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Unmasking the Oscars and John Kerry

2021-04-26 | 🔗
Today's podcast discusses what it means that the Oscars were so badly executed, whether we're about to be released from having to wear masks outside, and what John Kerry told the Iranians that should have him hauled up before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine barely podcast these Monday April, twenty six, twenty twenty one, I jump onwards. The editor commentary magazine with me, as always: executive, mandatory, bring Waldheim, huh she had editor nor Rossman High Noah then senior writer Christine rose high Christine I got so apparently my colleagues here, I'm not sure about Noah, but even Christine did not watch the Oscars. I am only going to talk very briefly about the Oscars.
Because why, when I talk at length about the Oscars, because they involve movies it, no one has seen performance is that nobody cared about in the cold. Year that shut down movie theatres- and this is about movies and now apparently movies are mostly online and streaming and all of that and add to the extent that that is the case. The Oscars are gonna die because they are already dying because all the glamorous leech from them and you used to be in the days that people watch the Oscars because they never saw celebrities. They never saw movie stars
and this was the one time in the year- you could see them dolled up and dressed up and now, of course, they have instead, as they have Tik Tok accounts there, they tweet- and you know, for the last thirty forty years has been retained tonight and all of that so that their there never far from us there there are there over present in our lives, not under present and therefore, whatever mystery is exposed by the Oscars has long since not been exposed by the Oscars. But atavistic Lee was still a sort of very highly rated showed people watch and then the last five or six years. It has been tanking and now really last night and that this is really the case. So last night, they stage to show that in the first hour of the show they had several clips from foreign films in
in former ages were subtitles. They had boring categories, they had weird speeches there no comedians and always rightly be funny. Regina king, who was the first person to talk, said boy, if that verdicts got another way I'd I wouldn't be wearing these nice shoes, I be wearing marching boots. So there was like right there in a minute, the first minute. You know it all got political and and then they did like ten minutes giving an award to the motion picture home with footage of the motion picture home there. Having our goods there doing makes things or people the motion picture fund or the home. I don't even know what the hell it was so this show that was already gonna have a terrible read. This is a programme that routinely got twenty five million people watching it was the first second or third, most highly rated show. Of the year, my friend Richard Rushville, predicted that it would get like eight and a half million viewers at most
and maybe it will start and a half million years. There is no way that by eleven o clock anybody was watching, and so we could have this kind of total calamity collapse of the Oscars. But here's the important point and then we would then I will stop them on Abe knows that. I have a theory. You guys I am even particularly not ever theory that something happened: the United States and in this millennium begin where things stopped working right in that, their bizarre errors, mistakes in competencies that you never saw before from elite institutions and things like that. Now the Oscars was one key element of that when, in twenty six year, twenty seventeen faded away and worn baby announced the wrong winner of best picture. If people,
Remember they announce la la land, had won best picture producer of lol and gets on stage. Looks at the card which Faye Dunaway that the head to head handed him and said: wait we didn't win. Moonlight, you guys want so they mispronounced, so they have the wrong card. Nobody really knows exactly what happened. There was always screwed up and it was like that that would never have happened there, some sense in which only him only in the American. The present could anything like that ever possibly have happened. Will something like that happened last night and here's what happened, though? This was just just a giant conceptual error, so either try do stuff differently. So there was a film like Oh, we avoided a supposedly there that will always never was there were no production numbers. There were no comedians speeches went on for ten minutes. Nobody cared
Was deadly and then they decide It's a hand out best picture, not as the final award which it has been now for ninety three years, but as the third to last award best picture. So that the best actress and then the best actor with the best actor word could could end the night. Why do they do that? Because they were sure that Chadwick Bozeman, the tragically you know whose life was cut tragically short by cancer? last year, STAR black Panther and various other things and the end, and in moraines whack bottom nominee for best actor that Chadwick Bozeman when the Oscar and his wife, who was made several beautiful speeches on the awards trail about him and his commitment to things all that would be the last speaker and everybody would cry that would be an emotional highlight of the evening and so walking Phoenix. When they ask for last year, is there to give the word out for best actor and very
Awkward guy, weird guy, announces. Although the nominees and then he opened the envelope- and he says in the asker- goes to Anthony Hopkins for the Father. And then he says how the markets is not here. Who the academy accepts the ward in his honour, and that was the end of the show three hours to conclude with walking Phoenix grudgingly and bizarrely exe testing the award on behalf of Anthony Hopkins, who did not show up. Theoretically, because he figured he wasn't going to win, Cuz Chadwick Boseman was going to win now. I just have to tell you that in my Oscar pool I picked Anthony Hopkins, so I knew it was going to
Somehow I don't know how and sometime always wrongs. I wasn't really sure this, but ok. So my point is that they rearranged ninety three years of tradition. They rearrange it so that the best picture is not the last thing awarded of the evening. In order for this thing to happen, that doesn't happen and the entire evening ends with it. You know like falling flat on it face, ok, but that is in keeping with what I think is some of the preparations that went into the Oscars. I didn't watched the ceremony itself, but I was reading some stories about the preparations in LOS Angeles and they clear, now all the homeless, encampments, to make sure that the Elite, Hollywood actors and producers, and when I didn't, have to see the river and then they put a fence a whole around the area so to hear Regina King talk about put on her marching boots is kind of ironic, given that they kind of clear
out all the people who were living on the street there to make this sort of Hollywood asked showed look like a Hollywood set when in fact the reality of help, we're living in a in the crime rate in L. A right now is quite the opposite, but they didn't you look like a Hollywood, shall right, because it did not include any of the Ark but you would have in a comment. An old drama which is apparently what they're gone for. I don't watch. I never watch. I don't have any fully articulated opinions on any of this hidden by with what describing sounds like their attempting to making other than the actor or actress in this case? the leading figures in the supposed YA pictures or institutions. Now Where are you going to buy anything? Aren't they thought they could have a tearful finale right go out on tears because Chadwick Postman is dead and they would give the Oscar to a dead guy who's. Forty three years old
and his wife would get up and cry, and everybody would cried or be like a motion moment at the Oscars last night, when Chadwick Bozeman was posthumously word only the third time in history that someone has won the award posthumously, the great and, of course, in the year of George Floyd and Bob Diversity yeah, but what they didn't do is establish the conventional setting for production. Well, you don't have a production number, you don't have a choice at an m see you don't have a host because nobody has the proper social justice credentials to be a host anymore. So it's an unregulated and governed affair. That is, that doesn't really have a central theme or a narrative. Well, but here's the here's, the Good NEWS is media and showbiz, and everything were as much of a hoax and a rigged system is. Everyone seems to think it is these days
then shadowed Bozeman would have one no matter what private look. Rather, that's a good point: The other thing like you, I'm always are so white and racist. Now there was one moment I think, those two thousand three when Chicago one best picture the movie Chicago Invest picture, and It was like an hour, it was I going away, everybody assumed it was gonna win, and so the people who handed out best picture Oscar. That year were Michael Douglas him, his father Kirk why it was Michael Douglas, his wife, Catherine, Zita Joe. Was in Chicago and in fact one as Ex they want to best supporting actress Oscar for it at the beginning of evening, so there, error to hand out the Oscar at the end of the evening. That was the one time. I thought I don't know because maybe they know who's gonna win. Maybe they like to go,
inside the envelope, because imagine if Chicago hadn't one this would be a really really really awkward handle from these guys who are there because ones, wife, non starter law were that Europe that one of the stars of the movie says like added I don't think they would add. Without being sure, but I think this end that moonlight thing and all that to do really did do suggest that yes, surprises can happen in there happen. D actually happen all the time, but age in a world in which you re orient the entire she nine decades of a show, based on the rebuttal presumption that there's gonna, be this moment that you can exploit at the end of the show,
like that. Is that that's a sign of a kind of blinkered incompetence like that's not how you plan for a big live event. You don't plan for! Well, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Chadwick Bozeman, so we're just gonna up end everything to make sure that dead that we get that you now we get those tears because may not happen and it ended and it didn't and the, and it's like how everybody always assumes now that a news event is going to go in one valence from one direction right that that that a dozen such is gonna happen, and you know trumps. Poles are gonna tank, or this is really that's it and then blogger. You know this will happen. This happens, and then this is, however, but he's gonna react to it or something like that and the truth, Nobody has any idea how room anybody is. Gonna react at anything it's worse than that
because this they actually have more control over things. Amid this strikes me as being more like a bad after school, special right or like a bad, very special episode of Pankey Brewster. We're like a kid has to die like this is so off brand for Pankey and near the kid watching it and suddenly you feel betrayed me shock, but not a good way to have learned anything. So it did it's. I don't know I just doesn't. I think it's an inch. The argument, but I think, actually had a lot more control over that we do in TAT you jack yeah, and they didn't. We could hardly did that's. Why? That's that's where, like the elites are screwing up everywhere right. So this is like the Hollywood elite now granted that one of the things about the show is you watch or three hours. You hear these speeches and it's like you know what you guys like. Really it was so much better when you talk less you there's this fantastic short story by John. She recalled the chase Clarissa about a man who becomes obsessed with this gorgeous woman,
He liked takes the fairy the Marthas vineyard every weekend and she's waiting for her husband in the dock and end they they always fight, and she and her husband always screams of her and she burst into tears, and he figures. I've got in here like obsessed with thirty wants to you. He wants the sort of like an affair with her. We finally need, Sir and their party, or something like that, and he gets her in the living room. There gets her into the kitchen and says wiser husband, so into you and then she starts talking at it turns out that she is a blizzard. Bring idiot starts talking about how she believes there amoebas that derive from outer space at this and that the other thing and all he says the story ends with him saying. That's really interesting. I think you're so interesting,
Lastly, the story is that was all it took when you, when you see these people and they get up and they start making their speeches, some of which are written for them. Obviously, it's like dont speak like just to play his please God like the old korean Lady who won for benare. One is look like incredibly charming and funny, and everybody else embarrassed themselves like in cringing, except for Tyler Perry, Tyler Perry, one, the gene Herschel to men
bearing the ward and made it actually cut quite beautiful speech about american unity and how we shouldn't hey cops. It was, I was really great. It was really great about what he learned from his mother is a poor kid and other than that. It's just you wanna, like crawl into a hole and die because day they never used to talk. You never heard celebrities talk about anything because they dont know anything because they're beautiful people who get who are really good at impersonating other people and other than that they should just you know it's like if you watch their instagram or something like that. You know what they're good ad is
posing and wearing bikinis. If they're gonna wait, what or or you know like, kissing their girlfriends on the beach or something like that, they are not interesting. People definition. Well, I'm sorry to say by your prediction that the US forces is dying. I do think there is a very good chance of there being a post pandemic river vocation of the Oscars because world there be all sorts of excitement about a crowded there again with all the star showing up in person where and and people, doing numbers end and you now serve a return to the pre pandemic, reality that that will be pursued only the next Oscars,
I presented a claim for a very long time, but it's not just that. It's everything, its professional sports, its prime time television, it's every life, then over the course of the pandemic gear. That you'll soon would benefit from the fact that no one had an even better to do suffered across the board in part, because it's not just at the other end nothing better to do, but what the programming became was just it in tension in the new cycle. Everything is an extension of the new cycle now, so, if you want to get away from the new cycle, there's no, where to go where to turn off all your electronic devices. Well, it's also. It's also, I think, just basically that scales have dropped from so many
is about so many things that people used to have a kind of naive and on on cluttered interestin like what dresses are they were so fun. There said it so much fun. The Oscars are fun it. These events are fine, inspirited, high spirited, and then the more people understand about- manufactured these things are helleborus laboriously manufacture. They are how how how they they basically support structures for industry. Or add you know, including sports, by the way which you know again what once the game starts, there's a game you know, but the superbly super. A warm up said this everything like that. It's like enough. Already, you're. All is all just salesmanship. You know it's like. I can see I can see the inner workings of these things.
And I know I've seeing the man behind the curtain and I'm disillusioned by it and the disabled means its salesmanship for a product that nobody actually wants. There told they should want and they think they have to want it- that social, desirability, viruses ever be wanting it, but they're not selling it to you because you're not giving you anything that you traditionally when used as a sales product, all the rivalry rivalry heavy pronounced that renewable Drouet ribaldry rivalry, the rivalry though, he used to sell products too, for it, Ample young man is forbidden. You can't you can't use those tactics anymore. You can't have the kind of you know them the frivolities that used to typify and ask her ceremony. Big production numbers bad jokes and people making fun of themselves right. Let's up his off is off the table. Now
I don't need your bays actually. The reason his speech was so great last year is that he did that and they didn't like it. They didn't like being marked because they take themselves very seriously when it comes particularly the one yeah. I always used to do that. In the end, there was always somebody there who had temper that, with you know a little, they didn't like it and the fact that they didn't like it was great because that was all part of the part of the effect right. But even I kind of you know off color, humor or self deprecating, humor or roasting humor origin skin no sex sex doesn't sell anymore, not because it doesn't sell any more because you know to use that sort of stuff. Ok, but I wanna go lammert gland,
and wealth and competition sure are also themselves parching. Frightened trite right, but I just want to go back to the things, are working right and the kind of the ways in which certain types of elites embarrass themselves, with their lack of for knowledge about what what there but they're after about him, and you can every week you can pick something like this up, like the press conference at the four seasons that turned out to be at the four seasons line and garden centre instead of at the four seasons hotel for about on the on the supposed fraud in the vote in Pennsylvania, right that that was one say the entire varsity blues listen scandal and the way in which it was responded to not only by the people, gotta stared and celebrities harass knowledge, but the
entire world of elite meritocratic institutions that pretended as though this was not the exposure, of a system that had gotten just astonishingly corrupted, and the revelations over time about how these schools have these unbelievably low acceptance rates, because they they consciously attempt to gin up applications that they will never accept, simply in order to make themselves look more exclusive stuff that keeps coming out that our revelations of this you know or though the links that came out of Harvard about asian admissions stuff like that like over and over and over again and politics. It happens all the time to and that an end, and they keep doing it because the there instead of nobody,
also because shamelessness is now a totally acceptable thing. People people don't as they as they have robust of civilized civilization. They don't seem to be standing round, panic that they're going to be humiliated and public and that that is the more remarkable control on peoples that narrows the width of their freedom. It, like you know, you keep kicks things within certain boundaries just so you can vent something happening that you will never be able to live down as long as you live within, Sir parameters you maybe you're not gonna, be wildly exciting or, like you know, to take the world by storm with your provocation but you're not be humiliated. You're not gonna, be embarrassed, you're not going to be like save your life in shame, because there no shame anymore, I'm an apparent there's, only shame if somebody
answers on a slack channel that you made them feel unsafe than then. You have to express that you're ashamed. Yeah, I was going to say that I think that the lack of shame rule applies largely to elite We already have enough power to withstand the their own shamelessness if you're, if you are a little dying who says the wrong thing or refuses to go along with the politically correct. Ideology of the day is your workplace or your educational institution. You will be made who feel shame? Even if you yourself, don't don't feel at you. Be shamed in front of your peers. Well, are you whether you are they experience such low stakes, shaming on social media environments, sort of becoming acclimated to the idea that, as a consequence precondition were, although it it doesn't feel well stakes took to the to the little guy. There only feel, and it's not logistics in the real world bribery
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The second case load. Ok, sorry, I mean I mean that would be lovely So yeah- I am writing about this later today. For the blog, I think, as I have precisely one thought per day, so you're pretty to it now at this moment, may I call upon all of doktor fancies whirlwind interviews on Sunday morning, he was on the press. He was unable to news and he made a little better news just and just a little better news in because he addressed us a little bit on meat, the press regarding masking and he said ass, we get more information. It's it's gonna be pulling back by going on, there Did you see guidelines? He went into a little bit more detail in a b c news where he said you know he was asked specifically about the conventions that force you to mask outdoors, even if your fully vaccinated And he said: listen my
can see, is pretty paraphrase. Emergency is pretty data specific data centre? Can we don't have a ton of data these assessments, however, common sense tells you, when you were common sense twice. Common sense tells you that, if you're a vaccinated person, the risk to. You is relatively minuscule eastward minuscule, therefore you should be seeing some more guidelines about masking common, come outside at least come in come in the next couple of days, so hang tight. We could begin little bit more liberty in terms of masking outdoors, if your fully vaccinated? Now, God bless and this President Joe Biden accordingly NBC News promised them, in the next twenty four hours and new guidance is common. New guidance is coming down. The pike know what precipitated this, not research. As doktor voucher admitted, there is no researchers with this and what happened was- and we ve been talking about this in the pact- has now for a couple of weeks, which is pretty oppression of us. I think, because
elite opinion in places pennies, like New York Times, opinion page in the Atlantic I have now warmed to the notion that a real, rebellious, libertarian position now to his is to oppose outdoor masking and, while I all ascendant, migrates up the chain to the mouth of George Stuff Annapolis, who community this attempt to evaluate- and it all goes all the way up- the chain to present in the United States and now we're going to get the guidelines that we should I've gotten months and months and months ago. Only now, because the right people are talking about it, we get this kind of information. We get this kind of public safety problem of public safety guidelines that comport with everybody's live. Experience in this isn't all that the similar from what happens to the guidelines around disinfecting surfaces because once. We all knew that this was sort of theatrical into his credit people like Dirt Thompson, at the Atlantic had been on this for a long time, but I took it up consensus a while the catch up to his views, and then it became consensus.
Some by December. You had news. Organisations like and pr and the New York Times. Not rules is really a little and then we had in, I believe it was April early April this this. He said yeah This doesn't really matter. You don't have to actually do that anymore, so God, strikingly consensus for granting us the liberties that we have we should. We should do our best to get them to read National Review articles from March of twenty twenty more so that they can come around to the consensus that has in the prevailing wisdom outside of their circles for a very long time. No it you! This is I'm gonna objective this every time you do this, I'm just gonna. Warn you that the going for where you are always you you haven't. You have a thing of saying everybody knows that data. Other than an if everybody knew that data. That is it wouldn't matter that FAO cheese is hinting that they're gonna issued this guidance saying you don't have to wear masks and public anymore, because every
but he doesn't know there. People who are alike. It doesn't make sense to me that I need to do this when I read things that say that it doesn't transmit outside, but trust me nobody doesn't know. That's actually why we have things like public health experts and public health guidance, because people it's not their business, they don't sit around reading articles like we do. They dont pay attention to he searched the way we do, and so they're gonna go with what their told, which is why it's me we shameful the degree to which these consensus see these kids. What is the plural of consensus? I don't even know consensus is, doesn't seem right, but they went by consensus,
but that this consensus is established themselves and then there's all this. You know what we should. Let the let's keep it in place, because you know what it's good for people to wash surfaces its healthier. They won't get other diseases, it's good for people not to shake hands, because that's away as proud, you says of preventing people from getting respiratory disease. If we tell people didn't shake their hands during covered, even if they could shake hands. You know we're training them for the future. It's all this, like you know, nudge casts Einstein, manipulation stuff. This idea that the elites can sort of help guide people to better behaviour through
these kinds of instruction night. I think it's worse than that, though, because I think it's it's the it's. The left wing, progressive elite consensus version of stop the steal, its trust, the science, but the science is whatever we're going to say it's going to say and it's, actually scientifically, based on when there's real science that that doesnt comport would say, for example, these supposedly scientific claims, the teachers unions that we're gonna go with the political science. Literally, the political version of this high, and so I think it's actually much more pernicious in terms of its effect on the population, or there is also another aspect of this year, which is that There was no wave found. She was gonna change, any the outdoor guidance he'll. Something came to pass that also not everyone knew was going to happen, but that we said was the case and that others new, which is at there is not going to be a fourth wave of the other.
Damage as a result of states that that dropped the mass mandate. That's a very important point, and I think you cannot stress enough. The Texas and Florida Texas in particular, has done ended up during the rest of the country and enormous service by I say, all right, that's enough and obviously, if the results had been powerless or had even been, I don't know what you call it like questionable. Then there would have been the you see. We let go. We gladder guard down too soon and that's what habitats? That's at a got, a second wave in the third wave. Let our guard down too soon, and you know what it was never about letting our guard down to suit. These waves did not happen because people let their guards down too soon. We don't know why they happened. Just like nobody,
was why India is going through this calamity at this moment, and yet I heard this morning on tits like in the Eleventh Guard down to suit it's like. Well, I mean it may have been that India was inevitable, that India was gonna, have a series of waves, because you know there are so many urban centres that are so over packed in overcrowded and they have small, relatively small domiciles and large families than that, of course, what we know is the key transmission point for this, but I mean that's it that that is it. That is a key element of this entire precision and James James Soviets key who, who wrote of economics com for the new Yorker for many years, but up a piece on medium last night she said the whole point about the J J. The Johnson Johnson vaccine pause is that you can quantify. If you do a survey or a study of Johnson
since vaccines, how many people as a result of getting them or how many people guy got the vaccine and then had a blood clots. You can count that right, so it's so end up being, I think, fifty six overall in the United States when they decided to unpack the pause, what you can't count is how many lives would have been saved and how many blood clots wouldn't have happened had ever had there not been no pause cause? It's not it's not a quantifiable number, but it's almost certainly larger than the number of people who got the clots that that overall epidemiologically you have to figure that if the single
best way to prevent someone from getting the vaccine getting really second dying or getting really really sick is to be vaccinated. Having a week or nine days in which people don't get vaccinated and the vaccination numbers drop, more people are going to die from that, then would have died from the blood clots had there No, and in fact we don't even have any evidence that the blood clots are the result of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. What we do have evidence of is that the pause which was done by officials at the CDC in the FDA, that the pause itself has increased vaccine hesitancy, that the number of vaccinations has dropped from a high of four million a day to below three million a day and the only thing
that, you can a tribute that too is vaccine hesitancy and the only thing that you can contribute the increased vaccine. Hesitancy too was the Johnson and Johnson Pause, so the incentive structure for the public health system in the United States is skewed at. It remains skewed toward me Looking people do things while covering your own ass. If you're in the public health professions, So can we talk about summer camp? In this context, clean the CDC new guidance on summer camps is overnight camps overnight summer can see boy can. So if you have kids, were you like to go to sleep boy camp many of us had, the situation. Last summer, we're going to the camp some camp very few camp state open one of my kids, who is going to go to sleepaway camp that was cancelled, these camps, many them struggling to survive. We talked a lot about this over the summer
Then you know, with with vaccination, available to all the adults and with obviously low risk and low spread among kids. It seems like finally, kids look at their summer back right thing, that a simple example here comes the CDC with its guidance, which is completely. I think there was someone on social media who, to summarize the best, buy things. Completely until her into reality. It's actually in some ways more strict than the guidelines for last summer before we had a vaccine, and they need to look at that guidance for what it is not as not law, not rules. That must be followed but guidance, in other words, Parents, camp directors, anyone who has any does skin in the game in terms of getting kids back outdoors and unhealthy environments over the summer should say we're gonna use our judgment and our common sense and we're going to make decisions that benefit our children that way appropriate appropriately way. The risk not follow it in legal fashion. What the Citys he's been saying because, as we just said earlier,
is there not a dead there, often behind the curve, in terms of what real world experiences showing his but have this virus works? Abe Christine saying that took this camp gardens came in saying the kids are gonna have to wear masks outdoors at summer. Camp ok found she goes on this week yesterday and says we're about to issue guidelines. That said, the people don't have to wear mass outdoors. Don't what lesson do you think? people should take from the fact that the CDC is saying this thing about how too much from now, when summer camp starts that's two months from now, kids are gonna have to wear masks. And yet the head of the infectious diseases. The leading epidemiologist in the United States is saying we're about to drop the mask mandate when which was to take about government that this is that this is this
on the same day, leading a witness, leading the way and and we know kids are less likely to transmit the wires generally and values document, dropping the mandate for adults, ok by the white. Let me just put this point because I can't say enough: there have been almost six hundred thousand deaths in the United dates from covered almost six hundred thousand. Do you know how many of them are between the ages of zeal, Eighteen, two hundred and maybe eight two hundred and eighty eight out of six hundred thousand kids don't get covered and they dont transmit covered and they don't get sick from covered. Two hundred and eighty
a death in the United States, which is a tragic number. I mean I just learned that that's we not downplaying the deaths of children here, but as a risk. I avoided downplay the dust of children because war children die of flu, then type covert, whereas we know for adults. That is exactly the opposite, like we have this twelve or fourteen percent surge and unexpected deaths in twenty twenty as a result of covert. But that is not the case with children who are dying at a lower rate, because no one got the flu and all of that anyway. I'm sorry. But so look the thing that gets me about this, and what it says about government is is, is almost less important to me than how the public receives it BC, because my FEAR, and this has been my ongoing fear throughout the pandemic. Is that there is? There continues to be a significant portion of the public. Who is perfect?
willing to ignore these contradictions, and what's the official restrictions they are somehow comforted by this. They feel that- There are larger, better informed sources looking out for their well being, and that's the important thing- and this all contributes is this: is it for you throughout the pandemic. We have lost our sense of acceptable risk, and people are very scared to reconsider what it hence to wake up realise there are germs in the world realise there are risks in the world and yet do. An equation for oneself that determines that you can go onto the world and and do things and take that risk that is disappearing. You knocked over those thinking with it with it, with the Johnson and Johnson pause. The way things are
day, given this sense of having lost her sense of acceptable risk. Let's pretend that aspirin was first discovered now it would never can make its way to the market Where I mean it is it is, it is so much or problematic in terms of side effects, then then say Johnson in their jobs and transmitting, it would make it right because, because we have absolutely forgotten what what is acceptable in terms of risk, wiping something also serve more their ears and ears and others interesting aspect of that, which is maybe an ordinary person has never been in a position where they had to think about it in terms of acceptable. Unacceptable rest. That is, as always like a kind of inherent thing or or but, but there is no sense of choice in it right. So when you had people who who who had extreme
version to risk, unlike didn't want to go out when they were sick or wouldn't you know, do whatever when they had been people? Were they they were out of the main street and they were very much sort of like kook certain rod, acts or something like that, but you know they they were who they were. They were, they were absorb. Ok, they were kind of eccentric, but maybe that's because people were never put in a position where they have to think about it. Like this notion that look every time you step out the door you're taking a risk, suddenly we're in a world in which we have to think about every time you have a social interaction, there's a risk, and maybe, if that were the way people fought in, general. No one would ever of ever taken a risk ever you know a granted a hundred years ago. You know you didn't really have a choice, because everything was
legates there was no sense in which keeping yourselves safe was that parts of all. You know their word that many cures for diseases. Their word that you know like you, couldn't prevent getting a lot of stuff, and you know things could explode around you, because if you read about like the early days of transportation, like I read this biography of criminals, Vanderbilt, who is the great transportation, grew of the nineteenth century. So he was a fairy men he may with a sort of vary from stem islands in New York, and then he bade fairies went up and down the Hudson and these fairies once they got once they search using wood to empower them or whatever, and they weren't just being pulled out a row for better, however, was they would blow silver fairy? Accidents were totally common and so would be on a boat. The Hudson the programme
but a thousand people would die. Nevertheless, the infamous headlines right fairy thinks hundreds die. No one to blame right, I got. The latter is a border. Tragically, real is right in view of the world that we doubt lack right was saying we have on Europe's part of the sort of wonders of arm of our time that we have been able to reduce risk so much that people actually think that they live with no risk. I mean they, they don't you don't like that thing. You say to people about planes like you: have you're, not gonna crash Medina, plane, crash you're, much more likely to step up straighten, be hit by a car be hit by lightning will if people are really start thinking that through the blue, like I can't go out I'll get hit by lightning em. Why don't one thousand chance right? No one would take a bath because your actual your risk
in your own home of an accident? As you know, there is some rough, but I want to get back to the government point about the CDC, camping and fetch you, so there is a lot to learn about this, which is that vouches standing there and he's reading the New York Times he's seeing the political consensus and the social consensus shift, and- and this is one of the reasons that he has been correct so corrupted. I think, by this last year. That's gonna change his mind. Does he to stay ahead of the conventional wisdom curve or be part of the conventional wisdom curve that, as that is pretty shocking. But what's my wits even more What what what's even were telling us all point is: there's a camp committee at the CDC and it has twelve doctors or whatever, and who knows what they are deciding, and it's not connected to the larger point.
She's there issuing guidance in three days. Everyone in America's can we told you, go it be outside without a mask on and they're gonna have issued this garden saying every kid in camp has to wear a mask, so don't believe that government knows what it's doing. Government doesn't know what it doing in this. Most important government intervention into our lives in our lifetimes right in nation to how we wish was to conduct ourselves during this pandemic. This is just one example of what happens if you put too much trust in government and you everybody was granted under this everybody. Who is doing this is doing it because they think they're doing the right thing, I'm not questioning their motives. I'm just saying your boy
to bureaucrats or their whoever they are there. On a committee and as you know, as is always the case with a committee of ten people, one particularly belligerent or aggressive neurotic can start dominating the proceedings and could pushing the proceeding into a much more extreme place and they might be otherwise or the other way around, and it some and yet we That's easy for us to understand. This goes where skeptical of big scale, government and and and collective action, all of that it's so much harder for liberals were more benevolent sense of this. To get to the point where they're going I'll I'll only to listen to these. Both those like are they anyway? Some GS? Twelve. You know in the land to like what what what am I listening to him for what they have
to respond to the parents who also listen to this end and the fearmongering in the media, and they come to the camp director for example, and say that the CDC isn't recommending this. You have to do with the CDC if to follow the science in the camp directors often cave to that demand, because look the parents other customers right exactly now. Let's talk about one of the great sceptics of the of I mean, Gothic, not in not believing that there was covered or anything like that, because he did and all that, but one of the sceptics above government and the way the government was handling this. Our friend David Johnson at the bonds and group has watched and crunch the data from the beginning of the of the pandemic about surges guidance is and locked down. And all of that- and I think if you go back and look at his the things he said-
the recommendations made in his two great internet products, the diva dividend CAFE that common the DC to Data Commune discover that he was so right in so many ways that I, as somebody who doesn't really understand, finance, find that a person if he does. If he knows, if he is this saying and rational about something as important as the pandemic and follows the follows: the math and crunches the numbers, and all of that with such a good common sense. It you gotta figure that with that two point, eight billion dollars under management there with his by coastal management from the bond some group, he knows what he's talking about and I certainly feel that way. Reading the deed
today, that common dividend cafe I've come, and you should too so go check them out from the bonds and group your antidote to the intellectual, spaghetti of the financial services of management, industry Abe, New York Times, Briggs NEWS of a leak in IRAN, of an interview with iranian Foreign Minister as a reef in which we learn, that everything that the NEO coins have been saying about, IRAN, the the the Revolutionary Guard or its elites army and its foreign policy has been true forever, which is that the recent foreign minister runs nothing the the you see, runs everything and that he doesn't know what's going on and he is forced to sort of back and fill whatever they want
they want to do that. They wanted to scuttle the IRAN deal that they wanted to all this stuff up. It's a pretty staggering thing, no knows where the big from no one knows whether the reef will survive the weak, even though he is of course right now. The ghost getting with Robert Mally over return into the IRAN deal. What do you make of it? Won't people just listen to us on everything and when I heard this morning, yeah, that's it ok, good, that's good! Ok! So, let's! But let's let that two points, one of which is this This whole point, which is that the iranian Revolution, our core he says to some one- is a couple really striking things that thee at our assassination of Sola money in Iraq, war
is worse, for IRAN's military position and geostrategic, position then bombing was its cities. What I think that bombing a whole city biddy, or something like that, like that that that that that the target and killing of this one guy was a huge strategic win. For the United States. Hey remember who said that it was a huge. No one in the Democrats Party. As I recall, there was all this while look, I'm glad he's dead but having the shrill he awaited. We don't do things this way here. Of course we had so many because he had his arm. He had hit us of the Iranians had hit awesome in Iraq and Syria, anyway, Noah.
Well, I mean I don't know if I have a whole lot of thoughts on this in part, because everybody is behaving as you expected them to behave only in so far as its reasonable to review the record. There was quite a stir, cause when the last preserving the United States Donald Trump of handling gave away. Some highly classified is really national security secrets to which we are primitive as a close ally to Russian, and after the late. My forget a first name Kisyak, and that was good it with a fair amount of consternation, duly sell, because the president can say what We want sitting whenever he wants to say it, but that this render a prudent and in this case you're giving way israeli national secrets israeli defence policy in order to advance the domestic political eject objective. I know therein, he listened supposedly domestic political objective, but fur broccoli,
I very much was a domestic political objective and I think for this administration it still is, and it is comes at the and not just of our relationship with Europe. But also it sits on its own objectives. This region and its national affairs at the with them urgency it as it defines the most urgent possible objective, so they handle the sort of Speaking with silence on this part of the resolution itself, was buried in paragraph twenty six of the New York Times. Story deserves on treatment, but just sort, tells you everybody's priorities are okay, so John Kerry tells a reef. Israel is hit uranium targets in Syria two hundred times and the reef reacts with horror in astonishment. The first of all. That means he doesn't know anything, and he is the person.
Was negotiating for IRAN in international Fora, Therefore, he doesn't know what IRAN's nuclear position as he doesn't know, what he's agreeing to her what is giving up or whatever Tal on another track and he doesn't know nothing. Secondly, if the Democrats are serious and Mark Warner, who is the chairman of the Senate tells a committee is Assyria person, he will call John Kerry in to a classified session. To ask him if this happened: when it happened, was he the Secretary of State when it happened? Was he a private citizen after he was gone? Did he have private communication with Sharif between two thousand and seventeen and twenty twenty?
one in which he revealed this thing that he knew because he had been secretary of state. This is an astounding intelligence breach. I admit I assume its true, because why would serif? Why in this interview that he gave to an Iranian about this and John carries, of course, the climate change envoy of the President of the United States going around talk.
Two world leaders. What is coming out of his mouth, that he knows this is not an academic question. This is a like a real world. Real time question about somebody who is a diplomat function of high diplomatic levels is Noah, says the difference between him and Trump is a trump as president and states cannot be guilty of a leak because the classification of documents, it's hard to say, cuz. It's a weird thing to say in the democracy Elizabeth. It emanates from him personally the idea that that anything is classified by as of as it as it as a secret
in the federal government rises from the president's position as commander in chief of the armed forces and head of the intelligence commuting. All of that he is sands above it he is the source of it. But everybody below him is not know. Everyone else is subject to the same rules, which is, if your son slap on the desk and your hand, the Iranians information. The Israelis and what they're doing in Syria you go to jail for twenty years. If you're on carry you don't now. Maybe carry was authorized by Barack Obama to say this, in which case I think, Mark Warner and the sun tells you coming
should know that and therefore let him be they carry was given his head to toe to to reveal certain things, but if he was a private citizen any set at he should go to jail I mean I don't know: how should he not go to jail? People have onto jail for a lot less in terms of having this is a huge secret, involving an ally. As I said, the president as AIDS can be thrown in jail if its Trump but John Kerry was Secretary of state, not president, and he might have been a private citizen, and we don't know- and by the way shouldn't be talking to the reef, even as a private citizen, but fine weather. That's my rant, but I do also want to say we told you that the iranian revolution I got or runs everything in IRAN at the mullahs in the urgency, and it is not the foreign ministry and the hawks versus the doves. It's all the hawks there, all the hawks, their due
everything. There are no doves. If the reef is the Duff bristles a reef is some dove, but if he's a dove, he just told so buddy that he has no power in IRAN in a leaked document, a leak tape or whatever the hell. It was that some juicy leak out how many people gonna die for that weak. That's that's my other question. I thought I had to have an answer that question, but you know what I do have an answer to is: if somebody leaks anything about you, there's a way that what they'll do always values your data rather Del Valle figures, stuff out from you, based on your data and how you use your data, so you know sometimes I think.
Hide your data. By going into incognita mode on your browser, you know, Chrome, hasn't incognito browser, but Chrome is a Google product. Google makes its fortune by tracking your movements online. It was even a five billion dollar class action suit against Google in California, where its gives a secretly collecting user data. Google's defence incognito does not mean invisible. So think about that that incognito browser doesn't make invisible. So how do you make yourself visible as possible online, particularly it here, I repeat, Express repair because it turns out even an incomplete imo. Your online activities still gets track. Data workers still gets, buy and sell your data. They get your ip address they harvested, but with expressly beyond your connection, gets re routed through an encrypted server and your ip addresses mask as every time you can.
Takes recipe and you get a random ip address here by many other expressly being users of makes it harder for third parties to it. And if you were track, your data best of all its recipe, a super easy to use, no matter what device, IRAN phone, laptop or smart tv all have to do is tat one For instance, protection of you really want to go. Incognito protect privacy secure some of them, or rather Bbn visit, Express ppm, dotcom, slash commentary and get three instruments were free. That's a ex p r s bp and not come such commentary. Expressway paean dotcom, slash commentary Binds gonna give a speech on Wednesday, and I who is excited, yeah. If I was sort of a state of the universe, unionist she's gonna announce the infrastructure plan The family, yeah family, family Camelot, of the infrastructure, now yeah, syn
Antonia go spend our money, that's all it's going to be so apparently it's like three hundred billion for trial for childcare. So you know that's I've. I wish I'd story nursery school last year because it could be very quickly very excited, so can I can I just bring up one thing that yes again. This is that their it seems. Kind of an online is thing, but it speaks to, while out of Americans are mistrustful of our media institutions. That was the Washington Post Glenn Kessler hit on Senator TIM Scott on Friday, or he basically was like he shouldn't. Be saying things like, I came from cotton Congress in Vienna is basically not poor and black enough to be caught. It should be telling his own story of his own families. You know incredible rise from nothing to something like it. It was so
calling and just so astonishing to see such a blatant attack on someone Who in many ways embodies exactly what we should want in this country. In terms of how we talk about race, how we discuss police reform, for example, Scots- been really trying to find by partisan support risk police reform bill for some time. It just it disgusted me and- and I dont say that lightly, and I find it absolutely reinforces the idea that someone who calls himself a factor for a major newspaper in this country has no business, telling Senator TIM Scott, that he cannot talk about his family origins and his family. Sorry supporting in my opinion, so there's my rent. There is a weird habit among the press of going after. We now give an example from, like almost fifty years ago, were blown to forty seven years ago. Someone with a hand
of a heterodox people who people think should think one way, but don't think that way of really being eager to come up with some way to destroy their reputations and say they are not who they say. Our so TIM Scott. This is great grandfathers. Grandfather apparent the property owner but his grandfather ended up as a cotton, picking sharecropper as though that we're not a story that was duplicated, redouble hit that either his great grandfather lost his money or that TED his property was somehow expropriated. He made a bad deal, we don't know what the terms are the circumstances, but it certainly the case that that could have happened in almost certainly it happened. The weather TIM Scott says well, the example I want to give is
eleven journalists in the nineteen seventies named Timothy Kraus did a an Ex mosaic, Pat Moynihan, who was then a very close family, friend, of course, contributor commentary was you know, running was running for Senate, Pat told a story about how his raised and hell's kitchen in New York, which is very bad neighborhood her father had been drunk and mother had to move apartments all the time it was very unsafe and it was you have that they lived in terrible conditions and all that and cry somehow determined that this was not true because path
dad had all the bar, and then he did this said he did that debt padded lived at this address for two years until he wasn't poor. If he had lived at this dress, except he was poor and he did have a drunken father who was a wasteful and he did live terrible conditions and in an Kraus. It somehow done all this investigation to dig up the fact that certain moments in his life between the ages of zero in eighteen, his father, had come into some money and had done, ok and then basically have it all and so that even that instability, Lee was somehow it was certainly probably part of the the life experience that he had that wasn't lying. You didn't tell any phibbs at a school, but it was important because Pat was running in the democratic primary against more liberal candidates like Belarus Zog and ran
the Clark and others, and because he was a NEO conservative was a heterodox guy who defended Israel and America, the you add in all of that that he needed to be taken down and that its not that we don't understand the impulse to expose the hypocrisy of people in politics, but there is a certain type of that. Guy is not saying what he should be saying given who he is like a pat point. As a liberal Democrat in our Irishman from Your key should be espousing X, Y and Z, view and since he's not he's a liar and he deserves, and he deserves to be destroyed and his and he deserves to be defamed and that's part of the Thames Scots story just try to find a way to ring down somebody who acts in ways that are not cliched or you know and so I'm talking about something. Forty six, forty five forty six years ago, I'm talking about something
the other day and what about Glenn Kessler, whose grandfather was a Nazi? Are we supposed to tell so congratulations blenkers it your grandfather's, a Nazi. Let's get you fired because your grandfather was amounts. Is that what this is this is this. Is this what we want? Grandfather was like a major executive, a royal dutch shell, great nazi. I don't care what Gregg Glenn Castles grandfather was needed, to do and he shouldn't be got around. Claiming about other people's grandfathers, when he's got, you know, he's got his own. You know, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, is one of the most important cliches that we now ok. So anything else. That's an era Fleming gleaming our way, I we can't really up. It was amazing demonstration of savers. Sorrowfully me the
Twenty seven year old school teacher who was thrown, who is beaten, torture and thrown off balance. By a Muslim Radical who was not convicted the crime on the grounds that he had been high marijuana, a famous famous psychotic inducing drug that causes people get incredibly violent marijuana. She was It's not I've by the sixty four sergeant, I say twenty seven yeah, oh my god! I well I'm sorry. I pox anyway. Anyway, there was an astonishing demonstration. French Jews demonstrate yes re in Paris and it was pretty amazing. We should talk in greater detail about the sorrowfully me case, because it it echoes in parallel stuff that has been going on, particularly in relation to Israel, but in Western Europe, since the nineteenth seventies and the the way, in which for all kinds of
colonel domestic policy reasons. Government, in ITALY, governments, Germany, garments and France have always soft peddled anti semitic crime out of fear of domestic discord? an internet and the and the threat of international terrorist violence. But that's a topic that we can maybe take up tomorrow, so until tomorrow for aid Christine now, I'm John outward skipped calibre
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