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Wait, Why Are They Saying It's Good They Failed?

2021-10-04 | 🔗
The podcast crew expresses puzzlement at the Democratic party spin that the failure of both big spending bills this weekend needs to be viewed as some kind of ideological and partisan triumph. Why? How? What on earth is going on here? And why is Anthony Fauci threatening Christmas? Give a listen.
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She had editor nor Rossman high on our agenda. So what are you guys noticed this, but there was a gigantic, a collapse of the Democratic Party in Washington on Friday and for some reason we are being told that this is a triumph they lived. Fight another day. The progressives have one what an incredible success for the progressed. It was over the moderates. Joe Biden has thrown in his cards in his hand with them any effort that as a thought of over the summer to separate out the small, hard infrastructure bill from the big budget. reconciliation bill is now over. They will be considered in tandem, so either if they are to it, this at all and what an amazing achievement this was the progressives held. The line and the moderates were stuffed and get clear stance among the senator from Arizona is. A bad person who should be chased into bathrooms.
Joe Mansion has a yacht and he's evil and they're all evil, and everybody is terrible and Joe Biden has made it clear where he's going yeah and what I see is they had a bill that could have passed and it didn't. They have a bill that can pass and they are now holding the bill that can pass hostage to the bill that cannot possibly pass unless that bill is denuded to such an extent that the very people who we are told have we this fantastic victory believed that the bill that their voting for is a betrayal of everything that they believe and hold dear. So I am completely at a loss as to Understand this spin, except that the people who do the spin and the people who write about the spam and the people who come The spin are all the same people and they are not willing to say what is actually true, which is that this is a political,
calamity, not that it can't be reversed and that they can somehow pole victory from the ashes of defeat, but that this was a defeat for everybody concerned That's all razor, you gotta, be you got a twist yourself into not to believing otherwise, and yet everybody has twisted themselves into these, not as far as I can How am I being too? I am I not seeing properly because This is what I'm saying is not conventional wisdom, and I would have thought that it would be conventional wisdom. There's a deadline for bill. The bill doesn't get voted on its crushed, and then the other bill that can pass is now thought of as the thing that is the most important and it can pass, which means that they're both knock on effect pass or again, but am I missing here what I have to admit I I've been kind of twisted into the press along with them at breakfast
I wasn't it for. I was exactly where you were John, but the more that I read all the progressive triumphal ism. I started actually thinking that this is some sort of victory for them. Not for the Democrats, I grieve for it for free for the Democratic Party its it was. It was something of a calamity, progressives captured the White House and they know it and that that that is a victory for them and and obstructing modern. Is also a victory for them. So I'm sort of both minds on this guy and it's a victory for them. In so far as the very very, very long term. Calculation is eventually the party to which their nominally affiliated will suffer dramatic losses as a result of their in engineering com.
hence and from the ashes the progressives will manage to take over because therein more safe districts, where have you and their own actions betray on Friday, there on actions betray the extent to which this was a devastating losses followed this throughout the day we talked about this on Friday and on Thursday, that was pretty much. They had twenty four hours left in that session after the Thursday vote failed at twenty four hours to make good on this vote. For this bipartisan infrastructure bell, take the wind and walk away and the worst frantic scrambling efforts to get a vote on the floor. In other words, the first of all, there is the rub.
First in leadership, has democratic leadership. Giving varying sour down politic quotes about where this bill is going in. The knowledge and Joe Biden intervened in Joe Biden was coming Capitol Hill and he was gonna, have a pep talk with everybody, and then the quotes got centre without me. Another. The very well could be a vote here and in a job. I'm gonna marshal the troops and then no funds alone, this meeting in them and they get out and you get a lot of second hand quotes about which abiden sad and apparently Joe Biden said nothing. He didn't marshal the troops, he didn't defend his own legislative agenda. He defended the progressive tactics and sort of like this. You know self actual asean process of legislating where it's like, as long as your feelings are secure and you're in a year and good emotional health, and it's a victory of some towards, and so he didn't leave. He left leadership up to these fractious members of Congress and, as a result, the fractious has won out, and that is a party Will you stay it's funny cliche at this point, but the very much
this ray I made the sort of thing that now gets marked on Twitter were Democrats can never be the Indus array, their president Prodi naturally capable of governors, but this is this: is it a party that it is the bereaved of leadership culture at one quick point here, I'm according to political run, it sit there. Little reported some progressive Democrat suggested to their colleagues that the White House, at its most senior levels, gave them a green light to tank the infrastructure vote. If Pelosi went ahead with, it were told from congressional sources that why I say it's victory. That's wrong thing now run relying only remind him ass, a policy. Yes, ok, but we have different term. I guess we have different subjects of these sentences so ably it's a triumph for the progressive. I guess no- and I are both saying it's a disaster for the Democratic Party and the two. Yes, the two were now apparently wildly separate, but.
I'm just gaming this out, because here's Here'S- what I see Biden said on either Thursday or Friday We wouldn't have any problem if we just had to more votes, just two more votes, meaning if they had to more Democrats who warrant Joe Mansion and cursed and cinema, they would then have enough votes to pass whatever they wanted to pass. Through the reconciliation process in this wouldn't be a problem. Yeah, I know- and you know, if my you know if my mother aboard combat boots, she could you know invader. Many I mean they don't have the two more votes, that's exactly the point. They have you no war with the army. You have which isn't my mother and combat boots, and you can't win- the way. Unless what is going on is essential. version of chicken with
mentioning and cares, and cinema they're both said they are not voting for the reconciliation bill. Mansion put then put number on the reconciliation bill right, which is up only three and a half trillion. He said. He'd go for one and a half trillion, sir. by the way has not said she will go for one and a half trillion and they need both of them, not just one of them and Now the ideas. Well, you know what maybe we can get it down to two point, one trillion, because maybe action. He says one point five, but he'll come up to two point. One or one point. Eight, get it to one point. Eight manual come up to one point: eight from one point: five, and then mention issues another edict just to make a call, that he does not want to sign this bill. He says I'm not signing any bill that doesn't have the Height amendment and the Height amendment, which has been in in law.
Much, although with a couple of their inundations since nineteen seven. Six, as there will be no. Admiral money put forward to pay for abortions. That is the highwayman. And he says, will not sign the bill without without the Hide Mehmet in it, and progressives in the house say they won't sign a bill that has the height amendment in it So he is now raised in response to what's going on, Firefox becoming more collegial about how they can maybe get both these pills past his upping, the anti. He is now added a social put. A social condition to the money can do that he already put the bed in the Wall Street Journal saying it would be an said. This would be financial insanity to pass a bill. Anything like this, I'm not over one point: five trillion in new spending for reconciliation.
Democrats have already negotiated with themselves that that means mansion will spend another five hundred billion dollars I don't know why they think that he clearly The one assigned the bill he's the senator from a state that voted for Trump by forty points. Cinema hasn't said, makes a clear with every word that she is saying that she is. not doesn't want to sign it at all. So I once knew a year ago. Have us is about what the way that both of them have consistently spoken is exactly how they should in terms of their role in the federal government. They are senators representing the interests of the people of their states. They are doing that distantly they talk about it. They say I mean Cinema has said this isn't what's best for Arizona this is. I don't think this is what's best for the people. I represent. Which is her job as the senator. So she gets chased into a bathroom screamed out in film by someone which of course are tactics that both sides have used. Unfortunately, over the years
But I think it's interesting. The other thing that popped up over the weekend with members the Progressive Cox and has started calling them. Conservatives, oh dear said, including people. I gave us a yard themselves, even Democrats, their ship the way their shifting what's what's aloud and it within their party in terms of the boundaries of ideology and political affiliation, and so calling them conservative is a choice. I look at these conservative members their stopping as this is undemocratic, etc, etc, and I think that rhetoric shift is is telling right, but here's So, if we look at this way without what I'm saying is everything that is now going on, and this could go until Christmas is designed. To put pressure on mansion and cinema to cave and sign a budget reconciliation bill and what we don't know, Democrats How assuming I think in their own heads.
And in their own understanding of how the world works, that they can succeed in this, and maybe they can, none of us has ever been under that kind of pressure. The. Pressure that we saw succeed wildly in this regard, as serve democratic pressure group interest on on a moderate, too conservative person, was John Robertson, twenty twelve with Obamacare when, basically the entire, I'm administration very those things basically said too said to John Roberts. oh to overturn Obama care and will in the support. We will do everything we can to make sure that the Supreme Court's legitimacy is destroyed and he fell for it and decided to
vote to uphold. Oh Mamma care in the most wit in the most factitious manner possible, which is that when he needed to say that it was attacks, he said it was attacked when he needed to say that it was a penalty. Was a penalty that can't be both at one and he said it and the decision is there in it's one of the most intellectually shameful things that has ever been on the country and the work, so that kind of pressure worked and they're looking at seven mansion and their thinking that they can, I think, bring the entire culture of the United States to bear- it can be insulted unless an hour they can be tried asked on Twitter every every quarter, our they can do to them. What Trump did to the politicians that he didn't like that, and they could be harassed in the real world exam. I M harass them in the real world and that will be excused em. All of that and either this is either.
There is a brilliant calculation that will pay off or it's a wild miscalculation that is going to take three months of time and energy will stiffen the backs of mansion and Cinema will make the reasons that they are route route resistant to signing the budget reconciliation bill stronger, which is to say that they're going to stand before their people. Stephen say we are saving you from these psychotic Washington. These people are crazy and they want to spend America into the grave, and I we are the bulwarks against this evil and if that, if they really think that That is a winning message, I dont know how turning up the heat does give them more and more and more power in putting over the message they're doing something really wonderful, with political power that they have owing
to the small margin of democratic control in the Senate. Young people, who are apparently the most exposed, the so called moderates, but who are just reflective of their constituencies, which we should add, are more moderate, Then Progressive Sue are dictating the terms of this conversation. I mean all the quotes that we have few of which on the record, but are nevertheless on background, suggest that their apoplectic over this disaster. They wanted to spend the fall talking about by partisan consensus and actual governance in the sort of stuff, Democrats like to thank the really good at, and they don't get to do that now. There's a lot of people on both sides of the oil who seem to think the singers salvageable, and maybe I'm wrong, but I dont think it is. I really don't think it is. I think the iron has started to cool precipitously. The debt ceiling is gonna, take over and we're gonna stay
talking about the politics of the mid term sooner rather than later, at which point it becomes even harder to vote for something like this pressure campaigns notwithstanding, and you know, there's putting on the right who disagree with me, but I think that just more fatalistic about the nature of the progressive aims and where this country is politically because I don't I don't. I don't know if this negotiation is gonna, produce anything that people are gonna, be able to vote on in part. Because of what you said, John, the negotiating stance is that these two centres are taking are designed to thwart brought legislative progress there there attending to scuttle this successfully and recipes, are in a playing along. In that sense there actually advancing. That goal I mean so where, where we are, is the Democrats of doubt chosen, Democrats and progressive have chosen. spend another two months. Fighting this exact same fight and the fight is gonna
an interesting one, because the progressives are going to have to bend on all kinds of things to get that number down. And when they get that number down to as low as they can possibly get at which the idea is it'll be around two trillion, but I don't know if that's true, like a lot. We know that build the remainder over this, because we never talk about what the heck is supposed to do. I know, but it doesnt matter and that's what matters doesn't know not that's about it on their own, but it matters to them. It matters to them in the whole point, is they ve been writing these things, but how? Oh, my god, they have to do. Trio, look at what they're gonna have to leave out. They're gonna have to leave out free free college, because do you know, they're gonna need that three hundred billion dollars somewhere else sudden Jai upon the head of the progressive caucus has learned about budgetary tricks: wretches like here's. What
Maybe here's a will. Do Willa worldly gonna pay for these things for five years now, ten years, they'll sunset after five years and then it'll be cheaper, something like that, but in the end they do have all kinds of problematic things they want to do. They're gonna have to delete the men. I dont know that they're gonna do then, to be honest now, because we say if they want a big fifty million here, how started at six trillion? That's where it Joe Biden wanted again the president's somehow escapes Alors complicity in the sort of thing he's driven. This conversation is endorsed these tactics. He set the agenda and that he is responsible for this failure because it's all his baby, but we started at six trillion. Then we talked it down to four trillion. Then we had the split up the bill into two parts into the heart in the soft infrastructure, and then we got that. Four point: five and now we're gonna go back to the drawing board to go back to go down the two point, one whatever who knows, but that's gonna, take a long time and it took the three and a half for months to get the three point: five trillion. Meanwhile, today
Yet the president's going to Michigan to sell these packages and end the messaging day, at least by what their signalling so far, the messaging he's going to, using any chose Michigan specifically because of the union, as support and components of the bill he's gonna sit. This is for real, for real people need all this money spent. You know in and again I think, they'll be suitably vague about long term cost of the economy and the country, but the idea that the view- strange idea that the kind of elite progressives are holding in that, the holding Congress hostage, but really this is all about providing for real people that that message seems not to have landed quite the way. I think that by demonstration hoped it would so it would be interesting to see the reception he gets on here. for we know the press, a section will be will be commuted. Andorra, positive positive, but I'm curious to see what Americans really think this thing is about when he goes and tries to sell it on the road. I the idea that the idea that the
details are gonna matter. Here is a very weird one: market people don't pay attention to problematic deed else, they really don't and they shouldn't. I mean it's very hard to we do and hard to follow. I do think that the idea that you're going around saying in out this bill is for ordinary, regular people and then you're gonna make two years of in college free That's an interesting question about whether that is something that will land on the ears of the inner of working class people in the same way that the in the same way that other sorts of social support. Do and then you do stuff, like the hide this were and should bring up behind. Amendment is an interesting wrinkle in this matter, because while people will solitary enslaved, has an interesting peace. This weekend, the
Liberal bubble is very impenetrable and once Texas pass the heartbeat law the bit Anna effectively voided abortions in Texas for six weeks. The idea was: oh, my god. This is now. I'm even talked about a little, but you know says, really going to reignite the you know pro choice, political movement at the grassroots level and be a huge thing for them and all that as a matter of fact polling things like abortion, strengthens and find funding for abortion state level. Funding for abortion is twenty points in favour.
Of restriction and no funding everywhere. Seventeen eighteen nineteen points in pulling pretty consistently that people say in broad brush. Abortion should be legal, but if you say, can you restricted this way? They say yes, can you restrict it that way? They say? Yes, can you should you be Should government pay for it? They say no, and I bring sub only to say that the idea that they don't know this like loopholes, don't know that they are on the wrong side of spending and ends social issues from a lot of the people, they are trying to attract and. Therefore, it all comes as a surprise to them that you know Mansion Cinema, doing what they're doing or that the moderates are doing. What they're doing and but the but Mansion Cinema, responding to real world circumstances as
are the senators whom they are basically fronting for the six or seven centres will also don't want to have any this, but are to chicken to Billy, be out front pub about it. So I dont know I mean again. This gets back to my idea that there's this is a calamity that is, that has befallen the Democratic Party, which is that they're going to have same conversation for another two months on matters that they do not have the support of the american people from no matter what gear. No matter, do you hear that people say all? Will the public loves spending lots of money in the public loves these kinds of supports and they want child dot tax right. They want this and they want that. But
that were the case binds pole numbers wouldn't be fifteen points lower than they were. You know three months ago I mean I don't know they ve taught themselves into the idea that infrastructure wasn't the victory like we all interested if infrastructure, to be the victory of very conventional sort of victory, of very expensive, landmark legislation with my partisan support list, what Joe Biden ran on he got it and the public actually does like it think they were genuinely do like at the pulling isn't lying. There is pretty so supportive of the idea of infrastructure is hard. Infrastructure is being what you understand. Infrastructure would be roads, bridges, airports, pipes all that stuff people like that sort of thing. That's what government is supposed to do with literally that's the social contract and they have this victory, and then they talk themselves into the nose
Let the victory. Wasn't a victory against impenetrable liberal bubble, you're talking about the armenian and is an infrastructure for regular people. I mean who was that for a meeting with the? It would be the sort of very boring of legislative victory, that doesnt enliven political activists, because it so conventional ones and- dare I say normal first even though the scale is is dramatically larger than anything we ve seen before by the sort of thing that even go around talking about how you're an effective legislator you brought home stuff for your district? You worked with across the island. You know you made yourself as as a competent governing figure in your representing the your constituents as they want to represented, I mean that's a sort of thing competent legislators used to like to be able to say and its unity.
That's not good enough now, mostly for the media complex that is progressive in all but title, but done yet generally. This is the sort of thing that you know you would be able to say this is this is a victory we want to end. It would have profound political consequences, a positive political consequences for Democrats to say that there are competent governing party. Contrary to your experience over the last four years at last administration, they can say that now. Ok, I want to come back to why Ireland has done what he has done, but before we do that, let me talk to you about our friends at the bonds and group. The uncertainty that has now been entered with a period of uncertainty that we have now a doubled in length because of the failure this weekend to pass at least one of these bills and the fact that this could go on till tilted Christmas is going to have economic, broad scale, economic consequences. It's going to freeze firms, when they try to figure out what kind of the? What kind of Spain
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You see today and definite CAFE that come from the bonds and group the answer to the intellectual spaghetti of the financial services and management industry so now you said like this is binds doing. Biden said he wanted to run the show that he could bring it up, Democrats and Republicans together and then, a bill in which he brought in which Democrats and Republicans were brought together. Sixty nine votes in the Senate for the bill Certainly, the possibility of enormous numbers of Republicans, relatively speaking, voting for in the house, possibly and them and at the same time, in the summer he said he didn't want one without the other. He didn't want the hard infrastructure with that's all the social spending and this week as a noted, theirs, instead, the White House, but either wink
for actively signalled to to the progressive and the party that it would look favourably upon the fact that the infrastructure bill wasn't voted on because they also want they dont one half a loaf. They want the whole thing So what the hell is going on here, yet we gotta go back to the beginning of the president's term we're back in January in early February and he said these balls in motion. It was covert really fright, which was many trillions of dollars up to and including something resembling a? U behind form of this these child tax cuts, and but it was also the american families plan, which was another several
trillion dollars worth of than whatever. Before we talk about human infrastructure, that's what it was care giving social safety net stuff, and it was also the infrastructure bell. So all this stuff rolled into gathers when he talked about before joint session of Congress in April, was to the tune of six trillion dollars. You know we begin as the biggest spending billions worldwide biggest bending business world were too, and this is how we can we make the social compact whenever, on and in the process of negotiating these various legislative initiatives, they all sort of got rolled into one in Congress, the american families plain and infrastructure together became the single giant infrastructure
which was eventually cleaved in none in half and into two constituent parts, how hard infrastructure and metaphysical infrastructure- and then Joe Biden says ok. Well, I won both together, which was a sort of a progressive wish, but it was whispered. It was sort of Oda. Nobody in the progressive left was saying that we need to do these, both together really outright because they thought it was fanciful and then the president says: ok, that's what I want to and suddenly doesn't become. Fancifully more becomes an imperative and then job, I'm sort of backs off of it, because it becomes an impediment to passing the infrastructure bill, but he doesn't really disavow it necessarily because this is clearly what the way as chief of staff. Once it's what the president once and progressive feel like their speaking for the president with some justification, they say we're. Keeping him in line were keeping him on the track of his at his own track. His own self set agenda where the ones enforcing it and they're not until hunters, are wrong on
and now Joe Biden after Friday has this meeting this limp rested meeting with his members of his uncle others on party, where he just says you know, just whatever feels good, do it and sacrifices his own legislative victory. So, yes he's that we use the executor of all of this, even though he likes to play this passive participant he's the one who said this table and he's the one who's Jews ripping the tablecloth up. Ok, I'm gonna proposed my theory. My theory is this, Proof that binding is not running and twenty twenty four and he knows he's not running and twenty twenty four he is shooting his shooting, the moon. He is decided we're going to lose the house in twenty twenty two. He wants to get as much as he can get so that in the priests write books in the record books, he will have done as much as could be possibly be done and he the the wind and see where you can go with. It is the strategy of somebody who has a law. long term goal or long term game plan, and he does not have one. He was he
it has until November twenty twenty two to set a legacy and that's it and so what he was looking for, what he was looking to as its potential legacy was an infrastructure bill, and that's not good enough for him. And that's why this is all happening, not to mention he, of course, was the vice president of an administration that got everything that it could do done by April of its. Secondly, before huge bills, and then that was it and then they lost the house and twenty ten, and that was it for you Bomb presidency. If you remember you know in terms of its legislative ambitions, so he's thinking about that and he's thinking about his future and his legacy, and he is a risk. Take her the guide to be fair. Look. He ran for president. He gonna he's like. If he's not a cautious,
Prudent, you know guy, that's not that's not who he is he's up. Impulsive, garrulous idiot, and so you know anyway, Christine I'm sorry. What's interesting about that, and I agree with the characterisation of him and I'm I'm one of the people who think he might who agrees with you that it might not be planning to it. run for reelection. But the messaging is sold range coming out of the White House may think what this this at the wrong claim factor in this reason, debacle of attempted legislation really highlights it, but I think it's been there from day one and that's that heat. Yes, he takes crazy rests. He just you, no kind of very stubbornly insists on doing things his way and doesn't listen to advice, but when things go south as they did with, as they had done blow the covert policies as it Sir, without Kennison and now as its doing with this infrastructure bill, he speaks and his administration rallies around the idea that these terrible things are happening to him, not that he set them in motion and on this
you can do that I mean. Not only did he not only as a clearly siding with a progressive there's, no said, but he's put his own leader in the House Nancy Policy in a position of having acted in terrible bad faith. When when that her own party is kind of you know knives out on each other in terms of the factions, she promised something and she couldn't deliver it and she couldn't keep your word and actually power in that situation is being able to do that and cheap completely mess up, and people really are pointing much of a finger at her, but that was a big another sign of something we ve consistently brought up about her and wielding power recently, which is that she's not that good at it lately like it just hasn't gentlemen good at it. So I will be curious to see if they can try to spend this horrible infrastructure mess happened to buy because in this case, has been much more hopeful about saying. This is what he wants
so appears. Here's another way of looking at it policy has an incredibly hard hand. Rights has got a majority of four whenever it is, so anybody can block anything. The moderates can block the. reconciliation bill. The progressive can block the infrastructure, build anybody can block anything. It takes almost nobody right eminence. Therefore didn't. Thirty, five members of the house there, two hundred and twenty whatever is Twenty two or something like a Democrats in the house. Three of them can you know three of them before, for them contain anything he's, got a hard hand, that's where he is post to come in and serve as her back up enforcer right and he let this happen in the summer right they came up with this deal. The vote was gonna be September, twenty seventh. That was the deal,
and the Senate the Senate then went and voted on the bill voted Vivier, prove majority. We like on the bill and it was only then that Biden and his people looked edit and said well It is a good enough. I mean that's a weird thing like let let's give think about this old, but they had a bill that's what politicians, democratic politicians was news, pass bills. No one's passed a bill. You know this way in years, they get the bill. Past and then Biden says, let's blow it up, like you saw him grenade into it and blow it up. I mean, I don't think we ve quite reckoned with how bizarre this is.
but you John, I suspect your right that that this speaks to his not running again. So he's gonna do massive things now: What part of me wonders if he is not of the mind that he'll do little Should for the moon and run again, because he he things people will love at once. It happens. Yeah, I'm up that mind as well in part because its if whip we're talking a very conventional politics here in conventional politics, is that everybody goes their job to this guy and when he's gone, therein trouble that's just gonna the underlying key focus here and also why? Wouldn't it just be the fact that we are in the middle of what they all believe to be a perpetual crisis. We're in an emergency. The emergency justifies a whole lot of extraordinary activity and that's what they ve been pursuing in the form of spending bells based a lot of it basin and the pandemic. Why.
Would you throw away a victory? Why would you not all conventional political understanding says that you are strengthened by victories, you build a platform, a stronger platform from which To preach more legislative success on the fact that you know how to stitch things together and get things done with victories again, I just want to point out that they had a bill in hand and they destroyed it. They had a boy had it build that they said they wanted and that they voted on and that they, me too and that the entire democratic Party agree to and they destroyed it because they needed to use it as as you know,
battering ram? They needs of what they needed to they needed, to make an example of it, with the idea that this is not enough, it's not enough, but then then he tried to uncouple it right after right. But then decoupled it that's right now, this week he couple Benny uncoupled and only by I'm coupling it could they get the deal, so he uncoupled. If people talked about it. Ass though he had made a terrible blunder when he said I need them both together I ghoul boy he really screwed up the negotiations over, because that gives zero. That gives a mansion everybody the possibility of walking away from the deal. So he we hear he then decoupled that and they passed the infrastructure bill and then this week, along with the progressive here we coupled it. That's what I'm saying this is a conscious, deliberate decision to trash
success and then you have to say: why are you trashing assess because he's got bigger fish to fry he's got a bigger thing he wants to do and he was willing to sacrifice the one for the other. I don't know that there is a precedent for this in american history. Honestly, I can't think of one one. You know who praised, which politician was praised by another politician for being a good faith actor this weekend, Alexandria, cause your Cortez, went on face the nation and praised Biden site that he's he's a good faith. Actor he's gettin done will be always want what we need to get done. That tells you more about both the Democratic Party, the progressive left and this bill that just about anything else, so guys have you ever brow, didn't incognito mode nodded. Call me, though, as you think, and why would it be it's a Google product, like the chrome browser itself, Google's made its fortune by tracking your movements online? I told you about this. Five billion dollar class action losses.
against Google. In California, words accused secretly collecting user data and Google's defence quote incognito does not mean invisible, unquote, so Bobo admit sets. Do you act? We make yourself as invisible as possible on my news express we begin like I do cause. It turns out that even in Incognita mode, your online activity gets tracked and data broker still get to buy and sell you data. One of those data points is your ip address. Data harvesters use your. I pity, uniquely identify you in your location, but with expressly Vienne. Your connection gets re rabbits encrypted server in your ip addresses masked. Every time you connect to expressway paean get a random ip address, shared by many other express european customers. That makes it harder for third parties to identify. You or harvest your data. Best of all expressway pm is superfluous. We use the matter. What device IRAN phone, laptop or smart tv? All you have to do is TAT one button for its pretty
since, if we really want to go and call me no and protect your privacy secures over the number one raided, VP, end visit, expressive, BP, end outcomes, last commentary and gets reassurance or free, that's Ex Pierre S, S, VP and dot com. Slash commentary go to express, we yeah that comes last commentary, the learn more. So here we are all the data suggests that we are now burning through the end of the horrible delta variant way. We have cases down thirty, four Anderson Hospitalizations down thirty percent. Over two weeks. Everything is down we're we're we're back to sort of March levels of of the infection and all of that and hospitalization and Scott leave. Among other says, he believes that this we may have seen the worst of it now over. That there is very, very little occasion that there are
variants coming that will have the kind of affected the delta varying had so we may really beyond our way out of this and then what does Anthony found she do yesterday on the Sunday morning shows he raises questions about whether or not you will be permitted to visit your family at Christmas or get together with your fat. We just don't know that yet he said it literally the french tat. While he was you know he was asked the question I think and, and you dont ask that what you are. The only reason to ask a question at this point in time is cause you want that answer. You wanna get that answer because Nothing in our reality is connected to that question:
we are already getting together, not just in family get together, but by the thousands. If for sports events in concerts and whatever else in restaurants in their every you know, so the idea that dead you dumb or is it going to be safe in a couple of months? You you want to get that answer and then they got it doesn't even the worst thing he said over the weekend. Hidden this object cool. He said he was at the Atlantic Festival, ideas and said quote: it is an assumption that it's ok to get in dead and get a mild and moderate disease as long as you don't wind up in the hospital and die, I have to be honest. I reject that the notion now being that its unacceptable to get sick. And I can't even imagine that we're just talking about covert here, because that's not the just the primary source of hospitalizations are obviously or even death,
It's just the idea now that the, but the objective here was to render correct this krona virus, one of many corona viruses that we encounter on a day to day basis and don't shut down society for vaccination. Does that that's the objective? But now the objective is changing. The objective is changing to be a permanent state of emergency, which is very beneficial to a certain type of bureaucratic, technocratic personality, and that is the personality tight that we're seeing in this individual. Now it is antithetical too how a society can continue to function, is suicidal prescription for society and if we were to continue to use this guy is the totem he is in the tone
He wants to make himself to be. He wants to be the avatar perpetual pandemic. He wants to be the guy who's around whom you can rally to justify otherwise utterly a rational behaviour patterns and irrational risk analysis, and that's the guy he wants to be. He wants to be their guy and we have given him far too much power and this administration will eventually suffer as a result of it. There are the core objectives here: to the core objectives are to say you're better off now than you were before, and how many people can say that when the new the new front in the cold war, at least in terms of rich public health rhetoric, is gonna, be about the vaccination of children with we ve touched on this here and there on the podcast. But I stumbled across an article over the weekend that sort of shock me because, as a public health matters, this is actually something that public health officials could be too about, rather than saying, if you, if you don't continue with the you know, masting lockdown near know this kind of fear that we ve had free over in almost two years. Now then you're, you want children to die and it was a
re, about how nine out of ten covert hospitalizations for children, those children are obese, and you know it also increase during lockdown when kids couldn't go to school in the playground, playgrounds, childhood obesity, so there There are actually public health issues linked to cover the public health professionals. Could be talking about in terms of risk assessment of one of those is wait: management for kids, a lot of kids gain too much weight during lockdown because they could Do their normal kid things, I'm and we know a basically be a serious como bitterly for covered, including for kids, but most kids are again do not remain at high risk of hospital station or death with this even without activation, but that that's not how the debates can be discussed. None of these risk factors- none of these things will be way. It'll, be you
the children to die, and I know this because I have some dear friends in public health who say that to me when I'm like. Well, don't parents djinn parents way whether this is something they really now. You want kids to die. That's that's. The response also borrows this tactic that has been used for evening. He pretends to be this dispassionate public official, but he adopts a tactic that you see more often on the squad. Types are particularly Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, when he is confronted with what an age did and how it conducted itself with regard to this will hand lab and the american support for these gain a function researched the escapades that apparently produced this thing. If we are to believe the another really initial analysis around us, we haven't gotten the full details about where this came from, but that seems to be the primary culprit. I'm impressed about this in his role. In that I mean he feigns great offence. He acts as though he is that some effrontery,
then them to him personally, and he takes it personally and reacts personally wildly exaggerated emotional in our responses to what are real, valid, live questions about his role in America's role leading up to this pandemic and as a sort of thing that betrays is his political outlook has political affinities, because a dispassionate bureaucrat wouldn't do that unless they were in some form complicit. I I feel like there is a moment here, and we will talk about this throughout the pandemic. That Poland is all off. the tone is always been off and that and that you know these people work for us fouche. He works for US fatuous, the highest paid person in the federal government and he works for us he's an employer and he doesn't get
To be our boss, while he works for us and all he had to say yesterday was. I certainly hope that it is a wonderful Christmas for everybody in America. We'll have to see how things are going to have to see how the numbers are, but I said We hope that this Christmas will be different from last Christmas. That's all he had to say, that's what it that's. What a normal rational person says. You know doc and you got something in your like. Will I be better in three months the doctors should say you know, let's hope in out, has every reason to be optimistic. That will get there, but he has talked himself in. They have talked themselves into the idea. that it is their job to scare America shitless, and that is what you do, and that is who they are and that because people have to be scared, because otherwise there just going to go about,
their daily lives- and we can't have that while it- that is not a good attitude for people in government, have about the people who are their employer where's. It is not a good attitude and it it is called massive of what we need from people like found. She going forward They don't understand how much they have surrendered. They dont understand, and how much they have compromised variability, tell the american people uncomfortable truths about possible future things that need to happen. Because they say things like we don't know. If you can, you can get together for Christmas, it's like you ghoulish, there's something weird about this. I don't like hearing this ice. like hearing this and the next time you tell me something: I'm gonna, look at you and say: go screw yourself either,
What you're saying to me something I need to hear and the by the ministration is losing public credibility on Covid as it as it should. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but the more recent poll- that that, as with about essentially every other area of of binds presidency, the public's faith in his handling of the pandemic is is full. He said he was going to shut down the virus. Look where we are the, though the way I mean, thank God where, where were you know with the vague delta waivers is winding down, but. there were. There was appeared there where the weekly average was worse under Biden than under Trump. This is with three vaccines available, and this is the guy who said? tromp could handle it all wrong, I'm gonna shut the virus down and then he's got found. She go.
They're saying honour. I dont know that farmers will be able to gather for Christmas. I'm curious what you guys think about this, because I've heard on in a couple iterations of an argument which is as follows. What the real problem now with our handling covert? Is that anti seeing at time masking covered nihilism has become a republican political talking point. They won't let it go all their voters are listening to this. You know that this is the real problem. The real problem is it the Republicans made this a partisan issue once by became president theirs definitely some evidence for that? If you look at the rhetoric of some of the more extremely and extremely ridiculous pilot republican politicians in this country, but I'm wondering if you, if you think that that's a true and be if it is true something that's really good at kind of make this much worse than it needs to be. Seventy six percent of Americans ages, twelve
An up have at least one dose of the vaccine in their bodies. Sixty five percent are fully vaccinated at this point. According to our best numbers are best estimates about thirty four percent of Americans, or something like that- are Democrats about twenty nine to thirty percent. Republicans the rest or non non part in our. Are our independence? this number of vaccinations at three quarters of of people, twelve up, an outlet. Let's go it. Seventy seven percent people, eighteen up, who actually can sort themselves in partisan terms, means that report begins. Democrats, an independence are all getting vaccinated and yes is thereupon,
of anti manufacturers. Yes, do they seem to be more republican than democratic, because the because the counties in which the delta variant was raging seem to be more trump counties, then Biden Counties, Yes, our most republicans. Getting vaccinated, yes, the republican. Politicians are trying to us, are trying to serve read some weird needle where they are opposed to mandate. They don't think that That government should be mandating vaccines because they want some kind of distance or they were wink and anti backs. I'm not quite sure where this you know where this goes on. How this is to be understood? I mean, I understand it philosophically public health it is it is. It is a weird area in which to make yourself in which to make your philosophical.
Stand. You know there are there other areas. Public health is arguably one of the two or three areas like national defence, where individual liberty is in backed- can be superseded overridden by national bye, bye, bye, national responsibility, there aren't many, but that that's one but in any case the fact Is that Republicans and Democrats and independent and are more. So we all getting vaccinated and maybe slow down and who knows what happened now. People got scared another some mandates that are served forcing the hands Like Nursery school teachers now. As of the fact that they can now be basically put, I'm unpaid leave Ninety two or ninety, three percent of nursery school teachers and have been vaccinated, took threatening them to get them vaccinated, but they are, but they now have at least what one one shot in them, which is argument for mandates. Sorry, if you
listen to me, you can't stand them momentum at mask, Bandy Term document vaccine mandates. These are two different things. So I don't know. I don't think I dont think that this I think this is much less controversial and people think again in the sort of than the liberal bubble naval talked themselves into the idea that you now Republicans or evil in Iraq, a vaccinated, they're killing everybody and they want everybody to die and- and that's one of the reasons that found she says you can have Christmas together. It's like a way of talking to these lunatics to make them see. these. It won't if you're, a conservative who lives in a really blew place like I do and an you'll do as well what you want. Actually the reality on the ground. For example, in D C, the on the city councils, considering passing legislation to insist that the City Council ended staff all prove they ve been back soon, because the hold that there are some council members who represent the poorest black as wards of the city who will not disclose
and backs and ate it, and- and they really should be, they should be sort of standing up and speaking to their community. You need to get the shot and though the rates in those, in those words, is twenty five percent and then back to NATO. Their bad. The numbers are really bad, but these are not conservative, Trop voters you're african american Democrats end and so that conversation always strikes me It's your numbers at the smaller number than than the people in the red states, but it is there's. There are so many covered conversations this country doesn't have because it it upsets the narrative that I think the values of the world one is to listen to look eyes from the moment. I first sat in my ex chair. My body said so this is what a real office church was to feel like a milliner, actually look Ford to sitting in my office chair until I got my ex chair and now I do my current off his chair, my sure can give me a massage. While I'm working your scant, can your colonel.
Sure he'd upper cool down, my exchequer can, with that Ella massaging temperature regulation exclusively designed and made for the exchequer, and once you feel, customize supportive mixtures, patented dynamic, variable, Lumbar Dv Al. Your back will never be happy NATO chair again. So I take my advice: try Exchequer for yourself risk free for thirty days once you realize how much better your chair should be. He'll never go back. I promise gotta exchequer com, carried out come now. That's the letter x. The word chair seo, Mme into air, why dot com or call one aid for four four x chair for one? hundred hours off your order Ex chairs authority, they guarantee of complete comfort and you can finance your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month. Exchequer commentary dot com, I'm just gonna, make a quick note of the fact that everything that look things are literally going down in hand basket and Afghanistan just as foretold just the Google
Afghanistan and now click on where it says. News and you're just gonna see story after story after story of the horrors that are now at developing in the weird silence about what's going on with our special, you know especial visa holders and the and the Americans in of of no particular number accept that there are around a hundred or more who are still there and trapped there ever you. When you see you, your beer serve like tracking this well under the up on more tracking the v indifference. Raw are on our side that that, because because that was the unknown factor, as you say that, with what was predictable, was what's happening in Afghanistan. What's what what? What I was hoping was that people here would care.
And they don't I'm very sorry to say they bade make digit they just don't. I mean that the second, the second, that operation ended, that the whole story shut down.
and its astonishing, but it's also where I think you can- you- can trace the burdens sort of enduring weakness now. Will you could trace it back tat? I think I think that's where he sort of lost his hand and his his ability, if, if indeedy he ever had it too to persuade members of his party and the american public. I think I think that was it was a huge stumble for him for his presidency. Aside from aside from being a terrible geostrategic blunder, I gotta say I think it's a little too harsh anti american public to say they do not care about a MAC stranded, Americans, permanent residents of visa holders who are trapped behind enemy lines and Intel behind the Taliban light. If this had happened under Donald Trump, it would be twenty four hour coverage. They don't want to cover. It is a conspiracy of interests, because the public would it's not it's not a public demand issue there not just
In principle. The media rejects the idea that they provide services that are responsive to public demand. Anyway, they tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know. That's part of the mission statement and there were the rejecting their own mission in pursuit of a political objective which is to advance Joe Biden, gender domestically. That's I in that sounds very paranoia conspiratorial, but I think that absolutely true, because the public doesn't necessarily rejects the idea of these stories in these stories are still being published because the out do have news value, it's just the placement of them. For example, you know six days ago the administration said you know we still about a hundred years: residence permanent, the permanent. in Afghanistan right. That's the running gag number. Two days later CNN publishes a story more than a hundred Americans evacuated from Afghanistan, a private chat charter hundred. U S, citizens green card holders in some special immigrant visas,
That number is not going to change now. It still gonna be a hundred, obviously because their number doesn't change, but there's still publishing these stories because they are stories is just the way not leading the nightly newscasts, and I do have to think that that has everything to do with a particular focus of the press and it's not going away because the story is live right now, we're talking about some legislative machinations in Washington and that's gonna disappear, but does Afghanistan story will not disappear and when a mosque blows up and when children are now killed and when women aren't allowed to go to school and you get a little blip, it doesn't necessarily the news cast, but it reminds you, but this is still happening with the stone going it still. All our fault don't think them. I don't care about it. I think the restaurant engineers oh crushing, whereas anyone's again we'll be back to you tomorrow, Christine Jump, I'm John keep the candle
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