you today about his impulses. Do the opposite. This morning he has carried out about bubble. Wallace the NASCAR driver where people said there was a noose in his in his garage it turned out that it was some kind of rope pulled in the shape of a noose whatever and then he said wise and bubble. Walls. Apology, As for this hoax, a story that he did not promulgate by the way behind it says, and then he says: NASCAR ratings are down because of this story and the flag thing the flag meaning that we, when, when NASCAR said that the use of the confederate flag as a symbol either at events or on cars, something would no longer be tolerated. So he unilaterally decides to claim that NASCAR decision to you know. Eighty six, the confederate flag, is
the reason that its failing and that an end and job that with the idea that bubble Wallace, should apologise, for being rattled by the fact that somebody told him that there was a noose and his garage that he didn't even see so wait a step on the defence of him for not praising confederates thanks a lot. Mr President, now I want to talk about why, then like the speech, because I liked a lot of the speech or I like the theory, though the speech, but there are these. moments in these trump speeches when he takes back what he says or he take something. That's gonna, was famously written on a teleprompter, and then he either extrapolate or extemporized or had insisted that stuff be put in. That invalidates the thing that he says when he says that I'll give you an example, so he said quote
We are proud of the fact that our country was founded on judeo christian principles, and we understand that these valleys of dramatically advance the cause of peace and justice throughout the world and then two paragraphs later. He says we remember the government's exist to protect safety and happiness of their own people and She must care for its own citizens. First, we must take care of America first, it's time. Ok, so he's making this universalism point about Judeo Christian! values and then to paragraphs later. He says we have to be America first now either messages
whatever it is, and you can say whatever you want to about either message they cannot be put together. They are too that there are not contradictory, but they're, not complimentary, either right so on. America first has a very specific historical, meaning that not positive, right and then hold on, and then he said, hold on right he's going on He talks about the the and the problems with the with the council, culture and the seven and the sixty nine project and what people are doing right. They would tear down the principles that propelled the listen of slavery in American, ultimately around the world ending in evil institution that has plagued humanity for thousands and thousands
of years. Our opponent would terrify the very documents that Martin Luther king used to express his dream and the ideas that were the foundation of the Righteous movement for civil rights. Right. That's great right, let's well said wait. We would agree right, then, through to Paris later here tonight, before the eyes of our forefathers Americans declared. and, as we did two hundred and forty years ago, that we will not be tyrannise, we will not be demeaned. Ok, then he adds and we will not intimidated by bad evil people. It will not happen if this high minded peroration that uses the word evil to describe the institutional still slavery properly, and then he is now describing misguided and people. You know, frankly, I think we are doing it,
I will think. But then he uses the same word two paragraphs layer to describe people today who are on the other side of a political argument with him. This is why I don't think this is why I can't praise the speech because his, vulgarity ruins it, and then there are these other weird moments of ruination because he goes through, as I think Abe said, you know this this quite you'd, have to see this effort to kind of describing, boosting things about him. He was slightly unconventional way, talk about how great America's right country of Jackson Ulysses S Grant and Frederick Douglass the land of wild Billhook Aachen, Buffalo Bill, Coty, the Wright Brothers, the Tuskegee airman Harriet, Tubman, Clara Barton, Jesse, Owens, George Patten, the great Louis Armstrong,
Alan Shepherd Elvis Presley Mohammed Ali. Only America could have produced them. All right then says we're the culture. The put up the Hoover Damn lay down the highways and sculpted the skyline of men hat. We are the people who dreamed spectacular. dream. It was called LAS Vegas hasn't south. Where does this lying coming from Ireland? It where it is applying come from? It comes from Hyman Roth, the gun, Father part go right? Guy, a kid? It was a little younger than me. He had a dream it out, city in the middle of a desert. Try it out at a train, stop fur g eyes on the way to the West Coast that man's they was both agree and someone shot in the eye Christine. Everyone. You should watch to speech at least that part of it, because I'm pretty sure if you listen people laughed at the Upper LAS Vegas, because he built
at best this measuring the beautiful dream and Danish that's the last thing they thought he was going to say next. of of soft laughter machine gambling? Was a dozen shook? That's what I mean. This is where I start thinking, my god. You know. Maybe the people, the people around him art the Barrow sing, because he mentions LAS Vegas, and then he mentions Miami location. That's Nevada swing, state and Florida. Apparently, a swing stay right, so it's like we gotta figure out a way to get in. Nevada and florid into the speech, because that could really turn things around for us in it. So after he says the spectacular dream of LAS Vegas. In that event, a desert who built up Miami from the Florida Marsh you know like. Are you kidding me
so. I also join in keeping with your original take on him from years ago that he said a kind of a rat packer, right well that that he has this one passage that I think actually without lots of figures without some of the others is really cut. It is really kind of great or when he mentioned Sinatra we gave the world the poetry, the boy Whitman, the storage of Mark TWAIN, the songs of Irving, Berlin, the voice of elephants, Gerald the style of Frank Sinatra, the comedy of Bob Hope, the power of the Saturday five rocket, the toughness of the Ford one. Fifty and the awesome might have the american aircraft carriers now spreading american greatness who Whitman TWAIN, Berlin, Fitzgerald, Sinatra and hope is kind of great. You know I mean, but again it's all, your cut by the embarrassing other stuff, that's like them.
Your garden of American here is a vast outdoors part that will feature the statues of the greatest Americans to ever live. But if you think that the statute that the garden of heroes is- is nothing gonna play having yeah yeah, because if you think about it, what what the fight is over statuary right, it's all! It's like up. It's like a board game. What's that, if you can put up more statues and they can tear down you win out, so as you know so the so the fight is like. Aren't you want to tear down statues? Well, you're gonna. Have you work
have you because climate round, then I'm gonna get four thousand satellite data wretches reported that I'm worried about this job, because I think Americans love their kids. You amusement parks mean again. Aggregate forces is probably in my blood, but you know the kind of the kitchen celebration of american greatness, like that. I get that that is kind of also who Americans are in there's something wrong with suggesting it. I do. I do think it was savvy of him at a time when lots of people are tearing down statues of the founding fathers to say: oh yeah, we have all these other people too, so will just keep putting up all the great people and you can keep proving that you're. Actually radical nihilists, because you'll keep trying to take those people down too, I mean they're gonna, take down a statue of elephants. Gerald probably I mean that's. I think there was a kind of provocative provocative next to the kitty suggested that I sort of like toper
we should, because we got kind of cheerful and fun here. I need to bring its down as we end, because the The war on the cops, the war on police, culture, the be funding the police movement and the body blows. Adele to serve police act and police mood and spirit, and all of that speed with which our cities are apparently disintegrating is terrifying. Three cities as well in New York. Atlanta and Chicago saw this Chicago. Of course, it's nothing new, but saw this wave of shootings and violence in which children were killed for being in the wrong place. A throng I'm a kid in Atlanta, near the Wendy's, where Russia
books with some was stopped by the cap. ups and Chicago a kid visiting her grandmother who was who was shot again, cost Somebody got into dispute with somebody else, people were sure how many people were. In New York, four thousand to forty two, we can be in Chicago and also Russia. Eleven year old child in DC was shot and killed over the weekend. Rather, I think an eight year old in Alabama solely was like four five children over the weekend, calibre in New York, of course, the main story in terms of chain. Aside from this budget, cut that perilously swarms gonna go through that sixteen percent was disbanding of the plain clothes unit whose purpose is to get guns off the street or to deal with illegal guns.
And so what do, you have happening three weeks later, a rash of of shootings with with with illegal guns, when people I do not fear punishment or do not fear the cops, the Faro quality of the Hobbs in human nature. Her starts emerging, I dont think any of us but it would come out. This fast does, you must think it would have come out this fast now this this is shocking and I wonder where the narrative goes. Now I mean can can everyone you continue to talk about the offer some police. Alongside this in this this horrific, closure in violent crime in cities and what, with without acknowledging that that that is a direct result of the war on police,
Well, the York Yorks President of New York City Council, charged with asked to respond to these shootings. Korea, Johnson, a politician whose entire political career- and I say this. Without question his entire political career exist on the basis of the fact that he is HIV positive, that's how he got elected in his district. It's his main political issue is that he is HIV positive, didn't I bet you didn't know that that was like a thing that you could get a run on and become a political power, and then the world's most powerful city anyway. Here is what he said. We all want to save city and we believe it can be done while bringing real transformational change. Let's get at the root causes
violence and move away from a model that sees policing is the only answer to every problem we face yet because you know if we could get to the root causes of why somebody shoots children having some cocker the walk pride moment. Where he pulls out his gun to wave at somebody or gets angry at someone and shoots it and does not a shoot it and the shock. Those awry and shoots a child. That's really gonna get solved by addressing the root causes. Addressing the root causes could solve this if it works Annabelle? Twenty five years from now who's gonna save the children who are gonna, get killed now, who's gonna stop the children from getting killed now This is the favourite argument of all radicals right, one when presented with cold hard facts. It's just like with socialism what we haven't really done it yet so weary that you can't really argue these facts with me, because we're not the situation where the facts on the ground or what are what we are arguing for an I thought,
We saw this in New York right eye and I saw this a little bit in other police departments through better thing about defending the arguments for they haven't you funded them. Yet you cannot blame this wave of violence anti funding because they still have their plenty totally missing the larger point, which is, of course, if you, if you publicly, announced that you're gonna do fund an entire arm of law enforcement, and you you know you. We put targets on their backs culturally, socially, it's gonna change how they do their job, even though they are yes, the public servants they swore an oath to protect the public and their doing the best they can, but to argue that, just because the the actual legislation hasn't pass and been implemented yet means that the culture hasn't shifted dramatically is is absolutely ridiculous sees you know, of course. It somewhat. What we're seeing in all these stories from cities is is that the crime wave is taking its toll worst on,
porn minority neighborhoods right. So one what's gonna happen when, when mothers and fathers and people in those neighborhoods come out and were scared to death and say that this has to stop why I can't I can't live like this, you what we need. We need police here well in that mayor of Atlanta said, you know, turned day younger was shot near. The Wendy's said you know, you're killing your killing her own people. Now you can't do this is terrible, so there is also something wrong with that message, because it's bad way if lives should not be. You know that we don't have these gradations of light. In fact, that is that the moral centre of the black lives matter movement when it's not being radically marxist and extremists. It is just that point is to say
as society. It ranks the value of life. In that way, people suffer, and so I felt I was really annoyed with the way that she handled that, because you know she fire that the police chief left she's had a lot of you. No disruption, chaos in Atlanta sense and you know she's. She didn't talk about talking. Root causes. She didn't talk about the fact that you can't go on university avenue near thy Wendy's without gangs of people who have weapons shooting at your. Like that. That's a problem! That's on her! She is not police. She is not maintaining order and say the inner city. So to say: oh well, you have to stop because now it won't, one of us was shot that that is not the right message at this time and of course there is There was the interesting story in Seattle, where the of the young, the young activists was, was killed, run over and killed by a car, and there the sole aha. Someone ran over and killed an activist with his car until it turned out that a the driver was black and the activists is wide and be the reason,
but he was driving the wrong way down a one way street and speeding was because this act the vesper gave had closed off the ramp. So the express way that He was trying to enter to get home and he probably in a rage. You know Betty the turn turned around and zoom down a block trying to find another way to go and then hit somebody with his car looking also lest he might have been fearful for his life if they are surrounding it ours and shooting apparel and smashed and shortly We don't know what historians, but the central point was that everybody was preparing for the notion that some white supremacist had you know, had arrived in Seattle. Little was looking like the guy and Charlie well to bow down. You know and activists with his car, and that was not the story, but we have five hours of weighting of of of the prep the preparation that was to be made to create a new martyr in the piano in this
Bartered a moment and life just is more complex aided and we are going to have this cognitive dis that's thing where it's like you cops are all evil. Protect me save me. I hate you, your garbutt, if you're wrong, is you. You know you're suppressing me, save me from my next door, neighbor, because he has a gun. Why think? Where they were the discussion that is going to shift to us? This is gonna, be ok! It's yes, these these neighborhoods or dangerous because of what's premises With that yeah, you know, and you have the facts to scan with your narrative. You move to attraction rise, abstractions require facts to justify their product. Ok, we have to come So we're going to conclude on a on this incredibly loan up, but I I promised, are our friends: got em, we're God who is producing the packet
this week, in those absence that I would discuss the fact of Hamilton they, Broadway Musical by Linda you Miranda hit Disney Plus on Friday and and ready, has become the subject of tweets by various people saying that Miranda's Uncle Tom, which is interesting way of putting it senses, actually hispanic. So I don't know how he could be an uncle Tom is Uncle Tom for apparently report. Pray for letting up black men plague, Jefferson, Andor, Jeffrey, in Washington and errant bur and various other things, but that it out because this because Hamilton dismounted denunciation of the american experiment, but a tribute and salute to it that it is there for in our work of Bob a white supremacy also and theirs, a lot of this over the weekend
not seen the film, which is a film version of the of the poor I've seen the play three times. I have listened to it, five hundred and seventy five thousand times. It is one of the great pot works of popular Culture in american history Anybody got anything to add to the council. The effort to cancel Hamilton had has has he spoken as he countered any this yet no, no, I'm sure he's not dead. I think he is I did not go engage with it. My main lies. I mean it, I'm not as anyone surprised week. We were. I some people are talking about this, yet we, I think we might have even mentioned on the pot guess a month or so ago, like we'll Hamilton, be cancelled, I mean, of course him well, of course it well I'm or efforts to consolidate its. I think it's kind of like d J K, rolling thing where it's too big to successful to actually cancel, but there will be people making the argument
It should be. I do think this one thing, which is that so there's this people set a cosmic set at Cairo more offering our markets to set it. You know Hamilton premier, twenty fifteen, you could never do it today couldn't be done today because it's out of keeping out of step with the times- and I think there's a lot to that- and I think that One of the interesting ways in which we have to look at this is that lemme Miranda coming his fathers of democratic political could solve the New York caught. You know winter wanted the hunter, The high school in wesleyan- and you know, is a traditional liberal. Leftist our tax law that, but that we were enjoying the Americans. Even people on the left were were work, put in a complex position by the presidency, a Brok Obama because up
if Obama's not only is implicit message, but almost explicit Anna was explicit and twenty. Sixteen at the democratic convention, others was a barrack is a better place now, because we elected a black President, and this is a sign of how far we ve come and we still have a long way to go in there is this problem that from the other problem. Nonetheless, This is where we are, and this is how this is how this works and that remember. Michelle Obama sing in two thousand eight. She was never proud of her country before she saw that it could possibly nominate her husband for president. So this is the ultimate question here which is, is this a conditionality was this- is this? Was the patriotism of Hamilton this national pageant about our founding an expert, of an entirely conditional foreign patriotism that only works that you only celebrate the country when things are going. The way that you want them to go at the moment at which it's going.
Similarly, I think we can say that this is one of that, when one of the reasons that I I thought trumps convention speech was was awful and that his inauguration speech it was awful. Was it had the same quality which is like people like me? you haven't been tried and been in charge at people like us, haven't really been in charge of this country stinks. Now it's thinks and its accidents, so now we're gonna make it better, because it's not great me more because it sucks cause, I'm not running it. Well, that's not me America's America's it's a two hundred and forty year old country as well. The oldest surviving political systems on earth. Now it's a young country rose tongue, but how young it is actually not young any more a hum. its young in some fundamental percentage of nature? That's not the american understanding of nationhood, which is that the nation is a is, is based on an idea not honour not on a location and.
but I think it's an interesting thing because we are now back in the entirely conditional. America stinks cause trumpets President, that's what I hear my fur David from saying it's. What I hear MAX boot saying our former colleague, you know. I hear all these people saying America's terrible now and it's now, because one guy became president who is probably going to lose in November. So it'll have been four years. Will bill experiment the american people will, let's say it happens, reject it will ever ejected this experiment. I guess they can go back to being patriotic, then or is or or well this now, because there was always a contingent that thought. Obama was not progressive enough and they are now in charge on the left, as we ve seen with other amid this is where the council, culture really will pay,
self to be if a more sustainable thing than even in a bomb, a presidency with all of its optimism about raise, I dont think they can go back to saying. Well, they everything's fine, now cause we got that terrible orange man off in out of the White House. I really don't think so. I mean that's it's pretty negative view, but I'm I am committed. I agree, I think I at best patriotism it will be conditional. I think that with the default is that patriotism itself is problematic and java and that's pro back, of course, because of the right and certainly the serve. The trumpets right is certainly going to turn anti patriotic in the event of his defeat they will say you see they wouldn't let us run it, they wouldn't let us they have to stop us there in charge. This country is finished, everything is tat,
herbal and you know they stole it and they stole it too. So so you're going to have the right, hating America and the left hating America, and that's why you got to subscribe to Terry Magazine, because we will continue to wash and support and keep the candle burning. That's what I mean when I say: keep the candle burning. That is what I meant We started this pike ass. My start, using this phrase, people ask me what I mean I mean the candle is the United States of America, the West, the ideas, the west, the foundational structure of the West end so that's why we're here and and and we're gonna get through this. It's gonna be hard. It'll be a long hard to talk, Trump wins and losses at Biden. One hundred and twenty five and losses cancel culture. All these forces of the centripetal forces trying to tear us apart. and we're gonna have to show them down, so before the absent no arrangement for the present a green wild, and
Christine rose and I'm John Ports and, as I said, keep the camel Barney
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