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They Don’t Know How to Quit Him

2020-11-13 | 🔗
What is driving the political world’s fixation with the president even as he has largely ceded the spotlight to his rival? Is it Trump’s still menacing but largely banal self-affirmations on Twitter, or is Joe Biden just such an unenthusiastic prospect for the left that they are milking the final weeks of the Trump era for all they are worth?
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is the darkest days of the superstitious calendar Friday November thirteenth. twenty. I am John Ports, the editor of commentary with me. As always, senior wrote, the steam rose and high Christine hygiene. Actually, rather than a green high Abe. I jump. associate editor nor Rossman high Noah John. So what do we want to talk about.
I note I note that term. Every story I read says Trump trumps. Incandescent anger at Fox NEWS. largely resides in its early call of the state of Arizona I'm on the election night, which was not followed by anybody, but a p Until yesterday, when the other networks We called Arizona solar forbidden. So let's get this straight, so Fox got right and called Arizona early and was correct, and Art in Michigan decision desk head came. The errand said: there's no mathematical away for Trump to catch up as it turned out. He was right. So does this mean that
Who can stop being so angry Fox news? Well, I don't think that rid of his anger. This is also we first reading for me because they called it on Election Day Fox and eighty call it an election night and the universe of sort of pulling hobbyists descended on them for being. Within forty. Eight hours descended on functions for being too ambitious with it. Sir really call, but they were right, so they were right at the wrong time are they shouldn't have been right when they were right, I mean it's not They ever reverse the call I'm sitting in a districts where a call was reverse. They call my district, the New Jersey, seven, which has some tunnel in ASCII, representative, democratic Representative tunnel Nasty first turn democratic swing, district versus Tonkin Junior and that district was called that of the election and it shouldn't about why? Because this is a republican, leaning, district and Republicans turn out
day and strong numbers and a new jersey. They only got to vote provisionally. And the Jews. It wasn't even gonna count the provisional election day valets until a week later, and so you having by where meeting by the way, let specify this New Jersey, wasn't going to count the election day ballots Israel was really gives the election is surprised about. New Jersey wasn't going to count the belts cast on election day unless the margins made it necessary right. This is another one that has dominated this digression, but this has dominated the commentary class, which has Republicans and control of Upham midwestern states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Council deliberately made it difficult to count votes on election day, as though that's unique as though that something that no one else ever done, as though no democratic lead state has ever screwed something up, I'm sitting in one you're supposed to get your.
They ballot in the mail everybody's boast about my mail. I never got at Lord knows how that's not supposed to happen right. New Jersey has never screwed something up its inconceivable, but somehow they managed at this morale scenario. The election day votes are coming in and all of a sudden there it's got really really close injury. Seventh, it still remains closed democratic, but is up by about point to have is the leaders shrinking to the point where new times had to reverse the call others had to reverse the costs of disorder. Up in here now, that's screwing, something up what the fuck. This decision dusted on Arizona, wasn't screwing anything up. It was preshent it with you, doing the marathon, they did the math right. So I just don't understand the gripe at the decision best much less. the uneasy doesn't get half the frustration that boxes didn't ask us which tells you a lot about the honesty of the complaints, for what will Fox did get one thing wrong on election, I write it. It said the Democrats we're going when five to ten seats in the house, and they are now on track to lose eight hundred ten to twelve or something like that,
it's not like. They didn't make a bad call, but note that this is not about the call that making a bad call that seem to go against Republicans that way. It's just that they called Arizona in a way that made Donald Trump feel bad. Yet it's about not having faith, it would really. What are you doing? You are supposed to do. You use must be pulling for us here, but there are also the weird thing going on right now. If you found Oh media coverage closely, which all of us do, but I know not all Americans, you and that's it. We're Trump is not me you ve been out there doing. Much has been on twitter he's been sending a surrogates out, but there is a way for them to craft a consistent narratives. On the one hand, you have people saying he's buggered in the White House staging a coup, look what he's doing it at the Pentagon. Look at all this activity that clearly authoritarian. On the other hand, people thing he's
I'm going to anyone about anything. It's going on in the news. There was tropical storm. There were some american soldiers who died, a training exercise he's not doing even the day to day job he's just sitting there licking his wounds alike, which is it is it is he staging elaborate coup? Is he is a ghetto? licking his words it. It just is, I think, a good example of the flame you were going to see for a couple months that we ve been discussing when this very powerful person who, Ben Gold for the media is no longer as important as it used to be, and it's it's kind of entertaining, but it's also annoying likes, especially the authoritarian cool stuff. That's the thing, the Christine you flag opposed for us and you should talk about it. That's like this is the republic especially Republicans, were indulging these instincts on the damage on the Republicans part. There's didst creeping authoritarianism is just more creeping authoritarianism. I mean you have to admit that when the Republicans really stinkin authoritarianism,
while their opposition to dominate the press in the false for four years, you're doing despotism really poorly. While we have, as we talk to me ever, we have Andrew Cuomo serve airily, declaring that people can have more than ten other people in their house. That's authoritarian, is I mean what let's look? Let's get this straight? You note Donald Trump, not wanting to exercise the the levers of Europe or pull the levers of power in the last two months of this presidency because he's you have been a funk and just wants to set either watching tv or going on the golf course or trying to think of what to do next, rather than you know, I don't know invade Georgia to invade. I dont me, I mean our Georgia what we must not replace it, but that that Putin invaded Ebenezer invade Georgia. He couldn't bomb. You know he could bomb
Wisconsin. I mean you know that there are things we could do, which was not the right as opposed to just like havoc, is magua people, fire people who were who in the administration who were deemed for some reason or other insufficiently loyal to Magua for last month the administration which, as you know, incredibly punitive, obviously because they were gonna, lose their jobs on January twentieth anyway, yeah. Well, that the authoritarian thing is interesting to me because its emanates I ve been a consistent enjoys presidency, but the the washing posted the peace, mention is the washing post story. That, if you wish, is a perfect example of how the media gets clicks for the headlines and very few people likely read the actual details of the story, because it basically says you know, there's this worrisome rise in the forest areas and they can be that they can be tracked. You know by big, especially with Republicans
you start meeting in their charts. They're kind of you no charge showing this to my God. There's data that the data from a survey and six hundred political scientists across the cross, the club, all of whom readily admit that their definitions of thing. like a liberalism, are fairy Lucy Goosey, so I weep But the headline is shocking, and you know that it's getting rocket around Facebook in social media with people going my conflict. is rising. Authoritarianism is our new. The republican party is gonna, replace Trump as authoritarian, menace or they're going to attempt to do that, which, of course, is all What can we do now? If you're trying to put the Senate election in a few weeks
Well, so Tom S, soul, who writes a a weekly column for the New York Times. That has been mostly pretty great about serve deeper academic, less partisan studies of politics and what they tell us has a really bad column this week, in which he that talks to various academics about what what's trumped up to here were now in the in the in the aftermath of. what what is going on and where we, where we find some of these people, that he's talking to like James Club Burg, history. Professor Harvard is that all trappers we doing is fulfilling the mandate that the Republican Party has had since f. Okay, so he locates Trump, who probably couldn't tell you what after looked like.
You know probably knows by now which party after was imminent. Might not I know that you now in twenty fifteen, so carbon Burg says this quote many conservatives considered the new deal, a repudiation of the less a fair dogmas they claim for written into Erica Life, they were wrong about that as a generation of progressive had shown for decades before, if the oars election, but from Goldwater Reagan through Gingrich than the present, many republicans have viewed deviations what they consider the gospel of framework. Capitalism is heresy, of course, has ever been aiming remotely resembling a free market in the United States state local federal government's were involved in daily life from the nations first days, but the fantasy of unrestrained capitalism has endured, as is the strategy of condemning, is unamerican. Anyone who dares to suggest otherwise then trumps warriors of hate mongering that his stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality, his behavior.
since the elections to be expected. What ok spoke so Trump who actually came to power as a critic of less faire capitalism in in the terms that this genius from Harvard lays out review with against free trade. Hatred of After wants tariffs. You know once large infrastructure spending in this net then comes to power, doesn't really govern that way, except on the margins for so this is a false description of you less a fair market capitalism published shortly, but wouldn't regard that republicans criticising them cries from raising socialism is a stronger here anyway. What is the parties embrace of unrestrained, less safer capitalism have to do with trumps authority.
early this capital, you go hand in hand. our brain okay, so Christopher Ingram speech was imposed on this six hundred. Political scientists. They had really does get us right back to Bill Buckley, saying that he rather be governed by the first. Five hundred names in the in the Boston phone book, then by the faculties of the of the ivy than that was, of course, you know back and nineteen fifty two or whenever it was, he published Godmother Yale. So you know Please our shores, as we say what is it but, but is that kind of analysis, unwittingly stupid or is it it's its technical and in its in its in what it gets wrong right. I mean.
I don't, I don't think, is it it's surely expression of ignorance or it's it's. It's just trying to conflate a whole bunch of nasty things to make to make people believe that that this is the case It's not knowing the whole idea is bad rightwing, bad all right wing things are all the same all other right wing things and there were our bad like there is apparently there's a documentary starting this weekend on show time called the Reagan. That is a ghetto denunciation, Ronald Reagan like a false road for part and of Rob Reagan. documents, Harriet whose most notable previous work was about studio. Fifty four, so you you can really tell how deep and serious and studious this When a is likely to be What are these stories that tells the ones like Moses tells the story of how Reagan led directly to Trump, and how do we know this because Reagan? You know open
his campaign in nineteen eighty four nights in Mississippi and that he did that we got a coup clubs glands endorsement, and he gave a speech in Philadelphia Mississippi and She mentioned states, rights, and so the whole thing was a dog whistle about racism, and then You know you talk to the yadda yadda yadda we get to tromp right, so here's Reagan, a wildly pro immigration president, who signed amnesty into law and therefore became you know, he's too. Painted on the right to be served like held totally accountable for having signed Simpson. so we into law, but a man who who never
set a harsh word about an immigrant's ever who you know spoke about American. You know freedom and justice and all of that in in very specific terms, but you know didn't like welfare cheating and so apparently, if you mention welfare cheating that that itself means that you lead directly to children in cages put there by Barack Obama in twenty fourteen, but blamed on Trump. In twenty seventeen, I mean that's what I'm talking about that. Basically, you just have a kind of General Libera, establishment effort to say everything we dislike. That particularly now is anathema. We can just track back so so this documentary, by matter our tracks, Reagan, Klopp, emerges tracking. It too
remark and tears, who didn't wake Franklin, Delano, Roosevelt something of this I think at work among the hard core, never trumpery, by the way, the diver, to read because they were announced some of them their conservative leanings, entirely right because the ideas like they didn't they isn't that what they were into and wet and what they were about ideologically was with let up let up to this date that their their blind spots are. What led them are. What led the I too trump and there and therefore the right is bad altogether all that is a stocking worse for racism, yet free market economics, individual liberty, all that is just a gap, the countries which were mere white supremacist endorse biting in this election, rich Spencer, endorse Biden, I mean I, I feel like.
There's a new girl. Now we could talk about Woodrow Wilson for a very long time when it comes to raise, and nobody on the left like that they want to change all the names. Like my kids, I liked you he's gonna get reading is its Woodrow Wilson S got the chance. the names, but do they really want to talk about what those the legacy of those policies for their own part, of course, not so it. This is why I take these Republican here that Reagan add onion how many historians, public intellectuals and historians have we heard said this is the most authoritarian, worse president's with leaves ever had in this country? I mean it's just it's in holding an assault. First of all, in your discipline and second of all, holding to every one of your audience, members who might a little bit about american history. To yet look I mean the memory. Holing is amazing right. I look, I'm not speaking here holding a brief from the Republican Party, but
The party of Segregation and Jim Crow was the Democratic Party. That's the Republican Party, the Dixie cracked senators were Democrats. They were not Republicans all over them all of them. The people who sent rival state electors to represent their state governments, because because of black people, did not get a vote, were Republicans in you know in the That is what just so this notion that you know we're going to go back in time and not highlight the fact that the coalition, that elected and re elected a real S to Franklin Roosevelt was made up and part of no openly racist,
southern former members of land right you're. There really is the said it would, already leader or minority leader Robert Bird, was the from whether it was the legal or the Claxton or whatever the hell. He was up Klux, can I mean so, I dont think that we need to with to locate the democratic parties current problems in Robert Burns who was in a long dead end was it was a long time ago that he was a member of the complex clan. But you know what sauce, a goose the sauce for the gander. Also, if your lady game and the entire northeastern Republican Party, the Liberal Republic, the liberal wing of the Republican Party, whose last standing member is Susan Collins, who just one an election by nine points that that part, that run of the Republican Party existed
because of segregation. Liberal republicanism in the northeast was was largely the province of liberals, who would not be a part of the Democratic Party because it was making common cause with racists and segregationist. Also, this line of attack is completely at odds with the other popular line of attack, which is that Republicans have become so extreme that now there would be unrecognizable to their ideological forebears right. But you know I I understand if you used to be some sort of conservative, but today It's it's a different story. It's an unrecognizable extreme position to hold the then and the party would put the party has gone so far to the right that they left. The reservations, which is it you know, is it is, has
as it always been this terrible thing that that one hand in hand, and I've had actually had this argument with very dear friends many times over. I've just stopped having with instead it goes hand in hand with the, but the demo I have also become much more left wing and in recent years, and does it, but the Republicans made them do it. They had spot it just goes round the rotten so going back to the fact that the Bible Incoming Biden Administration in the boy, transition is feeding us so little that the entire conversation continues to revolve around drop. I can't tell whether this is candy, Because really the country is gonna be glad to see the back of him whenever one January twenty throws around either they sort of are locked in their own.
Make no news, be quiet approach that got them where they're going and they can't really transition into the fact that they are kind of like gonna, be. leaving the country there's there is. Another thing is that the press is just so apathetic about the binding administration, I am aware there really trying to make something out a common harris, but its not working because she's, uniquely ill suited to interrupt a point, no can. I just point out to note that they're calling it the binding. I said, Ministration a lot. This is bugging me just nobody collar the Obama administration and you go on road, but you're Anita, but there is symptomatic of the third owing wean apathy about what the the future holds and the lack of an called around this guy, which I think is one of the value propositions of the binding administration that nobody has particularly strong feelings onward, about this guy off, which is actually going to be a departure from our last twelve years of politics and probably a welcome one. Nevertheless,.
You see this dynamic work in our democratic party. Now we have many of its members going to war with a lot of the orthodoxies that were predominant over the course of twenty, most, notably the what we call woke the social progressive policy text so negative social levelling downward social level have particular groups that sort of thing. A lot of democrat members very uncomfortable with another vocally. So and you have folks like Al Tender, Cassio Cortez, making a big display of her frustrations with Joe Mansion with his dimensions that we're not gonna. Do on the police and by the way that was something that even out into account the court has said we didn't really mean that just sort of subject to interpretation and if you're in the in the Inn group you get what we really need here and if you don't you just not savvy enough, So I guess she really did mean that the whole time and we were actually onto her the whole time there, going to war with themselves over this in the press, meanwhile, is going in the opposite direction they're gone more work
sting in more of their looks figures. There woke voices putting them in positions of predominance in any already and there's gonna, be a real. They real conflict there in this. This dichotomy in twenty twenty one over the direction, the democratic parties. Press will probably win that argument, and then we entered twenty twenty two with but Abigails Bamberger warned would be dynamics that will destroy the democratic. Liver of a democratic majority in the house and because of redistricting will probably have negative effects farther down the ballot too, but nor must occur. I've been learned, but no, it's nice you, but what does it mean that if the press wines that argument, what does it look like it? It? It doesn't you're just you're afraid to offend M J, EDGAR, afraid to say look. Maybe we shouldn't even place, but maybe it's not a great idea to get rid of anti discrimination language instead, costly
patients, maybe we really should be looking at individuals as individuals are not members of a collective tribe was grievances, spanned generations, and have to be addressed Cosmic Cleon comically. Maybe that's not great, Don't dream are allowed, is gonna be anathema A good example already of when it will look like in on steroids in the years to come, which is if you look at Minneapolis and the the debate over the city Council there, which is very poor, The very word voting today, fun police. You look at the number of police who just left the force there. Now too,. things have happened Minneapolis this summer since the summer one is at the helm. I'd read his spite and so has the violent crime rate in the city, the others at their debt, prettily asking and begging officers from other jurisdictions to come and work in Minneapolis. They are desperate for police now and all people who were interviewed in these, who knows the Gaza Soft focused, won't pieces by the New York Times
are now living with the crimes that a lot of people could have warned them was likely to come in this situation, but they didn't want to cover that angle because they would be seen as racist or they would be seen as against the protests and that's what happens is that these stories, which actually could have had a half life where people learned about how law enforcement actually works in this country, never get Britain, or they get written six or eight months later and dumped in November has sent. So if we put aside the idiot logical controversies that there are the practical, real world controversies, Lefty My credits and the Biden Administration are going to own like the pandemic and a Supreme Court just as the Lido. Yes, we gave a speech before the Federalist Society in which he said that the pandemic is quote. We have never before seen restrictions as severe extensive and prolonged as the
experience from Ulster twenty twenty think of all the wiser than would otherwise be protected by the right of freedom of speech, lives, speeches, conferences, lectures, meetings, think of worship, services, just close, the Easter Sunday synagogues closed for Passover or Yom Kippur think about access to the courts or the constitutional right to a speedy trial. Troezen federal courts have virtually disappeared and may places who could have imagined that the the crisis would have served as a sort of constitutional stress test, and in so doing it is highly disturbing trend that were already present before the virus struck. Now he says, he's not speaking as a be speaking as a judge, not as a policy maker he's live and talking about the constitutionality of most of this, but I think what he is alluding to is the fact that their there is in american society a hunger to curtail rights. Now liberals will tell you that that is immigrants rights
Trans rights or stuff like that. We will tell you- and I think this is what a lead- those referring to is more basic rights than the rights that are granted to specific populations. Speech assembly. You know speech really in particular, so we have the case of the corona virus. The two members of the corona virus taskforce, zinc, Emmanuel in the sky was them. I can't remember who was the chair of the Public Health committee at the we'll see Minnesota one of them. I literally said we need to shut the economy down for six weeks, shut the country down for six weeks to kill off the virus, That's what's going to matter. I mean we on the right or making a big stink about this. The left seems to be dropping or even intoning it sort of like, as though this is a good message,
finally is going to own the policies of the United States. This is the transition that people are having difficulty making by saying what it where's drop lies in transport by the virus were what but does not about that in two months. This is on him and he's gonna have four thousand five thousand and point appointees in the executive branch blue. Is the executive branch and they're gonna say things and they're gonna be enacting policies they're going to retract title nine protections that were put in place and various other things that day
do by executive order, and that's when we will see not, we don't even have to go as far as sort of like local defend the police issues, even though those were very six clip hardly politically very successful. The democratic party has had for years to go left because it has had no power and therefore has not really had to reckon with the consequences of the positions policies that it if it puts up. We saw this with Trump Trump said: I'm gonna put in a muslim ban. He put it a muslim bad five billion people rioted in Vienna came out and demonstrations any law, the house and twenty eighteen base the momentum that was created by the political blow back to the muslim ban. Well, I don't know what binds gonna do on energy or on some of the Ambraciots justice. Shoes and stuff like that. But he will be the president and there will be consequences
what he does and for the things that people say in his name and will we ve already started. Seeing that this week, like common sensibly, what are people gotta think when they hear these egghead professors come out and say now you just everyone stay inside for another six weeks and you won't have work and well just will throw buddy you from the federal government to like keep you going as though that's the way small businesses work or Leslie industry work. So that now think that's the contract. The seas are easy to understand, as in a rallying issue, now, actually they're gonna be policies and that's gonna be interesting. They're, not gonna, be able to say. Oh tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp, look at trumps doing now. They d try. You know, I mean my general view. Is that what the
Romania will do they will find they state legislator and either, who says something racist and that person to become the most famous person for three days, they find a facebook posts that was put up by a police chief. You know ninety ninety three? Who is now the police chief of up town that either controversy in and he'll become the most famous person, America. There's a that's, how that'll work, but That's given also argue on the larger policy issues like another shut down, and and do you know anything covert, related there's going to be this blanket effort that says look which is digging out of the mess the trunk created this? We wouldn't even be. We wouldn't even be facing this dilemma if we had had competent leadership when this crisis hit- and you know it's an open question now about what the effect of the virus was on-
trumpet the Republicans politically, by which I mean if by ends up willing by four or four and a half a percentage points which I think is pretty much where this is headed, might not even get four and a half We have literally no reason to believe that the virus was anything but a kind of Fritz sing that froze trumpet his tracks and gave them something else to talk about. We do not know there was an outbreak in Wisconsin in the three weeks for weeks before the election, the polling said
find music by nine anyone by half a point in Wisconsin the one real world case. We have of a virus spike and a state population responding to the virus strike. You know in his bike in real time in a contested state that was one of the tipping point. States did not play out the way that we thought it would or that you know that the wise mind thought it was going to. We do not know that the virus worked for lytic Lee, for providing or for the Democrats, except to the extent that it changed the nature of the conversation and did not allow Trump to go all in with a twenty twenty message of you, no economic growth and opportunity. Does anybody disagree with that? I think that's right now. I think TAT had Trump also himself
became distracted by the virus once he caught it and couldn't shut up about his own personal triumph over covered and turn to everything. You know into his own little narcissus dick above eaten, and that did describing them must have frustrated this campaign to no one, because the economic news was good and we In the end, it was backed by the data, and people felt that there have been good and there was a way to thread that deal politically for him any couldn't do it and I so go back to his personality, which take the k and which we ve many times talked about. The chaos agent part is all people cared about, and chaos agent during a pandemic. I think in that sense the pandemic hurt him Heinrich bite
I assume that the buyer message on the pandemic woods, but now, which is aimed at this, is all transfer to saddle implicitly that you know, if we done better, we would have fewer people would have died right which, as you know, a bleak and dark thing to think, and I think unfair, but nonetheless there it is. Obviously we could have done better by the way. Doing better could mean that fewer peoples- you know it will say, but I'm saying that his messaging, which is a national mass mandate. This not the other thing. We don't know that that help that could have heard that could have hurt and someplace There is an interesting thing here in DC: there have always been people who oppose any war and not put up signs that have body counts of soldiers rate, so and the pandemic really really grip the country I there were a couple, home. I would see dotted with signs that were keeping italian cover death and I think trying
to see those things a similar which binds certainly encourage like under his watch. All these people died. I dont think most American saw that way. I don't think they made that same equation, because I really don't think people blamed trunk for the virus. They just did trust is handling of it and that's a distinction that makes a difference. I think right. I think we need to remember that this election took place on a battlefield of relatively few people. You know at relative to the aggregate number of votes that are gonna, be cast him north of a hundred and sixty million like an astonishing. This polarization is astonishing. It accounts, for you, know, most of the votes that were cast. So there was a field of ten or fifteen million people in the metal, the ones who will decide the election who didn't know whom to choose right up until the up until the time that people came out about if it was even fifteen million,
which would be about ten percent and nine percent of the of the overall total, and if they didn't know how to vote, then the messages weren't the issue right in the end, it comes down to feel like it's not well, you know em. All I'm saying is that there might be an inclination among the binding people to override the results as specific endorsements of his specific policy approaches and he could get slapped upside the head pretty fast. You know it's like a Clinton came Adele. Cliff Clinton was not the same position as by clear was a forty three percent. President Biden will be a fifty one percent president, that's a huge difference, but we're, let's think George W Bush. Georgia wins a second term with fifty women
and out of nowhere decides that his mandate is to reform social security and basically cripples his second term by forcing his party to take up an issue that he did not run on and that date and that nobody The country really wanted to face good governance, though it might a bit right, and so there is a history of politicians, misreading Their mandates are misreading the meaning of the election and, if, by really thinks I don't know if he does, and I don't know what they're going to do, but if I'd really thinks that you know telling Americans that they have to go into hibernation, for six weeks and not see anybody in the depths of winter it's gonna be a message that will resonate with a vast majority of Americans. I think he will be deluding himself
that he had already audience for this message, because people who hated Trop in the absence of Trump adjust him there people or give a saddle. I don't do this to me. I have some evidence of it. That's not his inclination right during the campaign he was asked, whether he would shut down the country- and he said well yeah- I mean, if that's what scientists recommended. We had any authority to do that and he was all over the map. At one point he was asked whether or not this mask mandate that was talking about was constitutionally having authority along those lines and he said no I really but I'll get everybody together in a room and try to make them do it. They don't do it it's on them, which is the right answer, but and then another set. The country thing down created is enough of a fury so that during the final debate, he was asked again about this and said now appoint Black now that there would be no national shut. even though that's not in his authority to do so that also I don't necessarily favour it. So it would be a reversal of something you already said on. The campaign trail
right and if he knows that it's not a popular at about luck. Let's put it this way, just what Joe Mansion the Centre from West Virginia, the most the most right, leading senator in the democratic Arcas, an uniquely powerful, possibly because he will represent either the fifty its vote or the forty nine vote or whatever. said it in the in the in the advent of the possibility that Democrats are in a whip hand position I he will not vote to pack accord. He will not vote to eliminate the filibuster and effectively them also
implicitly saying he will stand against the imposition of a party wide left wing shift into. You know out and out activism, which is great, and you know that's great news for the country and all that, but it it puts renewed focus on by as if that, if the left in Congress isn't gonna go nuts what the binding administration does and what its agencies do and what people like that. Do. It's gotta be more. The focus of the common conversation And the woke people are gonna like what they do when its woke we're gonna hate it at the end,
ultimately is gonna, be there's gonna, be a lot of publicizing woke in this, and I think the results of this election is no was indicating about twenty twenty two suggested that suicidal for them. I tell you where I mean it's terrible to predict the future and I am not predict the future. I am suggesting that this could be a possible outcome but there's a lot of presidential authority when it comes to energy, and this president has made climate change being a priority and what we are witnessing, for example, in California, when it comes to climate change. Policy is particularly horrific. up to and including sort of third world conditions in which you are now supposed to expect rolling blackouts, because you can't service these places, there's not enough power.
And the city of San Francisco has now made it statutorily impossible for you to run gaslights into new construction. No natural gas which, by the way is a bridge fuel, earns a whole lot less co2 is funk and practically ubiquitous. Now in this country, as a result of horizontal drilling, Racking technology is the lily rate and the leading reason that american emissions are down. Forty precisely about getting down to nineteen eighty five levels for your fossil fuel on power generation set out all the time but not in the eyes of absolute is climate change. Fanatics of Joe by providing has cater to them throughout the campaign and they are expecting a return on their investment, and that return could yield a kind of backlash that I don't think the environmental is left in particular with the left generally. Even can't can conceive of much less anticipated. I think that's a good point.
And I think it's a given leave the euro and unwillingness to make predictions. I think it's it's very likely anyway, because, as per Biden is going to be itching, as every president is to do it. Some big thing right and wildly campaign was successful in that the message was, I'm sort of anti dine, and I represent a return to normal. That's not doing a big thing in offices dithered did there needs to be some actual, leap and goal in mind, and that will be either something very woking or the the environmental either way. I will not purchase property without a gasoline cooking is kind of a hobby, an electric stones, stink,
cannot functionally cook. You cannot gauge your temperatures properly on a range without a gas, stove top electric stoves or not is a satisfying replacement for the gas line. So San Francisco is going to have terrible at home with me for the producer the other thing is that you have to understand what it's like and what it's like. It's a concerted illustrations also at some points, which is that The only vocabulary that you can have incited by the administration to resist the spread of these policies is a really dark, silk and cynical one right, which is the Yahoo out. There aren't gonna, stand for it and we're gonna be screwed at the next election, so we're not gonna. Do it because it's not like they, they dont believe, as we know,
I believe that these measures are the way to to address this problem. While we will affirmatively argue that these are terrible ways to address a problem, if you believe it is the nightmare problem that people think it is that. In fact, what we need is more nuclear power and more fraction, not less and stuff like tat right. So so we actually a policy prescriptions that do not require you to go down the California path, but they don't, and so the conversations inside will have their. We know voice of moderation or reason in energy policy. The only moderating reasonable voice will be. While these disgusting people outside this building, you know want there to cook with gas like now.
and you can see there is no other others. I want to do all these terrible things, and you know what the problem is. We won't be able to do other things, so you better just by your tongue and not do it and simple who are real, who believe who believe in the importance and efficacy of these ideas and policies are not gonna be go? Are not gonna be comforted Iraq at a comfort themselves? The idea that there are helping their party this tv that you can read in the times previewed possible nominees for biting cabinet and an energy it was between others, Elizabeth Sherwood Randal, who is faster at George Attack like darling. I was an alarm administration functionary way down to the level,
but our understanding is who is about Us Energy Secretary with foreign nuclear guy, so keen not probably not hostile to nuclear and J Insulate Washington Governor Giants leader, who is a climate change, fanatic kind of a radical nice guy, sweet guy, but also radical, so the fault lines are pretty well defined there. If you, if those, if it really comes down so the two of them- and it goes with, for example, Annesley assuming NIMBY confirmed. You know which way he's gonna go anyway. My I point here is that we are we're still focusing on tromp and trumpet trumpet, whereas trumpet he hasn't made public of here appearances and the country's going governor president less while here. Alex. I don't know why they mind. Why that why liberals into mine the trump is inactive, since they think that everything he does when these activism So they should be happy that he's the press than sitting in watching tv instead of Wait wagging their finger flag
it literally nothing, the guy could go if he does any. If you know the fact that he inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide is an evil, you know whatever so. You know he doesn't matter anymore. Unless there is calamity or a crisis that happens between now and then, which does happen in in in the transition periods, he doesn't matter and their addicted to him. Just like the mug of people are addicted to him and then that you know they can they can't be quit of em. And and binding is gonna sit there and an you know. If I were him, I'd feed the beast. Little more. I'd be making worse by be making more policy moves and stuff like that. But as I,
the danger to him, and that is that he is gonna. Give us fodder give us. Fathers gave the right fodder he's gonna, give them people who are running in Georgia against the two Democrats fodder, and so you know I just don't know how that's gonna have it's gonna play Look we gotta go, but I did want to tell everybody that we're gonna have a special guest on Monday. It's our old friend tv, superstar and man, responsible, free run on cocky pants at the gap? Apparently Steve Granary will be with, two and we're gonna just throw numbers of him randomly and see if we can add them up in his head. That's he man, I think I know we can I know it can, although to be fair, he was using a calculator on his Iphone at some points. But if you guys, if you didn't, I would guess a lot of people who listen to us. Don't watch MSNBC, but
deals performance in the four days. A rat. You know four days of the election in the aftermath was one of the great television moments. I don't. We have collective moments of our of our time and put me in my over time and others conclude on this issue. since every two, when Bourse, Spanky and Bobby Fisher were playing chess. What had this world chest match, which was like a world with
That's so big in the world that PBS suspended its daytime programming to cover the fissures Bassi match, and they only made to moves in they made like a move every three hours. I mean that's how crazy, but they were both psychotic enough Bobby Fisher was psychotic and you know a nazi like crazy lunatic and ends. Spanky thought that Americans were beaming you, no radio waves into his head to scrub has moved them in their wealth, crazy, and there was a guy on on PBS named, shall be Lyman, who was standing in front of a board a chess board like the simplest set. You ever sides of staying for the chessboard with pieces and he had to talk but luxury offers, and basically it was like a master class
in how to play chess because he he just he just stood there, have all you could move it this way. That would be the gamble. Gluck ski defence at the desk with men did there, so you could do that. Do the other thing and it was likely radipole display. He became a huge sensation in America because of this behaviour and that's what happened to see frenetic you last week that we of course but was a superstar long, so we will be hearing from on Monday for Noah Christine, maybe I'm chomp outwards. Keep the cattle farming
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