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2021-09-15 | 🔗
California Gov. Gavin Newsom easily survives the effort to recall him from office. Are there lessons for Republicans ahead of the 2022 midterms here? Also, the revelations in a forthcoming book that Gen. Mark Milley conducted his own foreign policy and violated the chain of command under Donald Trump.
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Some guy welcomes. The commentary magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday September fifteenth twenty twenty one item drama the editor commentary magazine with me, as always, Senor writer pursuing rose and high Christine hygiene? ass, associate ever nor Rossman High now hydra
as a result of May, be able to join us in an old podcast, but where we gotta go ahead without him. So too big stories today, one is the governess and recover Palfrey survived the recall efforts against him pretty much in a blow out landslide yourself. What was originally seen as Zadok effort to use California is bizarre. Recall provision against the governor against the guy who had gotten almost sixty percent of the boat in his first election has proved in the end to be as quixotic as it seemed at first, the polling over the summer had somehow suggested that he was really in trouble and there seemed to be various ideas. Why how he got himself out of trouble.
Clearly, everybody in the Democratic Party was worried. He was in trouble. There was a huge push on his behalf in the last couple of weeks. Joe Biden was there with him on Monday and and generally? It appears that when you asked whether you would like to have gathered Newsome recalled people, the sum FED up with various things said: align enough people said yeah sure to make it really worrisome. when the focus of the recall moved too Larry elder the conservative african american radio, torture House and Democrats and Newsome were able to focus on the idea that there was basically a choice between him and elder. He got the Democrats who outnumber republicans to the one in the state to turn out in sufficient numbers, two comfortably turn.
back this effort to ask him from office. What are there are there larger political implications? The fact that no can survive in the summer survived this report My first answer: yes, and no. So, yes, so there are there, aren't there are in their art. Is this a broader indication of how Republicans will perform in twenty twenty two now- and I don't think Nobody should make that kind of extrapolation. There'll be temptations to do. That knows, but yeah think Pretty much a localised case arises up, was a referendum on covert Ragueneau mitigation measures and how the general public perceives them. Now, I don't think so, even though I think this election probably turned allowed on that issue, that's more California oriented than otherwise, but I author no implications here in part- because I am, I think rather
defensibly the narrative in in major news. Media outlets turned on the notion that govern Newsome didn't necessary. really save himself but was saved by Larry Elder being about came of it. I don't think that's fair. I don't think that's true. I think The elder performed reasonably well as a candidate. However, there is something to be said for the fact that, as somebody with as a top radio housed, didn't radio show for twenty years with a luminous record of statements on associated with that vocation. You talk about everything all day, long and say whatever comes to mind. He was a trove of comments. made him easily polarized in any figure. That could be all that contacts could be removed from remarks over there were more than a handful of new cycles that we're favoured favourable to him, based on what he had
said in the past, and there was the question on the x appalling. That I think is is relevant here. When asked, how did you vote in the election for governor if gap Some is removed from office was the second question. First question should govern news and be removed from office. Yes, now, second question: how would you both and the exit pulling singing I said that, while lariat elder got forty nine percent of those of the vote, and ninety seven percent of people who voted. Yes, he governing should be removed also voted for Larry Elder fifty six percent, people who voted no voted for Kevin Falconer San, Diego former mayor, the more establishment tarrying candidate, a much more boldly. candidate from the perspective of culturally oriented Republican, so the thesis then I'm leaning towards in its down to four a hundred percent really well
but it is. Nevertheless, there are some indications towards it. I'm gonna explore it later today. Is that report friends might have done a lot better, in this race. Had they picked a boring. Nor more pulling quote republican managerial figure rather than somebody who's. A cultural lightning rod who at speaks to the basest instincts which are entirely cultural and not very political, can't conventionally political? and that that's a lesson that Republican should perhaps internalize moving for. I think That's actually that such a good point- my sister, has been a California resident for many decades now, and I talk to her a lot about California, politics and a a less flamboyant leak of culture, warrior style Republican would have answered what I think for new some shit still and for all progressive Democrats, and fortunately those in California, should have on their minds now, which is that just because he was able to survive a recall challenge doesn't mean that the structural just had a
actions that a lot of California residence, including California, democratic voters have about their state and about decisions. Leadership have disappeared, so I'm talking about housing costs, I'm talking about crime rates and about fires on all those three things which really are on the minds of Californians. He has failed he's either pretended to be helpless, even though he has a super majority in his state Senate of Democrats or he's kind of done, the technocratic. Progressive response to. Oh it's climate change. Well, maybe it's that you cut the fire fighting budget, because that's what you did as governor in and so the outcome, Fires might also be a result of that same thing with housing prices. I mean, I believe, a correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it it's the most one of the most expensive places to try to buy a home in this country income equality at the state is really vaster their allotted these issues that middle class and everyday California. Voters have on their minds still, even if they kept him. For now
broader democratic. Progressive message in California is really floundering right now, because on the ground, it's not levering when its promise to the people, I think what's interesting here- is that if obviously, if no calling him look, I don't know why dont look, and I think that such Friday, unlike Newcomb, he's got now. He still here anymore, like done time Newcomb, who is one of the first California, has ever heard of a picture for the dodgers when I was a kid, but that obviously of new some had had lost, it would be an earthquake and it would suggest it would suggest that does something massive had happened to alter the political trajectory of the country in the wake of covert that that had
on somewhat unseen. You know in in blue states out that didn't happen, so the dog didn't bark is actually very important, not just in relation to what you were saying about falconer whose obviously, like a serious potential candidate of the mayor of the Second largest city in in California, I believe, I think said he has the second largest city may be the third serious guy. But that's not how recalls work right. This is a populist measure it was begun as a really as a result of a symbolic moment, elite verses, regular guy moment when New Newsome was about to say it again. When Newsome was caught at the french laundry, the most expense, seven- fancies restaurant- maybe in the United States- unmasked having a party while everybody else in the state was locked down and so that the that the impulse
this was an emotional impulse about the Miss Behaviour of America's elites and therefore wasn't actually going to find a proper focus in the notion that, if you, if you found, if you could somehow cohere behind a creditable candidate who could face, New some on the issues that Christine just laid out, he could actually battle the guy sufficiently so that a bunch of people who might otherwise go away what the hell is going on here. Why recalling another governor might have said Maybe we should give the skies falconer a chance. even though you know we're Democrats and he's a Republican, so in that sense its important as it corrective against the idea that a populist rage is a force strong enough to sweep out people in blue state.
and other pulling data that are, of course, of interest which gets too larger question that we have to face ourselves trying not to live inside the bubble of our own opinion and the people that we are most concerned with. Is that vaccine mandates and things like that in the eggs. Appalling showed up as something that were positive, about which there was a positive, and we have heard from supporters of Biden and people like that that his proposal for these mandates was something That was a seventy percent issue in his favor and that Republicans were being not so go crazy over vaccine mandates. More than seventy percent of the population is vaccine what why today, in all things being equal, what are they care, whether the
a minority that is doesn't want to get vaccinate. Does why a vaccine fact they might care more that they aren't if they went to the inconvenience and even the psychic fear of doing it if they weren't comforted, the thought of the vaccine, but they didn't anyway and hear these other people doing it, and I think we need to take that pretty seriously like. I dont think that you can just say: ok well, democratic, her mandated Republicans aren't and all that. I think that I dont think that Biden can make a stake. A plausible claim that he will be helped by pushing vaccine mandates because their wildly popular, I think that the republican and conservative contention or belief, that vaccine mandates are going to form a yell kind out where the where these rules are going to form some kind of aid. an accelerant to populist success in twenty
when he too needs now to be looked at very carefully? Because, That's where Noah loves this analogy. That's where the vaccine mandates might be the caravans of twenty eighty, nine in reverse phone publicans and other words like Trump use. This populist issue, thinking that it was going to save hit his party from disaster in twenty eight in they didn't Republican, seem to think that these mandates might be an accelerated to help them in their efforts to take the house Then maybe we take the Senate and I think they need to look very cautiously now at that as a winning issue for them and made me soft pedal it because it may stimulate as many people to vote against Republicans as it might stimulate. Republicans drag themselves over over broken glass to get to the polls
next year. Well, it did. I think it's such a good point, because there is a way to talk about government over reach with the mandate. That would be in a broader context of what I think, a lot of voters, and not just republican voters but independent. A moderate minded Democrats when I hear from some of these leaders Newsome included and that's about the sort of breakdown of the social contract. Feeling that a lot of people have and they're not even Trump voting popular. people, but regular people had that the government isn't working, it's not doing when it says it should the people who led it are profiting off of it and lining their own pockets and doing their own thing without regard to the people's actual needs there in that a special interest. What does your teachers unions since whenever it is, there is a general dissatisfaction with the way that our social contract is working right now between citizens and in government. It at this particular time. Federal level, but at state level is, as California shows, so there's a way. I think for conservatives and Republicans to talk about
federal government, overreach and mistrust of that overreach. Within that broader context, I'm not sure they're going to manage to do it, but I agree on. I think that could be quite a backlash if they decide to make it all about the vaccine mandate, because, as is our popular the bag, writings or copy, People do not want to end and go back to normal to so that's another factor, but somehow we ve gotten into a phase and its partially. this being so very on line and being somebody who watch it being that sort of people not ass, I mean the chattering classes like what these things on an hourly by an hour by hour basis. Seventy six percent of the country over the age of eighteen is vaccinated. Now has gotten at least one shot. The vaccines are popular, not unpopular, and I think a lot of republican seem to have themselves, even the ones who were vaccinated into the idea that this is some kind of popularity lever and that they misunderstanding like, as I don't think people,
are going to vote on it as a primary issues, even possible that the people who vote on our primary issue would be anti. Vaccines are people who are suspicious of the vat in our even people are suspicious of binds executive overreach. That may be the case, but the fact is that it seventy six twenty four right now by the time the election rules around chances are good. That more than eighty percent of the country will in fact have been vaccinated. The idea that this is going to a winning issue for Republicans is demented again. Executive of reach is a different thing and I think Christine you went to that very carefully harshly and it's the right way to look at it, which is the saying and doing things where he says I don't even know if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm doing it anyway and That is something it may make people uncomfortable now. The problem is that he is now the third president in a row to say this.
so. It may now be the new normal. The idea that you're going to punish Biden for saying I'm not allowed to do this, but I'm doing it anyway, because screw those other guys Obama did it Trump did it by the dozen, that's now thirteen years of people doing this. we can argue about doing us. Everybody was sort of surprise when Obama did it and he got away with it. Everyone. A lot of voters didn't like how Trump went about it and Biden was elected to role that back. That's, I think, where he is over, reaches a political mistake. I would contend that none of them got away with it. abandoned and get away with. Darker, don't from can go the travel ban, Joe Biden didn't get away with it. Eviction moratorium I'd, be very surprised if he gets away with this vaccine. Now that I think it's it's contradicts the constitution in ways that are unacceptable and yet that's wrong. So say it's wrong. I don't really care There is popular, not that's. My job and you'll have to get a little time at your exactly right. What about what I'm send your both right and and and though,
really wonderfully succinct way of of of responding. Now I write these things These over reaches our through our art, struck down by the court doesn't mean that the Overton Window wasn't moves, so that it is acceptable for a president now to do something that he himself says is patently unconstitutional. I mean nothing. Not to get like all. You know Google about this, but I'm somebody saying I had this is unconstitutional and I'm going to do. It would want, then grounds right. Therefore, impeachment like that, is you swear an oath to uphold the gun. Lucian, you say in an interview. I cant do Dhaka because unconstitutional- and you say I'm doing it anyway. You know you know anymore serious time or something like that like that, that would have been, we would have an effect in a lot of people did say. This is you're breaking new ground in an executive overreach, and this is pretty horrifying and yet
here we are now and clearly, I think every every president is gonna have this arrow in his quick upper, because it is incorrect. The police, adaptive to calm your base down by saying I'm doing even though I know what's wrong to satisfy you, that's how much I love you. I love you so much that I am going to betray my oath of office in pursuit of fealty to you, people that is new I mean it's new and maybe maybe it'll be reversed and ate them, and once more millions of answer. Whipping democracy is not yet service remit Maybe they do it with the understanding that they're gonna be saying from the consequences of their actions by the court.
So. Once again, we have a situation in which parliament is now. The Congress has been doing this forever. Just to be fair Congress passes legislation with the hope that you know sometimes that the courts are going to rein in the worst part of what we just did. You know like this would go It'll be lit a gated and look if this provision is thrown out the rest of it still stand right I mean that's the whole. I understand this is a complicated questions, a little, let the let the soul, The unelected people over here figure at all out. They weren't supposed to do that either and they clearly have set the standard by which you know by which the executive branch now believes that it has the right to work or some of the political right to behave. This way, but you know navigating that minefield or threading that needle
It is a matter of deep political sophistication and clever messaging and everybody being on. You know, one being on the same page right, which is partially. What knows talking about relations? California and how it was serve all over the map and how what why I what? Why was he being recalled right like it was all over the map? in two thousand three great Davis was recalled for very simple reasons, which is that people could run their air conditioners in the summer, like There were brown, they were literally managing brown out legally mandated blackouts of people during the day like they were living in you know, Zambia and the generator in the village kept going out. if you will like we live in California. It's not was to be like this, and that was very simple. It was a very simple and practical, like. What on earth is going on. I live in a first world country in the state that was the future of America and life.
at four o clock in the afternoon. I dont have electricity for three tat is still an issue like that, still applauded California. They still have grid blackouts and they have had them leading up to this letter in a minute. That's not a problem that was involved, and I quote the AIDS noblest. They quotas at issue yet nest and there the candidates. There was a candidate that was who was interesting and an unusual and clever, and there were hostile candidate to Gray Davis to the Democrat on the ballot in the recall. So there was Their work, if you were a Democrat and you wanted to vote again and you were mad- a great davis- you actually took place to go together than Schwarzenegger, but you can vote for the recall. That that didn't really Joe, but but I'm just saying that if the Republicans need to focus on executive of reach or Biden turning into, they need to do it well, and I dont see that this party is does anything particular
Well, because there will always be Marjorie Taylor Green, their comparing Biden too. You know Hitler or Santos. Or something like that, and then you'll have this, that you know it whatever. Then you'll have worn Bobo, shooting a picture of Biden with a gun and and everything will just go haywire you now, but I'm just say like this is correct the moment. This is a good of course this is a good moment for people who are looking both to inhibit the Democratic marched toward the billions of dollars of, trillions of dollars of new spending? All that took to laughed cold water on their face and then look anew at how it is that they need to proceed here with that. Let me talk to you guys about our friend David Bonds and at the bonds and group and his two news letters the dizzy today: dot, com and dividend
afraid that Palm David is interesting in many ways and his perspective is interesting, may ways he is now. but the leading voices in America. On the question of the long term consequences of inflation, it has now become, big axiomatic among in the entire chattering class that inflation poses a huge risk to Joe Biden. David views, the long term risks the United States as being deflationary following the japanese example of the late 80s and early 90s, and he lays it out very carefully and and deliberately it doesn't mean that month by month the inflation numbers in the United States might not be worrisome, but he brings a different perspective. It's very important to hear it. Listen to it, take it in and see whether
like I'm talking about correctives to conventional wisdom when we are talking about the recalls and all that it is important to have your views of this challenge in this way. Go to that. See the data come gotta dividend CAFE that come to subscribe to the bonding groups, those letters, that's the bonds and group the antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services and management industry. no. I can you so though, We now have the league, the Bigley from The one word, the new book by. Bob Woodward and and and Robert Cost of which is called out an old. It's called peril danger, confusion, horror, threat. If anyone can remember Bob Woodward Book specifically by its title that is kind of amazing. The only one that I remember bite us I from all the president is wired, because that was the one about John Belushi, very uncharacteristically.
him, but every year enough without a book with a one single word title I picked up one last year I picked up one yesterday is a noble, which was the last time book, and I literally cannot remember what one word to you. So I don't know what this book is called it. It's the woodwork cost a book about the last, the first in the last three months of the term presidency in the first three months of binding presidency. So it's book by Hoodwinked Costa, and it has this one General Revolution, Harold Para ok, how are you really are not going to remember the attacks on Harold only packs all- and I remind me in fifteen minutes, because I'm gonna forget that it was peril. Ok, Noah Chairman Jesus F Mark really is the subject of this major league. Can you enlighten us yet sure well First of all, I want to stress that these are
allegations as much as MR one word. Mr costs are very good reporters its their word and well, that's probably very little for us to second guess here. We shouldn't taken us gospel. Nevertheless, the allegations and therein Mcnally's attracting some interesting people on is on his side, as it were just saying. You know it's cool down like senator cotton. For his own reasons, perhaps, but the allegations are rather serious enough. Far as I am aware of them, they are twofold: one that the for the end of the trumpet ministration in combination with Donald Trumps, rather hostile rhetoric towards the Chinese and a series of naval exercises,
in the south. China Sea on Beijing became nervous to the point that intelligence began to indicate that they were preparing for a pre emptive american strike on appeal. I targets and Molly took it upon himself to execute a back channel conversation. a b l, a general with too many has a friendly relationship and if they ve met each other several times. I came across another piece in it. China Morning Post, but how they work towards this. The fence sites and he was coming down about the gaunt- represent a threat to them. So they have this. This personal relationship and according to their reporting, General Milly. Upon himself to reassure the Chinese that there would be no pre emptive strike on piracy targets and in the event that the United States words,
to pursue hostilities against Chinese that he would give you give him a heads up like they were getting up a for warning from him personally that such an attack was imminent, and there are a whole lot of reasons why that's very troubling an ex well beyond his remit. First of all obviously disruption kind of command and also it introduces a whole lot of variables into the very complicated process by which states conduct themselves and by which states measure them threats against them and how they prepare for them and whether geostrategic durations are and whether or not that actually makes the Chinese more likely to engage in a print pre emptive strike in order to preserve their. Abilities, which are far more vulnerable and yadda yadda yadda. The bottom line is Not only was it not within General Billy's purview, but he doesn't seem to a fully considered the GEO political ramifications,
by introducing this kind of a variable into the way that the states assess their own threats. Ok Second allegation hold on hold on hold on: let's, let's stop there, so that is the substantive defence defence or explanation of what would merely did. The Chinese may have misinterpreted things that were going on worried that was something was gonna happen and Milly decided that he needed to make it clear the Chinese that nothing would happen under his watch. Are they Marshall or military fashion towards China? So China could could come down right back channel? Don't worry. Ok, which could have the perverse effect of actually heightening their anxieties. Well, of course, because. Someone is calling and saying.
Don't worry I'm here to make sure that the crazy isn't gonna happen from the psychotic in the White House. means that that's on the table, and I That's our blood from the opposite right hidden. If you want to preserve that, you should engage in a pre emptive strike yourself. Yeah yeah, I'm worried about that too. But don't worry, I'm not gonna. Let that happen. Ok, now you're laughing Joe Biden, better fire the sky, I'm sorry doesnt, even the worst. That's not even the worst thing. How terrible that I live in a world of delegation I know, but we need it. Can I Can I can I just don't think I'm saying is off. The train is doing things that cannot be done. This is
sort of thing that regular arises. What we keep talking about a coup right there, maybe they'll, be a coup. Cod trump wants to have a coup and have a coup. This is the kind of preparatory behaviour for cool like actions by people in uniform they arc. He is communicating out of channel with a foreign with a potential enemy for to create some kind of a pathway that is not approved by our system. It would anyone elected in the chain here he cannot be allowed to stay in office and Biden will be making a gigantic mistake to let him stay in office. Even if we did this, because you so wonderful and any say, hated trumpet trouble so terrible
tromp was a threat. The marked democracy like there is no reason for him. If he is not disciplined, there is no reason for him not to say. Oh, my god, you know Joe Biden looks like he's slipping into dimension in this twenty figured out, they're not I welcome the way for the memorandum- I'm not even the cabinet. I better call the Chinese until Don't worry, you know what what can we do to make sure that something terrible doesn't happen? Sunlight and she's, like the dictator of our military policy in the United States and we have in the past been regardless of party there, strict about the sort of thing I mean Remember- General Stanley Mcchrystal he was fired by Obama for just joking around to reporters about about thing. Joking, like this wasn't even a serious back channel effort to undermine the chain of command fired immediately. Then the eye the other. We should normalizes cause, as you say, because I happened to be binding, friend, friendly and and hustled trump should.
That's a very bad precedent and he really should, if not resign, immediately be forced to, although from what I've seen so far of the coverage of this there's been no effort to do that, but you knew him highly ideological. The moment he had that outbursts and Congress about White Nationalism right, wait away. Relish I mean that's, that's a sort of thing you don't do, especially to the branch and a branch of government that year Nope not subservient to buy and nevertheless beholden to have a kind of any real logical out personal get alot of flak for them on the right and deservedly so because it wasn't within his remit. He believes that his remit was much broader than what is it Stripe should have allowed him, but the on briefly gonna. U can so, which one say when they readily, but that this is not the worst allegation go ahead. The worst allegation is the following in the direct quotes according to Woodworking Costa
The Donnelly according to a transcript of the call that he was on how between lawmakers and democratic lawmakers and enhanced of said. Both the president alone can order the use of nuclear weapons, but he doesn't make that decision alone. One person can order it. Several people have to launch it afterwards. He's summon senior officials with the National Military Command centre over the procedures that would relate to a nuclear weapon, the use of nuclear weapons- and he told us Here's what you do the procedure. You do the process, I'm part of that procedure talking about enemy, sure. He was in the loop assuring lawmakers and assuring them that people in his command that the president alone does not command nuclear arsenal. Now, let's being
Just about this and clear about this, it is true that the present United States commands and nuclear arsenal. It is true that he target selects. It is true that he says in a let's weaken, execute the strike, and that is his command within him himself. His person alone? Now the Miller is obliged to not follow unlawful orders in so far as that relates to just about anything, including the presumably a preventative, pre emptive nuclear strike. First strike you can have a process by which officers would reject that. But this isn't something that would have been the we're talking to extraordinary circumstances already, obviously so extraordinary. That has hardly even in vision, but the search answers that would lead to something like that would have to be so profoundly extraordinary so as to avoid a literal mutiny it's hard to imagine them and what General Milly was involved in there was
much closer to mutiny then add the avoidance of unlawful order, because nothing is on the table and The president has such profound an unlimited powers of target selection and launching that than unlawful order is hardly and vision when it comes to a nuclear strike it with the exception of one on your own territory. I can't even imagine the circumstances. That you would say. Okay. This is clearly an unlawful strike prohibited by law by the United States Congress. So which are only was engaged. In my view, it is most certainly qualifies as mutiny at the very least abrogating the chain of command and assuming those responsibilities upon himself for which he should not only be resolved, not only resigned but be forced out of his position in disgrace. I mean, of course, that the response to that would be that it. This was all theoretical.
practical. They were talking about a what, if situation, and that there was no mutiny, because there was no water. That was not. That was not followed. So you know people have the right to free speech. They have all that you know within. This is more that's why I keep telling my biding here their are going to say this is terrible, but tromp was present. You can see the deep state was working against and so much of their willing to collaborate with the Chinese and try to create a mutinous structure so that the president's orders couldn't be followed. I I wanna de politicized this a little bit. If I mean you know, looking at it, assuming that what's been described here is correct to deepen
De partisan eyes it to deal with the size of a general cannot be going around talking to the Chinese. Behind the back of the president of the United States and apparently made me behind the back of the Secretary of state. He cannot do that. That is. That is something that that person that one person not the entire chain of whatever that one per, something has gone wrong, that one person is behaving in a way that threatens our democracy. Talking about threatening our democracy that the chairman of the joint cheese, staff making unilateral policy with the Chinese that care. I'll be allowed by We cannot allow that you know. No no president can allow that he's got sitting there continuing in that job. He has. He can have no faith that Milly, exit will will not do this again toward him off
because Milly didn't like tromp, I'm sorry, we don't know what what's goin on what goes on in Milly said, and neither should he. Neither should he to say nothing of the of the self serving vanity of the kinds of leaks. If, if Milly himself was indeed leaking on background to tell Woodward and others that the vanity of his own positioning there, the way he's telling that story should give pause to any boss of this general because, as you say, it mean if he feels he is. He alone understands the situations, complexity enough to go behind the back of the commander in chief to reassure you know our enemies look. Let's not let's not prick. and that China is not at least stay, and so as an enemy of ours. The vanity and the comments have been if what word was transcribing them, as it claims to be transcribing Emily's thoughts than than that's actually a sign of a lack of good leadership just in general,
pun intended? I guess I think also that this is a this is a slower acting story than we realized like it just came out last night and we we don't know what the longer term you know, effects are going to be. Obviously there is going to be does that the binding people don't want to fire anybody for anything and they don't let em they certainly don't want to look like their disciplining somebody who was anti Trump, because their entire approach to things is that they are not Trump and all that. But you cannot look at this if you're a serious chief executive and say this isn't
Worrisome Milly looks at Trump accordingly, woodworking cost us says the President had gone into serious mental decline was worried that he, the President Michael Robe, ok, I'm just giving you the same example binding. He believes Biden Senile. Let's say what is that, give him permission to do in his own head? Let's say by does not senile, but he thinks he's seen. A lot of people seem to think by Miss Senile would, if would not go get would not be beyond the bounds of probability. Possibility that that Milly could develop that opinion. He has already shown a propensity to behave in a way that is not acceptable. Given the way the structure of the country is
we have already seen this, this is his perception. He thinks Trump has gone into mental decline with president sitting there. A lot of people think is a mental decline. The guy runs. A joint chiefs of staff cannot be an opposition. He should resign and make an announcement that, since I was in metal decline or something like that, our friend Eric Alex and makes the point that you know when Jamaica's thought that What trumpets doing was insupportable. He resigned and made a public statement about Ah, he was resigning and what was going on that made it no longer possible for him to handle this Milly He could resign and say I believe that the president is in severe mental decline and is going to create a crisis with the Chinese I'm making this public to save the country. That is that that is the respectable, responsible and parliamentary of whatever thing to do yet he perceived himself to be
so indispensable to the future of the republic and the integrity of the of the american territory in the safety of the United States? but he went out and freelance his own foreign policy, which is inexcusable unacceptable, should be heard. Before Congress at a very minimum he will have will find it. I need to explain next week he will be before Congress and it will. This is why I say: the idea that there has been an immediate. You know like Stereo like he is going before Congress, and he is going to answer questions about this. For many. Any many hours. And God knows what will come out of his mouth if the questioning is done, properly. As you say, it's not as though,
We were public wants to go for his juggler, like thereupon like Tom caught. You know there are people who obviously respect his career and service and all this even if they disagree with and politically so it. Oh, I don't. I will just have to see what happens and I might for one might be listening to the test. On my re con wireless ear buds when it happens next week. If I happened to be out and listening on and PR, whoever broadcasting on the radio cause. These Airbus is wireless ear, buds are just fantastic, their incredibly good. Looking they have this serve rubber oil look and feel they send you six gel taps so that you can find the right one to fit in your ear and be really comfortable. You can set your sound profiles, are there's a lot of base. If you
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can't be. Why are you why sealant dotcom slash commentary? Let's also talk about this question about Trump that's raised now. Telescope will move off millions or talk to talk about this notion that Trump had you know loose the the bonds of sanity. I would like more on this that doesn't come from billy- and I don't know- what's gonna happen now, but part of what we part of what would be helpful as we go forward. Care politically is to find out whether people who were around Trump, who weren't Milly, also saw a pronounced decline in his were built perceived a change in his faculties and facilities as a result of the loss of the election, and I think that is important data for
applicants to take into account before they think about twenty twenty. Four, and you know the question now is: will someone the honourable, and there is an interesting detail in apparently in the reporting and whatever the book is called peril were packs or whatever that might pants called Dan Quail to ask him what he should do, because people are telling him meaning John Eastman, the discredited and intellectually factitious I and a disgraceful law professor who came up with the idea that that somehow pence could refuse to accept the electors, People are telling him that he could not accept the electors ballot and, as
well the only living person to have had to preside over such a thing, because he was the vice president when George H, W Bush lost and he had to certify the election of the electric count for Clinton. He said. Forget it there's no way, I don't even know what you're talking about. Are you you now stop it. I don't know? What pence thinks where he's going are you know whether maybe in Gaza fantasy that he'll somehow end up in a position where he can Run for president, or do whatever he really needs to clarify this point in like a good person, would actually come out and speak honestly and truthfully about what had gone on the White House,
the final three months of the presidency. I know he's scared. I knows chicken. I dont care is now a matter of character like were now looking at this possibility of us of a third term of a you know that a third run and all that, if there is reason for people to know that that is something that should be question because of faculty questions. Somebody needs to come out and, and either either a challenge that completely and and and and convincingly or not because Trump did say a couple of days ago to a crowd that believes that this year the twenty twenty election will be quote decertify. He said it would be the sort of five. There is no such thing as dessert affiliation and our system there is no deserve. Station if he believes that is true, then a questions about his mental acuity, probity and all that are pretty
serious and if he doesn't believe it to be true, then then it's just one of these quivers in his arsenal to re arrows and quiver, wherever that he uses to ride up his days, what right, if it's true he's crazy, if it's not true, he's morally intellectually bankrupt, not nice by his pretty much diviner all this within the rubric of investigation to January six January. Six commission is lie that has subpoena power, what's stopping them? What's stopping the principles in the former vice president. will we don't know that they want a movie. I don't have we been finalized? The please I like your saying they should, and I certainly agree they certainly should. I think there are. There are a separation of powers issues. I don't really understand how they work. It regards the former presidencies and all of that. But what will
we'll see what happens. Also, I think, maybe again I'm wrong, but I mean a lot of that activity can be private right of in its latest subpoenas are not a public matter. You don't issue where a press release a thing we just subpoenaed. My pants, I mean I guess, if they'd subpoena my pensive test and washed up Lena the testimony of the appellate matter because of its value, whatever be ongoing, ashen security issue. They testify privately or the offers? Although it is deplorable that those doors we turn voting depositions retorted, my testimony, tat, testimonies, public, we're not alter stories of not along- and I was I forgive- you proposed privately sure any to testify privately, I suppose the nine eleven submission heard a lot of stuff that way. The point I am trying to make is that this was a bipartisan blue, Ribbon commission that had nothing to do with Congress, which is the sort of thing that Republican had the opportunity to to grant them premature to and chose not to be a very different story.
For them and one that would be far more politically advantageous than went thereabout to deal with one and another, to tie in a little bit about we're talking about the California earlier tempted to this issue This idea that Republicans are going to embrace the idea that questioning the outcome of every election is a good political strategy for their party is full foolhardy to say nothing of immoral, but even Larry Elder was signalling. Mattie was interviewed right before the pulls up well, we're not sure you know who knows what good, what kind of meddling could have happened, this election and to be fair. This is something Democrats have done as well. Stacy There has been the most obvious example, but this is not good, for democracy is not good to have people were, for high office juice. undermining the outcome of an election while it's going on- and we saw this with trumpet- were seeing a trickle down in That'S- that's also needs the true to his credit.
Hey, elder graciously conceded last night. He gets you say that the election without at there was no way for him to claim that it was. It was that sixty forty election, but he did say we must accept the fee graciously and its good, that somebody said that sentence again in America since it has not been used very much, and it is very important to note that this idea that elections are being stolen, that it does not have its root Donald Trump, maybe so we have an entire world that believes that the two thousand election was stolen. We had Paul Krugman, refusing to call George W Bush the president, and that kind of thing you know it's like that's it that's a thing. It's now, twenty years old, it was it was. It was, and we now have also Democrat saying that elections are Republicans when going forward will be a legitimate because of evil voting rights, restrictions that will make it so
who hard for minorities to vote, that you know that we will be dealing election So the stealing election thing is now. It is now a common tool and both parties, but he can I just now I've noticed something- and this has been even coming out of the White House. Lately, they ve started to score the right to vote as sacred, which I think really interesting that the rhetoric around voting rights because of these sort of partisan nature of the legislation there trying they ve been trying to ran through Congress to call things sacred should not be done in a mundane way, and this is how we are now having these discussions, and I just I just put that other cause. I've noticed it now more than on more than one occasion, most recently on the White House from buying so now the sacred right about very sacred, so sacred, really I
Find I wanna go back towards our general theme of a crushing morality is we know we talk about how our red listener and twenty seventeen wrote us and said you know their Alison, I guess it is there so much crushing veracity, and so we serve adopted. This is our as our slogan. Say, like the last two or three weeks have really like slammed me in the morality department. I just wish that there was something good to say about anything, that's happening anywhere. Can any. Can you got I mean, so I could I don't wanna be in the position of thinking. You know the kind of dark far, then I am an optimist, but the nor Mcdonald died. So I can't I can't do it to act like forty, eight, more hours of morality, web browser but fair enough
now you got anything for me in a cosmic sense. Things are really that bad Tell you I mean you turn the lights on the lights Turner, watering down for you right. Without more some thoughts about the ability and would therefore I mean like in the broadest general sense in Yemen, where this isn't the darkness you're, ok still alive when I worried about, but let's take some stock well, and I don't want to talk to us about my box. It adds up to a point. Boxer are our second spar, third sponsor which delivers grass FED and breastfeeding beef and lamb pipe pasture, pork and chicken and wild caught Alaskan Samad Direct. Your door helping family for
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a dazzling contents on life for you to read on Monday and are more observant. Jewish blisters to get downloaded perforce begins on Monday night himself were Noah Christine, and the absence of a young woman, smile and observance of young people turn on Friday. Keep.
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