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Why Is Rita Moreno Apologizing?

2021-06-17 | 🔗
Today we begin the podcast with talk about Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin before getting to the hot topic of the day—an apology proffered by a showbiz legend for saying something entirely commonsensical and true. Why did Rita Moreno feel it necessary to abase herself before the gods of wokeness? Give a listen.
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Welcome to the commentary magazine, Billy Podcast, today's Thursday June seventeen, twenty twenty one, I'm John path towards the editor of I'm sorry, I want to engage in a brief disposition with my colleague executive a gleam of high ape don't worry about our good about our July August issue, which I believe we should have at least part of up online. Today and then, if we don't have it all up today, the rest will be up tomorrow double issue
are wonderful issue the year of longer them than others I'll get. So much stuff in it. When did we do? We have we all leave his first appearance and commentaries talking about making the case that why Jews are not white. We are our own thing right editor. It said it's a really fascinating and original peace now By the way, if there's anything wrong with being white, which is part of the point, doesn't matter what anybody is, but them, but at, but ascribing jewish. Entity and Saint Joseph Nancy is analogous to almost any other identity on earth is itself an exposition. Our exposes, let's say, are the factors. None of this whole idea about white waited Jason, see him. Why privilege in a really
partly on the regional way? So that's a great peace by Li L, a no Jews or not white is the name of it. Christine Rosen Senor writer high Christine, has to peace and has two pieces of the issue I do. Your big piece is something that will be familiar to to listen of the park. just an all out assault on on the teachers unions in their behaviour during the pandemic. Here, It was extremely cathartic to write, and I appreciate being given the space to do it. And, yes, our listeners have heard me rant and rave about the teachers unions for it for quite some time, and it was actually useful to sit down and think through the ways in which they have used their power and obvious skated about there. Tensions and and otherwise harmed America's children on a mask held during the past years, emergency shut down orders and not so, hopefully people well, it certainly not gonna Ghana
agreement- and I hope that the teachers that we have as listeners understand that the union's and their political power and not attack on individual teachers, but I do hope it also prompts many teachers and reconsider what they might need to be doing on behalf of their kids, going forward schools reopened and yet will speak. Your other piece is about this sum: inconsistent application of politically wrecked standards for silencing employees? Let's put it that way. One you will give people a sense of that This was. There was a little blip of a story about Google search. Chief of diversity turns out he's kind of wildly hi Semitic and had been writing about this on his blog before joining Google, but kept it up once he was at Google, and when this was exposed by our friends of the free beacon, they did some reporting and listen and broke the story. The
underwhelming reaction by the same people, who were scolding, Google for having James Day more an engineer who work for the company who chow. In some of the sort of ideological orphaned I see about why women and men sometimes choose different professions, and you know that the complementarity of the sexes, the challenge that internally and was fired. This guy was publicly calling juice, bloodthirsty murderers and he just got transferred to a different job. So I was time you did the hypocrisy of how these standards are applied. This was a was a hit, perfect case of that, and it was also a case that was rarely discuss the mainstream media, and I try to explain why This is, in your media commentary, column every one sentence from that column about all this way you say quote, which is why, as of this writing in the autumn the wash it was the most other mainstream media outlets at avidly covered. The more case have completely ignore the come out Bob story they employ
their own come out, Bob's, Annetta sufficient for them to cast a blind eye on the matter. So that's Christine's to pieces as I want to commend to you, The soul of a check commentaries roast D. This November will be tell you more about that and how you can attend the roast in New York in November Solly as he is known, arduous commentary columnist, has a really beautiful piece about how the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz during the war with Hamas elected to fly the israeli flag from the Central House of government in Vienna and how this represents a kind of redemption of Vienna, which is, of course, the city. from which Hitler emerged and whose leader, in the late nineteenth century, not only inspired Hitler's own political awakening. His name was Karl Luger was the mayor of Vienna, but also lugers
deep and serious and severe anti Semitism was a key spur to feed our hearts. All in hurdles determining that Jews had no proper home in Europe could make no home in Europe and neither the homeland of their own. This is an eye opening peace. I didn't know a lot about this. That often the case with Sully who has a way of writing about these matters in an entirely original fashion and that that peace, Which is called how Chancellor Kurtz redeem Vienna, I commend to highly will talk about other stuff, great peace by territory, China Mill Riddle who up who was the guy who serve turning Frank Sinatra into the greatest, popular singer of all time. And a lot of lot of other stuff. So that's the July August issue and also with us, though he doesn't have a piece in the issue.
as ever associate editor nor Rossman high on our agenda guy so Biden. Joe Biden End of Le Deemer Putin had there been a summit meeting what everyone I call it yesterday in where the hell it was Geneva. And Putin came out. First, given our long press conference in which he revealed himself to be among you know, he's here he's I got a monster in killer and everything is also excruciatingly boring. I mean this was one of the most boring interviews Guy who now spend twenty years, no one ever telling him to shut up, and so he really has no idea had up like stop answering the question or what he saying you know, said some offensive things about how how could the United States talk about? You know whether or not I what I did what happened to Andrea?
The valley was bad when you know day they are holding protesters from, January, six them you know in in in jails and that that's ourselves so unfair, thus proving that he's probably still in touch with Roger said, and then by came out and dumb. I gotta tell you he was kind of striking Lee. Ok, I guess I'm saying at EU strikingly milk on which will not surprise all the know. How would the trumpeters listen, hoo hoo, hoo decide. They hate me alcoholism and they had everything about us all. This But basically would bind says I sat down and I sat down from next to food, nor across from putin- and I said If you keep doing cyber crime, are we have capabilities to stop you? You don't know what they are. I know what they are and better stop
and he said quote: I'm just gonna review of the code of he said. I told him that no president of the United States could keep faith with the american people if they did not speak out to defend democratic values to stand up for the universal and fundamental freedoms of all men and women have, in our view, that's just part of the dna of our country. How could I be the president of the United States of America and not speak out against the violation of human rights? I told him that, unlike other countries, including Russia, where uniquely the product of an idea. What's that idea, we'd have derived rights from the government. We possess them because were born period and we yield them too, the government they said this extemporaneous the idea that he's senile, I think, is conclusively disproven by the both the bar the integrity and lucidity of the, statement of purpose and it's very striking because of course it has been.
Thirteen years since we had a president who spoke in in terms it remotely like this Obama, attacked the idea of the american exe actual born of idea of of the nation, born of an idea from the from the from the left and and Trump who was much more of a blood and soil type attacked it from the right, and here is by kind of three moralising american foreign policy and its it's kind of striking, I share your enthusiasm, for what we heard yesterday at the at those press conference that Joe Biden gave It was reassuring and very american in the strictest sense, on far less sanguine about the outcome of this summit for the following reasons and they're gonna be three of them. The first is that you,
they talked about the off limits, nature of some of this infrastructure that we would no longer tolerate any cyber espionage for attacks on the only one who will have heard haunting echoes of dean actions in failing to include South Korea in the: U S stood Transport perimeter convincing Joseph Stalin to green light. Kimmel sums invasion of South Korea night Fifty it was the commission that is the problem, enumerating are cyber capabilities and our particular infrastructural tar. If someone tolerate attacks on is a foolish be not going to happen because we use over espionage is a means of deterrence we haven't done to the head of Russia's energy grid. They ve done to the head. Of Russia's water purification systems as they do our own, and we ve known about this for quite some time that gun isn't going away and
the notion here that we can somehow deter private actors who have deniability that the state Moscow has effectively denied on strikes me as fanciful and although it would be fair Biden, said he would hold responsible the government of the nation from which cyber tax by private actors took place which he had to wait until the needs and we may undermine the second boys. I think the point here I let you go on I'm just saying the point here is that Biden, not precisely echoing me, you'd, have the idea that we, we would hope we held the Taliban Hawsted, who help would tell them out of the town. I am responsible for the behaviour of Al Qaeda on its land. But the idea that put no What's going on, he's got a very involved up the secret service of his own country, and so I dont think that we accept that people to ransom. Where, from your, you know inside Russia, that we think you don't know what's going on, you
better figure it out and stop it or we're gonna do stuff to you like your doing to us. my linger here, because the solar winds response was cosmetic at that Ok, guys, you must areas, it sanctions elsewhere That is the most of the latest cyber attack emanating Russia for in April, for what on the main administration responded by sanctioning russian government assets. They were cosmetic at best they could be absorbed. Sending a clear signal that this is the sort of thing we will tolerate only in so far as we will put on a dramatic performance of our indignation without actually making. You suffer any consequences that you can endure, which is why when he disgusting enough how awful it would be in what the response would be in the event that relaxing the volley died in custody in russian custody sounds to me like just toothless
paper tiger, and we have ever ample evidence to suggest that Moscow believes that to impart, because they absorb these sanctions in April a pretty easily and we're subsequently rewarded for their actions with the cut construction of Nord Stream pipeline. So you have to wonder why we engaged in what is in my view, functionally the fourth consecutive Russian reset George W Bush entered office? Barack Obama entered office, not Trump entered office, all of them with the chief foreign policy objective, almost the sole farm policy objective with women in terms of great power competitors of. Finally, the some sort of a comedy and a consensus between Moscow and Washington. as yet another species of that and why why it isn't there thoroughly really achieved. Your political priority or chief build geopolitical priority is in Asia. Pacific
is invasion, which is getting very restless sources. Extremely disturbing peace in foreign affairs about the people around jumping over very aggressive about retaking Taiwan. Military because that now is the time to do it. The window was closing and we can afford the costs we can deter the United States. I can only thank this is an effort to mollify our adversary in in Europe. Finally, pivot to Asia and I see a lot of signs that suggest Moscow is not going to be deterred by any of this war mollified but emboldened to test the parameters of its freedom of action. so not those lay that knows led the sat very well, I think summits or are nonsense. I have a piece about this in the near post today.
Some are almost exclusively nonsense. That performative any actual change in policy doesn't need a face to face meetings for people to look into each other's eyes. Then agreements that might have been true in the nineteenth century when there were no personal communications between leaders is not true. Now, if Moscow ones too, behavior doesn't need to have a meeting between the principles to make such agreements that the changes take place. I saw what what matters in some sense is the rhetoric that emanates from it is the rhetoric considered Tori or as the rhetoric tougher that's what I would say what what horrified a lot of us about what happened between Trump and Kim of North here was. How would you say the conciliatory and loving and friendly the rhetoric was towards you know. One of the world's women of history is greatest.
Montenegro mentor yet right an end at that? Then like demoralize, is american foreign policy drains it of of its of its sir of of its unique that you need quality of both expanding in extending national interest and trying to defend not only the international order but but but simple sort of life, non inhuman behaviour on the part of leaders and an inviting just went in a different direction in a very narrow sense- and I am not sure that no- no- I I don't know it wasn't conciliatory like what the way binding talked about putting yesterday was not conciliatory was not aggressive. You didn't see it wasn't like Khrushchev, you didn't say we will bury you. But it was tougher than I expected way, tougher, so retry jobs. I agree with the view that he did a very good job, really can remarkably good job with
if his comments and the first I thought of anything I said to you right after it was over Johnny SIMPLE. I figured this is the pair were how this ends up. Looking will depend on how aggressive Russia is ended in the near future, What what struck me is not great about about what was what was said and was true, not conciliatory, but kind of remind me. Obama in a way was, were all these comments. Some binds part about appealing to prudence, sense of Russia's stature to get him to do the right thing. I feel like that deep misunderstanding: if its sincere of food in Russia stature or his stature, the Kremlin's
you're in his mind rests on his being able to do what he wants to his enemies with impunity. That's where he derives his his sense of you know that that's what makes him viewer leader in his estimation, not clearly not not observing international norms. That is that, which is what Biden says he was emphasising to him I think that's a very important point. Also. I mean that yes win when win when he said you know that surely, Putin once you know, Russia have a better reputation that yeah that that what he wants, its reputation for punching for being a frightening. and and aggressive an ambitious and in this is one of the ways in which Putin punches Way above his weight Raymond, Russia's a second rate economic power
that is running on the fumes of the military strength that have built up before the Soviet Union collapsed, which was three decades ago. An end is is, is somehow still kind of like a running like her like one of those channels and a two hundred on your cable dial. That is still there running. My three sons- and you know and stuff like that, like Russia's, not the Soviet Union, that is not as powerful as Soviet Union. It is not as formidable and but Putin himself is clearly willing, do just about anything and that some a leader who functions outside of international norms, and that is the key to his success, not his failure, but you wonder who you wonder, who is speaking to under those circumstances? Does he believe that parliament wants to be respected in their way?
or is he talking in a way that that you know is meant more for it? mastic audience I'd. I don't really know well that time is that that some important point, because if you look at the covering the domestic media coverage of this summit. There was clear, signalling there, because at the message was deafening received that way by the meat is CNN was just like tripping over itself to talk about how humane and fluid an amazing binding, had bad and, of course, to only covering up there. The couple things he bought the day before- and there was this interesting moment which we ve got a lot of attention on social media, whereas CNN reporter asked by new question and the real binding emerged just for a brief moment, and he sat at her in a wired. Why don't you just positive questions could support this? Is the man whose ice cream preferences have been very important concern for the mainstream media? Lately, he's asked pot he's asked easier
martians all the time, but the real Biden emerged for a split second there and you could see it and interested meaning that they could have doubled down. Message of him: this humane you know the anti trop. They really want to go that. That, for them is the most important thing and there was a lot of it caution about prudent in the way the words about him right now. It was much more about how little binding is perceived by everyone else right The whole world admires us again, and it is a very shallow way of approaching a lot of these questions, but it is seems to be the message: you're gonna stick with them for us meetings. I loved the confrontation between Vitamin Caitlin Collins, I'm gonna, defend Biden here Caitlin Collins starts yelling Biden as he is leaving about what why You confident that Putin is gonna. Do ex wire, Z and
Barton had never said that he was confident that Putin was gonna do ex, whereas a you never used the word confident he did not. He specifically not analyze Putin's behaviour or so brought or say very much about what what Putin said in response to him, he talked about what he had said and what he wanted and he turned around, and he said what what oh you told, but I didn't say I was confident I didn't say I was then he was confident he would do anything what's the matter with you. I don't want any problem snapping at our. What I have a problem with is the hypocrisy of the entire media establishment, which, if that had been trumps snapping at her. If I were eighty did David everything- and of democracy and sergeant gotta go. But no, but you know that guild thing that happens, that horrible guild knows circling wagons thing happened when she did this and
all these people and social media. All these reports, like you, go Caitlin Collins and by the way this has happened and our earlier, where a servant, the porter they're, all just channeling Jim accosted. All this like, let me have a dramatic cuts translational moment at the press conference. I think her name was April. Scott She started yelling Putin like about and of all the years. I would like to know how can you behave this waste? like that. It's like who the hell are you like, shut up? You know like yours. It was to sit there and like ask a question you know I mean this is now clearly become some kind of part of the specific Ec Cnn Playbook to have reporters play some kind of a dramatic do some kind of a dramatic thing so that it can get attention outside of and create
dynamic, which it CNN standing there confronting our leaders with the truth, and they can they can all go jump off. A cliff is this. Is this is not their role? Nobody is watching many way all the Now these hours of was eighty percent of their viewers in the last six months you know go go go have a little modesty. I know you all love each other on twitter, but that's all I'm keeping to adjust the point. The other point, though, to remember, is that this it. That is Joe Biden, whose very testing was test you with reporters and with people on the campaign draw. It was always covered up now, reported on not discuss because he's not trumps, always better than what we had before, but I think we're gonna see the more exposure he gets. The more he's gonna be himself that I agree. I think she had them. Not just question is allowed to snap back under the EU. The present United States examine everyone, but I just at the hypocrisy of how that's covered in how that's perceived drives. As you know, dressing.
daddy. What that's gonna be great foreseen in this is gonna, be pray for Joe Biden, survey, russian media there all see and ends there they're all J G of flattering Vladimir Putin's behaviour celebrate from a political perspective. What on earth? This was designed. To achieve. I have no idea the power imbalance here between but the United States needs from Russia and Russia he's from the United States favours Moscow? We need them to cooperate on IRAN, we need them. To take iranian nuclear material and temperate and processing and then maintain it. Andy enrich it, we need them too, cooperate on Afghanistan. We need them to stop agitating in supporting the Taliban. We need them to support our basis in Central Asia. We need them on refugees. We need them in cooperation on Arctic. We need them, we need them. We need them indeed from us than sanctions relief. Guess what they're gonna get guess we're gonna get. The imbalance is going to be
hard to ignore in the very near future, and I have no idea what this was designed to achieve Eve, save equal as strategic, cooperative, unpredictable, released, ship and the predictability is going to be american concession and russian achievement? and I don't see any other way out of it. Well, you know you make a good No one else can you know what else is true. Anybody on this progress or I'm gonna, ask just the audience. Are you a proud a person if you are you love your cat, but that
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He pulled club caught dotcom, slash commentary to get twenty percent off your first order, plus a free, dome scope and free shipping. When you set up Otto ship, that's kitty, poor club, dot, com, slash commentary. Ok, I want to move on to a cultural topic and full tricky for me to talk about that's the movie and the heights, which is tricky for me to talk about, because one of its producers is a very close friend of mine, Anthony Pregnant, and so I love him- and I am I am I'm excited for him that he has produced this major motion. Picture has gotten great views and- and I am a big fan of the movie as I was of the show a, but I have a personal interest, so I ice stipulate that at the beginning, because a winner
talk about eight manufacture, controversy that that gives us a real glimpse into the kind of torture is dead. End logic that woke ism and and and the world of of leftist activism, of forcing its way into the control of the conversation about about culture and trying to control popular culture as well all aspects of culture how it functions so in the heights
is about Washington Heights, the neighborhood in the north of of Manhattan. That is largely dominican, though it has a lot of different letter. Latino neighbourhood was up for many decades of a very jewish neighbourhood, Henry Kissinger, from their doktor with West farmers from there, and there are still there still pockets of Jews, and You should be universally in Washington Height, but it's a latino neighbourhood and lend Manual Miranda, the creator of Hamilton as a kid. Knowledge and Wesleyan wrote this musical about his home about his neighborhood, oh he's actually from inward, which little north washing the heights. Nonetheless, and it was about serve like this corner in Washington Heights, and there are three businesses and the people who run them all. Have dreams are so
there's up. There's a bodega owner that serve little come like little, many supermarket, there's a cab company and there is a beauty salon and it's about the people who work there. They all interact with each other and that link, characters, dominican and thee. And the somebody else's puerto rican and somebody else's cuban in there and then and there they are they're all kind of friendly with each other. But they are also little bits of tensions here and there, including racial tensions between a black employee of the cab company. This is in the stage version and the guy who runs the cab company, who is puerto rican so and end the black eye. Worse cab company is in love with the daughter of the guy who runs the cab company and the guy. The cab company in the show doesn't want his daughter dating
Dating the sky not only cause, it's dark, discuss his black because he's not where to weaken his lot with Tino and so there's a whole and they all have dreams and there's a lottery ticket and it's a meal the goal, and it's got fantastic dance numbers in the top right. Ok, so. The movie comes out and what a wonderful, while reviewed and then out of nowhere. It is comes a controversy one of these controversies. You don't, they fled. Somebody wrote a blog posts. Somebody wrote a piece on a website. never heard of, or on some kind of idiot pop culture website, saying the show that the movie does not makes invisible the Afro latino, that is to say that the very dark skinned spanish speak were Latinos, who are not present in in the movie and and oh, the movie, erases them from the narrative, and so it's all about all these other people. But
there are no Afro Latinos and win malware, a race them and therefore the therefore in the heights is not representative. It's not representative latin culture needs to have this in it. I didn't have the Senate and the limit, rather, who has who has found himself under attack over them. a couple of years for Hamilton. Of course, his breakthrough genius sung through musical Alexander Hamilton for not talking about how evil America is and how we know, and this whole question of whether Hamilton might or might not himself alone the slave, even though he was he was the basically under the anti slavery, manumission movement in the United States, but me the only slave. Somebody is a document that says maybe Hamilton on the slave and he's like, and he didn't do enough, one thousand six hundred and nineteen project crap and it's cuz. It's very prominently, notes it's a revision of the american experiment in which, minorities play the founding fathers as away
of claiming kind of the universality of the american founding, because a himself up where weaken, plays Alexander Hamilton, Christopher Jackson, a black I played George Washington and end the Lamar Odom played the Leslie autumn. Junior excuse me played Ehrenberg another black eye, so that was that Hamilton. But, of course, whenever change. He had to say look at where work in progress where flawed, like the american experiment, like he contemplated very well and time within the Heights he said were learning, I'm learning. You know, I'm learning. I understand. I'm learning, I'm delighted happy to have this lesson being taught me he's a very adept politician in the in the world old, of kind of liberal opinion and in fact, in the heights, the movie is opposed to him. I shall show
they politicized version in the heights, because the show which is about neighbourhood dreamers turns in a movie about dreamers, literally dreamers, there's a whole sub plot, which is not an issue which is done first into designate about an undocumented alien, the nephew of the lead character, who, who is dreamer and so how's? What's gonna happen to him very shoehorn. Then it's it's the worst part of the movie, because it's not really earned and it doesn't make sense in the plot device in which we learn that this kid is is is is is on document It doesn't make sense and and Maria in a host of, and PR turns up, giving a speech which is silly and its lock rate, but they they tried essentially to make it politically palatable and that wasn't enough,
but what happened yesterday Christine well, the wonderful actress he D Marino defended when Manual Miranda against discharge of what's called color ism. You know, oh, he put the darker skinned people the background in the leaves are alight scanned. It sit bureau raising our experience, blah blah blah, these listening reader Miranda says you know I'm defending this. This is you know, there's nothing when he did it sooner. This is culture such etc and less than twenty four hours later, She too had to step back from her support. and I apologize for it basically in its in it. shocking and I said to him Here this morning the tweet she says, I'm incredibly disappointed with myself I'm making a statement indefensible and manual Miranda on the commercial last night, I was clearly dismissive of blood. Lives that matter in our latin community. It is
easy to forget how celebration for some is lament for others, both the man a key in framing of that we and the fact that she was compelled to make it just saddened. Me woman is up, is alleged right, which is one. Ninety years old, eighty nine years old, yes, Why is she having to have a public struggle session over over defend A fellow artist whose work in no way was raised. this in no way was trying to silence black voices. This is appalling. I was really shocked to see it and it was shocking to me in part because how quickly her extremely mild defence of her fellow artists turned. Her haven't performers struggle session, here's theory as to why, where sheep, where she fell on her face here,
It reacted to this insanity and it is absolutely manic with indignation to man. Her friend was insulted and she wanted to defend them and very public way which lend credence to the accusation which, like gravity to the accusation, by treating it with such as such a powerful assault. on the character of her friend, she should have treated it like everybody treated, the accusation against COBRA cock, recall COBRA. I had a brief. Movement of being problematic because some blogger, you never heard about writing blog. You never heard about got some. He around him you said that the show was problematic, because its cast did not reflect the precise demographic breakdown the San Fernando Valley, according to the senses, could you not, That was the allegation and people laughed at him and they should have. This is the premise of my book essentially, is that these?
This is your last humming book forthcoming, but another book which is available on action this other buses is gonna, be out next year. laugh variety. And the premises essentially that she should have laughed at on the mock these people. They are mockeries of themselves. They are observed. Caricatures there make officially stupid arguments that make them they make sound Merrick, seen in solar creepy should be laughed at There is this an interesting thing about this in particular, because this this goes to a political question that we discussed at most recently after the last election about the difference between hispanic voters and latin ex activists right because It was clearly an attack by the latin next people and the x factor. There is this idea that you can the only they can can perform whenever color we'll they have to determine who is correctly speaking for the hispanic community real world
experience. I agree with no reward. Experience shows this to be absolutely ridiculous, but they do have an outsize impact. Certainly- media and I think that, fortunately in in cultural instead, emissions that are already skewed more to the less than to the right. And so compulsion? I mean I wouldn't. I agree. I would love to have seen her just laughed this off, but the fact that she didn't is what worries me widened. You feel she couldn't laughin off sees a legend literally, who are they gonna do to her life. She was gonna run on behalf of our friend. That's a perfectly reasonable response, Why you didn't? He said what she has said uncalled there was fantastic and I want to quote what she said, because it is important to note that what she said was common sense, a goal and true, and she had to say something that was untrue, corrective here's what she said you can never do right. It seems this meaning Macmillan manual. Murder Miranda is the man who was literally brought latino this and Puerto Rico.
to America, I couldn't do it, I would love to say I did, but I couldn't lend manual has done that single handedly and I'm thrilled to pieces, and I am proud that he produced my documentary. She said I'm sorry, really saying can't you just wait, awhile and leave it alone. There's a lot. people who are prepared to recognise were also from Guatemala who are dark and who were also fair. We are all colors in Puerto Rico. This is how it isn't. It would be so nice if then come up with that and left it alone. Just for now I mean they're really attacking the wrong person, which is in credibly. True, who take the idea that you would say that liberal manual more who has made the single most latino movie, who was
create, was one of the creators of the single most latino movie ever bake in the heights in the United States. Hispanic latina movie has done insufficient, has provided insufficient help and been colorist. Is wanna exposes one of the key qualities of this movement, which is that these drug sessions are being are being created by people who have professional jealousy. That's exactly it that this is just another avenue by which they can prosecute professional jealousies, and it's so conspicuous because it's almost always the successful who are the targets of this attack on a sustained level and they don't and until they have drawn blood or income from our targets. Right now, let's talk about why Rita Marino, apologized, cautious, I apologise sources almost ninety years old she won an Oscar it out. She wanted
only she's a legend, that's just how it is and she should be venerated and she's. Not so why did she apologize? Why she so disappointed in herself, well you see There's another latino movie coming out at the end of the year West. Had story a remake of West Side story directed by Steven Spielberg, add in it Rina, Marino who, of course, was a media in the original Westside story. Sixty years ago was released sixty years ago. Plays the candy store owner, who has been obviously other the gender sway. case nor owner who is who is the word that website stories, which, of course is a version of Romeo and Juliet is for she has Friar Lawrence, The West story aunt. She is executor producer of the movie of Westside story. and I'm pretty sure that watch it
What's going on and watching the you know authenticity problems idea that lead men were endless version. lets, you know, wife in New York is not is deemed insufficiently authentic or insufficiently woke that stuff Spielberg, is like worried, he's and gently justifiably worried that he is going to get a tax is a cultural imperialist. Now, let's talk about why that would be Steven Spielberg is a Jew right. The screen writer who who who is Tony cushioned her a Jew tony questioners adapting the book by Arthur Lawrence Adieu, the songs and was, I saw, a written by lettered Bernstein papers, Excuse me a Jew and Stephen sometime, a Jew The original production was Gave them directed by Jerome Robins, a Jew who were in the play
and when my story is about a gang of white kids, not of whom is jewish and poorer regions not of homes, and maybe it is a card to Steven Spielberg that he's got a real problem on his hands. with social media and this kind of coverage, which has now become the dominating coverage of pop cultural artifacts in the United States, and he's made this thing and he wants to win an Oscar with it and he wants to win best director and his feet. clearly for a year was that in the height was gonna, come and steal his thunder and now is I worry that the movie is gonna be cancelled, because all these jewish guys have made a movie about Puerto Ricans and Of course, the poorer regions are necessarily the greatest like they're there, their game
members. They got knives, they're doing rumbles. You know it's not good, it's not good at what they are doubt when Arthur Lawrence restage yes, I'd story on Broadway and twenty ten in an effort to deal very much. He was like almost ninety years old. He directed a fantastic production of it in an effort to deal with this problem ten years before woke this really, exploded. He had someone come in and right new lyrics too, I feel pretty in Spanish. I feel pretty being the worst lyric in the show Stephen Saunders embarrassed by it. It always gotta he's got a seventeen year old you know a puerto rican girl singing its alarming. How charming I feel he says this is the worst lyric is I've written, so I feel pretty was rewritten with spanish lyrics and whom did Arthur Laurent spring into
The spanish Lyrics Lynn Manual Miranda was brought in to bring authenticity. Two westside story that had it lacked because its entire creative team was jewish, and now women will read, is insufficiently pure to provide that kind of cultural cover an end, Morocco has to apologise for having defended lid Manual Miranda on Steel- I'm bears, shall Abe help oh, if only I could look, people are crying for me Abe the thing I want to know what you, what you think they went. Well, I mean the apologists you know get me more than the
then the woke accusers. We know what to expect from the welcome users there they are egg thereof. There are given. We don T yet know that the apologists are apology or the apologizes are apologizes until they until they do it, they cross Outline and always a disappointment and it's always a huge mistake. You get nothing from giving the mob anything this. This comes at a time when there is another, so a story that not similar but it, but it brings up the same basic point about about. trying to be light by these people. That is that is That is a mistake, so you know up Tom Hanks, very beloved. Everyone loves Tom Hanks slight. You know favorite of generations of both sexes are both parties but everything he recently wrote a piece for the meeting times saying that there should be more teaching about
it also race massacre, which is ready. A lot of recent publicity from the front The HBO shall watchman and various other things in Spain has been written about and recognise, luck now what for what reason Tom Hanks an actor thinks he needed to take to the times to write this I dont know I can speculate it's because he wants to be light by by everyone, and therein lies his mistake because he was then called out. by someone from NPR Eric Dragons Eric Technology and pure yeah, saying Tom Hanks is a non racist. It's time for him to be anti racist. That was the the headline of of this he said I and pr- and the idea is well- it's nice to Tom Hanks
nice is that there has been racism and that there should be more awareness about things like details massacre, but the next step, if he is to be anti racist, is to talk about how he has been complicit in in racism and what he's personally and have the projects that he's gotten rich off have been complicit risen and what he is to do next about it mark my words. If he hears about this peace, he will acknowledge it and you and he will then he will big, become anti racist. According to this week's description of it, can I tell you an interesting data is a fantastic an hour, a fantastic analysis. I think the kind of new this.
coming as I read this interview last week, reading everything about in the heights because, as I said, my friend produced it and there's a whole weird detail in it that the actress who plays the daughter of the Puerto Rican, livery cab company in the show her parents are both alive and it's about her parents who don't like that, got the guy, the Blue, the african American of works for him. They like it, but they don't want him. to date or die and ass. She and the mother was eliminated from the movie to simplify the plot and of the writer. The screenwriter CARE Algeria, who they said you know she hated that because she's very matriarchal and she likes women in powerful positions, but she understood need to be simplified and then
They cast a young actress, name, Leslie, grace to play to play this character and she is herself half black. So The idea was, I had already rather views about how I see the character of the mother. Who is not in the show, isn't in the movie any more who is dead She was afro latina, so Leslie Grace about whom nothing is made is Afro, is Zephyr Latino or supposed to be after what you know, and so they really did reflect that in the show. This is like days before that happened, which means somebody note was coming somebody new and you know what might have been that when they were filming, somebody had a meeting with the afro latino Actors- equity affinity, group, saying where's, our
part, why are we what where's are afro latino representation and then they said was the Other the dead mother, it's the dead mother she's, not in the show any war, but you that's like ok! Well, you know what you are toast body because weird and we're not going for a dead, not non existent character for our representation, but you know what else is really interesting. Others for people who live by the lights of identity, politics and worth obsessed with breaking things down into ray till apportionment. It's really interesting to see that even for them or not, even that for them saying people of color only go so far, saying black and brown people as one group only go so far, saying
spangling go so far. They there there's there's room too for further in fighting and and demanding you know, more representation in one microwave and to that end, pointing in fighting point enjoying a native just already answered this question. Whether one ask you guys, if there's something to the venue in which these comments were made, because this is the second time that the Colbert show has exploded, because somebody, mergers went into this liberal bubble and cool. There has clearly been entirely transformed that programme from what they ve Letterman made it into a comedy show into in ever to reinforce whenever the liberal narrative of the day is is it possible that, because these comments were made in a way that offended the audience, they woke liberal audience that comes to this sort of thing to have their priors free of risk restated to them.
Just as John Stewart did, when he advanced the lovely theory the other day, is it the venue that it has much the problem as the comments themselves well enough compare weirdly has now become if he continues to do this, which I sort of hope he does. I love watching the big deliberate bodies is heads explode every time, one of their hero said something that they find not woken up. I mean he's. become a confessor right admitted there really was shock when John Stewart went on about the lovely hypothesis I am probably a little less shock when reminded defended her friend, but still the idea I mean he actually should care about that nature. We haven't done it already, because that that there is no doing that Trevor know as a propaganda is my meaning go watch bill, Mayer on Myra HBO and that's interesting to see how much more eclectic but the venue, I think, that's a really important point nor because people watched their share it's just like they watch Saranac life now to see
approval of the people they know to be wrong and they knew to be racist and backward and horrible and they enjoy sitting there in laughing at those people. They really don't like to be very introspective themselves and be forced into introspection in those areas where it. So I wanted just pull back all about I said this, I'm a bad that whole peroration about Le Manual Miranda and Hamilton Hamilton being this wildly optimistic sort of view of the American experiment as b, belonging to every one- and this is how you make it belongs to everyone by saying that Alexander Hamilton Course came from nervous, you know is an immigrant and he's the emigrants and everyone in the show isn't as in America, could be. Anybody could be, anybody could be any this could be an agreed, and this is true. If you do a search, biographical pageant of the founding fathers
there is absolutely no reason why they all have to be played by white people if you're making a patch. In fact, we know from high school productions of everything that you know that this is not the way it is supposed to go. This is not just the theme of Hamilton, it is in part the theme of in the heights, though much more directly about the world of latino Hispanic, America, as seen in this neighborhood, remember. I said that once the leak characters navvies dominican, the this at the The woman who was everybody's, a grandmother umbrella is cuban and the cat. The cab company owner is put right. And the hair salon owner is were not quite sure what she is and there are tensions between them. they are basically all friends and this is about.
They were Tino melting pot. There is a song the highlights, the movie, which is called carnival DE barrio in the middle of a black out. And everybody is on stage like so hot and then the head that the personal runs abuse one says since Why are you a lying around? You know since when, since when are r latin people, afraid of heat, let's have fun and sing together and we'll have a carnival in the barrel and the barrio and her assistant says things. She says the resistance sing, something that our citizens as I do. I don't know what to sing and she says just improvise, and so she sings by almost dominican Cuban. My dad is from Chile and pr which beans, I'm sure I dont mean a cure, weaken,
but I always SAM from Queens and everybody cheers and then, as the dance number goes on, different people free different nationalities, though there all Americans start singing about how their from Mexico therefrom. They're from Guatemala therefrom Puerto Rico. They each hold up a flag, but basically the ideas that they are all american. They are all american, and the end of the show is about how this character, who snobby? Whose dream is to go back to the Dominican Republic, where he was a kid and open up open a bar on a beach, realises that he lives on an island he wants No, actually, I would be lives on an island Ireland is Manhattan and the people he love People who loves are in Manhattan and the new
were heard that he loves is, is in the United States, It's an. He is an American and he's gonna stay in Washington Heights and in America, because it is just as much as it is it as it is anybody else's. This is the classic melted. This is the drama of in the heights and it is betrayed at every turn by exactly the kind of culture that he with his apology and his saying these learning and all of that his play is almost explicitly ideologically opposed to win. is this is the modern melting pot within the latino hispanic community that is what the power of the heights is about. It is about how These are all Americans and they have a dream, and you know what that dream is it's the american dream it is
its wedding, a lottery ticket and all you get from that lottery ticket is ninety six thousand dollars, not getting six hundred billion dollars. What can you do that you can pay off their debts? You can pay for college, which is one of the dramatic points in the show you can Can Europe's you can not after move your beauty salon, so the Bronx? can stay where you are, as the rent is going up whatever it is, it's a dream ever one has a dream and ultimately that dream is the american dream, and that is what is being denied everyone by this bite by this shattering of the american political experiment that is represented by this kind of thinking that the great prairies, heart of identity, politics. Isn't it instead of allowing people to craft their own identities in a free society where they there are able to do that and and to raise children too create even new identities, after them, identity, politics and critically world politics
I'm telling you what your identity is and on how that identity comes with directives about how you should behave, the kind of art you can produce the kind of novels you can write. It is such a step back, words in terms of just race relations and how even talk about raised, obviously, but it's that suffocation of creativity in that suffocation of of individuals power to define his or her own path in his or her own identity. That's weirdly contradictory If you look at a lot of the wasted the walk left ones about, say, sexuality or gender is just a crushing of that in its horrifying, really wins it. Something that's really worth fighting every there's a new battle in this war. So guys I gotta talk to you again about the Ex chair. You ve heard me talk about at the luxury super carve of of of office, chairs
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A com, so we gotta go, but you never want to em down an ad, so I'm gonna die of Poland, audible and ask if anybody is reading. Anything that you want to recommend to anybody aside, from the July Shoe commentary which you can get a counter magazine that come where we give. You feel free raids and ask if subscribe They re reading any good there is that you're, not everything something that is now gets. I can't recommended yes, accounting you can't? What does it give? It me out, I also voted to reorder it The camp reorder, but I dont know if it's available for pre order, yet I'm getting Butscha Unger under surgeons forthcoming vote, on the news, media, ok onwards. drunk when latin. When it comes out, you should pre order. It. Ok, Party Congress, argon red Pelt, one of the red build people of the Euro.
Worse with somebody that I made vicious fun of on on twitter during the days are those on twitter for years as the Woke opinion editor of the forward, Pre woke, and then something happened, She's still provoke she's she's, too was woke, I'm saying she was work, then I'll get. She will install something happened. I think it was served. It was. It was the explosion of Anti Semitism and their refusal of her colleagues on the left to recognise Anti Semitism from the left that just kind of like she, just it's a fascinating transformation bought younger sorghum, has made use of a good twitter follow, and I apologise to her now for having done so. into her before, although maybe I spur utter, maybe maybe maybe my cruelty had a purpose,
of life and one. Although the use of professor ordinance abusive teachers at an English boarding school, maybe she learned her less all want, but I doubt it. I think I made it worse, not better, and I apologise to her I should say in their cryptic about which is probably not good. For her said, the book is called bad news. I don't know the downturn idea, it's ok, but that's what it's called off about. You call bad news when it comes Jack donations from say on that point, I welcome all converts to anti wildness. I think It is I've. I've even shocked myself with my openness on this point, because a lot of people that I formerly really dislike, but events, if they are anti work, they have done their work We welcome the welcome in my world, my home, where What do you know where they are?
and in our endeavour come around the glimmering or in part in part, because so hurting makes a tardy in part, because it makes us different from from from bewilders right. Is they dont, forgive her fair enough? Yes, but like military. the effort, but the Glen Greenwell does. That is a bridge too far from the also play, but almost everybody else, including George Packer, whom I whom I haven't done. My haven't thought that highly of and who has been asked to me in the past has been writing impressively until These are some of these matters up so anyway. Good point something to look out for whenever comes out toward the year, but younger sovereigns, but bad news, and with that we will back to you tomorrow, for no aid and Christine John hordes keep the cab.
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