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INFAMOUS: Prom Night Murders


In 1989 the small town of Lakeville, Indiana was rocked by the massacre of a pastor and his family. The pastor's only surviving son was ultimately convicted of this infamous crime but there is more to this twisted story than has ever been told before. On April 29th, 2021 (the 32nd anniversary of the crime) the audiochuck original podcast CounterClock will be releasing 20 episodes on this case to binge! Listen and determine for yourself if Jeff Pelley is guilty and right where he should be, serving a life sentence in prison. OR... if a pastor's secret past caught up to him and his son was wrongfully convicted for the crime. 

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This episode is brought to you by the new Hulu original Documentary SAS watch a true friend, astrogation that questions. What if a big foot was response both for the gruesome murder of three people on a pot farm in ninety. Ninety three journalists the whole house partners with the executive producers of wild wild country and direct her Joshua row Faye to look into the story at has haunted him for almost twenty five years, hiding deepening would force of Northern California in the heart of cannabis country a wild tale of outlaws missing persons and a terrifying truth. Roger evil calm, call that a modern, true crime doc rarely have they felt as nerve, racking, dangerous and truly scary. You apps what we need to know what happens next join the end, integration. Assess watch takes you wear. Outsiders are welcome and rumours of legendary violence have kept people away for generations. Streams asked.
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senseless reason. It took over a day gate for an arrest to finally be made another four years before somebody actually went to prison for the crime, but at least it was solved, or at least that's what you ve probably heard of you ve been around Indiana long enough and it might be true, but if you crime junkie, you know there are two sides to every story and one side of this story has ever been told so take my advice. Stick around to the very last. Second of this episode does audience about to tell a whole new store and it's a story. No one's ever heard before this is the path night murders of the petty family.
but I know you know this, but legal Indiana is a speck of They like a blink and you'll miss a kind of town just south of where you are right now in South bet ya. I mean I pass it's like said, not even go through it. When I go down to the offices- and indeed it's me- ten minutes away from where my husband grub its Can you miss it? That's only would you describe that? Yes, well in April of nineteen eighty nine, it was even smaller, even more tight knit and nothing holds a tight knit communities together like church. Now we went to a mega church back home, but between the mega churches are always too The little steeples that you can find off long country, roads usually bordered by corn fields on more than one side, and that is exactly the kind of church at the centre of our story. A little a chapel with more pews than people, Olive branch church, Osborne Road. It was there
two years ago, this very week that the com did he gathered for their normal Sunday, Sir Ass, it was April thirtieth, nineteen, eighty nine, normally Bob Pelee, the churches pastor was their degree. Everyone when he's One in last went out to leave as part of the gig migrating raise yet master for most of my life in it meant that we basically lived at the church. In fact, we kind of did like you have to be there. So much of the church often offers their pastors homes. There are literally on the property called parsonages, and that's exactly this set of Bob and his family had so just steps away from this little White Chapel was an even smaller little white home, but on, morning Bob wasn't there. to greet his congregation. In fact, none of it police were not Bob, not his wife DAWN, none of dawns, three daughters and Bob's, two kids weren't accounted for either so the way
So that was a little bit confusing. Can you could have explained like the family dynamic to me yeah, so there actually a blended family according to an Indianapolis news article, both Bob and dawn, had actually lost their previous spouses. So when they re married, they had kind of like a Brady bunch situation going on, didn't have any children together, but they both we came to the marriage with children. So just refresh my memory, how many kids were there in total, so bought has two. He has Jeff, whose seventeen at this time and Jackie who was fourteen at the time our story and dawns daughters, were Jessica, Janelle and Joe Lean, who, according to the Indianapolis star, were ten eight and six respectively. So it five key. total. Yes, don't for a small church to have like seven people am I M, you get white sticks out well, and people is the person who is first a lead, the server as low as a huge gap right. So they wait and they wait until the
point. We're Bob isn't just not early he straight up late, which doesn't sit right with anyone. According to CBS, is forty eight hours. Some people from the church decide to walk the few feet over to the parsonage home and see if maybe the family just slept in or something's going. I would on morning, unlike any other morning before they were, unable to get into the house every curtain withdrawn every the door was locked which might not raise alarm bells for some people, but this was so out of the norm for Bob and his family on a Sunday morning, and I want to keep coming back to my own experience. I swear this to be the last time, but there is kind of like this been door policy almost in parsonages, our least where I grew up at the church that I was like You could just like come barging in Ireland, but
My mom was acquire practice and I was bored. I would just walk over to your house and let myself and young thousand percent and it the idea kind of was like the church owns the house so who really you kind of have to always be available to the people who go to the church whatever in and people would come and go all the time so when they can't get in all of the Paul. Out and not go unanswered. Someone from the church goes digging for a spare key to get into the place when they open the front door. They found in that house would change so many lives forever. Just a few feet to the left of the front door. Bob pal, He was lying on his back in the hallway with blood Spattering the walls I've actually stood in the very hallway. We're Bob laid in his body would have taken up almost the whole thing. In the basin of the house were dawn, Jan now, NGO Lean- and seen. Scene was graphic.
There was no way for those who found them to know what weapon killed them, but it wouldn't have been hard to guess that each of them were shot in the head, but notably sent from the scene were three of the petty kids, Jeff, Jackie and Jessica. Now this is a really small house, so it's unlikely that the church goers would have Miss than if they were there have to imagine that they hustled out of the basement as quickly as possible to call police, and no time at all. The house was swarming with cops. Nothing the police were looking at made any sense, but there were a few things the well trained. I have a detective, could spot right off the bat first. It was clear, the family had all been murdered. Initially. Some officers at the scene speculated that it potentially could be a murder suicide, but when they didn't find an actual murder weapon near any of the victims, they knew that that was impossible. Second, they had
all been murdered with a shot gun of some kind bob on his own, upstairs and dawn in the girls in the basement, all huddled together, oh my god. Lastly, According to Indianapolis NEWS, there was no forced entry and nothing of value seem to be missing from the home, so there, right away led police to their third assumption. It seems like whoever killed the family had known the family. This is based on the position of Bob's body and the fact that a six and eight year old had died in this house so to police. That meant that, though, girls would have had to recognise their killer. Otherwise, there's no need two killed like little girls, but who could that be before they could even be? about answering that question. They first had a bigger question to answer: where, were the other three kids right around this time. Jessica was just arriving home from a sleep over she recalled.
to forty eight hours pulling up to the house in her friends, mom's car and the home. She knew was roped, often police tape, police work in and out of the home and her now reality slowly sank in as police told her friends mother about what happened inside her mother. Her sisters, her stepfather just gone in the blink of an eye at some point Jessica is able to tell police where they can find Jackie and Jeff Jackie was at a church camp thing over at Huntington College and Jeff. We found it six flags, Great America, with all his friends, because you see the night before the problem for the local high school and even though Jeff had already graduated, he going with his girlfriend darla- and this was there but big after prom planned to. The police started working quickly to locate Jeff and Jackie and bring them home to break the news, but little
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free just go to skylight frame, dot com and inner code crime junkie. That's s cave EL! I e g, HD, F, R, Emmy dot com and use code, crime junkie,. Shortly before a police showed up in Illinois to retrieve Jeff and tell him his father had been murdered. Something strange happened at six flags out of nowhere, Jeff who, up and this point has been totally happy: go lucky post, prom, attendee if a sudden started acting off and when girlfriend. Darla asked him. What was he would just say like I don't know I just have this feeling, but something is wrong like something bad happened, he couldn't what words to his feelings, any better than that, so they just moved on, but that feeling to have come roaring back hours later when police. Finally tracked him down,
changed his life forever because something, was very wrong, according reporting by Patrick M, O Connell in the South and Tribune police wasted no time talking to Jeff. the early morning hours. They are transported him back to the Indiana and they had all Four went sleep in order talk to Jack, to see what he could tell them about the day before anything that might lead to the families killer, and I dont know what the police hoped for, but I don't think they got it from yes, Jeff's questioning, which have actually seen in its entirety for myself, is large unhelpful does that he has no idea who would want to do this to his family and key recounts for police his last day at home on the twenty? Ninth, just how normal it was when he worked at a Donald, his dad picked him up, because he was grounded now allowed to drive a car came home. They ate lunch, Jeff washed his car, then some come over to take pictures at the house, and then he left to go meet up with his date. Now
the way he said that his car started acting up, so he had to pull over a gas station to fix it. Now he called girlfriend Darla from the gas station to tell her that he was running late, but not long after he meets up with her and his friends and he'd been with them until police tracked him down. So what Jeff was telling police was an extremely helpful but they weren't so much wrapped up in, like the words he was saying, but rather how he was acting only hours after finding out his only surviving parent, his step mother and his two steps sisters were brutally murdered. There is, a tear shed, not many questions asked even a weird giggle here and there ass. He recalled the dumb stuff. He did ass a teenager that pissed his dad off, but He insisted the whole time, but at the end of the day he and his dad loved each other-
but the lead detective was sure something was. Wrong here so wake. you said something I wanna kind of clarify, at least for my own. Like knowledge, you said his dad, too much from work because he was grounded. So I assume that meant that he was crowded from using his car but He was allowed to drive the problem and that dear, that is at the heart of this because ask anyone who was close to the police in the days leading up to the murders and they'll tell you the same thing: Jeff was grounded, using his car. Is that had literally taken apart out of it, so it wouldn't run oh well and he was grounded from going to dinner before the prom and all of the activities after prime obesity. His dad Bob was telling everyone who would listen that the only way Jeff was going to prom with if Bob drove him like literally dropped him off at the dance and picked him up afterwards, but Jeff
I was telling police in this interview that his dad changed his mind? Yet a change of heart? They came to an agreement and he decided to let him go. hey kind of everyone's thought exactly was just too convenient, especially when you combine it with what they learned from the crime scene like eyes that every about this scene told police that the killer knew the family intimately and they were come people in the home. The way police body was positioned, is critical to understanding this, so Ladys had bought was found lying in a small hallway just to the left of the front door of the house and this hallway. It leads from kind of the living room area to the bath bedrooms and bathrooms. So against small even smaller hallway I've stood there myself. So his body takes up. Almost the entire thing hold up, use I noticed that earlier, but
When do you visit crime seems, I told you this case is different. You'll see keep but here is what ski boots. legs were pointed towards the back to bed rooms and the wall at the end of the hallway. So That means he was standing at the end of the hallway facing someone who had to have either come out of Bob in Dawns room which is at the end or Jeff's room, which is at the end and then he was shot with the full the shock that for he was shot in the chest, that's what not. him back and then he was shot under the chin. So when think about it, who ever shot him wasn't some home invader who caught him off guard by coming in the front door or the backdoor through the garage whoever shot him came from either his bedroom or his sons. Bedroom from like with in the hall. Right after she,
in Bonn. The killer would have had to have stepped over his body and me their way down to the basement and among you Think about this, like surely dawn in the girls, had you have already heard the first to blast from upstairs light is a small house. They had to have been tariff As someone came down, the steep carpeted steps, one by one, cold and calculated the killer fired three shots from close range into each one of their skulls in two gaiters on the scene that day said that the site, that they saw from that basement was one let no one should have to see there was god and brain matter scattered on the floors. Oh, my god, on the walls, but it was even I from the ceiling- and I say that not to try and shock you, but for you to understand this next part in nice,
seen eighty nine police were sure that whoever had killed the fan we would have been covered in their blood. It would in all over their clothes. It would have been in their hair there's no way a killer could have walked out of the house without anything on them, unless they clean themselves and pay. These believe. That's exactly what happened based on some clothes that they say they found in the washing machine in the basement and some day wash clause in the shower upstairs so again All of this combined is telling investigators that the killer was comfortable in the home. But there is one more thing that made them even more sure the killer, with some one who knew the family intimately. he's had heard that Bob Pelee kept a shot gun in a rat on the wall in his bedroom, but when they pay says the scene? There was no shotgun anywhere, so the king
didn't bring a weapon with him right police. I believe that the very gun that used to hang on the wall was the murder weapon so in their minds. The killer with someone who lived in the home so did the I've gone. They have match the shell casings, because there's more than one and a shot gun. What's the problem, the killer, not only took the gun they picked up ever A single shell casing as well sick in total, so they don't know for sure that its Bob's gun, but like outcomes razor here, it's missing right after the fact, Way is murdered, so depends on who you ask them accordingly, reporting in the south been Tribune Jeff and Jackie say that their dad got rid of all of the guns in the house before the murder. Apparently act a time when Jeff had threatened to take his own life. But on the flip side, Jessica, says that she saw the gun
in her mom and Bob's room before she went away that very weak and that the family was murdered. So If someone coming out of Jeff or Bob's to shew Bob, with potentially the gun from Bob's room. So as well, ordered by Marty. Good, let Helene and Patrick M O Connell police believed their prime suspect was Jeff with in our I mean even before they picked him up a great America, oh wow, and so that's part of the reason that baby, collect any prince at the scene, but I'm sorry accurate scratch. Why No none. Now you see they expected Jeff prince to be there and expected Jeff to be their guy so in their minds, it wouldn't prove much if they found Prince ok. But what, if you found, I don't know,
someone else's France, that they were looking for someone else's prince. That seems really narrowly focused while the case was but part of the reason it was so narrowly focused is because police thought that their window of time, with all super narrow, and it could only be one person. Let me walk youth The timeline a day started piecing together. After talking with people who saw the police that day now, well comes directly from a two dozen six article in this out then Tribune that was put together by Marty and Patrick, who I just mentioned earlier at about four thirty p m this group of care stops by the Pelee House before problem, to take pictures, Jeff is there, but not in his tux, yet ten to fifteen minutes later this kid named Matt comes by, but then he realizes that he left his dates corsage at home and he leaves to go, get it by four hundred and fifty the group of that's at the police house leaves but Jeff Remit. Behind at the house. So
Why isn't he taking pictures are going with them or anything? So what to piece together doesn't seem like this is his group of friends like bear all from the church they were coming by, so Bob could take pictures of them. Jeff's friends were, I think, part of a whole different group from what I gather. So maybe these kids are like use group, kids, or something like that that just maybe just was close to share in it a small town. Rightly they go to things school, but it's not like there s, no use your problem group and eloquent in same problem. Now around five fifteen an inch or so mad says that he drives by the police house. Agenda he's got his corsage he's gonna meet every one where they're going and he says that he sees Jeff's car there at the Pelee House and fifteen ish, but by five hundred fifteen. Five twenty ash Jeff is on the road at a gas station with his car, this he's telling police remember that he was having hard troubles. The gas station to fix it. He calls Darla told her that he's running late. No, this is
disputed like police, say you know, round five. Seventeen o me things that specific they had the phone records around this time. He's at the gas station he's a hundred percent there, no one's arguing that so maybe mats always car. Little sooner, I try not to get to hung up on that, but it's a fact that authorities get right hung up on, because Jeff told police that he left the house around four fifty five. So they take this as him lying. I'm trying to distance himself The crime scene No, someone else comes by the house closer to six like another prom goer, whose end get pictures or whatever, and leaving the house locked up like curtains drawn no Pelee family in sight, and that's because the please believe that by this time the family was already dead, so everyone put Jeff Car there at say,
let me in the Middle five, ten. Ok, the group left the house at four fifty dish. That's twenty minutes tops ya, but police think it's doable and here is how they think he did it So it has brought him part by caviar, almost every you Friday, I asked my husband what sums good for dinner, I'm a decent hurt, but and if a grocery and if no solid mule plans and definitely no ambition to actually make anything- and that's me, says I mean arrow cannot take up because I actually married the saint and we to cap. Here it's up with the best local restaurants and delivers them right to your door with full of local faves on caviar, but we also discovered exciting new. Please is practically in her backyard steadily. regulars in our home now, plus maybe it's not dinner
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it's a shower changes into new clothes, but still not his white tux grabs his though, along with those casings and the gun that he picked up and goes to his car and leaves for problem. As if nothing happened, everyone who is within that night says he was acting totally normal completely. No one had any idea, I mean there's even this picture that is become synonymous with this case of Jeff in his white ox, laying across the for arms of his friends as they like hold him up impose. I can totally imagine this picture yeah. He was just a teenage kid having fun prom, no one suspected a thing. The only strange behaviour that he exhibited in the entire. What twenty some hours that they were altogether was that one moment at six flags when he turned a darla and told her, he felt something was wrong. Did the police that's just car when they went and picked him up from six flags like if he took the guy in the casings, I'm assuming
please would have them in evidence. They don't have been in evidence because they weren't injects car, oh Paul. theorize that he dumped the gun somewhere after he left the house. But before he met up with Darla, which and blinking, you miss a town, that's a tiny space, it seems searchable, so they searched. The times in Munster reported that quote: police divers Tuesday searched a pond across the road from the parsonage looking for the weapon or any other evidence, end quote but another report that same day from the heralds into the water was so murky. They had actually, feel around with their hands, and they found anything ok, but what? the clothes in the house or even the shoes he was wearing I mean if he says he left house before they died.
Any of those items have blood on them. Emmy is a done deal. Will right after the murders. In eighty, nine police sent a number of things off to the FBI. The month evening, press that reported this didn't say what items exactly, but just said that they were. We for results to come back and they keep waiting because without something concrete. The prosecutor wooden approve, Jeff's, arrest, Ok, but I have another question: what about time of death like we have twenty minute window, where Jeff to have killed them right. wouldn't. We know, for sure from their autopsies, so here's the thing same way with not collecting Prince no one,
took like body temperatures, no one tested for rigour, mortis, liver, more. There was no like assessment of the bodies to determine that at any point. What you're telling me not at the scene, not when they are taken away? No one saw it to even think about taking time of death which, again, when you ve got a twenty minute window, seems so critical, because, if their murdered at midnight or even say like early hour Sunday morning. It changes everything just couldn't done. It right you kind of see why the prosecutor wooden approve an arrest. So investigators are just left to watch Jeff. They watch him as they let him back into the home to collect some of his things. They watch him, the funeral as he looked stoic, not shedding a tier, and they were. To him as he went to live with his maternal grandparents weeks ticked by in every search for the murder weapon turned up empty without there.
Smoking gun. All they could hope for is that something would come back from the FBI, testing that would prove they had their man or their kid, but eight or that summer they did get those results in what they said. No when new for sure at the time, because all police would say was that they were inconclusive, what analysis for many more years nothing happened just Jackie and Jessica all went separate ways living with different family members. Jeff tried knowledge for a time before, moving back to Rural Indiana and then eventually returning to Fort Myers Florida, where he and his family had actually lived before they moved to Lake fell. He worked for some family friends who had known his dad there and in ninety three even got married to that very family friends. Niece things were just quiet. The people, like all, moved on a new pastor. Came they clean
the house even did an open house to show the congregation it wasn't this bloody crime scene any more, and this might Leslie have all gone away. Just another unsolved crying in India is history, but a couple of things happened that put J Polly Square back in polices sites. First Jeff reached out to Jessica at some point and asked her if she wanted to come visit him in Florida? No, the murders they hadn't had much if any contact and at first she was kind of happy to reconnect with someone else who went through the same thing that she did, but within listing is Jessica. Who now goes by Jesse told forty eight hours that after the murder, she never really learned what happened. She was really young. Her family didn't talk about it with her or even in front of her, so she was left like pieced together and fill in the blanks for herself. So, for
all these years after she lost her family, she had been believing that it was a murder suicide. Oh yeah, so I mean I have no questions, but my first one is, I guess but she land Thereas. Like that's what happened I dont know exactly. What I do know is that remember, even the police, in those first minutes after arriving to the crime scene, thought that this could be a murder suicide, eminent something ease, two jumped you when you have three bodies downstairs a single adult upstairs, but again it took my point. two seconds to realise that it couldn't be the case because there was no weapon ever found anywhere near the scenes of that's when police started looking squarely at Jeff. So I No, if her remember she dropped, By her friends mom, I don't know her friends mom brought her back, like maybe overheard something or whispers somehow like that.
its large dinner logistical overhears, something like this is what stuck in her mind. I dont know if there were other feelings that she had about her stepped out that, like played ended, I have no idea. I guess that was my first thought like what about you, step. Tat makes you think that he gave me capable of that, I don't know, but I mean that's what she had believed for many years and so far for two when Jeff invites her down to Florida and Jesse says that one of the first things he asks her like she said. getting into the house in settling in is he says who do you think I killed them and she's gonna caught off guard and she's idea. Well, your dad and Jeff, just kind of says. Oh walks away, but Surely Jeff knew enough about the case. He didn't think his dad, did it I mean I'm sure He didn't, but I think you can play both sides of this interaction. Rightly if you
with this injustice guilty. He wanted to know what she knew like what she suspected and all he cared about was that she didn't suspect him and he moved on if you When I look at it and say he's innocent, maybe he realized how naive she was. Maybe he didn't see the point in rehashing something so awful. You know what kind of let her believe what she wants to believe kind of thing right but event. Really Jesse would learn what really happened to her family and she believes Jeff wasn't trying to protect her by not telling her she firm It is in the camp that he was a guilty man digging to see what she knew and anyone who might have thought Jeff was an innocent man had to question themselves when in eighteen. Ninety four Jeff was finally arrested, but not for murder for a completely different fry in nineteen. Ninety four, the self been Tribune picked up. A story out of Fort Myers. Florida were Jeff, was living here,
was arrested, charge and eventually convicted of wire fraud. We wire fraud yeah. He had this whole scheme worked up because his grandpa was in charge of the trust where his inheritance went after his dad and step mom died. So basically him jacking Jesse all got some money and they all had to jump through some hoops to get the money in safer Jackson when he needed it. Here too, I go to ramp over the whole thing the big chunk of the money wouldn't be released to him until he was much older. So instead waiting instead of following the rules. Jeff makes his own rules here, lies to his grandpa. He tells He had to undergo an operation that put him in like a bunch of dead and he need something like twenty thousand dollars to pay off these medical bills and he's got bills he's got this avoided check. He even has a number for his grandpa to call the hospital which he does and like he has his whole operation set up, but it all.
Some like Grandpa new, ensure when he does in digging it was it was all bogus and Jeff was busted. Now do this Jeff anymore guilty for his family's murder. No, I mean it still not a great luck right. It fit right. into the narrative that the indian authorities had all along Jeff Pelee would do anything to get what he wanted by before when this all went down, the lead investigator on the police case is gaining John Boat. It was super frank with any one who will listen and quote him. There was no pussyfooting around Jeff was his guy even told her order. Cabin Bogle for the South Ben Tribune quote. He is my suspect. Everybody knows that end quote, but despite all the commotion. It would be six more years before the public heard just name again, but
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offering our listeners twenty percent off plus free shipping on your first order, when you go to perfect foods, dot com and make sure you, promo code crime junkie, try imperfect foods now and for a limited time get twenty percent off your first order. Go! Do imperfect foods, dot com, code, crime jack. You sign up that twenty percent of plus free shipping at imperfect foods, dot com offer good crime junkie. The daily journal reported on May second, two thousand, that the county prosecutor was re. Opening the police whole case, confident that now could be solved. That's a big statement about such an infamous local case, so every one kind of held their breath yeah, but six months went by And then a year people are
at themselves, breed by the time she doesn't to world around. But that's when an announcement came that sent shock waves through Indiana Jes Pelee. had been arrested in LOS Angeles for the murder of his family. You see in the years since just fraud, conviction he'd really made something of himself. He got a swinging computer job for IBM. He me good money got to travel the world and he was on his way back from Australia when authority stopped him in L, a acts and arrested him for the murder of his family back and eighty nine when they arrested him, how they found new evidence when they re open the case? That's the thing. There was nothing I know new physical evidence, no new testimony, no new witness it's the prosecutor's office. had changed hands a couple of times between eighty nine in two thousand to and from the outside it just looks They finally had some one who is willing to take what they had
all along all the way to trial, but not for you. Here's! What do you mean? I mean he was arrested in two thousand to be heeded actually stand trial until something like two thousand six, I'm sorry what if happen happened to the right to a speedy trial. That's a great question and one of the many messy points in this case, but ultimately it does go to trial in two thousand and six with the same cast of characters. witnesses who said that Jeff didn't like your stepmother witnesses. That said Bob adamant about Jeff, not driving his car, go into prom activities but again. We know he did DR his car and he did go to all of the activities and more. Information came out to the public, though it had been known to police all along. Like statements, Jeff supposedly made to people at a party after the murder where he said things like I'll kill you just like I did then or
I'll blow your eyes out. Just like I did hers, oh my god. The same a timeline gets rehashed over and over an expert argue over whether the damp washcloth found in families bathroom prove that he showered there to clean up from the murder same with the genes that police said they found in the washer, spite links. The prosecution was trying to draw Patrick M O Connell reported during the second week of trial. For the South Ben Tribune, quote Forensic ever and from the gruesome crime scene has done nothing to tie Pelee to the murders. End quote, but it must not have been enough reasonable doubt because ultimately, you're forty witnesses hundred exhibits. The jury found Jeff Pelee Guilty murdering his family all those years ago,
because he was under eighteen at the time of the crimes he wasn't eligible for the death penalty, but he would be spending the rest of his natural life behind bars and there it for years. No one uttered the Pelee name. It was a tragedy, but there was justice, but was there because Jeff. He still swears he's innocent and his Mr Jackie, believes him together, they ve been fighting with Jeff's wrongful conviction attorney for Jeff to get a new trial, I'm junkies. If I have learned one thing by doing this show by telling you ever thing the media has reported on a case. It's that there always more in case of Jeff Pelee. It's not just a couple of things not thing I could cover interest. A part two of this case
it's not even something that I have the skill set to cover because the truth, the real honest to God, truth about these murders, isn't in the newspapers or an episode of a tv show Only side of this story- that's ever really been told, is the one I just hold you and even decide, doesn't even break it down. Well, like you, don't hear about what was or was not found on, the blue jeans that they found in the wash or the stuff found the Blue Jeans, that might prove they work washed. But I know you don't about all of the evidence at the scene. That wasn't collected or ignored, but I know you don't hear about the guy Bob, give all his guns to before the murders or the fact that, on the day of the murders, Bob was shopping for a gun himself, and you don't hear anything about the fact that Bob Polly was
fraid of someone from his past a past that was completely we're talking a one hundred eighty degree difference then being small town, pastor and family man that he showed everyone in lake fell, but I know his past that because nine months ago, Delia De Umbra picked up the Pelee case file She's gone through the interrogation tapes, the crime scene, videos we visited the crime scene, trial, transcripts, she's, track down people. The indian authorities never even spoke to an she has found is going to blow your mind Some of it makes Jeff look guilty Some of it makes him look innocent all of will make you think twice about this case, and it is so unbelievable so twisted that you
have to hear this story all at once, so for the first time ever We are releasing all twenty episode of the new season of counter clock. Cowardly season. Three is coming out as a binge: all twenty episode or dropping this Thursday April twenty nine. On the thirty second anniversary of the murders so make sure you follow apple progress. But if I were ever you listen because every one is going to be talking about this seas and I'm not kidding you. We ve got tv commercials, we ve got billboards, big stuff is gonna, be happening and you don't want to be behind so here, take a listen to what's coming later. This week.
The boy was thirty years ago, this waiting at church parsonage unlikely that a minister was murdered, along with his wife and two children under the age of ten five shot gun blasts killed four members of the petty family. I saw something that data, even though we should ever see asked Bob is gone two daughters, eight year old you now, six year old, Shu Lien came up in the door of looking at the front families gone on April, twenty nine. Ninety nine someone murdered the Kelly family Unworldly clearly included the evidence and disappear. Where's the gun was dead. So, if I beg your pardon, I find the murder weapon from this time. Our fingers pointed to one person, robber, Jatropha Jeff was a suspect from beginning his motive. He was seventeenth time he was grounded and he wanted to which in Prague in his mind, would become the question in everyone's mine. Could a teenage boys past your sign really be behind such a real sick person? The answer left many close to this case. Divided. I never ass Jeff. If he did it, because I had no reason to believe that he does that. Do you think that Jeff is a sociopath? Yes, I do he terrorized me for people in the MID west. The mystery ended with a conviction more than a decade after the kind Jeff fairly continues to serve a one hundred sixty year sentence for his crimes. This season on counter clock, I'm investigating if the whole story has really been told, and when I found that the secrets in one house divided are only part of the picture, he had a light before the ministry. Wasn't a minister previous lie in say by people looking for anything found him. They would kill him his wife, his children, they would wipe out. They think that he was scared, Hollywood and forced to ask. Is there another family who knows the real truth? They were an old fort cracker
good old boy, family, more or less, they were afraid of us. They were afraid of anything we can do. It has the truth. I'm after been buried for more than three decades. You just about any knowledge of the murder. He claimed that it was. It was likely a mob hit if while person would look at the series of events, they make sense that they would cover up a murder with every interview the seas in the body. Count in a story, that's led me from Indiana to Florida grows a beautiful, fair boy, he had no reason to leave. And every reason alive and
breathing. I thought I knew about the nineteen. Eighty nine Pelee family murders comes into question. The case was unsolved. For more than a decade before Jeff Pelee was arrested and convicted of the murders of his family. The cases and over the Indiana University Mackay Wrongful Conviction clinic, has taken the case there, promising new evidence. There would argue for just Powys innocence. None of it is through it all mantra, nations and its sole hard to believe. I carry something so large, and I know it through think here that proper waited cures. Paris, this April join me deal you D Ambrose, as I turned back the hands of time on a mind. Bending mystery, many are convinced, is far from solved. The children nature that we like the spectacular sternness, there's more to anchor this Portuguese. I just had a feeling inside Sultan was right for I find out what it was. Something was wrong and scientists have his feelings. Suppose wrong. Counter clock returns. On April twenty nine thirty two year, Anna verses of the petty family, martyrs audio check, will be released in the series of little differently this season and dropping all the episodes at once. So you condemned be sure to follow counter clock on apple pie. Cas Spotify over ever you listen to pipe. Can dont forget to follow counter
we're ever your listening to this right now. So you can binge all twenty episodes this Thursday April. Twenty nine I will be talking about it: nonstop on our social crime, junkie, podcast and Counter clock podcast. So if you don't spoilers binge it along with me You can find all of this source material for this episode on our website, crime, junkie, podcast, dot com and, like actually said, be sure to follows on Instagram, came to keep outcast we'll be back next week with a brand new episode, but you can stick around for profit of the month.
crime junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck do you ok I don't know something I love almost more than just. bits in general. What oh working puppet like he has the support, provides. The therapy provides that guy province of search Maybe it's the best thing like a puppet, gets a vast, I'm totally and will also like ones. You tell me I can't pet them. I want to put them more right. I M just obsessed and I want to tell you about Kara who was a hard working projects that are lost. Married submitted and That also warned me that this new eleven out of ten for sound on her scale. So if you're driving pull over for dinner got down dear I make up here. At least you might be.
I'm not sure yeah, I'm just letting guys know right off the top basics else wants to it so Meredith met Kara when she was at work, Meredith is actually a public defender and Kara was a bomb detection working in the courthouse mere this district and Railway Meredith noticed that Kara was the talk of the courthouse She followed her handler Ryan, like a shadow was well behaved all the time like or even on a leash, even and she just silently lay in the courtroom during cases while they are being heard, but when there was a break that when she went on tour. Getting all the heads and the trade that she could find. So many back that Ryan I'd like talked it
of reward in the court house to limit treat only two fridays which that high literally shock in the opposite, like he's trained everyone to give him tree, I was just about say, like a kite, reminds me of an office prepared that contract out of all the snacks and his neo starts with nature and ends with early when, when I rather like, oh, I know Kara S personality now, we know this dark so get was beloved I'd like even for second birthday, someone made her a puppet cake and she's a bomb, detection dog, and so it was in the shape of like a cartoon style bomb, would like a whole fuel than everything like, of course, like something you do like your favorite coworker. They did for Kara there recovered. Exactly and merely loved going to the court has to see Kara Anzio goods
was at her job and truly how devoted she was her handler Ryan, and I also want to point out that Kara actually got her name because of her demeanour. She was sweet, Caroline buds, it got into care of our work, which is obviously soak you so here we are, we are at the same time. Are we ready depressed? So what knight, Kara and Ryan were working and care? was searching for a weapon that I suspect they had been kind we have had tossed now during the search for weapon. Kara fell from a fifty foot bridge and was so fear, he entered with a broken, among other entries, and right in. May the incredibly difficult decision to have Kara move out instead of suffer
the Kurds and of watch was actually December twenty first, twenty twenty. Gunnar, showing too three she had served for two years: oh my good. Now the whole court community was devastated by the loss of care and even merit who wrote in about care- I said you know as a defender I shouldn't have liked her. We were on opposite sides, you know, but There's no way anyone could have ever heated care and Actually, a few news articles about Kara and her impact, including one even covering the memorial service that was held for her back in January and a bit wary by a local funeral home and I'm in a link to all of those on our website for ashore, This is kind of a short one, because I this is the computer swedish chocolate or black lab with a badge I've ever seen in my entire life generally.
picture, ass foresight to just do a job or those ear. She's like the sweetest, saw it s, looking girl in the world, and I just imagine how walking through courthouse, getting all the pets and all treats and being gaining all the way beginning all the way and tall Ryan, I D say absolutely not. She gets treats one day and I mean This is a beautiful obituary for her a beautiful memorial service for her. I was just heart broken when Meredith reach out to us that healthcare, a story so kind of short one but sad similar, said, press guys we're through the sad part and I'm sorry if I may, to cry or late for work, as usual, I also bring some attention to a rescue organisation that serves the area that Kara served as well: the Augusta regional as pc. I,
also has an amazing programme that I am now obsessed with called pets for seniors, offering this adoption rates for senior citizens to adopt their new best friend. but I just think is so so cool and, as always we'll be linking that on our website, as well
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