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The Pandemic’s End

2021-05-25 | 🔗
New positive COVID tests are at or approaching historic lows across the United States. Deaths and hospitalizations are reaching rates associated with a typical flu season. The pandemic is on the eve of its conclusion. The only question is when elected officials will acknowledge it. Also, the Democratic Party’s advocates in the press have discovered the real problem with anti-Semitism: it detracts from the progressive project.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Tuesday made twenty fifth twenty twenty one. I M John PA towards the editor of Commentary magazine with me. As always: executive editor, a Green Waldheim, Hydra Senior, rather Christine rose high, Christine John and associate editor nor Rossman high Noah Hydra. So if you look at the numbers today this morning on relating to the pandemic. There are various numbers all over the place and they don't agree which is we're right, so there is
Jack Johns Hopkins has a covert tracker, the New York Times as a covert tracker Abe you, your cover, trackers called. Rolled amateurs that right the one that you're that's right, that's one that I just had a habit of the ok, so I texted you guys last night to say that, as of ten p m, I think was ten p m last night, the Johns Hopkins Covert tracker case number on on your of yesterday, meaning the twenty fourth of May was twelve thousand eight hundred cases, and I then texts you and said the pandemic is over. Why do I say that
and then, because, over according to Anthony FAO Chee several months ago, he would deem he would say the pandemic was over when we reached ten thousand cases or fewer a day. Twelve to thirteen thousand is effectively ten thousand, and the trajectory is obviously heading downward south very fast sofa. If it's not technically over for now it'll be over two weeks. Ah, some of these other numbers are different right. There's at nineteen thousand number on aims odometer, the New York Times, seems to have a number in the mid twenties, but it's very hard to tell Oh, what they are measuring, whether they're doing a Fourteen day, average. I literally- was just counting yesterday's cases, not not the fourteen day average, which
even in the New York Times this case. With these twenty seven thousand cases is down thirty seven percent right, the fourteen day change thirty seven percent New DES according to the according to the New York Times, four hundred and sixteen of decline of thirteen percent, so plus Madonna Madeira, now reports that its vaccine is effective for twelve to fifteen year olds, we're getting anecdotal cases of the vaccines, viability for people under the age of twelve for kids under the age of twelve. So when, when we're done, the others in by the way is that, after all, the panic about India and Brazil, their case loads are half what they were a month ago. So
the the horror of the indian variant and all of that seems to be limited. But of course you do Have this bizarre lag bureaucratic lack where, on the one hand, this is what's happening on the other, the State Department is issuing guidance to Americans that they should not attend the Olympics in Tokyo, a murmur, because the vaccination rape in Japan is very low. Well, that's interesting because, of course, the vaccination written Japan's very low. What what it? What is Japan, anyone want to tell me what Japan is it an island islands, interference or it's an archipelago of occupants its islands and basically was closed off from the world for a year. and there was no corona there
so yeah that so you know that's insane, but I mean that's where we get the federal government. You know not speaking with one voice. Some some idiot bureaucrat, the State Department, Health Advisory Department issuing a blanket statement that people should not go to Japan, for the for the summer olympics- that it's not safe and, of course, we still have the cdc either. Fusing or not yet having changed its guidance on summer camping remains that children, an staffers, including vaccinated chat staffers, should all remain fully mast. Doors and outdoors, except when they are in water or doing extreme exercise. Can I say that I just talked to a camp and summer Camp director yesterday They are definitely taking it as guidance, not dictate, which is a very
Good thing, I think, a lot if your especially for the older teens, who are going to be fully backdated this summer theirs and the staff is all that sedated the message, he's getting was yeah we're! Not that's! That's all nice! That's that's all! Well and good. That's totally What that is long, island, regional regulations associated with that rail? The update from my lesson the estate yesterday over again, there were multilateral, worthy, multiple rip. were saying that the governor of my state was one of the few hold out her too, linked to the indoor mandate, in defiance of citys guidance, the weaken it was reported that he was you get a lot of pressure from groups that are not his constituency sir, the union's that he has been so supportive of man has been retweeting their horror over the of the remaining of the enormous mandate user can hold out much longer and that he was probably gonna move this week. So yesterday he held a press conference.
So what we ve always been guided by the science and very proud of that, and we are proud to announce now that the science suggest tat. We can lifting indoor masterminded for Memorial Day week at the science has aligned with memorial day, weakened it's probably well, then happens. Creators Providence, gods, finger on the state of New Jersey has given us our summer back. Listen! So Christina, really happy that you spoke to a nice. My guess is Goin showed Summer Camp director who was discovered all the guidance we we people who send our kids to do or summer camp are, are being informed that we need to send them with fifteen masks and they're gonna, be an pods and that siblings aren't siblings were the same camper, knock it off. Able to associate with each other if they're, not in the same cards. Now my art MIKE it's camp is, I think, it's like three three and a half weeks, maybe four weeks away. So there is plenty of time for this.
to change, but it hasn't changed yet and- and it's been what two weeks and I'm gonna, recite these numbers again, because I know that there are people who are in the hall the administrative leadership of the summer camp at my kids go to who listen to this podcast, so I'm going to PETE. What I have to say right now: the number of deaths of Americans from coveted between the ages of birth and eighteen is two hundred and seventy six, That is from January of twenty two May of twenty twenty one, the the possibility of people, under the age of eighteen, particularly if people now over the age of twelve can be vaccinated by the time they come to camp the possibility that any of them will get
hope it is unbelievably vanishingly low kids get sick at camp kids always get sick at camp. That's why there's an infirmary! That's! Why there's this was where there's that it is time for you, people at my summer, camp and people in every summer camp to take it. Has Itunes, and lift these restrictions. I know you are hearing me. I know this because I get emails from you guys some of your leadership, and it is time to do this. Because you're almost sugar and you're being crazy people, and you know why, because your listening to idiot parents who don't read the articles and are all hysterical and are the same kinds of people who say things like you can have that food in it Aren't you know in the in the dining hall, because you know what about kids, who can control themselves when there's ice cream can I can? I commend it to the whole doubt ancient
parents and in general, the anxious Americans, I really wonderful commencement addressed that was, is given by midday Daniels that Purdue University, in which he talks very explicitly, and I think it s really perfectly just way about the fundamental at what he calls. How many of your elders failed a fundamental test of leadership when he talks about their unwillingness to take your responsible risk to consider evidence The great line was that you know. Sometimes they let what might be termed them. Pursuit of zero in this case zero risk of any one contracting a virus block out. Other computer concerns like the protection of mental health, the educational needs of children or the survive our businesses pursuing one goal to the utter exclusion of all? Others is not to make a choice, but to run from it it's not leadership its application. I feel confident that he says he hopes that the education they perceived report well will prevent that in their future leadership roles. But it's a wonderful distillation of a kind of reckoning. We should start really,
Having about about how we handled covert, because if we're gonna be able to go forward without all The anxiety and irrationality Anne and, quite frankly, blatant power moves and political decision, making have to talk about what we did wrong and it's a I recommend its online. You can look it up mixed signals that produce universally commencement address. It gets to just watch on his egg. Be leaders start do your job as adults occurred. I want to bring something up its more general and fulfils off and I regret that. I dont remember where I saw this or whose point this was but You may have seen that on Sunday, the New York Times to the big piece about the about the burnt, the collapse in the in and birth rates, not only in the United States but across the globe over the last hundred years and and and what
this means that seen up without precedent, obviously- and I M done what the larger philosophical meaning of it is- and somebody- and I bet some of those who this is- and I apologize for not citing somebody said that a society that skews old is assessed Piety that becomes consumed with risk and the avoidance of risk, because that is what age does. As you get older, you get more prudent, you get more care Oh, are you? U live longer the boar risk averse. You are, let's say, or they could more careful. You are with yourself. You know you don't drive, hundred miles an hour- you don't you know you don't drink, to destroy your liver, you probably quit smoking, there's all kinds of things you do as you get older too, to mitigate the risk of of life. Someone took him here is recklessness or heedlessness herself destructiveness. But how are we
when a slice it elimination of risk, you now set up a nest, stag making sure you can have enough might live on all of that long term. Thinking to mitigate the downside of the rest of your life, a society that is aimed at the young as a society that is obsessed with opportunity and and and growth, and all of that, because that is what youth is about uses it oh uses some about possibilities. and and the kinds of possibilities that anyone might want to enjoy in the future to expand possibilities to grow possibilities to out do all of that and a society that turn from being a society of the young and by which I dont mean culturally. I dont mean like that. It is obsessed with figuring out sell. You know, sneakers with blood in them to teach
Ten year olds, I mean a society that is that is directed towards the future. is a society in which taking risks is deemed good, not a bad in which taking risks is deemed in this a necessary part of the expansion of the future. You know it Ike. It's like go by an acre of land somewhere where there is no development and be part and knocked you don't just own it. You are part of its future. You were part of making sure that that acre of land somewhere in an undeveloped place, becomes a developed place overtime and that you are not only. Somebody will benefit from that, but you will be one of the people who is responsible for its growth. And you see this and dynamic societies
proud, history all over the world, and you see it not to get ahead of ourselves in a country like Israel, which has the highest birth rate in the western world and is a is a: is a country a wash a wash in possibility, risk taking? And you know, and and and optimism about about its economic future and what it needs to do to become. You know, approach for us, wealthy and enduring country, so Abe adjust funny at. I think, I think, is an excellent point. I am also thinking about it. It's it's interesting because there is kind of a paradox here, and this is getting a little bit off the topic sort of, but While it is true that you know based on birth rates, where were were becoming an older, highly at the same time, we're stuck in this kind of arrested development problem in the? U S? Where deserve lack of
could it there's people you know living with their parents until much later ages and not taking on full time jobs and full time responsibility to living as kids. At the same time that were actually getting older, I met eyelids here's the card was I'm not sure how that plays out, but I suspect it's gotta, be a sort of you know, worst, both worlds kind of scenario, but that that place into this, also because society again that's her, looks to the future growth and possibility, and all of that is key, a full about imposing measures that make the sorts of dynamic choices that young people could make. It encourages them rather than discouraging them it doesn't. It doesnt lay regulator.
Ray burdens on you know somebody just starting out whose starting a freelance career or wants to start a small business. It doesn't, you know it doesn't start imposing mandates on them and an it I mean that want one way of looking at this is as life expectancy Lankans, maybe it's just, an absolute corollary that childhood lengthen. Somehow you know what I mean I would like you, gotta, get ready living or get busy get busy living or get ray the die if that, if your life pregnancy is fifty or sixty, because you know you get used to living your parents house when you're twenty five and close to have your life, may already be over, like you want to get our gets, you have to get things done before it's gone, but if you could serfs reasonably expect not being a sentinel attic that you're gonna live till
No eighty five reminded- maybe maybe the necessity of becoming one of those people, as you know, lessons that the argument there's another part of this too, though is that the argument of of certainly of the progressive left and actually more the Democratic Party now than it used to be the case, is that the state should fulfil some of that support of parent type role right. We should state, should forgive student it should provide a universal basic income or enough of a kind of safety were well past the safety net. It really is kind of like this providing a hand that you can hold all along the way until you get to the point where you're, finally, a taxpayer who you know contributing back rather than taking from. I feel like that. It's not just that! You have a whole group of young People who have a kind of prolonged adolescents arrested development is, as I said, but that they their expectations for what kind of social support they deserve as a right.
Have become very transformed and in an intensified in part by the past. You'd have been this pandemic curative I in that concerns me not just for the reasons you say John before just our ability as a society a kind of snap out of that and go back to a more energetic, optimistic vigour. this way of approaching the next generation. Right now I mean there. I was reading some of these. You know whether its razor about the pandemic. I mean it's, it's quite tragic: to read some young people's views of their own country and of their own future, because its incredibly, they seem unable to see an optimistic creature for themselves. Well, that's a holistic view of this theory that that actually begins to make a little bit more sense. Because part of the pandemic, the
I was that we have the bubble wrapped society for the sake of the children that was always in. I have every time we did the successive measure, some excessive risk mitigation strategy. It was always for the children and the pandemic exposed that was never for the children, but it was always for the adults and progressive parenting in a sort of the phenomenon. Progress apparent in the late nineteenth century. Early nineteenth seventys, which emphasised drawing out children's and neat potential, limiting the occurred, the capacity to engaging in conflict with your children. Limiting discipline, That's emphasising affection. That sort of progressive theory began to fall by the wayside in the late to thousands. Early twenty tends to be replaced something much more aggressive, not just the kind of overarching safety net that you're talking about Christine, but in visual interventions and individual parenting lives than the amounts for example, of the time that children spend in thirty day
is of child protective services, for example, being removed from families for thirty days. to be returned to those families. Is the intervention of the state into the into the sphere of parenting and for prompted this sort of revolution in the purple, like Lenore Scan easy with hurrying on free range, kids movement, but that at the end of it They want one out, but when you think of it, from this perspective, the decline of progressive parenting wasn't in the attempt to really safeguard children but to remove an obligation from parents, or rather at least the parents who felt himself obliged intervene in families that were not sufficiently parental. While that of look, this is of endlessly fascinating topic, because I would say that the shift from the notion that dumb children are independent actors. There's a whole series
of civil libertarian measures relating to children in the nineteen. Sixteen and nineteen seventies free speech rights for four children. Cases went all the way to Supreme Court about student newspapers of what what could it couldn't be done? It was the general proposition of american society that people who were not yet you know fully citizens and had not attained their majority did not have rights in the same way that adult have rights, and then the biased shifted to the notion that essentially choice
are sort of like little adults. They are. They are independent actors, they have independent rights and day and they need to be treated as kind of independent entities and the more left you got the more interesting this got in terms of the counter cultures, child rearing style in the Sixtys and Seventys, which was open neglect. It was. Ah sort of like the famous sir schooling projects are the fifteen street school in New York City, where there were no asses and no teachers Children running through the building all day was called sand hill theirs. I can't can quite remember the name, parenting on communes, which was basically neglect, and all this- and there were-
An enormous snapped back and snap at came a snap axe often do in a manner close to psychosis. And it was the notion that child care facilities, for toddlers, and very young children were Chile, secretly satanic churches in which children were being ritually abused in the basement by by men dressed up as clowns, which was there was a sick, if again, prosecution in New York in the MID Martin preschool case in LOS Angeles relating to this two hundred and fifty charge indictment of this family. That was accused of things that look back and it was frank, gee I mean psychotic, it was there. Were there were prosecutors who drawing three employer
without telling them that a clown had abuse them. So the three of third, for you, said the planet abuse me. The whole point here is The the general atmosphere of poem until and societal neglect of children in the Sixtys and Seventys then and into a safety regime beginning in the nineteen eighties that began on in the most extreme and crazy way, and then kind of settled, into a general, you can't let children outside it's not safe everywhere, they turn they could be killed and this. What was interesting about this is that attitude persisted and grew as everything in the United States became vastly safer, everything became safer Europe, their crime rate dropped in our safety procedures and cars. Car see everything childhood became very safe for the United States can
we're being taught and their parents are being taught to live as though they were at risk and under siege at every turn. But this is also in keeping with hours of aging society and because, ultimately, you know, adults are having kids, they dont have kids in the: U S having them later ages, so in parenting in some sense their attitudes are more like grandparents, then then than parents. You know, so it's like you know covering every edge of every table and not letting them out not yet it is. It is exactly the kind of you no risk mitigation obsession but you would see in older adults as opposed to certain young parents. I mean that's also very good. That's very good point? I am not even older parent myself. I had my first, my first shy away at our so when I was forty three and them I would have been vastly more feckless if I'd had children at at at twenty three, Arguably I would have
a more rational parents like you know, because yeah because I can see dangers, invisible dangers that I said we would not have perceived when I was. If I were twenty years younger. I have a lot of friends who had got married kids right out of high school from the community that we grew up in that was pretty common. Now grandparents themselves, and it's really it's it's interesting to see. as young parents. They were both incredibly clueless but so, really liberated from a lot of the anxiety and guilt that I think older parents take on for themselves, but trying to over educate themselves. They can kind of made it work and they made it without a lot of money without a lot of advice, and they just kind of did, but they could do best in their kids a great they ve grown up the raised wonderful kids with probably alive are things I did, and some of us are raising our shift. So it is the general The AIDS matters right so is
in essence, baby. The the pandemic is the blue, perfect example of everything we're talking about here because granted we didn't really know this was the case really until the summer like fully that, essentially, kids were not at risk from covered we didn't really. We know we knew that the old, unlike most pandemics and most infectious disease problems that the old or disproportionately affected that they were, the ones were going to emergency rooms and they were the ones dying at a horrifying clip, the ordinarily you think of a famous contagion and they hit the young first, as kids have the mature immune systems
Right, so you know polio, I've been any. Anything you want to think of was was a terror to people, because it had kids the most vulnerable among us earliest, and this was a weird shift, so it took there was a pause. You had to sort of get into the mindset that this that the statistics were telling you this thing about care about. You know kids and their lives, and yet nothing changed, because we we were still in the notion that we didn't really understand how the contagion worked. Wasn't gonna come back, maybe it would get worse. Maybe there would be variants
That would make it worse and maybe kids were carrying it without getting sick themselves so that they were like little virus bombs and our scares. You know that that may meant to keep us petrified that kid's may be brought We're gonna get her still getting at you, otherwise desert of relief. It syndrome. Damage in wind would which web has seemingly disappeared from media rom, wetware kids bidding have covered symptoms at these other terrible symptoms, right arm that that step, perhaps were linked to covered and then there were these. You know these only recently only liking to three months ago. There was this idea that suddenly kids are getting them and in new huge numbers that also never happened right, but I'm in a you said the witch made. To think this again, I think there was a point at which that was done in innocence, prudence and out of a healthy fear, and then it shifted
into an unhealthy fear, and then it shifted into what Noah's talking about where it was clear. Children were being used as a cudgel for a different set of agendas, largely an agenda about Ray setting the table in terms of work requirements and obligations and responsibilities, particularly in schools, rights of the people, who are paid in the United States, largely by public, in out by by taxes or exclusively by taxes. To take care of the use of the country wanted to create a circumstance in which their employment was, conditional on their own choice or the way they worked was a matter of their own choice, and you can see by the way in some developments over the last week or we can have not just Randy Wine garden. The head of the the F tease behave
but a build. The plaza announcing that there would be no remote option for public schools in the fall in New York City they they would literally remove. Everybody was saying, while this is going to change everything, no one's ever get out sick day anymore, because no one's ever going to get so you can stay home and then you'll be able to zoom in and do school anyway. That is not happening, they have eliminated. Note what would now, but there and bring them back, because the elimination of said already, what I've seen the eleven Gallagher now the eliminate yeah it's this can all chain. The elimination of nowadays is based on the proposition that you can teach remotely you're going to remove the pot, the apiary as now all time. There is a big difference here, John full time, remote option, are not available in New York City, where my state of New Jersey, by not part time well, we'll see we'll see anyway. I think that you know you have this. You have this phenomenon where it yeah children because
are useful tool and by the way, before we go on for a move on to others, the stuff I need to comments. You guys a p, by air and sea barium in the washing free beacon. This morning called the child soldiers of the laughter, something which is an absolute extra Mary story about a group of students in New York City who are be in used, manipulated by the city's department of Education and by the unions go around lobbying and protesting and kind of trying to intimidate parents. By being
like ten thousand gretta fun bergs complaining when parents evasion, kids are demanding that the test for the eight selective high schools remain in place. Mysteriously, these kids show up at a hearing and start shouting people down and taking their names down in doing all of this. In order and their basically just cats pause Their cats pause of the teachers unions and of leftist advocates who are who are using them as human shields. It's an amazing piece of work. You should read the errand subaerial at the Washington Free Beacon.
So I want to tell you guys about a great and signal podcast experience you should you should be having Dancin oars Post corona, which I've been telling you about the podcast that attempts to explain what life is like and what life will be like when we are through with the pandemic, There has of this week's is a highly original way to address this matter. He spent our with Daniel Gorgeous, who helps run a show em college in Israel, american Rabbi, who moved Israel several decades ago, writer thinker academic and on this,
cast he they go. They spent an hour going through the history of the relations and problems and all that between Israel and the Gaza Strip
and why this is a post. Road of matter is on a previous podcast dealing with Israel's remarkable emergence from the pandemic and wild success with his vaccination campaign. Someone on that podcast said: you'll know that we are post corona when we start dealing with the kinds of traditional issues that we've always dealt with and aren't just dealing with this, and that, of course, is exactly what happened with Gaza firing off those seven hundred and fifty rockets. The first day of the hostilities with Israel, a Danny Gorgeous, is a very interesting, thoughtful funny and clever guy, so is Dan, and if you people have been saying to me, where can I get a one stop shopping? History of
immensely complex question of Israel in Gaza, and this podcast is the one post corona gotta, you know, apple pie casts school will play stitch or wherever, yet your podcast, if you haven't subscribed already, Do so listen to this the illuminated you will be educated and you. And the hour. a wiser and saner and more rational person than you were before you start listening to it. So that's has grown with dancing or an and Danny Borders, and we thank Post Corona for sponsoring the commentary magazine. Podcast so speaking of Israel in Gaza. We we talked about this yesterday, but
really does seem like a memo, went out to kind of stop. Stop hammering on Lee, stop going openly anti semitic that maybe things have gone too far, and it was time to pull back on the open anti. So It is a sad such that you have them. You have the activists, moron actor mark rough low, who you know, is the sort of person who thinks that, because you know reads other people's lines, he has a brain and gloves to talk about the nuclear energy and to give a dead pipelines and things that you know with his second great education. He knows nothing about and how
also now described what Israel was having between Israel and Hamas as genocide and add a nowhere. Yesterday, rough low apologized for using the word genocide. He said it was to extreme and they really thought that you know that we need to be more understanding and really have a more thorough review of the situation, so he apologized. This was the most surprising development in an otherwise extraordinarily depressing week of thumb of open, Callum needs, slanders, the seats and moral aliases relating to Israel's reaction to having thousands of raw gets fired at its citys. I want to submit two examples further for the record, particularly artless, examples of how the memo is being produced in
can political culture, the first New York Times are bed from Michel Goldberg entitled she didn't write. The title attacks on Jews over Israel are a gift to the right with him, and she makes a case which justifies the title that the clause of Anti Zionism is undermined by anti semitic violence. Imagine that she writes quote those who terrorize Jews out of a range of Israel seemed to make their point for them, which is part of the historic justification for Zionism. That appears to elude her. The second step more egregious comes to us from political nightly, the author of Witches Alina Shore, who covers Congress, a politico which makes a positively Chris, then brazen case that democrats- far more judicious in
how they manage their more controversial members. It makes the case that, because Joe Biden obliquely alluded to the fact that his progressive left's criticism of Israel and virgin to Anti Semitism and one member Dean Philips of Minnesota after a prolonged silence, also said that it's time for progressive to start condemning anti Semitism is that under the sea, the choir part out loud, their silence has been deafening, albeit choosing not to name any names. It's a welcome diversion from the kind of behaviour that we ve been witnessing over the course of the last several weeks, however, the premise of this peace only exists as a result of the democratic parties. Effort to avoid criticising it's been most can controversial members, may know exactly who we're talking about Russia to leave one Omar.
I see Corey Bush makes a couple others now, because the cast his growing their good for a couple anti semitic controversies a year, a few because they are faced no consequences as result of their actions, the consequences that their facing now are probably as harsh as they have ever been. There were put offered the opportunity to damn Anti Semitism explicitly in twenty nineteen, when you're no mark made her J get another round of anti semitic comments and couldn't do it and chose instead, just generically condemn hate, as it has a broad condition which they occur, not I mean they struggle to think of anybody who reject the condemnation of hate but it was just there it's their craven this that has led them to this point and to say that they are somehow more more more aggressor in policing the round and takes the king out of it. The other melbury existence of of Marjorie Taylor, Green, who
herself and ambulatory psychotic exists, only took to justify this premise, without her that wouldn't have it. But you have you, haven't introduce that part, which is that the headline of along the shores? Peace, is the difference between Ill homer and empty g. Marjorie Taylor Green So what Marjorie Teller Green has done, and Margaret Teller Green is a despicable piece of human awful and we can get into that in a minute. But what Marjorie Teller Green has done is to liken mask mandates to the Holocaust right. So that is disgusting, but whatever it is it. It plays no role whatsoever in the question of what's going on this week, in Israel and with Gaza and she's are already been disciplined by her party right she's. U stripped of her committees, I mean she's she's, powerless in terms of yours, disciplined by the dark. Rather there
that's not, it is not. My own party, the king, had a better example after a very prolonged period of making insensitive and racist comments was eventually strip of his committees. And primary successfully and removed from Congress. Right, however, damage and there is no parallel parties. However, I think the central thing that. really. The central point here is that Marjorie Taylor Green, has an equally disgusting tweet today in which she says that dumb, a vaccine passport is like when juice got gold stars during the holocaust for solar gold stars. You idiot gold stars are what you get when you do well on a test in your six years old, which is the last time She probably ever did well on a test. They were yellow stars and yeah. So that's really great and you're a moron
we're leaving people into more moron hell and anti vaccine, or the fact that we are back in like nineteen? Fifty seven with the with the John society worrying about putting fluoride in the water in the way people are talking about this about the vaccinations, that are ending the pandemic? You know it beyond belief and seconding, but whatever it is, it is not. Has no bearing on this well However, which is about how people talk about Jews to living today and Israel and and terrorism against Israel and acts of Anti semitic, violence on the streets of the cities of results dates It is important to note that there have been very few democratic leaders, and I will say Joe Biden was one of them, so will give him credit for for making a statement that was unequivocal in its condemnation of anti Semitism, but for all of these Claude members that them
other went out was well, you can, if you condemn Anti Semitism, make sure you also condemn rising Islamophobia, so they all did it. They are working Castro. Did it Presley! You know a lot more, of course cannot bring herself to write the word anti Semitism. So she did. They got, but this idea that we're gonna quite what's going on and how Jews are being treated and hunted down and beaten in the streets as equivalent to his home, we which, by the way, is not rising and forward There have been. No, you know, there's been knows immediately. Recent spike inactivity and which has always been far far less a damaging hate crime. According to the FBI, statistics that Anti Semitism in ridiculous. They cannot bring themselves to unequivocally say this form of hate is wrong that I will look to me about the party I want to read to you and you, mail that went out from the chancellor of the
University of California at Berkeley, whose name is Carol, T Christ and an ill named person. I believe, based on, what's female says dear campus community there has been a serving increase in hateful speech and expression in recent days on social media platforms and in public spaces across our country, where recent attacks, been directed at members of the muslim and jewish communities. Are really. Can you point to me, Karel de Christ. Chancellor of the University of California Berkeley an attack on the muslim community over the last in recent recently, the Universe things demonstration condemns Anti Semitism, Comma Islamophobia, comma and other forms of prejudice and bias on this campus. and beyond. According to the Anti Defamation League, the number of physical attacks on Jews in the United States over the last ten days has re.
Than by sixty three percent. Sixty three percent, the effort to only that you that you are only able to talk about one without talking about the other when there has been no increase in the tax on Muslims in the United States, is sickening and disgusting, and that's what that's, what Christine is alluding to this notion that it is somehow offensive to to anyone. You say you know what stop attacking Jews, because that's just to limit it to particular and you know we really need to do both attack- complain about real attack. Son, Jews and non existent attacks on Muslims part of this is an effort to erroneously frame what's happening in Israel in Gaza, as the Hadfield, because you see that it's to adjust to groups mutual hatred that goes so far back and just they hate each other
much in there. They remember why Babo lines which is not at all, what's happening, is really want nothing more than to make peace with its neighbours. Palestinian leadership wants nothing more than to wipe Israel off off the earth. That is not happening, and I think what was interesting to hear how there framing went when you asked for examples of Islamophobia, the amply are often given. Is people criticising Ilan Omar because she was making statements that were obliquely supportive of Gaza's rockets? mentioning nothing you know attacking Israel for for responding defensively to terrorist attacks. Like that's Islamophobia, your attacking her because she's muslim Now we're talking here because she's running cover for a terrorist organisations trying to kill civilians of ediths- that's not Islamophobia! Well guys. Can I just ask you: are you still going to the post office still painful price for postage? Will thanks to stamp suck
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A year has passed since George Floyd was killed on the streets of Minneapolis present will be hosting the Floyd family in the White House today, and we, of course, have a ten million up ads and discussions of what we have learned what's happened and what the lessons are from this sum. Signature event Christine your perspective is that in policy terms, something very significant has happened that gives the lie to the insistence by the partisans I've made us on the right track that, but by the people who made that made the George Floyd case that the ultimate cause Lebrun, the United States, that there there were real world consequences.
give the lie to the phrase black lives matter. Yes, it's all in the violent crimes to texts, and you can look start with many apples which, as we all know, defended its police force, and you know what was the center of of allotted, though the beating of this activism then spread their homicide rate is, is spite precipitously they have their having an touch us homicide. It's all violent crime assault. What not. This is true across the nation and all the major cities, certainly in areas where defined the police movements and act like those men are activists were the most intensely protesting, and the end result. The tragic end result is a lot more deaths of african Americans in this country. As a result of that violence an robberies and
menaces and assaults yeah, because you know the disproportionate victims of these crimes. are people of color until the metal is also got not there to wear. Democrats are now having an internal conversation about how the predictable outgrowth of robbing police forces of resources and tearing back their remit has produced more crime, and that's not good, not just because people are dying There's a lot of property crime and businesses are forcing are being forced to close, but also the democratic project is in jeopardy here. Rather, the progressive project is in jeopardy, with people like just of the Buddha. that is now just able to earn spacing of recall our proposal,
There is almost a successful primary challenges: progressive prosecutor in Philadelphia, others some push back there, but not nearly enough from voters to justify a revision of the progressive project on the cap. also say a year later. The nother effect We now all speak in this lunatic Orwellian I wish of anti racism. That has you know aimed at the new cycle after new cycle every I certainly further Paul rising the american people in a way that I've, never seen in my lifetime and the one thing I think that has worked in the aftermath of the killing of George Flood, the desert. The one good is the thing that was demonize at the time, which is the key. american justice system did what it was supposed to do in in that direction.
Tried for and convicted of the murder of George Foot, and with that we will call a halt to today's proceedings and pick it up tomorrow for a pristine, an alarm. John TAT warrants, keep the cannibal.
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