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The Super Bowl's War on Fun

2021-02-08 | 🔗
Can we ever enjoy ourselves again? That's the question the podcast crew says was raised by the lame commercials at last night's Super Bowl—and by the continuing efforts of the public-health bureaucracy to tell us we will never emerge from the COVID regime. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Monday February a twenty twenty one. I am jump on board. The editor commentary magazine with me, as always associate editor nor Rossman high. Now I gotta senior writer Christine Rosen High Christine I John and executive editor, a green wall, high Abe, Huldah So Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers slaughtered the Kansas City
chiefs, and I was struck by the fact that the most watch broadcast of here, the Superbowl famous for its some. Randy rowdy commercials than herb that cost more than the gross national product of most countries equality or were missing equality. There was entirely defining of them for the past twenty five years, which is sexy, mess there's no the code, their response to covered and two black lives matter, and everything for some odd reason. I is this is the conclusion of all connection between sports and set,
and the fact that this is something that the men watch in as her extraordinarily overwhelming numbers and therefore they are appeal to when you want to eat and not show by a girl in a bikini or if you wanna, hear it who almost anything, there's a girl in the bouquet me. And now there are no girls in the bikini is now apparently, as you know, as as evil as a as a noose hanging. You know you in a barn, ok, but can I just I meant to say there was one commercial with a great deal of sexual innuendo, but it was for Amazon's elects a voice activation device in the idea was that an Amazon and play was imagining that hurt to devise, looked like the incredibly attractive, Michael, be Jordan and, and her husband kept saying you know, elects a stop digging. The lights is the way forward. You know, there's a sea where she's in the battle with the Michael Jordan as Lex at that
the most sexual lies commercial, and I it struck me that that was actually ok, because it sexual icing technology. a man, I even when he was all covered up when she made an embryo and personal right, I'm I don't know what to make of this. I thought that you know the commercials. There were some point: ten years ago when they cross the line into. They were often I thought quite repellent in their serve pursuit of this. You know connection between sport, sex and food or sport, Saxon, alcohol or sport, sex and car accessories, and not only the camera. Let us not forget the suitable was where JANET Jackson had. The her miss had Usenet slept large gap when malfunction learned on the extra boardroom often shall end even just a year or two ago, though we were, we were talking on the group text last night.
I personally am glad not to see aging pop star is like trying to swing, runs to propose that we have to ensure like jail. Oh and some others did in the past, like I, it was nice to see the half time. Entertainments say fully clause, yeah, but it's over correction and it's not ok, one it's a fear of libertinism A fear of male sexuality and an abject terror, anything. That is an earnest anything that isn't really committed. at the moment our in which is so grievance, serious in anything at the store. From the seriousness of our seriousness is, is a threat, is pursued, to be threatening and something that that should be stigmatize. I just think it's an interesting. I mean it's a question of trying to discern how these decisions got made an end and the direction in which the advertising went. Obviously, we ve had a year in which we now close to her
a million Americans have died from the corona virus, and so the idea that you didn't want to make it just like light. All you know like light hearted like nothing bad at ever happened, that's understandable and the earnestness. I guess, is also understand on that same like coastline, eleven context where you know, can we ever be you now? Can we ever be ironic again? Can we ever left again, all of that in our nation and mourning, but that doesn't mean that you know when you're sitting around trying to forget what you're Superbowl out is gonna, be with your at age and see in everything like that that year, that the the other themes aren't someone says. Well, you know we could get the item. No, you know tat. We can Yet the king cried out, we could get Chloe car dashing too. You know either not in our to eat the three D.
Frida or three the bereaved arrow to read or whatever the hell, it was not Matthew, Mokanna, hey, but they got Matthew, Qana, hay and why. What is it about this moment? I think it is that it is now become impossible in popular culture too. Now, where the line is- and so you just avoid the law, like you. No longer is a line that I wish they wouldn't cross. New can't make a chocolate cake with manners. That was the first thing that popped up in this in the stupid man is commercial with a man this very where she was of all the leftovers into something edible, and the first thing that is on the table as chocolate cake, that's horrific, but we're not Why can't you make me I'd? Try to manage it, Sir Egg, why? I don't even know you people providing only happening your food shaving, I believe
that you listen my aunt chocolate. They make friends with our laws that no human being should ever have been able to make with gentle. Also, you can tell me that there are perfectly perfectly coherent recipes brain. Like aspect I was only were aspect. You know, Sir John, regarding your point, about being afraid, not cross. Any lines of the thing that I noticed about really is Most every commercial was that they have, they made sure to cover every base in terms of the graphics, so every single add no matter what it was. It was every family was next. You know they were camping. They were you know this beautiful Benetton. add of a family. You know out in the woods, are in the truck or or everywhere, because there's you
you don't want to leave anyone out. You don't want to you now for the possibility that absolutely anyone could be involved in anything and it was it was consistent, I mean it was it was every at. It was also weird they won era of nostalgia. That seems to have been embraced. His safe now is that we are talking about this, the ninety nine, these right you had, they wanes world. You had Edward scissor, hands references you had these men are met, us sighing fell. Reference is made. It was kind of interesting how many of the the muck cultural moments hark back to the ninety nineties There is actually a crucial element, to you, you does not related to the Superbowl you'd. Send us this advertisement for an apple watch. A thing was apple watch that had like african colors in the very first thing that came to mind me was very was the early ninetys. That was. That was the aesthetic that if you were a puppet
Some were popular culture was was everywhere. Will the United Colours a Benetton right that that's what that's? What them? That's? What aid this is my friend I'm just not that's but more eightys, but in the early, ninety nine sort of the the african aesthetic beyond was very popular. Yet the Cosby show with its introduction that was like that and done through no half a dozen sitcoms that I blow then watched every minute of thought that were that new that aesthetic, and kind of disappeared in the early nineties into thousands. So it these various algae. In that sense, wealth nostalgic in that sense will, of course, it's also if we were before in the age in which you know black lives matter in the EU, and the great the great evil is white supremacy than the cultural sign posts that I seem to be entirely that banish white supremacy entirely from from existence are now are now the only
acceptable guideposts. What I mean, what striking is these are the most expensive commercials than that are both produced and released in the United States every year they cause millions to make and they cost millions to buy and they represent quite a substantial just buying. One commercial represents quite substantial chunk of the overall advertising budget of a lot of these companies and products of things like that right. So. Generally speaking, I think you want to move the needle on sales. If you're gonna say ten million dollars on an ad you wanna see either product. You see your products, nay, enhanced or you want to see your sales go up or something like that. There's gotta be a metric that makes a valuable to be a superbowl advertiser. Am I think these?
commercial, showed that now companies have all kinds of mixed goals. With these with these presentations, like they are. They all want to get in trouble One social media. They don't want people to attack them for being a retrogressive. They don't. They want to get praise for being progressive than in the right mind, set and in the right mainstream, and they are doing so at an orphan, arms, their commercial prospects. I really do. I have no idea. I have no idea how this works or how they measure. What is a success or what is a failure with these adds? What I do know is that the political position of everything is just its job.
Everywhere. It's choking M, except for the only the only add, is clearly intended to haunt our nightmares indefinitely like what was that I dont even understand. I am the only person in America who thought that was funny. I mean for a minute, but the owner of the old milk at play a weird song, on an my keyboard in a field. I, feel them out. I thought was funny, but I gather that I am very much in the minority on this, sir, on this front, but I mean I we are never going to be free of the political situation of everything I mean we ve known this about football since column, Capron Ex Hygiene started the end and what happened at the beginning of the football season with the black lives matter stuff and helmets, and everything like that
Yet there is no kneeling last night from what I can tell her. Well, No, they had softened the bachelor Brady, how real in them on his hopes of six months ago, as you know, I mean now, sir, Will they? You know their vera they're dead? they made their, you know they took their stand and in our now they you know one endorsements. I guess I don't know, I am not sure, was disheartening, causing who cares like it's like if you over emphasise how disgusting the over sexual? commercials were you know, fifteen twenty years ago, and you saw what is the say about us as a country I mean maybe you're like take a chill pill leg.
get out, you don't like it. Fine, you now go, do something else, and now you can say well, everything is being politicized. It's horrible and it's like take a chill pill, nobody's paying the slightest attention, but I dont know: where do you guys mountainous? I admit I I I I find it. stifling and I don't know necessarily what the actual impact is on the country as a whole. From this kind of thing, but I've got to say I don't think it's good to have the population bees. of lecture at in in this way constantly. I think that probably exacerbates the kind of occurring and paranoia and, like you know, it will resentments in the country to do to be served,
Let your dad in that way, while it is It is ubiquitous. I think it wouldn't bother is at the superbowl aspect of it wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't everywhere else. Like literally you open your phone in your getting lectured by apple. You open another unit you get on Boston. Every add is telling you that you know you have to fight wait, supremacy becomes a moment, and particularly for young people, I think or who are kind of marinating in the in popular culture. They just the tune it out. So it has a weird It has a strange effect on kids who are costly hearing this it all doesn't allow for genuine criticism of things that are bad. So I got into this discussion with my kids about all the ads for CBS News seriously equalizer, which has quality, but I think we ll give us great, but the idea that a middle aged woman is go around kicking, but is a cop me I'm a little sceptical, but we were talking about the denser wash conversion and need all the different versions, the original tv version, but for them
it was very clear. It's like what you're not allowed to say that, because it's a strong black woman in the lead and that's the whole point of the Show- and I thought it He is right, and so I went on Twitter and I saw everybody commenting along those lines like how dare you she's a queen? How dare you say that this is not going to be a great reboot? Maybe we'll be. But the point is, you are not even allowed to have the conversation about whether that was a good casting choice because it becomes racial, becomes political and wait a minute worrying, so the com, full aired, And then there was a criticism of people criticising the commercial guess before they even was over This happens in real time. So get was there even an argument that was made that they were responding to or were they in preemptively, anticipating, preeminently, anticipating and even been issued. Yet, yes,
so the original equalizer, it's funny idea, so the richly who wiser, which was had one of the great first seasons of any show ever and then basically it it did everything it set out to do so. You know the ideas of there. Is this tormented former intelligence operative? Who clearly did black option fascinate people and stuff like that? Who was red racked with guilt over his behaviour, and he is we're tired and he? This move to New York, which is a cesspool of crime criminality in horror, as it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty five and he basically right wrongs as a as a kind of quiet vigilante. So this was very much appropriate to the moment set in the right place and had this
fantasy element of it, with this middle aged british guy and word- were british or italian Australia, my camera, because he had been in breaker Moran, which is strongly movie, but he himself spoke with a british member strolling accent and he is. Just kind of like being an avenging age or guardian angel outside the realm of cry out. So how is this going to play now?
I mean a weird way. You make it as it is like he's like Bernhard gets, but from the left right because he's doing it too expiate his the crimes of like ailing, DM and give up knocking off right. You know knocking off good left wing regimes and places, but for but for vigilante New York. Ninety navies vigilante purposes, I'm guessing if the show is as woke as one expects everything to be now that she will be fighting cops or she will be fighting white supremacist or something like that in some weird. Version as opposed to in our criminals on the street. Witches and that'll be interesting to see. You know how that how that plays out, because I don't know I mean look, no matter how you slice it CBS Turn CBS at night and
we're living in a time which we don't like cops. Any more cops are terrible, lacy a b and give black lives matter Alice, and why so we ve still got ten twelve hours of network broadcasting a week which is assessed liberation mental? Why innovation of the copse there's an FBI series unseen? Yes, Europe did out five and cs as there are twelve, as you know, one order as we use theirs. Nineteen. This point, you know it's like all we ever wanted. We still want to watch black, had good guy bad guy, get the criminals and in a retired I e the evil doers
stories. So it will be interesting to see how woke Hollywood tries to square the circle here, because we're not supposed to like that anymore right. Well, a really remarkable, first rate, big piece for our March issue, which we will close this week on the De Carson duration in others of the way old of wanting to end wanting to sort of ignore crime and in punishment the the new move in american criminology in them. Social order at the will probably have it out at toward the end of this week on the website and every vocation much work up, but John you're. Your point about said that the retooling of things equalizer in that way reminds me of her. What Hollywood did with lights. certain action movie. Generous
say terrorism where The we will, in the end, turned out no longer to be agents Rep, scenting american enemy, but you know some, crooked figure the american security establishment. Instead, where you now and it's a similar kind of turn. I rather the audience is particularly cared then either you know what I think is it if it's about the action that is about the action and until a vote taken either way. I mean it's funny, because you know we. We have some kind of real world version of this, where we have fight from ten years after nine eleven and the decision that we need to go hard at his email is less Islam, a fascist terrorism and liberals, and the left in particular, when the Obama administration came in two thousand nine were like nano. What we really need to do is focused on domestic right wing terrorist.
Right so now because of cuban on and what happened on January. Six allow this agency on the front page like we went the wrong way. We focused on the wrong saying we should have been investigating domestic terrorism this whole time and not you now not gone out that we now we may weave empowered this, which is interesting because it's it's taking, it's gonna, take the left in a pretty crazy direction for the left just that it's not so easy to investigate domestic terrorism, because then you start getting into whether the FBI and you know, and local law enforcement and all of this are are in in trying to codify and watch Americans in their act activities, whether they are crossing the wine into illegal, improper and unconstitutional surveillance, which watching
non american actors abroad and seeing who they communicate within the United States, which is the key to investigating. You know, islamic terrorism had about it, this quality that you were still what what was going on was something that was being organised abroad ported here and largely involve people who were not necessarily citizen, so the United States and therefore it in and they were empty, warned it now. You do, everybody is a citizen, the United States. What's the FBI, gonna do tap everybody's phone, I mean what is it? Are we going back to nineteen sixty two were Bobby Kennedy. Tat two hundred ml in phones in the United States, I mean it's a kind of weird thing: that's going on here in order to satisfy a a who narrative and not that I don't think that people are legitimately are people who, legitimately frightened end
and in all of this needs to be taken seriously, obviously needs to be taken very seriously, but when I was growing up the worst thing you could say about. The federal government was talking about the Kohen. Tell Pro programme, which was the effort to investigate domestic terrorism in the form of left wing, terrorism and corn, tell Pro became up, in other words, hearings, and it was evil. The FBI was zero m. J Edgar Hoover Word were doing we're doing evil in in in surveillance american. So, of course, have the right not to be survey by the government any waited with an interesting serve merger, I think of pop culture, where it's going and the final triumph for what feels like a kind of weird talking point to distraction
triumph, which was you know all you guys. All you all yours, Islamophobia knew just wanna know. Take down brown p bull and now it's you know- you see a vague storm. The capitals amount. Will every everybody who ever voted for Trump should be have their phones tat? Then it's also. in presenting already seeing this is presenting dilemmas for law makers on the left who so over the weekend you know my my favorite new annoying representative Corey Bush said you noted, were posted a tweet where she said she quotes Martin Luther King, saying riots, Sir, the voice of the unheard and point into a per jail right, in Saint Louis The demands of the rioters were insane. I went through and read the whole the whole post about what they were claiming it we they compare themselves to victims of the Holocaust. It's insane also could be noted that their claim this is their writing because of conditions related to covered, but there aren't covered cases as far as we talk about it in that jail at length there. It's not,
like a rampant situation there anyway, she close that and she was immediately called to account by a lot of people, mainly conservative, saying waiting. It's ok is the voice of the unheard when the people voicing it is are on your side politically. But when it's not convened, it's in there you know, say storming of capital. fine. Now there are a lot of parsing of words like is one an insurrection versus ones are right, but the whole point is that she was misusing the code in the first place, because although king did say that it was- the context of saying this is not the way to do things like riots are actually counterproductive and I still believe in peaceful protest but
This idea that you can argue for either surveillance of your political opponents or you know, rioting is fine if there on your side of the political I'll, is going to lead to a lot of contradictory statements from public officials to which I think is not going to help us reach. Clarity on these things were guys like me, a limit when we took a Bob Bob Break here to talk to about our first advertiser today. Freshly because look dinner time can be chaotic. bless me in my house. Dinner time is chaotic. I guy we're kosher. I got a vegetarian. I got some with a lot of Alice, geez. I gotta kill weeds, nothing but pizza, so it is. It is prey. the chaotic in our house and a fresh. It tells me that its easy and you can solve all these problems because their chefs take care of your meals, a few nights a week and take the pressure off you freshly offer chef made no tree impact. Delicious meals delivered fresh to your door. No
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the idea that some boy there's gonna be a date on which the pandemic ends and everything go back to normal. It's not going back to normal it's gonna on four years, we're gonna be wearing now. Three years we're not going to able to really be fully socially integrated again for years and an add on for years, however, well know it said for years in the in the Wall Street Journal story. I beg to differ that Wall Street Journal article made pretty plain both in comments from the a former director of the Centre for Disease Control and prevention. Tom Friedman, who said quote, I dont think the world has really absorbed the fact that these are long term changes going through the fate, the five phases of grief. We need to come to the accept phase that our lives are not going to be the same. do mean ever because the journal continued on to define the quote potentially lucrative covered. Nineteen industry that maintains testing
temperature, taking regimes, indoor ventilation, standard, socially interaction, restrictions and mascot in perpetuity. I would just like to point out that I loathe Thomas Frieden. Thomas freedom was the was the health commissioner of New York City before he went on to run the c b c, and he you know, did things like ban trans fats, em. I mean he d, no he was the guy who didn't want big cups of soda sold. You know it's like classic health totalitarianism. That is his games of the notion of walking around saying things like
Ah, you know, don't worry. You'll just have to wear a mask forever is very consistent with Tom Friedman General World View, which is that he should be able to stand a top. You telling you what to do and how to behave, not an elected official, not never elected to anything, nothing he's just a bully with a medical agree anyway. That's the Tom Friedman story, but it is indicative, since he is the key, waste and then article. It is indicative of an attitude in the public health world which is how you know why ever get me out of it and, more importantly, the article points out that there is now a world of deep financial incentive to the perpetuation, the eternal perpetuation of the cuban regime, because we have, I don't know what we have testing. We have people there's billions and billions.
billions of dollars trillion probably trillions of dollars worldwide, that is gonna, be thrown at covered prevention, coveted curing covered this mask whatever it is, and happy filter and you know, new ventilation systems and, however, you want to slice it, there is now what we world a lobby world of people for whom this is a profitable enterprise who are gonna, be very aggressive because they have right and reason and the health of everyone life saving. You know their life saving picou often fish right there to help you so you'll just do this forever and I help you and they'll make billions the main administration is in real trouble here and I don't think they were fully recognized the caught, the conundrum that they put themselves in
if there was a single rationale, stated rationale for voting for Joe Biden, twenty twenty eight that he would alter the trajectory of the panel he said it nominating convention that the first step I will take will be to get control of this virus. He said in the debate. I will take care of us. I will end this he's, put up positioning statements around the to that effect. but people in his orbit are speaking out about their mouth. We talked about wrong, clean chief of staff who scenes intent on calling teachers, unions Anthony felt, he apparently had a call with teachers, unions and late January saying that the president's jack of reopening schools and a hundred days is likely unfeasible in part because of these covert variance the varying set up. We have We can only assume because there's no research around them must be the worst possible thing ever that there will be no protection for, and in another the language for people a chance Aki who contradicted the sea.
See director thing. You know she was only speaking in a personal capacity when she said that it was ok to open schools without teachers getting vaccines. She wasn't they're trying to have it both ways, and this president made a pledge. Maybe it was an ill advised one, but it wasn't one he nevertheless repeatedly at Rio sure voters of that return. to normal sea and the need to use every day. His words, a degree of poaching, a degree of normalcy which has indemnified which, but nevertheless, normalcy is the goal and now they're, starting to back away from that, and that's gonna become a significant ethical issue for women. Talk about the schools forever. If we're talking at the schools and twenty twenty two, I think it hurts Democrats substantially if we're talking about the pandemic restrictions and twenty twenty two there's gonna, be a real backlash and they don't see coming because everybody around them is safety obsessed. But I say a guy, Will there there's also already to that point I think you're right now you see a shift in the messaging about the covered
leaf bill. Even just over the past year, say forty eight hours and and into this week, but we're gonna see is less Obviously, no emphasis on the by parties. It must all work together, stuff, that's out the window, but it'll, be it hasnt. We have this massive package and even though some economists, even the converse on our own side of the Isler racing alarm bells about the size of this they're, gonna useless in them terms. The same look at all that we did in the Republicans warrant on board with this they're gonna hammer Republican, saying they don't care about your health and safety, but I think you're right that tunnel have been that. That's it long time that they're gonna assume that the public soon continue with lots lot of these restrictions, which we already know. If, if you know just judging the school issues that the Tight is turning on a lot of these things and I think bridge to sustain this message that we need to have the huge relief package they have to continue. you're, not safe, yet messages well, and hence the variants, hence the humming and hung about schools now. So I think it is
extremely risky. I think no is absolutely right about that. The wrong clay away. Has she should staff yesterday tweeted out something that said? Is it sir? much to ask people to wear a mask for a hundred days to bend the curve now he was talking about Iowa, which is lifting restrictions as we speak. Ending the curve was twenty twenty rhetoric from the spring of twenty twenty about the first lock downs too weeks to bend the curve stay inside. go anywhere except to the supermarket or the drug store that were closing parks were closing playgrounds. There will be nothing for any one to do two weeks to bend the curve and the curve wasn't bent really Emily.
curve the ebb you know we evident flowed over the summer and then into the fall, and all of that we are adopting that rhetoric is kind of chilling to me because, first of all, a hundred days it's three and a half months. It's not ten days it It's almost three and a half months. So three and a half months, and we don't get retroactively date, that two January twin if the day that they were inaugurated, the Biden People- I guess it's gonna- start counting when that will leave packages passed when exactly that this first of the hundred days to bend the curve take place. and it is in the middle of Worry that's March April met we're talking about
near the end of May that were basically being told. Almost nothing is going to change now again, everything is different everywhere country, and if you live in New York, it's one thing: if you live and I went to another, but it's not a hundred percent different across the country. If you don t it lapse of cases case rates is uniform across the country is staggering, as has told us this thing that he's saying now is completely unfettered to any day. That we have. It's not like the curve is bending, curve is collapsing, ratification look like gain. Stop start its falling through the floor and no one seems to want to address that factor. Terrified of that fact, and in fact, because to acknowledge it and then for a rebound, I think, would probably be politically perilous, but that just exposes how much there thinking,
Isn't this in political terms, I dont monotony, I don't have the heart they are terrified like they are terrified of the various they are now terrified of the variants in the variants haven't manifested themselves with the very are gonna mass the manifest themselves, so we but we're having a false dawn with this case law. rob which is your right is colossal. It's it's! Where we're at half the number. Cases that we were a month ago there is also a leap panic at work here, this We don't want the the unreasonable, citizenry to get to hopeful too happy about that. News, because then they will go out and be reckless. When this year I thought I saw my- I saw my my life, my favorite, Rural Madame Defarge, not the conservative, Madame Defarge of the Federalist, but the liberal, Madame Defarge, Molly Jong fast
Screaming on twitter last night, because people in tab obey were celebrating the victory of the town. They buccaneers outside in the open air out sigh, they weren't in a club, they weren't, they weren't, you know a bowling alley. They weren't in a basement. They were outside met many If the masked and it's like this. I hope We all die and when she puts forward is gonna get us all decent floors. It mine, it's worse than Thou art is gonna, kill us all is worse, because there are, there are liberal journalists who were doing the same thing, lawn social media last night, these it and then, if you go back and look at their old tweets, they were celebrating the crowds in the streets when buying won the election and literally sang let's get out there and party emanates baby hypocrisy. We talked about this for since the pandemic began the, but that's right, the elite, panic point that aid makes his real.
Important, because the hypocrisy now is is infecting divide administrations. Message which we was actually consistent and appealing when he was running for others. Is now becoming kind of interesting to watch him twisted I don't see it as it were, actual out the elite. Panic is also behind the articles, like the one in the Wall Street Journal. That says we have to prepare ourselves for the fact that, whenever getting out of this because let's say it's true, that covered is going to continue to perpetuated form for the foreseeable future What does what is there for us to prepare for will be living it than that? You re the only the only reason to say this is too is to instil us with a kind of fear that will inhibit our actions briefly to the mindset that I think is evinced by people like my tongue fast and others.
like a precise animals, and we see is that they genuinely believe that the covered the pandemic was done to us, that this was the result of public policy negligent public policy adopted by Republicans. And embraced by republican voters, and they see it as an active, not got the man and therefore that can be addressed through human engagement, There can be perpetuated by human activity. Obviously can but this being done so deliberately, they really see inactive of of agency in the pandemic. Here I mean that's an important point that that them This is a disease with a villain for many people, right diseases, we ve seen this over time. You know the desperate effort to find you know
the environmental. You know the idea that there is a complete environmental link with cancer. So you can blame g for foul AIDS in the phosphorus and the water. You can blame nuclear power plants. You are looking for a corporate villain to explain things like split. Autism right. So there seems to be a spike in autism. So obviously it's the pharmaceutical companies, your finding a villain for a disease. That is a very it's an interesting impulses and activists left wing impulse. There is very powerful, and here we are and the Trumpet Ministry
mishandled covered? I just don't think there's any question than it was Miss handle, but this idea that it is the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths is, it is an evil. You noted it'd it'd, it's a deeply unjust accusation, because it's a disease, it is a disease that was caught and you know the most extraordinary thing about this disease that remains the most extraordinary condition of this disease and, like every other pandemic we ve ever seen. Is this bizarre fact that it seems to pass over children to an extraordinary degree. I mean that's one of the reasons that we have been saved from a kind of terror, elemental tat.
Or of a sort that we ve only kind of approached at at certain moments of that children are spared, because, of course, all other pandemics, kids died first or break. You know with compromise immune systems but the first part of the new talk about variance, though, of course is that The new variant may not spare children This is what what, where we're starting to hear that its there they are, they are, they will be more infectious, more deadly and less discriminating in terms of age, right. Well, I mean anything can be true of anything. You know I mean if you, if you want a design worst case scenarios, the worst case scenarios are very easy to design. It won't respond The vaccine it'll kill children it'll be more. In fact, As there will be more vigilant? You know I mean.
in the end, you know it you, u freeze, a planet for a year to turn to a certain degree you really are gonna get to some point at which people say. I am just going to take my chances now. Or the entire society will somehow in some bizarre. our way which to be fair. We ve been predicting every couple of months for the last year, but I mean with an open, ended notion that you're not we ought to go to a movie forever and you're, not gonna, be able to go to a sport. Your kids are can be able to pay sports forever at your this. In that there is it you know at some point: you're gonna be like the smell like death is not. As you know, death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. That's the weird part this you always, let's not something you can say now
But at some point you say: yes, we live with risk. You know I I you know I could get killed. You know in a car accident and I draw every day, because I have to get somewhere, I mean you know. We can't go on like this well, so that's the unintended articles are crazy, but there, but their indicative of a mindset that, I think no are you it is going to be. There is gonna, be some kind of a rejection that is gonna, be very high. you know sustain. I mean I ordered, very hard to to turn back with fear. but that is the unintended consequence of really panics off. If you, if you give people, No hope for, like the end Then they will begin to say John, as you said: well, I've gotta take my chances there. There are things work, TAT. If you, if you say hey we're getting, this thing left we are there. There is light at the end of the tunnel just hold out. you know a little longer and were we're almost there were, but then
there is reason to say, look I haven't got, I haven't, got it up to now. This is going to be my life forever, I'm gonna be vaccinated right, I mean you know the other part of this is Scott Godly. Who was not exactly Mr Sunshine said as that by the end of march, we're going to have a surplus of vaccine in part, because, the bizarre worry of this population. Americans were resisting taking the vaccine, but you know everybody wants. The vaccine is gonna get the vaccine by by April. You're going to be able to make the same day appointment, walk in and get get your shot. If you haven't gotten it yet and if you're gonna As I keep saying, if you're gonna tell me that I'm gonna get two shots and then, after that, nothing is different. That is just not gonna happen. I mean
governor, I mean people can use emergency powers forever, If you want to stimulate extremism and the american body Politic, you're gonna go on like this, like a q and is not any, but you know was given on, is not the fault of leader of of of liberals, but am what is gonna be the fault of liberals is the extra is, is the answer government extremism that arises in the wake, of governor, saying. No, I'm sorry, you can't go to church in ants, really sad, but you can't go to church. I mean really, and you can't say if you go to church, I can't sing no singing like this is America. We then this is not the not America and you know, but you know what is America's as unfortunately, sometimes is getting into credit card debt. So I want to talk to you about upstart, because you know that credit card the, when you're afraid to look at sea with the balances, if you ve, been a
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slash commentary dont forget to use that: U r L to let them know we sent you loan amounts will be deterred. And based on your credit income and certain other information provided in your loan application. So go to upstart dotcom, slash commentary. Tomorrow, the impeachment trial begins in the Senate. I'm gonna say this for the seventy five thousand time, Trump has been impeached, saying His impeachment is illegitimate is demented. He was impeached while he was president this whole quest that rises over whether or not he can be tried now that this presidency is over is separate from the fact that he was impeached, and this is a trial on the charges for which he was impeached. It is not an impeachment trial, it is
It is a trial. The impeachment already happened he is impeach has been breached twice once he was impede stupidly this time. In my view, he was impeach correctly and now. there will be a trial and he will almost certainly be acquitted right or not. You have been holding out hope. I would say that was not a foregone conclusion. Where are you on the it's? Not a foregone conclusion front today I don't know it's probably a foregone conclusion, but it's also folly at this point to anticipate. What's going to happen because we the last two months, then shocked by your failures of imagination, so it's simply imprudent to withhold that kind of joke. Nevertheless, it does Like everybody wants to get this thing over with pretty quickly, not sure the managers- we don't know the extent to which managers wanna call witnesses
there was an effort to get the president to testify, which was kind of clever obviously was never gonna go anywhere, but perhaps it indicative of more of a desire to see witnesses called then just to make headlines we don't know yet so we're gonna see when how commences, but Democrats want a quick trial and Republicans trial and everybody wants quick trial. So everybody seems to think that this is a foregone conclusion. So, if you're taking it. He was from members of Congress. It's gonna be a foregone conclusion, Scott Macfarlane living that alters that the judgment by the way is the extent to which evidence is presented that is as there is simply going over old ground nothing's going to change. If we actually investigate who is doing what, where and when a lot of which remains pray,
ambiguous to a degree that I find it intolerable that could change the calculation. Maybe I don't know it doesn't matter. I mean, let's put it this way: my God doesn't matter via what the president was doing when the cabin. Was being ransacked and it was early. Spic As for our delay of the dead, the deployment of troops to safeguard the members of com, We don't know what happened in that time. We don't know if the president was doing. We don't know what happened at the Pentagon. So yeah matters a lot and I dont mean I don't mean that it did. It doesn't matter as a matter of Vienna history and in fact I mean I don't think any of that is gonna matter in terms of how the proceedings are are finally judged. If you think that, particularly if Biden and shoe
I don't want a long trial. The only way to get the the nugget that could be the thing that gets trump unless they have it and their holding onto it. Evidence can be the first witness and we don't know that his and they bring him in surprising, he says something you need a long trial, because you need that moment. You know three months in or whatever, when Alexander Butterfield says, there's a taping system in the White House. I mean you need a moment. That changes the dynamic and that actually needs time, and there isn't gonna be time, apparently, which itself is weird, because it's like Why not like I, I you know, I know
understand why they're not letting why they won't. Let us play out, I genuinely don't like let it play out while how's it going to harm Biden. I don't you know what they need to in, so you think it's really great for them to be standing ran, debating, which proposal to hand tens of thousands of dollars to families is the right proposal. I don't know We now have this new thing where Mitt Romney issued this trial tat credit idea, and now we know. Why did it because he knew that the Democrats were about to issue a child tax credit idea of their own and he wanted us to issue one test that was structured in a slightly different way. I don't know I mean I I you know I don't know why if they can do at work in the morning and they can have the trial why they can have a trial for six weeks. I'm sort of
law what's understand another they can't. I think they don't want it, because that why that's what I mean? Why? Why I'm sorry this construction to reveal a can of your hip to, but because I think they don't want- you didn't want to his presence to linger and hover over the beat the beginning. This presidency, a and b, I think it They're afraid that the bee trompe fans we'll be energized by a sort of you know. additional data point in their persecution, complex? Maybe I just you know I don't send their understand their the lodge.
that says we Anderson's two different bodies in its up. It's a month later and all of that, but the logic that said we have to impeach him, which I agree with what they we have to impeach him. Now we have to teach him no. The week after we gotta get it on an impeach him, and now it's like later and like now, we just basically are gonna have like you know, four days of the soldiery hearings and then he'll be acquainted, and then we can move on Like is there? No, you know, the iron in the earlier. I thought this was a vitally important to the to the future of the Congress and to our democracy and every liberal pundits said this. I said it. Alot of people said it, but aren't. We not you know what roof. Let's move and so we can just throw trillions of dollars down the gauntlet of the? U through from
the government down the goal of this american people is to make them. We feel the happy with us. mean either either. This is like an important and notable event in american history. That needs to be analyze investigated and am and consequences being meted out or it isn't and Democrats are now acting as unserious in their own way? If this is how they're going to proceed as the Republicans said we shouldn't even be doing this at all like how different is it to do it this way, then the Republicans who voted to say that the whole proceeding was unconstitutional. Aren't they effectively saying? Well, we can't make our case and we we know we can't. So we should just me Bon so the weak him, you know said it is it is. Our interest is limping because the argument about trumps since twenty sixteen has been that he's. This norm breaker this institution destroyer this this. This thing that we have to you know pain and then repair and
actually. I would like to hear all this evidence presented. I would eat. I would much rather here a dispassionate case. It in the Senate than to listen to a yo, see you know winds in line about how scared she was, even though I know I get it. She was scared, but I'd like to hear see the evidence I'd like us. As knows that, I'd really like to know what was going on in the executive branch that day, why does it were made and by whom and were those legitimate because the process does matter here and I think in terms of the d, the weird The situation that we find ourselves in every four years, when a president has a span of time worry or she still has power, but is better have been voted out. You know For the sake of the future, it would be good to have in place some idea of what went wrong in this case that even separate from TAT, small Romania, but just where The system breakdown that we know we can fix that has more. That has that that is, extraneous today to the punishment of Trump in project If I may go, you won't you, you won't get, it
this passionate case from Congress and whom there may be. I am a commission which I think is necessary from not unelected it shows a bipartisan commission to find out what happened here. I think that's very valuable, but we are in different Congress is just pop goes all the way down there already talking about. The extent to which they represent can represent events better than anybody else because they experienced at their not just jurors in this trial. They are the victims of this crime. You ve heard that for more than one member and if that's what you're gonna get them people. You Christine are going to be very disappointed with proceedings because its its members jacket heartstrings right it's an emotional trial, not Nada process. and there were maybe that's why binding doesnt want it. Maybe he doesn't want to one Maybe he doesn't want that
because it will you know in a will, draw the attention away from what he's trying to do right now, that's certainly the case. What is president claim think that's why we will take up these and other matters tomorrow, thanks for listening thanks, we're going to itunes- and leaving those generous reviews, I'll have more to say this week about our our merch or shirts that you can buy and walk around in and advertise us to all of your friends or going to not know what you're talking about thanks again for no Christine may one jump on words keep the camera Berlin.
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