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When Crime Gets Close to You

2021-10-05 | 🔗
The podcasters today consider crime up close and personal—yesterday I was in proximity to four different acts of violence and another was nearly burglarized. Is there a larger meaning to these actions? Do they connect somehow to the president's seeming acceptance of the harassment of Kyrsten Sinema? And how are we to understand them in light of the Justice Department's decision to focus on supposedly terroristic efforts to intimidate school-board members? Give a listen.
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Some regions, welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily Podcast today, Tuesday October fifth, twenty twenty one, I'm John outwards the editor of commentary with me as always, executive editor. Remould hired a job Senor Writer, Christine rose and high Christine John, and associate editor nor rough behind our job, the anecdote data,
The poor live anecdote, so two of the four of us have some anecdotes of I think will be taken together, offer a perspective on. What's going on in America right now, granted the advocates were out of hell. Involve things happening. in big major cities, not in suburbs MA, am I'll town, so you can take that with Graham SALT I'll just start with my own. Our offices are just south of Times square in in what's called the garments center, we are about fifty feet from one of the entrances to the Times Square Subway station, the most you subway station in the New York City system yesterday morning came a bulletin that, in that subway station. So pretty much
directly under me. As I said on the uptown track of the number one train, a woman had been pushed into the ass about I'm coming train by another woman, sustaining facial injuries, but not in fact being killed and was taken to the hospital. The suspect remained at large. That's my clear what precipitated this, whether this was just as a random attack or a fight, between two people that took place at eight thirty in the morning in the subway platform, which itself would be weird three hours later, just outside that subway station entrance. The very same one came news that dumb man, had been shot in the leg this came nine or ten months after a random shooting in times square? blocks away where a somebody was basically shot because
Somebody else had a gun out and find out mistakenly fired the weapon grazed. The total innocent bystanders around four o clock in the afternoon in union Square on Fourteenth street, there was a rally against vaccine mandates. and where the rally against fancy mass was taking place was right outside. I was called lab q, that is, there are these trucks where you can go and get screen for covered and in our search for I had a pocket expenses, easily charger insurance or they charge the state or whatever so they're all over the city there are. Ten of them are some like that very convenient around the same time that this was going on. I was at a lab q lab with my son.
and who is eleven, who needed a test for school as they do sort of pull testing after his school but almost exactly the same moment, and this mob of Anti vaccines are anti vaccine. Mandy people just sum up and decided to attack the lab Q truck, which has a certain right outside and they ran over and they were too yelling no vaccine mandates, and then they knocked over the stance, which is like one of those things you buy it home depot like like a canopy. You know like like a kind of travelling canopy, and knocked over a table, and there were cops standing there. Who did nothing did not intervene, did not arrest the people who had done this just sort of stood there watching and, as I say I had had, they come to seventy four
Stan Broadway. That would have been me they're, my son there, where they would have served stage at this moment there was obviously intended to provoke some kind of violence that did not occur, and then three hours after that, a half, a blocked from where my son and I had been standing on the upper West side on seventy second street, a very fancy neighbourhood and a very low crime neighborhood. You know over the last thirty years came reports of gunfire, so this is This was my day yesterday, Monday, whatever that was the fourth I guess of of October, someone, so one percent subway back someone's shot in the leg of vat. the mandate rally guy sour. The turns violent and gunfire in my neighborhood at night Christine you, you have had you have yourself a time yesterday, also thankfully much less violent,
I guess I also know I don't know if it's more about what about where it's like area decide now, so we so. I live in a fairly low crime neighbourhood, but we ve seen a recent uptake in other Benson car jacking nearby, some certainly little attack an armed robberies and you know, but usually late at night. So I was coming back run for the afternoon with my son, from from you had taken to the doktor and We try to get into our front door and realized. Somebody is pride, tried to pry the lock out of the door and dull and break into the house with scratched up the door, and so then the door had because no doored old luck got jams, we can't get in and out of our house that we will go to the basement. But I did file of police report told my neighbors and everybody was like, while in them I live on a pretty busy street on in a city in the Bin, broad daylight, somebody just grab a screwdriver and thought they could try to break in the house of this very really disturbing to me, because I will now be able
play reconsidering some of the security measures I have in my home, but it was just that the sort of randomness of it and the opportunity of it, because people are always walking up and down my sidewalk, it's it's. It's not an isolated or dangerous place, and it- and it has after talking to some of my neighbors about it. Last night, there's just been an uptick in that kind of random, but sort of scary efforts to breaking people's homes. I mean tons of garage the been broken into, but that's fairly common around here but the violent crime that car jacking in particular the armed robberies the assaults, those are all steadily creeping up in the general sense. Among you know the people I talked to release, and certainly my senses. It things, are kind of teetering on the edge of being out of control if they already now in some neighborhood, they indecent think area well out of control, but you know that I have to get a good to the cops they respond immediately. These things are very good, but nobody who gets caught if they do get caught really gets prosecuted very have
The hearing DC is we're under their jurisdiction, the federal a prosecutor, so there's there's a real problem with the system, but it's scary think that you know you kind of going about your day and suddenly are presented with. Oh somebody was trying to break into my house. It's scary more than a little scary, and I think I think, what's what suggestive of a larger issue. Here is We are having these conversations about a violence, in the United States in a very abstracted politicized fashion. Right we talk about. Theoretically, that's was to be abstract plus eyes, because what were what we're supposed to glean from from serve liberal public opinion is that there is that worries, fears of crime or have have let loose a demon in the United States in the form of police violence against minorities, particularly against African American.
and that that is the issue. That is the doubling the country in the worst possible Way and that measures have to be taken to restrain the police, so things that are bad theoretically restraining like body cams, so that there is a so their sort of way. An independent evaluation of every interaction between the police officer, I'm a civilian and then obviously, changes and bail laws are the though the fact of the citizen, with the Iphone taking video footage around and and the fact. The term police officers politically and very blue cities with very progressive mayors had ever reason now to hold back, as I think that we're doing yesterday at this Maxine mandate rally anti vaccine
Mandy rally, they looked very much like they had been told not to intervene unless some probably unless some threshold of violence have been breached, which apparently doing down to private property, or you know doing something injurious to put. Somebody else probably did not what did not break that did did not reach that it did not. Raise the level of the level of intervention. Let's just say, and the question is: what are the consequences? to be the person who was shot in the leg in times square or in the garments centre yesterday at eleven thirty Was urinating on the sidewalk and as an important detail that I left out a yearning fellow because the neighbour this this area, which is, was one of the most heavily trafficked on foot in the what you can't imagine
how insanely crowded the sidewalks were during the day before the pandemic has been given over to ST people. mean homeless people I mean junkies. I mean people dealing drugs, there are theirs open air drug selling pot, probably worse, stuff, ABC seen people injecting heroin, between their fingers. Time and again, just like on our block. And there are a street there, people who are homeless living on the streets all over the place they are paying they are. They are doing more then being there is garbage everywhere. There are these little encampments everywhere. It's it's! No joke in these exist are obviously because directives have come
at that. You are not to rouse them, you're, not to disturb them, you're, not to force them into shelters. You were just to let them be yeah. I mean you know. I think part of the issue here is that when crime first really jumped last year, specially violent crime is the recent FBI's statistics, attested the thirty percent murder rise last year. It was so shocking and so obvious and dramatic, because it was a sharp and because they were so few people out the streets, but you know something else. Those statistics satisfied that rise has continued this year, just slower, but it still arise and that, if necessary, to say that if its rising from last year last year creates a new basis
in other words, are not just talking about its being all well, the increases lower if the baseline goes from ten to thirty and there, or there is a unit whenever whatever that is a two hundred day in two percent increase in crime, and then you go from thirty to forty, that's only a right. That's only, like a thirty percent increase in crime, but but you're still, you still got more deaths than you had enough The aggregate number of incidents is up not only year to year but based on, but from where it was when crime was love exactly right and end are also because there are The normal pedestrian traffic is filling in somewhat since, since these, since the sort of ghost town status of last
here you can be somewhat comforted by that superficially doesn't change the fact that those that the that the crime is still rising but more slowly, and because it's been eighteen months or so you get somewhat used to it. But then, as we're doing today, if you delve into the to the details, you see that you know. Despite being you know, someone comforted it's it's things continue to be bad and I couldn't ask her what the problems get masked in the way this year
didn't. Last year I mean the whole point about this. Is there's a brazen this to all of this like stuff that is going on in public debt? You can see not only not only where we are, but Christine lives, a block and a half off that may be the most heavily pedestrian eyes chopping district in Washington DC. It's not like she's on a leafy block in the suburbs, like the classic eyes on the street theory of Jane Jacobs would say that an incident like happened to Christine's as in broad daylight would not happen simply because criminals themselves would know that there were people all over the place. Watching, and they would be restrained by that fact, and apparently, whoever whoever tried this at your house was not restrained as p all are increasingly less restrain from it aging in these impulses by
Changes in law, custom and prosecution- we know, for example, do you see we already know at one of my neighbors. Sons is a cop, so I guy, actually you know like a here some of this stuff through indirect, from sources. But I've seen discovered a new stories as well. What their funding in D C, for example, is it because the consequences, for example, for violent juvenile crime, offenders are fairly low with our city councils, passageways, liberal laws about linked. Let's give him third forthwith six twenty chances to redeem themselves over and over again the violet the violent carjack kings in DC, are taking place at the hands of twelve and thirteen year old people get too young even drive our car jacking cars and for older criminals like they basically been recruited in as part of gangs. To do this, because the old, the adults know that if the kids are cod, which they sometimes are they're gonna get a slap on the
is the best if they're not caught, there's another vehicle that can be used in the commission of an additional prime cause. That's mainly what these carjack needs. Therefore, they steal a car than they go on a robberies Brady. So but the concept this matter because kids are literary actively being recruited into into us dangerous activities because there's they get a slap on the risk if they get caught. This all is taken place again. national backdrop, attitudes about crime, criminality, social conflict, that I don't think we can divorce them so easily from UNICEF decline in national civility standard. So We all saw over the weekend, send your Pearson Cinema, Arizona being confronted. I think there are three different points of contact:
patient for her one. Was that a an activist who claim to be speaking on behalf of indigenous peoples in the area it states, whose last name is serbian. I was unaware that there was a- native american serbian tribe. You know, but nonetheless haste her into a bathroom in Arizona? Then there was a second point of confrontation ass. She was on a plane coming ACT Dc, and then a third when she was getting off the plane, walking through Reagan Airport and was costed and then the President of the United States was asked what he made of this conduct, and he put it a little bit. I mean he he said, didn't happen, but this is all part of the process, thus the chief executive
the executive branch of the United States of America and the only you know, National elected official in the United States of America, see to be giving a yellow to greenish light to people confronting politicians in in in a bathroom stall and yelling at them. bathroom stall and articles. Forty two, fortunately for him, if that should happen to him in any way, shape or form, the secret service would tackle some the end that person will go to jail for ten years, so he has nothing, and that was true and he was widespread and also so he got nothing to worry about. They were also filming her in the bathroom. I think that's actually important to note that were filming her in the bathroom, which is, I think, against the lawn just about everywhere. So but his his normalization of it was he sang something's, an appropriate than sort of drug in going out happens, everyone it doesnt, have to everyone, but that normalization of that sort of behaviour was exactly what the cultural and political left. I think
accurately and end necessarily constantly called Trump out for right when Trump mocked people or said things that were really kind of crossing a line of civility a discourse in waiting when scenery, They pounced on Tumblr pouncing. They were on him, for there are multiple stories about. It stayed in the new cycle as it should, because some of the things he said were actively offensive to people and The behaviour he wanted to normalize was should not be normalized but to see Joe Biden doing this version of the same thing and it's like crickets, but I think I made a very specifically what had the way button responded. I think is is tremendously problematic because to say It is part of the problem. It is the process rather than is actually factually not true, that's the whole point. This is not part of the process, but the political process is what's been going on over the past week. You know with trying to serve me negotiation and legit.
that is the process harass. Nobody said, that's not what he said. He said at this point The process, unless you have secrets a secret iron detail which has so that is what he said, but he which my group has become part of the process and as part of the process, because Democrats ignored at an incubator it over the course of the Trump era. This is what they did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders when the threat of a restaurant. This is what they did dodgy pie when they camped out in front of his house. Put the pictures of his children all over the neighbourhood does what they ve been doing to Justice Brookhaven off for a variety of reasons its. It is part of the process. Now it's part of the process that Democrats brought into being and exposes the extent to which, when they talked about civility returning all they meant was they didn't like how Donald Trump talked about people? They didn't actually mean civility then
you know we gotta shut this guy up its older, obviously than the tramp era, but it is a classic far left tactic. I will just give you another anecdote from my own family, so my my late, such sister rate, oh, I'm married to Elliot Abrams, who was then the assistant secretary of state for central and south american affairs, didn't like the rig administrations, policies and Central America, particularly relating to Nicaragua. My sister had three very small children. They lived in a neighborhood of day lived in Chevy Chase Dc. a couple of times: during a heated moment in the contract debate, protesters showed up might on my sister's lawn protestors, about my sister's lawn private residence no secret service, no nothing
going screaming, calling him a murderer, while my I've your old four year old and to an If your old, nieces and nephews were staring out the window at these people doing. This was a far left her with some kind of some kind of atm. You now smartest. Group SL, was far left day now. This sort of Vienna, bridged into into normal every day, behaviour in some sense, democratized and spread? because there is now an audience for this on social media. You do it in order to film it in order to In order to welcome it, are broadcast it in order to do two things, one of which is to put the press, I'm cinema in the moment to spread the word that she is under this kind of assault and as a warning to everybody else not took cross. You ideologically, depending on
who you are and where you are, it did you know, Johnny did you mentioned, and that list that web met Maxine waters, calling on us to get in the faces of Trump supporter of of transporting politicians in public in restaurants and whereas I did not believe that, as I recall, preceded the harassment of Sir Huckabee Centres, in particular and just to add to that the just have one of the justifications and excuse making for harassing Cinema recently, as that, will she just refused to meet with us. So she's refer to meet with us. So we have to harass her in in about public bathroom because she's refusing to meet with us, so it's not as if they did. They actually feel that this is a justified. A bold tactic. For that reason, of course, it will have the opposite effect. If this continues this kind of harassment because
mainstreaming, normalize, you're, gonna, see senators and representatives with far more distance between themselves and the public when eight when they are out and public. We should add that Republicans our enemy into this either and in the wake of the January six riots, you have plenty of off the record comments from numbers of Congress elected members of Congress. Talking about how their boats were were influenced by this intimidation Japan, which is Banana republic territory. So it it. This isn't a you know of one party phenomenon and buy out at all. It has an incubator it over the course of the last four years by Democrats who were too and found this to be an instrument of local utility. You know we haven't mention the scenes of a people. casting diners on
oh in unforeseen on Washington on forty first street in Manhattan. This idea that part, because of the outward dining sheds and things like that, there a lot more people eating outside People coming up in serb yelling at them is a demanding their money, saying that there be no doubt that they, they must stand up to you now Tipp to tat, white privilege or whatever this this them these behind here's that are designed to to poison to poison our common spaces or to or to make it clear to people that they are. No, where are they isolated from that?
ends of the woke too, to show their feel tea, or at least their fear, either fealty to wear their fear of woke opinion, an end and the behaviour that is expected of them. What killed that? The flip side of the Woke claim that speeches, violence and therefore speech should be serve. You know, monitored and crack down on his its violent is that when they when your commitment there combating violence there just expressing speech- and we ve heard that argument in other than this absolute disgusting tweet by DNS, Sousa saying that is January six was Tiananmen Square and that the violence that was the mob violence that we saw in January, sex the which is now increasingly become something as dynamic tweet as others are showing has become something for which
people are now moving into active, apologetically or celebration. That itself is another is, is a is assigned Remember that something everybody saw with their own eyes and the idea that what was going on there was something liberating or you know, a car. the display of resistance to the regime which regime exactly was being resisted. The regime of the Vice President United States, a conservative Republican who was simply supposed to be fulfilling his constitutional duty to accept the electors ballots. What regime are we talking about? That's because you don't like the regime doesn't mean that you have quite the opposite. You'd. You have the right to protest. You have the right, to criticise. You have the right to do all sorts of things. You don't have the right to break windows, to trespass and to attempt to bring the government down in
whatever stupid way you think you can bring the government download absolutely do not have a right to do that unless the system is cracking Yes, we are transferring from being a democratic republic to Banana Republic that that, and yet we do have this attitude on the far right of celebration of something that we all saw with our own eyes nine months ago, Ten months are there was you know that was an actual evil right before and it's amazing how easily those things get excused. I think let me just step pull back for a second and talk to you guys, about our first sponsor today expressed three p m. You know when you, when you have expressly p m in anonymize, is your internet behalf. You're, an your your. What what you're doing on websites people think they can?
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air parents are showing up to talk about the hall. That they are experiencing in relation to critical. this theory change than curriculum changes in school names and the imposition of this left US doctrine and Propaganda in in the classroom to brainwash their kids and this is very interesting and supple movement- Christine wrote a piece about this for the magazine on whether or not there is a parents. Movement of parents are now gonna become an interest group in a way that they never happened before, but their voice so been terrible ugly seems Joe involving sort of provocateurs. Often people who don't are from the school district of come in, who are just who are like the Joker in the darkness.
and want to see the World Berne, and so they there there there they threatened people, they threatened people outside the the the school. Where'd they shop again, they shop on their their blondes to attack them and all that behavior is unconscionable and disgusting, but markedly enough There has been an illusion made not remarkably suddenly Emerson, there's militiamen between parents who are expressing their under Annabelle horror at what is going on with curriculum, and then these people who are actually actively threatening people on school boards in and school affair, tools and and the like the Bible restoration in the person of attack, the General Merrick, Ireland has now decided to intervene on on me. inside here, so
Garland sent out a letter yesterday, ah addressed to the criminal division, the National Security Vision, the civil rights Division, the executive officer, you ass, a trains, the FBI, the community relations, are based on the part of the justice and the Office of Justice for Rams at the Department of Justice saying that they need to meet in order to discuss the question of the behaviour here This disturbing trend increase and harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members, so the full weight of the Justice Department may now be brought to bear on people who are doing the sort of thing or we have some people are doing the sort of thing before School board. So how do we feel about this? Christine
Yeah, so we were discussing this in our text eight men have really important point, which is threats, intimidation and harassment. Are already illegal, if you do that, any reason and someone feel threatened, they can go to the police and that you're not. To do that, you're not allowed to threaten someone in that way. So the question then becomes Why are they doing this specifically now and specifically targeting people who oppose what's going on in their school boards and that I'm not quite sure my cynical answer would be to say the day. The democratic party is, of course, quite beholden to the teachers and other special interest groups which have a stake in suppressing in limiting debate about some of the things that parents are very upset about right now.
other hand. We also have parents kind of losing their mining, probably saying very threatening things. So I for me this is this. Is this is a weird if they're just meeting to discuss it? Ok, but I think it will just the publicizing that they are meeting to discuss this and see it as a threat that but they have. This kind of attention in discussion could also have a kind of chilling effect on on an average parenting just wants to come and raise issues and for the school board, because we have seen school board. You know cut parents off escort them out of the room when they don't like what they're saying we ve seen. Teachers unions in places, like LOS Angeles, actively try to research and harass parents who raised questions about policy. So I'm not trying to what about some here, but I think it's really strange that they would target educators at this particular moment when there are plenty of other groups who face sustained harassment. I just did it curious me. I dont have a definitive answer, but it strikes me as odd
Friends at the legal insurrection, Posten piece on Friday about how the National School Boards Association has basically called for what the Justice Department has now done. It is requesting the: U S, justice and home affairs. Gary departments, along with the FBI and you a secret service to track and investigate risks to students, educators, board members and campuses, the school superintendence association, CO signed. The letter. Calls these things domestic terrorism and asked for federal intervention So we are alighting again. We are alighting questions about curriculum with threatened behaviour from some individuals and it's all essentially one tarring, the other and one is calling into question the legitimacy of the other, and we have Terry Mccall. If the limit oral time today
for the Democratic Party in Virginia former Governor Virginia, who said in a debate last week that parents shouldn't have a role in the educate of their children, a jaw dropping thing for him to say, but the logical consequence of a lot of what has been argued about over the course of the last couple of years. Parents should step aside and let the experts determine what their children learn. That is a pie, version of a house of two hundred years of american experience. There wasn't even public education in the United States until the eighteen, seven. These are the idea. The idea that parents are the educators of their children is the
or idea of in some ways of the american political experiment and that in a basically parents than are pop up part of a collective that hires people to provide certain specific forms of expertise, but that that, but that the cuban authorities candidate for a major purple, stay but actually say specifically parents. You stay out the educational questions this is not for. You is indicative of the mindset that could lead you to say anybody standing up at a board meeting saying this is bad and These are all elected people. School
Word officials are elected. They are therefore supposed to be responsive to the people who elect them, but that is a slippery slope argument, which is in itself an illusion. You get to a and b without explicitly saying how you get to a and B. I dont think its appropriate for us to contribute to what I see as one of the biggest problems in this country, which has its group a sense of grievance paranoia and persecution complex. That leads you to such illusions. We don't know what the nature of these threats are. Quite sure. There are threats. I am a hundred percent positive. There are violent threats being made against these people Christine sniff this out last night. She said this memo smells to me. Like some interest group demanded something of the Justice Department.
Justice Department is providing it. I don't think a single parent is going to be intimidated against showing up at the school board meeting, because the d o J issued an inter agency memo talking about how we need a thirty day talk shop to get to a recommendation of some particular policy. I dont think that's true, and we don't. I dont want to prejudge. What's going to come out of this interagency policy, meaning because it could be something less that's far short of ideological policing. That would be a red alarm, but we don't know That's gonna happen yet and to prejudge it, I think, is impertinent and doesn't contribute positively to the to the dialogue.
Smile at the village, I perhaps at the risk of of doing exactly what would know, warns against an eye and I'm gonna. Do I understand respect than that that point of view- and I think it's a shared two tools, a certain degree. I think it stinks it doesnt, but particularly because, as I said last night,
Harassment and threatening people is already illegal. So I will whether or not the Justice Department is doing this simply to satisfy some interest group. What my concern is- and I don't know this will happen, but my concern is that there are individuals out there who will feel emboldened too now some sort of preemptively snitch call in suppose it. You know domestic domestic terrorists in in in hiding in you know in there in it in the beginning phases, and we will see a kind of sort of network again mobilized again
concern parents they that the use of the phrase domestic terrorism is is for me the problem here, because that's define first vote, defying domestic terrorism. Down I mean: did in alone, thread. Individuals, making violent threats is bad and it's against the law and they should be arrested and prosecuted demand Terrorism is a different thing. This is it. This is the kind of the goal of it ass. A terrorist is generally different. The networking in terms of recruitment and trying to get others on board is different. So I just worry that if parents sort of band together and form a facebook group and say we're gonna March on the Next school board, meeting with our placard so to make sure they hear, voices, overzealous left, leaning prosecutor in small town might say. Oh I'm gonna make here this, I'm gonna, I'm gonna make sure that they know the again. This is, I think, no is right too big to tell us to caution. Ourselves is not spinning.
Setting out the worst case scenarios, but the domestic terrorism label. I think in this case, is now appropriate unless they haven't meeting, and they come up with evidence that is indeed there. Some shadowy network of parents planning to blow up schools. I had not seen evidence of that. I've seen it anger and emotional over reaction lot of a justified given how they ve been treated by their school system. I have also seen a lot of that on the other side to directed apparent. So I I I mean I'm your right. Norway's the verdict is out on what they'll do, but that phrase bothers me: domestic terrorism In the context of talking about parents protesting, it should be said that the phrase does not appear in the garland letter that praises rang the National School Boards Association letter saying that these that that that their being afflicted by domestic terrorism so and bears watching, I guess it's the only thing to be said. They can have a meeting to discuss it. They could basically say at the end.
that meeting that our laws as we currently have them, as I was saying of our before our farm- are by far sufficient in another themselves to provide the protection and the and the M you have the means to go ahead if people do do do wrong and undue bad things, but there does seem to be some version of fan service going on here. That is already the minutes snitching. It should also be watch. I think, a traitor to highlight that the encouragement of you know: parents riding out other parents or teachers riding up parents that that kind of that culture grows like a we'd like Kudu quietly, but it's it's incredibly pernicious, and we know this from free speech issues on campuses and one that it leads to self censorship. It leads people going, you know it's just not worth it.
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number he can get. So this is the big question here is if the press There is the pressure is on on mansion and cinema, the number drops from three point: five trillion to two trillion today did does mansion cave on his one point: five chile number and come up thirty three percent cinema who doesn't have a number? Does she yeah give in and say? Ok, look! Look what I did look, how amazing it was. It was six trillion dollars. now two trillion dollars. That's what I did I save the country. Four trillion dollars is every reason to believe that Biden is actually knows. Who is talking about like invite and says I can get mansion and sent
So this number, this is the guy who went before the house on Friday and didn't say anything right. So I have no reason to believe that that, I'd knows what he's talking about are actually has some insight. Interventions, elements behaviour or what what they'll, except and be. I don't know if I believe, the point that the progresses will take whatever number can be given, in general. I don't believe that mansion Cinema have any necessary reason to chain is there to change their their tunes, but that's me yeah yeah, I suspected. If it's true, if, if it mentions in Amadou changed returns, it will be entirely independent of what Joe Biden knows
new. When he's Bunny said this, but whether or not they do, I really don't know it all, I'm IP totally guards here I don't know, I don't know how this is unfold. I don't think Cinema has a number. She doesn't she. I don't think she would take you later if she had won and I don't think she has one to begin with, because I don't think she supports the reconciliation bill whatsoever in, because then Joe Biden has apparently intending to rectify this when he travels to Michigan he's gonna rally in support of his own bills, the M reporting. Is that he's actually going to talk about what the hell they're supposed to do, which would be a unique tactic when we haven't seen recently actually talking about what you're trying to get done as opposed to what you're trying to spend? But there still talking about numbers and that to me, as the primary obstacles are not talking about what they hope to achieve their hope talking about what they hoped to spend. The spending is the point until the spending is not the point, the obstacle is always going to be the number
Well, I know again, I think I hear you there's gonna be pressure put on and on. So there s a gardener, either their desperate to spend your money All they want to do in the world is spend your money and they don't really care on what I had it talk about it. I know it's for your own, you guys, but where they do, spend a colossal amount of money and they don't think that their their political fortunes are served unless they do spend colossal amounts of money. That is the point in there is a desperate hunger for that I understand, but they don't have the numbers, they don't have the votes, and this tactic is not changing. Until the tactic changes. The outcome is endemic change. While we don't know that because we don't know what what what the pressure, what the pressure is going to do, I give you an example. So Josh Crash are in national Journal, writes a peace in which he says Cinema knows what she's doing she has actually her favourably ratings in Arizona,
higher than her. Then her face oh Senator, MAR Kelly's He has forty percent support, among Republicans, she has applied plus ten or something among in evidence, and so even though her numbers with Democrats are dropping a little, she knows what she's doing and then this morning my morning, council has a pull out saying: she's perception slid down among independence, M M and and Democrats and is therefore at risk of losing a primary or losing of a general or whatever, because the Republicans, even if they favour her wont, vote for? If there's a republic alternative, and the Democrats will turn on her by time: there's a primary anyway and she'll be out. So that is, that is the fight that is going on. the scenes is, is cinema right or is she wrong as her calculation about being
Average, who oppose the spending is a writer is wrong. There's a leather peace and political, where an old hand named David, Doke, ah says who is moved? Arizona says: oh sorry, ah she's wrong, she is wrong. She's, marimba, she's, misreading the room and awe, and that's the simple fact the matter, but I mean just as one guy who, basically I don't know I mean he hasn't been barely- has been in politics for the last thirty. I barely heard over the last thirty years, David doped, well because
because this is gonna drag on a bit now that this dispute this process there is time for this very aggressive campaign to publicly brand cinema is something threatening and scare as a kind of trumpets and really as Israel as as it as a crazy person who doesn't care about human beings. If that campaign find some purchase over over the coming weeks could affect those numbers. On her- I don't know- I don't know if it does or if it doesn't but but there is, there is a very concerted effort to make her more polarizing figure than she already is right.
So we don't know what happens when people are under this kind of pressure. She may be under a new kind of pressure that she has never experience before starting wrapped up, but she is by definition in our own state, not a polarizing figure right. I'm iraqi has reached a lot of divides here. She's made Republicans apathetic about unseating, her and independence vaguely supportive of her and Democrats in a sort of lukewarm. On her I mean that's the definition of not polarizing you're sort a right in the middle. So in that sense she absolutely is doing what she is well. She's Tenerife had Em Craddock partial arising within her within her party, but people that what that was Christie that was Christine's dog right there, but I mean this not to be too cutesy bet, but there is a paradox,
is where it where whereby, if, if you are, if you'd do bridges divides, you are actually sort of the most polarizing figure that that anyone can bake, because that is that is either what your Europe is good or his terrible you're not supposed to bridge devise now, because, because we are, you know at daggers drawn with the other side. All ties. Redwood, central, the central truth is that any one of the candidates who was primarily the out of existence on the republican side, over the last ten years would likely have won the general elections that they were in precisely because they were or in offensive to a greater number of people in a you know, in the state in general, but just had had lost the confidence of partisan Republicans who make up the whip hand, who collectively or the whip hand.
In a way in a primary, and so that's that's what that's what cinema faces, but you know I I have no idea. I just think that man, Consumer both better served by, let you know by not look if, but if the number came down to one point, five trillion, which is where which is where mansion has it an mansion, said I'm I'm in cause. You match my Number and then Cinema would be under almost unknown evil pressure to get. On the grounds that the bills four and a half trillion dollars smaller than it was in its initial form, and so the pressure that she imagined put on was wildly success. all and therefore she should she should also take half a loaf. If that, if that were to happen, that would be very interesting. You notice that Biden isn't saying that that's what's gonna happen,
and then he is gonna, give mansion and out if the numbers two trillion mentions gonna, say no and yeah, and that dynamic holds really until I know the primary is gonna scramble things cause Cinema will face a primer, but that dynamic holds until its
and you twenty two and the Senate majority starts to look really wobbly, not just in Arizona, budding Nevada and New Hampshire and a lot of places where we got many vulnerable, democratic members, and then Democrat start to actually sober up and look at the fact that they might lose her majorities and it's very competitive in the Senate. It will be very competitive. I mean Democrats are no talking themselves into this notion that the Congress has all but lost, but this time eight months ago the Senate was not in play. It is a very tough landscape. For Republicans, I have a lotta retirees. Their defending a lot more territory than Democrats are the Senate is a battleground and rip. Democrats will sober up at some point. Look at that map and say look. We have a shot, but we have a very slim, a narrow majority in the dynamics of power, Neeoka raw power. Politics should prevail at a certain point to say that you know
Send a message to member of this caucus and without her, where I'm already parked but progresses in the house. I think have already in internalized the idea that the house is gone as of November two thousand and twenty two and they need to shoot the moon before then Amateurs true, but the Senate doesn't necessarily have to respond to that dynamic and senators care about two things. If your house, member or your committee, cherry or from my state right now, but at no looks senators, have something to do when there you know, if the Democrats could hold onto the sank hold onto fifty fifty in the Senate. They ve. the judiciary, they ve got appointments to the executive office. They have a lot that they can do. The house has nothing the house loses the majority and basically there's almost nothing for the poorhouse Democrats do, and so you write that the Senate, you know, Democrats are sacrificing a potential future in which
they can pack the judiciary as much as they possibly can. Assuming that you know, Biden is out in twenty two for it may be a Republican his in and therefore they didn't do whatever they. They should do whatever they can't him, not jeopardize or make possible a continuum already in the Senate, because because of the good that they and do in their own lights, but the house has no such in opening hammock and that's the other question which is they I have said on this phone call. We don't know who told me Caldwell about the phone call. We don't know progressive said that they would support the number. I remember only for progressive apt to say they won't support the number for the bill to go down. It's not like there are ninety. Grasses and the progressive cock, as only for them, have to say. I'm sorry, you know you're give us giving free colleges did a bridge too far, so I can support this bill you know just people on focusing will support. It doesn't mean that those subordinate and they could take it too so
I dont know that the dynamic is changing, but you can see how the pressures with that We will take place until tomorrow for April Stena. Now I'm jump outwards, keep the camel Barton.
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