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Trump Isn't Going Anywhere

2021-02-15 | 🔗
The podcast achieves new heights, or lows, of crushing morosity today as we contemplate the botched impeachment trial—botched by Democrats!—and the new "how to open schools" guidance from the CDC that seems not to follow the science but rather the desires of liberal and leftist "stakeholders." Oh, and some interesting Democratic appointments round it all out. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today's Monday February, fifteen twenty twenty one. I am John PATH towards the editor commentary Christy it is not with us today, but with us as always, executive editor, a Green Waldheim, an associate editor nor Rossman high Noah tied up I'm turning my best late night effort.
of the nineteen aid his discharging voice today, you now, this is John put horse with the quiet storm on the quiet. Storm, of course, is the worship test question of whether the impeachment trial that ended with a fifty seven forty three vote, Rep thence, an unprecedented slap at a Donald Trump and at a president for the first time that such numbers have been registered in and impeachment trial for people for senators in the poor same party is the president. Seven of them voted to convict or that he has survived and thrived.
and demonstrated that his control of the Republican Party is close to absolute and that thee kinds of statements being made by people like Marker Rubio, explaining their refusal to vote for conviction. Are indications, and particularly the behaviour of Linsey, Graham, which would go into a greater length are occasion. were just simply the revelation that Donald Trump isn't going anywhere his control, the party is going anywhere and that, in fact, that which did not kill him has made him stronger. I think, before even going to that, you need to go into the events over the weekend for those who work glued to the dance. I'm sorry you're right cause, I'm I'm I'm always too focused, I'm so focused on my own, you know obsession.
which are below where the conservatives are and everything, but damn it was the pretty. Shameful conduct by trucks humor and the Democrats on Saturday. No one is rather shocking events over the course of the week, beginning on Friday, night I am glad that I was almost right to reserve resident reservations about how this thing was going to play out, because we did almost have some very shocking change, of course, late Friday, We had a CNN report from people around like pence, my pencil team saying that Donald Trump defence attorneys, but actively misled the president about what Donald Trump, and when he knew it regarding by the vice president's Relative danger in January, sex and the statement released by congressmen Jamie her a bootlegger butler, not sure how to pronounce remember things, prongs Butler,
she had given a story to a local paper some weeks ago. What she learned on that day included a statement with quotes from House Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy, who called in a conversation he had with. From the day of that, the president, you said that this rolling If I'm not really that had not really his supporters and make Erika Mccarthy said, Sir, they answer we are to which the president said. Well, I guess just care about the election were than you do. Suggesting that he was supportive of the protesters. In this event, it was a she didn't have to say that she could left it at a local paper. She put it at the press, release and caused a big stir and enforced house managers. The morning after on sale the day of the will to say we want witnesses. We wanted to pose represent But learning one one and given the parties effect witness and we're gonna have witnesses and the though that was put to a vote for the Senate and passed with a bipartisan
the port and everybody was ready to call witnesses and they were working out how this was gonna go and Republicans were blustering and threatened. Disappointed. The phone book and Democrats we're talking about how many other witnesses they're gonna happen to have rules established. Damn you stand, you started to see democratic members of the Senate. Give reports Earth signals on the record to reporters saying and others gonna take a long time and scan of events. A comfortable. We don't know who we're gonna, get Republicans want to muddy the waters and we're getting very uncomfortable with it as the hours went on and they simply put in front of it. Everybody agreed that they, instead of calling witnesses they just enter this tweet. The statement from Representative Butler into the record And blood, and so that it and they had a year and had about and ended up, everybody expected therapy that for Republicans who about
for connection. They had a couple of surprise votes that got the seven just a pretty bipartisan rebuke. They need ten. They need a ten more for, induction, but nobody expected they get there and done what was well, as is very two things to a two M observations from this. One is particularly clarifying. Does he Democrats, who has spent the last two years of the course these two impeachment insist Republicans or this block Nina United Phalanx blocking Donald Trump from the kind of scrutiny that he deserves? Clarifying to see Democrats say that none of the premium demonstrate very clearly that they don't want to move forward with any real real effort to examine what happened here, because it would just do just take a while and need to confirm your attendance. It's really important and second, is he saw people now like represent you're a senator from Connecticut blocking on his name, not to me The criminal Murphy Guess, who was compelled now
to do damage control around the covert package, the covert relief package, which is so important so critically important that we can pursue this impeachment, because the old, only egg heads really care about history in precedent. In all this nonsense,. The real folks in the hinterland, they need this relief man and, if you're, not on board with it, then than your part of the problem. This is what's really critical here, so that other guy. damage control around this all important coding package, which will raise expectations for its performance to jobs. Thus the level that cannot be met, which I think is, is really clever strategy in the port Democrats and they deserve every ounce of heart ache. They get from their base for sacrifice. at this moment and they're gonna get plenty of it. Third, the technocratic Democrats, a technocratic left are pretty sure that nobody cares about impeachment. Everybody only cares about pocketbook issues, but they're gonna spend a week to deal with an angry left wing.
A base who really wanted to see and had the opportunity to see accountability here, I'm gonna get it what I'll, just say, but just before you just say that I don't even think that it's the left versus the left. The left wants this email Keynesian on steroids. To go on, and you know it's like. They think that what we are seeing is the birth of a new progressive Governing coalition, and they want to get to it as soon as possible. This this was the animated passion, the Democratic Party for the last four years, Trump trumps, bad trumps, evil trump, the resistance to Trump doing something about Trump and they they were the ones who put the Kai Bosh.
Are the real possibility. I still think No, you were. I was wrong to Poohpooh your. Optimism because I think that what had on Friday night, with a rare press release. Suggested that we had moved and taken a couple of steps into the unknown and the unknown means not a we'll get it he'll get tat, the quitted anyway. It me the unknown, I think three people voted to convict him. Based on that alone, the maybe The other ten are are aware a bridge too far, but we just we don't know that and maybe it's terrible. Shut down the Senate not make it possible for it to do any business law that
But we don't know that and we don't know what rules could have been promulgated to make it possible for them to do business in the morning and then do the trial in the afternoon or something like that or have different committees take different depositions. We don't know that shoe we're panicked. And shut it down. And so there is a kind of interruptus here and it But for us, like you know, I don't need the satisfaction of seeing this happen, but. granted the election is the ultimate you no sanction, but It's far worse than I'm sorry, just briefly, it's far worse than all that everybody thinks now everybody says MILAN we're gonna move on time to move on to heal in Lebanon with on, but by opening the possibility here of witnesses, because in his testimony get to hear, and there are events that are unclear that need to be explored and
is a bipartisan now vote on the record from Senator saying that same thing that there's stuff we don't know here, we need to learn it. We will never move. This is an unsolved murders, visits and open wound. Booted, that's connected to a thousand soldiers. I think, with what The sort of the most depressing aspect of this for me is they make it as you go along part of the procedural process its liking up. Part of this was supposed to be about restoring order, and you know us active approach to to justice and procedure in one eye and then to see this actual vote on calling witnesses and then going air forget it if it serves puts it just floats everything back into this kind of state of
What were we were on tethered tat to anything still you haven't. I will put it this way. It's like the last four years has suggested. I'm not gonna, give out like to chapter and verse that when things can be done badly in Washington, they're they're going to be done badly and in fact, they're gonna be done, worse than you expect they're gonna be done. Even though you already expect them to be done badly. It's gonna be worse, and this was that, at the other, does it waiting innovated words that could have happened is what happened, which is something happened to change this from being a pad. And of partisanship into something else, and then it was washed
right before our eyes on Saturday morning in pursuit of leftist goals in Vienna left immediate leftist goals. Our set of their political watchers. So there were forget forget about this in a week. Maybe two weeks have a month six months nobody's gonna care about impeachment solidarity that cover Kova covered in economic relief and schools. As you know, the kitchen table issues back pocket issues on. Nobody really cares about the sort of thing and nobody's gonna vote this way, and twenty twenty too, of course, but this will never go away now. This will be with us forever. There will be no definitive resolution on this. Even if there's some sort,
blue Ribbon commission to investigate the sort of thing which isn't even on the horizon. It is not just that it's also that Donald Trump isn't going anywhere and that this gets to the questions are raised at the beginning, Donald Trump isn't going anywhere and which were conall made that extremely peculiar speech after he voted to acquit Trump saying somebody Else- really needs to punish him. Now some court somewhere needs to punish him. I can't do it. We can't do somebody's gotta take em out, take him out, nobody is gonna. Take him out he's not going beware and he's not going anywhere because Mitch Mcconnell wouldn't take him out, and this is the the
We're were getting back now to twenty fifteen twenty, sixteen and all kinds of the weakness of the party. The weakness of the parties in general, the because of the institutions and all of that after the election November. Whatever was the date I can remember now November. Third, ok, When Trump refuse to concede and start talking about how the election was stolen- and I had conversations with various republicans and pundits of things like that and the idea was This'Ll, be over in a week. There just go burn out. They're gonna, let it burn out arguments. You know we must say he's got the right to do Ex Wine Z letter Every moment you knows he's like a caged animal he'll, tyre himself out fall asleep in the corner. Dont worry and that didn't happen and now Mcconnell saying Lehman to Heaven. You know that
your letter toil pages, saying he's not. The nominee in twenty twenty four, but the party still needs to deal with is writ legacy, but he's not can be the nominee I there is no reason at this moment to think that he is not going to be the nominated twenty twenty four not accept age and I suppose, potential conviction for some I have a real estate scam or something like that, although even there even there, it's the republican Party that has given who's the republican nominee. Not you know not the and they are not. They will look at any prosecution and Donald Trump here on them, as it does a political act by the deep state and by conventional opinion to go after him, because he's who he is and they like amended. This is gonna harden his appeal, so
I don't know that he's gonna run, but this kind of weird idea that you can move beyond him when, when you didn't take the steps to move beyond him. Whether this is somehow gonna happen, naturally like the trumps idea that covered with it's gotta vanish. What do you think will yesterday Lindsey Graham said, handed down from his most vibrant member of the Republican Party today? So You know I don't act as it does that sound like used that he's going away with he's gone down there to play golf with them. Talk about twenty twenty two the future of the Republican Party defining the Republican Party in twenty twenty two lobbying for Lara trunk to run from a Senate North Carolina shocking. I mean.
its sharp taxing. Well, I've been trying to trying to figure out what Lindsey Graham is up to. It has now become a kind of a bizarre part. Game I mean you know, is: does all this indicate that he actually has come to really like Trump? Personally and like you know, this was this- was John Mccain's closest friend in the Senate, The man who didn't even want a lower flags to have staff when the king died who said Mccain. He didn't, like you, know, people who shot down all of that and lives agreement forced himself said Trump can't be the mommy's terrible blot whatever. So you can change your mind than that, but the fact that he is sort of you know become his.
Yes, pal, it's I don't know what to make of it. I dont know no Linsey, Graham, and I dont know what to make of Lindsey. Graham. But it's it he's either suggestive of this general converge. of the Republican Party into this. A personality cult or he is- and that's question like- is that what he has already genuinely likes Trump and thinks the Trump is. The future of this is the only way down the whips and all that so, let's take let's move Linsey, Graham to one side and talk about marker Rubio at a general line. Cellular Kramer from one of the decoders, a camera for which the code I apologize, sent a question into the desk during the question session in you know that was joined by you know I don't know, Senator Danes and sending us were an end. It was isn t
lawyers. You know, isn't this just a way of disenfranchises with seventy four million people who voted for Trop. Rubio said something very much like this in his statement explaining his vote to quit. this is a very interesting line because it is totally morally politically and intellectually indefensible and corrupt. The voters are not at issue here. The voters have nothing to do with what On January six, the voters voted in the weeks leading up to November third and they voted, and he did Whip and the only way that you can say that they were disenfranchised is if you say that the election results were fraudulent. But by the way Rubio doesn't say the election results or fraudulent.
and I don't believe you know, I'm not sure that Kramer said that the election results were fraudulent. What is this pulling in the seventy four million and making it is low impeach in Trump, for this question of whether or not he inspected and provoked a riot that led to the deaths and hundreds of injuries and the breaching of the capital in the effort to interrupt the peaceful transfer power, What does that have to do with his voters? Damage morale driver? That's just rabble rousing in the worst, I don't wanna, be like some kind of pollyanna, but what the hell when you put it that way is on the same continuum as stop the steel and rubbing everybody up to sack the capital.
Its report last table bounding its implicitly that management house very directly addressed this in his extremely bizarre attack on don't trunk. After voting to acquit him saying the people who did this sort of implicitly In writing. His fellow members, as fellow Republicans in the conference, are using these voters. Seventy four million dollar voters as a human shield to prevent any. From criticising Donald Trump at all, which is hold. Its coldest these people are hearing to recall the personality. So let me let me ask you one question them, and then we can move on from this. Lindsey, Graham in his in this really quite incendiary interview with Chris Wallace on Foxes Sunday yesterday said he just doesn't see how given all That's how combo Harris is not impeached in twenty twenty three, so that's it
cutesy way of saying that you know Joe Biden is gonna leave office and humble Harris will be president. Then she'll get here's my question to you. I think I brought this up last week. What am I thought about the like impeachment frenzy that gripped the resistance in late two thousand and sixteen and never let up was what's going to happen here is that impeachment is now going to become just a political tool that every president is going to be each if the pot, if the if the house is in the hands of the of the opposing parties from here on it so Trump Was impeach twice and lets say Republicans? the House back in twenty twenty three, and it's like. We need to show them
so then they'll impeach Biden were Harris and then it'll go back and all this here's MIKE. What is is that right or do you look at what happened here and say why on earth? Should we go through this? What good did it do? What good would it do? The did. The democratic has no good to impeach trumpets, early twenty twenty They lost fifteen seats in November. It clearly did them no good because their own Senate screwed them democratic Senate screwed. The house impeachment. By refusing to call witnesses, once there was actually a vote to call witnesses. Why would you go through this again? if you are a newly minted house, republican majority in twenty twenty, three or
suggest that these things just follow their own logic and they happen because they have to happen because of the emotional frenzy that grips a party at some moment or up. Well, you know would the horror of what's going on with our politics thickly with it? How its effect in the parties is that the thought about the strategic were tactical benefits of a particular moved to a party are now no longer really front Cetera centre. decision. No rural post last week about state level Republican, I'm parties and a part of the point it was there the gripped by this frenzy. They have lost sight entirely. or or they just don't care about votes in losing votes in the in this process of the surf like emotional, All activism, all the time, all revenge
at any cost of that. If that is the order of the day, then the new What what are they care if it if it puts them at some sort of disadvantage, urges Conniston them out, and I guess it just looks like it's like its literally the line from animal hothouse right. What we It is a futile and stupid gesture and we're just the guys to do it. I mean is that what our politics is going to rip our politics are futile and stupid. Gesture. Has that also drained this unprecedented thing? that, it only happen once before. Ninety ninety eight and has now happened three times since ninety, maybe eight drain and of all of its meaning and Let me make it all but impossible for it ever to be used as appropriate as a sanction
I mean it's not like it's not even really about impeachment, because this occurred. This trend started before impeachment, but that post that aid references describe state level parties, and we have another addition now, as some sender bur from North Carolina who voted for conviction is going to, censured by his state level republican. Pretty, and you can go down the states and half a dozen of them and is not just that they resent impeachment, but they're calling the the attack the capital are false flag operation. In a resolution of the approved by the organ State Republican Party, censuring their members up and down the line for a variety of other offences that have little to do with Donald Trump. At everything to do with just. representing this sort of a bulwark against whenever democratic the it whenever they want to do it for any particular reason and eat, up to and including, obviously, the Arizona state Legislature was censured. It's on sitting republican governor too
nothing of the last republican twins federal office in that state Jeff flag? about winning elections anymore, which has already parties are supposed to do for they don't do anything else well, but now they commenced themselves that they have to be some sort of a vehicle for this personality cult which they're not going to do well, Either there is only one thing that political parties are designed to do. I keep saying this and then- and it was were the minute that they double down an arm and rallied around Donald Trump after he lost what what you see, there is a very interesting point. Is Senator Cassidy get censured by the EAST Bat Rouge Parish Republican Party Committee, Sir, Senator casually himself got four million votes the east, Rose Parish Republican Committee is a bunch of people who get out get coffee together and the ones who work hardest in Spain.
In a more more time stuffing envelopes or do whatever it is. You now do cause. I don't take any based US envelopes. Anymore makes them so ordinarily, you would say well, this is up an incredible imbalance of power. Like you know, Cassie is the choice of the people of Louis The Anna in the millions and hearing got, some you know guy in a room saying we're gonna official Please censure you, but the new nature of the way news travels now? Is it levels the it's like hears tears, John Capacity Senator and then here's a guy in battle whose and they're kind of the same they're kind of ETA same level Cassidy says. I voted to convict Donald Trump because he's guilty and then
somebody in Louisiana says how dare you you can't say that right find the guy. Anyone in Louisiana can say anything people to write letters the They could do this. The news elevates the bat rouge people or, let's even say, a whole stay party. It's the same thing. What constitutes a state party? It's a bunch of people four hundred get together the room nominated chairmen have a vice chairmen: have some committees? It's not thousands. It's not tens of thousands. They dont have any popular support, they're, not supposed to popular support, its elected officials who are popular support, but they become some kind of an avatar for some in Kuwait set of opinions, and am that lowers an levels, the meaning of winning an election in the night? states,
What happens when you make out Cassio Cortez about fifteen thousand votes in a primary and became the most famous Crack observed him or were or Marjorie Tell agreed they what there is some the distorting prism of of of contemporary news gathering and news at an hour. What would you call promulgating? creates this fascinating condition. Words like well, I mean who is who was John cast After all, he is the guy who got censured by the Republicans in his state Of course, this is good for liberals in the media, as they want to foment him promulgating ideas. Rob parties of the civil war. It is killing itself and its good for the bat Rouge Republicans because they get famous
the only people that person is good for is the guy who was elected to make that choice on trucks. After about whether he was getting Peter convict and sped years running for office going to every county, speaking at fish, fries and Lincoln, and pancake breakfast And you know doing all of that and garnering support and then getting himself into office. It's a really eat out of all the distorting prison that this elevation of the of the envelopes. for not that the envelope stuff raises an important person in politics, but he's not the same
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director resell Lansky said said: there's a science as a school should reopen and dumb Whitehouse Press Secretary General Saki disagreed said that was a private settlement on her part in this sub this administration that believes in science, there was a private statement that was given in the James Rainy Briefing room to reporters transcribed and posted on the White House. Is an official train script. Silence. If that was just a one off handed remark, it was rather official in its capacity right, so the so. What happened here is that we have the CDC press conference. The CDC director admitting that lobbying groups were involved in changing the recommended
nations that the CDC was gonna promulgating terms of school guidelines. Remember we followed the science supposedly we follow. The science here is what here is what they said. They said that these changes quote must be based on thorough overview of what the science tells us works and an understanding of the lived experiences, challenges and perspectives of school staff and teachers, parents and students. Can I just digress briefly, because I need time anybody uses the word lived, experience, redundancy is expression of your fealty to progressive eat. Those. It's like saying my troops. Witches were nonsense. Anybody who says my truth is is reflecting their fealty to a political cause, not their understanding of proper grammar
which is very much what's what's in its every time I hear that's expression lived experience like it's like saying price point: Well, here's another so the import their debt. So one of the people who help right the guidelines, is Donna Harris Acorns newly minted Department of Education official who came to the bottom of it Nation, after fourteen years as a senior policy director at the National Education Association, the largest teachers unions in the country here is what she said at the press conference. No, my presence here is not a messaged anyone. My employer, as the Us Department of
education and I represent their views. We have talked to a variety of stakeholders and look forward to continuing our robust, engage with all sorts of stakeholders, not only in the school community but in the community at large that include superintendence principles, civil rights groups and all sorts of other folks, so the guidance on reopening school rules based on the science now involves bringing in civil rights groups as stakeholders, The science says that you are unlikely to get covered from being my school building, or does it lived experience and the views of civil rights groups and stakeholders. This is an extortion admission, I, was gonna, make an
This really goes to this question of our We seeing here the creation of the next. We been spending forty years thinking that education was gonna, be a wedge issue in the United States, Hence the release of the nation at Risk Department of Education survey. That said that american kids are falling behind and not learning, because Basically, the professionalism of education has destroyed education, Republicans and concerns have been thinking of parents are gonna rise up, they're, not going stand for the smallest and never happened. So all that happens is that more and more money go to teachers, unions who claim that they need the money to help educate at the numbers. Don't get me better and they get more and more money and more and more staff at Morton, where this ok. But this new wrinkle of having no one in school and cream
getting a new reality in which it is going to be. It appears optional for teachers to be in the classroom if they ever feel unsafe, like during a flu outbreak or what, if a kid gets chicken pox in their classroom. Or something, and so therefore they'll just be set up at home with a computer they'll, be a screen in a classroom and they'll just go and do it from there. I mean that r P, what you're outlining as the optimistic scenario. That's not what words the future were staring doctors, but does not run, but the perpetual future, not the current, not that I don't see any way out of this current existing condition. The CDC guidelines that we got out of this administration on Friday night were more restrictive than anything we got out of the trunk administration in August and September out of the CDC. They said that any level of transmission whatsoever is cause cause to read to us at here today,
hybrid model, where you have kids in school, maybe two days yet most in need. Mission, which means that this disease is not eradicated, which it won't be because we ve never done that before, with the exception of smallpox, we'd never relegated, it is still around. So this is just gonna, be that we have forever, and then you saw the CDC director yesterday. Johnny pointed this out to us: I say that well, we can't really does not coming safe environment for kids, because what about asthma, about children, harassment or about mould? Sometimes there's mould. and they can open a school of theirs mould. The school mould, everybody is listening to this went to school with mould. No, but no one, even if the issue is that schools are bold right or that you know the aim of these old ever city buildings are screwed up and they need better ventilation systems. That is.
nothing to do with the current crisis. Then he shut the schools down nothing whatsoever. So you're, just a resolution have a debate about spending ability in a trillion dollars retrofitting schools with new ventilation systems, go ahead as Christine loves to point out. There was hundreds. Billions of dollars in the first covered relief package to be sent to schools to deal with ventilation systems that hasn't been spent in many of the school districts in the United States So a lot of this is just you know, malarkey, but I do think that what we are seeing here is a is a a weird new kind of power grab on President I mean I don't know. We are asked to create a new conditions under which the people horse was to run education,
get to decide at any given moment that for their sake, the schools are to be shut down for their sake, because they are worried about getting sick because we ve now established kids, don't get really hardly good. Don't get sick from covered, so Now so entire educational years lost because adults get it and kids don't get it, but kids, my transmitted to adults or docile transmitted to each other. Tat? Never ends transmission of disease in a building will never end now that, now that everybody is a hyper conscious of this idea that you know things travel indoors and hit people through spit and all of that how where it is this oh because I just well immediately a job according to New guard guidelines,
there are schools at our open now that will have- hybrid eyes, or or go to head home learning. What about that I'd. Lines are not determined, right: there only guidelines; they have no, that they have no enforcement. Whatever the whole idea was she came in and it was the science settled science that the school should reopen, and politics came in and like Bambi Verses, Godzilla the big foot of of democratic interest groups, squashed Russia the Lansky but good right in front of our eyes, but it's it's it's. Somebody had to get analogy: it's not it's not as though in the affordable, correct, for example. I forget one stealing this from the have good observation
affordable care. I didn't say that you can't keep your doktor, even though that was everybody stated intentions. It was just how the law was structured. That would cause the incentives that would produce a system in which your doctor would be out of your network. There wasn't it can anybody stated intentions to the extent that doesn't it that people say this is gonna, resulting in more. realization and more school closures it's not because it mandates enter their teeth. Tat any of this just better create, creates a permission structure that people are going to use every one set. One often says this it stand, and we ve been saying this for a year about covered stuff and stood so what never say the things can't stand when clearly they can stand but seriously. How can the stand.
I mean it there? There is. There is something fundamentally illogical here we are, we are going to empower and education system, in which a teacher are not going to have to stand in front of students and teachers. If that's the case that we should then that the end, logical end result of this is the complete destruction of the public school system and the Education by looks lux by by by mass online courses that kid's take at home or in pods, where they sit together in a room, that's rented by their parents. With twelve other kids and parents rotate in and then they all watch screen together because the ocean that we're gonna spend other how much we spend the United States. For you know upwards
goes to a trillion dollars on education every year. We're going to keep doing that when they're not gonna. Be that what why would we do that entropy enter degrades. Ultimately, the whole point about entropy is that the system can can kick Calot, not it goes on and then it it degrades itself and then it destroys it off and that's the fun part of entropy I guess, but listen, guys, shifting gears little bed, because we obviously have an age. Our problem in the United States, with the teachers and if, where the HR department we got some issues here and you know when running a business. Hr issues can kill you wrongful termination suits minimum wage requirements, labour regulations and hr managers, salaries aren't cheap and there.
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And now, just because I haven't depressed you enough, let me just dumb share with you a couple of other little pieces of news broke over the weekend, Shall I ill on Omar has been a vice chair of the house for the fair subcommittee and House Democrats have hired at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Julian Touch role as a senior advisor for diversity and inclusion, tightrope known for appearing in the twenty nineteen PBS doc. Ministers college behind bars about a group of inmates trying to earn their degrees through New York, States, barred, Pritchett Prison Initiative through the programme, Tetragon Bachelors degree wealth a six year sentence for racketeering conspiracy at the time of that twenty eleven conviction tat you had already been doing time for sure
two rival gang members in two thousand six described at the time as a trigger man for the original Gangster Killer Street gang, the Terrorize Albany, the Zol from your posts story, natural confessed to the shootings into the razor slashing of another victim in two thousand to, as well as to dealing drugs. Catch? Her was written twenty seventeen, as has become an advocate for increasing educational opportunities for inmates and he was in a thing where he debated the Harvard Debate team and they won and So there's that so basically
a person who shot to people and and slashed a third razor slash the third while making twelve thousand dollars a month is a drug dealer is now going to be employed by the committee that tries to get Democrats elected now. Here's the question does the fact that he served timely, served, a sentence and got released, and all that are we supposed to just turn a blind eye to his behavior. yeah. I don't know I mean I mean you know it's it's bizarre. It's it's depressing, but your last question: I mean what what does it mean to be to have served ones time. You know
how is how is it supposed to affect how we assess them? I think it's it. It's crazy! damaging decision did to pick him. Yeah. I don't think that the belongs in the same category as the aim, no more thing in part, because it there's that we have a capacity for redemption, redemptive or care that has perhaps been I don't know enough about the gentleman to say one way or the other. Enormous case- there has been no redemption because there has been no, oh, no How would you sought or offered still very much an offender. So these these two Things are done exist in the same category. To me, what, if he had posted, does something on fourchan in the last ten, if he had a Gabert parlor account, then he would be truly beyond the pale and unreal under irredeemable So the issue is: is this illegitimate store
I mean, I think every anything is a legitimate story like it's all a question of whether or not at a time of of of rising crime. The democratic congressional campaign can be wants to hand its republican counterparts at a giant issue by saying that you know one of the people whose helping them on criminal justice issues shot to people Razor slashed another. While having been a drug dealer. I mean you know it's true. I he confessed all these things. So it's true it's! There is no question that is it through fact- and that is just a question of whether it's an interesting thing because is the support liability. Or is it not a public liability I mean, are: are Democrats blinded to them? fact that they are sitting on a razors edge of power
house and that crime, as we lay out and Christine Rosen's splendid peace that you can read, a commentary magazine, dot com, accepting crime abolished punishment. That crime is going to be a big fat target for Republicans. Politically, in two thousand and twenty two Well, they decide lay that out and in terms of Johan Omar I mean you know, I guess she's. She's gotta, be some committee. You know I'm like Marjorie Taylor. who is another committees as she gets to beyond committees, it's all about the Benjamin's in her case them
Kay. So sorry they started a press. You, sir, on this weird dab holiday, that celebrates president's, which we shouldn't all right. You know we celebrate Lincoln, we celebrate Washington, we should celebrate President's in general. That means we also celebrating Nixon. Your celebrating, you know, I don't know Chester Alan Arthur, like I did. We don't really need to celebrate them. Celebrate President's in general, so presence are employees They get big pensions and they get libraries and that should be enough for them rather than a national holiday. Anyway, so with that Churlishness Shorty, morosely, maybe we'll be back in a better tomorrow for Noah and aim and the absolute resolute jump on boards keep caliber
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