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Wow. The Elections. Wow.

2021-11-03 | 🔗
The startling results in Virginia and New Jersey—not to mention on Long Island and in Buffalo and Minneapolis—mean that we're living in a different country politically today from the one we were living in yesterday. We have many explanations for why. Give a listen.
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Some regions Welcome to the Commentary Magazine Daily podcast today is Wednesday November third, twenty twenty one. I am jump out towards the editor of commentary with me, as always active editor, a green waldheim hygiene, Signorina, Christine rose and high Christine IDA and Associate it s no Russia, China, Hydra wow wow. This is a well moment. This is a moment at which the ship of state, an american policy
Ex, as happens very rarely. This is eight we're we're in a different era, political era today than we were yesterday, that just the the size of the Republican, the shift away from Democrats to Republicans in states as various as Virginia New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania couple other put it very striking astoundingly striking, and I think win or lose oddly enough, New Jersey result is, by far the most striking. generally. The Republican is probably not going to end up as governor any, but anyway, you slice this
The incumbent Governor Phil Murphy, one four years ago by a margin of sixteen points and Biden. Joe Biden, one the state by sixteen points, and this is a jump all elections. That is a sixteen point shift not only from the Biden election but from Murphy's first election. Sixteen points go down to Virginia. We have a shift towards the Republicans of twelve and a half points I think once ones while the counting has done Glenn Young, can will win by like two and a half Biden, one the state by ten Ralph North them when the sun in twenty seventeen by nine. It is staggering. You don't see this
It's one thing to win closely elections in which in which their partisan lean of the state as you now, four points five points one way or the other and there's a shift. This is something else. Noah it wasn't about money. As for rolling in cash in them, Republicans were largely unspent. It wasn't about candid equality. Many these guys are incumbents well known, backed by enthusiastic democratic support. It wasn't about Trump. His presence or absence in the national debate was irrelevant. It was about the national environment, it was a referendum on the first ten months of democratic governments, and it was a resounding no virginias governor. We talked about New Jersey, races in the assembly. There are some very close races. The Senate president, Steve Sweeney, is hanging by it.
thread against his opponent, who spent a grand total of one hundred and fifty three dollars on the campaign. This still hasn't traditional ways. We me Steve Sweeney is the most powerful person in New Jersey politics by on Friday. I buy leagues by leagues, more powerful than the governor political constitution of the state for him to even even to win by hair against somebody who was just sitting there is a place hold her on. The ballot astonishing It is not only and not a uniform swing. I'm so briefly was sixteen point. Swing statewide by places like per se, accounting swung by over twenty points and possess county doesn't go Republican very often extremely rare in pencil, judicial, raises all Republican in New York City City Council Republicans picked up seats. The Buffalo mayors race is bizarre. People turned out in droves just not to vote for it
but she list the there were a couple of referendums in New York and in a soda one of them must have re. Imagine police, which went down in flames in long island. There was a wipe out. It was across the board, a republican series of republican victories or moral victory. Is I mean, even if a new Jersey ends up not going Republican against a guy with no name recognition who now but even knew. I couldn't go pronounces name I live here. I don't know the guy. It was a resounding vote of no confidence in democratic governments. You can't read these results, any we honestly to two little data points to went to add to what you are saying is that both Edward you're, the person who might unseat the New Jersey State Senate Guy is a truck driver who didn't campaign at all. He just has an hour after his name and similarly in Buffalo, where the right in candidate is the one who was getting the votes that these candidates weren't even actively pursuing office. They are just simply an alternative to
the crazy in the minds of a lot of voters in those areas, Republicans one by default. Ok, let's talk for two seconds about the twin cities and the region, some of the idea of re, imagining the police department, defending the closing the Minneapolis Police Department. Here's! What struck me about this, which lost fifty eight forty to forty two still seems to me to be a lot, but the idea was, you would viewed, ended. You'd start this new thing right. Here's ears What strikes me is this also connects to the India wanton the loss of the democratic candidate on the democratic line in Buffalo to the right in candidate. Who is the sitting mayor who wasn't you couldn't vote for?
come on the ballot you had to write in his name and he won in a landslide, because in the water and the democratic socialist candidate is a crazy person. Here's! What strikes me about what happened in the twin cities? What they wanted to do was reconstitute the police department as something They called either the Department of Safety right, but like science and public safety, lichens, acknowledge committees of wet know it or the Committee of the Department of Public safety. I the Jacobin means Reign of terror. In seventeen. Ninety two, seventeen. Ninety three has led by robes Pierre. The Jacobin regime was called the committee on public safety, this
is a coincidence, because even psychotic socialist goons in the twin cities wouldn't make this mistake consciously. I dont think, but the simple fact that that many opponents rejected the Jacobin. Proposal to close the police department so that their mobs could run wild and hang people in the streets connecting with what happened in Buffalo. We have the the rejection of the democratic Party- and we also have the rejection in of left wing, consciously left wing nostrums and fashionable efforts in
and Buffalo and in Minneapolis Dorian reaction, well that that in Minneapolis in particular, the only thing you need to know about that vote on defending the police is that between two thousand nineteen into doesn't twenty the twin cities, homicide. increased by seventy one percent, and that is what voters went to the polls and decided on public safety to them means not getting murdered, and the the Turning to murder is an act of police force that that is getting violent criminals off the streets and ghetto successfully investigating homicides a do occur. The public safety committee was talking about social. Errors and hogs and the kind of stuff that sounds really great on paper, but people living in a city We're murder rate has skyrocketed just doesn't that doesnt work, so I just want to paraphrase myself briefly and when I wrote down last year. Yes, this is a revolution. I said. If the revolution is gonna be put down, it's not gonna happen in the streets. It will happen
when Americans, who were sympathetic to the revolution, though not at its core- realised that they that life is too good here too terrified to tear it all down, we all in its happening. I think we should take a little victory lap. No one else is going to do it for us, but we were right that the simplest explanation was the correct explanation that what you expect to happen actually happened that the country is spinning out of control and centrifugal forces sending this country into oblivion. That. the reaction that you expected from voters to materialise, we expected to materialise materialised. What are their reaction has also started to materialise on among the early on the left, which is that you know what training, Twitter is as John a Texas right before we started is the phrase wait, supremacy- and you saw this pop out everywhere. Particular in discussions of when it became clear that Duncan was gonna win in Virginia. It was
by the way he also the lieutenant governor is an african american woman and the attorney General one in Virginia S. Hispanic so but either way. Yes, if you want to look at white supremacy as a factor in the Virginia results this year here is how you would do that Glenn Yunkers got one point: six, seven million votes, as of as as as of this telling Winsome seriously lieutenant governor got one point six. Seven too. whereas young can got one point. Six, seven seven and the attorney General Jason virus got one point six six, so in terms of white supremacy you can say, then a grand total of ten thousand people at most would not vote for,
Jason Virus and four thousand wooden vote for Winsome Sears in a state in which it appears three point. Three million people voted. So I think you can say that that is that, as you know, that's where you can say, look I'll vote for younger, but I'm not voting for that black woman, four thousand p, or may have said that in a state of one point, six billion a state in which three point two million people voted. That's your factoid to do abuse people of this notion, workforce Christine you have a ready explanation for why that I think sensible rejoinder will not be accepted by No, I mean it similar to what we saw when when Hispanics were voting for Trump and twenty twenty beat the explanation of the leave is very clear. It we'll haven't you seen them.
jangle black people can can adopt whiteness, they can internalize whiteness, they can participate in whiteness. So we know that it happens that this is yet another example, so their basically already calling the lieutenant governor of Virginia someone who has you know adopted whiteness for to pursue professional success only because there's an hour after her name, there was a d after her name. This an entirely different story- and I think that's actually part of this broader elections during this has been. The message has been hammered home, particularly by the mainstream. Media, but by a lot of our technocratic Ali? This idea this is a horribly racist backward country and nobody can get ahead and we need to see everything through the Prism of Race when you see the victories of of people like that, if they can comprehend it, so they have to go to their priors, which is to say what still white supremacy, but the average person looks at distances.
Is it really a mandate? I think they can be reason it out more like you do John, and they will really how many people wouldn't have voted for this. This woman, because you haven't Dubai, what's answers that I mean when, when real issues are being raised- and the answer is shut up even raising that these concerns brand do as a racist. You can twist certain types of people into not with that tactic, but you can't do it with every You can't say someone who says I don't know. Look. I don't want my kids being taught that you know all black people are victims and that way people are oppressors. I really I don't like that that first, doesn't it doesnt strike, then it conforms with the truth and, second of all its, not the lesson that I want them to learn about how that the country that they live in
people say that evil and we are going to teach them this, whether you get her nod and then they go you're not now, I'm sorry like no aid. That is not right and as I say you can intimidate people at the workplace because they get a paycheck from you. If you have a diversity committee that Let me now come down on their heads and you can intimidate people in social conversations because they you now because they don't necessarily have the eloquent ability to argue the point that is so self evident to them, but
Kid intimidate them in the privacy of the ballot box. You cannot intimidate them in the privacy of the ballot box and when they see other people going to school board meetings and rallying in different ways, and all of that who are doing things that they they themselves.
Don't feel comfortable, doing or wouldn't do they're, not activists or something like that and then see them being dragged out by cops or being called domestic terrorists or whatever they can express their support in the most powerful possible way, which isn't necessarily to be an activist on the line, but to go into the voting booth and basically say I am voting against these guys. I am not voting for younger than I am voting against these guys and I think when you look at this uniform shift to the right in Virginia among every group, every ethnic group, every age group, every Socio economic group, what you are seeing a uniform shift of this sort is a region
some of the status quo period. End of discussion in the status quo is Ralph North on the governor, the Fairfax Loudon County public school system, shutting down and shutting down parents and Joe Biden and the Democrats who control the presidency in both houses of Congress. Now that's where we start moving into the question of how is New Jersey, different here's, where I'm gonna deposit this theory and ask who has to respond to it. This is the first and not the last of the covert elections by which. When you look at the Virginia exit polls, there are no New Jersey exit polls, but you look it. They say that covered was the third issue below education and the economy, but it's not because the education and the economy are cold,
issues, the condition of the economy, the optimism, the american people, that the economy is an issue that relates directly to what happened over the last two years and what it appears may happen going forward, and it is clear that the even by partisan covered relief efforts made in Washington, have not say that the american people sense that something was done to them by covered that politicians need to pay for. Maybe it's not fair. Who knows. Education is obviously a covert issue. Because the schools were closed, free of the schools have been closed for a year Duncan would not be governor. People are talking about. It is very convenient today. This is all that critical race theory. It's not about critical race theory. It is about the closure of school,
In Virginia, which had draconian measures and now that's what we got a new job we don't have an issue set. New Jersey were not really going to know what happened: New Jersey, New Jersey, Governor Murphy's, stewardship of the corona virus, people, liberals, the liberal bubble in in the Tri state area claim that Murphy was popular because of what happened with cold it and he just lost sixteen points off his about total. He is not popular because of covered. He is unpopular because of coded yeah. Do you can't go to the polls? The poles? Don't tell you anything because, also suggested that none of this would happen only with landlocked and also the role of an ye are also the pole, showing that Murphy was popular because of covert are old. Now now we're talking about mammoth university pulls known us. Our Murphy,
on every issue set. Remember how much this drove me insane. Yes, the issue set was Murphy's. The race was Murphy's by ten point margin and Monmouth is a really great Paul and all they was. It was just confirming that everybody else knew. However, Joe Biden was running ten points behind it and that made no sense. The sky didn't have a prop up a personality and a platform that would make him do that would allow him to run that far ahead of the National Party had to be tethered to the National Party summer, and he was turns out. He was, he couldn't run ahead of national parties and the issue set is Democrats? Don't care about? What's happening to your wallets democrats are making it worse and yes, covert is a part of that education is a part of it, but it's all bundled into this idea. The Democrats are hopelessly
the touch only talking to their base and just focused on these progressive priorities that no one else cares about, but that we have to go back to covert. Yes, yes, signal monopolies. In fact of the last two years of the colored pandemic, there is in rejection so rejection of the democratic? I remember Donald Trump was president during the first eight first ten months of the pandemic, they could still blame Donald Trump for the pandemic. That is not what happened here? What they do not blame you for are the shifting goalposts read about this yesterday? Yes, there was a giant covert milestone vaccination miles. what happened this week that literally no one cares about. Seventy percent of the public adults over eighteen are now partially vaccinated or eighty percent are partially vaccinated. Seventy percent are fully vaccinated. That was supposed to mean something a couple of months ago. It was supposed to be the point, which we had an off rap. Now. No one talks about offerings. We ve just the other than we do now, is well yeah. They better
but that cannot be said that the question is: are people going to look at this? Liberals are gonna, say, white, supremacy and conservatives are gonna, say bunch of? things- and I am telling you right now- that if Joe Biden isn't an idiot- and he is an idiot RON claim is an area and I now believe run claim to be an idiot, and we can talk about some more about one claim in the insane politics at the last month that bid fair to if you, if you pull back, they represent a kind of political chaos that we thought was endemic and exclusive to the Trump presidency. Chaos policy, things going out. You know confusion on Capitol Hill, about what the President wants or doesn't want all this. It is exactly the same story as two thousand and seventeen and two thousand and eighteen up with Trump, exactly story and the same kind of result in the sense that voters and
people go I'd. This is making me uncomfortable like what the hell is going on there like what the hell are you doing right? Ok, if they are not idiots, am I think, they're idiots. They are going to say we have to make the american people feel better about the present and the future, or we are dead in the water, and the only way to do that is to create the offer him from the from the vote for us, and that means shouting voucher, yup, it means firing were shall will and ski it means saying I am the president. We hit that seventy percent goal. We are fifty percent down in in cases from the delta variant. We are we setting the rules by which the CDC and and and the public health- Nationals are contained air, continuing control american lives, but let me ask you: are they going to do that?
no no I'm telling you what they're going to continue to do is design their verse. I hall of mirrors with all their progressive stuff in your Twinkle Amir here at a mere their. Meanwhile, all the peasants are It often wondering rye bread cost. So much and they are good, I'm telling you they might, they might come some deal with. You know best versus B, B B, whatever doesn't matter they are not going to take the offering for covert. They can't do it. They psychologically can't Let me tell you what the easiest thing to do would be to kill me being they can do that when there's my love, the cat and the psychological orientation that has created permanent covert. Ok, let's go back to the permanent cobra think just everything is called it. The supply chain crisis is co, but it was introduced by co, but it was called as by covered it, has long tail effects that mean that talking about covert without talking about the negativity in the american economy about the right track and whether were on the right track, isn't about cove it. This is all about
I would is arguably a bigger and more earthshaking shaking moment for this country. the nine eleven or the financial meltdown Once again, as was true of the financial meltdown, the political class seems absolutely blind absolutely blind to the consequences of not engaging with the caught up with the results of the of covered, the way they were blind to dealing with the result of the financial meltdown or dealing with it. By saying, oh, look: here's a lot of money from Washington here. Let we're gonna, throw you a trillion dollars in relief, its recovery summer or they're gonna, say here: here's money for from unemployment and Oh you don't have to pay a rent and all that, like that's, actually going to solve the day to day lifestyle issues that are raised by the content. We domination of art,
let me and our life in part by by the response to coat, and it is they don't shift gears, but that's varied, socially undesirable. To say it's hard to make. That case since the pandemic, because it's a help public health emergencies- I just made it and You'Ll- be emotionally blackmailed. Given my motion, we lack mail. You met right now. If Biden came out and said you know yea, where were we beat covert or something like that? What are Democrats gonna go and attack him? I mean, I don't know you know there there's legs. Some abandonment of the ethical go out an attack him or Guenaud Leanna. When of the Washington Post, will attack em they're scared out of their wits. Now they are terrified and they may think that the answer is to talk about. White supremacy, but any sane and rational person is gonna say, let's just hand more races to the Republicans over the next twelve months, but by tumbling down on this message
there are public health bureaucracy. He has put into place within H, H S within CDC people who are absolutely committed to keeping this going for a very long time, so it sought he does. It actually need other Democrats to criticise him trying to stop. at slow moving leviathan is gonna, be the challenge. They are there and not looking at this in the same way that the public is or even the politicians are. You remember how this unfolded when the CDC too said no more masks, the public health apparatus went rogue. They went on
television and they attacked the CDC bet members that they ministration world all over the tv all over. But a cable news saying this is irresponsible. This is reckless. We need to go backwards and they from without that public pressure ended up, forcing the CDC took to back off its pre reasonable recommendations at the time. So I know you have to conclude that the public health apparatus isn't responsive to the executive branch anymore. There there their own up there are their own institutions, now evaluate this, but it but even the executive branch. I don't think there are ever going to get the message that this was related to covet Otto. I don't, I think, as far as they are concerned code.
There's just look what we are doing, what we can on culvert, gay and enough, and if you have a problem that will you're just fringing crazy this this there they they're going to take this more as a rejection of sort of the progressive social agenda and there there still won't be responsive because they can't possibly conceive of stopping telling Americans what to care about Look in twenty twelve, when Obama ran and twenty twelve imagine that it was not Mitt Romney who was the who is the presidential candidate, granted that the other candidates were not serve conceivable candidates in the end after after you know how a year running right, but Romney couldn't make the actual meltdown and the Obama administration response to the meltdown or the Obama administration responds to health care in Obamacare because of his own personal history.
it is a support, as a creator. Romney care number one in number: two, as a Wall Street buccaneer tat, you know when closing fat whatever you know a bay buying companies and shutting them down and doing all that stuff. He didn't have a good economic message. She didn't have a comfortable message: the Republican Party, poised to make corona and their response to the grown a virus, a key element of its messaging over the next two years. Rhonda Santas does not look at the tax on him and say I should stop doing this. That is not what's going on, despite what you may think, if you re Twitter Rhonda Centres
is doubling down on the idea that local officials do not have the right to wait, raise the whip hand to citizens and ordinary people when it comes to their personal behaviour in the midst of the pandemic. That is his game. That is his line. That is where he is. He is the governor of the fourth largest state in the country or the third largest statement country Actually, I believe, and an unpopular from what one can tell and we're gonna have a referendum on his conduct in office next year. That race will be about Corona, Val Deming will run against him on corona and then we'll see we'll see will see what happens. You know and
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Glenn yanking by two points is that it was it it will. It wasn't racist last year, but its racist this year. or are we not enjoy you I'm enjoying it a corner? An animal is scary, thing and Democrats are going to behave irrationally after this, because they don't understand what happened, and I don't want to understand what happened so they can act out. But how could you not? How could you not enjoy a seismic organic, rejection of what we witnessed over the last ten months well, and I think they will also it's interesting to me: to see how the knee jerk reaction last night among those sort of mainstream media, was to focus on the critical race theory aspect when in fact that was just one of several powerful issues: driving parents and other voters the Poles, because it was the school shutdowns. It was the power of the teachers unions. It was an end added to that, the curricula stuff which, for a very long time the
Rollo led, including the media, including well until late last night and on NBC. Another networks were saying critical race theory which doesn't exist or which isn't being taught of course, that lie now has is, is fully exposed to I'm happy that that lies exposed. The media now has to actually look at what is ended. These curricular changes that anger parents and be honest about it. Will they probably not all of them, but it has shifted that conversation, which is a good thing, is that the conversation regular, Americans have been having for a couple years now: ok, let's talk about Regular Americans and schooling, because there, the Emma taking crazy pills thing hit middle yesterday. Listening to this converse about how there is no critical race theory isn't being taught and what's wrong with teaching kids that rates of America's racial history, every single one of
those people saying this has been educated in the United States over the last fifty years. Every one of us, I'm sixty years old, every one of us learned that Thomas Jefferson had slain that there was this massive conundrum in the constitution that that promised, that said that everyone was free, but that other people were were three fifths of other people and that that and that the country had to stay in this original stain that had to be extirpated by the civil war. I learned that nineteen seventies, nobody learnt at nineteen seventies people, I've been reading novels by african them. authors in some sense you know disproportionate numbers in schools for the last forty years. Everyone has been through this. Do these people act We think that the american people are going to buy this nonsense and crap about how only now our kids learning about the evil of re,
of racism and America's races passed by the Hague. Am I taking crazy Oh no, the bay! That's! What last night exposes the beaten switch. That's been played. that issue for far too long, because any time someone says seeing teaching kids in a superstructure to see everything through the prism of race? That's what parents rejected when you say we don't like this, and they went to school board means. Is that we don't like this, that your teaching kids to see this everything through the Prism of race and your downplaying excellence, a meritocracy? The response was, you dont want us to teach your kids about
every or you don't even know what you're talking about you don't know a critical raise serious both of those responses led to the absolute shall lacking that they perceived in the polls last night. I think what connects the the extent to which this was a covert election and and the extent to which it was a rejection of the progressive agenda. Is this response from Democrats on both issues, which is What you are complaining about isn't happening that not only are we not gonna run a winner and negotiate about it- and you know- maybe you know, give a little here and be responsive and in some ways it's not even happening ads and people. Obvious Americans cannot tolerate that yeah, it's not just the gas lighting, but when they actually do
to explain themselves. They do so extremely complicated, theoretical ways that you have to have a phd to decipher. The easy situation is Republicans, Republicans are in a very enviable position of having only to explain our position and a single sentence. Yes, obviously, racism was bad. We know that we don't want you dare revision.
social compact, we don't want brainwashing and schools, easy and gadgets and he's gonna want millions and trillions of dollars get the currency inflates easy. Yes, this truncated itemised existence because of covert is sub optimal and not justified by the health statistics. Easy you don't have to explain more than that runs rate. Intuitively understood I got two other things were a number one Virginia is a state that has a hundred and twenty seven thousand active duty members of the military living in it is next to California, which is three times the size of Virginia it is. The second is the same with the second largest military population. You think maybe Afghanistan played a role in the results. You think maybe the southern parlous state, where you saw this overwhelmingly law
Your turn out among Republicans or Republican, there is. Then you saw for Trump in twenty twenty in these counties that went for trump by large numbers. You think, to some extent that wasn't driven by active duty, members of the military and their families. I dont know we'll, have to see if somebody does a study of this, but that's one direct Afghanistan problem. The other problem, of course, is that, as our has pointed out repeatedly. It is the moment that Afghanistan too,
to ash that binds poles take their vertiginous dived down from which they have not recovered a ten point drop right on a fifty point base. That means twenty lost twenty percent of his support because of Afghanistan, and it hasn't come back and again. This is a sort of watching issue and it I dont think that it necessarily will carry on into the future unless the horrible stuff that that also that Noah has been. You know, prophesying about whether or not we may end up having to re, engage there because of terrorist actions taken against us in the next year too. But it goes to the whole question of Biden foreign policy recklessness and whether or not people are gonna say why is he talking about? You know, I don't know Ed cars,
clean energy initiatives when we're paying four dollars a five dollars, a tank of gas and- and we aren't a declining position in the Middle EAST to how ganging up easy, tough, don't like to lose a war to like to be humiliated, of moroccan surrender to the Taliban. It's not hard to understand, and this then ties the other aspect of critical race theory. The sixteen nineteen project and everything that, instead of ultra terms again, might connect Virginia to New Jersey and other places. Americans don't hate this country, these people hate country they say was born in sin. They say it is a door of evil. They say that our wars, that our engagement in the world over the last twenty years were net evil. They trash the United States, and they are getting their hats handed to them in New York state in in it in New Jersey in Virginia
which are the only real sort of vivid examples that we have. Let me give you a piece of advice: don't crap don't shit all over the United States of America. If you want to win elections in the United States of America, Americans love America, but there's can. I also add to that and other little data point which I think again what we talked about a lot and was on our radar screen is conservatives, but I think too, to the liberal. Mainstream establishment was just. It will, of course, will do this is done the thing to do the renaming of schools by School board when they couldn't figure out, reopening so during the pandemic, not only were parrots listening to the lessons from teachers telling their white children that they were all oppressors and complicity whiteness. But at the same time, The parents are going when you gonna be up in the schools. What's the plan with the plan and the response was were very interested in stopping the naming of the school being Thomas Jefferson and changing it to something more politically correct that enraged p
because, like wait, you couldn't be and talk for endless hours about that, but you can't figure out how to get my kid back in the classroom. It frustrated people, it happened all over. The country have an insane Francisco. It happened in Virginia, it happened all around the country over the last year and this this them a blow me. Let me ask you this because, as the as the yes, this is a revolution one thing that has been missing from the appear covered period and the analysis of the covered period is the extent to which it has been a joy and a pleasure for people for a lot of people who have been taking Lou Britches pleasure in the political shifts that have gone on. while pretending to be so concerned and worried and terrified, nor that teachers got a year long vacation from having to commute, and you know I didn't sent work and didn't didn't. Can
Zoom classes and sat at home in a bond bonds and liberals got two got two basic We create an entire universe in which they got to fulfil their fantasy dreams. You know it's like It's like it in some weird right wing universal would be like replacing them with the you know the STAR Spangled banner. With a Lee Greenwood Song or you know, or let's go Brandon, and that this is some version of of that for them, and they they walk around pretending to be so terrified and worried and their worried about their health and their worried about and all of this and that's bullshit. They buy having the best time they ve been running the table with very issues without any public without any public involvement, which is why permanent covered with their, though in, although though you'll have to tear it from their cold dead hands.
Means you know four for as long as we are on some very of an emergency footing. You can create a new reality and, and they of the new reality and, I think, be every hour average everyday Americans we're ok with the old reality, but this is what tearing from your cold their hands looks like right. This I'll get you ve been saying would have to happen dead, VM the cause they did. You know I did the fact that white supremacy is now trendy on Twitter. This is a death rattle for the cohesion ahead, but it's out it's gonna be a long, slow, ugly, death rattle granite. I know what you're about the transition to the can. We talk about the fate of the bill back
better legislation, yet we showed that emulate. We must do that, but let let me let me short. Let me talk to you guys about Expressway p M, because look expressly paean is one of the ways in which you can protect yourself from hackers from from being spied on. From being, you know, having you're having your personal information used against you, soul and you know tat. to data minors everywhere. Every time you connect to an unencrypted network in cafes, tells airports. Your online data is not secured any hacker on the same network and gain access to and steal your personal data, and, what's more, if you, if you go online
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since phones, laptops tablets and more secure, your online data today visit expressway paean, that comes less commentary. That's Ex Pierre S, VP and Dotcom slash commentary and get an extra three months. Three express european dot com, Slash commentary bill back better, which is the big social infrastructure, the big social spending bill and the hard infrastructure bill. Oh boy, well well through two scenarios or quickly, I'm interlocutors really quickly one. You look at this. If your Biden than the Democrats and say we gotta go we're gonna just put something down and get a task, so we can say we did something good and move on from this, because obviously this is a disaster or you say we need to do this because we're Whitworth, where we're dead, we're dead in the water and we have to pass whenever we can pass before, were killed outright
in the next year or you're like we need a longer term strategy here. So we got a drop the big bill and pass the small bill and force the progressive to the table, and say your dad and word datum. Everything is toast. Do this, so we can build on that. We can say we pass this bill. This bipartisan bill were now. We ve got, we gotcha, act. We are. We were learning our lesson. We're not gonna wait till twenty twenty two learn our lessons learned our lesson now and see if we can shift gears and run more responsibly. Ok, now Yet so they ve been retailing, this narrative for awhile and my work themselves up into its another, their deploying it the idea that the only reason why this happens, because they weren't progressive enough they weren't activist enough. They didn't change the social compact fast enough. I don't think that holds and it doesn't have to hold doesn't matter if the narrative holds
the northern pollyanna about this for a long time, and I don't want to be too. You know optimistic, but I don't see how this other social legislation goes forward at all donations. Looking what happened crosses the border in saying that I do this Josh customer, who is one of the leading osiers on this thing, represents Northwestern Jersey. I was at seventeen point flip. How does he? How does he do this? How does he say out the acid resigned himself to lose? A lot of members have to resign themselves to losing in favour of a bill that nobody knows what's in it that doesn't exist. That is that the price chief selling point is how much it spends, which voters don't like. How did they do this? How are they it's suicide guidelines. I think the self preservation instinct kicks in here. They also right. Now I don't really like the leader of their party it if you eat there, there's been interesting internal pulling of Democrats, elected Democrats and what they think of Biden and how he's doing- and it's not a very positive response, so you
you haven't leader who was really galvanizing, an unproven himself to have some competence and getting people to the negotiating table, rather than kind of displaying getting people to the negotiating table than undermining what he has just done by saying the opposite, the press, maybe you could break let them, but he doesn't seem to have that skill any longer either
people who are saying we need to do more are also saying why don't voters appreciate what we ve done right? Who passed two trillion doll in this Congress and leg half a year ago, they passed two trillion dollar relief package, that road everybody checks, and the saying why dont people appreciate what we ve done. These two incompatible narratives are not going to coexist. One has to win out over the other and the realistic logical one presumably will have more staying power. Okay, so Joe Mansion encased in cinema, could today say we are not voting for a social infrastructure. Will the people have spoken? We hear the message of this election, Barack Obama. Twenty ten said that this was a shoe lacking
bill. Clinton said after ninety four that he had learned his lesson. We're gonna do this for the party. We're gonna kill this bill because no one else is going to do it. Monday, Jason Cinema agree it to you now said it. This is wonderful, they're, putting back a medicare. You know about drug pricing, element it back in the bill, so she like that that was good for her and she likes the corporate tax or whatever. But literally today. It's now every man for himself in a weird way. Neither one of them is neither one lives up for election at twenty twenty two, but which is why why this is so funny talking about, like Christine yesterday, sent this thing from Jacobin magazine. You know we give us money, so we primary Kirsten Cinema like this is she's not up till twenty twenty four, you morons, you nose up more Kelly, her colleague
her democratic colleagues, Senator from Arizona and if our donor Republicans, and this is a big Africa's. Their crazy and thereby their bear their psychotic if they should nominates but more like a young. Can then a trump Kelly is a dead man. Now, if they dominate, you know a lunatic who says that says that there's a bio luminescence drug inside the vaccine, that that say, let's you be visible to Satan, then in our then than Kelly can win, but they waterman of of the cook political report said last night that these results are all totally and kissed her with a democratic slaughter next year, and I ll give you an example in the Senate: writes a fifty fifty Senate. Are you look at these results?
Christopher Sue, the governor of New Hampshire assessments, are wondering whether or not he should run for Senate against Maggie Hassen he's going to run for Senate against Maggie hasnt, and that seat is flipped. That's it she's gone she's toast she won by half a percentage point last time, she's a dead person, so That's one and then Mark Kelly could go that's too, and God only knows who could go and Republicans connect with fifty five seats in the Senate and the house. I don't even want to think about the house. We don't even know about the house but when you can say as to the twenty five remaining seeds from twenty eight ten, that didn't flip back to the damage to the Republicans and twenty twenty out of the forty that flipped and twenty eight in good bye to almost all of them. So mansion and cinema have some reason to say we
a reset the table really fast or we're to be in a permanent minority here and that's not funny. Even if your mansion and near you know, you're from a Trump state like you, don't wanna, be that Can I also add to the point to the issue of Trump here right, because the Publicans now also need to start thinking about the way forward for their party, because young and just showed them a path a guy who didn't outright he's not had never trumper but really kept his distance from trunk throughout Mccall of made the rays about Trump and lost it. There there is a really important lesson in some ways, more important for Republicans to learn the Democrats from that Virginia election and it I'm not. Hundred percent, confident that they're gonna learn the right lessons that they need candidates like that they need candidates who can carved their own path and talk about what is of concern to their constituents at the local level, state level and that and not about, as you say, John by a luminous, an anticlimax nonsense or to an armed stuff. So I do feel like the report
in party should enjoy its it's. U can cloak for twenty four hours and then you gotta get down to the work of finding those candidates and making sure that parties supporting them. If that's what you want to see, that applies to juncture to rally to entirely he in the primary. The primary was a race between him and to other figures who were going to be extremely trompe and job with the least trompe candidate, who was also very establishment, Darien figure long time politician member, the assembly, nobody knew who we was because Republicans in the state are irrelevant legislatively, but he was nevertheless a very conventional politician. Who was trying to be just a generic republican that you wouldn't feel bad voting for because you wasn't, he didn't having an. I didn't, have a big personality. He wasn't trying to create a movement wasn't trying to reorient american political culture. He was just a default option for you to register your dissatisfaction with Democrats. Ok, can I can I do some liberal tier
drinking and encourage have enjoyment. In this way so here, we have hard evidence, Mccall Ifs soul, campaign issue. Pretty much was young chemistry and as I say, the colony your post day, this was a bank shot. If you actually think about it,. A weird strategy saying that somebody is like somebody else and therefore you should vote against them because he's like somebody else is not a clean shot. It's not like a good billion Hut
where you have the ball. You have the pocket, you have the. We have the queue ball and he hit the ball. It goes into the pocket. It's a bank shot. You gotta, do two different things in order to get it into the pocket and your odds of succeeding at that are very low and Mccall Off has not done so. He took a bank shot. Why? Because what was he gonna run on? What was he going to run on? That's the bite and that's the horror for Democrats with binding in the first major race in a state that Biden one by ten Mccall, if didn't, have anything to run on, I'm gonna read a quote from mom. I think this is the Washington Post, but Dan Siena, a democratic strategy to help the party when the house, twenty eight. In quote the Democrats, need to take a serious look at how we chose to engage with the Trump narrative. This was
election, for the Democrats did not lean into their accomplishments either in Virginia or nationally, and as we look to twenty twenty two we're going to have to ask some hard questions: what accomplishments? What are they? compliments the Terry Mccall if or fill Murphy, who is, actually you know, incumbents, he really should have had accomplishments of his own in his own state. What accomplishments did they have to run on? That's the horror so then Rick Wilson, the Lincoln Project, Wily Coyote, super genius, says Mccall if didn't run again, trump enough and Democrats have to run against Trump, even more in twenty twenty two, so his advice w that taken on. We just saw a test case in what happens,
twenty twenty two as one even in proximity to Trump. It's not going to work now, it'll work exactly it could, with the only places where work would be if Virginia had come out a different way and had had a trumpet nominee. That was it was you could tag as trumps kind of surrogate, but where that's gonna happen or exclusively? european states that the Republicans are gonna win anyway. Right I mean that its. And to reason that you know Alabama incineration bummer whatever that people are gonna Hugh closely Trump, and then you could serve, say well, he's like tromp and then Voters will be like that's fine with me. I liked rum, it's only in its only in places that are like swine. Or might be swinging if Virginia sway. like Colorado, might be a little.
The name of that letter. Again it would you like we're all over thinking. This Donald Trump is on the ballot right. The end. Can you tell beginning middle an end of it rightly said- I said as a Bangalore still feel this kind of anxiety that you're trying to get up and them about this hypothetical threat it. You have to really think yourself into into that idea for it to make any sense well, but in twenty eight well, here's the thing so in twenty two tromp was on the battle, but he was the president. He was the leader of the party, so you could vote against him. So the only way to make this case next year is to say Trump as the leader of the Republican Party and will be the nominee in you know. Aren't you scared, but I do agree with you. This is a dumb strategy, but they don't have much else. God highlights how to think would only economy, lax rules or the policy, the political fry yeah I mean if you like it. If it didn't work now, it's it's gonna. It's gonna, it's gonna, be an even weaker case to make you know in another year
that's it, that's completely preposterous! Well, I mean it's only gonna be weaker. I mean that met. My point is that young can and should a rally kept Trump at an arms length. I just wanna added Christine's point about what Republican should be thinking about now and talking about how about them. Taking from this that all Actions aren't fraudulent, that's a very important point and were Chris Darwin Right wrote a piece for us not only aren't elections fraudulent, but there is a delusion among really cynical republican operatives that high turn out hurts Republicans. It has been an axiom of this conviction really for like many many there. aids that up in fact of voters had their way they would pretty much vote for democratic after suppress their boat and keep turn out well and then engage Republicans and were well to do or hooligans who tend to turn out. Will you now kept can prevail
This was a huge high turnout election, the largest gubernatorial turnout election in Virginia history by bye by Bye, war, large measure, so much so that Macao if in losing, got hundreds of thousands more votes this time than he did winning when he won the governorship and twenty thirteen, so high turnout is not harmful to Republicans and they have to stop believing as Trump believe this so much that he walked around saying Republicans shouldn't vote early, because no one should vote early. Consoling early is gonna, kill me again. You have to wonder what, if Trump, instead of being an inn a lunatic idiot had said Republicans go to the polls and like do good turn out early in at an do this in georgia- and you know it
November and December we wouldn't have been in this insane situation with the Senate having gone fifty fifty democratic, because Trump interfered in the run off to the republican detriment and to the detriment of love the country really. But what is he? ere. You know what he wants to see: people storming the capital and smashing windows and and then saying that their martyrs. What saying. This is bad news and if you come back to me and tell me that he's not I'm gonna tell you again. That is bad news and he's bad news and we We'll have a path but beyond him that has been set by voters into very, very, very different states, and if Republicans and conservatives don't kid and then hear those messages, they will deserve to lose, and twenty twenty four when it does look. It lifts the fear that I think has been hanging over some Republicans that they have to keep bending the need to drop this shows. No, you don't know you don't turn
you know, as you say, turn out benefited Republicans this time. That's good! So, like change your change, how, our ship is deprecates up, you can so say, look I honor, you could even say you know I honour Trump service. You know the years twenty six being to twenty twenty twenty seventeen to twenty twenty were better than the years that followed better than the year to that followed, and- and he deserves some credit for that- and I like to build on some of the successes that we saw from that period, but he is too divisive a figure and I'm not hit weren't? You know you have to say that I'm not him. I have my own way of doing things I like to build consensus. I want to be nice. I, like teachers, I
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dot com or call one aid for four four exchequer for one hundred dollars off your order. Exchequer has authority they guarantee of complete comfort. Then you can finance your purchase for as little as thirty dollars a month Ex chair commentary, dot com, I write so yeah I'd one other thing I wanted to quote, and I have to find it here. If, if I can ok, another quote from you know the analysis of what happened last night in the mainstream media. This is from the New York Times quote. Democratic officials and strategy said that to counteract a well weird to counteract what unfolded in Virginia, strong, anti, democratic and anti by an energy drive.
it concerns the base and suburban independence devout Republican. The party needs to significantly improve its economic pitch, engage with young voters. Voters of colored women under fifty far earlier and more resolutely have this year and renew efforts to recruit a more diverse slate of candidates. Once again, please, by all means follow this strategy. You lunatics here's. What happened? You just lost the white working class. No, it is the largest group of people in the United States, the White Working class and the lower middle, our white working to lower middle classes. That's the largest number of people, you know who aren't large and diverse. People diverse people are are, by definition, if their minorities, their minorities, so by all means double down on the strategy where you are balkan, rising the country making explicit racial appeals,
and not trying to appeal to the greatest number. This is demographic, David Shore, toxicity right. This is what David Short as taught who was talking about, which is democratic, should run unpopular things and not run an unpopular things. Democrats should run against parents. That's stupid. Democrats should run unpopular things. You know what appears to be unpopular diversity, for the sake of diversity appears to be unpopular, but Democrats, I don't think I've away out of this logic because they can't address it had on to say this is not how we do things in the United States. We're gonna go for the best candidates. Not further blackest. Candidates were not for the most hispanic of candidates. We're going for candidates who can talk? Who can you know reach out? Who can appeal to more people? That's what we do in order to win elections,
The Democrats and the Biden administration, certainly therein they aren't real jam now because for them to heed the message of last night generally is the first really go to war within their own party. Again the crisis. In the end that is now and then that would then be a sort of new narrative about the dysfunction in it, in their party, while an easy was nowhere, lean way for them to turn this around and even more than that, they will have to go to war with the ideology that is captured there, the certainly the progressive wing in some of the mainstreaming of democratic party. They don't have anyone like Bill Clinton who said and welfare as we know it didn't, have any one. I ll stand up and say and racial
centralism as its being taught in schools. No one can say that on their side and actually be her without the whole tartan veterans raises and the whole reason why that is. The origin has captured this parties because they have abandoned after yours coalition, the there no longer coalition party that includes lower middle class working class voters. In fact, the kind of look down on them and dont like them very much and that that was the moderating influence on the party. That's what made them! That's what progress I'm used to mean the redistribution of economic goods are now includes the redistribution of social goods and there's nobody to speak against that within a goal. But I do want to point out that. the one. The nomination, by not being a progressive, that he is governed as a progressive, will be viewed as one of the most astounding self inflicted errors in american Political street. He turned his back on his own victory and its own, meaning out of a delusional fantasy that he could be a transformation
president and you know why, because he is a blithering idiot, and that is why he is not going to be able to switch shift gears and that why I dont think we're going to see any big changes and that why we're seeing a slow motion role to democratic disaster, but that will accelerate it's gonna, be, ah now, because there are no elections for a while although you dont know, ten democratic moderates could resign the house to get lobbying jobs or something they could do it now. They have to wait a year or something so they might want to quit now and then there could be races in those places and we could see special, Sir out twenty twenty two there, just gonna- knock the stuffing out of Democrats, one after the other after the other, after the other. That's that's a possibility, but basically he's a dummy and he's behaved like a dummy and he's.
Bob that done things politically, like a dummy, and so I don't think so The eight year old dummy turns into a seventy eight year old, wise man. He ran a brilliant campaign and then he turned his back on his own message. That was as I get ape, let's, let's, let's let you have the last word on your Europe, your rejection of my care of Maya, my after election, that he's a fool the end and that a dummy yes, Well, I don't know how to say- and I think you I don't think he's a dummy ujiji doesn't strike me as well. because I disagree with that gives a lot of dumb. I d, as he's that he doesn't strike me as particularly stupid, he's foolish because he got he bought into a romanticize notion of what he could be, and that is the classic definition of a fool to be.
Seduced by flattery and ego, and this is where it's gotten him, I'm just reminded at the end of training places when, where Eddie Murphy and then,
right and dental Molly at are on the beach and their discussing what to have for lunch as they now in our living, this grand life, having succeeded in destroying the dukes and getting their huge commodity fortune, and it's like, should we have the cracked crab or the lobster and and Dental Melias girlfriends has can't we have both so can't he be a dummy and ended and a full can't we have both. I mean it's look, it's it's very exhausting position to be adopted to defend, binds intelligence to some some degree or yet yes, he he can be. He can't be above. You know what what they had internet essays like their their monopoly. Attempts by the press in the past, but since the start of the presidency, but certainly in the past few weeks, so to say after a rough road after a rough Afghanistan after other by
there's a new energy in billion abiden re energised by his trip abroad and some good contacts, there is some good means of theirs. There's no one left to go in trying to pump up the state of this presidency. I mean you know from a pr stand for if, if it doesn't, if Zat generated by him, actually doing something different, those efforts simply have to be exhausted. There's no there's nothing else. You can possibly say to pretend that that anything is going anywhere remotely. Well, look Bill Clinton, radically shifted gears after after this defeat. Ninety nine, before, as I mentioned before, Biden, has the harbinger of the horror that was probably awaiting Democrats a year from now and could shift gears. You know the difference between Bill Clinton and and and Joe Biden is that I am a bit
Clinton was good politics and got an electoral politics, and Biden is from a state with twelve people in it. That, basically, just kept capture letting him and a booklet was forty four forty five years. Old and Biden is three hundred and seventy eight so so asked me to shift field and improvise unscramble. Some is probably severely limited and with we won't. I join you tomorrow for a persona. Non John outwards. Keep them.
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