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INFAMOUS: The “Lonely Hearts” Killers


In the late 1940's, women who thought they'd found true love were being conned out of their life savings by a man and his sister who would go to brutal lengths to keep their scheme going.

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finally found true love what they really found, though, with something much much more sinister. This is the story of the lonely hearts killers.
In early January of nineteen, forty nine, just after New year's in Amsterdam, New York, a woman named Mary Spencer, is getting ready to spend some time with her stepmother. Even though marries dad passed away some time ago, she and her dad's widow. This woman named JANET Faye, still have a really good relationship. Janet basically helped raise her and they ve always state in touch, and today's gonna be special though, Today, JANET is coming to town from Albany, so that Mary will get to meet JANET's new love interest since JANET a devout Catholic who goes to math every Sunday Mary. Does it meet up with her until that afternoon, when she, in her new gentlemen friend Charles, come over along with Charles Sister, Martha so Merry has JANET Charles and Martha all over to her house, and they all tell her about how they met and JANET,
tell Mary how she's already started introducing him to her friends, because things are just going so well, like Jan Authority head over heels in love with this guy. You see he's a successful businessman, and since his family's from Spain, where he's spent a good portion of his childhood he's like a man of the world, he feels very exotic yeah. He sounds like a really good, catch this dude is a catch right now we don't know what exactly marries. First impression of them is, but she has to notice the one thing that I think would really stick out. Charles is in his mid thirties, which is definitely quite a bit younger than JANET who's in her early sixty s, it's a little less common. But again this isn't unheard of so again, maybe take notice, but it's not like she's like this is impossible that you guys fell in love, sometimes it happens. There isn't a lot of information out there about Mary and what she does after she meets Charles and Martha, but we do know that
later on that January, Mary gets a letter from her. Stepmother the New York Daily NEWS. Reprinted that letter in March of nineteen, forty, nine and Brett I'm going to have you read it to us. The letter says quote my dearest Mary. You think I mean for not writing to you any sooner. Please excuse me, for I have been so busy going and seeing so many different places and also doing much shopping I am all excited and, having the most wonderful time of my life, I never felt as happy as before. I soon will be. Mrs Martin and then we will go to Florida for the winter Mary. I'm about to ask you a great favor. I would like you to call the American Express Agency and have them ship my trunk and boxes that I have there to me. The address is on the various stickers that I'm enclosing in the letter. I would like to sort out many things before I leave for Florida.
I'm so happy and contented for Charles is so good and nice to me and also his family. They have done everything to make me feel more comfortable at home. I will close now with my best wishes and love for you both and love and kisses for the child I really do miss you all, but I sure that my prayers have been granted to me by sending this Therefore, man me, God, bless you all JANET J, Faye End quote when Mary this on January, eleven she's instantly suspicious. because in her mind it doesn't sound like JANET some of JANET's friends and get letters around the same time too, and they all say basically like surprise with an announcement that she's engaged to Charles, along with some other, like super gushy stuff right, along with the same lines of hell, great everything,
How wonderful life is how wonderful, Charles is in something about it. Just feels yeah, but to me having a different tone, could just beef that kind of honeymoon, phase and relationship and being so excited about this upcoming wedding and going to Florida for the winter yeah. It could be that for one other thing that Mary notices according to Charles Bells pointing in the New York Daily NEWS. The letter was typed on a typewriter, so not in her handwriting well not in her handwriting, but here's the other thing Mary knows for a fact that JANET doesn't know how to type she didn't on a typewriter and even if she did, she wouldn't have known how to use it and again I think it's hard for people we're thinking my computer terms like it, wouldn't be that hardly
press a letter, but even like loading it making sure has ink and how you do all that stuff. I don't think I could use a typewriter and, if you not familiar with typing, there was like an arrays option, but you would be able to tell that an error had been made here and Jerry do it. So you would expect that from someone who wasn't familiar with it right so between the typing, and the strange wording nothing about this letter is sitting right with Mary. So the next day on January twelve, she decided to go to the police and tell them about, this world, when romance JANET, had and actually filed a missing persons? Report? Okay, you said whirlwind, but how long? actually been together like weeks or months or days like what's what's fast in a situation. yeah. So the timeline is different, depending on what source you're looking at one set of court records, I read said that they ve been together couple of months, but another one said: barely a single week, you see JANET desperately wanted to.
Married again, and so she was a member of this thing called a lonely hearts club. Basically, it's this match making service those through the mail and joy it literally just sent Charles a letter on the day after Christmas. and she may have invited him to come visit her in that very first letter bestowing she saw this guy is personal ad and without ever him or changing any letter or communication was just like hey using coal, let's listed as let's meet up it's fast right and enormously from the sources that I. that kind of what it sounds like to me, which I don't you think we need to tell you, is kind of a big known, like everyone be careful with meeting strangers but gazed on top those like it's not even now, it's the forty use. yeah height but, like I said, the timelines a little fuzzy, so they may have talked on the phone a couple of times too, but with or without phone calls. This is happening fast, moving again that this is the day after Christmas when they first make
contact by January. Eleven TH is when Mary is getting this letter, saying we're, engaged and we're running off and we're going to Florida. So just a couple of weeks- and I think that's part of the reason why Mary get so suspicious of this letter that supposed to be from JANET and why she goes to police so quickly. You said, even for the time, I mean this relationship is moving fast and apparently JANET had some bad luck with the lonely hearts before there's not a lot out there about how exactly things unfold for police, but, according to the post, STAR Mary tells police at some point that she found out, JANET's house had been sold and her bank account is complete, empty? What yeah now there's nothing about if she tells them this, while she's filing the missing persons report or if she learns this afterwards, but regardless of when they learn what police totally want to find JANET and even have a little chat with Charles who,
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crime, junkie, late in January of nineteen, forty nine in Byron Center Michigan, just south of Grand rapids. Some people in the community start noticing that lock me. Be turning around four one of their neighbours. A woman named Delphin down They all know that delphinus husband died in a freak accident when his truck got hit by a train and that things have been hard for her as a widow left to raise their two year old daughter, re now, all alone, depending on which source you re they'll fiends anywhere from twenty four to forty one years old at the time, but whatever her real age is she's totally at the point in her life, where she wants to get remarried and build a family. For I now and now to her neighbours is looking like she might have done, because Delphin has a visitor male, visitor named Charles Martin wakes up the sky was dealing with her for
what I can tell from resources, yeah he's staying with her, so I'm like a kind of a history buff- and I love the especially the forties, but this seems really kind of skin. the list for the time the neighbors didn't think it was out of ordinary or kind of bizarre right so they would have been a little scandalous right for a unwed woman to be having this man stay with her bite there This little work around, because when Charles comes to visit, he just so happens to bring along his sister Martha. So they have sort of chaperone exactly They want to make sure that nobody's getting the wrong idea totally above board. Everybody's reputation stays nice and clean, and it's considerate for the day and age This guy is doing the right thing right off the bat, its unclear exactly how much the neighbour know about Charles and Martha, but Byron Center is a small town. So
in small towns right, like everybody's kind of up in everybody's business, a little bit. Definitely so what I can tell you is that at first everything seems great from the outside Delphine seems to enjoy the company. It probably does here good to have some other people around. To help with right now and Charles seems like a catch for this young widow he's. a successful business man that Delphin met through lonely hearts- and here I want you actually to read me one of their letters this one specifically that she sent to him so they'll fiends letter to Charles says, quote dear Charles. Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas greeting Christmas is so busy with its hustle and bustle, and the lull afterwards is such a let down. It gives me an empty
only feeling new year's eve. I kept the neighbors children, so they could go out and the children were sleeping quietly when the whistles blue, only noise was when the dog set up a howl at midnight. I've been having trouble with my old car. Maybe I should have taken the advice and bought a new one, but I need to spend so much when it could be invested for right now to be used later. I have a nice two stall garage, but when I cleaned out the shop, the tools and things filled it, but gradually getting everything sold right now got a tricycle from some friends and she's sitting on it now and really making a noise. Do you like children's carols? I hope you do because if we continue to correspond, I will mention right now often. I hope I don't break the rules of friendship correspondence by writing you before. I give you time to consider my last letter, sincerely Delphine,
and quote? Okay, so this letter she said she's writing around Christmas time. Isn't that around the same time that Mary and JANET and Charles and Martha all met not that the find that they met, but JANET and Charles, were exchanging letters around the same time. I think was like the day after Christmas and I'm pretty sure he meets Mary like early January right on New year's what I can tell these correspondence are kind of going on simultaneously you know this is only letter I have, but based off this letter, it sounds like she will even wrote to him before, she's like sending him multiple letters before he's even responded. So I think he exchanging letters with multiple women around the same time. So obviously there correspondence went well and at some point she invites Charles and his sister to come stay. About a month after they arrive in Byron, centre and start staying at Delphinus house. Something about this situation starts to feel a little off to everyone whose watching, maybe they herds
strange or maybe they haven't seen little re Nell recently we don't know what it was, but whatever first set off this feeling it doesn't go away. It only gets stronger after a few days go by and no one scene re. Now. No one has said Delphin and finally, on February twenty Eightth someone decides to call the police according to Joseph Mcnamara. peace in the New York Daily NEWS, when a pair of sheriff's deputies get to Delphine's house. That night, there's no one there. So they decide to wait. and sure enough around midnight, a man and a woman come back, but the woman isn't Del feed its Martha and so police. Ask like hey guys, we're. Is, is Delphine and now right at first
it tries to play it off and he tells him. Oh. You know why gel fiend took the baby to Detroit to go visit. Some friends it's no big deal, but then police noticed all these pact bags in the House like Charles in Martha, it looks like their planning on going somewhere to somewhere. That don't mean all of them stop almost as if they're, not planning on leaving anything behind and really doesn't look at their planning to combat kind of like a moving out situation right wing like adding up to the story that they're telling like nothing, is feeling right about this to the two deputies and it just fishy. So when they searched Charles, they also find that he's carrying this big wad of cash like how much cash it's alright.
Four thousand dollars, which I mean already, is a lot of money to just be like casually can, but in the forties yeah in nineteen. Forty nine can you imagine and in addition to the cash, they also find this weird list of names in his pocket. So any doubt that police might have still have that these two are getting ready to skip. Town is kind of gone, and they know that They have to find Delphine right away because clearly, Charles and Martha seem like they're running from something right then, and there police decide to dig deeper to what's in the house, searching for any trace of Delphine and her daughter. They go through every room, but there's just nothing there. That is until they get down into the basement, because what they see
Is that part of the floor in the basement? Has new cement like so knew that the cement is still wet police start to dig and it doesn't take? long took on earth the horrible truth there. in the shallow messy whole are the bodies of Delphin. Her daughter rain now, the lancing State Journal reported that police then confront cha in Martha and arrest them and, what's crazy, is that they confess almost immediately. I mean, it's crazy good, but something we don't normally see right. I read a couple of articles that actually quote Charles as saying you got me and you got me dead to rights. I may as well tell you everything- and it's honestly like the floodgates open here, because once both Charles and Martha start talking law enforcement are just stunned because Charles tells them Charles Martin
is not my real name. What he mean his real name is Raymond Martinez, Fernandez he's thirty four years old and Martha isn't his sister. Martha is actually his girlfriend. I knew it yeah. So basically he says that they were working together to take Delphin for every penny. She had, he tells them. Everything was gone great until Delphine Soft first hand that Charles was not the man, she thought he was. You see Raymond, who is calling himself Charles, worked really hard
in his like love ads and in person to build up this image of being this tall dark, handsome guy and part of this persona that he had built was having this like fickle, luscious head of hair, except not only was he actually partly bald, but he had this agnostic scar on the top of his head and that scar, combined with the hair loss to him. It just took away from this heart throbbed by so to protect this image and keep his kind going. He always wore to pay. Obviously, there's no shame in losing your hair, no shame in wearing a hare peace but Verena, and it wasn't just about his appearance. It was a part of his whole scheme. Charles Martin had great hair Raymond. France does not so much and so ass. He goes on to confess window fiend saw him ones with like this totally different look and he doesn't give details on. Let me know: what's he blonde and her dark hair, but
just basically he's wearing like a totally different hair one day she sees that and realizes that the thing on his head is not his real hair. I know I shouldn't laugh, but of all the things this guy is getting like outed or busted because of a two pay yeah. I mean we ve seen so many times how one little thing can totally unravel a big allows under seems kind of silly, yet it is because for Raymond I mean she was so vague that he just had to go by himself. Some new hair and change up his look and So now here's this poor woman who thought she found a second chance at love only to notice Raymond was wearing it you pay and when she sees it and realizes you know, but could wreck happier your real here, she realised that this man has been lying to her about his real appearance, which makes her wonder right. If you like about that. What else? Exactly so the thing kind of flipped out
At this point she had already sold her home because apparently they were making plans to move out to California together and now now that she sees this suddenly Kind of having this overwhelming feeling of you know, nothing is what it seems so with her selling her house. Is that how he may have gotten that four thousand dollars he had on his body? It was, yeah. I guess so. Basically she sells the house and hands this money over to her window fiance. Basically, young foreign courts, safe keeping and so Raymond says, with Delphin starting to see the truth. He knew that he had to figure out something fast. As it turns out, though, it's not ramen who came up with what to do next. Accordingly, York Daily NEWS article from March of nineteen, forty nine Mars, the Tells police that Delphin had confide in her that she was worried. She might be pregnant with Raymond's baby. Martha says that she gave Delphin some pills,
to quote unquote, take care of it and knowing Martha used to be a nurse Delphine just trusted her, but as Martha admits, she actually gave Delphine a handful of sleeping pills which knocked her out and when she started to wake up, Raymond shot her with her husband's gun. They buried her in her own basement and it wasn't then, that they killed rain out. It was two days later after they were getting fed
with rhinos crying that Martha decided to drown the baby in groundwater that they build up while digging her mother's grave eyes. They keep talking and keep confessing. Raymond also admit the truth about the list of names in his pocket and police realise that the depravity of these two monsters goes much much deeper than they could have ever imagined today's episode made possible in part with better help. Is there something interfering with your happiness or maybe something is preventing you from achieving our goals most days? For me, the money
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Ok, that's better! Each e lp, enjoying over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experience professional. In fact, so many people have been using better help that they are currently recruiting additional cancers in all fifty states, and there is a special offer just for counter. He listeners get ten percent off your first month by visiting better help, dot com, slash crime, junkie on the list, police, see the names of seventeen women living in twelve different states in some of these names. Have these check marks next to them, according to their Dunkirk, Observer Raymond's, been corresponding with all of these women, and now police have to figure out if these were
and are still alive there. Okay, like who knows where they were like in their correspondence with him or if they ve met. So is this moment Marthas like a whole graft just woman to women to a man. That's what they're telling police in Michigan yeah. They say that it, this isn't about sex. The you know we ve seen this with other couples who killed together, but rather their whole thing is about stealing money from vulnerable women and Raymond says that he used the lonely hearts service to find his marks I wasn't able to find any of Raymond's letters or ads or whatever, to see what it was that made him so appealing to these women, but Ranker posted a picture of one of these lonely lonely hearts club that that people would see and respond respond to both men's side and women's side. Just as a general call
and just to give our listeners a better idea. But I want you to read them because I don't know that this is something that even happens anymore. So this ad says: let us arrange a romantic correspondence for you meet your sweetheart through the foremost high class social correspondence club in the world, a club for refined lonely people, members everywhere, strictly confidential, efficient and dignified service. We have made thousands of lonely people happy. Why not you in particular free right today, if sincere end quote so obviously visiting a newspaper were a long way from tender, This is not how tinder advertisers itself rare though Raymond describes how he would get the trust of these women all over the country, and then he and Martha would go visit them posing as brother and sister, so he could sweep these women off their feet with promise
of merit and they felt comfortable because his sister was their eggs Zactly. So he would conveniently get them to sign over their assets, their money and then once they'd like their mark dry, they would bolt with all the cash and valuables that they could get no most of the time. Their victims would often be like to humiliate to go to police and they didn't want admit that they ve been kind, which is how they got off Scot free. In many of these cases, which is like, we ve all seen catfish, it's a similar situation right right now. It's really- Trusting to me is this list of seventeen women. They didn't necessarily kill that wasn't part of their game again there was no like sexual motor. They weren't even doing it because they were spread. or whatever it was. It was all for. The cash was all for the cash, and so it seems that the women who died seem to be the ones who figured out what was really going on and try to put a stop to it, and so basically
as long as you would let them run away with your assets, your money, whatever you were fine, but you got in the way of what they wanted. They would eliminate you essentially, but there. were a few women that they located that had made it out away. So there's even is article four the palladium item back in nineteen, forty- nine- that talks about women who actually came forward after Raymond and Martha got arrested and again. These are, when who made out alive? They talk about their stories in one of the cases. It seems like Raymond Acre. Charles actually even got married to some of these women in certain cases. Like there's a woman in Pennsylvania who is married to for a couple of weeks, and then I think this woman in Chicago now what's interesting is several articles. I read point to Martha getting angry when she felt that the women were too pretty or if they were getting too close
Terrain, and so so she would get jealous is she did, and I wonder if that also may have been another factor on who lived in who died? You know that they say it's just a big gotten their way, but I wonder if, if Martha may be had perhaps more persuasion over that yeah her jealousy may may have escalated situations, but I don't think this list of seventeen was the end, because before Delphine Raymond and Martha had been at this for years, and it was a pretty successful con and Raymond claims to police that he's actually killed. Nineteen or twenty women, but, on the other hand, Martha swears up and down that she only knows about three okay, so they'll in her. daughter ends and who else and Martha says, a woman in Albany New York named JANET Fay. Now, at this point, police in Michigan have no idea who JANET Fate is, but I mean you better believe They want to find out so they list
as Raymond and Martha tell them again, they're just like unloading the flood gates, and they tell them this whole tragic tail, as they confess to law enforcement after they met JANET stepdaughter right after New Year's Raymond did actually propose hope to JANET, and he got her to agree to leave Albany and moved to Valley stream Long Island with him and with Martha on January. Third, now Marcia Story about what exactly happened. Next changes a little bit over time, but according to port records after midnight on January Fourth, Raymond came into Martha's room and asked her to go, get JANET. Basically, he tells her like. I need you to go, get JANET simmer down a little bit because she's just coming on too much and I'm not feeling it, and I have to wonder if this is part of his whole act, because We know that JANET was a really devout catholic and so Raymond could have been playing up. This whole persona like
Not before were married and acting like he was as religious ass. She was anyway, so more goes out into the living room and there she says that she finds JANET laying on the couch naked in the middle of basically trying to seduce Raymond, and Martha said that she flipped out Martha's jealousy like rears it's big ugly head and meanwhile, Jane is totally humiliated by all of this again in, in her mind, is future sister in law, who had just seen everything the good Lord gave me in this whole situation was already beyond awkward, but then right, living room, Martha started, calling JANET names, and this thing about Martha. She starts to lose the whole act because she has this really possessive streak and she admits to police easily that that was her motive. For all of this,
he could handle Raymond fawning over other women like JANET to get their money, but what she couldn't handle was him being sexually involved with any one, but her and in a moment seen JANET try to move in on her man. She was not gonna, let it happen and just then, as she tells police JANET made a fatal mistake. Stunned by Martha's name, calling she slaps Martha across the face and tells her listen. When, Charles and get married your moving out, I'm not gonna. Let you live in my house. At this moment I mean fuelled with jealousy, and she says, ramen is telling her to keep JANET quiet. She says that she grabbed a hammer and bashed JANET's Skull seriously hurting her, but not killing her. The Sheboygan press report as JANET lay on the floor bleeding that's when Raymond took a scarf and strangled her to death
someday. I can't get over. Is they ve been caught this one case, but they seem to just be like volunteering information about cases that No one else is looking into here. It's strange right because I mean when you think about me. No nine in forty nine, it's probably really unlikely that they would have connected them to other cases, but they're kind of just unloading and they're not even died women and Martha also tell the police what they did with JANET body is something there really mean handing them the proof of it. So after she, murdered. Raymond and Martha said they stuffed her body in a travel trunk and then spent ten days in their apartment valley stream with this trunk, basically just searching for a place to hide JANET's body,
according to court documents Raymond and Martha admit that they drove out of state looking before they finally found the perfect spot, a little closer to home at a house that they rented in South Ozone park, Queens just like they later did with Delphin and her daughter. The two of them dug a hole in the basement floor, beery, JANET's body and then filled the whole with fresh cement. Once law enforcement back in New York get the call from Michigan that very same night, they rush out to the address they were given and they start digging and before long after digging about five feet down police find a shroud covered body that matches
and its description. The palladium item reported that its JANET stepdaughter Mary, the person who first reported her missing back in January, who comes to the police station to identify the body marries got instinct was right. The letter was fake and by the time she got it Gian it was already dead and her killers were already searching for another target as police all over the country, start to realize that they may not yet know the full scope of Raymond and Martha's crimes. The media gets ahold hold of this story and it headlines nationwide, leaving everyone to wonder just exactly who are the lonely hearts killers? Please episode was made possible
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and it's nice to get it right before she was helping. Remove my and cheat single women out of their money. Martha back was actually in the very same position. What do you mean so, by the time she was twenty, eight years old in eighteen, forty, seven Martha was living alone down in Florida divorced at least once, but up to three times, depending on what source you read and she was taking care of two kids fathered by different men, even though she was a trained nurse and actually pretty good at her job. From what I read Martha had two major things in her light that she believed made her less desirable. The first was that she was a divorced woman at a time when it was considered pretty taboo and the second. She was very self conscious about
her size, Martha had been marked about her weight, her entire life and it actually followed her long into adulthood according to Cry Library Martha was working as a nurse in a children's hospital in Pensacola with her co, workers actually decided that it would be a little funny joke to send off for a lonely hearts club sign up, but in her name, so I understand hearts club was, you know pretty popular and well known, maybe, but was there any sort of stigma attached to it, especially I could see it being like. Oh, we signed you up for the on a lark. You know lol is kind of a joke, whatever yeah so there's kind of this at the time I'm anyway. There was a little bit of this stigma around me having to chaos for lonely hearts like. Oh, you can't find a husband, the traditional way and that's why, when Martha got this ad in the mail and she
obviously knew someone else did it for her. It felt like a big slap in the face she felt totally humiliated like even if her coworkers, maybe didn't mean it as a cruel thing for Martha was a reminder that she was alone in life but as upset as she was by this prank. Martha did decide to turn it around on them and she went ahead and joint. The service was called other demeans family club for lonely hearts and she signs up once went by without any response to her ad and honestly, like she got more and more depressed right like this was supposed to be a joke, and you know what jokes on you, but to not be able to then find anyone through this thing really got her upset, but then, sometime in December of nineteen, forty seven Martha gets this. Let and it's from a man in New York City named Raymond Fernandez and MRS back when he was actually. Using his real name. He didn't call himself Charles Martin
when they started writing to each other, whose being honest, at least about his name. Knelt. Martha, was pretty much gone from that very first letter and they went through the whole process of exchanging letters and phone calls before Raymond actually came down to Florida to visit her, and he liked the way she then she got so swept up in the sexual chemistry and I no wonder if maybe for the first time in her life, this is when They had a man who made her feel beautiful and desirable. You know so. Did she know about the to pay? So I don't act, we know, but if she did, she didn't care and after rain saw that she didn't have anything worth, dealing, and he went to New York. Martha actually followed him. According to David Cry, checks, report in the New York Daily NEWS, Martha packed up her too little kids and moved to New York to be with this guy, and he was
Obviously, she didn't have the money that he wanted, but Raymond was actually fine with her living in moving in with him and coming and following him. So long as she did. One thing Raymond didn't want to deal with kids, so he told Martha, you can stay, but you got to get rid of your kids No don't worry she didn't, kill them or anything horrible like that. Basically just drop them off at the salvation. army, though and man who not much better call right. I mean those poor kids who basically like your mom, just once, we lose boyfriend she's willing to give you up for it but it's what she was willing to do so she dropped her kids off goes to be like happily ever asked her with Raymond. But here's the thing is like once she does that Raymond actually tells her the truth, and he tells her that his whole thing with these lonely hearts your responses and letters. It's all a scam, okay, so he was in a
for a con from the very beginning. Oh yeah again, he was plenty and skimming Martha and who knows how many people he did before Martha, but at least like for some reason. I don't know why. I don't know if he felt this kinship with her. I don't know if he needed a partner, but he decides to come clean to her okay, but do we have any idea of how many women there were before he landed on Martha? No, The exact numbers are really unclear, but here's with bananas We do know that Raymond actually had a wife and fort heads back in Spain. This entire Your time no he's also suspected of at least one murder before he met Martha, because you see he went at this place called Cadiz with this woman named Jane, who just so happy and to leave him all of her insurance money before dying while there on vacation together now
and was never charged with a crime related to Jane STAT, but we do know that he met her through lonely hearts, so suspicion is definitely there. so yeah, it's not like Martha in Raymond, came up with this together, like he'd, been doing these scams long before he met her and When she learns this instead of having this healthy reaction and sing, like oh you're, a total creep like you're, an awful scam artists, we'll go pick up my kids and go back home for some reason. She agreed to pose as his sister and help him and help him. She did right up until that fateful night when they were arrested. Michigan. So we don't know for sure how many women they killed together, but their linked to the death of a widow our consignee Myrdal, who, before she died, told doctors that she'd been beaten by her fiance in his sister affair
Billy Myrtle death is listed either cerebral hemorrhage, though just like with chain there were no charges ever filed. That's super shady, though very shady, eventually, though, even with the possibility of these other murders, ramen and Martha or extradited to New York City and charged with only a single cry. The murder of JANET Faye, the trial starts in the summer of nineteen, forty, nine with the whole country, looking on, according to the Dunkirk evening, observer ramen and Martha pled innocent by reason of insanity. Now, even today, in twenty twenty we know the press goes nuts for killer couple stories like we talked about them multiple times on our show. In the fan club I mean: we've got Fred and rose West, the Kennon Barbie Killers, but I in forty nine, this is kind of revenue
nor in kind of beyond shocking, for the conservative public and honestly, the way the press talks about Martha it shocking because they straight a call her fat they her ugly aiming pick a mean word, they use it and I am not defending anything. She Did I mean the woman was a monster who deserve to be in jail. It was weird and looking with twenty twenty eyes at these nineteen. Forty nine articles, because the FAT Phobia House access the coverage rise, yeah yeah, the body shaming, is just vicious. I'm not sure why was relevant you again, her being an actual monster in the end trial last for forty three days and on August eighteen night Nine, the jury finds them both guilty four days later, but
Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck are sentenced to death. They both appeal by one thousand nine hundred and fifty one. All other options are exhausted. On March Eighth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty one Raymond and Martha are both executed in the electric chair at sing, sing in New York state according to Crime Library, Raymond is put to death first and his last words or quote want to shouted out. I love Martha. What do the public know about love and quote? Martha gives one last statement to the media. She said quote: my story is a love story, but
Only those tortured with love can understand what I mean. I was pictured as a fat, unfeeling woman. I am not unfeeling stupid or moronic in the history of the world. How many crimes have been attributed to love end quote even after their deaths, the lonely hearts killers retain their own cult status and pop culture with movies and tv shows all inspired by then the public fascination, With their twisted, love has lived on long after their better end, but what truly matters is that the women that they kind, the women that they killed, got just DES, whether we know their names or not,. you can find all the
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