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INFAMOUS: Darlie Routier (Part 2)


After Darlie was sentenced to death for the murder of her two boys her defense team immediately started the appeals process. There was a lot of information they felt the public didn't get to hear and evidence that could prove an innocent woman is sitting on death row for a crime she did not commit. 

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Thanks to boost mobile for sponsoring this episode of crime junkie, to find out how you can get more from your mobile plan visit boost mobile dot, COM or your nearest retailer for details, hi Fran, junkies, I'm Ashley flowers and I'm Brett, and we are back to tell you the second part to our story apart Darley Rich here and her two murdered sons, Devin and demand. So if you're just listen to this now, you haven't heard part one you're going to be totally lost, go back! Listen to it and come back to this episode. We left off last episode with Darley being convicted.
Of the murders and sentenced to death row police were sure. Darlie was responsible from early on in their investigation. They said the physical evidence proved she was lying. She wrote incriminating note in her diary, a basically confessing to it, and it was the video tape of her spring silly string on her sons graves that the jury watched eleven times before deciding no mother would act that way and convicting her. But there is always two sides to it: Sorry and Darley's version of all these supposedly incriminating things are much different than the prosecution present and they lead many to wonder if an innocent woman is currently sitting on death row.
When Darley was sentenced to death in February of one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, she couldn't believe what was happening. Her family couldn't believe it either. It felt like one tragedy right after another right after another, they lost Devon and Dame
and now they stood to lose Darley two and everyone in her life was convinced of one thing. She was innocent and had been wrongly accused. They said to anyone who would listen, that the prosecution painted a one sided picture, and there was so much more to the story that the public didn't know they went on every news outlet. Every daytime talk show that they could an fought with the hosts. With some of the jurors that even convicted Darley, they tried to point out that this was a witch hunt and they said anyone who looked critically at the states case would see that it was clear. Someone else was responsible and R Lee was sitting in prison for a crime. She did not commit the biggest argument. The family had against
O'Reilly's accusers were her injuries, the slash on her neck and a stab wound on her arm right right, but didn't the police say that it was pretty superficial, like that, was kind of the base of the argument right. They said that she inflicted those wounds on herself standing over the kitchen sink now full disclosure. Here I can't explain the blood over the kitchen sink. I think at one. Darlie Darley applied a towel to her neck. Maybe she was near the sink when it happened. I don't know- and I don't want to get too hung up on that part, because what I want to talk about, where the extent of the injuries that the prosecution called note self inflicted and the number of injuries that they seem to never even address. So, first, the cut to her arm was to the bone like. That does not seem superficial to me, but to be fair, it wasn't life threatening. So let's say calling it superficial was just someone's interpretation. Let's talk about her neck, the cut on
her neck came two millimeters from cutting her, Rotted artery, which would have killed her two millimeters yeah, That's not a lot! I think the big question last episode that the police raise was like well, why stab the boys straight through and just cut her neck? The wound very well should have killed her and it is to noted that the knife was stopped, not because someone stop cutting, but by a necklace that she was wearing and they had to actually surgically remove the necklace from her. Neck like to me. There is no way if it was self inflicted that she would have known to stop two millimeters away right, yeah. That seems incredibly unlikely. It does an just to put this in perspective for people like two millimeters sounds really small, but I really had no concept for how small- and it was just by happenstance- that I was watch being this totally unrelated video on Youtube. While I was like researching this case this week, I like watch
meaning, sometimes medical videos on Youtube, and so I was watching this one on Micro, needling with plasma, and it's basically like it's called a vampire facials. This thing that people do to make them look younger, get rid of scarring or whatever whatever. But what happens in this is a bunch of teeny tiny super needles like puncture your face all over and the technician just move this one and all over the face, nose, cheeks, forehead up and down up and down up and down, while these little needles, just jab jab, jab away and the doctor, in this video mentioned These needles go up to two millimeters deep into the facial tissue. So two millimeters is so small that people are poking needles into their face for cosmetic purposes and that's how close the knife was to killing Darley. Okay, I'm with you on this one. I don't think she could have been able to cut herself that deep and known when and where to stop, but I kind of have another theory just to keep playing devil's advocate
what if she was trying to kill herself like I keep going back to that note in her diary where she said she was so sorry for what she was about to do. What? If her plan was to kill the boys and then kill herself too, so we, I really need to talk more about that diary entry, because, like all of this, I think there is another side to it. But if this was a murder suicide attempt, then here's what I don't get. Why called beats? Why wake up Darren? None of that makes sense. She didn't hit her. Why artery, but she very well could have died from blood loss. I'm not buying nothing about her neck wound, looks self inflicted to me and here's the thing we're talking the stab wound her arm we're talking about her neck wound, it's more than just those two again in court. That's all they talked about, but no one talked about all of her other, her injuries, and I made a document with just some of the pictures taken of Darley in the hospital and then after she was released, and I got
I'm from the four Darlie Routier dot Org site, which has many of the evidence photos in court documents for this case and I'm gonna put pictures and links everything on our website. If people listening want to follow along, but let me send this to you: I want to go through some of the pictures of her injuries. Okay. So, let's look at this first picture on the document I sent you so okay, she's laying in her hospital bed I mean you can see she's got like nicks and cuts and scratches all over her arm. It's not just like one stab wound you can see. The stab wound has been stitched up. It's at the very top of her forearm, but underneath there's all of of small marks as well If you go down to the second picture, that's a picture of her hand after she was released from the hospital and you'll see. There's lacerations on her fingers and what I had seen some expert
se e n D, a b c documentary last defense that I watched is those are consistent with defensive marks of somebody who is being attacked and trying to grab and not Okay. So again I mean, if you're looking at this, like she's self inflicting, I mean this is very detailed to also slice your fingers in a way that makes it look like you were, are pending from an Iphone right yeah. Is there any consistency with it being like? She was stabbing and her hand slipped off the grip and cut herself on the blade. While stabbing the boys. You know, I don't know that this is her left hand, so her non dominant, maybe Yes, she was right handed. This is your non dominant hand to me. It doesn't make sense that it was slipping when she was stabbing the boys. The wound on her arm Stab one of her arm is on her right. So you know, maybe it slipped for her. So if you want to ignore this weekend can but scroll down even further. So the next picture is of her hands put out and you can see the
bruising on the top of her hands, which I cannot find an explanation. Or other than being in a struggle with someone possibly and if you scroll down even further the bruising on her arm, my god she has her arm held up and from her wrist to her armpit. Is this deep per? full blue black bruise. That I don't even know how you would self inflict yeah I mean that's, that's got to be consistent with someone. You know really forcing you down onto a hard surface or something like. I don't even think you could throw yourself hard to make that happen? No and and and here's the thing too, and I don't know how you throw yourself hard enough against something and not wake up anyone else in the house again dear and then wake up until she started calling his name. The little boys are just laying in the living room. Asleep. To that point to I guess you could you could look at that to a
You could say how it is? No one waking up when she struggling with somebody this severely, but if you keep scrolling got marks on both arms she's, bruising on both arms and the Knicks and the cuts and the scratches are just all over and super consistent. An expert had said that, like if we go back to her wound that, with the stab wound that hip bone, they said that that's super consistent with self defense. Again, her the arm was her dominant arm. If someone is coming down at her would have looked it up in front of her yeah someone coming down at her with a knife, that's exactly what she would do, so I don't
no personally, how anyone can look at these images and see self inflicted it. They seem like someone got in a struggle, and if this was self inflicted, it would seem like it would be super time consuming super elaborate. It just doesn't make sense. Okay. So if there was an attacker, can we go back to Darlene's diary entry? You said it's not what we thought right right. I guess What else could it mean when she said I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do? Well again, like everything in this case or so many things is the prosecution, the police. They pick out the incriminating thing and that's kind of what gets publicized over and over and over. But that was just one line from an entire entry and the whole entry. If you were to read, like the whole paragraph, says Devon, Damon and Drake. I hope that one Yeah you'll. Forgive me for what I'm about to do. My life has been such a hard fight for a long time, and I just cannot find the strength to keep fighting anymore.
I love you three more than anything else in this world. Please do not hate me or think in any way that this is your fault now. This was not an apology for what she was a planning to do to them. It was an apology for what she was thinking of doing to herself. Darlie was thinking about taking her own life. She had. I mentioned this briefly in our last episode, but she had been some from postpartum depression after having their third son Drake and she wrote a lot about her feelings in her diary and the writing just one month before the murder. She said she didn't go through with it. She wanted to be around her boys, she wanted to see them grow up and nothing in her die. Mary made. It seem like she was a threat to them. She was depressed sometimes, and I don't think people really talk about how common postpartum dip, and is even now like I've seen so many of my mom friends feel so alone until they start talking to one another and realized that it is so so common. But if it's not talked about as much now in two thousand and nineteen like how are things in
one thousand eight hundred and ninety Six- and let me tell you one of the times that I was most outrage in all of my research. So I was watching an interview on ABC and the prosecutor, who was leading Darley's case, was talking and he was trying to make a point. Darly was the exception to all the rules that you can't look at her through a normal lens. He said: listen I get this whole case. Is it normal parents? Don't normally talk about killing their kids, but mothers, don't normally commit suicide either his point being that she was talking about suicide, so because of that she clearly is the one who killed her kids. I was appalled. Mothers are not superheroes, they're, not immune to human emotions and a mother whose stuff
from something very natural and normal should not be put on trial for murdering her kids, like I just couldn't believe he was saying that out loud and that he really meant to it is absolutely outrageous like at my job was on the ground right now and I am seething with anger. I again I like it. I couldn't believe he wanted to be on tape, saying something like right like to think that I guess sure, but you're being interviewed and broadcast the world's great perfect time to be especially terrible at being a human and the problem is like I, I think he really believed it, and I think it's something that he could get everyone else to believe at the time because of another case that happened just a couple years before the route your boys were murdered,
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not available everywhere. Free phone requires port in additional terms and conditions, apply, visit, visitboostmobile dot com for details all right now, back to our show. One of the main reasons: the police, the prosecution and the public found it so easy to believe Darlie would kill her own boys was because of a woman named Susan Smith, and this isn't just an assumption according to ABC and CNN. In the early stages of the investigation, people were saying: Darlie was there Susan Smith, so who's Susan Smith, Susan Smith, was a South Carolina woman who, just two years before all of this was in the National news. She had made claims the police that a black man had hijacked her car with both of her kids inside and now the kids in the car were missing and she did also
a press and played up being the grieving mother begging then to return. The kids to her and police never really bought her store and after nine days of this charade in the public, she ended up confessing to killing both of her kids by rolling her car into the lake with the two of them. Trapped inside my god. The public was outraged and and rages an understatement for where she lived in South Carolina, especially because the entire public felt like they'd been had like thousands of people were searching Volent And all along they were helping a woman who murdered her own babies. So, just two years later, when Darley, has a crazy story about intruder coming into our home for the sole intention of killing two innocent kids, and maybe her people start talking right away. She was Texas is Susan Smith right from the very beginning, so her case was completely colored by this.
Absolutely everyone knew about Susan Smith. Everyone hated her, so maybe if D'Arles case would have happened in another time or if Susan Smith never committed her crimes at all. Maybe people would have been more likely to believe that there really was an intruder and on top of the fact that people hated Susan and that kind of translated over to Darley the prosecution made a huge deal about how Darley, bleached her hair and got breast implants, and they used that as proof of what I don't know, but it came up over and over and over in my research, even in the last defense segment, they interviewed a juror who said like who goes out and spends two thousand dollars on breast implants, and I didn't like her because her clothes and Julie were flashing. It's never like the kind of stuff I would buy
so she's pretty and I don't know how it has to do with killing your kids just cause, it's not how you act and you like you, don't have breast implants in your hair, isn't bleached like what does that have to do with any of this, like this case, was a full on character, assassination and the jury focused on the boobs and the hair here, and not the fact that all the parents in the neighborhood said that Darlie was a great mom, and they would let their kids play at her house all the time and she loved her kids, like all of that was gone. So the jury is already thinking all of this stuff. So when they see the silly string, video so it's like every validation. They need to hate her. But let me tell you what they didn't see: the police put surveillance on the grave site, which is now not super legal. It's like a very weird gray area, and no ever been convicted. Doing anything wrong with the police. All played the fifth there was this big trial, 'cause there's. Maybe this like expectation of privacy by a grave site,
whatever, but they had basically MIKE to the grave site and we're taking video and what they had that the new stations weren't there for was that before the silly string party, there was a two hour prayer vigil that was taped. The public never saw crying and praying talking about missing the boys, and all of this feels super raw super real and super normal, and none of that was ever played for the jury. All they saw was the silly string. So I fully get that there's a ton of factors surrounding this case that played into people's perception of Darley Right or wrong which, by the way most them are wrong. But last episode we talked a lot about the actual evidence as well like it's not like they're, just convicting her on her looks the partial
type of actions or other people's bad actions. But there was the knife that she said she had moved, but there was no evidence of the glass over the bloody footprint the knife inside the house that was used to cut the screen and the whole fact that the window and area around it or this guy supposedly came in and out, was completely undisturbed like there is some physical evidence that is not adding up to her story, no matter how much she was a victim of this undo Yes, certainly there. What so? Let me give you what I've learned about that, because Darley has put through multiple appeals and new information has come to light up about a lot of that stuff. So, let's start with the knife and I'll be honest right off the top. I can't explain why there was no bloody imprint of the night on the floor where she said she picked up in the utility room. If we're going to look at this evidence, like with the assumption of innocence, my best explanation, which I do believe it's for
Possible- is that the human memory can almost be worthless, especially in times of trauma. It very well could be that that part of her story She really does believe to be true, but she's, maybe just MIS, remembering like her brain is filling in a gap exactly, but what I we know for sure, though, is that her talking about the knife on the nine one one call to the operator isn't as sinister as the prosecution. Get out to be, or even the statement analysis Blog beat it out to be that we talked about last episode. They presented it like she's, offering up this unsolicited in may shun to the operator and trying to like skiing to cover her tracks. But let me play the entire part about the night for you right now Oh, I
no way. wait wait damn
hey, hey so you'll notice on the call that she doesn't just come out and make up excuses. No you're right, like she's, just responding to a problem operator right and it's not even like she does it right away. No, it's a full minute on the phone before she realizes the ramifications of what she had done. Instinctually to me that didn't sound like a woman setting the stage it sound like a scared mom who has no idea who do this or why and she's afraid, the only piece of evidence that she might have is gone okay, so I'm willing to throw out nine hundred and eleven call and even like the whole unexplainable iti of the knife. But what about the glass over the bloody footprints will Darley's defense team points out that the scene was contaminated by first responders when they were originally called. They were there to perform lifesaving measures. So there,
there's? No caution foreseen preservation, people were in and out. And they say it's very possible- that one of the people at the scene, maybe like moved glass around with their feet or things got shuffled around okay I guess I know it's not the c s. I moment everyone is hoping for, but like real cases in real life are so messy, but I might have some hard science to throw at you to convince you. Someone could very well have come in and out of that window, so, first, let's talk about the prosecutor has claimed that there wasn't any evidence someone had been in or out of that window, because there was dust that was undisturbed and- footprints in the mulch like that was their big claim. Will. First, when I saw a picture of the windows fill in the documentary, I watched it's not what I not at all like. I could barely see this quote layer of dust that they said was undisturbed
in the mulch under the window. Isn't under the freaking window at all, like you could come out right on the concrete first and the mulch is like a couple of feet away, so Charlie's husband Darren even demonstrated for a news outlet how someone could easily step in and out of the window, and it's hard to explain because again, when I'm first here, about this and reading about this. I imagine something kind of high up that you have to like grab on to them like straddle your makes through me too. No, but that's not the case at all. It's like close to the ground and very big. So when Darren did his demonstrate- and he literally put one leg through the screen- Crouch down like ducked under swung his body through then but the other leg through, and you can slide in and out without disturbing anything. So to me, though,
Dustan, the molds not being disturbed, is meaningless. So let's go to the fibers on the knife, because for me this was what was the game changer like originally, I thought, listen, forget everything else. If the nights that cut the screen came from inside the house, why are we even talking about this case? This is open and shut, but here is the real scoop and I've heard two different possibilities from both ABC and CNN, so the first part ability is cross contamination. When we talk about fibers being found on the knife, we're talking about itty bitty microscopic little things that weigh almost nothing and therefore transfer very easily. So this guy, this expert name Charles Lynch, told ABC that when he got the butcher block to test the fibers, they had already been dusted for prints, which means if the window had been tested, then the butcher block they. Have been transferred there. The other theory came from CNN's death row, documentary and Darlene
attorney said that he got seven random, fingerprint brushes tested and four of them had the same chemical consistency and appearance as the fibers on the bread knife, so it might just be something in the brushes and totally not related to screens or any of this at all. Oh, my god stop to top it all off, like those fibers weren't tested against anything, it's like they like them to see. If they could be consistent with the screen the screen, they got the answer that they wanted. They were like. Okay, boys, ok done, let's lock this lady up. So while we can't exclude all of the evidence, I think if we look at it critically, which I hope anyone would do in a death penalty case, I at the very least, have reasonable doubt and that's before I tell you about the piece of evidence that I didn't even bring up in the first episode, because, if you're on the fence now just now,
so in the home, amongst all the blood and the chaos and cut screen and their knives. There was also a couple of prints that couldn't be identified. They didn't match Darley, they didn't match Darren. They looked like an adults, so they're thinking, it's not the kids, but here's the crazy part they never can for them to the kids prince, because at the time of the murders and the first trial, the medical examiner never even took print samples from the two boys you're kidding. Isn't that some sort of protocol it was, but they just never did it and years later, when Darley tried to appeal her conviction, they got in order to exhume both boys so that they could conclusively say those prince did not belong to them, either But when the boys were buried, they were actually buried together, holding hands, and so many years later, water had leaked into the casket and by the time they got them out. There was like nothing usable that could be obtained
So now, D'Arles team is forced to try and identify the print using dna in this print is infamously known as eighty five J, like that's the evidence number so you'll see it like pop up everywhere. If you're researching this case, because people have been talking about it for years and in a has been requested over and over and over, and it was finally granted to test this. Eighty five J fingerprint, but we're still waiting on the results, so is that all we have in the house to test against a possible intruder like just this one, single fingerprint yeah. The evidence in the house is sparse and that's what makes so many people believe that someone with in the house had a perpetrated the crime, but there was a big piece of evidence found outside of the house and not like right outside we're
going seventy five yards away, that totally kind of shakes this case up so in an alley next to a trash can and like right above a drainage opening was a single sock with blood on it. It was collected when police initially canvas the neighborhood and when they had it tested it had both boys blood on it. Okay, but what does it mean? Well to me, it means that everything Darley has been saying is real, that someone else was in the house and that someone else ran out of the house. How do we know for sure that it belonged to someone else like it could have been planted right? Are you saying like planted by Darlie yeah. I mean again looking at this from the prosecution's perspective. If she did it- and we have this piece of Evidence- seventy five years, hey something, I know is connected to the scene because both victims blood is on it. Is it possible she put it there to help support her.
Shredder theory. So that's actually what a lot of the non Darley supporters say that she was the one who put it there, but the Y in the house Don't really make sense to me like if she's planting, something why there it's are enough away that it could have easily been missed. Somebody could have picked it up and threw it in the trash. It could have like gone down that Seward like if he got knocked off two into the street could have gone down the. Image, ditch like if this is your only chance to get police to believe that someone else was in your house, Wouldn't you put it a little closer to the house, maybe in the middle of the street. Not next to a trash. Can I don't know to me is a little like inconspicuous, and if this was a planned, I think she would have had to have put it closer to the house just for the timing purposes. So when the paramedics arrive, remember, Damon was still alive and, according to experts, his injuries would have only given him about eight to nine minutes to live, and we know
that darling was on the phone with nine and one for almost a full six minutes. That's how long the call is like it's like five minutes and forty four seconds or something like that. So if she planted this, then she would have had to have stabbed both boys. Then, in just three minutes she would have had to have like taking the sock put it in each of their bloods ran. Seventy five yards away, drop the sock, run seventy five years back inflict her own wounds, which remember, isn't just two cuts. We have bruises we have next. Then she gets on the phone, nine hundred and eleven like I don't understand how that would be physically possible yeah the like the physical elem of it. Our explain it away immediately. Get to me there's a second person. I don't know who that second person is. I don't know how second person fits in. I mean you can go down a rabbit, hole and say it's a second person. That's in that house, you can say it's a complete stranger, an intruder, but I think, if ever like, if you're looking at the defense of this they're, saying that like someone
it was in there and what they want sure is again because this was right by this like drainage. Ditch there wondering if maybe they like we're, trying to throw some stuff away to, like get rid of evidence, maybe there's other stuff. That's totally lost forever, and this thing just like didn't make it down there. So we know very little about this sock. But it's one of the items that D'Arles appeal attorney is having retested and when I was first researching this case and hearing about this, talk over and over? I imagined that if it was from an intruder like it was an actual stock that maybe they would have worn, but I heard some rumblings on line that some people want the sock tested for chloroform. What yes. So this brings me to the strange part of this case that hasn't been reported by a ton of really big out, but I see stated, as fact in like forums and Youtube videos, including like the victims extended family, has talked about this. So there's this theory that sexual assault was part of the motive of this crew.
Time that maybe Darlie was knocked unconscious with something like chloroform. So that's where this like sock thing comes in. Maybe this person like hardcore, if I'm on a sock and that's why the stock was That's why I had blood on it whatever, but basically she was knocked out before her boys were attacked and that's why he didn't even wake up, even though she was a light sleeper and I'm, seeing in these same places that her underwear was missing and she thought the man took it? Okay, I feel like this is kind of coming from left field. That's uh really how I felt when I was researching this case, because if this is legit, I'm like, why are we not all talking about this, like Why was she tested for drugs? Was anything else tested for drugs? Can you even test for chloroform like around someone's face? Did they try hey. What's your underwear really missing? Do we have proof of that? Like so many questions, but I don't know like- maybe at least makes a little more sense than just a stranger coming into just murder. Someone just saw her sleeping on the couch
if I remember correctly from the crime scene like they did like these stagings, that was the actual photos, but I think the boys were sleeping on the floor. So maybe the person Q came in didn't see that maybe the plan was just to attack her. Then they saw the boys and so we decided to use the knife from inside the house. I'm not saying this like makes perfect sense, but this is the weird thing that if it's true I just don't get like. Where is the underwear and does this explain why she slept through her son's being stabbed and her own throat like how do you not wake up from that? I mean yeah and if her underwear are missing like he could still have them- or maybe they're do the drain where the sock was. It opens up like a lot more questions it totally. And if you're buying that someone other than Darley you could put that sock there? Who knows what evidence was disposed of? I mean I guess at this point, I'm definitely flying into the fact that someone else was there. You know it doesn't make sense for Darley to have put the sock there,
the sock being there doesn't even make sense, but it still doesn't make sense to me for just a stranger to come in off the street to do this. So I disagree a little bit like I feel, like we've covered. A number of k is now where someone completely unrelated to a victim perpetrates violence for no reason other than to perpetrate violence and often time, there's no connection no motive, like obviously there's Israel Keyes, but I also when I think about this case. I think about the Tommy Lynn sells episode that we did in the fan club- oh my god, yeah, that's so close to this case yeah. So he for turn on the fan club. He snuck into a house killed a kid he Na Burt knew and this kid's mom was put in jail for it. So this stuff does happen. It is terrifying to think about it, but it does happen and that's why you know we're so weird about personal safety and being prepared on our show. Now it does happen,
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Years after Darley was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, an affidavit came out at the behest of Darlene's appeal attorney. It was an affidavit signed by Darlene's, husband, Darren, and it said a couple of interesting new things. The first was that apparently Darley had brought up separation to him the night of June fifth now previously, both Darley in Darren, told investigators that they like kiss goodnight? Oh please dream about me. Everything is hunky dory, so This is new, but this is not what everyone's focused on the statement like. I got a little hung up on it, but no one really dive super deep into that. The real revelation, is that Darren Odm
to committing insurance scams? So previously he had had someone steal a car so that he could collect insurance money and apparently he had been talking to a couple of people about setting up an insurance scam on his home. He wanted someone to break in steal a bunch of stuff. Then he would collect the insurance money pick up the stuff later and basically share the profits with whoever committed this crime, I'm sorry what? Yes, how has this not come up before will, apparently, when Darlie was first arrested, the lawyers that she was assigned were talking about bring Darren up as an alternate suspect, like Darley, had a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars life insurance policy on her. He was looking kind of shady because of all this insurance stuff, but here had found. Another lawyer who told him if you hire me, I won't bring go into any of this, and wouldn't you know it that guy got hired right after that. That kind of seems like a conflict of interest.
Get legitimately Darley's lawyer also repped Darren before so. I think it absolutely was a conflict of interest an Darley didn't find out about Darren's insurance scam plan until many years after she'd already been on death row, so something something she knew she could protect yourself from no everything she has told people and even Darren says no Darley had no idea about this. She said that she had no idea. He was plotting this scam to like have somebody break into their home. So what did she say when she found out? She said that she felt betrayed. I I don't know if it made her think that he could be in. Old are responsible, like the two stayed married for a long time, all the way until two thousand and eleven, and when they finally did divorce Darren kind of give a statement. He said you know we didn't divorce because I changed my mind about her innocence or I don't love her I'll, always love her she's, the mother of my children, but I just need to move on with my life. Okay, I'm sorry! I
cannot shake what you just told me. Has anyone looked into this anymore? Like? Was there someone he tried to hire? Who else? Even knew about this well on the number of people knew about it, even d'arles like step dad, I think, but when he was asked about it, he was like huh don't know why. I never like thought to mention this before two and two together and said. I don't know how you don't think this is relevant, but what, if this was a staged? Robbery gone bat? What if this was more than a robbery for higher, like Darren, swear up and down that he never even got to the point of hiring someone specific and he's like. If I had, I would have shared the names of police like I would want to given them somewhere to start.
I don't know maybe he's defending Darlie so fiercely out of guilt for something he did or maybe he did nothing and he's just being a good husband again like in Charlie's case, you can look at Darren's actions through whatever lens you want to. All we can do is wait for something scientifically solid to come back to, hopefully, give us answers in this case. Darley has appealed her case a couple of times. The first time was on the basis of the transcripts, like her original court reporter made something like eighteen, one hundred significant errors in the transcript and we're not talking spelling mistakes or grammar, but she would record peoples answers wrong. She would change statements like very crazy stuff and this would normally be something that would get a person a new trial, but the reports were fixed and R Lee's appeal was denied. She did not get a new trial based on this. So since two thousand and eight her team has been focused on this, like new physical evidence and trying to get this stuff test,
I want the fingerprint they want the sock. There might be some other evidence. I don't know about. The last report I could find is from two thousand eighteen and it just as worse still waiting for results. While Darley sits on death row now there are whole websites devoted to her. In a sense, other groups devoted to making sure she- stays in prison. This is one of those cases that gets more and more convoluted. The deeper you dig and all we can do is hope for Justice for Devon and Damon. Whatever that means In two thousand and seven Darley wrote a letter to those who support her. It could be found on the four Darlie Routier website and I'll read it to you. Now is from December ninth, two thousand and seven it doesn't seem possible. That has been eleven and one slash two years since the nightmare began. I closed my eyes and it seems just like yesterday the boys were racing outside to play with their friends, so innocent so alive, so very precious. My mind plays back.
CAN old, home movie first steps and birthday parties. I have so many memories, each more precious than the first. At times they are my salvation an other times, my undoing, yet, even when the pain is greatest, I forced myself to feel it. It reminds me of what this is all about. My pain is intimate and deep, a pain, I'm not sure I could even comprehend. Had it not been forced upon me. There have been times. I've simply wanted to say no more to just give up. It has been during these times that I have felt each of you holding me up. I realize more and more each day that I'm not fighting this battle alone. With each tiny step. You are all holding me up through all the times of despair and frustration. One of you has always been there to catch me when I fall. The injustice of this system has pierced my soul get each of you help me heal your belief. Fan support helps breathe life back into me when I feel like there's nothing left, there's a song by Celine Dion, entitled I'm everything I
I am because you loved me. I have sang this song for my precious baby boys. Now I want each of you to listen to the words of the song. This is what your love and support has done for me to simply say. Thank you. You is not enough, and there really are no words to express the depth of my gratitude. I feel for each of you know that my boys are looking down from Heaven with the same love, an attitude for each of you through this fight, they will never be forgotten. I hope you believe in angels, like I do and realize each of you have two of the most precious angels watching over you as well, with love and prayers, Darlie, Routier, if you want to dive deep into this rabbit hole, go check out our sources for this episode on the website: crime, junkie, podcast
dot com, and let us know what you think when you come out the other end, because honestly, I've had a couple of weeks of this case now, and I still don't know which way is up and be sure to follow us on Instagram at prime Jerky. Podcast will be back next week with a brand new episode. Okay Crime junkie is an audio check production. So what do you think Chuck? Do you thanks to boost mobile for their support of crime junkie.
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