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MISSING: Brian Shaffer


Brian Shaffer was supposed to be enjoying a night out with friends on April 1, 2006. Instead, he vanished. 13 years later, the mystery of what happened that night still endures. 

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Schaefer in the spring of tuna and six a young woman named Alexis should be getting ready to enjoy a hard earned vacation she's in her second year of medical School at Ohio university study to be an obstacle mission, and the courses are tough, but she is through being under the challenge, along with her long term boyfriend, Brian Schaefer, whose in medical school with her. Now the both of them had planned this spring break tree,
to Miami, but on the morning of April third, two thousand and six is a Monday morning. Alexis is at the airport and she is anything but excited. She is anxious. She scared getting panicky even She had spoke to Brian on Friday night, but hadn't been able to get a hold of him all weekend, so she had stopped by his apartment multiple times throughout the weekend Saturday, Sunday, each time finding nothing there. No Brian! She tried calling, over and over all day Saturday, all day Sunday, but got no answer on his cell phone, so that Monday, this was her last shot at hope. That brain was ok. Maybe he needed some time, but he would not miss this flight. Alexis waits for Brien all around her flights or taking off lay undine. It would be their turn.
But Brian is nowhere in sight. Ellison. There are two types of people in the world: those that want to roll up to the gate. Just in time for boarding and those like me, yeah and then the people like me who are there to ours ahead of time. So I can have my two glasses of wine and not feel rushed at all. So even oh he's, not there right that. Second, like again, she still holding out hope until half hour before take off when the flight attendant at the gate is ready to begin the boarding process and he's still not and she's getting more and more nervous, more and more anxious we're is Brian. She keeps trying to call it phone over and over. Why isn't he answering it's not like him. Just drop out of touch and disappear by the final boarding call Alexis. Panicking because she knows something is terribly wrong. She
He thinking back to the last time she talked to him on Friday night, just three days before he sounded completely fine. He told her. He loved her, like nothing seemed wrong when the flight takes off and brain is still not there. Alexis calls Brien's dad Randy and Randy goes right over two brains, apartment to look for him and according to male magazine, Randy, finds everything just like it should be car outside the apartment bed made all of his schoolbooks her in order. Everything at the apartment is normal, except there is still no I am right away. Randy calls the police to report brain missing. Meanwhile Brien's brother, Derek, gets involved to hoping against hope that this is all just some misunderstanding and according to the Columbus dispatch, even wonders for a second like. If this whole thing is a practical joke, because Brian was last seen on April fool's day,
and there's no way a guy like Brian just disappear, is not a guy who's. Six foot, two hundred and sixty five pounds handsome with like just enough of a court to his features, to make him like the best kind of memorable, and he even had this pearl jam tattoo on his right by sat and a distinctive fleck on his. Surely some one has seen him. Ok, so the last time Alexis talk to him was Friday night rate rate like what were his plans for the rest the weekend. Well, that's something that the pool yes and the family had to piece together. Randy knows that he actually saw Brian on Friday night, the same day that Alexis talked to him, but they start to real eyes, as they talk more and more to one another to other people that no one had seen him after the early morning, hours of Saturday April first and here's what they piece together on March thirty, first Brian has dinner with his dad Randy at stake House in Columbus. Then he goes to a,
be their bar near campus on high street called ugly tuna Selina to meet up with his old room Clint. Now the ugly tuna caters to the House day crowd and its known. For. Like drinks, loud, music and but generally Holly, like buyer yeah, a good place to hang out, and I even saw some pictures online and I have like this fishbowl drink that are in actual fishbowl, like very parliament, yet so Brian He goes out. He leaves his dad. He goes out. He invites his brother, Derek and Derek's girlfriend to come meet them, but Derek and his girlfriend had been at a comedy show all evening and they're just ready to head home, so they pass but was Alexis with him at the soluna. So actually Alexis doesn't go out with Brian that night, because she's not actually in town and all she had gone back home to Toledo, Ohio to visit family. So around ten o clock, Brian actually calls elections. Just like check any talk for a little while mean only got the vacation whatever they pay. On good terms there excited for Monday, and then he goes back to her
fun and again she says he sounded totally find totally normal. After a few drinks at the ugly tuna Brian and clear decide to leave If they do some shots at other bars in the area, they have a little bit of kind of like a pub crawl and according to six one for now dot com, clear, and Brian then meet up with another friend Meredith who drives them back to ugly tuna. Now at some point at the ugly tuna, they get separate, My Clinton Meredith are still together, but Brian gets put off, and you know like this happens at a bar. Names, you leave your friends to like step outside for a second, you go to the bathroom. You got another drink like it's no big deal. You come right back when you're done right, so, except after they got separated, Brien doesn't come. Eventually. Last call comes up: the lights come on in the bar and Clinton. Meredith are looking around for Brian because, like they're ready to leave, but they can't find they call his phone click checks. The men's room, but Brian is tone Lee am I a minute wait outside of the bar for a little bit, but when they realise
nowhere to be seen, Clinton merited figure. You know he probably just decided a head home His own, like you, lived within walking distance of the ugly tuna so be, could have left early Odin super easy for him like who knows. Maybe he'd when pressure them into leaving before they were ready. Maybe he got the Jura. Munchies in one go eat something like Ray of thousand things like. I had this running college who'd. That was like her ammo issue, just DIS appear and a friend disappearing, is worrisome, oz, crime, junkies and life rule. If you came with friends leave with friends, yes, but they don't worry too much time and they decide to make their own way home. Now they weren't worried when they left the bar and there still not worried necessarily the next morning when he doesn't pick up their phone calls for a lot of you. What the general thought was like you know. Maybe you know who that drinking all night, the ordering shots everywhere, there's a good chance he's hung over. Maybe he's just sweeping it off like been there done that,
yeah morning, actors are rough and there are different times where you just like Domini. Got a bad hell. Yeah I mean I had more than I'd like to those in college, so I get it and though again as crime junkies like to look back in hindsight and like scream, I think, was totally normal for no one to be sounding the alarm bells right away that, like Saturday morning Brian was smart. He was responsible guy, like no one ever thinks something bad could happen to them or someone that they know, but Brian wasn't just sleeping it off everyone realises that when they come together and realise that no one had talked Brian during the day, Saturday or Sunday, and now He hasn't shown up for his trip. They were sure something serious was going on. You see the trip was extra special, not just because Brian needed a break or because he was planning to propose to allow access on the trip. The trip had a way more significant meaning than that.
The trip was a gift from Brien's mom Renee, the whole family, with super close, but Brian was extra tight with his mom Renee. She was a nurse and his whole inspiration for studying medicine came from her three weeks before he was supposed to leave for his trip. His mother actually pay away, she had been sick for awhile battling a rear form of blood cancer, so Brian skipping out on the trip didn't seem right. I didn't see something that he would do, but Now the she family are in this devastating position, having just lost Renee and now, just literally a couple of weeks later, Brian is missing after a night drinking with friends, leaving his dad Randy and his brother Derek and Girlfriend Alexis frantically searching for some insight about where he is now. Police did say that Syn spry and had been drinking all night. He was more vulnerable to getting mugged or for something like sinister having happened to him. Now he was six to remember and its cause.
From photos on his myspace page and around the internet that he kept himself in good shape. Like sober he'd, be a risky target for prospective thief when drunk he might be a little easier to take advantage of Knelt Brien's girlfriend Alexis stays at his apartment for days on end desperate for that front door to open and Brian to walk back into their life. Eggs. She takes to social media begging, Brien's Myspace friends to please spread the word and keep Brian in their prayers. These messages are heartbreaking and there's one from April. Third, the day he missed the flight. That says quote: I love you so much, and I just want you to, Let me end quote: police check, local hospitals and homeless shelter, but there's no sign of Brian and no one that matches his description. Local media picks up the story. A tip line is set up police and volunteers, plaster missing person, posters on telephone poles all over.
Columbus, but Brian isn't found, and no one is coming forward with any helpful information. So the police decide to go back to the ugly tuna Selina to retrace Brien's steps. They pull the video surveillance from that night and there he is on camera, and here is where everything That's so strange and you'll see why I've never been able to stop thinking about this case. Security footage shows Brian going into the ugly too at one fifteen in the morning of April, first now brain can be seen outside on the escalator that leads up to the bar and he standing in front with the two people behind him, whose six one for now says is merited and Clint. There's nothing. We heard about this footage. He looks like he's having a good time everyone's
happy. He doesn't seem like overly intoxicated like you can still walk and function normally, then, when he gets to the top of the ask he walks out of frame and heads inside the ugly tuna with current and Meredith behind him. Now, according to date line, there were a couple. Girls inside that Clinton, Meredith, New and Brian starts talking to them now, police, no from talking everyone that Clinton merit at some point got separated from Brian and they couldn't find him, and I assume that he left in his own, so they start going through the other security tapes fast forwarding to see when Brian comes out you're, trying to like nail down exactly what time lag, maybe which direction you and stuff like that, exactly exactly like. Where did he go at the bottom of the escalator? So they spot him again
tape at one fifty five in the morning, and you can just barely see him in the corner of the frame, but he's hanging out at the top end of the escalator like right outside the entrance of the bar and he's talking to two girls after a minute or two goes by. He walks off camera again back inside the bar, so the police fast forward again like again looking for the time when he comes out, he leaves. But the thing is. They never see him on security, footage, a dead weight, lights, yeah and I'm sure they re wound a couple of times played it back slower, but no matter how many times they watched the tape Ryan never was seen on it again coming out of the ugly tuna. Ok, but like that, can't be the only exit right leg Yes, it's like the one that the public users or the one that everyone usually uses, but they have to have like an emergency. Exit or like a delivery door somewhere in the back like come on yeah, so so
Yes you're right. There is another exit, the ugly tuna it has one other door out back, but there's a free elevator and it leads to a really messy construction site like heavily under construction site. That would be super hard to navigate, even if brine hadn't been drinking but, like again like add alcohol to all of this dark owl we would. It makes sense that yeah you would have had to let go of their again if you're sure wasted that you don't even know where you are not functioning properly like you go out there and get stuck out there right, but like again, no when found him in this construction site and there was no camera on that door. But a lot of other places around that area had cameras that would pick up that door. So they pull video from all these places to see o Brian made the strange decision to accept that way, and again Brian isn't on any of the other camera.
Footage note, this gets even crazier when you factor in just how much surveillance is incorrect. No, I didn't notice before I was researching, but according to this male magazine, article that I read Columbus quote, has more closed circuit television than Cleveland Cincinnati. Until we come buying wow. That's like a lot of surveillance right so, which means like, if Brian left in way I'm would have seen it I don't know how you would be able to leave and avoid all of those cctv is now, even though they are spot Brian on any of the video footage. They are able to use all of this video footage and comb through to find out exactly who was at the bar that night and Fox eight Cleveland and other sources report that every single person who entered the bar that night was accounted for unseen Lee
except for Brian and it's it's literally like you vanished into thin air somewhere inside that bar, I mean yeah but like unless we're going to stop this and make the show about alien and I just doesn't happen like now: either he left or someone did something tat. Those are really the only two options right right I mean, I think, the how like the physical. However, this could have a spinning in sir was all day. How can you be seen going into a place and never seen leaving right when everyone else's accounted for coming in and out like how? So, instead of how? Maybe, let's talk about? Why so, like you said, I feel like we have to
Real options here, either Brian left on his own or someone did something to have right an early on, and you still see people speculating about this today. People thought that may be Brian did walk away on his own because he was so overcome with grief for the loss of his mother. I mean, I guess, that's not out of the question like how many times have we seen like what Greece can do to a person. You can be a hundred percent, ok one minute and then just devastated acts like There's nothing about the grieving process. That's rational and people do the things that they just wouldn't only you are aren't them. You know, and right running away and starting a new life? I don't think it's like crazy to consider. No it's totally trousseau all made up front like in all the past years that I've been obsessed with this case. I never really gave that possibility a ton of consideration, because personally, I just didn't, understand it but
I've have also never lost apparent, and I think it's really hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes, but as I was putting together this episode, I was talking to a friend about the case and she opened up to me about the loss of her dad and she said you know as soon as he died. I ran. I went overseas for we weeks I didn't go to his funeral. It was the only way that she could cope and there's something about hearing it from her. Like all of a sudden, I got it like. Medical school was stressful enough without having a seriously ill family. Member and remember mama and I was in bad shape before she passed away. It didn't happen overnight and on top of that she was his inspiration for going to medical school in the first place. Yeah and I mean watch a loved one. Go through a cancer treatment is a grieving process. On its own- and I dont they get something that I can even foie gras or explain to you well like I don't think
one could, unless you ve, had to live through it, but my friend I she helped describe it this way. She said it's hell and it's hard because when the cancers terminal their death, just kind of slows down, so every moment with them is precious. But also every moment is just guinea as well right and even though Brian was a medical student and understood, intellectually what his mom was going through. That didn't make it any easier for him and he's there still the emotional component for sure yeah he's caught between the turmoil of like wishing her suffering would end without wanting her to die. So what? If, in the middle of all this stress and pain, Brian decided to completely walk away and just start over somewhere like it becomes a little more possible in my mind? Well, especially if you consider the fact that this trip was a gift from like yeah. This trip could be an emotional trigger for him. That's really trail idea until that moment until it that coming up like I'm gonna have to leave. This is right is too much now everyone in his life
knew how hard Renee death was on him. Bite display all of that and you're there. Considering all the same things we are here, they're convince there's no way Brian would up and run away from his life, no matter how upset he was because of Renee, Brian Randy and Derek had all grown, even closer, and they all said Brian was expressing excitement about the future. His proposal, his trip, and he was just determined to make his mom proud and beyond that, when I can't talk in my friend about how she d with her grief, I said here's the thing I don't get like you came back, you wanted to see your mother again like I get him running and that part does make sense to me. But what does it make sense is that you would never come back to your girlfriend,
to your planning on making your wife. You never come back to your brother to your dad, like that part does in quite work for me, especially as they seem like such a close family like, like you said your friend came back like you would think that if he did decide to step away from his life or whatever for a time, he would want to reconnect and want to be there for his family, like they ve been there for each other right and plus, let's just go back to the how if he wanted to leave and start over a he could have done it at any time like go missing from your apartment. Why the mystery of like you being seen coming into a bar and never coming out yet again even be. That was your plan like I want to be seen going into this bar and then like just disappear, I still don't get how like he would have needed one crazy kind of disguise to leave the ugly tuna and totally avoid being spotted by all those cameras and everyone around him. And what I
never seen mentioned is again. Police accounted for everyone walking in every one walking out. I've never seen it mentioned anywhere that, like oh there's, this, like a person who walks out that way first walking in so even a disguise doesn't really mean everyone's walking out was accounted for, walking it, and yet so I think we know, is if this was the play and I think whatever he would have had a done would have been really hard and then again, actor, in that he had been taking shots and drinking all night long? It just even seems less plausible, so another possibility police and the searchers have to consider is that maybe Brian had been the victim of a terrible accident may be brought got hurt somewhere or maybe he fell into the Owen River by his apartment. So they bring income ever dogs to the always you can't base, but the dogs don't pick up any sent Columbus monthly reported that the city even searched the sewer lines and found nothing. Ok. But what about his friends
did any of them see anything like weird or out of the ordinary, the bar before they lost track of him. Nothing, that's been officially reported, so here's the thing police do talk to both Clint merit it pretty early on in the investigation, merited, doesn't know anything about what happened Brian and when they asked her to take a polygraph, she agrees and she pass it. Clint, however, is more of a mystery. This episode is made possible by Noom. You guys real story time. I've been so focused on healthy eating lately that I've totally forgotten about the actual physical, This and it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but my new code, you remind me that I need to get out there. I need to move, and, unlike it's no big deal like I'm eating pizza, so I'm fine, then I went boldly produced one hour and bowling shouldn't make your butt hurt, so bad that you can't walk. But here I am three days later fully limping now
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current through his lawyer expressed that he had nothing to hide and felt that you already told the investigators everything he could which yes, we talk all the time about, knowing your rights and understanding how you interactive police and not taking polygraph yet like again includes doing all the things I would do by it instantly makes people suspect, a substantially Brien's brother, Derek, he told me gesine quote, I didn't know Clint very well, but I always thought something was off with him the way he talked about my brother after he missing kind of in a negative way. I wouldn't expect from someone whose friend vanished it Clint knew something I hope he would have shared it. I deserve to know end quote, but their friends like Clint and Brian are friends. I mean you'd want to help your friends family in a situation like this, which is like literally a worst case scenario such
Asia like, even if it is to help him get closure of this kind of reminds me of the life so that we do like there's a abortion where someone related to the victim might have info. He and they just like they made the same thing they shut down, they get a lawyer, the guy like moves and every the saying, like I get protecting yourself, but at some point like if your field number your friend is missing. The most important thing isn't like if you go to get in trouble, or something happened to you like, let's find the missing persons right but The more I found, I guess things really weren't the best between Clint and Brow, I am now in the investigation discovery special that I saw they did like a peace on this case back in July of this year, and they spoke to sergeant John Hearst of Columbus p D, who was the lead, invest a year Imbrians case, and he said that at some point they had found out that Clint and Brian had like gotten to.
A verbal argument at the bar, which I had never heard before, and this only makes Derek and Alexis more suspicious. That Clint knows more than he's owning up to now there's another theory that makes clear look like he's involved, but with a twist people say if Brian really did have this, a premeditated plan to run away. He probably would have needed help, so some are saying, like ok he's this old friend and old roommate, maybe he helped him leave and disappear. Why he's being so cagey right, so maybe he is protecting his friend but like in his own weird way. That's making him look guilty, but that's just one of the theories and there isn't anything to link Clint, two brains, disappearance. So investigators have to just keep looking
they taught to the two women who are chatting with Brian outside of that bar in on the video at one, fifty five, and neither of them had any real insight either. So their crossed off the list pretty fast. Now, as you can imagine, but mean losing his wife and his eldest son. In the spirit of three weeks, Randy Schaefer is devastated, so much trauma in such a short time makes him desperate. So he consults psych Ex, while the police are searching for clues about where, I might be a Columbus monthly article from two thousand and nine told this heart breaking story about how one psychic told Randy that Brien's body was quote submerged in water, held down by the whirlpools that form at the base of concrete bridge post end quote Since Brian lived so close to the Owen, tangier less than a mile away, Randy goes out, buys waiters and just starts canvassing river with dear
and they do this for miles looking into all the whirlpools for any signs of Brian. Until Randy Trips falls in the water and almost drowned in the same place that he searching for his missing son. Oh my god, I know there's something about that story. That is really got to me Randy and Derek and Alexis keep searching and keep hoping and keep praying Alexis calls Brien's phone every day for months, and it always goes right to voicemail, but one day about six months after he disappears his phone rings. Now, when the phone rings, Brian doesn't pick up the phone, but just the phone ringing itself with something Alexis had
heard in half a year when she called his phone, so she notifies the police and they reach out to the phone company, because if there's a ring, there's a ping raise. I like that Slogan Yes, if there's a ring, there's a ping, so they reach out to the phone company and find that the phone pinged off of a tower outside of Columbus. The problem is like no one can really like. Pin this down and the best anyone can say. It is his service provider says you know, it is possible that this was just some kind of computer glitch and there's really nothing to indicate that Brian had actually turned his phone back on and there has been no activity on his phone since the night he went missing. Not only has his foe not been used, but his bank accounts his credit cards all of that stuff is totally untouched if Brian still alive he's not accessing his finances.
All in all he had with him when he went missing from the ugly tuna we're like normal things. You take with you if you are planning to come back home, like keys wallet shoes, but none of that stuff has ever been located either with no new leads and every Tipp. Turning out to be either a vicious hoax or a dead and gradually, the case goes cold by two thousand eight there having been any new leads in the years, and the Tipp line has turned into a place for the worst kind of humans to have like these quote, unquote tips are even attempting to be credible, like I read some of them in male magazine and they're, just people being racist and obscene for the sake of being groves. It's awful. It was total abuse of the Tipp line. Now, as if the Schaefer family has had enough tragedy, Randy is killed in a freak accident on September, fourteenth of two thousand eight, when a tree branch falls and how
same during a windstorm before he died. Randy was involved in the central Ohio crime Stoppers and he even work to get legislation passed in Ohio that set up a state wide protocol for handling missing adults cases. He had never given up hope that brain would come home. And now for Derek. This is just another shock to his system, his whole immediate fear He is now gone in less than three years like I'd. Once again, the Schaefer friends and family gather to mourn they
hey tribute at his funeral and online, and this is where things get even weirder. The Columbus dispatch publishes Randy's a bitch weary on their website, where people can like leave condolences and a mysterious post shows up in the comments, and it says quote dad I love you love Brian end quote, and in parentheses it finishes with: U S Virgin ILO and and everyone is like taken aback like could this be real? Is this proof that Brien's alive and has somehow snuck out of the ugly tuna to start a new life like away from all the suffering away from his home as an american citizen? He wouldn't need a passport to get into the virgin islands either and he had his wallet with him. So it's presumably he had a photo idee which was never recovered. So if Brian had truly wanted to disappear and start over, it would be an easy place to go
according to the lantern, the Ohio State University Student newspaper police, subpoena the website records to find out where this comment originate, hoping that maybe like just maybe this is going to offer some genuine insight into brains, disappearance right, but of course it does not touch on October. Seven two thousand aid is about three weeks after the message appears. Police announced that the post was made on a public computer in Franklin, County Ohio, which houses both the city of Columbus, Ohio State University, and we find out the basically. This post is just yet another hoax and Brien's case stays cold in the years right after Brien's disappear since the internet kind of goes bananas. For this case there are so many conspiracy theories, but what could have happened to him? One of them, though, is that Brian was murdered not by a friend or someone. He knew
by an elusive predator known any online community as the Smiley face killer. Now we have gotten so many requests to talk of the Smiley face, Keller and we might someday, but that's like a whole other can of worms what we're not opening just quite yet, because it's not even been proven that it's like a real one person doing exactly so. For anyone who doesn't know the smiley face, killer theory was developed by a pair of retired and why peaty detectives and a criminal justice professor in Minnesota, and basically they think that a series of drownings in the MID west over the night He nineties into thousands weren't accidents; rather they were the actions of a serial killer, targeting intoxicated college age, men dumping their bodies, reverence and then spray painting. A signature smiley face near where the bodies were left, and this idea that Brien's disappearance was somehow connected to the smiling face. Killer, really picked up a lot of stuff
in two thousand sixteen, when another young man went missing from the same area where Brian vanished and the parallels are eerie, this kid's name was Joey Le Butte he's twenty six years old were brine, was twenty seven. They were both tall with dark hair. They were both drinking at bars on high their campaign in the springtime, and actually they were just a mile apart now, in both cases, their friends lost track of them and then their each last seen on surveillance, footage from the bars Joey's loved ones were just as heartsick terrified as Brien's as they waited for information. But three weeks later, his body was found in the scientific river, but here's hatch? His body was found in the river, but Joey didn't drought, was no water in his lungs. So he was dead. For his body was placed in the river, my God, there was no sign of trauma, no obvious cause of death like no sign of suicide
thing we're on the toxicology reports. Just another enduring mystery and plenty to speculate on this smiley face killer theory got so much attention that the FBI even looked into it for several years, and they put out a statement in two thousand eight saying quote: we have not developed any evidence to support links between these tragic deaths or any evidence substantiated. The theory that these death or the work of a serial killer or killers end quote asylum law enforcement It seems, like the FBI saying this, isn't a credible theory, even if Brian was a smiley face, killer victim, there's no way to tell without his body or proof that he's even really dead. Right now no smiley faces were found along the river, where police and family search for him, and even if there had been like it's a really cool,
and think that anyone with a cab spray paint can just put up on a wall right? It's ollinger, unique tag or anything right. But again you will still see this theory all over the internet now shortly the Randy's death. Another tipped comes in Columbus monthly. Recalls the story of this like more credible tap, that puts Brien's body in a field near a freeway just outside of the city, so a team of human officers and canine sniffer dogs had out there, but the field is empty and there at square one. Yet again, there's no new trace of Brian. Just that same grainy image on the tape. That's been rewound again and again and again, all with the enduring hope that maybe this time something new will emerge.
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Now, whether I'm at home or on tour. My here is on wheat. So put your bad here days behind you and get ready to transform your hair with the pan. Teen rose water collection. By your side, I read a quote from Sergeant Hearst in Columbus monthly that I think, really sums up the difficulty of cases like this. He described the investigation, as quote looking for a deceased person and for someone who, still amongst the living at the same time, end quote
Brian's brother Derek still blames himself for not going out to meet Brian at night, even if she keeps thinking like what, if him being there changed just one little thing about that whole night, like the butterfly effect, would have him being there changed all of it and completely change of circumstances, and everything would have gone differently and even now, Derek asked himself the hardest question of all. If he gone to ugly tuna, that night would Brian still
with them. Today, now Derek eventually married a woman that he was out with that night and while Derek remains haunted by Brien's disappearance, he's moved on with his life as best he can and Alexis has two when the Columbus dispatch visit her and she doesn't sixteen. Ten years after Brian disappeared, they reported that she'd finished medical school. She became an Obi G Wyatt who practices in her hometown of Toledo, she's married with two young kids and she's, not the same person who is posting, loving messages on Brien's, Myspace page but she's candid about that part of her pass and how it altered her life. She told the dispatch quote. I put his things in the back of my closet and I just needed that chapter of my life to be over. There were a lot of tears and it was sad, but it was time to move forward. End quote
As for the ugly tuna Selina, it closed in two thousand eighteen, whatever clues, the interior may still have held about Brien's fate or completely gone now. I mentioned earlier in the show that brine had attacked you of his favorite band pearl jam. Brien's tribute, I too is of stick me, which is basic, become like iconic eyes. The cover are on the bans alive single. And I d better. The bans lead singer even dedicated one of their songs. Come back to him when programme performed in Colombia in two thousand and ten yeah, which it Brian knew about this tribute. It probably would have delighted him and maybe just maybe someday He'Ll- be able to find out about it or may already know. If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Brian Shaffer, please contact the central Ohio crime stoppers at six hundred and fourteen four hundred and sixty one, eight thousand four hundred and seventy seven or go to
crime dot org to submit a tip online again, if you had, any information about the disappearance of Brain Schaefer, go to the central high crime suppers at stop crime, dot org! If you want to any pictures or our sources for this episode. You can find those on our website, cranky, podcast, dot com and be sure to follow us on Instagram at I'm. Talking about and we'll be back next week with a brand new episode.
crime junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck dear Ruth. Ok, so profit of the month right. Let's do it? Ok, so this one is a loaded My general and I want to highlight it specifically because, like a lot of families get puppies for Christmas and more so true and then so many people don't keep dogs pass exactly like like. I am all for like getting dogs for Christmas, I got one for my birthday ones and I still have him Niles by a lot of people, get puppies firmly
noise and not great places and adult dogs are everywhere and married. Every sheltered, completely inundating there there's shelter and I really want to highlight some dogs are being foster right now there are looking for their forever homes. Let's do it yeah, ok, so our listener Jason emailed me. And Tom you out three dollars a barrel currently fostering which Threed. Although this is even better society just found, then they came from one of our chrome, junkie Laden and lastly, and it's a listener they have. These dogs are their fostering, they are willing to travel across. State lines from where they are to get these dogs there forever homes- and I just I'm so obsessed so Jason and his wife ass, our fostering dogs and they are in Houston, Texas, which, actually I don't know if you know this but supposedly according to said Houston, is like the dark. Charlie
and like making it paddock noticed I've met, you can profit month. I mean I don't stepping up. Ok, go back so Jason and supplies have been fostering puppets that they ve been finding in their home town of Houston and actually undergrowth. You know, but Houston is evidently like this. Pray, dog capital of the? U S, a real I'd actually know that at all neither lie and there's like thousands of stray dogs just surrounding the Houston area. So every time at his wife kind of stumbled across one she brings at home would like same yeah, I get jacket. I may I go, I cannot crossed paths with a homeless target would not and right exactly like. I I just have like a million dollars so my home city, I kicked, cannot move to use them and when they emu me, they had three foster dogs. Scarlet bridge
and I ve and he's only pictures of them and their all. Just these beautiful sweet, loving people puppies, I say Yes, that's very universe, all their range of ages, but they're all puppies to my heart and asked by a time not I e mailed heaven was like we want to feature these projects. Tell me all the things more. He was like, so we ve already gotten them adopted, that's great news that is its its such amazing. It was now like. That's that's great, like I have no problem with that. I think I'm glad you emailed us whatever and holidays I. This is a great. This is a great ending to my email. I would love, I would love from
those two unlike bears, and then he was like, but also we found to more I'll, tell me about these two more, so they just found them like this past week. So you don't know a ton about them, but they attach pictures and information on Barton and the and bark is definitely pretty young. He has left the whole puppy energy going on. He is superfluous. Lee and loving. There is some skin damage oranges, his legs enmity again like, is stray. They have no idea what he has lived through in his very very young life and Gomorrah is super super laid back and only once attention and she is superfluous.
It doesn't seem to have of violent bone in her body and the only reason I say that is courtship does because she is a people and a lot of people have negative connotations towards could about like violent breeds, which I had is such a bummer. Now I have to pit bowl crosses and as you are. My dogs, colored, stir the swedish World Day. Only one does that on your lap and they only want love and so bright and the are going to be our page along with Jason's information, and on how to reach out to them and figure out how to adopt them. I'm two weeks ago, like its they will drive to. You will come to you, you guys and it's a holiday season. If your kids or your family wants a dog the season like please that are not getting a puppy from a mill and or even from rescue, because their sole legal soak so quickly considered a doll, dog,
their party training are, they are already trained completely. You can be trained unleashes. I think that's great yeah for the holiday season this year. You guys yes, if you're going to get a dog for your family, consider a dog it's a little bit older, I mean, like you know. I have a soft spot, for example, on senior but even just a dog that like why here call him a year or two years. It's so much for them to get. I got really is, and it such a great knee in our country to adopt older dogs, so considerate, like it's as an option and Everyone would love you for an both for we sign off I have like a little many story to tell you I'll. Here is kind of like a mystery is this all your dog that I've heard about? Ok, listen to this, so I was having dinner a couple weeks ago with the old director of crime stoppers, who am still good friends, were yeah, and he has this new job, and works with some listener in Texas. If this is you, please reach
like shelter or rescue or something, and they had this dog who's been there a long time again. One of these, like dogs, has a few years old. Nobody wants to adopt who's been there a long time again. One of these, like dogs, has a few years old. Nobody wants to adopt with. They all want the puppies and the dog is a kind of anxious I wouldn't really like calm down but he's like violent or mean or light hyperactive would just like just a y yeah just anxious, and so they tried all these things they tribe, Playing music, they tried, like the puppy tv, like all of the things and nothing work to get this doctor calm down until they said what I hear they say it like you not through the chain of people is that when they started playing crime junkie as soon as this dog heard my voice, just like totally calm down totally sue, I'm about to cry, like totally calm down totally sue
to cry. If this listener is listening, we need to know who this dog is because this seems like the perfect companion for any crime junkie like and a cry, don't you have your new forms of feature capital the moray and get him a home with us, I'm John Yea, though, call out do over the listeners. I want to find this dogs at this dog can find their new crime junkie home me. Sure to go to our website to see the dogs at Britt features and will be back next month with a new prophet of the month side. I spy.
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