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What to Do If Someone You Love Has Omicron?

2021-12-21 | 🔗
On today's podcast, we discuss the options for how to get around in the world today if someone in your household has contracted the virus. Do you just go about your life? Do you quarantine? Do you isolate? What? And what about Trump finally saying conservatives and his followers should express pride in the vaccines? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine barely podcast today, Tuesday December twenty first, twenty twenty one. I am Jump Podhoretz. The editor of Commentary magazine asking you again consider commentary in your end of year giving commentary five or one c three non profit that relies on donors to close our eyes. we'll deficit. We produce the magazine the monthly magazine we produce the website and we produce this daily podcast. We are fortunate in for subscribers who are generous monthly
the annual contributors, in terms of an exchange of goods and services and were grateful to our advertisers. But we need you. We need your help. We need your sponsor, and your elements canary generosity to keep us going. This is our seventy six the year and we want continue to go from strength to strength and continue to produce this podcast for you to listen to every day. So please gotta, W W W that commentary, dot, Org, slash, donate that's W w w dot com and red dot. Org slash, donate with me as always, executive editor, a green waldheim. I jump Senora Christine Hi Christine Hygiene and associate editor nor Rossman high on our agenda a few inches nuggets the and embarrassed Polyxena yesterday granted its one pull one pole, but it shows trends that we have to note because they followed trends of other poles. Almost every other Paul to genuinely
They opening numbers one and approval rating of forty one percent, which means that Biden is now approaching trumps low. Any. protein terms, low, absent any event like Charlottesville that serve becoming a kind of national emotional scandal and in doing so later in his presidency. By the way, then Trumpet Charlottesville closer to the to the mid term elections and much more focused on and his performance rather than outrage at him and his personal behaviour conduct. And the really really really really chilling number for Biden at an ape. If you have is to hand, is the number in terms.
approval among Latinos, which a bizarre going to check for a bit. As I remember off, the top of my head was thirty. Three percent approve sixty two percent disapprove, something like that could be in the high 50s of disapproval, but then he has a third, percent approval rating among Latinos that we ve seen this trend line with its thirty three sixty five, thirty three sixty five. We ve seen the trend line. We know that the border counties in Texas, flipped and from thirty percent for Hillary Clinton be noted, thirty percent favorable to Trump between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and twenty. We know about South Florida and the stampede toward Trump during during his presidency.
This is a nation by I don't know what the sample of Hispanics, it's, probably very small, it's probably a hundred hundred and fifty people nonetheless detail after detailed details suggests that this very central, very important democratic group at doesn't like the democratic president and is looking elsewhere for options. Please expound upon this life, and one of the things I came across her transom this morning is that the burden White House is preparing to give it to pep talk political pep talk now, you know covered related to co. Better national security inflationary pressure, all the stuff that you know actually really is dry and his administration down by two Democrats, mostly the progressive survive whom they bid to whom they ve been catering for the majority, this presidency that thing I sort of lift him up, and
tell him, you know what we ve done. What we achieved in moving the next year, reason for optimism and hope, and all that nonsense for talking the Democrats Aggressive are giving away the game about who's driving these numbers republican, partisan Republicans, I've been sour on this administration since it was inaugurated, an independent seven abandon the US administration in droves and, most notably over the course of the summer following the collapse of capital and the implosion of Afghanistan said really them. Getting is now coming from the President's party and they have no one else. but themselves to blame Josh crash. Our actually has a really fantastic peace on this and national Journal about the ways in which they buy demonstration, raised expectations among their own and failed to meet those expectation. this administration came into the very conspicuously came into the into the White House under promising with the intention of remember a delivering setting goals for themselves that were perfectly meter
but to the point at which you were wondering why they had their sights set so low, but they ve failed at their own game in legislative terms to say no, hang out the half dozen issues I mentioned earlier that are actually of relevance to most of the electorate. I'll be curious to see what the what tone Biden takes this afternoon to thirty he's, giving a talk about covered with the preview says, he's gonna boast about making lots of freedom sting available, but that there also gonna take a tough tone about the Unboxing aid, which is, of course not the, which is what I ve been doing all along and in return to obey. Yesterday about a recent message, where there are seven overload our hospitals, their terrible they're, all going to die, I mean that the sort of scolding tone that it has been used with the american people means they ve given up on persuasion, and perhaps that's that's politically useful, because these people are going to be persuaded to get the shot. However, the idea that the rest of the country fears having to shut itself down because
spread, is a concern that he needs to address and he has as yet been unable to find the right tone when talking about covered his minute. He's he's let his public health administrate folks and his political appointees and all his. Let everyone else talk about this, but he has an opportunity. Today to calm people down right before you know, most people are taking a holiday break, kids are gonna, be out of school, a lot of fear in the air right now politically in blue cities, is lot of panic. There's a lot of concern: the fact that the New York Times yesterday publisher and opinion peace that that very firmly said we should shut down the schools again at these are all signals to Biden about where even his own constituents are with regard to covet, or some of them at least, and I just don't trust that he's necessarily gonna take the right tone here. P needs to, but We'll see if he does it's, it's a real for me as a as an American watching his speech this afternoon, I'll be upkeep tuned in very closely to see what he said not shutting down. The schools again is not sufficient
We shall not setting down anything. Yes and yes to say we have nothing at all whatsoever and the pressure is on from the public health apparatus here and especially in Europe, where, apparently, the papers are marveling over the the real lack of responsibility on the part of this administration for failing to imposed directions and locked downs, even though I am not sure they understand our constitutional structure. That can actually do that, but at least hectoring in the direction of now shut everything down again. That seems to be where the elite consensus is, and I have no faith that this administration can be readily consensus there. They understand that the political consequences for shutting down schools,
too much to absorb they got that message in November, but they don't really understand that everything else to shouldn't be shutting down over what is objective Lee, based on every point of data that we have available to us, something that doesn't merit such an extraordinary remedy. I just wanted to jump at the Lehtinen question for one second, so months back the border crisis was the focus of allowed people's attention and was front page news and it was getting worse and worse and no one was sort of allowed, even look at it and and the administration, but specifically sort of told the press to back off, and they did. But if you live in one of those communities that cares most about it, it still foremost on your mind and the fact and still going on
means it gives it a simmering issue that is going to come back and burn burn button, Whether or not in unless dissipates of its own burn by whether or not he tells the press to two momentarily back off and- and I think that's a big part of what's going on with you know, issue two things I thought you knew issue and one about the testing that Christine talked about the home testing. First opportunity, no issue: there is a horrible disconnect, so the ultimate Washington American Disconnect Professional Latinos, the professional attain o class is fundamentally Phyllis.
Quickly opposed to border control. And when you were a politician, any want to deal with Letty knows, broadly speaking, you go to their fraternal organizations and the organisations that claim to speak for letting us. It is increasingly clear that those organizations not only aren't speaking for Lahti knows, but they are speaking against the little and social direction, in which american with he knows if there is such a thing as the american Latino, but the in which they live and the world that they want to live in what we seem to be experiencing based on Sir, what ape set about? What's going on in the border counties and sell for all this is that lets? You knows are embarrassed by the connection that seems so many stably between them and people who
over running the border. They are people who are here legally, their parents came legally they if they are first generation, they went to an entirely very difficult process to become Americans and Tib do so legally, and they do not believe that the they do not believe the rules should be changed for, for others who are not following the rules. That is a a classic in response right. That's in this notion that somehow because somebody's name ends and avowal or in a z that you should therefore that, therefore the rules are suspended because you are you know you are brothers- is is simply a misunderstanding of human nature, and the politicians in Washington have fallen prey to the terrible mistake of believing that people who make their living as activists speak for the people on whose part they claim to be functioning as activists. It is
a true it hasn't been true for fifty years. There was a time when the sort of Chicano The Tino, whatever you want to call it hispanic political movement around, arose in the United States really around farm workers and domestic farm workers that there is no question. That The conditions under which farm workers working in California, where horrifically Lee bad and that they were being exploited and when Cesar Chavez rose to power, is the most important. You know, spanish speaking, spanish native speaking, origin, a political player, in the United States that he was responding to something real and something that was a sham.
came to the euro to the to the country. Went to TAT was going on. That is not the story here. What the story here is all about getting Latinos whatever getting a ghetto, getting a piece of the of the preference pie, the affirmative action pie, the quotas pie that the rules that say that you are an oppressed person than you should. Therefore you should therefore be considered in a special class and a special category, and we have absolutely no reason to believe that most people of spanish speaking origin believe that want that were aren't or don't find it offensive that that is what it is, that is expected of them, and that's where this disconnect is happening and it's happening for real and it could be the
shattering political realignment of this decade. If it goes on, I mean this is a huge matter. There are more people of with you, no dissent in the United States than there are african Americans, so the largest minority group in the United States, and if it, if it flips from a democratic party to the Republican Party, the consequences will be. Oh, she Annick The alternative to that is that coalitions are their water balloons has shown trendy likes to say and where one goes, the and there's an equal and opposite reaction and Democrats who have been making profound and roads are among
Was the Republican Party's bread and butter demographic, suburban, highly educated, white people, and we were in a downswing now in response to a pretty objective conditions and a difficult to argue against case that this administration is hopelessly incompetent, but that doesn't mean that trend is not going to continue in the absence of a binding administration. I expect it will that Democratic Party come the party of educated right, affluent people who made us up in all eyes, apple demographic in places that you need to win a congressional majority. It's not just that their of giant demographic, not it's that their very well positioned in districts that are apportioned to make or break congressional majorities were well, and that is the one bright spot in this entire Maris pull that we were talking about, which I believe says that suburban women, again, it's a pull. Fourteen member people, when you slices
I should like this. You are talking about a march, a very, very high margin of error, which means that you can only really look at this when you have landslide numbers in one direction or the others doubtful that it's an outlier, but it could be the margins to be closer, but damn, I think it's fifty nine forty approve of Biden, suburban women right, do you see if there it's five thousand seven hundred and forty one five thousand seven hundred and forty one suburban women approval by it, is like the only category in this pole, which, oddly, by the way, at least in the reporting that I've seen, doesn't that excludes african Americans, or maybe they didn't get a high enough demographic count of people who who who who responded to the pole to break out african Americans, but
They have non white wedding on Friday, go to non white, four thousand four hundred and fifty two being there for being driven by the latino number. Obviously, if three thousand three hundred and sixty five, the one bright spot is suburbanite in particularly suburban living in your right. That is a very that is a very key number and I would say that, if to the extent that the Republican Party appears to be remains the Party of Trump- and it was Trump that made the Republican Party toxic to those women, those numbers aren't going to move very much, but I think because they were so recently, a Republican. You know stronghold. You have to assume that that democratic realign as you know, is not temporary, but is fragile and can be. They can be moved back in the other direction. A couple years of inflation, a couple years, a crime at primary education
an education, Ryanair, that's happening Virginia. That with that that the election in Virginia did see. That swing happen away from Democrats and they should be concerned about that happening. In other places, right and- and I want to talk about the about Biden today and the home testing- so apparently it's most of this speech on on the variant and in response to it is going to rest on this really shameful fact that is very difficult to get home tests in the United States, and I can attest to that. Personally, I have a child who has contracted covered, so we immediately wanted to go. Get home tests to you now make sure that the rest of us are where we are, and so they're all gone in the United States, and then I managed to order twenty tests at a price tag.
Even want to tell you, I don't know when they're gonna get a word when they're gonna arrive and due to the incredibly generous intervention of my friend Jeff, I got three of them so that the so that we had one- and I got three so the rest of us protested make sure that we were negative this afternoon yesterday afternoon I don't know what I'm gonna do going forward. I ordered these tests and binds been present for eleven months. The testing crisis has been prevalence and more twenty twenty Michael mean it means of Harvard University, has been talking incessantly about how important it would be to get a simple antigen test that you deserve. Let you know what the litmus test it good luck on a piece of paper that
be the determining whether or not kids went into school or not that morning, home test every morning, naked free, send it to people's homes. If it comes up know if it if it comes up with two lines or do you know that the test is blue or something like that, the kid stays home with the kids, the test isn't blew. The kid goes to school. It's that simple. We technology you in Europe. These tests are readily available, the FDA and the CDC in public health bureaucracy for reasons that investing they ve journalists should even right now be be trying to find out what on earth happened. Here we are now in out into a very weird moment in the pandemic, in which we have a wildly contagious, very that doesn't seem to be very strong and the obvious way to handle it would be to have home testing. Because, honestly, I am sorry the honest be on the way to handle this would be to say, go squirrel
your environment, will cooperate with you, no matter how much testing you get. The initial is closing it season down. Restaurants are shutting their doors, schools and colleges are going remote in response to a virus that is not deadly if you're vaccinated. You are safe and most of these institutions not only have axing requirements for people who attend the vaccine requirements for people who even staff member. It's not about testing testing get you out of there look, I don't know. I guess you out of this summer's direct. Your attention to the people who are preventing you from resuming nor also the individuals and institutions are doing this to you. Ok, wait! Wait! So again, speaking from a household in which there is covered with general impulse would be those of us who don't have it can go about our daily
You now go to the movies gotta supermarket do some sampling. We haven't. I certainly rioters. Let me finish. Of course we haven't readjusted our priors, though The ways that you can handle that situation, be to make it as easy as possible for people to test it home, so that, if you seen, if, if you appear to be contagious with a contagious merion with the, we don't yet have the surf hard and fast, an absolute determinant of proof that it is not. You know, going to turn deadly. Yet it looks that way you make it you people the option you make it easy for them to find out whether they have it at a given moment before they have to step outside. They don't have it. They can step outside. That's what a home test would do. We had technology and handed March of twenty twenty here's. My point Biden has been president for eleven months. He came into office, everybody knew there was a testing. problem everybody I know who works in
As you know, on the front lines, lawless has been screaming about the testing crisis. Every Anna. Was money, flew to Europe and bought hundreds of tests and brought them back because you could, because they cost two dollars, know they cost here. Twenty twenty five dollars a test, two dollars there! Why? It's? Not? Because it's not because you know there's some kind of you know Eve. The cartel icing going on here is that there are restrictions on the number of tests can be produced in the United States. A Bible today announced five hundred million tests, it be five hundred million; it should be three billion. There are three hundred thirty million people in this country, and the logic of the home testing is that you should test every day, not there should test every now and then that's the logic of it. It's them. It's it's the mid. It's the mid path is the mid path between walked down and quarantine, I going about your daily life until they announce until they become comfortable, saying
though mccrone isn't going over on the healthcare system, which they are not comfortable, sang and people that I trust who are not covered hysterics and are not a part of this. You know evil cabal of everything should shut down. People are concerned about it. Could being the hospitals. Aren't there not we're literally honouring hospital administrators who are telling everybody willing to talk to them, which is a lot of good blood of news outlets? Who have these people on talk to them? Quote them in print quote them on on television, saying where we have the capacity to Here it is, we are not overwhelmed, we're not seeing an overwhelming surgery, or what are we doing. This is to know us
Here's my concern going forward. We might be in this in this kind of transition phase right now, where we do need more tests, and I agree with John that is huge failure on the part about administration that they have not been on top of testing and not been on top of a proving a lot of the therapeutics there. In the pipeline right now sitting there waiting for approval. However, my concern is oh, my, my very terrible mayor of DC announced yesterday. In addition to new, you know, bring back the mask mandate for indoors that she's going to give kids a couple day, extra days of vacation, because she's going to get them, she's ordered she's, ordered a million tests and they're going to be distributed and Evans going to test is going to be fine going to have to shut down the schools. happen in reality, they're not gonna get enough tests that Dale's are requiring you to test to return there, just encouraging you and it's
Let it be this weird limbo, whereas no US, as the institutions are still really entrenched in this idea, that there can be any cases of covert anywhere and we still have enough on backdated people, because there's no mandate for vaccination to rent for first schoolchildren and this in D C and, as a result, we're gonna be right back where we are right now, which is people freaking out the parent. There are tons of irrational parents in this city, many them are not vaccinate, they haven't basing their kids and they want to shut down the school whenever a single child turns up a covert that regime. I think no, it is right that has to be just cut off at the knees now, because there is, the risk is actually low for most people, especially the vaccine wardrobe, a baby I'm with Noah on this. While I think that making the huge number of home tests would have been a great thing
months ago, something like that all drawn is now the dominant strain in the: U S, its gets its accounts. For seventy three percent of the cases like that that's going to climb? If it's not not deadly. I dont know why it's not not deadly. It's been more than three weeks since the two week period of time that that we were told we would find out such information. So if that, if the dominant strain of of the virus the country which is soon going to be synonymous with the virus in the country is essentially experiential e, a cold. Why should there now now I taught him up before, but why should
now these kinds of resources devoted to home test I'll, tell you why, in a lot of people on the left have begun to figure this out New York magazine slate, weird places that don't usually have their finger on the pulse, but do now because this, like all of cove, it has been a kind of stand in for class throughout this pandemic. A lot of the people who talked about this disease didn't know a single person, whoever had it now. They do because everybody is getting, including the people who got their vaccinations include. People got boosts, it's just ploughing through never bury barrier. There was before to infection now listen. This is that the pandemic of upwards of an upper class of a white collar group Hutu did who is set. Gender and establishes the narrative and their freaking out, because this is all knew it out. I just bolster that point it when you look at when this kind of rise was happening from Delta in Say Florida in the south, the
Hans was not. Oh, my god. The skies falling, we're all gonna get covenant. I it was look at those stupid, evil, Floridians we're while like they're gonna, get they deserve so so you are very right about that now. listen. I don't think we are all in agreement. Philosophically the question has practically where we go on December. Twenty first, as the president is about to speak, it is not a rational to say, ok, the way to calm people down who are getting hysterical and freaking out. I'm not I not. I don't Biden doesn't have the bandwidth to you know, switch gears and say we all the live with covered. Now, here's what we're gonna do. Obviously he can't do that it it's not part of his red what he can do it
Say I'm going to make it as easy as possible for people with home testing here's how it works. You get home test. If you get it, you stay home. If you don't get up, that's right, okay, but hey it's not enough home tests. Okay, so at five hundred million test, that's not enough b we could have done with do show that this should have been the case ten months ago. So he's for him to claim credit for seizing on a great new policy, That is a good middle ground here between lock down, And you know, and letting people go on and live their lives is a fraud and he might be able to get away with it, because the press, the supply and on these matters, but I kind of doubt it and you oh, that he's uncommonly unconvincing in these speeches ride him he is uncommonly unconvincing and
he's not coming and he's not reassuring and here's. My other favoured detail corny, but I read Byron York this morning. He is going to call out the military to help, because this is the this is the You know equivalent of war right. We have to go to war against the virus, so he will be engaging a thousand. U S troops to do something rather. There are thirty three hundred and nine counties in the United States. Okay, a thousand troops. what it. What are these thousand troops going to do exactly? Are they gonna perform a? U s I'll show what what are they? What is a thousand troops like is, I mean, there's something absolutely bizarrely comic about.
This idea, that, in order to show resolve and serious this he's engaging the? U S, military in a healthy rescue operation in which to which he is committing. No one. That's it that's why I think it's makes messaging, and I disagree that this is some like in. you you're, you're saying this is a right as the rational person. You are as a middle ground like this is how we get out of it. We offer the create the scared people some test, but otherwise we just move along in this will be temporary, but This'Ll just become the new mascot right will become a new virtue, signalling sort of thing we're, like did you test this morning? Why are you out and about in public? And you didn't, do you rapid test this morning meet the I just? I worry that that he actually does need to make a bold statement today, because people have had it more people, including some who used to be on board with a lot of these restrictions at a lot of the fair mongering have had it. I mean I, u you guys know. I have these, you, no parent friends, we're talking about all this with the schools the last few days, even
the most liberal on my on my group's in their some really liberal beauty. We I've got like Bernie voters in this group and they were like this is insane. This is apt, but we inciting you're, absolutely you're, absolutely right that within what become what what starts as a social norm among affluent upper middle class in and white liberals in cities immediately becomes a mandate like two or three months later so now to go to to engage in commerce in your local city. You will have to present your vaccination card your boost and your test from two hours ago, because it's probably not gonna be valid according to ITALY, on a when, if you haven't tested every four hours in the day, this is insane and its for coal, ok for their bad cold. Ok, I mean suggesting by the way that the home testing is to be presented to human beings as a it will be. Listen. I can't really actually a cat, because you don't have
If you're going to do that are now needed to fly, you haven't, you are cut on negative pcr. I know, but that's that somebody, that's a third party administers that. the home test. You administer yourself that the ultimate honour system- that's, why it's more reasonable than you basil, letting it or are expressing at it is to be have a do not have it. If you have What are you doing you? Ok, let me ask you this now: let's let let's game the soundest, I'm sorry, I've got. The aim is out Yasser Leslie Honours. That mention of the honour system brought me right back to the days when they set out. We couldn't rely only on a system, which is why we high I'm not talking about them? I'm talking about me, I'm thinking literally about me and the Christmas vacation and what it is. then it is rational or irrational for me to do with my family over the next twelve days. Okay, so the our system. Is, I don't really
wanna go around getting people infected. If I have it, even if it's a cold or let's AIDS, a cold- and I have it, Do I wear an m90? Do I wear an N95 mask cuz then I can go around. I won't give it to anybody, cuz I'll, be in an N95 mask. That's why people have those masks. They don't have them because they don't have Covid three slash two m in case they have called it. So, presumably it presents Europe's covered. That's why you wear a mask and then ninety five mask is to keep you from Getting virus if you have unknowingly have the virus because you're in the period between the time you tested and the time we well blah blah blah that's what masking was originally for was to keep you from shedding virus. If you one, if you didn't know, if you have a virus,
So let's say I know that I have the bars. I don't but let's say another bars, but it's all mccrone. Do I go out wearing them? If I mask or do I have to point in Hell? Let's I don't have it, but you know it's been twice. H a test, to tell me my household, has it do I wear a mask, or do I not where I'm at, but I'm not going to wear masks, but it's it's all of these kind of weird choices and answer. What's up you do whatever you do with a cold. ok. I was really do even remember what that was now watch wash your hands. You don't touch. People write that that's that they dont hug people in you, don't touch people and wash your hands. You sneakers elbow, that's another about, but there's a little more so
The responsibility that goes into this than that, because the cold doesn't freak everybody out and uncovered and almost run do freak people out and I'm not a social justice warrior seeking to convince people that they shouldn't be freaked out by me. If I have it, I would prefer not to spread it. If I could, if I could possibly avoided that's where the honor system works like if I have a home test, I'll, tell myself it'll same negative and then I'll feel completely free to go out to very different positions, you're talking to just being socially responsible and yet travel. Those are two completely and annihilate emulate had hours. I'm not travellers about compliance with the UN's I'm talking about like going to a movie theater, I'm termite, going to a movie theater, going to a restaurant guenaud going to jail How do you want to slice it? That's? What home testing is for its not to present a credential that says then you can go in and was always. It was always was to be the honor system, which
why they didn't want it for schools. It was apparent whispers to home test with a kid. If you had, these Michael mean a home tests and if the kid tested positive, it was up to the parents to be responsible and save. They home and we'll figure out how to handle that at home, and therefore everybody else can can Can you to go to school? That was why they didn't distribute them. That's why they didn't mass produce them because they wanted a top down. One size fits all answer, which is everyone just stay home, because we can be sure that that parent over there isn't gonna say screw it. I what to do. The kid goes to school, whether or not he is covered. This is telling way out of it. That's yeah! That's that's the point. We are the pandemic now. This is why this is action. Pivotal moment for Biden, because what what that used to be danger to everyone that you're responsible person right, it is no longer a danger to anyone except those who choose not to protect themselves and that's why we have to move on. So you can do. You should use your own judgment and your own good, good sense,
and you should act accordingly and everyone else in this country should do. We are a free society, we are done being it we're just done where we should be done with allowing these these elite authorities to micromanage our life. Because we are no longer in the face of the pandemic, where that is required. Even people who know what would help with that on. Illiteracy, briefly is as as invented this narrative in which he is the euro. This this world ending story, as resigned himself to the the idea that this is unstoppable, that every measure is a finger in the damp and that if they can't break we're, not gonna, watch area? Who is this process of precise? Ok, here's my point where people free people in a free society I'm talking about government mandates on time at the opposite. I'm saying leave it to me to decide whether and how solved with Colbert. I go outside our. I don't go outside the best way for me to do. That is to have a home test. Then I make it
now I make a reasoned decision which could include. I do I'm gonna go outside have stuff, I have to do but I'll wherein and maybe five mask which I dont like I have them. I don't to wear them. I liked where you know, I'm a paper mask. You know one of those blue paper mass it's much more comfortable. For me. I get a little claustrophobic dna five, but I would wear it because I know at the moment before I go I'll. Take that we take a home test and guess what I don't have it. So I'm fine, at least for the next couple, that whatever and they are not making that possible- that is self Agency, that is being a responsible citizen that is not government intervention. The government intervention here has been to prevent the widespread distribution of tests, I'm not showing that the government just to distributing the test necessarily government could could. It could be literally like what we did with the vaccines which is at the government basically pays
the companies to send you now use the social security mailing list to send or whatever, whenever melancholy in the Iris Manless descend, everybody in the country. You know thirty home tests a month. I don't know, I mean there are ways to do things they somehow managed to get things to people when they need to you. If you have children in schools- families. Yields are out this week right railway, my son of my sons in school for two more days but at her goes back and will still be around the January of the protocol. Is that you know if you get a positive test, then you as a responsible citizens, Europe where it's your school and you quarantine for previously, they just change the guidelines to make it a little narrower. Like seven,
its quarantine, but is really was two weeks ago. Only a week ago was fourteen. There are fourteen days quarantine for a disease that presents and young children. I had them, so I know it represents like, and this is the statistical basis further, for this is the most autistic likely outcome is that it presents a cold and a short cop, not even about Bob and you're talking now about. If you comply with this regime and you're a single parent, you have to lose two weeks of work. That's being responsible. Citizens disincentives to acting responsibly, our approach, I found that Anna policymakers want to ignore them, as though they dont were there not real. They don't matter, and anybody who come who balances these risks is somehow negligent, an awful a bad person and there. pretending like this is a real problem and it's going to be a very real problem.
So the way you deal with real problems as you come up with a panoply of strategies right to mitigate the problem and the mitigation strategy cannot be, as you say, to destroy the wives of individual people, who don't have the financial resources to deal with it or to give them time and place to make choices and you're right. look, we were we live in a we live in an atmosphere in which that the the explanations. Why we do. We do shift constantly right, so we are back in the, as you said, and you said, with great scepticism, we're back and me. We have to do this in order to preserve the healthcare system from being overrun and collapse And so far there is very little evidence than anything like that.
Happened, although in smaller cities, where there you know where people are going to the emergency room with democratic they're, just therefore five hours there checked out their tested, you know it's like go home in owed quarantine yourself there's really not much. We can do if you look if you're, if you're, showing certain types of very worrisome symptoms are, we can give you monoclonal Anti buys a couple weeks if that goddamn after I wouldn't be so goddamn FDA. There would be the Pfizer pill already approved. Ok, so we still do have the possibility that this outbreak is gonna, be so prevalent. What Scotland you know who, as we know we have said, we have very mixed feelings about here, I'm a commentary podcast but said it's like look. If you know ten million people get alma crime in the space of a week.
Just the simple odds of what happens under those conditions mean that a lot of people are going to be in the hospital at once, and maybe it's maybe it's me- the co, morbidity, and maybe it's because, but you know a break our case of a cold. You could end up with pneumonia and dying in a hospital The common called it's not like, that's not possible, it happens if everybody gets it all at once. yeah, there could be an over running of of emergency room, so you want a sort of, on the other hand, based on the logic What we are seeing here that may literally be I'm preventable? If this thing is, as is as variant as people say it, And I think we all now have this done he anecdotal D.
from everywhere around us everybody I know knows you know ten people got it in the last week. We give behalf. How are you doing Manson's events finally got to call you know I can't I've some symptoms. I dont have any symptoms whatever, but it's like it. If it it's it's way worse. In since then, the original was right, because the original was wasn't that easy to catch. But if you ve got it. Mostly, we don't even know this because we didn't have any testing, so we don't know who got it and didn't have any symptoms from it. But a lot of you were literally knocked. You know a for a loop, you know we're like out. They were in hospitals, they were being mistreated. The people did not treated early on. You know they nearly died. I mean, I think everybody knows people like that who died or nearly died in the early days. The pandemic did there this way more. treads visibility here and so yeah, something really bad that happen. If thirty million
we'll get it all at once, because it does apparently evade double that donation. It may not evade boosters. We can't really tell yet my kid who, as my kid who, as you know, who has it as double backs, but not boosted. My wife I or boosted we don't have it or other two kids are double vaccine, don't have it will see what happens but it some. We ve been denied any possibilities beyond the most extreme right and in some sense yet, but you ll. Let me let let's go back to the point, We were so that we don't swim and I'm horrible disagreement. Vines going to give a speech. Today we are in agreement. We might be in agreement that what buying should do and when I think he was going to do before everything went to Hell before the transmissibility numbers went, went, went crazy,
was. He was going to give a big covered speech in which he was gonna say we have to learn how to live with the virus, and now we can give that speech for reasons whatever he can't get that speech. So where are we now? That's the funny part is he's giving a speech here. Cancel, because it got nothing good to say, is only going to make it worse. And this is the thing about him when he gives these speeches at moments of baino, but cried he makes things worse. He doesn't make him better. No, you may have Ganis them worse. He made he may build back. We made the infrastructure. worse. He makes it worse himself, not just for everybody. Art of the job of the president is to give Americans news. They might not want to hear about what is happening in their country and what needs to be done. That is the job. That's why people age so rapidly when they serve other term, are too as president. It's his job to tell us something I do not want to hear and Silver S time that a president told us something that we didn't want to hear.
I mean. I know I got a job again as a job, but I will go but he did not article job of it but bright, and nobody ever this The idea that when we wanted to hear you didn't sake as we thought we didn't want any links, everybody here that you're gonna die from covert. Yet that's my dear that's! The point is that in all they ve been doing so far is sort of soft peddling. The message you know we're being to know his point about class now that more people that they know who did all the right things have gotten it now their liking, really lay on anyone forgetting it. We need to be emphasised that egg and, unlike screw you, you won't even figure out how it got here from China like stop telling me what I should feel. I obviously now include myself among the people who had it a lot of this talk. So we'll see, I mean he's going to have a tough it's a tough speech to give, I think, he's going to just
talking about how Grady is for giving out tests, but that's not good enough. The stuff from China is very, very deep, and we haven't even scratch the surface of this, because this mutation according to and people who seem to know about these sorts of things even more suggestive of an engineer virus that mutated in the way that is mutated is not a normal mutation. That's mutated, where its mutated suggest not a natural progression, but something weird and untoward. Maybe it's fortunate, because its knew tat the weights mutated at it has turned out to weaken it, but none the less. This is more You know, as circumstances will evidence that this was something that happened at the warm lab and I swear to you and I where to everybody that if people think that the twenty,
twenty four election isn't going to revolve around a lot of this. Let's, let's go back to twenty twelve twenty, two thousand and eight two thousand and twelve two thousand and sixteen. I still argue that the twenty sixteen election was about the two thousand and eight financial meltdown. How Trump that's why it happened. The trump ended up winning the election for solving the the nomination. The way the election. There was a massive disruption, the United States and the political. Lastly, states never reckoned with it, except to throw money at it, they didn't say who did it? They didn't say: White happened. They didn't take account of the incredible hardships that placed on people who are least able to manage it and afforded peoples were taken. These we know these balloon mortgages and got slammed peoples will stay. There going down all of that, and then we have twenty twelve and the Republicans had a nominee to couldn't talk about a well because he was a hedge fund. I am Obama, didn't want to talk about it either and somehow we had an entire presidential election,
after the response to the the financial meltdown that didn't revolve around the financial meltdown and twenty twenty four is going to be about what happened with China and either and am trump by the way is not a good position to talk about this either his behaviour during his. then see in relation to this was weird and he was was fearful of really you know addressing this matter. Maybe he can pick it up. It would be probably better if a fresh candidate who really had some way to talk about this new, we'll talk about it, but if the Biden people continue to saw, pedal this and continue to act like they can evade the question of who did this and how happened and why something that came out of nowhere in a will. So in the end of killed a million Americans, you know I don't know. What's gonna happen but something big is going to happen, and you know what else is gonna happen. You guys what else is gonna have
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for a limited time or as offering our listeners up to forty percent of plans. When you visit or a dot com, slashed commentary, gotta or adapt comes less commentary, the complete protection and savings of up to forty percent. That's a you, are a dot com. Slash commentary stow trumpeted something interesting yesterday. in this tour he's doing with bill. Riley had only come until December of twenty twenty one to do this, he said
I am very proud of the fact that we are. We made these three vaccines. Everybody should take them, everybody should get boosted. I got boosted, don't let them take credit for it be proud, meaning of the people in his movement be proud that you're part of something I did something so good, and I am, and you heard it- and it was like- why isn't even saying this? Why did it take till now and in fact it outta here, food by the by the crowd. I think it was in Dallas or Houston in a mature. Where was- and he was- I am just a few- you guys were Boeing like everybody, be proud, take ownership of the fact that you are part of a movement, the copies vaccines made, and it is, I think, it's a reminder that, no matter how skilled he is at you know keeping his base the dolls in controlling the party and using it
ok, valiant techniques of fear and terror to do so that damn you look at this and you think what if you ve been saying this since February. What have you been saying this since February? How many people didn't get back store boosted because they thought that it was part and parcel of these stolen election, that you know end of the FED's being monsters, and all of that that didn't do this and then got sick Ebay, any thoughts on this I mean the things he talked it up before. He lost the election right. He was, he was boasting. You know like crazy, but before it actually came out is the vaccine was approved, like you know, days after he lost, then his attention completely shifted. I mean what I wondered when I saw this
yesterday was has not been saying this all long, simply because not out of any sort of strategy, but because he only talks about what he feels I talking about it. Just simply, hadn't occurred to him to talk about, and he was he happened to have been asked the question yesterday. So he answered it or did someone say to him? Listen! Here's what you gotta do! Biden is flailing and uncovered. You now remind people that you are the one who got the vaccine and you know temper there if, as he did, the statement If you don't want to get the vaccine, you shouldn't be forced to get at which you said yesterday, but but you know, reclaimed your your role in it.
Getting the vaccine, it'll be good for you and he and he finally came round to that. I don't know the answer would be hilarious if it was just that he hadn't been asked and have an opinion on this, but just haven't had a chance to express it, because his silence has been interpreted by the people who want to assume his movement as disfavour towards the booster regiment, Rhonda Santas, whose touted, as you know this really in a very stute governor who is willing to buck trends and who will make the right allies when he needs to cross the I'll. Even if the necessary and and really now frustrates the left still just have now all pure pure astute governance and doesn't care whether where the chips fall. He he put on this really pusillanimous display and he was asked whether he got booth, boosted or not. Just wouldn't wouldn't say one where the other, which suggested it obviously but didn't want to say it because for fear of what the base might do were at the base might say, which is now just a sort of indicative. That
Perhaps a lot of people who have put their faith in the sky is the person to assume the mantle of trumpets and more about better trumpets and smarter trump? Isn't that he's justice is captive to this to this completely irrational movement, as anybody as the only person is willing, the bucket is Donald Trump himself dispersed fascinating moment and will have to watch more. Remember trump himself refuse to be photographed getting the vaccine when he got a vaccine I mean so you know dissent as follows: many noble tradition of Trump also running down the vaccine, even though he was the guy who got the vaccine done, he did not want to be seen taking the vaccine because I'm sure he believed a would make him look weak because he's crazy. And be that he wanted to hold, you wanted to keep us powder dry with the Anti backs community that to be let let's let us begin. I was part of that problem proletarian,
is that he understood so brilliantly in the years between twenty tenant went sixteen and that where he built his the foundation of this, you know most, successful presidential campaign in american history. If you go from you consider the fact that he went from zero, nothing becoming president in sixteen or seventeen months will was ok. We gotta stop here, get back tomorrow for a question. jump at hordes, keep the camera.
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