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CAPTURED: A Secret Stalker


In 1992 Lisa Ziegert felt like someone was watching her at a gift shop where she worked. People would tell her no one was there; it was just in her head. But when she goes missing from that very same gift shop everyone begins to wonder if Lisa had been right.

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Hi crime junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread, and today we have a story that war mind anyone who is still seeking justice that it's never too late, don't give up hope. It will serve as a warning to anyone whose com the crime that it's the season of justice and just because you haven't been arrested yet does not mean you ve gotten away with it. This is the story
I've LISA Secret LISA was a twenty four year old recent college grad working small town of Aguilar Massachusetts LISA, wanted to be a teacher. But then she was just starting out in her career LISA had to start as a teaching assistant at the local middle school. Now anyone whose work
education will know that doesn't pay a whole lot, but that was okay with LISA. She was just happy to be getting her foot in the door and she was able to supplement her income with a second job at a gift. Shop called Britney's, so LISA had a pretty regular schedule. She would work at the middle school during the day and then she would leave and head straight to Brittany right after to work there from like five o clock to nine o clock, but that regular schedule was disrupted on April sixteenth and more than one person took noticed almost simultaneously. Two things were happening: first, those who were at the Middle School, with LISA realised that she was a no call no show on the sixteenth, which was super. Unlike her, so right away, they call leases mom d to see if she knows anything, maybe something happened Elisa, maybe she got tied up whatever, but d is just as the as they are. Admittedly, her first thought, though, is like maybe she just overslept, like everything's, probably find now the set
One thing that was happening was that another young woman named Sophia was scheduled to work the opening shift at Britney's, but as soon as she pulled into the parking lot, everything felt wrong. Leases car was still in Parking lot now automatically her mind starts to try and kind of rational ISIS. Maybe she forgot something last night that you want to pick up before she went to the middle school, but the closer and closer she got to the front door, the less she could quiet that concern voice in her head, the front door to the store was unlocked and when she walked inside, all the lights were still on and the music that they always play. The kind that was supposed to give this happy ambience to the store now felt eerie and out of Place Sophia called at least his name
hello LISA Lease are you there over and over again, her calls are met with nothing, just the same music playing overhead. It's when she gets behind the front counter and sees leases purse that everything changes It's the moment that she stops believing that she's paranoid and starts realizing that something bad has happened here. Those suspicions are real, where's twin Sophia walks to the back of the store in the back room. The entire thing is a mass and every cell in her body is telling her to get the hell out of there He runs out of the back room out of the store completely into a neighbouring business, where she calls nine one one. When detectives arrive on the scene that mess that Sophia describe was very telling to them according to what the leader,
They told Dateline NBC. There was an in depth in the door like someone had like big bang it or kicked it, and there were, but Is that, where flattened and even splattered a blood around the real, they knew that a struggle had taken place here and they begin to fan out immediately looking for LISA, so they have any idea like when this could have happened obviously, you said earlier that her schedule is to work there from five p m to nine p m, but We know and even noticed that she was missing until the next morning right it was a huge window, but one that police, were able to narrow down in this first couple of days, thanks to tips that we're coming it now. The first step was from some who had actually been a patron of the store. They said that they came in the night before and this is the fifteenth and they made a purchase around eight twenty p m. The night that LISA went missing again according to NBC Dateline, that eight twenty transaction was the last one run through the register. Then another tip
then and another customer says that they stop by the store, but the times about this second took our little contradict three, depending on the sore so dateline, reported that this person you mean about eight fifty, which has been just like thirty minutes. After that last transaction, but the Berkshire Eagle with release in article the same month, at least actually went missing, said that nine o five, so still pretty small. We basically got like a thirty to forty five minute window. Either way. This other person tells police that when they entered the store, it was completely empty. They walked to the counter. No one but I find it no one walking around the store, but they did hear muffled visas and banging coming from the back room. So what are they do call nine on one day just Lee flights I know I couldn't believe it when heard, and you know I'm sure they didn't think the worse. No one thinks, though, worse, like maybe they thought it was
kids fooling around in the bag or more embarrassingly, like maybe hooking up in the back. I have no idea what went through that person's mine, but I think it's port and that we learn a lesson from it. We talk all day every day about personal safety and being your own advocate, but we have to also look out for one another like I have replayed in my head a thousand times how this could have gone differently like how LISA could maybe still be with us here today. That person would have said something now to be clearly give you noticed something like this. If you were that patron, I'm not saying you have to put yourself in the middle of that situation, I mean if that person would have gotten in going back room, they could very well have met a terrible fate to, but what, if they would left and gone to another shorn called the police, I tell them. Someone needs to go check on the store clerk, because no one would come to the front. The here noises in the bat like I know it's so easy for, to go about our whole lives that really looking, but we have to get out of our own heads and pay attention to what's going on around us. I do it for others in hope.
But one day, if you ever need it, someone will do the same. For you I mean that kind of sounds like a new kind junkie. Life really gonna like pay attention and don't be afraid to say something and honestly, like Yes, there could have been more dine in this situation, but the fact that this person, called in a tip in general, is probably more than a lot of people do in a lot about situations. No, absolutely, I think about all the time when I wonder how much stuff doesn't go reported because people say like. Oh, it's probably nothing there clothes on the side of the road, that's probably nothing there banging the back room. It's probably nothing and I think living will double up on the life rules. Like I think. Another life is it's ok to call the police, even if you think it's silly, let them do their jobs and find out, because if they would have been called to the store, that night, I don't think they would have found anything to make them laugh now. Police believe that, in that thirty minute window from the time of her last night,
two. When the other customer came in and found the place empty, someone came into the store, Incapacitated, LISA and then took her out of the store through a side entrance and then drove her off. But the question was to wear four days later on Easter Sunday. There question was finally answered a call comes into play these from a man who was out walking his dog when he came across a woman that he could tell was clearly deceased LISA was found. In a word, it area just a few miles from the card shop that she was taken from and base, on the way she was left, which, according to mass life, was with her Denham skirt torn in Hath. It was clear to the leading best either that lease had been sexually assaulted before being stabbed in the neck, which would ultimately be rolled. Her cause death at her autopsy. The entire town was shaken to its very core. With the discovery of what happened to LISA, it didn't make sense that she didn't have any enemies. This was a small, safe town who could be capable of
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That mean with Ed, poor, gaudy junior. Anyone you would ask around town would tell you is him why it was so obvious? His father owned a restaurant across the street from where LISA was taken and her boyfriend was his room at the time now more time passed the more elaborate, the rumours guy they said there was a love triangle that LISA caught her boyfriend and add together, so Ed had to kill her and they would a police were doing anything about it because it's dad was police and they were covering up, and all of this sounds very scandalous. But it's only part true like TAT, a junior room with leases boyfriend, but there is never any proof of some kind of a fair or relationship and Ed's dad used to be a police officer, but he wasn't actively employed by the force at the time of leases. Murder like he was just a guy who owned or restaurant police work covering up
anything for him. In fact, they weren't even doing him any favours, because even after a junior had passed a polygraph even after his dna didn't match the sample from LISA's rape kit, the police wouldn't come out and tell the public that they said that against their policy to do that, no matter how much a junior bagged, because I mean again his name's being like dragged through the mud around town, so they let the town. Can and you to talk and to speculate and to look at Ed. With aside, I wondering if anyone should ever leave their daughters alone with him, but wall, the town spun encircles, like vultures around Edward Gaudy Junior, the police had to keep looking in other directions. They had to find someone who they can match their dna, so one by one people who knew LISA Get ruled out. Unofficially, of course they rule out her boyfriend, family members, people she worked with and it becomes increasingly more clear to police that as personal as this attack,
felt it had to been someone LISA didn't know, though that didn't mean her killer didn't know her. One of leases, friends came toward police and then later recounted dateline. A strange incident that happened just before LISA was murdered. The king was at the store visiting LISA one night, while she was working and even almost picture. It's late enough in April that the sun has set the lights illumine the inside of the store and making it impossible to see out but clear as a picture to see in law the shutters, and she tells her friend that she can't shake the feeling that someone is watching her that someone's been watching her for a while and right now she said in that moment she could feel them watching. Her now came tried to reassure her friend that she doesn't see anyone out there like it's just A feeling- but you all know I believe in those got feelings there- is this book called the gift of fear that
I recommend everyone go out, get right now and read it at least twelve times we have the gift of fear. We can sense things that maybe we can explain, but that's big our mind, is processing, so many subtle and unconscious clues and I think LISA with subconsciously processing, something because just day after this interaction is when she went missing from that same store. This aim store that she felt like she was being watched from. Now. Police had no luck confirming if there was a mystery, stalker and, more importantly, no luck figuring out who it might be. They worked led after led after Lee tested DNA from every mail subjects, was willing to give it, but time and time again, investigators were hitting a wall eventually the case that baffled this small town when cold, though, that's not to say they ever stopped working. It every year they still had new tips coming in and every year they would question someone new each time making a little
file on that person for their records. Now, along with dna evidence. The lead investigator told dateline that they had one other clue in their back pocket when they found leases key wring her apartment, he was actually missing. So there Europe has always been that the killer must have taken that key. So any time they would bring some one in four. Interview days weeks months later late, say: hey, let me see your keys rockwork and they would compare it to the lock. They took up of leases door. So what day, they get this tape about a local guy. They bring him in for questioning and they do the whole routine. Hey. Let me see your keys, the lead officer, passive them off to some one else who leaves the interview realm and then just a short time later, the officer comes back and he leaned into the investigators ear and says something that stops him from breathing. It's a match. Now, of course, their heads
spinning they have their guy. They try to play it cool though, and they just kind of ask him about it. Like hey, you know, what's this key to if they find it interesting and neither guys like. Oh that's, no big deal is the key to my apartment. Sure it is, thinking, so they say: ok, why don't? We just take a little drive and visit your apartment, so they get the car make their way through town to a local apartment complex and as they stood in front of this man's door, everyone's jaw dropped when he puts the key in and it opens as would turn out. His apartment. Complex was owned by the same management company that owned leases and apply Lee management companies sometimes use the same keys, or at least they did back. Then, let's get back to me, it seems like kind of a safety issue like someone who lived in a pardon before I did not know. This is a thing than have. I lived in two different apartments on Wednesday
management company and now I feel really weird about those. Yes, someone might have had your key, so as crazy as this seemed. It really turned out to be a strange coincidence, and they let the man go more. More and more time would pass without answers until eventually the family was counting time without LISA in years and then decades over time. The case gets turned over to new hands people with fresh eyes and fresh perspective, and in two thousand sixteen, the handing honey DA's offers announced to everyone that they're holding a press conference because they have some big news. Today's episode was made possible thanks to throw up. I was talking to one of my sister in law the other day about the carbon footprint that fashion creates and how easy it is to make a huge difference by choosing to thriftier clothing, especially with threat up front
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over recent years best use and varied hundreds of persons of interest. Many Dna analysis inform thousands of lead there was no one. Sixteen, I right areas previously season. This investigation to be utilised by european, alas, a dna technology companies located in Virginia that specialise in what you need Do you know what I mean is the process of predicting visible appears in that region I can find it was rebel here, the DNA. Falling from the United States to face the bruise component, sketch of russian forensic case that just like a sketch uses information from reading image. IRAN is genetics. I would just from part sketch today I'm releasing sketches asked the girl
I think that predicted that a seal of fear to bury their complexity, so properly heedful brown eyes, here he hasn't years after those lovely mixture of northern. Southern regions. These visual images represent? A new significant development in this investigation, fictional character of yetis tested, as well as her condition and location upon discovery, suggested person was in the immediate crime scene time relevant leases, sexual assault, All these previously developed in this case are now being evaluated. In view is running out If you recognize these images, its members or have any information relative to LISA's disappearance. Please contact what just read the Massachusetts State Police women secretive why, here. It is ass, separate I'm innocent you these
sure is that they showed at the press conference, but you can also anyone whose listening can find them either on our website, W B, L, peace though, has them on. There is, but will link out to it so basin profile that had from the FBI. They estimated that this guy was in his early twenties They said they created a sketch of him at twenty five years old and then a sketch of him at fifty years old. What he might look like at the time of this press conference ok, so I'm looking at them and it's pretty working, dude, honestly kind of looks like Jim Helper from the office of this a little game captain but honestly, actually more, I look at these snapshot predictions the more they all kind of look the same. They do. Rightly, the kind of like blur together and I remember when this technology first came out
years ago I mean I remember even ass, being like oh my gosh, we have a picture of the killer like we all got really jazzed up, but I think you know, as this is kind of played out, we ve seen it play on a couple of cases. We kind of come to figure out that it's not quite all. We thought it was going to be, but these really do help narrowed down a suspect pool. I will say that because, like the d, a sudden, his tape, they have already taken hundreds of people's dna theyve compared hundreds of people And how do you begin to re investigate a file that is that big will now they'll least know, with a pretty high degree of certainty that this guy has very fair skin he's of european descent. So big at least start to eliminate any one with a darker skin tone. I know that's not a lot, but when you are looking at a case,
that is binders and binders big, and you got hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. If you can cut that list in half a may think it is a big deal. So I dont think this is what we thought. Going to be, but I also went right. This often say that the fino typing is useless either, so they put this sketch out to the public. We organise their investigation based on the probabilities that Paragon has give them hair color, I color skin tone and they look at their files and say: ok, who matches the profile and of those people who match the profile. Who has given us a dna sample yet by to those, seventeen. The list begins to shorten and narrow police are putting aside one ff. At a time until, according to Stepney Berries reporting for mass live, there were just eleven people on their desk eleven men that they had in their case file who met the fish
description, but for one reason or another refused to give dna to the police protesting. So through a grand jury, they get court orders that would force each one of those eleven men to give them sample. They knock on door. One talked a guy number one collect the sample, they knock under two but hi door too. Isn't there suspect it's his roommate? Who tells him that the guy that they're looking for is in homer and now he's actually sting at his girlfriends, so police I'm alright haven't, give me a call when he gets back. We have some important papers for him now. The fact that he wasn't home didn't stress them out. This was very routine plus they had nine more people to get to Andrea Lee this guy didn't stick out more than any of the others. He had just been kind of like a blip on the radar for all of these years. So how did guy number two? on the right are to begin with. Well, it's actually interesting story so
this guy number to his name is Gary Shara and when investigators red back through the old case file, they see that he first came on polices are in nineteen. Ninety three, through a tip from out in Seattle, of course, Seattle. Like if it doesn't hurt to Washington? Like is even a crime? Donkey episode? I don't know. Somehow we always end up back in ALARM Washington, but what's going on so back in eighteen, ninety three, they get this tape that Gary's estranged. Why is living in Seattle with her Gary's child? She basically left with the child and they had a bunch of custody set going on, but she says that she's convinced Gary is the one who murdered LISA. She says that he came home super late tonight that she went missing. He couldn't tell her where he was or account for any of his time he was like scratched up, like you didn't make sense, and then she said any time someone would come on the news or something about LISA was mentioned here
literally like run from wherever he was in the house and be like glued to the tv. He was obsessed with the case and had to know every single thing that was happening now. This is fishy, but at the time it wasn't super damning, but their willing to can't do they call up Gary? He says he is willing to come into the station in talk, but before he can come in Gary's lawyers, call back and are like listen we're in the middle of this ready, ugly custody. At all I'm not letting Gary talk to anyone until we get this sorted out because to me he says it sounds like his white is trying to make up allegations that he doesn't get their kid, and this might be true, because when police look into Gary's a strange white Joyce, they learn that she's, an alcoholic and even on her own family, told mass live in another article by seventy. Bury that Baden really leave anything she was saying about, carry so police back in nineteen. Eighty three moved on. There was nothing else.
Into Gary, and they didn't have enough for any kind of warrant to get his dna. Now, over the years, he popped up a couple more, I'm here and they mostly when investigate overtaking. Taking like a fresh look at the case and re interviewing, all? They would bring him in and years later, with the custody battle behind him. He would come in here. Tat. He would be nice, he would leave, but every time we would ask is DNA he would refuse. But even this isn't like a really huge red flag. Police know that people are protective of their dna like Gary. Wasn't the only person refusing they had nothing on him, but now in two thousand, seventy
they could finally be sure they had a warrant for his dna and they could figure out real, quick, whether he could be ruled out once and for all. They were just waiting for him to call them back after they left that message with his roommate, but the next day they don't get a call from Gary. What they get is something no one could have predicted. She's episode was made possible by Glasgow. Mice can get regime is far from a routine. I know you guys and was so terrible, but one thing they got me into a great routine was starting with using milky Jolly Hunter from Glasgow, its super lux creamy job that makes washing of these truly an elevated experience. Not only does it come in a gorgeous truly fancy on my bathroom counter. But it is supervision
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Gary's girlfriend, and she has something to show them three letters that she said she found in her place when she got home from work that night and all three are from Gary and the first is by far the most shocking. It is a full confession. Now the Republican did a full records request with police, department and reposted excerpt from the letters on their mass like website and here, but why don't you read? Some of the eggs are the first one is the start of confession letter to his girlfriend quote dreading the day. I'd need to write this letter for almost as long as I can remember. First off I love you. I hope you never doubt that now, the hard part you are going to find out some awful things about me today. They will tell you that I am did reacted and murdered a young woman approximately twenty five years ago. It is true, all of it. I had no intention of killing her when I grabbed her, but events so
now out of my control and in the eyes of the law. It is all the same. I have forget it anything so much. I was young and headstrong and foolish emphasis on the last part. End quote any that was girlfriend at some point in time. That quote. I also Never did anything of the like again, I hated what happened. I despise myself. I thought of turning myself in hundreds of times over the years, but I truly a coward today will and I will take my own life or face the music as it were. I always knew at one they catch up with me and now it has. I received a text from it looks like it's rejected here, but I assume it be his remain that last night the state police were at the house with some important papers. For me that will be a warrant to take dna and that will send me away for life I'm still trying to decide. Even as I write this note, if I have the courage for them
but I will take the cowards way out either way. I apologise again so much end quote yet Gary ended the letter. By telling his girlfriend quote. I have no real useful advice to offer. You accept no matter, which course I choose. Let me go if I turn myself in, I will have confessed and accepted that I will live out my days and praise move on, don't go looking for a lawyer to get me out. I am definitely not worth the time the effort or the money. End quote the other two
matters that he wrote were a last will in testament and then an apology letter to leases family. While that is an incredibly heavy thing to even consider reading as a member of her family and the more we talk about these stories of cases that are solved or dna decades later, the more crazy. I truly believe the world we live in is like he never did it again ever. I know I I I keep expecting you know when you see these cases before we knew this. You would see a case at least says she's adopt abducted from a store she rape, she's murdered, and you would think this. This guy can't just one back into society that he's gonna do this again, but we saw this with a pretence leaves seeing this over and over with these new and eight cases that these people are just blending back into society. Big
do it we somehow more terrifying, then someone who's doing like serially committing crimes. Will I mean it? Has me looking at everyone differently like? Oh definitely, who I thought was you know the type to be a killer like apparently the type is everyone now
Now, at this point, when police get these letters, they are now in a race against time to find Gary, because from his letters there is a very good chance, a he may take his own life according to the hand in County DA's website there able to trace him to Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford Springs Connecticut, where they find his car parked in the lot with yet another ominous note note said quote to whomever finds my body. I apologize for the psychological trauma incurred called master police. Thank you end quote, but the thing is there was nobody anywhere in the car police check? Phronsie back, see trunk, nothing! So they check inside the hospital where they fight.
And Gary is in the E. He had checked himself in after taking a bunch of pills. He was too scared to die, and in that moment the one right after he took the pills and he decided that he was terrified of death. I hope he thought of LISA how scared she must had been of every chance. He didn't give her to decipher herself if she should live or die now. Ultimately, Gary was placed under arrest and charged with the murder of LISA. Girt when they collected his dna. It was in fact a match to the scene of the crime. Now one Gary is first brought before judge he originally planned, not guilty, but by September of two thousand nineteen he changed that plea to guilty and was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. I bet his Ex wife has to feel like a little bit vindicated in that moment, like everyone was trying to make. It seem like this crazy Drunk
wanted to bad now him and all these years later, everyone realises that she was right all along and without her gear. We have never even been caught out its soul, through, like she is very much the reason he's in prison today, but the sad part is She never actually got to see that her alcoholism was very severe and she lived a rough existence until she passed away in two thousand fourteen, so long before Gary would ever be arrested. Did Gary ever explain like why he did this or what led him to commit this kind like the court or in any like interrogation documents or anything, not real I mean I think that still the confusing part Gary did kind of allude to why he did this. In one of the letters he laughed, he wrote quote: I've never really been or felt no from a very young age. I was fascinated by abduction and bondage. I could never keep it too far from my mind for long on that fateful day, I let myself do something terrible end quote:
now back when she was alive and interviewed originally his Ex wife, Joyce, attested to what he said in the letter. Basically, she said that he had these pretty dark fantasies and that he would make her act those out when they were together, but I think the bigger question that so many people have is. Ok, maybe he was dark. Maybe he had these fantasies, maybe he was sick, but why LISA like what was his connection to her and no one really knows there has never been a firm link but Gary and LISA his Ex wife suspected that there was a jewelry box it he had given her from around the time that LISA was murdered and she suspected that it was from the if store that LISA worked like maybe he went in one day. Maybe he saw her, but that's never been fully prove it, though it seems like a could, be probable,
that one day a young man with dark demons could cross paths with a young. I'm a woman like LISA and become fixated, maybe even watching her through the windows until watching wasn't enough anymore. One killer is behind bars today and LISA finally has gotten justice, but her story is a reminder to all of us that evil is out there, sometimes in the most unsuspecting places, and it doesn't always look like what you picture so keep yourself sit and watch out for those around you. We have to stick together. You guys again
I cannot recommend highly enough the book gift of fear. It is incredible, I have read it and we read it and it is literally everything we ve been screaming on this part for two years. Go out, get the book I made again. This is all about personal safety, be weird, be rude, stay alive. If you want to see any of the pictures that we talked about the press conference, all of that, along with our source material, is going to be on our website. You can find that a crime junkie, podcast dot com. The followers on Instagram outcome, gently, junkie, podcast and really back next week with a brand new crime. Junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck DE
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